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#except for when I was a kid playing games like these with my friends in the school yard
I'm only 26 and you made me feel old. Maybe it was just me and my merry band of highschool friends but the rules are simple. You and a group of friends "fall" through a portal to the realm of your choosing. (I guess it's considered roleplay since we mostly did it through private online forums and group chats, but regardless it was still fun)
You basically write the story as yourself and your friends (almost like a script) and you pick the characters (NPCs at this point) that you're best suited to 'play' to advance the plot. For example, I would play as myself but I would also write (play) the roles of Elrond and Lindir.
And yes, those were the days, and it's probably the only thing I miss about highschool. I think there were three or four of us-- that dwindled to two when I went to college-- and then we all kind of drifted apart. I still have the chats saved and access to the forums. It's a bit freaking nostalgic.
Tumblr media
I’m about to freakin’ combust because THAT sounds like a friendship I wanna get in on and something all our mutuals would enjoy!!
Guys, why did we let this go out of style?? First cloaks, and now immersive campfire story-weaving? (took everything in me to not say “writing jerk-circles. validate me anyways because that is prime humour) We could’ve been travelling to Middle-earth together this whole time!
It’s literally like that one exact post I made on here!
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kennedycatherine · a month ago
We were thirteen and I knew enough to know that was absurd.
We still inhabited a school yard with children learning their ABC’s. Girls our own age hadn’t yet graduated out of training bras.
Aren’t our brains like, too underdeveloped for this?
A few nights I just watched.
They came in fun colours, like the vitamins my mom still set out with my breakfast.
I found the whole thing anxious and boring. Anxious because it was drugs, and we were thirteen and what if we got caught or what if something happened. Boring because they bored me.
Nothing happened.
I made sure they had water and popsicles and candies to suck on.
“You’ll bite your tongue off,” Kallie had said one night.
A small trickle of blood came from her mouth awhile later and she looked pleased. I knew she’d done it. When I looked at her, I wanted to call her a liar.
“I know,” I wanted to say, “I’m sober. You just did that to yourself.”
I felt very young and very old all at once.
They asked for lotion. Lotioned themselves from head to toe.
One night one of the girls did a runner. Just opened the front door to suburbia and took off down the street in nothing but skimpy shorts and a tank top into the chilled night air.
I worried about her, but I didn’t go after her.
There were babies to look after, real babies. 6 years old and one year.
I don’t remember their names, but I remember loving them. I remember feeling sad for them.
Every weekend their mom would leave. She was pretty and young and had a thirteen-year-old she trusted to handle things.
“Where does she go?”
“To the bars in some small town. I think a guy lives there.”
They had family photos in the house. She had a husband. I remember wondering how things had fallen apart so quickly? They’d had a baby only a year ago and now they were getting a divorce?
Except they weren't. He just worked out of the city for months at a time and neither of them cared, I suppose.
I sat on a bed with the 6-year-old once, playing a game or reading a story and I heard laughter downstairs and I was so angry.
I was angry that no one cared that there were children upstairs. I was angry that I was going to put a child to bed who had a mother but seemingly didn’t. I was angry that I had to do it at all, that I was expected to. That it had come to mean relief when I walked in the door. If I was there, it was handled. I didn’t want to handle it.
I wanted to call my mom.
I wanted to tell her what was happening, tell her that someone needed to hold these babies or feed them right and love them. Because surely, I didn’t know how.
But I didn’t want to ruin the fun. I didn’t want Kallie’s mom to be in trouble. I didn’t want my mom, who also had a seventeen-year-old who just couldn’t seem to keep it together, to realize that a house she’d deemed safe by proximity in our good neighbourhood probably wasn’t.
“Give me one.”
No one teased or questioned it. They just handed over the small plastic bag.
I don’t remember what it felt like, only that I didn’t care for it. I didn’t understand it. I was bored by it.
I stopped going. Those girls decided they hated me. I worried about those babies and over 10 years later, I still do.
I started to see my childhood best friend, Maddy, a lot after that. She was pretty and athletic and loud and adventurous and young, my age but, young.
She lived a few blocks away, in the opposite direction from Kallie.
Her mom was in the midst of a divorce. She was older than most of the moms because Maddy had been a “surprise.” A blessing, she’d say, but a surprise. So, the rest of her kids were grown and gone. She’d done it all, seen it all.
We were in the eighth grade, just a few months away from high school when she offered to buy us booze.
She promised it would stay within the walls of the house, my parents wouldn’t have to know. She just wanted us to get a feel for it so we could test our limits, learn our boundaries.
When she presented us with those sickly-sweet orange coolers, I winced. Alcohol had never really interested me. I didn’t feel mystified by it or interested in it.
We drank them anyway.
We had one each. Then shoved two more under our thick sweaters and walked to the nearby park.
There were always kids there, in that strange age range where you have some sense of freedom without actually having any and you crave it, always. You know how to sneak alcohol, ask people outside the convenience store to buy you cigarettes.
Uncool teens, acting very cool leaning against slides and monkey bars we earnestly used only a few years earlier.
By then I’d decided I liked Logan. He was in high school already, two years older than us, seemed nice enough and attractive enough to like, so I guessed I did. I showed him the stashed coolers under my sweater and shivered when the air hit me. He offered me his jacket.
I was only wearing it maybe a minute, not even long enough to brag, when the sirens hit and the park was lit up with red and blue. Everyone scattered in different directions. We hopped a fence and then another and another until we collapsed on her lawn, one cooler lost to our epic and brave journey.
The patrol car circled the block.
“It’s almost 2am,” they told us. We nodded.
They asked how old we were and I told them we were 16.
Maybe they believed us because it was dark but maybe they didn’t because we weren't.
“Do you live here?”
“Go inside.” We did.
I didn’t drink much after that. All we could get our hands on were drinks that seemed to be a half pound of sugar and something that tasted like mouth wash. The group favourite was Troika which smelt like hand sanitizer and cost about $25 for more than a litre. Everything was vodka.
Every time I drank any of it, I was immediately and violently ill.
My entire body would flush, an ache in my collar bones that radiated and buzzed down my arms and go on and on and on until I’d have to peel my clothes off and stick myself to the coldest surface, let my body wretch and wretch until I’d vomited everything.
I’d find out a few years later that I’m alcohol intolerant with a vodka allergy.
But I’d given up trying long before then. Found my way to pot.
I loved it immediately. It calmed me down, it made me laugh. It made me hungry.
I suffered far fewer embarrassing stories and hallway whispers than most.
I had a starring role in only one story that would go down in infamy.
There’d been a birthday party, someone had made an ice cream cake that was immediately forgotten in favour of solo cups and bongs. I smoked my own joint and remembered that cake. In a haze I found myself alone in a tiny storage room, in front of a deepfreeze. Opening the lid, there it was, creamy and beautiful.
“Fuck yes.”
Then the door opened.
I turned and there he was. The hottest guy in our grade and he’d been calling me a dirty hippie for two years. I closed the lid.
“What are you doing?” He asked
He looked confused. He should've. I had no reason to be waiting for him, I hadn’t even spoken to him. I was 16 and stoned and I wanted to eat an ice cream cake at this dumb birthday party by my fucking self. I pushed myself on top of the freezer.
“Come here.”
He did. We made out on top of the freezer until I felt he was sufficiently distracted, and my job was done and then I pushed him out of the room.
Then I ate some of that cake alone as I’d intended.
Upstairs my best friend sobbed in a bathroom. Even now that we’ve long outgrown teenage angst and hormones she can be prickly, angry, deeply unaffectionate. Then, she was slightly volatile. She wanted to be alone, but I stayed – shoved myself into a corner of the bathtub as she refused to look at me or tell me what she was so upset about it. I waited her out. Mostly because I was stoned and relieved to be in a room away from a throng of sweaty, horny 16-year-olds.
Suddenly, she confessed something to me quietly. She’d made out with that same guy - the hot one I’d been with on top of a freezer - at a party the weekend before. I hadn’t known and she hadn’t stopped thinking about him, and he hadn’t looked at her since.
“I just want him,” she whined.
“I just made out with him on top of a freezer.”
She turned her startling green eyes on me. “You what?”
“I don’t know,” I felt deeply guilty, “there was a cake inside.”
She choked and then she laughed and then I laughed. We left and we laughed the whole walk back to wherever we slept that night.
I went to a performing arts college that had less than twenty students which became lesser and lesser as we viciously vied for the same thing. There were no parties or binge drinking or even any outings. We worked quietly and quickly, most kept to themselves.
If school really was a competition, I won.
My instructor called me into his office, “I want you to go to this interview. You’re ready.”
I wasn’t supposed to be graduating for at least 3, maybe 4 months. I wasn’t ready. But I went. I got the job and I left, the school and the city.
I was alone and I was terrified, and I was working most hours of everyday and waking up every morning feeling like I’d made a massive mistake. I hadn’t. I was just 19 with no idea what I was doing, only that people seemed to believe I could, and I didn’t know why.
My sister and my grandfather became sicker and sicker with addiction.
I stopped smoking pot almost completely. I’d found alcohol that didn’t upset my entire system, but I never drank by myself. I was afraid that if I did, I wouldn’t stop. I’d fill the hole and then just like them, I’d never learn how to be whole on my own. I went for runs and I journaled and worked and tried to make friends.
I drove home for graduation and realized a few things. These people had three more months together. They were closer, most of them resented me for being given an opportunity that most days I wasn’t even sure I wanted.
There was a party afterward and I felt 13, lonely and bored. I wanted to leave.
My sister was really sick by then.
The best friend I’d made in school, Elliot, he cornered me in the empty kitchen. Most people had settled into the living room for conversations or the basement for beer pong and I hovered in the kitchen, feeling entirely silly in my cheap white dress. Elliot smelled like whiskey while he hugged me, and I wanted to cry. I'd missed him.
We’d had plans to get jobs together. We were going to become a morning show duo in some city we’d never been to, rent a house together. Spend our afternoons drinking beer, planning our show content and break into big markets before we were 25.
I cried when I took the job that meant those things wouldn’t happen and he’d hugged me then too. He was happy for me.
He pulled out of the hug in that kitchen and looked at me for a long time, with big open eyes. A nearly childish, wide stare. He took a deep breathe.
Then he told me he was in love with me.
I startled backward away from him and hit my hip hard against the stove. I was angry immediately. Because I was gay. Because people had been telling me he was in love with me. Because I chose not to believe them. I felt my trust had been broken. Because why? What can I do with that? I loved him. I couldn’t be in love with him. If I could, I would’ve wanted to be. He was so good.
And I was so mad because he was drunk.
I was sick of whispered late-night confessions and people telling me things that weren’t true. I was tired of people making promises to me and telling me they loved me and none of it mattering. I was just so fucking sick of everyone being wasted on something all the time.
It wasn’t his fault. I’d always felt loved by him, I appreciated him, I loved him. I wanted to be gentle with him. I should’ve been. It was just… there were so many things.
“What am I supposed to do with that?” I asked him.
“I just needed you to know.”
I left. He called me so many times, he left voicemails I deleted, and I never answered. I went back to my small town and my small job the next day. I re-read his texts, “I’m sorry, I was drunk” over and over and felt no relief in his excuses.
I didn’t drink for a long time.
When I moved back to the city, I found comfort in things again. I could drink and be fine. The world didn’t end. I didn’t crave it in the morning or when things got hard. I started smoking pot again. It calmed me down, it made me laugh. It made me hungry.
I took mushrooms a handful of times with my friends. I cried the first time because I felt like me. Present and responsible and in control and so deeply, disappointingly myself. I’d wanted drugs to be a void, even if I never took them. I wanted to believe that somewhere there was a way to just not be myself for a while.  
I was bored of myself.
I wanted to escape, and it wasn’t happening.
But the second or third time I learned to enjoy them for what they were and felt all too proud for simply having a nice time.
I begged my roommate to come to this EDM show with me. It was my co-worker’s birthday and she’d always been excessively, exceedingly lovely to me. When she sheepishly asked if I would be interested in going to this live show to celebrate her 37th, I swallowed down the price of tickets and said yes. Emphatically.
Matt, good natured and so easy, said yes. He liked live music and whiskey and leaving the house.
We got there and she was alone.
I asked about her husband. He stayed home with the baby. And her friends?
Coming, she said.
There were three of them. I thought back to days she’d cried to me in the bathroom and the coffees we’d shared in her office. I’d always thought of her as a sort of leaky faucet, spilling out without control. I hadn’t realized I was actually just in her circle. One of five.
She got adorably drunk. “Mom’s night out!” They all chanted and Matt and I stood off to the side a bit while I apologized to him on a loop for painting this night as an in and out affair.
“We can just leave whenever, I'm sure she won’t notice.” I’d said.
Eventually she asked me if I wanted to “score” in the alley. I laughed because it sounded so seedy and suspicious coming from the mouth of this quintessential suburban mom who I only knew as a woman sitting in a blazer, in an office, next to her family portraits.
I asked Matt if he wanted any. No, he’d brought his vape pen.
We went outside, me, her and her curvy friend with the insane curly hair. Some guy was already there, and the exchange was quick. She turned back and announced, “to the bathroom.”
The bathroom? Fuck.
It’d seemed seedy and suspicious because it kind of was. “Dumb stoner,” I thought to myself as we marched back inside with the bag of cocaine I’d thought would be a Ziplock of weak weed.
I don’t like coke. It makes me angry.
She lined it up, wide eyed, on the hard back of her red wallet. She yammered and mumbled and stumbled over her words quickly and excitedly. It’d been years, I couldn’t tell anyone at work, her husband could never find out, was I sure?
Once again, I felt bored. “I’m sure.”
The friend took her bump and turned back to me, “what’s your sign?”
Her eyes were frenzied, like I’d said something important.
“I knew it, I’m a Scorpio.” She wound her fingers into the hair at the back of my neck and whispered to me, “we’re like sisters.” Then she kissed me, hard and square. Her breath was sour, her lips were chapped and she pulled away with a toothy grin before offering the wallet up to my nose.
I looked at them, their excitement, I felt the overwhelming emptiness in my chest. I felt sad for someone, them or me, and how dull I found the whole thing to be.
I sniffed it through a receipt from a kids play centre and wondered, idly, if there are people who think mothers don’t behave this way.
I wiped and sniffled and felt the light burn in my twice broken nose, now irritated by thin white powder.
“Well, that took for-fucking-ever,” Matt yelled over his whiskey.
“It wasn’t pot.”
“Did you do it?”
He laughed, slung his arm around my shoulders and we moved into the crowd of dancing bodies. Mostly I felt sober and a little annoyed about the money I’d spent.
I found the group, buttoned one of their torn open shirts and hugged them goodbye.
Matt checked his watch in the cab, “we have to be up in like, less than 5 hours” he groaned and then called the wing place to make sure we could have some delivered.
He’s a sneaky drunk. You never know until it’s too late. As he poured himself a whiskey at our bar cart, I knew it was too late.
We settled into the couch, waiting for our food. He kept dozing off and I kept saving the glass tumbler he refused to relinquish, from falling to the floor and sloshing all over our new carpet.
When the food arrived, I ran to get it. I had the energy.
I decided to take the stairs and took a turn too sharply, smashed myself against a railing and yelped in pain. A bruise blossomed on my arm before I got back to our apartment.
I tried to sleep and kept waking with my knees knocking and my thighs wobbling. Matt came to my door, bleary eyed and dull. It was 6:30am. I hadn’t slept for more than seven minutes at a time.
“We gotta go, G.”
I looked at my packed bags on the floor. We were driving to his moms, 2.5 hours away.
“Yeah, I’m ready.”
He turned away and called over his shoulder, “Happy Easter.”
Jesus, I laughed, it is fucking Easter.
And while I sipped my third mid-afternoon coffee over a card game with his mom and sister, I thought - I guess if there’s a day to decide I probably n​ever have to sniff anything through my nose ever again, Easters as good as any.
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autumnsart22 · a month ago
Oikawa x reader ch. 9
Holy shit, HELLA long chapter! I just got so excited for this one, I couldn’t wait until Sunday lmao. Hope you like it, it was definitely one of the most fun to write 🤪
I stepped out of the car, the smell of salt washing over me. The sun was high in the sky, baking and hot today--perfect day for the beach. Kiyoko slid out of the passenger seat after me, her sheer white coverup doing nothing to conceal her matching white bikini underneath. I wore a pink strawberry sundress over a high waisted baby blue bikini with matching sandals and sunglasses. 
Daichi, Suga, and Yamaguchi joined us around the side of the car, since we had all carpooled together. From across the sandy parking lot, I saw Tanaka pull in, his car practically shaking with the volume of his music. Noya sat in the passenger seat, totally vibing with it, while Asahi, Hinata, Kageyama, and Tsukki sat in the back; all of them except for Hinata looking immensely uncomfortable. 
When they joined us, we all walked together onto the beach, where at least a hundred people were already gathered. Beach volleyball was set up, music blared from an unseen speaker, beer kegs were scattered at random intervals, picnic tables were covered with snacks and food, grills were going, and people talked, laughed, and swam in the ocean. 
I was momentarily overwhelmed by the amount going on, but Hinata grabbed my hand, bouncing with excitement. 
“Come with me,” he said, practically dragging me away. I managed to grab Kiyoko at the last second, not wanting to be abandoned on the beach with a bunch of people I didn’t know. 
Hinata headed towards a large circle of people who stood around a massive bonfire, despite the heat of the sun. I recognized a few of them, but didn’t know any by name. 
As Hinata approached, a tall, broad boy with spiky hair and silver dyed tips turned around. “Hey! Hey! Hey! It’s the little orange!” 
“Hey Bokuto!” Hinata said, running over. “How have you been?” 
“Gooooood, Fukurudani is playing better than ever, so I hope you’re prepared to be crushed by my amazing spikes!”
Another boy turned around, just as tall as Bokuto with spiky black hair. “Keep it down Bokuto, you’re so loud.” He looked over, noticing Hinata. “Heyy, it’s Hinata. Kenma, look who it is!” 
“Kuroo, leave me alone, I’m busy.” Kenma, a short kid with longer hair and blonde dyed tips had his eyes glued to his phone, tapping on the screen as he played some sort of game. 
“Hey, I want you all to meet someone!” Hinata gestured wildly at me, and most of the people around the bonfire turned to look. 
“Hi,” I smiled. “I’m Y/n L/n. It’s nice to meet all of you.”
“Heyoo, I’m Kōtarō Bokuto!” Bokuto roughly slapped me on the shoulder, almost making me fall on my face. 
“Tetsurō Kuroo, nice to meet you.” The other boy with the spiky hair stuck out his hand, and I shook. He gestured to the boy with the longer hair, who still hadn’t looked up from his game. “That’s my boyfriend, Kenma Kozume. Sorry, he’s a bit rude.” Kuroo jabbed Kenma, who let out an offended grunt and gave his boyfriend a death glare.
“I have drinks,” another extremely attractive boy with black hair joined the circle, passing a few red solo cups around. When the boy noticed me, he gave a short nod. “Hi, I’m Keiji Akaashi.”
I quickly reintroduced myself, smiling and accepting a cup filled with what smelled like beer. 
“Can I have one?” Hinata asked, and I almost burst out laughing. Hinata drinking beer? Usually he only liked fruity drinks like white claws, or just avoided alcohol altogether, taking orange juice instead.
Bokuto laughed loudly, but passed Hinata a red cup. 
“You won’t like it, Hinata,” Kenma muttered, but the Karasuno first year seemed determined. As I expected, disgust twisted his expression as he took a sip and he handed it off to Kiyoko immediately. 
“Where do you go to school, Y/n-san?” Akaashi asked, turning to me. 
“Oh, I’m the manager of Aoba Johsai. They had practice today, which is why I came with Karasuno.” 
“OOOOOH she’s ditched them!” Bokuto yelled. 
“Keep it down,” Akaashi said, rolling his eyes.
Hinata poked me. “Y/n-chan used to go to Karasuno as our manager, but her mom forced her to transfer, which is why you haven’t met her before.”
I nodded, feeling a little uncomfortable suddenly. I didn’t want to face the question of my loyalty quite yet, because which team would I choose? Seijoh or Karasuno? 
Luckily, I managed to move the conversation away from myself. “Where do you all go to school?”
“Kenma and I are at Nekoma,” Kuroo said, ruffling the shorter boy's hair. 
“Me and Akaaaaaaaashi go to Fukurodani!” Bokuto pumped the air. He almost had as much energy as Hinata; how was that even possible?
Akaashi gave me a knowing look and passed a bottle of gin my way. I added a small amount to my now empty cup, thanking Fukurodani’s setter with a wide smile. 
“Heyyyy, anyone want to drink out of the beer keg?” Kuroo smirked, gesturing towards the large metal barrel a few yards away. Bokuto agreed instantly, and Akaashi decided to tag along. 
I tapped Kiyoko’s arm. “I’m going to join them. Do you think Hinata is fine?” 
The orange haired spiker was speaking wildly to one of the tallest guys I had ever seen, who had silver hair and green eyes. The tall boy had his arms crossed, looking down at Hinata from his immense height. 
Kiyoko nodded. “Yeah, that’s Lev Haiba, he’s friends with Hinata. I’m sure they’ll be fine.” 
“Ok, I’ll see you later, ok?” 
Kiyoko nodded and waved, turning to talk to Dachi and Suga who had just come to join the group around the bonfire. 
I turned, downing the gin in a quick, terrible tasting gulp, before hurrying to catch up with the three other boys who were headed over to the beer keg. 
Tanaka and another boy with a blonde mohawk were already taking turns drinking from it, seeming to be in a competition over who could handle the most. Kuroo began chanting for Bokuto to do a kegstand, a challenge which the Fukurodani captain accepted instantly. With the help of Tanaka and the mohawk guy (who introduced himself as Taketora Yamamoto), we managed to hold Bokuto upside down as Akaashi fed him the hose, which sprayed beer directly in his mouth. 
The entire group quickly collapsed, and Bokuto fell in a spray of alcohol which soaked his clothes. I began to giggle uncontrollably, and even Akaashi smiled.
Kuroo slapped Bokuto on the back. “HA, better luck next time! I bet I can do better.” 
This started a competitive round of keg stands, which didn’t end well for anyone. By the time it was my turn to drink upside down, everyone was already too drunk to hold me, so we just ended up falling in a tangle on the ground. 
“You look like you could use some help,” said a deep voice above me, and I looked up to see a serious looking boy with cropped olive hair standing over me. He extended his hand, and I accepted it, allowing him to help me to my feet. 
“Thank you very much,” I smiled. 
The guy nodded, his face expression blank. “My name is Wakatoshi Ushijima.”
I blushed slightly at his low voice, not sure what to make of him. “Um, I’m Y/n L/n.”
I blinked, suddenly realizing that he was only wearing swim shorts. Unfortunately, I was standing very close to his naked chest and stomach (which were ripped as fuck). 
Before my intoxicated brain could come up with the next course of action, I felt a hand on my shoulder. 
“Hello, Ushijima,” I looked over to see Kuroo, smiling blandly at the other boy. “It’s good to see you again.” 
“Ah, Y/n-san, I see you met Mr. Prissypants over here!” Bokuto flung his arm across my shoulders, not-so-subtly dragging me back from the olive haired boy. 
Ushijima narrowed his eyes slightly, but bowed to me. “It was a pleasure. I hope I get to see you again, Y/n-san.”
Without responding to either Bokuto or Kuroo, Ushijima turned and strode away, his back flexing as he walked. 
“You good?” Bokuto patted me on the back, and I almost fell. 
Instead I burst out into wheezing laughter. “Why was he so serious?” I gasped. 
Kuroo and Bokuto joined my giggles, hunching over and clutching their stomachs until none of us could breathe. 
“God-I-I need to cool off,” Bokuto finally panted, turning his gaze to the ocean. With a whoop, he took off at a run towards the water. Kuroo and I followed in suit, both of us tripping and falling as we slipped on the sand. 
It probably wasn’t the smartest idea to go swimming in the ocean when we were all wasted, but Bokuto was already waist deep, and Kuroo didn’t hesitate to follow him. I had enough forethought to quickly ditch my sundress on the sand before leaping into the waves, which quickly slammed my legs and almost sent me careening headfirst into the water. Bokuto and Kuroo were much taller than me and didn’t have any trouble standing in the large waves, but I was practically up to my chin. 
“Y/n-san, you look like a drowning cat!” Kuroo mocked. 
“Obviously that’s you, Mr. Nekoma!” I yelled, right before a wave crashed into me and sent me flailing back towards the beach. 
Bokuto and Kuroo were laughing, wading over to me and helping me back to my feet. Before I could blink, Bokuto splashed me in the face, making me splutter and gasp. When I partially recovered, I furiously splashed him back, starting a vicious battle which made my eyes literally burn from the saltwater. 
