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#falcon and winter solider teaser
Where did ur pfp come from?!
Hi there! So actually found it off of tiktok! A creator made this, along with other variations with different hair color, length, a skin color! I took a screenshot of it and cropped it!
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carlynchh · a day ago
Bucky Barnes :(
But do you ever think about how tired of fighting he is.  He was brainwashed and forced to kill hundreds of people against his will.  He tried to live his life with his beloved plums peacefully, but the whole world turned against him.  After healing his mind in Wakanda he was living a normal life, and then Steve came back and was like ‘hey bucket its time to fight a space war.’  Like screw you Steve.  My poor Buckaroo just wants to eat plums in peace :(
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wintersoldiersthings · 3 days ago
My grandma after watching the Falcon and the Winter Soldier addresses me as 'Bucky' now...
Good luck at ur soccer ⚽️event 2nite.
Wish I could be there,
It's so fucking adorable I love it. 😂
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stcvebvckys · 6 days ago
• dating bucky barnes would include.
Tumblr media
just some headcanons of mine :)
━ hugs from behind, his arms wrapped around your waist. pulling you against him.
━ nicknames like: doll, darlin', baby.
━ him playing with your hair
━ you playing with his hair.
━ morning and goodnight kisses.
━ cuddle time. either in bed or on the couch, or cuddles when you're in his arms.
━ him constantly picking you up.
━ going on a run with sam and steve
━ being bestfriends with sam, nat and steve.
━ cooking meals together.
━ you hugging him from behind.
━ taking care of him after a mission if he's hurt.
━ wearing his red shirts and his jumpers.
━ helping him when he's struggling.
━ him helping you when you're struggling.
━ both of you taking care of each other.
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orangeskied · 6 days ago
Finally catching up on 'Bucky& the Birdman' , on ep 2.
Bucky, to Sam ( in couples therapy no less):
'Maybe Steve was wrong about things!'
Me( a Tony stan) *sips cider in sarcasm*
'You don't say....'
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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the-spark-bug · 6 days ago
Between Loki, Wanda, and Bucky, you’d think they would take turns going to Bruce Banner’s office for a counselling session. Only to be reminded that he’s not that kind of doctor.
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josephineiss · 12 days ago
Me waking up suddenly from my sleep for past month.......
Me: Is it Wednesday.........??? Let me be more precise.. Is it JUNE 9, WEDNESDAY???
Tumblr media
My parents: No!
Tumblr media
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juststreetsmen · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
Anthony Mackie photographed by Mike Ruiz for L’officiel Monte Carlo Magazine 2021.
Pure Cashmere
Watercolor Dyed Cardigan by Massimo Alba
Vest by Kyle L’yk
Side Stripe Jogger in Wool-Cashmere by Theory
Sneaker by Dolce & Gabbana
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sadiexwrites · a month ago
Me and Sirius Black: Part 2
Sirius Black: So, remind me again why we're doing this again?
Me: *sigh* For some reasons, that conversation got us 30 likes and i guess the readers sort of like our conversation.
Sirius Black: *starts being cocky as heck* See! I told you we're back in business, you just had to pick the right person for you to write fanfictions about and that is-
Me: Bucky Barnes.
Sirius Black: No, i was going to say that it was m-
Me: B.U.C.K.Y B.A.R.N.E.S. I made a headcannon about him and it got 100+ likes.
Sirius Black: And when exactly did you post that headcannons?!
Me: *shrugs* I guess the post got a lot of likes because he's currently trending with his new show and all called The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Haven't watched it, but i heard it was good.
Sirius Black: *huffs* I like WandaVision better.
Me: But we haven't even watched WandaVision- we only saw clips of it in Tiktok and i swear you only like it because of Wanda Maximoff ONLY.
Sirius Black: She's a QUEEN and my queen, so...
Me: She has Vision!
Sirius Black: Didn't he die like two to three times? And isn't she a widow now like Natasha Romanoff?
Me: Natasha isn't even married yet as far as i know and HOW DARE YOU! You know what? I am so not going to let you watch Black Widow with me when it comes out, along with the next Doctor Strange movie where Wanda will be in.
Sirius Black: Again, i'm part of your mind and imagination, whatever you see and know, i see and know too. Just like that little crush you have on that friend of yours name-
Me: *slaps Sirius to the ground* This is why i'm done with you!
I'm siriusly done with Sirius' attitude. But anyways, i wanted to thank everyone for liking my imagines and stories. It meant so much to me- like how did i even get that much likes? I know a few posts that deserve that so many likes and i'm just little old me doing this for fun. Love you all, and yes, Sirius has a mini-crush on Wanda but i sort of see him with Natasha more. They would've been a badass couple.
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