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#fandral imagines
hellotherekenobi · 4 days ago
───flowers in the sun.
Tumblr media
summary: you know fandral well enough to know how much of a flirt he is, but when he asks you to join him on a picnic one day, it turns out he has a reason behind it all with you.
a/n: dedicated to the one and only @megmeg-chan for fueling my daydreams of this man. this goes out to all my fandral lovers out there. i respect you. song i listened to while writing: flowers by in love with a ghost.
· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·
Days like today were always lovely, where the sun shining made everything gleam and sparkle and the breeze were gentle, not too cold but just the perfect temperature. Of course, days like today were always lovely when they’re spent with someone equally as such, but perhaps that’s why he was given the name “dashing.” You weren’t always that interested in him, nor the warriors three, but he slipped through the cracks and you didn’t put up much of a fight once you realized how far you had fallen for him—and who could say no to a picnic out in the Asgardian fields with Fandral, anyhow?
When he had asked you earlier today, you weren’t expecting much but as soon as you had seen the spread—fruit baskets and crystal glasses, a fine linen blanket with golden patterns etched into the fabric—you knew that, once again, he managed to slip further past the cracks you’ve never bothered patching up, and probably never will with him being so close to your heart already.
“These are delicious,” the strawberry in your hand drips down your finger as you wipe your lips.
Fandral chuckles, leaning his head further back to close his eyes up at the sun, resting on one hand where he lays. “I made sure to get only the best for you, darling.”
You don’t react to the nickname, having heard that from his lips countless times before directed at many a fair maiden. “I can tell, with all the food you packed. Must have taken some convincing to sneak this out of the palace.”
“Oh no,” he smiles, tilting his head to look at you. “Not at all, my dear. Only so much convincing for you to join me.”
You smile, wiping the strawberry juice off of your hands with one of the serviettes packed. “I’ve never taken you for the picnic type.”
“Well, what is it they say? A moment is only as good as the people you spend it with.”
“And this moment?” You tease, leaning on your elbow closer to him. “How good is it?”
He doesn’t hesitate to say, “Far greater than any I’ve spent before.”
It makes you smile, looking down at your lap as you fiddle with the serviette in your hands. The confidence in his words could make anyone swoon, but you’ve always been more hopeless than hopeful as a romantic for him. Yet you still cling to it, smiling wider and letting out a chuckle, looking up again.
“Always such a charmer.”
He nods in agreement, pursing his lips slightly as he grabs his glass for another sip. There’s a moment of silence between you two, where you simply sit basking in the sun and listening to the rustling of the flowers amongst the grass as the wind blows gentle and cool. Fandral was right about moments, since this one wouldn’t be as pleasant if he weren’t beside you, but you are still wondering why you’re with him here to begin with—not that you’re complaining but time spent with Fandral was always giddy at most, throwing quips each other’s way and believing his flirts to be mere fun. Hopeless not hopeful, you remind yourself.
“When are you leaving?” you ask finally, seeing as the question was danced around before the food was even brought out.
He sighs, something tired. “Tonight.”
“And you’ll be gone for...?”
“I don’t know—” he sits up—“I’m hoping no more than a month, should everything go to plan. These things don’t usually turn out that way, however.”
You hum in agreement, knowing how long his last campaign with the warriors had been—and how you waited to see him ride back home almost everyday. “I thought you enjoyed fighting battles? I hear so many stories.”
“All in truth, I assure you.” he wags a finger for emphasis. “But when I go, I’ll miss moments like these. I’ll miss you.”
Your cheeks burn by his words. “You won’t have any time to miss me.”
He shakes his head. “I’ll think of you always.”
Hopeless. Remember it. He’s a natural born flirt, and a good one at that, but this doesn’t mean anything to him. You keep telling yourself that but the more you do, the more you think differently. Or maybe you’re just trying to deny what he might feel because of the way you feel. Cutting your thoughts short before you lose yourself, you lean over to pluck a flower from the field, twirling it in your hands to have something other than the serviette to fiddle with in the hopes that Fandral won’t notice how nervous you are. He doesn’t leave the topic unfinished, though.
“That is why I asked you to join me here. If I’m to leave tonight, I want you to be the last person I spend my day with.”
“I know,” he chuckles lightly. “Everything will be alright. I know that more than anything.”
“Because of your bravery or your silver tongue?” you joke, expecting a laugh from him but only getting a smile.
“Because I have something worth fighting for.”
“What is that?”
You think you know the answer already, most likely for Asgard or his companions—something noble—yet you don’t expect his answer when he leans over to take the flower from your fingers, twirling it once before he fastens it behind your ear, looking at you softly to say, “You.”
It’s said so sincerely that you do nothing but stare at him, watching for a furrow in his brow or the crease in his smile to tell you that he was only fooling, but he just continues to look at you, something so genuine and intimate that it could tip you over if his hand weren’t still by your ear and gently brushing along your cheek.
You don’t know what to say, so you change the topic. “Does it look alright?”
It almost takes him a moment, but he doesn’t even look at the flower, instead staring so wistfully at you that you can feel his gaze, noticing the way his eyes flicker between your own and he swallows the clearing of his throat. “Yes, well... you are always beautiful.”
You can feel your heart racing against your chest, you’re scared it might rip right through the skin. What could you reply with that won’t end in a stutter? He’s captured your heart, though you try to deny it, and maybe now you’re about ready to tear down the wall after all these years. But even when his fingers brush along your jaw so tenderly, working their way to your chin, you need more before you can let him in completely.
“I need to know,” you say so quiet like the breeze, placing your hand on top of his to still his movements. He looks at you with those swimmable eyes of his, brows furrowed in a way that makes him look like he’s been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. “All of this... how you are with me... is it anything more than just Fandral the Dashing?”
He leans back slightly, like your words had shoved him backward. The look on his face changes to disbelief but so fractionally, so soft-hearted, that you could almost think he was saddened.
“Do you truly believe I have no feelings for you?” he waits for you to tell him he’s wrong, that all this time you’ve known, and when you remain silent he says, “All that I do for you, it’s all of me. Every word I speak, every touch I give, it’s a reflection of how much I care for you. My dear, I have loved you ever since we were young.”
For as long as you can remember, you have wanted to hear those words from him. Every moment you spent wondering ‘what if?’ has come to a standstill, telling you so clearly that all your doubts were for nothing. Fandral loves you, but more than that he has loved you for the beginning. It’s so much to take in that you sit there, frozen, balancing on the edge of happiness and surprise, your thoughts being too loud for you to even choose how to outwardly react.
He’s known you for so long and chuckles breathlessly when you make no move, knowing how many words must be swirling inside your head. “Must I prove myself once more for you?” His thumb rubs gently at your chin as he leans closer, smiling when he notices the way you hold your breath. “Very well.”
You can’t think to close your eyes when he leans just that much closer and presses his lips to yours—the feeling alone being too good to be true, you have to make sure you’re not dreaming. Then just as softly, all at once, you fall into him. The wall comes crumbling down as you close your eyes and kiss him back, your hand reaching out to hold onto his shirt so that this moment doesn’t drift away from you. He smiles against your lips, tilting his head to kiss you deeper and feel you press against him. As he wraps his arms around you, he begins to peck kisses along your jaw, beneath your earlobe, and scattering featherlight kisses along your neck just to hear you laugh as you squirm in his arms.
“You laugh so sweetly, I might have to kiss you more just to hear it.” he has the biggest smile on his face as he speaks, leaning in close to bump his nose against yours. You giggle as you push him back lightly, hearing him chuckle along with you. “I’ll take the sound with me until I come back home to you.”
can i get an uwu in the chat: @moonlight-prose @rebelledjester @aw--heck @americancowgirl19 @xxpoptarts @alwayssleepingforreal @awesomeri14 @karedevil4ever
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your-dashing-fandral · 2 months ago
Okay but imagine Fandral being captured by Jotuns and being thrown before their prince, Loki. Fandral is immediately enamored by the prince and tries to sweet-talk his way out of a possible execution. 
Loki is rather allured by the swordsman himself, and ends up keeping him in the palace as his pet. 
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lokigodofaces · 23 hours ago
We all know Loki basically went through a massive mental breakdown in Thor (gosh every time I watch that film I want to jump in the screen and give Loki a hug). And it is completely reasonable, between being belittled by friends and family since childhood, never being taken seriously, abusive and manipulative parents, etc, etc, etc. And, y'know, to top it all off, finding out his "dad" kidnapped him when he were a baby for the sake of having a political pawn. And also finding out he was a Jotun, a race he was raised to hate by said abusive parents that knew he was Jotun and intended on telling him eventually (since Odin wanted Loki to be the bridge between Asgard and Jotunheim). All of that means it is entirely reasonable for Loki to go to drastic measures to prove his worth to his family and Asgard.
I am not at all trying to belittle any of that. I 100% agree with everything in the above paragraph. That is all canon, all confirmed in canon. I am about to venture into a headcanon. I am writing a fanfiction where this is the case at the moment, and thought you'd be interested.
During the events of Thor, Thanos had the mind stone in the Chitauri scepter. We know that said scepter can control minds and greatly influence the thoughts and actions of minds not in total control (here and here). We know that Loki was influenced by the scepter. What if Thanos didn't start manipulating Loki post-Thor? What if he had been manipulating Loki throughout Thor, but much less noticeabley (that can be explained by distance)?
Thanos must have known who Loki was. He's an Asgardian prince. And Asgard, Midgard, Svartalfheim, and possibly other realms are important in the history of the Infinity Stones. They also use magic (*cough* technology *cough*) that is unique compared to the rest of the universe (possibly because of said connection to the Infinity Stones or to other relics). Thanos would've done his homework, and he would've found out about Loki. If we were able to figure out so much about what Loki must have gone through as a child from twenty minutes of screen time, Thanos would have known. He would have seen someone close to breaking. He would have seen someone malleable. He would have seen someone easy to manipulate.
Imagine Thanos sending mild influences to Loki from lightyears away, not certain it would work, so not betting on it. Loki lets the frost giants in, what we can assume from Fandral's line ("Loki's always been one for mischief, but you're talking about something else entirely") is the only really bad thing Loki's done up to this point. Before that, everything has been fun and games. Even the stabbing mentioned in Thor: Ragnarok (here is a post on my thoughts on that) wasn't all that bad. But letting Jotuns trespass is a big no-no, which is understandable. But, not big enough for Thanos to really care. Then Thor, Loki, and co. go to Jotunheim, and it happens. A Jotun touches Loki, turning Loki's skin blue. Thor is banished. Soon after, Loki gets Odin to confess to adopting kidnapping Loki as a baby because it was politically strategic. And Odin falls into the Odinsleep. And Loki is completely alone, betrayed by his "parents," fearing his brother will kill him if Thor finds out.
This, Thanos can use. Loki is having a full blown mental breakdown. Thanos only needs to guide Loki to a position where he can end up on Sanctuary. He hardly has to do anything, Loki is already so broken, and Thor, Frigga, and Odin are no help. Odin was the main culprit behind Loki's attempted suicide, but Thanos had his share. Jotunheim's destruction was influenced by Thanos moreso than other events, but a lot of that was still Loki. After all, didn't Thor try the same thing earlier? Didn't Odin raise Loki to hate his own race? Wouldn't Odin do this in the Hela-era? But I'm writing it as Thanos being behind Loki being so desperate/determined to destroy Jotunheim, whereas if Thanos weren't involved he'd be more hesitant, and could maybe have been talked down.
Just a fun little headcanon for the sake of fanfiction to make everything more angsty and make Loki need more hugs.
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modernpace · 2 months ago
Loki x Reader Chapter 4
Tumblr media
Chapter 4:
Thor led you to a lavish banquet hall. A long wooden table sat at the center of the room and was filled with men and women. They were talking and laughing, telling stories of their adventures. The two of you stopped as he scanned the room. His eyes landed on a beautiful woman standing off to the side. He guides you over to her and bows his head.
She smiled brightly and held her hand out to him. Her golden locks were pinned up, like a halo made of hair. Her gown was a dandelion yellow, with a sheer mesh-like neckline decorated with a mosaic of gems.
You quickly snap out of it and curtsy with your fist over your heart and your head bowed.
"This must be your friend," she said patting his arm.
"Y/n L/n, your majesty," you responded. Thank god Thor briefed you about introductions on your way here...who know what would happen if you were rude to the Queen.
She gently lay a hand on your arm, "Come, let me have a look at you, dear." You stand and look up, but avoid looking at her directly. I must look like an idiot. "The dress looks lovely on you. Compliments you well." She smiled kindly at you. You saw so much of Thor in her face: kind eyes, big smile.
You beamed at her, "I can't thank you enough, your majesty, for allowing me to come to Asgard. It's a beauty like no others."
Nodding she responded, "And as far as my husband is concerned, I'm the one who offered you this opportunity after my son confided in me." She winked at you, and without question, you nodded in agreement. She turned to Thor and laid a hand on his bicep and gave him a sympathetic smile.
They shared a knowing look before she excused herself, "I hope you enjoy the banquet, my dear. Tomorrow we'll discuss your training." Without another word, she left the banquet hall.
"Shall we?"
"Wait." He looked back at you. "What did she mean?"
He nodded, "She's probably going to bring Loki some books. I don't know why she entertains him. He--"
"No," you interrupted, "you know what I mean."
"My father..." you nodded for him to continue. "He doesn't believe Midgardians should be on Asgard."
Your mouth dropped slightly and you muttered, "Well that would've been great to know beforehand"
He gave you an apologetic look and began walking toward a different door. You followed closely behind him. He led you to a throne room. High pillars line the hall on both sides. On the opposite end you entered from, there were no walls, just a beautiful view of Asgard and its city. Standing under an archway, Odin stood and studied his kingdom.
"Father." Odin didn't flinch, or turn or even acknowledge your presence. He just stared out at Asgard. "I present Lady Y/n." You bow with your fist against your heart.
"Have you settled in nicely?" He inquired.
"Um," you instantly got your shit together, forgetting your nerves. "Yes, All-Father. Thank you for you opening your home to me, and allowing me the opportunity to hone my abilities, sir."
Your eyes remained at his feet and he chuckled. "Very well." He turned to his son and with a stern voice advised him, "During her stay on Asgard, she will be your responsibility. You are to ensure her safety, as well as maintain she stay out of trouble."
"Yes, of course, father," Thor responded with certainty.
"My dear," you daringly look up at him and he motions you to stand, "My wife tells me you possess the ability of illusions."
You cursed to yourself. Is it rude to correct the King? "That's definitely one way to put it. I hope to discover the full extent of my abilities so I can help people back home."
He gives a cautious smile, "I hope you remember that with great power, comes great responsibility. Any power can be used for good--or even bad for that matter. Carry that with you during your training." You hummed in understanding and he gestured for you two to head back to the banquet hall. "You may go, enjoy the banquet."
You both thanked him and made your way back to everyone.
"Definitely more intimidating than you said," you joked.
Thor had introduced you to his close friends: the Warriors Three, and Lady Sif. Volstagg was loud and hearty, Hogun was serious and silent, and Fandral was extremely polite and a little... flirtatious? Sif was bubbly but serious...definitely more bubbly when drinking.
They had welcomed you, asked you if you had any stories--which you didn't because you never actually went on a legitimate assignment. They still seemed warm and open to you. You were grateful for that.
Volstagg was telling a story about when he had come to Earth a few years back--when Thor had been cast out of Asgard. From Thor's hearty laugh and Sif's questionable smile, you could tell he was a very creative story-teller.
You weren't able to keep up with their high tolerance. And you thought Thor was an experienced drinker. Having all five of them guzzle down their ale, while you're not even done with your second mug. It didn't help that Asgardian alcohol was much more...intense.
Thor somehow lost track of your whereabouts while he and Volstagg were having a drinking contest. You found yourself stumbling into the dungeons, with a newfound sense of confidence. You wanted to confront Loki and his idiot face about his idiot remarks from earlier. You stumbled from cell to cell, forgetting where Loki was.
"You're not Loki," you moved to the next cell, "Ne-neither 're y-you." You looked around confused, the room spun a bit."Wherethehell isthat little--Oh!" You grinned like an idiot as you approached his cell.
He had an amused look on his face and mumbled, "This should be good."
You pointed your finger and narrowed your eyes, "You."
"" you forgot what you were going to say. You tried to study his face but he kept swaying. Why was he swaying?
"Not very lady-like for you to be wandering the halls drunk as an idiot on your first night in Asgard."
"W-willyoushutup," You growled as you leaned against the stone beam next to his cell. "You oweme an an ap-apopology." You tried to look fierce and angry...but this was an embarrassing sight. Your hair was frizzy, your dress was disheveled, your eyes were drooping.
He stifled a laugh, never had he thought a mortal would look so funny...stupid, yes, pathetic, yes, but funny? This was a first.
You continued your drunken rant.
"I camehere t-t-to help Muscles. Cuzthat's what friends arefor," you whined and stomped your foot. Your knees felt week and your body was tired but you ignored them. "Imgonna be 'ere for-for, well Idunno how long but" you burped, "I made a promise. And I nev-never break 'em."
You looked directly into his emerald eyes. "Never," you emphasized.
He raised an eyebrow, "Is that so?"
"Shuddup." You looked him over and huffed, "You're such a-an emo."
"What the bloody hell does that mean?" You waved your hand in dismissal.
"A-and a dra-drama queen." You giggle to yourself, imagining Loki like a 1950's actress, prim and dramatic...and so demanding. (I promise this isn't a dig at any actresses, just tryna emphasize Loki is a drama queen).
"You're quite pathetic," he said in a matter-of-fact one. You glared at him. Being done with your conversation you began to regain your balance. You wanted to leave him with one last gift before the night ended.
A malicious grin formed on your face.
Loki raised an eyebrow cautiously. You clumsily rubbed your hands together as your thought of your sweet revenge. He was completely dumbfounded by your strange actions, not knowing what was in store for him. You opened your eyes and giggled devilishly.
"I hope you and your new roommate get acquainted." A low growl from behind startled him. He slowly turned around and he paled when he saw a wolf twice his size standing opposite him. "I would hate to see you turned to dog-chow." Contentedly you turned around and happily stumbled a bit.
You stopped.
"Wait, you can't kill me. You won't kill me."
You glanced back, "Oh?"
The wolf inched closer, snarling at him.
"Wait wait wait wait."
He pleaded with you. How...out of character for the big bad wolf I heard about, you thought. You chuckled as the wolf growled and pounced. He flinched and turned his body away from it, waiting to be torn to shreds. But it never came.
You burst out laughing and lost your balance. You landed on the stone floor, gasping for air.
Loki looked at you with pure outrage. The wolf stood outside the cell now, circling you protectively.
"You deceived me."
You finally caught your breath. "Oh god, that was good." You finally felt a little more stable and stood up, "Didn't think the God of Mischief would fall for something like that.”
"You'll regret that you mewling quim," he growled like your wolf. You could practically see his aura around him: rageful, vengeful, out-of-his-mind angry. But you shrugged it off. Sweet sweet psychological torture.
"Doubtful. Totally worth it," you quipped shaking your head with a proud smile.
You waved your hand and the wolf dispersed into the air. "Gooooodniiiiight," you sang as you left Loki's cell.
A/N: Hi Everyone! I just finished this chapter at 4 AM!!!!!!!!I clearly don't get enough sleep lmao.I'm gonna work on chapter 5 tomorrow; my plan is to publish it tm but expect it for Monday evening.I hope you enjoy this chapter! Goodnight! (or Goodmorning lol). PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK
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wolfish-trickster · 2 months ago
Lost traveler
Loki x female!reader
Word count: 1 084
Tag list: @gaitwae @lucywrites02 @hard-to-be-the-bard @birdgirl90 @laramoonworld
Summary: A mysterious traveler visits Asgard and thanks to an accident has to stay for longer than she expected. Bonds are created but also shattered along the way.
A/N: reader has elemental powers, something like avatar the last airbender.
Tumblr media
Loki always liked nature. It was quiet enough for him to think or relax with a book, always changing, interesting with its abilities to not only heal but also kill. Unfortunately, he was the only one in 'his' friend group to think this way. Thor and the rest always picked a sword into fight and left all the thinking at home. It was quite refreshing to see someone like you enjoying a walk through forrest.
He still hadn't figured out why you keep your name secret. Are you a wanted criminal? Would be fun if you were. Even though you really don't look like one.
He looked behind his back to check on you. You were always behind the group. You occasionally stopped to sniff a flower, pick up a rock in a funny shape or just stopped and listened to birds' singing. You really were an interesting person.
He slowed down to walk next to you. "So, Astrid, where exactly are you from?"
