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#fatws spoilers
candy-and-writing · 19 hours ago
Hi! I'm looking for a fic and I was hoping you could help me find it. It was right after Tony died and the reader is his daughter from a ONS before he was Iron Man. I think she and Steve had feelings (?) but they hook up and she secretly hopes that he will stay but he still ends up going back to Peggy. Thanks in advance if you can help!
Ooooooooooh that sounds angsty! I’m not sure I’ve read this one but I’ll add some tags and see if someone else knows okay?
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keep-ur-head-low · a day ago
If the second episode of the Loki series had addressed climate change the same way the finale of Falcon and The Winter Soldier addressed racism and radicalization, then we would have gotten a preachy monologue that drags on for way too long about how climate change will destroy the earth and how we gotta do better. Instead, it was smoothly integrated into the show’s concept of apocalypses in a way that was cool, essential while not bulldozing over the main plot, and legitimately shocking in that it actually made me think “woah could a single storm actually wipe out the state of Alabama in thirty years’ time?” Now, I don’t know if it could, but the fact that it makes me genuinely want to look into it is certainly better than me thinking “jesus christ we get it you’re black Captain America you don’t need to remind us”
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egyptian-sun-god · a day ago
I finished Falcon and The Winter Soldier after a long long backlog of work I needed to get done in finals season. 
But yeah I’m done. I have a lot of thoughts on this show and I think it did a really good job with capturing a lot of the main world issues right now and even though there was a somewhat rousing inspiration speech ending, it wasn’t truly the end and we see so many more issues. 
Marvel for me sometimes exist so outside the realm of reality that FATWS was such a breath of fresh air. Because its grounded deeply in the shades of gray in the world and what is good bad and who makes those decisions of morality. Who says...this man is bad and this man is good? Who gets to decide that line? Who is a citizen...who deserves to live? Who who gets rights? Cause everybody can deserve rights but as we see with refugee situations like Karli Morgenthau in the MCU...deserving something and getting something are entirely different. 
The duality of blackness in America and representing a nation that doesn’t represent or value you is felt. I can relate with many parts of it being a minority from my own country (but without the complex, violent and largely unacknowledged history black people have in America). We see Bucky grow to understand Sam and Sam vice versa. Sam Wilson is the focus of the goddamn show thankfully and has his own things going on outside of Bucky and same with Bucky.
I am so happy they didn’t focus the whole damn show on their relationship but took the time to grow both of the characters outside of their “partnership” or two people with one mutual, dead friend. Sam really got his time to refocus and know that even if people fight the Black Captain, he will do what is right and be a model to people. And god thank the lord he’s out of the defining the world by Steve ideal. I would’ve hated that to be his character.
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koolaidcrow · 3 days ago
Idea for the next season of FATWS. There’s an end credit scene for every episode. But the end credit scene is not related to the episode at all. While Sam and Bucky do whatever they’re doing that episode, the end credit scene is always the same two high school students.
They’re always walking down the hallway in between class complaining about what class they have next and talking about teachers. One of the students always has art. They talk about how amazing their art teacher is and their friend complains because they didn’t take art that year.
Everyday the kid has new stories like “He stood on a chair in front of us and said that he loved being tall, but he’s like 6 feet already. This man is very chaotic and I love him for that” or “We’re making landscapes based on different pride flags and he made one with the bi flag, he says he’s bi! Fellow queer!”
We only see this art teacher in the last end credit scene with all these awesome stories about him. Then in the last end credit scene, the kid walks into class and says “Hi Mr. Carter” and the camera pans to show Steve Rogers in all his glory, not old.
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ultramaximoff · 6 days ago
i’m so sorry but if i haven’t made it clear yet, i’m not a spoiler-free blog 😭😭 so enter my blog w caution if u have yet to catch up on anything 🙏🏼
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oyedeng · 7 days ago
Wishlist: A Sacred Timeline Fakeout Twist
Alright, so hear me out. Mild spoilers for Loki 1x01, but mostly a speculative "this would be cool" mind game.
