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#expect too many photos of that
thepiecesofcait · 12 days ago
Hello! just wanted to say, I got my link to the PDF of your Miserable Month and it looks fantastic! I'm so glad I got the preorder, there are definitely illos I missed and they are all so wonderful! Thanks for making them available this way!
Thank you! I have been hoarding this ask for weeks because it brings me such joy to read - this little zine project has consumed so much of my life these past few months, and there’s definitely been moments I’ve wanted to walk away from it completely, BUT! I DIDN’T! And I am so so so proud of how everything has turned out!
Also - as of today all of the preorders are officially on their way! (Technically they have been for a fortnight, but I called in some help with posting to take the edge off of shipping rates between Australia and the US, and that leg of the shipping took a hot minute)
Everyone that ordered a copy should have received an email through Etsy with their tracking number by now, and they should be arriving within the next week or so! I am so excited for people to finally be getting their copies, and I am so so thankful for everyone that supported this project!
Once all the zines arrive at their new homes I’ll be listing my leftover copies on my Etsy store, so if anyone wanted one but missed out on the preorder window keep an eye out for that :)
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itheume · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
nudge and iggy Are the stars of this photo and in this essay i will
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gaybaumans · 11 months ago
Do you think they change in front of each other when they're changing clothes for filming?
i would assume if they’re just changing a shirt or whatever then it’s a definite possibility. though i feel like they are often wearing jackets, open button ups, whatever over t-shirts so it’s also possible that they rarely have to strip down in front of anyone lol
but who knows, anon! i would think that if you were comfortable enough with a friend who you’ve known for 10+ years then that wouldn’t be a big deal but they are also all middle aged white men who can be weird about that sort of thing so 🤷‍♀️
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rabbigfirlee · a year ago
Tumblr media
5/24/20 - an Eid to remember
#just a photo from today to add to my tumblr diary#Alhamdulilah our brunch went very well#quite a few people came and ofc more than expected but it was def manageable#Alhamdulilah#we all ended up praying outside by our pool and it surprisingly wasn’t unbearably hot#everyone wore their masks and brought their own prayer rugs#people didn’t keep 6 ft away but honestly I expected that lol it didn’t seem to be an issue but I guess we’ll find out in a few weeks#jk may Allah keep us all safe and healthy#anyways it was so nice to get together and ofc there was too much food as always (bc according to baba there can never be too much food or#or too many options)#in sha Allah people enjoyed themselves#it was nice to see my friends in person rather than virtually for once#its a shame we didn’t get to host our annual iftar party but I guess this kinda makes up for it#also we had the takbeer playing on our surround sound and the system is also hooked up to our pool area and I guess apparently it was too#loud#and one of our neighbors came to the door to complain#Ive never seen her in my life before since shes not across from us or on either of our sides (they didn’t seem to care)#and so we immediately turned it down although in all honesty I didn’t even think it was that loud!#you couldnt even hear the takbeer in the front yard because we didn’t want it to bother our neighbors#oh well#we didn’t have any other complaints after that Alhamdulilah#*** the neighbors across from us and directly on our sides didn’t seem to have an issue with the volume I honestly don’t even think they#could hear it#also this photo was taken by an auntie who was have a legit photoshoot during the middle of the khutbah 😂#ahhh good mems#personal#having* excuse the typos this is long enough and I don’t have the time or energy to go back and fix the mistakes#please dont reblog
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i’m going to stop being stupid and just post it. this is just some shit memory for myself down the road so that i remember that i can be happy, i just have to find the right people. 🌻 so many thanks to @moz-ljp​ and🌻@blackhole-whisperer​ for making me feel that way. making me feel cared for and appreciated in simple, but important ways.. to me anyway. 
*ahem* are we done being all sappy?  oh yeah sorry- ANYWAYS yeah just ignore this it’s just for myself down the road ahah if i make it past the road bumps that is  🌻
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pumpcontroller · 3 hours ago
How to set up your Home so it waters itself
The best time to water the home in summer is in the early morning between four and six o’clock. That’s when the soil has cooled down well after the night and hardly any water will be lost through evaporation.
But if you find the prospect of setting an early alarm every day a bit irksome, technology can help.
An automatic home watering system will turn the tank and controller on and off by itself. It can even detect whether rain is expected in the next few hours, and limit the water supply accordingly.
Tumblr media
Those who don’t feel like lugging around a heavy watering can can have their home watered by automatic systems. Photo: Benjamin Nolte/dpa
Is my home too small?
An water control system can make sense for homes with an area of 200sq m upwards. The larger the home and the lawn, and the more beds, shrubs and plants there are, the more advisable an automatic system is.
Otherwise you would have to stand in the garden for hours to water it properly, says Michael Henze from Germany’s Garden, Landscape and Sports Ground Construction Association.
“It is better to water less frequently, but more abundantly. Then the water will also reach deep roots.”
If you want a high-tech garden, you can even set up sprinklers that can be controlled on your mobile phone. Photo: Karl-Josef Hildenbrand/dpa
Are they difficult to install?
First of all, garden owners need to be clear about which plants they want to water and in which places. “The most important thing is to have a watering plan,” says Henze. “You can often draw one up online on the manufacturers’ websites.” Professionals may also be called in to help.
It’s important to know the distance from your water source to the plants. You should also establish which plants need a heavy supply, and which will thrive with drip irrigation.
