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deedeepeng · 36 minutes ago
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#stopslutcalls #stopslut #stopslutshame #stopslutshaming #stopcatcalling #stopviolence #stopgenderviolence #feminism #feminist #feminismus #feminists #selfdetermination #mybodymychoice #feministmovement #womenrights #womenempowerment #womenhelpingwomen #womenforwomen #womensupportingwomen #frauenpower #frauenrechte #girlpower #girlsrights #equality #equalrights #stopgaslighting #stopsexism #equalpayforequalwork
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tonguebreaks · 48 minutes ago
people on this site are so weird? i made that post which is like two lines long yesterday when i was day drinking lmao i wasn’t writing a magnum opus that i wanted to share with the world
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julieheiland · an hour ago
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Vor 150 Jahren wurde Paragraph 218 ins Reichsstrafgesetzbuch aufgenommen. Bis heute gilt ein Schwangerschaftsabbruch in Deutschland als Straftat. In mehreren Städten findet aus diesem Grund heute ein Aktionstag für das Recht auf sexuelle Selbstbestimmung statt.
Am 15. Mai 1871 wurden im Zuge der Gründung des Deutschen Reichs die Bestimmungen zum Schwangerschaftsabbruch im ersten Reichsstrafgesetzbuch verabschiedet. Darunter Paragraph 218, der damals bei einer Abtreibung eine Zuchthausstrafe von bis zu fünf Jahren vorsah. In der Praxis bedeutete dies jedoch nicht weniger Abtreibungen, sondern eine Verlagerung von Schwangerschaftsabbrüchen durch Ärzte zu Schwangerschaftsabbrüchen durch Ungeschulte unter problematischen hygienischen Bedingungen, die nicht selten zum Tod der abtreibenden Frau führten.
Bis in die 1970er Jahre galt in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland das strenge Abtreibungsverbot des Kaiserreichs. Nur in wenigen medizinischen Ausnahmefällen waren damals Schwangerschaftsabbrüche erlaubt. Erst als 1971 über 300 Frauen im Stern öffentlich bekannten, dass sie abgetrieben haben, nahm die gesellschaftliche Diskussion Fahrt auf und erreichte die Politik. 1974 sprach sich der Deutsche Bundestag mit den Stimmen der sozialliberalen Koalition unter Willy Brandt für eine Reform von Paragraph 218 aus: die sogenannte Fristenlösung. Sie erlaubte in den ersten drei Schwangerschaftsmonaten eine Abtreibung ohne Angabe von Gründen. Doch das umgehend von Kirchen und Konservativen angerufene Bundesverfassungsgericht stoppte die Gesetzesreform.
Statt der Fristenlösung trat so 1976 die sogenannte Indikationslösung in Kraft. Sie sah die Straffreiheit für Abtreibungen nur dann vor, wenn bestimmte Voraussetzungen vorlagen, wie zum Beispiel eine Schwangerschaft durch Vergewaltigung.
Erst mit der Wiedervereinigung rückte die Fristenlösung – und damit die Entscheidungsfreiheit der Frau – erneut in den Fokus der Politik. Denn in der DDR galt sie schon lange. Der Deutsche Bundestag versuchte deshalb, die Fristenlösung für Gesamtdeutschland einzuführen, scheiterte 1993 jedoch erneut am Bundesverfassungsgericht. So ist der Schwangerschaftsabbruch in Deutschland bis heute rechtswidrig. Er bleibt jedoch straffrei, wenn die Abtreibung innerhalb der ersten zwölf Schwangerschaftswochen nach einer verpflichtenden Beratung durchgeführt wird. Zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt ist sie nur möglich, wenn bestimmte schwerwiegende Indikationen vorliegen, wie beispielsweise eine Behinderung des Fötus. Doch selbst solche strengen Regeln wollen religiös fundamentalistische Abtreibungsgegner in Europa und der Welt abschaffen. Teilweise ist ihnen das bereits gelungen.
Der Kampf gegen das Verbot von Abtreibungen und für das Recht auf reproduktive und sexuelle Selbstbestimmung war und ist ein zentraler Aspekt aller Wellen der Frauenbewegung.
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misa-ndry · an hour ago
when i get a notification on tumblr
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when i open it and it’s from my main blog and not terf sideblogs
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radicalcomrade · 2 hours ago
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All your favourite Marxists were “SWERFs” and it would’ve been pretty fucked up if they weren’t against prostitution.
My favourite quote here is from Alexandra Kollontai:
“Prostitution destroys the equality, solidarity and comradeship of the two halves of the working class. A man who buys the favours of a woman does not see her as a comrade or as a person with equal rights...The contempt he has for the prostitute, whose favours he has bought, affects his attitude to all women.”
