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georqenotfound · 2 minutes ago
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ace-culture-is · 3 minutes ago
aroace culture is wondering if the fact that you don't find most people considered attractive as such is because you are aroace or just picky/judgemental
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freshyhelpline · 6 minutes ago
4 Steps To Hire a Good Cook - Freshy Helpline
Even though everyone craves a home-cooked meal after a long day, cooking can seem time-consuming to many. Reaching home after a long day, you need time to relax as well. In situations like these, you can look for a cook to prepare a scrumptious and healthy meal for you and your family. However, the question remains the same, how to choose the best one? Let’s find it out!
 1. Source
 We live in a world where everything can be found with just a few clicks. The same thing applies in this scenario too. It means apart from asking from the people you know, you can also look for one in a free classified ads site in Melbourne or the other city you reside in.
 2. Identification
 When it comes to hiring someone to help in your home, you need to learn about their background. It can include everything about them. One of the best ways to do this is to reach any past employer as a reference. Apart from their professional check, you ought to know about their personal background as well.
 3. Food Items
 While hiring the cook, you have to learn how they prepare the food. If your potential cook is from another country, you have to know that they can cook all kinds of meal you eat. If you have moved from another country, you have to ensure that they can cook the meal you have been eating since always.
 The taste, of course, is essential, but there are other aspects you need to learn. It can include their hygiene practices. Apart from it, you have to learn about the spices he or she uses, if the entire cooking is healthy or not. Mere question answers will not help you find the answer. You will have to ask them to prepare for it.
 4. Transparency
 Being an employee, even if you would want your employer to be honest about everything,  the same thing implies here. Once you have finalized him/her for the food prepared, you have to ensure that your cook is promised nothing false. It includes the number of people they have to cook for, types of meals and number of dishes. You should also tell them about allergies if your family has any.
 Wrapping Up
 In this blog, you learned about four steps to choose the cook for your home. First of all, finding one, where you can ask for a recommendation from a friend or an agency, a free classified ads site in Melbourne can also be scrolled. Then you need to identify them as the perfect fit for the job role. The last step is finalizing everything, including the types of meals and the number of dishes to be eaten. 
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bangtanfancamp · 11 minutes ago
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The worlds mental health in 2021 in one photo
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altefrauvon · 13 minutes ago
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Beichte von Angle... 18J w sie sucht ihn private anzeigen
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myrkvae · 17 minutes ago
‘T/ony S/tark is a reincarnation of Sigyn’ is my first favourite on this new blog
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original-dyke · 20 minutes ago
y’all ever see the guy who broke some straight facebook friends heart and can see nothing but a teenaged looking kid trying to lean too much into a “hard” aesthetic
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kirililbb · 20 minutes ago
my hero academia is just a prime example of male privilege and how things and actions are so easily justifiable.
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boykingsofhell · 21 minutes ago
there's something about colonisation and how it makes you lose touch with your ancestors... how am I meant to whakapapa when I didn't grow up on the whenua my mother doesn't know my marae...
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dreamboaths · 21 minutes ago
have u lost someone important in ur life? and if u did how did u move on? my mom is passing soon bc of cancer and idk what to do. she is my best friend. I’m so lost.
i’m so sorry, i can’t even imagine what you both must be experiencing. i have lost people close to me but not like that. loss is such a difficult thing to wrap my head around, i want to know what happens and why it happens. i have reacted poorly to this before. friends and family members have unexpectedly passed away and it always shook me too much and i’d go inward. i’d shut down a lot and stop answering the phone and just push people away because i was afraid of losing them too. but when these sort of things happen, that is the opposite of what we should do. we need to reach out and be close to people and love them harder. i don’t know about you but i believe in an afterlife. i don’t believe that a death of the body is a death of the soul. i think our spirits will always exist somewhere, and i don’t think that that somewhere is very far from us. i have had so many dreams about people that have passed and i do believe that we are meeting in the most real place we can. we talk about things, about their passing, about my life. i get signs from these people, i know they are here. i know i will see these people again. and that has always been reassuring to me. moving on from these losses though is hard. obviously it’s hard, i’m sorry i always have a hard time expressing how i feel about this and what it’s like to go through it and i know that our experiences will always differ. but moving on is just…accepting. it’s forgiving some god if you can, it’s making peace with the parts of life that feel impossible to make peace with. it’s honoring. it’s loving. it’s living with them in you always, living for them. moving on is letting yourself deeply mourn and find the outlets you need. moving on is coping how you need to cope. feeling what you need to feel. distracting yourself or sitting with it. i wouldn’t know what to do either. i wouldn’t. imagining that i were in your position… i would just love the absolutely fuck out of my mom while she was in front of me. just an obnoxious, intense amount. maybe some of my followers can relate to this better and you can have someone to talk to who will really help you and understand! i’m sending you so much love, i wish i had more to offer you.
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serienty · 23 minutes ago
i have a test and i’m not giving it. for the third time in a row. nobody’s gonna know
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sunachil · 24 minutes ago
i literally have to collect less than 15 anemoculus to complete the fucking statue but idk where the others are and i dont wanna search in stormterror alone cause all the hilichurls are L30 >:(
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