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Okay I need some tips.
Someone please enlighten me on how to make a fictional language for your fantasy world.
Honestly any tip would be a help.
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beanicole864 · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Fantasy: A Quick Guide in Writing by Bea Nicole Aguilan
Magic. When it comes to fantasy, it is the first word that pops out of our heads. But is magic all there is to fantasy? The fantasy genre had been one of the leading, popular genres for the last two decades and many writers have also chosen it as their chosen niche in writing.
But for those beginner fantasy writers who has no idea on where to start writing, here are 10 tips you need in writing fantasy:
1. Identify your niche.
Fantasy itself is a niche on its own, but it is such a broad genre that you have to have a deeper understanding of each subgenre to know what your niche is. By identifying your niche, you will know who your audience will be and what your writing will be focusing on.
Some of the most common subgenres in fantasy are: Alternate History, Arcanepunk Fantasy, Assassin Fantasy, Coming-of-age fantasy, and many more.
 2. Develop your world through short stories
Developing your world is one of the major key factors that play in fantasy writing. In order for you to start and begin your world, writing short stories is a good way to start. By featuring your characters into short stories while also building your world, you are able to hit two birds with one stone.
You can also think of it as building your plot and your story brick by brick.
3. Plot out your story
One thing most writers forget to do when writing a story is plotting out there story. Even I forgot writing one when I started writing. Fantasy stories are often complex and epic, which is why you need to plot and outline your story.
You don’t want to end up being that person who trips over a hundred of their storylines, do you? In plotting your story, you must also outline and plan the flow of your story.
A good way for you to do that is by outlining first the three major parts of the story, also called the Three Act Structure where you summarize your supposedly beginning, middle, and ending of the story. Once you have finishsed the Three Act Strucuture, you can then start thinking of how you will cut the three parts into sections and placing them on each chapter.
You must also have a chapter outline wherein you will outline the events that would happen in each chapter that would lead to the major plot points of your story.
 4. Tie your worldbuilding to your plot
Worldbuilding is an essential in writing fantasy. You have to know how your world system works. Know your magic system, your government, how the people in your world lives and so on.
Your plot and your worldbuilding should see eye to eye. Your worldbuilding should be connected to your plot in order for it to work. You don’t want your worldbuilding to be out of place while the plot takes place, do you?
 5. Keep your story relevant to real-world themes
If you have any social issues you wish to discuss in your story or anything in particular, that is a real-world theme, you can include it into your story. The real-world theme may have to be relevant to the story in some way, whether you explicitly indicate or implicitly indicate it through foreshadowing.
Be creative on how you express these real-world themes. Make sure to fit it in into your worldbuilding.
 6. Use all your five senses
What makes your worldbuilding alive? The answer is simple, imagery. Be specific on how you describe things, especially since your story is fantasy. Be creative on how you use terms and words, express what your world is through the five senses.
Describe what your character is seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, and tasting. Be detailed on how you write your world and your story. Describe it with creativity.
 7. Give your world internal rules
Worldbuilding is great as it is, but you must set rules in order for you not to jump into something that will never make sense in the story. If your world contains people who can use abilities and magic, remember to add a rule or a limit of their use of it.
Create grounded rules that are rational. Rules that makes sense. Rules that does not defy your worldbuilding. And don’t go breaking the same rules you also created.
 8. Have a mindset of a Cinematographer
Having the mindset of a cinematographer can be a good and a bad thing. While some writers may use this advice because it works for them, some may not.
Having a mindset similar to a cinematographer will help you visualize what the scenes in your story look like. You will have the ability to visualize how the scene will play out and how the setting will look like as the scene starts and ends.
 9. Don’t introduce all your characters at once
Just don’t. Introducing all your characters at once will give your readers information overload. It will be too much for them to handle, especially if they were still getting the hang of the world you created.
Introduce your characters one by one, starting with the main protagonist, down to the supporting characters and antagonists. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to introduce them one by one in each chapter. It is up to you how you will introduce them.
 10. Pick a book and read it
And finally the last tip, reading a book. For many writers, this tip may have been burning in their ears for the longest time. It is a tip writers always give to other writers, especially to beginner writers. Choose a book you like and it must be in the genre you wish to write, in this case a fantasy.
You must make yourself familiar and knowledgeable about different fantasy books and troupes, that way you know what kind of writing styles to use and what to look out for. Reading a book is the number one tip any writer can give you and it is very effective for starters.
