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#everything has changed part 1
ardentlyadmire · 3 months ago
#ahem not to only come on here to share negative thoughts etc rip but. i need to let it out somewhere?#anyways that's the negativity cw#i just. when you text a friend directly it's like they HAVE to respond u know? and no one is doing good rn and it fucking sucks#anyways it's sunny and nice out and everything but apparently the novelty of that has already worn off again and i just feel Bad#bc there's no point??? they called me back abt a job i applied for but i saw on the website they want you for at least a year and i don't#want to commit to that when it's not something i want to grow in + when i might wanna go back to uni in sept yknow?#but for more side-job-y jobs they don't want 1) 23 yo's and 2) anyone bc everyone is applying for those rn#anyways 2.0 . i promised to skype call with the guy that asked my number once 5 years ago? fdjhdfjh if anyone remembers that my respect#that was when i was studying psychology and idk we went on one date and it was alright and suddenly he messaged me again#on facebook dfjhfjh and i mean why not but i AM anxious + it always feels different with men for some reason??#idk i feel like part of me is like why would you date a man when women exist? which is not the thing of uuugh men suck#just that i've always connected much more strongly with women i think? and i don't know if i could ever get to that level of#connection and understanding with a man#anywaysssssss just a chat it'll be fine#the other thing is how i WANT to work out and do some stuff to just take care of my body but i can't make myself lately at all#bc of prev mentioned Pointlessness#i imagine we're all feeling that bc this has been going on for too long and we expected the vaccine would speed things up for the better#and it doesn't even seem like it is#this is getting so long im sorry but also it's so nice to let it out#i should also change the way i am with twitter btw like it makes me anxious and feel as if im not doing it right (aka army twitter ofc)#and that just makes me feel more stupid and lonely even if it's rly nice to make new friends on there#a n y w a y s#im so so so tired idk what to do anymore im just sad and exhausted and i need more hobbies bc u can't rely on a hyperfixation and u shouldn'#but it's the only thing that doesn't take as much energy yknow?#ok that's all if you're still reading that's??? really touching and ily <3
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ohsweetflips · 3 months ago
#i’m rambling/slightly-vulnerable-posting in the tags of this post#100% genuine do not feel obligated to read i just don’t have any other vent outlets omg#i would invest in a journal but 1) feels too intimate and 2) cannot trust it to not be found#anyways tho!!!!!#imposter syndrome is. really happening tonight!#like idk it’s like i’ve always known ‘identity is fluid’ but i always felt like it applied to everyone else#and then i think abt the ways my identity has changed between 13-21 and it just feels?? idk#like i almost feel guilty? in a sense?#esp bc between like idk august to now i have been having like. stacked identity crises.#and a part of me feels like i should’ve figured this shit out already lmao#and another part of me is like ‘would an X person really think abt this all the time’#and then /another/ part of me feels like i am just faking everything even though i. am not. but sometimes brain bad!!#and it’s just weird#and sometimes very much this feeling of ‘are these feelings genuine or am i thinking too much’#and i feel a lot of that with gender but like.#that esp i feel almost scared to talk abt bc i have Thoughts and Feelings#and then i overthink and my brain is just like ‘nope ur lying ur doing this for attention ur just thinking too much’#like idk my whole identity sometimes feels like just a back and forth with my own brain#and it always just comes back to ‘shouldnt i know this stuff already?’#‘why does it feel like everything just suddenly changed’#and most of all (and my personal favorite /s):#‘are these feelings real or am i uprooting everything bc i feel like i’m losing my grip on a lot of stuff’#like idk i feel like that sounds. bad.#and i’m hesitant to call it this bc ik it has serious connotations but sometimes it feels obsessive#and like. would pay money for someone to tell me what i am#bc i have thoughts and feelings but it’s like i’m scared to commit bc like. what if temporary.#or what if not taken seriously. or not wanted. fun shit like that!#A N Y W A Y S THOUGH#also if u made it this far 1) god bless and 2) i’m not fishing for attention i just needed a vent space omg
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black-rupoor · 4 months ago
CHAPTER 1, PAGE 1-6 (read from right to left)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Well this escalated quickly... 😅
How will the last fight against Jolene end? Let's say (almost) everything is possible since I changed some minor parts of the actual story...
