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#fantasy franchises
nicojoe · 8 days ago
"Were they even aware of how much TOG dominated tumblr for the latter half of 2020?? They HAD to have been, right?" -> part of me is like 'yeah, if S&B's tumblr activity is being watched there's no way netflix wasn't aware' but then another part of me is like 'but if netflix knew TOG had such huge engagement on tumblr, why didn't they play into it on their other social media platforms like twitter? (ie: they have 62K followers on their @Most account *alone* they should've used that so much more)
Yeah, Most is their twitter account dedicated specifically to LGBT content; I have to admit I wasn’t really watching how much they used it to promote TOG around its release in July, but it doesn’t really seem like they used it to engage with TOG’s fandom much in the months following.  
It would’ve been easy for them to lean into memes (like they did here) and participate in other types of headcanons/fan-service.  Maybe they expected TOG’s core audience to be adults because it’s rated R, and thus didn’t skew their marketing younger????
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androblob · 3 months ago
I have so much to say about people who obsess over 10+ year old media that never watch or read anything else, and it absolutely ties into my take on why new shit will always lose compared to the old in the eyes of these fuckin people.
This isn't even about my own work (I don't care if it gets out there lowkey) this is just like. It's the frustration of "omg lol media sucks now skskskskskss anyways girls stan fullmetal alchemist" and then seeing these same bastards whine about media being bland and how everything is bad now when they simply haven't branched out, which shows they don't truly love the medium and refuse to explore Japanese animation to the fullest out of self flagellation and moral uprightness or whatever
#it also helps to know that tbh newer stuff is inaccessible to some#for example a lot of popular stuff is popular because it was originally inaccessible but was defanged by fanbases or whatever#which means the people it was aimed at is no longer the only audience. but that's rarely the case in regards to what I'm talking about#this is more from the fact that admittedly new media is a risk. it is unrecognizable. not safe#and tbh like...a lot of media criticism is made in bad faith against said newer media which means like#problematic shit in a 30+ year old franchises gets a slide because it was allowed to be so#like. y'all know berserk would NOT have survived had it been released today. arists now have a standard#make your works safe. accessible. make a fluffy story with no conflict or bad things. dont explore anything other than what I want#or if you do explore a theme do it in a way that doesn't step on my toes. or do it exactly like how a classic in the genre did it#to these people#once again. 'good/important media' in media analysis is 'how close is this to a classic. how close is this to being bleached of it's own-#identity to suit what I'm personally looking for in media'#media analysis should be about trying to understand what the author is trying to say through context and subtext#not shit like 'wow this fantasy isn't straight up just lord of the rings? it isn't about hope and friendship? It's its own...THING??'#'the author didn't make a fantasy to explore the same themes a classic did? like...he author isn't just rehashing Tolkien? bad media'#just. this frustrates me to no end and I would love to make a video essay on this shit because it BOTHERS me
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solrin · 7 months ago
Apparently Final Fantasy 16 is going to be rated M and honestly it’s been a long time coming for all of the MASSIVE ANIME TIDDIES
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mzu-muffinmunchkin · 7 months ago
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pettyprocrastination · 8 months ago
It’s truly hilarious that white people will create a fantasy franchises with new specifies of animals and aliens and technology and make a whole alphabet but can’t fathom having a single human character that isn’t white. 
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revolving · 8 months ago
actually why does the arcana have such a bad reputation like iirc it got 'cancelled' bc some of the devs had posted incest n i think some of the art was whitewashed or theyd rbd whitewashed art/cosplay.. which is bad dgmr but it rubs me the wrong way that there r people who r like do not even fucking look at me if youve ever played this when there r a million popular video game franchises that r objectively worse. I get not wanting to give money to/have other people give money to the devs but like. Just pirate it.
