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jbc60chcebycskinny · 12 minutes ago
zaczęłam robić te ćwiczenia i obecnie moje uda mają 52cm zrobię update za jakiś czas z efektami
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rodgerlizaola45 · 41 minutes ago
Good morning my fellow fatties. It is I your fearless leader Cobra Commander. MONDAY IS NOT AN OFF DAY! No running today but an hour and a half in the BackYardGym. Kettle bells, body weight calisthenics, shadow boxing and stretching this old body. Also in 3 months @oscardelahoya is fighting and I just want to let him know he’s been dodging me since the 90s! 160 , 154 and anywhere in between I’ll be ready! 😂👍💪👊 also Push Punch you ain’t off the hook either ! So get up and exercise you fucks because Papa loves most of you. Stay safe out in the streets because they are always watching. #Boxing #160 #154 #DeLaHoyaBeenDodgingMeSinceThe90s #Exercise #MondayIsNotAnOffDay #BackYardGym #PushPunch #JerryKrause #WhatsCrackin
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constant-thinking247 · 46 minutes ago
Relaxed bagwork today. Trying to throw out more teeps with better control
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felipegoeswest · 52 minutes ago
Today I am going to start working out again. My wife has me on a stretching regimen, too. I have a weight set at my parents' house that I am going to use. Wish me luck.
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hey-duck-you · an hour ago
Fitness Tumblr:
Do you guys trust the calories burned on monitors like Fitbits?? I have a trainer really bad at most things right now besides lifting, and he swears the calories are always wrong and I shouldn't listen to them and blah blah. Back in the day I know they were less accurate, but I also know he's an Apple fanboy and insists that's the only accurate one. I'm not getting an Apple watch, I don't have an iPhone.
I had a DEXA scan last year that told me I burn like 1550 existing and the amount of exercise I was doing brought me up to needing more than at least 1800, but the trainer now is trying to starve me at 1000 (don't worry, I'm not listening to that bs. I know that's not safe or healthy, and I can't afford to live on that as I'm not terribly over my weight goal). I've lost weight before (I have insulin resistance now lmao rip) so I know how to eat for it or whatever but he's like either his way or no way. I also run/jog occasionally and lift weights 3 times a week for about an hour with 10 minutes of elliptical warm up at 15 incline and level 8-10 (hate it lol)
TL;DR: fitblrs, is calorie count reliable on a tracker?
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Amazing high five today to you, my friend. Twelve days. It is not easy to carve out this time, I know it. Day 12 Flourish Hip Opening Yoga Low back, hips release 30 Day wellness Journey
Remember, the hardest part is showing up. But - you can do it.Just get yourself to the mat, and together we will take the next step…which will allow each present moment to MOVE into the next.
The next 5 days are designed to take us through a new layer of workout progressions experience on the mat.
Let’s go…
Day 12 Flourish Hip Opening Yoga Low back, hips release 30 Day wellness Journey
Click the highlighted link below and Join me on this Journey 30 Days of replenishing ourselves, Pilates and Yoga Wellness Journey
Today we focus on the concept of Hip Opening Flow, releasing low back and hip muscles tightness, providing tools for practice that may lead you to explore the ways in which you may be working against yourself instead of for yourself.
You have been warned.
This type of exploration can be revealing and, especially for those who have been practicing Pilates for a while now, it can be so Challenging!
This is not meant to throw you but to help guide you into new territory for a deeper discovery.
Use the tempo play to see how you can put what you have learned so far into Wellness Journey , you can stop and pause if needed.
Don’t worry, when I say tempo, I don’t just mean quick, there are some extra yummy and relaxing beats for relaxation in between the routine.
Today is all about understanding how Yoga can help us lean into the process of finding our Hip Mobility and flexibility as well as the Strength.
“Spring unlocks the flowers to paint the laughing soil.”
— Bishop Reginald Heber
Join me on the mat
Please leave a comment for any specific question with this video.
#Day12Flourish #hipopeningyoga #yogaflow #Day12FlourishHipOpeningYogaFLowbackhipsrelease30DaywellnessJourney #flexibility
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⏩website: subscribe for free workouts
MAIL ME: 2750 S Preston Rd Ste 116-104 Celina, Texas 75009
I am a physical therapist with more than 17 years of experience and certified in Pilates for at least 14 years, Implementing all my skills and knowledge of helping my patients recover from injuries using a very low impact and highly effective strengthening.