 And with that, you can now start and write your fantasy. With the help of these 10 tips, you can improve and make your story as fantastic and magical as you can.
Image is made in Canva
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carelia · 9 days ago
Forgetful Girl
Once upon a time there was a little girl who entered the woods. Upon entering the woods she was greeted by a beautiful red owl who offered to be her guide. As they walked together, she talked with the owl. She told her wonderful guide everything she knew and took all the advice that her guide had to offer. There were times they argued and there were times they laughed. At the end of the day, she trusted her beloved guide with her life.
As they traveled, she found a funny little snail that told her jokes. Some were funny, some were awkward. But she had to move one and waved goodbye to the snail friend, promising to visit him later.
The continued walking until they encountered an orchard hidden in the forest, filled with delicious fruits. She ate an apple, which was suddenly her favorite fruit. The guide asked if she knew of that snail’s name. The girl looked at her feathered friend with confusion, claiming to not know any snail.
She came to know more friends and came to forget them just as easily. Her and the guide came up with a notebook to write down all the names of the people she knew, but she quickly forgot to write in the notebook too.
The girl began to cry. She couldn’t remember anything. She didn’t remember her favorite fruits, the snail, previous friends, how she met the owl, or even how she entered this forest. She should have known. And yet she couldn’t remember any of it.
Then she looked up to find her guide gone. Her owl friend was no longer by her side. She searched high and low but there was no sign of the guide. Eventually, she stopped looking as she had forgotten what she had been searching for.
She continued walking and walking until she reached the other end of the forest. A mirror was waiting for her at the other end of the forest. She looked into it and found... nothing. There wasn’t a reflection.
When the girl looked at her feet she couldn’t see them. Her arms and legs were missing though she could still feel them. When she tried to speak, she couldn’t make a sound. Realizing she was nothing, she let herself fade away from the world and was left forgotten.
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aliceinthecloudsblog · 13 days ago
Call them back
‘Lenora, get on with it,’ he said raising his shovel in the air. I didn’t answer right away. My hands felt like snakeskin, my arms sore as though they were made of lead and not flesh and I could hardly see out of one of my eyes. His meaty hand went to give me an encouraging tap on the shoulder that felt more like a punch, it held so much strength. When I met him, he had arms made of spaghetti.…
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inseongsfoxybae · 15 days ago
Which show would you want to live in?
We got married 🤭🤭🤭 I loved to watch this show
Let's interact!
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divinefireangel · 24 days ago
out of the members who do you think would be attracted to a very petite, pear shaped, young- innocent looking lady? as in, find it sexy? 👀
Rowoon seems like he'd like cute small girls! He probably has a size and heiught kink now, cause it's rare to find someone who'd be tall enough to match his height
Youngbin cause of your innocent looks. He'd see as someone he can take care of. Obviously is proven wrong, he'd find it hot tbh. As in the strong sexy kind independent woman.
Taeyang!! And I'm not just saying that cause he's your bias. He is into aesthetics. And what's more pleasing than a couple who look picture perfect next to each other ✧(。•̀ᴗ-)✧
Important: Just cause these guys seem most likely to be attracted to a small figure doesn't mean that they won't be attracted to bigger girls at all. Being a big girl myself, I just wanted to say this so other cuties like me don't feel bad 💗. And tbh if anyone is interested in you for the way you look, you should probably leave boo. Just my opinion 💅
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Tumblr media
It's that kind of afternoon folks salted caramel coffee in a sarcastic mug how is your Sunday today ? 😀 #witchybookclub #witchesofinstagram #alwaysawitch #coffeeaddict #coffeemugobsession #witchnovels #witchbooksarethebestbooks #witchyvibes #saltedcaramel #writerscommunity #writerlife #fantasynovelist #fantasywriter #amwritingfiction #amwritingfantasy #sundayvibes #funnymug #witchmug #darkfantasybooks #darkfantasyseries #darkfairytale #witches #witchstory #darkhumor #readingfantasy #amreadingfantasy #lowfantasy #darkness #darkmemes #witchlife
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divinefireangel · a month ago
Can I request a taeyang comfort scenario? I’ve been having a real tough week, my anxiety has been quite bad huhu
I think taeyang could make it better;;-;;
Here's your request boo🥰
I'll Take Care Of You.