"Ehm, it's far away," you fidgeted with your fingers.
"How far?"
Loki lifted an eyebrow at you. "Not the type to talk too much, are you?"
"At first, not really. I just need some time. I barely know you after all."
Right. Clever girl. "So you aren't someone to blindly trust, correct?"
"More or less," you chuckled and relaxed a little.
However your shoulders became stiff again when Thor's big strong arm snaked around them. "Stop interrogating the poor girl," he chuckled and winked at you.
You unwrapped his arm from around yourself. "He wasn't interrogating. We were just talking."
"So were we in the front! Fandral had an idea; let's make campfire and tell eachother stories of Asgardian heroes. Just like we used to. And our dear Astrid will at least lear about us and this land!"
"Isn't it too bright for a campfire?" you asked and gestured at the still shining sun.
"I guess we will have to wait till sunset. A very romantic one," Thor put on his seductive smile. Loki knew that smile all to well. Whenever there was a new girl in the court or an old childhood friend grew into beauty that smile made an appearance. It also made appearance whenever Loki showed interest in a girl, whether a romantic or platonic one.
You looked very uncomfortable at his flirting, to both Thor's and Loki's surprise. "Oookay then, if that's what you want to do..." and you speed walked towards Sif. Loki imagined it was more of a 'get away from Thor' reason than to just befriend Sif.
"What is up with her? Do I have something in my teeth?"
Loki rolled his eyes. "She isn't interested Thor. First time hurts, doesn't it?"
"Oh you shut up," Thor playfully shoved him to the side.
Sif and you settled on a small meadow inbetween woods. You talked about weather and flora and fauna of this planet. You still didn't reveal anything about you. With your amulet still damaged and cold against your skin you just felt vulnerable. Sif, to your disappointment didn't know much about plants and their abbilities, but the younger prince made up for it.
You started to like Loki. He was quiet, observative, kind of an introvert like yourself. When he mentioned he likes reading you immediately wanted to ask him his favourite genre, author, book, quote from the said book, character, setting, trope...
But you couldn't be open, not yet. They were still strangers to you. Even though they were nice.
"Hey Silvertongue! Have you tested her yet?" Volstagg shouted at the both of you sitting under a giant old oak from across the field. He, Fandral and Thor went for a run into the woods few minutes ago and returned all sweaty and exhausted.
"That's right! You did not test her yet!" Sif woke from herlight nap.
"What test?"
Thor took off his beige shirt and started stretching his muscles. "My dear brother has this test to determine whether you are worthy of his time or not. He always does it to everyone. Even all of us. According to his words no one passed yet. Seems like he likes you enough to not even test you," he glared at grinning Loki.
"I was merely waiting for the right time," he stood up and gestured for you to do the same. His golden magic shined around his fingers as he made a square of grass disappear from infront of you.
You gasped. "You're a warlock!" you nearly shouted excitedly.
"What?" Loki asked confused.
"A warlock. You know, someone who deals with magic and stuff."
"And that is what fascinated you? Him doing little magic?" Sif asked, more surprised than confused.
"Well, it's a long story. For another time," you studied tips of your boots.
Loki blinked few times to ground himself. No one has ever been this excited to see his tricks before. He made a wooden stick appearen in his hand (to which he ganed a 'so cool' from you and angry glare from his brother) and gave it to you.
"With this stick you will draw the perfect weapon for every fight or war against any enemy into this dirt," he pointed at the de-grassed place.
You thought for a while. With a smile you started to draw one straight line after another until you drew a box. You looked up into their faces. Most of them were confused, Sif was holding back a laugh.
"A box?" Hogun tried to look at the drawing from every possible angle.
"You have never been in a real fight and it shows," Fandral shook his head.
"Remind me to teach you some moves later," Sif said in between chuckles.
"What did you mean by that drawing?" Loki asked.
"Well, there is no such thing as a perfect weapon for everything and against everyone. People, who are good with swords will imagine sword as the perfect weapon. Those who prefer daggers will imagine daggers and so on. In this box is whatever a person needs and is good with," you explained, hoping it was good enough of an answer.
Loki just smiled proudly at you. "She passed."
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cozy-the-overlord · 2 months ago
Dances and Daggers
Summary:   The Summer Festival is upon Asgard, as is the tradition of the dagger ceremony, where each unmarried gentleman chooses a lady to bestow with the honor of carrying his dagger for the night. As Prince Thor’s betrothed, Teki’s only goal is to accept his dagger with grace and hope that her violent stepfather doesn’t find fault with her in the process. But Prince Thor is unpredictable, and when he ignores his engagement on a whim Teki finds herself in a desperate situation. Luckily, Thor isn’t the only prince in Asgard…
Pairing: Loki x Original Female Character
Chapter 11: The Games
Previous Chapter  |  Next Chapter
Word Count: 2,322
Chapter Summary: The long-anticipated Summer Games have arrived.
A/N:  This is probably my favorite chapter in this story and I'm really excited to post it. I got some bad news yesterday and have kind of been in a weird headspace ever since, so this has really been giving me something positive to look forward to. Seeing your likes and comments really make my day every week :) 
I hope you enjoy it, and as always, thank you so much for reading!
TW: Violence, child abuse
Tags: @lucywrites02 @gaitwae @moumouton4 
if you want to be tagged, feel free to just send me an ask/message! :)
Read it on Ao3!
The first day of the Games arrived in all its vicious glory. Feasts, festivities, toasts, the clinking of mugs and the cheering of names—it seemed the whole of Asgard was gathered about the arena, the usual level of pandemonium descending upon the crowd as each warrior was introduced.
Teki sat stiff as a board in her seat, hands properly clasped in her lap as she stared straight ahead, unblinking. The swelling by her temple hadn’t completely gone down, but her mother had been able to manipulate a loose hairstyle that mostly hid it from view. While that worked seemingly well, Teki was afraid to move the wrong way, lest her hair shift and reveal her injuries. Even clapping seemed dangerous.
The princes were soon called forward as well, raucous applause erupting across the masses as Thor, the three-time defending champion, leapt with a bow and a winning smile. Loki’s name was somewhat lost in the ensuing chaos.
Teki was careful to keep her face neutral. She didn’t know where Osvald was seated, but wherever he was chances were high that he had a good view of her atop the royal platform next to Frigga. She knew he’d be watching her for any kind of improper reaction. She was determined not to give him one.
Besides her, the Queen clapped halfheartedly for her sons. Teki was rather surprised at her lack of enthusiasm. Shouldn’t a mother be more unhampered in her support? But Frigga’s brow was creased with worry. Teki gazed at the boys choosing their weapons alongside the other fighters—swords, knives, axes. She wondered if she’d be able to clap if Brant was in the arena.
The first day was dedicated to contests and non-confrontational competitions—archery, footraces, axe-tossing. Supposedly, this was the less violent segment of the Games, although the words “less violent” and “the Games” didn’t really match up. Inevitably, a judge made a bad call, the affronted contestant sprang up in insulted frustration, and then suddenly everyone in the arena was shouting at the top of their lungs and throwing each other to the ground. These brawls were a staple of the Games, and more often than not Thor was one of the first to start them, so King Odin usually let them go on for a bit before silencing everyone with a clang of his spear.
Teki tried to watch with the diligence expected of future royalty, but the summer heat worsened her headache and stifled her attentiveness, sending little beads of sweat dripping down her face and irritating her bruised skin. At least the royal platform was shielded from the sun—she felt bad for the people huddled around the ring with no cover whatsoever. Still, it was far too hot to properly follow anything.
The only time the competition truly held her attention was during the knife throwing, although she was ashamed to admit why. Loki dominated the event like it was his life’s calling. His movements were almost feline, cutting through the air as if he were a blade himself, carrying a kind of fluidity that even the veteran participants lacked. Teki didn’t think he missed a single throw. When the judges crowned him winner, she couldn’t resist her tiny grin.
It made her think of the gold-hilted dagger wedged beneath her mattress along with her father’s journal. She found herself fantasizing about wearing it to the Games, sitting here in her seat with Loki’s blade at her waist. Lots of women did something like that—wearing their warrior’s weapon of choice to show solidarity with him during the tournament. She imagined how Loki would react, if he looked up at the podium and saw her wearing his dagger. She wondered if his face would light up the way it did when she came to watch him practice …
The trumpets blared, announcing the next event. Teki shook herself from the daydream. What was she thinking? She was betrothed to Prince Thor, destined to be his Queen. She couldn’t allow her thoughts to wander elsewhere. The next group trooped into the arena. Teki only sunk lower in her seat.
One-on-one duels began the following day. This was what everyone had been waiting for. The crowd was absolutely feral as the order was announced. Most of the people were foreign to Teki, but her ears perked up at a few familiar names: Loki would be fighting towards the beginning, against another novice combatant. Thor was going against a hulking man from Vanaheim. Fandral was paired against another one of Thor’s friends: the slender, controlled warrior who preferred a spiked mace to a sword and whom Teki had rarely seen lose.
Good, she thought as the two shook hands, I hope he kicks your butt.
Again, she found herself struggling to stay focused throughout the duels between people she didn’t recognize. The first one ended when one of the men yielded. The second went through until the loser was knocked to the dirt, unconscious and bleeding. The third went on so long that by the time a winner was called the crowd had almost completely lost interest.
But then it was Loki’s turn. Teki perked up when he arrived in the field with a slight bow, adjusting his golden breastplate as he did. He met her gaze when he turned to the platform, his impassible expression relaxing a moment when he saw her smiling.
His opponent bowed as well. He was a crazed looking thing, wisps of his wildfire hair curling past his neck like a lion’s mane. His name was Geirr, and while the master of ceremonies said he was the same age as Loki, Teki was certain he looked a bit older.
The two boys took their stances in the arena with their staffs. Teki swallowed. She wished Loki could use his daggers. The games were set up in a series of rounds, with the winners of each duel going on to fight each other in the next. They changed the weapons each time: round one was quarterstaff, round two was sword, round three was axe, and so on until the final round, where the last two warriors used their weapon of choice. While Teki knew well that Loki was more than capable with the weighted staffs, nothing could compare to his deadliness with his daggers.
At the sound of the trumpet, Geirr was quick to jump to the offensive.  He leapt forward with several well-aimed stabbing motions that Loki deftly avoided. He blocked another swing and attempted a hit of his own, grazing Geirr’s torso before the red-haired boy pushed him back.
It was a very even match. The two chased each other into every corner of the arena, each sharp clap of their staffs meeting echoing across the thrumming crowd like thunder. Teki found herself leaning forward in her seat. At moments, Loki seemed just on the edge of victory. He got the first hit, smacking his opponent against his ribcage and causing him to double over in pain. The crowd cheered, but then Geirr was on his feet again and rushing at the prince, and once more Loki was on the defensive.
Teki’s chest hurt from holding her breath. Come on. Loki was right on top of him, landing blows on his shoulder, his hip. Geirr was struggling to stay on his feet. She dug her nails into the palms of her hands. So close. Come on—
Geirr feinted to the right. It was a sudden jerk that caught Teki off guard, and she inhaled so sharply it stung.
It seemed to catch Loki off guard too. When he moved to block, Geirr whipped the other end of the staff around from the left. It collided with the prince’s face with a sickening crack. Her hands flew to her mouth, muffling her gasp. Loki fell backwards. For a moment, the crowd was silent.
Loki didn’t move.
The master of ceremonies rushed into the arena, raising Geirr’s hand. “The winner! Geirr Alfrson!” The people erupted into cheers.
Teki barely heard them. Loki was still on the ground, flocked by individuals in the blue robes of the healing ward. Was that blood on his face? She stared at them with a knitted brow. Was he unconcious? How hard of a blow must it have been to knock him unconscious? The healers were caring him out of the fighting area on a pallet of some sort. He still hadn’t moved.
Frigga was already on her feet, rushing down the stairs to the medical tents set up just outside the crowd. For once, she didn’t think of Osvald. Teki hurried to follow her.
The Queen stopped at the entrance to the white tent, speaking in hushed tones with one of the healing women. Teki slipped past them, seemingly without notice.
Inside, Loki was awake, and Teki exhaled in relief. He was sitting up on a cot as another woman in blue held a blood-soaked cloth to his nose.
“How are you feeling now?” she was asking.
He shrugged. “Fine.”
“Any lightheadedness?”
“Not really.”
“Very well.” The woman stood, patting him gently on the knee. “It was a simple heal. You should be able to rejoin the festival without issue when you feel ready.” With that, she exited the tent, nodding slightly as she passed Teki on the way out.
Loki heaved a sigh, cradling his head in his hands. Teki approached him slowly, kneeling at his side.
“Hey,” she asked quietly. “Are you all right?”
He glanced up quickly. Once he saw that it was only her, he relaxed a bit.
“I’m fine.” He huffed bitterly. “I could’ve taken him. Easily. One quick illusion, and he never would’ve seen it coming.” She jumped when he smacked the mattress. “I thought maybe—for once in my life—”
 He was crying, Teki realized with a start. Tears pooled in the corners of his eyes, dangerously close to spilling over. She didn’t know what to say.
“You did wonderfully,” she murmured. “There’s no reason to be ashamed. He just got a lucky hit—”
“There shouldn’t have been a lucky hit!” There was something dark in his face, something Teki had never seen there before. It scared her. He scowled. “Thor wouldn’t have let him get a lucky hit.”
“But—you can do things Thor can only dream of,” Teki pointed out. Where was this coming from? “Like the liquid light, with Brant—”
Loki laughed, but there was no humor in the sound. “That doesn’t matter! It’s just a trick, nothing but a trick. Tricks don’t win the day. Father wants real warriors, not childish pranks.”
“You are a real warrior!” she insisted. “You won the knife toss yesterday, and you still did really well today—”
“You don’t understand!” he cried. “It’s not enough! It’s never enough.”
He fell forward, covering his eyes with his hand. His body shook with barely restrained sobs. Teki’s heart was breaking. She reached out hesitantly, fingers brushing against his shoulder. When he didn’t flinch away, she moved closer. Loosely, giving him plenty of room to pull away if he wanted to, she eased the prince into an embrace.
At first, he stiffened, and Teki almost made to let him go, but then his arms encircled her torso, gripping her as if she were his only anchor to land. She held him tighter in return.
And with that, the dam broke. Loki sobbed into her shoulder openly, unabashedly, no longer attempting to keep up appearances. Teki didn’t say anything. She had never been very good at comforting people, never really knew how. All she could do was rub his back and let him cry.
She wasn’t sure how long it went on for. Eventually, Loki stopped, pulling away to wipe at his eyes with the heel of his hand. He kept his head down, seemingly ashamed to meet her gaze.
“Forgive me,” he murmured hoarsely.
She frowned. “For what?”
“It’s—” His voice caught in the back of his throat “Pathetic. Selfish, to complain. Forgive me.”
“No it’s not.” Teki reached out to push his chin up so he’d look at her. Still, he avoided her eyes. “How is it selfish?” Norns know how many times he’s put up with my tears.
“I just—” He shook his head. “Here I am, whining to you about my gripes with my father, when you—when you’re suffering through conditions I can’t even imagine.” His fingers brushed against her temple, just barely running across the swelling. Now it was her turn to face the floor in shame. He had noticed. Of course he had.
“It’s so selfish…” he repeated, his voice so soft it seemed to be coming from somewhere else.
“No,” she whispered. She turned back to him, hoping the determined sincerity came across in her expression. “You always can complain. Anytime. I’ll always listen. You’re not selfish.”
He stared at her, his eyes tired and swollen. His hand traced her profile, down from her temple to cup her cheek. She shivered.
“But I am,” he said finally, almost too quiet to hear. “Because I don’t want you to marry my brother. And the reason is entirely selfish.”
Teki’s heart stuttered to a halt. What? Her mouth fell open, but no words came out. What should she say to that? What could she say to that?
Just then, the tent flap pushed open. Loki stiffened, pulling away from her immediately. Twisting around, Teki found herself melting under the iron gaze of Odin AllFather. Frigga stood not far behind. She felt the color drain from her face.
For a moment, they just stared at her. Teki quickly scrambled to her feet, burning (she had been kneeling, how must that have looked?).
“Your Majesties,” she faltered, somehow managing to sink into a clumsy curtsey. “If—if you’ll excuse me.” And with that, without waiting for a response, she fled from the tent.
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sserpente · 2 months ago
Pastel Blue (Chapter 5)
Tumblr media
Synopsis: After his lucky escape, the Tesseract takes Loki on new adventures–but unfortunately, his journeys through space do not go unnoticed and he soon ends up on TVA’s radar. Working for them, albeit reluctantly, he keeps finding himself in the company of a young woman, Jess, who works in the linguistics department and who has a truly strange effect on him. Smitten by her confidence and smugness, he seeks her presence like a bee hunting for honey and lets her wreak havoc in his heart without really knowing why. But he is determined to find out. He means to escape this godforsaken place anyway.  
Find all chapters on my masterlist! (Unfortunately, Tumblr will not display my recent posts if I add a link.)
It almost felt like no time at all. Had one whole week really passed already since Loki had accommodated himself in her unit? In the books, the characters who had to share a room usually fell in love by the end of the story or, even better, they had some mind-blowing sex and then ended up together, and yet all she had done was play with her vibrator like it would be taken away from her the next morning for good.
But unlike any of the mischief and the chaos she had expected, Loki was a rather pleasant roommate. He was respectful, calm, tidy… and she doubted he had ever entered her room without her permission. Unless, of course, he had done so in her absence.
Jess gnashed her teeth, her eyes fixed on her brown hair in the mirror. Ariana had found this lovely youth magazine in the nineties yesterday, one that had already been thrown in the bin. The only reason she had taken it was because the cover showed a blue phone booth with Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor on the cover. Jess had spent all morning skimming through it, reading the headline article as well as chuckling about the gossip and the ads—even though some of them were rather sexist.
At some point, she found a double page on fancy hairstyles for women and now struggled to copy one of the elegant braids to spice up her own hair. Thus far, she had been failing miserably, flinching with a grunt when Loki opened the bathroom door. He tilted his head upon seeing her sitting on the edge of her bathtub with her tongue sticking out a little and her fingers entangled in her brown hair.
“I meant to get washed but clearly, you are occupied in here.”
Jess huffed, flinging the hair tie into the sink. “I’ve been trying to braid my hair. Like this, look!” She pointed at the magazine. The woman in the picture looked like it had taken her five minutes to create this look, and they’d had the audacity to rate this style ‘quick and easy’.
Loki chuckled. “You look like a scarecrow.”
“Why, thank you.” She rolled her eyes. “You can take your shower, I give up on this.” She said.
His sigh surprised her. “Allow me.”
“What?” Jess’ reply was all but a chirp but Loki had already approached her and fetched the hair tie from the sink. The braid was indeed a simple one, and as he stood behind her to part her hair for her, he had to refrain from letting her know just how soft it felt.
He had often braided his mother’s hair as a child. It was an activity that had calmed him down whenever Thor and his friends had made fun of how fond he was of books and preferred to use his mind and tricks rather than raw strength in play fights. The hand movements he was so familiar with that he had no need to look. Instead, he met Jess’ eyes in the mirror. She swallowed, and for a brief moment, he found himself remembering the whimpers coming from her bedroom at night.
Quickly, he averted his gaze again, parting her hair to reveal the earrings dangling down her earlobes. They shimmered in the artificial light of the bathroom. He had never seen her without them, come to think of it.
“They are moonstones.” She said when she noticed his glance. His finger brushed against her left earring once more, making it swing a little. “M got them for me on my birthday. The stone is said to soothe emotional instability and stress, and to stabilise emotions.” After all, her own parents were unlikely to buy her birthday presents anymore. “He asked me to always wear them… that they would protect me from evil.”
Loki hummed. He was familiar with the healing properties of moonstones. They were rather common on Asgard too. Only it made him wonder why Mobius would be so keen on her keeping them on at all times.
“Do you truly believe that?”
She shrugged. “I choose to.”
His fingertips brushed against the soft skin of her neck and he sucked in a deep breath. Jess’ lips parted. She was indeed a beautiful woman, was she not? Loki pondered if she was aware of just how alluring she was. How delectable she sounded when she came undone, believing so naïvely that he was unable to hear the fun she had with herself.
Lust flared up in his blue eyes, his fingers caressing her neck once more, and him braiding her hair all of a sudden turning into a subtle excuse to touch her over and over, to explore what their physical connection meant to him. Then it hit him. The inexplicable tension between them was indeed sexual too.
It was perfect, was it not? If Jess desired him, in whatever way she imagined to… then perhaps he could make use of her attraction, especially as this meant that he too would get to blatantly act on those carnal needs simmering right beneath the surface of his very core. He could not possibly trust her beyond that.
