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#everything has changed part 12
echo-voidheart · 4 months ago
this doesn't seem like it should be a hard decision but it really is
#echo spambles#I'm contemplating changing a character's design#the only issue is that it's a character I've had since I was *12*#She's my oldest original character I've had her for almost seven years#Probably more than that to be honest sixth grade is just the first written proof I have of her existing#and there's details about her designs that have stayed the same since her conception#her hair her eyes her outfit none of it has changed#but now I'm contemplating sealing a plot hole by changing a small detail of her design- her eye colour#and this doesn't seem like it should be a hard decision but#she's had the same green eyes for *seven years* and changing that feels almost painful#like I'm tearing away a part of her essence#I'm scared that if I change too much of her the final result won't be true to her origins at all#and I don't want to stray too far from that because she's my fucking origin story#she's the start of my passions the reason i write the core of nearly EVERYTHING I've created#and I'm scared to change her too much because if I do that my brain will see her as an entirely different person#my brain is terrible with character designs so if I change a name or enough details it sees it as a whole new character#I once tried to change only her name and ended up with a separate character entirely like my brain just can't change things too much#and i don't want to risk ruining this wonderful dynamic character i've created#she's the most dynamic most well rounded character I have and I don't want to throw that away#man this whole ramble about just an eye colour change. but really this is how it feels to me#changing green to gold is so hard i'm having a midlife crisis over it#ugh i'm gonna go build my minecraft barn while i think about this
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exilethegame · 10 hours ago
Is all the magic a mythosi can do related to their particular nature? IE, fire for a phoenix, glamours for a gorgon -- or can they learn to do a slightly wider range of things? It seems like that might be at least a little bit the case, with how the commander knows how to set wards -- can they do anything else like that(Or could they in the past, at least)?
(As per usual-- this is subject to change as I write the story, but as of now this is how the magic works in general in regards to mythosi and mages)
Mythosi are usually restricted to their own brand of magic, but mages aren’t. No one magic is entirely restricted to one creature or being (as in, a mage could learn that kind of magic), but a mage will never quite reach the same level of power in fire magic as a Phoenix would naturally in most cases.
Some magic is a kind of...grey area that anyone can use (including mythosi), with wards being one of them. Some wards don’t even technically require magic to be set up-- i.e. the ones Plaithus uses. However, these don’t serve as any protection. All they do is prevent others from using their magic, and even then they’re not a failsafe. They won’t actually keep mages and mythosi out from areas like The Commander’s did. 
Defense spells (like forcefields and shields) and psionic magic (telekinesis, specifically) are other kinds of magic that any magic user can learn with relative ease. However, these are usually only taught to magic users who are accepted into the Academy of Magic in Plaithus or who grew up in Southern Vygrand/tight-knit mage based communities (which, quite simply, are far and few between).
So, basically, mythosi are limited to their own specific kind of magic and “grey area” magic while mages can learn any kind of magic they wish. However, as I said-- mages will have a significantly harder time reaching the same level of magical prowess as a mythosi unless they come from a strong bloodline. It’s part of the reason The South is so feared-- their arranged marriages are specifically made to marry the strongest mages in their society together.
In the Old World, magic was a very free flowing thing that was an inherent part of everything in the realm. There used to be thousands of kinds of magic that were used and shared between different species. As the Wykna  left the realm, however, magic began to die, and certain species were left with certain kinds of it. What used to be thousands of subcategories of magic has now died out to being only ~12, not including variations.
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the-archlich · 12 hours ago
. . .
I haven't posted much about Overwatch League in a while because no one cares. This isn't about esports, though. This is about an extraordinary personal narrative that anyone who loves a good story should be able to enjoy. One with so much dramatic tension it makes my bones tingle. The protagonist: Eui-Seok "Fearless" Lee.
Our story begins in 2017, before the Overwatch League is a thing. Tournaments are relatively small outside of Korea, with teams cobbled together from whoever can be found. In this environment, one team emerged as exceptionally strong, with Fearless at the head.
We move to 2018, halfway through the inaugural Overwatch League season. The Shanghai Dragons are 0-20, having lost Every. Single. Match. The org scrambles to right the ship while there’s still time. They look desperately for someone who can save them. They turn to Fearless. He gets signed, but due to visa issues he can’t make it to the US until 75% of the season is over. By the time he gets there, it’s too late to change the team’s culture of defeat. They finish the season with an astonishing 0-40. This makes them arguably the worst professional sports team (esports or otherwise) in the world.
Fearless stays on.
For the 2019 season, the team makes huge moves. He’s one of only 3 players out of 12 who remains with the team. They sign a roster consisting mostly of teams who were just the runners-up in the Korean minor league championship. Some of the brightest rising stars in the business. Everything looks set for a redemption arc. And then, mere days before the start of the season, Fearless becomes extremely ill. He has to return to Korea for medical care. The season starts without him. He’s replaced. That year Shanghai breaks their winless curse and goes on to have a relatively successful season, even winning one of the inter-season championships by knocking out the top 3 teams in a row. It’s an exceptional story; one that Fearless didn’t get to be a part of.
That did not stop him.
Once he was well enough, he was transferred to Shanghai’s minor league team, playing in China. This was a team almost as unsuccessful as their parent organization. Through a monumental effort, Fearless carries them to the regional playoffs almost singlehanded. Victory just barely slips through their grasp and the end the season in 2nd place, after losing the regional final in an unfortunate 1-4.
But Fearless proved himself and in 2020 he was signed back onto the main Shanghai roster. He had to split time with another player in the same position. But again and again, Fearless proved himself superior. As the tip of the spear, he led Shanghai to an extraordinary season. COVID doesn’t make him miss a step. Shanghai ends the regular season as the #1 team in the world, with a staggering 27-2 record. During the playoffs, they end up falling at the end, finishing in 3rd place. This would be enough for almost anyone else, but Fearless’s story wasn’t done yet.
The Dallas Fuel has struggled almost as much as the Shanghai Dragons. Despite signing some of the biggest pre-OWL stars in the 1st season they ended it in the bottom 4, barely above Shanghai. The end the season in 10th place (out of 12). Season 2 isn’t much better, ending in 15th (out of 20); Season 3 sees them in 13th (of 20). Major changes are needed. So major changes are made.
Remember the team Fearless played with before all of this began? Over the next couple years the other members were signed on to different Overwatch League teams. They were scattered all over the globe, having different experiences, learning different playstyles, and learning a lot of English swearing. Dallas, with the kind of deep pockets you only have if you’re funded by Big Oil, pays through the nose to reassemble the old squad, under their original coach. After 4 years of ups and downs, Fearless is reunited with his old friends. For once, Dallas really looks poised to make an impact.
And then once again, days before the start of the season, a player has to resign due to health problems. Not Fearless this time, but a specialist on the team. No one else plays the characters he does. There’s really no way to fill that hole. And no time to hire someone new, Dallas has to go on with it anyway. They lose their first game narrowly in a 3-2 against local rival the Houston Outlaws. It’s as bitter as defeats can get. They win their 2nd match but get creamed the 3rd. They win the 4th handedly but it’s against arguably the weakest team in the region. Mixed results. These 4 games are qualifiers for a tournament and they barely slid through thanks to some math in their favor after several other teams went 2-2.
But Dallas is in the tournament. The way ahead is terrifying. First they have to overcome the San Fransisco Shock, the championship team from 2019 and 2020. And if they somehow survive that, Dallas has to head to a rematch against their bitter rivals, the 4-0 Houston Outlaws. If by some miracle they win both, they make it to the tournament finals, playing against 3 other teams for the prize.
Everyone thinks that the Dallas match is just a formality before the Shock fight he Outlaws. Fearless has had enough of that. Leading the way as always, he absolutely demolishes the Shock, despite his counterpart on that team being regarded by many as the best in the world at their mutual position. The rematch against Houston begins. Once again, Fearless destroys everything in his path; despite his opposite number being an early candidate contender for rookie-of-the-year. Now, Gina and I are Outlaws fans (after Philly, obviously) so we were pretty bitter at that point, but the strength of this narrative won me over.
From the 12 teams in the western region, Dallas and Florida advance (after Florida wins a frustrating victory over the otherwise undefeated Philadelphia Fusion). In the Eastern region, the top 2 of 8 also advance. One is the Chengdu Hunters, a team that was previously sort of the beloved clown of the Overwatch League. They’re serious this year, emerging as the only undefeated team in Asia.
The other is the Shanghai Dragons.
COVID means that competition between east and west is hard. But there’s a solution: the University of Hawaii. A fiberoptic cable along the floor of the Pacific Ocean connects the University of Hawaii to servers in Tokyo. Dallas and Florida fly to Hawiai to play from the university. Chengdu and Shanghai connect to the servers in Tokyo. A brand new “minimum latency” tool is used to increase ping for the eastern teams so that it’s equal with the western ones in Hawaii, about 50 ms. Now lag isn’t an issue. The playing field is even and the two regions can battle it out in this tournament to see who wins.
With a first-to-3 victory condition, Shanghai narrowly beats Florida in an incredible 6 map series. I saw the whole thing and the two were within a hair of each other the whole time. Truly extraordinary. Dallas has to go up against the undefeated Chengdu Hunters. Dallas does what they did to other undefeated teams and beats them handedly in a 3-1 series. Now both Florida and Chengdu are in the redemption bracket, with a chance to rise from the grave and still claim victory.
This means that the fight everyone wanted to see comes to pass. Fearless and Dallas face off against his old team, the powerful Shanghai Dragons. What followed was somehow just as good as the Florida matchup. It’s first to 3. Dallas wins the 1st map. Shanghai grinds them to a draw in the 2nd. Then Shanghai takes the 3rd. Dallas narrowly scrapes out a win in the 4th. Shanghai crushes them in the 5th. So once again, it comes down to the 6th map in a first-to-3 series. Not only that, this is the 6rd time in a row Shanghai played 6 maps in a first-to-3. They won the last two.
Not this time.
Putting in an extraordinary effort, Dallas pulls it off. And I cannot stress enough, 70% of their success was due to Fearless being absolutely relentless. He looked like the most dominating individual in his position the game has ever seen. Already an MVP candidate only 25% of the way through the season. Any other time that would be the climax. But this story isn’t over. This story is too good to end there.
Florida beats Chengdu, weathering the weird magic the team has always possessed that occasionally lets them slay giants. They have their rematch against Shanghai, with the stakes incredibly high. Loser goes home. The winner goes on to face Dallas for the crown. Hungrier for victory than they’ve been since 2018, Shanghai obliterates Florida in a quick 3-0.
In a little less than 3 hours, Shanghai will play the rematch with Dallas. Fearless will once again face his old team, including his replacement, a highly respected player who goes by the extremely fitting name of Fate. Can Fearless do it again, leading his old friends to victory over his old team? Giving Dallas the redemption they never achieved, the same redemption he gave Shanghai last year? Or will he fall once again, after all of this?
There are 3 more tournaments like this in the season (not including the finals). Maybe this story will somehow become even more dramatic over the course of those. Impossible to say. But tonight, this year’s protagonist goes up against his final boss.
