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#ficlet masterlist
justthingsfromsarah · a month ago
drarry a day in may list
i challenged myself to complete a wip or write something new every day in may.
these are the (wildly inconsistent) results. i might have (definitely) hit a writing block. i ended up starting more and more and finishing none...whoops.
if it all goes to hell: marriage proposal
wrong number, babe: drunk dial from draco
friday afternoon: domestic bliss
pictionary: game night
satisfied microfic: unrequited love
it gets better microfic: doodles and lies
catch (and release): mutual pining
for snape's sake: a conversation overheard
hope is a heartache: more unrequited love
drunken confession: from harry to draco
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commasplice27 · a month ago
So... that took more work than I thought (mining tumblr and ffn to migrate to ao3 and make a masterlist)... I am very much goign to try and prevent that happeneing again!
Tumblr media
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everything-person · a month ago
OUAT Fic Master List
Multi Chapter
Tumblr AO3 FF.NET
Chapters: 7/?
Summary: One by one the children of Storybrooke are going missing and the Savior is helpless to stop it. It doesn't help that catching the person responsible makes everything even more complicated. (ok summaries are not my thing but give it a try. My first attempt at writing fanfiction.)
The Rescue:
Chapters: 1/?
Summary: Princess Emma has gone missing and with the kings promise of a special reward for the one to bring her home safely her friends plan to be the ones to do just that. (was apart of CSJJ as a finished fic planning on making it a short multi chapter)
Not All Talk:
Tumblr: CH. 1 CH. 2
Chapters: 2/2
Summary: Best friends every so often planning their lives together. It was all just pretend for fun until it wasn't. They are between high school and college age. (can be read as individual one-shots)
Kiss the Girl:
Tumblr: CH. 1
Chapters: 1/2
Summary: Prompt from @csprompter. What about Liam being a little shit and teasing his brother over his crush on Emma all the time and decides to do something about it because Killian doesn't think she likes him, though she does? Like playing "Kiss the Girl" from the Little Mermaid to get him to make a move? (currently writing a part2)
One Shots
And They Were Roommates:
Summary: Killian catches one of his friends with his roommate. His reaction surprises even himself.
Coming Out to Dinner:
Summary: It’s November in Storybrooke Thanksgiving just around the corner. The Swan-Jones family is celebrating in a special way this year. (takes place after season 7)
Costume Credit:
Summary: Killian is a professor. Emma is a single mom trying to better her education. They know each other before they were teacher and student. Idk just something stupid and fun to get me writing again. (This is trash and needs to be redone)
Finding Emma:
Summary: Movie night at Swan-Jones house and Emma has an unexpected reaction to the film of the night.
Tumblr AO3 FF.NET
Summary: Hope has to get glasses and how Emma and Killian handle it. First Person Hope POV.
Good Night Mom:
Tumblr AO3 FF.NET
Summary: A Swan, a pirate, and a pirate princess and their conversations over a lifetime.
Little Red Riding OH!:
Tumblr ART
Summary: Emma’s friend Ruby convinces her to go to a costume party where she just so happens to be in matching costumes with none other then Killian Jones. Rated M
Summary: Prince Killian Jones just returned home after two years of traveling the world to find he has been arranged to be married. But that isn’t the only surprise he has coming. (My gift for CSSS 2020)
Wait I Love My Mom:
Summary: Killian and Emma take turns staying home with their toddler. One day they thought they would record what it’s like when one of them leaves the house.
White Solstice:
Summary: It’s that wonderful time of year again in the Enchanted Forest the time of the Winter Solstice. Queen Snow White and King David are throwing their annual Winter ball to celebrate. Little do they know what certain princesses gifts are really for. (Bad summary but that’s all I got. My gift for CSSS 2019.)
David Jokes:
Summary: David’s having fun with the new year. Hung over Emma isn’t.
Domestic Fluff:
Summary: Domestic Fluff written for CSJJ 2020
Echoes from the Heart:
Summary: Emma and Hook have a heart to heart about what was said in Echo Caves before the finale battle with Pan. (Apart of CS Neverland New Year)
Tumblr AO3 FF.NET
Summary: Killian finally gets one.
Sword Holder:
Tumblr AO3 FF.NET
Summary: So I found out a fact. And it made me think about Captain Swan moment and then Emma finding out this fact and telling Killian his response. And this is what came out.
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kaizoku-hesuta · a month ago
Masterlist One Piece drabbles
This is a list of all the One Piece drabbles I've written, categorised per character or pairing. The NSFW ones are under the cut!
Requests are still open => Find the prompt list here!