“You know, you’re chill Y/n-san,” Kuroo said. “I’m glad we got to meet you.” 
“Ohhhh yeah I agree! You’re definitely fun!” Bokuto agreed, and I grinned. 
“Thanks I--” Before I could finish my sentence, the captain of Fukurodani was easily scooping me up, holding me like a baby, before quite literally tossing me into the next upcoming wave. I spent at least three seconds in the air before I collided with the water and was swept under, tumbling with the sand and waves. 
I felt a hand on my arm, dragging me back up to the surface where I gasped for air and furiously spat out salt water. 
“Dumbass!” Akaashi was yelling at Bokuto, still holding my arm. “Clearly she’s too drunk to swim properly you idiot!” 
“Ah, it’s fine, I’m totally ok--” I tried to interject, but Kuroo gave me a “this happens all the time” look, so I let it go. 
By the end of his lecture, Akaashi turned to me. Poor Bokuto looked like a sad little puppy, and I gave him a pat on the shoulder. 
Akaashi said, “Want to get some food or something? It’s probably best if all of you get out of the water.” 
I nodded, still holding on to Fukurodani’s setter’s arm for support as we exited the water, Kuroo and Bokuto behind us. 
Oikawa POV:
After a lot of nagging and carefully worded pleas, I finally got Coach Nobuteru to cancel our Saturday practice so Seijoh could attend the volleyball club beach party. Apparently teams from all over Japan were coming, which made me practically buzz with excitement at the thought of mapping out potential enemies and showing off my own skills.
Iwa-chan and the rest of the team decided to go as well, all except for Y/n. According to our coach, she had a doctor’s appointment scheduled for that day, which was why she wasn’t able to make it to practice. I tried calling her to find out, but no one answered and it went straight to voicemail. Either she actually did have a doctor’s appointment, or she had gone to the party without telling anyone. 
The thought annoyed me a bit, because I knew who she would be going with: Karasuno. I knew it wasn’t my place, but it made me jealous to think of her with another team. She was Seijoh’s manager now, which meant she should be with me, not them. 
I had been absent minded all day because of it, causing Iwaizumi to smack me on the back of the head a few times after I didn’t hear when he was talking. 
As we stepped out of my car into the sandy parking lot, he said, “Dude chill. If she’s here, it’s literally fine. I don’t know what your problem is.” 
I ran a hand through my hair, huffing. “I know that! You’re the one with the problems.” 
Iwaizumi crossed his arms. “I’m going to get a drink.” He didn’t pause as he disappeared into the crowd of people, headed in the direction of one of the picnic tables loaded with different types of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks. 
I tugged my shirt over my head, tossing it through the half-open window of my car, leaving me in only my gym shorts. I began to follow Iwaizumi, eyes scanning the crowd for a familiar flash of H/c hair. Instead, I was almost immediately swamped by fangirls, desperate to get a picture with me, or to have me sign their faces in permanent marker. 
What idiots. 
My fake smile appeared without prompting, and I humored them, laughing along with their comments and allowing them to snap a few pictures. 
“It seems you’re always the celebrity, Tooru Oikawa.” 
I turned slowly from the group of girls, muscles practically spasming in an effort not to punch Ushijima’s stupid, serious face. He stood a few feet away, arms crossed as he surveyed me. 
I forced myself to smile wider, giving a mocking bow. “That’s me. I just love the attention.” 
Ushijima started to speak, “You--” But I interrupted him, already done with the conversation. “I have someone I need to find, but glad we got to catch up. I’ll see you in spring nationals.” 
I pushed past him, not looking back as I headed further into the party. I scanned the crowds, spotting a few of the Karasuno players, recognizing Daichi Sawamura, Asahi Azumane, and Kōshi Sugawara. But Y/n wasn’t among them. Maybe she really wasn’t here after all, and had a doctor’s appointment like she said. 
Almost the second the thought had passed through my head, I heard a familiar laugh echoing from down the beach a little ways away from me. My head whipped around so fast that I felt my neck crack. 
Y/n-chan wore a baby blue bathing suit that clung to her body, water dripping from her hair and skin as she emerged from the ocean. Every thought flew out of my head as I gazed at her. Holy fuck…
But her arm was thrown around the shoulders of another guy, someone I didn’t know. He shook water from his dark hair as he helped her walk up the beach, his arm around her waist to keep her from falling. She was clearly drunk as shit--was he taking advantage of her? Or did she know him….
I stalked towards them, my fists curling as instinctual protectiveness erupted in my stomach. “Y/n--” 
I reached out for her, and suddenly I was getting shoved hard in the chest by another tall guy with spiky black hair who came up from behind them. 
“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” The guy asked in a low voice, glaring at me. 
“Hey! Who’s this?” Another guy with a loud voice and frosted tipped hair came up on Y/n’s other side, staring at me curiously. 
I took a deep breath and smiled widely. “I’m Tooru Oikawa. That’s my team manager you have there, and I’d like her back.” I reached for her again, but the guy with frosted tips smacked my hands away from her. My vision went practically white with anger. 
“Woahhh buddy, Y/n-san isn’t just an object that we’re going to hand off to a random stranger,” the boy said, only to be interrupted by a slightly slurred voice. 
“Oikawa? You’re here?” Y/n’s face brightened, making my heart stutter at how happy she was to see me. But then her brow furrowed in confusion. “What are you doing here?”
I laughed without humor. “Practice got cancelled, so the team came to the party.”
The guy with the black hair still had an arm around her waist. He turned to her with a serious expression asking, “You know this guy?”
“Yeah, Oikawa’s my...friend…” she slurred the last few words, clutching the boy’s arm as she tilted slightly. The other guy with the spiky hair quickly grabbed her other side so she didn’t fall on her face. He stumbled slightly as he moved, which made me think he wasn’t very sober either. 
“What the fuck did you give her to drink?” I snapped, fighting the urge to grab her again. “Woah, buddy, chill out.” Frosted tips laughed, his words running together. 
“Sorry,” the guy with the black hair grunted. “They’re all a little drunk.” 
My gaze fell on Y/n again, almost instantly distracted from the problem at hand by that dumbass bathing suit. I couldn’t get enough of her in it. 
“New girl--” I started. 
“What’s going on over here?” 
I turned to see exactly the opposite of who I wanted. Instead of Iwaizumi, or someone who would help me get Y/n away from these creeps, I saw the four Karasuno first years were striding towards us across the beach. Shōyō Hinata, Tobio Kageyama, Kei Tsukishima, and Tadashi Yamaguchi, all of them looking serious and angry. 
Y/n POV: 
Now was not a good time to be drunk. In fact, it was probably one of the worst times. I could barely keep up with what was happening as Hinata, Kageyama, Tsukki, and Yamaguchi approached. Oikawa (Oikawa was here!) stood a few feet away, arms crossed and a dark expression on his face. His hair was pushed back from his forehead, and he wasn’t wearing a shirt, exposing his toned stomach which was built with a lot more muscle than I would have expected from such a lean person. Damn. 
I became aware that I had an arm around two other shirtless men, Akaashi and Kuroo. The situation (me, drunk with a bunch of half clothed guys who were basically strangers) probably looked bad to Oikawa, which was why he had come over to help. I needed to explain but--
“What’s going on?” Kageyama said darkly, giving Oikawa a death glare. 
“Ah, my young prodigy, four eyes, freckles, and short stacks. Good to see you again.” Oikawa’s smile was arrogant and he put a hand on his hip as he glared at them. 
“It’s--” I tried, but Bokuto easily spoke over me. 
“This asswipe was trying to grab Y/n-san!”
Oikawa’s eyes narrowed, and I quickly unhooked my arms from around Kuroo and Akaashi, moving to the center of the circle of massive boys to try and calm them down. Unfortunately, I only succeeded in tripping. 
Oikawa’s arms came out so fast, it was as if he was expecting me to fall. He caught me around the waist, pulling me to his chest holding me tightly. My heart raced and I felt my cheeks heat up as my face was pressed against his skin, hands literally clutching his bare shoulders. 
The moment was ruined as Hinata let out an outraged cry. “Let her go right now, Great King!” 
I was yanked back yet again hitting another person’s chest as they pulled me away from Oikawa. I looked up to see...Tsukki? He was trying to protect me too? “Let her go,” Tsukki said, radiating arrogant hatred without even trying. His glasses flashed, and even I was intimidated for a moment. 
“Hey--” I tried again, but this time it was Kageyama who spoke over me. 
“She isn’t just some toy you can drag around,” he practically snarled. 
I felt a gentle hand on my arm, and looked over to Yamaguchi. “Are you ok?” He whispered. 
I nodded quickly, grabbing the boy’s hand and squeezing it. The fact that all these people were trying to defend me, even though they barely knew me or I didn’t go to their school anymore, made my heart swell. Even Yamaguchi, the sweetest and quietest person I knew, had come over to help. 
But Oikawa wasn’t a problem here. 
Kuroo stepped towards Oikawa, crossing his arms over his chest. “Clearly, you aren’t wanted around here. Go bother someone else.”
I watched Oikawa’s eyes turn lethal. He only looked this intense during volleyball matches, and now wasn’t the time to get into a fistfight. He was outmatched six to one, but he looked like he was about to punch Kuroo in the face.
“Yeah Great King! Get--”
I quickly lunged forward, interrupting Hinata and stepping between the two shirtless, towering boys who glared at each other with murder in their eyes. “Hey!” 
Oikawa looked down at me, his eyes softening slightly. “Chibi-chan…”
I turned to Kuroo and Bokuto, the second of which had stepped up to Kuroo’s side. I was now sandwiched between three different boys, my head barely coming up to any of their chins. I tried to ignore the number of bare chests around me as I spoke. 
“It’s ok, Oikawa is the captain of Aoba Johsai. I didn’t realize that Seijoh was able to come to the party today which was why I came with Karasuno, but Oikawa can drive me home.” 
Bokuto opened his mouth to say something, but Akaashi stepped forward, putting a hand on his arm. “Bokuto, it’s fine. She clearly knows him, and he’s the captain of Seijoh.” He turned to Oikawa, his face apologetic. “Sorry, we didn’t know who you were, and we didn’t want to give Y/n-san to a random person when she’s this drunk.”
“Hey!” I snapped. “I can take care of myself.”
Every boy around me, including Hinata, gave me a patronizing look. 
Bokuto laughed loudly sticking out his hand. “Well this is awkward! Sorry for almost punching you there. I’m Kōtarō Bokuto, captain of Fukurodani!” 
I sighed, but Oikawa nodded and shook hands with the other guy. “It’s a pleasure to officially meet you.” 
Kuroo and Akaashi also introduced themselves, but I was practically dying from the embarrassment of it all. How did they switch to being civil so quickly? Less than a minute ago, they all looked like they were about to end each other. 
Oikawa bowed. “Well, I think we’d better get going. Thank you for taking care of her before I got here.” He smiled, so wide and fake that I was shocked when no one said anything about it. Had he always hidden his true feeling behind those smirks and laughs, and I just never noticed? 
I quickly pushed the thought from my mind, turning to Kuroo, Bokuto, and Akaashi. “It was really nice to meet you guys. We should hang out again!” 
Bokuto crushed me in a hug, slamming me on the back a few times and knocking the breath out of me. “Hell yeah! Add me on instagram and I’ll send you my number!” 
Kuroo also slapped me on the back (what was with these volleyball players hitting so hard?!) and Akaashi promised to keep in touch. 
I hugged Hinata and Yamaguchi tightly. “Tell Kiyoko and Daichi where I went, ok?” They nodded both of them looking a little sad. I suddenly felt awful for abandoning Karasuno yet again, but I was the manager of Aoba Johsai. And even though I didn’t really want to admit it to myself, I wanted to go with Oikawa, outside of any duty as the manager. 
As I waved goodbye, Oikawa draped an arm across my shoulder and smirked at Kageyama. “I hope to see you in a real game, your majesty.” 
The tension spiked, and I tugged on Oikawa’s arm. “Let’s go, Shittykawa,” I snapped, practically dragging him away. 
“Ugh, Y/n-chan, you’re so mean! I just wanted to make fun of him a bit!” Aoba Johsai’s setter whined as we made our way across the beach, through the crowds of people towards the parking lot. 
I spotted Iwaizumi talking to two unfamiliar girls, and changed directions towards him. As we approached, I said, “Sorry to interrupt. Iwa, Oikawa and I are headed out. Do you have another ride?” 
Iwaizumi glanced between Oikawa and I, clearly trying to assess something. After a second he nodded. “Yeah, I’ll just get a ride with Kindaichi. See you later.” 
I smiled and thanked him, following Oikawa as he led me out to the parking lot. A few girls yelled Oikawa’s name from behind us, but he ignored them. 
I held onto his arm, still not feeling completely sober. And also, a small part of me wanted to silently declare that Oikawa was not available. Even though he didn’t belong to me in any way...but still. 
Seijoh’s captain stopped in front of one of the nicest cars I had ever seen, and I felt my mouth drop open as he pulled a set of keys to unlock it. It was a silver convertible, sleek and shiny, looking almost brand new. 
“Y-you own this?” 
Oikawa tried to hide a smile, but I saw pride in the lines of his shoulders and the curl of his mouth. “Yeah, I spent all my savings on it.”
I slipped into the passenger seat after putting a towel down so I wouldn’t get his nice leather seat wet, and Oikawa started the car, pressing the button so the roof smoothly rolled down. 
He glanced over at me, eyes flickering over my bathing suit, before he cleared his throat and looked away. 
“Here,” he tossed his shirt at me without looking. “You should put that on.” 
I glanced at the shirt. “Why?”
He muttered something under his breath that I didn’t hear, but before I could ask him to repeat himself, he connected his phone to bluetooth and started playing music. I rolled my eyes and tugged the shirt over my head. It was just a plain white Aoba Johsai shirt, but it smelled like him, and I had to resist the urge to sniff it like a creep. 
Instead, I pulled my wet hair up into a bun, leaning back in my seat as Oikawa pulled out of the parking lot. 
“Do you know the way to your house from here?” He asked, and I nodded. 
“Yeah, I’ll direct you.”
As we pulled onto the highway, “Why Do You Feel So Down” by Declan McKenna came on, and I lifted my hands into the open air. The sun blazed down and the wind whipped across my face, making a wide smile spread across my face. 
I began to scream the lyrics, most of my voice lost to the wind. Oikawa began to laugh at me, and I stuck out my tongue. 
“You’re so cute chibi-chan!” He took his hand off the wheel to squeeze my cheek, making me slap him and yell to look at the road. 
“I didn’t think you’d like this kind of music.”
“What?” He looked offended. “I like all kinds. What did you expect me to listen to?” 
“Probably something shitty, like your personality,” I scoffed, and he jabbed me. 
As we pulled up to my house, Oikawa smoothly parked next to the curb. 
“Here,” I moved to take off his shirt, but he waved me off. 
“It’s fine. You can give it back another time.” He eyed me, smirking. “It looks better on you, anyway.”
I blushed, reaching down to grab my purse in order to hide my face. “Thank you for driving me back. And also thank you for trying to defend me from the other boys, even though I can take care of myself. That was very sweet.” 
I turned to look at him, only to find him staring at me, head tilted and a genuine smile on his face. He shifted, and I felt all my muscles freeze as he reached out and grabbed my chin, running a thumb across my lips gently. 
“I’ll defend you whenever you need me to,” he said, and I let out a shuddering breath as he dropped his hand. 
“O-ok. Well I’ll see you Monday?” 
He nodded and waved as I hopped from his car. His shirt only reached my mid thigh, and I felt my face reddening as I made my way back up to my house. 
Oikawa POV:
I thought that seeing her in a bathing suit was bad…. 
Watching her walk up to her house wearing only my shirt made my heart pound so hard, I had to take a few deep breaths before I drove away. 
Chapter 8
Chapter 10 
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floral-and-fine · 2 months ago
Songs of an Old House
Brahms Heelshire x female reader
Y/n- your name F/n- fake name M/n- mother’s maiden name
Warnings- smut, angst, depression, obsessive behavior, mentions of death
Soulmate AU- flower tattoos where your soulmate has scars
Summary-  When Brahms meets his soulmate as a child, obsession flares on both sides. Soulmates aren’t supposed to meet as children, not without there being major repercussions on their social and emotional development. All they need are each other.
A/n- Thank you @ewokiee​ and @luna-xial​ for the help. 
Tumblr media
Brahms was fidgeting with the tablecloth as nameless faces continuously appeared before him to wish him a happy birthday, but he couldn’t care less, there was only one person whom he cared about, and as the minutes passed without your arrival, the more anxious Brahms grew. There was a buzzing sound droning on and on in his head that only grew louder as he waited, drowning out all other sounds. 
The front yard of the manor was littered with long tables for the guests covered in table cloths of various colors. There were balloons floating in the air, and streamers and a large banner that read ‘Happy 8th Birthday Brahms!’ hung overhead. 
“Brahms,” his mother started as she approached him. “Why don’t you join the other children-“
“No,” he answered without hesitation. He wasn’t going to do anything until you arrived. 
“But sweetheart, all of your other friends are here to see you.”
The rest of his classmates were running around laughing and playing games, but it was all white noise to Brahms. 
“They aren’t my friends,” he answered darkly. 
Mrs. Heelshire sighed and observed her son for a moment, before giving up and returning to the party. 
Brahms sprung to his feet the moment he spotted you getting out of your family’s car, the incessant buzzing finally faded away. 
He rushed towards you and grabbed both of your hands, squeezing them extra tight, “I missed you,” he declared even though he had just seen you yesterday. 
You giggled, and squeezed his hands back, “I missed you too.” 
Brahms couldn’t describe what he felt when he was with you, but he knew no present or cake or clown could bring him the sort of joy and contentment that you did. You were like a favorite song, something he could listen to on repeat endlessly, all day and all night, and with each listen, he’d notice something new and beautiful.
He tilted his head down, resting his forehead against yours, his thumbs rubbing over your knuckles. 
“I’m sorry I don’t have a gift for you,” you mumbled shyly, noticing the mountain of presents on one of the tables nearby. 
Brahms shook his head, “it doesn’t matter.”
You gripped his arm as he led you around. You didn’t know any of the other children besides Brahms.
Brahms went to a private school, and when you asked your parents if you could go there too, they explained that they simply couldn’t afford it. 
Apparently, he had a similar idea and had begged his parents to let him attend your school but they weren’t budging on the matter, so instead, he was now focused on trying to convince them to pay for your tuition. 
But they seemed hesitant over the idea, his mother often tried to change the subject, asking about other children, his old friends, school subjects, but Brahms never wanted to talk about anything other than you. 
“Why are they all here?” You asked side-eyeing the kids as they passed. 
“My mother’s idea,” he scowled. “If it had been up to me, it would just be us.” He smiled at the thought, “we’d cut the cake straight down the middle and each eat half.”
“Maybe we can try that next year,” you laughed. 
The adults around whispered to one another as they watched Brahms and you walking hand in hand oblivious to everything and everyone with the exception of each other. Their talk, however, made Mr. and Mrs. Heelshire very anxious. 
Brahms was already considered a bit odd by most people, but upon meeting you it got far worse. His temper tantrums were more frequent and more violent. He demanded to see you every day and became overwhelmed by emotions when it was time for you to leave. 
Turns out that your parents had also noticed changes in your behavior, you spent most of the day melancholy, only becoming your usual bubbly self in the presence of Brahms. 
They knew why or at least had their suspicions as to why. Generally, people didn’t meet their soulmates until they were adults, thus soulmates meeting as children just simply didn’t happen or wasn’t supposed to happen.
However, it was clear from the beginning that you and Brahms were destined to be together. 
The issue was it affected both of your development, making you and him unable to develop bonds with others, because why would you? You simply didn’t need anyone else when the two of you were together. 
Your friends from before were simply forgotten and tossed aside, and neither of you felt the same love for your parents either. It was literally as if you and him only had eyes for each other and there was no room for anyone else, there simply wasn’t anything left. 
Because of these unusual and unprecedented circumstances, your families weren’t sure how to handle it, it seemed cruel to keep soulmates apart, but it was difficult to ignore yours and his obsessive behavior. Brahms had gone as far as picking out a room for you at the manor and talked as if any day now you would be moving in. 
Brahms subtly looked towards his mother, she was currently occupied with getting the caterers set up. His eyes slowly moved to search for his father who was busy talking to a group of dads. 
Brahms smiled. “Follow me,” he whispered in your ear. “Let’s go somewhere we can be alone.”
He guided you over to the wooded area near the manor, he seemed quite familiar as he led you around, expertly stepping over the roots that stuck out and the large rocks on the ground.  
Finally, he stopped, now that you both were far enough away that the loud sounds from the party were now muffled in the distance. 
“I thought of a gift, y/n, one that only you can give me,” Brahms said, your hand and his hand were clasped together, swinging back and forth between you.
“Oh?” You smiled brightly. 
He nodded, a bright blush appearing on his cheeks, “A kiss.”
You tilted your head, but obliged, immediately kissing him on the cheek. It wasn’t an unordinary request, in fact, you had often kissed Brahms on the cheek during your visits with him.
Brahms shook his head as you parted, his whole face turning red now, but a look of determination in his eyes. “A real kiss,” he explained. “On the lips.” 
You barely caught the last part, he had mumbled it so quietly. Your own face now felt quite warm. A kiss on the lips was different. It would be your first real kiss. 
Brahms took a deep breath as you stepped forward, his heart racing, a combination of excitement and nerves were bubbling in the pit of his stomach. 
You tried picturing how your parents kissed, wanting this moment to be absolutely perfect, this kiss was his present after all. 
You placed your hands on his shoulders, and closed your eyes-
“What are you two doing?”
You jumped back, eyes wide. A girl in a light pink dress with her hands on her waist was standing there between the trees in front of you and Brahms. 
“Go away, Emily!” Brahms shouted, his hands balling into tight fists, his nails digging into his palms. 
“Why should I?”
“Me and y/n want to be alone,” he huffed, glaring at her full of rage, her voice alone grating on his every nerve. 
“You two are alone all the time,” she retorted. “You know, it’s quite rude of you Brahms to ignore your guests.”
“I said go away, you’re ruining it,” he said again on the verge of tears. “You’re ruining my present.”
“You’re so weird,” Emily sneered. “my parents always said you were a freak and now you have a freak for a girlfriend.”
Everything after that happened in a blur, Brahms flung himself at Emily, tackling her down to the ground, he grabbed a large rock nearby and bashed her head with it. 
A few seconds passed before your senses returned. “Brahms,” you said in a small voice as you tiptoed over to him. 
His shoulders were still heaving, the bloody rock still clenched in his hands. 
You knelt down beside him, “Brahms?”
He froze for a brief moment, the world around silent as if he’d gone deaf before he responded in a very calm tone. “You need to leave, y/n. Go find your parents and leave.”
Brahms was a smart boy, and he knew there would be consequences. He glanced up at your face, you were innocent in all of this and Brahms saw it as his job to keep you safe. He did this, this was his fault, he had to fix it. 
Your brows furrowed, and you shook your head.
Brahms sighed, “please y/n you have to go.”
“Go,” he said in an uncharacteristically firm voice. 
You woke up the next morning, surprised to see a lovely flower design over half of your face. They were all so pretty, a combination of little flowers, baby's breath and forget-me-nots, surrounding bigger flowers, roses, camellias, and poppies. 
But your excitement over the mysterious tattoos immediately died when you saw your parents. By the look on their faces, you knew it was bad.
When they explained to you that Brahms died in a fire, you didn’t believe them, you had just seen him yesterday. How could he be dead?
You reacted by yelling and screaming, calling them liars, demanding to see Brahms for yourself. He was fine, he had to be. 
It wasn’t until you entered Heelshire manor for the memorial service that it finally sunk in. Seeing all those people wearing black with solemn expressions, the various flower arrangements lining the wall, and the heartbroken faces of Mr. and Mrs. Heelshire all confirmed that Brahms had really died. 
“Where’s Brahms?” You asked in a quiet voice, you could feel everyone staring at your face, shocked to see half of it covered in new floral tattoos. 
Your mother knelt down and did her best to explain that Brahms was in the closed casket in the front of the room. 
“No,” you shook your head. “Not my Brahms.”
Everyone looked at you full of pity, now whispering about what a tragedy to lose your soulmate at such a young age.
You sobbed uncontrollably, falling to your hands and knees. 
Mrs. Heelshire placed an arm around your shoulders, “he loved you so much,” she murmured. “You were his most treasured person in the whole world.”
You felt like you were suffocating, no matter how much you needed to, you just couldn’t breathe, you missed him so much already. 
Little did you know, a recovering Brahms that was hidden away was silently crying with you. His heart was hurting more than his burned face. 
Your loud cries were tearing him apart. He didn’t mean for this to happen. He never wanted to hurt you. 