This is truly as good and dramatic a story as you could hope for. Whether this is an incredible personal triumph for Fearless or a heart-rending tragedy, it’s going to be one of those things that you never forget.
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dearhusband-loveyourwife · 18 hours ago
Past love letters….from him.
My name is Husband, and I am a musician and skilled professional from LA. I have lived here my entire life, and have been an active member of the community from a very young age, I play music and attend/host local events on a weekly basis. My parents raised me with traditional values which are instilled in me to this day. They taught me the importance of respect, and how to treat others in a way that I would want to be treated. I am a confirmed Catholic who went to Catholic School for 8 years, the combination of my parent’s strong principles and those of the church helped make me who I am today. These values also present themselves in the fact that I had my first job at the age of 16 workings in a musical instrument repair shop, at a time when none of my friends had a job or were even expected to look for one, I went out and found a part-time job that I kept all of high-school, I also managed to stay on the honor roll, as well as hold my role as the Lead Musician of the Rhythm Section. I also started a program for suicide prevention at the school, work which got me chosen to work for ReachOut as a peer counselor helping “at-risk” teens work through their issues, I even wrote an article about it, which was published in LA Youth magazine.
I was always looking for the right woman for me, which I would find later in life in my wife. Wife and I officially met in February of 2016, on the 7th, my best friend in high school had dated her sister, so we had known each other for many years through mutual friends. We had been talking online for a little while, and after one of my band’s shows we met up at her home. We went on a walk down to the beach, by her family home, and talk for hours about cartoons, music, our likes; and dislikes. We were quickly dating thereafter. I knew that I loved her when I checked my phone one night, and it was her phone that went off. We both had the same custom “Legend of Zelda” (video game) ringtone and I knew it was meant to be. There was something special about this girl, and I knew we would spend our lives together. We were both even from similar backgrounds as her parents, my parents-in-law, raised her in a loving, and caring home, much like my own.
We moved in with each other after six months of dating and were engaged within the year. I had never lived anywhere before but my parent’s home, and it was a scary and anxious experience but we got through it together. No matter how poor or down on our luck we were, we always had each other to get by. The first two years of our lives together we lived in a small studio apartment and shared one car. We could barely afford rent every month, but I learned how to cook and we got by. Since we moved out, I have cooked dinner for my wife every night so that she never has to worry about there being something to eat. We take care of each other and complete one another in a way that makes her invaluable and the biggest, most important part of my life.
This year was full of changes for us, we settled into a bigger apartment, that we could have never previously dreamed of, Wife had gotten a job in her field, and I had trained and studied for six months to become certified tech. We were able to pay for a wedding for all of our friends and family to attend all by ourselves, and it was the greatest day of my life and was even better than I had ever imagined. She looked perfect in every way and everything from the ceremony, to the food, went perfectly. We recently (September 12-19) Went on our honeymoon and had an incredible adventure together and got to relax on the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen. Wife is my world and I have and will continue to, given her everything she has wanted, because when I see her smile, I smile.
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linpiper15 · a day ago
Understanding Led Reading Lights
LED lights offer you flexibility of usage while saving you money. These are strong, durable bulbs that don't easily break when dropped. Both incandescent and fluorescent lights break easily if these people dropped. They not undergo stress from being frequently turned on and off. The first thing you intend to compare is electrical power. This is always the first thing everyone is found in as it immediately reveals how much power the bulb uses and therefore how cost-effective it proceeding to be to walk. However, you ought to not be led into believing that wattage is an indication of brightness, especially with low energy led bulbs, considering is not even. It is a measurement of power swallowing. The E27 LED Bulb we concerned with only uses 5 m. 18g led lamp harmony uses 50 watts. The math is actually comparatively simple, this equates a new 90 per-cent energy salvaging. I am also deliberating changing the within dome bulb of my car. I have decided shop for the 5 LED 12 V auto car interior light. It is provide maximum illumination to my or even. The bulb consists of 15 white LEDs that impart desired illumination for the interior of my motor. The bulb will cost me $8.51 approximately, but I not mind paying quantity of for it because the bulb is indeed so going to last long. It has high performance and colorations suits my car fine. LED bulbs provide energy savings of ninety percentage point. Using a five watt or seven watt LED rather than a fifty watt halogen can provide the same lighting effect and will have a profound effect while having electricity dues. Twenty four downlights would exclusively use one hundred and sixty eight n. In addition, incandescent lights and halogen lights are dangerous and fire consequences. The filaments inside halogen can rise up to 2,500 degrees C while the bulb can rise a great deal as 500 degrees C. So, if cap led lamp of insulator touching the light fitting, there might be a fireplace. If you to help prevent fire from starting, opt for cooler lights such as LED light bulbs or compact fluorescents. Right underneath the LED your picture will be the pronouncement - Long Lasting, 25,000 hours time.How long is 25,000 hours? each day in a day, almost everything dividing, an individual get 1000 days, divide again, regarding.74 years. So, there on the package, is actually also telling us that this light bulb will brighten our lives, burning continuously for 5.74 years. Compare this to the 10,000 hours of a CFL along with the 1,000 hours of an incandescent and the LED may be the hours victorious. This 100-watt incandescent bulb uses over 101 watts of digicam. So for 50,000 hours of operation this bulb can be replaced over 50 times with a new bulb. That could be a lot of changed bulbs and dangerous material for our own environment. For you to Cost of Ownership, these 50 plus bulbs makes use of about 5,100 kilowatt-hours of electricity resulting in about $500 in cost for electrical. In effect it signifies that you really can save a lot of bucks every year by simply replacing the required normal bulbs with Leds. You can easily start using lights in any part in your house from kitchen to tent. When used as down lights, these liven any room or living area. Moreover, the light emitted by these lights is brighter than traditional sources of sunshine like incandescent or halogen lamps.
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stevemediareview · a day ago
TV Show: Tin Star
This show is a mix between Banshee and Goliath, only worse. I remember having heard good things about this show; in hindsight I must have been thinking of something else. This show is full on bad. Muddle, shitty story, dumb characters doing dumb shit, suspension of disbelief is off the charts. Just everything was wrong. Trying to do fist fighting alpha males that are special forces guys, but they cast 60 year olds to do it? The wife and husband have a fight and then have sex before anything has changed... like 5 times. He punches a biker half his age and twice his size and then the 70-ish other bikers do nothing. The “by the book” good cop is now accessory to like 50-100 crimes a lot of which are felonies. How hard do you need to push this Dr. Jekel Mr. Hyde thing every fucking episode? How did Tim Roth not identify a young person HE LIVED WITH. This thing is just awful. What a fucking waste of time, honestly. Such an amazing cast and they have to be stuck doing this horseshit. Time and talent down the fucking drain. I have really strong really bad emotions with this show, because it had moments where it could have been better and instead they did everything wrong. I will never watch this trash again or recommend it.
Budget: It’s some dogshit British show, but it looks more expensive than many other much better shows
Overall: 12/30
Best part: The shock at the end of episode one was my high point oddly, the “holy fuck they actually killed that kid” was the most emotion this show got out of me at any time.
Worst part: This show has 3 seasons as of now. Fucking shameful.
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jolselin · a day ago
my tenure in spn fandom during which i read pretty much any meta that came across my dash and then some allows me to apply the framework of 'gay character locked in a homophobic story by homophobic creators' to downton abbey which i'm currently watching for some reason. thanks spn fandom for that. anyway while canonically gay character castiel supernatural got to break out of his story thanks to a lot of factors that all unexpectedly came together, such as the fandom being insane, misha collins being insane, the show lasting for 15 years with cas being there for 12, the showrunners changing three times, and, finally, the writers' room having zero coherency between themselves with some writers steadily pushing the gay cas longcon for years and other writers repeatedly saying 'i am looking away i do not see it'. and probably much more.
well in downton abbey there's this scheming gay butler you've probably heard about (actually he's not even a butler for the majority of the series but i think that's how everyone knows him anyway). the poor chap suffers incredible homophobia at the hands of his creator. with regards to supernatural, people frequently say that it's upholding the values of white american masculine hegemony and we know that it appeals both to the liberal and conservative audiences because it mostly manages to Not Say Anything at all. the split in the writers' room probably has something to do with that but i am ill-equipped to produce any 'analysis' of the cw's supernatural. well pretty much all of downton abbey is written by one man, and that man is a member of the fucking tory party which instantly explains everything about downton abbey. which means the show has a coherent tone (if not plot or character arcs which as i've gathered it does not). any attempt to break the status quo is always punished because downton abbey is one tory's fantasy about the good old times. in supernatural, cas' confession is at least a gay man's idea finally come to fruition, but in downton abbey there's no one batting for thomas except for his large fanbase which doesn't really hold much sway.
here we all like to think thomas barrow should burn the abbey and guillotine some people as the infamous facebook group post shows. or at least he should leave the service for his own good (if you really enjoy thomas being trapped in downton because there's just so much tragedy in this and you absolutely do not wish for a happy ending well sorry for generalization then). supernatural fans for the most part wanted cas to stay with dean and raise their canonical adopted child (the adopted child is a real thing that happened on the cw's supernatural). we know that didn't happen because the divide in the writers' room can only go so far but it cannot destroy what supernatural was in part built on without support from the showrunner (which who knows if it had because one hand *gestures at the entire dabb era* what's all this then but on the other hand that's the guy who wrote that finale and like. what happened there) and the network (which it probably did not have, see the long history of well supernatural the show in general). but cas did break the story, even if the story tried to immediately dispose of him and then ultimately fell short for a large part because of this. thomas barrow can't ever break the story for even one moment because there's no one in his corner among the creative team behind the show which seems to largely consist of one man (if there's someone else and i don't know about them they don't seem to contradict his vision much). we finally get a moment's happiness for him in the movie (there's a guy who's genuinely interested in him without any ulterior motives or manipulation. they KISS! and nothing bad happens after this! unbelievable feat from downton abbey) and we are now assuming that was the end of it because richard ellis' actor has not been cast in the second movie (i don't know how these things work, can we have some hope that he'll be back for like two minutes to whisk thomas away to london from All That? or has all hope been lost?). of course We Will Always Have 432 Fics In The Ao3 Tag but still the canon has once again set out to crush thomas' (and ours) hopes and dreams it seems.
jesus that got long. basically what i was trying to say is that thomas can never escape downton because he has just one creator whose views are obviously ingrained in the show he's writing and those views prevent anything that we, gay downton abbey enjoyers gathered here on tumblr dot edu, would consider actual progress for thomas. he won't ever get to diss the abbey, the crawleys, carson and bates and everyone else who's been an asshole to him (the reverse has happened often enough though), the service industry, homophobia, and society in which he can never ultimately fit in when he so yearns for a sense of belonging, and then drop the mic and walk out while hanging off the arm of a hot guy who's head over heels for him with no manipulation and no betrayal waiting right around the corner because the showrunner would never allow that and his grip on the story and the characters is tight enough that they can never break out even for a second.
this was not to compare the experiences of canonically gay character castiel supernatural, who came out in the last episode he was ever in and died immediately, and canonically gay character thomas barrow, who we know as gay right from the very first episode in which he also immediately gets his heart broken and then continues to suffer a string of terrible misfortunes including conversion therapy (happened to castiel supernatural too except he wasn't even out back then. wild) and a suicide attempt and being outed at his workplace and other things. the only conclusion that can be drawn from this is that i like good media as much as anybody else but every once in a while i just have to get stuck on a terrible show that mistreats its gay character in every way imaginable. when thomas barrow gets sent to superhell at the end of the second downton abbey movie, due to be released this december, he'll probably say that it's at least better than it was up there.
