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#everything has changed part 11
imaginedreamwrite · a month ago
Everything Has Changed: Part 11
“It looks good on you.” Nat’s comment hadn’t exactly eased your consciousness or your worries that how you appeared to look in the jumpsuit would incite ridicule or snide side eyes when you went out into public with Steve.
After all you were no Natasha Romanoff, a woman who had perfected being sexy and seductive. She would look like a model wearing a grungy t-shirt and a pair of basketball shorts.
“Why the hesitation?” Nat questioned, tilting her head as she watched you in the mirror turning and twisting in an attempt to get a look at all of you.
“A jumpsuit? I’ve never worn one.” Despite the trend being rather hot lately, you mostly stuck to jeans and T-shirts’, sweaters and lab coats and the occasional dress to appease May. Not that you couldn’t wear dresses more often, or jumpsuits or skirts and heels, however given your work in a high tech lab that could require long hours, you strode for comfort. You didn’t step out of your comfort zone often enough, and that included wearing a jumpsuit that looked beautiful on the hangar, yet not exactly what you expected on yourself.
“If you could see the way Steve and Bucky look at you-“ Nat smiled and got off the bed, moving toward her closet in Stark Tower.
“I know how they fell, Nat. I know that it wouldn’t matter to them, but it matters to me.” You hugged, moving from the mirror to the chair she had sitting near her window. “I don’t…I feel like I’m expected to live up to this image of a perfect omega for Steve and Bucky because of their reputation and-“
“Who expects you to live up to what image?” She came back out of the closet with two dresses in her hands, one was maxi and the other was short.
Both dresses were beautiful, and vastly different. The short dress had a skirt made of lace that would’ve fallen to the middle of your thighs in a conforming fashion that hugged your hips and accentuated your waist, with a flirty off the shoulder jean top.
The dress was navy blue with small cutouts on the waist and below where your breasts would fall. It would fall delicately at your ankles with a side slit that would flash a little more skin than what was exposed at your waist. The neckline of the maxi dress was a ‘V’, that dipped elegantly and teasingly.
“Maybe a dress would suit you better.” She lay the dresses on the bed and stepped back, gazing at the two.
“You have a lot of clothes.” You commented, rising from the chair near the window to approach the bed where the two dresses lay.
“I may be a badass boss bitch, but even a boss ass bitch likes to play Barbie.” She nudged you and winked, whipping around to move to the opposite closet that was designated for just shoes.
“You’re mated right?” You asked, brushing your fingers against the lace of the short dress.
“I’ve been mated for 5 years. We met after half the world was Snapped. She was right under my nose.” Nat spoke with the kind of pride that was endearing and heartwarming.
“She doesn’t live close.” You state, taking in the observation after Nat had been gone every weekend for nearly 6 months.
“She’s moving closer. Most of us try and keep our mates a great distance from what we do as Avengers. It increases the risk once you have a mate who can be exploited. We keep them at a safe distance out of concern for them.” Nat explained, coming back with a pair of gladiator sandals and a pair of booties.
“If the risk is so great then why is she moving closer now?After 5 years?” You didn’t mean to pry, you were just so curious. And Nat was your friend. Your surrogate alpha.
“She got a job in the city, a permanent job that will allow us to have a more stable life.” Nat held the boots above the short dress and then the gladiator sandals above the maxi dress, before she settled on the maxi dress and set the booties down.
“You can’t have kids.” You were saddened for her, knowing the fact that she was sterilized was all part of Hydra’s Black Widow program. They took everything from her, including the chance to have kids.
“My omega and I have come to terms with us never being able to have kids. We’re going to have cats instead.” She held up the option, her choice for you to ultimately decide on.
“I like it.” You commented on her choice, and then slowly started to undo the zipper on the side of the jumpsuit.
“Besides,” Nat took the booties back to her shoe closet, “I’m going to be the fun aunt. Live vicariously through others.”
You grabbed the options and moved behind the changing screen she had set up. You started to pull down the jumpsuit, sliding out of it as if it were butter, and from the softness of the material it may as well have been, before pulling the maxi dress over the top of the changing screen.
“Might as well.” You replied, starting the process all over again.
** **
“Keep your eyes closed.” Steve led you by the hand. “Don’t make me spank you.”
The flutter in your stomach and the soft laughter eluded to building feelings that were skyrocketing you toward a place where you were going, and ready, to give Steve permission to mark and mate you just as Bucky had.
“I’m just curious.” Your voice trailed off into a giggle as Steve purposely brushed his fingers across a ticklish spot on your waist. “You haven’t told me a thing.”
Steve didn’t reply, yet he led you with careful precision toward your destination while you put your faith in his skills not to send your careening down the sidewalk or into oncoming traffic.
Realistically, it wouldn’t have mattered what the date was. You would’ve done anything with Steve as long as you were with Steve. The destination didn’t matter.
Still…you weren’t always the most patient of people and being led around with your eyes closed had made you antsy.
“Just wait to open your eyes.” He let go of your hand and moved behind you, covering your eyes with his hands just in case you happened to take a peek.
“I’m waiting…” your voice pitched in a slight whine, your eagerness to see where he was taking you.
“Open,” Steve lowered his hands from your eyes, “your eyes.”
When you had basked in the sight of your date, you were with a powerful wave of nostalgia that crashed into you. The memories of your parents taking you and Peter out on trips to the science museums and the planetarium’s had all come rushing back with potency that actually made you more emotional than expected.
“Steve..” The memory of your dad lifting you onto his shoulders as a child to better see the various life kept behind glass, was forefront in your mind. “I haven’t been here since my parents took me last-“
“-before they died.”Steve finished your sentence. “I asked Peter what you liked to do when you were younger.”
“The aquarium was always my favourite.” Your mind wandered, your eyes became distant as you revelled in nostalgia. “My dad wanted me to pet one of the sting ray’s that came to the surface in their shallow pool. I remember crying because I didn’t want to feel how slimy they were, even though I never knew if they were or not.”
“Did you ever end up touching one?” Steve pondered.
“No,” you shook your head with a laugh, “I did push Peter into one of the shallow touchable tanks though.”
Steve laughed with you before he grabbed your hand and intertwined your fingers, tugging you along behind him as the two of you moved through the first set of doors and then the next.
“We have the place to ourselves?” You asked after seeing the emptiness of the building, aside from the people working.
“I pulled some strings.” Steve shot you a smile when he looked over his shoulder.
“I didn’t know you had strings to pull.” You stepped closer to him as he approached the front desk.
“I also volunteered to come back in my Captain America suit for the children’s miracle network for St. Jude’s hospital.” Steve only had to approach the desk, and the wrist bands were already sitting on the metal desk with the woman behind the desk grinning from ear to ear.
“You are so lucky!” She squealed, a rather bright blush on her face.
“I really am.” You stared up at him with amazement, not able to look away even when he started putting the band around your wrist. “Steve’s one of a kind.”
The woman behind the desk wished you a good time, while throwing in a comment about starting from the left and moving to the right side of the building. As you stepped away and the pair of you started walking through the first exhibit, you brought up the topic of him volunteering.
“Do you do that often?” You stepped by a tank of brightly coloured fish and every bright coral. “Volunteer at aquariums during your downtime for sick children? Is it possible that you’re actually a perfect person.”
Steve crossed from the right to the left, where you were, and slipped an arm around your waist. He squeezed your waist gently, gazing at the same beautiful sight that you were.
