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#everything has changed part 8
roundedloaf · 19 days ago
its been a week since i reread Strong Female Protagonist and I’m still thinking about “You see, I love people, and I’ve always sort of wanted to be one.”
The whole set of pages before this is so raw too, Alison unflinching “I’ve seen it. Let’s go.” She know’s that she could have been well capable of this too.
and after the hug, and the parallels. Alison and Patrick are both monsters in different directions
Tumblr media
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psychotic-meda · 7 months ago
still not over how disgustingly cute my relationship is
#classmates in elementary school but ignored each other for the most part#bc I was shy well behaved child who just wanted to get good grades#and he was the weird kid that got in trouble a lot with teachers#classmates again in middle school and it’s basically the same but with added edginess and teen angst#and we both had secret crushes on each other but to literally everyone else it was no secret in fact it was painfully obvious#I was kind of a bully to him oops I didn’t realize he was genuinely having a hard time : (#I just wanted his attention skdkjdjd#also he was a weeb and i was the artsy kid#went to different high schools and lost touch#friends on Facebook but didn’t really talk beyond mundane stuff like games#life did it’s thing and brought hardships and sad stuff#including very unhealthy relationships with unpleasant people#fast forward several years we happen to go to the same college#decide to meet up and even though it’s been 11 years it’s like nothings changed#im still the artsy kid and he’s still a weeb but we’re Adults now#then it turns out we live 8 houses apart wtf#hang out a lot and share the same interests and same sense of humor and uh oh!! the Feelings have returned#so we dated and fell in love and I kind of want to be with him forever and he feels the same way : )#life is weird like that#i thought id find something like this from searching far and wide and experiencing everything everyone has to offer#but what I needed was here the whole time
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tc-angel · 8 hours ago
this isn't about L or a tc but its about an experience i had with a teacher that i just want to write out, and here is the only place i can do that. (warning, long post ahead but trust me its worth the read)
let me preface this by saying i had no feelings for this teacher, she was my homeroom teacher at the time. before this i barely spoke to her, i just thought she was nice.
so this all started back in march 2020, during the first lockdown. school's had just been shut down and we were in our first few weeks of online classes. it was a big adjustment, i went from playing sports multiple times a week, seeing friends everyday, going to school everyday and doing a lot to being stuck at home all alone really quick. that plus some personal issues (my dad was having some issues and my dog got cancer but she's okay now) caused me to spiral into a bit of a depressive episode.
i was skipping a lot of class, specifically homeroom. it started at 8:00am and i just couldn't get myself to wake up for it. on the days that i did wake up, i had no motivation to get ready and look decent so i would skip. this went on for a few weeks, until i got a message from my homeroom teacher (lets call her g)
G messaged me via google chat, she sent me a private message asking if everything was okay. this wasn't weird at all, i was actually surprised and grateful that she noticed and took the time to reach out. i responded that i was fine, just adjusting like everyone else.
she made a joke about how the lockdown was getting to her as-well, and then asked one more time if everything was okay. i said that i was just having some issues finding the motivation to finish some assessments.
that was when it started going down. she suddenly sent me a really long paragraph saying she 'completely understood because she was extremely depressed for years'. she spoke all about her experience, how her mother was a big cause of her depression, how she struggled with a lot of things, basically trauma dumped on me. note that during this she did not ask once about how i felt, i didnt say anything about being depressed she assumed. i didnt ask about anything, she revealed all her personal information.
at the time i was dumb and vulnerable, i thought that her saying all this to me meant i was special. i thought she cared about me. we were texting almost all day for about 3 days about her past, i spoke a bit about mine but mostly just related and listened.
after a while she started talking about her everyday struggles. 'oh, i missed my first class this morning i'm such an idiot' , 'oh i don't know if i'm doing the right thing' and stuff like that. it turned into me (the student) comforting her (the adult).
this continued until summer break. i found out on the last days of school that she was leaving but we were still in regular contact, texting and calling sometimes. but suddenly something changed. she stopped replying to me, she stopped texting, she unfollowed me on instagram and completely ghosted me. i had no idea what i did wrong. there was no indication that i had done something to upset her or that she was going to do that, so i was naturally extremely confused.