“You need to know how strong the pump and the garden water pipe are, and how many litres pass through per hour,” says Juergen Herrmannsdoerfer, from the German Association of Retail Gardeners.
This will help you to calculate how many sprinklers and valves you can connect to the pipe, irrespective of whether the irrigation is controlled by a timer or an app.
Tumblr media
Plug-in irrigation systems can supply water to bedding plants, but also to individual pots. Photo: Simone A. Mayer/dpa
Do the hoses have to be buried underground?
It is not always worthwhile to lay your hoses deep under the ground. Drip hoses or pipes work better on or near the surface, covered with a small layer of mulch, according to Herrmannsdoerfer. This, he says, will protect them from sunlight and reduce evaporation. “The distribution pipes are usually laid 20–40cm under the soil surface, so they’re not in the way.”
What do you need in addition to the garden hoses?
“For the simplest watering system a timer that is mounted between the water connection and the garden hose is sufficient,” says Henze.
The timer regulates the flow through a valve. This allows you to set when and for how long to water, for example every 12 hours for 30 minutes. Or one hour every three days.
A simple watering computer with several programmes works in a similar way. You can set weekdays and weekends, for example, or set different schedules for different parts of the garden.
A sensor can help to target the plants more precisely. “It measures the soil moisture and sends corresponding signals to the control centre,” says Herrmannsdoerfer. “After heavy rainfall the water only comes on again when the set value is reached.”
Some plants need a lot of water, others not much. With many automatic waterers, you can finetune the amount to each plant’s needs. Photo: Roland Weihrauch/dpa
Is a smart irrigation system right for you?
Smart systems act largely independently. “An irrigation controller is connected directly to the water tap, which opens and closes the valve,” says smart home specialist Sebastian Kloess.
To do this, the controller receives instructions from the central unit, which processes information from various sources — for example, from moisture, temperature or light sensors.
“It calculates how much watering is needed for you,” explains Kloess. Robotic mowers can also be integrated into the system — they will only start working when the lawn is not too wet. All this can be operated via a mobile phone or tablet.”
If you want to control the irrigation in the home remotely, you have to connect the control centre to the Internet via a router instead of via WLAN. This will enable you to include external weather data. — dpa
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letisnotonfire · 10 hours ago
Hii Ana! Who are your favorite artists in art? It can be of any kind: painters, sculptors... Don't limit yourself :) I really like your blog and all the artistic universe there is on it, it's very inspiring! And you know i love soo much your drawings! Have a wonderful day filled with love and positivity🌼✨
PAAAAM OMG stwywhe you're a sweetheart, thank you sm for asking??? Okay, let's go, I'll make a list for the famous ones and then a list for the instagram artists ✨ ( sorry it took me a while, I love lists so I wanted to make a good one when I had time)
Jean-Michel Basquiat : If I had told my 12-year-old self that one day I'd like this type of art she wouldn't have believed me gsjwjw but oh well look at me now. I do find his work aesthetically pleasing but the main thing for me is how raw and expressive it looks, I feel like his works reflect the free nature of art and it's nice to be reminded of that from time to time. His art feels...honest? true to his heart? This sounds cheesy but it's what it makes me feel
Tumblr media
Beat Bop album cover, 1983 // Bird on money, 1981 // Black Tar and Feathers, 1982
Tumblr media
Undiscovered Genius of the Mississippi Delta, 1983
Keith Haring : some may judge his style for being "too simple" but I really don't care gagwgwg I vibe with his art and I also really like the democratized nature of his subway works
Tumblr media
Untitled, 1985 // Untitled, 1981
Tumblr media
Keith Haring creating street art in the New York City Subway, 1983. Photo by Tseng Kwong Chi
Vincent van Gogh : Look, if liking him makes me basic then I'm a proud basic bitch 😌✨ Love the guy, love his art and admire his life story
Tumblr media
Café Terrace at Night, 1888 // The Red Vineyard, 1888 // Giant Peacock Moth, 1889
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec : but you already knew he would be here sshgdhshs
Tumblr media
In bed the kiss, 1892 // In bed, 1893 // Portrait of Vincent van Gogh, 1887
Jules Chéret : I'm obsessed with his posters ever since I first laid eyes on them, they're SO FUCKING STUNNING DAMN
Tumblr media
Folies-Bergère: Loïe Fuller, 1897 // Exposition Universelle 1889 Le Pays des Feés, 1889 // Musée Grévin, 1911
Leonardo da Vinci : okay HEAR ME OUT, I know this is the most basic answer anyone could give but I had to include him for emotional reasons wtsgegw. Even though I admire his paintings, his art style is not necessarily my favorite, but I really value his passion for different areas. Like, I remember reading a little book about him when I was 10 (or something like that) and being amazed by how smart he was and how he studied so many different things. Extra information now but I remember a day when I was having a little crisis over how my art was inconsistent and how I had a lot of different interests and that it was all a mess so my dad simply told me something along the lines of "would you tell da vinci to focus on only one thing?" and I feel silly being compared to da vinci but it was so sweet and made sense to me so I always think about it
Tumblr media
armoured car, 1487 // drawing of the torso and the arms, 1500 (ps: really random but hey this was the year Brazil was discovered agsywhw crazy to think about, but anyways) // The Vitruvian Man, 1490(?)
Of course there are more like Klimt, Matisse, Manet, Monet, Joan Miró, Frida, etc that I sympathize with but I think the ones on the list are my main ones.