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sternbagel · 9 months ago
I’ve been saying ad nauseam for MONTHS that we don’t need another cat cause we need to make sure we’re able to afford the vet bills for another pet, but now that we can.... I’m starting to look at adoptable cats
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hello-robin-goodfellow · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Prideful Shura, the Athena Knight who wears the golden armour representing the western sign of Capricorn. He has the power of summoning the legendary sword Excalibur with a movement of his arm.
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hello-robin-goodfellow · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Saint Seiya: Classic Anime and Hades Saga Gold Saints.
01° Aries Mu
02° Taurus Aldebaran
03° Cancer Deathmask
04° Gemini Saga
05° Leo Aiolia
06° Virgo Shaka
07° Libra Dohko
08° Scorpio Milo
09° Sagittarius Aiolos
10° Capricorn Shura
11° Aquarius Camus
12° Pisces Afrodite
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arsonsara · 11 months ago
Listen I don’t know what the general consensus is, i’ve only seen a handful of comments on it thus far and i’m not going to act like i’m an aficionado on Dragon Quest as i’ve only just recently tried getting into 11 and maybe as time goes on i’ll be proven wrong on this but:
Gemma was really nice, okay? Like from the few people i’ve seen talk about it they describe her as being a waif and a waste of an NPC Slot but like she’s just nice. Sure i’d like her to do more than just be a dispenser for healing and MP but can’t I just enjoy my cockney country bumpkin who says the darnedest things? Is it wrong for me to want this character to be more than a background element and a damsel in distress? I dunno man I just like her.
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shenlongshao · a year ago
Discerning a Franchise and Its Characters
I got inspired to do this post when thinking how me and the people on here who do take the time to understand the franchises and characters we love. People who properly analyze it don’t give just opinions, they’re able to provide facts and evidence from the source material. Below is the display of those who do and those who don’t. One of them is solely relying on the creator to directly say something about a character or element in the story to be true. Sometimes it’s true and necessary like if key information is not explained in the story. But to solely rely on the creator to say “the character is this” means not or refusing to comprehend. Creators in any work also tell you by showing in the source material. He/she trusts your ability to follow what is going on, how the characters are, and their dynamic with each other. A great example is when Guilty Gear Overture was made. Back then, Dizzy was referred to just Maiden of the Grove. Some people refused to believe the Maiden of the Grove was Dizzy and she’s someone else because Daisuke Ishiwatari didn’t directly say so. There was also the part of her physical appearance wasn’t described in detail. However, some people didn’t realize Ishiwatari did strongly imply it’s Dizzy and believed fans would know since at the time, he couldn’t directly say it’s her or use other characters due to copyright issues. There’s the title having “The Grove” in it, which is the location where Dizzy used to reside in. And how in the GG Overture short stories, describes how Ky first encountered a kind and innocent, half-Gear woman who doesn’t like violence. Yet some people still ignored this and other aspects Ishiwatari was showing them, thinking they’re not taking things at face value. But they don’t realize that in reality they are, and have not been fully following the story of GG. Another good example is Final Fantasy 10 with the relationship between Tidus and Yuna. If you played and beat the game, or watched someone’s full playthrough of it, you see how their bond grows. There’s the moments of mutual stares of attraction, how they supported each other throughout the journey, their deep and light-hearted conversations, and their kissing scene. By showing it in-game, the writers of Final Fantasy 10 are telling the player that Tidus and Yuna are in love with each other. It’s why in the original Japanese version, Yuna says “thank you” to Tidus much later in the game. The writers don’t need to directly say “in case you didn’t know, Tidus and Yuna love each other”, lol. But the English version has Yuna say “I love you” because of the need to have verbal confirmation. People who do properly analyze the series and characters will know what the author is showing and telling them. They can tell how characters are a certain way, for example how there are Guilty Gear characters that are indeed straight and go by a certain ideology due to the evidence. They know they don’t need Ishiwatari to strictly say “yes” or “no”. Similarly to devoted Sailor Moon fans, they already know Haruka Tenoh/Sailor Uranus is only into women before  Naoko Takeuchi had to directly say so. They know the difference between facts and opinions, and able to give reasonable judgment to both from the source material.  Even if they do have a love for a character, rational people are still able to understand them fully. Some people mistake that because someone loves a character, then it means the person is blind to the character’s flaws, greatly lacking logic, etc. That would only be true if it’s super extreme, but a person who loves a character or series will usually take the extra time to know every detail.   With discernment, logical reasoning, and comprehension, people can fully understand the franchise, even the complex ones. This is the type of posts I like doing along with my thoughts. It’s also the type of Tumblr pages I like following because they possess the traits above. I hope they(along with myself) continue to post and not be bothered by those who say it’s “problematic”.