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sunforgrace · 9 months ago
i have like. this desperate need to get all my wips out before the finale (I don’t know why. some fruitless desire to show i was here, that i lived through the finale and loved the show before it ended? all the drafts that sat unfinished because I always thought I would have more time, but now the final days are upon us? because if i post them it feels like just another fic in another hiatus, rather than accepting the very final end?) but i know there’s like zero chances of that happening lmao
#sun thoughts#alas - many will be posted after the show is over with the caveat in the author's note where i explain when this was first written and in#what context#while trying to not let the finale affect the direction of the writing#at least i have 1 (one) fic to show i was here before it ended lol#more than i have to show for something like say - avatar that got a new wave of new gen z fans who didnt grow up with it#idk why it matters to me - i guess cause this damn show has been important to me lol#and i know the end of the show neither means the end of fandom nor the closing of the gates on new fic#but idk#it just feels like#things wont be the same?#whatever happens#everythings going to be different after that final episode#and i suppose it's the part of me that just wants to live in this moment right here#that doesn't want anything to change#and misses all the opportunities to engage in fandom when there was no end in sight and there was always the new to look to - no definitive#end#no true - complete loss#all the fics i could have posted years ago to leave my mark on this fandom. to show i was here. and now im running out of time#and even though we'll still always have fic - we'll always have au's and fix it's and codas and canon divergences where these characters#will always live on#it somehow feels like it won't be quite the same. when baby drives home with jensen - and the bunker is torn down - and we get that final#blackout. whatever happens in that episode - things will be changed#and i guess this is how i deal with it scaring me. the mad rush to preserve myself in time. prove that i was here and that i felt something#for this show and i /created/ long before that black out#(and GOD how am i psychoanalyzing myself this much over a tv show fhdjsk)
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inspirited-goddess · 10 months ago
Today I stepped back from outlining my WIP to outline the main ideas and key concepts of books of my series as a whole. And it’s a good thing I did because there’s a lot of timelines and dates I need to figure out, and then there’s the matter of deciding how many books are gonna be in this series and some of the books have tentative titles because I just don’t *know* what to name them right now... But it’s fine and pretty fun!! It’s nice to step outside of my WIP for the moment and focus on something else. Definitely gotta fill up these plot holes tho lol
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remotecareers · 11 minutes ago
Sr. DevOps Engineer (100% Remote work)
Title Sr. DevOps Engineer (100 Remote work) Location Remote Duration FTE No visa sponsorship available at this time. Must have skills 1) Kubernetes (in production preferred) 2) Amazon Web Services 3) Large scale experience Our client is currently seeking a Senior DevOps Engineer to help elevate their enterprise communications platform used by the largest companies in the world with the most technically complex environments you can find. You will be part of a distributed team working on a product that brings personalized information and systems access to every worker, everywhere – whether they’re wired, distributed, or frontlineessential. Responsibilities Design, develop and deliver scalable and automated services and architecture Infrastructure as code Architect, design and implement solutions with cloud native solutions within AWS Automate software delivery pipelines for various applications and services Ensure full-stack software solutions are architected and delivered using industry-leading DevOps best practices and technologies (immutable infrastructure, infrastructure-as-code, version control on everything, self-healing applications) Collaborate to define best practices and standards around DevOps and service resilience Create reusable automation libraries that can be applied across the enterprise Develop usage standards, user self-service designs, and reporting on application KPIs Identify gaps, suggest improvements, and coordinate monitoring, alerting and logging of improvements Participate in deep architectural discussions to ensure solutions are designed for successful deployment in the cloud Troubleshoot production issues and perform on-call duties The Ideal Candidate will have Cloud Experience 4+ years of operating on large scale production environments (AWS required) AWS core services experience (EC2, RDS, S3, Lambda, API Gateway, EKS) Has demonstrable knowledge of DevOps in an Enterprise setting, specifically within AWS (AWS EKSDockerContainerHelm technology experience highly preferred) Experience with CircleCI or other common CICD platforms Problem Solving Very strong troubleshooting skills with AWS, Kubernetes, and Linux ideally when under high pressure situations Deals well with ambiguous or undefined problems Ability to think abstractly and guide others Is comfortable performing requirements analysis, interfacing with stakeholders of various levels and documenting solutions Technical Acumen Has the ability to articulate technical topics to non-technical audiences both in writing, in diagrams, and in person Doesn’t mind talking with prospects or customers to walk through the technical and security aspects of the platform Has an affinity for security and privacy Team Adoption Displays strong leadership and communication skills – be clear and concise Is an energetic team player who works well across the business and readily adapts to change Confident of your skills, abilities and willing to share what you know, while learning from others Has familiarity with working in a remotedistributed team Everest Consultants is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, or any other characteristic protected by applicable local, state or federal civil right laws.