This exactly why I’m so put off by the majority of leftist spaces I come across. I can’t be around all these pornsick men who have absolutely no interest in the safety and emancipation of women and are determined to defend sex work above all else. They are incredibly misogynistic and make no effort to hide it.
I’ve mentioned before how disgusted I was when I came across the explicitly obscene things leftist men were saying about Abby Shapiro online. That’s one of the key moments I had which let me truly see how these men were not vastly different from the men on the right who they see as their political components. They may differ in the politics, but not in the way that they view women. At the time, I was still on my old Twitter account and had to unfollow so many guys who were participating in that shit. Also, it felt like every other week a leftist dude got exposed for some form of sexual harassment.
I’m so grateful I discovered radical feminism because I was really starting to feel isolated in leftist spaces. Along with gender ideology and anyone who merely “identified” as a woman suddenly being more oppressed than women themselves, I was growing increasingly fed up by the complete disregard I saw towards women.
Any space that is openly run by “sex-positive” men, dominated by liberal feminism and lacks any critical analysis in these areas is anything but revolutionary. Knowing what I know now about sexism and what I had chosen to ignore as a lib fem leftist, I simply can’t go back. The issues that women face are too prolific to ignore. I still recognise the inequalities of capitalism, but patriarchy precedes it and remains a threat so long as there are men around. We could have some sort of revolution, but what good would it do for women if we were still oppressed by the end of it?
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brett-caton · 2 hours ago
Just because it is true doesn’t mean you are allowed to say it.
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hyenashavetherightidea · 3 hours ago
Men really think all religious women will make good wives... dude, I am not your “ideal Christian housewife”. The only man in my life is Jesus Christ.
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beadwork-stories · 3 hours ago
Ivča a Jana z Mlsného pecivála, kde jsem se ukryla před odpoledním středečním deštěm
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monid22 · 3 hours ago
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Incredible Floral Print Cocktail Party Pencil Dress Deals
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sylvia-de-silva · 3 hours ago
Dear Eldest Daughters
I cannot help but wonder
who taught us
that to ask for something
we must first be
I cannot help but wonder
Who breathed life to our clay
To live to serve
To serve to live
Till the day we return to earth
And our bones
feed the living.
I cannot help but wonder
which God made a sack
of our hearts, strong enough
to carry the lives
of everyone we ever loved.
Whether we are child
or with child,
young or old,
abled or ill,
Age is just another whip;
no poor beast could
learn our trick
of balancing
a world on our heads
and one on our hips.
I cannot help but wonder
If a mule ever dreams
of being a horse
wild in the wind.
Or if the saddle bags
breaking its back
reassures it that
they have somewhere
to call home.
I cannot help but wonder
What happens when
we are no longer daughters,
nor wives, nor sisters
When we have no children
or children's children.
What is a pack mule
without a bridle?
Is it free
or is it abandoned?
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empresscaress · 4 hours ago
Gender Non-conformance Being The Same As A Woman's Natural State Isn't a Coincidence
I saw a few women talking about how unfair it is that, for women, being gnc is really just existing in your natural state. And it is unfair. You shouldn't have to change your natural state just to perform femininity when being more feminine is so closely connected with your social status as a woman.
But I feel that addressing it like this is just beating around the bush. If tomorrow, being natural and comfortable like men are was considered gender conforming, what would feminine mean anymore? What would be the point of gender at all? Think about it on the flip side for a second, what this implies about conforming to gender.
Gender conforming for a man is being comfortable, natural, confident, strong, self reliant, and in control. All things any human being would naturally want to have. A gender conforming man is a man in an ideal state for his own happiness. Gender conforming for a woman on the other hand is being proper, beautiful, weak, self sacrificing, and submissive. A gender conforming woman is a woman in an ideal state for making a man happy, without resistance, at her own expense.
Being gender nonconforming means being natural because the oppression of gender itself is unnatural. It is artificial and forced upon us to control us, make us easier to use and own as property. The answer to that isn't to make our natural state count as feminine because that's impossible. Women aren't naturally submissive or inclined to act like property. It can't happen without destroying gender itself. Without that subjugation, gender loses its meaning. The subjugation of women by men is all gender ever was.
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mlfeminist · 4 hours ago
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Today you are "terf".
Five years ago you were a "feminazi".
Twenty years ago you were "crazy."
At the beginning of the century you were a "hysterical".
And just a few decades ago a little more ago you would have been singled out as a "witch."
Times change, hatred towards women is eternal.
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treemaidengeek · 5 hours ago
Watch "Historical Costume vs Catcalling : Feminist fashion trends men hated" on YouTube
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anguishhb · 5 hours ago
feminist and misandrist are NOT one and the same thing....
and if you think they are, you're part of the problem.
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