Hidden away, Brahms’ world became a dark and bitter place.
You sat there playing with the small styrofoam cup in your hands, having just finished your coffee as the next person in the group started to share their story. 
Your therapist suggested trying this out, a support group for people who had lost their soulmates, most of the attendees were older people, people who outlived their soulmate, however, there were a couple of people who were around your age, but none of their stories quite measured up to yours. 
It made you feel more alone than ever before. 
Shortly after Brahms’ death, the Heelshire’s paid for your family to relocate. The story and rumors associated with the circumstances surrounding his passing had spread like wildfire, people were quick to go from pitying you to judging you. 
Everywhere you went in town, people would take one look at you, see the flowers, and they’d know that you were the little girl whose soulmate was a disturbed and murderous child. Your family went as far as changing your name and having you use your mother’s maiden name for your last name, hoping that it would help. However, moving far away proved to be the only solution, somewhere where no one had ever heard of Brahms Heelshire. 
As things were wrapping up, a man approached you. He was one of the younger attendees and had lost his wife in a car accident. 
He smiled at you and tucked his hands into his pockets. “Hi, I’m Paul. I noticed your new, and I  was just thinking that if you ever need some support or someone to talk that we could get coffee or something sometime,” he rambled, not looking at you in the eye. 
You nodded, not sure how to respond, “yeah, that sounds nice.”
He grinned, finally looking you in the eye, “great! Here’s my number, call me whenever.”
He waved at you before leaving, you looked at the paper in your hand, his number and name hastily written on it.
You sighed dropping it in the trash can with your empty cup. 
You’ve tried this before, it was always too painful, trying to date or be in a relationship, it always just reminded you of what you missed out on with Brahms. 
Arriving home, you tossed your keys on the table and dropped your purse on a chair.
“I’m home,” you announced, smiling at the picture of Brahms you had displayed on the end table.
You dug around your fridge, trying to figure out what to make for dinner, settling on your favorite comfort food. 
Putting on the TV, you curled up on the couch, the stories from the meeting weighed heavily on your mind. 
You like to think to yourself that Brahms would’ve made a good partner, a loving boyfriend, and later a loyal husband. He would know what to say when you were feeling down or hurting, hold you until you felt safe and loved, and right now you felt desperate for that kind of comfort.
Grabbing the picture frame off the small table, you looked at Brahms and tried to picture him as a man. He probably would have stayed thin, been tall like his father, and handsome, you had no doubts about that. 
You laid back on the couch, holding the picture to your chest and closing your eyes, imagining the adult Brahms you created in your head, resting with you, his long legs tangled with yours, his arms draped over your waist. 
Your life was dull and repetitive at best, you tried your best to function like everyone else, but it drained you. Most of your efforts were spent on getting through your workday, and what little remained was used to run errands, do laundry, make dinner, it was exhausting.
On your way home from work, for whatever reason, you had the urge to grab a newspaper. It was odd to stray from your daily routine, but 
As you entered your apartment, you put on a pot of tea before unraveling the newspaper and skimming through the pages. Nothing immediately jumped out at you as you went over the major headlines. As you were considering folding the paper back up and toss it in the recycling bin, you decided, instead, to take a peek at the classified section. 
Your teacup slipped past your fingers, crashing against the floor, ‘Heelshire Family Seeking Nanny.’ You reread the small listing in the classifieds over and over, believing you misread it or that it had to be some kind of mistake or typo. 
Sinking down onto the couch, your mind raced to try to make sense of it. What would they need a nanny for? 
You smeared a thick layer of foundation over the faded flower tattoos on your face, you hated covering them up, but you didn’t want them to be able to identify you.
Looking at your reflection, you barely recognized yourself. The flowers had been a part of you for most of your life now.
However, you were worried they wouldn’t offer you the job if they recognized you. What if, after all these years, they blamed you for what happened?
If it hadn’t been for you, perhaps Brahms wouldn’t have overreacted that day and started that fire… 
You wouldn’t blame them if they did blame you, you should’ve stayed with him, helped him, kept him from doing something so drastic. Maybe you would’ve been able to save him. 
You shook your head, there was nothing you could do to change the past, you wasted away as a child thinking of all the what if’s. Slipping into one of your favorite dresses and a matching cardigan, even you had to admit you looked very nice, the perfect image of a nanny. 
As you stepped out of the cab, you took in a deep breath, the Heelshire manor was still as you remembered it. An impressive and intimidating home, that overwhelmed you now the same way it had overwhelmed you as a child. 
Entering the home, an imposing family portrait hanging across from the entryway caught your attention. It must have been added after Brahms’ death. 
You chuckled quietly, he would’ve hated it. 
As you waited, memories of you and Brahms racing down the stairs laughing flashed through your mind, his hand always reaching out to hold yours, always ready to offer you anything and everything. He was so full of excitement, more than willing to share his life with you. 
“You must be Ms. f/n m/n,” Mrs. Heelshire said, as she joined you in the foyer. 
You blinked several times, caught off guard by how little she had changed over the years as well, the only difference was the gray in her hair. “Yes, I am.”
She looked you over, seemingly unimpressed, “Right this way.”
Mrs. Heelshire delved straight into all the rules and expectations for the job as she gave you a tour of the mansion. 
Luckily, you were already familiar with the house, or else she would’ve lost you immediately. Mrs. Heelshire’s pace was brisk and she spoke just as rapidly going on and on without pause. It was as if she had rehearsed this many times before. 
Brahms watched attentively from within the walls, it had to be you, he could feel it, deep in his gut he knew you had finally come home to him. 
Mother and father may not have recognized you, but he did, he was so sure of himself, it didn’t matter what name you were going by or how much makeup you wore, he’d be able to spot you in a crowd miles away with hundreds of people surrounding you, easily. 
He smiled behind the mask, for the first time in a very long time Brahms was excited. 
Stopping in front of a familiar door, Mrs. Heelshire led you into Brahms’ room, the hairs on the back of your neck stood up. All of his toys, belongings, decor were all there just how Brahms like them, it was unsettling, like a moment frozen in a time, forever unchanging. 
You gasped, as you spotted the porcelain doll on the twin bed, its likeness was uncanny to Brahms. 
“Brahms,” Mrs. Heelshire said. “I’d like you to meet Ms. m/n.”
“H-hello, Brahms,” you managed to get out. “It’s nice to meet you.” 
The doll’s cold eyes were unnerving, empty, dead. They practically forced you to picture Brahms, the real Brahms, dead with the same lifeless eyes. It hurt you to imagine, Brahms’ eyes were always easy to read, always conveying his emotions and feelings, so alive.
There was a strange tension in the small room, secrets and concerns were unspoken between you and the Heelshires hung in the air as all of you lingered around the porcelain doll. 
Mrs. Heelshire gestured to the door, “Could you give us a moment to speak to Brahms in private?”
You nodded, stepping out of the room. 
Having the moment to yourself, you did your best to regain your composure. This isn’t at all what you had pictured, although you weren’t really sure what to expect in the first place. It made you doubt your ability to do this job, but on the other hand, you felt closer to Brahms right now than you had in decades. 
Mrs. Heelshire greeted you with a sad smile as she opened the door, “He wants you.”
The following day, you and the doll said your goodbyes to Mr. and Mrs. Heelshire, standing outside of the manor waving until their car was out of sight. 
Turning around you looked back at the manor, it loomed over you like a thunderous storm cloud. Taking a deep breath, you hugged the Brahms doll tightly to your chest as you returned inside. 
“Guess it’s just you and me,” you sighed, setting him on the couch. Kneeling down before the doll at eye level with him, you examined him closely. 
They had genuinely treated him as though he was a real boy, their actual son. At first, you figured it was a coping mechanism, a way to help them work through their grief while also keeping the memories of their son close, but their commitment to the doll, from the way they spoke to him and the lengths they went to care for him, had you questioning everything. 
“Do you remember me?” You asked in a small voice, not sure what to expect. “Do you recognize me?”
Hiding nearby, the real Brahms nodded eagerly, of course, he did. 
You sighed, feeling a slight tinge of disappointment, walking over to the closest bathroom, you grabbed a washcloth before running it under some warm water. With it in hand, you returned to your spot in front of the doll. Carefully, you began to wipe away the makeup from your face. 
Brahms watched intently as you revealed the flowers covering your face, there were so many of them. They complimented your beauty, highlighting the shape of your face, the color of your eyes, the delicate curve of your lips.
“That’s better isn’t it,” you said to the doll, looking much more like yourself now.
Brahms wanted to trace his fingers over each one, study them until he could picture them perfectly in his mind’s eye. His sweet y/n only grew prettier over the years, from a tiny little bud to a full-fledged flower. 
Suddenly a wave of nausea hit that sent him plummeting back to reality, the only reason you had those lovely flowers was because of the monstrous deformity on his face. 
Losing his nerve, Brahms slipped away back into the walls, if you rejected him it would send him over the edge, he needed to be sure that you accept him, all of him, just like you used to. 
The next several days went by uneventful, you took exceptional care of the doll following every rule without a hitch. Of course, Brahms didn’t have any doubts that you would do such a good job, you showered the doll with attention and affection as if it was actually him. 
In fact, Brahms was so happy with the job you were doing, that he wanted to show you his appreciation. 
You narrowed your eyes noticing the hardback book left outside of your room. 
“How did you get here?” You muttered out loud. Picking up the book, you examined it closely. It was a collection of classic fairytales, flipping through the pages you found that one of the pages was dog-eared. 
“Sleeping Beauty,” you hummed. “My favorite.”
“Brahms,” you called, joining the doll on the sofa. “Look what I found!” You pulled him onto your lap, “Do you remember reading this story to me?”
The doll remained silent, as you lovingly brushed his hair back. Getting comfortable on the couch, you opened the book.
“Let’s see,” you sighed. “Once upon a time...”
The real Brahms closed his eyes and listened to your voice, of course, he remembered reading it to you, you would snuggle up close to him, your arms wrapped around his. He loved it, loved having you so close to him. Sometimes you would fall asleep like that, lying there beside him, lulled to sleep by the soothing tone of his voice. 
Brahms already had other little surprises planned, small things he could do to make you smile, to make you happy, to feel closer to you. 
Over the next few days, strange things seemed to appear out of nowhere, like old toys of Brahms’ that you used to play with hidden under the covers of your bed, or photos of you and him left on your nightstand, you weren’t too concerned until you found a strange note. 
‘I missed you, y/n.’
You clutched the note against your chest as your mind started racing, everything else you were able to brush off, but this… it had your name, your real name, the Heelshires hadn’t recognized you, you were positive about that, and the delivery boy wouldn’t have known. 
Your hands were shaking, and the room started to spin, you slid down to the floor on your knees. Closing your eyes, you tried to calm yourself down. 
“Brahms?” You called. It was the only explanation, he had to be here in some kind of way. “Brahms?” Your voice cracked. 
You held your breath waiting for a reply, but nothing, only your sobs eventually breaking the silence. 
Once you collected yourself, you did your best to keep your mind off the mystery note. Going through your routine with the doll-like always. 
The house was so quiet and so loud at the same time. 
All-day it would be eerily silent, so quiet in fact that you talked to yourself or the doll to keep yourself company. At night, however, as you laid in bed there were all sorts of creepy noises, creaks, groans, that you couldn’t help but focus on, they seemed so loud compared to the silence you endured all day long. 
The songs of an old house, that’s how Brahms explained it to you when you were children. 
You chuckled recalling the first time you spent the night, Brahms insisted, practically begging and crying until his parents agreed. 
You weren’t able to fall asleep in the big bed in the guest room. The mansion was so much bigger than your childhood home and it made you feel very alone.
Quietly, you had snuck out of the room and tiptoed as fast as you could to Brahms’ room. 
Once in the safety of his room, you rushed to his bed and climbed in beside him. 
“Y/n?” A sleepy Brahms whispered. “What’s wrong?”
“I got scared,” you explained, wrapping your arms around him and resting your head on his shoulder. “I heard a strange noise.”
Brahms smiled slightly, “yeah this house makes lots of sounds like that, but they’re nothing to be scared of, they’re just the songs of an old house.” He lazily rubbed your back, “it’s just singing to us, like a lullaby.”
Without thinking you got out of bed and wandered to Brahms’ room. Slowly you opened the door, you could almost pretend that in the bed was the real Brahms, just as you remembered him, but you knew it wasn’t. 
“Sorry, Brahms,” you whispered as you shut the door behind you. “I just felt scared and lonely.” You joined the doll in the twin-size bed, pulling him close. Absentmindedly, you stroked the doll's hair as you tried to finally get some sleep.
You closed your eyes and pictured Brahms as you remembered him that night, his eyes were tired but loving, and his hair a mess. 
You’d give anything to feel that sort of love and closeness again. 
Brahms’ heart was pounding, he hadn’t expected you to leave your room in the middle of the night and end up in his. He stayed hidden in the corner, surprised you hadn’t noticed his presence in the room.
He remained there, unmoving, watching as you snuggled under the covers with the doll. When he was sure you had fallen asleep, he crept towards the bed, tilting his head to the side. 
You looked beautiful, so soft and peaceful. He thought that very thing the first time he had seen you. Even at such a young age, he knew it was love. 
“Brahms, Dear,” his mother called out one afternoon. “Would you come here for a moment?”
He huffed, absolutely hating it when she used that sickeningly sweet tone, she only ever used it when she had a favor to ask him, something she knew he wouldn’t want to do. 
Slamming down his toys, Brahms slowly made his way over to her. “Coming mother!” 
He crossed his arms over his chest, he wanted her to be well aware that he wasn’t in the mood to be bothered, hopefully, she’d get the point and forget whatever silly thing she wanted to ask. 
His arms lowered, however, as he joined his mother and noticed you hiding behind yours. 
“This is Mrs. l/n, she’s here to interview for the housekeeping position,” Mrs.Heelshire explained. “And the young lady behind her is her daughter y/n.”
You peeked up at him, only to turn back away in shyness when his eyes met yours. 
‘How cute,’ Brahms thought to himself. He tilted his head, a small smile playing on his lips. 
“Would you be so kind, Brahms, as to keep y/n company while we complete our interview?” His mother asked. 
“Of course,” he murmured, not taking his eyes off of you. 
The women left to speak in private, leaving you and Brahms in the foyer. 
You wrung your hands together, eyes on your feet, “it’s nice to meet you,” you chirped. 
“The pleasure is mine,” he hummed, extending his hand out to you. The moment you placed your hand in his, he never wanted to let it go. 
He could tell you felt it too by the way your face lit up and how your eyes finally met his. The two of you simply stood there holding hands and staring at each other. 
“Do you actually really live here?” You finally asked in an excited whisper. 
Brahms lifted a brow, “yes?”
“How do you not get lost?” You started giggling which caused him to start laughing as well. 
“Come on, y/n,” Brahms said squeezing your hand. “I’ll show you around.”
Brahms outstretched a hand towards you, fingertips ghosting over your bare arm, but fear of waking you held him back. 
He glared at the doll who was wrapped securely in your arms, the real Brahms felt the sharp sting of jealousy. Those arms, the kisses, the affection were meant for him. 
Trudging down the stairs, Brahms paused, his piano practically beckoning him. He lifted the fallboard and stared at the ivory keys. 
You had seemed to have fallen into a deep enough sleep, playing for just a little while shouldn’t disturb you, he tried to convince himself. Brahms had missed playing dearly, music had been one of the few things he enjoyed, something that accompanied him through his loneliness. But it was a sacrifice he was more than willing to make if it meant he got to see you every day. 
Taking a seat, he hunched over the piano and allowed his fingers to dance freely. The melody was surprisingly uplifting compared to his recent compositions. 
His mind wandered, as he played without pause, having you back had breathed life back into him. One day soon, he hoped, you’d be sitting beside him again, no more hiding, no more being alone. 
You laid in bed not feeling eager or motivated to face the daily reminder that the love of your life had perished. Instead, you watched as the minutes ticked by slowly, your heart heavy with sorrow and regret. Brahms’ birth date without fail weighed on your mind, turning the day sour before it began.
Brahms could also feel the weight of today on his shoulders, what was once a happy day in his childhood, ultimately became the worst day of his young life. He hadn’t celebrated a birthday since, considering there was nothing to really celebrate anymore. With his existence being kept secret, he was unable to experience most of the milestones that came with growing older.
He rested against the wall, finding some comfort that this day affected you too. Your pain and his were entwined, sinking to the same lows and drowning in the same sorrows.
Unexpectedly, you sat upright in the middle of the large bed, your actions were so sudden that they startled Brahms. He watched through the thin crack in the wall curious as to where this burst of energy stemmed from. 
Shuffling out of bed, you stood in front of the mirror, your eyes still slightly puffy, but you smiled anyway. 
“It’s Brahms’ birthday,” you started. “And as his nanny, it’s your job to make it a good day, the best day!” You nodded at yourself. “You can do this.”
You prepared breakfast in bed for the doll and yourself, explaining to him that since it was his birthday it would be acceptable to bend the rules a little. 
In the afternoon, you baked and decorated a cake with the doll’s company. Then read him his favorite stories and played his favorite games. You liked to think that Brahms would’ve wanted a birthday like this, just you and him in your own little world. 
“Yes, flowers,” you repeated on the phone. “Biggest bouquet you can find.”
“What for?” Malcolm asked, in the middle of getting ready to deliver this week’s groceries to the manor. 
You glanced at the doll, “Nothing, really, just feel like doing something special.”
About an hour or so later, you opened the door and smiled brightly at the large bouquet presented to you. It was a colorful arrangement, with yellow tulips, forget-me-nots, and pink carnations. 
“I’ll take those,” you chirped excitedly, snatching the flowers from Malcolm.
He shook his head before he started bringing in the groceries. As always he attempted to make small talk, but your mind was elsewhere barely nodding along as he chatted about work and the weather. 
Once he was done, you quickly thanked him for his time, before ushering him out the door, while rambling about how you were behind schedule and still had lots to do. 
He gave you a questionable look, but you couldn’t care less, now that the flowers had arrived and groceries were put away it was time for the next birthday event. 
“Sorry about that,” you murmured to the doll, giving him a quick kiss on top of his head. “I know you’d rather have no one else around.”
You slipped on a pair of shoes, before picking up the doll and the flowers and heading out into the yard. 
Upstairs Brahms watched like a hawk, anxious as to where you were going, his head and hands were pressed to the window glass. 
His heart skipped a beat as he realized where you were headed, his grave. 
You cleared off the leaves, vines, and debris from the headstone, before placing the bouquet in front of it. You had been avoiding this, but he deserved a visit, especially on his birthday. 
You sat on your knees, the doll in your arms, “Hi Brahms.” 
“I’m so sorry that it took me so long to visit,” you played with the doll's hand, your eyes watering. “It’s been so tough without you.”
You covered your mouth stifling a sob, distraught with grief and guilt. You couldn’t stand it, the idea of him rotting below you, having to acknowledge every day that he was gone, but you couldn’t abandon him either. 
At dinner, you smiled sadly at the Brahms doll, his half of the cake, of course, remained untouched. 
It left you wondering if Brahms would’ve liked your cooking or baking, and would chocolate still have been his favorite flavor, or would his tastes have changed as he got older. 
Brahms was such a finicky eater, usually asking for a PB and J for most meals and turning up his nose to anything new or different without even tasting it. 
Wiping away a stray tear you couldn’t help but feel as though life had been so incredibly cruel to the two of you. There were so many things that you wished you had experienced with the real Brahms by your side,  birthdays, school dances, graduations, a wedding, moving in together. 
It was all stolen from you. A tragedy, that’s how everyone always described it, 
Rising to your feet, you started clearing the table, wrapping Brahms’ cake and placing it into the freezer, as the rules specified, then washed and rinsed the plates. 
“C’mon Brahms,” you said, scooping the doll up into your arms. “Let’s get ready for bed.”
You dressed him in his pajamas, and went through your usual nightly routine, finally setting the doll in his bed in a sitting-up position. 
You sat on the edge of the bed, smiling weakly at him and taking his tiny porcelain hand in yours. “Happy birthday, Brahms.”
Looking into the doll's eyes, you were reminded of Brahms’ birthday request. It was your biggest regret not getting to kiss him that day. 
“It’s time for your present, Brahms.” 
The doll stared at you blankly as you closed your eyes, you leaned forward, your lips brushing against his lips for a beat. 
“I miss you, Brahms,” you murmured, tucking him in. “Sweet dreams.”
You gently shut the door and started making your way to your bedroom. 
“Kiss?” A faint childlike voice whispered from seemingly out of nowhere.
Goosebumps immediately rose all over your skin and a shiver ran down your back. Turning slowly you looked towards the dark corridor and stared into the void unable to make out anything. 
Just as you were about to chalk it all up to your mind playing tricks on you, you heard shuffling as a perfect white face emerged from the shadows. 
“Kiss?” It whispered. 
You swallowed thickly, as more of the figure came into view. He was tall and lanky with broad shoulders and unruly dark brown hair. Anxiety radiated off of him, his movements were slow and cautious and his body was tense and rigid. 
While the porcelain mask was expressionless, his eyes however were another story, they were full of emotion ranging from fear to longing. 
“Kiss?” He pleaded, his chest rising and falling rapidly, as he stood obscenely close to you.
You knew that you should probably be screaming or running, but you didn’t sense any hostility from the stranger, in fact, he seemed rather familiar from the off-putting mask to the childish voice. 
“Brahms?” You asked, even though it seemed too much to hope for. However, the man gave a slight nod, his eyes observing you carefully to gauge your response. 
Tears started to form in the corner of your eyes, you reached out to brush away a few strands of hair that had fallen in front of his eyes, but he flinched back sharply.
“It’s alright,” you cooed softly. “I do owe you a real kiss don’t I?”
You placed your hands on his shoulders and looked into his eyes, his head tilted to the side as your lips pressed against his cold porcelain mouth. You could feel pressure on the other side of the mask as Brahms eagerly returned the kiss. 
His hands hesitantly moved from his side to your waist, his touch started out gentle at first but grew desperate, his grip tightened as he clung to you, his fingers
pressing into your soft skin hard enough to leave small bruises. Your arms slid around his neck pulling him closer, your hand tangling in his hair. 
As you parted you could feel Brahms trembling, he crumbled to his knees, sniffing quietly. His hands still held your waist as he buried his head against your stomach and wailed silently. 
Joining him on the floor, you rubbed his back, feeling him shake against you. His arms suddenly wrapped around your back as he pulled you closer, his cold mask nuzzling against your bare neck and shoulder. 
He lifted his head, his eyes bloodshot, “y/n.”
You cupped his porcelain cheek, “Brahms.”
His gaze was curious as you took his hand and examined it, his fingers were so long with rough calluses and his palm wide and warm. Tears fell from your face freely, as you acknowledged that you were actually holding Brahms’ hand, that he really was here with you as a full-grown man. He entwined his fingers with yours, giving your hand a reassuring squeeze. 
You fit perfectly against him, your head resting on his shoulder, his long legs wrapped around you. “Don’t ever leave me again,” he begged.
“I promise.”
Brahms followed you around like a new puppy the next day, not that you minded of course. After last night part of you worried that you had lost your mind, or that you’d wake up and he would have disappeared again. 
He had changed so much over the years, having adopted some odd behaviors while living hidden away. He was quieter, more anxious, and when he did speak, he alternated between using that child-like voice and his natural voice sporadically throughout the day. And the only times he left you alone, was so he could go eat quickly in privacy, not ready to show you his face you assumed. 
Right now you were currently cleaning the kitchen, putting away the leftovers while the dishes soak in the sink. Brahms quietly returned after finishing his dinner, holding an empty plate in his hands out to you. 
You took it from his hands and placed it in the sink with the others, “Did you enjoy your dinner?”
“Yes,” he said sweetly.
“I'm glad,” you hummed.
Brahms lurked behind you closely, watching as you washed the dishes. He thought about how much he wanted to hold you, it seemed easier last night to get what he wanted, but right now he was unsure on how to go about getting the intimacy he had been craving all day. 
To be near you but not touching you was driving him crazy. Surely, you wanted to do the same. His mind all day kept replaying the event of last night, the kiss, the hugging, the crying. 
“It's time for bed, Brahms,” you announced, smiling at him, as you dried the last plate. He nodded his head, playing with the sleeves of his cardigan as you led him upstairs to his bedroom. 
Like a good boy, he got into the small bed, allowing you to tuck him in. You smiled at him, so happy to have him back in your life.
“I love you, Brahms.” You brushed his hair back and kissed him good night. He sighed watching you go, knowing that you’ll be getting ready for bed as well. 
He gritted his teeth, a faint buzz humming in his ears, he needed to see you. He couldn't even wait 15 minutes before shuffling out of bed. 
“Brahms?” You questioned, finding him lurking outside your bedroom door after your shower. 
