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#fae speaks
faeriesaurus · 4 hours ago
how do y'all decide which private thoughts to just post on the internet?
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faeriesaurus · 5 hours ago
okay but seriously where does all the storage on my phone go, im constantly deleting photos and giving up on apps and moving things to my external storage. my external storage doesn't seem to accumulate when im not looking, why does my internal????
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punsandfuturekingsmenn · 15 hours ago
Lament (Kiss Meme)
@lamentinglewis due to this
Arthur fretted the same as the others, getting to the door of the library. He wasn't sure if Lament would be in there but... it was his special place. The place he took him when he'd come back from death. It felt sacred almost, and safe. A nest that was Lament's own, that he made for himself. And now when he was looking for him, it was easy to feel like he should check there first. Maybe it was silly....
...but he had a feeling.
This time it turned out to be right. Lament was there, in his nook lined with soft things. He had some tome in his hand, poring over the pages, the book resting on his knees. Arthur hovered outside, twisting himself up into knots with tangled fingers and shuffling feet.
He was right there, and something about that made this real. It was silly, because every other kiss had been real too. But even with the repetition, his chest swelled and crashed hard, battering his chest against his ribs.
He slid inside the next after idling another moment. Lament didn't seem to see him yet, as engrossed in--- whatever book it was. He didn't recognize it. The closer he grew, the more his face flushed, until he was sure he could stop traffic, right at Lament's side.
"Lament...? I--" Just bite the bullet, just bite it just spit it out! "I-- uh-- I got dared to do one of those--kisses. So. Uh. Would you be okay with me know? I'll make it quick I promise."
"Mhm." Lament made a noise of acknowledgement, eyes still reading what was on the page. But he at least seemed to hear him. He'd just make it quick so he didn't disturb him. His neck stung with the ghost of a bite as he stared at Lament a moment longer, flush crawling over further, before he swallowed. On his knees he walked over and with a brief hesitation, he pressed a kiss into Lament's warm cheek. He pulled back, and to fulfill his dare, he moved forward to press another one against--
"Mmh? Arthur? What're you---?"
--lips. Lament's head turned with his questioning tone and instead of a cheek, he found soft, warm lips. There was a spark, an initial melting as he felt them against his own, warm with blueberries and rain. The spark felt like it filled his whole body, like lightning struck him, tingling from his lips and cheeks and all the way down his spine. For a moment, he leaned in, shocked to inaction by the unexpectedness of it all, but feeling so wondrous from the smallest touch. Everything was a live-wire and he was buzzing with it, with the energy, some of his own slipping to Lament. Lightning sparked at his hair, tingled at his lips, ran through his veins like circuits. His mouth twitched.
The spell broke after another beat and he yanked away like he'd been slapped at. "H-holy shit-- holy shit-- I'm so sorry I didn't-- fuck Lament-- that wasn't--SHIT-" He stumbled back further away, out the nest and nearly tripping on the wall. He'd just--- he'd--
"I'm so sorry--- it was a stupid dare but I didn't mean to-!" His mouth still tasted like earth and ozone and static and rain and blueberries and affection and shock and confusion and love and warmth and it was all so much he couldn't think what was his W H Y did he do that?!
Arthur made an awkward noise before fleeing the library.
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weasleylangs · 2 days ago
when you finally finish semester and all you want to do is write but youre too easily distracted so youve watched all 3 divergent films in two days 
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faedria · 3 days ago
abandoning my main DR for a different one idk ive been trying to get to that one since i started my journey in october so. maybe shaking things up will lead to more success?
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ranboo-but-everywhere · 4 days ago
I love reading tags that y’all put on the posts btw :)
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the-faeryqueen · 5 days ago
Just got this book from my beautiful fairy followers @luna-tormenta . It's definitely a great read if you all want to check it out. I'll be reading through it starting now 🥰💖🧚‍♀️
Tumblr media
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shesthewindandsea · 5 days ago
ryan bergera: buzzfeed unsolved is ending
me: oh okay 🙂 *meltdown*
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faeriesaurus · 6 days ago
i have to pace around the house giving myself a pep talk for at least ten minutes before going to hang out with one or two vaccinated people without a mask, how are people just going to the grocery store??
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faeriesaurus · 7 days ago
my most popular art is my stick figures so far and im fascinated by this... I guess I need to draw more stick figures haha
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shesthewindandsea · 7 days ago
oh man my anxiety really wildin tonight
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ghoulgirlsblog · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Four-Leaf Clovers:
A symbol of luck you'd be lucky to find; in fact the odds of finding a four-leaf clover is on average one in ten thousand. However, these plants are known for more than simply being a lucky find - they are thought to bring luck themselves. But why?
The oldest reference to four-leaf clovers as a symbol of luck date back to the 1600s. In some Christian beliefs Eve was said to have taken a four-leaf clover from the garden of Eden as she left. A souvenir from paradise.
In Celtic belief four-leaf clovers are a symbol of protection; considered to be magical in nature and capable of warding off evil and bad luck. And in some beliefs even allowed to bearer to see fairies.
In France there is a belief that four-leaf clovers bring luck to lovers who exchange them.
As you can see there are several beliefs surrounding this simple plant and who's to say definitely which are true? But the majority seem to agree: it's lucky to find a four-leaf clover.
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faeriesaurus · 9 days ago
when you're planning to go out but then getting dressed and putting shoes on gets you out of breath and takes all of your spoons....
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