“We all try to.” Steve spoke quietly, as it was just the two of you. “We spend so much time around evil and battles, wars that never send. Seeing a bunch of sick kids in our uniforms is a welcomed break. They’re always so excited to see us.”
“You really love kids.” It wasn’t a question but a statement; a fact.
“I’ve always wanted a family.” Steve moved on with you following him. “It’s been the American dream for almost 100 years.”
“Go to war, survive, come home and have a family.”
You peered at some of the brightly coloured fish swimming back and forth with no real worry or path.
“I’ve been fighting a long war.” When Steve spoke, he was tired. When he spoke, you could hear the figurative exhaustion in his voice from the years of fighting that was draining on him, the constant wars that never ceased.
“Maybe it’s time to pass the shield on.” You suggested, though you did so quietly. “Even the great Steve Roger’s needs a break.”
“I’ve been thinking about it.” Steve quipped, his eyes focused on the tanks and the array of colours brushing from behind the glass. “Giving up the title of Captain America.”
“Retirement would look good on you.” You placed your hand on his chest, stealing his attention.
“And you,” he grinned, stealing you into his arms, “would look good with your hand on a stingray.”
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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psychotic-meda · 6 months ago
still not over how disgustingly cute my relationship is
#classmates in elementary school but ignored each other for the most part#bc I was shy well behaved child who just wanted to get good grades#and he was the weird kid that got in trouble a lot with teachers#classmates again in middle school and it’s basically the same but with added edginess and teen angst#and we both had secret crushes on each other but to literally everyone else it was no secret in fact it was painfully obvious#I was kind of a bully to him oops I didn’t realize he was genuinely having a hard time : (#I just wanted his attention skdkjdjd#also he was a weeb and i was the artsy kid#went to different high schools and lost touch#friends on Facebook but didn’t really talk beyond mundane stuff like games#life did it’s thing and brought hardships and sad stuff#including very unhealthy relationships with unpleasant people#fast forward several years we happen to go to the same college#decide to meet up and even though it’s been 11 years it’s like nothings changed#im still the artsy kid and he’s still a weeb but we’re Adults now#then it turns out we live 8 houses apart wtf#hang out a lot and share the same interests and same sense of humor and uh oh!! the Feelings have returned#so we dated and fell in love and I kind of want to be with him forever and he feels the same way : )#life is weird like that#i thought id find something like this from searching far and wide and experiencing everything everyone has to offer#but what I needed was here the whole time
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the-void-screamer · 7 months ago
to THINK, last night I listened to a relaxation meditation to fall asleep to because I was all giddy and socially satisfied and not able to fall asleep because I was in SUCH A GOOD MOOD
24 hours later and I'm searching for a healing a broken heart / anxiety and worries calming meditation to fall asleep to
I'm fucking furious that this proves my pessimism and my mistrust in relationships and the universe and not wanting to open up to other people right because I don't WANT them to be proved right, I so desperately want them to be proved wrong
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noize-machine · a year ago
Cons of all the dogs you like not being snuggly: no fuzzy weighted blanket
#the cats just arent heavy enough! the wind could blow toffle away and esper isnt much bigger. just a little more dense#bucket is better at 11 lbs but he only wants to lay on my chest and face which i HATE#i just want my legs gently crushed is that too much to ask#but also i think a snuggly dog would kill me. chiron went through a sticky phase and it was awful im glad he stopped on his own#holding on to hope that way in the future maine coon hits 20lbs and LOVES to sit on thighs#also a bit of a tangent but its my post so its ok#im so excited for a well bred cat. we arent getting one until we have one less cat (so awhile since the oldest is 6/7)#but like...all my shelter cats are disasters. destructive neurotic anxious disasters. all pretty high energy too.#i spend a lot of time and energy on keeping them happy and managing their problems. and i love them. but im excited for a healthy stable cat#toffle is destructive and bounces off the walls even after a play session that leaves her panting. shes also a bit neurotic and has SO MANY#health problems. her skeleton IS PUT TOGETHER WRONG HOW DOES THAT EVEN HAPPEN#esper is ANXIETY SUPREME but more manageable on the energy front. i just have to be very careful about changes that will affect her day#like changes in schedule or moving furniture#bucket is just a normal dude for the most part but hes so naughty and i personally think hes the worst cat in the house#esper can open cabinets but bucket gets into EVERYTHING. he will do what he wants and i havent been able to stop him#bc unlike the other two who try the same tactic bucket learns and adapts and its awful.#and the problem is you cant really know any of this going in bc cats act so different at shelters!!#everything we saw of bucket at the shelter pointed to him being a lazy mellow boy! i sat with him in the cat rooms for several hours over a#few days and he wasnt anything like how he is here. bc hes settled in and is actually himself!#animals are just so supressed in a shelter environment its hard to say what youre going to get#not to sound harsh but i would not have taken bucket home if i knew what he was actually like.#bucket has the least amount of problems but i find him the hardest to manage just bc the way he is#and of course im not against adopting!!! i just. I was ONE mentally and physically sound cat with predictable traits assigned to me by#a breeder that knows what to look for to predict which cat will be the best match for me.#and as a side note i know dogs arent themselves at shelters either. i just think its a bit easier to see what youre getting with a dog?#plus theres more resources to help you pick the perfect shelter dog.
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edtechhub · 47 minutes ago
Social Media Now Has a Past — Can We Learn from Our Mistakes?
C-Level View | Feature
Social Media Now Has a Past — Can We Learn from Our Mistakes?
A Q&A with Gardner Campbell
The history of social media is both very brief and very recent. Most applications initially appeared in the first decade of the 21st century. Despite all the enthusiasm and hopefulness surrounding the social media applications of the day, we now find ourselves looking back on dreams that, for the most part, didn't deliver.
Gardner Campbell, an associate professor of English at Virginia Commonwealth University and a first-generation social media researcher asks, "Where did the choices get made, especially those that we didn't know we were making at the time?" Campbell says if we can understand that, then maybe we can make better choices moving forward.
Campbell wants to give the prospect of making better choices a chance in the realm of social media. In fact, he's challenging his students in a brand-new course this coming fall to examine what they don't yet know about social media and suggest new strategies to help us all make better decisions in the future.
"If we can grasp what happened, maybe we can make better choices in the future." —Gardner Campbell
Mary Grush: You're going to be teaching a new course in the fall called The Rise of Social Media. What will you present to start students off on their exploration of this topic?
Gardner Campbell: That's a great question that one has to think about really hard; otherwise it will be like you're trying to boil the ocean.
I'll focus on specific platforms — I guess you could call them instances or manifestations of social media platforms. How did they emerge? What did they accomplish? And we'll look at these not only as technological accomplishments but also in terms of the ways in which they flourished: An example would be citizen journalism in the wake of 9/11.
So I'll talk about blogging, its history, and what is meant by a Weblog. We'll look at Wikipedia in great detail — policies, directions, and the life of that culture. Of course, we'll turn our attention to YouTube and to Facebook. And underneath all of those things, we'll examine the technology that made the Web widely usable and paved the way for its exponential growth: the first really reliable search engine, Google. And finally, we'll land for a bit on Twitter. I can't possibly cover everything — but these are the big platforms that made huge differences, both obvious ones and more subtle shifts in our world, in what we called at the time "Web 2.0."
Grush: Alright. I understand that's the what. But how will students reach a deeper understanding for themselves, of the significance of these social media? Can you tap into your own experiences to offer them models — maybe by showing them issues or challenges confronting you, that may open a door to their own questioning?
