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#fiction favorites
sensitiveaangel · 2 hours ago
i still think about writing romance but i have no idea where to start. i read and see things that have such a profound effect on me and i want to create something like that !! human connection is so significant i want 2 encapsulate it in a short story or novel >:)
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dumb-pigeon · 4 hours ago
My taste in fan fiction is more specific than a Starbucks order.
“Yeah, can I get a hurt/comfort angst slowburn between character A and B, hold the smut, add a shot of whump, double-shot BAMF, and a love confession? Can I get that topped with a happy ending?”
My favorite baristas writers are:
@kedreeva @goodomensblog @elodieunderglass @aethelflaedladyofmercia
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1alohomora1 · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
New favourite Wolfstar fic!
You know that feeling when you’ve finished an absolutely wonderful fic? When you’re just so happy, but also fucking sad and empty because it’s over. Like your heart is a little bit broken, because you just want more! I feel exactly like that right now. Which is why I must strongly recommend to you:
Go East [+Podfic], by xinasvoice
This is a bloody brilliant fic. It’s wolfstar, but it loosely follows the plot of Howl’s moving castle. And it is done beautifully!
It’s quite frankly one of the more unusual fics that I’ve read. It feels a little less like reading fanfic, and more like reading an actual adventure novel. Because that’s what this is. It’s a 80k adventure, from beginning to end. Even if you’re an expert on Howl’s moving castle, this plot will take you by surprise - the plot is just so darn good! I’ve rarely been so entranced by a story before. It’s just such a clever, brilliant use of the HMC plot, but with wolfstar… (I can hardly stop myself from spoiling it! It’s that good).
And the characterisations! Oh, they are BEAUTIFUL! And just the way it’s written! It’s a masterpiece. So go read it if you haven’t already! GO GO GO!
PS. This can be listened to as a podfic on SoundCloud, read by @xinasvoice themselves! It’s in really good quality, and as usual xinasvoice does a wonderful job of recording. So I truly recommend listening to this one.
This fic has also been added to my “All time favourites” list🌸🌸
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johnwhowell · 9 hours ago
Friday JohnKu - AKA - TGIF
Friday JohnKu – AKA – TGIF
“So what are we doing today, Little one?”“Friday? Lovely sunshine? 98 degrees? Absolutely nothing but relax and stay cool..”“I can handle that.”   Here we are on a Friday again. It is so nice to head into a weekend. I hope your week wasn’t too stressful. If it was, then you are only eight hours until relief. I went to the dentist today. My teeth had not been cleaned since October of 2019. I was…
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buttfucklarrie · 15 hours ago
wait omg tv shows open up a whole other fucking realm of people
hawkeye from mash (just alan alda not donald sutherland)
the oldest brother from the partridge family
chandler in the first season of friends
i think thats all but like there are probably maaaany more that i cant remember rn
bestieeee so you like the guys from like a million years ago? just kidding they’re not that old and LEMME TELL YOU chandler from friends is literally the loml if he wasn’t a guy i would probably be obsessed w him. anyway <3
wait i have to rate them okay. hawkeye (6/10) keith partridge (4/10) and chandler (1000/10)
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buttfucklarrie · 15 hours ago
BYE PLEASE i had an OBSESSION with the hardy boys mystery books and i had a smallish (not so small lmao who am i lying to) crush on joe hardy. he just?? sounded hot??? idk idk idk
hmmmmm having a crush on a fictional male character … i have experience in this category😇 i’ve never read the books or watched any series’ abt it, so just off of the name and what i was shown when i looked him up i’ll give him an 8/10 <3
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self-shipyard · 16 hours ago
I have a question to selfshippers that draw their F/O: What part of your F/O's design is your favorite part to draw?
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kingkonoha · 19 hours ago
Imagine if you were the main character in Kakashi’s favorite book series and he shipped you with himself
Tumblr media
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basphemousqueer · a day ago
just stay up until 3 am with me until we're so tired that we're curling into eachother like a pair of quote marks. until my hair is falling into my eyes and you gently brush it away. until you can't help but close the space between us, slowly, but surely, your arm coming to learn against mine, your leg tangling with my own...
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johnwhowell · a day ago
Thursday - A Little Personal - Lucy and Twiggy Inspect the Work
Thursday – A Little Personal – Lucy and Twiggy Inspect the Work
A short note. I am currently extending the downspout drains to take the water away from the center of the yard. During the heavy rains, the yard floods and takes a while to move away. Twiggy loves to play in the puddles, and Lucy hates to get her feet wet. In some of the later photos (By the glove), a tall white pipe is a cleanout. It needs to be cut and lowered by about six inches, so it is not…
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basphemousqueer · a day ago
when he's wearing a suit and tie and the collar is stained with the blood from the side of his face and his blazer is rolled up at the sleeves MMMHMM
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tennessoui · a day ago
33 obikin 🙏
bless i can't write anything straightforward or normal to save my life
33. Celebrity/Fan AU (modern AU, singer Obi-Wan)(1.8k)
Obi-Wan had only wanted to cook, really.
