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#five night at freddy's
fazbear-ent-official · 11 hours ago
no, you really don't want to talk to the manager. if you don't believe me, just ask the last person who have seen them, if they still happen to be alive.
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akirapolarbear · a day ago
my face when i have to pretend i like the ship i hate:
Tumblr media
Idk ✨✨✨✨
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fazbear-ent-official · 2 days ago
psa : when applying for a job, please attach your last will to the mail along your resume !
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I am Machine: Chapter 20
Alec knew at some point, he dozed off in Lefty's embrace because when he woke up next, he was in bed, completely tucked in, he reasoned Lefty must have taken him to bed then went to sleep himself. He woke from a dreamless sleep and rubbed his eyes, looking around, the room didn’t have a window but a skylight, Alec just looked up and saw daylight, so it went from night to day while he slept.
He noticed the fact he was tucked in, something his parents stopped doing years ago, Alec reasoned it might have come from the fact he told Lefty he was almost always constantly cold. Alec was honestly glad Lefty just took him to bed so he could sleep comfortably, as vents were never appropriate and worsen his feeling of cold.
He thought about the last few nights of being alone, that was his decision, like how his parents decided to ignore him.
Alec turned his head and saw Lefty walked into the room, he immediately went to his side and kneeled down, “Good afternoon Alec, how did you sleep?”
“Slept through the night,” He responded.
“I’m glad to hear that,” Lefty smiled, “I don’t like you being haunted by nightmares... Were you cold last night?”
“No, I was fine.”
“I don’t want you to be really cold, like I said, it's possibly a soul thing, it'd be similar to when you get a bad gut feeling.”
“I guess... what time is it?” Alec assumed since Lefty was awake that was past ten in the morning.
“It's one in the afternoon, I was going to wake you up to eat something... you've been asleep for about twenty hours... I figured after a long snooze like that, you'd have an appetite.”
Alec wasn’t surprised he slept so long, at least he didn’t miss a whole day, “Well, if there's something to eat...”
“What if I said that I made chocolate chip pancakes?”
That perked his interest, Alec stood up, stretched then replied, “Well I'd say can I have them?”
“Come here...” Lefty lifted Alec up, Lefty stood up straight and Alec settled into Lefty's embrace, appreciating being held, mainly because he couldn't keep up walking with Lefty with how big he was, so in the end it was convenient.
Lefty took him out of the room and walked down the hallway into the communal area, Alec was surprised to see it was completely empty, usually Freddy was there counting pennies like he didn’t have anything else important to do.
“I told everyone I would prefer to be alone in the communal area, I don’t want you overwhelmed yet,” Lefty explained the absence of everyone.
He placed Alec down on the sofa.
“Would you like something to drink? Orange juice? Milk? Coffee? Tea? I can make Hot Cocoa if you want.”
“Hot Cocoa... if you are okay making it,” Alec added the last part, unsure if Lefty wanted to go through the effort.
“Of course Alec, you deserve nice things.”
Alec found himself, thinking as he was eating fluffy pancakes with chocolate chips, what a good father figure Lefty was.
Hell, he even made the role of both parents appear simple.
Alec couldn’t remember when he last spent one on one time with his dad which made him sad, he really did like his father, but he was gone from eight in the morning to six in the evening due to his job, by that point, Alec had come back from school and would be upstairs either working on homework or playing video games. Even when it was school holidays, his father still worked, leaving him alone, he would either lock himself in his room playing video games like Splatoon, Mario Kart or Breath of the Wild, sometimes he went out, with his skateboard and just went around the neighbourhood. Sometimes he would go all the way to Oscar's house, and try to gather the courage to go to the front door and ring the doorbell to see if he was home, one time he actually did get the courage and rang the doorbell, he waited for five minutes before reasoning that Oscar probably wasn’t home and neither was his mother, which wasn’t surprising, he knew she was busy and Oscar had a life that didn’t include him.