Campbell: Sure. I continue to teach fully online, and I'm always looking at counterintuitive things: how we can think about old things in new ways.
Grush: What are some examples?
Campbell: The idea of scaling is one. When you have no physical classroom, you might think, "Why not make class size larger and larger?" But a lot of learning has to do with establishing presence, and there has to be some realization of relationships — so there's a lot to think about there. Another idea is the ongoing problem of digital literacy — where higher education is, where our students are… What I see in my own practice can open the doors for many discussions. Still another example concerns me with the consequences of what we imagine about networks — Do you think of the Internet as an information superhighway, or a collection of communities, or a network of networks? And what are the dangers of changing our concepts of the network? Thinking about networks connects you with a whole range of wider questions. And those very questions may be relevant, too, in the context of examining social media.
via Campus Technology: All Articles
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🌟 Blog Tag Game 🌟
Tagged By: the lovely @lieselfh thank you!
1. Why did you choose your url? At the time of making this particular blog I was happily learning Finnish, and, as you do, chose Finnish words for fruit to make my url. Mansikka (which most of you call me now and it has stuck, thank you!) - strawberry (okay some of you call me that too). Omena - apple. Banaani - banana. I did think about changing it to just Mansikka at some point but that url is already taken, so! I will remain Finnish fruit!
2. Any side blogs? I used to have lots at various points but no, now you get it all blasted on this one Tumblr, aren't you lucky, lucky things!
3. How long have you been on tumblr? I... don't know. I know I had a blog before this one that I don't remember the name of, and that was a general fandom mess. So, I'm going to say at least since maybe 2013?
4. Do you have a queue tag? i am queued. How unoriginal but hey, it works! I put pretty much everything in my queue instead of reblogging it 'live'.
5. Why did you start your blog in the first place? Fandoms, fandoms, and more fandoms, nowhere else online is like Tumblr for fandom stuff!
6. Why did you choose your icon/pfp? Strawberry tentacles. That's it, that's the whole reason, I can't think of a better one
7. Why did you choose your header? Because the incredibly talented @dmsilvisart gifted me with a beautiful piece of Malec fanart and I just had to share
8. What’s your post with the most notes? ...I have no idea? I will hazard a guess though, it would have been when I was posting Choose Your Owns on here and people got mad at me for cliffhangers
9. How many mutuals do you have? Don't know! About half of my followers are mutuals I think...
10. How many followers do you have? 1500+
11. How many people do you follow? 200+
12. Have you ever made a shitpost? not every other post I make a shitpost?
13. How often do you use tumblr each day? I am going to say exactly as often as I need to
14. Did you have a fight/argument with another blog once? Nah. But for those of you who DM me on the regular you know I'm a salty fucker privately
15. How do you feel about “you need to reblog this” posts? Instant postblock on 'why is nobody talking about' or guilt tripping posts. Absolute reblog on supporting other creators.
16. Do you like tag games? Sometimes yes!
17. Do you like ask games? I... don't think anyone is interested in me doing those. In part, because I don't allow anons. Why let some random shit on my day, you know?
18. Which of your mutuals do you think is tumblr famous? I hope none, my mutuals seem like good, solid people, the last thing I'd want is to watch them descend into BNF status and become Like That
19. Do you have a crush on a mutual? No but I love you a lot
Tagging: @ellelans, @ronordmann, @sciscoekid and anyone else who wants to play!
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thepringlesofblood · a day ago
the In The Heights movie was really good y’all
saw it today (6/12), it premiered midnight on Fri, and god DAMN
i’m literally fresh off watchin it so here my thoughts (no spoilers except vague references to things and like. who the cast members are)
#1 love. love the movie.
#2 it is not quite the same story, but weirdly enough, this time, when I say they changed it to suit a wider audience, I mean it in a positive light.
#3 its not better or worse than the musical - it’s parallel, two quality versions of the same fantastic fucking story.
#4 I can die happy now knowing that Olga Merediz was able to perform Paciencia y Fé in such a rich and amazing setting. Movies allow you to do things you can’t do in musicals, and this is one of them.
#5 The trend in hollywood of lying to your audience so the plot twist is unguessable has left its fingerprints on In The Heights. Suffice it to say, they keep certain important plot points to the very end for shock value. It was still a fucking fantastic ending, but like. many choices in earlier scenes were clearly made for no other reason than to obfuscate the ending. and idk how I feel about that.
#6 then again, a good adaptation adds and plays around with the original story to make something new and beautiful, and guess what? boom goes the dynamite, they certainly nailed that.
#7 the chronology is super different than the musical, which makes sense given the change in media, but some of it is just kinda. odd. it all still works for sure, it’s just odd.
#8 why am I not surprised that lin manuel miranda plays the piragua guy? and why am I not surprised that it was so chaotic?
#9 the music. the choreography. just. YES. you know that mbmbam sketch about “the rhythm of the city”? that, but unironic and impeccably executed. it’s like the cup song but everywhere in terms of how well the beats of the music match up with footsteps, car honks, etc. as well as of course the choreography.
#10 some really interesting and beautiful cinematography choices. you can tell a lot of love when into this film,
#11 usnavi is just such a weird lil dude, and the energy anthony ramos brings is just *chef kiss*
#12 the actress who plays Rosa Diaz on Brooklyn 99 plays Carla. I’m telling you now so you don’t spend half the movie with her name on the tip of your tongue: it’s Stephanie Beatriz.
tl:dr good good good movie, I cried (a lot, in a good way), falls victim to some of the pitfalls of the film industry re: plot twists and chronology, but is still fantastic and vibrant and gorgeous and a lovely adaptation of the musical.
*spoiler territory under the cut*
#8 hey lin manuel miranda? why did you end the blackout so soon? the musical ends with the blackout still on - it’s even in the first line of the finale “Lights up on Washington Heights at the break of dawn/The blackout goes on and on and on” but in the movie it ends after “Carnaval del Barrio” why’d you end the blackout so soon buddy? maybe for lighting reasons, i can’t imagine only using lights from phones n shit was easy, but the rest of the play is set outside during the day for the most part.
#9 can we get an f in the chat for the songs that didn’t make the cut: Inútil, Sunrise, Hundreds of Stories, Enough, Attención, Everything I Know, No Me Diga (reprise), Piragua (reprise), I understand the reasons for all of them not being in the movie but I still mourn babey
#10 I. didn’t really like the girl who played Vanessa. idk why. might just be vibes. she did great and all, maybe I just pictured Vanessa different in my head.
#11 Sonny, I love you, I love all the shit they added about you, I agree 100% w the shift in focus towards him and the lives of undocumented immigrants. Also, the scene where he asks out Vanessa for Usnavi is PRICELESS.
#12 there’s lots of changes that they made that I like way better than the OG. some I just sort of tolerate but some are just better that way.
#13 96,000 taking place at a pool is INSPIRED but where the FUCK did they find a pool that big???????
#14 sometimes they just sort of. take a vacation from reality for a little bit. and I like that. there’s lots of parts where you can tell that lin manuel miranda used to be on sesame street and the electric company, and that’s a good thing. 
#15 I have no fucking clue why Nina’s mom is dead in this one. they probably wanted to focus on her relationship with her dad? they couldn’t think of a way to have Camilla without keeping Enough as a song? it still works, just odd.
