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#everything is very pretty
theheadlessgroom · 15 hours ago
Even Beau and Lena got in on the dancing with, the head butler politely asking the Henshaw matriarch if she wished to dance. Flattered by the gesture, Lena accepted, and in an amusing reversal, she was the one to be practically swinging and spinning the gangly majordomo across the floor, despite the impressive height difference between the two of them, and inspiring smiles and laughs from the others.
In what felt like the blink of an eye, midnight was nearly upon them, and so it was time to bid farewell to Gracey Manor-despite his evident excitement about the departure, Dorian still lingered on the steps for a moment, kissing his hand before pressing it against one of the white marble columns, saying a silent goodbye to his family home. He had already bid the staff a very fond farewell, leaving sumptuous tips and gifts as thanks for all they’d done for him and his family (to say nothing of keeping his and Elizabeth’s relationship a secret), and he seemed to look back at the house with a sort of melancholy look in his eye as the carriage took off down the secret path.
Randall too felt a little melancholy, leaving the mansion behind: It wasn’t his home, of course, but he still felt a dull ache in his heart nonetheless as it became more and more distant. It felt a little bit like a second home, considering all the time he spent there with his mother and with Dorian, a feeling only exacerbated by his and his family’s stay these last few days. It was hard to leave it and New Orleans itself behind-for better or worse, it was his home for a long time, and he had a feeling that he would always leave a part of his heart behind.
Still, he managed to set these feelings aside as he took Emily’s hand in his, offering her a loving smile as their carriage departed down the old trade route, the full moon shining a milky white light on them as they rode past thick brambles and dry grass.
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blackberrybucky · 16 hours ago
that was love (and it’s an ache i still remember)
A/N: things are happening. mostly, they are that i haven't started on this yet but i am posting about it anyway
summary: it's been five years since bucky has seen you. back home for your college reunion, what happens when you see each other again?
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maskyartist · a day ago
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casually reuploading/posting these as a casual reminder that ive always been and will always be a casinocore loving bitch
that last picture is a lovely collab between me and my beautiful wife @sunflowerseebs so if u like what u see there with that SEXY lineart and LOVELY expressions pls go check her out she does such good stuff i cry every single time i see her stuff
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localspaceangel · 2 days ago
(dont rb) i haven't talked about this here back when it happend, but sadly i found the final tma episode to be pretty underwhelming :'-/
#blablabla#tma#the magnus archives#tma spoilers#the magnus archives spoilers#tma 200#the reason why i havent talked about it here is bc the day it happend i talked with a lot of ppl on various discord servers about this and -#- at the end i felt pretty burned out from talking about it lol#but yeah it was..weird; and not rlly in a good way#i think my main issue is the pacing of the episode#the first part with jon and elias felt like it streached on forever#same with the statment; which was also kinda meh? i mean it was kinda cool; but it was basically everything we've already knew#and then what was suppost to be the most important part imo; the one with jon and martin; felt very very rushed to me#like it happend so fast but not in a good way? i feel like it shouldve been paced slower#the last part with the girls was ok i guess..tho i did find it kinda weird that they decided that basira should have the last lines in the -#- no hate on basira cuz shes pretty cool but like. shes more of a side character? and for her to deliver the last lines felt -#- kinda odd to i feel like jon would be more appritiate for this#also this might sound weird but..with how big of a deal they made that this ending would be hella tragic it..wasnt rlly that bad imo?#like i literally thought that all the main cast would sacrifice themselfs or something heartbreaking like that#and while the thing with jon and martin is definitly sad; its also kinda hopefully? like theres a possibility that at least one of them -#- kinda pissed cuz i was always rlly stressed out ans bummed out by the feeling that the ending would probably emotionally -#- destroy me and now i feel like i stressed out over nothing really :-/#sigh....its all rlly a shame#ive talked on here before how s5 overall felt pretty dissapointing; and the fact that it also ended dissapointingly just adds insult to the-#- injury for me :-/#there was so much potential in this season and honestly im not rlly a fan of the direction they went with#ok i think thats all for now; feel free to add your thoughts to this if u wanna! just be respectfull and dont yell at me plz
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Heyyy ! I hope you're doing fine. I was curious about 13 / 23 / 33 foor the writing ask game :3
Heyyy! I'm doing pretty good!
