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#excerpts of stories
blooming-anna-rose · 2 days ago
“And the spring feels as if I am greeting an old friend. The morning air, the birds singing, the longer days, it all feels reminiscent of something I thought I lost. It feels like a fresh page in a familiar story. Maybe it is a new beginning, or maybe it is a second part to the life I forgot I had, the life I forgot was possible. Maybe it is because the last time I felt like myself was in the spring. Maybe the old friend I am greeting is myself.”
-n.c. // I missed you
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celestialprint · 3 days ago
About all you can do in life is be who you are. Some people will love you for you. Most will love you for what you can do for them, and some won’t like you at all.
It’s hard. 
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luckylluminati · 5 days ago
“When I was a little girl, I thought that love had to be delicate and fragile, similar to a flower. But as I’ve grown older, I’ve realized that love can be different. It can be like a firework, explosive and bright. It can be raw, passionate, wild. Maybe even dangerous or reckless, but you shouldn’t be scared to fall in love. You are made of flesh and bone and muscle, and you are strong enough to handle any type of it.”
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anna-marie421 · 15 days ago
Oh I cried for him…. I cried because he couldn’t see how wonderful he really was or how much I loved him. How worthy of life he was… I also cried because he was never going to know happiness or the gentle kiss of a woman in the morning as he left for work. He was never going to know the sound of his child’s laughter or the warmth of a body sleeping beside him. He was never going to know true love in it’s rawest form and that broke my heart more than he ever did.
-Amara "As the Moon Falls"
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yaminasposts · 18 days ago
Things i find attractive about a person :
When they laugh spontaneously
Taking time to listen to others attentively
Empowering and lifting others up
Believing in themselves and others
Embracing their uniqueness
Giving without expecting anything in return
Showing support and care
Sharing positivism and optimism
Acceptance and maturity
Not being afraid of saying I love you
fighting for love and passion
Expressing feelings through words, actions or passions
Openness to new experiences
Valuating what's important
Working hard and not quieting when things get hard
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driedautumn · 19 days ago
Everyone writes about the one who broke their heart even though they'll never read it.
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hitchhicker08-blog · 20 days ago
// Conversation Snippets //
Snippet 2
The bustling roads
The chatter of the oblivious people around us
The noise was muffled, the kind you hear on an old recorder
The silence between us felt louder for some reason
I gazed at him as he studied the menu of the roadside cafe which we frequented, his spectacles a little loose from his ears hanging low on his nose
He frowned as he contemplated a rather foreign dish, his hands unconsciously playing with mine
“You know... I realised something about myself.” I speak softly, wishing to not break the trance we had created for ourselves.
He hums his encouragement, still not looking towards me. I feel it through his touch. He’s closer than he has ever been before.
I sigh as I prepare myself, “It’s easier to flirt... hold hands with someone I don’t have feelings for.” His hands stop playing with mine but he doesn’t remove them. For some reason the pressure of his hands are felt more now.
He looks at me through the hair falling over his eyes. I itch to push them back. He had been putting off getting his hair cut because he knew I would dislike it afterwards. He was sweet like that, in his subtle ways.
I look away, “... but with someone I do, it’s tough. It’s scary.”
“What are you feeling right now?” His voice is deep, kind of like a far off rumble before a storm. My heart beats quicker.
“Can I say neither?” I refuse to look at him but his presence makes me. He intertwines our hands even more and gives me a rueful smile, slowly shaking his head.
I take a deep breath, ”Well... I’m terrified.”
Saying I was terrified was an understatement. How could he understand, for somebody who relishes control, falling in love is the last thing they would want.
I wait for his input, the silence keeps getting louder. The wind rushes its ways between us and his scent overwhelms me. I could hear a wind chime in the distance and few people laugh.
“I am too.”
A weight seemed to lift off my heart but another replaced it. I released a shaky breath and looked at him, “What are we doing?”
He pulls me towards him. A comfort hug. The kind a friend gives another friend when they know nothing else would suffice. My eyes sting from withheld tears as my head is nestled upon his chest.
This affects him as well. His erratic heartbeat makes me sure of what I would say next.
“Don’t leave, okay?”
His hold tightens over me as he sighs, “I won’t. I promise.”
It’s strange when someone who’s always been so far away suddenly feels right within reach. When it does, you don’t know what to do with it. Yearning becomes a habit, difficult to get rid of.
What now? A question you’d never guessed you would have to answer.
His hand reaches for mine again and this time I grab him before he has the chance to, silently giving him my answer. He releases a quiet laugh, a mixture of disbelief and confusion, and I contently feel it through him.