i spent the next YEAR almost obsessing over it? i didn't unfollow her on instagram because i felt attached, like maybe it was a misunderstanding. i would watch her stories religiously to try and get any insight on what was going on in her head (sounds crazy now lol)
i never got the closure i wanted. i never found out why she ghosted me, what i did or what happened. THE WORST PART WAS THAT SHE REACHED OUT TO ME FIRST. she sent the first text, not me. so why did she waste her time 'fixing me' just to get bored?
thinking about it now, after everything has settled, i'm in awe. it's embarrassing to think about, even. it was super inappropriate and weird, i could never imagine being an adult woman and 'venting' to a kid. i dont know, the whole thing just confused the hell out of me and im still wondering if she was not wrong.
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notabronte · 15 hours ago
A year of you - Masterpost
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A single year can host a lot of experiences. New friends, new places, new beginnings. A brand new life starts for Arlet the very same day she meets Henry, and during the following months she gets to know him, to explore the hidden side of him, to learn who Henry Cavill truly is, and also that loving someone is not as terrible as she remembers.
A single year can change everything.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Henry Cavill x Arlet Caronte (OFC)
Theme: Long friends to lovers slow burn, with lots of talking, lots of cliches, fluff stuff, light spicy parts, and love, of course. A lot of sugar was put in every chapter.
Word count: 135k
Author's Note: writing this fanfic has been a wild trip for me. During the almost four months it took me to finish it, it has helped me to partially heal from the terrible mental state I was, and seeing that a lot of you guys enjoyed something that was making me feel better, it only helped me to keep going and going, until it was finished. I can't thank you all enough for your support during the whole process, for being with me and encourage me to continue. This story means a lot to me. And for those of you who are reading this before starting this wonderful journey, thanks for the chance you are giving me.
That's it, I shall proceed with the tags one last time.
@stephartrave @tssf-imagines @themanfromu @tumblnewby @greensleeves888 @kebabgirl67 @ali-in-w0nderland
Tumblr media
AO3 Link
Click here!
Tumblr posts
Chapter 1 || Chapter 2 || Chapter 3 || Chapter 4 || Chapter 5 ||
Chapter 6 || Chapter 7 || Chapter 8 || Chapter 9 || Chapter 10 ||
Chapter 11 || Chapter 12 || Chapter 13 || Chapter 14 ||
Chapter 15 || Chapter 16 || Chapter 17 + Epilogue ||
Appendix 1 || Appendix 2 || Appendix 3
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sohamjagade · 23 hours ago
How Important Is a Flat in Powai for IT Professionals?
A property purchaser needs to understand precisely where to focus on, for a decent arrangement in a major realty market like Mumbai. An area like Powai is quite possibly the most evolved and very much arranged realty markets. Powai is one of the up-market private and business center points of Mumbai.
A Land Of Nothing to Everything
Many years prior, Powai was a new village in the northeastern rural areas of Mumbai on the banks of Powai Lake, taking into account the drinking water supply needs of the city. In 1958, the foundation of the innovation and exploration establishment – the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay brought the miniature market into the spotlight. The development movement in Powai got in the last part of the ‘90s and there has been no thinking back from that point forward for the miniature market.
Premium Location
Powai is encircled by slopes of Vikhroli Parksite in the southeast, Sanjay Gandhi National Park in the north, and L.B.S. Street the northeastern way. Powai is furnished with amazing social Infrastructure.
Social Neighborhood
There are various instructive organizations to be specific Hiranandani Foundation School, Bombay Scottish School, Podar International School and Kendriya Vidyalaya. Dr. L H Hiranandani Hospital, Nahar Medical Center and Powai Hospital are a couple of conspicuous medical services offices.
