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hellotherekenobi · 3 days ago
I want a fandral 🥺🥺🥺
me too 😭 he’s so beautiful inside and out, and such a gentleman too. like. zachary levi is gorgeous on his own but as a literal asgardian robin hood?? count me in for falling ridiculously in love with him!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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hellotherekenobi · 4 days ago
───flowers in the sun.
Tumblr media
summary: you know fandral well enough to know how much of a flirt he is, but when he asks you to join him on a picnic one day, it turns out he has a reason behind it all with you.
a/n: dedicated to the one and only @megmeg-chan for fueling my daydreams of this man. this goes out to all my fandral lovers out there. i respect you. song i listened to while writing: flowers by in love with a ghost.
· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·
Days like today were always lovely, where the sun shining made everything gleam and sparkle and the breeze were gentle, not too cold but just the perfect temperature. Of course, days like today were always lovely when they’re spent with someone equally as such, but perhaps that’s why he was given the name “dashing.” You weren’t always that interested in him, nor the warriors three, but he slipped through the cracks and you didn’t put up much of a fight once you realized how far you had fallen for him—and who could say no to a picnic out in the Asgardian fields with Fandral, anyhow?
When he had asked you earlier today, you weren’t expecting much but as soon as you had seen the spread—fruit baskets and crystal glasses, a fine linen blanket with golden patterns etched into the fabric—you knew that, once again, he managed to slip further past the cracks you’ve never bothered patching up, and probably never will with him being so close to your heart already.
“These are delicious,” the strawberry in your hand drips down your finger as you wipe your lips.
Fandral chuckles, leaning his head further back to close his eyes up at the sun, resting on one hand where he lays. “I made sure to get only the best for you, darling.”
You don’t react to the nickname, having heard that from his lips countless times before directed at many a fair maiden. “I can tell, with all the food you packed. Must have taken some convincing to sneak this out of the palace.”
“Oh no,” he smiles, tilting his head to look at you. “Not at all, my dear. Only so much convincing for you to join me.”
You smile, wiping the strawberry juice off of your hands with one of the serviettes packed. “I’ve never taken you for the picnic type.”
“Well, what is it they say? A moment is only as good as the people you spend it with.”
“And this moment?” You tease, leaning on your elbow closer to him. “How good is it?”
He doesn’t hesitate to say, “Far greater than any I’ve spent before.”
It makes you smile, looking down at your lap as you fiddle with the serviette in your hands. The confidence in his words could make anyone swoon, but you’ve always been more hopeless than hopeful as a romantic for him. Yet you still cling to it, smiling wider and letting out a chuckle, looking up again.
“Always such a charmer.”
He nods in agreement, pursing his lips slightly as he grabs his glass for another sip. There’s a moment of silence between you two, where you simply sit basking in the sun and listening to the rustling of the flowers amongst the grass as the wind blows gentle and cool. Fandral was right about moments, since this one wouldn’t be as pleasant if he weren’t beside you, but you are still wondering why you’re with him here to begin with—not that you’re complaining but time spent with Fandral was always giddy at most, throwing quips each other’s way and believing his flirts to be mere fun. Hopeless not hopeful, you remind yourself.
“When are you leaving?” you ask finally, seeing as the question was danced around before the food was even brought out.
He sighs, something tired. “Tonight.”
“And you’ll be gone for...?”
“I don’t know—” he sits up—“I’m hoping no more than a month, should everything go to plan. These things don’t usually turn out that way, however.”
You hum in agreement, knowing how long his last campaign with the warriors had been—and how you waited to see him ride back home almost everyday. “I thought you enjoyed fighting battles? I hear so many stories.”
“All in truth, I assure you.” he wags a finger for emphasis. “But when I go, I’ll miss moments like these. I’ll miss you.”
Your cheeks burn by his words. “You won’t have any time to miss me.”
He shakes his head. “I’ll think of you always.”
Hopeless. Remember it. He’s a natural born flirt, and a good one at that, but this doesn’t mean anything to him. You keep telling yourself that but the more you do, the more you think differently. Or maybe you’re just trying to deny what he might feel because of the way you feel. Cutting your thoughts short before you lose yourself, you lean over to pluck a flower from the field, twirling it in your hands to have something other than the serviette to fiddle with in the hopes that Fandral won’t notice how nervous you are. He doesn’t leave the topic unfinished, though.
“That is why I asked you to join me here. If I’m to leave tonight, I want you to be the last person I spend my day with.”
“I know,” he chuckles lightly. “Everything will be alright. I know that more than anything.”
“Because of your bravery or your silver tongue?” you joke, expecting a laugh from him but only getting a smile.
“Because I have something worth fighting for.”
“What is that?”
You think you know the answer already, most likely for Asgard or his companions—something noble—yet you don’t expect his answer when he leans over to take the flower from your fingers, twirling it once before he fastens it behind your ear, looking at you softly to say, “You.”
It’s said so sincerely that you do nothing but stare at him, watching for a furrow in his brow or the crease in his smile to tell you that he was only fooling, but he just continues to look at you, something so genuine and intimate that it could tip you over if his hand weren’t still by your ear and gently brushing along your cheek.
You don’t know what to say, so you change the topic. “Does it look alright?”
It almost takes him a moment, but he doesn’t even look at the flower, instead staring so wistfully at you that you can feel his gaze, noticing the way his eyes flicker between your own and he swallows the clearing of his throat. “Yes, well... you are always beautiful.”
You can feel your heart racing against your chest, you’re scared it might rip right through the skin. What could you reply with that won’t end in a stutter? He’s captured your heart, though you try to deny it, and maybe now you’re about ready to tear down the wall after all these years. But even when his fingers brush along your jaw so tenderly, working their way to your chin, you need more before you can let him in completely.
“I need to know,” you say so quiet like the breeze, placing your hand on top of his to still his movements. He looks at you with those swimmable eyes of his, brows furrowed in a way that makes him look like he’s been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. “All of this... how you are with me... is it anything more than just Fandral the Dashing?”
He leans back slightly, like your words had shoved him backward. The look on his face changes to disbelief but so fractionally, so soft-hearted, that you could almost think he was saddened.
“Do you truly believe I have no feelings for you?” he waits for you to tell him he’s wrong, that all this time you’ve known, and when you remain silent he says, “All that I do for you, it’s all of me. Every word I speak, every touch I give, it’s a reflection of how much I care for you. My dear, I have loved you ever since we were young.”
For as long as you can remember, you have wanted to hear those words from him. Every moment you spent wondering ‘what if?’ has come to a standstill, telling you so clearly that all your doubts were for nothing. Fandral loves you, but more than that he has loved you for the beginning. It’s so much to take in that you sit there, frozen, balancing on the edge of happiness and surprise, your thoughts being too loud for you to even choose how to outwardly react.
He’s known you for so long and chuckles breathlessly when you make no move, knowing how many words must be swirling inside your head. “Must I prove myself once more for you?” His thumb rubs gently at your chin as he leans closer, smiling when he notices the way you hold your breath. “Very well.”
You can’t think to close your eyes when he leans just that much closer and presses his lips to yours—the feeling alone being too good to be true, you have to make sure you’re not dreaming. Then just as softly, all at once, you fall into him. The wall comes crumbling down as you close your eyes and kiss him back, your hand reaching out to hold onto his shirt so that this moment doesn’t drift away from you. He smiles against your lips, tilting his head to kiss you deeper and feel you press against him. As he wraps his arms around you, he begins to peck kisses along your jaw, beneath your earlobe, and scattering featherlight kisses along your neck just to hear you laugh as you squirm in his arms.
