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#fantasy au
raibrary · 11 minutes ago
title: life is a willow (it bent right to your wind) author: embyr rating: teen wordcount: 33757 pairing: jeon jungkook/park jimin summary:
When Jimin is cursed in the middle of a turbulent war, he seeks out the kingdom’s most powerful wizard for help.
And despite not knowing him, the moment he lays eyes on Jeongguk — something settles like home in Jimin's bones.
"There you are," Jeongguk spoke, holding out a hand for Jimin to take. "I've been looking everywhere for you."
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lory-draws · 47 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Commission work for @/morningpotion on twitter
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Fantasy AU?? I really love those ones ❤
I’ve been playing with a fantasy krbk idea in my head for A WHILE. That was gonna happen before so good it hurts then I got carried away with so good it hurts. I had this idea of like one being royalty and the other a servant or guard but nothing solid. 
Then the funniest goddamn thing happened. I was with my gramma, watching novelas with her again for the first time in forever. And Mexican novelas are so bad. They’re dramatic, badly acted, cheesy lines, bad effects, and they use every trope in the book in the span of one episode. But I was watching bc I like spending time with her and well it’s kind of entertaining to watch the shitshow. 
So this one was called Corazon Valiente. And the gist I got off the bat is there’s this girl who lived in the jungle all her life who got brought back to civilian life and was given a bodyguard and obviously theyre the ones playing the will they wont they end up together. 
Of course my brain immediately went “Could I make this work?” 
My idea is dragon changeling Kirishima being an illegitimate son of a king or prince or some royal person, and Bakugo’s family is a family sworn to protect the royal family, so his grandmother is like “alright don’t kill the kid, let his mom take him and they can live in the forest off of our lands.” So years later, Kiri is the only possible heir, so the royals and guards are like shit we gotta find him. And since Bakugo is trying to get indicted (is that the word idk) into the guardsmen, they give him that assignment. Get the dragon heir and reassimilate him into society so he can take the throne. kiss kiss fall in love. 
I know I wanna put my own twists on it. Like add elements of aztec mythology and customs and i had a dream of dragon kiri where he was black with red accents and stuff. I even made up my own language waaaaaay back when the idea was barely coming up, and I wanna include that too. Basically I wanna be able to make this kiribaku, then when it’s done change their names and be able to submit it as a manuscript. But I wanna be careful to steer clear of GoT vibes, I wanna make it my own. But I’ve never really written fantasy, so it’ll be a journey. I still need a solid conflict/resolution and roles for other characters but!!! I’m excited! I jsut don’t wanna start in depth planning until i finish SGIH and TAH since they both have ONE CHAPTER LEFT gahhhhh
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spellbound-fire · 56 minutes ago
no I don’t want some contemporary meet-cute I want to be a second-born royal stuck in a marriage alliance for political gain and then dramatically run away from the castle in a ball gown after an assassination attempt on the royal family and get stuck with an annoyingly attractive thief where at first we hate each other but then start to enjoy each other’s company and become vulnerable and good friends with each other then slowly start to fall in love and then go back to my castle and benevolently rule over the kingdom is that really too much to ask universe
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fyrapartnersearch · an hour ago
Hello there!
My name is Toriana. I’m a 24 year old female, she/her, Central Standard Time
I’m super chill. This can come across as complacency, which is a double edged sword.
I’m an emergency dispatcher and have three cats, but am looking for something else to add to my days.
I love plants and cats and would take a bullet for either. Give me both and I’m set.
Enough about myself, let’s get down to the real reason we’re here.
I’m usually pretty active. I try to reply at least once a day, usually more. I don’t pester, though. I understand people have lives away from their screens.
I have a strong craving for a fandom roleplay but am open to something original, too.
I try to send at least three to four paragraphs. Sometimes it will dwindle to three but I try to stay away from that.
I don’t have many limits. No incest, pedophilia, bestiality. Stuff along those lines.
Pairings are open. If you have questions, don’t be afraid to ask.
I’m open to smut or we can fade to black. If you want to roleplay smut, please be at least 20.