General stores, for example, D Mart and shopping edifices like Galleria and R City Mall (found under 4 km from Powai) are additionally accessible for the shopping needs of occupants. Aside from private turns of events, there are corporate workplaces like Crisil, Bayer, L&T, Nomura, Colgate-Palmolive, Deloitte, and Cognizant. Moreover, the miniature market additionally gives a beautiful perspective on the Powai Hills and the Sanjay Gandhi National Park
Excellent Connectivity
The blood vessel streets associating Powai with other unmistakable spaces of the city are Jogeshwari Vikhroli Link Road (JVLR), Eastern Express Highway, Lal Bahadur Shastri (LBS) Road, Saki Vihar Road, and Chandivali Road.
The closest railroad station to Powai is Kanjurmarg a ways off of 3.5 km and Vikhroli (found 5 km away) on the focal line of Mumbai's rural rail organization.
Powai is effectively available to the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (found 8 km away) through JogeshwariVikhroli Link Road and Saki-Vihar Road.
The closest metro railroad station to Powai is Saki Naka, a ways off of 3.4 km. The proposed line 6 of the Mumbai metro rail network from Lokhandwala to Vikhroli will go through Powai.
Growth and Development
Proposed metro rail network among Lokhandwala and Vikhroli liable to impel private land movement of Powai market. The Proximity to Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport increases the value of the locale. It is close to significant business centers of Andheri like Saki Naka and MIDC, Godrej Industrial Center in Vikhroli, and Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC).
Final Thoughts
Powai has changed into a significant up-scale miniature market in MMR throughout the long term. Other than being a private area of interest, Powai has additionally arisen as a business, business, and pioneering center point throughout the long term.
The presence of a grounded framework combined with the proposed infrastructure advancements including metro-line 6 gives a significant fillip to Powai's availability. Pashmina developers Powai have truly transferred the residential area with lake riviera Powai offering
2 bhk and 3 bhk in Powai
The dynamic neighborhood with a tranquil climate, away from the city mayhem is drawing in an enormous deluge of purchasers and financial backers to claim a property in Powai.
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justarandomgirl98 · a day ago
My Current WIP
That’s a lie, I have many current works in progress because I have the attention span of a 5-year-old hyped up on caffeine. I should also say that one of those WIPs is my master’s dissertation so...
The WIP in question has been in the works for a very long time. Somewhere around 7-8 years. I’m not sure exactly when I started it but it is one I keep going back to (Besides the original WIP started approximately 12 years ago)
This story, novel, series... It is going to be a series, has gone through countless drafts and rewrites. Character name changes, setting changes and everything else. But at the end of the day, it follows the same story. It takes place mostly in a future Europe after a future war (the year is about 2100) and most of Europe is a part of the Federation, under the control of the Foster dynasty and is based in Rome. The daughter of a rich aristocrat is kidnapped at a young age and grows up knowing exactly who she is but nobody believes her. She was born in England to the heiress to the British throne (England avoids the Federation, sort of like the EU) Then one day, through dumb luck, she makes it home and they finally run a DNA test on her. She is thrust back into the world of the aristocracy and royalty overnight but as a teenager. Our main character has to readjust to this new life but advocates for change even as her parents pressure her to court and eventually marry. However, not all is great in the Federation, there are groups who seek to take down the monarchy and destroy the government, the same people who kidnapped MC years prior. 
We follow MC through a period of about three years from the time she enters society to the end of the main conflict (I’m not giving away the ending). We watch her grow up in a sense, find her footing in this world, deal with complex relationships with friends and boys, deal with her strict parents, war, death and everything else. 
It is definitely young adult. I like reading young adult fiction... I would argue maybe new adult but I don’t know if that is a genre but I would argue that this books isn’t for 14-year-olds. I deal with some hard topics and other topics not appropriate for younger audiences (especially if their parents don’t know, my parents were the geniuses who let me read Game of Thrones at 14 because they didn’t vet the book) But it is still a romance, there are cute boys with charming personality. One of the main love interests has dark hair and bright blue eyes... 
