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#fandom discourse
themountainsaysan hour ago
I honestly don't understand the argument ppl give about Elsa being alone and isolated again at the end of F2. She's clearly not?? Spirits aside, she's still in contact with other people-- her people. And i know the film pays more attention to her relationship with the spirits and the abstract concept of magic, yes, but the opposite extreme, to say she's ALONE and ISOLATED... seems like a big stretch for me. Especially because a lot of people who make this argument (not all! Not all of them) care less about theme and author intentionality than about in-universe events, and there's a perfectly good in-universe elaboration to Elsa's situation post-F2: she's surrounded by people, and one could assume she talks to then every day and has friends and whatnot. If anything, that's more plausible than assuming, with no evidence, that she lives in the glacier and barely visits Arendelle at all.
The truth is that the movie doesn't communicate her situation very well. I assume this is partially laziness and partially a need to keep things ambiguous enough should Disney ever push for a next installment, like a short or even a movie. The movie doesn't have her talk to the Northuldra, but she appears to be among them, and as she rides away, she waves at Honeymaren, so if anything I think that's a pretty good indication that Elsa is simply a bit of an introvert who's going on a horseback ride alone for fun, rather than being completely isolated from human life, 100% alone, no contact.
("I'm going for a ride" no one talks like that about going back to their house ok nitpick over)
The only way in which I could see this interpretation work is if we don't count the Northuldra as company at all.
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tolerateit2 hours ago
you started a discourse omg
......idk about that?? The post you're probably referring to literally doesn't mention 1989 and all the discourse-y posts on my dash are calling out moots who are mad that she didn't release anything. I'm not lmao?? I get that she's busy and I don't even give a fuck about her album updates anymore, and tbh idk if it was that post that set off a discourse or something else but on my end it honestly started out as basic clown jokes and I've never been mad at her for not releasing something she never told us she would.
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theexhaustedgraduate4 hours ago
Major shout out to the fallen london fandom where when one of our writers turned out to be terrible we quickly and collectively went 鈥榝uck that guy and his new game鈥 and did not engage in nearly the amount of whining about having to make that decision that other larger fandoms seem to.
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animerunner4 hours ago
Someone posted on Facebook a poll about biggest fears for S2.
One of which was her being left out of the finale for the season. And it was in second鈥
I am asking the fandom to again remember Amity as great as she is is still not one of the main leads.
Like I love her too. 锟
But whether she鈥檚 in an episode is going to depend on what鈥檚 going on with Luz.
And the biggest fears revolving around a characters whose NOT one of the protagonist. Is concerning.
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mostly-vo1d5 hours ago
I can't just keep unfollowing people
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the-afton-funhouse8 hours ago
This fandom is the fucking worst, you harass and attempt to cancel anyone who so much as breathes the wrong way, and now because you can't stand that Scott doesn't see things entirely how you do you had to harass him and try to get him cancelled, and because of your bullshit FNaF is now without it's creator.
Scott and this franchise deserve better than you toxic fucks.
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risemaclay8 hours ago
The multiple arguments of these days brought up many issues in the fandom, but I don't think to have the right nor the knowledge and experiences to say something myself in a post.
My intention is to propose something for the n/sfw content, to help those people in the fandom that want to avoid such content. I know this will not fix the problems and it's not my objective, but I hope this will help go towards a solution.
There is already a tag used in a lot for n/sfw content that is #s/mut or #zu/tara smut, but maybe adding another one for everyone wouldn't be that bad? Since some of the mayor n/sfw content creators use the tag #spicy we can start adding that too to the posts. Obviously the problem was the many untagged content with such stories, hence it's important to share this idea collectively and commit ourselves to the use of it. It will not automatically resolve the problem, because there are probably some authors that aren't connecting on Tumblr these days and other that may come in the future and don't know about issues of these days. Also this will not eliminate those stories that contains r*pe and capt/ure, so it would be important to tag stories with that contents too, maybe finding another specific tag if writing #tw:r*pe or similar would obscure the content in general.
This isn't a general solution nor a way to obscure the issues many shippers brought up, but since I read some user show complaint about the n/sfw content showing in their dash I think this maybe helpful.
Obviously if you follow some content creators that has both sfw and n/sfw content on their blogs, you have chances to see grey posts with the banned tags in evidence, same goes for the zutara tag in the research.