The fandoms I’m part of (characters I play in parenthesis, no particular order):
Harry Potter (Nymphadora Tonks, Remus Lupin, Lily Potter, Sirius Black, Hufflepuff OC)
Star Wars (Jyn Erso, Din Djarin/Mando, Luke, Poe Dameron, Leia, Female OC)
Marvel (Wanda Maximoff, Pietro Maximoff, Dr. Strange, Carol Danvers, Bucky Barnes)
I would LOVE to do a Star Wars roleplay or a Marvel roleplay. With that, I’m open to OCs as well as canon characters.
I use email or discord to roleplay, though discord is preferred.
My email address is
My discord is
My tumblr is me2-thanks
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stellocchia · an hour ago
Brain empty only fluffy au ideas here today...
So fantasy au for our favourite Dream smp characters!
Puffy, Tubbo and Schlatt are all Fauns. They are not related at all despite everyone always immediately assuming they are and that’s rather prejudiced of you Wilbur, how would you feel if they assumed every other fae was your child, huh?
Moving onto the next point: Wilbur and Dream are both faes. They are both absolutely tricky little sh*ts, but were Wilbur mostly charms others through music Dream does so only with words. 
That said Tommy finds it absurdly hilarious to spill salt any chance he gets just to see both this very pompous individual drop everything they were doing to count the individual grains (because apparently faes are compelled to do so)... sucks to suck I guess...
Techno is definitely a vampire. He simply doesn’t sleep, looks constantly moody and no phil, he is that pale because he literally cannot stand in the sun without turning to ash, not because he is sick, please stop asking!
Phil is a f*cking Siren, but the original greek version, meaning he has a whole bird body and not just pretty wings on the back. He only has the face of a man and the rest is just full bird. He is suppossed to have a nice singing voice but he is way too embarassed for that sh*t so no he will not sing, Tommy, Tubbo and Ranboo, so just drop it!
Quackity too is a greek siren, but he has no qualms about singing as loud as he can at every hour of the day and night and God please Big Q, it’s 3 in the morning most creatures here need sleep!
Niki however is a more modern version of a Siren so she is actually half fish. She can’t breathe out of the water though, so she is stuck living in a pond with Wilbur and Tubbo constantly throwing “pollution” in... it’s just some plants, food and materials, nothing actually damaging but please don’t tell them that...
She actually pretends to get mad about it a lot, but they often turn out to be legitimately useful. Doesn’t mean they won’t wake up to freezing cold water in the face from time to time when she’s feeling petty.
George is a nymph and yes, that is completely based on him canonically having pretty priviledge and I do not accept criticism on this!
Sapnap is a Dragon, a full on big fire-spitting lizard so shut up Dream, being an arsonist is in his blood, he can’t do anything about it!
Jack Manifold is a Phoenix. He is constantly boasting about having come back from Hell out of spite every year, truth is that for him it’s literally a seasonal thing and it’s slightly gross, so no, shut up Tubbo he absolutely did visit the depths of Hell and came back last Friday, I don’t know what you’re talking about!
Ranboo is actually an elf, which is why he actually has all his “main character” powers. He would actually be pretty powerful if he grew a spine and grew over his very specific phobia of fairies that has nothing to do with Wilbur and Dream being absolutely terrifying thank you very much!
Sam is definitely a Centaur, which, I swear, was not at all completely based on the cool fanart for this concept! Okay maybe a bit... but, unlike his mythological counterpart, he is far from being a primitive caveman, thank you very much! Man is actually the best with technology amongst this little weird family...
He is also extremely fluffy and NO, shut up Sam! Tommy is a big man and he totally wasn’t snuggling with him yesterday during movie night!
Talking about Tommy he is human. Yep, he is the only human in the group, nothing weird to see here! He totally didn’t just get lost in a forest he wasn’t even supposed to go near to one day and just get adopted by a huge ass family of supernatural creatures, no sir!
He is still convinced that he may grow some weird supernatural characteristic if he stays with his new family long enough. He will not, but nobody has the heart of telling him otherwise...