He stared down at his feet, right now he wanted a lot more than a kiss. 
“Are you alright?” You asked, taking his hand and leading him into your room.
Brahms shook his head, “I missed you. I need you.” He buried his face in your hair as he breathed in your scent, both of his hands cupping the sides of your face. His thumb traced over a petal on the apple of your cheek. 
He wanted to be closer to you, his body was desperate to feel you pressed up against him with nothing in between you. 
You ran your hands over his chest up to his shoulders, before helping him out of his cardigan. Next, you pushed his suspenders down and started lifting up his shirt, revealing a dark happy trail over his pale skin. 
You bit your lip, your body starting to feel hot, while Brahms was on the thin and lanky side, his arms were surprisingly muscular. Slowly, your fingers slowly explored the expanse of skin, his stomach was smooth and soft, his chest was wide and covered in hair. 
His breathing sped up as you touched him, your hands tenderly caressing his exposed torso lovingly, your touch moved higher, fingers gliding over his neck causing him to swallow thickly until they reached the porcelain mask. 
Immediately, he stepped back, he wanted to feel every touch and caress. Brahms took a deep breath, his hand clutching his mask.
“You don’t have to.” 
He shook his head, “I want to.”
Closing his eyes, Brahms removed the mask, carefully setting it on the dresser. His poor heart was hammering against his chest, he felt completely exposed. 
He couldn’t hold back from whimpering as you touched his face lovingly right before kissing him. He melted, completely at your mercy as you took the lead. Your tongue swept over his bottom lip, and he moaned. Your fingers curled around the back of his head, as you deepened the kiss. 
“You're so handsome, Brahms,” you murmured as you parted from him.
He smiled in return, his large hands wrapping around your upper arms,  and yanking you back towards him. This time he initiated the kiss, his lips passionately claiming yours, eagerly testing out what he learned from you. His tongue slipping into your mouth and exploring feverishly. 
His touch moved from your arms to your waist, his hands hesitantly working their way down to your hips and thighs, then finally finding their way under your short nightdress. 
You giggled excitedly, before lifting the dress over your head, leaving you in just your panties. 
You could feel Brahms’ muscles tense, his eyes unabashedly staring at your body, before eager hands started feeling you up. You gasped as he cupped your breasts, thumbs rubbing circles around your hardened nipples. 
His mouth latched onto your neck, teeth gently scraping over your flesh. He had wanted this for so long, he had never desired anyone but you. 
He moved forward, despite his nervousness, the back of your knees hit the edge of the bed and you scooted onto the mattress. 
You shimmied out of your panties, Brahms blushed, resisting the urge to touch himself at the sight before him. His hands slid over your calves as he climbed on top of you, his eyes unwavering as he took in every detail. 
You were exquisite, like a masterpiece, a symphony, so much beauty all at the tip of his fingers. 
Brahms unbuttoned his pants, his hand stroking his long cock before lining it up with your warm entrance. He bit his lip, eyes almost rolling back into his head, as he eased himself in. 
He groaned as you bucked your hips, and wrapping your legs around him, wanting him closer and deeper. One of your hands drifted down between you and Brahms rubbing your clit as he fucked you. 
He sloppily kissed each flower upon your face, his hips thrusting fast and rough, he couldn't get enough of you. His nails dug into your skin as he gripped your ass cheeks tighter. 
“Brahms,” You gasped, arching your back, fists clutching the sheet above your head. You mewled and writhed underneath him as you came.
Brahms firmly held your chin in his hand, his eyes locking with yours as he reached his own climax, cumming deep inside of you. 
Sweat dripped from his forehead as he tried catching his breath, he nuzzled against you, kissing you before collapsing on top of you, head resting on your shoulder without pulling out. 
Your hand rubbing his back affectionately as he closed his eyes, “I love you,” he whispered in a deep tired voice. 
“I love you, too, Brahms.”
Opening your eyes, you smiled to yourself, overly pleased to be waking up beside Brahms, who looked like an absolute dream. 
He was laying on his stomach, his fluffy hair a complete mess, and the white satin sheet draped over his hips. You wanted to remember this moment forever, he was honestly the most breathtaking sight you had ever seen. 
Unable to resist, you leaned over and placed a kiss on his bare shoulder. You inhaled his scent, before trying to shuffle out of the bed. 
He peeked an eye open, as he felt the mattress shift, his fingers quickly wrapping around your wrist as he pulled back into bed. 
“Stay,” he whined, before burying his face further into the pillow, his grip still strong though, loosening slightly only when you laid back down. 
You laughed at his childish behavior, immediately giving into him, “I’m not going anywhere, not without you, my love.”
He smiled, satisfied, as you began to play with his hair, and asking what he would like to do today. Everything was perfect, his whole world at his side forever. 
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missdictatorme · 2 months ago
The Stubborn, the Headstrong and the Persistent - (Sam Drake x Reader) - Chapter 11
Summary: AU where Sam is the CEO of a big marketing company and he also has an 11 years old son. Sam is very busy with work, usually staying in his office late in the afternoon, sometimes even at the evenings, attending meetings and dinners, while he hires nanny after nanny to watch his son, but they all quit after a few days. Will a certain smartass, irritating, insuffarable neighbour be the solution to the problem? Well, as much as he hates it, yes, yes she will.
Tags: @fhujami, @suffering-and-happy-about-it, @lethalchiralium, @claraclette, @bapyess1r, @samueldrcke, @pyth-sd, @sparrowspt9851, @peakymarvels
Warnings: Cursing
Words: ~2000
The next day was really sunny and hot, so you decided to wear a pair of light blue jean shorts, a white camisole with a thin light pink floral button up over it, with the buttons undone, and a pair of flat sandals.
After you met up with Lucas after school, he led you to the pitch on the other side of the building where the training will take place.
"Okay, so we have about 20 minutes until you guys start, you wanna warm up?"
"Nah, we're gonna do that with the coach. I mean, the others will."
"Oh, come, Lucky Luke, have some faith in me! You're gonna be in the starting team too!"
"If you say so..."
"Hey, I say so! That coach of yours can't be that bad."
"Oh, he's an asshole you'll see."
"Well, lucky for us, I am too, so it won't be a problem." - you smirked.
Lucas rolled his eyes with a smile, then turned his head to look at the other side of the pitch where he saw the other boys going to the locker room.
"Okay, captain, let's go, I'll be here if you need me." - you reassured him with an encouraging smile and a soft pat on the shoulder.
"Okay." - Lucas took a deep breath, and slowly walked towards the lockers.
You little shits better not mess with my little Rocky. - you thought in your head as you watched him go.
When Lucas entered the locker room, he felt all head turn to him. Some of the boys greeted him with a surprised hey, but three of them started mocking him.
"Oh, look who's here!"
"What's up, Lucas, you accidentally missed the girls' locker room?"
"You suddenly gained the power to not kick the ball to the Moon?"
The three guys laughed at their own jokes, while the others looked at each other nervously.
"Or maybe I just had enough watching you losers fuck up all of our games." - Lucas replied without missing a beat as he walked past them and put his backpack down to one of the benches.
The three bullies' jaws dropped, and the others gasped in shock.
"What did you just say?" - Duncan, the strongest of the three asked as he took a threatening step towards Lucas.
"You heard it. Or you want me to spell it out for you?" - he said as he turned around and walked up to him.
They eyed each other for a few intense seconds, then Duncan was pulled back by his mates when the coach entered the room.
"Hey, fellas, are you ready to... Oh, Lucas, what are you doing here?" - he asked confused as he saw the boy.
"I wanna be on the team too." - Lucas replied.
"Kid, no chance in hell." - the coach chuckled and the three bullies joined him.
Lucas curled his hands into fists and for a second considered hitting that greasy old fart in the groins, but then he grabbed his backpack and stormed out of the locker room, shutting the door behind him with a loud bang.
You narrowed your eyes when you saw Lucas hurrying towards you.
"Hey, what's wrong?!"
"Let's go home." - he grunted.
You swore that he looked exactly like his father when he was pissed.
"Whoa, slow down, cowboy!" - you grabbed his hand and made him stop. - "What happened in there?"
"That fucking asshole told me that I can't play! Again!" - he shouted.
"That's it?" - you asked casually.
"Yeah." - Lucas replied a little unsure, after he saw your calm response.
"Lucas, listen here. Just because something doesn't go the way we wanted to after the first try, doesn't mean we have to be little bitches about it."
"I'm not a little-!"
You made a face like pointing it out to him that he is exactly acting like one in that moment, which made Lucas shut up.
You turned around when you heard the others coming out onto the pitch.
"Watch and learn." - you winked at him and started walking to the middle of the field to meet the coach and the team halfway.
You sent a devilish grin to the three bullies, whose eyes immediately widened in fear, remembering how you shouted at them at your first encounter.
"Hey there Mr." - you grinned widely at the middle aged man.
"Wilson. Gary Wilson. And what do I owe the pleasure?" - he grinned as his eyes travelled down your legs.
You held back an eyeroll, and smiled back up at him.
"So, Lucas here told me that he really wants to play, and I was wondering if you would consider giving him a chance in the start up?"
"Sorry lady, but the boy can't play." - he shook his head with a smirk.
"And why's that?"
"He's not good enough." - he replied and turned back around to face the team.
Just when he was abut to speak to them, you walked in front of him.
"Uhm, I'm sorry, but I disagree..."
"Get off, lady!" - he put his silver whistle in his mouth and blew it loudly, while you heard the three assholes laugh behind you.
Your eyes turned black from the anger and you grabbed the chain of the whistle and yanked it out of his mouth, then pulled on it, making him lean closer to you.
"Okay, I’ve tried to be nice, but you chose the hard way. Now listen here, you fucking idiot, you’ll let Lucas play from now on on every training and every game, or else I'll shove this whistle so far up in your ass, everyone will know in a 100 yard radius when you fart, got it?!" - you shouted in his face.
The coach's eyes widened and you stared him down with the most vicious face you could master.
"What the fu-?"
"Look into my eyes, fucker, you know I'll do it." - you whispered dangerously.
The coach gasped then gulped loudly when he saw the menacing glint in your eyes.
"So." - you began as you pulled him even closer. - "Will you let Lucas play from now on?"
He nodded vigorously.
"I can't hear it." - you narrowed your eyes.
"Y-yes ma'am!" - he answered in a shaking tone.
"Great!" - your crazy-face morphed into the previous cute and smiley one as you let go of him. - "You're not gonna regret it." - you winked at him as you turned towards the other kids.
"So, which one of you stole Lucas' watch?"
All of the kids remained silent, but everyone's head turned to look at one boy.
"Hmm, I see. Lucas?"
Lucas walked to him and pointed his thumb at him.
"What's your name?" - you asked the kid.
"Duncan." - he said in a quiet voice as he was looking down.
"Duncan, why did you steal Lucas' watch?"
When he remained silent you rolled your eyes.
"Okay. Guys, Duncan stole Lucas' watch because he's a miserable little loser who thinks being a bitch to others gonna compensate the fact that he has a small dick."
The kids laughed as Duncan's face turned more and more red from embarrasment.
"Ma'am, you shouldn't talk like th..." - the coach started to say, but you sent him a death stare which shut him up.
"Guys, let me hear it, Duncan is a fucking loser who has a small dick!" - you said loudly as you pointed at him.
"Duncan is a fucking loser who has a small dick!" - Lucas said it with you.
After the fifth time everyone said it to him laughing, except his two friends who were standing next to each side of him, just as embarrassed.
When you thought it was enough, you held up your hand and everyone quieted down.
"Duncan, did you like being called a fucking loser and being accoused of having a small dick while everyone laughed at you?" - you asked him.
He shook his head.
"Use your mouth, boy."
"No, I didn't."
You walked in front of him and leaned down to be eye level with him.
"Look at me." - when he did, you continued. - "Guess what, others don't like to be bullied either! So how about you stop doing that? Sounds good?"
"How about you guys, wanna grow a pair of balls and act like fucking decent human beings?" - you turned to his two friends.
"Yes." - they nodded too.
"Cool! Now give back Lucas his watch and apologize."
Duncan pulled it off his wrist and held it out for Lucas.
"Sorry." - he said quietly.
"I don't know, Y/N, I don't quite like this apology." - Lucas said, looking at you.
"Hmm, you're right. Duncan why exactly are you sorry?"
The kid sighed.
"I'm sorry for being and dick to you and the others and for stealing your watch."
"This one's better." - you smirked.
Lucas took the watch from him and put it on his wrist, then he started walking into the lockers to change, but you cleared your throat.
"Lucas, didn't you forget something?"
When he looked at you questioningly, you motioned between him and Duncan.
"Shake his hand."
"What?!" - he asked in disbelief.
"He apologized, you accepted it, now make peace."
You saw that Lucas was not happy, but he walked up to Duncan and they shook each others hands.
"See? That's how real men solve their problems! Right, coach?!" - you looked back at the older man with a brilliant smile, and he nodded his head quickly.
Lucas quickly ran into the locker rooms and the coach blew his whistle.
"Okay, after Lucas comes back, we're gonna start warming up! Come on!" - he started walking to the middle of the pitch and the kids followed him.
However when Duncan was about to go, you grabbed the sleeve of his jersey.
"Nice job, Duncan." - you smiled at him and when he gave you a shy smile back, you narrowed your eyes. - "But if I hear one wrong word about you from any of these kids, Imma fuck you up." - you growled.
"Yes, ma'am!" - he squeaked and ran to catch up with the others.
You sat down on the stand next to the pitch and smiled when Lucas ran back from the lockers and a few kids patted him on the shoulders.
"I should totally be a teacher." - you grinned to yourself confidently.
After Sam stopped the car in front of his house, he climbed out with a smile on his face. He wondered what you, Lucas and your sisters are doing now.
After he exited the car he looked around with a confused expression when he heard a lot of children laughing somewhere, but he coudn't see any.
He walked inside his house, and as he approached the living room, he took off his suit jacket and smiled when it was empty. That meant you were in the backyard again, playing.
As he approached the big glass terrace doors, his eyes widened when he looked outside.
Around fifteen kids were there, mostly boys, playing soccer. Two-two chairs were on each side of his garden, serving as goals, he guessed, with Lily and Naomi being the goalkeepers and you as the referee.
"Hey! Hey! Greg! I saw you! That's a yellow card!" - you yelled loudly as a blonde the kid, probably Greg, groaned dramatically.
Sam smiled when he saw Lucas laugh and high five with another kid. He walked up behind you.
"What's going on here?"
"Jesus F. Chirst!" - you jumped as you turned around with your hands on your chest. - "Are you trying to give me a goddamn heart attack?!"
"It's funny that you're the one asking that, like it's your garden filled with little rascals." - Sam smirked.
You smiled at him sheepishly.
"Sorryyyy." - you cooed as you put your chin on his shoulder and looked at him with puppy eyes.
Sam turned his head to look down at you, and you could feel his breath hitting your face, while his signature smirk was present on his face. It made you bite your lip to keep yourself from grinning like an idiot, but you felt your cheeks getting hot.
"You're totally not sorry."
"Ha! Nope! Everyone's having a great time!" - you grinned widely as you moved your face on his shoulder and so instead of your chin, it was your cheek that rested on his shoulder, and you moved your eyes back to the kids, while you hugged Sam's upper arm and pushed yourself against it.
Sam's grin widened as he felt his heart start beating faster in his chest. Lucas was playing with his friends, and is having a great time, you were curled around his arm like a purring cat and he swore this is what happiness felt like.
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xxrogueoriginalxx · 2 months ago
‎APRIL ‎5, ‎2021
Easter was yesterday and it was pretty good. Honestly it was probably one of the best holidays that I have had since my parents passed away.
Saturday morning (April 3rd) I spent it cleaning the yard because I knew that I was going to do an Easter egg hunt for the kids the next morning...
I took all the landlord's junk in the yard and stuck it in the garage and behind it. He had so much shit man....
I did throw some of his shit in the garbage though. There's like 10 bags of garbage this week. LOL I don't give a fuck though. Those racist ass garbage men are probably going to run their mouths but who cares. They were warned by their supervisor already to stop their shit with me.
When we first moved into our house we didn't have another trash can so I had to put everything on the curb. Well one Friday when the people were picking up our trash, the guys knocked on my door and when I came out--STARTED CUSSING AT ME. IN FRONT OF MY KIDS!! Then tried to give me 2 tickets for all my garbage.
I told them that their supervisor gave me an incident number and told me that I wouldn't get ticketed for not having trash cans. Well they told me that it didn't matter what the fuck I say I was getting a ticket and their supervisor could suck their ass..
Well I immediately called their supervisor and he came out took a statement on their behavior. Well needless to say the past 2 weeks the guys haven't said shit to me.
Saturday afternoon we junked our van because it stopped running.
I spent the majority of the night prepping for Easter morning. I made the deviled eggs, baked the pies, did the baskets and at 6am hid 144 plastic eggs around the yard.
The whole house woke up at the same time on Easter morning (April 4th) and the kids all ran to their Easter baskets, except lil Ricky. He was still sleeping for a little while. Simon was covered in all his chocolate in a matter of minutes. It was actually pretty funny because he was just eating pieces of chocolate one after another.
I started cooking dinner around 10:30am...Dinner was completely done by 3.
I made ham (with cherries and pineapple), stuffing and brown gravy, spanish rice & beans, green bean casserole, dinner rolls, baked beans, broccoli and cheese, deviled eggs, and 2 dutch apple crumb pies with whipped cream.
David & Andrea came with all of their kids too. (CJ, Ian, Lil David, Lukas, Paradise, Isabelle and Justine)...Plus the landlord's son came with them (Jay). So all together there literally was 16 people in my house on Easter.
There was enough food to feed everyone and by the end of the night there was STILL a ton of food left over. I cooked so much
All of the older kids played outside for the majority of the time except Paradise and Lukas who because they were under 2 stayed in the house.
Simon was outside the whole time with his cousins. He loves the outdoors.
I had a pretty decent time. Rick did a bonfire and we just had fun with family.
David, Andrea and all of them left around 6-7pm.
TJ and Kenzie stayed outside though and played with the kids across the street until dark. They seemed well more behaved than the other kids TJ was playing with earlier that day..
The kids that live down the street from us were told to leave our yard earlier that day because they were punching, screaming and cussing at my kids. I don't put up with stuff like that so I told them not to come back.
It was probably about 9:30 when the kids came in. I gave TJ and Simon baths and by the time 10pm rolled around Simon was already knocked out sleeping because he played so hard that day.
I went to bed around midnight after I cleaned up the kitchen and house.
I woke up on Monday (April 5th) around 11:30am to find out that Rick didn't even go to work. I really don't even know why either but he has missed ALOT of work the past 2 months. I honestly am super SURPISED that he still has a job to be honest.
TJ and Simon woke up coughing and sneezing and has runny noses but it didn't keep TJ from running outside with his friends. Simon fell asleep again earlier in the afternoon.
Kenzie went outside with TJ too while I stayed in to clean up the house.
TJ came in after a while because he wasn't feeling well. I remade his bed with fresh sheets and then he laid down..
Andrea and David came over but that was only because I had Andrea take me to Dollar General. The whole ride there she was going on and on about how sick and tired she was about David complaining all the time. LOL
We had meatloaf for dinner with leftover sides from Easter. Rick made brownies too but they didn't come out too good. I guess it's the thought that really counts though, right? Ha! Ha! LOL
Around 9:10pm, Simon came out of MaKenzie's room with blood coming out of his forehead...He fell over some toys and hit his head on the dresser..
Rick started freaking out and called his Mom to rush over..but I told him to calm the fuck down.
Anyways after I cleaned up all the blood coming from his head, I applied pressure to the wound and then called the hospital to see if I should bring him in.
Once we established with the nurse that all he had on his head was a little gash, the nurse told me some advice on how to triage his head at home.
Rick's mom came over and made sure Simon was okay. She even told Rick that he didn't need to "freak out". He doesn't handle emergency situations well.
He seemed to be okay but I didn't let him go to sleep til a little after midnight. He was running around as usual so I didn't think too much of it.
I also cleaned the basement which doubles as TJ and Ricky's bedroom. It was so messy, there was video games and toys all over the place. I keep telling them to clean their room up but it goes in 1 ear and out the other...ugh
I felt bad because I had to spank MaKenzie too. Why you ask? Because she dumped her pop all over me and that's after she called me a bitch, mother fucker and other names. I don't know what the hell her problem is lately but she has lost her damn mind.
Maybe it's because she is 12 or going through puberty of whatever but she has been so disrespectful and I have tried to ignore it and just send her to her bedroom but the shit is escalating. UGH
I'm at the point where I think I am going to reach out to her doctor and see what can be done. She was diagnosed with ADHD when she was younger but that doesn't excuse the behavior...Ya know?
The other day she slammed my cell phone on the floor and cracked the screen. So eventually I am going to have to replace it. Thankfully I can still see the screen right now but I have no idea how long that is going to last..
Monday marks the 4 year anniversary of my Mom's death. I still can't believe that it's been that long. I miss her terribly every day. I hate the fact that she is gone and I wish she was still here but there is nothing that I can do to bring her back. It eats me alive every single day.
I just want my Mom and Dad man...More than anything in this entire world...
The kids go back to school on Tuesday April 5th. They do remote learning so I am hoping that it goes smoothly....The kids have been out of school for Spring Break the past 10 days...
I can't wait for Summer break because then we won't have to wake up early and do this remote learning bullcrap...
Alright well I'm going to go now because it's after 1am and I gotta be up by 5am to make sure that Rick is up for work....
Peace out peeps!
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surveys-at-your-service · 3 months ago
Survey #321
i’m exploring the deepest recesses of tumblr to unearth super old surveys, so you can expect an onslaught of ‘em.