(sorry but I won't include pictures bc in this house we don't support reposting without permission 🤚✨)
and so👏 many👏 more 👏 stsggwyw but I'll stop now, I really don't expect you to check all of them dw but thank you so so much for asking , I hope you have a lovely day <3
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fanficfreek · 10 hours ago
Waking Up In Vegas | KTH | 21
Tumblr media
Summary, Warnings, & Chapter List
Cynara followed TaeHyung through the door and looked around. “This place is huge by Korean standards,” she slipped out of her shoes and took his hand as he pulled her down the hall.
“It’s a mansion,” he looked back at her. “I’ll show you around.”
“They’re here!” Jimin called out as they walked through the living area and to the stairs. “Where are the puppies?”
“We left them at the hotel tonight. I hired a dog sitter.”
“Are you serious?” he burst into laughter.
“Yes,” he chuckled as they walked up the stairs. Cynara remained quiet, taking it all in as they arrived at his room.
“This is quite nice,” she smiled.
“It is very different from our first dorm.”
“I bet,” she stopped at an electric photo that constantly scrolled through photo of him with friends and family. “What’s that?”
“That was from a drama I was in.”
“You act, too?”
He nodded his head. “I should probably gather a few things to take back to the hotel,” he left her side to open his closet.
“Oh my gosh, this is a Gucci treasure trove. You have so many vintage pieces!” she became excited. “I’ve only ever seen that belt in photos,” she pointed as he grinned brightly.
“We need couple clothes.”
“Couple clothes? Matching one another? Is that a thing here?”
“Oh yeah.”
“You have already spent so much money, though. Your parents…”
He placed his finger against her lips and frowned. “We didn’t date. I have a lot to catch up on.”
She looked up at him and suddenly became painfully aware that she was actually dating her husband. Conflict welled in her heart as she went back and forth. They were completely strangers, desperate to learn about one another due to the fact that they were legally bound to one another. What was going to happen when the newness wore off? Were her parents right or were his? Was this going to end up being the biggest mistake of her life, or the best drunken decision she ever made?
“What’s wrong?”
She snapped out of her deep introspection and looked up in his eyes—eyes that she was becoming increasingly fond of. “Hm?”
“Gwaenchanha?” he asked her.
“Oh… yes. Sorry.”
“I am going to eat it all if you don’t come on!” JungKook yelled in English, causing them both to laugh.
“He will,” TaeHyung took her hand. “Gaja.”
“Let’s go?” she asked.
“You’ll be full Korean in another week,” he teased her.
They walked down the stairs and around to the kitchen to find everyone waiting for them.
“Sorry,” she took a seat next to JungKook as TaeHyung sat beside her next to Jimin.
“No worries,” Jin smiled sweetly at her as they all dug into their meal.
“We don’t eat together like this often,” NamJoon spoke up. “Thank you for giving us a reason to cook.”
“My pleasure,” she caught Hobi’s eyes and smiled.
“I made makrel,” YoonGi passed a plate down the table.
“Thank you,” she nodded before taking a portion. “It smells wonderful.”
The table quieted, as they focused on their food. Cynara looked around the table as they each focused on their food. They must have been starving.
“Have you thought of taking a honeymoon?” Jimin asked TaeHyung.
“I have, but I’d like for her relationship with my family to be better first.”
Cynara watched them as they spoke Korean.
“Have you taken her to Gucci yet?” Jin chuckled from the end of the table.
“No, I might do that tomorrow. I think she’ll like seeing what the store here is like.”
“How do you like Seoul so far?” YoonGi asked her in English.
“The vibe is the same as New York City, I think. Except New Yorkers are much louder and more aggressive.”
He nodded his head. “I get that.”
“You grew up in New York?” Hobi spoke up.
“I did, in village on Long Island called the North Shore. My cousins are mostly from Manhattan.”
“So you’re an island girl?” JungKook smiled at her.
“Sort of,” she smiled back.
“Have you thought of going there for a while?” NamJoon asked as the table quieted.
“If we do… I’m sure my family would be expecting a formal wedding,” she turned to TaeHyung. “Extremely formal.”
“Same. My family wants a Korean ceremony,” he sighed.
“You both seem to get along well,” JungKook tilted his head. “Why not?”
“We will see,” TaeHyung ended the conversation with a nod.
On their way back to the hotel later that night, TaeHyung sat beside Cynara and watched her. She felt his eyes on her and turned to see what he wanted.
“What are you thinking?” he sighed as he leaned against the seat.
“Your members care a lot for you. When you wanted to get an annulment, they supported you and now that we’re still together, they’re still supporting you. It may be a different story when I’m not around, but they’ve always been very nice to me.”
“They like you.”
“That’s nice to know.”
He smiled as he ran his finger down her cheek. “The meeting with the board will be Monday.”
“What do you think they will say?”
“They will probably give you rules. You might have to learn Korean idol etiquette. You are the first wife.”
“Is that a good thing?”
He shrugged his shoulders.
“Your original idea was to stay at the hotel until I felt comfortable enough to move in with your family. Is that what you still want?”
“I’m the oldest son, taking care of my family is my job.”
She nodded her understanding. “And now it’s my job too.”
“Only if you want.”
“I have a choice?”
“You always have a choice.”
She hummed while looking out the window again. “Okay.”
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thedailytradingnewsusa · 11 hours ago
Will Wayfair Stock Rebound After Last Week’s Decline?