As I said it is a part of a series! Currently, with the word count, it would be around 3 books long. But one of my other WIPs takes place about 40-50 years after and I have changed it connect to this series. So I may have created an entire universe through this hobby
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logodesignsingapore · a day ago
Factors deciding the logo design - Let us discuss
Having said why the logo is basic we should hop into what you need to think about the logo design in Singapore. Coming up next are the 8 most immense things you need to consider logo design. Walk me through these 8 stages and I bet you will get some data about logo plans. You are drawing in your clients by your logo, it assists with giving an extraordinary picture to your business in the event that they are exceptional then again it can also hurt your picture in the event that it is of a low norm and your clients may have a solicitation like how you could pass on something good when you are not having a faultless checking picture. Gainful checking pictures looks like depicting, this will assist with affecting the vibes of your clients. Shade of the logo, text style of the business name, style that is shown up in the logo configuration matters and everything picks the story you are trying to pass on about your business. 
Clients are anticipating a logo for your business, paying little heed to the way that you prevail in quality. A client isolates your business essentially through your logo. Precisely when you print a Signage or a notification do you think clients get the opportunity to perceive your business name by examining your business name, propelling a graphical portrayal will assist with reminding about the store.
  Reliably start from basics in whatever work you do. So start with the key stuff like examining and insight about the affiliation, its targets and gathering. Consider what sort of logo will suit the affiliation's attributes, a standard one or snappy one. In addition, promise you are utilizing a vector plan while logo orchestrating since raster will wind up dealing the logo's quality when widened. There is a wide disorder that staggering logos are engaging and compelling at any rate what they don't understand is that amazing logos look repulsive when they are extended. Along these lines, the more straightforward your logo the more versatile it is. 
Besides straightforwardness draws in more than complex plans since the human brain inclines toward fundamental things as opposed to complex.  Text styles expect a fundamental part in logo orchestrating. It talks about the character of the affiliation. A few affiliations imagine that artistic style can plainly influence the plans of a thing. Text styles have attributes as such do your relationship as necessities be it is tremendous that your picked text based style keeps an eye on your affiliation's credits. Never pick a book style as indicated by your own likings and in addition don't manage clearness. 
Tones are comparably principal, concerning logo orchestrating. Shadings have characters. An examination shows that 80% of clients say that hiding influences them a ton and causes them in brand attestation. Shadings address ideas and each tone has its own credits. Reliant upon the qualities of each tone, you can pick a disguising that you need to depict your image. There are likewise different shades of each tone. You can also utilize different tones in your logo. Regardless, promising you a hiding combo is sufficient. 
The best logos don't simply stand isolated from the pack, they continue as before for a critical long time. There is a wide present day method of following the new model for masterminding a logo. Regardless, plans do change, when the adequacy of the logo decreases, so you may have to climb to stay aware of the model. In any case, there are a couple of relentless logos that continue as before over various years yet they are secured. Making a wearisome logo requires thinking past plans. You should get a handle on the human mind and recognize what pulls in it. 
Your business requires capable logo setup enlisting subraa free Logo design Singapore sensible expense and novel arrangement Singapore. Logo impacts your clients and their impression of your image. Logo plan Singapore has secured essential significance really as clients try to see the value in that each business needs a logo and no colossal brands are without a logo. Seeing how the logo is basic customers in addition grasp that they need to have a novel inventive logo to show their business. A decent logo ought to be satisfactorily adaptable to be utilized in a mix of ways, shapes and conditions. For instance, in the event that your logo isn't resizable, by then it limits the measure of stages that you can use for your image progressing. Considering everything, assuming you make your logo more versatile, by it will overall be accommodatingly resized, printed, or put on various media, making your image genuinely enchanting. Without a doubt, even a decent logo may get shaggy and distorted, when you move back or grow it for your occupations. Probably the most clear approaches to manage beat this is to utilize a vector plan A persuading logo design ought to be applicable to the market and the affiliation's objective clients. Significantly more fundamentally, they verifiably pass on a brand's character and character. A central segment is the use of shadings in your logo, which can trigger various feelings and show your image's character to customers. Text based styles additionally have attributes actually alluded to. By and large, the logo ought to talk about the affiliation as opposed to simply tending to. If you are looking for powerpoint design services Singapore, you can reach Subraa. A total objective of a logo is to draw in clients and make by then associated with your image. Right when buyers survey your image, it will essentially broaden your game plans. Memorability is the best way to deal. Precisely when purchasers can indeed overview your image, they will without a doubt uphold your thing over others. A basic logo ought to be extraordinary in its game plan. There are an extensive number of logos in the world, at any rate a couple do we survey. Thusly, ensures fall in the significant portrayal. On the off chance that it runs to you, that you are only a startup or exclusive business and for what reason do I need a logo for it, by then you most likely will not be right. In the event that you are running on a tight spending plan and figure you can't endure arranging a logo then you are taking a confused action. Subraa, friendly logo designer Singapore offers reasonable logo arrangement associations for affiliations. The associations offered by Subraa are pocket agreeable and plants depend upon our necessities and spotlight on business basics. Contact Subraa, your agreeable freelance logo designer Singapore and freelance web designer Singapore today.
