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hclyblood · 28 minutes ago
Tumblr media
@markedwrath​​ sent: * mark . because laurel will leave a hickey so fast ...
Tumblr media
✝ — THE RIVER RUNS THROUGH THE COUNTY IN A WINDING PATH, requiring frequent crossings. It could widen enough to need a bridge, but on foot, there were plenty of places to hop across on rocks and shallow sand bars. They’ve rested by the side of such a pass, the sun at it’s highest and a battle behind them. Thankfully, neither of them were hurt too badly, though Laurel cleans blood off her face that isn’t her own. Save for asking each other if there’s any major injuries, they hadn’t gotten the chance to talk much.
He has his arms balanced on his knees, watching Laurel kneel by the river. The songbirds are singing, but he’s a little DISTRACTED, biting his lip as it twitches up into a smirk. He scoots a bit closer, shifting his leg and lightly pushing Laurel forward, knocking her into the river with her sharp exhale of surprise heard immediately beforehand.
Chuckling as she breaks the shallow surface, he stands up, “I’m sorry, I needed to break the silence it was driving me crazy -” he’s holding out his hand to help her, only for his entire arm to be seized, yanked forward so he, too, falls into the river. He comes up for air, sitting up in the shallows and her laughter ringing through the trees. She splashes him, and he splashes back, devolving into a childish game of chasing one another through the rocks and water.
At a point, he’s tackled, landing back in the shallows. Her lips are at his neck before his reach her lips, and he simply drops back with a sigh. They both relax, and he feels her teeth sink likely into his skin, then the lobe of his ear, her whisper like a summer breeze.
“Very funny,” she breaths in jest.
“I know I am.” he breaths back.
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that-1-3mo · 41 minutes ago
Tag three bands/artists your oc listens to
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guccimedusa · 12 hours ago
everything i’ve accomplished in this game has been out of pure accident or luck
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guccimedusa · 12 hours ago
me going after that judge cougar and it turning into a pack of turkeys and sharky setting everything on fire and the fire spreading to where i parked the helicopter and the helicopter exploding and killing grace dlfjkdklj
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guccimedusa · 12 hours ago
the Seed family: quoting bible verses to me through the comms and trying to make me feel bad about destroying their empire
me at the same time dealing with a pack of angry turkeys:
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snake-in-the-garden · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Muffin top
I made made two versions of this, with and without the Rye and Daughter’s Aviation logo, because I couldn’t remember if Kim’s top had it or not in the game. Also I thought you guys might like it.
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shellibisshe · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
“Quick question; what the fuck is going on??”
@amistrio reminded me of this piece I did around this time last year, so I decided to do a redraw!
if you like want I do, consider supporting me through kofi!
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thedumbdeputy · 17 hours ago
Wip Share
I was gonn wait till tomorrow to share this but i got way to excited so imma start a wip chain!
Tumblr media
I have never even attempted to draw a car before so this is a little new to me but im excited to expand my horizons!
Tagging @mrspaigeomega @scungilliwoman @chazz-anova @juniors0possum and anyone else who wants to share whatever wips they have!
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thedumbdeputy · 22 hours ago
Got tagged by the lovely @chazz-anova to make my ocs in this picrew
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Alexandria O'Connor (Left)
Werewolf Alex (Right)
I really enjoy these things, they're fun!
Tagging @that-1-3mo @strafethesesinners @scungilliwoman @mrspaigeomega and anyone else who wants to join in!
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chazz-anova · a day ago
Tumblr media
Antoinette Chambers
& now there's a 𝘱𝘶𝘳𝘪𝘵𝘺
inside of me
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thedumbdeputy · a day ago
Tagging Game
Got tagged by @scungilliwoman for this and it looks pretty fun
5 Songs you've been listening to on repeat
Only You by The Platters
Angel Band by The Stanley Brothers
Favorite Son by Green Day
In A Big Country by Big Country
Oh John by Dan Romer
Last Movie: The Mitchells vs. the Machines
Currently Watching: Bojack Horseman (I've already watched it but Im watching it again)
Currently Reading: Nothing really cause i haven't found anything Im interested in
Tagging: @that-1-3mo @oorah22 @juniors0possum @strafethesesinners @chazz-anova @cullxtheherd @cultofedensgate and anyone else that wants to! Sorry if you've be tagged twice
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curlywurlyfriez · a day ago
Tumblr media
“Sin constantly flows from you like a never ending sea, will you ever be clean woman?!”
“You know, we both will never be free of sin John, don’t act like you don’t crave it.”
