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#fatgum headcanons
mjimy · 15 hours ago
Celebrating mother
A mother's day special? Kinda, The pro heros celebrating with You!
Hawks, Fatgum,Aizawa ...
Get ready for this bird and your little one to sing at the top of their lungs to wake you up
When you open your eyes the first thing you’ll see are bouquets of flowers bigger than your little son
A breakfast in bed especially for you
Your child will rush you to open his gift first, a necklace with a locket with a small photo of the three of you
Also a drawing and a letter made by him thanking you for being his mom because you’re the best mom in the world
You thanked him in tears as I held you tight
Hawks came in with a box something big, sat next to you while kissing your cheek
-what's your plan ? - you asked him in a rogue tone while you opened the box, he just smiled , as soon as you saw the content you were speechless
A stylish dress (f/c), strapless, a matching bracelet and a note with the reservation for the most elegant restaurant in the city
-I just want to make happy the woman who gave me the greatest treasure- Hawks took out a ticket for a weekend at a resort and spa
You just kissed him and thanked him for the detail, your husband and your son sat next to you for breakfast everyone in the room
However when You got up to the kitchen the first thing you saw was the mess in the kitchen of the so-called breakfast
-yes love? - he answered as he arrived at your side, -in my defense we tried to make your breakfast with love- he excused himself for the mess
-you ordered home right Kei? - he just smiled and promised that he would clean everything up
First mother's day
He’d wait for you to wake up and get in the bath to prepare you his surprise
The dining room was arranged with balloons and a huge congratulations sign, which even your friends signed and an amazing breakfast (this man has incredible skills in the kitchen)
As soon as everything was ready he going for your babies to dress them up in a jumpsuit that said "happy mother's day" then he set them up on the stroller to wait for you to come down to eat
When you came out of your bedroom you found arrows stuck on the floor to guide you to a surprise
Arriving at the first station It was waiting for you a Polaroid camera that said "take me"
You went your way and found a box of photos of when you and the hero were dating and when he proposed to you
Coming out of there,the arrows led you to the dining room, where your beautiful family were waiting for you, fatgum threw confetti
You hugged him , he gave you a bouquet of flowers with a card that said "thank you for forming a story with me and giving me the most wonderful adventure in this life"
At that moment you knew that the Polaroid was the most important part to preserve that adventure, so taking your little ones in your arms, the family puto together as much as you could to take the first picture of the mother’s day
Family isn’t always about blood
The shift at the agency was rather long since you covered the shift of a companion to celebrate with her family
When you got home you saw the lights off, thinking Aizawa might have gone out
You lay down on the couch, when a little light caught your eye, it came out of your bedroom so you decided to investigate
As soon as you opened the door there was a cake with a candle on your dresser, next to it a couple of cards
It was easy to know that Eri had made one that said how much she loved you and even if you weren’t her biological mom, she loved you as one because you took care of her, you played with her and helped her with her homework. The only thing you could do is smile
The second was signed by hitoshi, a short message where he thanked you for having accepted him into your family and take care of him as if he were your son
Next to the cake was a photo of the 4 of you, took the first time you took Eri to the zoo, that weekend you had a great time even shinsou stayed to sleep in the house, watched movies and made breakfast together
-It is not necessary to be a mother to bring that love to others- Aizawa interrupted your thoughts, came in and took your hand to kiss it, you hugged him and kissed him
Aizawa guided you to the dining room where Eri and Shinsou were with a spectacular dinner,"happy mother’s day" both welcomed you with a hug
You have dinner together, talking about their day, when you finished they cleaned while you relaxed -thank you guys, you gave me an incredible family- You said with the biggest smile
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butkacchanwewerefive · 6 days ago
What the MHA Characters Smell Like
Tumblr media
Author's Note: This is based solely on the vibes they give off. May or may not be canon. All I can think about is putting my face into Endeavor's beautiful chest and taking a deep whiff...
Warnings: None; Pure Fluff
Contains Characters: Fatgum, Tamaki, Mirio, Hawks, Gang Orca, All Might, Endeavor, and Dabi
Tumblr media
He smells like food obviously, but his natural scent is like maple syrup.
He smells like sweetness personified and it makes your mouth water every time you're close enough to take a deep whiff.
It also matches his super sweet personality, which makes him that much cuter.
Tumblr media
His signature scent is of course takoyaki laced with body wash and laundry detergent.
As simple as it sounds, it's quintessentially Tamaki.
It's nothing out of the ordinary, but its familiarity is so comforting.
Tumblr media
He has a earthly scent like fresh cut grass.
He has a very...natural vibe, so it makes sense that he only wears organic scents.
Just like the sun, Mirio is warm, inviting, and has presence that feels like a sweet hug.
Tumblr media
He smells like cinnamon.
A very familiar scent with a feisty undertone.
The kind of fragrance that makes you feel warm and at home in his presence.
Tumblr media
He smells like the ocean breeze and cedar.
Very masculine and always smells good.
The kind of scent that makes you want to hug him that much longer, so that it hopefully rubs off on you and you can think about it all day.
Tumblr media
Hear me out. He smells like IcyHot, that minty medicinal smell because his aches and pains.
Just like All Might himself, the fragrance is a necessity.
His presence, his absence, his differences are always noticed and felt on a deeper level.
Tumblr media
He smells like expensive cologne and a campfire.
His fragrance gives him a distinguished aura that makes you want to bend to his stern will.
Even without uttering a word, his scent calls your attention in the most commanding way possible.
Tumblr media
I'm ignoring the whole canon stinky butt nonsense.
He smells like leather and gasoline.
They're edgy scents that make you feel the adrenaline rush that only he possesses.
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butkacchanwewerefive · 6 days ago
MHA Characters Seeing You in Someone Else's Jacket
Tumblr media
Author's Note: Another set of cute headcanons! :)
Warnings: None; Pure Fluff
Contains Characters: Dabi, Endeavor, Hawks, All Might, Gang Orca, Fatgum, Mirio and Tamaki
What do they do when they notice?
Notices, but doesn't say anything.
Fatgum, Tamaki, Gang Orca
Notices and tells you to take it off
Dabi, Endeavor
Notices and silently offers you their jacket
All Might, Mirio, Hawks
How do they react?
Is very upset and tells you about it
Dabi, Endeavor
Doesn't like it, but understands that you were probably just cold
Tamaki, Fatgum, Gang Orca
Sweetly tells you that if you need a jacket all you need to do is ask
All Might, Hawks, Mirio
Incinerates the other man's jacket and gives him the evil eye before whisking you away
Dabi, Endeavor
The Aftermath
Gives you cuddles later on in his jacket to warm you up properly
Fatgum, Mirio
Gives you cuddles later on in his jacket to show that you're his
Hawks, Dabi, Endeavor
Gives you cuddles later on in his jacket because he's feeling insecure and needs reassurance
Tamaki, Gang Orca, All Might
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fatgummybear · 9 days ago
Can I request head cannons of Fatgum, Hawks, Dabi, Todoroki, and Bakugo getting their faces held? I saw it trend all over TikTok and it’s just so cute and relaxing! I think these bois deserve a reassuring gesture like that 🥺
can yall tell how late this is being posted, the tiktok trend i- im so sorry (´ヘ`(
masterlist + rules
How they would react to you holding their face:
Tumblr media
will sink his face into your hands and sit with a goofy smile on his face just basking in all the loving feels
will also rub his cheek against your hand like a lil cat and make happy sighs
Tumblr media
another one to sit with a goofy smile
though he will probably be a bit more talkative than fatgum
saying flattering things, telling you how “its times like these that somehow make me fall in love with you all over again”
being no.2 hero is a tiring task, so he appreciates it when you give him these moments to relax in your presence
Tumblr media
he will tell you to stop while simultaneously sinking into your touch
if you massage his temples while holding him he’ll love you forever
working with the LOV can get stressful and loud yall and them headaches build up
however for your own safety, only hold him when you two are alone, no pulling funny lovey dovey shit in front of the others
Tumblr media
he will stare into your eyes just slowly blinking with a blissful smile on his face
its not often that he gets these loving touches, especially around his face
so when you start, he doesnt want you to stop
picked up a habit of fiddling with your hands whenever he wants you to hold him
Tumblr media
im not gonna lie yall i think he would bite you
yall manga readers remember when he straight up ate deku’s speech bubble D:
when you get more comfortable in your relationship is when he’d let you see him this vulnerable
i could definitely see him falling asleep like this or venting his issues about how he feels responsible for allmight
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kaasdeya · 10 days ago
ᡕᠵ᠊ᡃ࡚ࠢ࠘ ⸝່ࠡࠣ᠊߯᠆ࠣ࠘ᡁࠣ࠘᠊᠊ࠢ࠘𐡏~ ˗ˏˋ Fatgum fluff reupload ´ˎ˗
Pairings: Fatgum x female reader
Warnings: none
A/N: a reupload from my old blog
W.C: 519
Tumblr media
The first anyone heard about you pregnancy was when you where four months pregnant and waltzing down the red carpet with Tai sporting a healthy baby bump.
