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#female problems
jackedspicer · 17 hours ago
Also just wondering but who do you like the least? If you do have a least favourite
hmmm there arent characters i dislike from fire emblem awakening but there are characters i have problems with. off the top of my head:
- miriel. i like the concept of her but shes so lacking in personality, pairing her with anybody feels like a sacrifice to that character. i like her otherwise but shes so robotic to the point where it's impossible to get into her at all
- nowi. i LOVE nowi but i dont like how she was handled AT ALL. she looks and acts like a kid... but shes a few hundred years old so its OKAY SOMEHOW to pair her with an adult?!?! it's an insult to any character you pair her with romantically. and shes in that creepy outfit. itd be fine if she couldnt have romantic supports with anyone and if she had a different canon outfit (i changed her to a wyvern rider so she'd have armor instead). but it's so obviously creepy. otherwise shes funny and i like her just fine
- cordelia. another character who is great in theory but lacking in execution. you have this setup for a really interesting character: being a workaholic prodigy who still feels like shes not good enough, survivor's guilt... but all she talks about is her crush on chrom. i keep thinking that she could have common ground with lonqu because they both have watched people close to them die, but that wasnt discussed at all. once again, i like her otherwise
- most of the female character designs in general argghhh i know it's just anime chess. so i really cant get too into this problem i have. but most of the girls feel like weird fantasy accessories, how they have sameface and always have impractical parts of their body exposed. sometimes it's classy but it usually just pisses me off
thats about it. i ended up just getting into pet peeves because it's hard for me to seriously dislike a character. i think it's a wonderful game with some incredibly well written characters but i'll always have my things that bug me
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allweareweare · a day ago
With the shallowness of the pockets on women's clothing, sometimes I'll safety pin things to the inside of my pocket so I no longer have to worry about losing them. I'd prefer to just have deeper pockets.
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livingwitch · a day ago
Can sommeone who’s genderfluid help me? Ever since i’ve cut my hair i feel dysphoric but can’t indentify as male cuz it sends me in a panic attack and now i can’t go back to seeing myself as female.
Is that i have been questioning how i never tought about my gender much,i always have been comfortable as female but not always completely. i think i never questioned much because i never had the oppurtinity.
Yesterday i felt so manly and today i can’t stand the tought.
 But then i trieed to picture myself as non binary and IT WORKED i mean i still feel like a girl but since then, not completely ,being non binary helped. But i still see myself as a boy (masculine). can i be non-binary and still be a girl,or can i be genderfluid whitout being a boy?
Am i just confused or am i genderfluid and too scared to embrace my male identity and left my female one???
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sylvia-de-silva · a day ago
Dear Eldest Daughters
I cannot help but wonder
who taught us
that to ask for anything
we must first be
I cannot help but wonder
Who breathed life to our clay
To live to serve
To serve to live
Till the day we return to earth
and our bones
feed the living.
I cannot help but wonder
which God made a sack
of our hearts, strong enough
to carry the lives
of everyone we ever loved.
Whether we be child
or with child,
young or old,
abled or ill.
Age is just another whip;
no poor beast could
learn our trick
of balancing
a world on our heads
and one on our hips.
I cannot help but wonder
If a mule ever dreams
of being a horse
wild in the wind.
Or if the saddle bags
breaking its back
reassures it that
it has somewhere
to call home.
I cannot help but wonder
What happens when
we are no longer daughters,
nor wives, nor sisters
When we have no children
or children's children.
What is a pack mule
without a bridle?
Is it free
or is it abandoned?
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jeanne-de-valois · a day ago
Hot Girl Cas’s actress is 5’6”. This is irrelevant because her being taller would provoke Emotions in Dean. She’s also got triple pierced ears, which is fun.
In Jeanne de Valois’s Supernatural, Hot Girl Castiel is 6′5″
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study-of-chaos · a day ago
I was just about to write a self-deprecating, sarcastic post about my productivity today. But you know what? FUCK PRODUCTIVITY!!!! My worth and value as a person IS NOT AND SHOULD NOT BE MEASURED WITH WHAT I CAN PRODUCE. Why does fuck my self-esteem should also shift around that? 🙄
And I blame it on, this sorts of out of control neo-capitalism for giving everyone this fucked up mentality.