“There.” He announced, finishing up the braid by tying the loose ends together with her hair tie. She looked exactly like the model in the magazine now—only Loki had done an even better job. Jess swallowed once more, wishing, subconsciously, that he would touch her one last time. When he stepped away from her instead, she came to suppress a disappointed whimper.
“M is, um… you’ll be sent to a different unit next week.” She said, breaking the oddly peaceful but palpable silence between them.
“Am I?”
“Yeah. Reese recovered well, I mean, that’s what M told me. He will take over after the party.”
“What party?”
Jess stood, clutching the sink behind her for support—Loki did not fail to notice how flustered she was now, almost as if him braiding her hair had intensified whatever it was she felt for him. It had been a long time since he had last had to think this way upon meeting someone of the opposite sex, let alone a mortal woman.
“Dave is celebrating his anniversary this weekend. It’s a big deal here at the TVA, much more important than birthdays. M didn’t tell you about it, then.” She concluded.
Loki shook his head slowly and decided to give her a smirk. Her reaction, blood biting at her cheeks, pleased him. “I’d dare say I am not invited to your silly festivities.”
“M is thinking about it. About inviting you, I mean. And I guess you could… use a break from all… this. Besides, apart from security, everyone will be drunk by midnight. Lots of snacking and dancing…”
Loki rolled his eyes. He had already hated these kinds of parties back on Asgard. Fandral would shamelessly flirt with three women at once, Volstagg would stuff himself into a coma and Thor would brag with his hammer on the dance floor, making the women believe they could lift it as they danced with him.
If anything, however, this absurd anniversary was the perfect opportunity for him to let his charm play and gain her trust. Jess sighed, prompting him to look up and meet her eyes. She stood, approaching him with the hint of a smile both scornful and compassionate at the same time… and then wrapped her arms around him.
Loki tensed up, his arms hanging by his side motionlessly. Physical affection was the last thing he had expected in a place like this, even from Jess. Perhaps, gaining her trust would be easier than he thought it would be, and still, part of him was unable to deny how much he enjoyed knowing that someone at least pretended to care, as peculiar as she was. Her touch felt like someone had set his entire body ablaze.
“Listen, I know you’ve been through shit and I know you hate everyone right now, including me. M may or may not have red on his ledger but you’re a part of the team now. You’re one of us. If we don’t stand up for each other, then who will?”
“I never agreed on becoming a part of the team.” Loki responded darkly.
Jess moved away from him a little, her smile faltering. “Me neither.”
“You’ll have to explain that to me one more time. When your father, I mean, Odin, fell into the Odinsleep—whatever the hell that means—your mother gave you the throne?”
Loki hummed. That was the part of the story Thor had left out upon telling S.H.I.E.L.D. and all the other silly secret organisations run by mortals how dangerous and menacing his adoptive brother was.
Jess was flicking through one of the thickest books he had ever seen. It was a collection of astronomical anomalies written down in a language not even Loki could decipher and it was so big she had to stand upright rather than sit at her desk to read the top of the pages. She gazed at him from the corner of her eyes.
“Thor was no longer on Asgard and Mother refused to leave Odin’s side. I was the only one left fit to rule—only Thor’s idiotic friends did not accept me as their king.”
“Let me guess… they pretended you were the villain so you became the villain?” Nibbling on her candy necklace, she bit off a pearl with a loud crack. Loki flinched a little. It was short of a miracle she had not chipped any of her teeth yet.
“I saw my chance,” he said. “So I took it. I never saw myself as the villain. And I never lied. I was the rightful king of Asgard.”
Jess bent over to read the small print. She was still wearing the plait Loki had braided into her hair. It swayed from side to side a bit as it fell over her shoulder, revealing her neck. Her scent was almost unnerving—unnerving in a most ferocious and desirable way. Intoxicating. He had sensed it when she had hugged him already and now, part of him was greedy to press her close to him once more and feel her body against his. He suppressed a growl. He should be enjoying his quest to tiptoe nearer and nearer to getting this ridiculous collar off his neck and make this mortal woman swoon over him—not the other way around. He was the one in control. He had to be.
So he stepped closer, his tread so quiet Jess never heard him approach her.
“So you came to like it. The power of the throne?” She said without looking up. Loki nodded, oblivious to the fact she could not see him. She cursed under her breath when his arm brushed against hers, eliciting a barely noticeable smirk from him. It was amusing how quickly he could read her reactions to him now.
The Trickster swallowed. “I meant to prove myself to the man who never saw me as a potential heir in the first place.”
“How did Thanos find you?” Jess choked out when he moved in closer, demanding all of her attention to himself. It almost scared him how fast she forgot about the massive book on her desk, her eyes fixed on his face as if it bore the answer to all of her questions. Loki’s expression hardened nonetheless, regardless of how much the urge to taste her lips rose within him.
“How much do you know?”
“I know what M told me… that you were his ally and he helped you take over Earth in exchange for the Tesseract.”
Loki narrowed his eyes at her. “Then you know nothing.” Her glance found his lips now too. He was standing close enough for his warm breath to ghost over her mouth, her heart beating more rapidly with every passing second.
Fuck. Her office was being monitored. Sucking in a deep breath, she moved away from him and closed the thick book on her desk shut. “It’s late. We should head to the party.” She cleared her throat. “You can, um… wait for me here so I can get changed. Give me five.”
Loki nodded, taken by surprise until he noticed her glancing at the chunky surveillance camera in the corner of the room. Ah… there it was. The fear or shame or both to be caught being involved with him. Loki gnashed his teeth when she rushed past him, fleeing from the scene. That, at least, was something he was familiar with.
He remained in the office, almost as if glued to the spot, for a while longer before he made his way towards the cafeteria where the festivities would take place. Jess would catch up—besides, so he had to admit, he was indeed looking forward to seeing their faces when he joined the ridiculous little party and what it might give him to work with.
“Really, that’s all? That’s almost a little disappointing.” He heard Dave say in the distance, presumably a few yards away from him, his voice ricocheting through the dark hallway.
Loki stopped dead in his tracks. As silent as a mouse, he leaned against the wall, melted into it almost, and slowed down his breathing.
“Yes…” Another voice that Loki identified as Mobius’, replied. “We did take a risk with them but I must admit, I too almost expected a little… more. I thought one of them might… feel something, you know—a connection or recognition, maybe.” Loki could hear his suit ruffle as he shrugged. “Well, timelines can be unpredictable. We do know that better than anyone else.”
Connection. Recognition? For some peculiar reason, he was certain the pair were speaking about him. Him and… Jess? Who else could they possibly mean? His gut feeling, however, told him that he should, seidr or not, get rid of the security footage in Jess’ office as soon as possible. Whatever it was Mobius wanted to see unfolding between them, he was not going to grant him the satisfaction of presenting it to him on a silver platter.
Fortunately enough, they were too far away to hear him, he realised that once more when Jess’ footsteps echoed through the hallway. He knew it was her without even looking behind himself and yet, found his heart skipping a beat when she touched his arm.
“Ready? You know they might give you suspicious looks as soon as you… what are you doing?”
Loki gave her a disarming smile. “Nothing. Shall we?”
A/N: Put your swords up, put ‘em up; it’s going down.
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lokiofsassgaard · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
After Loki returns from the war on Midgard, he finds it difficult to adjust to life back on Asgard. Eveything is too loud, too bright, too busy. He would much rather be left alone to nap as much as he wants.
But there are secrets being kept, lies told, and rumours spread around him. Exhausted and at the end of his rope, he cannot rest without knowing the truth. With another war looming with Vanaheimr, Loki escapes the realm once more for some peace and quiet. Seeking cold and snow, this time he goes to Jötunheimr.
Part 3 of the series in which the MCU is invaded by the wrong version of Loki, and everything slowly gets thrown out of whack.
Loki has travelled to Jötunheimr to retrieve a relic from his father's past, but foul weather and mysterious threats have stranded him in a small tribal village outside of Utgard. And Loki does not do well when kept in one place for long.
At the first break in the weather, he convinced his host to take him hunting. An activity Loki once loathed and avoided, he finds now that the freedom of riding a horse across the tundra with the wind on his face is the sort of activity he craves. But this is a strange realm, with strange animals. One accident was all it took to incapacitate him.
Now he wakes, broken and bruised to a brand new situation within the village. A crisis has taken his hosts into the storm, and now Loki sits a woman named Angrboða, who may be there for other reasons beyond making sure the children are fed.
Second Rite: Temptation (ch 7)
The others were still gone by the time the children began yawning and pretending not to fall asleep by the fire. As Angrboða wrangled them up to put them to bed, Loki walked through the house with his eyes toward the rafters, looking for his rifle. He worried about the condition he'd find it in after the last one had been damaged by the previous horse Loki had failed to stay on, and he grew anxious as he failed to find it.
As Angrboða walked out to find him, she frowned. "What's wrong?" she asked.
"I'm trying to find my weapon. It needs to be cleaned," Loki said.
"Oh!" Angrboða looked up, and turned back around. "I think he said it was back here?"
She walked back to the beds, and climbed on top of one. Reaching into the rafters above, she pulled the rifle down and looked at it curiously before handing it over.
"Thank you," Loki said.
He brought it close to the lamp between the beds to inspect it, first pulling out the clip and emptying the chamber. It appeared no worse for wear, but he still wanted it cleaned after its tumble in the snow. He walked to his pack and opened it, finding his ruined tunic from the hunt. It had been cleaned, but the stains would never come out. Not particularly bothered by the loss of it, Loki tore the sleeve apart at the seams, taking the long strip of cloth to his bed to use to clean the rifle.
"Join me up here," Angrboða said as she got into one of the vacant beds. "You do not have to sleep on the floor."
Loki looked up, but did not move. "I wouldn't want to keep you up," he said.
"You won't," Angrboða said. "Come, I'll brush your hair."
Loki wanted to argue, but didn't have the energy. He stood, and on his way to the bed bent to pick up the stray round he had ejected from the chamber earlier, and pressed it into the clip. Loki climbed up onto the bed and sat down in the middle, already preparing to take the rifle apart. Angrboða settled behind him, crossing her legs in front of her as a barrier between the two of them.
He began tearing down the mechanism, pulling the trigger guard to release the entire assembly from the stock. As soon as it was out, the barrel fell loose a little more easily than he'd have liked. Already, he could see bits of mud and other gunk that had wormed its way in, so he started completely disassembling the action and trigger. As he began to place everything out neatly before him, Angrboða pulled his hair away from his shoulder, holding it out of the way while her free hand traced a line close to the wound on his shoulder.
"This was from the hunt?" she asked.
Loki shook his head as he struggled to pull the bolt free without damaging it. "No, from a recent fight," he said.
Her fingers traced down his back, over other marks and scars from the war. Then, her hand disappeared from his skin, and soon her fingers were in his hair, pulling out the worst tangles so she did not pull with the comb. Loki could not recall the last time someone had fixed his hair like this. His mother, perhaps, when he was still a boy. Once he had outgrown the need for his mother to comb his hair, he had always dealt with it himself.
He quickly found himself distracted by it. Her touch was gentle, even as her fingers touched his scalp and neck. He knew she was trying to avoid pulling his hair. Had he not still had a constant dull ache behind his eyes, he might have wanted her to.
Cleaning his rifle took far longer than it normally would have, and not just because he hadn't brought his kit for it. He found himself stopping to hold still, just allowing himself to be touched. Forgetting about his task entirely, Loki closed his eyes and leaned back into her touch. He wanted to feel more of it, and to do more about it. But he could also feel himself slowly falling asleep under her touch. Loki had to force his eyes open again, before he shifted in his seat to finish his task. He had got the most egregious dirt and debris out of the mechanism, and would have to properly clean it all later. As quickly as he could without making too much noise, Loki reassembled the weapon. Setting it aside, he closed his eyes again and allowed himself to drift. He didn't think he had fallen asleep, but he could feel himself getting close more than once. He could also feel his body responding in other ways, though he was entirely too exhausted to do a single thing about it. Instead, he let himself be touched in this entirely unfamiliar way. Brothel visits and one night stands had always been significantly more rough and desperate affairs. Not even Fandral, when they were still close, had ever shown much interest in casual touch.
Loki realised she was no longer combing his hair, but braiding it. He didn't think his hair had even been long enough, but he could feel her using the comb to pull sections apart before weaving it all together again. Then she tied it off, giving Loki the chance to explore her work with his fingers. She had left much of it alone, preventing the pull against his scalp. Instead, he found a small braid on either side, woven in to the rest at the back of his neck.
"What was that for?" he asked.
He could hear her trying not to laugh behind him. "I imagine you're sleeping more than usual," she said. "And then your hair gets tangled."
She wasn't exactly wrong. Loki was no stranger to fortnight-long naps when he was injured or unwell, but from the moment he returned from Midgard, all he wanted to do was sleep. Before that, even. He had thought his extended nap in Urðr's cabin had been exhaustion from cutting the most convoluted path possible across Europe, but he'd been plagued with headaches since France. Early warning signs he'd only just at that moment come to recognise.
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scribeofmorpheus · 3 months ago
Himmeløyne [18/?]
Pairing: Loki Odinson x Reader
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Warnings: Angst???
A/N: Nothin’ to report Cap’n
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Tumblr media
Heimdall looked over at the corner where Y/N had nestled into. She looked smaller, so much smaller than he’d ever seen her. A part of him was angry, though, to his detriment, he didn’t know what he was mad at the most. There were too many options: Odin, the carnage in the throne room, the leeching, Dagma’s prophecy that lingered on his mind day in and day out. He wished Sigrid were there with him, at least he’d be able to ask her for help. He was only just getting used to the idea of fatherhood. On any occasion, that would be a mountainous task to undertake, but this last month, it felt like a planet was crushing his shoulders. That’s why he rarely wore his armour, and why he rarely stood at his post by the bi-frost.
Sif walked over from Hogun’s side, a look of concern pulling her eyebrows knit. She followed Heimdall’s gaze to Y/N. She too held a look of anger.
“Do you think she’s up to this?” Sif whispered. “We only have one shot at this. If we fail…”
“We won’t,” Heimdall took a moment to steel his voice. “We can’t fail. I won’t lose my daughter to this madness.”
“I hope you’re right,” Sif pressed the bridge of her nose in frustration. “Because if we do, that’s the dungeon for us.”
“Focus on your end, the portal will stay open,” he said with feigned assurance.
Sif tilted her head in disbelief and Heimdall placed a hand on her shoulder.
“The portal will stay open,” he said again with more control over his voice.
“I’ll hold you to that,” she said before re-joining Hogun to discuss their end of the plan.
Cautiously, Heimdall approached Y/N. He held out his hand that had a loop of red thread twisted around his palm. He pulled one end of the thread and handed it to her. She held onto the thread for a moment, focusing on its ridges and texture, then she looked up at him in confusion.
“It’s ordinary thread.”
He held back a laugh, “Yes.”
“What am I supposed to do with this?”
“It’ll act as our anchor through the portal,” he began wrapping one end of the thread around her palm, he noticed how cold to the touch she was, it made him feel uncomfortable, like he was touching a block of ice. “If you feel overwhelmed, tug on your end, I’ll do the heavy lifting in sustaining the portal.”
She looked him over with knowing eyes, “You don’t think I’m ready.” It wasn’t a question.
“Do you?” he challenged.
She smirked, showing some of that wily nature Sigrid had in youth. “I’ll do my part.”
 Heimdall drew an old sigil on his forehead to focus the energies, blood dripping from the slash on his thumb. The room permeated with a ghastly wind. Smell of sea salt and copper and the distinct ashen taste of volatile magic made his nose itch. Sif tugged at her collar as though it were hard to breathe. Hogun’s nose went red at the bridge. Y/N’s eyes turned glassy, water collecting near the ducts.
“Visualise opening a portal here,” he offered Y/N his hand, their thumbs leaving bloody prints on each other’s wrists. “I’ll show you where it leads.”
He searched his memories for the rare occasions he’d visited the vault, of how the walls towered strong and bright. Of the Destroyer standing dormant, held in the centre of two columns. Next to come were the stands and all the artefacts he remembered. Through their pulse connection, he transferred his vision into Y/N’s mind, letting her see what he saw.
There was a wave of energy, for the briefest moment, Heimdall thought of that soulless look she had in the throne room, and he felt afraid. Y/N narrowed her eyes at him, he knew she’d felt his fear. The candlestick on the table fell over, flames dying out as wax dripped over a carved rune on the stone table. Rime formed over the window overlooking the sea, creeping like a thief until the glass coated in a net of snowflakes.
Between Heimdall and Y/N, a portal, first black and then purple like the nebula’s he watched over, opened. Heimdall stepped through, and in a shaky instant, he was in the vault.
Send them through, he sent his message through the thread. In response, Hogun and Sif jumped into view.
Sustaining the portal proved more difficult than Heimdall anticipated. The thread grew colder in his hand, Y/N’s powers were unstable, unpredictable. He felt a tug at his organs, a driving force of a thousand horses pushing him towards the portal’s opening. A taste of blood filled his mouth, but he breathed through the pain.
“Got it!” Sif whisper-shouted as she and Hogun retrieved something that bore a resemblance to Vanir craftsmanship.
“Hurry,” Heimdall said through gritted teeth, feeling the icy sting of the thread cut into his hand. Ripples of magic passed out of the portal, shaking the room slightly. With that delicate change in atmosphere, the Destroyer awoke, peeled face honing in on their location. “Jump through, quickly!”
Heat from the Destroyer’s blast melded at odds with the portal’s waning magic. Sif and Hogun went in together, then Heimdall. Back in the archive room above the library, Heimdall smelt the smoke before seeing the singed bits of his cloak.
Before anyone could react, a blinding sun-golden light erupted from the closing portal, clashing with the magic that slithered like an angry ribbon around Y/N’s frame. In dangerous volatility, both lights collapsed a section of the wall. Y/N screamed, panting for more air as she kept one hand over her face. A delayed shockwave knocked all four off their feet, flinging them out of the room, and into the sea below.  
Odin felt like a piece of parchment held under a paperweight. Ever since he came to, his world had been one unending panorama of bad news and the poor taste of regret.
Loki slept, his mind too broken to wake up. Frigga was missing, and with her was his anchor and conscience. Heimdall refused to see him, even under orders, and the bi-frost had remained unguarded since Y/N began her leeching treatment. Thor would only visit when he smelled sourly of mead and anguish. On those nights, Odin pretended to be asleep.
“My liege,” Fandral walked into Odin’s chambers, his face looking pale.
“I told the guards I didn’t want to be disturbed,” he said harshly, looking away from Fandral.
“I beg your pardon, but, it would seem, sometime during the night, the Destroyer awoke,” Fandral cleared his voice. “And, it would also seem, there has been a theft.”
Odin sat up, feeling a nick of pain where Loki’s dagger had made its home a month ago, “Do we know who was behind it?”
“No, but…” Fandral blinked several times.
“Spit it out,” Odin demanded.
“We haven’t been able to locate Sif, Hogun, and Heimdall or… Y/N for that matter.”
"Do we know what was taken?"
"Your father's belt, My Liege." 
You woke up to the sensation of drowning as you coughed up saltwater. The ground was hard, like rock.
“Wha—” you rasped, vocal cords hoarse.
“Relax, you’re safe,” Sif’s voice was light, careful. Warmth spread to your forehead when she brushed your damp hair from your face. “We got what we needed. Just rest now. We’ll be in Knowhere soon enough.”
“I can’t see,” you panicked as you blinked.
“A side-effect,” Heimdall answered. “The Destroyer’s beam passed through the portal, the light damaged your corneas. They’ll heal quicker if you rest.”
You felt a warm cloth cover your eyes, and Sif’s hair wafted the scent of fire as she tied a knot behind your head.
You felt someone try to lift you up, but then they abruptly set you down with a painful wince.
“I’ll carry her,” Hogun offered.
Hogun reached down and successfully carried you off the ground. Your neck was stiff as it dangled from his arm.
“Here, drink this,” Sif placed something small by your lips.
You opened and drank the foul liquid, choking as your stomach tried to regurgitate the potion back up. Soon, a swirl in the fog of your mind dragged you back under.
 There was a meadow blooming from your balcony window—wintersweet and a bright pink flower you’d never seen before painted the landscape in lively colours. There was an odd contrast covering the land, glowing and too clear, it looked imagined.
A pair of arms ensnared you in a close back hug. You didn’t need to turn around to see who it was, you felt his magic pool in your stomach the instant your skins touched.
“I’ve been looking everywhere for you,” Loki whispered into your ear.
