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fergicher · 14 hours ago
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thanatophobia-thoughts · 14 hours ago
Second, although it could not have been an easy decision, I hope you -- and I want you to -- feel that it is what it is: a wise, mature decision that will open more professional doors for you than slogging away applying to and pursuing a PhD program somewhere -- all without any guarantee of a job. There is a crisis in the professorial ranks of higher education (underemployment, lack of morale, indifferent or unprepared students, exploitive administrations, etc.) and these trends will only become worse, creating a morass for educators coming into the field in the near future. Oh, how I envy you, and wish I had made a similarly wise decision many years ago. If I had I would be living somewhere that made me happy and doing something occupationally that made me even happier. The world is now your oyster; choices are many. Enjoy the freedom of a future with multiple paths ahead of you.
This is an atypical quote for me to put here, as it is a personal quote from an email I very much value and ran across again as I was cleaning out my emails. 
I made the decision on May 15, 2015, to end my academic career. This was a portion of the response from a professor I will not credit for their own privacy.
Why do I share this on a thanatophobia blog?
Many of us are scared of making changes, because we get comfortable, because it has risks, because of so many things. When I made this decision to leave academia, it was a huge risk. I had put so much time into this, and I had no real skills outside of academia. I was fortunate that I wasn’t at risk of being homeless, as I was living with a parent who understood the situation. Nonetheless, it was a risk for my own financial well-being, my social life, my emotional health, and so many things I had wrapped up in the identity of being a Future Professor. 
We’re six years from that point now. 
I’m much happier than I was at that time. It took about a year to get to the “better” part, though, and then about a year and a half to start actually feeling secure and happy. There were lots of bad jobs, stress, depression, and frustrations during that time of figuring things out. 
I’m not saying take unnecessary risks -- I was safe, I had a parent I was living with, and I wasn’t going to starve -- but what I am saying is if you’ve found yourself unhappy, uncertain, or angry, take the risks if you can. Change who you are. Change who you thought you were going to be. You can do this regardless of age, or how deep into something you are.
We only get this one life. Don’t forget that. We ONLY get this one life.
It should be as happy as possible. If you’re on a path that isn’t for you, change it. It’s okay to admit a mistake, to admit something isn’t right for you, rather than end up like this professor who told me he wished he had made the change himself. 
Don’t waste your happiness because of your pride. 
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smokeandmirrorz · 14 hours ago
26, for the ask game
Thank you! ♡
26. do you believe in aliens?
Do I? That's a great question.
I do believe we aren't the only living, breathing, conscious thing in this universe and beyond, but I don't think any alien or extra terrestrial being would look like anything we can come up with.
They are either too simple for us to imagine as alien life or way above what we can think of.
Maybe like tiny organism cells or beings so big and powerful we can't even comprehend it.
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amphibiouscretin · 16 hours ago
TommyInnit telling me that I’ve learned so much about myself in the past year and I’ve done well made me surprisingly teary?? Like, wow, thanks comfort streamer man. I mean, his motivational speech got a bit shitposty at the end but “:,(“
Also just, him rambling about how one day there will be a “last stream” and while sad- I like his semi-mentality of, “be happy because it happened.”
It’s a mentality I agree with a lot, and like, it’s nice to hear someone be like, “hey, be happy because it happened.” Even though it sucks when things are over and eventually will be forgotten, at least it happened. At least for a while it made you happy. At least you can go on from this point and have learned something (about yourself, other people, the world) and you can continue to better yourself or experience new things.
Everything will eventually one day go poof, it’s a sad fact of life, but for now you can be along for the ride and be inspired and enjoy things. And when things end, be happy because it happened rather than not exist at all.
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xirlos · 21 hours ago
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homunculosa · 22 hours ago
oh please old master, draw me
give me a long neck to grab me by
please draw me with a long neck
to choke me by and stifle my cries
oh please dear mother, birth me
with the powerful neck of a snake
with the chilling likes of yourself
birth me with one very long neck
I wish to look like a snake, like you
with cold blood to feed the vampires.
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Terminal Boredom: Stories by Izumi Suzuki
Terminal Boredom: Stories by Izumi Suzuki
Perhaps I should be more lenient towards these stories as they were written in the 1970s but alas I did find them rather dated.Most of these stories are set in near-futures. The first portrays an all-female society in which men are seen as less than human. Other stories present readers with different shades of bleak realities in which characters struggle or refuse to assimilate with their less…
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aalbli · a day ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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🦑 Ghostly Grandpa 👻
[Character Info Below, TW/CW: death, implied death, ghosts, the other side, afterlife, existential themes, teeth mention]
[Disclaimer: The following writing is fictional, hypothetical, and does not reflect my world view on what comes after death or my own religious/faith-based beliefs. I do not recommend or encourage anyone to form their own world view or beliefs around the writing. Please remember to tag TWs/CWs if reblogging. Thank you.]
