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#fandom wank
chadfarsight · 5 hours ago
Series I don’t like, but have options on anyhow:
MHA needs/needed a kyrptonite and/or haki system. Something flatscans can use to take out powered individuals.
tbh I feel this series needed like, Aliens or Divine?
tbh I would prefer a series that just went around the planet showing how people getting powers impacted different nations?
I dropped this series because I felt the characters were not growing in ways I would find interesting.
 Naruto is in love with Sauske, but Naruto could do better then Sauske.
NaruHina could have been good, but to make it good, writers would have to respect women. 
So like, is the entire planet just the “Ninja Zone” or there like, other continents? Do the other nations have their own Ninjas/chakra-users? Are those people called Ninjas?
Ron was always my favourite out of the HP characters.
The series could have been salvaged if they put effort into developing things outside JKR’s ideas sooner (maybe like, 2010?), but the time has passed to save it. BURY THE SERIES AND FORGET IT!
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arrogantlittlethuggirl · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Are they implying the writers and producers are queer? Like i know some are but like huh how is it internalised? Is this a callout for Bobo Berns and his 50 shades s15 one sided romance? Idk.
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arrogantlittlethuggirl · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Omg Hellers why do you suck, did you even ask for Sam's hair to be decent in s15?
YES it must include bangs.
Also see they did put Sam in a manbun in s15, positive energy, universe, spiritual stuff.
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arrogantlittlethuggirl · 9 hours ago
Okay some of you people are literally having a crisis because of my Dean thirsting, as if it is my fault you all are bad stans, what were you all doing while Dean and Cas hellers were harassing everyone in the crew in the cast about Destiel huh, well not petitioning to get Sam's bangs back as far as i can tell, like it is my fault that Jensen aged like fine wine and traded cuteness in for more hotness while noone wanted to fuck Jared after Sera left.
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bounded-bloodfreak · 10 hours ago
Fanfiction is so fun, but finding decent stuff is just insanely hard. It’s all either hardcore smut, OC centric, grammar hell, OOC, or the same copy paste shit over and over. 
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rainhadaenerys · 12 hours ago
I love how Sansa stans are constantly like "don't blame Sansa for things she only indirectly caused! Mycah and Lady didn't die because Sansa lied, they died because Cersei and Joffrey ordered their deaths! The Stark men being slaughtered wasn't Sansa's fault for telling Ned's plans to Cersei, it was Cersei's fault, she is the one who ordered their deaths". But then, at the same time they like to blame Dany for the Lhazareen, for Eroeh's death, for the slavers retaliating against the freedmen. None of those things were Dany's fault, they were the fault of the evil men who did them, Dany only tried to do as best as she could to protect people, and it's not her fault that other people retaliated against that. But apparently, the same logic used to defend Sansa isn't applied to Dany. When it comes to Dany, they consider her personally responsible for each of the woes she indirectly caused, and she's considered oh! so grey, and oh! so flawed, and oh! so problematic, because her actions had indirect and unintended consequences. And when Dany stans defend her from that, or say that it wasn't her fault, or try to add some context to what happened, or say that there was nothing she could have done to prevent certain things, we are, at best, accused of ignoring her flaws, and at worst, accused of not seeing that Dany is a villain. But when other fans talk about Sansa being grey, about Sansa's actions and mistakes having indirect consequences, suddenly these same fans are like "how dare you blame a little girl instead of the actual people who did those horrible things", as if they didn't do exactly the same thing with Dany.
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kancjs · 14 hours ago
when I write my meta about how much fandom loves to toss around the word abuse what then
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fireflyxrebel-writes · 17 hours ago
Bbrae haters are really out there saying that we're gonna come up with the excuse that the panel is "out of the context"! Lmao isn't that literally the case? 😂 We don't know even if it's gar! We don't even know if that was Raven either but who cares right? Why would the context matter when we can just dedicate our whole time talk shit about bbrae in a panel and call it 'AbUsIvE'? Lmao
Do they dig into comics as much to find some robrae moments? Nah they're just obsessed over bbrae! Let them be honestly! At this point, they're just repeating their shit talks. We'll wait and see till September to find out the real story. Till then, make sure to block anyone who comes and says some shit about ONE panel.
Tumblr media
It''s LITERALLY a panel out of context-
Like...if you look up the definition of context...
The teaser gives us images out of order with no dialogue or description. So that they don't spoil anything... That's literally omitting any context.
Unless you want to read the synopsis which:
The Titans face their greatest challenge—their own powers! Nightwing, Donna Troy, Superboy, Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy, and Red Hood kick off a thrilling new case that will lead one of their own to question not only their place on the team, but their very existence.
And if you're aware of Gar's characterization then you know it's OOC for him to attack his teammates.