“You laugh so sweetly, I might have to kiss you more just to hear it.” he has the biggest smile on his face as he speaks, leaning in close to bump his nose against yours. You giggle as you push him back lightly, hearing him chuckle along with you. “I’ll take the sound with me until I come back home to you.”
can i get an uwu in the chat: @moonlight-prose @rebelledjester @aw--heck @americancowgirl19 @xxpoptarts @alwayssleepingforreal @awesomeri14 @karedevil4ever
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hellotherekenobi · 4 days ago
ok so hypothetically speaking as a completely objective third party observer with absolutely no personal interest in the matter... would anyone wanna be tagged in a fandral fic i'm writing? this dashing man right here:
Tumblr media
or is this a "kara you're hyperfixating on something no one cares about" thing...? 👉👈
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lilacmoon83 · 6 days ago
Finding You Always
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Also on and A03
Chapter 236: Fireflies
The fire could be seen reflecting in Jekyll's eyes, as he was just a few feet from escape, but he lurched and looked down to find Charming's blade protruding from his chest. He landed on his feet, just at the edge and turned around, looking at him in shock. He saw the blackness slowly spider webbing from his wound and started to see the ash flaking from his body.
"No...this can't be! You can't defeat me!" Jekyll cried, as he lurched again and the blade returned to David's hand.
"I just did," the Prince stated.
"You're done...and you're never going to hurt my wife again, let alone haunt her," David assured him.
"The Chalice absorbed the Olympian crystal long ago. No Underworld, no afterlife, just stop existing and we rest easy, knowing that not even your soul can cause harm to anyone ever again," he continued. Jekyll tried to charge at the Prince again, but the white fire from the Chalice sword consumed him in a brilliant flash. He screamed briefly, as he was destroyed and his cries were swiftly squelched, as was his existence.
"And that is the end of the video that has more than fifty million views, worldwide. That tiny clip alone has double that, worldwide. It's action packed, it gets the heart racing, in more ways than one, and people seem enthralled by it to the point of obsession," Goldie said into her mic, as she conducted her latest live podcast. They had spent a pretty penny in the last year on the best equipment, including a high end VPN, to hide their location. They weren't wanted in the Land Without Magic, per say, but it was no secret that they were and they knew some idiot fans would only be too happy to make a citizen arrest if they might get the attention of the Charming family, who had gone mostly dark since the namesake of their family had killed the insane monster known as Dr. Jekyll.
On her show though, she was not playing the clip to celebrate it. But instead, she was playing it to continue to push her fear narrative. Her numbers were significant, as some out there did see the danger of a family with so much power.
"But if this one man, combined with his wife, has this much can any of us truly ever feel safe? He could wipe us out even more easily than he did Dr. Jekyll. And he has sired five children that are potentially even stronger than him," she continued.
"Five children that can control the weather...and lay waste to an entire city with one conjured storm," she added.
"And I'm sure some might argue that the beloved Charmings would never do that...because they're good. But most of those same people have read the book and know that Snow and Charming have gone dark before. What is preventing that from happening again? Or preventing one of their kids from turning evil as well?" she said.
"If tragedy struck any one of them...what would stop them from lashing out with vengeance in their pain? If you've read the book...then you know that's what happened to the Evil Queen. She didn't just wake up and decide to be evil. She lost the man she loved and thousands died for it," she continued.
"What would stop Charming from doing the same if he lost his beloved Snow or Snow if she lost her Charming?" she asked, as she read the chat and smirked.
"I see many agree with me...but none of us know what exactly we can do about it. However, you'll be happy to know that there are those out there that are trying to see to our safety," she said.
"They are trying to develop a solution to this problem, but can only do so with the help of the people. And it's being done with your donations. With your donations, we can fight this fight," Goldie said.
"So donate today, share this podcast far and wide, and know that you're doing something to secure our future. Until next time," she said, ending the stream and taking off her headphones.
While it was true that they had spent most of what they had to get set up and lived the first few weeks in a crappy motel, it wasn't long before they were approached by an investor.
Amelia Blaine, owner of several billion dollar retail chains nation and worldwide, offered to fund them if they continued to push their fear narrative, with the stipulation that there was a solution. A vague, yet plausible one and help them build a citizen militia, without the citizens even realizing they were being radicalized. It was a common military tactic, so they weren't too surprised to learn that Ms. Blaine answered to a man named General Mendoza. They hadn't met him yet, but knew he was the man that Major Patricia Donovan had once worked for and then betrayed in favor of the Charmings.
Mendoza had gone almost as dark as the Charmings had in the last year and was working on ways to bring them down. This one was just one plan and Ms. Blaine even let it slip that they were working on ways to combat or even destroy magic. Goldie didn't know if that was possible, but she and Grimm were all in and used her podcast and his blog as a megaphone to put fear into people about the Charmings, the United Realms, and magic in general. In return, they were paid incredibly well and their equipment was upgraded to state of the art. They now lived in an expensive New York penthouse apartment and enjoyed all the luxuries.
"You really think General Mendoza and his team can find a way to destroy magic?" Grimm asked. She smirked.
"I don't know...but if they can, I'm going to enjoy watching the United Realms burn and the Charmings suffering," she replied. He smirked back.
"I'd bring marshmallows to that bonfire," he agreed.
"How are the numbers tonight?" she asked.
"About four thousand live on the biggest platform. Less, but significant on the smaller ones and we always get good numbers on replays," he replied.
"And the Truest podcast?" she asked, knowing that Eva Charming had streamed earlier that night.
"Let's not do that to ourselves," he replied.
"I want to know her numbers," Goldie demanded. He winced.
"On the largest platform...she had twenty-thousand live and her replay numbers are already climbing past our live count," he revealed, ready for the coming tirade, as Goldie let out a frustrated yell.
"Why!? Why is everyone so enamored with that prissy little upstart!?" she raged.
"She's not even a real journalist!" Goldie complained.
"Yeah...but she's their daughter. You shouldn't be surprised," he said.
"We have to get our numbers up…" Goldie said.
"I agree," Amelia Blaine said, as she arrived with her bodyguards.
"You can't just barge in here whenever you want," Goldie said.
"Oh, but I can since I pay the mortgage on this place," Amelia replied.
"Your live numbers tonight are dismal, at best," she added.
"What do you expect? Most people salivate over that damned family. Not many want to tune in and hear us talk crap about them," Grimm reminded her.
"I'm aware, Mr. Grimm. Even less people read your pitiful blog," she said. He glared at her, but was silent.
"What do you want us to do?" Goldie asked in frustration.
"You're hyper focused on the parents. Start going after the kids. Stoke fear about the children," she suggested.
"Snow and Charming are ignoring you. They're seasoned at this and don't care what people say or think about them. The children on the other hand will elicit a reaction and one we might be able to exploit if done right," she said. Goldie smirked.
"That I can do...and I'll enjoy it," the blonde agreed.
"Let's hope you do well...the General isn't impressed by your numbers at all. If you don't improve, this posh little lifestyle goes away and you're on the street," Amelia warned, as she left with her goons.
"So...who are you going to focus on first?" Grimm asked. Goldie smirked.
"Who else? Emma has interacted in this world more than any of their kids. She's got plenty to exploit and it will drive mommy and daddy Charming crazy," she said. He smirked.
"Indeed it will," he agreed.
"But we won't stop there. The twins will be next, then the youngest ones. By the end, Mama Snow will be at our door ready to rip my head off and I'll get it all on tape,"
"And the General will be ready to trap them both when they come," he agreed.
Rose and Fandral turned on the inter realm communication system that Sif had provided for them. Rose and Sif actually communicated on a regular basis, but it had been a while and she hadn't seen the twins yet.
"Good morning Sif," Rose greeted. She smiled.
"Good morning to both of you...I apologize for being out of communication for a while, but much has happened here recently," she said.
"Really?" Fandral asked. She nodded.