Tumblr media
SFW drabbles
Kid Music
Law Finding a gray hair
Zoro Night/Stars
Bartolomeo Cuddling
Killer Cuddling - Music
Sabo Letters
Sanji Music/Confession
Penguin Music (based on @pirate-shrimp's sketch)
Whitebeard Confessions
Mihawk Sacrifice
Kid x Law Confessions
NSFW drabbles
Kanjuro Voyeurism
Law Make-up sex - Bondage/Sub/dom
Ace Shower/bath - Dirty talk/Possessiveness - Having to keep quiet
Bartolomeo Possessiveness
Shanks Massage
Zoro Corset - Marking (with art!)
Sabo Dirty talk/Possessiveness
Doflamingo After care
Benn Beckman Dirty talk
Penguin Lingerie
Robin Lingerie
Oden Having to keep quiet
Yamato Intoxicated
Marco Possessiveness/Make-up sex
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lovelyavengers · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
I took ficlet requests using this prompt list, and here are the final products! they’ll all be posted within the next week (there’s 2 still waiting to post)
These are also accessible from my masterlist, under the “drabbles/ficlets” section of each character.
Bucky Barnes - “is the cat wearing a onesie?” “uh, no?”
Wanda Maximoff - “sharing is caring, now give me the hoodie”
Dottie Underwood - “but i’ve never told you that before”
Bucky Barnes - “Can we please stop running? I think I’m dying.”
Natasha Romanoff - “I can’t do anything right.” // “Please just kiss me already.”
Finn - “he’s so pretty I think I’m gonna faint.”
Rose Roberts - “Is there a reason you’re blushing like that?” 
Angie Martinelli - “I think I’m in love with you.”
Sam Wilson - “Are you flirting with me?” “You finally noticed?”
Carol Danvers - “Nobody’s seen you in days.” // “Can you shut up for once in your life?”
Howard Stark & Peggy Carter (non xreader) - “Did you seriously just get your foot stuck in a toilet?” “Maybe.”
Dottie Underwood - “Please don’t lie to me again, I can’t take it.”
Daniel Sousa - “he’s so pretty I think I’m gonna faint.”
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moonflowerlesbians · 2 months ago
tumblr ficlet masterlist
most of these can also be found on AO3 along with my longer works. these come from multiple rounds of prompts and are listed in the approximate order they were posted
11. “I want my best friend back.” “Kevin is over there.”
5. “Don’t yell at me like I’m a child!!” “DON’T THROW SCISSORS!”
79. “Are you high?” “I’m just so fucking tired.”
13. “Uh uh, baby, you’re blushing. You’re lying.” “Shut up, no, I’m not.”
87. “That’s my ex.” “Well, you better kiss me so they see.”
69. “Quit flirting.” “I didn’t mean to.” and 35. “Can you stop being so cute so I can concentrate?” “I’m afraid not.”
22. “Why’re you dressed like that?” “Does that mean it looks good, or should I change?” and 35. “Please don’t leave me.” “I don’t want to go”
6. “Just take my jacket.” “I’m fine.”
31. “Anyone ever tell you you’ve got the prettiest eyes in the world?” and 39. “Don’t leave me alone.” “I won’t.”
1. “You’re cold.” “Am not.” and 11. “Come to bed.”
19. “Can I play with your hair?” and 20. “C’mere, sweetheart.”
45. “Don’t say anything. Just... just lay here with me.” and 46. “Take a break. You’ve been working all day.” “I can’t just--”
47. “Have you eaten today?” “Am I gonna get in trouble if I say no?”
17. “I’m fine, honest.” “Let me see.” and 26. “Just breathe. Like that. That’s it.”
18. "I'm embarrassed." "Don't be." 41. "Is that my shirt?" " that okay?" 45. "Don't say anything. Just...just lay here with me."
9. “It’s all taken care of.” “Even the--?” “Everything.”
in which dani appears to jamie when she returns to bly
in which jamie finds a tattoo she doesn’t remember
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stellaestra · 2 months ago
milk and coffee [tartaglia//childe]
milk and coffee [tartaglia//childe]
author’s note: the contents in this is rated R18 [nsfw]. minors, please do not interact. read at your own discretion, you have been warned.
pairing: childe[tartaglia]/mc [reader]
description: childe decides to tease mc relentlessly as revenge for what he had to go through during the week because of mc // drabble
genre: smut, ambiguous relationship, possible love-hate relationship, enemies with benefits au + modern college au
cw: smut drabble; oral, oral fixation, orgasm denial. read at your own discretion.
author’s note: this is me brainrotting over childe non-stop n finally decided to finish this after it collected dusts in my drafts for weeks so have this filth
word count: 492 words
unedited // no beta read, we’ll die like men here
A string of curses dripped from your lips as if they were the sweet nothings being whispered into your lover’s ears like saccharine. Well, if only it was your lover instead of your sworn enemy that was currently eating you out as if you were his last meal ever like his life depended on it.