Really hope you like it 🥺🥺
I love you and don't worry, things will get better 💛🧡
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sebrinasworld · a month ago
Tumblr media
Finished Dumbo Station piece! Some of these animals are reoccurring characters from my last Dumbo piece. This was super fun and I love how it turned out! #artonlink #digitalart #sunlight_art #arts_moonlight #landscape #magic #magicart #artseries #conceptart #moviebackgrounds #fantasyart #story #writing #fantasywriting #fieldart #cityart #cityscape #dumbo #nyc #dumboart #nycart #animals #animalart
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madisonlynhunter · a month ago
Tumblr media
She was a cascade of reds, from her satin gown and bustle to her matching shoes. Her thin lips were painted a deep red that stood out against the backdrop of her powdered face. Even the curls piled atop her head were pigmented to match the red from her youth.
Wherever she went, she could be found in the same daring red that even the bravest of women found daunting.
The bold red had become associated as Lady Crenteau’s signature color, accented by no other save for gold. It was a message, not a fashion statement; these were the colors belonging to her family, House Wexcombe. Wearing them everywhere she went was a reminder that despite marrying into House Crenteau, she was a Wexcombe first and foremost. Some objected to what they perceived to be a bold act that defied social norms, but she didn’t care.
Even her husband made no complaints. As long as she kept the coin flowing and their coffers filled, it allowed him to pursue his various pleasures which kept him complacent and his tongue silenced.
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sebrinasworld · a month ago
Tumblr media
Love just gave Grim a kiss! #digitalart #sketch #wip #landscapeart #penandink #rapidograph #sunlight_art #arts_moonlight #landscape #magic #magicart #artseries #conceptart #moviebackgrounds #fantasyart #story #writing #fantasywriting #comic #graphicnovel #comicart #forest #forestart #grim
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writingmorningcoffee · a month ago
Tumblr media
This beat-up old notebook has been through a lot. See the bite marks? More importantly, it contains the first scribbles of what has become The Above. It’s fun to be able to look back to where it all started. I’m at the finish line for the line edits and after a few more read-throughs I’ll start sending it to beta readers. I’ve been working on this story since October 2019 and it feels amazing to be so close to finishing this project.
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candyglynnwilder · a month ago
Tumblr media
My life has been a bit stressful for a couple of weeks, hence the late posting of this week's snippet.
We finally got Fred's new shed completed the weekend before last. He's gradually sealing the bottom edge to keep water and dirt and critters from getting in. He has to do it a bit at a time so he doesn't wear himself out.
Today he'll finally get his first Covid-19 vaccination shot. Supplies are finally meeting the demand, so if you haven't been able to make an appointment, you might have better luck now.
In book news, I should be receiving my manuscript from the sensitivity reader on or before May 7th. Progress marches on (albeit slowly)!
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suchpendemonium · a month ago
Grishaverse x Buzzfeed Unsolved Quotes (Pt.3)
Kaz: I got a nosebleed in a church once. I don't go to church, I was just with one of my friends once and he was like "wanna go to church" and I was like "alright man." I was like nine 
Inej: So you're telling me at nine years old, u dont go to church, the first time u cross the threshold into holy ground, blood expels from ur nostrils?
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lost-inthedream · a month ago
I had a good day, got my apology from that co worker that I argued with, everything was fine at work and at home.
but now at night I feel lonely and started to doubt my self worth
Everyone was fine!! We need to do something to celebrate it. Oh, girl, you deserve peace ✌🏼
Dont feel lonely. Remember of me 😘😘 you're amazing
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suchpendemonium · a month ago
so do you ever write a side character into your story soley for the sake of the plot but then the more you write them the more you fall in love with them and now whoopsy-daisy they're one of your favorite children? nope? just me? okay
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sebrinasworld · a month ago
Tumblr media
I’m losing track of time now that it’s light so late. Here’s a piece of the @dumbobrooklyn dumbo station! Not yet finished, but almost! #artonlink #digitalart #sunlight_art #arts_moonlight #landscape #magic #magicart #artseries #conceptart #moviebackgrounds #fantasyart #story #writing #fantasywriting #fieldart #cityart #cityscape #dumbo #nyc #dumboart #nycart #animals #animalart
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sanghyukstattoos · a month ago
Let’s talk more :(
Let's speak in the morning keke these time difference sigh
Here's a picture of Sanghyuk that hopefully does not keep you up all night:
Tumblr media
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sanghyukstattoos · a month ago
Hi I missed u~
Rosie!!! Hello!!! I missed you too cutie!!
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