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#five hargreeves headcanons
captain-valkyrie · 19 hours ago
10 Days of Five Being a Total Sweetheart for His Partner
This is going to be a series. Each one is about a hundred words.
Five looked down at you curled up at his side as the end credits of the movie rolled. It was a rainy Saturday evening, which meant movie night for the both of you.
You were sound asleep, so Five was extra careful to not move. Eventually, he just gave up and stood, slowly laying you across the sofa. Returning to the room with a blanket, he placed it over your sleeping form.
It felt wrong to sleep in the bed while you were on the couch, so he brought a few pillows and a blanket and spread it out on the floor.
It was fine. He wouldn't have been able to sleep in the bed without you anyway.
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captain-valkyrie · 22 hours ago
Hii, how are you? Can you pls do a five imagine where he enters the place where the enemy from the umbrella academy lives (the place might be like commission) and he tries to find the enemy's child to take revenge through her or him (kidnapping or something like that, like he always does). and when he enters one of the rooms of the place and finds the y/n, he realizes that the enemy's daughter is just an innocent in the middle of it all, it's not as bad as he thought, then he's a bit awkward to instruct her as a "hostage" lol would be a funny scene, even. you can make a sweeter y/n for this one? I think this personality would make the imagine even funnier and it would make things difficult for five lol
Five and the reader are both 17 here.
"Hey assholes, I'm in." Five gritted through a comm to his siblings. They were all arguing and didn't pay attention to him finally getting into the drug lord's house.
It was absurdly big. He almost rolled his eyes at the extravagance, before reminding himself that he lived in a place quite similar to this one. But that was his father's doing. Not his.
He trudged up the stairs, consulting the map he had drawn the last time he had been here. The Hargreeves siblings were hoping to end the biggest drug dealer in the city's illegal business.
It was Diego who suggested that they take the drug lord's daughter, Y/N, hostage. The man might be a great many things, but he loved his daughter. Five couldn't help but wonder how it was to have a dad that actually cared.
The second floor of Mr. Thompson's house was where his daughter's room was. Quietly opening the door, he stepped inside.
Five was surprised by what he saw. A girl--no more than his own age--was sprawled across the bed, reading a book. She seemed far too calm, and looked way too innocent for her father to be this dangerous of a man.
She was so absorbed in her book that she hadn't heard him coming, until he stepped into her line of vision and waved awkwardly. He cringed at himself immediately. Who says hello to their hostages?
She nonchalantly waved back and went back to her reading. "My father's not here, if you're going to ask."
Five cleared his throat. This girl was how he wished more than half his hostages were: cool, calm, and collected, despite the imminent danger. But that was concerning, really. Where were the tantrums? The crying? The screaming?"
"No, I came to see you, actually. I mean--to take you with me. As my captive," He said, putting on a tough facade.
Y/N rolled her eyes and stood up, somewhat reluctantly. "Alright, alright. I always tell Daddy that this sort of thing happens whenever he leaves, but he never seems to listen. But since you look a little scrawnier than any of my other kidnappers, I suppose I could beat you in a fistfight if I needed to." She said, looking him up and down, just a tad judgingly.
"You've been kidnapped before? That seems like a fun story to tell at parties." He said, walking her out of her room like she was a friend and not his leverage. His every instinct was in fire, telling him to be on his guard. But there was just something about this sweet girl that made his whole mind shut down.
"This is the--" She counted on her fingers--"sixth time, actually. Last two times I escaped before my father even got there. I really did want to indulge the poor thugs who kidnapped me for a while, but they were being so insufferable." Y/N gave him a playful smile.
"Wow. As the daughter of a drug dealer, you've seen some crazy stuff, huh?" Five intoned. Thank god he hadn't underestimated her by how sweet she looked, because he might have been in some trouble.
Y/N made a face. "My dad's business is not something I get myself involved with. He does his own thing, and I do mine, you know?"
Five coughed. "I don't, actually. My dad was never really what you'd call the most loving man in the world."
She looked down. "I'm sorry."
Five shrugged it off. "It's fine. None of us really cared about him anyway."