You bit back a gasp when you felt his tongue swirled around your bundle of nerves and nibbled it lightly as if to tease you like he was trying to grate on your nerves which was working wonderfully on his side.
He wrapped his lips around your clit and sucked on it roughly before planting a feathery kiss on it, causing you to keen.
“F-fuck! Fuck, yes, right th-there-!” you cried out, gripping the sheets underneath you as the sensation on your clit heightened as his actions repeat over and over again; lick, suck, kiss...lick, suck, kiss...until you were on the edge of cumming.
There was that familiar feeling at the pit of your stomach and you knew you were going to cum soon as the throbbing on your clit was persistent. It was starting to ache.
It was so painful yet so good-
Without an ounce of mercy, Childe stopped his ministrations on your aching clit after giving it one last flick, ceasing whatever feeling within your stomach was happening.
The whines that escaped your lips was pathetic if you were to have any sense of coherence in your mind at the moment. You sounded so needy.
You would die of shame if you were in the right mind right now and your pride would receive a direct blow.
A pleased chuckle slipped out the guy that was in between your thighs, eyeing the way your cunt was squeezing around nothing as if begging to be filled up with his dick.
His dick twitched at the sight of your flushed, swollen lips coated in your wetness (and his spit) that were previously abused by his actions. The wetness was practically seeping out of you like a slow waterfall.
"Wh–what the fuck, why did you stop–" you panted, chest heaving as your eyes glared down at him. It would look rather intimidating if it weren't for your flushed cheeks and messy hair.
"Princess," he started, massaging her thighs, a sadistic gleam flashed behind his blue eyes as a mocking smile curled on his lips, “did you think you deserved to cum after the shit you’ve put me throughout this week?”
He slapped your pussy, causing you to gasp in pleasure mixed with mild pain, “of course not, you don’t get to cum until I say so, love.”
You cursed at him inside your head as you felt his fingers trace your clit faintly, causing your hips to jerk into his touch.
It was going to be a long, torturously pleasurable night for you as he plays with you for the rest of the remaining night.
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viking-hel · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Welcome to my masterlist of ficlets and prompts! This will be updated every time I write a new one!
Please note: I hate JKR, and I don’t endorse anything that woman says.
Fremione Ficlets/Prompts
‘Stolen kisses. Caught moments. Blushing faces’
‘Corridor Kisses’
‘Post War’ - TW: mention of PTSD like symptoms
‘It’s enough to make a man sick!’ 
‘Why are you following me?’
‘I let you have the only girl I ever truly liked’
‘Your brother’s really cool’ Part 1 & Part 2
‘I have a date - I mean a duel!’
‘Yeet’ - TW: implications of verbal abuse
‘Detention Date’
‘Painting’ - TW: character death, mention/implications of panic- and anxiety attacks, mental health, trauma etc
HP Ficlets/Prompts
‘You got into wizard uni?!’ - George Weasley x Reader
‘Piano’ - Remus & the Marauders. TW: off-screen deaths of parents/parent figures
‘Plants’ - George Weasley x Luna Lovegood (Guna/Loveley)
‘She’s going to be okay’ - Harry Potter & Reader 
‘Loss’ - Harry Potter & Reader. TW: Discussion of death of a parent
Marvel Ficlets/Prompts
‘I can’t have kids’ - Steve Rogers x Reader. TW: infertility
‘I need a hug’ - Steve Rogers x Disabled Reader
‘Collapse’ - Loki x Reader
‘You’re Safe Now’ - Loki x Reader. TW: implied mental / verbal abuse
Witcher 3 / Geralt of Rivia Ficlets/Prompts
‘Dirt’ -  Geralt x Reader
‘A Banquet’ - Geralt x Reader
‘A Traveller & the Butcher of Blaviken’ - Geralt x Reader
‘Yule’ - Geralt x Reader
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lydias--stiles · 3 months ago
juke ficlets
a compilation of all the small juke fics i post on tumblr. all rated g or t
we’re dancing under the rain // canon compliant fluff
clandestine meetings and longing stares // secret dating au
it had to be you, wonderful you // canon compliant valentine’s day
through the garden gate // canon compliant fluff