“I’m right where you left me,” you said.
“Evidently not since you made me scour the palace halls for what felt like ages,” he sighed with a dramatic flair, placing a kiss on your pulse-line beneath your jaw.
“Where did you go?”
Loki spun you around, cupping your face with a curious smirk adorned on his, “What do you mean, pet?” 
You shuddered. His smirk grew deeper. 
He kissed all the way from your cheekbone to the softness of your ear, whispering in an even deeper voice: “I’ve right here, dreaming of you.”
With your front facing the mirror above your dresser, you noticed your reflection was different, older, healthier. You were in a dream. But Loki’s presence, and the scent of his hair, and the touch of his magic, it all felt real. Like the dreams of the cave.
Slowly, the world began to dissipate, and you pulled Loki’s face flush to yours. “I’ll get you back. I promise to get you back because you have to know. You have to know that I love with you.”
In a frenzy of desire, and afraid this may be the last time you’d ever feel the softness of his lips again, you pulled him into a hungry kiss that was both impatient and desperate. When you broke away, you awoke in the real world, cloth still tied over your eyes.
 You hadn’t noticed that it never rained on Asgard until you stood under the cascade pouring out of the celestial eye cavity of Knowhere port. Even though it wasn’t raining on Knowhere either, the tricklings from what Hogun called a ‘recycling plant’ were as close to rain as you’d seen since leaving Midgard.
The rain held no petrichor, no smell of wetness like you were used to. This one had a faint chemical burn that clung at the back of your throat. The coolness of the water was also different, more lukewarm.
Knowhere was vibrant and distinct, even experienced solely through sound. Where Asgard was ethereal in its timeless beauty, Knowhere was a hard wrench in the belly of a metal beast. If Sif’s descriptions were to be believed, you were now walking inside a god’s head made of artifice. Sounds of metalwork and conversation held the eerie touch of normalcy, of universality, but the dialect and the refined metalworking sounds that filled the port were anything but ordinary.
The ground pulled at your muscles much weaker than Asgard did, making you think you were a mere gust away from floating into the blackness, where, you imagined, the stars burned brighter.
Maybe you wanted to burn with the stars. Be at peace in that blanketed darkness, like nights when you’d sleep soundly, ignorant to gods and magic. Maybe the only things keeping you rooted were your bones, in the same way your mother’s crone bones rooted her visions in the future. You shuddered when a droplet of water fell near the edge of your eye, surprised that your skin was colder than the water.
“Keep your head down,” Heimdall lifted your hood to keep the poor-mans rain off you. “Try not to look—” he swallowed loudly, “to seem as lost as you do now.”
“This morning, I thought Asgard and the nine realms were all there was to the universe,” you intoned. “Now I know there are more veils to be pulled back, so if I seem lost, it’s with good reason.”
“She has a point,” Hogun said.
Heimdall lingered close by and then sighed, he sounded a little further than before. “The person we’re going to see, he’s… odd. But most dangerous of all, he is enamoured by other oddities. Try to act like you belong, and…whatever you hear or feel in there, don’t react to anything. Magic or otherwise.”
“She’ll be fine. That’s why I’m here, remember, to keep an eye out.” Hogun said.
Sif let out a groan and Heimdall let out a strong exhale. You found it in you to smirk at Hogun’s poor phrasing.
Heimdall walked away, and from the clanking of light boots, Sif followed.
“You seem different,” Hogun said to fill the void.
You pulled your cloak tighter around you, feeling even smaller than before.
“You seem older, is what I mean,” he clarified.
You didn’t know how to answer him, so you simply nodded.
“I had a wife, once,” he said out of the blue.
You were astonished by his sudden chatty disposition, “I didn’t know that.”
He chuckled, a delicate tone of joy and sadness worked in tandem. “No, I don’t imagine you would. Few know about her. Fandral, and his big mouth, I’ve known the longest, he’s the only one that met her. Maybe Heimdall with his all-seeing powers.”
“But not the others?”
“Why are you telling me then?”
“Because I know what it’s like to lose someone you care for. It’s an irreplaceable void you can never fill. And when Lindel’s health failed her, I had to choose between moving mountains to save her, or accepting fate and staying by her side.” Hogun paused, a shuffling sound of his feet gave away his discomfort.
“I see the way the prince looks at you,” he said after a crowd’s rumble died down. “And you and I, and even he, I suspect, know you can’t be together. Pragmatically, I mean. Your lifespans are... at odds.”
“Because I’m mortal and he isn’t?” you bit back, your temper rising. “You aren’t the first to tell me that.”
“I’m not saying you must put your feelings aside. On the contrary. All I’m saying is, there will come a time when you, or he, will be forced to choose between moving mountains, or accepting that some things eventually run their course.”
“Which did you choose?”
“The wrong one.” Hogun went eerily quiet, his feet stopped shuffling too. Then, suddenly, with a more transparent tone, he said: “Let’s go, Heimdall’s waving us down.”
Another droplet fell onto your face, and you shivered, again.
Tumblr media
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imagine-loki · 3 months ago
Soulbonds and Fairy Dust
TITLE: Soulbonds and Fairy Dust (rewrite) CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: 36/?
AUTHOR: nekoamamori ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine one of the fae has been helping the Avengers, jumping in to help them on missions and vanishing before Shield can bring her in.  Loki joins the team and convinces her to come talk to the team and consider joining before Shield takes more drastic measures. RATING: M NOTES/WARNINGS:  This is a rewrite of the original work of the same name.  Also on AO3 here
Loki looked impressed. No wonder she could truename so much stronger than the other fae.  “Are you the only one with that power?” he asked.  He was always so curious and that didn’t change now.
Sig nodded. “I am, which makes it more dangerous when I truename things and when oaths are sworn in my presence,”
“Why is that?”
She paused and considered how to best explain that.  “Well, I can identify anyone and anything’s truename, which is dangerous enough, since that gives me at least some power over that being, as you saw me do to Jareth,” Loki was nodding along, so she continued.  “The other thing very, very few people know I can do and it takes a lot of power to do so, but I can change something’s true name, change their nature entirely,” she told him softly, sharing one of her secrets with him.  No one outside of Underhill knew she could do that and she wanted to keep it that way.  
Loki’s brows furrowed in confusion and disbelief. “Change their nature? That shouldn’t be possible,” he protested.
“And yet, I can,” she told him with a shrug. “I’ve only done it a couple of times, and it’s not something to be done lightly, especially since it takes a lot of power to do, but I can,”
“That is quite impressive,” Loki commented and thought it over before he found his next question. “What natures have you changed?” he asked gently, feeling that it might not be an easy story.   
She sighed before she started, but she had agreed to answer questions, and she wouldn’t hide her past from him.  “Once by accident when I was a child, I changed the nature of one of the hunt hounds so it would be my friend instead of the savage hunter it was being trained to be.  I didn’t understand what it was I’d done at the time,” she explained.  Loki nodded.  Accidental magic among children was common and understood.  She hesitated before she continued.  “The other time, I’m not proud of…,” she told him softly, letting him know how difficult this story would be to tell.
“Tell me when you’re ready, darling. I won’t force you into anything,” he reassured her quickly, making sure she knew that he wouldn’t force or pressure her to tell him things that she wasn’t ready to. He was here to support her, not pressure her.  
She sighed, but pressed on.  “It was when I was being evaluated for my place in the court when I came of age.  One of the gray ladies had an evening with one of the lords of the unseelie court and her child wasn’t up to seelie perfection.  She claimed she had been unable to see through his illusion, but that didn’t change that the child was born covered in feathers. I was told to change the child’s nature to fit the standards of the seelie court or she would be killed for her imperfection,” she told Loki, admitting what she’d done with sorrow in her tone.  She hadn’t wanted to change her nature, but there had been no choice.
“What happened?” he pressed gently.
“I gave the child a new truename,” she told him simply.  She’d changed her to be seelie perfect as required.  It had been the only way to save her life. “The last time I saw her, she was a toddler with bright gold hair and eyes,” she told him, then sighed.  “Her mother catches her staring longingly at the sky though and I know I took it from that girl.  She will never fly, because of my meddling,” she told him softly, sorrow haunting her eyes at what she had done, though it was awhile ago.
“I’m sorry, love,” Loki told her gently, pulling her into his arms.  
Sig let him, accepting the comfort he offered.  “As I said, I’m not proud of it, but it was a choice between changing her nature or letting her be killed.  I made the only choice I could,” she said with a hitch in her voice.  It had been a difficult decision at best and she knew she cost the girl her wings and stripped the sky from her.  
“I understand, darling,” she heard his own haunted past in his words. “Some choices are not easy but they must be made,” he told her gently.
She nodded, glad that he understood, though she wouldn’t press him for the details on how.  He would tell her when he was ready. “The oath thing can have some interesting results depending on my mood.  I’ve had to witness thousands of weddings since coming into my dominion.  Needless to say couples who vow to remain faithful in my presence, will remain faithful,” she told him with a smirk and mischief in her eyes.  The fae weren’t known for their fidelity.
“That’s amazing,” Loki told her, sounding truly impressed.
She nodded.  “But it takes a touch of power and me actually feeling like enforcing the oaths, so normal everyday promises are usually safe in my presence.  Usually,”
“So I should be careful what oaths I make in her presence?” he teased.
“You’re safe.  I like you too much.  The moron who cheated on his girlfriend and swore to eat a million beetles to prove himself to her should have been more careful who was in the room when he made that oath…” she laughed at the old memory.  
Loki’s eyebrows shot up in shock.  “Oh wow. Note to self: never piss off Sigyn,” he teased, laughing at the poor fool’s misfortune.
She giggled.  “You’re just now figuring that out?” she asked him just as teasingly.
“No, but that really brings it to the forefront. You can be terrifying when you want to be,” he was teasing, but also shocked and awed that she’d done that to someone. 
“It’s not my fault he swore to eat a million beetles!” she protested indignantly.
Loki laughed.  “Did you stay and watch him follow through?” He asked, genuinely curious as to what had become of the man who had vexed Sig.
She laughed.  “That was a hundred years ago.  I think he’s still working on it.  He was halfway through last I heard,”
“Wow. And the girl? Has she stuck around?”
“Hell no. She was never going to forgive him anyway,” she said with a shrug. He’d been moronic to think she would.
“What an idiot. And now he’s stuck eating beetles for a few centuries,” Loki mused.  
She laughed.  “So he is.  Maybe he’ll learn not to cheat again when another girl deigns to allow him to court her,”
“If that ever happens. I’m sure rumors have spread about his infidelity,”
“They have.  He keeps having to explain why he’s eating beetles, and the fae can’t lie,” she reminded him. Sig was among the exceptions to that rule and she couldn’t lie well at all. “The court also learned to watch who was in the room before making rash promises.  I may have enforced some just because they sounded like fun…” she added with a hint of mischief in her voice.
He grinned childishly.  He loved mischief after all.  It was in his nature.  “Tell me about them? I love a little mischief,”
“A young lordling promised to profess his love for his lady in front of the entire court.  He had no intention of actually doing so and was just saying the words as romantic fluff,” she giggled at the memory.  “The poetry he read her was awful and the queen was livid at being interrupted by a lordling demanding he be allowed to recite poetry for his lady,” she told him as she laughed over it. 
Loki joined in her laughter. “He must have been so embarrassed,”
“So very, very embarrassed,” she agreed. “And then he was scolded by the queen for making such a rash promise in the first place,”
“Especially with you present,”
She nodded, then smirked when she thought of something.  “You’re not going to warn the warrior boys about that skill of mine, are you?” she teased.
“Not a chance,” he replied with a smirk of his own. 
She giggled. “Wonder what stupid thing Fandral’s going to say,” she paused.  “Or what stupid thing you’re going to goad him into saying,” she corrected herself quickly.
Loki chuckled.  “It could be anything. That man is the definition of the word imbecile,”
She paused in her laughter.  “Hopefully it’s not something Mama Frigga will be too upset with me for enforcing,” no one wanted to upset Mama Frigga.
“Don’t worry, love. I wouldn’t do anything to get you in trouble with Mother,”
“No, but Fandral might.  I think he’s offended I’m not swooning over him like the feather brained noble ladies,” she made a face, letting him know exactly what she thought of that behavior.  She wasn’t one to swoon and she liked to believe that she wasn’t one of the feather brained noble ladies who Loki so despised. 
“I would agree. Though the noble ladies love the attention,”
She rolled her eyes.  “He’s annoying and as featherbrained as the rest of them.  Not my type,” she made another face to solidify that point.
“I agree. I can barely stand being in his presence for a long period of time without wanting to smite him where he stands,” Loki grumbled.  He hated Thor’s moronic friends.  With the exception of Sif.
“Or drug him with fairy wine?” she teased with a grin.
He chuckled. “Or that,”
“Speaking of, did you want to try it?” she asked as she summoned the bottle.  The magic in the wine would help her recover. It wouldn’t help much, but any little bit was helpful, especially with how worried Loki was. 
Loki looked interested.  He was curious about everything, including the magic wine. “Sure,” he agreed.
Sig nodded and looked him over, gauging him and his magic before carefully pouring out a small glass.  She handed the glass over to him and poured a much larger wine glass for herself.  The wine wouldn’t hurt her and if Loki was careful, it wouldn’t hurt him. He took a small sip and she saw in his eyes that it was the sweetest, most delicious wine he’d ever tasted. On top of that it was mixed with magic, making it even better. Loki hmmed in pleasure over it. “That is exquisite,” he purred
She nodded and sipped on her own wine.  “That it is,” she agreed. 
Loki looked concerned as he took another sip. “How dangerous is this wine?”
“You saw what it did to the morons,” she reminded him.  “It’s dangerous, especially to those without magic.  It’s easy for them to get drunk on it, or addicted to the magic within it.  It’s also easy to influence them while they’re drunk on it.  They’ll follow whatever orders are given to them,”
He blinked and she saw his worry. “And to those with magic?” he asked, concerned, though he knew she wouldn’t hurt him, the concern was still there.
“Don’t fret, love.  I wouldn’t give you anything that would hurt you.  You’ll be fine as long as you don’t drink too much of it.  And it replenishes magic. Worst it’ll do to a fae is get us drunk,” she added before he could ask if she was in any danger from it.  
He seemed relieved but still said: “I know. I trust you,”
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emiliaclarkesdragons · 3 months ago
“This is a surprise” - Loki Imagine
a/n: you can also find this on wattpad - link
y/n stormed to the throne room. She had heard Loki was back, despite technically dying. 'Where is he?" she demanded, Thor stopped her. "Let go," she struggled, her armour clanging on his.
"Father is speaking to him, please. If you want to take your anger out on something, come fight," Thor said, y/n thought for a moment. It was clear she was still ragging and the only way to get it out was to hit something. She agreed to follow him into battle, as she had done so many times before. This time, however, they weren't looking for trouble, they were trying to fix the damage Loki had caused.
There was a time when y/n would defend Loki's actions, after all, they were always close when growing up, despite the allfather's resentment. y/n had built her way up in the ranks of their army and she was a good fighter, one of the best. Frigga always took a shine to her when y/n and Loki were practising their fighting skills. She hoped they would marry one day.
On the battlefield, Thor and y/n were joined by their friends, Sif, Volstagg, Fandral and Hogun. "You look cheery," Sif commented as they passed and used each other's backs as a rest point.
y/n sliced through a rebels stomach, "yep" she replied bluntly, charging her way forward.
Sif looked to Thor, he shrugged, "Loki's back!" he shouted over some men trying to pin him down. Sif suddenly understood. Well, he was enough to put anyone in a mood.
"Better let her have it out!" Fandral joked, overhearing their conversation.
They returned to Asgard with few casualties on their side though y/n had worn herself out. "Are you not coming to the feast?" Sif asked as y/n began walking in the other direction when they reached the palace.
"No, maybe next time," she said, not looking at them.
"Hopefully, there won't be," Thor said. There always will be, y/n thought. The mood she had entered the battle with still hadn't moved if anything she was even more grumpy now.
She sulked off in the other direction back to her room to get out of her armour. On her way she was stopped, "My Queen, I apologise," y/n muttered quickly as she saw Frigga.
"I wish you wouldn't call me that," Frigga said, taking her arm.
"Sorry," y/n said as they began walking together. "How are you? How is the allfather?"
"Very well, thank you. He's- well, been better," Frigga laughed lightly. y/n smiled and nodded, though she would never fully understand the weight on Odin's shoulders. "And you? The battle was a triumph I hear."
"Oh yes! We couldn't have done it without Thor, though," y/n said, diverting the praise off herself.
"Did you not want to feast with them?" she asked.
"Oh, no... I-" y/n stuttered to find an excuse, though she knew Frigga could see through such lies.
"He's in the dungeons, first cell on the left," Frigga said, letting go of y/n's arm and turning the corner. y/n stopped and looked around, then changed her direction and headed straight to the dungeons.
As she went down the stairs to the dungeons, she was suddenly aware of how much dirt and blood was on her. Her armour was still on tight but blood splattered her breastplate and face, she could feel it drying.
"Lady y/n," a guard nodded at her, she didn't like being called that. She wasn't a lady, not a proper one, she wasn't born into it. Odin was reluctant to give her it but it was Thor who asked, he wanted y/n to have the recognition of a great warrior like Lady Sif.
"This is a surprise," Loki hummed as y/n walked up to the glass.
"Is it?" she asked, standing strong. Loki scoffed and walked up to the glass, he was trying to scare her away. They didn't break eye contact. "Surely, you knew I would come," y/n said after a moment.
"I expect Frigga sent you," Loki said, "unless you are her," he added quickly.
y/n's heart twinged, she felt like he had stabbed her. Did he really think so lowly of her? Loki could see the hurt cross y/n's face, though she was quick to hide it. "She told me where you were, that was all."
"I see..." he said, turning around the bare white wall. He was thinking about what to say next. Plotting his next move, always looking ahead and not what's in front of him. He turned back around, "You're not at the banquet?" he questioned, seeing her armour and bloody state.
"Clearly not," y/n said, holding her hands out.
"I haven't seen you in that armour in a very long time," Loki said, realising that this was no trick from his mother.
y/n scoffed, "Is that all you can say to me? Not 'sorry I pretended to die again'." y/n felt a pit of rage forming in her stomach, Loki saw her anger and knew it was a good thing he was behind the cell. He grinned, pushing her further, then shrugged. "We cried for you, Loki."
He placed his hands over his heart, "I am-"
y/n cut him off, banging her fist on the golden pillar, "your mother cried for you! Can't you see the pain you've caused us?! Not to mention what you did to Midgard! It's amazing how they didn't kill you!"
"Frigga is not my-"
"Don't be smart with me, Loki. Own up to your actions!" y/n yelled. Loki stared at her for a moment longer but said nothing. y/n stormed out of the dungeons, leaving Loki to reflect. She wasn't going to stand there and watch him try and wiggle his way out of what he had done.
Weeks had passed and Loki hadn't had any visitors, he craved y/n's presence. Even if she was there to shout at him for what he had done. Though he still saw no fault in it, but he would accept fault if y/n asked him to. He had taken his anger out on his mother... and he regretted it. Though it wouldn't be until y/n came to visit him that he would regret the words for the rest of his life.
y/n stayed for the funeral. She had tried to see Loki before to find a way to let him be there, but there was too much preparation to be done. y/n wanted to help, for Loki sake. She wanted to know everything and how she looked so she could show Loki, that was if she found a way for her to get into his cell.
y/n rushed to the dungeon after the ceremony, she went unnoticed and she arrived still in her ceremonial dress and armour. They were gifts from Frigga herself when y/n was named a Lady and protector of Asgard, she thought it would only be right to wear it. Though she wore it with caution, she didn't want to anger or upset the allfather. If anyone would notice it would be him.
She slowed as she entered the dungeon, only now realising she hadn't figured out how to tell him. She walked to the side view of the dungeon, as Loki was facing towards the back of the cell reading his book. He was leaning on the pillar, y/n walked silently up to it and sat down. Loki looked up, "you're wearing your ceremonial clothes," he stated. Of course, he would notice too.  
"Loki," y/n started, placing a hand lightly on the force field. Loki knew something was wrong, though he didn't show it. "I'm sorry... but," y/n was fighting back tears, "Frigga. She's gone."
Loki stared at her as she watched him. She had managed to hold back the tears. "Thank you, you may go." Loki got up and walked to the back of the cell.
"Loki," y/n said softly. She really wasn't going anywhere. "I can't leave you like this, I'm not leaving you like this."