Having a tight dress for this exact reason shocked everyone. You were so round and full of life yet so proud the be filled with your husbands child. By your side was your husband towering over you at a mighty 8’2 in his skinny for and his hand around your waist looking just as proud as you. Interviewers and paparazzi started flooding you waiting the latest news and to speak to the expecting parents.
Happily answering every question you realised how real this situation was. After a steamy night of passion on your anniversary night you ended up pregnant and you could me any happier.
You knew the baby was going to be a powerful quirk holder either way and you just wanted it to hurry up and come out already so you could meet the newest addition. In reality, Tai was more exited than you were. As soon as he saw the two lines he became more overprotective than ever. He brought ridiculous Fatgum baby merchandise and started planning all types of photoshoots for you.
He was so supportive and you live for it.
Any time someone asked you a question about how for along you where he’d always answer “just over 12 weeks!” With a smile as he pulled you closer to him. He was adorable even offering to put you on one of his shoulders once you said that your feet were aching.
He also made sure you ate your fill wether you were feeling like it or not, he didn’t want you or he baby to suffer in anyway so he’d give you light and healthy snacks throughout the day and smaller meals. Keeping you out of the pubic eye was hard, you had a rocky start to pregnancy and he didn’t want press to bombard you while you were trying to build up strength and recover from colds and other mild sicknesses. You never when pro once you left school, once you had solidified your relationship with the hero you became a house wife as you didn’t want to do much else and you were met with no protest from Tai, he actually thought it was really cute that you wanted to stay and make sure that you thought the house was up to his standards and he adored coming back from work to a home cooked meal.
Telling the agency was one of the most exiting things he’s ever done but he later swore then to secrecy. He left for work only return a few minutes later to scoop you up and take you with him just to show you off to the rest of them. He would always check on you and make sure that you were feeling as comfortable as possible through the day before getting you food to satisfy your pregnancy cravings for you to indulge in once you got into the security of your own home or bed.
He was adorable, honestly.
Tumblr media
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roll-da-credits · 10 days ago
SC: Pro Heroes' S/o's Pet Not Liking Them
Characters: Keigo Takami (Hawks), Rumi Usagiyama (Mirko), Taishiro Toyamitsu (Fatgum)
A/n: this fic is brought to you by my rabbit who has unrivaled hate for any man except my dad. He would literally cuddle with my dad but the moment my friend comes who let me tell you ADORES my bunny, he would COMPLETELY ignore him and sometimes even bite him, not like nibbling like bunnies do when they're happy. No, full-on bites like incredibly hard, anyways hope you guys enjoy it. (Also, this was longer than I planned)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Keigo Takami (Hawks)
You would think Hawks would have a good relationship with birds right? Wrong.
Hawks in the eyes of birds was a bird of prey, which only means one thing, he's dangerous. This unspoken rule amongst birds who are usually weaker doesn't exclude your own pigeon.
It all started when Rumi (Mirko) decided that the group's movie night would be at your house for the first time ever. Obviously, you were rather excited, of all the times you had these movie nights they were never in your home. Another exciting reason was you couldn't wait to introduce Keigo, your lovey lover, to your budgie.
"Hey, birdie." Once you opened the door to your apartment Hawks was leaning there in front of you with a small bouquet of flowers, wearing some casual clothing. Giving a quick to your forehead, you led Hawks into your humble abode.
Your budgie, as always, flew towards you to greet the guest, like he would usually. But instead of landing on your shoulder, he instead flew around Keigo and dove to bite his ears and the exposed skin everywhere.
"So this is the friendly bird you've been telling me about???" Keigo slightly confused and panicked tried to lightly shoo away the flying menace.
You at this point didn't know whether to panic or to laugh at the situation. Your budgie was incredibly kind to everyone, even strangers you just met, and yet here he was, squawking at Keigo trying to bite him.
After a few minutes, you were able to calm your bird down, letting him rest on the crook of your neck and reassure Keigo that he was usually really kind to guests, which Keigo doesn't believe at this point. It wasn't until Rumi came knocking that you stood up to greet her.
Keigo, watched from a distance, excited to see Rumi get attacked by your menace of a bird. "What?!" He exclaimed pointing a judgemental finger at your bird who was now on Rumi's shoulder nuzzling her cheek.
"Scared of a birdie smaller than you Keigo?" Rumi's laughter mocked Keigo, and you couldn't help but let out a few giggles yourself.
"Awww love don't be like that!" You walked over to Keigo and enveloped him in a reassuring hug, still slightly giggling, "I swear I don't know why he doesn't like you."
When the movie started, you and Keigo were cuddling as usual with Rumi slightly third-wheeling, not that she really cared. Weirdly enough you felt a weird tension around you, when you looked over at Keigo, you saw he was staring at your budgie who was on Rumi's shoulder.
Both looking at each other with so much menace it made you burst into laughter. "Is there some kind of bird rivalry?????" Rumi now realizing what was happening laughed extremely loud. "Are you jealous of Y/n's BIRD???"
She teased Keigo, who in retaliation threw a pillow at her. He groaned and pulled you closer. "Whatever, but we're never having movie nights in your house again." You laughed a little before snuggling more into him, "Sure you big baby."
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Rumi Usagiyama (Mirko)
"I'm telling you, that little piece of long-looking mouse stole my stuff!" Rumi yelled at you pointing an accusing finger at your ferret who was simply staring up at you her head slightly tilted as if confused about the whole ordeal.
This all started when Rumi decided to come to your apartment straight after patrol, something she's never done. She looked exhausted and in need of some comfort, so you let her in and gave her some clothes to change after showering,
When she walked in, she noticed your ferret staring at her. A weird sense of foreboding crept up onto her. She always had a slight suspicion that the creature didn't like her very much. Whether it was because she was taking up most of your play times with it, or something else, she couldn't care any less.
It was in the ferret's eyes, how they stared at her with intent and a glint of mischievousness. Though when she brought it up with you, you'd brush it off since ferrets are incredibly mischievous and smart.
But the icing on the cake was when she placed her clothes on top of a dresser, including her gloves, to take a shower. Only to come back with both of her gloves missing from the pile. The ferret looking up at her, as if challenging her.
"Rumi, love, why would she even know to hide BOTH gloves. She'd probably steal only one!!" Rumi's mouth fell agape at your statement. You were defending the THIEF???
"You said so yourself didn't you?!! Ferrets are SMART, SHE MUST'VE KNOWN." At this point it was borderline hilarious, so between your next words, you laughed and giggled.
"You probably just misplaced it, come on I'll help you search it. I'm sure we'll find it soon."
You both did not find it soon, it had actually been 30 minutes of nonstop searching. Searching your entire apartment close to twice already, you and Rumi both flopped on the couch, exhausted.
"Ok, maybe I should check her toys." Her being your ferret, you finally caved in and searched around her toys.
Low and behold.
"I TOLD YOU!!!" You found both Rumi's gloves tucked away in the long rubbery-plastic tunnel you made for your ferret.
Rumi crashed on the floor in a fit of laughter, with you holding the dirty gloves looking at your ferret rather disappointed at her. Your ferret looked up with its adorable eyes as if it had done nothing wrong.
"Your ferret's a demon I'm telling you!" Rumi wiped a tear from laughing too much.
