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official-astridthirsts · 9 hours ago
Let's go tonight, and then pick them up after dinner. Let me get changed and then we can go. - I walk into our room and put on jeans and a t-shirt before coming back out to you.-
-We pull up outside of the animal shelter in my car.- Are you ready, love?
- 💛Fat Gum🧡
Mhm! I’m really excited.. I can’t wait to see all the animals. I’m sure we’ll find one! One of my friends said that this was a good shelter so I’m pumped.
I waited for you to park the car, getting out of my side and waiting for you before intertwining our fingers and walking to the entrance.
Did you have a preference in mind, darling? A specific breed or anything of the sort? I’m not picky at all but I wanted to hear your opinion on it.
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syalin-deerfox · 9 hours ago
Fatgum x Gender Neutral Reader
Rainy Day
As rain pattered softly against the glass you couldn’t help but sigh at the feeling. The inner warmth of your small apartment building fogged the inside of the window as the cool droplets collided and raced down the sheer panes of glass as thunder rumbled overhead. Occasionally a bright flash of lightning would streak through the skyline, illuminating the massive silhouette of the city of Esuha, glaring brighter than the neon signs that glowed faintly in the distance.
It was lonely in your appartment as you cuddled under the warmth of your furon, eyes flitting over to the clock and then to the door as you wondered if he was alright out there in this weather. Your head perked up as you heard the telltale jingle of keys at the door before the shimmering knob slowly began to twist and a towering beast of a man entered through the tiny doorway.
Immediately you rushed into his arms, scrambling across the tatami mats as you squished into his lovely quirk, heart filling with warmth as he gazed down with his totoro-like smile his blonde hair a tossled mess under his soaked hoodie.
“It’s nice to see you too gummy bear,” He cooed as he pulled you away from him slightly. “But it’s raining cats and dogs out there and I don’t want to ruin the tatami.”
You smiled excitedly as he removed his soaked jacket and removed his mask, allowing you to more easily see that goregous face of his as he scooped you up into his massive arms and carried you to the couch where he sat down with a deep sigh, letting you sink into the fat of his belly like a cushion.
It was like being hugged by a giant marshmallow, warm skin dipping to fold around you as you clambered over him to give him a loving kiss that he returned gratefully. Taishiro’s comically large hand came out from around his side with what looked like a small bag compared to the sheer size of him.
“I know we haven’t had time to actually go to the store sweetie so I brought back some food from your favorite place! I promise I didn’t eat it without you this time, though that Kirishima boy I was telling you about did steal some of mine to share with his new partner.” Taishiro smiled, putting the takeout box into your waiting hands.
Just the smell of it was enough to make you drool and your stomach to growl as you thanked him lovingly. From there the conversation delved into how your day had gone and how worried you had been about your boyfriend fighting in the storm, it made the roads so much more slippery and dangerous! Taishiro mostly laughed of your scoldings, gently pressing more food into your mouth to get you to stop before he began to coo over how much he loved you in hopes you would forget, which you never did of course.
All in all, it was a perfectly normal, perfectly lovely, rainy day.
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fatgum-sugarplum · 14 hours ago
7, 27, or 47 kiss for Fatgum please??
A short little one for this but I hope it’s cute all the same! I really liked these so I just did...all of them. 
7: “I’ve missed you” kiss 
27: Giggly kiss
47: Quick kiss
Word Count: 368
In his defense, it wasn’t supposed to wake you up. He’d been called in quite early for work the night--morning?--before and had slipped out the door quietly then with a soft and sleepy goodbye to you. It was now the night after and he’d returned to find you curled up in one of his hoodies on the couch, sound asleep. It surrounded you so completely it may as well have been a second blanket on you. He loved seeing you like this in any of his clothes really. So why pass up the opportunity to give you a quick little kiss? It couldn’t hurt anything. He’d brushed your hair gently out of the way and placed what he could have sworn was the softest kiss in the world to your temple, but your eyes fluttered open all the same.
“Taishiro?” Your voice was groggy, eyes barely able to crack open. 
He felt his stomach flip at the sight. Somehow even like this you were breathtaking. “Hey, honey bun.” 
“You home?” 
He chuckled at that, “Nah, still halfway across town.” 
