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#five x reader
Me to Klaus: I will cut off your toes and make you wear them on a necklace.
Five: *staring at me*
Me: what-
Five: I'm in love with you now.
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jgvfhl · 7 hours ago
hello I'm back on my bs again 😌 can I request "princess" from the pet names with Fives pls ??
Your bs is my bs, friend 😌💙 This one got away from me a bit. I had some idea about something and then this came in and shoved the first idea off a cliff I think. BUT IT'S STILL CUTE!!!! 💙
The Pet Names Prompts are still open! I'm basically just gonna keep em open until they're gone lol. I will say that sweetheart and cyare are in the works, so pick somethin else 🌸
Tumblr media
The layers of clothing on you were finally drying out now you were under the shelter. You, and about three dozen of your neighbors. It was getting harder and harder not to resent the existence of other people around you as your discomfort grew, but you knew it was pointless to get upset. The war wouldn’t listen to your tears of frustration, just like it hadn’t heard anyone’s grumblings as the town was evacuated for an impending Separatist attack. That’s what the Jedi had told the mayor, anyway. You didn’t want to move. Your home was dry and warm--well maybe not so warm after you’d been gone for… how long was it again?
“Why are we stuck here?” An elderly woman behind you shifted. “We have been here for hours!”
Someone else reminded her, “The rain made the roads muddy, the general said the transports are delayed.”
The woman scoffed bitterly. “Well I am hungry. I have missed my supper.”
You sighed. Twisting around as much as you could from where you sat, you offered, “I could see if they have some food? It won’t be your home cooking, but it’ll be food.”
“Fine, fine,” the old woman said, waving her hand. The someone else--a man you knew lived down your street--gave a grateful, small smile.
Really, it was just an excuse to get out from this crowd of people and stretch your chilled legs a bit. And, if it made the woman a bit quieter, that was a bonus. You got to your feet and carefully extracted yourself from the temporary shelter, then stopped to find… someone in charge, you supposed. All the troopers in white and blue looked the same, though: there were all helmeted and busy, despite the mud splattering their boots and the rain making a sheen on their armor. But finally, your eyes caught someone different, so you pulled your coat closer around your body, and set off through the soaking rain.
However, the universe wasn’t done ruining your day yet. You were about three or four feet away from the trooper whose armor had caught your attention--specifically the wide shoulder things and the fabric hung from his belt. Your foot went down for your next step, and then… kept going. You pitched forward, instinctively throwing your arms out to catch yourself as you toppled towards the muddy ground in front of you. Stupid kriffing universe.
Your hands never made contact. Someone else’s hands, however, grabbed your upper arms right below your shoulders, saving you from a soaking in mud as well as water.
“Whoa, hey,” the trooper said, pulling you upright. At least he was the guy you were aiming for. You had been hoping for a slightly more competent first impression. Oh well. “You alright, princess?”
Blinking up at his black visor, you processed his words, as well as the snake-like creature painted above his black visor. You collected yourself, standing up and wresting your arms back from him. “No. I am not, I am having a horrible day, actually.”
The trooper held up pacifying hands. “Okay, sorry. I know, no one’s in a good mood. Anything I can do to help?”
Wiping rain out of your eyes with a damp sleeve, you felt bad for snapping at him. He sounded nice, anyway. You shifted your feet, feeling one of them squelch from water. Ugh. “Just… it’s been a while, and a lot of us are getting hungry. Anything you can do about that?”
He nodded. “Right, right. Yeah, maybe we’re too used to carrying rations on our person. I’ll let the captain know, he can find some men to hand out some rations.”
A quiet breath of relief left your lips. “Thank you.” You looked behind you to gauge where the puddle was to avoid a repeat incident on your way back.
“Hey.” You looked back at the trooper. “Do you want dry socks, or something? Wet socks--worst feeling in the galaxy, right next to--well.” He made a vague gesture. “Polite company.”
You raised a brow at him. “Just because you called me princess doesn’t mean you need to treat me like one.”
“What?” His smile was audible. “Of course it does. I am a soldier of the Republic, and I would be shirking my duties if I let a princess walk around with wet socks.”
Dry socks did sound really nice, even if your shoes were already soaked. You looked down at your overall soggy person, sort of smiling to yourself that anyone would look at this mess and think royalty. Oh, what could it hurt… “Yeah, okay,” you agreed. “Thanks.”
“Sure thing, princess.”
@nl13 @darth-void @blsmjoon
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imabeautifulbutterfly · 7 hours ago
Hey Gorgeous!
Summary: A familiar past awaits in exam room 4.
A/N:  Hello lovelies, okay I put this Rex one-off together in relative short time.  It was something floating around in my head for the better part of a day, and couldn’t help but put it down.  I hope you enjoy it.  
Past conversations in italics
Tried my hand at Rex x reader
Warnings: Name calling, grief, angst
Words: 3,495
AO3 Link ----- Masterlist
As always feel free to drop some love, a comment, or even a reblog.  It’s always appreciated. 
Tumblr media
“Hey gorgeous!”
“Hey Coria, what’s up?” I glanced up from the med table I had been cleaning, looking .
“Just wanted to let you know, your last patient is here, waiting in exam room 4”, Coria smirked
“Alright, thanks love.  Maker, I’m so tired, hopefully I’ll be done with this patient soon and I can go home and soak in a nice relaxing warm tub.”
Coria, a Togruta with light blue lekkus, stood at the door to my now sterilized exam room, the smirk that she had before had grown into a grin, “What?” I asked, not sure if I really wanted to know the answer.
“Just wondering if there’s room in the tub for me too?”
I simply shook my head, she always tried to say things like that to get a rise out of me, I ignored her comment, and went back to business.  After all, if I let a simple comment like that fluster me, I have no business being a combat medic.  Had.  Had no business being a combat medic.  That was a lifetime ago now.  Now I was just a simple medic in a small village that needed help.  I was happy to have found this little peaceful village, it took time for those in the village and in the neighbouring towns to trust me, but I worked hard and now, everyone came to me for all their medical needs.  I took on Coria as a medic trainee, she had progressed quite well.  In fact, she now even makes house calls for me, when I can’t, taking cases I knew she could handle on her own.
“You know, every day you try to say something to get me all frazzled, and yet…” I gesture opening up my arms, showing I was steady.
Coria chuckled, her montrals shaking slightly, “Well I wanted to make sure, you were in good spirits because this last guy is a bit dodgy”.
It wasn’t unusual to have a random stranger, usually an unlicensed bounty hunter, or someone who had gotten in trouble with one person or another looking for medical aid.  The rule of the clinic, we don’t ask, we don’t turn away.  If someone was in need, no matter who they were, we helped them.  We also made sure never to ask for chain codes, if the Empire wanted to track people, then they better come here and do it themselves.  
“Why should that throw me off?”
“It’s not him per say, but the smell radiating off of him.  Like something died.”
“What? Can’t I put my medic skills to good use?”
I shook my head at her, “What if he hears you?”
“I closed the door, he can’t hear anything”
“Anyways, if he didn’t smell, I would have tended to him myself”, again that smirk appeared, oh dear what now.
“So plug your nose and tend to him.  I’m tired”
“I would, he has those nice big, broad shoulders, you know I like” she wiggled her eyebrows.  This girl was beyond incorrigible.
“You are hopeless.  Anyways, go and take care of him. With my blessings.”
“He asked for you specifically.”
“He said someone referred him to you, and he will trust only you”.
“Okay” it’s not an odd request, oftentimes first timers who didn’t know how the clinic operated were nervous they’d be tracked by the Empire.  Thankfully our planet was too small and not populous enough for the Empire to care about us.
“What’s his name?”
Coria handed me the data pad, “He says his name is Jabba the Hutt, can you believe that? I mean if you are going to come up with an aka, come up with something better than that.”
“Well you did say he smelled like something died, the Hutts do have a certain … how do I put this … odour about them”.
“So you think he’s really a Hutt?”
“Is he a worm, with arms, eyes and a mouth?”
“Then probably not a Hutt.”
“Do you want me to stay, just in case?”
“Nah, I’m good” I tapped the blaster on my thigh, although most of our patients were honourable, with legitimate issues, sometimes we did get those who had mistaken us for being a brothel, or a drug dispensary.  It didn’t happen too often, and the times it did, we’ve had other patients step in and protect us.  
I waved off Coria, locking the front door, and headed to the exam room, when I opened the door, I did notice a scent, it wasn’t as bad as Coria made it out to believe, but then I was use to the smell of death fighting alongside the 501st and the 212th, while I was a combat medic.  I hadn’t looked at the patient that sat on the table in the middle of the room, I was busy reviewing the data pad Coria had handed me.
“Okay, Mr. Hutt, first I know that’s not your real name, but I’ll call you that, of course oh Great Jabba, you’ve lost a tremendous amount of weight and your tail”, I chuckled, I often made a quick joke with those who came in with alias, it eased them a bit.  I heard a chuckle, and turned to see a poncho, that had seen better days, it was more like a blanket than a poncho, it covered his entire face, arms, legs, the hood was practically half way down his face, how did he even see?
“Reviewing the data pad, I understand you have a sore shoulder, and you’re worried a scar on the side of your head has reopened after an altercation, is that correct?”
“Okay, not a problem, first things first, I’m gonna need you to take off your poncho.  My name is Medic Syko, hopefully we’ll get you all bandaged up and ready to hit the cantinas in no time.”
I turned my back to grab some gloves, “That’s not your name, mesh’la”.
My body froze, that voice, I hadn’t heard that voice … I felt sweat building up on my forehead, the nerves I was so proud of calming were all over the place.  My breath quickened, my heart raced.  It can’t be who I think it is.
There’s no way.
I turned slightly, catching a peripheral view of the man sitting on the table before me.  I caught a glimpse of a blonde buzz and tanned skin.  I closed my eyes fully turning.  I knew what I would be seeing as soon as I opened my eyes, but I really hoped I was wrong. It can’t be.
No, you’re hallucinating, it’s not him.  No way.
I opened my eyes looking at the floor, I moved my eyes upwards slowly, I saw plastoid armour decorated with blue paint, my eyes landed on his knees where his hands rested, his warm hands that would caress my face late at night, or early in the morning.  Those arms that would hold me, making me feel safer then I had ever been.  That chest where I whispered my deepest feelings, knowing the heart behind the rib cage captured and held my feelings protecting them till the stars dimmed.  My eyes trailed further up to his broad shoulders, those shoulders where my head nestled during  sleepless nights, bad dreams, or unbearable grief.  The strong neck and jawline, where my hands rested more times than I can count, trailing that jaw line with my finger over and over again.  The lips that whispered his love to me over and over again.  Those eyes that could look deep into my soul.
“Hey gorgeous!”