"I'm sorry for not believing you." You said followed by an exasperated sigh. Rumi walked over to you and enveloped you in a bone-crushing hug, "It's fine, this was actually more fun than just watching random movies like we planned."
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Taishiro Toyamitsu
Taishiro loves animals and animals love him. Both skinny and fat form, he's just a lovable person for every single living being. Animals, humans, plants, all of them thrive when being cared for by him. Including you, but excluding your cat.
Taishiro knew the moment you said you had a cat that he would have to work a little bit harder to get her to like him. What he didn't expect was for your cat to completely ignore him no matter what he did.
"Trying to woo her again?" You smirked a little bit when you saw him in his skinny form holding a small bag of catnip smiling rather sheepishly.
"No cat can resist catnip." He paused shortly, "Right?"
You giggled at his adorable antics, reaching up to slightly ruffle his soft hair. Inviting him you watched from afar as Taishiro approached your cat who was sunbathing near a window and, as usual, ignoring him.
He slowly approached her, his big hands slowly opening the bag. When he did, her head immediately darted at him, you stood up straighter at this. Really curious at the first time your cat acknowledged his existence.
Taishiro couldn't feel more excited at the moment and slowly got closer to her, shaking the bag slightly. Your cat's irises expanded, showing that she might be rather happy.
But just as Taishiro was about to pet her, she stretched from her position and walked calmly away from him. Ignoring him once again.
You stifled a laugh at his dejected form, shoulders slumping down and a dark aura surrounding him.
You draped your body over his back, a small attempt in hugging him, "Hey you'll get more chances, I'm sure she'll warm up to you eventually."
Taishiro looked up at you with watery eyes and a small pout, making your heart melt at the sight. "How about this? You'll get even more chances if you live with me."
Your eyebrows wiggled at him, and his slumped figure immediately brightened up. Crushing you in a tight bear hug and shaking you around. "I'll make sure your cat loves me."
Tumblr media
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butkacchanwewerefive · 10 days ago
Can I ask ya somethin'? Pt. 3 (FINALE)
Farmer!Fatgum x Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
Warnings: General 18+ Smut Warnings, Intercourse, Fingering, Sappy Love Story
Word Count: 1.7K
Author’s Note: Here's the final piece to the story. I like happy endings, so in this fic, you get two...if you know what I mean... ;P
Part 1 | Part 2
Over the next 10 or so days, you used your quirk to speed up the harvest’s growth before the impending drought. Since your quirk’s abilities are limited, it took a few days of hard work to get things done, but just before the soil completely dried up and the sun scorched the field, Taishiro had the harvest divvied up and loaded for each of his distributor’s to pick up the following day. Without your help, the entire harvest would have been a disaster. Taishiro couldn’t thank you enough. Every night he’d cook for you before helping you bathe and then cuddling you until fell asleep against him. In the morning, he’d make you a wonderful breakfast while telling you how he’ll miss you so much when it was time for you to go.
The final night before your departure, he took you to his favorite restaurant where they served the best takoyaki you could ever want. Since he was a regular, the owner reserved a private booth at the very back of the restaurant where the two of you could have a private date. The small area overlooked a small lake where other couples were strolling together. The fairy lights and long stem roses surrounding you and Taishiro were also upping the romantic factor, leaving a slight tension in the air.
“This is our first official date. I’ve gotta admit I’m a little nervous.” Taishiro said, his round cheeks shifting to a familiar pink. You laughed softly, your own nerves relaxing slightly knowing that you weren’t the only one feeling the weight of the evening.
“Well, if it means anything, I’m also feeling the first date jitters, so as usual, we’re on the same wavelength.” you said softly, glancing up at him. In the low light, your eyes seemed to sparkle, effectively making his heart pound out of his chest.
“Yeah, I guess we are pretty connected…” he said in a low voice, taking one of your hands on top of the table as a sweet smile spread across his plump face.
After dinner, the two of you decided to go back to Taishiro’s house and sit on the back patio, cuddling against each other. The coolness of early fall coupled with the starry sky made the night that much more peaceful and intimate. You laid your head against Taishiro’s side and he sighed contently. He’d pay all the money in the world to be able to keep you by his side. He wouldn’t admit to it, but he could already feel the loneliness of his lifestyle sinking in and you hadn’t even left yet. He knew that once you went back to the city, there was no amount of calls or video chats that could make his bed feel any warmer without you lying there with him. With a heavy heart, he kissed the top of your head and took a deep whiff of your calming fragrance. He’d really miss that, too.
“Oh my goodness, Tai, a shooting star! Let’s make a wish!” you said, perking up and drawing him out of his sad thoughts. He gazed up at the sky and took a deep breath before making his heart’s deepest wish as the star shot across the dark sky.
I wish that I could stay here with you…
Finally, the one thing you had been fighting with yourself to say these past few weeks bubbled up to the surface and sprang from your lips before you could stop yourself.
“Tai, can I ask you something?” you asked in a soft voice barely above a whisper as you looked into Taishiro’s golden gaze.
“Of course, Honey Bun, anything…” he replied, gently cupping your cheek.
“Can I s-stay...with you?” Taishiro paused for a moment not believing what he was hearing. Had his wish come true that suddenly? He felt you deflate next to him as he scrambled to give you an answer.
“Of course you can stay! Are you kidding me? That’s been my one wish this entire time!” he shouted, fully allowing himself to be swept up in the happiness of the moment. He pulled you close to press his lips to yours, hoping that all of the love he had been holding back these past few days would flow into you. As he pulled away, the two of you shared warm smiles as he melded you to his side. He paused as reality finally caught up to him. “Wait, what about your job?”
“I actually quit a week before I came here. I was so stressed out all of the time. I knew that if I could see you everything would be alright, so I took a chance and now, I can’t go back because my heart is here… with you.” you explained.
“So, you really will get to be mine?” he said, his eyes welling up.
“I’ve always been yours, Tai.” You leaned towards him and he captured your lips in a deeply passionate kiss. His large hands wandered down your sides before resting at the swell of your behind. In a swift motion, he lifted you up and carried inside before placing you on the couch. You placed your hands on his biceps as he deepened the kiss by delving his tongue into your mouth and allowing your appendages to dance together. His hands trailed down your thighs to push your dress up to reveal your underwear. He pulled away from your lips and gazed at you beneath him.
“Honey Bun, can I make love to ya?” he whispered and you nodded, a soft smile creeping onto your now swollen lips. He kissed your cheek before settling in the crook of your neck to kiss and suck at the sensitive flesh, leaving love bites wherever he could. He hooked a finger into your panties and tugged them off with ease. A thick finger trailed its way across your folds, leaving you gasping before gently slipping into your entrance.
“Oh, Tai…” you moaned as his one finger seemed to fill you up. He kept his movements sensual and sweet as he loosened you up. Once you were dripping with arousal, he slipped a second finger into you, earning him a gaspy moan as your grip tightened on his arms.
“You like when I touch you like that?” he asked, lifting his head to look into your glazed over eyes. You nodded your head, already so horny that words failed you, as you leaned upwards to kiss him. He hungrily kissed you as his fingers massaged deeper into your welcoming walls. He could feel your orgasm building against his fingertips and he wanted nothing more than to have you cum on his skilled digits.
As he explored inside of you, you squirmed as he grazed your g-spot. He chuckled into the liplock as he repeatedly rubbed at the sensitive bundle of nerves. As his thumb circled your clit, you felt yourself tumble into ecstasy, your walls clenching around his still pumping fingers. If you could form a coherent sentence, you would thank him for making you feel this good, but instead you moaned into his mouth, showing him how needy you were for his cock as you ground yourself onto his palm.
“Tai, please… I want you so bad…” you pleaded, pulling away from his plush lips.
“Of course. I can’t deny you when you ask so sweetly…” He slowly pulled his fingers out of you to which you whined at the loss of his warmth. He kissed your cheek to soothe you as he undid his pants and slipped his rock hard cock out of his boxers. Your breath hitched as you gazed at his girth. It was definitely one of the largest you had seen in both thickness and in length. Though you would have been incredibly nervous with anyone else, because it was Taishiro, you knew that he would take his time and make it feel so good. He lined himself up to your entrance before meeting your gaze. “I’m going to go slow. Are you ready?”