#16 the narration device of having Usnavi tell the whole story to his kids is fantastic. so is the reveal that they are HIS kids coming later - now THAT’S a relevant thing to hold back. why they’re on a real beach before and the bodega painted like a beach later is beyond me. was it like a metaphorical beach before? were they on vacation? ???
#17 there’s so much background city noise going on all the time that when it all stops and you get moments of silence it is POWERFUL
#18 related: I didn’t think I could cry more at Alabanza. I was wrong. I realize now why they don’t show the paramedics/Usnavi discovering her in the musical - it would one-hit K.O. everyone in the audience from the intensity if it was in-person.
#19 this movie took the time to say “dreams are not sparkly shiny things, they’re rough, and you have to work at them, and sometimes you work so hard you forget to notice what’s around you” and it was beautiful
#20 they added so much more about Nina and how she felt at college, and it HIT
i love this musical and I hope it blows up bigger than hamilton ever did bc that’s what it DESERVES
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angeloroki · a day ago
rich boy!shoto todoroki x fem!reader
warnings minors dni ; nsfw, fingering, degradation, exhibitionism, toxic relationship
college au, he’s aged up
Tumblr media
thinking about rich boy!shoto. he's everything you hate, haughty, egotistical, arrogant, pretentious. daddy's boy, who this one is a big corporate ceo, so rich, very rich in fact.
this asshole was loved by everyone in college. he was even called "a demigod". in short, shoto seemed to have everything to please and succeed in life.
he was obviously popular with the girls in your college. they were all, without exception, at his feet, and you knew from his indifferent and haughty look that he was enjoying it.
they only had attention for him.
oh, he is so handsome and so smart.
he had the best results of the semester, he’s so smart oh my god.
did you see the last post on his Instagram. i’d let him whatever we wanna do with me!
and so on...
he was almost so perfect. almost.
and you were just the regular girl.
so you could tell that you were a little surprised and suspicious when he first asked you out on a coffee date. i mean, why would he be interested in you? you're worthless, and there were probably prettier girls than you in college. however, with some doubts, and probably a little hidden hope, you accepted his request.
was it one of those stupid bets to get you into bed and dump you like a piece of shit that he did with his friends? you knew he was one of those heartbreakers, and that he only cared about himself. he was a selfish, evil man.
but this idea of him as a spoiled, rotten, hateful boy was slowly disappearing as you spent more time with him. those little late-night dates in your dorm room at the university turned into a trip to the movies or a fast-food restaurant at 11 p.m.
and that's how he made you fall so easily in love with him.
and that's also how hell started.
shoto had stolen your heart, and simply refused to give it back.
you had fallen madly in love with him, with his disgusting, evil personality. he had been acting like a drug on you ever since you lost your virginity to him. his gentleness, (he who was so cold), the fact that he guided you through your first time with affection, the fact that he is so experienced when you did it together, had stung you. had put a spell on you.
you craved his toxic love.
it was when he realized that you were in his pocket, completely dependent on him, that his personality changed.
he became the shoto you hated again. haughty and pretentious.
he had no respect for you, but still called you his. you don't know why he still stayed with you. why he always called you "his girlfriend" in front of his friends when you were at a party. why he turned down all the girls' advances when they tried desperately to get him into bed.
he never took into account what you wanted, and on the contrary, you had to give in to his demands.
it was only with the help of his money that he made up for his infidelity or missed dates to go out to other parties with his friends.
he had this facility to buy you the biggest brands, Dior, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, to make you forget this ugly part of his personality.
you were so suggestible with a little money.
in fact, quite simply, you were just an asset where a price could be placed.
it had become toxic, and you knew it. but you didn't care, you loved him. yeah, you knew that he was incapable of loving anyone else but himself. you wanted that to change. you wanted him to love you. but you know he couldn't. but you can't blame him...
shoto knew only money, from his father, his mother died. his home, his childhood is only a luxurious love without affection or warmth. that's what you said to justify all his mistakes.
but it had to end.
tonight's party would be different from all the others parties. you wanted to put an end to this poisonous relationship. you suspected that he was going to break you down, with these beautiful words as sharp as thorns, to make a transfer in your account.
you had lured him away from the crowd, into a corner of the quiet kitchen. shoto seemed annoyed that you were disturbing him from a moment when he could have been enjoying himself.
your determined gaze met his.
"it's over between us. shoto, i don't want to take any more of you. i-i want to break up."
from the height of almost 2 meters, he looked at you, always accompanied by that annoyed look.
"you know very well that you are the only one between the two of us who comes back begging me on his knees. "
tears rose to your cheeks. he was right.
"no, this time it's different. "
but shoto could feel it too, that this time might be final. he couldn't stand the idea, terribly. although he found you far too annoying most of the time, shoto had strangely become accustomed to your annoying presence by his side. to your joyful laughter when he tried to cook for the two of you. to the uninteresting anecdotes you learned in college. but also to your sighs of pleasure when his fingers came to caress you at night.
yet what he said to you did not reflect what he thought.
" you're pathetic, y/n. who's going to pay for your education? your rent? everything you need to live ? where are you going to find another guy pathetic enough to fuck you? "
you hated it when he treated you like dirt. when he spoke so vulgarly to you in that quiet voice.
" i shower you with jewels, luxury brands and this is how you thank me ? i should have listened to others when they told me i wasted my time with you. and my money. "
he approached you, looking threatening. you knew where this was going, but you did nothing to stop him. His face was only a few inches from yours, his hot breath caressing the tip of your nose.
" you're mine. don't forget it. "
his cold gaze was planted in yours, yet you could easily read in it that little flame that sparked in his pupils every time he would ravage you that night.
"show me then." you whispered.
you didn't have to say it twice for him to pin you against the wall. you exchanged a passionate, disorganized kiss, as if you might be separated at any moment. your tongues were pressed together in a long, lingering kiss. your hands caressed his two-tone hair, while his slipped under your blouse.
the thought of someone coming in and catching you two kissing like crazy turned you on slightly. a soft moan escaped your lips when her hand met your already hard nipple.
"you're walking around without a bra now ?" he asks, his tone slightly mocking.
you didn't answer, your look already said a lot. his long fingers left your chest a little too quickly for your taste to reach your bottom. in a few movements, which spoke volumes about his experience, shoto's hand was caressing your panties.
a long, sly smile stretched his lips, which made you roll your eyes.
"i've barely touched you and you're so wet. i’ve never seen a whore like you. "
you reflexively spread your legs a little wider, wishing you could feel him inside you. his lips caressed your earlobe, while he slipped you a lot of obscenities.
"you're miserable. letting me finger you in the middle of the night, in the kitchen non top of that."
his slow, excruciatingly slow movements made you see the stars as he pressed in all the sensitive places. His fingers massaged your clit before he slid a finger inside you. his coming and going elicited a few miserable moans that you tried desperately to hide.
"let me hear that lovely voice of yours. "he said in an authoritative voice.
he knelt down in front of you, still letting his fingers do the work as his tongue this time came to suck your clit. he was too fucking good at it. you were addicted to it.
you were addicted to the purple stains from his feverish kisses that covered your entire chest. the sighs that added to yours.
"mmh s-shoto... wanna- feel more of you."
and so he did. the pace increased, as did the number of fingers inside you. all of this was overstimulating you. you were about to cum, here, in the kitchen of shoto's best friend. he had that same gift of making you cum in minutes. he made you think he cared about you.