When someone is tailgating you, do you drive faster or slower? I drive the same speed, even though it makes me incredibly uncomfortable. What place outside of your own home do you spend the most time at? My sister's place. Have you ever been snorkeling? No. Do most of your relatives live in the same state/province as you? No; only my parents and immediate sisters live here. Have you ever participated in a medical study? No. Is there a food you hate that everyone else seems to like? Especially where I live, fried chicken. It's disgusting. Have you ever had to evacuate from a natural disaster? No. Do you have any family members who are cancer survivors? Numerous, actually. Do you have any licenses other than your driver's license? I don't even have a driver's license, never mind anything else. What job does you significant other have? I’m single. When you were in elementary school, what was a typical afternoon like once you got home from school? I did my homework right away; well, after having a snack. After that, I was most likely on the computer playing Neopets or Webkinz, or something on the PlayStation. Is your favorite movie part of a series? Yes. Have you ever played in a water puddle? Sure, as a kid. I loved that. Have you ever played in a mud puddle? I don't think so. Have you ever kissed someone (outside) in the rain? Yes. He did it purely to be romantic, lol. Have you ever lost control of your car in the rain? No, thank fuck. Have you ever had to attend summer school? No. Have you ever experienced a summer where the temperature exceeded 120'F/49'C? Yikes, no, not that high. The highest we usually get is below 110. Do you live in a hot or cold (normally) climate? Hot. It sucks. Has your community ever had a “smog alert”? No. Have you ever raked leaves, and then played in them? Oh, absolutely as a kid. Dad would rake a pile just for us kids. Have they ever cancelled school because it was too hot? At least once, yes. Have you ever had to shovel snow? No. Have you ever experienced “cat’s breath”, where the wind was so powerful it took your breath away, literally? Yep, especially when I visited Sara and we went on a walk. It was fucking outrageous. Safe to say I didn't last long on that walk. Has your/or have you been in a car that was stuck in a snowstorm? No. What does your MySpace profile look like? I haven't seen it since that site was still "a thing." I do remember, however, that it was COVERED in meerkats, haha. Pictures, facts, etc. And my page song was "Pocketful of Sunshine" by Natasha Beddingfield lmao. Do you like living in the country or city better? Country, 100%. I'm not a city gal by any means. Do you have a big backyard? No, it's very small. Not used to that at all. What is your favorite Adam Sandler movie? I don't know, he's in too many to choose lmao. What was the last thing that surprised you? Apparently a rocket crashed today after launch. What color hair did your first crush have? Brown. Have you ever visited your state’s capitol building? No. I... didn't even know those existed lmao I feel dumb. Who was the last person that said something that warmed your heart? I'm not sure, but I'm quite certain my niece or nephew would be involved there, haha. What is your favorite park? I don't have one. Have you ever felt an earthquake? No. Do you believe anyone is asexual? ???????????? Yes???????????? Were you abused? No. Have you ever missed a deadline? Yeah. Can you tell Mary-Kate and Ashley apart in pictures? I haven't seen them in an eternity, idk. Describe your fondest memory: I don't really want to... but I'll entertain the question. It's hard to choose, and they just about all include Jason. I think what I hold closest though was our dance to "Stairway to Heaven" after prom in the headlights of his car in my front yard. It's something that physically hurts to remember. What song makes you cry every time you hear it? Let's set aside my "trigger songs" for this. "Terrible Things" by Mayday Parade does it very easily. How often do you break your promises? I almost never do. I don't bullshit around with promises. I've only ever broken ones I'd forgotten I'd made, if my memory serves me right. How long do you take in the shower, on average? Not even 10 minutes. Do you have your MySpace/Facebook profile set to a "friends only" setting? Yes. Did your last kiss mean anything? Why or why not? Of course it did. I care very, very deeply for her. Are your summers usually boring and relaxing, or busy and interesting? "Summers are hot and miserable." <<<< mood Tell me a crazy thing you did as a child. I don't really think I did anything "crazy" as a child, just weird. Like pretending to be a father penguin arranging rocks to mock a nest. I was fuckin weird. How many best friends do you have? One. When you’re upset, who do you wanna talk to the most? Either Sara, Mom, or nobody. Opinion on Daughtry? They're nice. "No Surprise" is positively beautiful. Do you like country music? Noooooo. What’s been the most awkward situation you've been in? Okay, possible TMI. Basically, Jason's parents arrived home way, way earlier than they were supposed to and my panicky ass couldn't find my clothes quickly, and when I finally did, I had to dress as quickly as possible in his tiny-ass closet while he distracted his mom and dad lmfao. I'ma just say it was a very close call to me melting into a mortified puddle. I look back on it and laugh now, but the absolute, throbbing fear I felt was NOT funny back then lmfao. Don’t you love that feeling when you look at someone and you just melt? <3 That is genuinely one of the best feelings in the entire world. Do you prefer male or female singers? I have no preference. So what are you planning for this summer? Nothing, really... Who knows where the Covid situation will be then. What’s a good book? In general for absolutely anyone, Johnny Got His Gun by Dalton Trumbo. It is a book about pacifism that is so very deep and emotional. For women, I highly recommend The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood. As a woman myself, the concept of the book is terrifying, to be reduced to reproduction machines without rights, so it's something you can really feel as a female. It's a book that definitely makes you want to fight for women's rights. Is it awkward for you when your parents talk to you about boys etc… No. I'm a grown woman. Now if she asked about my sex life (if I had one), I'd feel a bit weird, but not very. Do you like it when guys play with your hair? Yeah. Ever cried when you had to say goodbye to someone? Well of course. Over multiple people. Have your parents ever hated one of your boyfriends/girlfriends? No. Have you ever dreamt of someone you barely know? Indeed. Do you have a blood donor’s card? Yep. Have you ever taken a pregnancy test? I had to before surgery. Has anyone seen you naked in the last week? No. What kind of doctor did you go to the last time you went? It was via phone, but I talked with my psychiatrist a few days ago. Does your ex still think about you? I'm sure Sara and Girt do, as they're my good friends, but idk if either think of me romantically. I would hope Jason at least remembers me with some degree of care in his heart... As for Juan, Aaron, and Tyler, idk if they do and I don't really care. What has been bothering you a lot lately? My weight. Are you trustworthy? I think so, yes. Did your parents teach that white lies were ok? Yeah, but it definitely depends on the situation. Which literary character would you dress up as, if you had to choose one? Speaking of The Handmaid's Tale, for Halloween one year, I really, really want to take some cool photos of me dressed as a handmaid with a (obviously fake) blood splatter over my stomach. What (or who) is the best thing that ever happened to you? Being born with the mom I have, probably. I have no idea. None. Of where I'd be without her. Do you miss college? Sigh, sometimes... but I'm not going back. No chance. Dropping out three times due to my mental state hints at a clear pattern. Have you ever called a teacher “mom”? Yeah, accidentally. Except with my physical science teacher in HS that eventually became my "other mom" and most recently our landlord, even. I call her "Mama" sometimes. What was the name of your first imaginary friend? It was a wolf whose name I don't remember. What color was your nursery when you were a baby? No clue. What is your favorite arcade game? I desperately wanna go to a location that has Silent Hill: The Arcade. :/ That's on my bucket list. It's very rare. Are you allergic to grass? No. Do you remember to water plants? I don’t have any plants to water. What is your favorite fall drink? I don't drink any "fall" drinks. Favorite winter drink? Hot chocolate! Favorite spring drink? There are "spring" drinks? Favorite summer drink? Gimme a nice, cold margarita. Name three creative people you know. Sara, Tez, and Mini are some of the most creative people I've ever written with. Name 3 YouTubers you aspire to be like. Mark in like a million different ways, I look up greatly to Jeffree Star's work ethic (say what you will about him personally, but holy shit does mama WORK), and Emzotic for her incredible growth after trauma that's left her more confident than ever, and she's amazing with animals and just a darling overall. Does anyone know who your current crush is? Yeah, I'm pretty open about it. Have you ever been scammed? Not successfully, no. Which song describes your life? I relate to "Get Up" by Mother Mother a lot at this point in my life. If someone dislikes you, what is most likely to be the reason? Probably because I open up so slowly/am very secretive of myself when someone might be trying to get close. People have also criticized my laziness. Where did you meet the last person you swapped numbers with? YouTube. At least I think Tez was the last person I gave my number to. Who was the last person to add you as a friend on Facebook? Hunter, my neighbor growing up. Who was the last person that asked if you were okay? My therapist. I had to leave group due to severe abdominal cramping. It was just my period, but he just wanted to check. What was the last thing you bought from a vending machine? Probably a soda back when I was still in school. Has anyone given you butterflies recently? Actually yeah; I had a memory of Sara that caused 'em to revisit me. What was the name of the first person you ever had a crush on? Why did you like them? I'm going to exclude my puppy-dog crush (Dylan) and talk about my first "real" crush, Sebastian. I liked him because we had very similar interests, he was really friendly, nice, and funny, and he clearly trusted me a lot because he actually confided in me regarding the relationship he was in that was struggling and causing him a lot of pain. I thought he was attractive, too. Ngl, I wonder sometimes where we could have gone if he hadn't been dating the girl, because I'm 90% sure he was into me, too. In current times, he very recently got engaged! Super happy for him. Which parent do you identify with the most? My ma. What do you think you cook or bake the best? Scrambled eggs, I guess. That's just about all I CAN make, haha. My family likes 'em. I always use American cheese, salt, pepper, and a bit of hot sauce. What embarrasses you the most in front of other people? Admitting I RP. If you had to choose one thing you were most passionate about, what would it be and why? Of actually important things, gay rights. If we're talkin' passionate about anything, then the answer's meerkats, duh. Who are you most envious of—real or fictional—and why? A rival photographer that lives here. I absolutely hate admitting that, but yeah, I'm extremely envious of her. She gets way more traffic than I do by a long shot, even though I, from a completely modest and honest standpoint, genuinely think I do better work than her. It's just frustrating. All about who you know in this business. How old is the most expired item in your fridge? Supposedly our milk expired on the 1st, but it smells just fine? And mind you, I am very cautious with expiration dates, and I've found milk typically starts to smell bad a few days earlier than the date to me. This jug is an outlier. What are your favorite style of underwear? I'm a fat old lady that likes high-waisted underwear. What’s the saddest song you’ve ever heard? Maybe "The Ballad of Dwight Fry" by Alice Cooper. I could name tons, though. How about the sweetest song? Maybe "Easy to Love You" by Theory of a Deadman. Another song I struggle to listen to because it was one of mine and Jason's "songs." Do you know how to play dominoes? No. Are you proud of what you’re doing with your heart and time right now? Not in the least. Why or why not? I'm just wasting time. Doing nothing with true meaning, and I seem unable to get over this low point I'm in. How many bones have you broken? One. Well, I was told "fractured," but apparently that's the same thing as broken? Have you ever won anything? Big or small? Yeah, multiple things. What food will you absolutely not, under any circumstances, eat? Animals like cats or dogs. Pets, basically. I would feel WAY too weird. Has anything/anyone every saved your life before? Yes. What is one thing you’re embarrassed to admit you want to try? If I'm embarrassed by it, why would I share it with whoever reads these? What is the most important memory you have and why? When I decided it was truly time to move on from Jason. Why that's my most important is obvious: it changed my mindset and life in general. Is there something you wish you had said sorry for but never did? God, I hope Jason read my apology email I last sent him. I finally accepted I did wrong, too, and I want to know that he knows that. Who was the last person you know to have a birthday? My youngest niece's first birthday was mid-February. What’s a musical instrument you think sounds really beautiful? The violin. Do you play that instrument? I wish I could. Do you have a favorite type of pasta? (like a shape of noodles, not dish) Just spaghetti noodles, ig. How many times a day do you brush your teeth? Once. Who sent the last e-mail you got? My PHP therapist sent me the Zoom link to our group session. Do you have a favorite shape? Out of basic ones, circles. What’s the last song you bought/downloaded? I don't recall. Probably something by 3TEETH. Have you ever been on a trapeze? Hell nah. Do you buy chocolate after Valentine’s Day when it goes on sale? No. Do you personally know anyone who is an author? I met a poet at the psych hospital once. I also have an old friend who had something published in a magazine, I think. Do you own a polaroid camera? No, but I'd love to to take more ~aesthetic~ photographs sometimes. What is something you think is underrated? Snakes! :( They're not scary or gross, nor do they in any way deserve to be killed. I wish the worth of snakes was seen much more clearly. They are spectacular, intriguing animals. Around what temperature do you consider it to be too hot outside? Once it hits like 65*F, I'm starting to feel uncomfortable. In what ways do you expect your life to be different one year from now? I hope beyond hope that I have a job I enjoy. And that I'm driving again. What’s a hobby you used to have, but don’t anymore? I used to loooove video editing, but I've lost all motivation for it. Do you have any exercise equipment in your home? Somewhere we have this one stretchy thing that I have no idea what it's called, then there are two sets of small weights somewhere. Where is the farthest north you’ve traveled to? New York. Farthest south? Florida. East? Well, ya can't go more east in NC unless you want to drive into the ocean... lol. West? Illinois. If you have/want children, will you raise them similar to the way you were raised? If I had kids, I would in some ways, but in a lot of other ways, no. Do you have any unusual decorations in your home? Nothing strange, no. What is the highest level math class you’ve completed? I don't know. Not very high. Do you have an ebook reader? (iPad, Kindle, etc.) No. What kind of natural disaster is most common where you live? Hurricanes. Have you ever had an animal get into your attic? No. When was the last time you started a “new chapter” of your life? 2017, ig. What is the last random act of kindness you did? I guess you could consider a loving text to Sara a random act of kindness?
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surveys-at-your-service · 3 months ago
Survey #315
“can’t breathe to scream  /  suffocating in this dream  /  long way down”
Who was your first big crush? I would probably say this guy in high school named Sebastian. We sat beside each other in Art, and I definitely liked him a lot. Man, my freshman-sophomore years honestly involved a handful of crushes before Jason popped into the picture and I lost all romantic interest in everyone else. Where was the first place you drove after you got your license? N/A Is it a blue sky outside right now? No. All North Carolina has known for weeks on end now is rain. We've had very rare sunny days, but for the most part, it's just gray and gross. Was your last breakup a bad one? Nah, I'd say it ended maturely and with a mutual understanding of "why." When was the last time you were surprised, in a pleasant way? Hell if I know. Is there an ice-cream flavor that you strongly dislike? Which one? Yeah, like strawberry. What was the last sitcom you watched? No clue. ^ Do you have a favorite character in that sitcom? Why is that character your favorite? N/A What does the last group you joined on Facebook concern? I am 90% sure it was this group I joined that is literally just about cute yet dangerous animals lmao, mostly reptiles and invertebrates. "Misunderstood biteybois and where to befriemd them" or some stupid shit like that. Has there been a spider in your house at any time recently? Not that I've seen, no. Do you like wearing make-up? Not at all. I only like wearing it for pictures and then taking that shit off. ^ If so, how old were you when you first started to wear it? I started consistently wearing it my freshman year of high school. Then some time later I just showed up one day without any, shocked all my friends, and then only wore it when I felt like it. What foods are you craving lately, if any? Nothing, really. What were some of your favorite foods as a child? Chicken nuggets of course, as well as spaghetti, peanut butter sandwiches, just the typical stuff that kids tend to enjoy. When you were younger, did you ever have a friend that your parents hated? No. Have you ever talked in your sleep before? That's very normal for me, especially now that I have nightmares like every goddamn night. What was the last song you heard, that reminded you of someone? Well, not a real someone, but "The Ordinary World" by the Hit House is 110% one of Fetch's soon-to-be themes. What has brought you joy today? Nothing brought me "joy," really. When was the last time you won a prize in a raffle? What was it? I actually recently won an art rafle on deviantART hosted by a truly amazing artist, like I thought I had no chance, and she's going to be drawing Moondust!!!! :'''') What is the next non-essential item that you intend to buy for yourself? I'm still paying the bulk of my tattoo in May. Is there anywhere in your town/city that's rumored to be haunted? Oh, I'm sure. When you were younger, did you ever think that a certain place was haunted? Bitch I still do lmao. What were your school meals like? Did you enjoy them? This really depended on the menu for the day. My school lunches were nowhere near as bad as some people make theirs sound, but most things still weren't great. I think school pizzas are the most notoriously bad. What kind of granola bar did you eat most recently? I had a cashew bar earlier today. Do you have any books on your shelf that you've read multiple times? I never reread books. What did your last post on social media concern? That I personally wrote, something regarding subtle racism still being racism, pretty much. How do you feel about people using graphic images as a scare tactic to promote their beliefs? (i.e.: PETA, abortion…) I have mixed feelings on this. Like sometimes seeing the brutal side of certain things is definitely useful in opening someone's mind to things they don't want to see/think about, but then there's that, too: it can just be so invasive and unexpected, and thus very upsetting and even scarring. I'd say I'm most for the "appropriate" social media route: using censorship that the viewer can decide whether or not to remove. But you obviously can't do that in like, a public protest with a sign, so idk. Which is harder for you: writing creatively or academically? Honestly, both are pretty easy for me. I enjoy writing creatively far more, though. Do you think gender neutral bathrooms are a good idea? I think it's fine to have them as an option. When was the last time you voluntarily went outside of your comfort zone? Just talking about stuff in group therapy recently. Would you ever use a dating site that costs money, like or eHarmony? Have you known anyone who had good experience with such sites? No, and yes. Do you think it’s fair that people are able to make a reasonable salary and live comfortable lives just by making YouTube videos? Yes? It takes charisma and talent in some area (humor, education, etc.) as well as consistency for it to be a reliable career, and just consider how often you hear about creators burning out. That happens for a reason. Entertainment is a valid job category and should not be seen as an unfair joke. Whether you’re in college or not, do you become fearful about whether or not you’ll find a good job? Story of my life. What is something you can only understand if you've experienced it first hand? Deep heartbreak. Do you think it's a double standard that a woman can hit a man and expect to get away with it, but if a man hits a woman it's assault? Obviously. Abuse knows no gender, and hitting another person is just that. I do, however, believe in self-defense, also regardless of gender. In terms of a wedding, put these things in order from what would be MOST important to be perfect, to LEAST important... Engagement ring, dress, hair, venue, ceremony, food, pictures, decorations, honeymoon. This requires too much thinking, haha... but I do know the quality of my honeymoon would be most important to me, given that that's personal time with my new spouse and not a public celebration. I feel like what goes on behind closed doors is more important and heartfelt than how you act publicly. Do you have a go-to small talk conversation topic? Probably video games or music, idk. Define "small talk." Does anyone owe you money? Do you owe anyone money? (Besides credit cards) Mom does. She just a few days ago had to borrow $100 for rent. If someone was going to buy you any practical gift (anything except a house or car), what would you choose? It'd be dope as fuck if someone could pay for Venus' next terrarium, but that's a big purchase that I'd have a hard time accepting. How many people do you know with the same first name as you? At least one, but her name is spelled differently. What in your opinion is the best love song ever written? I'm not sure, but I can tell you that "When It's Love" by Van Halen has always been high on the list for me. Was your mother married when she had you? No, actually. I thought she was until my most recent bday, I think. It was just part of a conversation. How old was the first person you kissed? He was a few months into 18. The first person you were in a relationship with, do you still care about them? Of course, he's a sweet guy. We don't talk or anything, but that doesn't mean I don't care about him. Has anyone ever sang to you? Yes. So, what if you married the last person you kissed? That'd be pretty rad. What are you listening to at the moment? "Long Way Down" from the The Evil Within soundtrack. It's funny, like I've loved the game for many years, but I'm now in a serious semi-obsession phase after watching another let's play of it. Have you read the The Hunger Games trilogy? I only read the first book. I loved it, but just never continued. What is your boss’ (or school prinicpal’s) name? N/A Who is the person you dislike the most? That I personally know, probably a former best friend, oddly enough. Do you text your parents often? If Mom's not home, it's not unusual for us to text. I don't text my dad much because he's not a fan of texting. Do you watch YouTube videos often? Pretty much always. Do you know anyone with celiac disease? Sara, my aunt, and my cousin. Those are the ones I know of, anyway. Do you currently have any alarms set? No. How many cars can fit in your driveway? Barely even two. If someone else is here, they usually just park where the road meets the sidewalk of the cul-de-sac. Do you have the ashes of a family member or a pet? Of my dog Teddy, yes. Have you ever been involved in a car crash? Yes, as a kid. Do you prefer flash or no flash on a camera? Definitely no flash. It's more natural, and especially with people, it obviously prevents red eye. How often do you use hashtags? Just about never. Have you ever had whiplash before? No. Have you ever given another person or an animal a bath before? Pets, yes. I could never bathe another human. Is there a birdbath in your yard? No. Weirdest place you’ve ever had a cramp? Nowhere weird, I think... How many lamps are in the room you’re in? How many are actually turned on? Technically three, if you count my snake's heat lamp. Right now that's the only light that's on. Are there any activities you enjoy doing, but can only do for a short amount of time before you get bored or tired of them? Yeah, reading comes to mind first. Is there anything coming out soon (books, albums, movies, video games) that you're looking forward to? I'm not up-to-date on this stuff at all, not even video games. What is something someone recommended to you that you disliked/hated? I know Girt's recommended me music I haven't been a fan of. We like the same general stuff, but there are specific sub-genres we differ in opinion about. Can you unwrap a Starburst in your mouth? ... There are people who do this to even know in the first place??? What is the last thing you ate? Popcorn. Who is your favorite person to spend time with? Sara. Do you know how to grill a steak? I don't know how to cook, period. Do you have a large dog? We don't have a dog currently, but Mom is looking for one pretty intently. We don't know the size it'll end up being. Do you like walking places? Absolutely not. I can't walk far at all without my legs starting to scream at me because leading such a sedentary lifestyle led to muscle atrophy in my legs. It's incredibly embarrassing. Are you a fan of bands most people don’t know of? That's not uncommon for me. Have you ever sent an X-Rated picture to someone? No. Do you think your voice is higher or lower than average? It's deeper than the average woman's. Do you have a pool? No, but I really, really want one... Given how easily I sweat, I would love to use swimming to strengthen my legs. I could also stop the very moment I feel I need to; it in general sounds like something I could quite easily do. How many times have you been on a plane? Ummm including the trips going back, at least six times. Favorite ice cream flavor? Oh my gooooood, if you haven't tried Ben & Jerry's "phish food"... fucking try that shit. It is innnnnncredible. Do you have a TikTok? Nope. Do you enjoy driving? Fuck no I don't. Your favorite store as a teen? Hot Topic was and still is my fave, ha. Favorite YouTuber? There's this one called Markiplier that I think's pretty cool. How many online accounts do you have? A LOT. My whole life is essentially on the computer, so... .-. Do you tend to always be in some sort of drama? Quite the opposite. Do you collect quarters from every state? No. When was the last time your living room furniture was rearranged? Not since we moved into this place. When you were little did you like watching Cartoon Network, Disney or Nickelodeon more? Disney probably topped Nickelodeon. I didn't watch much CN. Who was the last person to kiss you on the cheek? Either my niece or nephew when saying bye. Have you ever seen a magic show? Yes, as a kid. I even had a magician for my bday once. When was the last time you vomited and why? It's been a year or so. It would've been a side effect of starting a certain med that I didn't stay on because it so consistently made me sick. Where do you usually sit when you eat dinner? Either in my bed (I know) or at the dinner table if Nicole is here to eat with us. What time do you usually go to sleep at night? It's typically around 7:30-8:30, occasionally a bit later. I can't believe as a teen, it was my "rule" that I couldn't go to sleep before 10:30 because it was "too early." Nowadays, I can barely imagine regularly staying up that late. Do you avoid using public restrooms? As best as I can. I've seen some nasty shit. What’s your favorite type of cookie? Chocolate chip. How basic.
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droogiesanddiscourse · 3 months ago
HCs: The Reservoir Dogs and Their Relationship with your Child
HI HUN! <3 could you write a Reservoir dogs preference about them if they had kids, and how they'd behave as parents with you and both your child? :3
AWWW this is so cute! I love this idea so much. Thanks for requesting!! :) Hope you like it <3 I’ve been...attempting to write the S/O’s as gender neutral as possible in order to be inclusive towards everyone! I hope it has been going okay :) 
Warnings: None! Fluffy fun for everyone. 
Mr. Orange (Freddy Newandyke) 
• He’s the one who falls into the role of a father the easiest out of all the Reservoir Dogs. He’s got a bit of childlike energy to him already, so it just makes sense. 
• Falls in love with them the first time he lays eyes on them, probably cries as well. He seems like a guy that wears his heart on his sleeve, so happy tears will be flowing.  
• Will educate your child on all things Marvel / Comic Book related, he’ll raise them right! Uh, except make sure they don’t touch the rare ones in mint condition, those are off limits...
• Will lift them up and carry them around the apartment while they are in the superhero pose, making “whoooosh!” sound effects as Freddy narrowly doges the furniture around the apartment, making your little one giggle. 
• Family board game nights !!! I’m talking Candyland, Chutes and Ladders, the Monopoly, the works. Freddy would also show your child all his favorite video games, making sure they are being raised on the classics. He’s gonna make sure your child is super pop culture-centric child. 
• You’ll often find Freddy and your child sitting side by side on the couch, watching cartoons. You swear that sometimes he's more entertained by the cartoons than your child, watching as he’s completely enthralled. 
• Matching Halloween costumes for the three of you every year, and the theme is always chosen by your kid. Your kid wants you to be all different types of fruit? Well, get to making those costumes then.  
• Sometimes Freddy gets anxious about his work, because he never wants to put either of you in any possible harms way. 
• HE’S THE FUN DAD !!! He’ll go down the slide with your child at the park akjlkdf or you’ll have to spin the both of them around the round-a-bout. 
• A good Dad, but we wouldn’t expect anything less of him!!! 
Mr. Blonde (Vic Vega) 
• Uhhh I’m gonna be honest the last thing this man wanted is a I think it would have to happen by accident. I’m sorry to say. 
• Okay it’s not because he doesn’t love you enough to have a child with you, he just really enjoys the life the two of you created together, and doesn't want a child throwing a damper on your plans. 
• You’re definitely going to have a troublemaker on your hands. Vic never disciplines them, and allows them to practically run wild. You unfortunately have to be the tough parent while Vic is the “fun” parent. 
• With your permission of course, he’ll want to teach the kid how to shoot too jalkdsjfalksjdf. He wants to make sure you raise a child that can protect themselves. 
• Your child would literally start a fire in the house and Vic would be like “That’s my baby look at them go :))” 
• Playdates with Uncle Eddie, making sure your child is introduced to Vic’s best friend. It’s very funny, and kinda domestic watching the three of them on the floor with your child, playing with toys. Vic always has a cigarette hanging from his mouth. 
• Your child tries to copy Vic so much because they think he’s just so cool. You’ve already had to snatch a cigarette out of Vic’s hands as he offered it to them oh my god. 
• Often will carry them on his shoulders, he doesn’t mind if they tug on his hair while up there either. He just loves that his child is a little spitfire like him. 
• He...will not change his lifestyle just because he has a kid now, I’m sorry to say. But he surprisingly cares more for the little runt than he ever thought he would. 
Mr. White (Larry Dimmick) 
• At first he’s kinda like “wait how did this happen” because of his age. But is very excited nonetheless. He’s always wanted to be a father, but it just never happened. He never found the right partner to settle down with. 
• He has trained for this moment, and he’s had friends as well that have had children. So he’s been around enough to know what to do. 
• Literally the stereotype of the All-American Dad - will grill hotdogs on the BBQ, play catch in the front yard with your child. He wants to make sure he can provide the best life for them, as well as you. 
• GOOD ROLE MODEL. Okay let’s put aside his job for a minute, and understand that he wants your child to have a better future than he has, he doesn’t want him in the same profession. So he strongly emphasizes the importance of education, and doing good in school. 