I couldn’t hold back anymore and I rushed into his arms, it was as though no time had passed, my arms found their purchase on his shoulders, my face found its place in the crook of his neck.  His scent filled my nostrils, full of warmth, his musk, his soap, woodsy with a hint of cologne.  His cologne.  His arms found their spot on my waist, he pulled me in, pulling me tighter into him, his head resting on my shoulder.  
He was here.  
He was alive.
I wanted to cry, I wanted to scream, I wanted to have so many emotions, but they all flooded away.  The only thing being played in mind over and over again, was our last conversation.
“You have to go”
“Why? Give me one good reason.  You … we just lost Fives! I know you’re grieving!”
“You know nothing”
“How can you say that? After everything …”
“It meant nothing!”
“Don’t!” I said pointing my finger at him, “Don’t say that!  You and I both know it meant something, all of it meant something.”
“Not anymore.  Don’t you get it, I don’t want you!”
“You’re lying, I can see it in your eyes!”
“No. I’m not.”
“You … Rex …”
“What aren’t you getting?  God for a medic, you are so dense!”
“To think I spent all those days and nights with you, how desperate must I have been?”
I didn’t even think, my hand had a mind of its own, as it reached its target, the side of his face.  The slap was so loud, it echoed throughout his quarters.  
“You bastard!”
“Needed to have a mother, to be one of those pets!”
God, he knew I hated that term.
“Fine, this is what you want.  To throw away our love, to throw away our happiness! Our marriage!!!”
“I was drunk on cheap liquor from 79s when I agreed to marry you, I would have married a wookie, if it was there”
The tears were freely flowing, I couldn’t believe this was the man who declared his love to me, by singing my favourite song in the med bay, while Kix and I were restocking.  The same man, who wanted us to have kids, once the war ended.  The same man, who held me when my brother and my home were destroyed, leaving me all alone in the universe.  The same man, who saved me numerous times on the battlefield.  The man who called me his, over and over again.
“Rex, just tell me the truth! I know something is up, come on, talk to me!”  This man in front of me wasn't the Rex I knew and loved.  This was a vile hateful man, in Rex’s skin.
“Alright, you want the truth, here it is.  I found someone better.  Younger.  Hotter.  You are nothing compared to her.  There is nothing special about you, never was.   I simply needed to be distracted, and you were the only thing available.  Do you understand now?  I don’t LOVE YOU, I NEVER HAVE!!!”
I couldn’t take it anymore, my heart broke.  Could he have really found someone else?  I collapsed on the floor of his quarters, tears coming hard, barely being able to breathe.
“Please take your miserable existence elsewhere”.
I don’t know who, but I felt hands on my arms helping me stand, I remember seeing a flash of Anakin fuming at Rex, I heard distant yelling, but I couldn’t make anything out, after that I left the GAR, I couldn’t stay there any longer.
I pulled back from Rex, his eyes were saddened, they looked hurt, but after relieving that memory, all I could feel was anger.  How dare he show up at my door! At my clinic!  
I stepped out of his hold, his eyes searching my face, the joy that had been there was gone, as soon as that memory entered my mind.
“Why are you here, Rex?” My face remained stoic, my voice firm, I popped out my hip and crossed my arms.  Rex had been married to me long enough to know, this was my don’t kriffing mess with me, face.  
“Don’t” I raised a finger, “you never get to call me that again!”
“I know I hurt you, but that was for your own protection.  I needed to protect you.  I regretted every single word I said.”
“Really? What about the better person you found?”
“There never was anyone” his eyes pleaded with me to believe him, but my heart still hurt, even though it had been years since that day, the ache never left.  I knew why, it never left. I knew it’s because I still loved him, despite all those hurtful things he said, I never stopped loving him.  However, I couldn’t let him in, not just yet.  He needed to earn my love, and my trust again.
“Rex, did you come here just to win me back? If that’s the reason, you know where the door is and you can show yourself out.”
I turned away to throw my gloves in the garbage.  I couldn’t stand to look at him anymore, mainly because there was nothing I wanted to do, but to crash my lips against his, feel his hands on my again, feel his arms around me, keeping me safe.
“I know a simple apology will never make up for the hurt I caused you.  Nothing I say will, but I am here to take steps to heal what I broke.  I know it will take time, but I do want to heal us.  You have no idea, how seeing you fall apart before me, and me not able to reach out and comfort you, hearing my voice say those vile words, knowing I couldn’t say what I wanted, it …” his voice got quieter, “it broke me, my love.  I wasn’t the same when I had to push you away.”
I turned slightly to see him out of my peripherals, tears were streaming down his face, don’t look.  Turn away.  Don’t cry.  Don’t cry.  You’ve cried enough over this man.  You cried about him last night.  No more.  
“You keep saying you were protecting me, but you don’t say what from”
“It’s a long story”
“Well the clinic is closed, so I got time”
“You … um … you don’t …”
“Are you seriously about to ask me if I have someone waiting for me at home?”
Rex was silent, I turned and saw him silently nodding as more tears streamed down, the anger that I had built up over the years, was slowly ebbing away.  Curse this man.  
“No.  There hasn’t been anyone since you.  Partly, because I got it in my head I was never good enough for anyone.”  Rex shot his head up, looking into my eyes, with tears silently rolling down, his eyes said the question he wasn’t able to utter, ‘why did I think that?’, “Gee, I wonder where I got the idea I wasn’t good enough.  Maybe because someone told me, they had found someone better, younger, hotter.  I believe those were your words.”
Rex slowly started to remove every single piece of armour, I didn’t understand what he was doing, then he reached for the hem of his blacks, he slowly lifted it, placing the shirt to the side.  There where his heart rested, was my name, underneath, it read ‘if perfection had a name’.
“There was never anyone better than you.  You are my whole heart.  I was a good man before I met you.  You made me a better man.  I’m sorry, my love.  I did what I thought was best to remove you from danger, and to save you.  If you had stayed with me, you would certainly be dead right now.”
His hands covered his eyes, as he bent forward crying unrelentingly, a sound erupted from him I’d never heard before, it was like a wounded animal.  My anger had all but faded, I rushed forward holding him in my arms, rubbing soothing circles on his bare back.
“Rex, tell me, what did you have to protect me from?”
I pulled his hands away, raising his head with my forefingers, “My love, look at me, tell me everything”.
I wiped the tears that fell as Rex started telling me what Fives had told him, about the chips, about the chancellor being involved.  He didn’t believe him, until he turned his blasters on Ahsoka.  How if it weren’t for her, he would be dead right now.  How every one of his men was buried on a moon.  How it was his fault all his brothers died.  Even if he didn’t fully believe Fives, he wanted me out of harm's way.  Out of danger.  Out of a reach, from being used against him to do unspeakable things.  He blamed himself for the genocide of the Jedi.  After Order 66, he devoted all his time in trying to find me, he had asked for help from friends he had made. He mentioned a few names, none of which held any meaning to me, Tech, Hunter, Rava, and then he mentioned Echo.
“Echo? He died my love.  You told me, he died at the citadel.”
Rex, who now had his blacks back on, told me how he and Bad Batch, some sort of elite clone squad, received a dispatch from Echo and were able to rescue him from separatist hands.  He told me Echo had been experimented on, how although physically he didn’t look like the man we knew, inside his heart he was still the same man.  An honourable man.
“Rex, why didn’t you just tell me?  Did you think I wouldn’t understand?”
“I didn’t want you involved.  My only thought at that moment was, I needed to protect my wife.  I needed you safe.  Even if I were to die, you would live, you would be able to carry my love, the memories of me.”
“Rex, you idiot” a wet chuckle erupting, “don’t you get, the only way I’m safe is with you.  If you were to die, I would’ve died too, maybe not physically, but my life doesn’t mean anything without you.  Trust me, I lived the past few years without you.”
His eyes started to have that same warmth, I fell in love with all those years ago.  
“Mesh’la” Rex prodded, testing the waters.  I couldn’t help but blush at the name, “I will spend the rest of my life making up for pushing away.  I want you to know there’s never been anyone other than you.  Not before, and certainly not after.  You were the only one that lived in my memory.”
I leaned forward, my forehead resting against his.
“Well Captain, you certainly are making great strides already in fixing what you broke” I teased.
“I’ll do it every day, all day, if it means I get to hold you in my arms once again”.
“Yes, cyar’ika?”
“Shut up and kiss me”
His lips crashed on mine, the anger, the hurt, the pain that had been held in the tiny exam room, was slowly melting away with every passing second our lips were joined.  At first, the kiss was soft, tender, warm, a forgiveness in each moment, the kisses slowly grew desperate, filled with passion, the longing from years of being apart pushing us and driving us, building up within us.
We finally pulled away, “Well Captain, that was one hell of a kiss, did you take lessons or something?”
Rex chuckled, “Are you trying to say my kisses weren’t good before, medic?”
“I’m trying to say, for someone who hasn’t kissed anyone in a long time, that was amazing” I smiled, grinning from ear to ear.
“I love you, I’m never letting you go again.”
“I love you too, Rex.  I’m never letting you push me away again.”
We both stayed silent for what seemed like eons, simply accepting that we had found ourselves again.  I started to laugh.
“What’s so funny?”
“I told my medic trainee, I couldn’t wait to get rid of you, so I could soak in my tub; and now all I can think about is how I can somehow make you attached to me, so you’re never far away.”
“I know one way, you can be attached to me forever.”
“Oh yeah” I tossed my head back, “how?”
Rex moved his hand from my back to his pocket, and pulled out our wedding bands.  Seeing my band, I remember that I had thrown it at him before I collapsed on the floor of his bunk.
“Mesh’la, will you be mine again?  To have and to hold, for all eternity?  In sickness and in health?  Even when I’m an idiot?”
I placed my hands on the side of his face, holding it as I bent my face closer to his, grazing my lips against his, “Yes” I pecked his lips, “yes” one more peck, “yes” one more kiss, “yes!” The last kiss I pressed my lips against his and knew that these would be the only lips I would ever kiss for the rest of my life, until the stars no longer shined.
“You said there was something else you wanted to talk to me about?”
“Tell me”
“Want to help me start a rebellion against the Empire?”
I looked in his eyes, my smile growing by the second, “Darlin’, like you even have to ask”.
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gohyuck · 11 hours ago
the purge: society
Tumblr media
pairing: firefighter!san x reader
genre: purge au, angst, some fluff
warnings: mentions of violence (especially violence against cops), murder, blood, injury, weapons (guns, knives, metal baseball bats)
word count: 2.4k
note: this was originally meant to be a drabble and it’s still pretty short so i didn’t get to elaborate on the characters but honestly maybe i’ll explore a purge universe with ateez someday because this was fun (i’ve never watched any of the movies though so i’ll have to get on that)
“What the fuck?” 
He hadn’t expected to see anyone left alive on this street.
“Shut up and get down,” You hiss, reaching your good arm up to grab onto the man’s jacket collar before unceremoniously pulling him towards you. He stumbles, falling gracelessly onto you. A scream bubbles up in your throat as he accidentally puts pressure onto your already free-bleeding bicep, but you get ahold of yourself just in time, only letting the quietest of wounded moans escape you. 