"Us? You've got siblings?" She asked, pretty E/C eyes wide. "All my life, it's always been just me. Tell me about them!"
She looked so happy that Five decided to indulge her for a while.
About an hour later, she was still curled up across his lap and laughing at Klaus' antics. And he was still staring at the gorgeous smile on her face.
"Aren't I supposed to be your hostage?" She asked playfully. Five grinned back. "I like to make sure my hostages don't get bored. So I tell them crazy stories. Perks of the job, you know."
She smiled softly, and sat up. "All your hostages? Or just me?" She whispered, and Five swore the room became 10 times smaller.
He pushed a strand of hair behind her ear. "Just you," Five whispered back.
Hope you liked it anon, love you! This was so fun to write!
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captain-valkyrie · a day ago
10 Days of Five Being a Total Sweetheart for His Partner
This is going to be a series. Each one is about a hundred words.
"Kill me now." You groaned, flopping down onto the sofa. You had just come home after a long day, and Five was sprawled across the floor as always: Reading a book with soft rock playing in the background.
"The offer is tempting, but it'd be too much paperwork," He sighed, shutting the book and sitting up. "Want to tell me what's wrong?"
"Nothing, unless you count shitty co-workers and absurdly long hours." You replied, taking a sip of your water.
Five stared at you for a moment. And then he sighed, somewhat lightheartedly. "Go take a shower. I'll put some coffee on." He ordered, giving you one of his 'do-as-Five-says' looks.
You smiled.
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captain-valkyrie · 2 days ago
Date Night
Five Hargreeves x Reader
"Do you--maybe-- want to go on a date with me tonight?" Five asked, looking at the floor and scratching his neck.
You gave him a funny look. "Do you have temporary amnesia or something? We've been dating for 2 years."
He gave an exasperated sigh. "No, I'm asking if you'd maybe want to go on a date tonight. Like the cute shit other couples do, like going to restaurants and stuff."
You smiled sightly. "You mean like a date night?"
He nodded. "Yeah."
15 minutes later, you and Five were in his car, waiting at the red light. He seemed a little nervous, you thought. He was jiggling his leg, jumpier than you had ever seen him. Was it the pressure of being around other people?
Screw what other people did.
"Hey," you spoke softly, touching his knee. "We don't have to do this. We can go home if you want."
He shook his head.
"You're not comfortable with this." You stated.
Five couldn't deny that.
"So turn the car around. Let's change into our pajamas and order takeout and look for a true crime documentary to watch. Just like we do every other night." You encouraged. Five immediately felt himself relax at the mention of a date night at home, with you, alone. Just the both of you.
And so he did just that. He turned the car around and drove the both of you back home. Then you pulled out your phone and ordered Indian food and he picked out a documentary while you were waiting for your food to arrive.
He and you ended up falling asleep on the couch. There was this hazy glow of happiness that made it hard for Five to think about anything else other than how at peace he felt that night, but he did vaguely remember thinking about how this was how it ought to be.
Every single night.
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captain-valkyrie · 2 days ago
It's You I Need Tonight
Five Hargreeves x Reader
It was 1 am, and you were sprawled on your couch watching a documentary. You weren't involved in it very much, because Five was due to come back from a mission soon.
Sure enough, a few minutes later, a blue light took your attention away from the TV and to the source of it. Five was standing in your living room, a little beat up, hair messy, and the rare streaks of blood--not his, you hoped--on his face.
He narrowed his eyes at you. "Is that my shirt?"
You smiled slightly. "I must have--ah, misappropriated it. How'd the mission go?"
Five's expression changed to a more solemn one, and you stood up from your position on the couch.
"Not--not bad," He said hesitantly. You put your arms around him.
"It's Vanya. She's-" He sucked in a breath. "Well, she got a little hurt. A lot hurt. "
"Oh." You breathed, your voice small. "You know, it's alright if you want to stay over at the Academy tonight?" You asked. Vanya was Five's favorite sibling. She meant tons to him. You knew that.
He shook his head, almost too fast. "No." He said, voice shaking ever so slightly. "It's--It's you I need tonight."
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captain-valkyrie · 2 days ago
Bonnie and Clyde - [1/?]