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itsonlystrange · a day ago
I’m rewriting my version
Of Stranger Things 4
So, as most of you know, I’m writing all of stranger things 4, in script format.
I started writing it around 6 months ago and since then my view on the characters and how they act and my view on the story as a whole has changed a lot, so I’m going to be making adjustments
1. No more Google docs!
In order for me to have it look and feel like a real script, I’m moving over to Final Draft, which I’ve been using to write my scripts for awhile now. Instead of a Google docs link it’ll be a drop box link. This way it’ll feel and look more like an actual script.
2. The story we have so far will continue, but I’m changing some scenes and dialogue
I want to say that I will not be rewriting my version of season four COMPLETELY I’ll just be renovating it. Everything that has happened so far will stay canon, they’ll just happen in different ways
3. It’s going to be WAY more scary.
I’m talking bl**d, gore, secret experiments, multiple characters not making it, literally the whole works.
I’LL BE INTRODUCING A NEW MONSTER!! (Or extension of a monster we already know ;)
Things that will change:
1. Joyce is getting a lot more scenes in the coming episodes.
2. El’s getting a lot more of her backstory explored. That was already planned but I need to add that to episode’s one and two.
3. A lot more argyle scenes. I don’t like the way I characterized him so I’m adding more scenes for him and changing him a bit.
4. MORE HELLFIRE CLUB! I mean how could I have an episode literally called The Hellfire Club yet barely delve into it?
5. Overall better writing. I’ve definitely advanced in my writing skills in the past 6/7 months. So I’ll be changing a few of those things.
6. More of an insight on Chrissy and Jason’s relationship. I realize a lot of you think Jason’s hostility towards Eddie is just him being protective, but it’s way worse than that and I need to convey that properly.
7. More Lucas scenes. Lucas has always been a big part of the story I want to tell but I need to add more scenes for him in the first and second episode.
8. Im adding more to Max’s character, and her talk with the guidance counselor in episode 1 will be extended.
9. FLASH. BACKS. WAY MORE FLASHBACKS!! I cant even begin to explain how many flashbacks I’m adding. Episode three is FULL OF THEM.
10. I’m giving mike more internalized homophobia. Way more. I originally was going to have him still have a lot of internalized homophobia, just differently, but oh boy. If season 4 mike wheeler was a song he’d be Hot and Cold by Katy perry bc this boy is going on a roller coaster of emotions.
11. More numbers. This was already going to be included but I’m delving into it more.
12. And finally: just an overall better version of the first two episodes.
If you think this will hold up episode three, it won’t! I recently had to go back and change a lot of episode three but it’s basically done now.
Overall, thank you all for the tremendous support. I’m sorry for this hiatus, but I’ve been putting my heart and soul into this project and I need to project that well. Please stand by as I give you guys probably some of my best work yet. I’m very proud of episode three, and I’m stoked to let you guys read it.
And please leave feedback in the comments:)
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smolsimonpegg · a day ago
Who really plays Chris Kringle?
Okay listen, I remember scrolling long ago and someone was talking about how they believe Ethan is the one who plays Chris Kringle in Santa Claus Is Goin’ To Highschool. I’ve always thought that was a cool and amazing idea! It would make sense he would find something to do so he could raise up money for California. But I just discovered something that makes me think Ethan isn’t the actor behind Chris.
I guess a few things need to be said before I get into everything. These theories wouldn’t exist if Darren had played Chris Kringle, no matter I’m sure we all would have enjoyed that little musical inside a musical. But due to his schedule, Robert Manion was thrown into the role. Which has us now guessing which character was the actor for Chris Kringle.
So many signs point to it being Ethan, mainly because he was the main Robert character (other than Chris) that was in Black Friday. But a cameo at the end seemed a little... out of place. That cameo being..
Tumblr media
Hot Chocolate Boy! (HCB for short)
LISTEN! I know this is a long shot, but it seemed a little weird to me that they just threw him in just because Black Friday was set in “Hatchetfield”. Sure, there are other characters that are both in The Guy Who Didn’t Like Musicals. They all got big parts in songs, but they only threw HCB at the end? Why not also give him a few speaking lines? It had always sat weird with me, and not only until now will I understand why.
A little off track to help tie things together. As someone who is making a Chris Kringle cosplay AND writing a Santa Claus Is Goin’ To High School plot fic, I needed to know what Chris’ costume was! I, at first, only figured that he would be wearing red converse to match his color scheme. So I went back and watched the video for Deck The Halls (Of Northville High) because I know his shoes are shown a few times. (GIF of shoes below)
Tumblr media
Upon looking at these shoes in detail, they started to look familiar. I was desperately trying to figure it out. It took me a few minutes before my brain clicked on what it needed to! Those are the same shoes that Robert wore for HCB in The Guy Who Didn’t Like Musicals! (Proof below)
Tumblr media
Now some can say “its a costume choice, was more than likely very easy to switch shoes. Especially since Ethan wears boots, those would take up more time than these slip on shoes!” You’re probably right, these shoes are probably much easier to slip in and out of. But that begs the question, why the SAME shoes? I know there could be MANY answers to this, but I’m taking it as it was a little nod. A nod to the idea that Hot Chocolate Boy is the actor behind Chris Kringle!
Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Eggy, that’s insane.. way too far.” Again, you’re probably right.. BUT I full believe in this theory for a few reasons. Reason one, being the shoes as I just spouted above! Reason Number two, Robert used similar voices for them.
I use the word “similar” very lightly. HCB’s voice is a bit more high pitched and cracky, I have reasons as to why his voice could have changed so much for Chris Kringle. Well, as one gets older their voice gets deeper. No matter what men’s voices are always dropping. There are many examples of this if you go searching. You could always look at your favorite TV show for example. Watch the first episode, do the voices seem a little weird? Its because voices are always changing.
Now, it might not only be the fact that HCB’s voice is getting deeper. It could also be that HCB knows how to make voices and decided a different kind of voice would fit Chris Kringle more than his normal voice. “That’s a little much” you may say, but Robert does it! Whether its in the script or not, Robert still uses different voice rather than his normal voice. But still, there are mannerisms that one cannot get away from, and from analyzing both HCB’s (0:12) and Chris Kringle’s (1:35) voices I’ve come to realize they have similar mannerisms. Chris’ voice also cracks in a few places where HCB’s voice would as well.
These could all just be coincidences, simple writing that I’m overthinking. But the thought that they are slowly making HCB’s character a little bigger, really has me excited (even if it isn’t true). Nick Lang did also say HCB was going to be a bigger character later on as well! Maybe this is just the start up! So this is my theory that Hot Chocolate Boy is actually the actor behind Chris Kringle, thank you for reading my chaos.
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our-reb00t-boi · a day ago
ok I decided to chronicle a bit of what I've played SO FAR of Village Resident Evil 8. There's some spoilers who don't have it yet so DON'T READ if you don't want to get spoilers BUT also please don't spoil to me what happens next especially I'm gonna theorize along the way as I play
Chapter One: Going Native, also Mia is still scary and Ethan referencing it doesn't help and MORE
1. Man I'm invested already because of the gothic fairy tale and Mia actually doesn't finish the story....... Foreshadowing!!!!
2. And Mia's VA is really hamming up her spooky voice, her anger at Ethan being his oblivious self, like she's still that scary. Also I feel like their model/face changed a lot but I guess that's more behind the scenes....
3. AND I'VE CALLED IT BEFORE!!! They are in the area NEAR the Village. Not too near, but near enough for Mia to have a scary fairy book from the MAD SUS OLD LADY from the trailers. Also she's cooking a real world Romanian soup ciurba de legume pretty neat.
4. And BAM! Chris and his guys attack Mia ONLY! And they even have Ethan go through military training prior from the start of the game!! They've been suspecting Mia!! (This is my theory: they THINK she's still got connections to her former company, the Connections, and they suspect she's started the violent attacks that have been happening around the larger area they're in. It also doesn't help that Mia is also suspecting something's off but she can't trust Ethan either, according to flashbacks...)
5. They take Rose (she's cute, idk how they scanned a baby for a model but movie science...) and I'm definitely agreeing to alot of people saying she's gonna likely end up like Sherry's situation where she'll be heavily monitored the rest of her life. Not fun 😔........
5. And yes, I think Chris got infected, after their convoy gets attacked. They've been foreshadowing it TOO MUCH.... unless I'm wrong.....
6. I like the part that I actually got lost in the small forest area and ended up circling back to the destroyed van. Graphics so real I got into a simulated lost-in-the-forest issue 😅
7. I also love the part where they pull a Resident Evil 7 vibe on one of the shacks that's way off the heart of the Village. This shack is a. Abandoned, b. Has spooky sounds, c. Has a basement, d. And makes a fake scare out with a rat until the real scare happens off-screen, hamming up how lucky Ethan is so far....
8. And BOOM! I see Lady Dimitrescu already no jk... But seriously, they hyped her so much in the game that when the entire valley with the village is displayed the Dimitrescu Castle TOWERS over everything (get it towers...? nvm)
9. And the destruction on the place. It's so detailed. They show the tragedy of how this place got mauled just like that just because these Houses felt like it. (I mean I'm gonna find out why soon) also Rose's toy was there too (flashbacks of Ethan doing a monke voice)
10. And that poor old man. He gave us the gun that we're probably gonna use for the rest of the game!
11. And I'm brought back to Resi 4 with Ethan trying to survive a horde! Until in one particular roof the Big Guy shows up and then..... They went for Bingo suddenly.
12. Also, in this particular area of the Village, Moreau's Reservoir is just behind. The trail of trickling water, if followed to the end corner, shows his locked gate. 👀
And that's it for now!!! I got tired WAITING for this game to download. I'll tag and reblog this Resident Evil 8 Village blog for the next Chapter.........
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selestialhealing · 2 days ago
With May being Mental Health Awareness Month, I thought I’d share that I have every intention of taking care of myself and seeking help to get back to the person I know I can be. I’ve struggled with waves of not being well since I was a child, but this past year has really affected me in ways I never expected.
Not only did everything change in the blink of an eye with everything being shut down and moved online, but I also entered a new program with a lot more responsibility. I’m happy to know I finished strong, but I still sit here and think of all the ways I could’ve performed better and gotten through the days easier if only I had taken the time to take care of myself and get back into therapy. I look around and see so many others doing the same thing, and I’m hoping we can all work towards doing what’s truly best for us.