"It's a lot though and there have been many developments. Thor is leaving Earth soon...but not before the funeral," she replied.
"Funeral? Who has passed?" Rose asked.
"Well, I'm afraid Natasha is gone...but so is Mr. Stark," she replied, stunning them.
"Like I said, much has happened, though some of it is very good. Natasha and Tony are the reason that much of it is wonderful news. But I would rather explain everything in person," she said.
"Things are safe here now. I was hoping you could visit and so was Thor...before he leaves," she added. Rose smiled.
"Things are quiet here...I don't see why not and the kids would love it," she said. Fandral smiled and nodded.
"We'll contact Hermes and make all the necessary arrangements to be away. Zorro can more than handle things around here for a few days," Fandral said. Sif smiled.
"That's wonderful...and I can't wait to meet these two in person," she replied, as she spotted the twin babies in their arms.
"And Astrid and Gunnar can't wait to meet their Aunty Sif and Uncle Thor either," Rose replied.
"Strong Asgardian names...I will see you all soon," Sif said, as the transmission winked out.
"Poor Natasha…" Rose said sadly.
"I know...she helped us much when Seth banished us. I am glad we are going to honor her," Fandral replied. She nodded.
"Well, we should go tell the kids and pack. We have a lot to do in just a couple hours," she replied. He nodded, as they took the babies back upstairs to prepare.
Bobby closed his locker and slung his backpack over his shoulder, before meandering toward the direction of his first class of the day. Being normal definitely had its advantages and being back in school on a regular basis was nice. He would never be normal, even in a place like Storybrooke, but he had plenty of friends and was definitely enjoying the peace.
"Morning Bobby," Zia said, as she and Olivia rounded the corner to meet him.
"Morning," he said, as he joined hands with the dark haired girl. He was aware that both had a crush on him, shortly after he resumed his freshman year last year, but any romantic feelings he had were for Zia. Olivia understood and she was still good friends with them both. He saw the banner being hung up for Winter Formal that weekend and looked at her. Olivia smiled at them and went into the classroom.
"I'll make myself scarce," the blonde said.
"Well...that was subtle," Zia mentioned. He chuckled.
"I'm not sure I could be subtle myself even...tact is not something Charmings are known for, so you wanna go to the dance?" he asked. She smiled and nodded.
"I'd love to," she agreed.
"Okay...but I have to warn you that my Mom is going to go all out and take like a gazillion photos, so just prepare for being blinded by camera flashes," he joked. She giggled.
"I love your Mom and I'm prepared for our upcoming photo shoot," she teased back, as they went into the classroom and the bell rang.
After morning training with James and his father, David did a quick patrol around Storybrooke since Emma had taken the morning off and then stopped at Granny's for takeout. He arrived at Snow's office and nodded politely to her receptionist, who still got a little awestruck and blushed every time she saw him. He winced though, as he heard his wife raise her voice through the door.
"Meeting with the heads of state?" he asked. Chloe, the receptionist, nodded.
"Midas insists on arguing with her...I don't know why, because he never wins," she replied. He smirked.
"Because he's no match," David said, as he quietly went in and closed the door, waiting off to the side. Hyde and Hiram had unveiled a host of new inventions in the last year that they had rolled out. One was the hologram system of communication, allowing the heads of state to meet from their own castles or offices on most occasions. They got together in person from time to time, but this eliminated the need for neutral locations and saved a lot of time most days. It was probably the only reason Midas was still alive too, because by the look on his wife's face, he could tell she was ready to put an arrow in his eye.
"King Midas...we are only days away from the grand opening of the Pleasure Island resort. Our teams and crews have worked tirelessly to transform a once haven of crime and filth into a luxurious vacation resort for all ages and classes to enjoy," Snow said in a measured tone.
"I agreed to let you have the Casino wing, as I agreed that adults are free to make their own decisions on what to do with their money...but I draw the line at any kind of unsavory club as you're suggesting. I want this to be a family friendly place and not become an eyesore like Iago's," Snow said.
"Queen Snow...there is nothing wrong with the addition of a gentleman's club. There will be security and an age requirement, of course," Midas replied.
"No…" Snow refuted.
"This has to be put to a vote!" Midas insisted.
"Normally yes and most of the time, I would be reluctant to do anything without diplomacy, but this is one time I am going to use my executive powers. And gentleman's club is putting this nicely," she said, as she held up a folder that had his proposal in it.
"This is nothing more than a strip club and a brothel and I won't have it. Your motion is denied by executive decision," she said.
"You can't do that, your prissy little wench!" Midas said, as his anger exploded. David clenched his fist and rooted his feet into the floor. It was taking him every ounce of control he could muster not to tell him off himself, but he knew Snow could handle him.
"King Midas...if you're going to continue this kind of behavior, then you will be removed from this project. Am I clear?" Snow snapped. He shrank back a little.
"Very well, Your Majesty," he spat.
"It's clear we all need some time to cool off, some of us more than others. We'll take a long lunch and reconvene in two hours," she said, as she pressed a button on her computer and their holograms disappeared.
"It must have taken you every ounce of control you have not to intervene and rip his head off," she mused. He smirked.
"I know you can handle it, but you're right...I'd like to make him smack himself and turn himself into a gold statue," he replied. She giggled.
"I think we would all enjoy that, a little too much," she said, as he set the food down on her desk and then took her in his arms.
"So...long lunch?" he asked. She smirked.
"Mmm…I could definitely use it," she replied.
"And here I thought I was going to have to be quick," he mused, as they swayed together. She bit her bottom lip.
"Well, at the risk of inflating your're never quick," she said. He smirked.
"Good to know," he replied, as she looked in the sack, finding all her favorites.
"Two different kinds of dessert?" she asked. He shrugged.
"I figured we'd work it off," he replied. She bit her bottom lip again, as they moved to the sofa in her office. Maybe she should have made it a three hour lunch…
Leo hopped off Pegasus and petted his mane, before leading him to the trough for a drink and something to eat. He and Pegasus, along with Firestorm, also did an aerial patrol of the reserve in the morning and checked on all the animals. He and Elsa had hired staff that they trusted and vetted to help run the reserve to help out. Everything was running smoothly and Firestorm cawed, as he sat on his perch and watched Leo.
"I didn't forget you, buddy," he promised, as he grabbed a handful of seeds and held out his hand so the Phoenix could eat too. After he finished, Leo ruffled his feathers affectionately and checked over the inventory of food and supplies that had just been delivered.
"Leo...I think that mother Unicorn is about to give birth!" one of his young workers said, as he rushed in.
"Okay...did you call the equestrian vet?" Leo asked.
"That's the thing...he's in surgery. I guess one of the horse's at the stables needed emergency surgery this morning," the kid said, as he was nearly panicked.
"Okay...relax, I've gone this before and so has my sister," he said, as he dialed Eva.
"Hey...the vet is unavailable and we have a unicorn ready to give birth. Can you pop over here?" he asked, as he listened.
"Thanks Eva," he said, as he hung up.
"She's on her way," he said, as he started gathering some supplies.
"Need some help?" Kristoff asked, as he arrived with Sven. Kristoff and Sven were frequent visitors and helpers at the reserve too.
"Yeah, the vet is busy and we have a mama unicorn ready to go. Eva's on her way," Leo said.
" Unicorn time. Looks like Hope might get that Unicorn for her birthday," he teased.
"Yeah…Emma keeps telling my parents not to, but you know they're going to," Leo said, as they headed out to the stables, just as Eva arrived to help with the birthing.
"Thanks for coming," he said. She smiled.
"You know that I love this and it's a pretty slow day at the hospital. Plus, my audience will love hearing about the birth of a baby unicorn," she replied.
"You know...I wasn't sure your podcast was a good idea at first, but you're really good at it," Kristoff said.