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floorgender80 · a day ago
The Red Tea Detox by Liz Swann Miller - Goodreads
The Best Strategy To Use For Discover weight loss benefits of Red Tea Detox (review
So, if you aren't encouraged by the different studies that have actually proven the red tea and ideas you get in this program you work, you have nothing to lose by giving it a shot. Who Produced Red Tea Detox? Liz Miller is a naturopath, expert weight reduction expert and very popular author who is likewise the extraordinary female behind this program.
What You'll Learn in Red Tea Detox Red Tea Detox is an extensive system that teaches you an ancient West African red tea recipe shown to lower food cravings, cleanse the body, and enhance your body's natural fat loss abilities. It includes an abundance of valuable info and natural regimes, all broken down into an easy-to-follow four-part series.
Tumblr media
Red Tea Detox Review 2020 - Scam or Legit? - Health Keepers Club
Our Decision Red Tea Detox is an easy weight loss program that teaches you natural and effective ways to clean your body of the scrap that has been preventing your weight-loss progress. It can be utilized by anyone, as it is completely safe and natural, and it even includes a 60 Day Cash Back Assurance.
The 8-Minute Rule for Red Tea Detox Review - Liz Swann Miller Program Worth
The Red Tea Detox Program deals with Click, Bank to handle anybody runs across essentially any issues: Contact Affgadgets Group
Tumblr media
The Red Tea Detox Diet and Weight Loss Plan by Liz Swann Miller – Review - Introproz – Best Product and Services Introduction and Reviews Website
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Tumblr media
Discover weight loss benefits of Red Tea Detox (review) - Baby Lifestyle
Disclaimer: Some of the links in this article are affiliate links; we will make a commision, at no extra expense to you, if you purchase through one of our links. "This changed my life!" "I do not understand how I was living before this!" What do you believe they're speaking about? Well, you 'd be amazed to find out they're really talking about what this Red Tea Detox Review is all about! We all know Green Tea is the answer when you wish to lose weight, have you ever really considered any other kind of tea? Click Here For Additional Info , an AFRICAN tea?! Africa is not everything about fantastic nature and magical dances, I'm telling you.
Red Tea Detox Review: Fad, Fiction or Fantastic Health Boost? Fundamentals Explained
Tumblr media
What does she do? She goes to Africa! Searching for the wonderful red drink that has the response for her problems. She faces dangerous scenarios, she gets to see Africa in its real shape, entering into the depths of it, however ultimately, she finds what she opted for in the first location.
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exoxobsession · a day ago
Tumblr media
Forever Yours Masterlist! The stories are listed in chronological order.  Banners Made by me! All the OCs are named because this is a series, and it would get confusing otherwise. Feedback is most Welcome! 
Tumblr media
Part One of Forever Yours - OC: Ji-Eun
Netflix Teaser
Moodboards Inspired by SD* : Ch.1 
 1 ||  2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 || 7 || 8
Tumblr media
Part Two of Forever Yours - OC: Chae-Young
Abandoned by your parents, degraded by your sister, you’ve turned lifeless. Then a charming boy comes into your life making your blank canvas a whole lot colourful. It’s not at all easy, no, it’s him, he who made you feel like home, he who hated you.