• Late nights at the dinner table, exhausted and exacerbated by your child’s confusing homework. Larry will be like “but this is how I KNOW it” and your child is like “NO but the teacher taught it is way!!!” 
• Always ends in hugs, and Larry will sneak them a scoop of ice cream for putting up with his frustration. Y’know what, make that one for him too. 
• Drives them to school every day aawwhwhw!~ He’ll hold their hand before they get to the door too, of course, always giving them a kiss on the head before they’re off. 
• Cooking together, holding them with one arm and stirring the soup with the other hand. He’s super sweet and considerate
• Really good at helping your child come down from tantrums or meltdowns, always willing to lend an ear why they are upset. Larry treats them like a little adult, one with feelings and emotions that are 100% valid. 
• Literally the best father you could ever ask for. 
Mr. Brown 
• Mr. Brown is terrified to become a Dad. Not because he doesn’t want to be one, but because he doesn’t think he’s good enough to be one. He still feels incredibly immature at times, and has that “big kid” energy Mr. Orange has without the stability. 
• But he really, really tries his best. Will take on as many heists / jobs as he can before the baby comes so that you have enough money to make sure you can raise them properly during their early years, as well as some extra spending money
• You gotta change the diapers, this man will straight up refuse to do so because it freaks him out. 
• Ok so this man has no concept of ??? what is considered child-friendly content and you’ll just walk into the room with Mr. Brown and your child watching Friday the 13th on the big screen and he’s like “Hi :)” LIKE.....JASLDFJAKLSDFJ he’s too much !!! 
• Basically your child and Mr. Brown are just, best friends. Every Friday night is designated movie time for the three of you to enjoy, snuggled up together on the couch. 
• Mr. Brown is the master of Peek-A-Boo. Him and your child are also constantly getting into tickle fights. 
• At night, your child will often come to Mr. Brown with a book firmly grasped within their hands, silently begging for him to read it to them. Of course, he could never say no to that cute face aww. 
• Does like...really good silly accents / voices when reading. It’s always super entertaining to watch. 
• He’s a good Dad, he just doesn’t give himself enough credit. 
Mr. Pink
• Alongside of Mr. Blonde, he’s...not at least actively seeking to have a child anytime soon. 
• He’s like “Do you know how much a child costs???? You think we’re gonna have enough money to raise one???” Like, he’s very rational with his thoughts, but his also masking his own fears of being an inadequate father because of his lack of emotional attachments 
• When your child cries he’s just like... “there there...kid” while patting them on the head. He just doesn’t know what to do with them most of the time. 
• He does, however, love the little shuffle of feet that follows him everywhere across the house. Him always turning around and looking down at your child, wide eyed and staring up at him with a sense of awe. 
• Mr. Pink will ruffle their hair, and ask something simply like “Hey, wanna get ice cream?” Your child nods excitedly, and he’ll be sure to take them out for some Daddy - child bonding time. 
• You gotta give Mr. Pink and your child their own time to bond, as he has a bit of hesitation when attaching himself to...anything. But eventually he warms up, and it’s cute the relationship they eventually form :) 
• Mr. Pink will play along with their games too. He’s not good at playing pretend, and definitely is not a good actor by any means, but your child is happy their Daddy is getting in on the fun. 
• Literally if you play pirates Mr. Pink will be like “ooo arg me...child uhh you’re gonna uhh...walk the plank. Yeah,” IT’S SO BAD but he tries he really tries !!! 
• He admits he's not a perfect father, but he’s amazing in his own unique way. Your child adores both of you. 
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choiceenvironment · 3 months ago
Shorty’s Fight
Shorty is so deserving of the proper surgery to save her leg.  I feel horrible that I can not afford to provide her with it. With so many people struggling, I hate to ask for this kind of financial help, but I have no choice.  I have to try for her sake. Our local small town community has already sponsored the costs to saving her, with help from the wonderful (Strathmore Veterinarian).  The donations gave the vet enough to amputate her tail and cast her arm from a broken Radial bone. Including an anonymous donor that paid her intake. I believe it is because the town knows her, she has gone into stores, got the mail with me and all my clients love her. Since then (2 weeks ago) something has gone wrong and the Ulnar bone which had a hairline fracture has now broken fully, the only option now is amputate her front left arm for $2000 or Surgery for $4500 to save the arm. She is in a lot of pain, this breaks my heart for her and she does not deserve to suffer. I have been told by some that she is just a cat, That I should just do what ever is cheapest and/or put her down. But she is not just a regular cat, her personality captures anyone who meets her but not in the cuddly way most would think. This is my story of the most unique cat I have ever known. "Sam Shorty" 2 years ago I was looking for a small companion cat that I could bring to work at my newly opened print shop. I thought it would be great to keep the mice away, I was lonely as I worked alone and I had some struggles coping with stress. My store was opened in 2017, Since then my entire store was flooded and I lost all my inventory with no help from insurance because it was "overland flooding" - Jerks! They didn't help at all.  But my community did! Since then I lost my father, 2 brothers and covid took away my events which used to pay for my store rent.  I hosted, cooking and paint classes for kids when they were off school.  I also trained people who struggle to learn computer skills and building their own resume. I honestly needed to find a daily companion and furry friend.  My first thought was to catch or coax one of the Ferrell cats around town because I would be "giving them a better life".  So I thought. ha ha ha But the stray cats around town are pretty happy just eating the field mice and being wild and free.  No worries, just play, eat and sleep, I am almost jealous except in winter time. ha ha ha So after weeks of desperately trying to make friends with the Ferrell's I gave up and realized that all I was doing was creating Night Fights from all the food I kept leaving out. The neighbors must have loved that. ha ha ha They did keep all the outside mice away, but funny...I seemed to end up with more mice inside the store. ha ha ha Moving forward I checked online for any cats needing a home and oddly at that time frame there was none?  People even tried catching their own farm Ferrell's to no avail.  Well I was determined so I planned to go on the weekend to buy one SOMEWHERE lol, didn't know where but I was determined. Saturday morning we planned for a Sunday trip to the city.  But I was feeling really down so I prayed.  I honestly prayed to God and asked for help in sending me a cat that needs the most help. See, Although I want a companion for my sake I also want to return the favor to my friend, I want to be doing something good. 2 hours later I was cleaning up some things in the shed and my husband says "I think there is something behind the quad" Sure as shit there was a kitten!  So we ran and told my daughter to grab a can of tuna and after a few attempts I was able to quickly grab her scruff and pull her into my scarf. She fought hard but only for a few seconds, then she tucked her head into my hair and didn't move. I walked around with her for a bit and she seemed to like it.  Eventually I set her on my bed and she just stared at all of us like she was in shock.  Pretty sure she was freaking out. ha ha ha Her eyes were full of gunk, she was so badly filled with worms and she pooped all over my bedroom, my bed, but I could care less. Funny story - she even gave me worms which is very rare! The first night she was so afraid that she would only lay on the window sill.  Shorty was so stunted and small that we called her shorty.  Also because her tail was the smallest tail we had ever seen. While she was going from the window to the liter box and back up to the window sill, her litter was getting stuck to her feet and a small amount kept dropping into my bedside drinking glass. Lets not get into details, but I drank a lot of water that night. ha ha ha - I still laugh at this cause she was worth it. It took a long time to get her back to health, we thought she was dead a few times when she would not move for hours. We eventually got her fixed and with consistent food she began to grow :) and although small she is one tough kitty. I had her on a leash when we would go for walks, camping or to work.  But eventually I just felt like she missed the wild. When we were camping it poured rain one year so bad, but she did not want to leave the brush beside the fire and I realized she was hunting mice! She would be soaking wet and I would try to take her inside with me but she would get so mad, growl and kick her back paws on me.  So in return for her friendship I sat in the rain with her for hours so she could listen to the wilderness and hunt mice.  She even caught one that year but her excitement caused her to lose it and it ran away. She would stand on her back feet and sway her head like a crazy person filled with glee, she looked like a playful bear. Shorty would finally want to go to bed around 11 pm, but at the crack of dawn she would be sitting on her leash staring at me and using her "mind powers" to wake me up.  She is very polite and tries not to disturb me while I sleep.  So sweet. I decided that if I truly love her I would have to let her have her own freedom and if she loved me too, she would return home. At first when I took her off her leash, Shorty would stay with me as I gardened or worked in the yard.  But eventually she left the yard for a day and night. But she returned and before the incident she would come and go on the hour. Shorty could be dead asleep on the piano ( her favorite spot) and she would know if another cat stepped on her property.   So would we, because all of a sudden she would run upstairs to the bedroom windows, then down to the basement windows. Sometimes she would "Scobie Doo"  around the corners then race to be let out the back door. All the neighborhood cats are free out here and go as they please.  They are also bigger than her! But she puff's up, spits and kicks her back feet like she is the toughest little girl in the world. Climbing is her favorite and she always has to show me.  She will run up the tree and if I am not watching her Shorty meows at me and scratches harder on the tree. She loves to run and show off how fast she is, her favorite game with my daughters is what we call "the chase game" That's where the kids will get a foot from her and she will run to the other side of the yard and lay down.  Then she rolls and shows her tummy, so the girls walk up to pet her and when they are a foot from her she runs back to the other side. She loves it. Shorty does not cuddle, wont let strangers touch her and only comes to me "Mom" Now the sad part -  We rescued a Pitbull and have spent month retraining her as she was abused and left to freeze in the cold.  Her name is Calypso. She cowers to many things and we thought we were getting her back to normal. Her prey drive was bad, but the cat and her were beginning to play and we began lowering our guard. I never left them in a room alone together, I still always supervised just encase. But 2 weeks ago I was in court awaiting a verdict on a local exploitation of a minor case.  The judge called guilty, we cried with relief and became overwhelmed as it had been a year long uncertain battle.  By the system prevailed! AS we celebrated on the way home I got a call from my daughter, the dog had got upstairs and the cat was bleeding. I tried to keep my daughter calm and a Neighbour ran to my house to see how bad it was. When I got there, the floor had a trail of blood and a pool of blood behind the couch. But it is not the dogs fault, she is a sweet sweet dog that just wants to be loved.  The dog took to me the moment we met and her jealousy took her over along with her natural instinct. Just as the cat needs to hunt mice, the dog wants to hunt too.  It part of them and I hold no fault to either of them. We called the nearest vet who responded with "we are booked unless you want to just bring her in and put her down?" Yah we hung up on them. Then we called Strathmore Vet and while bawling I explained that I had absolutely no money, I had no idea how to get any money but I would do anything to save her. The vet worked tirelessly through the night and all the next day.  Shorty had her tail amputated, and a second time from the damage.   Luckily she had enough blood to rebuild and just a fractured radial bone.  They tried there best to cast the arm but gave me a 50/50 chance of keeping it. The last two weeks of healing, Shorty has been such a trooper.  We have been trapped in my room since but I think she knows its only so she can heal.  I have not gone to work or left her side. I thought she was getting depressed the last few days but yesterday we found out its pain, from the second bone finally giving out. Shorty deserves to keep her leg and she deserves proper care.  The feeling of not being able to provide this to her is horrible. I cant even afford the amputation. With amputation I wonder if I will ever let her back outside? There is 2 jerks on our street that always speed and with her only having 3 legs I would be too worried that someone would run her over. Most people in our town will actually stop and let a cat cross the road, we are always watching for children and the speed is basically 30 klm/hr over the entire hamlet or Carseland. This is my last resort. I have tried to phone Pet Card to get approve for a pet loan but I don't make enough.  I actually don't make anything since covid and have been operating my print shop at a loss for 6 months. My customers have been hit hard, they don't have the money to pay anymore.  Its not their fault and I have stayed close with all my clients because I truly understand what they are going through. I tried selling all my game consoles i have collected since I was 12, that didn't pan out. The stress of everything gave me shingles, so I have 4 bags of bottles to take in and I am now better so I can actually take them in, but that's not going to help her today. So I am here asking for help because Shorty deserves better and I am okay with putting myself out there for her. She really deserves a chance to keep her freedom and live the happy life she had before. Thank you so much for reading, sharing or considering helping my little girl. My love to you all Jennifer
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mynameisjaxx · 3 months ago
Sugawara x Y/N
I'm starting my third year in high school with lots of home life drama...yay...
My parents were never really marriage people to begin with. Hippie types, they lived together in an apartment in Miyagi with a few friends. Soon they got together and ended up having me. Of course it was an at home birth. They didn't even name me right away, or register me until a month after I was born. They told their friends about wanting to try to live life the way society deemed it, since now they had to find a way to provide for us as a family. After my aunts and uncles moved on to their 'new life venture', Dad found a job at a bank and mom stayed with me at home. She ended up designing a line of environmentally friendly clothes, using the scraps of fabrics no one wanted from the store. Eventually people kept asking if they were going to get married and they always had an excuse. I was 7 when they decided to tie the knot, and now 11 years later they are getting divorced. 
I didn't want to live with either of them, so I did the one thing that made sense to me. Which also made sense to them, so I left. They set me up with the apartment they had all those years ago. Since the apartment is paid off they had no qualms about me moving in and living on my own. Sure it was my own space now, but I still had to do quite a lot of paperwork so that my name could be on it. They can even check in with me periodically like they were doing before all this divorce business.
It's a sweet setup. A 2 bedroom apartment, open concept kitchen, living room and dining room. The kitchen was renovated a few years ago, but was never used after reno. Shame though, it was done in black and gold. The countertops were coated in a thin film of dust, but that still wasn't enough to hide the intricate marble swirls beneath it. The cabinets were done in a matte black and the handles were thin bars coated in a gold coating. Looking past the counter was the living room, heavy curtains hid the natural light from the outside. It was spacious. Way more than enough for my baby and me. No, not human, she's a fur baby. 
So of course the first step is cleaning and like moving into any new space. I bought new cleaning supplies. It's bad luck to use old things to clean a new space. Sure it might be superstition but, if I really want to give this move my all, I was going to do everything I could to make it right. Cleaning was a breeze. I finished after a whole morning and the house smelled absolutely amazing. I locked up and got in my truck, drove back to my dad's house. It's where I was staying for the meantime. 
Kuroo met me at dad's house 20 minutes after my long drive from Miyagi. He brought snacks like the good friend he is. I was in dire need of good company for opinions. We'd been best friends for the 11 years I lived in Tokyo. It was bittersweet. I was going to be leaving the only place I knew I had family, but then again I'd be setting off on my own. 
"Do you really have to go, kitten?" He cups my cheek. 
"Yes, roo and you know this. I'm leaving tomorrow. The boys are going to load up their cars with my stuff and we're going to Miyagi." I lean into his palm. 
"But, kitten, you could just move in with me. Why don't you?" He insists. 
"Roo, you're an amazing friend for even offering, but I am not going to impose in your space like that. Besides you're going to college after next year and I'm going to continue with my writing gig. Plus, if I have my own place that means you can come over and visit your Karasuno friends more often." I wiggle my brows. 
"Kitten, you know their captain and I aren't exactly friendly." He warns. 
"You say that, but as the ex nekoma team manager, I know Daichi Sawamura holds no ill will towards you. He's just protective of his kids." I shrug. 
"It hurts to hear you say that." He winced and curled up away from me. 
"Aw come on, roo. I'll still be cheering you on." I place a hand on his back. 
"I know, but, it's not the same. Who else is going to push my buttons when I'm wound up too tight? Who's going to give me a hand with Kenma? Or help Lev with his, well everything? Or Yaku with his yaku-ness?" His pleading expression was like a dagger to my heart. 
"I love you boys, but you will survive, I made sure to coach the new kid. They'll take care of you." I wrap my arms around his waist. 
"I'm going to miss you." he turns around to face me. 
"I'll miss you too roo." I buried my face in his chest so he wouldn't see how sad I really was about leaving. 
We stayed like this while my spotify continued to play in the background. Eventually we fell asleep holding one another. It was nice that we got to spend a few hours together, just the two of us. In the morning I fixed us up some breakfast as he labeled the last box.  
The boys showed up just in time. It was Kuroo's, Lev's and Yaku's cars full of stuff and Kenma, along with my kei truck and bringing along my fur-baby, Hachi, we made the move in one day. Once the boxes were in their respective rooms, the boys helped me unpack a few boxes for the kitchen and the living room. Exchanging the heavy curtains and the single rod. The light gray translucent on the first rod closest to the window and the navy black out curtains on the second rod, framing the window much nicer than the other ones did. Shelves were put up and my books were immediately put on them. The tv stand and tv were off loaded and placed perfectly across from the shelves. All I needed was a couch, a dinner table, a possible coffee table, and maybe a stool or step ladder. After that was unpacked and the linens were placed in the closet where they belonged, we moved onto the kitchen. Kenma gave me a hand in putting away the dishes and cups. Kuroo and Lev put away the pots and pans. Over all the place was coming together. 
I bought pizza for them while we were finishing up the common areas. In the second room, I set up my desk and put all my copies of the books I had written along with the master copies with all the original annotations and pen doodles I made. I treasure them. They too are also a memory of my time in Tokyo. Sure, I write teen drama under a pseudonym and it's just editing drama from real life, I'm writing what I know. Smiling on my work, I give one last look and turn off the lights to the room. Stepping out to the living room the boys were sprawled out on the floor. 
"So, who wants to help me pick out a couch and table?" I jingle my truck keys. 
They all get up but quickly realize that they don't all fit in my truck. Instead Kuroo stayed and the boys left back to Tokyo. I thanked them and gave them each a hug. They all smiled and Hachi barked while wagging her curly tail. I waved them off and he slithered a hand around my waist and pulled me into his side. 
"Ready to go?" He smiled sadly and I nodded.  
We drove out to a few thrift shops and he helped me gather a few things I needed. I got a pull out couch, the kotatsu table and a few display stands for my books. We put the final touches but I wasn't staying the night yet. Looking around satisfied, I set up Hachi's bowl station. She looked at me a bit curious and I gave her a bit of kibble in it. She happily ate it up, as soon as she finished I rinsed it out and put it back. We left the apartment and locked up. Getting into our respective cars, I dialed him and he answered, we kept each other company while we drove back. 
At one point we were just using the same radio station and singing obnoxiously loud to one another. He followed me back to my dad's house and I pulled up to the driveway. I turned off the engine and let Hachi out. She ran into the back yard and I shook my head. Crazy girl, she loves to zoom without thinking. Kuroo walked up to me and put his hand on my shoulder. 
"So, I guess, we won't be seeing each other as much?" He sighs. 
"'Fraid so, Roo." He smiles at the nickname. 
"When are you officially heading out there?" He nudges me. 
"I leave in the morning. So I should be there by noon tomorrow." I scratch the nape of my neck. 
"Then let's make this a nice night? What do you say, chibi-chan?" He smirks. 
"What did you have in mind, nerd?" I raise a brow. 
"How about we build a few things the way we used to?" He pokes my cheek. 
"Sounds like a great send off." I walk towards the garage. 
"Alright, let's do this," he takes off his hoodie. 
The table for the dining room was one thing I needed and couldn't find for cheap. Using the tools that mom bought dad and he never used, with roo's help we made the 4 chairs to go with it. We even made the headboard along with a few other small things. It was just about day break when we finished being creative. Grabbing a towel to dust off the wood from our clothes, we shared a look and couldn't help but laugh. 
"I'm going to miss you chibi-chan." He pulls me into a strong embrace. 
"I'm going to miss you too, Roo." He nestles into the crook of my neck. 
"Don't forget us, okay?" He ruffles my hair. 
"I promise not to. Besides, just because i'm moving, doesn't mean I'm going to miss your games." I rub a small circle on his back. 
"You better not." He squeezes me tightly before letting go. 
After a moment of silence, he presses a soft kiss to my forehead, caringly. 
"I mean it, I better see you." He chuckles and walks off. 
It was early morning and the truck had our creations loaded onto the bed. I collected the last of Hachi's toys that were still in the yard and packed it up too. With a quick shower, and fresh clothes I headed out to make my new start. Traffic was smooth, Hachi slept the whole ride and I was on the phone with roo the entire time. As soon as I got there I said goodbye and hung up. Taking the chairs in first as well as the headboard, it was a breeze until I saw the last piece. The damn table. Roo had helped me with it the first time so who was going to help me now?<br />
Rubbing the nape of my neck I let out an exasperated sigh.  
"Hey, need a hand?" I turned to see a guy with blonde hair, he looked older than me, but not by a lot. 
"If you can spare 5 minutes, that would be amazing." I smile. 
"'Course." He puts out his cigarette. 
"I appreciate it!" I smile. 
With the stranger's help we got the table into the living room no problem. Didn't take long at all. I thanked him. 
"I'm Y/N." He looks lost in thought for a second. 
"I'm Keishin." He extends a hand. 
"You seem so familiar to me, looking at you now." I said aloud. 
"Did you used to live here?" He asks. 
"Yeah, years ago." I put my hand in my back pocket and pull out my bandana, dabbing the sweat off my forehead and tying it on the way I've always done. 
"Wait...n/n?" He says. 
"KEI?!!" I realized it was the teenager who used to babysit me. 
"Wow, n/n, I can't believe how much you've grown!!" He engulfs me in a hug. 
"It's been like forever. I can't believe you're still here." I poke him. 
"Definitely, the last time I saw you was a while ago. You were maybe 6?" He laughs. 
"So, what are you up to these days, Kei? Last I remember you were an absolute mad lad in volleyball." We walk out to the front door. 
"I run the family store now, I had to give up volleyball a little, but I still get to be there." 
"What do you mean?" I tilt my head. 
"Well, I'm the coach at Karasuno High." He says. 
"No way!!! I'm enrolled there for my last year!" I lock the truck and shove the keys in my pocket. 
"That's amazing, n/n" he lights up a cigarette. 
"Small world after all, huh." we walk across the street to the store and I buy some snacks while I'm there. 
"So I hope to see you at our games, kiddo." He punches my arm playfully. 
"Oh you will, especially if you play nekoma any time soon." I punch back. 
"Soon. We'll have a rematch." He assures me. 
"See you around school then, Coach Kei." I walk back across the street and get to work. 
Pulling out the old sewing machine that was in a closet, I set to work, making curtains and other things that I knew cost more to buy than to make myself. I even made a few bento coverings. 
It's a cute small town. So of course when I finished moving in, a few neighbors came up to me and greeted me so kindly. My neighbors are really sweet. The families in the apartments to the either side of me had children and they went to the local high school too. They even sent their kids to greet me and made them bring some sweets that she had made. Sugawara and Nishinoya came to greet me with things their parents sent. The boys were nice enough, they even offered to walk me around campus for the first few days, until I got used to the school. 
Hopefully writing my next books here won't be too difficult. Again it's mostly just taking things I have lived through or friends have lived through and changing up some parts, placing them in different order, and of course the names are always switched up. No one beside Kuroo knew that I was the one behind the books, so something I definitely enjoy is  the kick my friends get out of the books. Seeing them feel like, wow this is so relatable. I make sure to leave out details that are just too specific to them, so they don't realize it's them in the stories. Sure, it's not always easy to come up with a plot, but it is my 8th teen drama, so it can't be all that bad. 
It had been an exhausting few days. Packing, moving, and unpacking. I laid in bed and took a few breaths, I texted roo a lengthy thank you for everything and he texted back a few pictures we had together from our adventures outside of volleyball. I smiled, falling asleep with Hachi in her bed next to mine. I took one last deep breath and closed my eyes. It was dreamless, but definitely restorative.  
I didn't feel tired at all. I got up and fed Hachi before pouring myself a glass of water. I look at my calendar and see that school starts in a few days. On the bright side, I have already picked up my school uniform and books. I just have to go down to the shop so I can get some notebooks and a few other things on the list of school supplies. I let Hachi out into the yard and she runs around happily with her favorite yard toys waiting for her by the dog house. 
Getting ready for the day, I threw on my favorite black thigh length shorts, a cute candy red cropped hoodie over a white tank and grabbed my black bookbag. I decide to pull out my skate soles, they can hook onto any of my sneakers and immediately transform them into a pair of roller skates. Best things I have gotten as a gift from my parents, besides the apartment. Town is so quiet even with small groups of people talking and walking around. It's like a speaker being at 20% volume instead of like Tokyo, which is always at 100%. It's kind of nice, not having to skate in between crowds too. After running errands, I stop by the convenience store on the way back. Picking up a light lunch, something to hold me over while I set my school supply haul down, feed her lunch and take her for a nice walk, well skate. Popping off my soles before entering the store and leaving them at the door, Kei was behind the counter. 
"Sweet skates, n/n." 
"Thanks Kei," pulling up to the counter with a sandwich and an energy drink. 
"It's on the house, n/n" He flips through his volleyball magazine. 
"No, Kei, tell me how much it is." I insist. 
"Not telling." He smiles at his book. 