UKRAINE – 03/31/2021: This photo illustration shows the US e-commerce company’s Wayfair logo … [+] displayed on a smartphone and a PC screen. (Photo illustration by Pavlo Gonchar / SOPA Images / LightRocket via Getty Images)
SOPA Images / LightRocket via Getty Images
Wayfair (NYSE: W), an e-commerce company that sells furniture and housewares, saw its shares fall over 4% in the past week (five trading days), trailing the S&P 500, which fell by about 1 % above the value is the same period. Although the stock has performed outstandingly this year, up nearly 30% year-to-date, fueled by a strong real estate market, trend towards foreclosure, and increased consumer willingness to buy housewares online, the most recent sale is -off is likely to be fueled by a hint from the US Federal Reserve that it would begin raising rates a little earlier than expected. Will Wayfair stock continue to decline over the coming weeks and months, or is a recovery more likely?
According to the Trefis Machine Learning Engine, which identifies trends in a company’s historical stock price data, the returns on Wayfair stock are Average a little over 7% by doing next month (21 trading days) after a 4% decline in the last five trading days. The stock probably will too surpass the wider markets in the next month with an expected return of 6.6% higher compared to the S&P 500.
But how would those numbers change if you were interested in holding W shares for a shorter or longer period of time? You can test the answer and many other combinations on the Trefis Machine learning to test the chances of W shares rising after falling and vice versa. You can test the chance of recovery over different time intervals of a quarter, a month or even just a day!
IF the W-Share has moved -5% over 5 trading days, THEN in the next 21 trading days, the W-Share will move an average of 7%, with a 56.9% probability of a positive return over this period.
Given a -5% movement in the stock over 5 trading days, it has posted a 6.5% excess return over the next 21 trading days versus the S&P500, with a 52.9% probability of positive excess return.
Some fun scenarios, frequently asked questions, and the importance of Wayfair stock moves:
Question 1: Is the average return on Wayfair stock higher after a decline?
Consider two situations
Case 1: Wayfair stock drops -5% or more in a week
Case 2: Wayfair stock rises 5% or more in a week
Is the average return on Wayfair shares higher in the month following Case 1 or Case 2?
The W share does better after case 2, with an average return of 7% in the next month (21 trading days) under case 1 (where the stock just suffered a loss of 5% in the previous week) versus an average return of 8 , 3% for case 2.
In comparison, the S&P 500 has an average return of 3.1% over the next 21 trading days in Case 1 and an average return of only 0.5% for Case 2, as described in our dashboard, which the average return of the S&P 500 after falling or rising.
Try the Trefis machine learning engine above to see for yourself how Wayfair stock is likely to perform after a given profit or loss over a period of time.
Question 2: Is patience worth it?
When you buy and hold Wayfair stock, it is expected that over time, the short-term fluctuations will offset and the long-term positive trend will benefit you – at least if the company is otherwise strong.
Overall, after the data and calculations of the Trefis Machine Learning Engine, patience pays off for most stocks!
For W shares, the returns over the next N days after a change of -5% in the last 5 trading days are shown in the following table along with the returns for the S & P500:
Average return
Question 3: What about the average return after an increase if you wait a while?
The average return after an increase is understandably lower than after a decrease, as described in the previous question. Interestingly, however, if a stock has risen in the past few days, you should avoid short-term bets on most stocks – although W-Share appears to be an exception to this general observation.
The returns of W for the next N days after a 5% change in the last 5 trading days are shown in the table below along with the returns for the S & P500:
Average return
Would you like to benefit from rising inflation and the Fed’s change in attitude towards rate hikes? Take a look at our topic Stocks play with rising inflation
See everything Trefis Featured Analyzes and Download Trefis data Here
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more-than-a-princess · 15 hours ago
Minato had been spending his free time browsing at a local flea market. It had an assortment of different tellers with many different kinds of items for sale. 
There were truly many things of interest this teller had to offer, one in particular that stood out, was a porcelain doll wearing a princess dress. but as innocent as it looked, there was a feeling of malevolence that it was giving off. The teller had explained that this doll in particular was the doll of a young princess who was killed by her own father to preserve his rule on the throne, which made sense why the spirit would become vengeful.
He only hoped that this doll wouldn’t do any serious harm. According to the teller, the most this doll could do was cause nightmares. But it all depended on if the child spirit liked the owner. If it was the latter, the owner was said to be blessed with good luck. Minato decided to purchase it for Sonia, hopefully the fact they were both Princess would help make the spirit take a liking to her. Minato had planned to meet with her later that day. And the moment they met up, he approached her with hands behind his back.
Tumblr media
[{ 🦋 }] - “Sonia-San! I found a flea market teller that sells haunted items, and he was actually legit! I felt so much energy from all the objects. It was so cool, it was almost like the Warrens museum but at the same time totally different!” He excitedly explained, a gleam sparkle in his eye as he spoke, before his face quickly shifted back to normal.
Tumblr media
[{ 🦋 }] - “Oh! That’s right, I got you something from there.” He revealed what he had behind his back, the porcelain doll had blonde hair, blue eyes and wore dark midnight blue princess dress complete with a crown on her head and a necklace with a sapphire gem in the center of the pendent.  [{ 🦋 }] - “This may look like a doll, but inside of it is the spirit of a little girl, she’s a vengeful spirit so be careful, but she was apparently a young princess next in line but was killed by her father to preserve the throne.. it’s horrible, but maybe you’ll be able to connect with her? If she likes her owner, the owner is said to be blessed with good luck. But still be careful, and if things ever get dangerous, text or call me and I’ll be right there. Regardless, I hope you like her, I was definitely drawn to her energy, I hope its the same for you.”