Tumblr media
Part Three of Forever Yours - OC: Hyerin
You showed hatred for men. Any type, any breed. You hated them. After seeing how your best-friend’s ex broke her, you promised to yourself never to trust them. But what if you were expected to live with 12 of them? Will they break your cold exterior and open you?
Tumblr media
Part Four of Forever Yours - OC: Yeona
Betrayed. That’s what you felt. You went against your family and friends for him. But he turned out to be a jerk, just like the others. Broken. That was other feeling too. Love. Bullshit, you thought. What you didn’t think about was the person in front of you, the person who’s been there. Maybe he was all you needed. He was willing to show you he’s the one.
Tumblr media
Part Five of Forever Yours - OC: Seo-Yeon
After Baekhyun introduced you to his friend group, you became interested in one person, Chanyeol. You knew deep down you never had a chance with him. You were never such a closed person, so it was easy for your friends to figure out your little crush for him, helping you in any way possible.
Tumblr media
Part Six of Forever Yours - OC: Ji-Young
Being alone on a winter evening was something that Minseok never wanted. He was lost, not physically but mentally. This day he would spend it with the playful bickering of his friends, throwing snowballs, getting frostbites and making cookies. But ever since the last 3 months, no phone calls, no talking, they went their separate ways. He felt empty until you came up to him with coffee and a smile on your face to warm him up.
Tumblr media
Part  of Forever Yours - OC: Aera
Since you were born, you’ve had everything picked for you. It went from your wardrobe to your husband. You weren’t perfect; you were now just a business deal. The man that you supposed to marry, Kim Junmyeon, was a perfectionist. Will he accept your not so perfect side? Or will it turn out like your sister’s marriage?
Tumblr media
Part Seven of Forever Yours - OC: Lina
You’ve always thought of him as nothing more than a friend. Your friends kept teasing you about it. You’d always brush it off. But you started noticing as well. Will you learn to love or keep him at an arm’s length?
Tumblr media
Part Nine of Forever Yours - OC: Wei
Bad boy, Player, Heartbreaker. There were many words to use on him, before. You hated him, he changed the meaning of ‘hate’ for you. He bothered you at first, but now you enjoyed his company. If he winked at you, you would’ve ripped his head off, but now you would get flustered. Hate turns to love. Glares turn to warm smiles. People change. You’re confused, he’s satisfied. Were you just a toy to him or were you the one who changes him?
Tumblr media
Part Ten of Forever Yours - OC: Xia
Exam week was coming up, and all you wanted to do was stick your nose in a book and start studying, but your friend has other plans. After she drags you to a party, she completely abandons you for her boyfriend. Then a handsome stranger asks you to play beer pong with him. But that wasn’t it. That was just the beginning of a new story.
Tumblr media
Part Eleven of Forever Yours - OC: Ning
Cute. First thought of him. Polite. Was the second. Asshole. Was the third one. And that’s how he got you confused. He walks you to the dorms; you become friends; he wakes you up; you catch feelings. Will you tell him? Or will you catch his lingering gazes at someone else?
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This is my transcript of an audio recording which has been badly degraded and is not suitable for release. I tried to reconstruct it as close to original as possible, although I had to guess some of the words from context, since they were too distorted to be recognized. In the aftermath of C.O.M. dissolution, Josie Green now agreed to be named with regards to this recording, although she refused to mention her name the first time. I would like to add that she and Simulacrum now understand each other far better than it comes off during this recording. Josie was also the person who helped Simulacrum to program their incubator, but I will come to that later. - Adam
S: 07.06.161 AE. In this recording we are going to explain how and with what motivation we managed to obtain the classified data from the electro-evils project.
J: Are you recording? Why are you fucking recording?! What if someone from the C.O.M. finds this? This is a huge security risk.
S: I store my logs on my laptop protected by multiple passwords and always carry it with me, I think we are safe.
J: C.O.M. is probably already monitoring all the devices that connect to their network.
S: good thing I never connect to the network. I use a Before Earth laptop, its power-source is compatible with ours but its operating system is so old it cannot possibly connect any kind of network in Migdal Bavel. Stop micromanaging me.