Assassin!Five Hargreeves x Writer!Reader
Based on this post. I changed the serial killer!Five to assassin!Five because--well, serial killers are a little...too much. On the other hand, an assassin is just a serial killer who takes commissions. This is an AU where the siblings don't have powers, the Commission is a mafia, and Five happens to be their hitman.
Warnings: Descriptions of murder, violence
Tumblr media
Number 4, Tolland Drive was a very bleary place.
Detective Howe strolled the driveway before nonchalantly stepping into the house. He took a look of the lawn. It should have been muddy, having rained early this morning, but Mr. Benson's lawn was impeccable.
The door was slightly ajar; the living room in total disarray. Timothy whimpered behind him. "Quiet, lad." Howe growled, looking surreptitiously over his shoulder before taking another step into the kitchen, where Mr. Benson was lying.
Timothy whimpered something incoherent in response.
Howe walked briskly to the grim, motionless figure and crouched down near his head.
"Hmm.. yes, a gun shot to the head indeed. Timothy!" he called, and the boy jumped. "Read the reports of the Allenhurst and the Evan Street cases."
"S-Stab wound by a serrated blade and a butter knife to the brachial artery, respectively, sir."
Howe hummed. "There's no doubt that the perpetrator is the same."
"But the weapons are all different, sir?"
"Y/N, I'm home." Five sighed, shutting the door to your shared apartment, and slumping against the door. You got up from your desk chair and stepped out of your room. Your boyfriend was there, alright, looking exhausted as ever. "Rough day, honey?" You soothed, placing a hand on his cheek. "You've got no idea," Five said, looking up at you.
You smiled. The butcher shop where he worked was really very disconcerting; he had told you all about the annoying customers and the smell of raw meat and blood. It was terrible enough to tire out a grown man.
"Want me to put some coffee on? And then I'll show you the scene I wrote today," you said, running your hands across his shoulders in an attempt to relax him.
"That's great! You can" Five yawned, then groaned. "after I go take a shower."
You shook your head affectionately as you watched him topple into the bathroom.
Much love xxx how's the story so far lol?
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Ask me if you wanna be tagged!!
Disclaimer: I know Bonnie and Clyde's relationship was deemed to be toxic, but the title is merely for aesthetic value and I do not support relationships of this calibre in any way.
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captain-valkyrie · 3 days ago
can i request hc for five dating a short and very sweet and shy reader? like their polar opposites and he teases her for her height? can you include him being jealous and protective? ty! <3
Five Hargreeves Dating a Short Reader ft. Jealousy, Protectiveness, and everything else that's cute.
Okay, i loved this idea anon <3 . soft!five is the best five.
-he'd be so goddamn overprotective of you, that's for sure.
-"have you ate? have you been sleeping?"
-"Five, i'm not a six year old"
-"yeah, but you could be easily mistaken for one."
-"you did not say that."
-"okay, okay, i'm sorry!"
-but he'd also worry about you, because you're so sweet that sometimes, people just tend to walk all over you.
-"hey y/n, could you finish this up for me?" Melissa, your co-worker asked one evening, just as you were getting ready to leave.
-"oh--um, i was just about to call it a day, but it's --it's fine, i'll--"
-Five cuts in: "she can't. she's got a life, just like you. so finish your own damn work."
-he'd pull you away with an arm around your shoulder.
- and you were so glad he stood up for you like that.
-when his siblings finally met you, there were all like :0
-"are you sure you're dating the right guy, miss? the boy currently holding your hand and staring daggers at me is my emotionally stinted brother." Klaus had said, grinning.
-you giggled.
-Allison and Vanya loved you, of course.
-Klaus thinks you're the greatest person in the word because you made Five--Five, of all people-- so much more happier. Klaus said that Ben thinks pretty highly of you too.
-Luther and Diego- well, they were happy that their brother was with a nice girl.
-although, Five can also get really really jealous at times.
-like, really.
-*national geographic narrator voice* observe.
-"oh come on, y/n, you never want to have any fun!"
-"Jake, your idea of fun is getting drunk on a weeknight. so thank you, but i've already made plans with my boyfriend for tonight."