To help support my Channel grow for quality video content about wellness, fitness, health, physical therapy, yoga and Pilates.
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Annie Pilates Physical therapist , recommend you consult with a physician before starting any exercise program. The exercises give here are not meant to treat, diagnose medical condition. Please stop if you have any increasing pain or discomfort. You understand that any physical activity can pose a risk and this channel you assume all risk and injury, you are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself.t meant to treat, diagnose medical condition. Please stop if you have any increasing pain or discomfort. You understand that any physical activity can pose a risk and this channel you assume all risk and injury, you are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself.
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rachgetsfitt · an hour ago
Ugh I’m so tired lately. I’ve not been sleeping well. Today is definitely a napping day haha. Take care everyone
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fitnesswmeg · an hour ago
Check out my Zumba Workout Routine to New Rules by Dua Lipa on Youtube!
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dreamwhaleflying · an hour ago
Looking at Zhang Zhe Han’s body makes me want to exercise more and seeing Zhang Zhe Han’s beautiful figure and his way of life (which is very healthy compared to my lifestyle) incite my desire to exercise and practice healthy lifestyle.
I’m never into sport before and rarely exercise growing up. I always underweight (until recently) , hence I don’t have any desire to exercise before.
I was scared actually. Scared of the pain ensued especially after exercising. I always thought that I have a weak constitution until recently I work in the farm and I realise that I am getting stronger. Before this, I can only carry 10litre backpack sprayer and easily get tired after doing some stuff. Nowadays, I can carry 20 litre backpack sprayer few times continuously spraying things without break. I also have very funny running style - not as bad as Phoebe Buffay though - and I ask my friend to help me with it.
I’m gonna hit a gym after this and get proper exercise for the whole body (maybe get a waist like him?). There is nothing wrong with my body and I like it! I just want to improve it.
Is it wrong to like other people’s body and wishing for the same ideal body, or is it actually objectifying someone?
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technoloci · an hour ago
How is treatment for myasthenia gravis evolving?
How is treatment for myasthenia gravis evolving?
Myasthenia gravis (MG) — a medical term that translates as “serious muscle weakness” — is a rare neuromuscular disease. An estimated 30,000 to 60,000 people in the United States have this disorder, which affects people of all ages, sexes, and ethnicities. Recently updated consensus guidelines have added to our knowledge of different forms of myasthenia gravis and improved approaches to…
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People want to improve mental health by exercising, but stress and anxiety get in the way
People want to improve mental health by exercising, but stress and anxiety get in the way
New research from McMaster University suggests the pandemic has created a paradox where mental health has become both a motivator for and a barrier to physical activity. People want to be active to improve their mental health but find it difficult to exercise due to stress and anxiety, say the researchers who surveyed more than 1,600 subjects in an effort to understand how and why mental health,…
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kailify · an hour ago
for anyone that is looking for good apps to use for like running i highly recommend nike running club (NRC) it literally tracks how many cals you burn and over all really good.
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coffeeandcole · 2 hours ago
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This is probably my biggest calorie burner.
Air cycling
Just lay on your pillow all comfy and cycle on an imaginary bike up in the air while watching YouTube, scrolling on your phone or listening to music. I probably burn anywhere from 100-400 extra calories a day just doing this.
Absentmindedly doing it makes exercise go much faster
Lets you express excitement when watching a cool show that makes you want to move around
Don’t have to go outside and deal with people
Fairly quiet
Not very difficult, you choose the degree of intensity
0$ (way cheaper than a stationary bike)
Get bored and you can add scissors or other leg exercises
Could hurt your knees after a while/ if you dont stretch properly
If you’re laying on something hard you might hurt your spine
Being unfocused can cause you to lessen intensity of the exercise
Can be difficult to calculate how many calories you are burning
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Day #14:
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The house is a bit cluttered and it drove me a bit nuts earlier. Then I ate something. And now I’m in love with my home again.
The smell of bacon, coffee and woodsmoke. The sunshine revitalizing my plants and warming up the house. The mess that shows we live here, and we are out enjoying our lives not scrubbing every nook and cranny.
Just a reminder that I need to eat to keep my mind happy 😃 oatmeal with apples and cinnamon with a side of double smoked thick cut bacon 🥓
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i exercised today - for the first time in months - and now my feet fucking hurt.
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