why can’t i quit when you break my heart open? // canon compliant angst
my bfb is the one for me! // brother’s best friend au
because your kiss is on my list // canon compliant 4+1 fluff
a very drunk drabble // canon humour 
can’t take my eyes off of you // established relationship, human au
can i call you my boyfriend? // canon compliant fluff
baby, you ain’t being slick // flirty strangers au
vogue ft. julie molina (ft. the boys, by accident) // human au
kiss the world away (and the pout) // canon compliant fluff/comfort
cuddle buddies // canon compliant fluff
can’t handle the heat? (try me.) // canon heatwave shenanigans
being loved by julie molina was insane // human au
maybe brunette was the only rhyme // human au, angst
julie’s seventeenth birthday // canon compliant fluff
on cloud nine, another mystery of time // meet-cute au
i’m getting old, it makes me reckless // canon compliant angst
the smile you gave me (it’s magic) // meet-cute at pub au
my sweet romantic teenage nights // high school + diner au
i wouldn’t want to spend a minute loving anybody else // canon fluff
will continuously be updated 
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sparkleslightlyy · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Everything I’ve ever written
I write for Queen and the Bohemian Rhapsody Cast . I write reader-insert and shipping <3 
You can use this prompt list for sending requests, if you’d like -> prompt list  
I don’t write smut or extreme violence.*requests are open* 
Add yourself to my taglist  (message/send an ask saying you’ve added yourself so I can check the form!!)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Queen Boys (Platonic):
[1] Cuddling(blurb)
[2] Roger’s green hair(drabble)
[3] Reading thirst tweets
[4] Queen in 2021 Au (headcannons)
[5] Queen at Pride
[6] Queen Sharing A Flat (blurb)
Queen Boys (Ships):
[1] If We Were A Movie
other ships will be written soon :D
Queen (Reader Insert):
[1] Crazy Little Thing Called Love (completed)
Short stories, revolving around Fem!Reader and the 70’s!Queen boys.
Part 1 (Brian May)
Part 2 (John Deacon)
Part 3 (Roger Taylor)
[1] Hyde Park Shenanigans
2021 AU, Queen x Platonic!Fem!Teen reader, Freddie Lives
[1] Miracle
Queen X Unspecified!Reader during the shooting of the video for Miracle
[1] Dancing and Singing to their songs
[2] Taking care of a reader on her period (fem!reader)
[1] Love Of My Life
[1] Friendship Evolution  (fem!reader)
[2] I Want To Hold Your Hand (fem!reader)
[3] See You Again (fem!reader- multipart-completed: 15k words)
[4] Teo Torriatte (fem!reader)
[5] You Belong With Me (fem!reader- multipart-in progress)
[6] Need Your Loving Tonight (fem!reader)
[7] In Only Seven Days / Epilogue (fem!reader)
[1] At Last (fem!reader)
[2] You and I (fem!reader)
[1] Save Me (unspecified!reader)
[2] White Queen (fem!reader, AU)
Tumblr media
[1] Electric Love
[2] Somebody To Love (completed)
part 1 // part2
[1] I Don’t Like Your Last Name
Tumblr media
200 follower celebration-mini event
Freddie Mercury Weekend 2021
250 follower celebration 
Tumblr media
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Clue Prompt Masterlist
Freddy in the Hall with the Machete (predator/prey, against the wall) 🔞
Jesse & Asa in the Bedroom with the Baseball Bat (praise, in front of a mirror) 🔞
Vincent in the Conservatory with the Broadsword (sick/injured, comfort)
The Djinn in the Conservatory with the Baseball Bat (sick/injured, praise)
The Djinn in the Dungeon with the Flamethrower (rough/angry) 🔞
Vincent in the Hall with the Machete (predator/prey) 🔞
Jesse in the Dungeon with the Revolver (rough/angry) 🔞
The Djinn in the Lounge with Scissors (slow/sweet, biting) 🔞
Thomas in the Kitchen with the Revolver (new position) 🔞
Jesse in the Lounge with the Hunting Knife (slow/sweet, first time) 🔞
Bo on the Patio with the Scissors (soulmate AU, biting)
Michael in the Dining Room with the Scissors (biting) 🔞
Brahms in the Bathroom with the Hunting Knife (shower, first time) 🔞
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primeemeraldheiress · 4 months ago
Tag Game Masterlist
Masterlist of Story Sketches from the Tag Game
To make it easier for me to find in the event I want to actually... write anything from it. 
Individual warnings can be found in the individual links.