Loki scrunched his hands in anger causing the furniture to fly to the sides of the cells. The table would have hit y/n if it wasn't for the force field. "Leave!" Loki cried, and y/n did so. She knew he was hurting but that wasn't necessary. She wasn't sure she would come back to the dungeons to see him again.
thanks for reading!
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fluffinators-art-tent · 4 months ago
Ragnarök: Asgard’s Twilight
Chapter 4: Out With The Old
N/: New chapter! This includes some changes to Thor and Loki finding Odin, while also adding in Jane, Darcy, a bit of Valkyrie foreshadowing, and of course family drama.
The streets of London were much different from Manhattan. Sure, they were buzzing with busy civilians, but it seemed much more relaxed compared to the pushy and sometimes rude people of New York. Thor looked around as everyone gave him equally fascinated stares.
Thor had remembered the address of Jane’s home. Due to her scientific discoveries and acknowledgment as an astrophysicist, she had been able to move out of her parents house and afford her own abode. He was happy for her, but deep in the back of his mind, he still felt guilt over leaving her without notice for so long. Thankfully though, just because they weren’t romantically involved didn’t mean they had to stop being friends.
Once coming up a street, then about three more, the brothers walked past houses and playing children, till eventually they found the building that had the number “84”. Walking towards the door, Thor had one hand in his pocket, the other reaching to the doorbell. He took a deep breath before pressing on the button, then waited beside Loki for a reply.
On instinct, he assumed that Jane would be the one opening the door. But instead, another familiar face greeted him.
“Well, if it isn’t Captain sparkly face and Emperor witch pants” Darcy said, her tone humorous
Thor chuckled as he wrapped his large arms around her to give her a hug “Nice to see you too, Darcy”
When they parted, Thor looked over to Loki, who had an eyebrow raised and let out an exasperated breath. The two then heard a voice call out to Darcy, “Hey, Darcy! Is tha-“ The person stopped mid sentence the minute she locked eyes with the blonde haired giant.
Jane’s mouth hung open as she tried to find the words to say. Her hair was tied behind her, unkept and messy. “Thor...” was the only thing she could muster. She walked over to him and hugged him, which he gladly returned. Once they parted, she looked over to Loki and said “Weren’t you-“
“It’s a long story” Loki interrupted “But one that would have to wait, I’m afraid”
“He’s right, Jane” Thor said “You see, things have changed within the Nine Realms, and we were informed that our father was with you”
Jane frowned before nodding “Right this way”
Thor walked through the doorway with Loki behind him. The house was nicely kept, aside from the materials possibly used for experiments, and the bombardments of paperwork. The living room was next to the kitchen, which Darcy went into to get some food “You guys want anything?”
Thor shook his head “No, thank you” When his gaze returned to Jane, she motioned to the couch, where a heavy figure lay motionless. He immediately realized who it was, bending down and leaning in closer “Father...” he whispered. Odin’s face was embedded with sweat, a white cloth wrapping over his right eye. A blanket lay over his resting form.
He turned to Jane “What happened to him?” He asked
“I don’t know” the woman answered “He’s been very delirious lately; sweating profusely, nonsensical words, just overall acting... strange. I tried giving him some medicine to calm him down, but I didn’t know which one would actually do anything, so I just resorted to Tylenol and some Xanax. Seems to have done the trick. But he’s been sleeping in for well over three weeks now”
“Perhaps he went into Odinsleep” Loki commented, leaning over the couch “It’s possible that he could have broken free of my spell and used his own power far too greatly. And there’s never any discernible time as to when he’s in that state”
“No” Thor said “No, this is something different. If father truly was in Odinsleep, then the Odin-force would create a barrier around him as a means to protect him, and even then he’d be vulnerable, but not weak”
His hand ran through his father’s hair, moving the locks away from his sweat drenched forehead. Odin was breathing heavily, as if the air was fighting to escape his lungs. There was struggle within his body, one that told of true pain. And Thor felt helpless to do anything.
Jane then came forward and adjusted the blanket “Let’s leave him alone for now. Maybe he’ll sense that you’re here and wake up”
Struggling to part from his father’s side, Thor eventually got up, letting his father rest a while longer. Perhaps if he just waited a while longer, then perhaps his father would awaken and tell him what he needs to know.
“I see you’ve been researching more of our culture” Thor heard Loki say. It had been almost half an hour since they had arrived, and there still were no signs of stirring with Odin. Thor sat at the dinner table, drinking a latte that Darcy had happily prepared for him. Jane was standing next to Loki, rummaging through all the research papers she had conducted.
“Yeah” Jane responded “Ever since the whole ordeal with the Aether, I started looking up some more info on Norse Mythology, and I guess I just... went from there” She grabbed one of the papers, studying it intently “It’s always been fascinating to me how your appearances on Earth inspired such stories and legends. It even helped created an entire culture”
Loki shrugged “Well, it’s not as if it didn’t happen before. You mortals have always had a sense of ignorance and blind worship within you. Even the more... intellectual ones”
The sound of Jane’s scoff echoed through the kitchen “Really? And who was the one who planted Gravimetric strikes alongside Doctor Selvig to stop the Convergence when Malekith was attacking?”
“And who was the one who saved you from getting sucked into a wormhole?” Loki said snidely “Who were the ones who aided you in getting the Aether out of your body?”
“For your information, I managed to survive that encounter longer that most people could even imagine” Jane added “Shouldn’t that say something about me?”
Loki chuckled “I meant no offense, Foster. Although, you can’t deny that my jests weren’t entirely out of mockery. Just simply take it in stride, is all”
Thor could only watch the ordeal from his seat, with Darcy at his side sporting a shit-eating grin on her face “This is honestly the most entertainment I’ve gotten in the past month” She said looking over to Thor “So how’s your new boyfriend, space retriever?”
That made both Jane and Loki stop talking, the two of them immediately looking to Thor. The man felt cornered as all eyes were on him. Granted, it wasn’t the topic that made him uncomfortable. Oh god no, Thor could talk about Steve all day. Hell, when he returned to Asgard, he spoke of the Captain so often that even Fandral began taking a liking to him. This time, however, Thor felt it would be rather insensitive to talk about his new flame in front of his old flame.
“Heard he’s a real heart throb” Darcy continued “Yeah, golden hair, body like Adonis, and an ass chuck full of meat. Bet you have fun with him a lot, don’t ya? ”
Thor’s face grew red at the image of his love’s splendid behind forming within his mind. An absolutely horrible time, considering that Jane was staring at him and Loki was waiting for whatever dumb response his brother could concoct.
“Yes” He finally answered “Steve and I enjoy each other’s company very much. However, he hasn’t grown comfortable enough to warrant any... physical intimacy, let alone a kiss”
“You haven’t even kissed yet?” Loki said, the comment shocking Thor. Strange coming from someone who never ever cared for his past flings before
Thor only rolled his eyes “As I was saying... Steve prefers it that we take our time in this courtship. But the last time I saw him was but a few months ago”
Jane walked over to Thor, placing a hand atop his giant bicep “Thor,” she began “You don’t have to feel uncomfortable talking about the Captain when you’re around me. Yeah sure, we’re not together anymore, but we agreed to still be friends, remember?”
Yeah, he did. Breaking up with Jane was amongst one of the hardest decisions he’s had to make. That and giving up the throne. When the Bifrost was destroyed, he never expected to see Jane again. Figured she’d be better off without him. Meeting Steve was never his intention, but he was glad he did.
And even when his feelings for Jane diminished, and the ones for Steve grew, Thor reassured Jane that he would continue to be her friend. And it held true to this day. Just because they weren’t together anymore didn’t mean Thor stopped adoring her.
“Anyways” Jane’s voice snapped Thor out of his trance “Now that we got that out of the way, yeah... I’ve been researching more on your culture ever since the encounter with Malekith”
Darcy got up from her seat, grabbing her mug alongside Thor’s cup to wash in the sink “She’s been especially interested in those guys” She motioned to a tapestry on the wall, which depicted armored women riding atop winged horses. There were spears in their hands, their faces fair and beautiful. Strong and fierce, graceful and true.
“Ah yes, the Valkyrie” Thor said rising from his seat to take a closer look at the tapestry “I had wanted to join them when I was young, but my mother told me they were only women”
“I remember that” Loki added “We used to play a game of sorts where you’d parade the halls as a mighty Valkyrie atop your steed, and I’d chase you around until we resulted in the gardens”
“At least you could’ve actually been one of them”
“True. But I believe father wouldn’t have allowed that. Probably would have seen right through my facade”
Thor chuckled. He turned to Jane, who’s hands pushed through papers and made it to a little journal “Out of all the things that I’ve researched, they were the ones who peaked my interest. A group of elite warriors who brought the fallen in battle to Valhalla”
She held a printed painting of a young woman wearing a white dress and, like the other Valkyrie, held a spear in her hand. The maiden sat beside a lake, her feet dipped in the water, and her face solemn.
“Brunnhilde” Thor said, looking at the picture “The Fallen Angel. That’s what she was named. She led the Valkyrior into Niffleheim where they all went extinct. A shame that this resulted in Asgard returning to their more... ‘traditional’ ideals”
“It was also believed that Brunnhilde was the most beautiful warrior on Asgard” Loki claimed “A vision so fair that she could’ve been crafted for Valhalla itself”
“Yeah” Jane said “She’s pretty famous down here too. I tried looking up the cause of her and the Valkyrie’s death, but there wasn’t anything aside from them riding to Niffleheim and never being seen again. Fading into obscurity”
“In case you couldn’t tell, Jane’s got a bit of an obsession with these guys” Darcy remarked “She’s even resorted to writing old runes in her journal, placing stats on these people as if they were Mortal Combat characters, and drawing them for days on end. I haven’t been able to get a days work done without her yapping on about the history of Scandinavian culture”
“Oh shut up, you like my rambles” Jane said jokingly
“They didn’t disappear into thin air” Thor interrupted “They were killed; by one my people wouldn’t dare speak of. The goddess of death, Hela. Stories were told of her to frighten children: how she slaughtered all the Valkyrie and destroyed their legacy-”
A grumble interrupted his explanation, and he immediately turned to the source of the noise. The blanket covered Odin began to stir, his grumbling getting louder. Thor hurried over to see what was all the fuss about, Loki and Jane at his tail while Darcy stayed from a distance. He noticed that his father’s breath had grown rapid, his eyes rolling behind his head.
“Father?” Thor said, as he attempted to wake the All-Father by shaking him. Yet no response came. Again he tried, “Father!” But nothing.
“Is he having a seizure?” Jane asked worryingly
“She’s...coming” Odin could be heard saying “She’s coming! She’s coming!”
And then, his eyes fully opened, scaring the three people looking at him. They waited for him to say something, anything. But he ignored them, getting up on his own. He snatched the blanket away from his body, stretching his limbs
Thor put his hand on his father’s back “Father?” He tried “Father, what is it?”
Odin turned to look at his son, his hand coming to his face “ are Thor... my son”
“Yes” Thor smiled “Yes Father, it’s me. I’m here, and so is Loki”
“ other son” Odin slurred. He stumbled on his feet, attempting to shift his gaze towards Loki “The storms within you burn greatly. I suppose the fault is mine...for being so callous. I have failed both of you... my sons... and now, I shall face the consequences”
The last word was drawn out, gurgled and transformed into more grumbling “My time has come. The day of reckoning is upon us”
“Father what are you talking about?” Thor asked, voice painted with worry
“It is upon us: Ragnarök. The end of all of Asgard. The Twilight of the Gods” Odin started bluntly
Thor and Loki looked at each other. No, it couldn’t be true. “But father” Loki stepped in “We’re not gods. You said so yourself, remember?”
Odin chuckled darkly to himself, as if his sons were nothing but voiced in his head “Oh my boys, if you knew what you truly were capable of- what I was capable of, as my father before me- you wouldn’t hesitate to call yourselves Gods” He walked over to the kitchen, shoeing away at Darcy so as to get a drink.
Thor promptly stopped him, forcefully grabbing his father’s wrist before he took a chug of alcohol “No, no! You’re going to explain yourself and tell us what’s happening”
“There’s no time!” Odin exclaimed “She is coming, the inevitable is about to transpire! I tried to hide her away, to protect Asgard from her, but her power is too great to control. Acting the fool, I was! Callous and stupid! Irresponsible!”
The words came out rushed and anxious. In an attempt to calm Odin down, Thor cupped his father’s face “Just... please explain. Slowly”
A sigh escaped Odin’s lips “It is Hela, the goddess of death. I had imprisoned her when she proved to be too extreme. But now the time has come. The time for Asgard to fall. And for my secrets to be unveiled. I have lied to you, my boy” His gaze was focused directly to Thor “You... You... are not my firstborn child”
Thor felt the wind get knocked out of him “W-What...?”
“Before I married your mother, Frigga, I had taken another partner. Her name was Jord: the goddess of the Earth. With her, I wished to conceive a child strong enough to survive on both Midgard and Asgard. When that baby was born, I couldn’t be prouder. But in my heart, I could see that there was danger in their strength. So much so, that I couldn’t even bring myself to claim them as my own”
The look of shock in Thor’s face began to mold into disgust, eyebrows furrowing and mouth agape. This had to be a nightmare. Some terrible dream he was having. The way his mouth felt dry, his skin getting colder. It was too surreal.
“When they came of age, I brought them into my forces. We fought side by side together. But the child grew to detest me, even going as far as to plot and scheme with my enemies. I sent them into exile, feeling it was the best choice for the Nine Realms. And when it was time for me to seek out another Queen, I met Frigga. Which resulted, in your birth”
Thor shook his head continuously “ Don’t say it, don’t you dare say it”
Odin gave a look of shame. The feeling in the room was uncomfortable, with Jane and Darcy completely silent, unable to comprehend what was happening. Loki was in as much shock as anyone, but he felt the need to say something. The news of Hela returning was already enough for him to be in a stressful mode.
“The goddess of death” Odin began “Hela. She is not simply myth. She is very real. She... is your sister”
He looked over to Loki, his face hardening and stern.
“And your mother”
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emeralds-and-stardust · 4 months ago
Heyoooo! Can I request a imagine with Loki x Jealous female Reader? Maybe she meets his ex wife who's a goddess (probably Sigyn or Angraboda or any one else) and can't help but feel a little jealous and insecure because she's midgardian. She hides it and pretends she is fine because she feels stupid for feeling that way but Loki somehow finds out and reassures her? Sorry if it's too detailed by you can change some parts of the request you want as long as the ending is fluffy! Thank you! <3
hi anon! thank you so much for the request, it's not too detailed at all. i think i ended up making the reader a little more insecure than jealous, if that's alright, but loki helps you through it all ;] prepare for mass amounts of fluff toward the end. thanks again for requesting, hope you enjoy!!!
Loki's eyes flickered from one figure to another, a slightly nervous smile tugging his lips. He should have expected this, really.
He had taken you, his darling, his dove, his other half, to Asgard. The primary purpose of this trip was to show you around, as you had been ever so curious about the realm that Loki grew up in. So, once the two of you found yourselves some free time in your hectic timetables, he took you. So far, the trip had been going splendidly, moreso than he could have hoped for. You had been amazed at the wonder that was Asgard, especially the beautiful golden palace that he resided in. You had met Frigga, and the two of you had immediately clicked. Even Odin didn't seem too disgruntled by your presence.
Tonight was your last night on Asgard, and of course Thor had decided to throw a feast to celebrate your trip. It was loud, brash, and chaotic, but you seemed to be having fun. Loki made sure to keep a close eye on you, not letting you get your hands on too much of the Asgardian mead (half a cup woud be enough to make a Midgardian like you drunk out your mind. In fact, he made sure to order you special drinks that were much more watered down), or that Fandral or some other man didn't get too handsy with you, and just to make sure that you enjoyed yourself and ate enough and stayed hydrated. Loki had been sat talking to you, simply enjoying your company. Before he knew it, suddenly a familiar figure sat beside him. He turned his head, and who did he see? None other that Sigyn, an old...ex of his.
"Sigyn." Loki said, licking his lips slightly nervously before throwing a quick smile at the lady. She returned it with a much more warm one. Your eyes were glued to the woman before you. She seemed to be the pinnacle of Asgardian beauty. She was tall and slender, with beautifully soft and smooth and youthful skin, bright eyes, a gentle smile, and the softest looking waist length blond hair you had ever seen. You smiled slightly. What a pretty woman.
"Loki." Sigyn replied. "It's been a while, hasn't it?" Your lover looked over Sigyn wearily, before nodding. "That it has." He turned to glance to you, introducing you to one another. "Sigyn, this is (Y/N), the light of my life. Darling, this is Sigyn."
Sigyn looked over you, before she sent a warm smile your way, and you returned it.
"It's a pleasure to meet you." Sigyn said kindly. "You are Midgardian, are you not? How are you finding Asgard so far?"
You nodded, brushing your hair back. "Oh, it's wonderful, truly. I've never seen a place so beautiful in all my life." You glanced up at Loki, squeezing his hand. You could tell he seemed a bit tense, and you wanted to comfort him subtly. "And I'm lucky to have such a wonderful tour guide." You added, giggling. Loki smiled at you, his thumb brushing over your knuckles affectionately. Sigyn let out a laugh, nodding. "Oh, yes. Loki is very knowledgeable about Asgard. Knows all about the history, and the best spots to see."
Loki glances over at Sigyn, and smiles slightly. "Thank you. It did help, having my nose always stuck in a book, and needing to find a hiding spot from Odin after I would cause trouble all the time." He chuckled. You smile, imagining a young Loki running off to a secluded area to read. How cute.
Sigyn nodded, smiling. She then let out a soft sigh and stood up, brushing her dress off. "Well, I'll go ask Baldr to dance with me for a while. You two lovebirds enjoy your evening." She chimed, before heading off into the crowd. Loki visibly relaxes, and you look over at him, raising a brow.
"What's wrong, Lo? Why are you so tense?" You asked. Loki shakes his head. "Oh, it's nothing." He replies, before kissing your forehead. You lean into the affection, smiling thoughtfully. "That Sigyn lady seems really nice. How do you two know each other?"
Loki glances down at you. "...I used to court Sigyn." He eventually replies. You pause, taking the information in, frowning slightly. You hadn't expected that. "Oh. Why did you two break up?" Upon hearing your question, Loki lets out a heavy sigh.
"We simply weren't meant to be, darling. I think it was fate, personally, trying to lead me closer to you." He murmured, kissing your nose. You smile, but you can't help the feeling beginning to gnaw away inside you. But...Sigyn seemed so kind and beautiful. If he hadn't wanted her... How on earth could he want you? You frown at the intrusive thought.
No, you think. Loki loves me. Another voice cackles quietly. Yes, I'm sure he 'loved' Sigyn too. You were pulled out of your inner turmoil by the voice of your lover.
"Darling, perhaps we should return to my chambers. It's getting late, you'll need the rest." Loki said worriedly, and you blink at him, before nodding. Those toxic thoughts continued to riddle your mind as Loki led you out of the large hall and into the long corridors. You never truly remembered where anything was here, the golden palace was so vast, but Loki always seemed to know. You followed him, and while he was now conversing with you about something else entirely, you barely listened. Your insecurities were plaguing your mind. What if you wouldn't be good enough for Loki? There was no way you could ever be anywhere near Sigyn's caliber, was there? He had to grow dissatisfied at some point.
You were so caught up in these horrible thoughts, and it didn't take an overly attentive person to notice this. Loki frowned, stopping mid-sentence to look at you. You weren't even listening to him. Just to double check, he decided to finish off his sentence with an entirely random, ".....and then the bright pink, glittery bilgesnipe turned into Thor, who slayed the army of animated rag dolls."
Nothing. You hadn't even registered the fact that he was even speaking. Loki's brow furrowed, and he stopped walking, moving to stand in front of you. You mindlessly wandered right into him, bumping against his chest which brought you out of your trance. You let out a little squeak, before looking up at Loki.
"O-Oh, sorry! I didn't realize-"
"No, darling, you didn't realize that I purposely walked right in your way because you were too caught up in that brilliant little mind of yours." He sighed, taking your hand and continuing on his way now that your attention was on him. "So tell me, dove, what could have possibly been so important as to divert your attention away from me?"
Loki emphasises the last word by holding his arms out, giving you a cocky grin. You manage out a giggle, which warms his heart. He made you smile, that was good. Loki watches as you brush a lock of your hair back, waiting patiently for you to answer. After a few moments, you speak, but it's not what Loki wanted to hear at all.
"It-... It's nothing, Lo. Don't worry about it."
Immediately, Loki scoffs. You've both reached the door to his chambers now, and he opens it, holding it for you so you can enter. You smile at him slightly before walking in, glancing around the huge and luxurious room. It was nothing like the place you shared on earth, which was much smaller and more humble. You turn to face Loki, who's closing the door behind him.