“Hm? A flea market with haunted items? That sounds so wonderful! An excellent way to spend a day,” That was hardly the conversation Sonia was expecting to have with Minato: or rather, not one she’d planned to engage in there. He met her in front of a modern art museum in Tokyo, seemingly out of the way from where he’d been browsing. She’d been hard at work that morning: a new special exhibition of photographs by a Novosonian photographer had been unveiled to the press that morning, with public viewing to come the following week. While plenty of the photographs on display were of various landscapes that looked straight out of a fairy tale, some of them did feature prominent Novosonians, and the Royal Family too. If she weren’t used to her childhood photos being on display in the National Gallery and the touring areas of Novoselic Castle at home, it would have been jarring.
Still, Sonia and Minato on the museum’s steps was probably an equally jarring sight: he seemed at ease in his attire while she had needed to don brushed wool, hose, and leather heels on a particularly humid day. At the moment she wanted nothing more than to divest herself of the coordinating powder blue blazer she wore over her dress, but it sent a sloppy message to anyone in possession of a camera and an interest in gossip pages.
But if his efforts to meet her weren’t enough of a surprise, the present he held out for her to take was. “This is for me? Oh, that’s very kind of you, thank you Arisato-san!” She questioned before carefully accepting the gift. A decade or more ago, it wouldn’t have seemed so out of place for Sonia to be holding a porcelain doll (though she often made them makeshift outfits to be witches or ghosts out of paper or pieces of scrap fabric that the staff had thrown away from old clothes or linens), but as an adult looking every inch a working royal, she seemed to look too old to play make-believe. Not when the present reality needed her, and the future even more so.
That is, if her face wasn’t a direct giveaway to the contrary. Sonia beamed, the doll resting in one palm as her free hand stroked over the delicate silk-satin of her gown and the jewel in her tiny crown glinted in the sun. But it was the painted china face that was particularly unsettling: it was fixed into a look of shock and fright, unlike the sorts she was used to with pretty smiles and bright eyes. No, this doll had experienced what Sonia could only believe to be Hell on Earth: a frightening ordeal made even more painful by showing up in a market, looking for a home to call her own and someone to love her.
“Oh, I do feel for her,” She murmured, cradling the doll in her arms, “Yes, I have had moments in my life when…when I’ve been doubted, if not envied. It is a horrible feeling to both possess and endure. Perhaps…perhaps her father wished she was a boy instead.”
That was a conversation that was too close to home, one that made her smile falter a bit. Sonia shook her head and sighed before turning back to Minato with a cheerful expression instead: this was a happy occasion, and no one wanted, or needed, to listen to the problems of a Princess. She wasn’t supposed to have them, anyway.
Tumblr media
“I will be most happy to give her a lovely home, where she won’t worry about being discarded for something else,” She nodded. Her handbag wasn’t large enough to fit her so for the meantime, the doll would be carried in her arms instead. “Thank you so much, Arisato-san. I shall cherish her always, though I believe my first responsibility as her new friend is to get her home safely. Unless you have a suggestion of how to transport her? I would not wish for her lovely face to get broken along the way.”
Considering that ‘lovely face’ was twisted and menacing, it was likely few people would share Sonia’s opinion.
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xiianren · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
tagged by: @ofyonder​​ / thank you kindly!
tagging: whoever hasn’t done this by this point, take it!
[ 𝙱𝙰𝚁𝙱𝙰𝚁𝙸𝙰𝙽 ] » toothy grins, stories around the campfire, clothes covered in pet hair, hot temper, old jeans, HEARTBEAT IN HEAD, potatoes and steak, beaded jewelry, BRUISES LIKE GALAXIES, MEMENTOS, backpack stuffed full, craigslist furniture, spontaneous road trips, AIR RIPPED FROM LUNGS.
[ 𝙱𝙰𝚁𝙳 ] » homemade bread, white lies, easily excited, trying on hats, band geek, pep talks, no impulse control, SUNSETS, vintage fashion, long showers, selfies, following dreams, rosy cheeks, song mash-ups, pink lemonade with tequila, loves easily, animated storyteller, FULL OF COMEBACKS.
[ 𝙲𝙻𝙴𝚁𝙸𝙲 ] » LIST OF WISHES, BITING THEIR TONGUE, BAND-AIDS AND NEOSPORIN, shoulder to cry on, MORNING SUN, necklaces, trial and error, homemade quilts, formal clothing, astrology fan, messages in bottles, pleated braids, speaking up for friends, feathers, motivational quotes, VIVID DREAMS.
[ 𝙳𝚁𝚄𝙸𝙳 ] » BIRD WATCHING, shy kid, wind chimes, trying to whistle, summer camp, apple orchards, LOST IN THEIR HEAD, glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling, hoodies, thrift shopping, saving worms off the sidewalk, LATIN, BARE FEET, thunderstorms, numb fingers, braided hair, naming potted plants.