He’d decided on Tuesday night that he would take Friday off as a sort of self-care day. He needed it. In the midst of a world tour, finally with a week to breathe back in his home city, he’d wanted to relax for a day. One day without music or an audience of any kind, just him in an apartment filled mostly with dusty counters and almost expired foods.
He loves his fans, because of course he loves his fans. He loves the fact that people relate to what he writes enough to listen to his albums, although he has gone through several different sounds over the course of his career. He loves that he can be 39 and still touring the world, even though he started his career as a 13-year-old-child-actor turned teen-pop-sensation turned serious musician turned perhaps-washed-up-serious-musician turned very-much-serious-musician-actually-this-time.
If not for his fans, he wouldn’t be able to afford this house on the outskirts of his town. He wouldn’t be able to boast his performances in three-fourths of the world’s major cities. He wouldn’t be able to continue to have a career. No. He loves his fans.
It’s just that sometimes he doesn’t. Sometimes he just wants peace and quiet, a moment to himself, where he can float away without concerning himself with the flow of the setlist, the timing of the encore, the lyrics and rhythms of songs he wrote a decade ago when he was practically a different person.
It’s just such a shame that Obi-Wan leaves the handle of the wooden spoon too close to the stove’s open flame when he stirs and adjusts the heat to low for an hour so he can go soak off his stress in the bath.
It’s just such a shame that the smoke alarms from the kitchen cannot be heard over the music he’s playing in the master bath.
Obi-Wan sinks beneath the water, enjoying the unyielding pressure. He doesn’t want to retire, he tells himself. He has so many more songs to write. Sure, he hasn’t written an actual good song in two years and people are starting to notice. Sure, the intense scrutiny is driving him up the wall and killing anything creative that he’s ever harbored in his soul. Sure, his muscles and bones ache and he had almost had a breakdown the other day when he first walked through the door of his home and couldn’t remember if there was a bathroom on the first floor, but.
But he doesn’t want to retire yet. He just has to admit he’s waning, even to himself. Whatever inspiration he had has been used up or otherwise escaped. All he has now to his name are songs that have already been sung.
He doesn’t know how long he spends in the bath, really. Long enough that the album changes twice. Long enough that his fingers prune up and his eyes grow lax. Long enough that he tells himself that no matter how soothing the lavender essence is, it would be very dangerous for him to fall asleep in the bath because the news articles alone would be enough to raise him from the dead only to strike him down again.
(Long enough for the wooden spoon’s handle next to the pot to catch on fire. Long enough for that fire to burn down to the oil on the spoon itself. Long enough for the dishtowel it was resting on to ignite as well.)
The smoke alarm clues in before Obi-Wan does.
Luckily, Obi-Wan had paid extra for a smoke alarm that, when registering a certain threshold of smoke, sends a notification to the closest fire department.
Luckily, this all happens while Obi-Wan is unaware, but before he becomes in peril.
He actually remains unaware of the whole thing right up until the moment a fully-suited firefighter kicks through the door of his bathroom.
That’s when he jerks up, very unceremoniously. “Fucking Chr--what?” he shouts, raising a hand to cover his exposed chest for reasons unknown.
“Obi--??” the masked firefighter starts to say, in something akin to shock, but like Obi-Wan is going to give ground here and now. He’s cornered the market on shock on this occasion, thanks much.
“What the--”
“Your house is on fire!” the man yells over him, looking around the bathroom wildly until he sees a fluffy off-white bathrobe hanging by a hook near the door. He throws it at Obi-Wan, who just catches it before it can get wet.
“My house is what?” Obi-Wan splutters, standing automatically to put on the piece of clothing. The helmet of the firefighter turns away to give him privacy. Despite himself, he finds it rather endearing. He ties the belt around his waist tightly, stepping out of the tub.
As soon as he’s out of the water, the other man swoops him up and over his shoulder. Obi-Wan lets out a scream which he’ll probably be absolutely mortified about later.
But now, what’s more distressing is the way his body is responding to the hold he’s been placed in. He’s thirty-nine years old. He’s definitely too old for this. He should definitely know better than to be even slight aroused by such a display of...strength and stalwartness and--
The man walks him out of the bathroom and the very first thing he notices is the heat that hits his skin. “Oh!” he whimpers and then yells wordlessly in absolute panic as he realizes what this heat must mean. His house is on fire. Actual fire. Actually on fire. There’s a fireman here. Because his house is on fire.
He’s only a little ashamed to admit that there’s a fair amount of thrashing that happens immediately upon this realization.
Enough so, in fact, that the firefighter transfers him from over his shoulder to cradled in his arms, so as to hold tightly against the movement of his limbs. “Stop--moving!” the man says irritably. Obi-Wan wants to tell him to work on his bedside manner, seeing as how his house is on fire, but he doesn’t have time before they descend the stairs and he can see the actual flames.
The stairs themselves are fine, which makes sense. Hot air rises. The dining room, parlor, and entryway look like they’re absolutely covered in fire though, so really his fireman was just in time to save him.