He felt like he was just unable to make friends, he knew this boy at school named Raj who lived in the same neighbourhood as him, but they were just friendly and nothing more, they had spoken a few times but nothing significant. Alec did hate a fair amount of people at school, like Julius, who was a bully, plain as day light, Alec found people like Julius absolutely insufferable.
He wanted to have a different life when he went home, he didn’t want things to stay the way they were, it was a broken system, he only realised that now.
“I see you're enjoying the pancakes,” Lefty nodded.
“Yup,” Alec answered, nodding back at him.
“I don’t mind if you talk with your mouth full but some people find it disgusting,” Lefty said.
Alec closed his mouth, not believing he actually forgot that one thing which was common sense, swallowed what he had chewed and replied with: “Sorry.”
“It's not a big deal to me but some people, particularly Bonnie, find it gross,” Lefty shrugged.
Alec kept silent as he took another bite and chewed, making sure he kept his mouth closed. He swallowed and spoke, “Hey Lefty?”
“What is it Alec?” Lefty responded,
“How do you get the pancakes super fluffy?” Alec really liked pancakes overall as a breakfast meal, but his mother never got them right, they would always be too crispy, and wrinkled. Compared to what he was eating now, which they tasted so light like it was basically just a warm cake with chocolate chips.
“Technique I perfected,” Lefty answered, “I could teach you. In fact I noticed how much you like my cooking, maybe I could teach you some recipes and you can make them for yourself!”
“That probably won’t help I can’t cook for shit,” Alec let out a flat sounding laugh.
“Nonsense, I believe everyone has basic cooking skills, I don't make anything extremely complicated, how about, tonight, you can watch me cook dinner?” Lefty suggested, Alec then saw his face light up for a minute, “Oh! I have an idea! What's your favourite food Alec? Anything I've made so far? I could make it for you!”
“No,” Alec shook his head, “But I like what you make!” He didn’t want Lefty to feel like he was insulting his cooking considering he was the one who primarily cooked food for him, he did occasionally have food Chica made but most of the time he was eating something Lefty made.
“Okay then,” Lefty closed his eyes nodding, acknowledging what he said, he then opened his eyes and spoke again: “So what is your favourite food..?”
“My favourite food is lasagna.”
“Ooh, I've never made it before, I don’t have a recipe,” Alec saw confusion on his face.
“You can just buy it at the supermarket in the frozen food aisle,” Alec said, he then wondered if he had had ever even been to a supermarket before and Alec had the thought that he might not have a clue what he's talking about.
“Well convenience is nice and it can save time preparing the dish in question,” Lefty replied nodding, “But I prefer to make stuff from scratch, it feels rewarding to me plus you can make the flavour to what you'd like,” Alec grabbed the handle of his mug and decided to finish his hot cocoa while Lefty spoke.
“So if you wanted a lasagna with plenty of cheese, substitute pasta sheets for eggplant or sweet potatoes, add red wine if you wish... I'm certain I'll find a lovely lasagna recipe and I can make it for you.”
“Well my... mom would layer it...” Alec looked away, he thought of the little things she did, compared to the way she nit picked him, how he wrote, how he dressed, how messy his hair was, how he didn’t floss.
“Hey Alec, old ways aren’t set in stone,” Lefty said with a smile, “You can reinvent yourself, make big or small changes. I'm sure I can make a lasagna, Henry use to make a very good lasagna from what I remember so I'll ask if he's willing to share the recipe. Maybe I'll make it for your birthday, Helpy mentioned your birthday is soon.”
“He did...?” Alec asked, placing down his now empty mug, he was surprised the small bear didn’t disclosed that he told Lefty, as Helpy was a chatterbox.
“He didn’t say the exact date,” Lefty frowned, “He just said it's close, when you consider today is the 14th of August, so I presume it's this month.”