Tags: accidental baby acquisition, road trip, hurt/comfort, grief
Tag game! This is not how the Force works, Imperial Luke Skywalker, Jedi Anakin Skywalker, Sith Obi-Wan Kenobi, Family Feels
Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, post-betrayal, angst, suffering, and recovery (:
Tag challenge: crossover, DCU/Mandalorian, Baby Yoda/Grogu, Tim Drake/Red Robin, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Damian Wayne/Robin, Dick Grayson/Nightwing, Jason Todd/Red Hood, found family, tooth rotting fluff, Bruce you have a problem and apparently it's contagious, now we know who the true son is
Tag game: Jason Todd Lives,Good father bruce wayne,deaging,hurt/comfort
#angst with a happy ending #canon what canon #modern au #gaslighting
Hi Em! If you're still doing the tag ask game, I'd love to hear what you'd write for "touch-starvation,", "comfort," and "Jason Todd needs a hug." <3<3
no Order 66, fuck Palpatine, hurt/comfort, happy/hopeful ending
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stellaestra · 4 months ago
evening shower’s ribbon [kim seungmin]
evening shower’s ribbon [kim seungmin]
pairing: kim seungmin/mc [reader]
description: side scenario where seungmin came to realistion about his feelings. // drabble 
genre: platonic relationship, slight! pining, the “I suppose I'll love you in quiet, subtle ways. I'm content.” type of love. soulmate au // red string of fate 
author’s note: loosely connected with (my upcoming fic) “i told the stars about you” but can be a stand-alone drabble 
p.s. this cld be taken as both ways? romantic? platonic? take your pick lol
this is majorly just word vomit that came from my brain juice as i try to get my motivation back for writing again hA send help thank u for reading mwah feel free to drop kick me into the sun idk im just vibing n trying not to smack myself in the face whenever i think of my old crush in hs when i wrote just projecting it onto seungmin here LOL im sorry </333
word count: 707 words 
cw: none
unedited // no beta read, we’ll die like men here 
“It’s raining again, Seungmin,” You chuckled lightly, staring outside through the windows of the university’s student lounge room, “I didn’t bring my umbrella, this sucks, guess I’ll die at this place!”
Seungmin rolled his eyes at you, “don’t be so dramatic.” He continued typing on his keyboard while listening to you whine about wanting to eat something cold due to the cold weather, causing him to glance at you with an unimpressed expression.
“You’re going to get sick if you do that,” he pressed his lips into a thin line, watching the way your eyes twinkled with mirth as you sent him a shit-eating grin, wiggling your eyebrows in a teasing way.
“Well, well, well, Kim Seungmin, admit it, you’ll miss me and feel lonely if I was gone a couple of days because I got sick!” You hummed, twirling your finger around. Seungmin sighed for the nth time for the day and most of them were aimed at you and your shenanigans before continuing to slave away on his assignment report that was plastered on his laptop’s screen.
Deciding to finally give up at poking fun at your friend, you chose to stare out of the window and admire how the rain droplets pitter-patter against the glass windows and it reminded you of one of your photography work.
The unintentional candid snapshot of your soulmate in the rain.
A bittersweet smile curled on your lips at the thought of the memory.
Meanwhile, Seungmin spared a glance at you and noticed the faraway look in your eyes as you gazed outside the windows. A knowing glint shone in his dark eyes as he recalled back to a memory where you jokingly mentioned that you were envious of those who had already met their soulmates and live their lives afterwards with a piece of their soulmate with them as they move on.
He was sure he wasn’t your soulmate and you weren’t his either. He was aware of soulmate defects where the universe decided to fuck some people over or there was a glitch in the system where someone wouldn’t be able to have a soulmate to pair themselves with or their soulmate wasn’t theirs and they weren’t destined together and it was a one-sided, unrequited thing.
He was sure that the two of you weren’t a matching pair of soulmates due to the fact that his pinky finger didn’t sense a tugging feeling whenever he was near you. So, why does his heart beat a little faster and his whole demeanour softened whenever you were around to bother him.
He was certain that he wasn’t in love with you. He does love you though as someone dear towards him.
Seungmin liked to think that soulmates were gifted to them by fate as a choice whether or not you were willing to agree to spend the time with them. It was a choice whether others wanted it to be a romantic one or a platonic one too. They were given options and they get to play with their cards on their deck with them.
That was why the red string of fate was tied around the pinky. It was like a careless, fleeting promise. 
He didn’t mind the concept of soulmates but that doesn’t mean he would play by its rules. Therefore, he would continue to gaze at you and admire the way your eyes would lit up at the sight of something that inspired you to create your artworks. The way you would throw a peace sign and sent him a teasing grin after successfully throwing him off his rhythm and pranked him.
For now, he didn’t mind what the two of you had with each other. It was comfortable. He was content with everything. 
That’s why he would continue to love you and cherish you in his own quiet and subtle ways where he would always stay by your side and act as a safety net for you whenever you would fall. 