“You’re the first person that hasn’t tried to kill me before talking to me all night - oh, shit,” The stranger trails off, swearing when you effectively stop him from speaking further by placing your switchblade right under his skin. It’s only then that he even pauses to take you in: your back is up by the police car door, sure, and your left arm has a massive gash in it, but you’re armed. There’s a pistol laying idly in your lap, kept company by a metal baseball bat. 
Not to mention, the knife at his neck. 
“What the hell are you doing, walking around unarmed and with a first aid kit? Also, how the hell are you unarmed and with just a first aid kit? What the fuck?” You let the questions out in a rapidfire fashion, and he can’t help but clock the slight rasp in your voice. It’s easier to recognize than the pained wheeze you’re trying very, very hard to suppress, but neither escape him. He’s trained to notice the little things, anyways. 
“You need to bandage that shit up,” The man ignores your questions, moving his head just enough to miss your blade but also enough to be able to look you in the eyes. “How long has it been bleeding?”
“That’s none of your business,” You grit out. “Answer my questions or I’ll kill you right here and now.”
“If I answer yours, will you answer mine?” For some reason, he doesn’t seem to be panicking just yet. His gaze is sincere, but it’s too solid to be that of a bona fide idiot. You suck in a breath of air. Threatening him would be so much easier if he didn’t seem like a nice guy. It’s hard enough to live through the night, you don’t need guilt on your hands, and you know you’re going to feel guilty when you kill him. And you will kill him.
You need that first aid kit. You’ll do anything for it.
Anything, starting off with lying. 
“Sure,” You reply, steeling yourself for any sudden movements he might make now that you’re faking amicability. Maybe he’ll believe you to be vulnerable and try for your pistol or your bat, or maybe he’ll be properly cruel and finish off your arm. You don’t want to think about it. He lets out a sigh of relief, and you can’t help but wonder if you’ve actually affected him after all. “Now speak.”
“Not unarmed, there’s a police-issue pistol in my jacket and a tactical knife in my jeans. I’m not totally nuts. First aid kit’s for my buddy, though, I’ll be real, you need it way more than him.” There’s something resembling concern in his expression as his eyes flit between your torn arm and your face, but that barely interests you. You haven’t truly registered anything after ‘police-issue’.
You lean in, pressing the edge of your knife against the skin directly above his adam’s apple. For the first time since you’d cornered him, your mystery purger’s breath hitches. His eyebrows draw together in confusion. It’s no matter. You no longer regret the fact that you’ll have to tear his jugular out yourself. 
“You’re a hog, huh,” You stare him down, any sympathy you might’ve had gone. For a moment, it seems as if he has no concept of what you’re saying. A second passes, though, and his gaze clears. 
“Firefighter,” He responds, though the word is garbled due to him attempting to keep his movements to a minimum. You pull back slightly, very slightly, to let him explain. “I… found a dead cop, jacked his pistol. I’ll show you my ID, if you want.” 
“Let me see it.” You nod your head at him as if giving him permission to live a little longer, though you both know full well that identity theft and identity fabrication are legal, too. Might as well see how much effort he puts into a fake. The man waits until you pull back just a bit more, enough to let him slowly reach his hand into his back pocket before producing a lanyard. 
You grab it out of his grip with your hurt arm, not willing to move your knife too far away from his throat. You simply don’t have a good enough read on - you glance down - San Choi, ACT Firefighter, Employee ID: 018-102-4 to allow yourself any leeway with him. 
His gently smiling face stares up at you from the plastic card, protected only by a clear sleeve connected to a red lanyard. San’s photo has black hair and an undercut, styled so his forehead is on display. A pair of dimples makes a guest appearance, and, overall, he seems like a genuinely sweet guy. The ID looks real, too, so maybe you aren’t totally fucked. 
The San under your knife has bleach blond hair that almost falls over his eyes, though you suppose you can’t blame him for skipping out on the hair product tonight. He seems slightly tanner than his photo, his skin beautiful even now as dust from the aftermath of the explosion starts to settle against it. 
Right. The explosion. 
Recalling the events leading up to you meeting San forces you to remember that you have a gaping, bloody gash in your left arm. You’re honestly lucky to be alive, having ducked and used the car you’re against for cover from flying debris after a building down the block had exploded. You’d just finished driving your knife into a cop’s side - third cop of the night, eighth of your career as a purge cop killer - to make sure that he was dead when you’d heard the bomb go off, and you’d dropped before even thinking about it. Something had hit your arm on the way down, and when the adrenaline had finally left your system, you’d taken note of your blood-soaked sleeve. 
You’d closed the car door after that, sealing your third murder of the night in the vehicle just so you could lean up against the door. It had been 6:31 in the morning then, and you had figured that someone would come by and kill you in the last moments before legality ensued again. You’d assumed that you’d fight, of course you would, but your arm being totally fucked definitely put a damper on your belief in your ability to overcome anyone or anything else. 
Instead of the disgruntled, trigger-happy purger you’d expected to eventually find, though, you’d been found by San Choi. San Choi, who’s currently staring at your wounded arm like it’s grown eyes and can stare back. 
“Come on, let me fix it up,” He pleads, lifting the kit up with the hand that’s farther from you. “You might not trust me, or whatever, but the purge is about to end as it is. I have a paramedic friend, Seonghwa, who’s taught me the basics of -”
“Shut the fuck up.” You tell him, though you’re quickly losing your bite. He obeys regardless. God, your arm really, really fucking hurts. Before pulling your knife back, you check the watch on your wrist. 6:47. Stay alive for 13 more minutes, 780 more seconds. You’ll be fine. You take the shakiest breath you’ve ever taken. 
You pull your knife away from him. 
Nothing happens. 
“I’m going to use an alcohol free wipe and then wrap gauze around your arm, okay? You’ll just have to hold out until we can get you to a working hospital after that,” San speaks as if he’s talking to a child, or a scared animal, and you can’t blame him. He doesn’t seem like a purger, but you technically are one. You wouldn’t put it past yourself to attack on a whim if you were him. He, very slowly and with his hands in your full view at all times, opens the kit and pulls out the requisite materials. 
“Gonna need you to rip your sleeve off above the cut.” He continues, leaning back as you bring your knife up to your clothes and slit the cloth right above your wound. You tear the remainder of the sleeve off your arm before throwing it behind you somewhere. San gently grabs ahold of your elbow - his palm is calloused in a way that tells you he lifts regularly, and you’re sure of this as he discards his jacket and you watch the muscles ripple in his arms under his thin black shirt - and places the wipe against your cut. 
Your reaction is instantaneous: now that you’re completely past the adrenaline stage, the feeling of something, anything against the gash has you reeling to cry out. Before you can even process that you’ve made a sound, a hand presses hard against the back of your head, shoving your mouth against San’s. 
He doesn’t know how else to shut you up. 
His lips are chapped, but the sensation of being kissed so suddenly jars you out of your pain. San attempts to pull back, and you can already feel the apologetic wince he’s about to give you, but he brushes over your wound with the wipe again and your pain doubles back. It’s you that pulls him in this time, pressing your lips to his sloppily but forcefully as if it’ll alleviate the burn in your arm. 
Kissing him only slightly muffles you at best, but you no longer care. The purge isn’t over yet. You could both die at any second. Hell, San could kill you at any second. His hand moves from the back of your head to cup your face as he leans in towards you to deepen the kiss. His lips are chapped, yes, but they’re soft. He tastes like mint and copper: there’s a cut in his lower lip. You don’t mind. 
San pulls away for a moment, but only does so to grab the gauze from the kit. Once he’s wrapped it around your arm once, twice, thrice, he leans back in and your mouth accepts his own eagerly, your other hand coming up to drape over his shoulder. Neither of you know why you’re doing this, kissing a stranger with such fervor as one of you bandages the other up, but you both know that there’s really nothing else to do. 
It’s only after he finishes taping you up that the two of you pull away fully. His eyes are still just as kind as you’d thought them to be at first, though his lips are far more swollen than they’d been mere minutes prior. You admire your handiwork, eyes tracing his features as he admires his own, thumb very, very gently running over your gauze. Both of you raise your heads to smile sheepishly at each other at the exact same time.
Three things happen in rapid succession. 
“Good?” San’s voice is barely above a whisper, a smirk tugging at the corner of his mouth. Just as you’re about to speak - 
“San!” A voice, low and hoarse, interrupts you, and you look up to see the barrel of a gun pointed directly at the space between your eyes. You’re frozen in place for a split second before you start reaching for your own pistol. Your fingers brush the grip when - 
The clock strikes seven, and sirens go off all around you, signalling the end of the purge. 
The gun is out of your face. Your hand moves off of your own.
“San,” The owner of the gun pays you no mind, suddenly, his entire focus on San. The gun-owner reaches a hand out, and the firefighter beside you takes it, allowing himself to get pulled up to his feet. “You okay?” 
“Yeah, Yunho, I’m totally good,” San responds, giving the taller man a cat-like grin of reassurance. Yunho’s got a fireman’s helmet on, and you suppose it’s good as protection. He must be a fellow firefighter, then. He’s tall, and though he’d seemed nothing short of severe mere moments ago, he seems softer, kinder now that the purge is over. The transformation is enough to give you whiplash. His right hand is wrapped in bandages, and this catches San’s sight at the same time it catches your own. “What the hell happened to you, though?” 
“That policeman you killed had buddies,” Yunho replies with ease, but you don’t miss San’s wince. Seems like he hadn’t just happened upon that police-issue pistol. You can’t help the small grin that fights to make its way across your face. “They tried to get into the station, we had to fortify ourselves. We’re mostly fine, just that Woo’s lost a finger. He’ll live once he stops whining about it. We were mostly worried about you, honestly, taking fucking forever just to find a first aid kit. Who’s this?”
Yunho moves the topic of conversation over to you so naturally that you barely even realize what has happened before San is reaching a hand out to you to pull you up to a standing position. You grab ahold of your pistol, though you shove the bat off your lap before allowing yourself to be brought up. Without thinking, you practically plaster yourself to San’s side. Now that he’s for sure what he told you he was, and now that you’re no longer in danger of dying, you can’t help but feel inexplicably connected to him even though neither of you know each other. San wraps an arm around your waist naturally, and neither of you miss Yunho’s eyebrow raise. Neither of you acknowledge it, either. 
“This?” San asks rhetorically, turning his head slightly to look at you. He’s smiling again, and you find that you want to see it more often. Maybe you’re experiencing the onset of delirium. You hope not. “This is…” 
“(Name),” You reply, being honest. There’s no need for you to lie. Besides, you owe San answers, right? You stick your uninjured arm out, letting Yunho shake your hand. San’s grip tightens around your waist. 
“I’m (Name).”
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A short Drabble because Im running out of ideas-
Tumblr media
"Stand down."
"Now why would I do that?"
