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#excerpt from a story i'll never write
person-1n-progress · 2 hours ago
10 Enemies to Lovers Prompts
1. “Somewhere along the line, you stopped hating me.”
2. “I don’t like them; I can barely tolerate them.”
3. “See, you aren’t that bad. When you’re not trying to kill me.”
4. “Would falling in love with me be so terrible?”
5. “I’m going to kill you.”
6. “No you wouldn’t, you like me too much.”
7. “I hate you, you despise me. It’s not that complicated.”
8. “I used to hate you, but now…”
9. “Things have changed, okay?”
10. “I will never like you. And if I did, hypothetically, like you, I would never say a word.”
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feralfeline · 3 hours ago
I didn’t know what it was to be haunted by the thoughts and memories of someone you almost loved till I was standing amidst a bustling crowd after almost boarding the train back home, the train had left but it was me, I was late. Tears came rushing to the surface, I was lost.
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manyasaxenawrites · 4 hours ago
12. Sorceress Supreme
It so happened some years ago,
a story of the past it seems,
the room was wide and huge,
absorbing the echoes of her screams.
Her tale is told in those corridors still,
where she roams, almost as if free,
the ghost of her bolting/shutting doors,
what happened that night, I couldn't foresee.
Loud banging waking up the dead,
calling them to join her quest,
the dead following her in the night,
In that hostel only dead did rest.
I hear her sometimes still,
in what I believe are dreams,
I swear I saw a light on the ceiling,
of her, sorceress supreme.
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l-a-clift · 4 hours ago
How do I describe my favorite song?
Even when the tune was only music on the wind, I felt I had known it before.
It has a melody I can happily spend hours with- that will always makes me smile, even when life is bleak.
And yet, such music is far from predictable.
I’m continually amazed by the layers. Little chords and lilts I’d never known before. Unexpected key changes. Spectacular harmonies.
The kind of music that’ll have the whole world singing along.
So, how do I describe him?
Quite like my favorite song, I think.
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sirena-voyager · 6 hours ago
Oookay, Voyager fanfic writers, I will try to get back into writing more stories after a nearly 2 year slump (shame on me! 🤦‍♀️), especially Janeway/Chakotay stories (my OTP!!! 😍), but I will have word or sentence ideas that I may don’t know how to elaborate further on without some help. I’m not sure this is how word prompts work, since yes I am a total newb at this, but here’s my first one. Enjoy! Send me a link if you do write with this! 😉
*Conversation between Torres/Paris about discovering Janeway/Chakotay finally did it
Tom: I know you like to live dangerously, so call me crazy but I just had this idea.
B’Elanna: *smirks* I’m listening.
Tom: If we ever need any...uh, “help” spicing things up, for background inspiration I don’t think we’ll need holodeck programs or videos ever again.
B’Elanna: *jaw drops* You mean...listen to them!?
Tom: *shrugs*
B’Elanna: And then if we get worked up and do it with them? We’d get caught for sure! Listening to those two go at it is probably the most dangerous thing you could think of! You’re not crazy, you’re fucking insane!
B’Elanna: And I love you for it. *grins devilishly* I wonder what the punishment would be if we got caught?
Tom (to self): Uh-oh...and I thought I liked to live dangerously.
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l-ecrivainn · 13 hours ago
«Amarillo y negro»
Estoy despierto y noto una soga en mi cuello. Trato de liberarme de este mal, pero una caja de madera me priva de ello. Las posibilidades de que viva son mínimas, he desaprovechado mi momento, ahora solo queda morir poco a poco, un día a la vez.
No, no he muerto, todavía no. Aún tengo que ver al Sol teñir de naranja el paisaje, o escuchar la sangre del mundo corriendo por los ríos, o notar tus ingratos ojos mirando los míos.
¿Acaso vale la pena hacerlo? Me veo como un muerto en vida, un ser carente de mariposas en el estómago. Solamente retraso lo que tarde o temprano ocurrirá; qué más da estar aquí, existen almas que arden más que la mía.
¿Y qué hay de las melodías que tornan mi día amarillo? ¿No existen? El simple cantar mañanero del animal con alas hace que la tinta rojiza que recorre mi cuerpo circule felizmente.
En cierta manera, la rutina me prohibió notarlo.
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celestialprint · a day ago
If I could, I would apologize to the sky and my room ceiling for all of the nights I’ve stared at them remembering things I should have forgotten.