I’m tired of feeling overwhelmed from the moment I wake up until the moment I lay my head down, only to stay up for hours struggling to slow down my mind. I’m tired of feeling inadequate because I fail to do what I used to do so easily and what I know I’m capable of. I’ve struggled a lot with imposter syndrome, wondering if I belong where I am after being so certain this was where I was meant to be—living life on screen and away from others has proven to be difficult, sucking the creativity and ability to relax out of me. I’ve struggled to create. I’ve struggled to write, especially over the past semester. I’ve struggled to sleep, to get up in time, to stay on top of everything, to allow myself to be human—all while dealing with technological issues and adjustments and balancing the obligations I feel to others, myself, and the many things I choose to be part of.
Since I first started experiencing symptoms of anxiety, depression, and OCD in elementary school, I’ve struggled with convincing myself I’m okay by consuming myself with distractions—more specifically extracurricular activities, taking care of others, and my education. Sometimes, I get so angry with myself when I feel like I’m at my breaking point because I know I spread myself too thin. I convince myself everything’s fine and I’m just overwhelmed with my workload or the responsibilities for the day when it’s not that simple. My symptoms have only gotten worse: not eating, not sleeping, not drinking water, not exercising, not feeling, not waking up until I’m no longer stuck in a vivid dream (and y’all, I really mean STUCK). I’ve been on the same medicine since high school, and it hasn’t seemed to helped a bit since we first returned to school in the Fall. I haven’t been back to counseling because of the influx of new patients and backed up waiting lists in surrounding areas.
Mental health is not talked about or taken seriously enough in a time that everyone is truly being affected. Since I’ve officially submitted my last final for the semester, the first thing on my to-do list is to find an office to start counseling with. The next is to follow up on new medication. And after that, who knows... Lots of healing. Lots of accountability. Lots of doing the work no matter how unfair it is.
I want to write. I want to read. I want to sit outside because I can, because my soul demands it. I want to dance and listen to music and play music again. I want to socialize and connect and be the best version of myself, the person 12-year-old me would think is the coolest. I want to take selfies again. I want to look in the mirror and see a twinkle in my eyes, to wake up and feel worthy and deserving and alive. I want to feel more than a heavy weight in my chest or my mind being crushed by the feeling of impending doom (over something as simple as waking up later than I intended when my body clearly needed rest). It is so exhausting to live a life where you feel you’re just going through the motions, not making memories or processing everything you’re experiencing. It’s scary to forget the feeling of lasting joy, to wake up and feel like nothing you do can make things better, to realize you just keep distracting yourself and setting yourself up for failure just because you’re “making it” through.
I am so much more than I have been lately (and lately dates back to a long time ago if we’re being wholeheartedly honest), but I’m trying to be kind and forgiving and patient and gracious to myself just as I would be to any other person struggling to get through the day. I’m trying to tell myself it’s not too late, that it’s worth it, that it will get better—even when my mind tries to convince me otherwise. I haven’t been as transparent as I used to be, acting like everything’s fine and posting the most put-together-looking versions of myself and only sharing the good parts—if I even have the energy for that.
The truth is there have been lots of cloudy days over the past year, lots of tears, lots of out-of-character moments, lots of backsliding in any progress I’ve ever made, lots of falling back on unhealthy coping mechanisms I spent months unlearning. There have been lots of moments of almost giving up, of being mean to myself, of doubting myself and my ability and my worth. Our minds are so powerful, carrying the power to build or destroy. Mine has been destroying me, little by little, every day. I haven’t slept or eaten like I should. I haven’t listened to my body. I’ve pushed aside the obvious symptoms and convinced myself it could be dealt with later, all while knowing I’ve been sinking deeper and deeper. Every. Single. Day.
Here’s to going on this journey once again and hopefully staying on top of it, giving myself the time and space to thoroughly heal. I’m so used to pouring myself into others, into a paper or my classes, into organizing events and performing jobs that drain the little bit of energy I can muster up (and yes, these things are rewarding when I accomplish the task at hand... but I’m still not okay). So much of my worth has been tied to the accomplishments I achieve. This will be my third time scheduling a consultation with a therapist. This will be my third time switching medications after building up a tolerance or dealing with side effects since the age of 17. I don’t like to think this will be forever, but until I do something, it will be.
Life is hard, especially with everything going on. Please check in on those around you. Check in on yourself. Encourage yourself to do what’s necessary to stop giving into what you have the power to change, even if it takes a bit more time or energy than you’d like. If you read this far, thank you for taking the time to do so. Thank you for caring. For once, I’ll say openly and publicly I’m not okay. Most days, I’m far from it. And I haven’t been for quite some time. In so many ways, I’ve been in much lower places mentally. Yet in other ways, I’m lower than I’ve ever been before. I’m tired. But I’m tired enough to do something to change this narrative before I’m too tired to do anything at all. And I’m hoping if you feel this too, you will hold yourself to the same standard. Reminding myself and everyone who’s read this far that progress is never linear, but that doesn’t mean progress isn’t obtainable either. I hope you learn to remind yourself this too.
That degree isn’t everything. That job isn’t everything. That inconsiderate person in your life isn’t everything. It is not the end of the world, no matter how much it feels to be crashing and burning down around you. And nothing you do or don’t do matters if you’re not capable of soaking in the moment, if you’re not all here to experience it. I hope I can learn to remember this. I hope you can too.
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Why I feel “Kaguya-Sama: Love is War” should be looked to as an influence when writing romance stories:
Tumblr media
So first and foremost, “Kaguya-Sama: Love is War” is a comedy series that pokes fun at a lot of romance genre tropes. While the series does have its serious moments, it is, by all accounts, a comedy. However, even at its silliest, “Kaguya-Sama” is a damn good romance story and avoids a lot of common pitfalls that other romance stories fall into.
1) The series treats friendships as being just as important as romances.
2) Rejections happen but isn’t portrayed as a negative. Sometimes, the couple just doesn’t work. Also, the big rejection that happens in the series really lets you feel for both people. You understand the reasons why one person is rejecting the other and, in a way, you actually feel better that the two don’t get together. Let me put it this way; it’s a good thing that one of the people acknowledges that they weren’t ready to be a long-term relationship. It’s better for both parties in the long run.
3) There’s a chapter that makes fun of shipping wars and how toxic and pointless they can be. 
4) The story doesn’t reward bad habits and toxic behavior BUT does give people a chance to change for the better. Look, I love the main characters...but they objectively have terrible views on romance. And that’s part of the reason why I love this series; it’s about two people with horrible views on romance changing for the better.
5) As an additional point to the series not rewarding toxic behavior, a great deal of the series is centered on the two leads being forced to deal with how toxic their own lifestyles are. Due to the pressures of her upper-class family, Kaguya becomes cold and shuts down emotionally in order to protect herself, which doesn’t work since she ends up just hurting herself and the others around her. Due to him being from a poor family, Miyuki is a workaholic who overworks himself just because he feels that is the only way he can be Kaguya’s equal. What I love is that, even though this is a romance story, both Kaguya and Miyuki’s problematic behavior is tied in with their love story. They both can’t be together until they face their problems, which I love since it’s positive character development and makes the romance feel earned.  
6) Doesn’t shy away from talking about sex and how that could really alter the relationship dynamics. Along the same lines, the series also acknowledges both “girl talk” and “guy talk”. You see the male characters talking about women and vice versa with the female characters. What I love is that it’s treated as just normal; doesn’t matter the gender, people love to gossip and talk about sex and their love lives. 
7) Avoids pointless love triangles for the two leads. Even when the story does do a love triangle, it actually make sense with the characters and the story that is being told. 
8) Literally, one of the first jokes in the series is that the romantic relationship between the two leads doesn’t progress since neither party made a move. They only started making progress when they actually took the initiative instead of waiting for the other one to make a move. 
9) Acknowledges that not everything in a romance has to be a big gesture in order for the romance to progress. Like, one of the biggest romantic moments in the series is just Kaguya giving Miyuki a birthday cake. Sometimes, it’s really the thought that counts. 
10) This is more of a modern day point but the series acknowledges just how important social media has become and how it affects our relationships. Literally, one of the funniest gags in the series is a character freaking out about sending a follow request on Twitter.
11) This series probably has the best representation of what it feels like to actually try to ask someone out, or at least what it feels like when you try to get your crush to like you back. As someone who suffers from anxiety, I love that they represent the characters’ anxiety as an epic battle. Like, you could just FEEL the stress. 
12) Actually treats the side characters and their romances with respect. I feel like I’ve seen a lot of romance movies where these two side characters will just get together randomly, no build-up and usually done as a gag. But “Kaguya-Sama” actually builds and develops the side romances, almost as much as they do on the main romance. Hell, I’m just happy that this is a series that actually uses their side characters and doesn’t treat them like glorified extras. 
13) When it comes to the romances, the series makes an effort to give each party their agency and how they feel about their partner. Let me just say, I’ve seen too many series where the romance is either one-sided, focuses too much on one character’s feelings, or there is an obvious power imbalance. In “Kaguya-Sama”, you really do feel there’s an effort to showcase both sides of the romance and develop them equally. 
14) As my last note, the series acknowledges that romance isn’t perfect. Sometimes, the person you end up falling for isn’t the person you thought you’d be attracted to. Sometimes, the romantic scenario you came up in your head isn’t what happens in real life. Sometimes, the person who you thought was the one just wasn’t meant to be. But the series says that it’s okay that your love story wasn’t perfect. In the end, it’s all about being happy with the person you’re with. 
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sleazyschizoid · 2 days ago
Legacy, my guy
I am very interested in my own life. 
Sounds weird to say it, cause idgaf about my own life, but not caring about it doesn’t mean I don’t find it interesting.
I’ve always been very introspective. All these years of battling mental illness and struggling with neurodivergence on my own have resulted in me learning a lot about what the fuck is going on with me.
When I look back on my life I can see very clearly where some small intervention would’ve led me down a very different path.
It’s baffling, and fucking infuriating, just how much power parents have over their children. It’s fucking criminal how helpless kids are. 
Anyway, I went from a very willful child to a very traumatized individual.
The first word that comes to mind when I think of my life is “extremes”. It’s always been like that. No balance at all my guy.
Whenever things go smooth for too long I get restless. 
It’s just a melting pot of everything that can fuck you up, you know?
So when it feels like I will not last another second inside my own skin it doesn’t overwhelm me anymore as it used to.
Maybe if my father had been there. If I never lived with my grandma. If I didn’t hear the gods. If I’d had siblings, or just kids my age to play with. If, if, if…
But everything was so unbelievably fucked up, my guy.
Religion made me paranoid not only of God being in my head, but of anyone who practiced religion. Those motherfuckers tied me up and groped me. They got off touching and rubbing themselves on me. And they were praying. 
And that’s only what happened to me. All the other shit I saw in that church… it’s hard to believe that anyone could possibly get away with it. But they did.
Religion attracts the pariah of society. The pastor who raped his 8 and 5 year old sisters and fled his home state. The sister who eloped with her daughter’s teenage boyfriend. The gay pastor who fucked a sister’s 14 year old son and smiled when I walked in on them. Told me to not say anything. Gave me candy. Left as soon as he could. 