Another space cowboy? Its not exactly what the jedi needed- and its forsure not what the clones needed, especially now.
"I don't shoot innocent people!" Fives shouted.
"Innocent?" Y/n asked, "now darlin I wouldn't say that."
The two stood ready, hands near there hip pistols as it grew silent.
"Im quiet disappointed in you." She spoke, her poncho blowing in the breeze as her hat stay ontop her head.
"And why is that?"
"You have no idea who I am."
It was silent again as Y/n pulled out her pistol quickly shooting at Fives. Braced he closed his eyes hearing the sound of a droid falling in the background, turning around he seen the droid downed and looked back towards the woman, she pulled her large hat off twirling her blaster on her finger.
"As perfect as always." She smiled.
"Y/n?" Fives asked.
"Well hello again Fives."
Walking up to meet him half way he practically ran over.
"You're- woah."
He looked up at her, "You. Uh. Have you always been that tall?"
"Just a bit taller with the boots." She smiled.
"Wow." He spoke, "I- how did you find us?"
"I heard about Krell," She spoke, "what my old master is doing to your brothers and my friends its unacceptable I told rex whenever you all needed me I was only a call away, glad he called me in."
"So am I." Fives spoke.
"Don't go mush on me down darlin. Shall we?" Y/n asked walking away, they both had been given the same randevu point.
"Of course General! It's an honor to have you back!" Fives spoke happily chasing after her.
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charliedawn · 12 hours ago
Mission Socializing (Warning : thought of suicide! You have been warned.)
It is New Year's Eve and the slashers want to thank you for having organized a Christmas party for them. They call it : Mission Socializing. You decide to go and are welcomed by a very colorfully decorated room with a few people inside, the whole department in fact..You immediately spot Amita among the guests that waves at you to come join her.
Tumblr media
" Hi ! Thought you would still be in bed..You know, like a complete lonely weirdo.."
She jokes and you punch her arm playfully before taking the glass of champagne that she gives you.
" Oh, shush you ! Not everyone has the time to party all the time..Besides, I am here, aren't I ?"
She nods appreciatively.
" That you are.."
Suddenly her eyes catch a little woman that is trying to make her way through the crowd.
" Talking about lonely weirdo..Looks like one of your kind is heading this way. I think this is my queue to leave.."
You don't have the time to stop her that the woman raises her fist, as if in a sort of salute.
Tumblr media
" Hi ! Boss lady ! Or is it Mrs Boss ?! Lady Boss ?! I salute you !"
She greets you and you can't help but smile before replying.
" And I salute you too, Mrs Cortez.."
You had read everyone's file, especially of those who had spent the most time with slashers without having a problem. Mrs Cortez is one of them. She has been a nurse here for 3 years, and none of the slashers have ever tried to physically or mentally harm her. However, when you had asked the slashers about it, they had simply replied with a small smile or a look of horror..So, everything could be possible. But, you had not envisioned the woman to be one of small stature and wearing an Hello Kitty t-shirt and vibrant pink boots..You then notice that she still has her fist raised and decide to bump it. She finally lets out a relieved sigh before letting her arm go down.
" Thank god ! You're nice ! I was so nervous about meeting you, wondering if you were strict like the old one, but I can already tell that you're totes cool !"
You awkwardly smile at her before nodding in acknowledgement.
" Hum..Thank you ?"
She smiles widely before suddenly taking you in her arms and tightening her hold until you can't feel your waist anymore.
Tumblr media
" You and I are gonna be friends, I can tell !"
You smile through the pain before nodding again and giving her a small pat on the head as a response to the very straightforward gesture.
" I'm sure, miss C.."
" Eva ! You can call me Eva !"
She cuts you off and looks up at you with stars in her eyes. In some way, she is curiously endearing. You find yourself thinking and are about to ask her to..well..let you go when someone else comes to your rescue.
" Miss Cortez, I would advise you not to crush our new boss with your overbearing affective bear hugs. We need her to last a bit longer than the other one, right ?"
Eva quickly steps away to turn towards the blond man that had just spoken and raises her arms to hug him as well.
" Dr Wilson !"
She announces him while literally jumping on him, but the doctor succeeds in dodging her. She lands on a nearby couch and the doctor applies pressure on a very precise spot in her neck that makes her sleep instantly. You ark an eyebrow at Dr Wilson that gives you a small knowing smirk.
" Force of habit..Don't worry. You'll get used to it as well."
He then gives you his hand to shake.
" I am Dr Victor Wilson. It is a pleasure to meet you. I'm the coroner of St Louis."
You give him a small smile before shaking his hand.
" Y/N L/N. Pleasure to meet you as well."
You then give a circular look around the room. There are at least 30 people staring at you, and you couldn't bare having all of them trying to shake your hand..The doctor seems to notice and chuckles at your little fanclub before lifting his hand for you to take.
" Let me guess..Not a fan of parties, huh ? Well, I am a gentleman, and gentlemen usually save damsels in distress..So, I saw that Five has generously offered a few of his very expensive bottles for the occasion..Mind having a drink with me ?"
You give another glance around to see Amita already talking to one of the male nurses. You sigh before giving the man a smile of agreement and taking his hand.
" Lead the way."
A couple of hours later :
Tumblr media
" I'm totally wasted.."
Dr Wilson confesses while staring at his third drink, or is it his fourth ? He can't remember..But, you're not that good either. You look at the spinning room and can't control the fit of laughter that threatens to spill out of your mouth when you also admit.
" Me too.."
You don't even know why you're laughing, but you both end up doubled in laughter anyway, making all of the other guests turn towards you with widened eyes. But, in all honesty ? You don't care. You intend to enjoy this moment. However, you suddenly hear a few gasps and turn around to see..Jason ?! Jason looks at his shoes sheepishly and glances up a few times before raising his hand to wave shyly.
" Hi.."
He mumbles. Nobody answers and even the music stops. You are about to go save him when somebody else takes care of it. Ella wakes up and automatically raises her hands excitedly when she spots Jason.
" Jason ! Remember me ?! We talked at the Halloween party !"
When Jason nods sheepishly, she doesn't waste any time before hugging the shy slasher.
" Do you want to dance ?!"
Jason looks up at you, as if for you to get him out of his current situation, but you only smile, amused, and raise your glass.
" Go on, Jason ! Have fun !"
He looks at Ella that leads him by the arms to dance, they move right and left in rhythm with the music. You can see that Jason is having fun and smile, relieved to see that the sudden silence hadn't been a permanent veil over his good mood.
Tumblr media
However, you didn't count on Amita to get out her phone and say.
" I'm gonna upload this sh*t to YouTube !"
Tumblr media
You can tell that she's as drunk as you and doesn't know what she's doing. You stand up to stop her, but can't seem to be able to walk straight. You fall head first into someone else that helps you to get up.
" Are you okay, my child ?"
You look up with widened eyes at..a priest ?! He gives you a small sympathetic smile before helping you to stand up. He looks at Amita and takes her phone, ignoring her protests before deleting the picture.
" This is a place of healing, miss Williams. The patients' location must not be revealed at all costs. I would advise you to not do that again."
He says firmly and even Amita is speechless. He then gives you a glass of water and helps you to sit down in a nearby chair.
" W..Who are you ?"
You ask, lost and confused. The priest gives you a small smile before answering you.
" I am father Cornelius. St Louis' priest. I wanted to thank you for having Pennywise help me with the graves this year..My senses tell me they will be useful."
Tumblr media
You blush in embarrassment at the fact that you hadn't even thought about asking who Pennywise was working for at the time. It just dawns on you now that there is an actual priest at St Louis and you admit with an apologetic smile.
" Sorry. I wasn't even aware of your existence until tonight."
However, unlike what you had previously thought, the priest doesn't seem offended, he just chuckles in mild amusement.
" I don't blame you. I'm mostly here for the employees, since most of them know that they may perish between those walls..But, I wanted to thank you, miss Y/N. Since you've arrived, I receive less and less people."
You ark an eyebrow at that.
" But, isn't it a bad thing ? For you, I mean ?"
He lets out a small laugh before shaking his head negatively.
" Believe me when I say that I didn't apply for the post to only make last absolutions or bury bodies."
You nod understandingly while looking downwards, staring at the ground when you reply in affirmation.
" I imagine."
You look up to stare at Jason that looks like he's having fun dancing and laughing. But then, a shiver runs through your spine at the idea that Jason is still the Crystal Lake killer. The priest is right. How many people were killed by his hand ? How many would have been if he hadn't been arrested and brought to the hospital ? The answer is self-evident. It pains you, but your hazy mind still manages to conclude: hundreds, thousands..This is why, even though Jason is one of the sweetest of the slashers..You have to remember that he is as dangerous as they are. You don't hear Jason arrive behind you, and when he pats your shoulder, you can't help but turn around and instinctively slap him. The consequence of your action only dawns on you when a heavy silence falls around you and you see Jason's shocked expression, holding his stinging cheek with tearful eyes.
" J..Jason. Wait. I'm sorry."
You stammer apologetically, but it's too late, the damage is done. You approach him to look at his face, but he takes your wrist and almost breaks it in his hold. His breathing is uneven and he glares up at you with such intensity that it stops yours for a moment. Suddenly, some armed guards surround you and before you could explain the situation, Jason releases you and looks away with betrayal in his eyes as he is led outside.
Tumblr media
You want to grab him, but he is taken away and you don't dare go after him..Maybe, it is for the best ? A little voice says in your head.
In his cell :
" Let me guess ? She got scared."
Jason doesn't need to look up to recognize the owner of the voice. Freddy.
" I told you, kid..Monsters like us don't get to be happy with angels like her..This is why I need to know, are you in or not ?"
Jason closes his eyes, a few tears running down his cheeks as he finally nods. If you couldn't accept him, then why would he stay ?
" I'm sorry, Jason..But, maybe it is for the best ?"
Jason looks up in shock at Freddy that only smiles sadly at him. For the first time, Freddy used his name in a sentence that didn't involve mockery. Not a nickname or an insult. His name. He should be happy, but he can't help but feel his heart tighten as he realizes that even his worst friend takes pity on him. Jason waits until Freddy is gone before standing up and screaming so loud that he is sure all of the hospital must have heard him. He then punches the wall repeatedly until his hands are bloody. He really thought he could change, that he could become a better person..He looks up at his reflection in the mirror and punches it so hard that he feels the shards piercing his skin. That's why he hates mirrors, because they remind him of the truth..He looks down at his mask, left on his bed since he thought he was finished with it. He takes it and after a moment of hesitation, puts it back on. He then carefully takes a big piece of glass to look at himself in it.
" Ugly Ugly Jason. You're ugly, but mama loves you..Mama loves you..Mama is the only one who ever did..Come on..You know what you have to do. Come home, Jason.."