"you don't feel respected in this relationship? that's the point. look at the state of you.
he wasn't wrong. shoto had to hold you down to keep you from collapsing on the floor.
you had to take a few more seconds to recover from the orgasm he had given you.
"shoto, i- we need to stop this. "
his haughty, cold expression returned to his face. you thought you saw a little disgust pass through his eyes. how could you judge him for that ? you had just cum in the kitchen a few steps away from the party of several hundred people.
" you were the one spreading your legs. dignity is just a foreign concept to you, isn't it ?"
his dry laugh, muffled by the music, echoed in your head. he finally turned his back on you, after cleaning himself up.
" enjoy the party. but y/n, you and i aren't done yet."
and it was also just then that you received a notification from your bank's app. « todoroki shoto just wired you $5000 ! »
don’t get him wrong y/n, you were just a toy to shoto todoroki.
Tumblr media
this is the kind of fic i'm looking to read on tumblr, but i've already read everything like this so it's up to me to write them to entertain me now LMAOOOAKDKDK
yeah okay canon shoto is not like that (and thankfully!) but we can’t deny that toxic/rich!shoto is really hot :o
im so sorry if it’s badly written, im still exploring the genre 😔 but please don't hesitate to tell me what you think, reblog, and even criticisms etc. i'd love to exchange with you :)!
and tell me if you wanna see a part 2!
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tamrakg · a day ago
Ava's Story
Ava’s Story
Ava Wilson is getting married soon, then she meets Sam and everything changes. This list will play out Ava’s Supernatural story. Ava is played by Katherine Isabelle. Season 2, Episode 10 – Hunted Meet Ava. Season 2, Episode 11 – Playthings What happened to Ava? Season 2, Episode 21 – All Hell Breaks Loose, Part 1 Where has she been? Season 2, Episode 22 – All Hell Breaks Loose, Part…
Tumblr media
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I want something that I can’t have.
This something to most people in my culture and my society think about as a mental illness or being away from God or being under the influence of the devil (ooooo scary).
But talking to someone about it automatically puts you in the black list. They will constantly bring what little they know about biology and religion in the conversation, and when you are making very good points they call you mentally ill.
They will never educate themselves because an arrogant person will never admit defeat.
The fun part about this is talking to your family members about it. To give you some background information about the families in my society, they are very strict about what is right and what is wrong, they never see you as a grownup because they are older than you by years even if you are married and with kids (I am still in college), they are extremely religious, and they are close minded. Some families are not so strict and not so extremely religious and they are actually educated and some what open minded, but not everyone is that lucky.
I told my mom about it and she said she will help me lose weight to see if I am suffering with body image issues. But that was two years ago and I know for a fact that she doesn’t forget. But I will not talk to her about it again because I have to be more selfless and take in consideration that she has so much on her mind. My mom is very educated and very different from the rest of my family, very open minded too and not strict at all.
I told my cousin about it and he kept on miss gendering me and I told him multiple times not to do it but I was talking to a brick wall. We are closely the same age and we both have the same level of education, which is sad knowing that even though some people are educated they are still very arrogant.
I stopped telling anyone in my family because lost hope and I was pushed deeper into the pit of darkness and self doubt.
I tried with my friends, hoping for a better result but what I found was heartbreaking.
The first ever person I talked to about it was my bestfriend of 11 years, we share everything together, but what I got was more miss gendering, and her attitude changed drastically, naturally we would talk everyday ,but she managed to slowly stop talking to me, she probably thought I will not notice but I did, I am going to say maybe she is busy with school and she doesn’t have the spare time to send a massage, but I can’t keep telling myself that because whenever I send her a massage she doesn’t see it and when she does (after weeks) she sends a small massage and when I reply she doesn’t reply back, I know for a fact that she is not busy because she always posts stories of how she is talking for hours with her new friends (maybe I am a bit of a salty jelly but come on she is my best friend). But it’s okay I got used to friends leaving me because they found other better friends or because they saw me as a boring person. (I was told by my colleague that he thought I was a boring person, which is really hurtful to say to a person you just started to talk to jeez.)
I talked to one person from my college friend group (we were friends for 3 years) about it and she told me I was mentally ill, I was expecting that but damn I was surprised. I tried another approach by hinting the thing for another friend from the same friend group and she told me if was ever a boy she would never have talked to me, God damn that was awful.
I proceeded to cut off all contact with them by not attending any classes with them and removing myself from the group. Now I am completely lonely with no friends except my cat and my siblings and my imagination.
I am now in a mental state of constantly doubting myself and thinking maybe I might be faking it, but I know that I am not, I know that I want to transition and I want to live a happy life, but not having support from the close people around you and adding to the mix how transgender people are treated in my society and how hard it is to start the transitioning process and the amount of obstacles in the way makes life a living hell, and maybe it’s not really worth living at all.
But I will not give up on living the life I want, the life I deserve. I will do it myself.
Writing this made me feel a little better. I hope it doesn’t sound depressing.
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thuc-tea · 2 days ago
Lolol Genshin oc go brrrrr
Tumblr media
"Lucy Matthews and Aleksandr, honor to meet you."
Want a description? Here ya goo:
(also this is an old oc of mine, currently being used in multiple fandom so if u have saw my old acc, then hi hello how r u my dude)
Lucy Matthews
Birthday: 12/6
Age: 13
Vision: Cryo
Weapon: Catalyst
Character: ☆☆☆☆☆
Friendship Level 1, Story:
Lucy Matthews (or Luiza Matthews) is the daughter of the famous clock-maker in Mondstadt name Adrien Matthews and the younger sister of Thomas Matthews (Tomeslav Matthews), at the age of 11, she has been in multiple competitions in Mond and is called "the younges and most intelligent inventor", she always helps her father with clock-making and has created many robots and inventions. But after a few months, her father became ill under some mysterious circumstances and passed away, now leaving Lucy and Thomas with his "power", but Thomas refused his and decided to turn to The Knight of Favonius and became a captain so Lucy had to took matter in her own hand.
Friendship level 6, Past:
Adrien Matthews, real surname was Clockwood, used to work for Snezhnaya and the Tsaritsa, he was one of the strong ones in the fatui, able to master both a Delusion and Vision and created a realm in between the crack of Teyvat in which he called "The Time Realm", but pressure bestowed upon him, the fear of hurting others came to his mind, then he step back from his position and ran away with his family and recreate a new life, changed his surname and rebuilt everything.
The Clockwood now called Matthews came to Mondstadt, without any knowledge of the city, Adrien had to worked hard for the family as well as continued building his Realm for the future generations, which are for Lucy and Thomas. At that time, he created machines and other creations which helped Mond and gain trust from all their people
Seeing her father with so much work on his mind, little Lucy tried to study as much as she could, get her hand on every book her father gave to her and participated in many competitions in Mondstadt, hoping to gain her knowledge and getting her Vision at the age of 9.
But with her father now gone, her only hope was to bring him back, to rebuild a machine which can replicate him, trying to help the people just like how her father would have wanted.
Now with many creations, she had invented her first ever working robot, whom she called Aleksandr.
(So spoilers if u haven't read the Genshin manga: Unlike Diluc, fighting with his father's delusion, Lucy decided to keep it to herself because she doesn't want to lose a part of what her father left behind.)
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dreamyycarnival · 2 days ago
For the Four Swords ask meme: do one, six and Vaati, then pick one you really want to answer and do that too!