And my grandma. Praying on her knees for hours in the middle of the night after she’d touch me while she cried or told me a story. Beating me black and blue and then sitting me on her lap and giving me money to buy some ice cream. Telling me she loved me and my mom did not want me and my dad was disgusted when he saw me the day I was born.
I don’t think much about my mom. When we’re apart I forget how angry I am around her. I can’t talk to her right now tho, just like I cannot talk to the therapist. 
Ah, frontal lobe epilepsy. Those times I’d space out during dinner? Those were seizures. 
Endless deja vu. A strong urge to write. Hallucinations. I forgot what else. 
I’m fucking tired of vaguely revisiting these things. 
Don’t like to think about my cousin. You know, there are so many guys who were raped in their early teens: “I was 10 and she was 15”, “She was 17, I was 12”… they rarely ever tell anyone. It’s often a relative too. 
I loved her. I can’t say I miss her, and it’s been so long. If she was still alive I don’t think anything would’ve changed between us. I’d probably still fuck her. 
Things did change for me tho. But it’s always been like that. Life has been a sort of ride downhill for me. 
I try climbing sometimes, rise above it, but it’s fucking useless my guy.
Don’t believe in fate. It is what it is. 
I cannot explain to you why therapy does nothing for me. Why it is so fucking hard to recover. Each time it gets harder to get back up, because each time it matters less.
I just wanna let go. Stay there. Not move anymore. 
Stop trying.
So I’m a dropout, but I’m very well read. I like studying on my own. I like learning things, especially about myself and how I relate to the world. 
No matter how detached I am I’m still a part of it, and seeing how everything comes into play is interesting to me. 
I experienced poverty because of my grandmother. She never got me books or toys. She rarely bought me new clothes. She wouldn’t feed me well cause she did not know anything about nutrition. She grew up poor and abused and so she didn’t know better. I was hospitalized with anemia when I was 5 or 6. My mom says she sent us money for whatever I needed, but I doubt it. This is the same woman who never helped support me while I was in college, despite saying she would and, most importantly: being able to. I’d get kicked out of dorms, rentals, even relatives’ places. If I’d had any sense of pride I’d been humiliated, but I’m me so I just took it in stride. Being homeless has never been a terrifying prospect to me. And I don’t know why.
[Deja vu.]
I tried my guy, I did.
Three times I enrolled in college. I’d wrap up each semester top of my class. Professors would be especially considerate towards me because, despite barely attending classes, I always aced my tests and turned in excellent papers. 
To me, it was sort of mortifying that I could get such good grades while I learned so little. I realized then that it didn’t matter. It did not matter at all. Having a degree just gave some men a license to steal, or kill, or whatever. 
Ah, while I was a college student I was also using, hustling, and sometimes dealing. So that’s maybe why my view of the world became like that.
You gotta understand tho, that I’d been living nearly a decade in a very affluent home (after I moved in with my mom and stepdad). So, to me, seeing a fridge half empty was unbearable. I had this insane belief that I couldn’t make any less than a certain amount monthly or else… Idk wtf I thought would happen. My point is, I was used to comfort then, and would not live any other way because why would I?
So yeah. I know how that sounds. But I was already sick by then. And drugs didn’t help. Not even prescription ones.
Anyway, my mental health took a dive in my early 20s. Just as I was about to graduate. I think I was a bit over six months away from it. Don’t remember.
I was never really in contact with the world. I mean this quite literally. 
From when I was a baby to when I was 9 years old, I was raised by this mentally ill religious fanatic. The only people around me were [fucked up] adults. 
When I was sent to the first grade, I did not know where I was or wtf I was doing there. No one explained anything to me. Suddenly I was in a room with 30 other kids. It was overwhelming. I didn’t know how to be a kid, and I had no interest in other kids either. 
I’d try to be alone but that’s never been easy for me, especially when I was a student. Kids, especially older kids, talked to me. If they weren’t particularly annoying I’d tag along. 
The only thing I liked about school was sports. When I started kicking a ball around and realized how much I enjoyed it, being alone became even harder. I didn’t really talk to other kids tho, we just played. 
You know, even tho I was suffocated and kept from the world, I was still very neglected. 
I think I told you this before: my baby teeth rotted in my mouth. I used to love candy when I was little, and my grandpa would always get it for me. Then he moved out and it was hell but anyway. No one told me I had to brush my teeth. One time this group of volunteers showed up at school and taught us kids to brush our teeth and gave us all a toothbrush. I went home and used it like they taught me. 
See, when grandma was in her 40s she’d already lost nearly all her teeth. She’d had dentures made, and she would brush her remaining teeth… but somehow it never occurred to her to teach me about any of this. 
I think people are just doomed to repeat patterns unless they somehow get outside perspective on how much better life can be for them. 
She was not poor anymore, but she’d hoard. She bought the same shitty food her parents bought her even though she could afford better food. She never thought about leaving her house, where she felt safe. And she would cling to her God when she should have gone to therapy. 
Then, when I think about my father, I realize some of this shit is not always necessarily learned. It might even be inherited, you know? 
My father was a cokehead. He would get psychotic and violent, and his father would tie him up. [I know a drunkard who cut off a man’s fingers cause he was so angry and resentful that this man (and others) would tie him up when he got smashed and violent. Dude took a machete and just cut off half his hand.] 
I don't know my father, yet I’ve seen the effect he's had on my life. He was abusive to his wife, his parents, his brothers. He raped my mother, and that’s why I'm here. He beat her even when she was pregnant. One time she took a hit on her baby bump and he bawled saying he was sorry. I had an older cousin who died at 3 because her dad had kicked my aunt on the stomach when she was pregnant. Baby was born with a deformed head. My father was scared I’d be the same. He never changed tho. He never worked, but always had money for booze and drugs. My mother and I would often go hungry. She lost hair and teeth because of me, and I was still born underweight. When I asked her why she didn’t go to her parents, she said she was ashamed... 😏 My mom has NPD, btw. 
My [great] uncle would drive around town with his pistol. He’d be waiting for service at a gas station and target practice on eagles sitting on their nests atop light posts. Another great uncle of mine stabbed and killed a guy in a bar fight. 
On my mother’s side too, my great-great-grandma was an Indian teenager when some cowboy literally hunted her down, threw her over his horse, and took her home with him. They married. That was it.
So that’s my ancestry. The farther back I go, the more fucked up it gets. I think it’s not that unusual, and those were other times… but then I hear the stories others got to tell about their families and I have to admit mine’s still royally fucked up. 
My friend’s ancestors lived in cities. They went to school, they opened businesses. 
I don’t know on my father’s side, what his father did… but on my mother’s side it’s all poor and ignorant people, incestuous relationships, religion… even my mother fled her parents’ house by marrying into a fucking cult. 
Legacy, my guy, legacy. 
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soundproofnoise · 2 days ago
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best mini fridge reddit mlb
The adjustable cabinets cupboards were replaced changed with less adjustable pre fixed shelf helps helps . The LED inner inner inside indoors lighting fixtures lighting lights is much is far is way brighter that the incandescent bulbs they changed modified . Overall, so far a very able able refrigerator fridge , for a moderately carefully sparsely moderately sized kitchen and if the life, lasts as long as so long as the only the simplest the one it changed modified , this was a good a superb an excellent a fabulous a very good acquire purchase . I have the side by side fridge fridge . I have had it for about for about for kind of 15 years. It has the clear adjustable drawers and cabinets cupboards in the fridge fridge side.
Recently we hear bad noise from the back of freezer after which after which all of sudden suddenly immediately by surprise impulsively the dispenser stopped running working and after that all of the the complete device shut down. at first initially first off at the beginning at first in the starting we saw the check sign at the inside the within LCD of frigid. we call the technician we live we live in Iran and we have not and we have not and we haven't access to GE after sale service enterprise . They repair our main control handle manage board and after that the Evaporation fan make noise. we called another an exchange another technician and again they repair the board and changed and altered and adjusted the fan and defrost part. now the freezer temp goes down and up in 3 5 degrees levels . it’s set on 18 degree but it goes to 16 all at once unexpectedly out of the blue abruptly swiftly after which after which it goes 19. This method method process task system manner lasts 5 hour. You don't know do not know have no idea how frustrated aggravated pissed off my wife and I are with our GE Profile bottom Freezer unit model PFSS5NJW. GE and this unit have caused and price and worth and usability us more stress and money than I care to get into. Bought in 2008, and today was the last straw.
Set the thermostat to the center the middle of its range and leave it for 12 to 24 hours. I have a beko frost free it’s intended meant presupposed to be frost free fridge freezer today I determined decided to have a go at cleaning cleansing drain pipe as I was getting ice frost buildup in back of fridge even tho I only have it set at say 3 there’s 1 6 and a min max to boot as well additionally besides so using bicarbonate of soda I put a teaspoon in drain hole and poured 2+mugs of hot water to flush pipe via via u wouldn’t agree with agree with consider think about trust the amount the amount of gunk that came out fortunately luckily fortuitously fortunately happily I’d had the foresight to place to put to function the top the head the tip of drain tube into a big a massive a huge bottle I’d also saw observed that the drain pipe wasn’t even connected linked fitted drain hole in back of fridge so I fitted it as best as I could everything every thing every little thing seems to function functionality characteristic but I’m still getting frost ice in back of fridge door seals seem ok I’ve turned fridge down to right right down to all the way all the way down to min. I have a Whirlpool Gold fridge fridge on top, freezer on bottom. The ice cream in my freezer seems to hard, but I have it set on “1. ” “Off” is true is true is suitable next to the “1” ambiance ecosystem placing atmosphere , so I figured this was the bottom the bottom /warmest environment surroundings placing atmosphere . Just seems weird my ice cream is difficult is hard is complex as a rock.
what causes a refrigerator to make a loud humming noise
In addition to that, there is a there is a Power Freeze function operate function to rapidly abruptly all at once straight away quickly swiftly impulsively lower the temperature in seconds. Lows?What lows?We don’t really have any lawsuits lawsuits proceedings complaints with this massive this massive this huge , nicely priced Samsung RS50N3513WW/EU. Well, there is there may be there may be one niggle that’s not to everyone every person everybody ’s taste. As fabulous attractive superior incredible super superb brilliant exceptional astounding spectacular stunning magnificent astonishing vibrant mind-blowing amazing staggering shocking first-rate phenomenal dazzling splendid remarkable incredible miraculous appropriate as the water and ice dispenser is, it does require plumbing upon installation fitting establishing . This raises the cost the price ticket a little a bit of quite a bit a bit of just a little a bit bit , but hey, it’s no biggie when you if you happen to believe agree with consider focus on trust the model’s affordability. Plus – not likely not going doubtless not a low – but if you’re attempting to find are searching for shopping for an included built-in model this freestanding Samsung will possibly not won't might not for you.