“Yes, I trust you…” you said softly. He kissed you on the cheek, his heart filling to the brim with affection at your earnest confession, before slowly pushing in. The stretch to take even the tip was incredible, but Taishiro had already begun to circle your clit again to ease the discomfort. As he inched his way into you, he paid close attention to your moans. He honestly couldn’t believe that he was getting the chance to make love to you of all people, the woman he had loved for the longest. To have you not only finally see him as more than a friend, but to also allow him to imbibe in the luscious beauty of your body had him on Cloud 9. Your moans were like music to his ears, your warmth enrapturing him in a world of pure euphoria. This moment felt greater than anything he could have ever imagined.
“I love you, Honey Bun.” he whispered as he bottomed out. You softly smiled, thoroughly focused on him and the pleasure he was giving you.
“I love you, too, Tai. So much…” He slowly thrusted into you as you held each other’s gazes. The slow drags of his cock seemed to stimulate every sensitive place within you and as he fell closer and closer to his release, his cock throbbed more intensely against your walls. The two of you were so in sync that you both came at the same time, holding the other closer as your moans rang out freely into the tiny home. Taishiro sweetly kissed you as you both caught your breath.
“That was amazing…” he said softly as he turned you both over, so that you were laying on top of him, cuddling against his plush tummy as you had done many nights before. You hummed in agreement as he smoothed a large hand over your back and you relaxed into him. The two of you remained in silence until Taishiro softly spoke again. “Are you sure that you want to stay here with me?”
“Of course.” you said without hesitation. “But you’ll need to get a new couch. This thing is terrible.”
“Deal.” he chuckled. His laughter vibrated from deep within his chest, surrounding you in all of the warmth and love he had to offer.
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yall send some more event requests in but in the meanwhile, here’s some more of my fav characters.  This time Fatgum.
An innocent white lie they told that they kept a secret
Everyone thinks that he loves all food but there are some foods he doesn’t like.  One of them is actually sweets that have cinnamon, or at least a lot of cinnamon.  But one little fan of his always makes him cinnamon rolls and brings them to him while he is on patrol and he can’t say no to the adorable face of a six year old girl so he tells her how much he loves her cinnamon rolls.  
A secret fear they have
He doesn’t want his boys to get hurt.  He knows being a Hero will get you hurt at one point but he hates to see Tamaki and Kirishima get hurt, he sees them as his kids.
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butkacchanwewerefive · 12 days ago
Ok, thank you to make it clear.
So what I wanted to ask for weeks is that, what are the downsides of being with a relationship with gang orca, and whoever else you want. Like are some of them too controlling or more independent? Or is there some sort of habit that can make the reader a little annoyed?
Please read before submitting requests :)
Author’s Note: I liked this one. I feel like it’s so easy to idealize the characters, but in reality, they have to have some flaws. I think out of all of these negative traits, the only one I could put up with is Hawks because I too am a workaholic. :o
Warnings: Some Toxic Behavior, but very mild
Contains Characters: Gang Orca, Fatgum, Hawks, Endeavor, Mirio, Tamaki, All Might, and Dabi
Tumblr media
For Gang Orca, he’s a bit too dad-like in the sense that he will be overprotective to the point where he won’t be supportive of riskier adventures you’d like to embark on. It stems from the hero's work, but it can be annoying being in a relationship with someone who wants to put training wheels on your life.
Tumblr media
For Fatgum, he might not take things as seriously as they need to be. He’s an eternal optimist, so he might brush off your very valid concerns as unnecessary worry. He also may push for children early on in the relationship, so depending on your feelings surrounding that, it can be a huge relationship hurdle.
Tumblr media
For Hawks, he’s going to be pretty absent in the relationship. The HPSC will always take precedence over everything in his life, so he’ll always be at their beck and call. Also, he’ll always have his guard up with you because he wants to protect you from villains as well as the HPSC, so he doesn’t want to give you information that could lead them to you.
Tumblr media
For Endeavor, he’s got his whole redemption arc, but many things will still need to be all about him. If he doesn’t like something or thinks that he knows best about a situation, he has the final word. He also seems very old fashioned, so he might want you to adopt stereotypical gender roles.
Tumblr media
For Mirio, his main goal in life is to save 1 million people, so he’ll sideline your relationship for hero work. Also, he’s very friendly, so he’ll accidentally flirt with someone and coupled with his spotty attendance, it’s a recipe for disaster.
Tumblr media
For Tamaki, his negativity is his biggest enemy. He ruins a lot of good events in your lives with his less than stellar comments. Also, his confidence in the relationship will be fairly weak no matter what, so he’s prone to extreme clinginess to the point where he’ll unknowingly emotionally manipulate you to stay home with him all of the time. 
Tumblr media
For All Might, because of his health, he’ll constantly tell you that you’re wasting your time with him because he’ll eventually die. Also because he’s lost most of his strength and fame, his confidence isn’t all that great in general. He’ll definitely tell you that you can do better, so when he sees you talk to other men, he gets extremely jealous.
Tumblr media
For Dabi, aside from the villainy thing, he gets incredibly jealous and possessive to the point of danger. He wasn’t raised with healthy relationships, so he’s running on pure instinct which leads him to act out. Also, he will definitely gaslight you to keep your self esteem low, so that you’ll stay with him. 
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asialikestowrite · 13 days ago
Bakugou *on a date*: Is that your dad??
Fatgum with a terrible fake mustache: *trying to be discrete and hidden*
Kirishima: No, you know Fatgum doesn't have a mustache.
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zukusbunny · 13 days ago
mha men x gn! reader
Tumblr media
Genre -> drabbles (?)
A/N -> there may be part two -- but for now, enjoy this!
A/N Edit | the ending felt a little abrupt but i hope that's okay lol. also, i realize i normally only stay on the popular-ish side of characters, but if there were any villains or non-ua students/alumni yall wanted, feel free to ask :)
Tumblr media
he'll take you to somewhere he knows you'll love - maybe to a festival or something quieter, like a camping trip. the two of you would have more room to spend time together, without the (potential) bother of your friends. he's known you for so many years now, and he's one hundred percent sure about his own feelings -- what does he have to be afraid of if his mind is clear? even if you did end up rejecting him, though, he'd accept and respect your answer, simply admiring you as a good friend.
who's confident?
Mirio - Sero - Kirishima - Iida
Tumblr media
he knows you like the back of his hand - all of your likes, dislikes, hobbies and even the super obscure things about you.
he's still nervous - of course he is! he knows he can't just go, "by the way, i have a massive crush on you. see you tomorrow!" which is why he spends days mapping out every detail - coming up with endless Plan Bs and Cs for the unexpected, could-go-wrong scenarios... he wants it to be perfect for the both of you.
who's meticulous?
Midoriya - Shinso - Takami - Tamaki
Tumblr media
if he's going to do it, he'll do it quickly and cleanly. he refuses to beat around the bush - after all, it only slows him down from hearing your answer. No one wins if he's actively avoiding the whole point of the conversation. he also doesn't think it needs to be anywhere too special - the overly-sweet memories can wait until the two of you are official~
"I like you," he'd pause briefly, pondering if he should specify, "... a lot." It's over in a flash, and now all you have to do is provide a response for him.
who's direct about it?
Bakugou - Todoroki - Iida - Dabi
Tumblr media
oh, he's more than sure that the interest is mutual, but that won't stop him from flattering you a little, first. whatever romantic cliché you can think of, he probably has it planned for you. he'll spend an entire day pampering you, letting you do anything you want, taking you wherever you want to go. It's almost like he's promising you: this is what i'm capable of, i can treat you well. When he's (verbally) confessing, he'll make sure to include every way you've ever made him feel; it's cheesy, sure - but definitely poetic, too.
who's elegant?
