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#fighting games
samusmaximus · 38 minutes ago
This is my approach to playing guilty gear, I will not elaborate further on this matter
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angelirl · an hour ago
I just realized that the reason Peter Murphy makes me feel A Certain Way (TM) is because I actually knew a man who looked so much like him and had a similar vibe and voice and everything. And he was very intense, charming, intimidating, otherworldly, extremely talented, had a history of cosplaying as Lestat and had strong feelings for me which scared me away haha hahaaaaaaaa
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daydreamrulez · 3 hours ago
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This Daydream Shimmer artwork is based on a new episode of “Danger Force!”☀️❤️ Daydream fights Cozy Glow! Daydream is also saving Princess Twilight Sparkle from Cozy’s evil volcano! Twilight is locked up in a cage! GO DAYDREAM!! GOOOOO!!!!! Hope y’all love this awesome artwork!❤️😁
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yes i thought i lost my monster hunter 4u years ago but my sister had it the whole time epic win
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tstache · 8 hours ago
gay people at the ubisoft e3 conference
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j4mel4 · 8 hours ago
taka-chan’s birthday has ended so today is bts 8th anniversary. i would like to congratulate them for coming this far and never give up. truly one of the biggest inspirations to the youth. ✨ kkaep jjang! ✨
so... i heard about the “two days” festa concert called sowoozoo and it’s the same as last year. i mean, online streaming of course. also read somewhere that fans are able to attend physically but there will be some sort of prohibitions, if i am not mistaken. for some reasons i don’t understand why they make this kind of rule, it’s not like they’re attending the court, ya know? unable to do this and that, like for what reason actually 😂 anyways that’s my opinion, so take it as it is. whatever it is, enjoyment is important no matter the situation so i hope they’re taking a great care of themselves.
once again, happy 8th anniversary to bangtan. may today and tomorrow be filled with joy and happiness for both of them .
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brokengem · 8 hours ago
Adds Sonon to my ever growing Aerith harem...
So that now makes: Reno, Biggs, Sephiroth, Leslie, Tifa, Jessie, Vincent, Weiss, Rude, Rufus, Sonon.
To a lesser extent: Zack, Cloud, Reeve, Roche, Scarlet.
No seriously...after I finish my Aerith/Biggs oneshot. I have a little plot bunny for Aerith/Sonon. <.<
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bare1yart · 9 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[ID: Three doodles of Grizzop and Hamid from RQG. The first is a fully coloured pen drawing of Grizzop, a grey-skinned goblin with a thin tail standing with one hand on his hip and the other clenched in a fist. He has a nervous and surprised expression on his face.
The second is a pencil doodle of Hamid, a round-faced egyptian halfling. He's clutching at his arm with a dragony hand with a distressed expression on his face, shouting: "A Dragon?!"
The last drawing is of Hamid, but as a small dragon. He's crouched low to the ground, short wings outstretched, breathing fire and growling angrily. End ID]
Guess who just listened to RQG 80! Take some doodles I've made (and please no spoilers in the tags!)
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bloodstainedrivalry · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Millia fanart I did for a hitbox arcade contest
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fancyfade · 10 hours ago
who would win : hawkman vs hawkgirl (carter hall vs kendra saunders)
okay textually (as in what is present in 2002 hawkman series) hawkman
but i don't like that
when hawkgirl gets away from hawkman, she's portrayed as more competent. in her run on the JLA, she is portrayed as just as good a fighter as hawkman but faster
they also both have 4k+ years of fighting experience, both have alien tech...
she's also more likely to do flat out reckless shit like tie the claw of horus to her broken arm or mace amazo in the face when she has no powers.
physically, she is younger so some advantage her there
but lets be real I just find "the dude always wins against the girl in the dude/girl fight when they have similar powers" like. obscenely boring. so i'll admit that canonically they have answered this question but i hate the answer
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gale-gentlepenguin · 11 hours ago
For your fighting game idea, I am guessing that Dynamic Finishers are winning the match with a Super. Chat Blanc destroying the moon with his super Cataclysm, Ladybug activating Miraculous Ladybug, and so on...
What are some others?
Hawkmoth summoning a swarm of akuma to carry him off.
Stormy weather summoning a volcanic explosion
Bunnyx taking someone to the end of the universe.
RenRen becomes a dragon and does a cool elemental finish.
Aeon fires an orbital canon.
Just to name a few
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