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anagentinwriting · 25 minutes ago
Lifeline - Final Part
Summary: (First Responders!AU) Moving to Los Angeles and living with your brother, Thor, was never part of your plan nor was being a 9-1-1 dispatcher, but plans change when you are faced with your own emergencies. In your case, it was leaving behind a relationship that wasn’t as perfect as it seemed. Will this be the fresh start you were hoping for or will your past find a way to catch up with you?
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Odinson!Sister Reader
Word Count: 5700+
Warnings: Angst, hospitals, injuries, fluff
Lifeline Masterlist / Main Masterlist
Tumblr media
Thor sat beside the hospital bed, watching you sleep. You looked so content and at ease, but the cuts on your face and a brace on your ankle told him a different story. You didn’t say much to him on the ambulance ride in, but Thor knew how you were feeling. The adrenaline that fueled your escape wore off, and it left you exhausted. You looked tired, and every time your eyes drifted closed, you would jolt yourself awake. You wanted to rest but knew it was pointless once you arrived at the hospital, knowing they would run some tests, and they did just that. A lady doctor and a couple of nurses rushed you away, leaving him standing in the waiting room again, but this time, it was different. You were here, and you were safe. 
Thor ran a hand down his face as his eyes traveled to Loki sitting across from him on the other side of the bed. He was reading a book, and every so often, he would stop and peek over at you, making sure you were okay. Thor let out a deep breath before clearing his throat. “Hey, we should probably talk about all that’s happened.”
“I disagree,” Loki stated, eyeing him over his book.
“Open communication has never been our family's forte, has it?”
“Now that, I can agree with you on.”
“You know, I thought the world of you two growing up,” Thor stated, his eyes drifting to YN and then back to Loki.
“Oh, here we go,” Loki sighed, shutting his book as his mouth went into a straight line.
“You and YN were always having fun together and hanging out. To be honest, I was a little jealous of that. Sure, I had many friends, tons of them, way more than I needed, but none of them seemed to compare to your friendship.”
“Don’t get all sentimental on me now, brother.” Loki shook his head.
“I’m not, but out of the two of us, I seem to be the one always messing things up and failing her. And everything between you two...well, it’s like nothing changed.” 
Loki remained quiet, glancing over at you with worried-filled eyes. “Lots changed, but you’re wrong thinking you’re not the only one. I failed her, too. Countless times.” Thor caught his eye, but he quickly looked away. “I knew what was happening from the start and I tried to get her out of that situation, but I failed. I’m just as much to blame as you.” 
Thor leaned forward in his chair, rubbing his hands together, and narrowed his eyes at him. “When YN first came here, she forgave me like it was nothing, but I couldn’t forgive myself. I have always understood that forgiveness has to be earned, and I didn’t earn it.” He sat up straight, running a hand down his face. “We can blame ourselves as much as we want, but this was Billy’s doing. He manipulated us into thinking we weren’t trying hard enough, that we caused her all this pain, that we failed her. Truth is, it all comes back to him, and up until this point, I didn’t realize it until I saw that look on your face. The one I have been wearing for months, carrying all this guilt and this blame for all his wrongdoings.” He let out a deep breath, looking over at Loki. “You and I, brother, are not at fault here, and YN wouldn’t want us thinking otherwise.” 
Loki stared at him, nodding his head before his eyes traveled back to you. You moved slightly, but to some, it would’ve gone unnoticed, but not to him. He gulped, clearing his throat, “You’re right, much of this was Billy’s doing, but I still could’ve done better.” 
“I could’ve, too,” Thor admitted with a half-shrug.  “We can’t change what we didn’t do back then, but we can be there for her now and help her in any way we can. We are always going to look back and regret not doing more, but at some point, we need to let go and forgive ourselves. It’s what YN would want, and it’s what we should do for ourselves.” Loki nodded in agreement, squeezing his lips together into a straight line. “But hey, look on the bright side, Billy’s dead, so that’s one less psychopath we have to worry about,” Thor declared, rubbing his hands over his thighs before standing up from his chair. “I’m gonna grab a coffee; want anything?”
Loki remained silent, staring at your resting form while Thor walked towards the door, patting him on the shoulder on his way out. “Actually, now that you mentioned it, I wouldn’t mind a…” Loki turned to the doorway to find no one there. He rolled his eyes, a slight smirk forming on his lips. “Ridiculous.” 