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trashcanprince9 hours ago
I wanted to say thank you for your tweets a while ago about how the It fandom bullies people. So many people had to delete their stories and accounts for totally benign stuff because of that one group of friends putting anyone on blast they disagreed with. The whole fandom is super toxic and really groupthink-y because of them so I had to leave.
heyy, thank you, im sorry to hear you felt the need to leave if it was something you enjoyed. i wasn鈥檛 sure if i wanted to reply to this just because, nothing against you, but i dont think its super productive to demonise any one group of friends, theres a bunch of prominent friend groups in the fandom and people i get along with as well as ppl ive had issue with in a number of them. but yeah i think the main issue i鈥檝e had with the fandom is a lot of instances where person A has made a drawing/headcanon/post that is fairly innocuous and person B has decided to interpret it in the worst way possible. and then instead of privately discussing the issue person B makes a public (often vague) post about it. then a bunch of other people that never saw person A鈥檚 post to begin with will start giving their opinions. I think when you see any sort of post that is targeted against someone it鈥檚 really worthwhile to either just ignore it or at least look into the issue and get the context before joining in on the conversation. I always try to take accusations against others with a grain of salt if I haven鈥檛 witnessed the actual thing especially because in my personal experience within the fandom I was accused on multiple occasions of things that are blatant lies.
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Warning: The following is supposed to be a humorous post. This is not a call-out post, but more of a stab at current fandom events. So please take this lightheartedly. If I get hate for this, too bad it's my blog.
Today's topic?
A Half Accurate Account of Wars, Battles, and the Neutrality of Military and Non-Military Observers.
Tumblr media
Above: Scotland Forever! by Elizabeth Thompson
You might be asking yourself "Why is a Cats blog talking about wars and military observers?" Why indeed! Because of recent current events in the fandom, I've decided to state my position in the most convoluted and witty way possible.
Myself, and several other blogs, have stated themselves as neutral in the ongoing shipping wars plaguing the fandom. Now I've seen some point to these individuals and proclaim "They're not neutral! They're actually on (insert) side!". To these individuals, I point to age old tradition of military observers!
Tumblr media
Above: The Death of Nelson by Benjamin West
Dating back to (probably) Roman times, civilians have gathered to watch large scale battles occur. For them, it was entertainment.
For example: During the First Battle of Bull Run, the wealthy civilians of nearby Washington, expecting a quick battle, went out and picnicked while watching the battle occur.
For others however, it was an opportunity to observe and take notes on the battle tactics from both sides of a war. This valuable information could be used in the future by the observing country.
A great example of this is when Prussia sent over observers during the American Civil War. Because Prussia was officially neutral, these military officers were "non-combatants" and as such were protected and labeled as "neutrals".
Below: Ferdinand von Zeppelin (the dude who invented the airship) observing the Union Army.
Tumblr media
Now, "non-combatants" and "neutrals", are persons who are not engaged in fighting during a war. They could be part of a fighting armed force, but the duties of their occupation, such as medics and chaplains, allow them to be protected. Civilians are also part of this definition.
Now blogs don't have a specific occupation, but, if a person declares themselves as neutral, it is only proper to respect their position and not drag them into the battle. Looking down from my imaginary hill overlooking the battle, these shipping wars, even though the issues in them are important, have been very ungentlemanly.
So I urge everyone to give each other some respect, and maybe listen to each other first instead of firing off like a loose cannon.
To all the neutrals and non-combatants out there, you are valid.
I also welcome you to my hill overlooking the battle, and I offer you food and drinks and the occasional wandering cat.
If you've scrolled past all of this, that's okay! I offer one of my favorite paintings instead.
Below: The Black Brunswicker by John Everett Millais
Tumblr media
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buttercupbuck13 hours ago
Honestly, i think that last anon is unfamiliar with the term鈥瀙ining鈥淏ecause they bring up fair points, but pining is not equivalent to 鈥瀟aking care and babying someone鈥 like that鈥檚...not what that means. This fandom has a lot of problems with racist takes etc., but wanting a character to be in love with someone else and not being able to pursue anything just isn鈥檛 racist, even if the pining person is a poc 馃槀 Like please don鈥檛 create problems were there aren鈥檛 any, that鈥檚 entirely counterproductive.