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lyrebirds-writes · 3 hours ago
1. i am SO excited for the fantasy au it sounds epic
2. you have at least one former horse girl constantly lurking on your blog, if you have questions about horse related stuff, speak into the void and it will answer
I’m excited too!!!! Hopefully I can do the idea justice (ง •̀_•́)ง
Thank you for the offer! I’m sure I’ll need some horse related input eventually, so once I start properly looking into that for the fantasy au I’ll probably shout some questions into the tumblr void.
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Map of Danurek, principality of Krystain (fae realm and empire created by @reece-alex-burton )
This smaller isle located east of Drakourvia, is connected to portals of the realm of the Fomorians, Mag Mell
#maps #fantasy #irishmyth #mythology #ocart #owncreation #fae #fantasymaps
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ao3feed-bakusquad · 6 hours ago
Kiribaku Week 2021
Kiribaku Week 2021 by PyroSolaris
These are the prompts for this Kiribaku Week 2021: Day 1: Bakugou's Birthday/Best Friends/Steampunk AU Day 2: Fantasy AU/Gender Bender/Flowers Day 3: Enemies to Lovers AU/ Fake Date/ Wedding Day 4: Hanahaki Disease/Scars/Heartbreak Day 5: Coffeeshop AU/ Domestic/ Sports Day 6: Music AU/ Alternative Meeting/ Romantic Date Day 7: Villain AU/ Future/ Pro Heroes Extra Day: Free Theme
Words: 1513, Chapters: 1/8, Language: English
Fandoms: 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Categories: M/M
Characters: Kirishima Eijirou, Bakugou Katsuki
Relationships: Bakugou Katsuki/Kirishima Eijirou, Bakugou Katsuki & Kirishima Eijirou
Additional Tags: KiriBaku Week, Pre, Established Relationship, Bakusquad, Fluff and Angst, Alternate Universe - No Quirks, Explicit Language
Read Here:
Tags: AO3 Feed, FanFiction, AO3 Kiribaku, ♥, Kiribaku, 💥, 💎, ⚣, R:T, A:Pyro, No Quirks AU, Villain AU, Bakusquad, Fantasy AU, Café AU, Music AU, Hanahaki AU, Fake Dating, Fluff, Angst
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ao3feed-hawks · 6 hours ago
In War, Victory
In War, Victory by Queneya
“We're the only ones left, Keigo.”
Keigo's eyes scanned the battlefield, desperately searching for even the tiniest sign of survivors. He saw only a battlefield full of death. “I don't understand. We lit the fire; reinforcements should have been there.”
Dabi scoffed. “We were betrayed.” *** After getting pulled into an escape from the Circle of Magi, Touya is forced to leave the tower and is recruited into the Grey Wardens. He gets a chance to start anew and gives himself the name Dabi. The famous order wants him in the fight against the Blight. He meets one of his fellow Grey Wardens, Keigo, a young and cheery templar.
But sometimes things go wrong. Dabi and Keigo stand alone against the Blight. They must gather allies or see the world fall to the Blight.
Words: 3016, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English
Fandoms: 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death
Categories: Gen, M/M
Characters: Dabi | Todoroki Touya, Takami Keigo | Hawks, Shigaraki Tomura | Shimura Tenko, Usagiyama Rumi | Miruko, Yagi Toshinori | All Might, Sensei | All For One, Todoroki Enji | Endeavor, Hakamata Tsunagu | Best Jeanist, Other Character Tags to Be Added
Relationships: Dabi | Todoroki Touya/Takami Keigo | Hawks
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, Alternate Universe - Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Dragons, Blood and Violence, Gore, Magic, Eventual Smut, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Fluff, Todoroki Enji | Endeavor's Bad Parenting, Past Child Abuse, Unhappy Ending, BAMF Usagiyama Rumi | Miruko, Miruko gets a big sword, Dalish Elves, Qunari, Mabari, Darkspawn, The Blight (Dragon Age), Other Additional Tags to Be Added, War, Blood Drinking
Read Here:
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sodor-spirit · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Last night when I got permission to draw Emily’s Oliver, the two of us began talking about what our two Olivers might say to each other and then this happened ☝️
Hope you liked how I draw him!