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Tumblr media
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blaarrgpokeblog · 7 hours ago
Mom was a animation snob.
One of the first conversations I can distinctly remember with my Mom is about how she thought He-Mans animation was so terrible she thought it was unwatchable. I think I was 3 or 4 and he man came on. It was a rerun I think the show had been over for a few years at this point I think this because she was talking about how my cousin used to watch it when she babysat him. I could look up when He-Man was cancelled but I don’t care.
I’ve watched a few Netflix docs about the people who created the franchise there were a lot of great ideas on the characters and world. But she was right the animation is awful.
She didn’t like any of the Hannah-Barbara type shows. I think this is why I couldn’t connect to shows like Scooby-Doo. It might have been that every episode is the same narratively and I am almost entirely motivated by story.
So yeah one of my earliest memories is my Mom passionately criticizing a children’s cartoon.
One of my favourite hobbies is passionately criticizing children’s cartoons, and sci-if fantasy shows, and anything else. I usually don’t complain about novels but that’s mostly because no one I know reads! It’s no fun complaining to no-one. My dog listens sometimes... I think he just likes the sound of my voice, he never offers any meaningful counter arguments...
So in honour of Mother’s Day have a pointless crossover!
Tumblr media
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spoonful-of-puns · 16 hours ago
I watched Barbie Princess Adventure yesterday and before I watched it I made sure I was going in as unbiased as possible. I tried to let it be its own movie, to not compare it to the other 3 switching lives type movies Barbie has come out with (Princess and the Pauper, Princess and the Popstar, and Rock'n Royals). I wanted to give it a fair chance as a standalone film unburdened by the rest of the franchise, and here's my thoughts after watching.
Target Audience
the main thing I learned from watching this movie is that this Barbie is not the same Barbie I knew while growing up. with the rise of social media, Mattel had to adapt, doing so through YouTube. Barbie is now a vlogger with a YouTube channel, and even does video collaborations with real people. Princess Adventure is the first Barbie movie in which vlog Barbie is the protagonist of the movie, which was a shock to me but I wasn't necessarily opposed. this is what made me realize that Barbie is still a kid-targeted character and now she's targeted to kids who are growing up with the internet, with tablets and phones. Mattel is adapting to keep up with the modern world, and that's okay. the movies don't have as much magic and fantasy as they used to with the introduction of technology, but that doesn't have to stop them from being good movies, especially for the technologically-geared kids watching.
Characters & Plot
Here's where I start to have an issue, and where I have to compare this movie to the other movies to get my point across. Something both Princess and the Pauper and Rock'n Royals succeeded at was having a plot that showed us why the protagonists switching lives was important, how it affected them and what they did with the information of the other person's life. Princess and the Popstar and Princess Adventure both have their own ways they fail to meet this goal. in Princess and the Popstar, the girls want to switch simply because they're bored with their lives. which in theory is fine but the way it's written makes it seem like they're justified in not handling their responsibilities- the Princess, simply to write a speech for an event, and the Popstar to write her own music. this is a stark contrast to PatP, where the girls are straining against sacrificing their personal wishes to fulfill their financial duties, and RnR, where the girls are trying to solve a feud between their two worlds. in Princess Adventure, the problem is not why they switch. in fact, their switch makes sense! Barbie needs to leave her comfort zone so she can expand her vlog material, and Princess Amelia feels burdened by the pressure to be perfect and wants to escape. the problem however, is that we get almost no screen time with them experiencing each other's lives. most of the plot is Barbie talking to her friends, and not much happens with her or Amelia, but by the end of the movie they're thanking each other for all they've learned. how did they learn anything? if they did it was entirely off screen which is my main issue. the characters supposedly grow, but we don't get to see it happen, so we're left (or, I am personally left) not caring much about the happy conclusion because it hardly feels earned.