"Thanks," she replied.
"Yeah...and it helps that you make Goldie's podcast look like a joke," Leo added.
"That is a bonus...I wouldn't usually wish misfortune on anyone, but she's the exception," she agreed, as they arrived at the stables.
Summer concentrated, as she went through her dance routine for the school's upcoming recital. Upon returning to dance, her instructor expressed a suggestion that Summer would excel in rhythmic gymnastics. Summer loved both dance and gymnastics and it seemed like the perfect blend of both. So she had begun training and her instructor had been right about it being her niche. She finished her routine with an impressive backflip and caught her baton, as her music ended. Her instructor gave her a hug.
"You are going to be the star of the recital," she assured. Summer blushed slightly.
"Thanks…" she said.
"Your parents must be bursting at the seams with pride," she mentioned. She grinned.
"My Dad was just showing me the new camera he bought last night for the recital and Mom has already bought new albums. It's a little embarrassing," she joked.
"I think it's sweet," she said, as then pointed off to the side.
"And you have another admirer," she said, as Summer spotted JJ watching and waiting for her, still in his uniform from working as a paramedic. She grabbed her towel and her bag, before hurrying over to greet him.
" busy for lunch?" he asked.
"Not at all...Granny's?" she asked.
"They do have the best crinkle cut fries," he replied, with a smile.
"'s a date," she agreed, as they joined hands and headed out to his car.
"How was work?" she asked.
"Slow day...but I guess that's good when you're a paramedic," he replied. They had been dating a little over a year now and things were getting serious between them. She hadn't told him that she loved him yet and he hadn't said it either...but she knew what she was feeling and was wondering if he felt the same. She thought about talking to Emma about it to see if she should tell him before he said it to her. She loved her Mom, but since her parents fell in love fighting trolls and her mom lost her memory, and her dad nearly died multiple times, and her mother was cursed before they could be together, Summer felt that her mother's experience in this matter was so different than the norm that Emma might be the better advisor in this aspect.
Her parents had this true, all encompassing love that was amazing, but could be intimidating at the same time. JJ was from the Land Without Magic, so she didn't want to scare him with all these expectations that she had about love. Emma had experience in his world as well and probably would have the best advice in this respect.
After an enjoyable lunch, they exited the diner, hand in hand and he looked over at her.
"You look like you have something to say," she mentioned. He smiled.
"Yeah…I'm just not sure how to say it," he replied.
"You can tell me anything," she assured him.
"So…I want to take you somewhere special tonight, for our date. But then I realized that I have no idea where," he said.
"Why don't we just take a walk? There's a lot of trails in the woods down by the Toll bridge," she replied. He smiled.
"Okay…I'll pick you up at seven," he said, as he leaned in and kissed her tenderly. Her heart fluttered, as she watched him go and then she turned to hurry in the other direction.
"Whoa...where the fire?" Emma asked.
"Emma...thank God, I have to talk to you," Summer replied. The blonde smirked.
" can talk while I eat through these onion rings," she said, as they found an outdoor table at Granny's.
"So…JJ said he wanted to go somewhere special tonight and he didn't know where and stupid me just suggested that we take a walk on the trails down by the Toll bridge," Summer said. Emma shrugged.
"What's wrong with that?" she asked.
"'s the Toll bridge! I mean, the Toll bridge, as in the infamous Troll bridge where the greatest love story of all time was freaking born!" she replied.
"What if JJ thinks I have some expectations from him and he bails?" she fretted. Emma smirked.
"What if he doesn't and slaps the big L on you?" the blonde asked, enjoying her baby sister's tiny little freak out. Summer sat there, thinking that over for a minute.
"This stuff is so...hard!" she complained, making her older sister chuckle.
"Oh I know...believe me," she said.
"Maybe Mom and Dad have it right. Maybe fighting trolls and dodging Black Knights was easier than this," Summer said.
"Nah…Mom and Dad are just weird. In the best way, but weird. Love usually doesn't blossom from assault with a rock and entrapment by net," Emma replied, as they shared a chuckle.
"Or fighting smelly trolls," Summer added with a giggle.
"Seriously though...if he's thinking about taking you somewhere special, then he certainly wasn't planning on bailing in the first place, cause he would have already done that," Emma said. Summer nodded.
"Yeah…I guess you're right," she agreed.
"And he's not from here so if he's not running away after everything he's seen...then I don't think he's going to," she said. Summer nodded, instantly feeling better.
"Thanks…I was right to talk to you," Summer said.
"Anytime," Emma said, as they hugged.
"I have to get back to campus...I'll see you later," she called.
"Good luck!" Emma called back, as she finished lunch and headed back to the station.
Snow kissed him passionately, as they got dressed and he was trying to button his shirt.
"Mmm…I should have called for a three hour lunch," she mewled, as he kissed her intensely.
"I know...but we can always have an encore later tonight," he promised, as he kissed her forehead and finished buttoning his shirt.
"I am going to hold you to that, handsome," she purred, as they held each other close.
"Summer will be out with JJ and Bobby is going over to hang out with Gideon at Belle and Gold's. That leaves us to our own devices," he said. She smiled.
"I can't wait for that then," she replied, as he kissed her again, before leaving her office. She turned back to her desk and pulled up the model of the upcoming resort that was opening imminently on her computer. It was going to be a beautiful vacation spot, but there was still much to do.
"You're late," Regina said, as Snow logged back onto the meeting.
"Sorry…" Snow replied.
"That's okay...we're all late. No one wants to spend another three hours with Midas, even virtually," she said.
"True, but it's better than being in the same room as him and this whole virtual thing solves the problem of finding agreeable neutral locations for our meetings," Snow said, with a sigh.
"Why are all these stuffed shirts so concerned by where we have the meeting?" she complained. Regina smirked.
"Men, especially men stuck in their old ways, tend to be territorial," Jasmine chimed in, as she logged in.
"Midas must be losing his mind since you haven't admitted him to the meeting yet," Phillip said, as he logged on.
"No one can stand the windbag and this is coming from me, who has a windbag for a father-in-law," Eric agreed.
"At least Triton refuses to attend, because he can't be bothered with matters of the "filthy human world," as he puts it," Glinda said.
"Yeah...why hasn't Abigail and Frederick taken over at least some of his duties yet. He's no spring chicken," Zorro said. Usually, it was Rose or Fandral attending, but since they had gone to visit Thor, Zorro was standing in for them.
"That's easy...control issues. My mother was only too happy to hand these duties over to me," Tiana chimed in.
"You know, we could just forget to let him into the meeting," Elsa said.
"I'm with her," Guinevere agreed.
"I'm all for that. Dad warned me plenty about Midas," Thomas said.
"I still can't believe he suggested we allow a strip club," Snow complained. Regina snorted.
"I can," she said. Snow sighed.
"I think we need to utilize the mute button a bit more or I'm going to permanently mute him this time," Aphrodite said, making them chuckle.
"Let's get this over with," she said, as she admitted him to the meeting.
"You are ten minutes late, Queen Snow. Again. If you cannot conduct these meetings on time, then perhaps someone else should organize them," he replied. Snow rolled her eyes.
"Or maybe you shouldn't attend at all," she retorted. He snorted.
"Oh, you would love that, but this is as much my project as it is anyone's and I have many more proposals to be considered. Neverland, after all, is a territory and we agreed that it and Pleasure Island should not be acquisitioned by any one Kingdom," he said.
"You only agreed to that, because we would never let you use military force to take that territory," Phillip said, but Midas ignored him.
"Fine, Your Majesty, you have the floor for a final time. But I warn you, if anything proposed involves the exploitation of young people, it gets an immediate veto," Snow said, as the meeting continued. It was going to be a long afternoon.