13. Do you outline your fics? How much of a headache would someone get if they just looked at an outline of yours without reading the fic?
I do outline stuff, but it's pretty minimal and I don't hold myself to them so the headache could be there.
23. What’s your absolute favorite trope to write?
I honestly don't have much experience writing, but "you may be a bastard but you're my bastard" is very my thing
33. What do you like writing better: one shots or multi-chapter stuff?
One shots, I don't really have the attention for writing multi chapter stuff
Thanks for the ask!
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widonotts · 4 days ago
haven’t made any progress catching up for over a week but just learned the context for “young man” and wow! i dislike it even more
#anti essek#negativity#late night thoughts#i already tend to feel pretty ‘meh’ about phrases like ‘young man/woman’ ‘little boy/girl’ etc taken as and/or meant as flirting#(i mean. ‘meh’ is the BEST i could feel about it. usually i feel... notably less pleased.)#but oof!#great that es.sek is acknowledging that he has Really Fucked Up but wow!#that read as so very patronizing to me#and that’s setting aside the ‘young man’ :/#who’s gonna tell him that he doesn’t know everything (even though he incited a war to try and know more) 💜#i don’t even know where the story is but one of my greatest hopes is that essek betrays them again in favor of knowledge#LISTEN: i love knowledge-seeking neutral evil characters#i love neutral evil es.sek#AND#i think it would be incredibly powerful for the characters to try and befriend and change someone#and for once for their efforts not to succeed#because ultimately a person has to want to change and make great strides themself#no person can change another’s morality no matter how much they want to help them#and as i understand he’s starting to move in that direction already but...#just based on what i know through 2x130.... it feels like he could still very much be swayed backwarcs#backwards*#and I Would Like To See It.#The Angst It Would Create. The Narrative Intrigue.#i just don’t think it’s fun if ALL the evil npcs with strong ties to the party turn neutral/good!!!#some of em gotta have messy redemption arcs that take a nosedive halfway through!!!!#anti shadowgast#hopefully putting the tag at the end will get it out of the main tag? :o
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seraph-wings · 5 days ago
Hi everyone. I'm writing this here because most of my friends use tumblr and it's too hard to type repeatedly. The vet called back about dexter and very long story short it seems that he has 3-6 months left. I'm trying to deal with this right now. It's hard for me to put into words how much he means to me. I'm considering canceling all of my current commission work because to be honest I don't want any other external pressures I will have to think about it.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Photos of him and a picture of us together that I really like. He loves to eat sweet things (he gets excited when we bake and will bark for us to take it out of the oven even when it's not done. He has chosen cake over meat before when we tested him..!) His favourite season seems to be winter he loves to run in the snow and eat it. His favourite toy is a elephant beanie baby called peanut who he has had as a puppy (he took it out of a basket of our childhood toys and has carried it around ever since) that he is very gentle with and keeps safe treating it like his own baby. ♡ he is very stubborn and affectionate and playful. He turned 13 in March but people are usually surprised to hear that is is old ! People in my family refer to him as the eternal puppy.
Anyways, I wanted to share a little of him, I'm not sure what my mood will be like so please don't take it personally if I take a long time or longer than usual to respond
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astroisk · 5 days ago
Aaah looking forward for your post!
For now I am sticking to the karmic loop timeline which currently makes more sense to me
Or maybe 3 worlds theory (main one that ends with WHY, elseworld which is Sukhimvit Swimming, world 3 which starts from BB and to continue from now on)
But I think should ONF continues their content, this whole lore thing is not gonna end lollol
Oh, they totally won't stop,,, I'm sure they know the key to the whole thing is in some obscure detail lol
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