You broke into a sleepy grin and let out a sleepy giggle, pulling him down into a soft kiss before mumbling against his lips, “Jerk.” 
“Aw, you know you love me.” He cupped your cheek with his large hand, a lopsided grin on his face as he took you in in all your sleepy glory. You leaned into the touch, letting out a soft hum of contentment as you did, nodding ever so slightly. His breath caught in his chest for just a moment. God he wished he could stay like this every single day, just you and him and this wonderful feeling of love and peace. 
Slowly you cracked your eyes open again, giving a slight smile, “You’re staring.”
“I missed you.” 
“You were gone less than a day, Taishi.” 
“An hour’s all it takes.” 
“Then c’mere, big boy.” You reached up and pulled him into a kiss, holding him there for as long as it took you to run out of breath. As you took little gasps of air in you grinned, “Let’s makeup for lost time then.” 
“You don’t have to ask me twice, honey bun.” 
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pinguilord · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Manga panel redraw
(click 4 better quality)
(Cliquea para mejor resolución)
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bnhahq101 · 15 hours ago
Pro-Heroes will a Villain F/O headcanons?
So just to help out this list is organized of the heroes I think would be most likely to accept their s/o being a villain.  
 Keigo Takami/Hawks
As long as they aren’t an actual threat to society, Keigo is pretty chill about the whole thing
Will turn a blind eye to them if he encounters them while on duty
There’s a mutual agreement that business can be discussed over dinner but that’s it
 Higari Maijima/Powerloader
He may be a hero, but he understands that there are grey areas to everything
He won’t treat them any different though he will ask them about why it is they became a villain
Hates whenever they get into trouble with the law (such as getting arrested)
 Taishiro Toyomitsu/Fatgum 
Another who understands there is a lot of grey areas between heroes and villains, but still tries to convince his love to stop their life of crime, offering to provide everything they may ever need
If they still want to though, he won’t stop them instead choosing to watch over them
If they come home injured, he’ll gently chew them out for being careless as he takes care of their injuries 
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mjimy · 16 hours ago
Celebrating mother
A mother's day special? Kinda, The pro heros celebrating with You!
Hawks, Fatgum,Aizawa ...
Get ready for this bird and your little one to sing at the top of their lungs to wake you up
When you open your eyes the first thing you’ll see are bouquets of flowers bigger than your little son
A breakfast in bed especially for you
Your child will rush you to open his gift first, a necklace with a locket with a small photo of the three of you
Also a drawing and a letter made by him thanking you for being his mom because you’re the best mom in the world
You thanked him in tears as I held you tight
Hawks came in with a box something big, sat next to you while kissing your cheek
-what's your plan ? - you asked him in a rogue tone while you opened the box, he just smiled , as soon as you saw the content you were speechless
A stylish dress (f/c), strapless, a matching bracelet and a note with the reservation for the most elegant restaurant in the city
-I just want to make happy the woman who gave me the greatest treasure- Hawks took out a ticket for a weekend at a resort and spa
You just kissed him and thanked him for the detail, your husband and your son sat next to you for breakfast everyone in the room
However when You got up to the kitchen the first thing you saw was the mess in the kitchen of the so-called breakfast
-yes love? - he answered as he arrived at your side, -in my defense we tried to make your breakfast with love- he excused himself for the mess
-you ordered home right Kei? - he just smiled and promised that he would clean everything up
First mother's day
He’d wait for you to wake up and get in the bath to prepare you his surprise
The dining room was arranged with balloons and a huge congratulations sign, which even your friends signed and an amazing breakfast (this man has incredible skills in the kitchen)
As soon as everything was ready he going for your babies to dress them up in a jumpsuit that said "happy mother's day" then he set them up on the stroller to wait for you to come down to eat
When you came out of your bedroom you found arrows stuck on the floor to guide you to a surprise
Arriving at the first station It was waiting for you a Polaroid camera that said "take me"
You went your way and found a box of photos of when you and the hero were dating and when he proposed to you
Coming out of there,the arrows led you to the dining room, where your beautiful family were waiting for you, fatgum threw confetti
You hugged him , he gave you a bouquet of flowers with a card that said "thank you for forming a story with me and giving me the most wonderful adventure in this life"