Excerpt from a book about my life I’ll never write // 11.04.2021
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from-ana-with-love · a day ago
There are people that cross your path once in a lifetime and that mark your life forever. And you know that even if you go your separate ways there is always a little of them that will live in you. Because special people will always have a special place in your heart.
A.R.S // Special people
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sorebelstudent6 · a day ago
I feel trapped. I feel trapped in a life of my own making. I feel guilt and dread and the endless disappointment. I feel this all so deeply. I drown under the weight of my own dissatisfaction. I drown and I beg you with blurry eyes and flooding lungs to save me.
I feel trapped.
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budding-poet · a day ago
There is a place in the market, where beggars sit and cry for food. At the same place, there are people who are trying multiple cuisines in a single go.
There're kids with parents and caretakers, with all the love in the world. And then there is this 3 year old kid, with no buttons in his shirt through which his little tummy is staring at all the ignorance in the world. He is walking along with his mother and his elder brother. The kid has sullen eyes and is too small to understand the sadness of his heart, but he is sad.
There're big homes with a backyard and then there're footpaths with died hopes.
There is a street through which lovers are walking holding hands, smiling at one another. In the same street, there're people wandering with a broken heart and lonely eyes.
I am walking through the layers of our society and wondering if doomsday could come sooner, so that every particle of human existence could get levelled.
- rahul a
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wordsbyt · a day ago
Hate is a strong soldier, and has fought many battles. It uses a secret weapon for its power. It tries to break your heart to make you weak. If it can do this, break your heart, it will defeat you. Save yourself and be your own hero. Hate can not beat you if you love. Fight it with your own army of love. For it is powerless against love. Hate can not win.
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wordsbyt · a day ago
This is a story.
Or maybe, a question within a story.
The story of your life.
Would you read that story? Would you read the ending? What if the story told everything? Past, present, and future. What if?
If your story told of every adventure you’ve ever had. If the story told of your heartbreaks and loves. If that story was the truth. And told as only the truth could read. Not like you’d like to remember at times.
If the story told about the highest highs, and the lowest lows. The times that you nearly gave up, and the times you owned the world. Your world.
If the story looked ahead to things not known to you yet. The events and people that will shape your destiny. New people. New hopes, and new tears. New love. The chance to live a long life, or a death that is as sudden as an eye blink.
Would you read that story?
Would it read like you would want?
Would you be the hero of your own story? Righting past wrongs. Living a full life. Or, would you waste the very ink it was written with? A story not worth telling.
Maybe, that is your question. Maybe you should ask yourself that very thing before your story is written.
A question within a story.
The story of your life.
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alaskaisnothere · a day ago
I kept your necklace, you kept my bracelet and all the broken pieces of my heart. You were the first to love me and then leave me. I've never believed other people could love me, so it didn't hurt much when they eventually cut me off but you actually welcomed me in your world and then left me all alone. And the worst part is, that I can't even hate you because it's thanks to you that I connected to my true self and it's thanks to you that I'm more hopeful towards the future. And I shouldn't blame you too much because you didn't know what you were doing, you didn't know what our convos and your audio messages meant to me, you couldn't see my face lighting up whenever I got a notification from you or when I was telling my friends about you. The truth is, we never know what we do to a person until it's too late.
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chirpyblues · a day ago
Maybe defining ourselves in one way
gives us an obligation
of being that very way
Puts a stamp on us
Confines us
within the bars of those alphabets
and not letting other words get to us
If I'm considered blue,
can't I be green sometimes too?
Can I be light and dark both?
Do I have to be left everytime
only because that's what I am?
And what if that leaves me
devoid of right?
Definitions tie us monotonously
Labels are walls of broken mirrors
which cannot be crossed
Just be a human
It is one label
important and enough both
No one is just white or black
Then why is taking the grey road
such a huge thing?
Why cannot a calm person get angry?
Is a sad person's happiness such a shock?
Don't define yourself and others
When you define yourself,
you think of it as a safe territory
and don't step out
step out to meet
your potential out there
When you define others,
they are levied tonnes of obligation
over their heads to carry
They become afraid to step out
and be what they aren't
according to others
yet what they are within
All of us are almost
every opposites within us
Somehow we end up
being called and
just as south
And the north within us
a hidden secret
which it wasn't intended to be
And do you think hiding it is easy?
It is so hard to conceal who you are
even a small part of it
so you can seem like you
But showing it is terrifying too
Let's not label each other, from now on
Let's just be
Let's figure ourselves out a bit more
There's no one way how you are
You are everything, every way
Somedays this, and others, that
~ shreeya.
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