[ 𝙵𝙸𝙶𝙷𝚃𝙴𝚁 ] » GOOSEBUMPS, leather jackets, adventure, chewing nails, CARES DEEPLY BUT CAN’T SHOW IT, bronze locks, NO SLEEP, TASTE OF IRON, netflix binges, NEVER FORGETS, combat boots, STORIES BEHIND SCARS, TABLE FOR ONE, official soundtracks, sore calves, trusts themselves the most.
[ 𝙼𝙾𝙽𝙺 ] » ALWAYS TRYING TO BE BETTER, wanderlust, meditation, sweatpants, old photographs, yoga, sleeping in hammocks, nostalgia, minimalist design, breath of fresh air, baby animals, VOLUNTEERING, perfectionist, DOESN’T CARE ABOUT FASHION, healthy snacks, NOTICING THE LITTLE THINGS.
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Dear Comrade
Tumblr media
photo credit:
*Disclaimer: I am not a professional book reviewer, nor am I a “booktuber”, I just happen to stumble across a beautiful pain called A Little Life
12.16 a.m 
I had just finished reading the book. Can we even call it a book? A masterpiece. There, let’s settle with that instead. 
I have decided to refrain from calling this a “review”, I am simply unqualified for that. 
However, I think it’s only fair if I give you a backstory. The book follows four graduates who are living in New York. Willem is a devilishly handsome aspiring actor, Malcolm is an architect, JB is an artist, and Jude is a brilliant and incredibly secretive lawyer. The book’s first hundred pages follow them as they navigate adult life; attending parties, dinners, shows. 
If you are looking for a fast-paced, action-packed book, you may leave this book on your local bookstore’s shelf. I am gonna save you some trouble, it’s incredibly long, even tedious at times. Despite all that, the detailed depiction of each character’s lives, especially Jude’s almost made up for it. Now I am not saying that I liked seeing him suffer the way that he did, I am saying though it’s horrible it’s life. 
Whilst some people have trouble with the way Hanya Yanagihara had written it, I will not be delving too much into detail. I am simply not well-versed enough to be commenting on sensitive topics such as sexual abuse, toxic relationships, self-mutilation, suicide, child abuse, rape, drug addiction & violence. This is also a good time to mention that the book is not recommended to anyone who has suffered or is sensitive to these topics. 
If anyone is interested in reading and looking to borrow this book from me, I will have to turn you down right away. The last hundred pages were crippled, no thanks to my tears and snot I had accidentally pass down. 
I was warned that the last few chapters will rip my heart out and break it into jigsaw puzzle pieces. I didn’t expect I was going to cry like that. I could not breathe, my tears were clouding the words, I wasn’t even sure I could turn the pages. But alas, I made it to the end. 
The book's depiction of abuse and suffering is subversive because it provides no hope of forgiveness or rescue beyond these vulnerable times. It creates a moral environment in which such spiritual redemption is not possible. Jude and no one else ever refers to Jude's tormentors as "evil." The idea of spiritual forgiveness or even psychological recovery is clearly absent. Friendship is the only consolation accessible to any of us in this broken world.
As a young, naive, and uneducated person, I was extremely heartbroken by the constant self-depreciation Jude had for himself. I was livid, sad, and exasperated that Jude was still feeling beaten even after his job, great friends, Harold and Julia, and Asian Henry, Richard, Andy, and so many more. What I hadn’t realized is that sometimes life will not get better. I had to swallow the bitter pill. I had also developed a sense of understanding and compassion towards victims of abuse like Jude. I am ashamed to admit it had taken me this long and this particular book to see that. 
"On and on they stare, until Jude's face becomes almost meaningless as a face to him: it is a series of colors, of planes, of shapes that have been arranged in such a way to give other people pleasure, but to give its owner nothing."   --page 536.
Tumblr media
photo credit: @bowles3c 
To call it and categorize this book as a “sad” book would be the understatement of the century. Hanya Yanagihara has done her best to stab and twist its readers with a dagger. One that is painful yet addicting. I found myself glued to the book and I almost had this sense of guilt, for when I put it down, I would be giving up on Jude. Oh, how I wish I had just put it down and stash it somewhere dark where it would not be a constant reminder of the pain and suffering it put me through. 
Would I recommend you to read this book? No. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s brilliant and tragically beautiful. However, I would not want you to feel the sadness, emptiness, hollowness, and gaping wound I have in my chest right now. As much as it pains me to say this, I don’t even think I would read it again. The story of those who live in Lispenard St. will now live forever in my memory. 
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jeromesxreader16 · 16 hours ago
Such a Joker (50)
Part 49 Here
Jim POV:
As I come out of my office I see a large number of cops watching Jeremiah sitting calming in the holding cell. "Don't you all have work you should be doing?" I yell towards them as they scatter.
"Pardon me, Jim."
I walk over to Jeremiah raising my brows. "What is it?" "I'd like to press charges against Bruce Wayne's butler. I mean, just look at my face. I can't have my wife seeing me like this."
I scoff smirking with pure anger, "I think you look great."
"And I'd like to speak to Bruce again. We couldn't really talk before what with his girlfriend bleeding out all over him."
"You tried to prove you're better than your brother. But I'm still here. I'm searching for (Y/n), and the city's still here. You're a failure, Jeremiah. Enjoy Arkham. Your brother did. I'll be the one to make sure (Y/n)'s visiting hours will be less than none."
"Bring me, Bruce Wayne... I'll let you speak with (y/n), and I'll tell you where the other bombs are." I walk closer engaging. "We have all your bombs."