1.) how were you exposed to it originally - the manga, four swords, or four swords adventures?
I found the 2010 dub on youtube when I was 11, and fell in love with it. Unfortunately, since the direction with it died, I was left craving more. I managed to get my hands on both parts much later, and the rest is history.
Fun fact: I thought Shadow’s black hair red eyes colorscheme was canon. I was rather upset to find out he actually had purple hair.
6: has your favorite changed since you first read the manga?
“Wait it’s Shadow?” “Always has been” JOKES ASIDE- I’ve grown very attached to them all now. Vio and Red kind of earn my scorn now- the former is extremely popular for whatever reason (plus stoic characters are very hit or miss for me) and the latter doesn’t have a very good character arc and spends most of the plot as a deus ex machina. Plus it doesn’t help I’ve seen people on Wattpad baby him. I hate it!
vaati: a) would you take an offer for ultimate power? / b) do you like stormy weather?
A.) I don’t think so. Being a god sounds lonely. The only perks is being unable to die since I have a fear of being killed.
B.) I only like soft rain. I tend to get gloomy if the weather is too gray.
10: what’s a criticism you have for/something you would’ve liked to see different in the manga?
(rubs my hands gleefully)
- Erune could have DEFINITELY benifitted from being a major OC like Roperi in the Oracle of Ages manga. Unfortunately all she does is be a distraction and replace the Seekers’ Guild from the game - which makes me sad because her design is adorable!
- All the links need... some more character development stat! Red still spends time crying over everything, Vio and Green just kind of hang around. Blue’s the only one I see having some semblance of development and that’s sad... Then again I kind of blame this for Himekawa having a tight deadline
- If anyone knows me, Chapter 12 invokes rage within me. ESPECIALLY with how VIZ media translates it- the scantalation sounds less excuse-y than it was (Compare “OH BUT SHADOW WAS NEVER EVIL!!1!!1” to “He’s actually kind of sad, huh?”) If Shadow’s redemption arc was more prolonged or at least not be played as a selfless act- he’s a flawed guy, yeesh! He may not be evil, but he’s certainly not a saint either!
Honestly, I really wish Himekawa gave it the treatment that they’re doing for Twilight Princess now and give it more volumes. Four Swords deserves to have its potential tapped into!
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proudmythicalbeast · 2 days ago
RhettandLinKast #2 Lunch w/Lincoln + Test Setup 11/30/07
First 3 minutes is Link talking with his grandparents on the yellow flower couch by their desks, then Rhett and Link move to the other part of the basement with the green screen and the infamous green card table.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Rhett limps around, because of a back injury from recording a music video, while Link sets up everything for the live.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
There's only 17 people watching, Rhett talks directly to them, one even asks about his back hair (!) to which he responds that it can be remedied easily. Link tells him to remember Jesus and their wives are watching, ha. Rhett says Jesus is, but his wife is working 👀
Tumblr media
One of Rhett's famous quotes! I have a feeling these kasts are full of proprhettcies.
Link says he's glad there's proof that he does everything. Rhett says he can change this to anytime (sure like you didn't convince this man to quit his job so that he could create with you).
I LOVE the chinstrap and the wings. I even love their flair legged jeans (I may be biased because these kasts started when I was in college, but the slightly fitted flairs are better than just baggy jeans like when they were in college).
They are adorable 😭 I would've loved them if I had known they existed back then. In hs and college, I was into Olde English (with Adam Conover and Raph Bob-Waksberg) and Derrick Comedy (Donald Glover), both were comedy troupes and had their own websites/forums before yt was big.
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art-outlaw · 3 days ago
Stargazing // Chapter Four
Daniel Ricciardo x Reader
Summary: Friend’s since childhood, you’re lucky you to spend the time you do with Daniel. Refusing to acknowledge that you’re in love with your best friend of 25 years is fine - until it’s not.
For the sake of continuity and landmark events  the story will take part during the 2019 season but has a bit of a flair for creative freedom. Also, Renault era Dan just has a bit of a spice, a flavour to him that I just can’t forget yet
Chapters: 4/?
Warnings/ Rating: Mature. Alcohol consumption, like two swear words
Word Count: 3872
Posted: 11 June 2021
Tumblr media
“Daniel, for the love of god please tell me you are not still packing right now?!” You knew you sounded like a chastising mother, but honestly you’d think a grown man soon to be thirty and a freaking professional Formula One driver to have more organisational skills than a twelve year-old packing for school camp. 
But alas, here you were with your hands on your hips staring into the bedroom of one Daniel Ricciardo who was frantically throwing random pieces of clothing into an open suitcase. Even the suitcase was resting precariously on the bed, only a few more items away from spilling onto the floor… all of this suggesting that Dan had procrastinated on packing...again.
“You said we’re leaving in fifteen minutes, I’ve still got time!” Daniel hadn’t even looked up at you yet, or bothered to check his watch either. You had told him an hour ago sitting at his kitchen bench over breakfast that you were leaving in fifteen minutes - that was when he’d looked at you like a deer in the headlights and choked out that he better finish packing then. Knowing your pretend-fiancé as well as you did, there was no illusion about what this was code for: holy fuck I haven’t even packed yet but going to play it cool and pretend I have it all under control.
He then proceeded to bolt from the kitchen to his bedroom.
For the past month you had all but moved in with Daniel in preparation for the upcoming season. While he and Michael had started their pre-season training camp, you had used the time to get your affairs in order before leaving the country; quitting your job (giving notice meant that you’d had to suffer the meaningless dribble of your job for two more weeks), telling Gavin and your landlord that you’d be moving out (avoiding the real reason why, of course), and telling your family that you were engaged.
“Okay, Dan, you’re killing me here.” You moved from your power stance in the doorway towards him. Only when you placed a soft hand on his shoulder as he hunched over the suitcase, did he finally look up at you. “You, go and have a shower because I refuse to sit next to a musty Dan on a four hour flight, and I’ll fix the monstrosity that is your packing skills.”
He smiled at you gratefully, before grabbing a random pair of shorts and tee from his bed to change into. “You are a god-send,” he exhaled in relief. And before you could wonder what the hell he was doing, he’d grabbed you by the neck, planted a solid kiss on your forehead and moved towards his ensuite. He didn’t linger, didn’t give you the chance to relish the casual affection he gave so freely. 
Pretending like your heart wasn’t about to beat out of your chest or that your cheeks were suddenly three degrees warmer than the rest of your body, you moved his suitcase further onto the bed and surveyed the damage he’d done so far.
Despite the mess of the whole thing, Dan had done a decent job of getting the essentials in - there was no way in hell you were going to dig through his underwear drawers and pick out his boxer-briefs wear for the next three weeks. You started tidying up the mess of it all, adding things you know he would want or need but neglected to pack himself. 
You tried not to overdo it on the packing, after all, it was only three weeks before you’d be at his second-home in Monaco and he could fix everything up there. The thought had you nearly giddy with excitement - in three weeks you’d be two races down and three countries deep in your trip. Considering you’d never even been overseas, the thought of going so many places so soon had your stomach churning, excitement and nerves combining into one.
You chuckled to yourself as the echoey sound of Dan singing to himself in the shower escaped from behind the bathroom door. He was singing some country song you didn’t know, something involving a bottle of whiskey, you honestly couldn’t tell what it was about. But the sound of him clearly more calm since leaving the packing in your more-than-capable hands had you shaking your head in mirth.