"Alright, darling. We're in private now. Talk to me, what is bothering you?" He asks. He looks worried, and you feel a pang of guilt. What if you make him feel even worse when you tell him what's bothering you? Worse still, what if he agrees with your poisonous thoughts? You feel yourself clam up, and you glance down at the front of your dress.
"B-Because..." You mumble, and Loki watches, gazing at you patiently. He doesn't rush you, he just waits and listens. You feel a little more confident due to that, and you let out a shaky breath before just saying it.
"B-Because Sigyn seems so beautiful and nice and she's an Asgardian too, and I'm just a Midgardian and so I'm worried that if you ended up breaking up with Sigyn, and she's so amazing, how do I even have a chance with you?" You babble, and before you can speak anymore you feel Loki's cool lips press against yours, kissing you deeply. His arm finds its' way around your waist and he uses that to pull you in closer, his other hand moving to cradle the back of your head. You melt into the kiss, returning it, your own hands moving to cup his face. With Loki, every single kiss felt like the first. All worry temporarily evaded your mind, and you were surrounded by nothing but his soothing presence, and everything seemed okay. In those moments, you felt safe and comforted and loved.
You pant softly as Loki pulls away, his face still close above yours. The hand on the back of your head moves to brush through your hair instead, and you lean into his gentle touch. Loki's blue-green eyes are full of nothing but love and care.
"That's enough of that, my beloved." He murmurs. "I don't want you to ever feel that away about our relationship. Darling, I love you. Sigyn and I, we were only together due to Odin's command. It was a political arrangement, and once the two of us figured out a way to get around that, we ended the relationship on good terms. Neither of us loved one another, certainly not the way that you and I love one another." He sighs, his arms wrapping around your body. He lifts you up, carrying you off to sit you on the bed, and he sits beside you.
"While Sigyn is a wonderful woman, darling, in my eyes she doesn't even begin to compare to the sheer marvel that is you. You are truly the most amazing person I've ever met. Do not discredit yourself for being Midgardian. You are talented, strong, kind, cheerful, intelligent, and by the gods, you are so, so beautiful it renders me speechless day by day. I look at you, my dear, and I see my future. You are the only person I imagine spending the rest of my life with, and I want you to know that and find comfort in that whenever you feel your confidence waver in the future. Please do not compare yourself to other people in this way, as you are the only person I could ever have eyes for. It was never even a competition in the first place, darling. Do you understand?"
You look up at Loki, feeling tears well in your eyes. Your chest is full of love and happiness, and you shuffle closer against him, nodding. Your insecurities fade away as Loki's words sink in, and you lay your head on his shoulder. You had nothing to worry about because Loki loved you, all of you, and while Sigyn was a wonderful woman, she simply wasn't and never would be you. Loki smiles, kissing the top of your head.
"I love you, darling." He murmurs, and you feel every ounce of truth behind his words. Your heart swells.
"I love you too, Loki."
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Don’t Let Go
TITLE: Don’t Let Go
AUTHOR: brightsun-and-darkmidnight as well as @melodylnoelle
ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki's life if he did not let go at the rainbow bridge... (After the Bifrost being destroyed.)
RATING:  Explicit
NOTES/WARNINGS: Depression. Thoughts of suicide. Odin is a dick. Thor is an asshole but still cares about his brother. Frigga is a concerned mother but puts the image of the Odin family first. Okay… everyone still treats Loki badly.
AUTHOR'S NOTES: This is my thoughts of what it might have been like if Loki did not let go. This is set immediately after the Bifrost being destroyed. Loki has a lot to sort through...
My Ao3: brightsun_and_darkmidnight
*FINALLY..Read the warnings. Once you agree you can handle it...
 ~ ~ ENJOY  ~ ~
He stopped and turned towards Thor with apprehension.
"There is someone I would really like you to meet."
"Meet? Who could you want me to meet?"
Sif and the other three came looking for someone then noticed Loki and Thor.
Thor studied the group and then looked as if a piece was missing. "Where is she?"
Volstag yelled, "She ran off again!"
"Perhaps she just doesn't want to talk to anyone." Sif grumbled in annoyance.
Fandral's charm showed as he spoke with high regards, "She is a shy thing but she is beautiful."
Thor smiled and patted his friend, "Fandral is not wrong." Turning to Loki, Thor smiled. "Have you met mother's new student?"
Loki thought back to the quiet girl that would be seen only with his mother and no where else. "The lady with light brown curly hair?"
Thor smiled, "Yes that one. We all think it would be amazing if you could talk to her. Try to get her out of her shell."
Loki answered with a denial, "I haven't said a word to her, neither did she to me. Now if you excuse me I am going to meet with mother."
Loki walked away with annoyance. "As if I could get acquainted to someone those fools wish me to meet."
However… Loki noticed how quiet the woman was with all the times she would be present before Loki would walk off. There was something about her that pulled Loki's gaze to her. She was nothing like Thor and his friends. She was quiet, kept her distance, respectful, and she held her head down most of the time. Loki noticed her curly thick hair seemed to always be hiding her face. The most Loki seemed to see her move was to glide her hand over the hair blocking Loki's view. She was indeed shy.
The only times Loki ever seen her was when in Frigga's presence.
As well as hearing about her constantly running away from Thor, the warriors three, and Sif.
Loki was wondering if maybe he could become a friend of hers. Loki was not one to assume a lady was not able to handle themselves but Thor could be heavily annoying. Perhaps he could learn her secrets of evasion...
Thus, it was a game of trying to see more of the unique woman. 
"What are you doing?"
Loki nearly jumped out of his skin at being found but turned with a grin.
"Hello Mother. I was looking for you." The person he was actually searching for was not with her.
"If you are looking for Alexandrite she is in the gardens underneath the elder tree."
Loki fiddled with his hand as he looked normal otherwise. "What would give you the impression I was."
Frigga rose an eyebrow with a knowing smile, "why else would you be sneaking around all of my favorite places to teach?"
"Just looking for you to discuss dinner."
Frigga hummed, "I am certain you know I go to the healing wing at this time. However, I am late so you will do me a favor. It seems to be a coincidence that she is going to be with me for dinner in my study."
Loki's eyebrows raised then furrowed, "I didn't know that."
"Of course you did not. She doesn't know yet because as my favor, you are going to ask her."
"I was asking you for dinner."
"You better go before that girl wonders off, she is very difficult to find when she doesn't want to be found."
Frigga shooed him away and Loki began his search. True to his mother's words Alexandrite was under the tree. He approached quietly but she glanced up from the book. 
"Im sorry prince Loki. The Allmother said I could stay. I can leave so you can.-"
"No. Stay." Loki gave her a smile after his quick reply. "You like this spot as well?"
"It very beautiful. Everything is pleasant here."
Loki gestured to the bench, "may I join you?"
Her eye, uncovered by hair, looked near the tree before quickly going to the book on her lap. "If I could stay."
"Of course." Loki sat and watched her read the page of a book. It was an advanced healing spell on transformation. Loki tried to read her face but most of it was covered with her hair. Loki chose not to comment on the book but would ask his mother later. That book Loki put himself into many difficult situations when he was learning how to shape shift.
Loki had slithered around the garden, awed at how everything in the garden looked so much bigger in this form.
He had finally perfected his shifting with his mother, having worked every day until she was confident that he could do it unsupervised. To celebrate, he decided just to give it a little more practice for the day in the form of one of his favorite animals.
He was, however, surprised at how the sun seemed so much brighter in this form, and decided to make his way to a nice place in the shade to admire the garden from.
He was almost there when a pair of feet appeared in front of him, and a smiling Thor beaming down on him.
Oh great.
“Well hello there, little snake.” He bent and picked Loki up at an awkward angle. “How did you come to be in the gardens?”
Loki wriggled in his grip, trying to get himself down. The more he moved, the firmer Thor’s grasp was, not willing to let him go.
Thor was overly excited. “I should bring you to my brother! He would love this.” Still holding tightly to Loki, he started running back inside.
Loki’s head bobbed to the pace of Thor’s footfalls, making him hit his head every time. It was becoming incredibly uncomfortable to remain like this. He needed to get Thor to put him down so he could turn back. He did the only thing that he could think to do.
He bit him.
“Ow!” Thor only slightly loosened his hold, but kept Loki in his hand. Rubbing his arm, he continued down the hall, at only a slightly slower pace.
Ok, that’s quite enough of this, Loki thought after another few minutes of Thor searching in vain. Thor’s hand had moved and was squeezing harshly on Loki’s lungs now, making it hard to breathe.
A glimmer of gold overtook Loki as he turned back into his normal form.
What is this?” Thor asked aloud as he let go, dropping Loki to the ground as he did.
“Ah, it’s me!” Loki stood, drawing his dagger and stabbing into Thor’s forearm, right over the bite wound. “Next time do not hold snakes so tightly, you fool. You were suffocating me!”
“How was I supposed to know it was you?”
“Well if I used my seidr right, you weren’t, but that’s not the point.”
“And the point in stabbing me was what?”
Loki shrugged. “You made me uncomfortable, I made you uncomfortable. We are equal.”
“This is what you call equal?”
“Oh, stop your sniveling, brother, you are fine.” He slid the dagger away and gestured a hand behind him. “Come on, then, I shall bring you to the healing room.”
"My mother, I, was wondering if you would like to join us for dinner." 
She paused in running her finger along the script. "That is a very nice offer." 
A smile was pulling her lips but she frowned. Loki's chest felt a little tight at the sight of the confliction in her lips. Loki shifted to try to ease himself from the sensation in his chest. An ache forming prematurely but hopefully the wrong assumption of rejection.
Her voice was quiet in her confession. "I don't like crowds and I know the dining hall is always filled..."
Loki smiled nervously. "It seems she has already taken that into consideration… She wants to eat in her study tonight."
Loki waited as Alexandrite played with her extremely thick hair. He watched her hair go back to the curls as she pulled on a strand a little. "I think I need to train more. The Allmother is planning on putting me through a test soon."
Loki hummed as he gestured to the book. A silence enveloped the area for a moment before Loki could think of how to get more time with her.
"In transformation?"
She turned her head towards him and his breath steadily left him as a calm overtook him. Her facial features were as if made with soft clay, rounded and curved to highlight her eyes. Her exposed eye was a captivating series of greens and blues. She quickly glanced away and Loki wondered if he stared at her too long. 
He hoped he did not offend her.
Although, Loki wondered what the rest of her face looked like. To see both of her eyes must be just as mesmerizing.
Her fingers gliding over an image of a wolf had Loki pondering how many forms she could take.
Finally an answer. "In sorts. She is helping me expand my transformation choices. I am pretty new to this."
Loki smiled at fond memories… "My mother is an excellent teacher. I am sure you will do well."
Alexandrite closed the book and stood with a small, but perfect, curtsey. "Thank you prince Loki. I shall try to make it for dinner. I should go practice before seeing your mother again."
Loki stood as well, "I hope to see you for dinner then, and goodluck."
She bowed her head as she walked swiftly to the farthest exit point that went to a long hall. Loki thought for a moment before going the same way. He was rude to not ask to escort her and he could help her train. Seder was not something to practice alone. 
He was about to call for her but she was already gone… 
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anavantgardener · 4 months ago
Frost and Mischief Ch. 5
Summary: The next installment of Frost and Mischief! Loki is learning more about Elska as he works to train her in magic.
Pairing: OC x Loki Laufeyson
Warnings: mentions of violence and abuse, fighting, swearing
Word Count: 4,000
The Fight
-Loki's P.O.V.-
When Loki invited Elska to the Royal Library to learn his favorite spells, he wasn't entirely sure what he was doing. What he did know was that he wanted more time with her.
It was just after the midday feast; Elska would be just beginning her hand-to-hand combat training. Loki found himself sitting in his chambers, pondering which spells he would teach Elska this evening. As he thought, he realized he wasn't sure what she already knew. While he became aware of her "book borrowing" a century ago already, he had an inkling it had begun quite some time before his discovery.
She already knew how to turn herself invisible. He knew that much from the day she crept her way into the thief's sentencing, although he was still unsure whether or not Elska was aware of his knowledge of that incident. Perhaps she would benefit from a shielding spell that would hide traces of her magic.
Loki also remembered noticing her interest in the book on telepathy. Telepathy was how he first found out she had been taking things from the palace. It may not have been very polite, but she was the first person he practiced his technique for the spell on. She'd come in to clean the library in the mornings and he'd be there, waiting for her. As she milled about, he'd cast an illusion of himself that remained seated at his desk. He himself would find somewhere to perch, invisible, watching her, visualizing her mind opening its doors to him.
The first day he managed to read her thoughts, he was so pleased with himself he nearly exposed his cover by knocking over a pile of books. Thankfully, his illusion was convincing enough for her to believe that it was merely a little joke he had played, giving her a slight shrug and evil grin.
He found that reading thoughts was not what he believed it would be; rather than the mind acting as a book where the reader could flip to any page they pleased, it was more like a play. The reader watched and followed the thoughts as they flowed. Gifted readers could pick up on the emotions that accompanied thoughts. The better you knew who you were reading, the easier it was to pick up on the emotions. People were not necessarily "open books" unless the secret you were looking for was on their mind presently.
After that, he seldom read her thoughts, finding them dull and uninteresting. He crept into her mind every now and then, curiosity getting the better of him. She thought often of her friends and wondered what they were doing for the day. Sometimes, she wished she hadn't eaten her honeyed toast so fast. Other times, she would fret about what she would cook for the dwelling that evening.
So mundane.
Then, one day, he caught her planning her return to the library and take a book. That day, he remained in the library all day, just waiting to catch her in the act. He originally intended to expose her then and there, but something stopped him. So, he just watched her, running her fingers along the book bindings, looking for her prize. When she finally found it, a bright smile lit up her face with success. Tucking the book into her apron, his gaze followed her as she left, quietly closing the large double doors behind her.
After that, he peeked into her mind more often; she loved the imagination magic required, and flew through spells quickly. She was a master of healing magic, and wondered what ingredients would speed the work of her healing balms. Slowly, her research began delving into the history of magic. She hoped it would open her abilities to stronger, more defensive enchantments.
Admittedly, Elska's thoughts were much less bland than the others in Asgard. Even his own friends were consumed with thoughts of superficiality. Women, glory, food, family, friends - it all felt so trivial. Elska, though, she spent her time thinking of magic and history. Through his intrusion, he learned they shared certain affinities.
Once, Loki tried to read his mother, yet discovered the woman had an enchantment protecting her thoughts from masters of magic such as himself. This led him to his search for spells that would allow him to do the same thing, though he had yet to see if it worked. The only other person as gifted in magic as he was his mother, and he did not wish to risk letting her know he attempted to read her.
Teaching Elska how to read people would allow him to try this new spell out, to perfect it. This could prove troublesome, though. Loki worried that, if Elska was successful, she could learn far more than he was comfortable with. He'd have to be very careful in monitoring his thoughts, ensuring they didn't drift anywhere dangerous.
It is either take the risk or never know if your barrier works, he thought to himself, sighing.
Looking over to the sundial at his window, he noticed he had been lost in his thoughts for almost half an hour. After Elska's combat training, she'd be returning to her lady in waiting duties, so he truly would have to wait until the evening feast to see her again. He'd have to find some way to busy himself until then; perhaps he could try out the snake transfiguration with Thor...
Loki was excited by the idea of having a new friend. He hoped this didn't turn out like the Warriors Three; they'd begun as close friends to both he and Thor, but eventually became more loyal to Thor. He was a sort of fifth wheel when the group was together.
Regardless, Elska had agreed to meet with him, meaning he would get the time he so desired with her. Perhaps he would be able to grow closer to her, yet.
After what felt like eons, it was time for the evening feast. After hours of internal combat, Loki continued to deal with his own self-embarrassment at his excitement to see Elska and to be near her once more. Striding into the main hall toward Thor, Sif, and the Warriors Three, he was disappointed to find that she was not seated with them.
He also noticed that Sif seemed to be seething with anger, and a fresh cut decorated her left eyebrow. On her cheek, a bruise was beginning to purple. Peeking into her thoughts, they were swarming with rage stemming from Elska's combat training, though not directly from Elska.
"Damn noble weaponsmen," she thought, her voice in her mind a wispy sort of wind-like sound to Loki. "They truly felt the grotesque need to kill her, actually try to kill her."
Loki's mind began racing as he retreated from Sif's head, sitting down next to his brother. Taking every attempt to mask his building anxiety, he thought what the least suspicious way to the topic would be.
"Lady Sif, where did you get your fresh battle wounds?" He asked.
Fresh battle wounds? She's a warrior, you imbecile, Loki scolded himself.
"Those damned racist nobles, that is where," she snapped, concerned glances coming from those sitting around the group.
"You will have to excuse Sif," Hogun said quietly.
"She, Fandral, and Elska had a bit of a run in with-" Volstagg began.
"She was doing absolutely wonderful," Sif cut him off. "Yes, she was unbalanced and a tad goofy at times, but it was her first day training. Fandral had come along to help with her training. We had finally sorted out what weapon was best for her." Towards the end of her statement, she was more speaking to the air than anyone in particular.
Sif shook her head and took another seemingly violent bite of her chicken leg, ignoring the expectant stare from Loki.
"The weaponsmen came to the sparring arena about three hours into Elska's training," Volstagg took over once more.
"You know, the nobles who think because they have the gold for a sword from the merchants they spar better than the All-Father's personal guard?" Fandral jabbed his fork into a pork chop, clearly frustrated with the situation, as well.
Loki shook his head, pushing them to tell him more as he began eating the greens he had set on his plate.
"One of them recognized her as 'that Devourer filth' and informed the men that they should, how did he put it, Fandral?" Sif was waving her fork in the air, words laced with residual animosity.
"Rid the Nine Realms of 'that vile bitch,'" Fandral set his silverware down, taking a moment to calm himself.
Loki looked over to his brother; Thor had yet to place any food on his plate. Instead, he sat with one hand pinching the bridge of his nose, one in a tight fist on the table.
"For hundreds of years," Thor's blue eyes glanced over to Loki, his words coming out so only he could hear. "Hundreds of years, father looks at her the same way those men do. Yet she served our family so diligently. She would tell me stories when I was upset, sneak into my room as a child to play games with me." Loki had never heard about any of this. "She's been my friend, and yet I have allowed people to treat her this way. It will go on no longer."
Loki looked to his lap, setting down his own silverware. It seemed the group's appetite was dwindling.
"How is she?" Loki looked back to Fandral.
"She is fine, she held her own fairly well, for a starting warrior," he responded. "She took several deep gashes to her legs and abdomen, but nothing she will not heal from."
"She is very shaken," Sif looked absolutely dismal. "Right now, I doubt she wants to be anywhere near a nobleman of any sort." She glanced around the room, a scowl replacing her frown.
"We planned on taking her a plate after our time here, but I think it might be better for us all to take plates for ourselves and for her, eat together," Thor spoke loud enough for the group this time.
"I think she would like that very much," Sif gave a small smile.
"I can make her a plate," Loki offered, and the group began gathering their things to relocate.
When Elska opened the door to her chambers, Loki saw just how much the fight had taken out of the young woman. Her shoulders sagged and her nose was red, raw from wiping it. Still she gave the occasional sniffle. Her puffy gray eyes were a tempest, and dark circles decorated her lower lids. Her hair, now messily braided to the side, was still wet and fingers had pruned, telling him she had likely done nothing but sit in the bath since she was released from the healing ward.
Fury bubbled inside Loki, burning in his mind. He wanted to find the men who did this, and drag his dagger through their skin.
In the corner of her room sat her torn leather armor. It was littered with holes, and he could only imagine the constellations that must decorate Elska's skin under her night gown. It always confused Loki, the way they gave beginner warriors the least efficient armor.
"My friends," Elska wiped a straggling tear from her cheek. "You must excuse my appearance. I was not expecting visitors." She sent each of them an apologetic look. "Please, sit where ever you like, I am sorry there is not more seating."
Elska walked over to her wardrobe, choosing out another gown.
"I shall return shortly," she walked into her bathing chambers, sniffling and clearly embarrassed.
The group sat in a sort of stunned silence, unsure of how to console their new friend. After a few seconds, they began debating the benefits of taking her to Thor's chambers. They would all be able to sit and eat in comfort there.
While they spoke, Loki muffled out their voices by peeking into Elska's mind. He pushed out the guilt that accompanied the action, telling himself it was to help him know how to make her feel better. Seeing her like this, her heavy heart's gravity seemingly pulled Loki down with it.