yeah exactly and that's just not like eddie anyway? he doesn't baby buck (unlike fandom) and it's not like he's gonna court buck while he's in a relationship either dhakdak but yeah like a poc caring for/being in love with/supporting a white person isn't inherently racist, especially when the relationship *is* so mutually loving and giving
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buttercupbuck13 hours ago
Tbh, I'm so tired of white + poc lgbt ships that are all about the brown person chasing/protecting/practically worshipping the white one. And I'm starting to see it a bit here. I know people are excited about pining!Eddie but "big strong latinx man takes care of small helpless white dude with low self-esteem" isn't the revolutionary rep you think it is. Eddie also has issues. Eddie also needs to work through things. Eddie can also be small and sick and vulnerable. And Buck is by far not the only thing on his mind all day every day 24-7. This has really bugged me since Brittana and even Calzona were a thing.
yeah the thing i love about buck and eddie is that their relationship canonically is so mutual and reciprocal. it's such a healing and beautiful thing for the both of them, and so like?? it's definitely frustrating and pretty telling for people to make it so one-sided
and idk like for example there's nothing wrong with writing fics where eddie comforts buck bc he literally does so in canon, but it's when people deny and ignore any trauma or hurt that eddie's experiencing to have him be there for buck that's it just...yikes (fun examples include making it out that eddie was 100% in the wrong during the lawsuit arc and had no right feeling hurt about how things went down, or people dismissing eddie's trauma from 4.13 so he can better support buck in fic). but yeah like a lot of people in fandom clearly don't care about him beyond what he does for buck and it shows :)))
though i'll be honest, i don't really see that in people wanting pining!eddie in s5. because it's more about eddie's growth and development than anything else. him pining doesn't really mean anything for buck's development or emotional wellbeing tbh - like he's already in a relationship with someone who wants him, and eddie supported him before all of this (as they've always supported each other), so yeah i think it would ultimately be for eddie's benefit most of all (even if it's kinda painful for a bit). it would be a really interesting arc for eddie, to have him start to untangle himself from all the things he'd been taught that he should want and do to ultimately realize his feelings for his best friend and have to sit in them and figure out where to go from there. there's a lot they could do there and idk i just don't think it's inherently problematic really lol but idk let me know if i鈥檝e got it super wrong ahah聽
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mootmuse13 hours ago
'if you don鈥檛 like the fact that fandom's incredibly narrow focus on romance/sex is inescapable and relentless you can just leave lol bye homophobe' - like what completely walk out of the way I鈥檝e enjoyed spending my free time for over half my life? just stop engaging with any aspect of any fandom at all for the rest of my life? fuck you
I鈥檓 not going to block that post because it鈥檚 a good way to tell who to unfollow but hot damn do i get. weirdly emotional whenever I see it.
I may be questioning my orientation labels but the way I engage with fandom has always been in a very ace/aro way, since way before I even knew those words or what they meant, and that has had an EFFECT. I love fandom and I always have - you can鈥檛 critique things you love? You have to love 100% of it and never ask that any thought be put toward you or people like you? I don鈥檛 get to at least WANT more room for people like me in this space that鈥檚 always been there for me in every other way? I have to just fuckin GO? fuck you fuck you fuck you
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idiotic-brainspark14 hours ago
Y'know, even though I write a lot of PJO crossover fics, I'm starting to go out of my way to avoid the PJO fandom, because it's becoming very toxic.
I know people may disagree with me, but if you start going deeper, it's super toxic and you know it.
There's the people who hate on Perachel to ridiculous degrees. The people who cast one glance at Samirah Al Abbas and scream "arranged underage marriage" (it's not. Please stop taking things out of context it's barely even an engagement, trust me I know how this works). There's the aphobia against Reyna.
There's people who think for some reason that new fans are somehow not valid???
This isn't funny guys, you need to calm down.
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gremlinjay14 hours ago
Now,this is just my pea brain rambling.
Why must all of the skid x pump art be suggestive or full on nsfw? Like come on! They're KIDS! I really wanna see more fanart of the two hugging, holding hands, and being the most fluffy balls of adorable dorkiness! I wanna see them have puppy crushes on each other like some kids do! I wanna see aus where they're in high school and finally confess to each other. A healthy loving relationship doesn't require diddling, ya know! I would love to search up Skid x Pump and see them cuddling, instead of gross stuff 8 year olds shouldn't be depicted doing! Can someone please make this happen, or I'll do it myself! >:"/
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breezeinmonochromenight15 hours ago
You would think the Polygon interview where Morimasa Sato says Heisenberg is "completely unrelated to n*zis" would have cleared up the drama, yet somehow it's become worse.