You were adding another pile of clothes to the suitcase when your hand brushed something much sturdier than a simple pile of cotton-shirts. Assuming it was a phone charger, you pulled it from the depths of the suitcase to move into your handbag, knowing he’d be desperate for it as soon as you got to Melbourne. Your hand scrambled for it, but couldn’t find the cord for the life of you. Eventually you pulled it free, only to stare at the object that was definitely not a phone charger in your hand in disbelief. 
A small box sat on the palm of your hand innocuously, completely unthreatening. You wanted to drop it like it burned you, you wanted to open it and confirm the conclusion to what your brain had already jumped to. You knew jewellry boxes as well as any other person and that nestled inside the velvet covered box was most likely a ring. You couldn’t tell how long you stood there and stared at the unopened box, your mind screaming at you to open it, to look at see if this was the engagement ring that would sit on your finger.
But your heart told you not to. After all, it’s not like the engagement ring would symbolise anything beyond the agreement you had made with Daniel, it wasn’t the symbol for a life together as partners, or a symbol of his unending love for you. It was a rock on a precious metal, made to maintain a ruse. 
In all your worry you barely noticed the sound of the shower cutting off or the rustle of Dan getting dressed in private, only when the lock of the bathroom door clicked to announce his imminent arrival back into his bedroom did you realise what he was about to walk into. Without a second thought, you shoved the ring-box back into the hidden depths of his suitcase, and stepped away.
“Alright, so I’ve just got to add my bathroom stuff,” he entered the room, fluffing his wet curls with a towel, the other hand holding a small bag which he promptly threw on top of the now neatly filled suitcase. “And we’re good to go!”
The rush to the airport and through security checks goes by uneventfully. You don’t know what you were expecting… throngs of fans? Media frenzy? In reality, it’s all very calm. A few fans stop Daniel on your way to the gate, but take little notice of you or Michael or any other of the team. You breathe a sigh of relief, maybe you could get away with a few more days of anonymity before the news of Daniel’s mystery fiancée broke. After all, Daniel had only informed the necessary staff of his ‘engagement’, citing privacy as the only reason they had heard so little of you before. 
Plane tickets were covered by Daniel against your better judgement, whilst hotel rooms and VIP passes were all organized by Renault’s coordinators with little fuss - it was not the first time Daniel had brought someone along to a race with little fanfare… It gave you a little comfort though, to know that you were the only person for Daniel to need to organise an ongoing arrangement with his team for. 
You knew Daniel didn’t like being dishonest with his team, not when they always put their absolute faith in him to be so forthcoming about everything - on track and off track. But, there was no way they would have ever agreed to the charade if they were made aware of it. So, the lies started there.
As far as you knew, the only people that were actually in on the whole ‘fake-engagement’ thing were yourself, Daniel and Michael. A longtime friend to both of you and Daniel’s trainer meant that there was no hiding it from him - after all, Michael had spent the better part of a year and a half working so closely with Daniel it was a wonder they had any privacy from each other at all. 
When Daniel and you sat down with Michael for a casual dinner at the farm one night, only a week after you had finally agreed, to tell him the exact plan you two had been cooking up, you weren’t entirely sure of how he’d react. To be fair, he sat and listened without speaking as Daniel calmly spoke him through the plan, and you stuttered out details when you could bring yourself to - he’d nodded along but his face remained nearly expressionless the whole time. When Daniel had finally run out of things to say in justification for bringing you along, Michael finally spoke:
“If this is what it’s going to take to get you to stop whining about missing her when you should be focusing for a race, I’m all for it.” Then, and only then did you see Daniel get embarrassed about the arrangement. He’d tried to stutter a witty response about Michael not being good-enough company for him, but the pink-tinge to his cheeks and the length of time it took to get it out ruined the effect. You and Michael had taken great pleasure in laughing at the chagrined look Daniel had sent you. It was easier to laugh and cover the lump in your throat than to acknowledge the kinds of feelings that him missing you brought up.
“My only condition in this whole thing,” Michael gestured between the two of you with his fork full of spaghetti, “if she begins to be more of a distraction than a help, I won’t hesitate to call you both out on your bullshit. We’re here to win races, not to fake a honeymoon, you got it?”
Neither of you could argue with him on that… 
You knew Daniel felt better with Michael knowing about the whole thing - taking the burdensome weight of a secret off of his shoulders meant that rather than being forced to hide it all, he’d have Michael to discuss it with… Shifting his focus from a fake engagement to the training camp and race-prep was a lot easier when he didn’t have to fake being in love with you on top of it all. 
Not that faking affection with you was hard for Daniel in the slightest, his casual affection with you had made the ruse all the more convincing when you had informed both of your families.
You had deluded yourself into thinking that the calmness that Michael had taken the news was to be continued with your family, you could not have been more wrong. They had exploded when they watched Daniel take your hand in his, look at your father and inform him of his intention to marry his child.
You still cringed at the memory.
Rather than splitting the news and being forced to tell both of your families separately, Dan had taken it upon himself to throw a small get-together for the announcement. Both his family and yours had trekked it out to his little farm for another outdoor fire, like you had all done in the past - and prior to the announcement, you had been having such a fantastic time catching up with everyone that you had nearly forgotten why they were there in the first place.
But eventually the sun had set and Daniel’s sister Michelle had wrangled her son and her brother into some semblance of calm… Uncle Dan had taken it upon himself to show his all-too adorable nephew the joys of dirt-biking before night had fallen, and you had watched on with a fondness that melted your heart. There was such beauty in watching Dan interact with his nephew that you had barely taken your eyes off of the two of them, even when Grace Ricciardo had done her best to claim your attention.
But eventually the sun had set and everyone pleasantly a few drinks down, and Dan sent you a look that told you he was going to drop the metaphorical bomb. And in all your fake-fiancée-ness you had dutifully gone and stood by his side at the head of the table, as he spewed all the lies you’d both constructed of your secret romance. Initially there was shock mixed with joy - your two families had been so close for years that it had almost felt inevitable for the two of you to date. But then when Dan had turned to look at your father, a man he’d known for nearly his entire life, and informed him of his intention to marry you, you swore you could’ve heard a pin drop.
Both of your mother’s had shrieked and jumped up from the table to hug each other, screaming something about how they’d always dreamt of this moment - like that wasn’t weird at all. Michelle and her husband gaped at the two of you in gobsmacked silence, mouths hanging open. Daniel’s father was the only one to approach the two of you and embrace you both, congratulating you quietly. You had a sneaking suspicion that he knew everything was not as it seemed…
But your father… Oh god. He sat there and you watched as his face went from its normal shade, to a few shades paler, and then a few shades redder than you’d ever see before. The transition of colours had only taken seconds, but you knew when to expect an explosion and cringed at what could only come next. But it’s like Daniel could see what was coming, and ever the tactician, he covered his own ass expertly.
“I know that tradition dictates that I ask for your blessing, but with a woman like her, the smart, beautiful woman you raised… I couldn’t take the chance of you saying no, because I know that I don’t deserve her, I don’t think there is a man in the world who deserves the person that she is… and I promised myself I would never lose her, no matter what.”
Oh how the man could play on the hearts of everyone around you. If you didn’t already know better, you’d have thought Daniel was telling the truth. Part of you wished he was. Because of the grip he had on your hand and the comforting squeeze he gave, the way his eyes glazed over and stared at you as he promised never to lose you, and the way his words had flowed so easily like he’d prepared for them his whole life… It was so easy to just pretend that this was real life.