The second you turned to flashed him that infamous cheeky smile of yours, he snapped out of his daze and his heart skipped a beat.
...Maybe, he was falling. Slowly and uncertainly. 
Perhaps, he was content with whatever he was feeling. He guessed.
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peachpety · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
at the end of september 2020, i decided, on a whim, to self-impose a writing challenge to write 31 days of autumn drarry. and so i did. 
all told, there’s a variety of magical and non-magical, meet-cutes and established relationship autumn-inspired warm and fluffy ficlets, with an occasional mature and the rare explicit morsel in the mix. 
i’m supremely proud of this accomplishment. so, i’m reblogging as an act of kindness to me, myself and i.
the entire collection can be found on AO3, Autumn Drarry Drabbles, or if y’all would rather, each is posted and linked in entirety on my blog beginning with this Day 1 post.
if you’re familiar, bless, and maybe partake again! if not, enjoy! drop me a note and let me know which are your favorites, if you like!
xoxo peach 🍑
master list and individual links below the cut!
PSL, I Love You (non-magical, T, 336)  Day 1
Harry has a love/hate relationship with Pumpkin Spice Latte.
tricks or treats (magical, G, 769)  Day 2
Harry schools Draco in the proper way to sort candy after trick-or-treating.
Can I Tempt You? (non-magical, G, 710) Day 3
Draco is definitely not obsessed by his neighbor raking leaves.
Kiss My Fist (non-magical, T, 1.1k) Day 4
Draco experiences a haunted house against his will and gains a boyfriend for his trouble.
Duty Bound (non-magical, M, 659) Day 5
Draco and Harry are reluctant to get out of bed on a crisp autumn morning.
twitterpated (magical, G, 675) Day 6
Harry's future looks bright at a beach bonfire.
Draco L. Malfoy vs. The Weasley Jumper (magical, T, 1.5k) Day 7
Draco goes head-to-head against The Weasley Jumper.
If You Wish (non-magical, T, 1.2k) Day 8
Harry’s wish on an evening star comes true at the Fair.
I Can See Clearly (magical, T, 656) Day 9
Draco makes a decision walking the Manor grounds on a foggy, fall morning.
apple of my eye (magical, M, 935) Day 10
Professor Potter receives candy apples from an admirer, and Professor Malfoy is not impressed.
Slowly, Gently, Deeply (magical, G, 266) Day 11
Harry loves seeing Draco’s breath in the cold.
Manor House No.7 (non-magical, M, 1.6k) Day 12
Draco is content running a B&B until Harry walks back into his life.
Psycho (magical, T, 819) Day 13
Two boys, crazy about each other, watch a horror film.
Special Recipe (non-magical, T, 1.1k) Day 14
Draco discovers the perfect hot chocolate recipe comes with a side of cute boyfriend.
Certified Grade A (magical, M, 1k) Day 15
Harry goes to great lengths to make Draco his favorite breakfast for their anniversary.
The Legendary House of Gucci (non-magical, M, 693) Day 16
Draco purchases a designer jumper that quite possibly has magical powers.
gold in my pocket (non-magical, G, 285) Day 17
Snapshots of a relationship driving a scenic route.
That Touch of Pink (non-magical, E, 1.3k) Day 18
Harry is tickled pink by Draco's Halloween costume.
Life Imitates Art (magical, T, 1.8k) Day 19
Draco desperately wants to win the annual Hogwarts Pumpkin Carving Contest and ends up with his heart’s desire.
a thousand reflections (non-magical, M, 353) Day 20
Draco catches Harry in a house of mirrors.
You Kill Me (non-magical, T, 1.4k) Day 21
Draco’s car breaks down and a potential murderer comes to his rescue.
Permission Granted (magical, T, 857) Day 22
Draco stops by Harry's flat to pick up Teddy's lovey.
the luck of the draw (non-magical, T, 1k) Day 23
Harry finds a hoodie that brings him luck.
Luxury Tent (non-magical, M, 1.4k) Day 24
Harry and Draco go camping. There was only one tent.
It’s the Great Pumpkin, Harry Potter (magical, T, 1.2k) Day 25
Harry and Draco visit a pumpkin patch to await the arrival of the Great Pumpkin.
flannel is a love language (non-magical, M, 621) Day 26
Harry loves Draco’s style, especially when he wears flannel.
Forces of Attraction (magical, E, 1.1k) Day 27
Harry and Draco get lost together in a corn maze.
hide the path so quietly (magical, G, 297) Day 28
Draco ruminates on a walk with Harry amongst falling leaves.
Some Like it Hot (magical, T, 558) Day 29
Draco likes his chocolate hot and Harry knows how to heat things up.