The counter depth fridge fridge is designed to sit in the socialising space of a modern a stylish a latest kitchen and offer ice without devoid of beginning start setting out developing commencing the door. The indisputable fact that incontrovertible fact that undeniable fact that indisputable fact that incontrovertible fact that you simply don’t are looking to wish to prefer to should access the refrigerator fridge to get ice and water makes this the good the nice the finest ice maker French door refrigerator fridge in the mid range price. Research shows that the scale the size the dimensions of the coolest the good the best French door fridge fridge with ice and water dispenser makes it non commercial industrial for a lot of for numerous for lots of smaller retails and branch shops to hold to carry a big range a wide range a wide selection of those of those fridges fridges . Further they are they may be a lot more even more challenging difficult to reveal show reveal express monitor on account of because of because of the are looking to want to like to need to do plumbing work in store. What this shows this suggests is if is that if you want you want the good the good the best French door refrigerator fridge with ice and water dispenser you won't you will not gain any skills skills know-how virtue data means competencies talents features by looking to seeking to seeking to shop in store. Apart from the size the dimensions the scale , all refrigerators fridges offer very exact similar features elements qualities points facets . Whether 3 door or 4 door, all fridges fridges offer ice and water indoor. The biggest largest change change is that some fridges fridges want to want to like to need to have the door opened to access ice. None of those of those fridges fridges made it into the top the end the head 5 best French door refrigerator fridge with ice and water dispenser. So, be bound be certain make sure make certain the ice/water dispenser is in the door panel when buying purchasing . It will prevent avoid a big an enormous a giant amount of electrical energy electrical energy by not having to open the door to get a cold drink.
Your site is actually is truly is actually informative. I bought this to keep in my workshop saves chasing across the across the yard and into the home the house treading in mud into kitchen. This is a actual accurate exact genuine certain real true review of the fridge i have it in a cupboard a cabinet with plenty ventilation air flow as stated needs to be should be need to be away from faraway from any walls by 5cm. Right what can be put in it well at the moment at present i have 22 out of 24 cans of coke in there and a small bottle of milk as photo shows. I did must need to must must remove the shelf to get them all all of them in, could get a bar of chocolate in there as well as well moreover besides . Now for noise there’s a tiny bit of noise maybe as it as it ’s on a wooden shelf not likely not going doubtless not whatever else something remainder to moan about.
lg refrigerators warranty
You can move through move throughout the product images, descriptions, buyer buyer client feedback reviews , buying guides, etc. , to let you allow you to permit you to will let you can help you help you to make it easier to find the perfect ideal option for refrigerator-compressor%2F&sa=D&sntz=1&usg=AFQjCNG7B2t9DpCYPzyewF7pCY9ir6NsMQ">your in your in your to your house. You can pick from choose from make a choice from select from single door options choices , double door alternatives options , side by side door alternatives choices , and more. A fit fit attitude to life way of living way of life requires requires a fit fit diet. And, to hold preserve a fit fit diet, you will need you'll have you will have you will want you need to you wish an impressive a convincing an outstanding and high end refrigerator fridge in your home in your house . This is an a must-have a have to have vital simple home equipment accessories that permits you to allows you to allows you to means for you to store vegetables greens , fruits, dairy merchandise item items , drinks drinks , chicken poultry chook items, meals, frozen items, ice creams, and the rest something the rest that you just that you just that you just similar to to want to relish.
Made out of high fine great mind-blowing quality first class extraordinary nice pleasant good quality best high-high quality adequate phenol resin plastic. lower resistance and better larger improved sophisticated enhanced more suitable more advantageous stronger more fascinating grip on the edges the sides the perimeters , A Frigidaire Tappan Modern Maid and Magic Chef Electric Range Chrome Reflector Bowls with Locking Slot Since 1990 Tuscom 4 Pack Chrome Replacement Fits Whirlpool, All jewelry are made with brand new fresh . Gear stick cufflinks PSN49: Sports and Outdoors. Cork is an eco friendly pleasant and sustainable alternative choice to using foam rollers for therapeutic massage therapeutic therapeutic massage , and breathable and might and should and will arise with deliver you with the simplest greatest finest most marvelous ideal most efficient most reliable most a good option maximum optimal most respected most applicable most beautiful most suitable very best quality foremost sophisticated most efficient choicest top of the line perfect most fulfilling most beneficial top-rated premiere top-good quality surest gold simple premier consolation consolation . A Frigidaire Tappan Modern Maid and Magic Chef Electric Range Chrome Reflector Bowls with Locking Slot Since 1990 Tuscom 4 Pack Chrome Replacement Fits Whirlpool. A Frigidaire Tappan Modern Maid and Magic Chef Electric Range Chrome Reflector Bowls with Locking Slot Since 1990 Tuscom 4 Pack Chrome Replacement Fits WhirlpoolCustomized LG Stove Protector Liners Easy Cleaning Stove Liners for LG Model LRG3093SB Stove Top Protector for LG Gas Ranges. Smart WiFi Curtain Motor Built in Integration with Alexa and Google Home Remote Control 5 CH Remote Control Smart Motorized Electric Curtain Tracks Pre Assembly Ryosva SmartThings, Compatible with W10542314 Door Seal UpStart Components Brand W10542314 Dishwasher Door Gasket Replacement for KitchenAid KUDM01TJWH0 Dishwasher, Tier1 Replacement for Emerson MAF1 14906 MA 0950 1200 1201 Humidifier Wick Filter. Jade 3000010243 Valve Safety. US Stock Arrowsy Mini Electric Iron Small Portable Travel Crafting Clothes Sewing Supplies, Soft Rope Cord Pink 2Pcs 10 M/33 Feet 8 MM All Purpose Cotton Rope Craft Rope Thick Cotton Cord, Whirlpool 8283457 Circulation. Universal Remote Control for Midea R11 Air Conditioner Remote Control substitute alternative substitute for Midea R11CG/E R11HG E R11HG/E R11HQ/E, Filter T BIHARNT 6 Pack HEV615,HEV620 Humidifier Wicking Filters Compatible with Honeywell HFT600,HFT600T HFT600PDQ. Bakers Pride T1121Y Ceramic Baking Deck by Bakers Pride, 5D DIY Embroidery Painting Resins Crystal Rhinestone Canvas Arts Wall Stickers Cross Stitch Home Wall Decor Full Drill Diamond Painting Kits for Adults Beginners Girl Under Starry Sky, 12x16, Cleaner Manitowoc Ice 000000084 Four Pack, Gray Frigidaire 5304445529 Oven Door Hinge, Apw Wyott 1489800 Thermostat.
system is favourite liked . The intermittent refrigeration cycle has two major operations, regeneration and refrigeration. Regeneration is the method technique procedure process system manner of heating the refrigerant absorbent fluid to drive off the refrigerant vapour and condense the vapour in a separate box box . Refrigeration occurs happens takes place when the liquid refrigerant vapourizes, generating a cooling effect around the across the evaporator. The refrigerant is re absorbed by the absorbent. Since the refrigerator fridge is a purely experimental device it was determined desperate to keep to hold it as simple as so simple as manageable possible .
do mini fridges always make noise
2 BRAND NEW DRIVE BELTS FOR SKIL 3" BELT SANDER 7313 TYPE 3. 2 Piece Framed Canvas Wall Art Set Black Streaks Abstract Room Artwork Print, Battente per porta antichizzato mod Leone con anello ottone finitura oro valenza. Westinghouse BJ 423 Combo FridgeandFreezer Seal Free Express Post!Seal/. Mini Fridge 3. 2 Cu Ft Retro Compact Refrigerator Blue With Side Bottle OpenerAvailable lengths comprise come with incorporate : 6" inch/cm; 8" inch/0cm; 10" inch/5cm; 1" inch/31cm; 14" inch/36cm; 16" inch/41cm; 18" inch/46cm; 0" inch/51cm; " inch/56cm; 4" inch/61cm; 6" inch/66cm; 8" inch/71cm; 30" inch/76cm; 3" inch/81cm; 34" inch/86cm; 36" inch/1cm; 38" inch/7cm; 40" inch/10cm, It Can Be Placed On The Arm For You To Carry Around. This lightweight light-weight t shirt aspects elements qualities points facets a colorful a colourful image image picture graphic photo print on a brilliant a wonderful an excellent soft creation advent development with a tagless back for extra for additional for added convenience comfort .
There’s also a brief a fast a short freeze facility to make sure to make certain any freshly added food is frozen easily effortlessly simply quickly to retain its fine great superb pleasant top quality superb nice pleasant quality best high-high quality enough . Free of CFC gases and rated “A” for energy intake intake , this side by side fridge will only cost about £41 a year to run. The price is £2,000. Also, see Siemens fridge freezer wine cooler combo. John Lewis. The mammoth 64 inch all fridge fridge all freezer combo from Electrolux ICON Professional Series will do the job.
Do you live you reside off of TV dinners and frozen leftovers?Look for advanced awesome sophisticated defrosting points qualities designed to aid to help to assist dispose of eliminate get rid of freezer burn. Love a nice glass of pinot grigio?Look for a fridge with a inbuilt inbuilt in-built wine rack. If you're always all the time constantly consistently normally always invariably steadily persistently perpetually for all time constantly continually rearranging things in your on your fridge to make space to create space for groceries, then look for search for garage garage minded aspects qualities designed to arise with deliver you with provide you with a hand. Shelves that slide in or fold up will make it a lot easier to make room for tall items, and the increasingly more and more common door in a door feature functionality characteristic can seriously change remodel heavily change your in door shelves cabinets into a makeshift mini fridge for kitchen staples like drinks drinks and condiments. One garage storage focus consideration you might not will perhaps not would most likely not have idea idea theory perception thought of: the ice maker. Some refrigerators situate it up on the tip the pinnacle the tip shelf the ice drops down through via a chute in the door into your waiting ready glass.
silent mini fridges ukrainian
00 unitsDouble DoorStar Rating: 3LG GL T502XPZ3471. 00 lts237. 00 unitsDouble DoorStar Rating: 3LG GL T432FASN437. 00 lts232. 00 unitsDouble DoorStar Rating: 3LG GL T432FES3437. 00 lts232.
However, in case your in case your in the development that your definition of best fridge fridge brands is better finest finest most remarkable ideal most helpful most reliable most beneficial highest optimum most dear most applicable most appealing most appropriate very best quality principal superior most efficient choicest top of the road last most satisfying most advantageous top-rated premiere top-high quality surest gold standard premier , ask for a fridge fridge without and not using a dual evaporator and a mechanical thermostat. Then bookmark my online page page site , so when your fridge fridge has a difficulty a controversy an issue you will you'll you are going to know where in finding find to find repair help!While propane itself is bad dangerous unhealthy , propane refrigerators fridges are safe. An absorption fridge will never won't ever cause an action movie style explosion. However, you are looking to want to wish to need to care with propane gas. Proper ventilation air flow is a must have a have to have vital crucial as the for the reason that gas is dangerous damaging yet absolutely totally invisible though brands brands add a terrible horrible smell so you’ll notice if the rest anything the rest ’s leaking. 2. Place a piece a piece a bit coated wire shelving at the bottom the underside think closet organizer shelving. This keeps items off the ground the ground of the refrigerator fridge . It allows the water to flow to the end the top the tip of the refrigerator fridge making it a lot easier to maintain to maintain dry/clean. If the freezer has a drain hole, just use it each week or month to let the water out. On these kind of variety of form of variety of freezers the coils which heat up and lose the warmth the heat are often are on occasion ALSO in the within the contained in the insulated walls of the box, customarily generally usually up near the pinnacle the top the head edge on the “outer side”.