The smoke is acrid against the back of his throat, and Obi-Wan buries his face against the textured shoulder of his rescuer's uniform just so he doesn’t have to look or breathe the air, although he feels the smoke already working its way through his lungs. Well. That might just be his imagination.
They’re out of the house in a matter of seconds, and Obi-Wan’s eyes water immediately at the difference in air quality.
The man who’s been carrying him sets him down gently on the lip of the fire truck, far enough away from the house that he’s not in any danger--though most of the place is fine still--but close enough that someone can keep an eye on him. He doesn’t know why he hadn’t remembered to grab his phone. That phone was very important. Hopefully the other firefighters will be able to stop the fire before it reaches his bathroom.
His firefighter seems intent on hovering close to him, even as there's a fire raging in the background. Obi-Wan supposes that there's around five firefighters on his property, including the one in front of him. The other four should probably be able to handle it, whether or not the fifth decides to join in or stay hovering around Obi-Wan like he's a sickly orphan.
“Are you okay?” An earnest voice asks him from under the helmet.
Obi-Wan opens his mouth to say he’s fine, that at most he just feels like an idiot for being stranded outside in his bathrobe as a group of public service officials fight a fire he certainly, most likely, probably caused.
But he starts to cough instead, and his firefighter steps forward immediately, placing one hand on his back and the other on his chest, both beneath his robe. He hopes the man can't feel his shiver. That would be even more mortifying than his current situation.
“Do you even know what you’re doing?” Obi-Wan wheezes after the coughs have passed. The helmet the man is wearing only shows a quarter of his face, but he looks awfully boyish. “Aren’t you a little young to be a firefighter?”
“Deep breaths, please,” the man (boy?) tells him, which isn’t a proper response. “There’s an ambulance already on the way--it’s protocol, sir--but yes, I’m trained in emergency medical response.”
“A man of many talents,” Obi-Wan says dazedly, rubbing a hand against his chest where it aches as he watches a few men run around his house with a house. “And here all I can do is sing.”
“Hopefully you still can, sir,” his firefighter responds. “Only I’ve got tickets for your show in two days, and my little sister has been excited for weeks over this.”
Obi-Wan laughs despite himself. He’s sure it sounds at least a little bit hysterical. “Would you like me to dedicate a song for you? The man who saved my life?”
Even the helmet can't hide the nice shade of red his firefighter blushes at those words.
“What’s your name?” Obi-Wan asks, smoothing down his still-damp hair. It feels important to know his name. It feels just as important to look his best, given the circumstances.
The firefighter ducks his head and takes off his helmet. Obi-Wan wonders if the man should be going back to work, or if he’s been assigned victim duty. Either way, Obi-Wan isn’t going to complain, definitely not after his firefighter shakes out his hair and turns to face him with a sheepish grin stretching across a handsome face. “‘M Anakin,” he says. “It’s nice to meet you, Mr. Kenobi.”
Obi-Wan is awfully aware that he’s dressed only in his bathrobe in front of a very pretty firefighter who seems to know who he is--who seems to have tickets for his upcoming show. “Call me Obi-Wan,” he tells him, already trying to remember his manager’s phone number so that he can bump Anakin and his sister’s tickets up to the VIP section. It’s the least he can do, after all. Anakin had just saved his life.
“Wish it was under better circumstances,” Anakin says with a shy sort of twist of his mouth. Obi-Wan gets the impression that it isn’t just his little sister that’s been excited for his concert. An impression that is solidified quickly as Anakin tacks on, “I’m a huge fan of your work.”
Obi-Wan laughs incredulously at this, at the entire situation, at the man in front of him, at the fact that some part of his brain has started composing a song the second his firefighter had smiled at him in his bathrobe with his tired face and wet hair, kitchen burning his house down because he’d forgotten basic fire-safety rules in favor of his own self-care soak.
“Well,” he says, patting his firefighter’s knee, “I don’t have to tell you that I’m a huge fan of your work as well.”
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Me after watching Loki Episode 2:
Tumblr media
Me trying to decipher Loki(s)'s goals within goals within goals:
Tumblr media
Me as I watch Mobius and Loki work together, grow in mutual appreciation, bond over shared interests, and fall in love:
Tumblr media
Me as Loki and Mobius have an ontological discussion:
Tumblr media
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frecklydork · a day ago
I’ve been rewatching SU episodes and ughh I miss my Pearl so much 🥺🥺 I really wanna self ship w/ her since I couldn’t back when I was in an unhealthy relationship and I couldn’t self ship openly with whomever I wanted but!! I love Pearl so much!!! She was one of my main F/Os for so long and I never did anything with her. I want to change that, I want to draw things, I just don’t know where to start and I gotta be careful bc I don’t want my robots fixation so suddenly fizzle out bc I’d be focusing on an entirely different franchise and ughghghgguh WHY DOES MY BRAIN HAVE TO BE COMPLICATED --
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snatchers-consort · 2 days ago
Imagine painting your villain f/os nails. Later when they confront the heroes or talk to their minions someone points it out.
How does your villain f/o respond to that? Do they announce proudly they got their nails painted by their favorite person in the world? Or do they try to hide it and go like "That's none of your business!"?
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