Any instance of him doing it is always, ALWAYS when he's lost control. Kind of Raven does that, too. Y'know, attempt to kill her teammates because she's lost control.
So, anyone who can make this connection (a basic connection really) will know: Oh. Looks like Raven is fighting some evil version of Beast Boy.
Yeah, I can't force people to have basic reading comprehension and understanding of narrative.
They truly have the interpretation skills of a child where they solely look at an image because they can't read (in this case, they choose not to read or see what easily explains the situation because it pokes holes in their argument of Gar being a bad guy).
I don't know why we care about what people like that think when they're all blocked by DC creators, and are busy creating weird hashtags like #freeraven while comparing Beast Boy to the bloody Joker and shipping her with everything and everyone from dirty gym socks to Batman himself (the irony in this and the "bbrae is antifeminist" argument is hilarious, ngl).
Like, everyone has seen that snippet and understood it's likely not Gar, based on the synopsis and how it's nothing like him. Not just BBRae fans "making excuses". Just literally any general TT fans.
You just have to fucking READ and not be so biased and full of this irrational hatred for a character.
And anways, aren't these the same folks who romanticize/sexualize Raven manipulating Wally and Dick in NTT without their consent?
Again, there's no point in caring about what they think. They're allowed to interpret things incorrectly, lol. We can't stop them and no force of logic will change their minds.
I really just want to know why Raven always gets a free pass for doing awful shit in canon, but when Gar's not himself, he's equivalent to the Joker, a mass murdering VILLAIN. 🤔
That's my ONLY question I never seem to get an answer for.
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ainomica · 22 hours ago
Ive read many SW fanfiction some included Reylo & its strange how only very few who showed Rey or any character showing compassion to Kylo werent mentioning the whole time how Bad he is & They needed to hate him but cant. Ive also read very few stories which Made Leia à likeable character , Never reflect on her own mistakes but all character Praise her. I dont know what it is but it’s almost like Some authors subtely apologizing for liking Kylo or Anakin in making the characters around them act horrible but somehow the Story calls them compassionate or Good.
"Some authors subtely apologizing for liking Kylo or Anakin in making the characters around them act horrible but somehow the Story calls them compassionate or Good"
^^^ You answered your own question. The whole American left wankery on internet teaches you that you do need to feel bad for certain class or kind of people if they have done something bad before or belong to certain category. Its nothing but subtle form of anti-social , non empathy training disguised as social justice truism.
However many people do not know this so they follow it blindly and apply the same kind of idiocy in fiction too. Villains are a prime target for this because what better way to let go of empathy than finding a villain scapegoat? The ones who end up still liking a villain though...they are in a pickle. They are being told that they are bad people for liking bad men in fiction all their semi adult life so how to reconcile that with their overwhelming love for sympathetic villains or anti heroes??
Why? constantly apologize for it! accept the premise that its bad to begin with instead of refuting it and apologize for it to get off the hook and hopefully bully won't bully them?
I have to laugh at the irony though, according to them Villains in fiction need to be reminded how bad and unworthy they are for what bad things they did even after changing BUT THEY expect the assholes to leave them alone and be kind to them for apologizing for liking fictional shit?? Do they not see the decripency in logic? One logic for them and another for their fictional extension of their ego??
Honestly , no one has to apologize and make their good guy mouthpiece denounce the ex bad guy as bad constantly. The antis won't stop bullying you and FRANKLY it makes your good guys in the fiction look petty, narrow minded toad. Look at Leigh Bar/dugo's latest duology and how florid it looks when her heroes do that or how mentally unstable the author looks ( honestly i read the book excerpts on twitter and Bardu/go looks absolutely unstable and I am not joking i swear....) 
Do you guys want to write like her and become like that?? Why??
If your hero aka your mouthpiece is not capable of letting go of grudges and reminding people of their past constantly to undermine them in fiction they are NOT GOOD or not nice, they do not deserve to be called heroes. If you want to write them like that, better make them background character #34 and spare us the headache, capiche?
( Also people should read MXTX's Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation which honestly feels like a jab at this kind of behavior by morons on internet and fanfiction writing. Lan Zhan reads like the goody two shoes who think compassion for "wrong way" of writing and thinking is stupid idea until he falls in love with that kind of a person and his failure to do right by him on time cost him a generation timeline worth of happiness. Learn something from MXTX)
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bored-nebula-stan · a day ago
The fact that most shippers’ reaction to hearing “don’t reduce gay men down to sexual gratification for women” is “omg what a homophobe” really just says everything about them doesn’t it. Literally just them admitting they think being gay is just a kink and nothing more, like something spicy and dirty to pepper onto media, so of course they think “homophobia” just means telling them not to be pervs.