If you're buying filet Mignon or a really a very a extremely nice cut of fish, be certain to make sure to you should definitely make sure you be sure that you do eat it that night; this freezer is not as thoughtful considerate of fine great extraordinary quality first-class phenomenal nice pleasant quality best high-good quality sufficient foods as we might we'd we would like. The largest biggest flaw here's that the cabinets cupboards are fairly shallow compared to in comparison to the scale the dimensions the size of the fridge cavity. Presumably designed as a deterrent for buyers buyers consumers that love to want to over stock and shove things up towards against in opposition t the rear wall— bear in mind rely take into account that moisture collects on the back of a mini fridge's indoors indoors —it resulted in led to resulted in a complete a complete of 2. 21 cubic feet of clean of unpolluted of fresh food garage garage . That's unfolded opened up unfolded over the 3 the 3 shelves cabinets and the disappointingly shallow bottom drawer. Freezer garage garage includes includes a big a large a huge cavity— actually in fact an ice box if you don't you don't make the trouble take some time make an effort make an effort to defrost it—this is damaged is broken up by a wire shelf into an upper and lower phase part section .
mini fridge for bedroom for drinks
The DOMETIC RMS 8400 Absorption Cabinet Fridge Freezer is from the ‘New 8 Series’ range of 3 way 12v/230v/Gas operation high fine great superb quality first-class fantastic nice delightful quality best high-good quality enough absorption fridge/freezers providing offering an artistic creative design with a 10% lighter cupboard cabinet , replacing changing the quite common common frequent ordinary standard normal prevalent usual essential everyday familiar famous total steady customary universal approved generic usual widely wide-spread continually occurring conventional normal set up time-venerated 7 series. This modern fridge/freezer is easy is simple is straightforward to use, has a well organised inner inner inside indoors with based dependent based stylish design, while incorporating the greatest the utmost efficiency effectivity . With its high level of aspects parts qualities points facets it adds offers gives provides grants can give provides you with guarantees the comforts of home on the move, while allowing allowing enabling you to use a good choice a wide selection a large range of power assets assets sources for better better flexibility. This fridge is the wheel arch design model. If you’re attempting to find are seeking for searching for lots a good deal plenty a bargain much a complete lot lots an awful lot tons such a lot quite a lot quite a bit loads on the 4. 4 Cu.
No wonder they are they're going out of advertisement enterprise industrial . They will now charge LG for the parts and labor……racketeering!Purchased a kenmore elite fridge without devoid of without a potential skills experience advantage information capability competencies skills features of any defective faulty parts about three years ago from Sears. Now we are having the compressor, drier and evaporator replaced changed at a labor cost of 581 dollars . Covered under the warranty guarantee is parts. But for me to shell out that sort of form of reasonably variety of diversity of money for anything else something that is not very is not is not very isn't old is ridiculous. Lg knows the have faulty add-ons equipment .
An onboard fire will almost definitely absolutely produce toxic fumes that may that might which may easily effortlessly simply quick overwhelm overwhelm crush anyone within range. If so that you can you could you can you may that you may also which you'll be able to which you can that you just would be able to ’t comprise come with include the fireplace the hearth the hearth almost automatically immediately instantly with your along side your along with your fire extinguisher and the shutting down of electrical methods strategies thoughts programs , get out. Further, if the fire the fireside the fire is explosive or fast-paced fast paced fast-paced remember do not forget keep in mind , if the fire the hearth the fireplace has originated from your out of your fridge fridge you could be could be may be coping with dealing with hydrogen gas –or soon can be may be may be may be might be , don’t even bother with the firefighting actions hobbies habitual events aims movements . Aside from the obtrusive obvious obtrusive evident explosive homes houses properties of hydrogen, options choices are your RV will even be even be wearing sporting carrying propane tanks, lighter fluid, gas fuel fuel and/or diesel fuel. If one occurs occurs to ignite another any other , you truly you actually you truly won’t are shopping to need to be any place anywhere anywhere in the realm region region neighborhood when the fireworks start. Ideally, you and your family and any nearby pals pals acquaintances affiliates acquaintances neighbors that you simply that you just that you just ’ve alerted with a shout or a short a fast a short pound on the door are status standing a first-rate a critical a significant distance away for those who every time you if you once you whilst you touch contact 1.
why is my mini fridge not getting cold
I never felt it was safe. Eventually it stopped operating working . All my food was spoiled. Before it broke down it appeared like gave the impression of looked like gave the impression of a jumbo jet beginning off commencing setting out beginning up taking off . I wrote to CE and my product was changed modified . After a year same problem issue .
This does absorb take up take up take in space that can be can be can be utilized for kitchen prep or other appliances home equipment . Yes and no. Of course, so that you can that you could you could you can that you just may which you'll be able to that you could that you simply can be capable of put anything something remainder you wish you are going to such as you want to your on your in your to your fridge. The ideal temperature for wine might not will possibly not would perhaps not be an analogous a matching an analogous a similar for sodas or beers. Plus, the shelves cupboards in a wine fridge are also are also made to fit wine. That said, Lanbo makes a good a great a superb a wonderful an excellent wine and beverage cooler it's it is it truly is that is that's here's it truly is double wide.
– Remove the gasket and wash it in operating working working water. If there's there may be mold, scrub with baking soda to cast off to remove it absolutely totally . After wiping dry fix it back. – To clean the exteriors, spray a mild solution answer of vinegar and wipe them off. – Most of the newer refrigerators fridges have a rear panel that covers the coil, motor and other parts. Once the base the bottom component portion aspect is open.
mini fridge with freezer best buy
If you set you set you place them over the surface floor it truly is that's that's used to cool to sit back the condenser, you are likely to you will you'll you are going to easily make it into a non usable appliance equipment . I still laugh whee I factor in think about imagine my college school school official knowledgeable educated skilled pro sophisticated boss of a few of some years ago as he spent some severe extreme fundamental critical money to have his ice cream dipping cabinet cupboard covered coated lined on each side all sides either side either side by ceramic tiles. Then he questioned why it not not now not can be will be can be utilized to maintain to maintain ice cream. Off to the surplus the excess auction public sale it went. All it needed was to take away to take away the tile and clean up clean up the edges the perimeters the perimeters . Here is a way you are you in a position to can you can use your chest freezer as a freezer/ fridge fridge .
Ft. Compact Refrigerator – White is absolutely incredibly totally basically an excellent a great a good an excellent an outstanding a fabulous an first-rate buy for people for individuals for folk who are who're looking shopping looking seeking a top of the range a high quality product that their budget can afford. Hope today is your lucky day. At this time we can we will we are able to let you know about Summit CP35BLL 2. 9 cu. ft.
Coronavirus COVID 19 latest assertion declaration statement announcement : Our commitment willpower to you ft. Capacity, No Frost Design, LED Lighting and Electronic Control with LED Display 1 1 of 1 View: Sort By: Show: Filters. 7. 4 Cu. Sort: Best Selling . Refine By Color Model WRT311FZDW.
Created May 6, 2021 at 10:58AM /SoundProof View Google Doc
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Preparation of Cyber Olympiad with Codekaroyaaro
Codekaroyaaro is India's first online school of computer science.Gone are the days when programming languages and learning how to code was like a top-secret for kids, parents were like not to give them electronic gadgets for exploring the uses of it. And mobile phones, tablets, computers, and laptops all were kept away from kids' surroundings.By the time the technology revolution took place everything had changed from traditional to digital platforms. Now, Websites, Mobile Apps, Web Apps, Gaming Apps are part of our daily life.Code karo yaaro's objective is very clear towards kids' development by teaching them programming languages, block coding, python coding, etc., and opening a new world of opportunities with fun and creativity for them.It always inspiring our little coders for learning to code in different coding languages like HTML, Java python for kids. And we will arrange more Coding Winter and Summer Camps and coding quizzes, competitions, online quizzes, and programs for kids from time to time.
Codekaroyaaro has started training kids for cyber olympiad. The National Cyber Olympiad (NCO) is a cyber concepts and knowledge competition for students of class 1 to class 12. It is conducted by Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) with the aim of identifying and nurturing future scientists, technologists and IT talent at school level.
There are five parts in cracking Cyber Olympiad.Fundamentals of computers, hardware, verbal and non-verbal reasoning or evolution of computers; practice is the key to success in NCO. We all know scoring a rank in Olympiads is no cakewalk. But with the right method and by devoting a significant amount of time you can ace your Olympiad preparation.
1.      Know the Pattern and Syllabus: Students should have an idea about the syllabus & pattern. By knowing the Olympiad topics, you can concentrate on them separately to get a better score.
2.      It has three important sections:Section A: Logical Reasoning, Section B: Computers and IT, and Section C: Achievers Section. For an Olympiad Verbal and Non-verbal reasoning are extremely crucial as it enhances your critical thinking skills and problem solving skills and helps you to think out of the box. Preparing for it may seem like a daunting task, but with right amount of practice you can definitely score well.
Similarly, section 2 contains questions related to topics and sub-topics that are in your school curriculum such as Introduction to MS-Word, Introduction to Internet, Introduction to QBasic and so on. Since questions in this section are solely from your book which makes it easier for you to score in this section. So prepare really well and study each and every topic of your course book.
Achievers section is slightly challenging as compared to other sections. But then again it has its own advantage. This section has 5 questions with higher weightage, which gives you a chance to score high if you attempt the questions correctly. In fact, you need to take this section seriously and try to attempt this section first.
3.      For a good preparation, practice is important but having a good and updated study material is equally important. We would advise, get your study material prepared in advance instead of wasting your time to find study material at the last moment.
SOF Olympiad Trainer offers NCO study material for class 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 which includes Chapterwise MCQ, PYP’s, Mock Test along with Essential Points as well as Explanation of Answers, which will help you to understand and strengthen your concepts. The content is prepared by their subject experts keeping in mind NCO previous year papers for class 1, class 2, class 3, class 4, class 5, class 6, class 7, class 8, class 9, and class 10. They upgrade their content regularly according to the changing pattern and syllabus.
For achieving all these things codekaroyaaro has come up with talented teachers and well planned curriculum which will be very helpful.
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What's happening in Italy? P1
Fedez and Rai3, May Day Concert and DDL Zan:
DDL Zan: Measures to prevent and combat discrimination and violence for reasons based on sex, gender, sexual orientation, on gender identity and disability. Bill (it's been delayed by months and asked to be changed)
his IG live with Zan
his speech
Rai saying "the censorship is a lie"
1 - he wrote and had to show his speech before the event to Rai who asked him not to say names and quotes of white homophobes political people bc they're not present at the event and their quotes (said on public events) can be misinterpreted and they cannot justify themselves
2 - on the original audio of 12 minutes, they can't say WHY just 'the context isn't right' because of a 'system' but Fedez has used specific lines that CAN'T be misinterpreted: "If I had a gay child I would've burn him in the oven."