-"ever since you got a boyfriend you've been spending less time with your best friend," Jake grumbled playfully, referring to himself.
-"well, y/n, are we ready to go?" Five interrupted loudly, appearing into thin air and giving Jake an animosity-filled smile.
-Five didn't miss the way your face brightened up the minute you saw him.
-after you were home, you asked him:
-"Sweetie, are you jealous?"
-and he'd be all huffy at the beginning but ultimately, he can't resist you.
-and so he'd wrap his arms around you
-"you know i love you, right y/n?"
-"i love you too, five."
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captain-valkyrie · 4 days ago
If I were to write a serial killer!five x author!reader --based on this post-- what would you want it to be?
A) Cute headcanons of their domestic life
B) A multi-chapter fic with a solid plot
I'd do either one of these, I just need to know which has the greater audience.
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captain-valkyrie · 4 days ago
Sing Me to Sleep
Tumblr media
A soulmate au where the song that describes your relationship with your soulmate is tattooed on your wrist.
The words tattooed on your right wrist both haunted you and excited you since you were a girl.
When all of your friends were chattering enthusiastically about the little neat lettering on their arms, they had told you about it. None of them had heard their songs before, neither yours. When you went home and searched up the lyrics, you had been too young to understand what it meant.
And then when you were thirteen, it hit you like a shot to the heart.
So we could call it even You could call me babe for the weekend 'Tis the damn season, write this down I'm stayin' at my parents' house And the road not taken looks real good now And it always leads to you in my hometown
By now, you knew every single take about that song on the internet. A girl comes home to her high school sweetheart and has a weekend of fun with him before she leaves again to the city. It was always the same thing over and over again.
It was almost like an obsession. Just one interpretation on the whole damned internet, you hoped, would tell you that the girl and guy would end up together. But it was never a happy ending. At least maybe your soulmate's song was a little less cathartic.
That didn't mean that a relationship of this kind didn't excite you, though. Two soulmates that never ended up together because of things beyond them still pining for each other-- there was something tragically beautiful about it.
The one thing you always deemed good about your song was that at least you would meet your soulmate in high school. So on your first day of your freshman year, you were the happiest girl alive. When you didn't meet anyone particularly eye-catching the first day, you kept telling yourself it was bound to happen sooner or later.
It never did.
Somehow, the sole belief of it got you through high school, and then you were off to college. By now, you had given up on finding your soulmate. Determined to enjoy college with your friends like every college girl should do, you pushed the thoughts of some beautiful stranger to the back of your mind.
And even though you forcefully kept your thoughts on the present, the romantic side of you hoped you would meet him soon.
Just like you expected, you didn't.
By now, no one wanted to date; everyone wanted to find their soulmates. Half your friends had found theirs.
And that's when you met Five Hargreeves.
He had given up on finding his soulmate too, and just wanted a relationship without all the heaviness of a soulmate's permanence.
"I don't think I'd want to find my soulmate, even if I hadn't given up on it." He had said carelessly one night. One of the only nights, you should say.
Because you met Five on a three day trip with your friends, who accepted you spending your time with a guy you just met. When you had casually mentioned this to him, he had seemed surprised.
You were sitting with your legs draped across his when it happened. "Wait. What?" He frowned. "You're leaving?" You laughed and took a sip of coffee. "I can't stay on vacation forever, can I? Although I'd like to."
Five had turned away, looking to be deep in thought. You brushed it off.
And then you had left.
Right when Five was about to fall.
He never thought he would ever have a soulmate. But that didn't mean he had never fantasized himself in love.
And he was in love.
Everyone he knew said loving someone took time, took work. But with you, it had been painless. It was fast, and undetectable. It was flawless.
Or maybe he had just been deprived of affection so long that he thought he was in love with any girl that gave him a second glance. He doubted that take very much. You had actually cared. You wanted to stay. You had even spent more time with him than you did with your friends. Something about that fact made him feel good. Feel warm. Feel wanted.
Five had never felt wanted before. Not like this. But you didn't want him anymore. You only wanted him for a weekend.
He rolled his sleeve up and looked at the writing on his wrist.