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hitchhicker08-blog · 21 days ago
// Conversation Snippets//
~ Snippet 1~
Music has a way of making people painfully aware, of making them feel
The soft stringing of the guitar
A rumble of the ac in the background
Only the sound of the piano filling up the room
When you listen, the lyrics make sense for the first time ever
Every moment is heightened
Its like a high which comes as soon as you press the play button
As the climax approaches, your heart feels a bit heavy
Lying down on my back, I play with my hair as heat rushes to my cheeks
Its weird, I haven’t been this aware of you before
I can feel your presence even though we don’t touch
What is this? I think as I pull my hair.
My hand next to you feels taboo to move
I turn my head to look at you lying a few centimetres next to me. What are you thinking of with your eyes closed? Are you as aware of me in this moment as I am of you? Do you want me to hold you hand? Do want me to stroke my fingers across your palm as I observe you shiver beneath my touch?
I slide my hand into his
My curiosity getting the best of me
He raises an eyebrow, eyes still closed
“Why are you staring at me?”
I blush and stutter as I speak, “You have a big head, you know?”
At this he opens his eyes, frowning, and follows to rub them with his unoccupied hand. “I doubt that’s the only thing you’ve been observing. What song is this?”
I slide my hand out partially and pinch his fingers. He has a big hand, manly and even a little rough. I smile, “Fallen by Gert Tabner. Nice right?”
“Yes.” He sighs. Its loud in this silent room. I wonder if he feels overwhelmed as well. Its peaceful but at the same time my heart beats faster. Its painful.
Music has a way of making you feel like you’re in love even when you’re not.
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thatblondiesblog · 22 days ago
He glances at me and my heart breaks.
His eyes---as fuscous as midnight skies---are congested with translucent liquids and the melancholy in them triggers my heartache. I abhor how those luscious lips of his are trembling and I abhor how his enormous masculine hands are tinted with a perilous red, bruises forming on their skin. But, vastly enough, the havoc of him, in front of me, is what mauls and pestles me simultaneously.
"Now I understand how much you were hurting." The scream persists to emerge from my throat , still I refrain.
It overwhelms me. His shattered stance demolishes the little strength I had.
"You do?"
He nods. "I want to cure you, I thrive to heal you so bad... Yet, I cannot." Another droplet recedes down his cheek. Numb, I witness.
"Because you are a poison. With each of your touch, I'm slowly losing myself. You are draining me and you are completely unaware of that."
"Stop," he wags his head ceaselessly. "Don't cause me more pain. Just...Just go."
I cannot breathe. My own irises are, in addition to, full of unshed tears that debar to chime. I savour it, the saltiness and it's more dulcet than my torment. "You know I cannot live without you."
"But, I cannot live with you either, Isolde. Tell me, how do you expect me to love you when you cannot even love yourself?"
When I remain tacit, he offers me a despondent smile. His expression doesn't illuminates anymore as once. Instead, a misted shadow has resurfaced and it jeers at me. It mocks me to the core.
"That's what I thought."
Tumblr media
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“I would call myself a hopeless romantic, sure. I am hopeless in that I want a love so fierce and passionate and lethal..That a man would burn the world for me and never let the flames lick my skin. That I would be the nightmare of anyone who dared to harm or cause him an ounce of pain or darkness.”
- excerpt from a story I’ll never write
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a-losthope · 24 days ago
Truth is I just don't want to love you anymore You can no longer lead me north And I refuse to be that little girl waiting for you to adore                     I swam deep in your ocean when you wouldn't even cross my shore You protected your peace while I fought all your wars But now here I am wondering, what was it all for?
I Don’t want to love you anymore // Ig: @How.ItFeels
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jeserani · 24 days ago
02.55 am my phone's ring
me: hey, sup?
he: nah just wanna hear your voice
I smile n get back to sleep
he: still there?
me: hmm
he: I can hear your breath
me: ehmm
long pause before I continue
me: glad you can't smell it though
silent for a long time, I decide to get back to sleep.
03.26 am and someone slip into my back. I turn and saw him. He kissed my nose and pull me close.
he: sorry wake you up
I'm so sleepy and just close my eyes, feel his warm wrapped around me. He got sleeping problems, barely sleep that night. Yet he didn't move a bit. he just there, hand wrap under my head and slowly swirl my hair, other hand at my hips, draw pattern slowly. our legs tangled and sometimes, he hum. song's I don't know. I'm a light sleeper, those things wakes me up yet help me drift back to sleep
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jeserani · 25 days ago
Search for the right guy. The one who made your stomach turn just by looking at him. The guy who made your heart skip a beat as he looked at you. The guy that was knew your body that he could make it sing with his hands, lips, words, and everything else he had.
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