Aizawa - Toyomitsu - Mirio
Tumblr media
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hoe4kiribaku · 13 days ago
hiii mack! i was wondering if i could get a ship/match-up for my hero academia & jujustu kaisen maybe? you can find my about me page here! thank you in advance! <3
hello, my beautiful alternative bestie!! Now hear me out... I know who you want, and I want to give you them too, but I can’t do it with a clean conscience, because I believe you would be amazing with:
Taishiro Toyomitsu/FatGum
Tumblr media
He will look after you like no one else could
He is so caring and protective that's become a slight joke
You guys are always attached at the hip
And you're loving the snacks he keeps on him
Your sneaky skills have increased over the time you have been with Taishiro
Just casually walking behind him and stealing a snack from his back pocket
He’s not overly fond of the fact that you have a binge eating disorder, but also understands that it can be hard to not cave in when he’s always eating himself
He found out about your disorder when he invited you out to dinner and you abruptly declined
Thinking it was himself that made you not want to come to dinner with his family, it made him really scared
Which you could clearly see.
You thought it was about time you told him about your disorder and then everything sort of fell into place and started making sense for him.
Ever since then its been delivered take out and healthy but delicious food that he could find.
Fat knew about the hidden gems that is what he would consider fine dining, and you wouldn’t miss a beat if he said he found something new for you to try.
Dates would include walking around the markets, grabbing random food that you feel like having
(and not having to pay for it cause fucking FatGum is standing right behind you)
Carnivals, Fairs and Festivals are his favourite time with you, not only because of all the unique foods they will be selling but because of the fun memories and laughs he gets to have with you.
You really light up his world and he would be entirely lost without you
He just wishes you would let him help you sometimes
Kasumi Miwa
Tumblr media
I believe with my entire being that Miwa is perfect for you in ways you wouldn't think of at a first glance
You both have self-deprecating humor, but both of you recognize when they either aren't joking
Kasumi is down to earth and a major fan girl, so you guys can relate to each other in those respects
Kasumi is a caring person, wanting to become a sorcerer so she can look after her brother, and the same goes for you
She wants to be the strongest she can be for your safety
You’re her top priority over anything else on this planet
She is utterly head over heels for you
She is known to grip her sword tightly afraid of death
You on the other hand are ready to jump in a go for it
You might be her biggest priority, but that doesn't mean that you can’t protect yourself 
You're obviously a smart, strong, and capable student that could probably easily surpass Miwa
(but that's not a question you need to be answered)
You guys are very much the opposite but the same and I think it would be a beautiful relationship to watch blossom and grow into a forever lasting bond
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butkacchanwewerefive · 13 days ago
Can I get headcanons for a reader who is about to have sex for the first time with the guys (reader is in their late 20's)? You can make it as raunchy as you want😘
How would the guys react to being their S/O's first time, how would they plan everything out, would they be gentle or rough, etc?
I would like to ask for Fatgum, Gang Orca,Toshinori, Vlad King, and Endeavor.
- 🍙
Author’s Note: These turned out a lot softer than I originally planned. I guess I’m old fashioned in this respect because I think the first time should be sweet. :)
Warnings: Loss of Virginity, General 18+ Smut Warnings, Endeavor Does Still Dick You Down
Contains Characters: Fatgum, Gang Orca, All Might, Vlad King and Endeavor
Tumblr media
He’s a bit worried because he’s rather large down there, but he can’t deny you when you ask him to be your first.
He’s going to be gentle throughout the entire experience.
Out of all of these men, he’s the one to go down on you for the longest to make sure his tongue and fingers have loosened you as much as possible and so that he can find all of your pleasure zones.
He’ll use these places to ease you through taking him at first.
He’ll stop every inch to make sure you’re still okay, hoping that the pleasure is outweighing the pain.
He knows that if he does a good job this time that you’ll give him another chance to go deeper, so he doesn’t give you all of his length this first time.
Even when you’re more comfortable and have adjusted to his girth, he’s going to make you cum with slow, shallow strokes.
He has a massive praise kink, so he’ll give you soft encouragement the whole time.
He’ll also profess his undying love for you when you cum for the first time and he’ll be so overcome with emotions that he will cum soon after.
Will cuddle you for a solid hour afterwards just because he can’t believe it all happened.
Will then give you top notch aftercare, complete with a shower together, his hoodie to sleep in, and his belly to cuddle into.
Tumblr media
He’s so scared. This poor man.
He’ll panic when you say that you’re a virgin, but only because his mind goes to the extreme that he’s going to break you.
He’ll do foreplay for weeks before you can finally convince him to give you a ride on the massive girth.
Be prepared for him to go so slow that you almost lose your mind.
He really cares so much about you that he doesn’t want you to feel an ounce of pain, so he takes his time entering you.
No matter how much he preps you, it’s still going to hurt a little, but he’ll check in every time he inches further in, so that he can gauge your comfort.
He won’t put the whole thing in the first time and he’ll let you set the pace.
After you cum, he’ll ask if you want more and depending on your answer he’ll keep going until you’ve had enough, regardless of if he cums or not.
He’s making the entire experience about you, so after you’re done and before he starts the aftercare, he’ll thank you for sharing this experience with him.
Tumblr media
He’s another nervous wreck.
Even though he’s on the thinner side now that he’s no longer All Might full time, that cock is nothing to play with and he knows it.
He will also be very generous with foreplay, making sure you can take as many of his fingers as possible.
He’s a little old fashioned, so he’ll definitely put you in missionary position, so that he can watch your facial expressions to make sure he’s not causing you too much pain.
Goes very slowly and praises you for doing so well.
Will ask you many times if it’s too much or if you need a break.
Overall, he’s going to make the experience as memorable as possible.
He honestly might cry afterwards because he’ll love spending such an intimate moment together.
Tumblr media
He seems like the type that might be a little rough on accident.
He’ll be so eager to make love to you that he’ll forget for a bit that it’s your first time.
You’ll have to tell him to slow down in the beginning, but he’ll listen to you immediately, apologizing with a plethora of kisses and saying that he’s just really excited to be with you in that way.
From there, he’ll prep you with slow movements, though he focuses very heavily on the places that make you moan.
He wants to make you cum as soon as possible because he’s already drunk on your moans and sighs.
As soon as it seems like you’re ready, he’ll ask if he can put it in.
With the greenlight, he’ll make you ride him, so that you can control how fast you take him.
If it seems like you’re taking him too fast, he’ll hoist you up before teasing you about who’s being the eager one now.
Once you’re fully seated on him, he’ll ask if he can make you feel good.
Again with your permission, he’ll help you bounce on him until you can’t take it anymore and then he’ll flip you onto your back so that he can make you cum properly.
After your first time, he’ll constantly ask you if you want to go again because he really enjoyed it.
You’ve created a monster! XD
Tumblr media
Despite Enji being kind of a dick, I still don’t picture him forcing himself on anyone or being rough in an intimate space. (Don’t get me wrong. I love the idea of FireDaddy Enji blowing my back out, but I picture those HCs as being more fiction.)
He’s also pretty experienced, so he knows exactly what he’s doing and will make the experience as painless as possible.
Enji would ease you into things, starting with small touches.
Does quite a bit of foreplay, but also uses lube for added pleasure.
As he preps you, he’ll lightly warm his hands to relax your muscles.
He’ll make you cum so fast from just his fingers that you’ll be begging him to impale you soon after.
He’ll coat his cock in lube before he teases it at your entrance.
He’ll have you so relaxed, you’ll be able to take all of him your very first time.
He’ll fuck you slow at first, but as soon as you’re saying go faster, he’s picking up the pace.
Despite it being your first time, he’s going to want you to come completely undone on his cock, so be prepared for him to draw a few more orgasms out of you.
When you say you can’t handle anymore, he’ll finally cum and passionately kiss you before pulling you to lay across his chest where he’ll rub your back, telling how well you took him and how he can’t wait to fuck you again.
He’s the number one for a reason :D
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butkacchanwewerefive · 13 days ago
If you are possibly still doing the 1k followers thing...could I possibly request how Fatgum and Gang Orca react to a plus-size SO? Like are they instantly attracted or does it take time? Basically I just want these two big boys to have someone they don't have to worry about breaking know 👀
Author’s Note: AFAB reader for this one because tittiez. 
Warnings: General 18+ Warnings
To be honest, I’d love for them to react like this….
