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#everything we do
devils-jude · 10 hours ago
just came across this c!dream apologist take and oh my god. im going to lose my mind
im not gonna rb it and start unnecessary conflict bc im a little bitch 😁😁😁 but buddy. if you wholeheartedly believe everything you wrote on that post...............bro where have you been getting your information from..............whose streams are you watching
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radio-venom · 12 hours ago
how do you have friends when your in your 20s and all depressed,,
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saybees · 18 hours ago
Going through some more microeconomics stuff talking about advertising and it's just all so off. They're talking about how a company that's willing to spend a lot of money on advertising means that it's a quality product. But my thought is that if the product was actually of very high quality they wouldn't NEED to advertise so much because if it's good and people like it word of mouth would do a lot more than an ad would.
Also it mentions how ads are supposed to convey information to consumers to help them make well informed decisions on what to buy, but almost no ads out there talk about price or things like that. The only time it mentions ingredients is if it's "natural" stuff, but then they leave out all the other ingredients that aren't "natural" (although my view on the whole "natural" thing is that it's just nonsense, I mean cyanide is natural, soooo...). But yeah the whole thing is just ridiculous. This whole course is just a lot of bullshit, which I think is part of why it's been so tough for me to grasp. The economy DOES NOT function the way this university course says it does. It all makes very little sense. I really hope I don't flunk my exams and end up having to take this stupid course over again.
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h-isforhome · 20 hours ago
my grades can look incredibly shitty all they want but at least i am still a good writer :•)
#this is the part where i get a flash of the future where i’m failing my stem major and pursuing a fruitful career in writing#and i always wonder if it’s future me saying ‘hey dumbass change ur major’#but them i’m like No i do rlly like my major and the career i planned out it’s just . hard .#and.!! i am it’s not like i’m absolutely better at writing classes i mean helloooo it took me fucking ages to get my paper done yk#and also like.....i am just taking bio chem physics courses none of which r my major specifically#and really i’ve only taken two (2) major specific courses in my 3yrs here but i’ve loved them both so .#rlly it’s just abt where i am in life rn not allowing for amazing academic success <3#it’s not that . i’m terrible at stem or anything . just . circumstances <3#hmmmm can u tell i’m desperately trying to make sense of this bc ik my immediate and extended family and#my family friends will b disappointed if i went the nonstem route 🤡#OR maybe ! maybe maybe this is all bc there’s always been a popularized divide btwn stem and the humanities in that .#everyone always said pick one or the other no exceptions ur good at one bad at the other#when . that’s obvs not true for me esp but also bc we have a desire to learn and can appreciate both yk like .#my friend always said humans want 2 learn everything and anything and idk abt evidence or w/e but i feel like it’s true and again 4 me esp#and so . when we’re brought up to specialize in one and hate the other it never works out yk if i say i’m good at writing#according to divide it means i’m bad at stem yk . but also also also: is the us capitalist society Built for an interest in both .#bc that’s rlly where the divide comes from yk the whole need for ‘better’ careers and so . if i can’t realistically pursue both#what’s the point .!#where i was going w this idk <3 i love both wish i could do both also my english ta emailed and said my v late paper was so good she wants#2 use it as a sample :-)!!!!!!!!
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shantyman · 21 hours ago
death and abuse in the tags
#yeah. my nana is gonna die soon and i had been thinking about calling her for *months* and never did#because i never. showed her my transition she never saw me post-op she has. no idea who i am#she's gonna die before ever really meeting me and i am never going to get her to see me and i was. selfish?#to just be so consumed with fear that anything i told her would just make its way back to my old man#because it's been no-contact for maybe like#four years now? coming up on five in october i think. and for good reason. and i can't. see him. y'know. like i can't.#and going to hospice going to a service going anywhere he might be is dangerous. i have almost no family because of hiding from him.#and that is usually. fine. i guess. because i hate most of them anyway they're just as cruel and disgusting but.#i love my uncle joe? i love my sister? and i do love my nana. even if she's hurt me so much too.#i want to at least. see her or pay some respects when i can but i don't know *when* i can because of this hurdle.#i can't go to a service. i am literally unable now to go to my own grandmother's funeral service. because her son decided to [redacted] me#how is. how is that fair how is that like. okay. on any level how is it okay that he gets to keep his family and i am excised from it#the same way his first victim was excommunicated and we were all fed lies about why that was.#it's a violent sickening cycle and i should not be losing so much for the simple crime of being. born. being hurt. scared. sick.#it's complete bullshit and he should be dying honestly. he should be dead for everything he's done.#not that nana isn't just Ready. she is. it's been a long time coming she's 85 she's ready.#but the last few years didn't have to be so fraught with tension and anger and running in circles. i could have just had a grandmother.#in a better world i'd be able to say goodbye like any ordinary grandson. and she would know me as her grandson and it'd be okay.#i was going to write a poem about this a few months ago. something about how she'll never see that i'm a better man than her son.#and the best part is i'm only somewhat a man. but i still have him beat. and. no one will ever see it. i do not exist.#a.txt
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