But it's never too late To come back to my side The stars in your eyes Shined brighter in Tupelo And if you're ever tired of being known For who you know You know, you'll always know me
Her song was, what, she had said? Tis the Damn Season?
Five played it.
And as he listened, his heart beat grew immeasurably faster.
You could call me babe for the weekend.
-"Babe, do you have any aspirin?" you had groaned. "Top shelf, Y/N," Five had replied.-
His song fit in hers like a rhyme.
Was that when Five realized that she was his soulmate?
-"I just told you I came from a family of adopted superhero siblings and you're okay with it?" he asked incredulously. "Hey, we've all got our stories," she shrugged, turning the pages of a magazine while draped across his armchair.-
Maybe not. Maybe it was earlier. Or maybe it was when he finally decided to call her and his mouth had went so dry he couldn't speak.
"Y/N?" he choked out. "Five?" you asked, audibly surprised. "Y/N, I-I think I've found my soulmate."
"Oh," you said, trying to sound cheerful. It wasn't that you were hoping Five was your soulmate, of course you weren't, there was absolutely no way, but-
"It's you, Y/N." Five said, breathless.
"I-where are you, Five?" You asked, your heart racing. You weren't leaving for an hour, but that was enough. You'd see him. And you'd tell him that he was your soulmate too.
"I'll be there in 2 minutes," he said, hanging up the call.
Exactly 3 minutes later, you saw him. He dashed up to you and pulled you into his arms.
"I have to leave, Five." You whispered, breaking the sweet silence. "I know." He said. "But I'll come visit you. I can't teleport for nothing." Five gave you a smile.
You laughed. "You better."
Five chuckled. "But it's never too late to come back to my side, you know."
Smiling, you answered: "I'm not going to lie, the road not taken does look real good now."
Was this reckless? Was calling someone you just met your soulmate a little too forward? Was spending your time on a two-day fling worth it?
For the first time, you didn't really care.
Soulmate songs worked in very different ways. Sometimes, what looked to be the end was nothing more than a beginning of something else. And the best part was, your ending was a happy one.
this is soooo bad lmao sorry
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jammesbarnnes · 4 days ago
Umbrella Academy Preference: Powers Your Kid Get
A/N: I have no idea how this would work, I thought it was cute 💕
Tumblr media
Luthers kid is invisible. Both of you were expecting your baby to inherit his super strength, or even one of his siblings powers. You never expected invisibility. The first time they did it, you thought they were missing. Your heart fell when you saw their toys, their blanket, even a little sock they'd taken off, but not them. You looked everywhere, checked every window and door to see if it had been opened. They were gone. The both of you tried not to panic, to stay calm, and you were about to call for help, before you hears the smallest laugh. You knew that laugh. You followed it, then the sound of a button being pushed, a toy lighting up and playing music, more laughing. You found them sitting where you'd checked first. You could have sobbed, Luther too, picking them up. They knew they had an audience now. In seconds, they were gone again, and yet Luther felt their little hands pulling on his shirt. You shared a look, realizing you were dealing with more than just the normal baby problems. Now you couldn't see them.
Tumblr media
Diego has a kid with super-speed. Of course neither of you realized until they started walking. Infact, until then, you'd assumed they'd be powerless. Both of you were okay with that, of course. Diego's childhood had been one of competition and constantly falling short because of his powers. He didn't want that for his kids. Plus, a part of him liked that he could be their Super Dad. He couldn't have been happier when he realized how fast they were. Diego burst into the room, your toddler in his arms, the two of them grinning from ear to ear. You thought something was wrong, they one of them were hurt. Diego set them down and told you to watch. They stumbled around. You knew this, you'd seen their first steps. Had he hit his head? He insisted you'd miss it, but you were more worried about him than anything else. You had missed it, but you'd felt it. A burst of wind pushing you back, and they were gone. A second later, they were back. All of it a blur. They stood again, cookie in hand, smiling. You couldn't believe it.