Jeremiah nods with an underlying smirk, "The maze bombs, yes. I mean the other ones. Jim, as an engineer, you expect systems to fail. So, you build in redundancies. And I am a very good engineer."
"You're bluffing."
"Am I?" He smirks at me waiting for a reaction.
"You're right, you know. I did fail. I didn't yet understand the vision I was servicing, but, I do now. My eyes are open as will yours be. When you realize I'm not bluffing, bring me, Bruce Wayne. And I'd like a coffee. Black. Two sugars."
"How many bombs are there? Where are they?" I challenge him again. "I want to talk to Bruce Wayne."
"Tell me where they are, you son of a bitch. Who's helping you?"
"Bruce Wayne."
I grunt, shaking my head in frustration, "You are never gonna talk to Bruce Wayne. You hear me?"
Jeremiah shrugs smirking, "Then more people will die and you will never see (Y/n) or meet your grandchildren." I look up meeting his icy eyes with cold blood. "What? You're lying." Jeremiah sighs, "My wallet, right sleeve, forth slot, a sonogram photo of my two twins. I don't bluff, Jim. Why do you think I ask for your blessing? Wouldn't want your daughter unwed and knocked up, huh? But once again you resented her happiness, and she ran right into my arms. You never were good at holding on to what you care about, were you, James?"
Bruce finally walks in as I'm strapped to the dolly awaiting transportation to Arkham. "Hello, Bruce. It's great to see you."
"Where are the bombs, Jeremiah? Where is (Y/n) Gordon?"
"Closer, please."
As Bruce teds near I speak again. "Tell me. How is the young lady doing?" Of course no reaction. I smile switching subjects, "You know why we're destined to be best friends? Because we're very much alike. You are as I used to be. At war with your true nature. You must truly embrace it if you ever want to be free. I'm just trying to help you."
"Trying to help me? By torturing Alfred? Trying to destroy Gotham?
By shooting Selina? You think we're alike because there's a darkness inside both of us. But the difference is, I know how to control mine."
I scoff smirking, "I think you could be so strong. I see it. He sees it too." Bruce looks at me confused walking closer. "What do you mean, "he"?"
"Where are the other bombs?"
I roll my eyes looking up at the camera playing the game, "What bombs?" "Bombs you planted around the city. You blew up the Mayor."
"Ah, that bomb. Yes, that was the only one. But it did what it had to do. It got you here."
"You said, "he." Who do you mean?"
I smile gasping at Bruce. "The one who opened up my eyes. Who showed me that everything I was doing, was not to create a Gotham of my own for (y/n), and I, But yours, Bruce. The Gotham you need. Your dark island. And it will come to be, Bruce. Tonight."
"Tell me his name," Bruce demands empty-handed.
"What did the doctors say? Will the little bitch ever walk again? What vertebrae did I sever? I was hoping for the lumbar..." "TELL ME HIS NAME!" I laugh at his anger. "You already know his name. You're his heir."
Bruce gasps letting my suit wings go. "Ra's al Ghul... No, it can't..."
"Shh." The lights flicker as the room goes dark and I am freed from this hold.
Enter the building I see (Y/n) waiting with Ra's, overlooking the old city. "Jeremiah! Ra's was just telling me he could marry us!" I grin walking over as the men get Bruce ready for the arrival.
"Could you?" Ra's nods smirking, "Just say when my boy. I can-" "Now." I pull out two solid gold bands passing mine to (Y/n). "You're prepared." She giggles. "I've been waiting."
Ra's chuckles offering off a quick blessing to us as a couple. "Do you Jeremiah Valeska take (Y/n) Gordon as your lawfully wedded wife?" "I certainly do." I grin watching my love. "And do you, (Y/n)-" "Yes." Ra's gestures between us chuckling. "Wonderful, you may kiss your bride, Mr. Valeska."
I scoop her in my arms kissing her deeply. I pull away as the men waltz a masked Bruce into the room. "Ah, hate you missed the ceremony, friend." I walk over pulling the bag off of his head.
"How did you two..." "Find each other?" Ra's finishes, "I'd like to think it was you, Bruce. You brought us together."
Ra's turns to me and (Y/n) as we look at the city. "I trust things went smoothly?" "Like clockwork. Did your men retrieve my bombs?" "They are en route to their positions as we speak. From here, we can take in the full majesty of Gotham's destruction."
"You're both insane!"
Ra's shakes his head in disappointment, "I know it's difficult to fathom, Bruce. But Jeremiah and I are doing this for your benefit."
"How is destroying Gotham supposed to help me?"
"Because I had a vision. That out of this crucible of blood and fire will rise the Dark Knight that your city needs. That I need."
I scoff pulling away from (y/n) and joining Bruce and Ra's. "To be honest, Bruce. Prophecies, visions. Not really my cup of tea. But our friend revealed something to me. That my twin obsessions, rebuilding Gotham and rebuilding you, are one and the same. You're the brother I never had. The one Jerome never could be. We will create a legacy in this city. Gotham falls. We rise. Together."
Barbara walks in passing each of us towards Ra's. "Oh, hey, Bruce. Freak. (Y/n), looking beautiful!"
"Hello, Barbara. I'm really glad you came." She sighs shrugging. "Bad news, baby. I'm not leaving. Gotham's in my blood. And I don't think I can let you leave either. You see, you say you're leaving. But I've got a feeling you're gonna be back. And I don't like looking over my shoulder."