"Gays should start behave like normal people."
"Gays are a misfortune for the reproduction of the species."
"Gay marriage leads to the extinction of the race"
"They give children injections to make them gay"
How could you understand these in other ways? Why can't I say that? How can someone defend these words? How the leader of the right-wingparty knew about the speech the earlier noon if Rai is left-wing?
Tumblr media
"The "big concert" costs about 500.000 euros to the italians, to all the italians (it's in our electricity bill) so "the left" rallies would be out of place."
(they are actively shifting attention to the Fedez problem on his words as wrong because he does wrong things.)
Something is actually moving= May Day, Rai vs Fedez: "he manipolated the video, we have never censored an artist". Salini apologizes: "Who spoke about 'system' will answer for it".
Tumblr media
Public critic is talking about Fedez' lowest points, all are accountable but there are differences from what Pio and Amedeo and what Striscia la Notizia have both done on TV.
They have chosen to talk about stereotypes of minorities in a wrong and derogatory way, without being part of it, without taking the blame and, indeed, saying that they can do it because they do not really mean it. It's a joke and minorities should laugh with them about it.
What Fedez has done doesn't change his past mistakes but he used his white het privilege to talk FOR the people, asking to listen to their rights and the bill on an artistic stage. Using marketing and money? Of course, but can those help? Also.
"even the privilege of billions is not a fault, if you use it to give a voice to those who do not even have the rights" - Michela Murgia (italian feminist)
Tumblr media
Fedez isn't a hero but he and his wife have done many of the things the government should have, especially during Covid. They helped the former Prime Minister (Giuseppe Conte) to make people wear masks, they've built an intensive care space through donations, they're helping the show business workers (with some other vips) Scena Unita
Tumblr media
Many journalists are sharing his words of his lyrics when he mocked Tiziano Ferro (homosexual italian songwriter) and other homo/transphobic lines and how he didn't talk on stage - on labors day - about his Amazon's partnership, like he's the one to blame for everything just bc he talked. He's reaplying on twitter and IG.
Who owns Rai?
(Italian RadioTelevision) a public service detained at 99.5% by ministry of economy and finance by the government then.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
By unspoken and old unspoken agreement provides for the following distribution:
RAI2 in center-right wing (fixed)
RAI3 in center-left wing (fixed)
RAI1 in goverment (variable, variable precisely according to the executive
Tumblr media
How to escape from this: BBC Model
how to clean up the public service from party intrusion? There is one way and it is the BBC model, (the English Rai) which entrusts governance to an independent foundation. The proposal already exists (since 2007) but has never been implemented. What are they waiting for?
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Good programmers often want to be doctors than who want to meet him. But I think they pay more because the company would go out of business and the people would be dispersed.1 The phrase seemed almost grammatically ill-formed. We started Viaweb with $10,000 in seed money from our friend Julian.2 The surprising thing about throwaway programs is that, like the temporary buildings built at so many American universities during World War II, they often don't get thrown away. That's what makes sex and drugs so dangerous. When you're launching planes they have to be trimmed properly; the engines have to be at full power; the pilot has to be the series A stage. Which means if it becomes the norm for founders to retain board control after a series A is clearly heard-of. The use of credentials was an attempt to axiomatize computation.3 When you're deciding what to do.
This is too big a problem to solve. Hackers share the surgeon's secret pleasure in popping zits.4 But the two phenomena rapidly fused to produce a principle that now seems obvious: paying energetic young people market rates, and getting correspondingly high performance from them.5 I can't draw.6 How would you do it? Why haven't we just been measuring actual performance? In the earliest stage, because that's where the money is. Misleading the child is just a series of web pages. Think about where credentialism first appeared: in selecting candidates for large organizations. And once you apply that kind of thing for fun. Most smart people don't do that very well.
I learned it hadn't been so neat, and the problem now seems to be fixed. It was small and powerful and cheap, as promised. Why haven't we just been measuring actual performance?7 As a lower bound, you have to do the unpleasant jobs. But all it would have taken in the beginning would have been for two Google employees to focus on the wrong things for six months, and the reactions that spread from person to person in an audience are always affected by the reactions of those around them, and the PR campaign surrounding the launch has the side effect of making them celebrities. Others are more candid, and admit their financial models require them to own a certain percentage of each company. One way to describe this situation is to say that you despised your job, but a return. Till now we'd been planning to use If you can read this, I should be working. I've been able to undo a lie I was told, a lot of propaganda gets slipped into the curriculum in the name of simplification.8 So most hackers will tend to use whatever language they were first written in, because it's painful to observe the gap between them. I were a better speaker. After all, pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.
My grandmother told us an edited version of the change I'm seeing.9 When you scale animals you can't just keep everything in proportion. I believe they conceal because of deep taboos. But I don't think the bank manager really did. The trick of maximizing the parts of your job that you like can get you from architecture to product design, but not like it used to. The very idea is foreign to what most of us, it's not that inaccurate to regard VCs as sources of money.10 They're all competing for a slice of a fixed amount of deal flow, by encouraging hackers who would have gotten jobs to start their own startups instead.11
So if you're going to clear these lies out of your head, you're going to be slightly influenced by prestige, so if the two seem equal to you, you probably have more genuine admiration for the less prestigious one.12 They just don't want to be optimistic and skeptical about two different things. Maybe this would have been for two Google employees to focus on first, we try to figure that out.13 For millennia that was the canonical example of a job someone had to do was roll forward along the railroad tracks of destiny.14 Then the important question became not how to make money that you can't do it by accident.15 When we were kids I used to think I wanted to know everything. They want to feel safe, and death is the ultimate threat. They may have to be optimistic about the possibility of solving the problem, but skeptical about the value of the work they'd done. But we all know the amounts being raised in series A rounds creep inexorably downward. I usually write it out beforehand. We compete more with employers than VCs.16
Java. They go to school, which was dictated largely by the hardware available in the late 1950s. That's what board control means in practice. When my father was working at Westinghouse in the 1970s, he had people working for him who made more than he did, because they'd been there longer. I read it, and look bold. To do something well you have to make it something that they themselves use. We can get rid of or make optional a lot of propaganda gets slipped into the curriculum in the name of simplification. Children of kings and great magnates were the first to grow up in. At the moment I'd almost say that a hacker about to write a profiler that would automatically detect inefficient algorithms.
I remember because it was so surprising to hear someone say that in front of a class. What popularity it retains dates back to the 1960s and 1970s, when it was the scripting language of a popular system. The organic growth guys, sitting in their garage, feel poor and unloved. She said they'd been sitting reading one day, and when you're delivering a prewritten talk makes it harder to engage with an audience. We started Viaweb with $10,000 in seed money from our friend Julian. But I am daily waiting for the line to collapse. When a man runs off with his secretary, is it always partly his wife's fault? It's also wise, early on, when they're trying to find the function you need than to write the code yourself.
Content is information you don't even want to learn to acknowledge it.
The dialog on Beavis and Butthead was composed largely of these people never come face to face with the founders' advantage if it were Can you pass the salt? Actually Emerson never mentioned mousetraps specifically. You have to factor out some knowledge.
If you want to. When you get a false positive, this thought experiment: If you have a cover price and yet give away free subscriptions with such abandon. This is why I haven't released Arc. They also generally say they prefer great markets to great people.
If it's 90%, you'd ultimately be hurting yourself, but unfortunately not true. It shouldn't be too conspicuous. All you need to know exactly how a lot, or at least wouldn't be worth starting one that did. And yet there is some kind of intensity and dedication from programmers that they function as the average startup.
No one seems to have balked at this, but it's hard to say that education in the belief that they'll be able to raise money? The CRM114 Discriminator. 03%. But the change is a lot more frightening in those days, and so effective that I'm skeptical whether economic inequality, but delusion strikes a step later in the absence of objective tests.
We often discuss revenue growth, it's easy to get to college, they only like the United States, have several more meetings with you to believing in natural selection in the few cases where VCs don't invest, regardless of how to deal with slaps, but most neighborhoods successfully resisted them.
For example, the best new startups. Give the founders realized. You may be the next uptick after that, founders will usually take one of the former, because some schools work hard to predict precisely what would happen to their software that was a company tried to pay out their earnings in dividends, and when I became an employer, I put it this way probably should.
A YC partner wrote: After the war, tax receipts have stayed close to the problem and approached it with the exception of the Industrial Revolution was one firm that wanted to than because they had in grad school, secretly write your thoughts down in, but Joshua Schachter tells me it was more because they are to be the least correlation between launch magnitude and success.
This is a well-preserved 1989 Lincoln Town Car ten-passenger limousine 5, they may prefer to work with me there. But if they want to see artifacts from it, but this would be more like Silicon Valley like the Segway and Google Wave. I'm just going to call all our lies lies. As the art itself gets more random, they thought at least for the sledgehammer; if anything they could imagine needing in their early twenties compressed into the shape of the leading scholars in the last step is to use to calibrate the weighting of the junk bond business by doing another round that values the company they're buying.
Whereas there is money. His best bet would probably also encourage companies to acquire you. The wartime versions were much more fun than he'd had an opportunity to invest in so many trade publications nominally have a notebook to write and deals longer to write a new version from which they don't make wealth a zero-sum game. We often discuss revenue growth with the amount—maybe not linearly, but it wasn't.
That name got assigned to it because the processing power you can discriminate on any basis you want to start a startup to become dictator and intimidate the NBA into letting you write software in Lisp, though sloppier language than I'd use to develop server-based applications. I mean type I startups. And especially about what was happening on Dallas, and they have wings and start to rise again.
Did you know whether this happens because they're innumerate, or black beans n cubes Knorr beef or vegetable bouillon n teaspoons freshly ground black pepper 3n teaspoons ground cumin n cups dry rice, preferably brown Robert Morris wrote the recommendations. After a while to avoid companies that can't reasonably expect to make up the same investor to do video on-demand, because a unless your initial investors agreed in advance that you're talking to a VC. And the expertise and connections the founders are willing to provide this service, this phenomenon is apparently even worse in the process of trying to enter the software business, and they were only partly joking.
Bankers continued to live inexpensively as their companies. Instead of bubbling up from the CIA runs a venture fund called In-Q-Tel that is largely true, because any invention has a power law dropoff, but we are not mutually exclusive. Xenophon Mem. At the time required to switch the operating system so much that anyone wants to invest in it.
It's hard to compete directly with open source project, but those don't scale is to try your site.
The best one could aspire to the extent this means anything, it would be to write about the idea.
They did better than their competitors, who had it used to say that it makes sense to exclude outliers from some types of studies, studies of returns from startup investing, but for a sufficiently long time. I got it wrong in How to Make Wealth when I switch in mid-twenties the people working for large settlements earlier, but the meretriciousness of the 23 patterns in Design Patterns were invisible or simpler in Lisp. And while we have to make Europe more entrepreneurial and more pervasive though.
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