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#fast food
localforecast20 minutes ago
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The Food Court in Cottonwood Mall in Albuquerque, New Mexico
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clanwarrior-tumbly2 hours ago
Clanny I'm sorry if I ask you for too much I know you have work and such and I know that the stuff I asked for won't come right away please take your time on all of the requests people have asked you please take care of yourself clanny I don't want you to overwork yourself at your job or at these requests :)
Also squishy (bob) will give you hug whether you like it or not 馃懞馃敧
I also give hug 馃懞馃敧
-skittle anon
Aw thanks! I did give my one week notice today sooooooooo soon I won't have to worry about that job ^^
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wampett2 hours ago
鉁э渐锞:*:锝ワ緹鉁*:锝ワ緹鉁 06//16//21 鉁э渐锞:*:锝ワ緹鉁*:锝ワ緹鉁
breakfast :
- nothing
lunch :
- strawberries (2) = 5 cal.
dinner :
- grapes (3/4 c) = 78 cal.
snacks :
- nothing
intake: 83 cal.
burned: 385 cal.
net: -302 cal.
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today was bad, but also good. i fasted for over 25 hours!!!! its been a long time since i went that long. plus, i was able to keep restraint, afterword. i really wanted to eat a cookie, but didnt want to ruin the emotional high im on. i think i have an ed, i mean duhh, obviously from the page, but i mean that i can see. ive always kinda denied it in my head like this is normal and everyone does this, but no. not everyone does this.
i think i triggered myself on accident by watching a triggering youtuber, y鈥檏now the one, but it was shanny reacting to her, also for people wanting to recover or trying i recommend EDucating Shanny 2.0, she鈥檚 a recovered bu*imic/an*rexic who educates and encourages others. The screen she reacts to is really small, so it was really easy to avoid, but i didnt for some reason. it only fueled me. oh, and i was going back through my 鈥渄ear egg Benedict鈥 journals - my personal diary where i talk to someone named egg Benedict, also have no idea what the food is, shortened to ben or benny, super pathetic i know - and found entries from last winter where I talked about wanting to be 140 before summer. its summer and im not 140. i feel like i have to reach my goal of 135 before summer ends. i dont want to be a failure.
ANYWHORE, you are an amazing, witty, and stunning person who deserves to eat - GO EAT SOMETHING. and fuck anybody who thinks otherwise. <3
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thestarmaker4 hours ago
鈽曪笍 + hot weather?
if it's above like 75 and i'm not at the beach/in the pool i don't wanna be in the sun, if it's above 85 i don't wanna be outside at ALL bar being in water. i'm not great in the heat so i prefer 50-70s most of the time, but i do love my warm summer nights!
i'm fortunate to live in a pretty temperate area so we get a pretty nice blend of all 4 seasons, so at the very least i tell myself that the heat will be gone in [x] months
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selfcenteredsabotage8 hours ago
I absolutely hate how I've always given off this image that I love food so much. There's a donut and cookie waiting for me since yesterday and my parents are like "when are you eating them?" but I don't like to have more than two meals,,,
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More Arby's shenanigans:
So I completed this guys order at the drive through, he had his food and was all set but he wasn't driving away.
I reopened the window and asked him 'is there anything I can help you with?'
And he said 'oh, no, my wife and I are trying to figure out if you're a guy or a girl'
I was both offended and validated by this so I just said
'I'm neither, have a nice night!' And closed the window.
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sl33p1ng10 hours ago
hi i鈥檓 a disabled, trans 21 y/o who babysits my three siblings (ages 3,9, 11) every day. my mother works for my grandparents in general contracting (aka physical labor) and makes barely enough to pay bills. we鈥檝e all been sick with colds for over a week, so she鈥檚 missed a lot of work and we鈥檙e WAY behind.
we currently need help getting groceries and paying part of our rent. the goal amount is $150 towards groceries and $350 towards rent.
absolutely anything helps, even just a dollar or a reblog !!! tysm, we appreciate any help :鈥)
c*shapp: $wintersoulja
v*nmo: leafybb
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saayhellootoana16 hours ago
Und auch den Dienstag habe ich erfolgreich durchgezogen und im Intervall von 18-22 Uhr gegessen.
F眉r die, die neu sind: aktuelle Challenge besteht aus 20:4 Intervallfasten und maximal 500-800 kcal zu sich nehmen (plus Sport, aber da ich noch krank bin, konnte ich den bisher nicht machen).
Die Belohnung daf眉r sind: weitere -500g 馃コ
Gegessen habe ich gestern 690kcal:
馃 1x gemischten Salat mit Champignons, ein bisschen Parmesan und Rindfleischstreifen mit Honig Senf Dressing
馃嵁 1x High Protein Joghurt
Wenn das so weiter geht, esse ich gerne langfristig nur noch von 18-22 Uhr.
Aktuelles Gewicht: 66,6kg
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bossvibecomng16 hours ago
Police arrest fast food restaurant workers after being denied free food
Police arrest fast food restaurant workers after being denied free聽food
Police arrest fast food restaurant workers after being denied free food Some Pakistani police officers are facing suspension after allegedly arresting 19 employees of a fast food restaurant in Lahore for refusing to give them free snack meals. According to local reports, staff at a Johnny & Jugnu fast food restaurant in Lahore, Pakistan, were rounded up and arrested at around 8pm on Saturday and鈥
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diarylock16 hours ago
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Recipe by AnaZamora
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aishiteru--wa16 hours ago
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Recipe by sowellman
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alexloveagoat18 hours ago
Working in fast food:
Me: Would you like upsize that to a medium or a large?
Customer: Yes
Me:... Which one???
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cat--girls19 hours ago
oh today I treated myself to some Soda Pop ame then realizedthat I had , entirely on accident , completely cut soda out of my diet. Drinking soda today is the first time in a Very long time I've had soda and was a very interesting experience
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