You couldn’t help but smirk at his response. You let out a deep breath, feeling an uncomfortable sensation run up your side. You slowly opened your eyes, squinting at the bright fluorescent lights above you. Your eyes traveled down your body, noticing your ankle in a brace, resting on a pillow. Whatever damage happened on those rocks, it must’ve been a pretty bad sprain, but at least it wasn’t broken. Your head hurt, and your bruised hip was throbbing, but at least it was tolerable. Your eyes traveled to the figure sitting in the chair to your left, seeing Loki engrossed in a book. 
His head perked up, meeting your eye. “Good, you’re awake.”
“I thought I heard your snarky attitude earlier, but I thought I was hallucinating.”
He smirked. “No, I’m really here, at least for the next couple hours or so.” He closed his book. “Why did you see or hear someone else on your painkillers?” He inquired, narrowing his eyes at you. 
“Good.” He nodded, more to reassure himself than you. “You had me worried, and if I had known...” He sighed, setting down his book, rubbing his forehead. “Brother kept calling me and calling me, not leaving a single voicemail. I mean, who does that? Calls and calls, not leaving me anything, not telling me anything, but straight away, I knew…I knew something was wrong. That, and the fact that Billy hasn’t stopped by asking about you.”
“It’s okay, Loki. Billy was a psychopath; no one could’ve predicted this would happen,” you added, fidgeting with your hospital blanket before you caught his eye. “It’s no one else's fault but his.” 
“I know that,” Loki nodded, shooting you a small closed-mouth smile. “And he’s gone, so you don’t have to worry about him anymore.” You bit your lip, narrowing your eyes at him. 
“How are you doing with all this?” He furrowed his brow, pushing his lips together into a straight line. “Oh please, don’t give me that look; I know you. And I know, you knew I wasn’t asleep earlier.” He pursed his lips, shaking his head no, but you knew he was lying. You scoffed, rolling your eyes. “Thor might not always make the best decisions or say the right thing, but he explained this mess of things pretty damn well. I was worried that Thor was never gonna be able to forgive himself, but he’s working on it, and I hope you can do the same.”
“I will, eventually--” he nodded more for his solace than yours “-- forgiveness takes time, even if it’s with yourself,” he admitted with a faint smirk on his lips. 
You held out your hand to him, and he stared at it before placing his own in yours. “You better,” you teased, narrowing your eyes at him. “Or else.” You squeezed his hand, and he couldn’t help but roll his eyes as a small grin made its way across his lips. 
He shook his head as he dropped your hand. “This isn’t my therapy session. I’m here for you; do you want to talk about what happened in that desert?” 
You sighed, staring down at your sprained ankle. “Not right now. I’m still trying to wrap my head around it.”
“Very well. It’s a lot for someone to go through, but I’ll be here if you need me.”
“Thanks, brother. I appreciate it.”
“Now, when can I expect you to come back to New York?”
You shrugged, Loki’s face falling. “I don’t know. I never thought it would’ve turned out like this. When Thor convinced me to stay, it was my fallback plan, a safe place to hide out, use my voice, and not have to worry about Billy. I didn’t expect to love it here and meet so many great people.” You paused, trying to think of the right way to phrase it. “Honestly, my life isn’t in New York anymore. I don’t miss it like I thought I would, but I do miss seeing you every day.”
“I see,” he replied, a slight frown crossing his lips. 
“I know it wasn't part of the plan, but…”
“Plans can change,” he finished for you with a genuine smile. “You’ve grown from your mistakes, and I’m proud of how far you’ve come.” He reached out, taking your hand in his. “Am I disappointed? Of course, but I’m happy if you’re happy. We’ll keep in touch, and you’ll visit, yes?” He gave your hand a hopeful squeeze.
“Yes, of course, I will. Can’t get rid of me that easy,” you joked, squeezing his hand. 
He pulled his hand away, pointing at you. “But, please tell me it isn’t about that stubborn muscle head?”
“Stubborn muscle head,” you narrowed your eyes at him, “you mean Steve?”
“So, it has a name,” he teased, widening his eyes. 
“Oh shut up, he’s a good man,” you countered, shaking your head. “Have you met him?”
“In passing, but from what I have come to understand, he’s done a lot for you. More than Billy ever did, and for that, he’s earned a little bit, just a tiny bit of my respect.” You shot him an amused grin, and he rolled his eyes. “Don’t give me that look, YN. It doesn’t mean I like him.”