Alec honestly forgot, but it kept in the back of his mind that he was technically going to be sixteen in a few days, he wondered how that could effect things. He didn’t consider his birthday special at all, remembering that he didn’t have a lot of people to invite to any birthday celebrations and he thought it would be awkward to ask Oscar to come when they hadn’t spoken in a while.
“My birthday is August 18th,” Alec said.
“Okay that isn’t a lot of notice,” Lefty stated the obvious.
“Look I honestly don’t care if anything is done about it–”
“Enough of that,” Lefty shook his head, that had thrown Alec, as he knew if he did this to his parents they wouldn’t care so much. He had to remind himself that Lefty seem to be the polar opposite to his parents, warm and friendly, creative and caring, willing to listen and help.
“It doesn’t matter if you are the way you are currently,” Lefty continued, “This isn’t permanent, we can do something for your birthday, I mean you need a reason to be happy right now, I can make a cake, something nice, would you like a chocolate cake or vanilla?”
“Helpy said your birthday is on that date also,” Alec said.
“Of course he would have.”
“It surprises me, I didn’t think you celebrated birthdays or anything for yourselves,” Alec explained.
“Well there's a story about that... That's for another day Alec...” Alec was surprised Lefty didn’t explain it immediately, but he figured it would take too long to explain.
“Now as for today...” Lefty clapped his hands together, “The focus is on you, we'll take a break from what's going on right now, so what would you like to do?”
“I dunno,” Alec shrugged, he knew there was things he could do but nothing jumped out to him.
Lefty nodded, “I expected that answer honestly.”
Alec didn’t bother to explain he had meant he didn’t know what to do at all, not even for the future, he couldn’t see what was ahead, that scared him and sadden him.
“Well what do you have to do today? If you have anything to do?” Alec changed the subject.
“Well I need to go empty the lost and found,” Lefty pointed his thumb to the door behind him, “But that can wait for whenever.”
“This place has a lost and found?” Alec frowned, he never recalled it being mentioned, his family had been coming here for four years, but he remembered he had learnt some new things from Lefty during this time.
“Yes, I usually empty it if the things have been in there for more than thirty days and the owner hasn’t come back to collect it... Would you be interested in seeing it? I've seen some bizarre things in there, I found a squeaky toy for a dog once.”
“Does Fetch like squeaky toys?”
“Yes, especially at four in the morning,” Alec could detect the irritation in Lefty's voice “That's why I lock them up before bedtime otherwise he digs them up and brings them to bed.”
“Nobody likes that noise at four in the morning, I use to have a dog when I was younger who would sometimes make noise at night.”
“I do like dogs, but Fetch disturbing my sleep is not something I like.”
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puffy--clouds · 3 days ago
no no stop it Puffy you dont need too fall in love with that ugly ass rabbit man that jumpscared you first in UCN stop
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raining13 · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
this FNAF AU is sort of a combination of a) headcanons a majority of the community had before the FNAF lore really started rolling out, b) headcanons me and my friends either have now or had in the past, and c) traits from the actual characters. also they're all college students (or post-college millennials) who just hang out.
more about them under the cut
left to right, top to bottom:
- Mike Schmidt: short temper but relatively relied on to be the leader of the group. confrontational but not very strong - Scott Cawthon (Phone Guy): very friendly, only one who knows how to drive besides Mike. can be a bit oblivious - Jeremy Fitzgerald: nervous wreck, must be protected - Vincent Gold: bolder and more patient than Mike, though his impulse control is slim to none. usually the schemer - Fritz Smith: tech genius and supernatural enthusiast, does the anime glasses thing just to piss the others off. lives exclusively off of Red Bull - Spencer Rowan (FNAF 3 guard headcanon): probably an arsonist, the human equivalent of a magic eight ball. will laugh at you - Phillip Cawthon (Phone Dude): surfer dude who knows when he's in over his head, can be a bit of a coward but otherwise pretty chill. Scott's younger brother - Vanessa "Vanny" Gold (her rainbow dye is supposed to be underneath the back of her hair rather than how i've portrayed it here): more often than not, the voice of reason, though she usually displays it through sarcasm and dry remarks. Vincent's younger sister - Chris Karter (FNAF VR guard headcanon): a gamer at heart but has an attention span the size of a gumball. definitely not inspired by some other character
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luna-the-banana · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Chica in anime high school uniforms!