Tumblr media
Allison's kid can definitely shape-shift. You thought it would be hard enough with a regular teenager, but you both guessed wrong. Even as a baby, they had some sense of control. Mimicking whoever was holding them, taking their eyes, nose, anything they wanted. You warned them time and time again to be careful regardless. You'd grown used to the little changes they liked to make: longer eyelashes, whiter teeth, their own image of perfection. You hoped they'd like them self in their own original features, but they weren't going too crazy, so you left it up to them. Teenage years were different. You both knew teenagers like to experiment, but this was ridiculous. It was as if your kid was a completely different person every day. They'd roll their new eyes, not bothering to listen. One of the more joys of parenting. You shared a look, not wanting to push the issue for fear of making it worse. Allison assured you it was a phase. At least she hoped so.
Tumblr media
Klaus' kid can fly. Of course they could. You and Klaus weren't the most conventional of parents, so neither would your kid. It wasn't even that much of a surprise, unlike the others. Klaus could talk to the dead. You figured flying would be a piece of cake compared to that. They showed it early on, but never got the hang of it. It wasn't until they were out of diapers did they push the envelope. Floating above their bed when they were supposed to be asleep. Marks on the walls from when they needed a little help getting down. A few times you feared they'd even break a window or two. Klaus was always there to talk the both of you down. Coax them to the floor and ease your worries. It wasn't until they found their way out of the house and into the open sky did you really panic. Above the trees, they made loops and spelled out all the words they knew. They were growing up, Klaus said, that's what kids did. You just wished yours would stay on the ground like everyone else's.
Tumblr media
Ben's kid can control fire. Ben prepared you for the worst. You knew his powers, you knew there was a chance you'd have a Mini Horror on your hands. You waited. You waited for it to happen, for the ball to drop, but it never did. Still, he held his breathe. But they were perfect, more perfect than you could have ever expected, the love of your lives. It wasn't until they were a little older did they realize they could do something, just not something like their dad. It was scary for the both of you. You thought they were safe from ridicule, from strange looks and whispers like Ben had grown up with all his life. They didn't want to tell you at first, hesitant it would change your opinion of them, but when they showed you, lighting a candle across the room, all you felt was pride. Your baby was powerful. Of course you had your worries, but the last thing you wanted was to scare them from them self the way Reginald had done with Ben. You loved them, powers or no powers.
Tumblr media
Vanya's kid can see the future. They dream of it. The both of you thought it was just silly dreams, even nightmares depending on how they reacted. They said things that seemed too close to reality. Simple things anyone could have predicted. Vanya spilling her coffee the next morning. You hitting traffic before work. Everyday things. But, the more time passed, the more eerie they became. Natural disasters no one saw coming. Sudden storms. Deaths. You wrote down everything they could remember, not wanting to worry them. They were still a kid, they didn't deserve the burden of whatever was going on. Vanya thought they were controlling the future, but when prompted, they explained it was just something that was going to happen. You kept every crayon drawing, every story, every note. It wasn't just a hunch, your child was seeing it as it was going to happen as they slept. Neither of you felt qualified, but you would never leave them to deal with this on their own. You'd deal with this as a family. Always.
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captain-valkyrie · 6 days ago
Sweet Summer Serenade
Five Hargreeves x Reader
Tumblr media
It was a hot summer night and you couldn't sleep.
Tossing and turning for hours, you finally gave up and sat leaning on the headboard. Next to you, Five shifted in his sleep.
"Y/N?" He said bleakly, rubbing his eyes and sitting up. "What's wrong?"
You sighed, exasperated. "I can't sleep."
He frowned, a bit taken aback by the simpleness of the situation. And then the corners of his lips turned up a little.
"I know what you need. Come on." He gestured to his shoulder and you hesitantly laid your head there, wondering what he had up his sleeve.
While you expected a multitude of situations, what you did not expect was for Five to start singing.
It was a pretty nice song, but his voice was better. It was deep and rich and so different from his speaking voice, but still the same. It was calming, and you felt the exhaustion rolling off of your body in waves.
You sighed. He lifted an arm to wrap it around you and you snuggled up closer. You could feel the vibrations of his throat from where your head laid, and the feel was entrancing and deep.
Slowly you felt your eyes beginning to droop, and soon, you were fast asleep.
Someone's soft, firm hands lifted you away from the headboard and down onto the bed, covering you with a blanket.
You stayed sound asleep after that.
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