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Doch ernstlich gesprochen, Natalie, so bleibt es doch eine richtige Bemerkung, daß in dem Benehmen der Männer gegen uns, im Allgemeinen, ein mächtiges Hinderniß zu unserer wahren Vervollkommnung liegt. […] Sie vergessen, daß das weibliche Geschlecht weit größere Verdienste haben könnte und haben müßte […]. Mit einer gesunden immer regen Urtheilskraft, mit einem gebildeten Verstande und einer daraus entspringenden richtigen Schätzung der Dinge ausgerüstet, kann unmöglich das harmonische Ganze eines jungen Frauenzimmers durch ihre eigne Talente gestört werden.
Nina d’Aubigny von Engelbrunner. Briefe an Natalie über den Gesang, Leipzig 1803
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swenply · 10 hours ago
Tengo problemas con el amor propio y las personas mayores. ¿Han leído el lobo estepario de Hermann Hesse? es un buen libro a decir verdad; amo la parte en la que tiene relaciones sexuales con maría pero no hace de menos su satisfacción y emociones por el hecho de ser una prostituta; al fin y al cabo igual es un humano.
Falto describir a un tipo de mujeres y son aquellas que a pesar de ser madres, mantener un trabajo de oficina o estudiar siendo foráneas; estas sienten un tipo de soledad y poca satisfacción por las personas mayores. No trato de ser tomada como esas chicas hablando de tener un sugar daddy con un físico sacado de un fanfic.
Esas mujeres que si bien aman todo y viven una vida cómoda, quieren compañía o un poco de afecto ; se conforman con caricias y palabras de solo una noche, aceptan los fríos sentimientos de otra persona que no quiere sentirse sola.
Amo el léxico tan correcto que una persona mayor puede tener;una versión diferente de lo que implica tener una vida adulta y sus ojeras o rostros cansados; amo que olviden que es ser joven para yo poder ser interesante en alguien.
Soy un ser humano joven con estudios y poca satisfacción e interés por las personas de mí edad; que le gusta caminar tambaleando mis caderas en un vestido brillante por algún rincón seguro para buscar a un hombre desliñado que en vez de buscar sexo quiera sentarse a charlar por horas en una cama de hotel.
Recuerdo que esto es latinoamerica y me tengo que conformar con quedarme en casa antes de ser violada.
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happyturtlewhispers · 22 hours ago
she bit the appel
she opened the box
she wore a crop top
he tricked her
they created her
he couldn't control himself
it's our fault no longer
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why is abortion a feminist issue? It's not even about women. Just people who get pregnant.
Feminism isn’t just about women. It’s about equality for all genders. That includes anyone who is afab and might need an abortion even if they don’t identify as a woman.
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I’m really annoyed with jeans from the women’s section in stores. The pockets are either too small or they are fake but in the men’s section you can fit an entire water bottle in one of the pockets. Women’s jeans also cost the same but aren’t as durable. And most stores don’t carry sizes that the majority of women wear and the ones they do have there is not a lot of options. It’s just really aggravating
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insanefem · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
"upkeep" talking like we were cars or something
when women realize they DON'T have to do this we will be free
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I hate it that adults make excuses for boys when they’re teasing or bullying girls. Girls are told that it’s because the boy likes them which is not okay because they grow up thinking that it’s normal for guys to be asses to them. I’ve been told that “he probably just likes you” by my mom and teachers and I hate that people view it as normal
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It really makes me mad when girls are told “wouldn’t you rather be pretty” when they want to wear something that doesn’t match society’s view of femininity or when young girls say they don’t want to get married or have kids and adults just are just like “you say that now” and “you’ll change your mind when you’re older” or when they’re told to act more lady like. Let little girls express themselves and have their own opinions
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“Feminism is not a dirty word
It does not mean you hate men
It does not mean you hate girls
That have nice legs and a tan
And it does not mean you are a
Bitch or a dyke, it means that
You believe in equality”
- Kate Nash
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logophilic-ishi · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Read it louder for ppl in the back
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youwithmeonthis-right · 7 days ago
It's not woman anymore, it's woman [woooo-man] now
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caanelitaa · 8 days ago
Por favor mujeres, no hagan esto.
"Inventar que fueron acosadas o violentadas por hombres para sacar provecho de ello o arruinarles la vida."
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Here are some bands that not enough people talk about
Emily’s Sassy Lime
Trash Kit
Big Joanie
X-Ray Spex
Nova Twins
Skinny Girl Diet
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marvelmadames · 8 days ago
Welcome back, Sharon Carter.
We last saw Sharon, a.k.a. Agent 13, in Captain America: Civil War, where she was sacrificed to further the arcs of three men, namely Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, and Bucky Barnes. 
Hmm, this sounds familiar. Where have we seen this trope before? 
Oh, right. Everywhere. 
Dana Scully going one episode of The X-Files without being humiliated, kidnapped, or probed? Perish the thought.
Supernatural having a plotline that doesn’t involve a murdered woman? Don’t hold your breath if you’re new to the show. 
And shows constantly killing female characters to give men more motivation? We’re lookin’ at you, Arrow.
But TFATWS has given us hope. Head writer Malcolm Spellman & director Kari Skogland have called out Marvel for its past sins against women, and they seem poised to right those wrongs not only with Sharon Carter, but with Karli Morgenthau, Ayo, and even Sarah Wilson. 
Let’s hope they don’t fuck it up. 
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