J: Why take the extra risk tho? You could be giving C.O.M. a recorded confession. Actually I don’t really care what happens to you. But you could get me arrested, you could fuck up everything me and Decay have been working on for the past years.
S: Because I am a scientist. I collect data, I document things. C.O.M. is experimenting on Electro-Evils and is lying about the actual purpose of this whole project to it’s employees and the public. You and I know it, but without evidence no one else will believe it. And if something will happen to us I believe this could still get the recordings I have made so far out to the public. But if you want to back out then just do it, I will make the statement on my own.
J: *groaaan* you are so annoying, let’s get it over with.  But I won’t give my name.
S: all right. Then fucking start already.
J: *sigh* I am an IT technician for the C.O.M. Foundation. I have started working with Decay about five years before I started working for the C.O.M. , so I guess you can imagine what my motives to take this job were. I have never officially worked for the Electro-Evils Project although I have processed some of Nico’s and Strada’s findings and passed them directly to Decay. However, the number of processed files about the project was much higher than the number of files I could access with security clearance green. The project is sold to the public as a medical research focusing on developing safe implants but as you said, what C.O.M. really did was experiment on Electro-Evils. To use them as optimized soldiers. None of the imprisoned Electro-Evils showed any modifications that C.O.M. deemed useable.
S: Except Predator.
J: Yes. They captured him and held him prisoner for almost a year before he managed to escape and, from what he told me, they were about to install a chip into his brain to use him as a weapon. Stop interrupting me.
The anarchist group Decay, Predator and I are a part of was trying to access the classified Electro-Evils files for some time now but the security system is extremely advanced so brute force attacks have been in vain. The Data seems to be only accessible from the Data Collection Facility in Rafael District which can only be entered with security clearance Indigo and above. No one working in my department is above the clearance blue, but we very rarely get chip cards of higher security clearances delivered for updates or destruction. After a C.O.M. employee dies or resigns, their card is destroyed, but there is a  time window of about 8 hours before the system updates and registers changes to the security protocols. So for 8 hours an Indigo card would still be able to open doors. I have managed to steal the card of Rasmus Richter before it was incinerated. His security clearance was indigo and he used to work for management.
S: Me and Richter look alike enough for me to have been able to pass through the security check. Also he resigned and wasn’t dead so there was a good possibility of him actually still having some reason to show up to the foundation. I was afraid that C.O.M. would be using retina scanners, as they do for security clearance ultraviolet, but I have been in luck and was able to just walk into he facility without anyone asking any kind of questions.
J: Matt might have been able to retrieve the data, but they still seem to be encrypted by  Nico’s or Strada’s personal password. I will get back to trying to access the files right after we are done with this stupid recording.
S: Just let it be, will you?
J: Honestly, I am annoyed as fuck with you,  it’s war out there for Electro-Evils and you are still playing scientist in here. It would be far more useful to just decode the data and leak them through all the channels in Migdal Bavel.

S: What if you can’t decode them? What if statements from individual people is all we get?
J: If that was about to happen, do you really think your statement is the one that matters? Why not take Predator’s statement? Why not take Decay’s? Decay is the literal reason the Electro-Elvis project exists. Because C.O.M. hates people that deviate from what they set as a norm. I literally cannot believe that you still can’t get over what C.O.M. taught you. Where Decay finds their patience with you will forever remain a mystery to me.
S: computer pause recording.
Simulacrum told me, that after they have paused the recording, the conversation actually quickly calmed down and they and Josie were able to have a really good talk that helped Simulacrum become a lot more conscious of their conditioning. - Adam
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drowninginwips · a day ago
My Writing Process Series
Master List - links to all 8 parts of my writing process posts!
Part One: Brainstorming & Pre-Writing Exercises
Part Two: Character Building
Part Three: World Building
Part Four: Plotting Your Novel
Part Five: Drafting Your Novel
Part Six: What to Ask Your Beta-Readers
Part Seven: Revising Your Draft 
Part Eight: Editing Your (Final) Draft 
Introduction to My Writing Process series:
Over the years, my writing process has changed and grown, a lot. My process is always improving as I discover more tips from other writers and learn things in classes.