At that moment you knew that the Polaroid was the most important part to preserve that adventure, so taking your little ones in your arms, the family puto together as much as you could to take the first picture of the mother’s day
Family isn’t always about blood
The shift at the agency was rather long since you covered the shift of a companion to celebrate with her family
When you got home you saw the lights off, thinking Aizawa might have gone out
You lay down on the couch, when a little light caught your eye, it came out of your bedroom so you decided to investigate
As soon as you opened the door there was a cake with a candle on your dresser, next to it a couple of cards
It was easy to know that Eri had made one that said how much she loved you and even if you weren’t her biological mom, she loved you as one because you took care of her, you played with her and helped her with her homework. The only thing you could do is smile
The second was signed by hitoshi, a short message where he thanked you for having accepted him into your family and take care of him as if he were your son
Next to the cake was a photo of the 4 of you, took the first time you took Eri to the zoo, that weekend you had a great time even shinsou stayed to sleep in the house, watched movies and made breakfast together
-It is not necessary to be a mother to bring that love to others- Aizawa interrupted your thoughts, came in and took your hand to kiss it, you hugged him and kissed him
Aizawa guided you to the dining room where Eri and Shinsou were with a spectacular dinner,"happy mother’s day" both welcomed you with a hug
You have dinner together, talking about their day, when you finished they cleaned while you relaxed -thank you guys, you gave me an incredible family- You said with the biggest smile
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l0rd-snail · 19 hours ago
New trailer just dropped
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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lord-snail-prince · 19 hours ago
Thinking about how I used to put a bandaid on my face to give me an interesting character design
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bnhahq101 · 20 hours ago
Taishiro x Rappa x Reader headcanons please!
This relationship works surprisingly well despite one partner being a pro hero and the other being a villain
This relationship is incredibly hidden from the general public
Both men love drowning their s/o in physical affection
While Taishiro loves cooking for their lover and Rappa, Rappa is surprisingly good at domestic activities such as cleaning (he understands the importance of a clean home)
The two men have a mutual understanding that if they have to fight because of their professions, they will fight but never with the aim to kill
For Kendo, while he still wants a battle to the death someday, he doesn’t want to upset their lover
The cuddles are the best and often have s/o squished between the two
Kirishima and Tamaki know about the relationship, but stay silent seeing how happy it makes Taishiro
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ayumiinuzuka · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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- My eyes light up and I spin you around in a hug.- That's a great idea, gummy bear! Do you want to go to the shelter tonight or tomorrow?
- 💛Fat Gum🧡
Well, I was thinking tonight if you aren’t too tired? I got a reservation for your favourite place at 8 so we just have to go to the shelter before that.
I keep my arms wrapped around you, holding me up while you also did the same, helping me not fall down.
So, did you want a cat or a dog, angel? I’m fine with both so I want to hear what you want us to get.
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ness-is-vanillabean · a day ago
Tumblr media
Gummy Bears, I'm hoping sleep will help me come back from my sad feelings.
At a time like this I wish Tai was real. I could really use a hug and some encouraging words and you know he'd give them to you in spades.
I'll be okay though.
Things will be fine and life will go on.
If you feel sad like me I send you my hugs.
Love you Gummy Bears~♡
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Eijiro took down a group of villains by himself during the raid. Tamaki saved the hostages with some help from Eijiro. - Pride washes over my face as I talk about my boys.- I'm so proud of my boys, they did so well!
- 💛Fat Gum🧡
That’s amazing, Tai! I’m proud of you, darling, and I missed you. I’m glad you’re finally home, I actually wanted to talk to you about something..
I knew it was sudden but I wanted to ask anyways, hoping that you’d agree with me and say yes.
Well, you’re away at work a lot.. and I was thinking.. if we could maybe get a pet? I don’t mind if it’s a dog or a cat. I just think it’s be better to have someone with me.. what do you think?
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The mission ended up going very well. - I pause for a moment.- Do you remember the three UA students doing work studies with me?
- 💛Fat Gum🧡
I nodded excitedly at your question, biting the inside of my cheek in thought before looking up at you.