He clenches his fist around the shard until it draws blood and looks at his wrist. One swift cut. One way to be with his Mama forever..He wants to do it, but then, he sees your face in his mind and finally throws the fragment in rage that bursts against a wall. He then buries his face in his hands and starts sobbing.
Tumblr media
" I'm sorry Mama..I don't have the strength.."
He feels cold arms around his shoulders and a voice whispering tenderly in his ear.
" Don't worry, Jason..Mama will wait for you..Always."
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charliedawn · 12 hours ago
How would the slashers celebrate Christmas?
"Rise and shine, pumpkin pie !"
You are woken up with a bucket of cold water that makes you stand up straight in a second. You're gasping for air and wait for your heart to slow down before looking at the one and only Amita Williams.
" Are you crazy ?! What are you doing here Amita ?!"
She only laughs loudly before dragging you out of bed.
" Well..since I haven't heard any news from you in months, I decided to come and check up on you myself. But, honestly darling, what happened ?! And where is that lowlife bastard that you call a boyfriend ?!"
You groan heavily at the mention of H/N before pouring yourself a cup of coffee.
" Gone..We broke up."
At the news, Amita's eyes brighten up and she nearly squeals in delight.
" Wait..Does that mean you're back in the single club ?! Congrats ! I knew you could do it !"
She exaggerates with wrapping her arms around your neck a little too tight. You sigh before affectionately placing your hand upon her arm and chuckling.
" I can't believe that it's been months already..Sorry. I haven't had any time for myself these days..My work and all."
She faces you with a huge grin that makes you wonder what she's planning now..
" Well, considering that your work seems to be more important than your best friend, I've decided to bring the best friend to work ! Surprise ! I'm gonna work at St Louis as a cook !"
Your eyes widen even more as you struggle to find words to match your emotions. You are happy to see Amita of course, but she could be..let's say "eccentric and loud". You can't be sure how the slashers will react when they meet her.
" I don't know Amita..Some of the slashers tend to be very attached to their regime. One wrong ingredient, and you may become the meal itself. Are you sure of yourself ?"
You inquire worriedly and she only dismisses your concern with a wave of her hand.
" Nonsense ! No one can resist my cooking ! That it'd be the common folk or psychopaths ! I'm sure. Plus, I came just at the right time it seems. Christmas is today after all ! And what better way to get acquainted than a merry Christmas dinner !"
You want to protest, but quickly close your mouth when you find the idea not to be so bad. You finally sigh and nod before getting out of the kitchen to get ready.
" Actually..You're right."
She grins in delight at your admission.
" Oh sugar plum, I'm always right."
She winks at you cheekily while raising her drink.
Tumblr media
You frown at the alcoholic beverage and sigh again.
" Whiskey ? At 6 am ? Really ?"
She chuckles before taking a sip.
" You know me darling, there's never a bad time for quality.."
At St Louis :
It is a normal day for the slashers that wake up to the sound of merry Christmas carols and the smell of hot cocoa brewing in nearby houses..It is a normal day for everyone, except Michael.
Tumblr media
Michael hears his alarm clock and can't help but smash it under his fist. The dreaded day has arrived..He gets up and grinds his teeths together in frustration at the songs being sang outside. He hates Christmas. He hates it as much as he hates the world for enjoying it so much. He remembers the smile of his wife and the laughter of the children running around the table filled with mouth-watering goods..but he also remembers the screams, the terror, death..He especially remembers death. It's even worse when he sees the other slashers playing carelessly in the snow outside and the Christmas decorations in the living room. He wants to rip it all to shreds, to stamp on the Christmas tree and make everyone see his pain..but he doesn't. Even if he did, they wouldn't understand..He walks to the kitchen to drink his morning coffee when he freezes, seeing an unfamiliar face preparing, what appears to be, chocolate pudding. The stranger doesn't seem to notice him at first, but then speaks with her back turned.
" Are you going to stand up here all morning or are you going to come help me ?"
He's so shocked by the bluntness of the woman that he doesn't even think about disobeying her. He steps up and proceeds in cooking the Christmas turkey. Surprisingly, he seems to have remembered all of his Christmas cooking skills as it doesn't really take him much effort to help in the preparation of the meal. You are playing with the slashers outside and finally get back to the living room. You had asked a few of the employees to decorate with you and Amita. However, there is something new. The table is covered by food that looks so tasty that it even makes the two cannibals present drool.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Even Jason seems speechless as his eyes lighten up to the sight of so many colorful decorations and Penny takes a long snif of the food before scrunching his nose at the lack of fresh meat. However, Amita comes out of the kitchen with a full bowl of beef tartar and both Penny and Pennywise jump on it as soon as it is on the table. The other slashers seem to be a bit more reluctant as they stare at Amita with wariness.
" Guys, this is the new cook: Amita. My best friend and the one who gave me the idea for all this."
Even with your explanation, the slashers don't seem reassured. But, they are quickly distracted by Michael that gets out of the kitchen with a pink apron and matching pink oven mitts to boot. They seem to relax and Freddy even cracks a joke.
" Well..If it isn't housewife Michael herself ?!"
To which Michael responds with his middle finger, not bothering to give any more attention to the little devil.
Tumblr media
You then notice the mistletoe hanging above Freddy's head and snicker as you see who is next to him.
" Guess what you are standing under, boys ?"
They both look up and Freddy freezes when he recognizes the plant while Pennywise frowns in incomprehension.
" What are you talking about ?"
You only smile mischievously at Freddy that understands and sighs loudly before winking playfully at you.
" After Penny, you want me to get both brothers ? Kinky..I like it."
Pennywise seems to find the answer in Freddy's eyes and gets up just as Freddy wanted to grab his arm.
" Ahahaha ! Not happening."
He steps outside and Freddy follows with a smirk.
Tumblr media
" Come here Pennywise ! It was only a matter of time before you finally understood your undying feelings for me !"
Pennywise shrieks in disgust before taking a handful of snow and using it to get away by smudging it all over Freddy's lips.
" I would rather kiss a dying corpse ! Not that it's that much better from your crispy burned a** !"
You whistle and they finally look up at you with widened eyes.
" Okay, boys ! Let's eat. I won't force you to kiss, I promise."
You can't help but giggle as they race to get back inside. When you're all inside, you see Five already digging in a bowl of peanuts.
Tumblr media
You sit next to him and Kevin that smiles rather nicely at you..Strange, but not unwelcomed. You take a big breath before proposing.
" How about we start again, Kevin ? I would love for us to be friends."
However, his smile seems to falter as he answers you negatively.
" I'm sorry..but no. I won't let you make me weak.."
You sigh before putting your hand on his shoulder and look at him straight in his eyes.
" Can't you see ? It doesn't make you weak..It makes you stronger."
He smiles bitterly at your words, almost wishful even.
" I wish I could believe you.."
Tumblr media
You smile back before insisting.
" And one day, you will..I promise you."
You stare at each other for a few seconds before returning to the feast. You're happy to see Amita even managing small talk with Freddy and Pennywise. However, Penny notices the presents under the Christmas tree and squeals in excitement.
" Gifts !"
He runs towards them and checks if there is one with his name on it. He finally finds it and grins so widely that you wonder for a moment if his jaw is even attached to the rest of his skull anymore. But, you give him a nod of agreement to open the gift. His eyes shine when he opens the box.
" Popcorn ! I love popcorn !"
All of the other slashers sigh in defeat and those who can talk all say.
" We know."
Soon after, all the slashers open their gifts to find their favorite treat in them. Even Five smiles somehow happily as he sees the content of his gift : dark chocolate and coffee truffles. But, they all seem troubled or embarrassed about something.
" We..We didn't bring you anything.."
Brahms points out what all of them are thinking with his eyes cast downwards in shame. But, your reaction surprises them as you laugh lightly.
" That's what you're worried about ?! This day is about you, all of you. It's not about me. It was a last moment thing. I didn't expect you to give me anything. Your presence is enough."
Freddy seems about to burst and finally snaps.
" Fine ! F*ck it ! I'm tired of us being the only ones having a good time ! That's my gift. Take it or slap me, I still have to do it !"
Freddy takes a branch of mistletoe and raises it above both of your heads before kissing you on the cheek. Your eyes widen, but you don't slap Freddy. You only look up at him and smile affectionately.
" Thank you, Freddy.."
Your genuine thanks makes Freddy blush and hide his face in his fedora as he mumbles.
" You're welcome.."
The slashers, inspired by Freddy's gesture, decide to do the same. Soon, it's Michael's turn and to everyone's shock, he gets his mask off to kiss your cheek. When he stands back, he smiles at you and whispers for only you to hear :
Tumblr media
" Merry Christmas.."
Maybe, Christmas isn't so bad after all ? Michael thinks before sitting back down.
Bonus : their reaction to the kiss afterwards :
Michael : *blushes intensely while staring into the beyond..*
Five : *sigh* " Why did I do that again ?"
Jason : *smiles happily to himself with some chocolate pudding on his face*
Brahms : * blush intensifies when he truly realizes what he's done* "K..Kiss ?"
Freddy : "Hell nah ! Come here ! I'm ready for a kiss on the lips this time !" *proceeds to chase after you, hanging a mistletoe over his head*
Pennywise : *blushes slightly and turns his gaze away in embarrassment and stays silent*
Penny : *doesn't even realize, just munches happily on his popcorn*
Joker : *smiles before looking at the bag of peppermint candy in his hands* "Sweet girl.." He murmurs to himself.
Kevin : The Beast : *looks at the bowl of blueberry muffins before sniffing it carefully and taking a tentative bite. He moans in delight before devouring his. You had been careful to make one for each personality and he smiles at the thoughtful gesture.* " Clever girl.." He murmurs in a low baritone voice and chuckles darkly before letting the other personalities enjoy their individual muffin.
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umpa1lumpa · 15 hours ago
Five: Remember that time you dared me to lick a swingset?
Y/n: No, I said "Five, don't lick that swingset" and you said "Don't tell me what to do" and licked the swingset.
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starryeyes2000 · 17 hours ago
Where’s an All-Night Pharmacy When You Need It - Part 2
Part 1
Paring: Christopher Pike x Reader
Rating: Teen
Summary: It's six years later and this time Chris is suprised.
Six Years Later
My son is a small replica of this father, his mini doppelganger. Bright blue eyes, dark hair, and athletic. With an insatiable curiosity. He leaps into the unknown without hesitation, confident of his ability to handle anything. Now five, he started school recently. While most of the other children tarried with their parents, uncertain looks on their faces, he was quivering with excitement and bounded up the steps and into the building without a backward glance.
Fortunately, he possesses his father’s equanimous nature. When we have to pull him back from vigorously testing his boundaries, it rarely ends in cross words or tantrums but rather he happily moves onto the next item that grabs his attention.
My in-laws trade knowing looks as we try to stay one step ahead of our son.
And he inherited the dimples. Individually I am mostly immune, but when father and son flash those dimples in stereo, well who could resist that?
Did I mention he has the energy of six puppies – combined? Questions are his new favorite hobby.