Oliver DS (Left) belongs to @just-an-oliver-simp-existing
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ask-kitsune-kokichi-n-co · 13 hours ago
Kokichi yawns and streaches like a cat. Mmmmmm~ that was a nice nap..."
Kaito glaces over at the kistune. "You were asleep for 6 hours Kokichi! I was honestly getting close to calling someone!"
Kokichi blinked and tilted his head cocking his ears to the side. "Whaaaaaat? B-But Shu was supposed to wake me up..." The fox-like male pouted
Kaito sighs and ran a hand through his hair. "He got called in for a case as far as I know." The detective seemed very excited and that was more then a little worrying for him. He knows how the half ghost can get with certain cases.
The kistune's ear drooped only slightly. "Oh."
Kaito noticed but didn't say anything. "But sleeping that long an't normal. What have you been doing when you are supose to be sleeping?"
Kokichi just stuck out his tounge before putting his arms behind his head. "Juuuuust planing with my evil orginization after all~ Its top secret and if I told you I'd have to kill you~ And I really don't wanna hurt that pretty little face of yours~"
Kaito only caughed awkwardly before rolling his eyes. "Yea right mr. Lair. But fine don't tell me just don't come crying to me if your lack of sleep catches up at the wrong time."
Kokichi forced a playful smirk onto his face. "Don't worry. I won't."
-Mod Kokichi
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lotus-selfships · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
“You’re still awake,” Senna notes as she enters the room.
Seren lays on top of the covers, phone in hand, looking exhausted as she scrolls mindlessly through social media. Upon her lover’s arrival, she puts her phone down and rolls over to face her. “Yeah,” she chuckles dryly. “Couldn’t sleep.”
“Can you actually not sleep, or did you just not bother trying?” Senna asks. She doesn’t sound critical, simply concerned for the other’s wellbeing.
Seren shrugs. “It doesn’t make much of difference.”
Despite the vagueness of her answer, Senna understands. She frowns, walking over to the bed and sitting down next to the vastaya, who reaches out and grabs her hand. She smiles down at her, giving it a firm squeeze. “You should try to sleep.”
“Only if you lay with me,” Seren responds with a grin that melts Senna’s heart. She can’t say no to that.
“Of course,” she leans down and kisses the top of her head.
Seren hums. She makes all sorts of little noises and Senna cherishes each and everyone one of them, especially those that indicate a positive emotion. Like happiness.
They crawl under the blankets together, silky sheets brushing over bare skin. It’s warm tonight, warmer than usual. Spring is on the horizon. There was a snowstorm several weekends ago, but it was the storm to take the snow. Temperatures have been on the rise since then, which is especially apparent in their humid cubby of a bedroom.
Senna yanks off her t-shirt and tosses it aside. The air cools her skin and she lets out a sigh, laying back against the pillows. Seren snuggles up to her, slender arms wrapping around her strong body. Her chest becomes fuzzy and her stomach flutters—even after so many years of marriage, her presence still manages to fluster her.
She kisses Seren on the cheek. “I love you,” she whispers her, a smile playing on her lips.
“I love you too, my sweet lavender.” Seren smooths back Senna’s hair—which doesn’t need smoothing, as it’s always secured in place—and kisses the crown of her head.
Senna can’t help by grin foolishly as she hugs her spouse tight, nuzzling into the crook of her neck. When they’re together, everything feels so right. In a world full of uncertainty and pain, Seren makes Senna feel like life is worth living. It’s a feat that few have accomplished.
The pair lays there in silence. Exhaustion sweeps over them like a cool summer breeze, taking out Seren first. Her subtle movements come to a stop as she drifts off, snoring ever-so-quietly as Senna holds her close. Her emerald eyes flutter open and she stares at her lover, studying the details of her face. She looks so relaxed, so peaceful—it warms Senna’s callused heart. She hugs Seren a little tighter and closes her eyes once more. She allows herself a moment of peace, a quiet evening in her lovers arms.
A comfortable drowsiness weights down on her and she begins to drift off. As she slips into a state of unconsciousness, a single thought crosses her mind, one that leaves her with a smile: life can’t possibly get better than this.
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