"Fine then, how about you come over for dinner and I cook for you." I propose. 
"You're too much, little n/n." He shakes his head. 
"Tonight, 8 o clock. See you at my door." I say and leave, clicking my soles in and skating across the street before he could answer. 
Getting inside, I put my books and supplies on my desk in my room and headed to the yard, calling Hachi inside for lunch. We chow down and then head out on our walk. I went grocery shopping towards the end of our walk, just what I could carry for dinner. I was going to make a delicious steak with a side of oven roasted potatoes and asparagus. It was among my favorite things to prepare with how easy the prep work is. 
The time was nearing for Kei to come over, I had the table set while the veggies were in the oven. The only thing left was the steak. I liked mine pretty rare and I made Kei's medium. Just as I set the steak on the plate to rest, there was a knock on the door. 
"Come in, the door's open." I shout. 
"It's Suga." 
"Oh, Sugawara, I wasn't expecting you." I met him at the entrance. 
"Well, I got a box in the mail and it's got my address, but your name and since I didn't order anything, I was going to drop it off." the box in his hands. 
"I didn't order anything either." We share a glance. 
"Let's open it." I offer. 
"I don't see why not." He smiles. 
Upon opening the box, there's a note. To Chibi-chan, From Roo. Just a little house warming gift. 
"So it is for me, I'll call them later, thanks for bringing it by, Sugawara." I smile at the silver haired boy. 
"Not a problem. Smells amazing here." He smiles as he walks out. 
"I'm having someone over but as always I made too much, you're welcome to join us." I extend an invite. 
"I don't want to intrude." He raises his hands. 
"Not at all, if you want, we can ask Kei if he's okay with it. He should be here now." I say opening the door to Kei about to know with a small box in his hands. 
"Hey Kei, come in. Do you know Sugawara?" I ask. 
"Hey coach." Sugawara rubs the back of his neck. 
"How's it going, Suga?" they do the bro handshake. 
"So, I'll take that as a yes. Kei you wouldn't mind if Suga joins us right?" I bat my lashes. 
"Of course not. We can catch you up to speed on everything that's changed since you left." He agrees. 
"Oh, no coach, I couldn't possibly." Suga puts his shoes on. 
"Well, if you don't feel up to it, then it's alright, maybe some other time." I shrug and walk back to the kitchen. 
"Sure thing, see you around, Y/N." He nods and takes his leave. 
"Alright, what did you say to him?" Kei raises a brow. 
"Not a damn thing." 
"Lies, he's never this nervous." He crosses his arms. 
"Nothing! I swear." He eyes me. 
"Fine," He sighs and gives me the small box. 
"Kei, you didn't have to bring me anything." 
"Well, it's not much, just something small." He ruffles my hair. 
"Thanks Kei, I'll open it after dinner." I place it on the living room coffee table. 
"Which dinner smells incredible, where did you order from?" He asks sitting down at the set table. 
"I said I would cook for you, so that's exactly what I did. I wasn't going to order out, just to make it easy on me." I huffed. 
"I can almost taste it. Need a hand bringing it to the table?" He asks. 
"No, I've got it." I smile. 
The rest of the night was spent talking about anything and everything, with a few drinks in the mix, we spoke until midnight and just caught up with everything we missed out on in each other's lives. Back when I was younger he really was like an older brother to me, so it felt like I was reconnecting with family. Keishin had crashed because those couple of drinks turned into shots. Needless to say the hangover was of astronomical proportions. Even Hachi knew to let herself out without so much as a bark to wake us. 
"Hey Kei, you still here?" I whispered, trying to open my eyes, but the morning sun was too strong. 
"Yeah, are you okay?" He whispers back. 
"Yeah, no it's killer, how's yours?" 
"I need an aspirin or something." he mumbles in response. 
"I got it, just stay where you are." 
"I don't think I could move with all this pressure." He squeezes his eyes shut, only making it worse. 
Going into my bathroom and into the medicine cabinet, I pull out the pain killers and take 4 out of the bottle. Slowly and as quietly as possible I make my way to the kitchen and pour a cup of water to help make the pills go down. Reaching Kei, I kneel down beside the couch and pass him the remaining two pills and the rest of the water. 
"Drink up" I whisper. 
"Thanks" he takes the pills out of my hand and drinks the water. 
"This was so nice. Good food, good company and a couple of drinks." I smile and rest my head on my hands, next to him. 
"Yeah, I didn't think we would drink this much." he snorts. 
"Neither did I. I just have the stash the parentals left behind." I shrug. 
"Well, it's a very prepared stash." He nods. 
"I know, it was good whiskey." I smile. 
"How about I make some breakfast and you go sober up. Take a shower, there's fresh towels in the bathroom, I even have new toothbrushes in the cabinet. Pick whichever you like and put a cap on it so you know it's yours." I suggest, helping him to his feet. 
"I will take you up on that offer," he stumbles as I try my best to help him to the shower. I set up the water and showed him how to turn it off and where the soap was. 
Leaving him to it, I did my best to sober up the way I know how. Cooking. Running out real quick to the store and I bought some bread and milk, since I had eggs and cinnamon. I had decided to make some French toast. I remember them being his favorite and they are dense enough to be a filling breakfast with just a few slices. 
After returning, and making the meal, we said our goodbyes. I made my way to the bathroom and showered, dressed in my favorite pjs. A black tank top and matching basketball shorts. I happily knocked out for a few hours to sleep off the hangover, putting an alarm for lunch time with Hachi. The day was quiet, until 10 minutes before my alarm I heard a knock at my door. 
"Who is it?" I groaned. 
"It's Suga." 
"Come in" I had forgotten to lock the door. 
"Hey, I heard you guys laughing real hard late last night, so I assume you guys were having fun. I thought I should bring you some of my mom's hangover cure." He holds up a small container with the soup. 
"Sugawara, why are you so loud??" I cover my head with the blanket. 
"I'm sorry," he whispers. 
"It's okay, you didn't know how much we drank." my voice muffled by the blanket. 
"I think I have a good idea of that. So, I'm going to put the soup in the kitchen, is there anything I can do to help?" He whispers. 
"I'm not going to trouble you, thank you for the food and sorry about the noise." I hummed. 
"It's not a problem, just tell me." He insists. 
"Can you feed Hachi? Her food is measured out, just have to mix it together in the bowl that has her name on it." I point to the counter behind him. 
"Yeah, sure." He does what I asked and sets the bowl down beside the water bowl and Hachi immediately comes inside. 
"Anything else?" He asks. 
"No, I appreciate it Sugawara, thank you." 
"Oh, alright. So I will take my leave." He leaves quickly and quietly. 
The rest of the day is uneventful and quiet. Having heated up the soup and eaten it, I felt instantly better. I opened up Roo's gift and it was a care package. A jar full of cheesy chemistry jokes, our favorite movie snacks, and a framed picture of us from when we won the game against Seijoh. I immediately called him and it went to voicemail so I left him a message. I walked over to Sugawara's house and gave back the washed tupperware and thanked Ms. Sugawara. She laughed and reminisced about the days when my parents used to invite her over and they'd all drink or smoke just as heavily. I laughed and she said she'd find the pictures she had of the good old days. I bowed and walked back to my house and got to writing.  
I had decided on the era, the 80s. My parents were around 18 in 1985. I guess its time I told their love story as a murder mystery. I skated for proper groceries right before holing up in my second room. Hachi is such a good time keep, she barks once for breakfast, twice for lunch and pushes a little on the door for walks. Days past exactly like this, just writing and coming out for Hachi's needs and grabbing a snack, soon the first day of class is tomorrow. 
"Alright, Hachi, I have school tomorrow and from then on. Please be on your best behavior." I bow and Hachi reciprocates. 
Meeting up with Sugawara and Nishinoya, it was extra early. The boys had volleyball practice in the morning. Having grabbed the skate soles, I click them into place and I skate in between the boys. 
"Those are so cool, y/n." Noya checks them out at the corner before crossing. 
"Thanks, Nishinoya." I do a quick spin. 
"Just call me Noya," He smirks. 
"Careful Noya, I'm a third year." I winked and skated a little. 
We talked a little bit more about classes, teachers, different clubs. Until we got to the foot of the hill, I look at the boys and an idea pops into my head. 
"I have an idea, but only if you guys want to." I eye them both. 
"What is it?" Noya smirks. 
"Walk and I'll hold your hands." The two look at each other. 
"Seems okay," Suga and Noya extend their hands and they walk, basically pulling me up the hill. 
As soon as we get to the flat of the hill, I thought I was safe, until I felt myself roll a bit back and Sugawara grips my hand tight enough to sling me back up. 
"Oof, that was a close one-"His sling was a little too strong and ended up knocking him down and falling right on top of him. 
"Well, hello there, did you scrape your knee when you fell for me?" I joke. 
"Of course I did, for an angel like you." He chuckles. 
"Damn, senpai, you're smooth." Noya nods. 
The rest of the day, I couldn't help but think about the response he gave to the cheesy pick up line I gave him. I mean, come on, why would I? It's not like we've interacted much. 
The day passes by slowly. Classes were pretty standard first day things. Going over the curriculum for the year and due dates, annotating them in my planner so I could keep everything in one place. By the time lunch came, I took out my bento from my bag and placed it on my desk. I stepped out for a moment to fill up my water bottle, and came back to see Sugawara sitting at the desk in front of me, and turned to eat with me. 
"I thought if it wasn't too much of a bother, I'd have lunch with you." He smiles. 
"Thank you for the company, Sugawara." 
I couldn't make conversation, which is rare for me, a chatterbox. 
"So, do you like your classes so far?" He pokes my hand with his pinky. 
"Teachers seem nice. Strict but fair types." I answer before taking a bite of my sausage octopus. 
"Yeah, for the most part, all the teachers here are like that. They are really invested in seeing us graduate on time and succeed." He smiles. 
"That's really great." I finish my bento and Sugawara goes back to his class, a curt nod and the rest of the day continues. 
It's a great school and lots of the gossip that the girls in my class were catching me up on between classes was definitely helpful when it came to helping me develop the next couple chapters for my book. Of course, I didn't have to mention anything about being author to my english teacher, at least not in front of the class. They were well aware of who I was and where I was coming from. 
The last bell rang and the boys were outside my class. 
"Y/N, we have volleyball practice, if you don't mind waiting for us after practice, we could walk you home after?" Noya offers. 
"Sounds good, boys. I just have one question." They glance at each other. 
"Do you guys have a track? I want to skate but I know I didn't see any good spots to skate around." 
"Not really, but there is a sort of second floor to the volleyball gym. Maybe Coach can let you skate there." Noya ponders. 
"I see. I mean, I would rather something open, but I guess I could make it work." I shrug. 
At the gym, I'm introduced to the rest of the team. 
"I'm Y/N, nice to meet you all." 
"Come on, no slacking off, 50 serves each." a booming voice comes from behind me. 
"Oh, hey n/n. What brings you to the gym?" He seems genuinely surprised. 
"Not much, I was hoping to ask if I could skate the second floor, around the top." 
"That would be a no, but you can skate outside, it'd be less likely to get you in trouble." He rubs the back of his neck. 
"Sure, thing." 
After 2 hours of skating and playing 70's funk through my headphones, I got bored so I decided to peak into the gym. That's when I saw him. Truly saw him. His determination, precision, and confidence. So this is what Kei meant. He seems so different from the guy I had lunch with earlier. He was so sure of his movements, setting the ball up for the other 2 boys to attack. Everything was so fast, and Hinata literally flew. It was absolutely incredible. 
"WOAHHHHHH, nice kill!!!" Oops, I smack my hand over my mouth and duck beside the door. 
"Uh, who said that?" Kageyama ponders. 
It was only 30 minutes after that, they finished cleaning up, and the boys were getting changed into their school uniforms. The downhill skate was wicked. It was like a breath of fresh air. Stopping short of the corner, the boys are out of breath before they reach me. 
"You're pretty fast on those!" Noya screeches. 
"Yeah, lots of practice." I smirk. 
"Alrighty, so I'm going to head home, I have to get my notes in order for the study group tomorrow, are you coming with us?" Noya pleads. 
"See you!" Noya waves and jogs off. 
We go to the convenience store and pick up snacks, he grabs a meat bun and is waiting patiently behind me to pay for it. 
"Kei" I point behind me and mouth, that too. 
"Alrighty, total is 500 yen." He grumbles. 
"Here," I say and push Sugawara out as I leave with my bag of stuff. 
"Wait, I have to pay for this." 
"No, it's fine, I got it." I shake my head. 
"Then next time it's my treat." He declares rather loudly. 
"I-," I chuckle, cutting myself off, he was just too cute. 
"Kind of loud, wasn't I?" He gets flustered. 
We laugh and he walks me to my front door. He seemed kind of sad to go, but I didn't stop him.  
This went on for weeks. He'd walk me to my door and I wouldn't say a thing except for good bye. At one point Noya had texted me asking if I thought Sugawara was looking a bit down. I texted back an ‘I'm not sure’ and I shot a text to Suga asking if he was okay. He said he was fine which I didn't believe so I told him to come over, that I had made cookies and they were still warm. He showed up and we ended up talking a whole lot. 
Turns out we have a lot in common. Between storytelling, volleyball, and a general liking of cooking, we shared lots of small things. After school I would invite him over and he would walk right in, making himself comfortable. Hachi loves him and I think having him around was nice for a change. It was getting to be quite lonely. Kuroo and the rest of nekoma was busy with prepping for training week and Karasuno was also looking forward to it, so he hasn't visited in a while.  
It was a regular day. I had stuck around to help with practice, Kei didn't mind the help since it meant he got to leave a little early for his shift at the store. Suga and I typically did the cleaning after the end of practice which wasn't too bad, considering we didn't live far from school. Instead of skating down like usual, I walked with him and held onto my hand out of habit. We talked about how well the team was doing and how Kageyama was shaping up to have a lot of potential. He was a bit down that it was his last year and that he wanted to be the star setter, but he knew that Karasuno's chances were going to be better with Kageyama. I reassured him that he was a great team player and that there was no replacing him as a player on the team. He was like the team's glue. He knew exactly how to get them to work together. He smiled and got a bit shy. I insisted that I meant every word and he got even more flustered. 
As soon as we got to my door, he looked like he did when we first used to walk home together. Didn't want to go home yet,like he  wanted to say something almost. 
"Did you want to come in? Maybe help me with the homework that got assigned?" I offer. 
"I would like that." 
In the middle of working on chemistry homework, I get so lost with the reactions portion of the worksheet. 
"Here, you have to remember that-" He just looked so cute and I leaned over the table and kissed him. I didn't mean to be so blunt, but as soon as we broke the kiss I was flushed. 
"Well, that's another kind of reaction." I joke, trying to work through my embarrassment. 
"Can we do that again? You know, for educational purposes." He stumbles through the words. 
"Of course, educational." he stands and comes around the table and kneels in front of me. 
His hand cups my cheek and we lean into each other. The kiss made my chest tighten in a way that I didn't know was possible. Like it was aching for something, but it didn't know what for. I guess this was it. 
"I-uhh, I-" 
"It was nice." I smile, forehead to forehead, eyes closed. I run my fingers through the hair on his nape. 
"Yeah," He hums. 
"So, uh, how about I take you on a date?" He opens his eyes to meet mine. 
"I would like that." He leans in for another kiss.
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gregorymjxc470 · 4 months ago
How To Develop Building An Obstacle Course For Kids For Children
My youngsters like obstacle course as well as I always wanted to make one in our yard. Below's the step-by-step overview I made use of to produce an obstacle course for my children!
Every youngster has something alike; a boundless source of power that requires to be taken in totally.
Only 33% of kids are getting greater than 60 mins of workout per day. 18% are investing less than 30 minutes on exercises. Today, children are not nearly enough literally energetic, and this could be the roots of all kind of issues.
Has a moms and dad we need to be innovative and also find methods to motivate our kids. We require to obtain them moving!
When I initially joined a challenge race, it was an eye-opening moment. I recognize how an obstacle course requires great deals of physical motion, as well as exactly how excellent they are to develop gross motor skills. It profits the muscular tissues, the sychronisation, the endurance, while likewise motivate reasoning and analytic. For my kids, every obstacle they surmounted came with a self-confidence boost.
Why Creating An Obstacle Course For Children?
Considering that, the TELEVISION shows American Ninja Warrior has actually been such a hit, every kid in my community wishes to be a ninja too. My kids and their friends are making use of the jungle gym at the park like it's an obstacle course They are ranging from one station to an additional.
Since, it not always possible to go to the local park or attend a barrier race, like Spartan Race or Tough Mudder, developing your very own ninja warrior obstacle course can be a refreshing remedy to get the children playing outdoors.
When summertime is lastly below, it's time to welcome life as well as tackle brand-new adventures. It's time to have fun with the entire household!
Building your obstacle course doesn't need to be expensive or complex. You most likely currently have the products you need.
Where To Build An Obstacle Course For Children?
The first thing you need to identify is where's the prime area to build it. Relying on the amount of square foot available as well as the surface itself, you'll also find out the barriers you require.
Developing An Exterior Obstacle Course
The excellent setting for a challenge race is outside. Away from the net and also computer game. Some location where theirs lots of area offered.
Browse for level location, hillside or body of water, which can all be part of the course The surface will considerably influence the design of the challenges and also their order in the race.
Yard Ninja Warrior Training Course.
At home, the very best place to arrange your obstacle course is in your yard. It's far more workable to create a risk-free training course in an area where you control what's within as well as what can go out. Particularly if you are constructing the course for a younger group.
Schoolyard Obstacle Course
The schoolyard is outstanding because you have tons of area offered. A lot of schoolyards will likewise have structures you might utilize as challenges; jungle gym, basketball hoop, and also sandbox. Likewise, a section of the backyard could be asphalted, desire will certainly be a lot more secure to hold the barrier framework.
Just make certain you have the permission of the school. You need to additionally ask if they agree to offer you accessibility to institution equipment, like disadvantages, balls, hula hoop, and so on.
Make Use Of The Regional Park
Parks are superb due to the fact that you'll have plenty of area to map your course Also, several parks will currently have obstacles like a playground, slides, basketball hoop, fencings, benches, picnic table, etc. On the other hand, think about checking the location for any risks such as origins, stones, difficult surfaces, deep water, roadways, bike course or anything else that could create injuries.
Tumblr media
If you do not have a big backyard or if you are anticipating a bigger team, the local park is an excellent area. Nevertheless, you need to take into consideration that it's a public room and you'll most likely require the consent of the city. Plus, every youngster in the neighborhood will aspire to homemade obstacle course for kids test your worthless obstacle course.
Create An Indoor Obstacle Course
When it chilly or rainy outdoors, as well as everyone is stuck within, kids still require to spend that energy. Creating an obstacle course is the ideal solution to amuse kids.
Your Residence
Your residence can be the foundation of an unusual obstacle course. First, you'll need to determine, which rooms to utilize and what's appropriate for your kid's age. Stairs can be enjoyable yet likewise harmful for toddlers. Take the extra preventative measure to keep your children secure as well as search for sharp corners, tottering furniture or slippery carpet. It's likewise an excellent suggestion to do away with that lovely flower vase you have in the living-room. I'm simply stating. For the barriers, your house has lots of objects you can use for the course. You can additionally mixt the challenge race with a treasure hunt. Mother and father will certainly enjoy preparation and developing the obstacles while youngsters will certainly delight in having the approval to run inside your home. The institution health club and also hallway The college fitness center is the safest place where you can organize your obstacle course. You'll have a lot of area for the barriers while also having accessibility to college health club products (cones, hula hoop, etc.). Likewise, you'll do a much better work at crowd control. The restroom will neighbor, as well as water will be readily available. Youngsters will certainly have lot's of fun, assured. I make sure the youngsters will certainly enjoy to have authorization to run in the college corridor.
Who Will Be Using The Obstacle Course?
You'll need to choose your challenges according to the participants. Not all obstacles are built the same. The age as well as amount of participants will extremely affect the framework you'll develop.
Exactly How Old Are The Kids?
You have to take into consideration the age and physical fitness degree of the children. The age as well as height of the children will certainly determine the size of the barriers and the level of trouble. The obstacles should be tough but likewise possible as well as secure for the kids.
Obstacle course for adults are a lot more extreme and also could be dangerous for youngsters. I would stay clear of barriers with greater than 6-inch deep water and absolutely no swimming should be included.
The Number Of Participants?
The size of the party will also dramatically affect the barriers. You will certainly require hard challenges if you have greater than 20 kids going to the race. The more people will be making use of the training course, the much more the barrier will certainly obtain defeated. For a huge crown, I would suggest you choose resilient material. Your laundry basket could get damaged if more than 5 youngsters are leaping as well as running around.
What Sort Of Challenge Should You Produce?
Prior to I show you examples as well as concepts of challenges to create, it's essential you recognize the main category of barriers we usually locate in challenge programs.
Each kind of challenges has to be adapted to the participant's health and fitness level as well as age. Some kinds are better for kids, while others could be as well unsafe. Likewise, I suggest you to create a variety of barriers that entail different capabilities.
Every obstacle course will evaluate the dexterity of its participant. It requires to scoot and be specific on the execution. Dexterity obstacle for youngsters can include: running around cones, trying to hit a target, etc.
Jumping Jumping is among the favorite activity for my children. They get on the couch, they jump while cleaning their teeth as well as they jump while talking. It goes without stating that kids will certainly adore jumping obstacles; difficulty jump, stepping stones, tire jump, hula hoop jump, pogo stick, and so on. Leaping barriers make the course added enjoyable.
Balancing The stabilizing challenges will call for even more focus to be finished. It's where the participant requires to reduce the speed and also focus on the execution. My preferred harmonizing barriers are the balance beam as well as the slack line.
Climbing Climbing up is a big part of any obstacle course, and also the capacity to climb fast is what makes ninjas so magnificent. One of the most outstanding climbing up barrier in American Ninja Warrior is the salmon ladder.
Climbing challenges usually necessitate even more time to plan as well as could be unsuitable for younger youngsters. Readjust the height of the climbing up obstacles according to the kids' ages. Creeping No obstacle course is completed without a crawling barrier.
For this sort of obstacle, you can be very imaginative, and you have a boundless resource of options: laser puzzle, freight internet, passage, tires, cardboard boxes, pool noodle, and more.
Toughness Evaluating the participant strength is always a massive part of the adult challenge programs.
However, keep in mind that you are building an obstacle course for little ninjas and also keep it kid-friendly. You do not intend to have you take part injured since they try to lift an extremely hefty item.
Anything that involves carrying a things over a range is an exceptional stamina barrier. You can additionally need to flip, press or draw a heavy item. It can also involve body weight, like doing a push-up or crossing the ape bars.
Team effort Obstacle auto racing is everything about the tribe and being a social animal. Aiding each other to overcome the obstacles. During the race, it's the perfect time to have the little apes collaborating with each other. Plus it's such a great method to make brand-new close friends. You can include; relay race, three-legged race or human wheelbarrow.
Running In between the barriers, I recommend having a clearly significant parkour to comply with, as well as to head to the following terminal, children will possibly run.
Having a clearly significant path without any blockage is crucial. Prevent crossing course where children might accidentally bump in each other. They will have a lot more enjoyable, as well as you'll have much less dispute to fix.
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Fireheart - Chapter 7
Hello, hello! Time for a new chapter of Fireheart! :) Thank you to everybody that’s been liking, sharing, and leaving lovely comments! Means the world to me! I promise I will make the master list today to be able to find all the chapters easier n_n
Pretending to be a normal teen
Celaena decided on an inconspicuous entrance to the party: jumping over the tall back fence of Dorian’s residential House and landing around an area with few people. She showed up in the backyard as if materializing out of thin air. She knew there was no point sneaking in, and that she could have just used the front door as everybody else did, but she wasn’t like everybody. It was thrilling to do things her own way, and especially to sneak past security without being seen. It was also good practice for a possible future.
Nehemia found her almost instantly, showing up by her side with two red plastic cups in her hands as if she knew she was about to arrive.
“I’ve been looking for you, my friend,” she said happily as she passed her over one of the drinks. “How long have you been here for?”
“Just a little while,” Celaena smiled.
“Dorian’s parties are always the best,” Nehemia replied. “I’ve been here for a while myself,” she said casually as she wrapped an arm around Celaena's shoulders.
Her body went stiff automatically, and she had to make herself relax into the touch. She was so unused to people being nice that she even wondered if all girls treated their friends like that.
“What do people normally do here?” She asked, and noticing Nehemia’s raised eyebrows, she corrected herself. “I mean, are there any particular games you play in Rifthold or anything I need to be aware of to fit in?”