"Yes...that's all of it," Henry said, as he talked to his publisher in the Land Without Magic and listened to him on the other end.
"I know that you're used to a bit more calamity going on around here, but believe me, the rest of us are enjoying the peaceful times. I think my readers can appreciate that," Henry said, rolling his eyes. This guy wanted drama and battle all the time.
"I agree...the politics here are pretty much the same. Believe me, it's my grandmother's least favorite part of her job," Henry said, before listening again.
"Yes, you'll have a detailed exclusive of the resort opening next week. I'll be covering it all," he said, as he listened to his publisher again.
"Thanks," Henry said, as he hung up, just as Ella carried a box into the kitchen.
"Not enough drama in Storybrooke this week for him?" she joked. He snickered.
"Yeah...he didn't say it's been boring lately, but I'm sure he's thinking it," he replied, as he looked at the box.
"What's this?" he asked.
"It was in the closet," she replied.
"Oh yeah...this is the box of manuscripts that Grimm left behind. Great grandpa Xander gave it to me to sort through. Guess I forgot about it," he muttered, as he leafed through the notebooks and wrinkled his nose.
"Yeah...this guy writes some dark stuff," he said.
"Wasn't he writing these so he could get your grandparents blood and use it as ink?" she asked. He nodded.
"Yeah…I think that was their plan," he said, as he tossed it back in the box with disgust.
"And he was pretty intent on torturing my grandparents," he said.
"We should burn these," Ella said.
"You're right…" he agreed, as they took the box into the backyard and emptied the contents into the fire pit. She handed the lighter and he lit the notebooks on fire.
"No gruesome, horrible futures for our family. Only happiness," Henry said, as he put his arm around her. She smiled and they watched the fire together.
"This was a great place to come...I knew I could count on you to pick the perfect place," JJ said, as they walked along the trail through the woods. They were well past the Toll Bridge now and the winter foliage and dusting of snow was gorgeous.
"I think it's a Charming thing...we all seem to love the woods. Except Emma," she joked. He chuckled.
"Did you have special places you liked to go back in Boston?" she asked.
"A few. There were a couple of nice parks and bike trails. The city is so busy's nothing like here," he said, as he smiled at her.
"In a good way," he added, as they stopped by the babbling stream.
"This place is that what keeps you here?" she asked. He smiled and brushed her hair away from her face.
" keep me here," he replied and she bit her bottom lip, as she blushed.
"I'm really not good at any of this," Summer confessed. He chuckled.
"You're you...and that's what I love," he confessed, as their eyes met.
"Love?" she squeaked. He smiled.
"Yeah…I love you. I was kind of nervous about how to tell you. I mean, you're the daughter of two people that have this amazing love story and I'm just a normal guy," he replied.
"You're not just normal. Believe me, if you were, my family or this place would have scared you away long ago," she joked. He chuckled.
"Guess so…" he said.
"I love you too, JJ," she replied and they shared a kiss at that. They joined hands then and started back toward town.
"Well...what do you think?" Natalie asked, as she finished her latest exhibit. Xander held his grandson and smiled.
"I think it looks great...just like what Snow and David described," he said, admiring the Cibola exhibit, particularly the new addition of the tallest tower display. Anyone was allowed to tour Cibola, but it was known now that not everyone was allowed to venture to the top of the tallest tower. They weren't sure what would happen if someone did, but Zia had been clear that the texts she had read forbade the wrong people from going there.
"Thanks," she said, as she stood back to admire her work and he put his hand on her shoulder.
"This combined with the new Northuldra display should draw a few classrooms," she said.
"It will do more than that," Xander said.
"He's right, sweetie," her mother agreed, as Thalia sided up to Xander and smiled, as she took their grandson from him.
"Thanks Mom," Natalie replied.
"Are you considering doing the digital tours?" Thalia asked.
"I am...I mean, this stuff is so amazing and the world should see it all. I just don't want to do anything to endanger our family," Natalie replied.
"And Snow and David seem to think there is no harm in virtual tours. They said that there are good people out there that deserve to see all this and since we can't let them in...virtually is a safe way to do it," Xander said.
"He's right...this is always what you wanted. To present the discoveries and wonders like this to the world," Thalia agreed. She nodded.
"We agree," David said, as he and Snow arrived, hand in hand.
"Yeah, we don't see how sharing the Atlantis museum with the world, at least virtually, will hurt. As much bad as we've seen…" Snow said, as she looked at her husband fondly.
"We know there is more good in the world than bad," she finished. He gently lifted her chin with his hand, as he caressed her cheek.
"There is...even if it doesn't always seem that way," he agreed.
"And the exhibit looks great. You recreated it down to the last detail," he added, as they came closer. Levi cooed and Snow couldn't help herself.
"Come see Aunty Snow," she said, as Thalia handed him to her and she cuddled him.
"'re getting so big," Snow cooed.
"'ll be ready for those wooden swords before we know it, won't you, big guy?" David cooed to him, as he peered down.
"You're really insistent on the sword thing, huh?" Natalie asked.
"Of's a Charming tradition," he replied.
"Well…I was going to ask who wants to babysit tonight so I could get a drink with Diego," she said, calling Zorro by his first name.
"But I sense that I don't need to," she replied.
"Yeah, we'll watch him. I think it's our turn anyway," David said.
"It's not...but sure," Xander replied.
"It is kind of their turn," Natalie told him.
"Okay...well, we get next time," Snow said, as she kissed his head and handed him back to Thalia.
"Okay...well, you have fun with grandma and grandpa, sweetie," Natalie said, as she kissed her son and gathered her stuff.
"Granny's?" Xander asked all of them. Snow and David smiled.
"Yeah, we'll join you," he said.
"Sounds like the perfect evening," Snow agreed.
King Runeard emerged from the desert that evening and loomed around the Agrabah marketplace. He had found the desert surrounding Agrabah to be ideal in the past year. It was vast and rarely traversed and thanks to his powers, he took shelter in the cave of wonders without incident. Thanks to his unique powers, he went undetected by the magic guarding the treasures inside. He had to be careful where he went, lest he wished to reveal himself. When he was too close to a Charming, the elements seemed to go wild, as if to warn their chosen. It infuriated him. He was being denied his Throne and magic had grown to be a very great nuisance. When he exterminated the Northuldra, this had been his reason for doing so. Magic was a disease and only when it was eliminated could the balance be restored. And he was going to find a way to do that.
He disappeared from the Agrabah marketplace and outside Iago's in the rundown east part of Storybrooke. It seemed to be the only portion of the town that was resistant to the Charmings and refused to be bettered by their interference. The only reason they were probably still allowed to exist was because the Charmings were not dictators. He found it absurd though. It was rot like this that he would be their undoing. They refused to crush their opposition, but that opposition would not hesitate to crush them in return, given the opportunity. He took advantage of this little spot though and walked into the Tavern. No one there would tell anyone if they happened to recognize him and most probably wouldn't anyway. He signaled the bartender and he gave him a skeptical look, before coming over to him.
"Your strongest ale," he requested.
"This ain't that fancy artisan place like they have on the west side. You want something hard in here, you should go with brandy or whiskey," the bartender said.
"Fine then...brandy," he replied. The bartender poured it for him and he took a drink.
"I don't want any trouble. I see one badge or one freaking Charming poke their head in this bar…" Iago said.
"And you'll do what against my power or theirs for that matter?" Runeard challenged. Iago closed his mouth and continued to glare at the man.
"Not to worry, my friend...I am not ready for any confrontation either and they barely patrol this end, am I correct?" Runeard asked.
"Here and there...but generally no. Charming sends someone to check on me once a while to see if he can find any violations or reasons to shut me down...but I'm careful," Iago replied.
"Good man...use their rules of good conduct against them," Runeard complimented.