Right now his pace is turning frenetic as anticipation pivots to cranky while we continue to wait in central transport at space dock to beam on board Enterprise. And today of all days I have no snacks in my bag.
“How much longer?” He asks.
His lower lip is starting to droop. “You said that a long time ago. Can we go look at the ships?”
“We should wait here.” I realize my mistake before I finish the sentence and grab the back of his shirt as he starts to race to the large viewports on the lower level. I should have said no. He rarely disobeys but always looks for wiggle room.
“Do you want to watch a video?”
He shakes his head.
“Puzzle?” That seems to spark a little interest. I call up the hardest one I can find in his age group and hand him the PADD.
Thankfully, Chris is returning today. I could use reinforcements.
When the results of the pregnancy scan came back positive, I cried in shock. Chris looked like a cat who had just finished a bowl of cream – incredibly pleased with himself. If Phil hadn’t been in the room, I would have smacked our dear Captain upside the head. After all, at that point, he had played only a minor role in the process. I was the one retching every day. The one with hormones bouncing up and down like a roller coaster.
To be fair, he had recognized the signs before I did and was past the disbelief stage.
Because we were so far away from home space, Noah was four months old by the time we finished our mission and reached the Federation’s border. Which gave Chris plenty of time to convince himself the best course of action was retiring from Starfleet. I, Phil, Una, Spock, and Louvier urged a middle path. Kat and others joined the chorus after we returned home.
As the pregnancy progressed, I realized I wanted to take a leave of absence in order to spend more time with my son during his early years. A product of absent parents and boarding schools, I relished the idea of building a bond with my son like Chris shares with his parents. Chris accepted a promotion to Fleet Captain, responsible for all the ships and rebuilding the fleet after the war.
Noah has traveled more light years than most Starfleet ensigns. When Chris needs to be away from Command Headquarters, we stay on the closest planet or base. This time the situation was too dangerous for us to follow.
“Is it true Dad wanted to name me after his favorite horse?”
“That is the rumor.” I answer.
“David, at school, says his father says Dad was foolish to offer terms.” Noah is obviously repeating David verbatim being too young to understand what ‘terms’ means. “That he should have made them surrender uncon … uncon …”
“Unconditionally?” I ask.
“How old is David?”
“He’s in fourth grade.”
“Your father is experienced with these situations. And others were part of the decision to accept the armistice.”
“What’s an armistice?”
“An agreement to stop fighting and find ways to get along.”
“Ok. David said his father said the person on the front line really makes the decision. But that he shouldn’t be allowed to.”
I wonder if David’s father has any military experience or is an armchair warrior with loud opinions. When Chris left eight weeks ago leading a task force to counter a species with capabilities equal to the Federation and ambitions to invade, it was a challenge balancing how much to tell Noah. He grew up with Starfleet and understands their role. His is very perceptive, but only five. His father holds a high-profile position. People talk, often thoughtlessly, and offer critiques which are frequently unfounded.
Turning off the PADD in order to have Noah’s full attention I ask. “Do these things that David’s father is saying scare you?”
“Kind of. But Dad wouldn’t come back unless we are safe.”
“Very logical. I agree.”
He grins and flashes the Vulcan sign for live long and prosper. And is off on a new topic. “Who picked out my name?”
“Commander Spock.” Enterprise’s science officer stayed with me every minute during the long and hard delivery when Chris was needed on the bridge. And never once complained as I squeezed his hand.
“Ma’am? Enterprise signals ready. Please come with me.”
As we walk to the transporter pad, I remind Noah, “It’s important we tell your father our news before telling anyone else.”
“Do I still get to tell him?”
Two seconds after rematerializing, Noah leaps off the pad and into his godfather’s arms, catching the doctor up on all his adventures without drawing breath. Bear hug completed, Phil deposits Noah on the floor with a “There’s my future doctor” comment. He glances at me, “Chris is on Discovery. The rest of the task force is still enroute.” Then he narrows his eyes sightly and takes a longer look as if assessing me.
“Ma’am?” The transporter operator speaks up. “The Captain requests you join her in the ready room. Do you require an escort?”
Phil mouths silently, “He’s new.”
“No Ensign thank you.” I respond.
Phil holds out his hand to Noah. “I’ll take charge of the little one.”
“He needs a snack and a nap. I couldn’t settle him down last night to sleep.” I caution the doctor.
“We’ll stop by the mess hall. Would you like cookies? Ice cream? Hot chocolate?” Phil asks.
“You’ll regret that.” I warn. Though I needn’t have bothered.
“I’d like a salad and fruit please.” Noah answers.
Phil chuckles, “No doubt he is Chris’s son.”
“Tell me about it, he scolds me when I eat a cupcake for breakfast.” I remark before leaving to join Captain Una.
Snack complete and now settled in his office Phil asks Noah in an offhand manner so not to alarm, “Is your mother feeling ok?”
“I think so, I mean she gets tired … oh no. I can’t. I promised.”
“That’s ok.” Phil reassures.
Noah looks perplexed. “But I have a question for you.” He puzzles, then motions for Phil to lean down and whispers in his ear.
“Hmmm. I believe that is a question for your father.” Phil suggests. And if the universe is benevolent, I will be there when you ask him.
The universe is benevolent. At least today.
Phil deftly slides the PADD he and Noah are using into a drawer when Chris walks in an hour later. “I hear through the grapevine you are babysitting …”
Noah makes a beeline for him. “I missed you!”
As Chris leans down for a hug, he asks Phil, “What are the two of you working on?”
“I doubt you want to know.” Phil replies sheepishly. Then smiles angelically when Chris glares at him.
Turning to his son, Chris says, “I missed you too. Do you mind staying on the ship tonight, I still have a few things to take care of.”
“Really? Can we really? Yes please,” is the enthusiastic response. “Oh and I have something to tell you.” Noah stops and then verbally works through his quandary. “Wait … Momma said you had to know first … … and she didn’t say she had to be here … and she didn’t say we had to be alone …”
“Are you raising a lawyer?” Phil asks.
Chris rolls his eyes at the doctor before squatting in front of his son, at eye level, concern starting to flicker that something is wrong.
Noah finishes and, having decided all the conditions were met, blurts out, “I’m going to have a little brother and sister. I didn’t know you could get both at the same time.”
Phil wonders if he should find a chair for Chris who looks pale as he mutters, “Twins?”
Noah nods vigorously but looks anxious. “I thought you would be happy. Did I do it wrong?”
Chris pulls his focus back to his son. “No … of course not. You did great … It’s … a surprise. That’s all. Not something that your mother and I expected.”
“Why does Momma not like food anymore? How do the babies get out? Why does it take so long? The doctor at home said they would be born in seven months.” Noah scowls at his father. “Are you going to tell me to ask Momma instead?”
“No,” Chris squeaks.
Phil is beaming. Noah is like a grandson. And now he had two more grandchildren on the way. Time to retire and enjoy them.
Oblivious to the adults’ swirling emotions Noah finishes, “Phil said I had to ask you this one. Why did Elizabeth say it was time you were shooting blanks?”
Even with five years of parenthood under his belt, Chris is still often caught off-guard by how much children overhear and the blunt questions that follow. Sounds like my mother-in-law. “Ah. Well.” He stammers.
Phil tries not to laugh and almost succeeds. The fleet captain who had literally stared down an invading force is brought to his knees by a child.
After mouthing “Thank you very much” to Phil, Chris calls the bridge and postpones his meeting with the Admiralty. Reaching for Noah’s hand he says, “Come and I’ll answer all of your questions.”
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captain-valkyrie · 19 hours ago
Date Night
Five Hargreeves x Reader
"Do you--maybe-- want to go on a date with me tonight?" Five asked, looking at the floor and scratching his neck.
You gave him a funny look. "Do you have temporary amnesia or something? We've been dating for 2 years."
He gave an exasperated sigh. "No, I'm asking if you'd maybe want to go on a date tonight. Like the cute shit other couples do, like going to restaurants and stuff."
You smiled sightly. "You mean like a date night?"
He nodded. "Yeah."
15 minutes later, you and Five were in his car, waiting at the red light. He seemed a little nervous, you thought. He was jiggling his leg, jumpier than you had ever seen him. Was it the pressure of being around other people?
Screw what other people did.
"Hey," you spoke softly, touching his knee. "We don't have to do this. We can go home if you want."
He shook his head.
"You're not comfortable with this." You stated.
Five couldn't deny that.
"So turn the car around. Let's change into our pajamas and order takeout and look for a true crime documentary to watch. Just like we do every other night." You encouraged. Five immediately felt himself relax at the mention of a date night at home, with you, alone. Just the both of you.
And so he did just that. He turned the car around and drove the both of you back home. Then you pulled out your phone and ordered Indian food and he picked out a documentary while you were waiting for your food to arrive.
He and you ended up falling asleep on the couch. There was this hazy glow of happiness that made it hard for Five to think about anything else other than how at peace he felt that night, but he did vaguely remember thinking about how this was how it ought to be.
Every single night.
TUA Tags: @zerocanonlywriteshit @i-heart-fictional-boys
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captain-valkyrie · 20 hours ago
It's You I Need Tonight
Five Hargreeves x Reader
It was 1 am, and you were sprawled on your couch watching a documentary. You weren't involved in it very much, because Five was due to come back from a mission soon.
Sure enough, a few minutes later, a blue light took your attention away from the TV and to the source of it. Five was standing in your living room, a little beat up, hair messy, and the rare streaks of blood--not his, you hoped--on his face.
He narrowed his eyes at you. "Is that my shirt?"
You smiled slightly. "I must have--ah, misappropriated it. How'd the mission go?"
Five's expression changed to a more solemn one, and you stood up from your position on the couch.
"Not--not bad," He said hesitantly. You put your arms around him.
"It's Vanya. She's-" He sucked in a breath. "Well, she got a little hurt. A lot hurt. "
"Oh." You breathed, your voice small. "You know, it's alright if you want to stay over at the Academy tonight?" You asked. Vanya was Five's favorite sibling. She meant tons to him. You knew that.
He shook his head, almost too fast. "No." He said, voice shaking ever so slightly. "It's--It's you I need tonight."
TUA Tags: @zerocanonlywriteshit @i-heart-fictional-boys
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lvlofpanic · 20 hours ago
Devotion Season One Trailer 2 | F.H
Five Hargreeves X Fem!Reader (Series)
Summary: In which the Hargreeves siblings come together to stop the end of the world.
Disclaimer: I don’t own the Umbrella Academy. All rights go to the creators of the show, the comics and everyone in between. Gifs used in these chapters are NOT mine and are/were found on Pinterest.