“You’d fit in even if you didn’t want to,” Nehemia replied, sounding almost a little sad. “But no, there’s nothing special here. The bees normally drink a bit and dance, except during the season, when they stop drinking in order to stay in shape, some of them do sometimes indulge in some other… forms of intoxication, but most people here are clean,” she said, looking away from her and into the house.
Celaena looked at Nehemia’s thin brows lowering and wondered why this girl was so worried about those kinds of things. She knew for a fact that drug and alcohol abuse had skyrocketed in the lower levels in the past few years. She knew about it from third-party experiences and things she had seen in dark alleys and dodgy basements. She had seen the effects some of those drugs had on the young kids that spent their nights on the streets, looking for their next fix. She wasn't surprised to hear it had made it to the upper levels too. 
“Do you ever… you know?” Celaena asked, being a little more direct than she normally would be.
“No, I hate that shit!” Nehemia snapped as she let go of Celaena’s shoulder and wrapped that same arm around her own torso. Deciding not to push the matter, and feeling a little bad about upsetting the only girl that had tried to befriend her, Celaena decided to get out of her comfort zone to cheer Nehemia up.
“Come on,” she said. “Let’s go inside and see if there’s any dancing going around.”
Nehemia’s dark eyes lit back up like two opals shining under the moonlight. 
“I’d love to dance!” She said happily, drowning the remaining of her drink and tossing the cup into a nearby bin.
If the yard was packed with groups of students talking, drinking, and playing, the inside of the house was even fuller. The furniture from the massive living room had been pushed to the walls, where a few people were lounging on the couches. And in the middle, there was a big dance floor where most of the cheerleaders were dancing, their arms in the air, red plastic cups in their hands. 
Nehemia and Celaena joined the throng of girls and the few boys on the made-up dancefloor, swaying to the rhythm of the music. A few eyes darted their way, and after a moment there were guys asking to dance with them. Hands were wrapping around their waists and bodies were brushing against them from all sides. The music, the lights, the faint smell of smoke, it was almost intoxicating; and Celaena felt like she was in the middle of a disco. Even if just for a fraction of a second, she forgot all about her worries, her mission, her secrets, and she let her body get lost to the notes and pulses running through her body.
She was so lost in the music, that she didn’t notice Sam dancing by her side until he wrapped an arm around her waist. She snapped her eyes up to him, and pulled on a playful smile, telling herself it was for the crowd around them.
“What the fuck do you think you’re doing, Cortland?” she whispered in his ear, just loud enough for him to hear her over the music.
Sam put both of his hands in her waist and followed her movements before leaning closer and whispering in her ear.
“Apologizing. And I thought this was the best way to start out a real-life relationship, you know? A way for people to see that we are.. getting to know each other. You won’t be able to avoid me at school anymore,” he said, making her heart leap in annoyance.
“You are unbelievable,” she said to him, not worrying about whispering anymore.
“And you are a fantastic dancer,” he said, loud enough for the few people around them to hear him. He had the biggest smile on his face, a little dimple showing on one side, which melted Celaena’s barriers in an almost imperceptible way.
There was nothing she could do to get away while being in front of so many people, so she kept dancing, pretending that she wasn’t too interested in the guy in front of her. But at the same time, not showing her contained anger through any of her movements.
When the song ended, Dorian approached them, showing up from in between the crowd.
“Could I have the next dance?” he asked, shoving Sam to the side lightly with a shoulder and boring into Celaena’s eyes. Sam huffed, and stood his ground, but didn’t say a thing.
After looking back and forth between them, Celaena fanned herself with a hand and pretended to be exhausted.
“Actually,” she said, “I need a breather, Nehemia?” she asked as she turned around to look for her new acquaintance. “Keen on some fresh air?”
“Sure! Let’s go,” the girl replied as she grabbed her long dreads with both hands and tried to tie them up into a bun on top of her head. “It’s so hot in there,” she said as she pulled a red silk band off her wrist and secured her messy bun with it.
Both girls sat on the grass, their legs stretched forwards as they leaned on their elbows. Celaena’s feelings were jumbled as she realized she really did like the girl sitting next to her, and she hoped for a moment that she was under different circumstances. There was no way she could start a friendship based on so many lies, and this girl didn’t even know her real name to start with.
“Oh, there comes your new team,” Nehemia said, taking her out of her daydream. Only a second later, Lysandra was standing in front of them, a few more cheerleaders trailing behind her.
“Enjoying the party?” The queen bee asked.
“We are,” both of the girls sitting on the grass replied at the same time.
“Just keep your drinking on the down-low,” Lysandra said looking at Celaena. “You should take care of your body.”
“Sure thing, I don’t drink much anyway.” Celaena leaned back further, looking up at the sky.
She knew she was meant to get involved with Adarlan’s cheering bees, but she wasn’t feeling it at the moment. Truth was, she was really enjoying Nehemia's company. And Lysandra sounded cocky and stuck up, and she didn’t want to spend any time with her outside of practice if she could avoid it.
“Sweet,” she heard Lysandra say in a nonchalant tone. “Will see you ‘round.” The queen bee walked away with the rest of the hive trailing behind her. The two following closely behind and holding hands were Thea and Kaya, a clear example that opposites attract each other. Thea’s pale skin contrasted against Kaya’s golden tan, and while the first one had straight ash-blond hair that brushed her tailbone, the second one had dark auburn curls, which barely reached her shoulders. Thea’s eyes were the darkest shade of brown, but they glistened whenever she looked into her partner’s baby blue eyes.
The other two to the back were Briar and Imogen, two sophomores that had made the team during tryouts as well as herself. Briar seemed like a nice girl, with kind blue eyes that popped like bright lights now that her hair was as dark as Nehemias’. Celaena thought it bold that she had dyed her natural ash-blond hair, and she almost liked the girl for showing her bravery like that. Imogen on the other hand was a mystery. She had entered as a base, and the skinny girl surely was strong. What puzzled her the most though, were her midnight eyes that seemed to hide so many secrets; it didn’t help that she rarely smiled.
Celaena watched as they all walked away to the opposite end of the yard, where Lysandra wrapped her arms around Aedion’s neck as the cheers joined the team.
“Keen on some more dancing?” She asked standing up and reaching a hand down to help the girl by her side to her feet.
“I’m always keen on dancing,” Nehemia replied with a huge smile.
The music was still blasting inside, and as soon as they made it through the glass doors, the volume seemed to double. They went straight to the middle of the dance floor, where a few familiar faces were gathered. She could see Dorian in the middle of a big crowd as he danced with a blond girl that she didn’t think she knew. As soon as his eyes found her, he made his way over slowly as he danced with everybody that he ran into.
“You’re back,” he said as he stood close to her, their bodies swaying in unison. “I still owe you that cocktail if you’re keen,” he said with a grin.
“The one with my name on it?” She asked, mindlessly biting her lip.
“Come on,” Dorian said, grabbing her hand and leading them out of the crowd. She brushed Nehemia’s arm on her way towards the kitchen, letting her know she’d be back soon.
As they stepped into the open plan kitchen, Celaena wondered if there was a single room in the house that wasn’t crowded. There was a couple making out in a corner, a few guys standing around the island in the middle trying to figure out how to connect a keg, and a bunch of girls by the doors that led to a deck, their heads together in gossip.
“What does this cocktail have in it?” She asked Dorian as he found an empty space on the bench and started grabbing a few bottles of spirits and looking through them.
“Well, you’ll have to stick around to find out,” he replied with a grin.
He grabbed a tall glass out of a cabinet and filled it up to the brim with crushed ice. Then he signaled for her to stay where she was, and went out of the room, coming back a moment later with a bottle of aged whiskey.
“That looks extremely expensive,” she pointed out.
“It’s from my father’s collection, so yes, it is, but I needed something just like you. Refined, classy, yet a bit… what is the word I’m looking for?”
“Aged? Are you saying I'm old?” Celaena joked.
“No, not aged,” Dorian said, containing his laughter. “Peated,” he concluded.
Celaena raised her eyebrows at him and smirked. Peated wasn’t a bad word to define her, and she wondered how Dorian could have read her so well so quickly. There was definitely a lot of smoke and ash in her inner self. Dorian poured a measure of the whiskey into the glass, and then laughed to himself.
“My father would kill me if he saw me mixing one of his favorite whiskeys with anything at all, but trust me, this beverage is going to be fantastic, and just like you,” he said.
He walked to the fridge and came back with a can of cream soda, making Celaena lift her brows again. It was even her favorite brand. He filled up half the glass, and then added some soda water until the glass was almost full. After that, he added a splash of raspberry syrup, looking up at her he added, “you seem like a raspberry kind of girl, and there’s certainly a kind of sweetness to you.” She bit her tongue not to say anything and had to make a huge effort not to roll her eyes. She was chewing on her bottom lip as Dorian added a dash of fresh lime juice.
“That’s to add some acidity,” he laughed. He added a straw and passed the drink over to her.
She took a small and careful sip as Dorian watched her with attentive eyes. She couldn’t help herself as she pressed her lips together and half-closed her eyes.
“That bad?” Dorian asked. 
“No,” she said sarcastically. “It’s… delicious, want some?” She offered him the glass and Dorian tried a sip. He almost spat it out as Celaena started laughing.
“Hey! It’s not that bad!” He said, still laughing while taking a second sip as if trying to prove his point. He struggled to swallow, and Celaena found herself laughing again.
“I need to head over to the bathroom,”  she said shyly as their laughter quieted a moment later. “Is there only the one under the stairs where the long queue is?” She asked as she bounced from one foot to the other and pulled on her best pleading eyes.
“I wouldn’t say this to anybody else,” Dorian said as he leaned closer to her, and she knew he had probably used that line another thousand times. “But there’s an on-suite in my bedroom upstairs that you can use, it’s the third door to the right. Just make sure you don’t go looking into my underwear drawer,” he added with a wink. “I can always walk you over too, you know.”
“I’m sure I will find it on my own,” she said as she patted him on the shoulder.
She sneaked between the bodies of half-drunk and completely pissed students that were filling up the halls and made her way to the marble staircase.  Once up, she made sure there was no one around before she rushed to the last door at the end of the hall. She tried the handle, but the door was locked. Looking quickly over her shoulder, she pulled a pin from her hair and opened it up. Picking the lock took only five seconds, and she was inside with the door closed behind her before a single soul could see her.
Looking up a room in a blueprint and studying it from security footage was normally enough to give her a clear idea of what to expect and where to look. She went to the computer first and turned it on, the lights blinking to life almost instantly. She pulled a small drive from a hidden pocket in her laced-up boot, and inserted it in the USB port; the program started on its own, and a loading bar showed up on the screen. She had fifteen minutes. 
Celaena rushed to the huge window, and peeked through the curtain, making sure there were no eyes looking her way. She hadn’t turned any lights on in the study not to get attention, but you could never be too careful. She looked through the bookcase that covered the whole wall facing south, and the drawers of the desk before checking the time again. Five minutes left. She checked some more drawers and looked through the papers on top of the desk.
She was about to look around the few shelves on the opposite wall when she heard a noise and stopped dead. She looked to the door and saw the knob move. She glanced at the screen: Two minutes left.
Take a guess! Who do you think is about to enter the office? :o
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pansexual-potatoes · 5 months ago
Who is your hero?: I don’t have one.
If you could live anywhere, where would it be?: I’d become a woods witch, of sorts. I picture it as a cabin so deep in the woods you only find it if you’re lost. Me, my dog and Frank (if we’re theoretically still married) in a very cute cabin with a little mailbox that’s never used and a short walkway to nowhere in particular. I’d have foxglove and lupine up front, hosta and ferns in the shaded areas and a wooden fence around my garden. No driveway but I’d have a shed with a snowmobile, snowblower, and shovel for the winter and a four wheeler, and a tiny car for the summer. I’d have a fire pit for campfires, a hot tub and a pool. Attached to the back of the house would be a greenhouse with a dining area for warm weather. Despite my rural living, I’d get great cell service and excellent internet.
What is your biggest fear?: Losing the people I care about.
What is your favorite family vacation?: My family growing up didn’t do vacations but my husband and I do. I also do fun stuff with my best friend.
What would you change about yourself if you could?: My looks
What really makes you angry?: Disrespect
What motivates you to work hard?: I have bills to pay, and we need to eat.
What is your favorite thing about your career?: I enjoy the plants. I work in a commercial greenhouse and for most of the year the plants are really nice.
What is your biggest complaint about your job?: the pay and lack of needed benefits are big problems.
What is your proudest accomplishment? I’m still here.
What is your child's proudest accomplishment?: Bailey learned to lay down. So far he’s learned Sit, Shake and lay down. I think next we’ll teach him to stay.
What is your favorite book to read?: cookbooks, lol. I actually love reading but my eyes can’t do it much anymore.
What makes you laugh the most?: memes
What was the last movie you went to? What did you think? I don’t like movie theaters. I think the last movie I saw in one was the newest grinch movie and I thought it was a cute movie. I liked how they humanized him and brought his situation into scale.
What did you want to be when you were small? An oceanographer, then a marine biologist
What does your child want to be when he/she grows up? Bailey, I’m assuming, wants to be a smart, happy and curious doggo.
If you could choose to do anything for a day, what would it be? Mentally healthy
What is your favorite game or sport to watch and play? I don’t watch sports.
Would you rather ride a bike, ride a horse, or drive a car? Depends on what I’m doing. If I’m in hell being punished, then you’ll see me on a bike. Horses are nice for leisure. Car if I have errands to run or am busy.
What would you sing at Karaoke night?:
I’m not singing
What two radio stations do you listen to in the car the most?
I don’t listen to the radio. I have Amazon music
Which would you rather do: wash dishes, mow the lawn, clean the bathroom, or vacuum the house?
Any of those except the dishes.
If you could hire someone to help you, would it be with cleaning, cooking, or yard work?
Yard work. I don’t trust people that much except a very few people so cleaning is out of the question. I love cooking so wouldn’t need help there usually either. Yard work is impersonal enough where I’d feel more comfortable with someone doing that.
If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Salad. Anything can be a salad if you try hard and believe in yourself
Who is your favorite author?
Anne Rice
Have you ever had a nickname? What is it?:
Not any that weren’t degrading
Do you like or dislike surprises? Why or why not?
Generally not a fan. I have anxiety and I don’t like being the center of attention.
In the evening, would you rather play a game, visit a relative, watch a movie, or read?
Any except visiting relatives.
Would you rather vacation in Hawaii or Alaska, and why?
Hawaii. The warmth and hiking would be incredible, the beaches pretty and the cold makes my body hurt.
Would you rather win the lottery or work at the perfect job? And why?
Hm. Win the lottery. It would allow me to help not just myself but others too.
Who would you want to be stranded with on a deserted island?
No one. If I’m stranded, I’m not going to make it. I don’t want someone else to go through that. I’ll just suffer alone, thanks.
If money was no object, what would you do all day?
Help people who are struggling.
If you could go back in time, what year would you travel to?
How would your friends describe you?
According to them, I’m nice but straightforward.
What are your hobbies?
I like cooking, hiking, makeup, and relaxing
What is the best gift you have been given?
Companionship in all it’s forms.
What is the worst gift you have received?
Domino’s and a pack of socks to share with my brother (we had to share both). This was from my moms second husbands mom and we had to sit and watch our then step sister open a pile of gifts. We were kids, and my mom and her second husband had been married for a few years at that point so there was zero reason for us to be treated like that.
Aside from necessities, what one thing could you not go a day without?
List two pet peeves.
Where do you see yourself in five years?
Hopefully further along with my mental health
How many pairs of shoes do you own?
3- 1 for home, 2 for work
If you were a super-hero, what powers would you have?
I’d want to be able to financially help people
What would you do if you won the lottery?
First, before I tell ANYONE, my house is getting paid off. Ditto for all our bills. Once all that’s done, then I’ll let Frank know. From there on we decide what we want to do together
What form of public transportation do you prefer? (air, boat, train, bus, car, etc.)
Train isn’t bad, neither is bus.
What's your favorite zoo animal?
If you could go back in time to change one thing, what would it be?
If Frank and I could go back with the knowledge we have now we wouldn’t get licensed for foster care.
If you could share a meal with any 4 individuals, living or dead, who would they be?
My husband, my best friend, Nina, and Gerard Way
How many pillows do you sleep with?
2 when I’m awake, 1 once I fall asleep
What's the longest you've gone without sleep (and why)? Like 3 days. I was having a mental breakdown and ended up in the hospital.
What's the tallest building you've been to the top in?
No idea.
Would you rather trade intelligence for looks or looks for intelligence?
Depends on the ratio between what you lose versus what you gain.
How often do you buy clothes?
As needed.
Have you ever had a secret admirer?
Of course not
What's your favorite holiday?
Definitely Christmas
What's the most daring thing you've ever done?
I fought continuously for ownership of myself in a house where I was viewed as less important than furniture because I was female. I dressed as a boy, quit bathing and became as repulsive as I could so I wouldn’t be attractive to the men or women in my moms lifestyle.
What was the last thing you recorded on TV?
I don’t
What was the last book you read?
Working on a new one.
What's your favorite type of foreign food?
Love Asian foods I’ve tried
Are you a clean or messy person?
Messy, I guess.
Who would you want to play you in a movie of your life?
No one. I wouldn’t want people to see what I went through.
How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
About a half hour
What kitchen appliance do you use every day?
The Keurig
What's your favorite fast food chain?
I don’t like most of them, tbh. Maybe Subway?
What's your favorite family recipe?
My moms bread recipe
Do you love or hate rollercoasters?
As long as they’re not super tall I don’t mind them
What's your favorite family tradition?
The Christmas Poinsettia
What is your favorite childhood memory?
Probably meeting my best friend.
What's your favorite movie?
The nightmare before Christmas
How old were you when you learned Santa wasn't real? How did you find out?
I don’t remember.
Is your glass half full or half empty?
I’m just glad it has something to drink
What's the craziest thing you’ve done in the name of love?
I got married.
What three items would you take with you on a deserted island?
Food, water, and a boat to get me home.
What was your favorite subject in school?
What's the most unusual thing you've ever eaten?
Do you collect anything?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Is there anything you wished would come back into fashion?
Comfortable clothes. I’m going to wear them regardless but it would be nice to have a bigger selection to choose from
Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
Absolutely an introvert.
Which of the five senses would you say is your strongest?
Have you ever had a surprise party? (that was an actual surprise)
No and I’m fine with that.
Are you related or distantly related to anyone famous?
Not that I’m aware of.
What do you do to keep fit?
Does your family have a “motto” – spoken or unspoken?
If you were ruler of your own country what would be the first law you would introduce?
Baseline living guarantees
Who was your favorite teacher in school and why?
I didn’t really have a teacher I was close to.
What three things do you think of the most each day?
My family, my job, and my obligations
If you had a warning label, what would yours say?
Warning: Avoid asking questions you don’t want an honest answer for. All attempts at niceness will be tried but there is no guarantee of satisfaction.
What song would you say best sums you up?
I have no idea. There are many who describe parts of me but not one I can think of that describes me as a whole.
What celebrity would you like to meet at Starbucks for a cup of coffee?
Weird Al. He seems like a pretty chill guy who wouldn’t mind chatting with an average person.
What's the most interesting thing you can see out of your office or kitchen window?
My lilacs.
On a scale of 1-10 how funny would you say you are?
Like a 2
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Hopefully much further along with my mental health
What was your first job?
Picking pine cones out of this ladies yard.
If you could join any past or current music group which would you want to join?
How many languages do you speak?
English and a lot of American Sign Language
Who is the most intelligent person you know?
My husband
If you had to describe yourself as an animal, which one would it be?
Probably a bear. I’m not super social, enjoy sleeping through the winter as much as possible, am selective in my social obligations,enjoy fish and berries, avoid people if possible
What is one thing you will never do again?
Drive a semi.
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rinta10 · 5 months ago
Puppy love
Hirugami sachirou x reader
F/f= Favorite flower
It’s a beautiful starry night in the Nagano Prefecture and an echo of young kids can be heard throughout the yard they were in. A boy with wavy brown hair was chasing a girl with h/c hair. The two laughing as they continued chasing one another. From inside the house were the parents, and the boys older siblings were watching them. The Hirugami’s and L/n’s have been friends since the parents been in high school. Both women giving each other a knowing look started laughing, the two older children were looking at them with confusion. Fukurō spoke “Mother what’s so funny?” Fukurō’s mother turned to him and smiled “Those two might not know it now, but in a few years they will grow in love with one another.” Shōko then started gushing, “You mean if they start dating their technically gonna be childhood sweethearts!?!” “Sachirō and Y/n are still in Elementary school, they don’t fully understand stand love. i guess you can call this puppy love.” Said Y/n’s mother, none of them realized Y/n and Hirugami heard them. The two looking at each other, “Puppy love...” The two giving each other a smile, standing up Y/n jumped onto Hirugami’s back. Holding onto her legs he ran inside the house, the two laughing bringing a smile to everyone around them.
That was when they were younger, with Sachirō being a year older then her. He went off to Junior high, the two of them knowing they have feelings for the other. They felt like a piece of them was missing, and with Hirugami spending more time with volleyball they didn’t really see each. Y/n did surprise him during his games, “COME ON SACHIRŌ!!!!” “You hear that Hirugami? You got your first fangirl” Hearing that made Hirugami flustered while his teammates smirked at him. They heard about Y/n when ther Hirugami’s sibling who’m asked him if he saw Y/n. The team new of his crush on her, so they tried helping him out by trying to impress Y/n by Hirugami’s playing style. It worked for sure, Y/n was alway’s in a trance when she see’s Hirugami play.
The two being there for one another through their toughest times. She was there when Hirugami was being overly critical of himself, and he was there when Y/n felt insecure. The two’s love for one another grew, and it became more obvious to everyone except them. Now the two are in highschool, their duo now becoming a trio when they met Hoshiumi. Hoshiumi knew about the two of them liking each other, so he started teasing them about it. “You two are like a pair of small puppies who can’t be separated.” The two with different reaction, Y/n with a flustered look while Hirugami wanted to murder him. Y/n stuttering a comebacks “S-Shut up you seagull...” “HUH!?! SEAGULL!?!”
Hoshiumi decided to take matters into his own hands, with the help of the volleyball ball team they finally encouraged Hirugami to ask out Y/n. “I don’t know Kourai...what if she doesn’t actually feel the same?” The boys were looking at him with a shocked face, Hirugami normally had a stern facez. Now all his face shown was doubt, Suwa spoke “Hirugami, everyone in this school can tell the two of you are in love. We all can see Y/n loves you. So go on and get your girl.” The team nodding at him, Hirugami smiled, “Thank you” turning to leave the group to find Y/n. Finally finding her with some of her friends, Hirugami snuck up on her, “Hey N/n. I hope you don’t mind if I steal her.” Y/n’s friends shaking their head No, said goodbye to the pair as they left. Hirugami taking Y/n’s hand led her to the flower garden on the school campus. “Sachi....what’s all this?” Looking around to see varieties of pictures of the two throughout the years. Looking at the boy in front of her, he extended a f/f while giving her a loving smile. “Y/n...” Y/n looking at him with a dazed look, not realizing how close the two of them are. “yes, Sachirō....” Hirugami leaning his forehead against her, speaking in a low voice “I love it when you say my name like that.” “Sachirō...” “Y/n I want you to hear what I’m about to say, I’m in love with you, i’ve been in love with for so many years. I can’t stop thinking about you, I love having you next to me and- I was wondering if you would like to be my girlfriend?” Looking into her eyes he lifted his hand to wipe the tears that were starting to fall down her face. “S-Sachirō, I would love to be your girlfriend...” The two letting out breathless chuckels, Hirugami grabbed onto Y/n’s face and pulled her into a kiss. The two bathing in this new feeling, finally pulling away the couple stayed in a hug. Hirugami whispered “I love you Y/n” “I love you too Sachirō” “I guess are mothers were right back then...we are finally together...” With a small giggle Y/n spoke “Yeah...They’ll be happy once we tell them. You know we won’t hear the end of it from her siblings.” Letting out a groan, “Don’t remind me, let’s go to my home. I just wanna cuddle my girlfriend.” Giving her a peck on the head, heading hugging his waist while walking. “Mmm, I wanna cuddle my boyfriend” The two giving each other lovesick looks throughout the whole walk towards the Hirugami household. “The two having the house to themselves had fallen asleep while a movie played in the back ground. Hirugami’s parents walking into the livingroom to see the couple asleep tangled up with pink tinted cheeks. Not making a sound they saw their sound pull the girl closer to him, giving her a tired kiss on the head. Those actions made the parents heart warm up, seeing their youngest child finally have the girl that he has been pinning over for years.
“They finally passed the puppy love phase.” Spoke Hirugami’s dad. “They sure did, now they are in the sweetheat phase.” Leaving the love birds alone to go and spread the word to everyone.
The couple kept on sleeping know that this isn’t just puppy love, they are in love.
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