We need to be more vigilant on who we allow to call themselves “allies” unmolested.
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electric-sympathy · a day ago
Fandom in general, a place dominated by straight women: We are LGBT allies!!!! We fight only for equal representation!!! We’re here to normalize the LGBT like people and not like sex toys!!!!
AO3 statistics: 669,951 F/F fanfics vs. 3,697,472  M/M fanfics; the division being only 15% lesbian versus a full 85% gay.
Which doesn’t even cover the full range because anyone who browses the site regularly can tell you that most slash shippers straight up refuse to tag their shit with M/M.
But please. Tell me again that a group that considers lesbians icky, and seemingly cannot relate to them despite sharing their gender and despite self inserts being hugely popular, and slavers near exclusively over the opposite sex is here to make progress.
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loverbarnes · a day ago
Nah actually I’m not done, I’m seeing too many bad takes to shut up about it.
SO many people seem to agree with the sentiment that “sTrAiGhT mEn cAnT bE fRiEnDs AnYmOrE” which is…….incredibly stupid on a lot of levels.
I get the idea, people shipping everything in fandom can be annoying I guess, although I really don’t understand how that effects people who aren’t involved in fandom, but the idea that men can’t go to a bar anymore because people are “exploiting” queer people is absolutely laughable.
People shipping straight characters isn’t exploiting homosexuality, it’s searching for representation in a place where there is none. If two people have chemistry, people are going to ship them, that’s truly just the way fandom is, there is no point policing it. And funny how it’s never an issue when people ship a heterosexual couple, but as soon as it’s gay it’s exploitation and fetishization.
And let’s not forget….the whole show in question is theoretically about men being friends with each other and having deep and impactful relationships with one another. And there’s. Not a single. Queer person. In the show. In fact, there hasn’t been a single queer person in any of the shows or movies in the MCU (yes I AM ignoring Anthony Russo in Endgame lol). That’s not an actor’s fault, not at all, but to say that people are somehow making it impossible for men to be friends is a wildly stupid take.
I get it, lines get crossed between fandom and reality all the time. People don’t understand boundaries and parasocialize with their favorite celebrities without their consent. I’m not saying that it’s wrong to not see a relationship as being platonic. (As many people have brought up, Chris Evans has said things similar to that in the past). The issue is not “shipping”, the issue is that statements like queer relationships being “pure” and pesky fans “twisting” things that aren’t actually there, is that it gives rise to the hordes of people who now feel perfectly happy spewing their own prejudices about queer fans and queer people.
Also, I don’t like the idea that queer relationships are inherently “pure” because they aren’t. I’ve been in queer relationships, they had their shitty moments just like anyone else’s do. They can be toxic and abusive and awful, because they aren’t “pure” they’re human relationships that are flawed.
I get it, I’m a fierce defender of fandom. I found so many friends and a safe place in dark times in fandom. So I get that I may be speaking from a defensive place, but I don’t think so. All I can see is another man who’s uncomfortable with queer fandom spaces trying to make it seem like queer people are somehow victims when people want to see two characters hold hands. Yeah sure, there’s explicit fanfic written about these characters, but seriously, you’ve got to actively seek that out to see it, a random passerby isn’t going to somehow fall into the deep depths of AO3.
There are plenty of issues in fandom, plenty of issues with the sexualization of characters and shipping culture. But wanting to see a couple of men or women holding hands is not one of those issues. People are allowed to want to see representation in their favorite characters, and it’s not “exploiting homosexuality” to create your own fanon about those characters.
Ultimately, I think it comes down to poor wording and leading questions, I do understand what he was supposed to be getting at, but it’s opened the floodgates of people now saying that all shipping is gross, only straight women ship things and they’re all fetishizers. That’s the problem here. It’s not about shipping. It’s about the way fandom gets constantly demonized for just wanting to vibe with their favorite characters and see themselves represented in media.
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ukelalaahangout · a day ago
a little message i want to send to the antis
Tumblr media
(i feel like i’m gonna regret this later but fuck it, gotta get it off my chest)
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asexuelf · a day ago
i'm still really upset that me saying "hey you call simon stupid throughout this fic and it's a simon torture fic so would you be okay to tag it with warnings specifying so" was apparently insulting and insinuating something awful about the writer... you can't use "my interpretation is closer to canon than yours" as a shield when someone is asking you kindly to tag content in which simon is cast in a negative light accordingly
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I saw a post that was like "hehe can't believe they wanted to make Dean a masculine type when he is played by J*nsen, all i can see is fruity cheerleader Je*sen hehe totally backfired their macho man plans ahhh Ja*kting choices."
You ppl r deranged.
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So fuck him on the floor friday is a thing huh, are the De*n critic*l C*s st*ns dying about it or something i wonder
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