Green Pastures, Still Waters (magical, T, 493) Day 30
Ancient magic runs deep.
Peace, Love and Sunflowers, Motherf**kers (non-magical, M, 1.1k) Day 31
Harry enlists Draco to be his plus one to show-up his ex at a couples Halloween pub party.
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writingjoycebyers · 5 months ago
Writing Joyce Byers - Masterlist
+inbox open+
(See below gifs)
Click here for an examplatory prompt list. My asks are open for requests, headcanons and @joyce asks!
For an intro/welcome post on how this blog works, click here. Asks about Joyce can be taken from this list. Please feel free to be creative and make up your own asks or prompt, sentence starters or whatever. I'd love to fill prompts based on songs!
This blog is run by an 18+ person, so might be NSFW at some points. I don't write any illegal sexual stuff of course and no non con (mentions or sensitive topics in general are a different thing) . This blog might include serious topics. I don't own anything related to ST or Winona. By interacting with this blog you have confirmed that you‘re an adult, please remember to only send in age appropriate asks.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This masterlist is a work in progress as my requests are still open. It includes ficlets from my old blog aswell!
* = slightly nsfw/mature (don’t interact with those posts if you’re a minor)
**= really nsfw (don’t interact with those posts if you’re a minor)
+= young jopper
Christmas ball preparations +
The new dress +
Dancing nights +*
An injury +*
Because I care +
Jealous Joyce
Horsebackriding +
Is that my shirt?*
Trying to fall asleep*
Teach me how to play+
I want a baby*
He walked by+
Joyce’s 21st birthday (part 1)*+
Joyce’s 21st birthday (part 2)*+
When you’re mad+
Kiss after Kamchatka*
A camping trip (part 1)*+
A camping trip (part 2)+
Hungry Eyes
A late Christmas present*+
The fight (Joyce x El)
Memories of the night before**
Kiss me now+
Not alone
In the daylight**
The knocking sign
Hand in hand (a trip to NY)**
I'll have an eye on her
Evening wear
You're not heavy **
You're safe
You're beautiful+*
Twice in her life+* (longer one shot, no prompt)
The surprise*
Dangerous Mission
Rough hands
Gave you all the best years of my life*+ (longer one shot, no prompt)
Alone at night
Friday Night
The yellow rose+
Friend, old friend*(longer one shot, no prompt)
Jopper and Spooning
Jopper and Kiss frequency*
Jopper and Gifts
Jopper and Being home alone*
Joyce and Having a crush+
Joyce's family
Joyce and three types of kisses*
Jopper and buying an engagement ring
Joyce and what she loves about Hop
Jopper and their date at Enzo's
Joyce's birthday
Asks for Joyce
On Hopper hiding El
On Valentine's Day
Back and Forth in Time (my Multichapter Jopper fic from 2020)
Prologue: Worry
To be continued!
ficlets and headcanons whenever I come here from the real life side of things! I’m always happy about constructive feedback or suggestions on my writing and PLEASE SHARE <3
xx writingjoycebyers!
Tumblr media
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tearsofgrace · 5 months ago
december destiel masterlist
hi friends :) i did destiel december  hosted by @jellydeans and @galaxycastiel [thanks to them for doing an amazing job !!!!]
as always, fics that are purely happy are bolded (don’t judge me, 6/15 ain’t bad)
day 1: fireplace (400, angst, happy ending, established)
day 2: decorating (700, fluff, cute, established, outside) 
day 3: presents (1k, angst, mixtape, mcd)
day 4: sledding (2.1k, pure fluff, younger winchesters, first kiss) 
day 5: shopping (1.1k, panic attacks, angst, mcd, dean centric)
day 6: angel (700, fluff, cute, angel grace, human!cas) 
day 7: peppermint (900, drunk dean, angst, sad things, saileen)
day 8: blizzard (700, angst, suicidal dean, outside)
day 9: family (500, minor angst, hopeful, good ending)
day 10: mistletoe (1k, eyeliner!dean, established, tfw and friends)
day 11: holiday movies (900, angst, suicidal thoughts)
day 12: cookies (600, fluff, baking together, cute deancas) 
day 13: ornaments (800, lots of triggers pls read them, angst) 
day 14: hot cocoa (1.5k, hurt/comfort, i’m happy with this one)
day 15: lights (1k, mild hurt/comfort, star gazing, fluff, grace) 
tag list below, ask to be added or removed
@starlightcastiel @chaoticdean @larryforeveralways @dreamnovak @heller-jensen @tlakhtwritesdestiel @wanderingcas @prayedtoyou @good-things-do-happen-dean @jayus-fandom-writer 
@dean-you-assbutt-cas-loves-you @jorian-is-my-new-obsession @starrynightdeancas @radiantdean @piemaker-from-gallifrey @on-a-bender @eshaninjer @trasherasswood @dreadful-delight @feraladoration 