Yeah but you know what so many people online are like tho:
Someone from Group A mishears information and/or hears only what they want to hear, deems X controversial and denounces X in an aggressive way, with a 鈥榥o room for arguments鈥 tone and without doing literally any research of their own 鈥 nearly breaking some sort of internet discourse speedrun record to add X to their DNI list. If/when disproven, they will often get louder and double down with 鈥榳ell if you like X thing just go ahead and block me鈥 instead of retracting 鈥 because that鈥檚 what happens when everyone irl ignores you bc you鈥檙e annoying as all fuck 鈥 and people get so afraid of committing a 鈥榗ancelable鈥 offense that they just go with it instead of looking into things for themselves and formulating their own opinion(s). You know. Like normal people tend to do or whatever.
Then you have Group B who can鈥檛 do jack fucking shit in a fandom except the whole 鈥榮imp for the character/find the ship/write the smut鈥 routine, so the chance of someone in this group forming a cohesive counter-argument or debunking anything without framing it, in some part, as a personal attack is... well... s贸 no dia de S茫o Nunca. Anyway. They will then spend their time white knighting and/or woobifying the fuck out of X because developing an actual personality not based around (a) fictional character(s) is for chumps, I guess. If they don鈥檛 immediately crumble at any sort of negative comment about X after (somehow) taking it as an attack on their character, the closest thing you will typically get to a cohesive 鈥榓rgument鈥 from them is some variant of the 鈥渨ell I can鈥檛 choose my hyperfixation(s)鈥 schtick, and the vast majority of that sub-group misuse the absolute fuck out of the word 鈥榟yperfixation鈥 because that鈥檚 what happens when you鈥檙e extremely online and your literary diet consists exclusively of character / reader self-insert smut fanfiction.
If this was Raccoon City, the zombies would be shuffling right past these dipshits in search of brains.
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p1exieglasses15 hours ago
Top 3 ships from any fandom?
In no particular order:
Faramir x Eowyn from 鈥淭he Lord of the Rings鈥
Ruby x Oscar from 鈥淩WBY鈥
Jesus Christ x Mary Magdalene
Brutal honesty on that last one 馃槵. Don鈥檛 tell my ecclesiastical leader please.
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a-cowboy-needs-a-hat15 hours ago
hi !! ive seen a couple posts abt the dps fandom on my dash today and i agree w/ them wholeheartedly, and its reminded me of some other dps/fandom-in-general thoughts ive been meaning to say! so . here they are.
actors do not know you! we all know this one, right?
actors often arent the ones who wrote the characters
going off that,
actors often cannot confirm things as canon
for sure they can say they like your headcanons, thats fun!
but, again, that doesnt make it canon
which can also be fun, bc that means if you dont like the headcanon they agreed with, you can ignore it!
some things should stay in fandom, though
sometimes it can be nice not to get the validation/confirmation from an actor on a headcanon, cause that means you can do whatever you want with it, and nobody can go "um, actually-"
you know?
does that make sense?
probably ! i am gonna use an example anyway. to relate this back 2 dps lol
the ship anderperry! anderperry is great. i love it. im glad a lot of fans love it!
but, especially seeing how dps canonically ends and a lot of the negative messages it could imply if anderperry were intentional, a part of me appreciates it wasnt!
bc this means i can read and write as much as i want where anderperry is real, and they get a happy ending :)
and, relating this back to actors; since anderperry isnt canon, i can see gale hansen (who played charlie, not even ander- or -perry anyway, lol) saying he could see it, and he thinks that if it were canon, todd never wouldve talked about it after neil died, and i can completely ignore it! bc i dont like that. i like to think that, even if anderperry were real, and the canon ending happened, todd wouldve opened up about it w/ at least someone
(not to imply ppl asking gale abt ships/queer headcanons are in the wrong! he seems p open to answering those kinds of things, and i love that he supports the queer community/fans sm!! but just in general; his word + the word of most actors isnt law, and if actors have made it clear theyre uncomfortable w/ certain questions, leave it at that)
so. yea. actors often dont have the power to confirm stuff. actors dont know u, dont ask/send them dark/weird/etc things unwarranted. some things should be kept within fandom
ahh the magic of fandom & headcanons.
hope that all made sense
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