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#ff pretzel
redwineisredfine · a day ago
Give me Canelé and Pretzel arguing over how they should be using their food soul influence in the church. Give me the saint vs human debate.
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redwineisredfine · 5 days ago
I have no idea what’s going on in the current story event right now, I just want more canon Gingerbread(and Pretzel)development. Trying to make my interpretations of Gingy as canon-friendly as possible but I’m not getting much source material that actually characterizes her(outside of Wonderland, which I never really cared for since it’s not really the food souls we know them as in Tierra. Steak’s skin event was something but compared to the lore treatment he and Red get in their event cameos it’s not all that much) in Global or NJ :/ wish we could get those scroll story things with the 2D Live sprites like what the Chinese server has but it’s doubtful
Gingerbread plays an important part in Red Wine and Steak's lives but it's never touched on much other than how they interact. She went from being a person they took in to being a friend. There is a huge gap that needs to be filled with adventures between the three rather than Steak and Red Wine with Gingerbread as a side character.
Pretzel is dragging me down right now because he has unexplained connections. What did he do with Red Wine? Tell me more about who he killed. Give me more details with Bloody Mary.
Adding in new food souls is fun but some backstory should be added to the already existing characters in some of these events.
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redwineisredfine · a month ago
Pretzel is described as someone who goes to extremes in his bio. He may be trying to walk a path of repentance for past regrets, but he isn’t above killing again if he deems it necessary
I believe Pretzel could end Bloody Mary if he wasn’t needed alive for game purposes. He has reasons to do so and his moral compass is skewed. Wanting to be a good person along with not wanting to be a hypocrite are what’s holding him back from extreme violence. Although I do imagine he’s not above using someone, specifically Red Wine, to do the dirty work for him.
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redwineisredfine · a month ago
Thoughts on Pretzel with a shotgun? Every time I think about him those skits with the crusader father about to shoot his heretic son with one resurface from my memories.
Pretzel with a shotgun would look right to me. If I had to give him a gun, I would go with a shotgun. It would be much less personal of an attack that way. Although he seems like he would wear to show authority rather than for attack.
He’d have a much easier time with Bloody Mary that way.
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redwineisredfine · 2 months ago
Isn’t Pretzel’s fondness story about a journey to redemption? What if him getting that man executed wasn’t the only thing he had done?
I’m not sure. I haven’t read that one. I would easily believe he had done worse in his past. Simply because of his food soul natural instincts.
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redwineisredfine · 2 months ago
On one hand I want Pretzel to have a nice backstory where he was as good as he could possibly be but on the other hand I want him to have a shady past with Red Wine.
I firmly believe Red Wine received his Judgementor outfit from Pretzel.
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redwineisredfine · 2 months ago
I just think Pretzel would be a neat dad. He probably takes in kids who were rescued from abusive homes or trafficking systems and helps them heal
Pretzel wants to see good and only do good. He’s one of the few food souls that chose to be in and stay in a human element to help people. (And acted human unlike Canele) He’d be the best, or at least try to be the best, dad possible.
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stardomyx · 2 months ago
Perhaps Gingerbread and/or Pretzel? 🥺👉👈
Not as a ship ofc, I just like them both a lot
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
O lord she comin’.
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redwineisredfine · 3 months ago
What if
What if what if what if
But Doomguy
Pretzel is the novel version of Doomguy because he’s Catholic and has a strong belief in God.
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ohlookasneklady · 3 months ago
I'm a sucker for rarepairs so drop them down owo
HO BOY are you in for a treat! Like 90% of my ships are rarepairs lmao, here you go:
ColaJello/Pop Rocks- Cola x Jello, indie rock singer meets pop idol and decides to collab
Prenele- Pretzel x Canele, two holy (wo)men and a somewhat forbidden love
YoBeer- Yoghurt x Beer, aka the best grandparents in the world
Sanshi- Sanma x Sushi, teacher admires an older sister who’s taken the role of a mother to her little brother for her dedication
FoieDuck- Foie Gras x Peking Duck, bird parents and a complementing color scheme(blue and orange with tints of silver and wood, fire and ice dynamic)
TeaVodk- Black Tea x Vodka, two tops who are incredibly skilled and pretty
CassaGinger- Cassata x Gingerbread, traumatized protectors find friendship through pain
Oh, and let’s not forget:
GingerWine- Gingerbread x Red Wine, comfort ship, personal fandom catalyst, more rare than it should be really, also these two already have a really strong bond and they have great fashion tastes while roasting you for being a barbaric plebeian and they have similar traumas and *gets shot*
Anyway I like thinking a lot of these as romantic but my AroAce ass also sees them as strong platonic bonds 🥰 I have edits of a couple of these ships too
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foodfantasyimagines · 3 months ago
I feel like Pretzel would have to be *very* close to somebody before he'd even *consider* sleeping with them. Doing so would probably be a really big deal to him.
Oh yeah definitely, he wouldn’t even sleep with MA until a few years of knowing them. I don’t know if it’s canon, food souls marrying humans or getting married in general, but I feel like they can’t get married. Like they can have romantic and sexual relationships with humans but they can’t get married (this kinda makes since do to the fact that FS are like immortal and all so they can’t die and it would like be kinda messed up if they where allowed to marry humans, I feel like they could get corrupted after losing a lover. If you get my drift.
P.s. I’m having some writers block so if anyone wants to send me any confessions or just ask me any personal questions on me and FF feel free to.
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redwineisredfine · 3 months ago
Also consider: Chibi Pretzel
Chibi Pretzel begrudgingly gives in as he knows it’s very inappropriate. He tries his best to lean on only the shirt, only to be pushed back after nearly falling out.
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redwineisredfine · 4 months ago
Pretzel is the Patron Saint of rock hard abs. Pray through him and you will spontaneously become twice as buff as you were before.
This is how Red Wine became so strong without any sweating.
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redwineisredfine · 5 months ago
Calm PTA dad: Pretzel
Chaotic PTA dad: Spaghetti
Drunk PTA dad: Red Wine
Calm PTA mom: Yogurt
Chaotic PTA mom: Turducken
Drunk PTA mom: Vodka
Children: Rice, Turkey, Double Scoop, Cold Rice Shrimp, Apple Pie, Jiuniang
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ff-whatever · 6 months ago
Weisswurst and Pretzel are totally autistic, change my mind.
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redwineisredfine · 7 months ago
Consider this:
One Punch Pretzel
Even better:
Falcon One Punch Pretzel
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redwineisredfine · 7 months ago
Pretzel could eat Boston Lobster’s claws with the shells on without chipping a tooth and nothing could be done about it. Mans has a jaw of steel
Pretzel is almighty and invincible. He could bite them right off Boston Lobster’s back without even trying.
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foodfantasyyandere · 8 months ago
Pretzel gives off top energy and he probably has a discipline kink(giving, of course, I personally don’t think he’s that much of a masochist), but at the same time he’s a priest so he also gives off virgin energy
Pretzel gives off total dom energy to me, this man could order me to get on my knees and kiss his boots and I'd do it. Also I agree, he's more of a sadist than a masochist
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