Warnings: Cursing, Sex, Nudity, Violence, Gore, Alcohol, Drugs, Smoking, Intense Scenes, and Abuse (if I missed any let me know)
Tumblr media
“ 𝙎𝙝𝙪𝙩 𝙪𝙥 𝙬𝙞𝙡𝙡 𝙮𝙤𝙪? “
“ 𝘈𝘴𝘴𝘩𝘰𝘭𝘦. “
“ 𝘽𝙞𝙩𝙘𝙝. “
Tumblr media
" 𝘚𝘩𝘪𝘵, 𝘍𝘪𝘷𝘦, 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘨𝘰𝘵𝘵𝘢 𝘬𝘦𝘦𝘱 𝘣𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘴𝘵𝘢𝘺 𝘤𝘢𝘭𝘮. "
" 𝙔𝙤𝙪 𝙝𝙖𝙫𝙚 𝙩𝙤 𝙠𝙚𝙚𝙥 𝙜𝙤𝙞𝙣𝙜. 𝙎𝙤... 𝙘𝙡𝙤𝙨𝙚. "
" 𝘍𝘪𝘷𝘦. 𝘍𝘪𝘷𝘦! "
Tumblr media
" 𝘗𝘳𝘰𝘣𝘢𝘣𝘭𝘺 𝘮𝘶𝘳𝘥𝘦𝘳. "
" 𝙈𝙪𝙧𝙙𝙚𝙧. "
" 𝘋𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘥𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘥𝘪𝘯𝘨! 𝘞𝘦 𝘩𝘢𝘷𝘦 𝘢 𝘸𝘪𝘯𝘯𝘦𝘳! "
Tumblr media
" 𝙇𝙤𝙤𝙠 𝙢𝙚 𝙞𝙣 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙚𝙮𝙚 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙩𝙚𝙡𝙡 𝙢𝙚 𝙮𝙤𝙪'𝙧𝙚 𝙣𝙤𝙩 𝙩𝙝𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙩𝙚𝙣𝙚𝙙 𝙣𝙤𝙬. "
" 𝘐'𝘮 𝘯𝘰𝘵. "
Tumblr media
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captain-valkyrie · 22 hours ago
Bonnie and Clyde - [1/?]
Assassin!Five Hargreeves x Writer!Reader
Based on this post. I changed the serial killer!Five to assassin!Five because--well, serial killers are a little...too much. On the other hand, an assassin is just a serial killer who takes commissions. This is an AU where the siblings don't have powers, the Commission is a mafia, and Five happens to be their hitman.
Warnings: Descriptions of murder, violence
Tumblr media
Number 4, Tolland Drive was a very bleary place.
Detective Howe strolled the driveway before nonchalantly stepping into the house. He took a look of the lawn. It should have been muddy, having rained early this morning, but Mr. Benson's lawn was impeccable.
The door was slightly ajar; the living room in total disarray. Timothy whimpered behind him. "Quiet, lad." Howe growled, looking surreptitiously over his shoulder before taking another step into the kitchen, where Mr. Benson was lying.
Timothy whimpered something incoherent in response.
Howe walked briskly to the grim, motionless figure and crouched down near his head.
"Hmm.. yes, a gun shot to the head indeed. Timothy!" he called, and the boy jumped. "Read the reports of the Allenhurst and the Evan Street cases."
"S-Stab wound by a serrated blade and a butter knife to the brachial artery, respectively, sir."
Howe hummed. "There's no doubt that the perpetrator is the same."
"But the weapons are all different, sir?"
"Y/N, I'm home." Five sighed, shutting the door to your shared apartment, and slumping against the door. You got up from your desk chair and stepped out of your room. Your boyfriend was there, alright, looking exhausted as ever. "Rough day, honey?" You soothed, placing a hand on his cheek. "You've got no idea," Five said, looking up at you.
You smiled. The butcher shop where he worked was really very disconcerting; he had told you all about the annoying customers and the smell of raw meat and blood. It was terrible enough to tire out a grown man.
"Want me to put some coffee on? And then I'll show you the scene I wrote today," you said, running your hands across his shoulders in an attempt to relax him.
"That's great! You can" Five yawned, then groaned. "after I go take a shower."
You shook your head affectionately as you watched him topple into the bathroom.
Much love xxx how's the story so far lol?
TUA Tags: @zerocanonlywriteshit @i-heart-fictional-boys
Ask me if you wanna be tagged!!
Disclaimer: I know Bonnie and Clyde's relationship was deemed to be toxic, but the title is merely for aesthetic value and I do not support relationships of this calibre in any way.
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theysayitscrazy · a day ago
Summer Nights
Tumblr media
FanFic Friday Week 5! @rebelwrites​ 
I missed last weeks #FanFicFriday and this weeks is a short one... but this may or may not show up in Doctor’s Orders... you’d have to read to find out. LOL
Inspiration Photo:
Tumblr media
The sun paints a mosaic of colors across the evening sky. The sound of the waves lapping at the shore was a distant lullaby to ease the mind. You lay on the worn wooden planks of the pier, one arm wrapped behind your head, the other resting on your bare belly. The heat of the day still radiated off your bare skin. You pulled on a pair of cut off shorts over the bikini bottoms, but they were still damp from a day of swimming.
You hadn’t a care in the world as you stared off into the sunset, the gentle breeze dancing across your skin. You let your eyes drift close and enjoy the moment. You take in the sounds of the waves, and the distant sea gulls, and far off cries of joyful kids at the boardwalk.
Right now, alone, in this moment, you are truly at peace.
The sound of splashing, followed by thud, stirs you from your thoughts.
A pair of swim fins are tossed onto the dock next to you, followed by a snorkel and googles. You look up as your husband climbs up the rickety ladder, all broad shoulder and thick muscles. There’s a million-dollar grin on his face as he stares down at you.
“Comfy?” he asks.
You give him a lazy smile in return.
Clay’s grin turns mischievous as he stands over you and shakes his head side to side like a giant fricken Labrador. His hair shakes out all the water and it all rains down on you in a cool mist of water on your hot skin. “Clay!” you shout in alarm, your serenity gone.
He smirks and sits down next to you, pushing the snorkeling equipment out of the way.
You groan in annoyance when he pulls you into his arms. “Hey! I was almost dry,” you huff.
He chuckles and pulls you back against his chest. His arms wrap around your waist and both hands settle on your growing belly. He presses a kiss to your temple, and you close your eyes, enjoying the moment. “How was snorkeling?” you ask.
“Not as good as this moment,” he murmurs in your ear.
You chuckle at his cheesiness, but relish in it to. He always knew the right words to say to get you to fall in love with him over and over again.
“Have you thought of a name?” he asks, rubbing your belly.
You freeze slightly and your eyes fly open.
He pulls back slightly to look at you better. He can read you like an open book.
You meet his baby blue eyes and can see the concern in them. He’d do anything for you, all you have to do is say the words.
Dawning rolls over those baby blues and he nods slowly. “You want to name him, Scott.”
Worry flashes across your face and he must have seen it because he kisses you slowly.
“It’s okay,” he murmurs against your lips. “I was expecting this actually. He was your father, after all.”
“You’re not upset?” you ask with a shaky whisper.
He gives a breathless chuckle. “No beautiful. I love it. Scott Jason Spenser.”
You laugh and kiss him.
He always knew the right words to say to get you to fall in love with him over and over again.
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Get your Kix
Fives x F!Reader x Kix
Rating: Explicit 18+
C/W: Public sex acts with multiple partners, alcohol use, cursing.
Word count: 1866
A/N: So I had this idea the other day and it just doesn't fit with Rex, so I decided to write a one-shot (I think) with Fives and Kix. This title is trash, sorry.
You worked as a bartender at 79’s and couldn’t count how many clones had asked you out, but you could count the ones you’d said yes to.
You were drying a glass and daydreaming about the handsome men you’d been with. It had been a couple weeks since any of them had been on world and you were starting to feel needy.
Captain Keeli had been the first clone you’d said yes to. He was smooth talking and handsome. You two would often fuck and then cuddle, watching holo vids.
Fives had been after you for a while. You’d finally gone with him one night after he’d given you the sweetest, most pitiful look. He was simultaneously gentle with you, but rough. You loved how he fucked you like a whore, but took care of you after. He had enjoyed you so much that he said he needed to hook you up with his Captain, Rex.
Captain Rex’s men had finally convinced him to sleep with you one night. He wasn’t the kind to seek out comfort, but they all knew he needed it. He was a virgin, which had completely surprised you. He seemed totally embarrassed by the idea of a one night stand. He had enjoyed it, but was gone before morning came. He sent flowers the next day.
Commander Wolfe was the most wild clone you’d been with. That man knew exactly what he wanted and took it. He was good to you, but rough and had a habit of biting. He never commed the next day or while he was away, but any time he was in town, he’d come find you. You’d have to wear something with a high neckline the next day to hide the bite marks. You smirked at the thought.
A voice brought you out of your daydream.
“Hey sweetheart, can I get a round of shots for me and my vod?” It was Kix, a medic with the 501st.
“Oh, sorry I zoned out for a minute. Those will be right up for you.”
You were excited to see the 501st in town.
You’d been eyeing Kix for awhile, hoping he’d make the first move. Fives had told you that Kix had had his eyes on you, too.
Fives suddenly appeared beside Kix as if he’d heard you thinking about him. He was already drunk. You hoped he wouldn’t need yet another trip to med bay.
“Mesh’la!” He grinned from ear to ear, leaning across the bar to give you a kiss on the cheek.
“How are you tonight?” You asked.
“Perfect, now that I’ve seen you!”
“Oh stop it,” you said, feigning embarrassment.
“Please don’t end up in med bay tonight, Fives. I want to enjoy my night,” Kix jeered.
“He’s trying to get with that cute medic, that’s why he keeps ending up in med bay,” you gave Fives an accusatory look.
“I know, and she keeps turning you down!” Kix said.
Fives grinned sheepishly and shrugged his shoulders. He grabbed half the shots and headed back to their corner booth.
You shook your head, smiling.
“Would you like to come have a drink with us?” Kix asked.
“I would love to,” you answered. Your shift was just about finished and you saw this as the perfect opportunity to get close to Kix.
You took off your apron and came around the bar, following Kix back to the booth.
Everyone greeted you and you slid into the booth between Fives and Kix.
You threw back four shots, one right after another and the men cheered. Honestly, it was nothing for you, but it impressed them.
Fives’ ungloved hand slipped under the table and onto your right thigh. His fingers quickly found the hem of your skirt and slid under it.
Meanwhile, Kix was telling you about some of the ridiculous injuries he’d seen and how the men had obtained them. The men seemed to always be up to some shenanigans.
You were focused, until Fives’s finger made its way to your clit. You hadn’t worn underwear and he was taking advantage of that.
You inhaled sharply as he rubbed your clit in tight, slow circles. After a few minutes, the finger dipped down to your wet slit.
You were thankful Kix had turned his attention to Jesse and Hardcase for the moment.
“What ARE you doing?” you hissed as you leaned close to Fives, hoping no one else could hear.
“Making sure you’re ready for Kix. And if things don’t go off between you two, maybe you’ll be ready for me,” he said, a sly smile on his face.