Mhm, how could I forget them. They’re adorable.. Um, Eijirou and Amajiki, was it? Anyways, what about them, love?
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Hiya gummy bear, I'm back!~ - A large smile spreads across my face as I see you.-
- 💛Fat Gum🧡
A huge beaming grin makes its was to my face as I practically tackle you to the ground as I wrap my arms around you.
Tai! I missed you, darling. How was the mission? I know you can’t tell me all the details but did it at least go well?
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honeypirate · a day ago
Happy mother’s day with fat gum!
Taishiro x pregnant!Reader
Fatgum is 8’2 and I am 5’8 so I based it off that. I used a height thing to calculate it so I would know where my head would hit on his back lol
tagging @fatgumshoneybun ❤️
You grunted as you threw your body up to gain momentum to roll out of bed, using your heavy belly to your advantage.
The big empty space behind you had woke you up, your usual warmed back from him cuddling you close was now cold and empty.
After using the bathroom you hobble yourself down the hallway towards the sound of food cooking on the stove and smile when you see your husband, flour on his face as he flips a pancake with a little pleased smile.
Your hand goes to rub your tummy “you’re gonna be so loved” you think to your little baby as you rub small circles.
You make your way around to him, your feet making soft sounds against the tiled floor, and snake your arms around his middle. Your head resting against the middle of his back.
He laughs and on of his hands holds yours that were on his low stomach, only possible because of his smaller size which was a result of a big villain fight the previous day. “awww Mama! you woke up! I was going to bring you breakfast in bed”
Mama. That word makes you smile every time he says it. And ever since you shown him the little stick with the pink lines he’s called you nothing else. You’re a mama now. The mother of his child growing in your tummy. What an honor he feels to have you bear his children and be his partner.
“The bed was cold without you” you whisper and he softly hums, turning off the stove and turning around to hold you to his chest as best as he could with the baby taking up space with your large belly, due in just a little under two months.
You take his hand and place it on your bump, the fluttering of kicks making his smile widen and eyes sparkle
“Good morning my sweet girl” he says as he drops to his knees and rubs his hands across your belly “I hope you’re hungry because we’re having strawberry shortcake pancakes” he whispers and then kisses your belly.
When he stands he gives you a small peck, gazing down at you with eyes full of love and adoration
“Happy Mother’s Day y/n” he whispers and you beam up at him “thank you honey” you say with a smile as he kisses your temple
He helps you to the table and pulls out a chair “sit and I’ll bring breakfast and your Mother’s Day gift” he says with an excited smile and you laugh, your hands on your belly as you lower yourself to the chair.
As you sit you watch him work through the kitchen, a grin on his face the whole time. He has been such a great help these past months, taking everything in stride but still open with communication so you’re both taken care of.
You can see how great a father he’s going to be and you feel pride in your heart knowing your little girl gets a father as wonderful as him.
“I love you” you say and he stops his administration of whipped cream, his giant stack of pancakes just needing strawberries now and completely dwarfing your little stack, making you chuckle to yourself.