And that was it; your small gathering had turned into an unofficial engagement party in a matter of minutes. Champagne was popped, toasts to a beautiful life together made and congratulations were shared. Promises on both sides of the family to keep the happy news quiet were made, understanding that any chance of it reaching the media ahead of the first race was only adding unnecessary stress… It didn’t stop both of your mothers jumping to wedding planning so quickly that both you and Daniel were surprised they hadn’t gotten you hitched by the end of the night. You and Daniel had agreed to share the lie that there were no immediate plans to set a date, just happy to finally be ‘open’ with their relationship, to get through the fast-approaching season.
With preparations all made, and lies set in motion, there was nothing for the both of you to do except be prepared for the onslaught of questions awaiting you from the team, the paddock and the media alike. So sharing the quiet comfort of limbo that airport gates gave you, Daniel and you had exchanged very little the whole time. You could tell he was glancing over to you, pulling his head up from his phone occasionally to check in on you but you kept your head down in your book, despite not having turned the page for quite some time.
You were still unsure of how the whole thing would work; how much attention would the news be given? How much affection and ‘love’ were you supposed to publicly show to keep up with the lie without giving away your own true feelings to Dan? How much to keep the public believing that you weren’t some random after his money... But overthinking it only gave you a headache, so in true-to-you fashion, you just avoided thinking about it at all.
You knew Dan would’ve noticed by now that your eyes had been resting on an unturned page for too long, perceptive as he was. You hoped he would leave you to your contemplative silence in peace, but as always the need to know everything overwhelmed him, and his quiet voice finally broke the quiet.
“Should I be worried about how quiet you’ve been the past half hour?”
You shake your head, and glance up at him with a small smile “Just thinking ‘bout some thing.” You left your answer at that - hoping he wouldn’t press. Again, he pressed for more. 
“You’re not going to ditch me before we even get started, are you?” The tone was joking enough, but the worry underneath was unmistakable. You shake your head again, and decide you might as well be a little honest with him - he was your fiancé now after all.
“Just worrying about what people are expecting us to look like, you know… Like I’m springing up out of nowhere, engaged to you… People are going to think I’m some groupie gold-digger,” You were disgusted by the thought of someone using Daniel like that, let alone people accusing you of doing that.
You could tell he was equally disturbed at the thought. “Don’t worry about what people are going to think… We know the truth about it, as weird as the truth is. The media are going to have their own thoughts about it, regardless of what we tell them. It’s going to be hard, that’s a given, but we don’t need to give them any more power over our lives than they already have.”
It was so easy to believe him, as easy as breathing. The confidence with which he approached life often left you astounded. You wondered, like you often had, what life would be like to be so self-assured as he was. You knew the confidence wasn’t unending, and that he had his moments of insecurity and weakness, but his ability to play it off was something you aspired to. You wondered if it was years of living in the spotlight, or something that was just quintessentially Daniel.
“Just like when we agreed to this, we’ll come up with a plan. And like before, if we get a few races in and we need to re-evaluate how this works, we’ll do it. Compromise is key.” 
The smooth voice of the flight attendant came over the PA announcing boarding for first class members interrupted your thanks, Daniel already moving to stand, reaching down to grab his backpack. You watch him as he moves towards the gate, heart in your throat. He only gets a few steps away from you before he turns to stare back at you in confusion.
The look you give him must be one of pure panic, as he quickly paces his way back to you and crouches down. His hands grasp at yours sitting limply in your lap, and squeezes them gently.
“I got you, baby. Always.”
And with that, you let him pull you from your seat.
I am having way to much fun writing this to stick to regular posting schedule right now, so here’s another chapter! As always, reply to this post to be added to the tag-list for the next chapter and all following chapters!
Hope you guys are enjoying it so far! Next chapter: Aussie GP and news breaks of DR’s mystery girl...
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emiefaunwrites · 3 days ago
Can we have stuff about Taka's childhood maybe?
Hey anon!
Sure of course! Happy to give an overview of Taka's childhood.
Obviously there's trigger warnings for bullying underneath. Also will touch of his mother's death so trigger warnings for cancer and death too. And I'll briefly mention his OCD too.
Thank you so much for the ask! I hope you enjoy!
• Kiyotaka Ishimaru learns from a very young age that his surname makes him stand out.
• His grandfather is the Prime Minister! He doesn't know what that means, but his mother and father tell him that its important.
• For the first few years of his life, it's good. He has other kids to play with at school, they have a nice house, his parents always seems happy.
• Then the scandal happens Taka's life turns upside down.
• His mother tells him that they have to move somewhere else, which makes Taka sad.
• He gets one last day to play with his friends...but when he gets to school, a boy pushes him into the dirt and tells him that his Mummy said that Taka is 'scum' and he isn't going to be friends with him now.
• All the boys and girls laugh at him, throwing mud in his face and pushing him around - and the teacher just stands there facing away for deniability.
• His parents are heartbroken when he comes home crying and dirty and in ripped clothes - but know it's only going to get worse.
• And how right they are.
• Because Taka's grandfather landed the family into impossibly high debt, they can only afford to rent a small two bedroom house in the roughest part of the city.
• The neighbours hate them, assuming all Ishimaru's are corrupt, and so take their anger and disgust out on them all.
• Taka comes home from school most days to his father cleaning paint from the walls - bright red letters spelling out obscene phrases.
• Or tidying the glass from the living room when a brick has gone through the window for the third time this month.
• And school is awful.
• He's immediately an outcast to children and teachers alike - harrassed daily whilst having to put on a brave face like his father told him.
• He tries once to make friends, tries to invite people to a party for his birthday - but that only ends in heartbreak.
• So he decides he will focus on his learning - he doesn't need friends if all they'll do is hurt you.
• Knowledge doesn't hurt. Knowledge doesn't hate.
• And he'll do everything in his power to prove that his grandfather waa an anomaly and is not a fair representation of the Ishimaru legacy.
• He will become Prime Minister - no matter what it takes.
• And so he changes tactics, spending time alone studying and playing close attention in school.
• Even if the teachers hated him, they couldn't deny his aptitude for learning.
• And from the outside, Taka became untouchable - unswayed by the constant harrassment by his peers and soon the number one student in the region.
• But on the inside, he was struggling.
• His OCD was getting worse with every day that passed and he ended up going for therapy.
• Thankfully the therapist was a kind man who didn't judge him on his grandfather's mistakes and helped him through the worst times.
• Particularly the death of his mother.
• When Taka was 11, his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. But because of their crippling debt, they weren't able to pay for treatment.
• It was a slow, drawn out couple of years. And when Taka was 13, she eventually passed away at home - and he was the one who found her.
• His dad came home to him by the telephone, trying to get himself out of a loop that was stress triggered - but the boy refused to cry.
• His mother needed him to be strong and grieving would only get in the way of his studying.
• But his OCD spiralled, grief manifesting as compulsions that his father couldn't control.
• It took a few months of medication and therapy but eventually he was back on track - despite never grieving his mother's death.
• It was a blessing when he was scouted to Hope's Peak - free tuition from a school that cared only about the best in the country, regardless of background.
• His father knew that he could never have afforded the extorionate fees for any other school and so this was the perfect solution for his son's ambitions.
• But Taka having to move away frightened them both - even if they never said it to each other.
• But it was for the best. It was for Taka's future. And Takaaki would have given anything for his son to succeed in life.
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