I use Milanote (a subscription is required to use fully) to hold and organize all the information about my stories. On Milanote I have a template that I use for creating each wip! I will continue to build my very detailed template as my process grows and changes. However, I’d like to share some of the things I have gathered to potentially help your writing processes!
This template consists of many brainstorming and pre-writing exercises, templates full of questions for character and world building, and an outline for plotting. It also has questions for beta-readers and checklists for revision and editing.
It is important that I make it clear: everything I share in these posts has been gathered over the years. I did not create the totality of this content and do not claim the credit for what is not mine. I am simply sharing my compilation of tools that I have found over time.
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totherainbowsend · a day ago
nica libres at dusk
1. When is the last time that you experienced rejection–literal or imagined? When I got ghosted by someone I didn’t expect to.  2. When you are feeling down are you more likely to cheer yourself up by shopping, eating, or drinking? Out of those 3 it’s probably drinking. I don’t really enjoy shopping when I’m not in a good mood, and with food it could go one way or another. 3. Do you think there will be a time when our current age of rapid innovation comes to a standstill? What do you think is the limit of human technological advancement? I don’t think so. I really can’t imagine there being a point where everything just stops advancing. 
4. Have you or would you ever subscribe to (or work for) a grocery home delivery service? What do you think of so-called “contract” work that is done through apps such as Uber(Eats) or TaskRabbit? I haven’t used grocery home deliveries and to be honest I’m on the fence about them. It’s pretty much common knowledge that they treat their workers like garbage. 
5. In hindsight, what was the most misguided/unhelpful assignment you had to do in school or college? Omg I remember this self-reflective assignment I had to do in my Master’s about my career plans after uni and what chances and risks I would have to face. I just didn’t find it helpful at all. It was part of a mandatory module, unfortunately. 6. Is it easy for you to identify that you have or haven’t emotionally matured throughout your life? What are some of the signifiers that bring you to this conclusion? I don’t think I have emotionally matured because, well, I’m in my mid-20s and I find it hard to express and talk about how I’m feeling. All I seem to be able to do is internalise all my feelings and bottle them up.
7. Has your (current or past) partner ever said or done anything that gave you pause? How did you recover? Most likely. 8. On any blogs or social media you may have, do you try to maintain a certain aesthetic or persona? Is this consistent across platforms or just specific to one? Hmmm...I guess I want other people to see me as an interesting person although I know I’m not, haha. 9. Is there an artist or celebrity whom you admire for their craft but take issue with their personality or politics? Sure, plenty. I think it’s very important to be able to separate art from artists. 10. What is the last party or event you were invited to but declined? Why? Are there certain events that you might be invited to which you are likely to decline? I honestly don’t even remember. I’ve been jumping at pretty much every opportunity to socialise with people. 11. Imagine your life three years from now as if things have gone perfectly, better than you would typically predict. What do you see? In 3 years time I’ll be 29. If I had my way...I’ll have a job that I enjoy doing and doesn’t make me feel burned out, I’ll still have good friends that support me and make me want to be a better person and I’ll either be in a healthy and fulfilling relationship with someone or be single and content being so. 12. What about your personality makes you good at your job? Alternatively, why do you find yourself uniquely suited for or drawn to your ideal career path? I’m friendly and can get along with just about anyone, I can adapt to changes very quickly and I’m organised. 13. Do you find it valuable or important to respect those in positions of authority simply because of their position? Does this vary based on what that position is? I respect everyone unless they give me a reason not to. 14. Do you find that you often desire and/or enjoy sex? If not, why not and how do you negotiate those feelings with your partner? If so, what is it that you enjoy about it in particular? Hmm. I wouldn’t say I actively desire it that often, certainly not more than the average person. I think I mostly feel responsive desire. 15. Do you have any particular hobbies or habits that you have curated in order to better yourself or to change your self image? What are some lifestyle choices you might like to pick up? Hmm, not really. I’d like to get back into dancing, though.
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