*proceeds to be choked* 😌
What happens when you put two hot-headed, prissy, horny heralds in a room. I dunno you tell me 👀😏
Fun fact my girl Zoë is like John’s mirror image in personality. This works out well for them as they think the same on many different things, but also means they clash, A LOT 😳
I commissioned @redreart to draw my Farcry 5 baby and a certain someone and OH MY GOODNESS, LOOK AT HER, MY CRAZY GIRL! Your art is so stunning 😭 I cannot wait to commission you again you talented human 💖
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mrspaigeomega · a day ago
Kate loves Pop Punk music!!!
Kate (driving; blasting American Idiot by Green Day): *singing loudly* Welcome to a new kind of tension. All across the alien nation, where everything isn't meant to be okay
John *sitting in the passenger seat; silently cause Kate told him driver picks the music and shotgun shuts his cakehole*
Kate *singing loudly*: Television dreams of tomorrow, we're not the ones who're meant to follow. For that's enough to argue *drumming fingers on steering wheel*
John *looks over at her; also trying to restrain himself from singing and head bobbling*: Do we have to listen to this??
Kate drumming fingers on steering wheel*: YES! *singing* Well maybe I'm the-
John *changes radio station; Oh John starts playing*
Kate *slowly turns her head towards him*: How dare you!!!!
John: I don't like that part (cuz Billie Joe says faggot)
Kate: Oh! So you have heard that song before!?! That song came out in the mid 2000s. When you were probably in high school!
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cutiedi3 · a day ago
* when he was first adopted without his brothers he didn’t understand it
* he thought for the first few years they were coming back
* every year on his birthday when he was away from his brothers he wishes for his brother to show up at his part
* when he was a little older her ran into joseph as a walmart and was to shocked to even talk to him
* Joseph nor Jacob could recognize him when the family was back together
* joseph carved the sins into john as a punishment when he continued to sin with joseph’s warning
* has scars all over this body from his adoptive and biological parents
* women were in love with johns money and not really him
* so when they got to know him and his past they ran away
* John was very depressed and had a failed suicide attempt as a teen
* he’s deadly afraid of fire
* when the barn was burnt by jacob he hardly had enough time to escape
* he now has a small burn on his arm and when jacob sees it he’s filled with guilt
* for hours john would go to the church when no ones around and preach beautiful words wishing he was the head of the project
* sometimes his family is outside listening to him
* it’s usually about expectance
* as a teen he experimented with boys and found out he’s bisexual and when her got his first boyfriend he had sleepovers with him
* when his family found out John was beaten and sent straight to church
* john is a great pretender
* he can convince someone the skys green but can’t begin to believe he’s worth saving
* he knows eden won’t ever let him in
* cries every time someone points out the self harm scars in his wrist
* jacob keeps a close eye on john incase john does end up overdosed
* jacob thinks joseph is super in fair to john
* joseph is very degrading to john and john sees joseph as the father he never got
* misses his birth dad even with the abuse he cause
* he has nightmares about his birth mom
trans John headcanons
* John was never happy as a child
* when he looked in the mirror and saw little Joanne the little girl of the family he cried
* he was treated differently for he was a girl at birth
* always cooking and cleaning hardly ever wiped
* but when he began to wear joseph’s clothes and wanted to cut his hair his father beat him bloody
* never again
* when they moved out to the farm he grabbed scissors and cut his hair braided by joseph into a short style
* jacob always knew joanne wasn’t really joanne
* jacob supported John and always was lending him clothes
* joseph also supported john buy fixing the mess of a hair cut john did and helping come up with a name
* of course they slipped up a lot but john didn’t mind
* his foster parents were very transphobic and this led jacob to burn the barn down after john was beat
* when they were separated and john was adopted he was forced to let his hair grow and get girl clothes
* when he turned 18 and went to college he started testosterone shots
* soon he was growing a beard and no one knew he was once joanne
* after her graduated he fulling transitioned
* when he met his brother again they didn’t know what to expect
* when they saw him they were proud to call him John Seed
* he leads more people to join the project knowing its lgbtq+ friendly
* openly trans within the project
* all members support him and he led very many others like him to join edens gate
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cutiedi3 · a day ago
Do you guys want more fc5 headcanons? if so send some suggestions!
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simply-jason · a day ago
Tumblr media
A good boy for your dash. No hidden messages here.
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mbp-50 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
bar brawl baby full mods list | pls click for better quality!! <3
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yourefave · 2 days ago
Headcanon john seed:
John bonded with Rottweiler dog when he was 10 who saw his parent abuse him he bite the dad neck and killed him and bite mom hand .
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