@trenchcas @contemplativepancakes @misha-moose-dean-burger-lover @thefourthheadofcerberus @seffersonjtarship @randomblabbling @craftywitchywoman  @adsp-destielcockles @tehmanda @castielscrookedtrenchcoat 
@queen-rowenas @expectingtofly @that-one-fandom-chick @mishas-blog-url @destielle @charmedbycastiel @cursed-or-not @faithcastiel @internetintroverts @tasersloth 
@dea-stiel @lulu-zodiac @my-favourite-hellatus @footstepsontherun @withclawsandsympathy @nguyenxtrang @marichankitty @celestialcastiel @goblinwritergay @deancasology 
@cassgetoutofmyass0907 @destielskygalaxypalace @anelitefangirl @destiel-bitches @ciniluv @fandomstuff67 @fortiusnitius @equator-juice @bluefirecas @wigglebox 
@theangelwiththewormstache @nerd7 @avocados-and-watermelon @darling-angel-mine @lilimissboom
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justaloadofgarbage · 5 months ago
Countdown to Christmas #23
Day #23 “Christmas Shopping part 2”
It was so hard, figuring out things monsters would appreciate
This was one, of the many many things she did not miss in her self imposed exile, the expectations and consequent frustrations of finding gifts for those she cared about
Receiving gifts was a struggle in and of itself though, trying to muster the appropriate reaction even if you didn't really like the gift all that much, just so that they didn't feel hurt or underappreciated 
It was exhausting
One thing that was good in the Ruins, was that, even if the walls were falling down around her, and there was always a little bit of purple dust that had to be swept away, was the isolation. Don't get her wrong! The boredom was crushing sometimes, but it was freeing in a way, having no one around who would care if you belted out to the songs in your mind and told jokes to a door
But she would really rather not be anywhere but here, watching her child, monster kind’s savior bounce around from store to store like an easily distracted bee, always smiling, always so curious about the world around them
She might not be ready for the expectations that came from being around people, but she was willing to try
And that had to be enough
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angelsfalling16 · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
A masterlist of all the Christmas ficlets I'm writing so that they're a little easier to find🎄🎄
the link to the series on ao3
Better Than a Movie
“I thought we weren’t doing presents.”
Simon and Baz are enjoying a quiet evening on Christmas Eve when Baz surprises Simon with a small gift.
1428 words
Sharp Objects and Soft Kisses
Prompt: “No offense meant, but I don’t trust you to carve the turkey.”
497 words
Fun with Frosting
Prompt: “I feel like there’s more frosting on you than the gingerbread.”
792 words
Playlist Confessions
Prompt: “You made me a Christmas playlist, but it’s just Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas is you.’ I can’t tell if you’re hitting on me or if it’s just a joke.”
1382 words
The Ugly Christmas Sweater
Prompt: “How much for the ugly Christmas sweater?”
1270 words
Magic and Mistletoe
Prompt: “Person A tries to get their friends to kiss under the mistletoe, and they completely forget about their crush on Person B until they both end up under the mistletoe.”
877 words
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bijoharvelle · 6 months ago
season 15 codas/fix-its
most of these are brief ficlets contained on tumblr (other than miracles happen) all of them are destiel, aside from the 15.19 midam ficlet, which does contain a shade of destiel, if you squint. thanks for reading!
15.18 coda ficlet - cas comes back to dean 
15.18 coda - what didn’t happen, and then what did
15.19 coda - dean carves cas’s name in the table 
“grace like rain” - cas talks to jack through the rain
“miracles happen” - dean takes miracle to a local vet
15.19 midam fix-it (sort of) - michael is in the plan. the aftermath
15.20 fix-it/coda - cas meets dean in heaven 
15.20 inset - dean prays to cas
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quirkysubject · 7 months ago
Letter + Pairing Blurbs & Ficlets
I received a lot of requests for the Letter + Pairing meme (Thank you 😊💖) and some of them are turning into mini-ficlets, so I’m collecting them all here.
Drunken Love Confession
Fake Dating
Next Door Neighbors
The One That Got Away
Zero Chill Around Each Other
Marriage of Convenience
Growing Old
“Just Friends”
Opposites Attract
Unrequited Love, Eventually Returned
Marriage of Convenience
Unrequited Love, Eventually Returned
Years of Friendship First
Opposites Attract
Years of Friendship First
(If anyone wants to take these and turn them into proper fics, you have my blessing!)
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