Tumblr media
But they’re both too respectful for that. 😂
Based on their personalities, for Taishiro and Kuugo, it will be a slow burn. Neither of them really have a strong focus on romance in their day to day, so love at first sight is not really a possibility for anyone of any size. That being said, if you think these men won’t notice your thicc ass body, you’d be dead wrong!
Taishiro will notice much sooner and try to be respectful, but the way your hips sway as you walk past his desk in the mornings on your way into the office makes him blush more than he wants to let on.
Kuugo won’t notice until you accidentally run into him in the hallway on your way to the breakroom and all of your plushness is up against him. He’ll apologize profusely for not being more careful, but make a beeline to his office to hide the swiftly growing bulge in his dress pants.
Taishiro will consciously know about his attraction to you and when I say he likes your body, he’ll especially like your tummy because it gives him something to hold onto when he’s fucking you from behind. The softness just feels so good in his hands, so hopefully, you’re okay with it. If you tell him not to touch it, you’re going to have a very sad man on your hands, but he’ll respect your wishes. Your booty and those titties though.... Different story… 
Kuugo doesn’t just love a specific part of your body. He loves all of it. Because his body is so rock hard, he loves to be against anything soft. The first time he got to cuddle you, the man almost creamed his pants. Everywhere he touches is soft on you, he loves it so much. When he’s making sweet love to you, his large hands are caressing your breast, your arms, your tummy, or those delicious thighs. The man is in hog heaven every time he can lay between those soft pillows as he eats you out. 
Either way, it’s a win for the bigger girls because Taishiro and Kuugo are going to enjoy the meal you’ve prepared for them with no fuss and savor every second of the experience.
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blxemafia · 15 days ago
Taishiro/Fatgum with a breeding and praise kink? Please? ; u ;
Tumblr media
Pairings: Fatgum x female reader
W.C: 128
Tumblr media
❥ Support me!
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❥ Wanna join?
Tumblr media
Toshi doesn’t know what happened. He didn’t even know how he developed these kinks, he just knows that it was your fault. The way you begged and pleaded with him when he would pull out of your aching cunt is something he’d never get over. He’d continue to fill you with his cum whispering pretty little things in your ear until you were filled to his standards. You were such a good girl for him and he’d definitely let you know that. He hated pulling out of you completely, he hated the way you’d beg for just one more round and how you’d sob trying to get him to fuck you again.
He wouldn’t say you were a whore for him, but it was definitely something like that.
Tumblr media
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choeso · 15 days ago
Hogwarts Houses || MHA Headcanon
description: what houses the characters would be in as well as a deeper description of each house & how they fit in!
warning: opinion based, if you disagree don’t be an ass
note: shoutout to the amazing @cursed-quirk for helping me with this list! ily and thank you for dealing with my bs on a daily basis :)
Tumblr media
WARM :: loud, boisterous, spontaneous, reckless, rebellious, comedic, stubborn, proud
Eijiro Kirishima + Nejire Hado
Rumi Usagiyama (Mirko)
Himiko Toga
NEUTRAL :: passionate, playful, strong moral compass, prone to living in the moment
Izuku Midoriya + Mashirao Ojiro
Toshinori Yagi (All Might)
Jin Bubaigawara (Twice)
COOL :: chivalrous, just to a fault, only breaks rules when necessary, merciless, practical, not easily forgiving
Tenya Iida
WARM :: loving, kind, tenacious, knows how to have fun, open-minded, friendly to all, trusting
Mina Ashido + Denki Kaminari
Hizashi Yamada (Present Mic)
NEUTRAL :: well-rounded, patient, practical, dependable, intent on fair play, down-to-earth, responsible
Ochaco Uraraka + Koji Koda + Mezo Shoji
Taishiro Toyomitsu (Fatgum)
COOL :: eye-for-an-eye, silent workaholic, tolerant, brutally honest, selectively but undyingly loyal, determined
Kyoka Jiro + Tamaki Amajiki
Tsunagu Hakamada (Best Jeanist)
WARM :: eccentric, openly inquisitive, witty, idealistic, loquacious, seemingly absentminded, creative
Rikido Sato + Mirio Togata
Keigo Takami (Hawks)
NEUTRAL :: wise, observer, introspective, self-entertaining, independent, accepting
Fumikage Tokoyami
COOL :: intelligent, analytical, rational, cynical, meticulous, observational, condescending
Shoto Todoroki
Kai Chisaki (Overhaul) + Atsuhiro Sako (Mr. Compress)
WARM :: confident, natural leader, successful, charming, shrewd, follows their own path, big on cost/benefit analysis
Yuga Aoyama + Hanta Sero + Momo Yaoyorozu
Enji Todoroki (Endeavor)
NEUTRAL :: resilient, self-reliant, perfectionist, assertive, clever, knows how to take care of people
Katsuki Bakugou
Kugo Sakamata (Gang Orca)
COOL :: calculating, apathetic, authoritative, mysterious, realistic, traditional, manipulative
Tsuyu Asui + Hitoshi Shinso
Shota Aizawa (Eraserhead)
Tomura Shigaraki
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babydaddyleorio · 16 days ago
Fat Gum headcanons
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Random Fatgum Headcanons
Tumblr media
-I’m pretty sure that this is a popular headcanon, but Fatgum definitely has his own youtube channel where he cooks and gives advice to his subscribers. He has lives all the time and is very interactive. He’ll be reading a submission, asking for help with their love life for example, and Fatgum would respond with:
-“This situation reminds me of Udon. Your love life may feel like an endless string of failure, string of failure being noodles in this instance, but you will eventually overcome your obstacles, whether they may be too thick or too starchy, because love always prevails.” He would explain to the camera while fixing a bowl of his signature soup.
-True words of wisdom, Chef Fatgum.
-He loves animals. Put him in a room filled with cats and dogs and he is definitely folding.
-He’s a morning person, surprisingly. He lives by the saying “the early bird gets the worm”, being one to prefer sunrise over sunset.
-He doesn’t like coffee. It tastes too bitter and he literally will stick his tongue out with a scrunched face at the taste.
-Taishiro enjoys listening to various music genres, he honestly can vibe to them all. He also likes to dance, albeit that doesn’t mean that he’s actually good at it. 
-Kirishima will dance horribly with him, and when Fatgum yells at Amajiki to join him on the dancefloor, Tamaki literally turns his head and pretends that he doesn't know them.
-He loves comedy movies and he has a deep belly laugh, kind of like santa claus. 
-Fatgum has stretch marks all over his body, but it doesn’t bother him in the slightest. He doesn’t really care about other people’s opinions because he’s learned to love himself, plus he thinks that they look pretty cool on him.
-Always supports Kirishima and Amajiki whenever he can. If they have something going on at UA where it requires an audience, Taishiro will be there to cheer them on and bring them goodies as a gift. (Of course, the bags of chips are open because he was snacking on them during the performance, but eh... that’s not really important.)
-One of his favorite hobbies is reading and collecting comic books. He has shelves aligned with them and can talk for days about storylines and his favorite characters.
-He does not let being a hero get to him, in fact, he acts like a completely normal guy. Walks around town like a civilian and will wave at people who recognize him and sign the autographs of anyone that comes up to him.
-In conclusion, we love Fatgum.
Tumblr media
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butkacchanwewerefive · 16 days ago
Can I ask ya somethin'? Pt. 2
Farmer!Fatgum x Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
Warnings: General 18+ Smut Warnings, Oral Sex
Word Count: 2.8K
Author’s Note: Here's part 2. I don't have a set date for the release of part 3, but it is in the works :)
Part 1 | Part 3
The next morning you awoke to an empty bed, though there was a note left for you along with a complete breakfast spread on a small tray. You sighed happily as you sat up, carefully lifting the tray onto your lap before picking up the note.
Honey Bun,
I had to get up early to feed the animals, but I just wanted to let you know that it was a wonderful surprise to be able to wake up to you this morning. When you finish breakfast, come find me in the barn.
You felt your heart skip a beat as you hugged the note to your chest. Last night honestly felt like a dream come true. Sleeping next to Taishiro was honestly the best sleep you had had in a long while. Your job back in the city was always so hectic, so you worked long hours and could barely sleep once you got home due to all of the stress. To be able to not only relax, but spend this time with your favorite person on the planet was a much needed vacation.