Her thoughts only pulled him down farther.
She missed Eira; she wanted to go home, to the dwelling; her efforts toward success in the palace felt futile. Everything spilled through the forefront of her mind in a constant flow. She felt unwanted, dejected, disastrous.
"I am a monster, the thing parents tell their children about to scare them into following the rules," she thought. Her thoughts were laced with her own feeling of disbelief, telling Loki that she was not accustomed to despising her own heritage.
"I hate for them to see me like this," her mind unknowingly spoke to him. "They are kind, yet they will soon learn to frown at me the way the All-Father does, the way those men did."
Loki put his head in his hands as Elska returned to the main room, not wanting her to see the pain he felt for her.
"We brought you a plate, El," Volstagg picked up the plate from Loki's side and brought it to the woman standing in the middle of the floor.
"El?" The corners of Elska's mouth perked up a bit.
"It is the name I have given you in my head, a sort of term of endearment," Volstagg smiled a big, oafy grin.
"I like it," she laughed gingerly, and the sound, while small, slightly eased Loki's troubled mind.
"We thought we would move this little dinner party into Thor's chambers," Hogun stood. "There is more room for us all to sit comfortably."
"Of course, whatever pleases you all," she shook her head, and Loki noticed that she was much more reserved when she was upset. "I will be right there, just going to put on my sandals."
As the group left, Loki stayed behind to wait for Elska.
"None of us will ever turn against you, you know," he said as she opened her wardrobe.
"Tell me, how do you read my mind?" she did not look at him as she spoke, and the question took him by surprise.
"Truthfully, I planned on teaching you tonight," he gave a cautious laugh, not knowing where the conversation was going.
"But you do not deny that you do it?" Elska asked as she finished lacing up her first sandal, looking over to him.
"No," he sighed after a few moments. "I do not deny it. I also do not deny reading Sif's mind, or Thor's, or Fandral's, or trying to read even my own mother's mind."
She remained silent as she laced up her second sandal, and it prompted him to go on.
"It is intrusive, I know, and I will not lie and tell you I feel guilty for the invasion of privacy, but you must know that I was doing it to find out how to best cheer you up," he explained.
"What about the times before?" Elska stood and held the door for Loki, and he felt a pang in his chest. When he did not answer, she continued. "Do you know how to keep others from reading your mind?"
"Possibly," Loki grit his teeth, now becoming annoyed.
"Good, you will teach me both tonight after dinner," Elska sniffled one last time before she began limping toward Thor's chambers.
Something told Loki she would not be accepting any help he offered.
Dinner seemed to lift Elska's spirits, but she was still more guarded than Loki had ever seen previously. Their interaction in her chambers had left him baffled and frustrated. He was only trying to help, to learn her emotions enough to make her happy again, but his efforts were met with anger.
As she chatted away her sadness with their friends, Loki sat and sunk deeper into his own boiling annoyance. Despite her irritation with him, Elska chose to sit next to him on the lounger, and her closeness drove him mad.
First, he cannot for the life of him discern why his feelings push past platonic boundaries. Then, he feels the need to find a way to spend more time with her. And then, she gets hurt and he does what is in his power to lift her spirits, and she gets angry. And now, by merely sitting next to him, the tension in his body was reaching new levels. The man was reluctant to even set his hand on the cushion beneath him for fear it would possibly graze her own.
Even Sigyn never shook his emotions to the core in this way, yet this woman, who he had only truly known for a week and a half, was driving him up the wall.
Leaning against the arm of the lounger, he watched her as she listened intently to Thor's retelling of one of the battles he and his friends had fought in. Her hands were folded on her lap, legs crossed, back straight. The etiquette classes his father had ordered were certainly showing. Looking back to the group, Loki realized Sif had caught him staring as she gave him a raised eyebrow. Rolling his eyes, he looked over to Thor, pretending to be paying attention to the story he was telling.
Eventually, not as soon as he would have liked, the impromptu dinner party came to a close when Fandral suggested they should all go have a drink in the merchant district. Elska declined, telling them she was still quite uncomfortable with the idea of going out (which Loki did not doubt to be true). Loki informed them he had studies to attend to and would surely go out with them the next night.
Before he made his way to the Royal Library, Loki fetched his notes on mind barrier enchantment from his chambers. When he did enter the library, he found Elska waiting for him, sitting in the window nook. Their eyes met, and he could tell she felt guilty for her earlier words.
"While I refuse to apologize for my frustration at your actions," she began, posture perfect and proud. "I will apologize for my frustration with your intentions." Her shoulders slumped back as the words left her mouth. "I appreciate your care, your words brought me relief."
Looking at Elska, Loki found himself struggling to hold onto his anger. He wanted to be mad at her. He wanted to show her the notes that held the answers to her earlier questions and set them ablaze.
But he didn't.
He sat down next to her, looked into her eyes, and felt his feelings soften.
"And I am sorry for my intrusion, and for my blatant disregard for your privacy," he held his hand out for her to shake. "Still friends?"
"Always," Elska grasped Loki's hand in her own, shaking it.
"Well, now," he laughed. "I do not believe you will be able to tolerate me for so long."
"You underestimate me," she smiled, looking down at their still touching hands.
Pulling his hand away awkwardly, he began rubbing it slightly, as if her touch had burned him.
"Shall we get started, then," he tried to move through the strange moment.
"Of course," Elska smiled and stood, brushing the wrinkles out of her gown as she did so.
"Perfect, let us find a place where you may sit directly across from me," Loki began leading her to one of the larger desks in the library. Motioning her to sit down, he told her the basics of mind reading.
"It sounds much more simple than I would have thought," she leaned forward, resting her chin on her hands.
"I felt the same way when I discovered telepathy," he replied. "But you know as well as I, magic is a game of imagination, visualizing in your mind and forcing that vision into reality."
He watched her scribble down notes, the corners of his lips curling upward, and went on.
"I will inform you that you will not so much read a mind as you will listen to its progression," he said. "The mind is a stage, the person you are focused on is the actor. Their monologue is your goal." He leaned further into the table. "Now, look at me. Imagine doorways in my eyes, let the doorways become a version of myself if I was a door." She smirked a bit, finding his comment amusing. "You laugh, but giving each person their own door will make this process easier. Now, imagine my doors opening and yourself walking into them."
She stared intently at the man, minutes passing by. Loki had not yet put up his barrier; he needed to be sure she was successful first. After half an hour, she leapt from her chair, a smile plastered on her face.
"So you are not sure your barrier works?" she teased, very pleased with her work. She danced around the desk, and Loki watched as she beamed, a smile growing on his own face. Rather than reply, he just looked at her, wanting her to read his answer.
She accepted the challenge, seating herself across from him once more. Entering his mind this time only took her a few minutes.
"I have not perfected it, no," His thought echoed as he waited patiently for her to hear it.
"Your voice in your head sounds different," she smiled. "It is more musical, like an instrument playing a secret tune."
They continued this little game until she was finding her way into Loki's head in just seconds. Then, it was time for him to try out his barrier. He refrained from showing her his notes, wondering if knowing the enchantment before trying would allow her to break it.
"Now try," Loki envisioned a black wall made of stone encasing his thoughts. He gave the wall vines of ivy, believing that plant growth meant the wall had stood for ages, signifying strength. It was tall, and he imagined stacking another layer of stone on the top, just for good measure.
Elska looked into his eyes, and he could see her fascination in her failure.
"It is amazing," she exclaimed. "I can see the doors, I can open them, but I cannot enter them. There is a wall blockading my entrance." She sat for a moment.
"Truthfully?" Loki swelled with pride, thrilled.
"Truthfully! I wonder if one could envision breaking the walls, and if so, could the subject continuously fortify?" Elska asked, though not to Loki. He watched as she thought aloud, quickly writing notes.
"Here are my notes, if you'd like to see them," he laughed as she immediately grasped them, eyes darting through each word. He was surprised she could read his chaotic handwriting.
After writing, he watched as she sat and closed her eyes. She sat like this for quite some time.
"Now try me," her eyes shot open, and Loki could swear they had been red as they first opened.
Loki envisioned the doors he had assigned to Elska. Tall, wooden double doors, floral detail carved into them. The golden door knobs had once been shaped like roses, but after their conversation last night, they had changed to hellebores, a flower that grows even in the cold.
As he imagined himself opening the doors, he was met with something he hadn't seen in Elska's mind before - a wall of ice. Towering well above the doors he had created for her, as he got close he realized he could see his breath, as well as swirling designs glowing within the frozen barrier.
His admiration for Elska grew tenfold in that moment, finding a deep respect for her bold love of her heritage despite the fear others held for it.
"A wall," he whispered to the woman seated across from him, and she grinned from ear to ear.
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imagine-loki · 5 months ago
Soulbonds and Fairy Dust
TITLE: Soulbonds and Fairy Dust (rewrite) CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: 27/?
AUTHOR: nekoamamori ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine one of the fae has been helping the Avengers, jumping in to help them on missions and vanishing before Shield can bring her in.  Loki joins the team and convinces her to come talk to the team and consider joining before Shield takes more drastic measures. RATING: M NOTES/WARNINGS:  This is a rewrite of the original work of the same name.  Also on AO3 here
Loki pulled his horse to a stop and Sigyn was forced to follow suit.  The two of them were at the back of the group, so it took Thor and his idiot friends a few paces to realize they’d stopped.  They slowed their horses, to wait for Sig and Loki to catch up.  Somehow the morons seemed to realize that they were in the middle of an important conversation and didn’t come interrupt or eavesdrop.  Which was frankly amazing. 
Loki had a serious look on his face when he turned to Sig.  “Explain,” he ordered her firmly, his voice nearly icy.  He softened a little when he added “Please.”  He did try to remember that he was talking with his soulmate.
Sig didn’t quickly know what explanation he was asking for, but she started talking anyway.  She didn’t want to upset him, and he really did deserve the truth.  “I told you the Gray Lords are the most powerful of the fae. I have the magical power and physical fighting ability to qualify. I was ‘awarded’ the title when I came of age…” she was leaving a lot out, but that was the bare bones of it.  Loki reevaluated the scars she hadn’t been coherent enough to hide back behind her illusions after closing the doorway.  She wondered what he was looking at and blushed when she saw her arms and realized her scars were visible.  She quickly threw her illusions back into place.  She looked exactly the same, but minus the old battle scars from her fighting for her life for her entire life. 
Loki didn’t comment, though she knew he’d question her about the scars later.  Instead he asked:  “So you technically have a noble standing among the fae?” he was trying to get his head around what a Gray Lord was.
She nodded her agreement. “I do. I was the first new Gray Lord in at least 500 years,” she added as if that mattered.
Loki looked impressed anyway, though he didn’t really understand.  He considered more implications of Sig being among the Gray Lords.  “Will they try and bring you back to Underhill?” he asked.  That was the biggest concern at the moment.  
Sig considered, then nodded again.  “It looks really bad on the court that one of the Gray Lords abandoned Underhill in preference of the mortal realms…” she explained.  It really did look bad on them that she’d left.  They’d been searching for her since she had, which is why she’d had to hide on Midgard.  The court also wanted her powers and skills for themselves.  They weren’t going to let her stay free easily. 
“When, in reality, they know you aren’t truly fae? That you were born an Asgardian goddess?”
“I don’t think they realized that I’m an Asgardian goddess. They don’t know much about Asgard. And probably assumed only the royal family receives godhead,” she explained with a shrug.  She hadn’t known until Odin had announced hers that she was a goddess.  She owed Loki another explanation, though. “Also the Gray Lords are higher ranked than simple nobility,” she told him.  “We’re the princes and princesses of the fae, at least in terms as you would understand them,”
Loki nodded, accepting her explanation.  “Is there anything else I should know?”
“Probably a lot of things, but none urgent,” she replied with a smirk.  Of course there were tons more things he probably needed to know.  She just couldn’t think what they were at the moment. 
“Will you tell me when we get back to the palace?” he asked, misunderstanding what she meant.
“I just meant that I’m sure there are things I’m not thinking of that you ought to know or would want to know. I’ll tell you if or when they become important or come to me,” she told him warmly.
“Alright. I can agree to that,”
“Did she just say she’s a fairy princess?” Fandral demanded loudly.  Apparently they’d wandered back close enough to eavesdrop.  Sig blushed and got shy again, curling in on herself.  
Loki glared at Fandral.  “Would you shut up, you imbecile?” he snarled, jumping to defend his soulbond.
“But she’s a fairy princess!!” Fandral protested loudly as if it really mattered what her rank was. Or that she was half fae.
“She is of nobility in two different realms. What of it?” he asked Fandral as if Fandral was stupid.  He was correct of course.  Thor’s moronic friends were morons.  Fandral most especially.
 Sig groaned since she saw the childlike glee on Fandral’s face.  He was annoying and obsessed with the fact that he thought this was some kind of fairy tale.  “The courts of the fae are nothing like the fairy stories we were told as children, you moron,” she glared at him.  She had to get this point across to him now before he did something stupid.  “Do you really think I would have gone through so much to escape if they were? Now kindly shut up about it before I let Loki stab you,” she growled.  She was uncomfortable drawing so much attention or being so firm, but he had to know.  It was important.
Loki smirked, looking proud of Sig.  “You should listen to her, Fandral. I’m about ready to stab you anyway,” he added the last nonchalantly.  He was just so casual about the prospect of stabbing his brother’s moronic friend.  Sig didn’t blame him.  At all.
Fandral wisely shut up.  
The group rode for awhile longer and reached the area of the fourth gate midmorning.  Sig put her book away as she got near, since she could sense potential danger from the fae better than any of the others.  She noted that Loki was sticking close to her.  He was worried after the previous day and how drained she’d been after the last gate.
“There’s nothing waiting for us,” she told the party as they approached.  She was still nervous.  She didn’t trust the apparent safety of this gate.  After the last two were so well protected, it seemed strange that this one was unguarded.  Just because Tilly was allowing her to close the gates, it didn’t mean she was going to be making it easy on Sig.  That wasn’t how Tilly did things.   It also didn’t mean the fae were going to let her, or would make it easy on her if they did.
Loki noticed her nerves and gave her a reassuring smile.  “We will remain on guard, don’t worry, Sig,”
“I don’t like this, not after the last two doorways being so well guarded,” she confessed as she dismounted. They were close enough to the doorway that she needed to walk the rest of the way.  The group dismounted to walk with her. 
Loki stuck close to her side.  “I’ll be right beside you the whole time,” he promised.  Sig could tell that he understood her worry.  He would do anything and everything to keep her safe while she dealt with the doorways.  
The whole group stood around her and the doorway, weapons drawn and alert for danger as she sliced her palm open, summoning the power she needed to close the doorway. She spread her blood across both of her palms and gripped the edges of the doorway and tried to pull it closed.  It wouldn’t budge no matter how much she tugged on it.  She cursed loudly and in multiple languages as she let the power fade.  It wouldn’t close and wasting power wouldn’t fix anything.  
She turned to the group.  “I have to go through.  There’s something on the other side holding the door open,” she told them while they were all staring in awe at her ability to curse like a sailor.  That wasn’t something typical of Asgardian ladies.
Loki looked nervous.  He did not want her going into Underhill when the fae were desperate to get her back to rule in the seelie court. “Can anyone go with you?” he asked her gently.  He wouldn’t let she face the danger along, not if there was anything he could do about it.  
Sig considered that and finally nodded. “I can take two through with me safely,” she told Loki. She also knew that he needed to determine who was coming with her.  “Whoever trusts me the most, or whoever you want to come with us, Trickster,” she told Loki. He would feel better being able to choose who came with the pair of them.  Of course, he was going to be one of the two she brought through with her.  Thor would be the other one he trusted.
They were also much too close to Underhill and the creatures living on the other side to use his name or any variation of it.   Or any of their names.  
Loki nodded and didn’t even consider before he turned to Thor.  “Brother, would you be willing to come with us?” he trusted Thor with his life, and more importantly, with Sig’s and her safety. He had fought side by side with Thor for centuries and while they didn’t always get along, the two fought well together.  
Thor nodded immediately.  “Of course,” he replied automatically.  He seemed offended that Loki had even thought he had to ask.  Thor looked to his friends. “Guard the gate on this end,” he told them firmly as he gripped Mjolnir more securely in his hand.  
Sig looked them both over. She hesitated a moment for what she needed to do next to protect the three of them, but she steeled herself to get it done.  “I don’t know what’s waiting for us on the other side.  I can give us some additional safeguards, if you trust me,” she told them both.  She turned her attention to Loki “and if you don’t mind if I borrow a little power,” she could use Asgardian magic for what she needed to and she knew Loki would rather she use his magic than drain herself more trying to use her own.  
Loki offered her his hand without any hesitation.  “Take what you need,” he seemed relieved to be able to help her in any way, shape, or form.  
She took his hand and after a small nod of thanks, used his power to cast illusions on the boys.  It took a surprisingly little amount of power, mostly due to her own skill and experience.  She lengthened their hair braided down past their shoulders, pointed their ears, changed their eye colors to tri-colored.  She let the feel of fae magic surround them, disguising them as fae.  “That should help at least until we know what we’re dealing with,” she told them.  She couldn’t help appreciate how handsome they looked, disguised as fae. She was so used to being surrounded by handsome fae men and this felt familiar to her.   “Remember, don’t use any of our names while we’re there.  Not even nicknames.  It’s too dangerous when they’re looking for me,” she reminded them firmly.  When they nodded their agreement, she took Thor’s hand too.  She had to have physical contact with them to escort them safely through the doorway. “Ready?” she asked them.  They both nodded and let her take the lead.
Sig kept a firm grip on both of their hands to lead them through the doorway.  She couldn’t let them go until they were all safely through.  Time and locations could get a little wibbly-wobbly when non-fae traveled through the doorways.  It was best to have a fae escort. 
Sig hoped whatever was waiting for them on the other side wasn’t too awful for the three of she to handle and was beyond grateful that she didn’t have to face this challenge alone.
She never had to be alone anymore.
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starksnoir · 5 months ago
Lokaljós | Loki x Reader (3)
Tumblr media
Warning(s): none
Previous: Chapter 2 - Offering to Frigga | Masterlist
Loki seldom spoke of his childhood, even if it was brief. He spent it in the great shadows his brother and father cast… until they came. They were a curiosity: a midgardian child brought to the divine realm of Asgard by the Queen herself? A curiosity indeed. Yet in his youth, he felt a glimmer of hope warm his heart because he knew that just like him, they felt unwanted and inadequate. The two children probably weren’t able to express it then, but it was there, and it made their paths all the more intertwined. 
He might’ve been physically 8 years old when they met, Gísli was about 10, but he was already older than them by centuries. Still, he already respected them, because they must’ve been remarkable if his mother felt the need to bring them along, and they were. They were the most remarkable person he’s ever had the pleasure of meeting, really. They were talented too. Loki had never seen anyone pick up spells and enchantments so quickly, besides his mother, who was both their mentor. Even to this day, Loki remembered everything, because he knew that even if he wanted to, he could never forget them. Perhaps that was his reason for never talking about his past. His most precious memories also served to be painful reminders, after all. But every now and then, he would close his eyes, and he’d be able to just barely feel their embrace. 
With his body still unconscious in the barren wastelands of Titan, he dreamt of them, and maybe if he could stay longer, he could pretend that what he was seeing was really happening, and not just fragments of his memory. 
“Gísli?” the boy called out. He wandered the halls of the palace, trying to look for his friend. It had been about a year since they arrived in Asgard, and their friendship quickly became a formidable little thing. He started walking a little bit faster, eyes scanning the great golden pillars, open doors, stairs, and hallways to see if there happened to be a human nearby. He tried not to let the intricate design of the palace distract him from his mission; he did live there after all. The same couldn’t be said for his friend, who also lived there.  
“Come on, you’re already much taller than me and now you want me to-” he was cut off by a muffled “I’m over here!” coming from the library which was at the very end of the hall he was currently in. He groaned and jogged inside, past the large doors, seeing his friend invested in whatever they were doing. There was a coziness in that place that he couldn’t quite explain. It brought the two of them great comfort while they studied, and a quiet place for when the world was simply too loud. He shuffled towards them, sat on the soft cushioned chair next to them, but they didn’t even give him so much as a look in his general direction. Upon further inspection, he saw that they were writing some sort of story. 
“Your writing is horrendous,” Loki pointed out absentmindedly.
...and with that, he got a pinch on his side. “Ow!”
Gísli finally turned to face their companion, still looming over them and rubbing the spot they had just pinched.
“You know, if you wanted me to pay attention to you, you could’ve just said so,” they sassed and Loki grinned. 