"Yeah…I miss the days under Seth. Those days were lawless and he had Charming on a leash. He didn't bother me for two years and we were like the Pleasure Island of the Mainland," Iago replied.
"Yes...they have taken quite a bite out of the crime, so to speak, in the last year when they took down the island," Runeard agreed.
"Is that what you and all your patrons do? Lament the good 'ole days when you could thieve and pillage without check?" Runeard asked derisively.
"It's better than what you do...lurking in the shadows and pretending you have real power," Iago spat. Runeard touched the man and he was stricken. He started to turn gray, but Runeard pulled away. He gasped and fell back against the counter, as he looked at the man with wide eyes.
"I am not pretending I have power...I could kill everyone in this town with a simple touch. But as you can imagine, that power is not always feasible or easily weaponized. But when I figure out how to do it...then I will shred all the realms down to nothing and begin anew under my rule!" he said, as he stood up.
"I trust my drink is on the house," he said.
"Whatever...just get out!" Iago stammered. Runeard started to leave when a man at a table he passed called out.
"You might want to contact this man...he may be able to help you find what you need," the burly man said. Runeard looked at him and took the card.
"General Mendoza?" he asked. The man nodded.
"And how can someone from outside the United Realms help me?" Runeard asked.
"He wants to take the Charmings down as much as you and has vast resources, plus information or so he says," the man said.
"And why would he use you to tell me, Mr.?" Runeard asked.
"Rourke...and he hired me, because I'm a mercenary for hire and he pays very well. Do with that information what you will," Rourke replied, as he finished his drink.
"He sent this too, since he figured you wouldn't have one of these," Rourke continued, as he handed him a flip style cell phone.
"You'll have to figure out the rest, but it's what's called a burner phone and can't be traced," he added, before getting up and leaving the bar. Runeard left to and returned to his solace in the desert to contemplate this new development.
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9worldstales · 6 days ago
MCU “Thor”: Who’s to blame for Thor’s banishment?
So I’ve seen around people blaming Loki for Thor’s banishment and…
… I can’t help but wonder if they realize that, by saying so they aren’t just pinning the blame on the wrong person but they’re doing a HUGE, GIANT SIZE disservice to Thor.
Although “Thor” is meant to be an origin story for both Thor and Loki…
Kevin Feige: The movie, very much, is an origin of Loki, almost as much as it is an origin of Thor. We had to ride that balance. There were drafts where Thor took over too much, and there were certainly drafts where Loki became too prominent, and I think we found a nice balance that is clearly the origin of both of those characters. [Director Kenneth Branagh and Kevin Feige Interview THOR]
…the focus was mostly on Thor and his journey to learn humility.
I mean, this is not MY interpretation of the story, it’s basically what everyone involved in the production says the story is about. Thor is unworthy, the banishment is just, from it he learns humility and becomes worthy again.
Don Payne: Whereas we’ve got an extra-dimensional being once worshipped as a god by the ancient Norse who’s banished to earth and stripped of his powers to learn humility, all set amidst the Shakespearean intrigue of a dysfunctional royal family. You just have to find the things that make Thor timeless and relatable as a character. It certainly helps that he’s charismatic and likeable, albeit flawed. He’s banished for good reason, but I think people will want to go on the journey with him and root for him to find redemption — particularly with Chris Hemsworth’s performance. [EXCLUSIVE: Screenwriter Don Payne Talks Thor!]
Kenneth Branach: That story arc of the flawed hero who must earn the right to be king is in our piece, but what’s key is the stakes. There, it’s Europe and England, and here, it’s the universe. When that family has problems, everybody else is affected. If Thor throws a fit and is yelling at his father and is banished, suddenly the worlds are unstable. [Director Kenneth Branagh and Kevin Feige Interview THOR]
Chris Hemsworth: At the beginning of this film, he’s certainly a brash, cocky warrior who’s about to inherit the keys to the kingdom, and his father thinks that he’s not ready. It’s the journey of him learning some humility through the film. I think he’s one of those people who has his heart in the right place. He’s doing what he’s doing for his family and to protect the kingdom, and he thinks it’s the right way to do it. It just happens to be a very aggressive way of doing it, which probably isn’t the right way. It’s about tempering that raw emotion that he drives off most of the time, into the right direction. [SDCC 2010: Chris Hemsworth Interview THOR]
And in fact Thor makes a 180° turn from how he started.
The boy then man who insisted he wanted first to kill all the Jotun then give them a lesson is the one who sacrifices his chance to meet Jane again to save them.
Young Thor: When I’m king, I’ll hunt the monsters down and slay them all! Just as you did, Father.
Thor: March into Jotunheim as you once did. Teach them a lesson. Break their spirits so they’ll never dare try to cross our borders again.
Thor: You can’t kill an entire race!
The man who said his father was an old man and a fool, becomes the one who says there will never be a wiser king than Odin.
Thor: And you are an old man and a fool!
Thor: There will never be a wiser king than you. Or a better father. I have much to learn. I know that now. Someday, perhaps, I shall make you proud.
The man who returning from Jotunheim was too busy to care for how Fandral got hurt so that it was Odin who had to say to get him to the healing room, is the one who, once back to Midgard, first worry about having his friends getting Heimdall on the healing room and then about what he’ll do with his brother.
Odin: You cannot even protect your friends! How can you hope to protect a kingdom? Get him to the healing room! Now!
Thor: Get him to the healing room! Leave my brother to me.
The man who thought his father’s lessons were wrong, then admits his father was right.
Thor: While you wait and be patient, the Nine Realms laugh at us. The old ways are done. You’d stand giving speeches while Asgard falls.
Thor: Neither did I. My father was trying to teach me something, but I was too stupid to see it.
The man who first was told by Loki going to Jotunheim was madness and did it anyway then tells Loki how destroying Jotunheim is madness.
Loki: Thor, it’s madness.
Thor: Loki, this is madness.
The man who would start a fight just because he was called ‘princess’ versus the man who kept on refusing to start a fight with Loki even after the other hit him four times and only does so when Loki threatens Jane.
And then there are the comparisons that got lost because some scenes got cut. Like the deleted one in which Frigga said that Thor believed to be ready… when in the end Thor will realize he’s not.
Odin: Do you think he’s ready? Frigga: He thinks he is. He has his father’s confidence.
Thor: There will never be a wiser king than you. Or a better father. I have much to learn. I know that now. Someday, perhaps, I shall make you proud.
You might remember Thor smashing a cup because he wanted another drink… well there’s a deleted scene in which, just before the Warriors Three and Sif reach Midgard, he brings a cup to Izzy in payback for the one he broke.
Thor: This drink, I like it. Darcy: I know. It’s great, right? [Thor hurls the empty mug at the ground, SHATTERING it.] Thor: (CALLS OUT) Another! [ISABELA ALVAREZ (60), the diner’s proprietor, glares at Thor from behind the counter.] Jane: Sorry, Izzy. Little accident. What was that? [He doesn’t understand. The other patrons stare at him.] Thor: It was delicious. I want another. Jane: Well, you could have just said so. Thor: I just did. Jane: No, I mean, ask nicely. Thor: I meant no disrespect. Jane: All right. Well, no more smashing. Deal? Thor: You have my word. Jane: Good.
Thor: [About a cup] May I have this? Jane: Sure. Thor: Thank you. Please, excuse me. [Thor leaves and reaches the coffee shop where he meets Isabella clearning] Excuse me, Isabella. Isabella: Oh my gosh. Thor: [Offers her the cup] To replace the one I broke. Please, forgive me for my behavior. Isabella: Okay, thank you. Thor: if I may, I’d like to come back here for more of yours splendid coffee. Isabella: Anytime.
And then you might remember how Fandral was hurt in Jotunheim and it was Loki and Volstagg who helped him, while in a deleted scene we’ve Selvig being hurt and Thor helping him.