With that, the finger pushed into your slit, quickly finding your g spot. It was all you could do to not wiggle or whimper. He teased you just long enough to leave you frustrated.
“You’re just going to have to let him know you’re interested,” he whispered, withdrawing his finger.
The others had left to get more drinks, leaving you with just Fives and Kix. Fives excused himself to the ‘fresher.
You placed your hand on Kix’s thigh. His eyes met yours and you felt the heat rising in your cheeks. Blushing wasn’t something you did much of anymore, especially when a man was just looking at you.
He leaned forward, soft lips connecting with yours. It was over quicker than you liked.
“Want to dance?” Kix asked.
“Of course,” you replied, breathless.
The dance floor was crowded with clones and their companions. You’d seen a lot on this dance floor, including people fucking. No one cared.
You were grinding your ass against his codpiece, mentally cursing that piece of plastoid for being in the way.
He pulled you close, running his hands up your sides and bringing your arms up and around his head.
His lips brushed past your ear, lighting a fire in your core. You tilted your head slightly and he kissed your neck. The fire grew hotter and you could feel the slickness on your thighs.
Kix’s hands came back down, one resting on your breast and the other on your waist. He squeezed your breast and rolled the nipple between his fingers. You hadn’t worn a bra.
He brought his other hand up and teased your other nipple. You arched back, urging him to not stop. His teeth dragged across your neck.
“Want to get out of here, mesh’la?” He whispered.
You turned, leading him outside to the alley. It wasn’t uncommon to see couples in the alley, but tonight you were alone.
Kix pinned you against the wall, kissing you fervently. He nipped your lip and you nipped back. Stars, he tasted so sweet.
You felt the shoulder ties of your dress come undone. He stepped back and pulled the front of your dress down, exposing your breasts to the night air. Kix stood there, admiring you.
“You don’t mind being exposed where others could see?” he asked.
“I’ve never done this, but I like the risk.”
You wondered if he could see how excited and nervous you were.
“Good,” he said and leaned down, taking your nipple in his mouth.
Your cunt was aching with need.
“Please,” you whined.
“Please what?” He stood, locking eyes with you.
“Hmm?” He pressed you for an answer.
You looked away as a group of clones passed the entry to the alley, but none had seen you. You weren’t sure if you were relieved or disappointed.
“Focus on me, not on them,” he placed his thumb and forefinger under your chin and turned your head back to face him.
“I, I want you in me,” you smiled.
He reached down, removed his codpiece, pulled his hard cock from his blacks, and slid on a condom. He lifted your right leg and pushed his cock into your throbbing cunt.
“Mmmm,” you whimpered.
“Too much?” Kix asked.
“No, it’s just, maker, my cunt’s been aching all night and you feel so fucking good.”
He thrusted further into you, eliciting a gasp.
Your soft breasts pressed against his plastoid covered chest as he thrusted slowly.
“Stars, you’re so fucking wet,” he mumbled as he kissed you.
“Hey! There you guys are!”
Your head snapped to the right, and you saw Fives walking down the alley.
Kix didn’t stop.
“Oh, um, I’m sorry, I’ll be going,” he stopped when he realized what was going on.
“Do you…do you want to stay?” you asked.
“Vod?” Fives asked.
Kix nodded his head, never looking away from you or changing his pace.
He had been so quiet early in the evening, but so bold now. You were pleased.
Kix pulled you away from the wall, staying inside you.
Fives stepped behind you and Kix leaned you against Fives.
Fives took your hair in his hand and pulled your head back to look up at him.
“When I was fingering that wet little pussy earlier, I didn’t know we would be in this position,” he said.
He kissed you hard as his free hand massaged your breast and tugged your nipple. You’d never had two men at once and it was exhilarating.
Kix’s pace had quickened and you were about to cum.
“You ask him, cyare,” Fives said. You’d been with him enough that he could see your tells.
“May I cum, p-please,” you squeaked out.
“Yes, you’ve been such a good girl, mesh’la,” Kix said.
“Cum hard on his dick, just like you do for me cyare,” Fives pulled your head back farther, exposing your neck and kissing it, nipping here and there. His hand slid down to your clit and the pleasure was overwhelming.
You closed your eyes as the fire that had been burning in your core turned into an explosion. Your cunt squeezed tight around his cock as you came.
“Fuck, so…fucking tight,” Kix moaned through gritted teeth.
Kix picked up your other leg and Fives helped support you. He had shifted his arms to be under yours, supporting you, his hands on your breasts, pinching your nipples.
Kix thrust hard and fast, your cunt making a satisfying squelching sound with every stroke. He pulled your hips harder towards him, digging his fingertips into your soft flesh.
Fives rolled and pinched your nipples harder.
You held your breath and a delightful tingling consumed you.
You let out a scream, but Fives was prepared and placed his hand over your mouth to muffle it.
Kix was struggling to thrust against your tight walls and finally exploded inside you.
Fives removed his hand from your mouth and brushed the sweaty hair back from your forehead, placing a gentle kiss on the top of your head.
Kix pulled out of you and Fives had to support you to keep your weak legs from collapsing.
Kix pulled the front of your dress up and tied the straps. He then redressed himself.
“Maker, cyare, that was amazing,” he finally said, wiping his own sweaty brow.
You were able to stand now, although your legs were still trembling. You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him.
“I want more, from both of you,” you said.
“I think we can do that, mesh’la,” Fives grinned.
“Let’s get you home,” Kix said.
You locked arms with them and headed towards your apartment.
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halfumbrella · a day ago
hey pals i need some help,
i know this is kinda odd but i’m desperate, so i have some guinea pigs and currently one of them is sick and i have to take her to the vet. i just started a new job this week but i’m still currently very broke. im worried about what the vet bill is going to look like so i am going to see if i could do some commissions to make some money to help support her.
im doing special stories for any umbrella academy characters at around $5 more or less depending on what we discuss!
i also do some embroidery work and wood burning (i’ll attach some pictures of some of my work) but i will be doing commissions for those as well, prices will vary depending on what you would like!
pm me for inquires ❤️
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
and if you’re just a super generous kind person and you wanna just send me a dollar because you’re amazing and wonderful and too good for this world my venmo is @laurenmummert
and if you don’t have any money right now to help support (i obviously 100% understand) if you wouldn’t mind rebloging this so i could get the word out there that would be so amazing
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sodapopblogs · a day ago
The thing that drives me insane is that when i search for TOP male readers, they give me BOTTOM male readers. it so hard for them to just give me the fics with Top Male Reader????
Like 90% are bottom and the other 10% are top but not with the fandom i need for.....
i know that feeling, especially the last one you said. there are so many bottom male reader works 😔😔 and im not saying bottom male reader inserts are bad, just not the content for me (it also pisses me off when readers whine about "so many top male reader inserts" in a TOP male reader insert book, like bitch the fuck you say? we only have like fucking 6% on the "male reader" works here, so stfu bottom)
it really suck when there are so little top male reader inserts, especially in the fandoms im in where there is like two at best and none at worst, reasons why i even started writing because the content i want isnt provided for my poor simp ass 😭😭💔💔💔
but seriously, the tag system here is some times wack. ao3 also has the same problem as well wattpad (wattpad had always been wack af tho) and quotev's tagging system is lowkey none existent tbh
whats more shitty is that when you search "x male reader" or "x gn reader" stories, "x female reader" works gets mixed in and its even showing more results on the fem ones than what you searched for *sobs* i just want what i search not that shit 😤😤 again not saying reader inserts who's the mc is a female is bad, just not the content im looking for
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nerdbabelovesyou · a day ago
Ns//fw tw
The thought of fucking around with William while he's at work. Sucking him off under his desk and watching him fucking squirm and try not to buck his hips. Uhhggg my GOD the sound of his voice as he tries to keep it down and only let out little breathy whines and groans. Watching him try and fail to pretend to be focused on his work because he just feels too god damn good. Oh, and of course he has to keep it cool, his office is probably shared with Henry. He probably knows what's going on anyways, but William will still try and act like he's totally not five seconds from jizzing into someone's mouth in front of his friend and loving every second of it. As if he wasn't struggling to keep his voice down because his dick was twitching deep in someone's throat and making him want to just say fuck it and grab their hair and slam his hips into their face. Making him shudder and roll his eyes up into his head and fall back in his chair and moan and- whoops, maybe he'd get caught anyways... Eh, he probably doesn't mind having an audience though. And Henry probably didn't mind seeing all that either...
But yeah, that? I fucking want that SO BAD.
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gospelofme · a day ago
Ugh, Another Scammer!!
Fives x Female reader
Warnings: none
You and your husband were having a nice, lazy day at home. He had managed to get the day off, on the condition that he’d come in on the weekend. You enjoyed a drama on the holo screen and were waiting on your take away to be delivered. Fives lounged on the floor, laying on his back. He had his legs propped up on the seat cushion next to you. He read something on a tablet screen, one of the detective novels he had found interest in.
“I’ll never understand how that is comfortable for you.” You said, regarding him with an amused smirk. Fives shrugged, not taking his eyes off his book.
“It’s a mystery to me too babe.” He replied. The corners of his lips formed a little smile when he felt your hand on his calf. Your comm unit went off and you checked the readout on your datapad.
“Ugh, another scammer?! Why? Do they have nothing better to do today?!” You lamented while Fives quickly righted himself into a proper sitting position.
“Gimme gimme, I got this babe.” You tossed the unit towards his outstretched hand, your husband catching it easily. He took a moment, clearing his throat. He then pressed the answering button and you heard a completely different voice emerge from your husband’s mouth. This one was a deep baritone, that had a soothing but stern quality to it.
“Hello, thank you for calling the Galactic Intelligence Agency, Coruscant Division. You have reached our Fraud and Scam Department. All of our agents are currently assisting other callers, but we have already started to download your incoming and outgoing comm logs to compare against known Fraud and Scam alerts. Please hold and an agent will be with you- “ you heard the call shut off, Fives checking the readout.
“Kriff, just once I want them to hold. I have the perfect music for them. ‘You’re A Lying Dwang’ by Federal Report.” Fives sounded bummed out. You had always had to bite your lip to avoid ruining his whole sketch with your giggles.
“Maybe one day babe.” You comforted him, Fives pouted and returned to his novel. There was a ding at your door, and you hopped up to get the take away. After paying the delivery man, you returned to the sofa.
“So, how did you get so good with other voices?” You had always wanted to know.
“Well, not all of us can do it. Some guys aren’t great at it at all. But others can do stellar impressions of the Generals. Cody does a killer impression of Generals Kenobi and Skywalker! Wolffe can impersonate General Windu so good, we once pranked General Skywalker into thinking he was needed by the Jedi Council ASAP. General Kenobi told him to mention a possible promotion.”
“Oh…my stars. Babe, you are terrible.” You laughed.
“No, Wolffe is a damn underrated talent.” Fives corrected.
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