“It worked, didn’t it?” he teased but his playful grin quickly faltered, “besides, I’d sound like Thor.” Then, he turned his attention back to the story his friend was writing, “What’s that?”
Gísli stopped writing and was already trying to think of a way to hide their unfinished work, but Loki was already skimming the whole thing.
“Come on, it’s bad, please stop reading it,” they pleaded but the boy paid them no mind.
“Dragons, serpents, drakes, and more…” Loki read aloud, “many names for the large beast guarding the treasure behind this very door.” 
He stopped when he saw his friend look away, clearly embarrassed. 
“Is something the matter?” he asked. They stared at him dully. 
“I told you not to read it,” they whispered.
“I don’t see why I shouldn’t, I think it’s good.”
Their eyes lit up at the compliment, seemingly dumbfounded.
“You really think so?”
Loki nodded and pointed at the sentence he just read, “I like this part.”
“That’s the only part you’ve read,” Gísli grumbled at the boy, taking the piece of paper back. He blushed.
“Well… I still think it’s great,” he mumbled, trying to find a way to change the topic, “what are dragons, anyway?”
Gísli gaped at him, “You don’t know what dragons are?”
Feeling the need to defend himself again, he whisper-yelled, “It’s not like we have them here on Asgard!” 
They started laughing, but thankfully, he was quick to notice that they weren’t laughing AT him, but rather, the ridiculousness of the situation. When they calmed down, he listened intently as they described the serpentine beasts that fiercely guarded their treasure hoard. 
“I should turn into one-” Loki said to himself, but Gísli could still hear him.
“Loki, no.” 
“Why not? I’ve already turned into a snake before!”
“Yes, you did!” they exclaimed. “When you stabbed Thor!”
The boy rolled his eyes, “That was one time!”
“Yes, and you decided to stab him!” 
Loki scoffed, and sat more comfortably since he unconsciously began to lean towards them in the heat of the moment. There was silence, but only for a few seconds, when he looked over their shoulder again, hoping to read more of their story. The Allfather discouraged reading fiction, but he wasn’t sure if dragons were fiction at all. Maybe they just didn’t have them on Asgard. Nevertheless, he decided to listen to the soothing voice of his mother, encouraging him to fill his young mind with all the world had to offer. 
“Can you tell me more about dragons?” he asked his friend. Gísli smiled and nodded excitedly. 
“Of course, where do you want me to begin?”
They talked about the different creatures they knew, both asgardian and midgardian, and both fictional and real. It was only until Frigga herself entered the library, seeing the two children sleeping soundly in the warm embrace of the candlelight and the smell of aged books. Gísli’s arms were wrapped around Loki, who was a tad smaller than them, protectively, and in turn, the boy wrapped his arms around their waist. Frigga felt the sight tug at her heartstrings. If someone asked her to describe what pure peace was, she’d show them this very scene. 
It happened again. It always happened, he didn’t know what he was expecting, but why must Thor always find a way to embarrass him? 
Frigga had decided to take Loki and Gísli out to the gardens to practice botanical magic. The two children were quite skeptical as to how this would help them, but agreed to the goddess’ wishes nonetheless. She led them to the center of the garden, and were surrounded by all kinds of different plants and flowers. Gísli, though free to wander the castle during the day, never ventured to the garden, wary of the unknown flora. It’s been 2 years since their arrival, and they still never did it, despite Loki’s tempting suggestions. At age 12, they knew better than to get near things they didn’t know about, because they were a fragile human in this realm and frankly, they wanted to live a couple more decades, thank you very much. 
Frigga’s voice startled the young midgardian, “Dear, are you quite alright?”
They cleared their throat and nodded, smiling. Loki raised an eyebrow, but didn’t say anything. It was a sunny day, but thankfully, it wasn’t so hot that a little lesson outside would be a problem. The goddess led them to an array of different flowers: some were perfectly healthy, some were wilting and withering. 
“Do you notice anything about these flowers?” she asked. 
“Some of them are wilting,” the two answered in unison. Frigga let out a small, soft “oh dear” before attempting to stifle a giggle. 
“Correct, and as you know, flowers often do so when they’ve been deprived of their basic needs: sunlight, water… sometimes they’d contract a disease, and that could cause them to wither away and die,” she took one of the flower pots in her hand, “but for those who still haven’t passed on, there is still a chance to save them. All you need… is a little love.” 
...and with that, she waved her hand and brought the drooping and faded flower back to its former glory: it was vibrant and utterly radiant. Gísli couldn’t help but think of the first time they witnessed her practice magic; when she grew a lovely daffodil from the ground. 
“Though you might assume I’m creating life, I am only nurturing what is already there, albeit rapidly.” 
Loki and Gísli were still enchanted by the goddess, no matter how many times they’ve seen her and the palace gardeners doing the exact same thing to the other plants. 
“Mother, how is this important?” Loki asked, furrowing his brows. He questioned many things and how they worked, much like a scientist would. Gísli shook their head at his question, already knowing the answer.
Frigga leaned down to run her hand through her son’s soft black hair, “My dear boy, this is the first step. If you can nurture a flower back to pristine condition, imagine what you can do, not just for yourself, but others as well.” 
She tucked a lily behind his ear, and when he looked to his side, Gísli had a daffodil tucked behind her ear as well. Frigga grinned at them, while Loki blushed madly, before telling them that she had to tend to some matters with the royal healers. It was a simple show of affection, but one Loki wished Thor, of all people, didn’t see.
“Brother!” the blond boy called out, accompanied by four other kids he recognized as Fandral, Hogun, Volstagg, and Sif. The two would-be sorcerers were alone with them now.
Loki was frozen on the spot before he scrambled to get rid of the flower his mother gave him. Gísli noticed, but opted to wave back to Thor and his friends. They figured their friend might find it embarrassing, and they were right. The black-haired boy stayed silent; he didn’t need to turn around to know that the group found him odd, and anything odd was surely bad. Perhaps Thor hadn’t shared this sentiment, but he could be so easily pulled into his friend’s antics that Loki often hid from them to spare himself the humiliation. He heard Volstagg mutter something along the lines of “Why does he have a flower with him?” and Hogun replying with “I’ve no idea, but it seems pretty unmanly to me!”.
Gísli heard this too and frowned. What did flowers have to do with masculinity? They wouldn’t stand for what Thor’s little group was doing, and they knew they had to do something. 
“Perhaps you two don’t know much about what we’re doing then?” Gísli asked, in a sort of falsely sweet tone. The two boys they were talking to clearly didn’t expect to be addressed, and so they stumbled on their words. 
“Of course we do, you’re gardening!” Volstagg exclaimed proudly, which was followed by another “Yeah! Gardening!” from Hogun. Loki tried to hide a smile, lest the group’s attention turned back to him once more. 
“No, idiot, it’s sorcery. Unless you want me to put a curse on you, get a move on.”
Fandral and Sif were snickering at the expense of their friends, who both turned into such a furious shade of red, you could mistake them for a tomato. Thor also fought to keep his amusement in. Hogun mumbled something under his breath, glaring at Volstagg as if it was his fault. They grumbled as they walked ahead of their group to whatever their destination was in the first place, with the rest following, ultimately leaving Loki and Gísli alone once more. 
“You didn’t have to do that, you know?” Loki sighed quietly. Gísli shook their head and smiled. 
“I didn’t have to, but I wanted to… because I’m your friend.” 
Their serene expression turned into one of concern when they noticed that Loki looked like he couldn’t believe what they just said. As for Loki, he didn’t know what compelled him to do so, but he wrapped his arms around Gísli’s waist. He hid his face, wet because of a sudden onslaught of tears, in their chest. The older child hugged back, and they simply enjoyed the feeling of being in each other’s arms. It was quite different from the pleasant rays of sunlight that hit them; it was a new kind of feeling altogether. All they knew was that they never wanted it to end. Loki didn’t receive hugs from people, apart from his mother. To embrace his friend was almost like drowning in an overwhelming, yet welcome amount of what he could only describe as love. It was so incredibly foreign to him.
“Don’t leave me, Gísli,” the boy pleaded. At that moment, his friend remembered that he was still only a boy, no matter how well-spoken or put-together he was. Still just a young boy, and they were his only friend. They were each other’s only friend. 
“Never,” they declared, “not even the Norns can tear us apart.”
Next: Chapter 4 - A Great King
loki taglist: @andreasworlsboring101​ @fandomgirl17
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erisofmischief · 5 months ago
you shifted to see Loki?! excuse me, but i’m gonna need the details on that one 👀
how did you do it and how long did it take? i’m getting frustrated at this point (i’ve been trying for a month) and i’ve gotten to being all tingly and stuff, but never actually shifted yet
I have!! This man gives me whiplash with emotions because he'll go from over protective because of fandral one minute to getting angry with me if I'm 2 minutes late to a lesson with frigga. Also, if you've seen my tiktok you would see that everyones fanfiction about him isn't at all far off, only thing I think no ones written about is his thing for hands. He just likes watching mine mostly, especially if I'm reading, but he likes holding them too, & just playing with my fingers, & kissing them.
It took me a few weeks, however I'm pagan and a witch, so I've had a little bit of practice with lucid dreaming since that's when I usually spend a large chunk of my time reading & studying. I use a few different methods too, but what works best for me is the heart beat method.
I play a video on YouTube (specifically this one , but it doesn't work for everyone) and imagine I'm laying on lokis chest (it can be anyone from your DR) and when I start to feel weightless he's playing with my hair. When I start to get those tingles I imagine him pulling me up from the bed & towards a closed door. When it opens theres a bright light, and I see my DR when it fades. I either end up in our bedroom, where I see my DR self sleeping, or I'm in my waiting room, which is the bifrost. When I see my DR self sleeping, I lay down in their body & go to sleep, and then I'll wake up in there. I usually spend a few months there now since I've gotten better at it.
The thing a lot of people forget is that they actually have to fall asleep, instead of keeping themselves awake. Most methods are sleeping methods. I haven't used any awake methods yet, but I do have a clone that wakes up when I don't come back in the morning.
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imagine-loki · 5 months ago
Country Entertainment
TITLE: Country Entertainment
  AUTHOR: brightsun-and-darkmidnight
  ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki wooing you at an amusement part in the game area
  RATING:  Teen …? I think..?
  NOTES/WARNINGS: Maybe bad flirting? I am trying to make it fluffy
  My Ao3: brightsun_and_darkmidnight
  *FINALLY..Read the warnings. Once you agree you can handle it…
   ~ ~ ENJOY  ~ ~
Loki felt the gentle hand of his mother on his shoulder.
  Frigga smiled once Loki took his eyes off of the huge pig.
  “Let’s go see the events in the arena.”
  Loki nodded as the auctioneer started taking bids. Odin threw his hand up for the bid. 
  A few steps away and Thor caught up with Loki and Frigga.
  Thor gently hugged Frigga, “my friends are here. We were going to enjoy rides and play the games.”
  Frigga gave Thor a knowing look before speaking, “have fun and make sure you eat something.” Frigga pointed a finger at Thor, “make sure your FRIENDS eat too.”
  Thor smiled sheepishly. “Yes mother. Enjoy the show, it is barrel racing now right?”
  “It is. Now behave." 
  Frigga took Loki’s elbow and guided him to the entrance after Thor assured her the things she demanded would be honored. Frigga and Loki watched the riders but Frigga quickly had a favorite.
  Frigga tapped Loki’s arm as she exclaimed. "Look at her! Wow!”
  Loki smiled at his mother’s enthusiasm
  “She has excellent position on her horse, you can tell how much she trained! She has to be first place!”
  Loki looked at the score and the girl was .63 seconds away from the winner.
  “That’s a load of shit. She was the best!" 
  Loki’s eyes widened, "mother." 
  "Sorry dear. Well. I better get back to your father. You go have fun.”
  Loki nodded and went in search for Hela or Thor.
  Seeing Hela at a ring toss game he went over.
  Hela was talking to the worker and the woman smiled, making Hela turn. Hela went back to talking to the worker. Loki didn’t feel too wanted but sometimes Hela is better company than Thor at fairs. Thor and his friends always tried to hook up with whoever they could. Their flirting was absolutely terrible.
  Hela shook the woman’s hand, “bet you another 50 dollars.”
  “You’re on!”
  Hela turned to Loki, “dad get anything good to eat?”
  Loki shrugged, “mother and I watched barrel racing.”
  Loki watched the women exchange looks.
  Hela gave the woman money and a bucket of rings were placed in front of Loki. He rose an eyebrow and was about to ask a question.
  “You are gonna need to practice. Get all of those knives for me.”
  Loki quickly caught onto the game. The rings were meant to go around the knives in the center of the stand, but to make things a little more difficult the podiums spun so the knives were constantly moving. With a few practice throws Loki got the hang of it.
  The woman working the stand put the 5th knife on a pile. “He is really good.”
  Hela’s smile was heard in her voice as Loki got another knife. “You are gonna owe me that 50 dollars!”
  The woman huffed when Loki pointed to another knife with a ring around it. 
  “The freaking bucket cost 20 dollars, and he is gonna take all the knives!”
  Hela smirked. “Maybe you should have bet lower.”
  “I didn’t know your brother is really good at throwing stuff!”
  Movement caught Loki’s attention when someone moved fast to jump over the stand.
  It was a girl with tangled hair pushed back away from her face. She had a tight dark green tank top with a flannel around her waist. With tight jeans and dirty boots. The odd thing about her is she was wearing a bow around her neck.
  The girl wrapped her arms around the worker. “Hey big sis!”
  The worker wrapped an arm around the girl then stated, “Maggi. Fix your hair." 
  Maggie gave her sister a cocky smile. "I did. You know its because of the spoiled princess" 
  Hela laughed, "Comeon Sam, your sister is a sass master.”
  Maggie’s sister, Sam groaned. “Fuck off." 
  Maggie smiled, "life would be so dull without me.”
  Loki smiled and went back to playing the game… that he might have briefly forgotten.
  Sam asked nudging her, “What place babyswiss?”
  She gestured towards the bow around her neck, “Second. .63 seconds.”
  Loki got another knife added to the pile.
  Loki glanced at the girl and the clothes were the same as Frigga’s favorite rider.
  Hella held out a hand to the woman who slaps $50 in her hand.
  The sister explained to Maggie’s questionable face. “Hella said you would be under a minute.”
  Maggie drawled, “How nice to believe in me…”
  The sister defended herself as she set a new knife in Loki’s pile, “Listen we knew you would lose because that spoiled bitch would get rid of the horse.”
  Maggie shrugged her shoulders, “Now if someone beat her time before I had to go…”
  Sam talked again. “You’d be able to buy a new vehicle with your winnings.”
  Another knife added to Loki’s collection.
  Sam grumbled, “And buy my new supply of knives.”
  Hela laughed.
  Maggie exclaimed, “my jeep runs great. Just got a few things that need upgraded. I dont need something fast.”
  A squeaky voice made Loki want to cringe.
  “My truck would beat your shit jeep anyday. I would beat you at anything anyway.”
  A few laughs were heard but Loki kept his eyes on the game.
  Maggie leaned on the counter with a smile, “How about we ride something between our legs Princess?”
  The supposed princess laughed. “Right and what do you have in mind?”
  Maggie winked, “Your boyfriend seems ready." 
  Hela turned, both her and Sam laughed.
  Maggie laughed as well, "just kidding but I’m not kidding when I say you guys need to work on blood circulation above the shoulders. You might not use your brain often but it’s kinda important..”
  Loki sees the Maggie smirk and the princess one looks confused until she looks at her boyfriend’s crotch.
  A few laughed at the huff from the girl.
  Maggie continued with a dramatic eye roll, “I mean something with intelligence. A HORSE.”
  The cringeworthy voice held a cocky tone. “I won first place, what makes you think you can win?”
  Maggie shrugged standing up tall. “You said any condition anyway you could beat me. I want to get another shot at proving you wrong.”
  The girl laughed briefly. “Whatever. Cover that huge forehead of yours… is an hour too short of time to be presentable?”
  Maggie was running her fingers through her tangled hair. “Can I borrow a brush? No? Okay, I figured you always have your entire beauty necessities with you.” Maggie was working on forcing a knot to come undone. “Don’t wait up for me, I’m sure you are going to need the whole time actually learning how to gear your horse.”
  The other girl walked away with an eye roll and dramatic stomp.
  Hella laughed. “Well. I’m looking forward to this.”
  Sam cheered, “record it!”
  Maggie leaned her hip against the counter, “yeah let me know her reaction when I don’t show up.” She winced as she undid the knot in her hair by pulling it.
  Loki got another new knife set down in his pile.
  Hela patted Loki’s shoulder. “Just a couple more Loki. Good job.”
  Maggie exclaimed, “Is he getting all the knives?!”
  Hela smiled, “yep. I got 50 dollars saying, my brother, Loki, is going to get me one of every knife. With only one bucket of rings.”
  Maggie’s smile faltered a bit when Loki looked right at her.
  He shrugged. “My sister likes knives.”
  Sam huffed in annoyance, “and he is really good at this game.”
  Loki seen familiar blonde hair and went back to tossing the rings.
  Fandral leaned onto the counter making Maggie eye him oddly.
  Fandral winked. “You are a beautiful woman and I would love to see where those tan lines end..”
  Maggie’s face fell to a stoic expression. “Maybe they don’t.”
  Hela rolled her eyes and Sam glared at Fandral.
  Fandral continued not getting that he was unwanted. “I would love to take you on the Farris wheel. See the fair’s lights and how the moonlight makes your eyes shine.”
  Maggie rolled her eyes. “I don’t like heights.”
  “I could hold you and keep you safe in my arms.”
  “Strong arms are not going to help anyone from a fall like that.”
  “Ah yes. A graceful angel Falling hard for a man like me. It must have hurt.”
  “Actually to get here, I clawed my way up.”
  Fandral laughed, “all the better.”
  “Maybe you could kiss my hand better after sporting a black eye for the next victim of poor flirtation.” Maggie gave Fandral a sweet smile.
  “Surely a woman like you can be wooed.”
  “Get a ring around the blade of my favorite knife. You get as many chances as one bucket can hold.”
  Fandral sees Loki’s pile of knives, “well then do me a favor my REALLY good friend and help me.”
  Maggie crossed her arms and leaned back against the stand “If he does it, he gets the date. You are on your own.”
  Loki looked in his bucket and had 14 rings left and had 5 more knives to get. 
  Hela patted Loki’s shoulder. “Get her FAVORITE knife. You need a date.”
  Loki rolled his eyes. “I didn’t know there was more to this game than winning knives.” Loki threw a ring and got it around a butterfly knife.
  Hela took it from the pile and started doing tricks with it.
  Marigold got a knife out of her back pocket and was talking with Hela about tricks.
  Loki had 2 more knives to get but only 5 rings.
  Fandral was only able to get 3 knives in his haste and earned the laughs of Thor.
  Sif offers Fandral a fry and says, “Pitty offering”
  Fandral takes it and bites it with a high head as they all walk away.
  Maggie groaned. “Yep totally not my type." 
  Maggie held her knife still and Loki wondered if that was part of the trick. Loki had one more ring and he already knew he was not going to get the two knives left. He took a chance and threw the ring at the knife in Maggie’s hand.
  She looks down at her hand and back up at him.
  The sister laughed. "Well then… she’s speechless for once.”
  Maggie was quickly back to her social ways. “Shut up Sam.”
  Hella smirks and pats Loki on the back-“Looks like you have to go on a date with my little brother.”
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bigfan-fanfic · 5 months ago
Bruce, Steve and Thor finding their dyslexic bf crying because he thinks he's dumb? I'm a little upset right now because I'm in the same predicament (I haven't been clinically diagnosis but I feel like I definitely have it) and I feel dumb. Also, I love your writing ❤
Bruce holds you close. "Y/N. You are not dumb. I cannot stress this enough, my love. I can't imagine how much stress this puts you through, but I'm here to help. The boys too. We're all here, whatever you need. Don't lose hope. You know we all believe in you. We know that you most certainly aren't dumb."
Steve frowns. "Dumb? Y/N, you're the only fella I trust to ask about anything and everything in this weird world. I gotta stop you from thinking like this. If you want, I'll follow you around and read everything for you! I just... none of this means anything about your mind. You are smart. I know it. You should know it too."
Thor kisses your forehead. "Reading ability is no indicator of intelligence. Many learned people of Asgard can't read at all, yet we trust in their knowledge of our traditions and stories. Fandral is himself illiterate. So you find it difficult to read, yes? There is nothing wrong with that, nor does it make you unintelligent. Memory, strategy, critical thinking - these are more telling. And I tell you, my king... there is no one else I would follow without question but you."
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