And so on and on and on.
Thor started one way, this caused his banishment and the banishment changed him.
If we go and say Thor didn’t deserve to be banished, that it was all Loki’s ploy, we ignore how Thor before was an unworthy person and after he became a worthy person. We turn Thor into a person who’s ALWAYS worthy, regardless of him acting one way or its exact opposite but for some reason was misjudged and punished unfairly and never really had to change because he was perfect as he was.
We turn Odin into a fool who punished a worthy son for crimes he didn’t do and then took the punishment back not because Thor changed, but because he realized he made a mess.
The idea Thor’s banishment is Loki’s fault is against the authors’ intentions, damages Thor the most and, ultimately, it’s totally false.
Although Loki did some things that triggered Thor’s reactions, Thor wasn’t completely and utterly brainwashed. It was Thor’s decisions who ended up bringing those consequences and Loki had no idea Odin would go as far as banishing Thor.
In a deleted bit Loki says Odin normally ALWAYS forgive Thor.
Fandral: Well, if he doesn’t show up soon, he shouldn’t bother. Odin looks like he’s ready to feed him to his ravens. Loki: I wouldn’t worry. Father will forgive him. He always does.
From Thor’s reaction to his banishment it’s clear it’s the first time he got such a punishment and that he assumed all he had to do to be forgiven is to retrieve Mjolnir.
The novelization is not shy to say that:
Odin had always favoured Thor because Thor was a warrior, just like him… [“Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase One: Thor”]
The Warriors Three and Lady Sif clearly follow Thor because they don’t think it’ll end up in Thor being banished for disobeying Odin’s orders even though they know he shouldn’t have done it.
This proves it was the first time Odin reacted as such to Thor’s disobedience.
But let’s dig more into the story.
Loki yes, caused the coronation to be delayed by having three Frost Giants sneak into the vault and attempt to steal the Casket.
His purpose was:
Loki: That was just a bit of fun, really. To ruin my brother’s big day. And to protect the realm from his idiotic rule for a while longer.
Loki has no reasons to lie to Laufey about this. The ‘a while longer’ clearly imply he didn’t expect it was permanent. If he had said ‘to have him banished forever’, it would have affected Laufey just the same, he wouldn’t have judged him worse.
Thor’s reaction to the invasion is entirely Thor’s.
Thor: The Jotuns must pay for what they’ve done! Odin: They have paid, with their lives. The Destroyer did its work, the Casket is safe, and all is well. Thor: All is Well? They broke into the weapons vault! If the Frost Giants had stolen even one of these relics... Odin: They didn’t. Thor: Well, I want to know why! Odin: I have a truce with Laufey, King of the Jotuns. Thor: He just broke your truce! They know you are vulnerable! Odin: What action would you take? Thor: March into Jotunheim as you once did. Teach them a lesson. Break their spirits so they’ll never dare try to cross our borders again. Odin: You’re thinking only as a warrior. Thor: This was an act of war! Odin: It was the act of but a few, doomed to fail. Thor: Look how far they got! Odin: We will find the breach in our defenses and it will be sealed. Thor: As King of Asgard.... Odin: But you’re not king! Not yet.
Loki doesn’t even talk here. Thor, despite Odin thinking the opposite, insists they should just attack Jotunheim until Odin reminds him he’s no king.
This is relevant because if the coronation has concluded and the Jotuns had found on their own the way to get into the Vault, Thor would have waged war against them. This is what he wants to do and discussing things with Odin doesn’t change his mind, Odin merely forces him to shut up with his ‘I’m the king’ card.
Originally he would leave slamming the door behind himself, a sign he was still upset. We don’t see this, but we see him he’s still upset enough he turns a table upside down.
Then he has a discussion with Loki.
Thor: It’s unwise to be in my company right now, Brother. This was to be my day of triumph. Loki: It’ll come. In time. Thor: What’s this? Loki: If it’s any consolation, I think you’re right. About the Frost Giants, about Laufey, about everything. If they found a way to penetrate Asgard’s defenses once, who’s to say they won’t try again? Next time with an army. Thor: Exactly. Loki: There’s nothing you can do without defying Father. No, no, no. I know that look. Thor: That’s the only way to ensure the safety of our borders. Loki: Thor, it’s madness.
It’s true, if Loki had revealed he had been who orchestrated the break of the Frost Giants instead than telling him he also thought they were a threat, Thor might have calmed down. But this is not excuse enough for how Thor disobeyed Odin’s order, and only proves Thor wasn’t fit to be king right there because he insisted on going to Jotunheim even though Loki also reminded him this means defying Odin.
This is a serious matter but the key of it is that Thor wanted doing it before and still wants to do it now. He just can’t control his own wish to fight the Jotuns even if his father told him no. He’s not thinking. He’s not a common warrior, he’s the man who’s meant to be king.
If it takes him so little to wage war, then he’s unworthy of being king.
And does Loki really want for him to go to Jotunheim?
Not in the slightest, he knows it’s madness, in fact, believing Thor can’t be stopped, he tries to have him tattled out to his father.
Fandral: Well, at least he’s only banished, not dead. Which is what we’d all be if that guard hadn’t told Odin where we’d gone. Volstagg: How did the guard even know? Loki: I told him. Fandral: What? Loki: I told him to go to Odin after we’d left. He should be flogged for taking so long. We should never have reached Jotunheim. Volstagg: You told the guard? Loki: I saved our lives. And Thor’s. I had no idea Father would banish him for what he did.
In a deleted scene we see that as the group is about to ride toward the Bifrost Loki leaves them for a moment to talk with a guard. He’s not lying when he says he warned the guard.
The novelization digs a lot in how Loki didn’t want them to reach Jotunheim and in how Odin KNEW Thor would just do something, so it’s entirely possible Thor would have acted even if Loki had disagreed with him or had told him nothing.
“Why did he always seem to get into trouble because of his older brother? Wasn’t he supposed to be the wiser one? Odin has expressly forbidden that they enter Jotunheim. Yet it wasn’t the first time Thor had done something reckless. And it wouldn’t be the first time Loki was powerless to stop him.” [“Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase One: Thor”]
Loki had made a decision. True, he could not dictate his brother’s actions, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t continue to make plans of his own. As the others checked and double-checked that they had everything they would need for the journey to Jotunheim, Loki slipped away. When Loki rejoined the others, they were on their way to the Observatory. Hogun gave him a curious glance, but he ignored it. What he had done was none of their business. [“Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase One: Thor”]
They were on their way to Jotunheim. And what would happen once they got there was not in the hands of fate, but in the hands of his impulsive brother and his warrior friends. Loki would not be able to manipulate events there. He had to trust that the arrangements he had made would be enough for them all to survive. [“Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase One: Thor”]
Odin spent an uneasy night and felt no better in the morning. He had not seen Thor since their argument in the Vault. There had been shouting in the banquet hall as Thor told his friends what had happened, but Odin had heard nothing since. Frigga had tried to reassure him that Thor’s temper would ease and this would blow over, but Odin knew better. His son felt himself to be king already, whether the ceremony had been completed or not. He would take action. It was his nature. Odin hoped only that the action would not cause more problems than it solved. Just then, a guard rushed to him, and Odin’s misgivings were proved correct. Thor had taken his friends and journeyed into Jotunheim. Odin felt a deep well of fury rise up within him. Thor has deliberately disobeyed his orders. So, too, had Heimdall, who should not have let anyone pass on the Bisfrost – especially not a war party going to Jotunheim. “Tell the barn master to have Sleipnir and my battle gear to be readied immediately,” he ordered the guard. [“Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase One: Thor”]
Once in Jotunheim Laufey notices Thor wants to be there to wage war. He even warns him that if he keeps this up he would unleash something terrible… and it’s not Thor but Loki who accepts Laufey’s offer for them to leave, Thor doesn’t accept it even if they’re outnumbered and risk being all killed because, as Laufey said, he craved for battle.