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When your maladaptive daydreams becomes so complex and detailed that you turn them into fanfiction, expanding your daydreaming even more; but then you get lazy because you actually have to write instead of just daydream.
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one-pissed-off-child · 3 days ago
The fact that white incels are so quick to scream about false accusations in any conversation about sexual assault but will never talk about how black men are much more likely to be falsely accused than white men is laughable predictable
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ohnomyedge · 4 days ago
The people who write gender-neutral reader insert fanfictions are the real mvps
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muzzledog · 4 days ago
we will never get a female superhero movie that doesn’t crowbar in gender politics 
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kennapotterblack · 5 days ago
INTJ: *talking about what happens when there is a plan going on* well because in general who freak out is INTP...
INTP: I normally am the most calm and relaxed.
INTP: I mean now I am.
INTJ: I admit last two years I lost my shit and freaked out.
INTP: I noticed.
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tlaquetzqui · 5 days ago
So a piece of “writing advice” I came across was to have your character want something, and then, right when it seems they’re about to get it, yank it away.
Which…what? “Haha, it looked like things were leading up to a satisfying payoff but they didn’t, I’m so brilliant for subverting your expectations!”
That’s just asking the reader to fantasize about eviscerating you. Like that as you stand there with your chitlins uncoiling onto the ground, you hear them, with the part of your awareness that’s not too busy dying, say, “Haha, it looked like you were going to make it to tomorrow with your innards on the inside, but you didn’t, I’m so brilliant for subverting your expectations!”
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the99thfanboy · 6 days ago
I searched for crosshair x reader and found a plethora.
I searched for crosshair x male reader and found three. All of them were written by me.
...come on guys.
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unstableunstraight · 7 days ago
I just want a binder I never asked for these sacks of yellow fat gelatin 😭😭
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thatsprettylane · 7 days ago
any god that puts your anus right next to your urethra is a god that wants to take you down
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celestialthiccy · 8 days ago
💕This is a PSA for thinner friends, don't be offering to lend us cute clothes from your wardrobe unless you be sizing UP like Billie Eilish!💕
🌌Same goes for significant others🌌
If you wanna see me in your hoodie,
Go for the XXL, at least I'll have a fighting chance 😩
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study-of-chaos · 8 days ago
Books to help you deal with life when you have ADHD (totally not free 👀)
Delivered from distraction
The queen of distraction
The ADHD Advantage
Smart but stuck
Tumblr media
Driven to distraction
Driven to distraction at work
Smart but scattered
Finish what you start
Tumblr media
The Mindfulness Prescription for Adult ADHD
Organizing Solutions for people with ADHD
Self-regulation & Mindfulness
Tumblr media
ADHD: A guide to understanding
The disorganized mind
Overcoming distractions
Coaching college students with executive problems
Tumblr media
Learning outside the Lines
Faster than normal
ADHD 2.0: New Science
Thriving with Adult ADHD
Tumblr media
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I weep in sorrow as I watch my nation fall,
Once so proud, so tall, we seemed above it all.
We fight ourselves, building walls of hate between us all.
Never a helping hand or even a bit of empathy for anyone, not ever, not at all.
We seem to have forgotten that we all bleed red, we all have a heart beating in our chests.
It appears our leaders have forgotten their people.
We were a nation of opportunity and freedom.
When did we lose those? Opportunity and freedom, the very foundation of our goddam nation.
No longer a shining beckon atop the hill, if we ever were.
Now we just sit here on our walls as they crumble and fall wishing we could do anything. Anything to make the ache stop.
No, I refuse. This is not it. This is not the end.
We can change.
We will change.
We are changing.
We will smash those walls down with our determination and heart.
With our compassion and hope.
We will fight until that light is lit, burning bright for everyone.
It appears as though our leaders have forgotten us, let’s remind them, shall we?
Tumblr media
I wrote this a few years ago during the trump administration. Thought I’d share because things seem to be looking up, at least in some cases.
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