Title (one of many): Davy Jones
Name: If you stay long and get close enough, maybe they’ll tell you ;)
Pronouns: He/They
Race: Archithan Cephalopid (Giant Squid-Humanoid)
Physical Features: generally pale, flickering skin; wide, empty, “saucer-like” eyes, human-like mouth and jaw with many sharp teeth, a pair of beak-like teeth in the center; 8 long + 2 longer prehensile appendages, each with dozens of retractable hooks; can manifest himself as mostly any height or size; dressed in black
Occupation: Ferryman, Etherium Graveyard Keeper
Age: ???
Song Vibe: Yellow Light (Of Monsters and Men)
Once upon a time, many many years ago when the first solar-ships had taken flight into the uncharted ether, an Archithan spacer and their crew had shipwrecked mid voyage, tragically passing amongst the stars.
The Archithan woke again surrounded by the same stars and winds, but the world between worlds was now hazy. Currents and creatures of energy continually flowed all around the Archithan as they travelled further to their fated destinations. The Archithan found they too could flow, and made their way into the unknown. He came across other lost souls who seemed to have suffered the same fate, and the Archithan began to assume no apparent law governed this realm. Being an optimistic being, the spacer decided to make the most of his new circumstances and did what felt naturally.
They travelled the currents and explored the etherium to their soul’s content. He came across many more lost souls, and many live ones too. After discovering they could interact with the living souls, they found it oh so satisfying to mess with them and soon became a frightful terror to many travelling spacers. As their stay in the realm continued, the Archithan’s power grew and they could manipulate the energies around them with ease.
Eternity soon passed for the Archithan however, and he was growing tired of the routine. Terrorizing the living had lost it’s worth and by now they felt they knew the etherium like the back of their whispy hands.
It was when another one of ‘them’ appeared on the deck of his manifested ship, that the idea came.
Many lost souls of late spacers seemed to find themselves at his feet.
And many times the Archithan would have to have the following conversation.
“Y-You! Y-You’re D-Davy Jones!!” these ones would always clamour.
“I am not,” he’d always try to reply. Or yell.
“You are! I-I’ve heard the tales! I know who you are!” they’d argue before curling up and cowering. “Please don’t hurt me, I’ve tried my best, I really tried. Please don’t hurt me, please don’t hurt me, please, please—“ they’d always beg.
This was the beginning of a new always, however. If it were any other, the Archithan would have already thrown them overboard, or would have been playing along, feeding off of as much fear as he could grow in them.
But the Archithan was tired, and something needed to change.
The Archithan slowly kneeled before the lost soul.
“Alright. You are almost correct,” he lied, “but I am not going to hurt you. Who do you go by?”
After the lost soul collected themselves, they gave their name, to which the Archithan held out his hand.
“Well, friend.. welcome to the other side.”
And with this new routine, the Archithan found he’d always be answering a new set of frequently asked questions.
“Is… Is this the afterlife?” they’d always ask.
He would then pause and make sure to always look them in the eyes before answering.
“I do not know,” he’d say flatly.
“How could you not know?” they’d always gape. “You’re the god/devil of the etherium!” the noun switching with each new soul.
“I am what’s left of a soul. Just as much as you,” they’d try to explain. “If there is another afterlife out there, the souls who have already vanished are finding out for us.”
“So that’s it then… What… W-What do I do now?” they’d ask.
And the Archithan would smile, as optimistic as always.
“That is up to you. Might I suggest though, in the meantime while you’re figuring that out.. pull up a chair,” he’d say as he’d manifest two seats and drinks for the both of them before looking out into vast ether and all it’s light.
“…and enjoy the view while you still can.”
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poeticintrovert · a day ago
This i can declare...things that are in heaven are more real than things that are in the world.
Emanuel Swedenberg
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theascendingabyss · a day ago
Some people remain young at heart and others grow older in spirit. My heart and soul are of an ancient and sempiternal kind.....
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disease · 2 days ago
brilliance of mind is the conscious pursuit of self-actualization: through the means of discipline, curiosities, and perseverance.
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Who am I? Not the body, because it is decaying; not the mind, because the brain will decay with the body; not the personality, nor the emotions, for these also will vanish with death.
Ramana Maharshi
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theidealistphilosophy · 2 days ago
Text it is with man; the measure of the happiness he can attain is determined beforehand by his individuality.
Arthur Schopenhauer, The Wisdom Of Life; Chapter 1.
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lunagalemaster · 3 days ago
The way I see it people either have a soul/an equivalent that shows that the conciousness has weight outside of the physical universe or humanity was created from a complex series of steps that started from the universe creating particles that want to survive, to particles that need to eat and drink in order to move and live to as people where we are a bunch of cells aware of itself, which in comparison to a wider galaxy of particles, the very act of living and being a person is essentially max sci-fi in comparison. We either exist with meaning or walk this lonely universe as effectively horror creatures in comparison to the stardust we were born from.
Either way we exist in some form of worth. The former means there's something beyond living that makes life have meaning and the latter means that living and being aware if living is the most special thing you can do in the entire universe.
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I saw a star slide down the sky, Blinding the north as it went by, Too burning and too quick to hold, Too lovely to be bought or sold, Good only to make wishes on And then forever to be gone.
Aileen Fisher
Brief and beautiful, like life.
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