Currently, we're all operating under the assumption that the Time Keepers/TVA are the bad guys, and that the Sacred Timeline is our current up to date MCU canon, right. But what if that weren't necessarily as true as we think? Here is a plot twist I'd LOVE to see them do.
Because here's the thing. I already see all this time travel and multiverse talk take the focus away from our new heroes. Suddenly everything is about Steve Rogers again. And I can already smell that the bad guy TVA therefore the Sacred Timeline is bad therefore current canon is "bad" angle that some of y'all are leaning towards.
But what if both things are true - what if the Time Keepers are the bad guys and the Sacred Timeline they're controlling is the "Darkest Timeline" (Community reference ftw) - and what if the Sacred Timeline is not actually the MCU Phase 4 canon we've seen so far? Imagine we go through "Loki" and see hints of this.
Imagine if in the Sacred Timeline, Phase 3 concludes as we know it, but then we see that Wanda loses her battle against Agatha and never becomes the Scarlet Witch.
Imagine if in the Sacred Timeline, Walker kills Sam in the Warehouse Fight, just like he almost did in canon. Sam never becomes Captain America. There is only the US Agent.
Imagine if in the Sacred Timeline, Mysterio manages to kill Peter Parker. There is no Spider-Man.
Imagine if in rebelling against this idea of a pre-written destiny and a path dictated by some beings who do not allow for deviancy from the path, Loki unravels the Sacred Timeline, opening up the Multiverse - and opening up the Phase 4 canon timeline as not the only path the story could take, but the path the MCU canon follows. Imagine if Phase 4 was never the Sacred Timeline - it's the timeline allowed to exist through whatever Loki ends up doing - like maybe by swapping places with Infinity War Loki. Imagine variant Loki dying at Thanos' hands instead of Infinity War canon Loki, who then is free to roam the multiverse of his creation.
That way we get all the cakes and eat them too. We'd get Time Keepers = evil, we'd get Sacred Timeline = bullshit controlled by space lizards and their agency, we'd get chaos and freedom, AND we'd still get the Phase 4 canon so far being the "good" outcome we're rooting for, knowing there are other branches and universes that exist and are explored in content like the What If series, but not the mainline canon.
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spid3rgwen · 8 days ago
TFATWS head canon 5/??
The Howling Commandos were a fantastic group of soldiers, from diverse backgrounds. They all went on after the war and told their kids and grandkids and great grandchildren stories about Captain America and Bucky Barnes. One soldier, whose last name was Walker was especially fond of telling these stories.
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beautiful-insanities · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
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thatdorkyficbabey · 11 days ago
In With the New (Super Short)
Characters: Sam Wilson & Bucky Barnes (joint CGs)
Warnings: (super minor) WinterFalcon spoilers. As always, be careful when clicking on tags as some fanfics it can accidentally lead you to are too grown up for smol eyes and ears. Make sure you’ve got your filters going strong and keeps safes little ones! (If you’re particularly worried I can suggest some tags to filter so feel free to just get in touch with me 😊)
A/N: Kiddos say the darndest things.
Tumblr media
You: *holding both their hands as you walk down the docks*
You: What's wrong with the boat?
Bucky: It's broken.
You: How did it break?
Sam: It's just really, really old and when things get really, really old they need new parts.
You: Oh, like [Bucky's CG pet name] does sometimes.
Bucky: ...
Sam: *collapses laughing*
Tumblr media
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spid3rgwen · 11 days ago
TFATWS head canon 4/???~ Bucky rescues Alpine one night after a mission. He finds her in a field near where he and Sam were located for said mission, and decides to keep her. A few months later, they’re working with Captain Marvel and she brings along Goose. Goose and Alpine get along extremely well. At the end of the mission, Carol asks Bucky “how on earth did he find a Flerken.”
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varioushyperfixations · 11 days ago
Will never forgive myself for starting to actually like Sharon in FATWS and then she turns out to be a villain and also kills a teenager so that's nice
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