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missroseotua · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
The sketch of the official cover art for my animated / written series, Welcome To The Fandomverse!
(Please note that this is unfinished, and that more posts will be made on the progress of this project)
You can check it out here:
Quotev / written version:
DeviantArt / drawn and animated version:
BandLab / musical soundtracks:
Characters presented in this artwork:
F! Ink Sans (Original ‘Ink! Sans’ by Myebi)
F! Monika Confiance (Original ‘Monika’ by Dan Salvato)
F! Cuphead Valentia (Original ‘Cuphead’ by Studio MDHR)
F! Bendy Empati (Original ‘Bendy’ by Joey Drew Studios)
Ink! Sans (by Myebi)
Error! Sans (by Crayon Queen / Loverofpiggies)
F! Ayano Aishi (Original ‘Ayano “Yandere” Aishi’ by YanDev)
F! Freddy-Luke Fazbear-Skywalker (Original ‘Freddy Fazbear’ by Scott Cawthon, original ‘Luke Skywalker’ by Lucasfilm, Ltd.)
Cryptic (by me!)
Crystal (by me!)
Miss Rose / Riaru Hansha (by me!)
F! Tord Lavington (Original ‘Tord’ by Edd Gould (2012) and Tord Larsson)
F! Tony “Hamilton” Stark (Original ‘Tony Stark’ by Marvel Studios, original ‘Hamilton (character)’ by Lin-Manuel Miranda)
F! Fluttershy Chique (Original ‘Fluttershy’ by Hasbro Studios)
F! Pico (Original ‘Pico’ by Tom Fulp)
F! Deku Diva (Original ‘Deku / Izuku Midoriya’ by Kohei Horikoshi)
F! Hinata Havoc (Original ‘Shōyō Hinata’ by Haruichi Furudate)
and F! Edd Golden (Original ‘Edd Gould’ by Edd Gould (2012))
Hope to see you in the future parts of this project!
As always,
“Stay Colorful! 🌹”
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exoticbootters · 7 days ago
My favourite games are FNAF and Night In The Woods
My favourite musical is Cats
I may have come to realisation about myself
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puffy--clouds · 7 days ago
how have i survived 2 nights in Ultimate Custom Night even after my power died?😀
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juliamalc · 8 days ago
Fnaf Security Breach (ghost children)
1. Arthur (Glamrock Freddy)
2. Bob (Montgomery)
3. Marina (Glamrock Chica)
4. Abigail (Roxanne Wolf)
5. Lucas (Moondrop)
6. Sara (Sunrise)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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hankuspankus · 10 days ago
FNAF (friday nights at funkin's)
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pizzaplanet-roboticz · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
⤷ Shouldn’t Have Killed ⇢ Who is the one you shouldn’t have killed? Why are they so important to your story? Are they to begin with?
The one is Cassidy; She’d never felt she got the revenge on William she wanted. Even after Receiving Happiest Day from The Puppet, and almost everyone else’s spirits moving on, Cassidy was still vengeful and wanted Uncle William to suffer. And so she kept his spirit alive, dragging him to her own “Hell” she created for him, where he experiences of a endless night where he dies over and over by the animatronics’ and her.
After a decade of torturing him, Cassidy talks to Old Man Consequences, he tells her that she needs to rest her own soul, and leave the demon to his demons. She decides to move on, and let William die. However as she lets William go, the sneaky bitch is able to put himself into the circuit boards of Scraptrap. And is later scanned into the Help Wanted. Cassidy isn’t gonna move on with him alive. So she returns back to finish him off..
Tumblr media
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