"Need I remind you, Barbara. You've already tried using that knife. And also, you're outnumbered."
She hums smiling "Hmm. That Demon's Head is really not working out for you, huh?" Suddenly Oswald yells striking us and the fight breaks out quickly.
Tabith tackles me to the ground as I search for (Y/n) in a blind panic. She holds her knife to my neck sneering, "So you know, this is for Selina." I flip her overtaking the blade from her and pressing it to her skin. "In that case, it must be very disappointing for you to be dying like this." She smirks and moves her arm. "I'm not talking about you." She pulls her trigger making me search where the bullet traveled.
The bombs go off destroying the city as my wife falls bleeding from the bullet that pierced her. "No!" I growl rushing over. She cries holding her chest. "Jer-" "No, no, don't speak. You're going to be fine." The city burns down as my love's life source lowers.
"You're going to be fine, love. We're all going to be safe. Tomorrow is a new day,"
Staying by her bedside the entire night as the doctors work to remove the bullet, and stabilize her and the babies. "She should wake soon, Sir. The children are healthy. She's lucky it wasn't any closer to her heart." I nod boring my eyes into her face.
"Thank you, Doctor."
(y/n) mumbles and opens her eyes slowly. I smile leaning over, "Rise and shine, beautiful." She looks up at me confused, then looks down at her chest gasping, "That bitch." she sneers growling and trying to sit up. "No, no, don't try that." She gasps, putting a hand on her belly. "Jer-" "They're alright, doll. You're very lucky. All four of us are."
She looks over to me putting a hand on my cheek. "What do we do now, Jeremiah?" I smile rubbing my hands on her stomach. "Now, my love, we enjoy our marriage, and wait for our children." Her cheeks glow as I speak of our children. "I love you, Jeremiah." "I love you too, Mrs. Valeska. Always."
~ Day 87~
I sit at the radio discussing yet another call on the state of Gotham to the officials over the bridge. "Your people have decided to ignore evacuation orders." "No, no, no, no. It is clear you don't understand." "What's to understand, Mr. Gordon? I'm afraid you're making your-" "For the last time... after the bridges blew and the government declared Gotham off-limits, the city was up for grabs. Given over to criminals and murderers. New territory is controlled by whoever has enough power to hold it. I mean, we have Penguins in City Hall, for God's sake. Barbara and the Sirens control an area around their club. It's the only place in Gotham not suffering for food or booze. Barabra trades mostly for information. It's women only, but men can buy windows of time. To the west Jonathan Crane, the Scarecrow. Victor Freeze is further north warring with Firefly. And to date, there have been no confirmed sightings of Jeremiah Valeska, or my Daughter, (y/n). Then there is us. The GCPD controls a ten-block area around the precinct, where we feed and protect 150 civilians. That number could grow as who knows how many others are trapped around the city. These are innocent people who couldn't get out. The Government has a duty to protect them. You have a duty to help them." I finish waiting for the response.
"We've been over this time and time again. No one is allowed in or out of Gotham."
"People we are protecting are not criminals." "And anyone who stayed after the evacuation order is no longer the government's responsibility." "We're surrounded by hostile forces. We are running out of food, ammunition. There are children here. You need to evacuate them." "A committee is being formed regarding the situation in Gotham."
I huff shaking my head. "At least let us resupply ourselves."
"We understand the situation."
"You DON'T understand. If you did you would do something. Just say we're on our own." The radio waves stay silent as no response comes through. I nod gruffly and turn off the communication.
I look to the corner of the desk seeing a photo of (Y/n), along with the photo of the unborn twins. I sigh holding them to my heart. "Please be okay."
"I like Jeremy," Jeremiah says as we relax on the couch together. "And for a girl?" He hums thinking. "What if we stuck with the J name? I kinda like Juliet." Jeremiah looks at me smiling. "I think that's lovely."
I stroke my small belly with love. "I just want them here already." Jeremiah laughs kissing the top of my head. "They'll be perfect."
Months pass of us hiding, gaining followers, and then finally start to dig under the city for our escape. Fully 6 months pregnant and things are just seeming harder. "You're sad," Ecco says frowning. She scoots over massaging my shoulders. "Tell me what's wrong." I sigh stroking my stomach feeling a wash of sadness. "I miss my dad. I hate to say it, but I do. These kids won't have a Grandpa." Ecco nods sighing dramatically. "I am so sorry, (Y/n). I wish I could help." I smile leaning my head on her shoulder. "How's that bullet feeling in there?" I tease as she giggles. "It's still rolling around in here!" She shakes her head, knocking the loose pieces in her brain. "I still can't believe you did it." She shrugs giggling, "Anything to help you, (Y/n)."
"Come on, let's see how the boss is. It's been a while since I've seen the progress."
Ecco helps me down the steps into the area where they're digging the large tunnel. "Wow! Looks, good everyone!" I yell, making the workers greet me with forced smiles. "Darling." Jeremiah clams walking to me, placing hands over my stomach with a grin. "Ecco, you're not supposed to bring her down here. It's dangerous." He glares at her. "Jer, I wanted to, she was obeying me." He reluctantly nods waving her away.
I switch the radio station finding a slow song and smiling. "Dance we me, Jer." I grasp his hand swaying with him to the music. "We're close aren't we?" I nod laughing. "Just three more months, Jeremiah." He shutters with a smile. "I can't wait." 
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