You quickly ate breakfast, which was of course delicious, before dashing into the bathroom to freshen up and get dressed. You put the dishes in the sink, making a mental note to make dinner that evening, before heading out to the barn. The heat seemed to have risen with the sun as you made the short walk to the structure. You looked out at the fields, hoping that your quirk would be enough to help Taishiro out. You had told him this many times before, but you’d do anything to keep that sweet smile on his face.
As you entered the barn, you didn’t immediately see him, so you took your time looking at all of the animals. There were a few cows and two horses. One of the horses happily trotted over to you, nuzzling its large nose into you. You laughed softly and gently patted its head.
“Wow, Pepper isn’t usually that friendly. She must know how sweet ya are.” Taishiro said, emerging from behind a stack of hay towards the back.
“Or maybe she smells you on me.” you said, feeling a heat rise to your cheeks as he approached. His puffy cheeks were slightly flushed, though you attributed it to the work he had probably just finished.
“Yeah, I did cuddle you real close last night, didn’t I?” he teased, gently nudging Pepper towards her stable. She ambled off as he placed a large hand against the small of your back, drawing you closer to him.
“Tai, quit it. Who knew you were this smooth?” you mumbled, tucking your face into his side. Even though he had been doing hard labor, he still smelled incredibly good. In fact, the light wisp of sweat made him that much hotter to you.
“Well, I knew. I was just waiting for you to fall for my charm.” he said before chuckling. The laugh rumbled through his chest and filled you with a familiar warmth that only he could provide. He smiled down at you before gently kissing your forehead. “I need to go in town for some things. Ride with me?”
“Of course!”
Taishiro parked his old pickup truck in front of the general store before hopping out to get the door for you. You laughed as he helped you down from the massive truck by hooking his hands against your sides and gently setting you on the ground. You followed him into the store and went to browse the aisles as he went to talk to the shop clerk about his order. Unbeknownst to you, the store’s stock boy had been eying you since you got out of the truck. As you picked up a jar of organic honey to read the label, he sidled up next you, his eyes drinking in your heavenly form.
“Hi, I’m Rappa, need help with anything?” said the tall man. You glanced up from the honey to give him a small smile. He smirked as he leaned against the wall next to you, unabashedly flexing his copious muscles.
“Oh no, I’m just waiting on my-uh-..” you realized in that moment that you and Taishiro hadn’t quite put a title on what the two of you were yet, so you answered with what you knew was true. “Best friend.”
“Oh, I didn’t know old Tai had such a cute best friend.” Rappa shamelessly flirted. He walked around you and started effortlessly lifting a twenty pound bag of rice, using it like it was a dumbbell. You giggled at how silly he looked trying to impress you. He in turn took this as you being interested in him. “You know, if I had such a pretty friend, I wouldn’t leave her all on her own. Why don’t we be friends and I buy you dinner to get to know you?”
“Well, I’m only in town for a bit and Tai and I already have a ton of plans, so I unfortunately don’t have any time to spare. I’m sorry.” you said, trying to let him down easy. While Rappa didn’t seem like a bad guy, he definitely didn’t measure up to Taishiro, not in height nor in politeness. Rappa set the bag of rice down as he gave you his best smouldering look.
“Are you sure you can’t find maybe thirty minutes for little old me?” He punctuated his last three words with bicep flexes. You again couldn’t stifle your laugh at how ridiculous he was being. You placed a polite hand to his forearm before leaning in close to hopefully save him from the embarrassment that was coming as you prepared your rejection.
“Listen, Rappa, you seem very nice, but I’m not interested, okay?” you said in a low voice before stepping back. While he seemed crestfallen for a moment, a sly smile spilled across his lips as he glanced at the far end of the aisle.
“Okay. See you around.” he said before disappearing into the back of the store. As you swiveled, a triumphant smile across your face, you looked up to see Tai with an unreadable expression as he looked between you and the still pivoting door.
“Uh, hey, do you have honey at home?” you said, walking over to him and holding up the jar.
“I don’t. I’ll add this to my order. I’m checking out now. Why don’t you wait for me by the truck? I’ll be right out.” he said, not even making eye contact with you as he took the small glass jar from you and headed back to the register. You felt a sudden chill creep up your spine at his nonchalant exchange and you wordlessly went outside to wait.
Taishiro helped you into the truck before loading up all of his items into the back of it. When he got in, he silently handed you a small paper bag that held the honey before starting the vehicle and pulling away. He didn’t say anything the entire ride back to his farm and only really looked at you when he helped you down from the truck.
“How about you wait at the house while I finish up the rest of the chores for the day?” he said, not even waiting for your response before walking away towards the barn, carrying a large bag of chicken feed on his shoulder. You clutched the small bag to your chest and watched him walk away. You didn’t know what had gotten into him at the store, but you hoped that a hot, home cooked meal would fix his mood, so you got to work in the kitchen.
Taishiro started trudging towards the house as the sun began to set. The entire time that he worked that day, he couldn’t get over how you so casually touched Rappa. Taishiro had always lost out to guys with “better” bodies than him, guys like Rappa, but to see you touch him and giggle with him, after you and Tai had laid next to each other as something more than friends really ate him up inside. He had really thought things would be different this time...
As he approached the house, he could hear you humming as the sweet aroma of whatever you were cooking hit his nostrils. Many people thought that he was instinctively a good cook because of his size, but no, it was you who had taught him every recipe you could think of. The smell of your hand crafted meal only made his heart sink further. When he entered the house, he went straight to the bathroom to freshen up. When he finally emerged, you were waiting for him with a wide smile on your face with the table already set and his food plated.
“Come eat with me. I know you’re not in a great mood, but I made your favorite and I made honey buns for after dinner.” you said cheerily as you sat at the table. When you looked at him with those cute eyes and that sweet smile, he couldn’t tell you no. He sat across from you and took a deep whiff of his meal before taking a huge bite. He shut his eyes for a moment as he sighed, savoring the flavor. You giggled, watching him relax. “I knew, it would cheer you up. What happened earlier by the way? Did the store clerk give you a bad price for the feed?”
“Uh, no… It was something else…” he mumbled before taking another huge bite of food.
“Is it about the crops? I’ll do my best, but if that doesn’t work, we can figure something else out. No need to be upset just yet.” you rambled as he looked at you with a sad expression.
“It’s not the crops either. Just let it go.”
“No, I won’t. Tai, you seemed so sad and you wouldn’t even look at me. I can tell when you’re upset with me, so just…spit it out already.” You set your fork down on your plate and looked at him, waiting for a response. Taishiro sighed, hesitating for a moment before finally speaking.
“Can I ask ya somethin’?”
“What do you think about Rappa? You seemed to think he was funny earlier. Did you get his number?” You gave Taishiro an incredulous look as you burst out into a fit of giggles.
“The try hard? I was only laughing because of how ridiculous he looked lifting a twenty pound bag of rice like that would impress me. You lifted that one hundred pound of feed like it was nothing earlier. Now, that’s impressive.” you said, through bouts of laughter. Taishiro looked at you for a long minute, not truly believing what he was hearing.
“So he didn’t woo you? Then why did you lean in close to him?”
“I didn’t want to embarrass him when I rejected him.”
“But you called me your best friend.”
“Because you are! I just didn’t know what our new title would be, so I went with the familiar, but I most definitely wasn’t flirting with Rappa when who I really want to be with was at the register.”
“So you wanted to be with the store clerk? Got it!” he said, finally breaking out into his familiar smile.
“Yes, the 60 year old man really did it for me.” you said, rolling your eyes playfully. After both of your fits of laughter died down, the two of you fell into a comfortable silence, enjoying the meal, before Tashiro spoke again.
“So you still like me?”
“No… I love you…” you said, looking up at him as your heart began to pound wildly and your cheeks heated. Taishiro’s soft face flashed to a vivid red as he softly smiled.
“I love you, too…”
Later that night, you were putting on lotion after your bath when Taishiro sat on the edge of the bed next to you, taking your legs into his lap and massaging them.
“You know I could’ve done this myself, right?” you said, smirking up at him, but when you saw the soft expression on his face, you leaned into his tummy, resting your head against him and already knowing that he had a lot on his mind.