I also have a problem with the rushed writing. aside from the fact that we don't get to see much of the switching lives part of the plot, the movie is a musical that spends time on songs that don't advance the plot, namely King of the Kingdom, which is a relatively minor character singing about ruling the kingdom. he has no real motivation to do so, and honestly if you removed him from the movie entirely pretty much nothing would change. (to be honest, none of the friend characters matter as individuals and I can't even remember their names, even though i just watched the movie.) this is quite frankly a waste of screentime, and the song is reprised later when the prince of the movie is revealed to be a twist villain. again, we don't get to see Amelia and Barbie's lives very much throughout the film, so to spend time on a twist villain is not only unnecessary for the plot, but it's also incredibly rushed, coming in at the end of the movie with absolutey no foreshadowing. some may argue that since its a kid's movie it doesn't need to have good writing but I disagree. kid's aren't dumb and unless Mattel is trying to move their target audience from 9-12 years old to 3-9 years old, they could stand to write stories that have better messaging and better writing overall. this is, after all, the same company that produced Princess Charm School, which tackles classism and economic inequality, with enough grace to make it understandable for children and still and enjoyable princess movie, and with a twist that's foreshadowed well.
I will admit that I don't hate the animation of this movie. in fact, I love it! I think Barbie looks so pretty here. it's not my favorite necessarily as I am still partial to the look of the early 2000s classics, but Princsss Adventure is definitely a step up from Puppy Chase for example, where the characters look like cheap plastic. my issue though is even though the character models look good, the outfits don't. costume design is as important as any other part of a movie, and plainly put, Princess Adventure very much fell victim to the cheap way Mattel now produces Barbie dolls. anyone who grew up watching the classics remembers the dolls made for Princess and the Pauper, for Diamond Castle, for Rapunzel, and many more. the dresses were beautifully detailed with multiple layers and multiple textures. small tulle and lace designs and tiny fabric flowers were common. today I own a hairdresser Barbie who has what's meant to be a shirt, skirt, and apron... but it's all just printed on a single straight dress, printed to look like different pieces. the dolls also no longer have joints, which- excuse my language- is a pain in the ass while trying to dress or pose them, and would certainly make them less fun to play with, for me at least. the quality of the dolls has gone so downhill over the last few years (I can't help but think it's cutting costs to balance out the cost of diversifying the body and hair types and skin tones). Mattel's primary goal these days is selling dolls, not making good movies, and this shows through unmistakably in Princess Adventure. even animated, the clothes look cheap. there's no detail in them, and most of the outfits are shirts with some sort of inspirational word slapped on it, and a glittery skirt. there's no variation is style from character to character. bringing up Princess Charm School again, there are 4 characters (Blaire, Isla, Hadley, and Delancey) who all have different variants of the same uniform, which have differences that show their personalities. there's no such differentiation in Princess Adventure. the clothes all look like slightly different versions of the same outfit, meant to be swappable between dolls instead of showing a character's personality.
In Conclusion
this was all very train of thought, written at once with no planning. I'm sure there's things I've missed but these are just my primary thoughts about the movie. I think this new age of Barbie where she's a vlogger has a lot of potential, especially because I've seen some of her YouTube videos and actually really like them and think they're a positive role model. this movie however, falls very short of the quality plot, writing, and character design that Barbie movies have had in the past.
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