He rises from being bent over the counter to meet your eye and smile brightly “I love you too”
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savnofilter · 2 days ago
adults masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
  ━   rules | req.list | masterlist | NYB | playlist   ━
   ━━━━━━ drabbles | events | series ━━━━━━
Tumblr media
    ✧ *。 ♡ ~ ♪ *ʀᴇǫᴜᴇsᴛs ᴀʀᴇ ᴏᴘᴇɴ!* ♪ ~ ♡ 。* ✧
Tumblr media
       【bold is nsfw, scenarios is italicized】
       【normal is head-cannons and sfw. ♡】
Tumblr media
〔 > 〕 first works!  〔 ✩ 〕 special events!  〔 ♡ 〕 friend birthday!  〔 ♔ 〕 poc works!  〔 ❦ 〕 lgbtq+ works!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
➣ S/O That’s An Olympic Figure Skater HCs
Tumblr media
➣ Chubby Reader HCs
Tumblr media
➣ Busty & Thicc S/O HCs
Tumblr media
➣ S/O That’s An Olympic Figure Skater HCs
Tumblr media
➣ Happy Birthday
Tumblr media
➣ Factz.™
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✩ Birthday Lap Dance HCs
➣ Caught Masturbating HCs
✩ *Caos Ensues*
➣ Clean Up
➣ Consider This Thirst Quenched
➣ Dabi & Bakugo W/ S/O Who Has a High Sex Drive HCs
➣ Dabi W/ Chubby/Curby S/O Who Likes BDSM/DDLG HCs
➣ Dabi W/ S/O Who is Thicc HCs
➣ Deepthroating HCs
➣ Dick Size HCs
✩ Going to Aquarium or Beach HCs
➣ I’ll Clean Your Wounds
➣ Give You Plenty
➣ Let’s Try It Again
➣ Somnophilia HCs
➣ S/O That’s An Olympic Figure Skater HCs
✩ s.y.m.w/.c
➣ Types of Sex HCs
➣ “You’re So Needy”
Tumblr media
➣ Hero Kink HCs
➣ Relationship HCs
➣ Sugar Daddy HCs
Tumblr media
coming soon,,,
Tumblr media
➣ Dick Size HCs
➣ Relationship HCs
➣ Relationship NSFW HCs
➣ Get Well Soon, I Guess
Tumblr media
♡ Playing Animal Crossing W/ Shigaraki HCs
➣ Somnophilia HCs
Tumblr media
➣ See You Again
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
➣ Relationship HCs
Tumblr media
all rights reserved © savnofilter
Tumblr media
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shipping-god · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
After drawing the ideal hug™ yesterday and then doing domestic bullshit all day today, I am now thoroughly obsessed with the idea of sharing a tiny cluttered apartment with my top 3 f/os and so you all will hear about it.
Everything is Taishiro+ sized because he and Koro-Sensei are both 8ft and need lots of room
This is great and also terrible as Teru and I are short (5′3 and 4′3) and thus can never reach anything without help
Teruteru and Taishiro handle all the cooking, but they cannot share a kitchen. Teru’s very particular about his space.
He will call on Taishiro if he can’t reach something though
Koro and I split up the cleaning, he does the laundry and I keep the living spaces tidy. We also do the dishes together after meals
Taishiro is still a pro hero, and is usually the first to leave, as well as the last to get home
Teruteru works at a restaurant as lead chef, he makes sure Koro and I are up and fed before he goes. He also makes Taishiro a packed lunch the night before so it’s ready to go in the morning
Koro-Sensei still taught class 3-E, but retired as a teacher after they went on to High school. He’s currently a house husband
I write books and draw manga from home, Koro does my lining and editing
Koro-Sensei is high on a government watch list and doesn’t leave the house often
Teruteru and I do most of the shopping together
Taishiro has brought Tamaki and Kirishima home on more than one occasion, we are all their dads
Though Teru fits more into the goofy uncle type
Koro-Sensei still keeps in contact with all of class 3-E and occasionally one or two will visit or he’ll go out to lunch with them to catch up
He also has regular phone calls with Karasuma and Irina on speaker phone so I’ll stop bullying him how he only hangs around high school kids
Teruteru occasionally talks about his classmates, but they all live pretty far so he rarely sees them
I have discord calls with friends in America often, and talk about them coming to Japan, but our apartment barely has enough room for the four of us as it is
We’d have a pet if we could all agree on what to get
Taishiro wants a dog, I want a bird or rodent, Teruteru likes cats, and Koro-Sensei keeps bringing up reptiles
Stealing/Sharing clothes happens so often we forget who’s shirt it originally was 
Koro-Sensei and I both have the ugliest dad fashion when we go out together
Teruteru has other partners and sometimes stays at their homes overnight
Every once in a while Taishiro will sleep at the office if he’s staying late anyway
Koro and I miss them both terribly when this happens on the same night. We order delivery and eat ice cream and watch movies like depressed post-breakup high school girls
If Taishiro ever comes back in spear form we all pamper him
When he’s in the hospital we all panic, though at different levels, before eventually all visiting him at once with as much comfort food as we can sneak in
When I’m having a sick day Teru and Taishiro will debate taking off work, and one of them will eventually have to, because Koro will find a way to convince himself I’m dying if left alone too long
We’re all worriers...
We’re all very huggy affectionate people, hugs and kisses are usual welcome home greetings in the tiny entry way
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