“I wanted to apologize for being cold with you earlier. I just thought I had lost my chance with you again.” he said softly as his warm hands kneaded your thighs.
“You never actually lost your chance...ever. If you had made a move sooner, I would’ve dumped anyone for you…”
“Really? For me? But you could have a guy like Rappa?”
“And why would I want that when I have you? You’re sweet, you’re funny, and you’re really hot.”
“Yeah, I guess I’m pretty insulated…” he said, looking away. You gently took the side of his face to make him meet your gaze.
“No, Tai, you’re hot. Like I want that way.” you said as you bit your lip seductively, meeting his shocked gaze. He slowly lifted you onto the center of the bed before hovering over you. You slowly spread your legs, which pushed your night shirt up to reveal your panties. His eyes slowly trailed down your body and he gulped when he finally arrived at your clothed heat.
“In that way?” he asked in a low voice.
“Mhmm…” you whispered as he licked his lips. He hooked his finger into the band of your underwear and you lifted your hips, giving him the greenlight. Seeing you so needy for him made him bold. He pulled your panties off before settling in between your thighs. He pressed a gentle kiss to your pussy before parting your lower lips with his tongue. Your breath hitched as his hot tongue seemed to reach everywhere. You mewled loudly as he dragged it over your swelling clit before suckling at the bundle of nerves.
“Tai…” you breathlessly moaned as he dipped his tongue to your entrance before delving in. Your hand wandered down to run your fingers through his soft, blonde hair. He chuckled as you whimpered.
“You taste so sweet…like honey” he growled, sending pleasant vibrations throughout your cunt. You rolled your hips onto his tongue as he swirled it around your clit. You gripped onto the sheets with your other hand as he sucked more fervently, making lewd noises as he enjoyed the meal between your thighs. Taishiro loved to eat and now he could finally indulge in his favorite flavor, so he wasn’t going to miss a moment.
“I’m getting close…” you gasped out.
“Cream on my tongue, baby…” he commanded, completely devouring you. His wide tongue lapped at your folds before it laved over your swollen bud over and over. You were completely unravelling against his skilled appendage and he wasn’t even using his full potential. Little did you know that this was just the appetizer for you and with the way you were moaning and grinding on his tongue, he wasn’t sure if you’d make it to dessert. You felt the sharp tension in your abdomen snap and your pussy began to clench around nothing as your orgasm took hold.
Taishiro continued to suck and lick at your pulsating cunt as you tried to ground yourself in the mattress. You could barely focus as he drew yet another orgasm out of you in but a minute after the first. Your chest heaved as the two of you made eye contact, your eyes silently begging for a reprieve. He smirked and chuckled into your pussy before continuing his meal.
His godly tongue slipped back into your entrance as it stretched you before grazing the place that made your knees weak. His entire mouth enveloped your pussy as he pushed his tongue in deeper, wanting to taste all of you. Your eyes rolled back into your head as he sucked one final time on your clit and got the delicious cream he was after. Your entire body shuddered as you came loud and hard into his mouth. As he lapped up your essence, you whimpered loudly.
“I know I know…” he said, finally pulling his shiny lips away from you. He kissed your inner thighs before hovering over you to pull you into a passionate kiss. You allowed his tongue to slip into your mouth, so that you could taste yourself. He was right. You did taste like honey. He finally pulled away after a few minutes, so that you could catch your breath. He curled you onto his stomach as he smoothed your hair away from your clammy forehead before placing a sweet kiss.
“Thank you for the meal, Honey Bun.” he said, smirking at your blissed out expression. You slumped against him, thoroughly satiated, and the two of you drifted in a loving slumber together.
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butkacchanwewerefive · 17 days ago
First of all I love the way you write for everyone it's so .
Second if request aren't closed yet. Can I have Gang Orca, FatGum, Twice and Dabi with a s/o that is very affectionate and sweet (like cuddles, kisses, baking goods, etc.) but is always ready to throw hands when someone insults her 'family' especially if is something trivial like looks or actions.
(If request are closed its ok to delete this.)
Author’s Note: Changed up the format a bit because I didn’t want it to get too repetitive.
Warnings: None; Pure Fluff
Contains Characters: Fatgum, Gang Orca, Twice and Dabi
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Gang Orca, Fatgum, and Twice will appreciate your affectionate side a lot with Fatgum especially liking the baking aspect. These three specifically would like this side because Gang Orca and Twice rarely get to see this softness while Fatgum is used to this treatment, because I mean, have you seen the man? He’s a walking plushy.
I wouldn’t say that Dabi wouldn’t appreciate your soft side, but I think that he likes a rougher/tougher S/O, which is why I think that he’ll appreciate the “Catch Me Outside” side of you the most. Gang Orca won’t want you to get into physical fights because he’s used to someone saying mean things about him and as a hero, he can’t really be associated with someone who fights all of the time, but he will appreciate you standing up for him. Twice will think it’s cute that you bake at home, but are ready to smash someone’s dome. He’s a wild card himself, so having an S/O that can do both is right up his alley.
Fatgum wouldn’t necessarily hate the rougher side to you, but he seems like the type to prefer your softer side more than anything.
Out of all of these men, I think that Twice would love your personality the most because you fill all of his needs. Congrats! :D
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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butkacchanwewerefive · 17 days ago
I hope you find this one interesting.
How about headcanons for when the guys have had a really bad week, and at the end of the week their S/O tries to comfort them again, (they've been trying all week to no avail) but since the S/O kept pushing the matter, the guys snap and yell at the reader, scaring them, like really scaring them. With Hawks, Endeavor, Fatgum, Gang Orca, and Dabi.
How do you think the guys would react to scaring the reader and how do you think they would try and make it better?
I hope this wasn't too specific and I hope it's not worded to weirdly. Keep kicking as babe(sorry).
- 🍙
Author’s Note: I’m sorry, onigiri-chan! This was not fun to write and it made me sad… :( Love you though! :3
Warnings: Some Angst...
Tumblr media
He’ll panic at first.
You’re his favorite person, so he doesn’t want to lose you.
He’ll apologize profusely. 
He might even cry because he really didn’t mean to snap at you.
He’ll distance himself from you for a bit, but send gifts and flowers to show you that he’s still interested.
You’ll have to be the one to tell him that it’s alright and make amends because his poor heart is actually very fragile.
Tumblr media
I’ll go with redemption arc Enji for this one.
He’ll feel bad for snapping because he’s trying to reform himself, though it will still take some time for him to cool down.
He’s also not great with words, so expect gifts to show up or fancy dinners.
He won’t say that he’s sorry, but he’ll try to show it, which is something. I guess?
Tumblr media
He would feel so awful.
Tai would never want to come across as scary.
His whole brand is being personable, soft, and squishy, so he’d instantly try to fix the situation.
He’d ask if he can hug you or even just hold your hand in the most soothing voice possible.
He’d apologize for blowing up while cuddling you on the couch.
He may suggest you guys order takeout, so that you can cuddle all evening.
Tumblr media
I can’t picture it for Kuugo.
He’s constantly had insults thrown at him from both civilians and villains and he’s able to keep his cool, so in order for him to snap, you would have had to push for him to open up when he wasn’t ready.
Since the reader would have been doing it all week, the frustration would have built up to the point where he would just have to take some time away from them by either going into his study or taking a really cold shower to cool off.
After he’s calmed down, he’ll come talk to you about everything and why he blew up, but I also picture him setting clear boundaries for next time.
He doesn’t want to hurt you, but he also has his own limits on what he’s willing to talk about when he’s had that bad of a week.
It’ll be a tough conversation to have, but it will help the relationship in the long term.
Tumblr media
Sorry Dabi fans, I’m going based on canon Dabi and he’s letting this stew for a while if he even addresses him snapping at you at all.
He’ll just take a break from you for a week or so, hoping that you’ll forget about it.
Then he’ll worm his way back into your life, saying things like, “You still love me, right?” or “You should’ve known that I was going to snap at you when I already told you that I didn’t want to talk about it.”
As long as you take him back, he’ll keep doing it.
He’s a villain. He doesn’t know how to be good to you.
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