Laufey: Your father is a murderer and a thief! And why have you come here? To make peace? You long for battle. You crave it. You’re nothing but a boy trying to prove himself a man. Thor: Well, this "boy" has grown tired of your mockery. Loki: Thor, stop and think. Look around you, we’re outnumbered. Thor: Know your place, Brother. Laufey: You know not what your actions would unleash. I do. Go now, while I still allow it. Loki: We will accept your most gracious offer. Come on, Brother.
Ultimately, even if Laufey and Loki had almost persuaded Thor to leave, all it takes is a small provocation and Thor starts attacking Frost Giants.
Jotun: Run back home, little princess. [Thor stops in his tracks. Loki goes white. He knows what’s coming.] Loki: Damn. [In one quick move, Thor pulls Mjolnir, swings it, and KNOCKS the Jotun clear across the plaza. The Asgardians reluctantly draw their weapons, gather into a circle around Thor.]
Loki is clearly not happy with his brother’s actions, he didn’t want this. It’s Thor who decided to do this anyway and, during the battle, we see that Thor is in a great spirit as he destroys a Frost Giant after another for a total of 145 Frost Giants (you can see the dead count in the Youtube video “Thor (2011) Chris Hemsworth Kill Count”).
Through the battle first Sif and then Loki TWICE will urge Thor to leave, they’re outnumbered they’ll end up getting killed if they remain there and it gets no better when Fandral gets wounded.
When Odin shows up Thor is all for continuing the battle.
Thor: Father! We’ll finish them together!
This is not Loki dictating his moves. This is all Thor and ultimately it’s Thor who argues with his father once they’re back, which is the last straw for Odin.
If Thor had kept quiet or had acted sorry Odin might have still forgiven him. He does not.
Thor: Why did you bring us back? Odin: Do you realize what you’ve done? What you’ve started? Thor: I was protecting my home. Odin: You cannot even protect your friends! How can you hope to protect a kingdom? Get him to the healing room! Now! Thor: There won’t be a kingdom to protect if you’re afraid to act. The Jotuns must learn to fear me, just as they once feared you. Odin: That’s pride and vanity talking, not leadership. You’ve forgotten everything I taught you about a warrior’s patience. Thor: While you wait and be patient, the Nine Realms laugh at us. The old ways are done. You’d stand giving speeches while Asgard falls. Odin: You are a vain, greedy, cruel boy! Thor: And you are an old man and a fool! Odin: Yes. I was a fool to think you were ready.
This is no Loki needling Thor, this is all Thor, this discussing matching the one he had in the Vault with Odin previously.
And, credits when it’s due, at this point Loki tried to interject.
Loki: FATHER-- [Odin turns with a growl and gives Loki a look which stops him in his tracks.]
Only at this point Thor will be banished and while yes, the way Loki chose to interrupt the coronation clearly had upset Thor and his words didn’t manage to calm him down, it’s also clear that not only Loki didn’t want for them to go to Jotunheim and almost get killed but that it’s Thor’s reaction to the situation that causes his banishment and that situation could have happened regardless of Loki having a hand in it or not.
Invasions happens.
The difference between “Thor” and “Thor: The Dark World” in which another invasion takes place, is that although Thor is always trying to disobey to his father in both movies, in the first he did it because he wanted to go at war with the Jotuns, in the second he did it because he hoped to spare Asgard from a war.
In the deleted scene for “Thor: The Dark World” even Odin acknowledges Thor was right.
Odin: I thought you’d been blinded by passion but in truth you were the only one who could see and you... did what needed to be done
His motive for disobeying his father in “Thor: The Dark World” is the exact opposite than it was in “Thor”, but if he’d been the old Thor he would have had no qualms to drag all Asgard into a war.
So yes, Loki set up the situation, but if Thor ended up being banished it was solely for his own reaction to the situation, a situation that could have happened in other circumstances.
Would Loki coming clear with Odin lift Thor’s banishment?
No, of course not, because none of Loki’s actions are what moves Odin to decide for Thor’s banishment. What pushes him to decide for such a punishment are Thor’s reactions to the situation. If Loki had confessed the most this could cause was for him too to also be banished.
And, to Thor’s credits, he grew in his banishment and became a better person. This is important, it doesn’t deserve to be underscored.
Also, as said before, Loki couldn’t predict the punishment would have been banishment and he didn’t control Odin either.
Not only Loki actually tried to stop Odin, but even Frigga in a deleted scene begged Odin to reconsider and he refused.
So yes, Thor’s banishment ultimately turned out to be convenient for Loki, but he didn’t deliberately orchestrated it, he didn’t plan that far.
So really, let’s just Thor have his moment of personal growth in which he becomes a better person in his own movie, let Odin have his own agency in deciding if to punish his sons or not and just accept the whole trip to Jotunheim wasn’t something Loki wanted nor Thor’s banishment something he could predict.
In short simply accept the story as its authors wanted it to be.
I get not everyone might be aware of interviews and deleted scenes but really, I would say the movie made the whole thing obvious enough to be understood just by watching it.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Thor and the others help stop... the biblical flood? This literally messes up like... so many Timelines that you are really better off pretending like it doesn’t exist because it is impossible to to reconcile this with all the other things we know.
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Tumblr media
I can’t tell if I am enjoying DeZuniga’s art style or not...
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thedashing · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
                ❝     You  would  do  well  to  remember  this  is  a     diplomatic     quest  ...     ❞               Urgent  &   futile  reminder  uttered  ,   futile  as  the  god  already  has  daggers  drawn  &   with  an  exasperated  sigh  own  sword  is  drawn  in  solidarity  .               ❝     Odin  help  us  .....     ❞               𝙷𝙴  𝙽𝙴𝚅𝙴𝚁  𝚂𝙷𝙾𝚄𝙻𝙳  𝙷𝙰𝚅𝙴  𝙴𝚇𝙿𝙴𝙲𝚃𝙴𝙳  𝙰  𝙼𝙸𝚂𝚂𝙸𝙾𝙽  𝚆𝙸𝚃𝙷  𝙻𝙾𝙺𝙸  𝚃𝙾  𝙶𝙾  𝚂𝙸𝙼𝙿𝙻𝚈  ,          however  here  he  was  ,   tensed  for  the  aftermath  of  insult  thrown  the  gods  way  ,   exasperation  oozing  into  his  words  .               ❝     If  we  die  here  Loki  ,     I  will  most  certainly  haunt  you  until  the  end  of  all  times  .     ❞               //      @liesmth   !
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rhubarb-barnes · 8 days ago
004. Fandral
Short Fics
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allthingsmarvel-3000 · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
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mischiefandnightmares · 12 days ago
New follower! your-dashing-fandral
Fey was perched on a tree, resting after a long day of causing mischief and havoc. It was a cool night and the cold air made her pixie like wings twitch. The sprite let out a sight before looking up to the night sky, for some reason star gazing always seemed to calm her down. But her attention was drawn to something on the ground below.
Tumblr media
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rt8815 · 14 days ago
I'm picturing how Thor's friends would interact with my barely conceived Marvel OC.
Hogun would silently observe her and give away nothing.
Fandral would hit on her (and pay a price for his doucheyness).
Volstagg would be fathery/uncley and admire her ability to hold her liquor. He'd also supplement the fighting skills Loki had taught her.
Sif would find her a worthy training opponent; however, they would butt heads over OC's love and respect for Loki.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Indie  ,   low  activity  +  headcanon  based  ,   Fandral  of  Marvel  ,   loved  by  Jules
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