“Uh-huh, okay,” you scoffed, not believing him. “Whatever you say.”
Not long after, Loki had to leave to catch his flight but promised he’d let you know when he landed. He gave you a long hug, which he only reserved for a few people, and started heading out of the room when Thor came barging back in. He wrapped Loki into a tight hug, lifting him off the ground, and you didn’t miss the unamused look of annoyance on his face. Once Thor set him back on the ground, Loki put a trusting hand on his shoulder, telling Thor to look out for you or else. It was quick, but Odinson’s were never one for long emotional goodbyes. 
Thor plopped down in the chair Loki was occupying before, letting out a loud breath.  “I didn’t know Loki was such a sofie, he doesn’t show it much, does he?”
“It was always there, it just hides under all his mischief,” you answered with a small smirk on your lips.
“I may have heard from a little bird that you’re staying.” Thor leaned forward, raising his eyebrows.
“We’re you eavesdropping?” 
Thor gasped. “Evas--eavesdropping, what are you---I don’t like what you're insinuating.” He placed a hand to his chest, looking taken aback. 
“You’re ridiculous!” You rolled your eyes, shaking your head. “But, um, yes, I’m staying. I’ve been the happiest here than I’ve been in a long time. I don’t want to give that up.”
“I thought you were staying cause I’m your favorite brother now.”
“I wouldn’t go that far, I like you both the same.”
“You don’t have to lie to me. Loki is…he’s probably in the elevator by now, he wouldn’t hear you say I’m your favorite,” He smiled, leaning into you. “Whisper it in my ear.”
You ignored his request, letting out a loud sigh. “How’s Steve doing?”
Thor opened his mouth to answer, but someone knocking on your open door interrupted him. It was the lady doctor you met when you first came in, but her name still escaped you. “Hi, I’m your attending, Dr. Jane Foster. We met briefly yesterday, but you were a little out of it.”
“Must have been the good drugs you put me on,” you joked, earning a small laugh from her, but got nothing from your brother. You peek over your shoulder to see him staring at her, almost starstruck.
“How are you feeling? Any pain in your head, hip, or ankle?”
“I’m good, there is some pain, but it is tolerable.”
“That’s great. Did anyone inform you at all about your injuries?” She asked, glancing at your brother. 
“I um...” Thor cleared his throat, “well...I was about to, but since you’re here Doc...Doctor, you could probably explain it better,” He stammered, getting a little tongue-tied.  
She nodded, returning to you, not giving him a second glance, which made you smirk. She went on to explain how you suffered a mild concussion and may experience symptoms such as a headache or a sense of confusion. You also had a high-grade sprained ankle, which would take around four to five weeks to heal. The bruise on your hip didn’t cause any serious damage besides the throbbing and the massive size, but it would heal on its own. The scrapes and cuts would need to be examined daily for possible infections, but that wouldn't be a problem. Dr. Foster wanted you to stay one more night for monitoring purposes, but you would be able to go home the following day. All she required from you was to rest and not do anything too strenuous. 
“I will be back in a few hours to check-in, but one of my best nurses, Claire Temple, will be coming by to take you on a stroll, but it won’t be anything too difficult,” She smiled, and you nodded at her. “Also, if you would be up for a few more visitors, there are a few that have gathered in the hallway.”
“Send them in,” you raved, feeling your heart speed up. She left the room, and Val and Carol walked in with conjoined hands. 
“If it isn’t the two love birds,” Thor greeted them with a huge smile on his face, striding over to them. He came up behind them, placing a hand on each of their shoulders with his head between theirs. “Hey, sis, did you know these two are an item, isn’t it great! I still can’t get over it, but I need to run an errand; did you want anything?”
“No, I should be fine.”
“Okay, then. See you later, ladies,” he waved, leaving the room.
“Where is he off to in such a hurry?” Val asked, watching him leave.
“I think he is trying to get with my doctor.”
Val huffed. “Good luck to him, but he’s gonna need more than a charming smile and that god-like voice to get a woman of her stature.” 
“Enough about him, I brought you an array of flowers. Didn’t really know what you liked, so got a little of each to be safe,” Carol smiled, setting them on the windowsill. “And I got you some chocolates because the real way to a woman's heart is through her stomach.” She pulled the bag from her purse and tossed them at you. “Thor mentioned you liked those, so I picked up a bag. Promise me you won’t share them with him.”
“I promise, he ain't touching them,” you said, hiding them in the small cubby under your hospital tray. “And from the looks of it, I take it you two finally told the squad.”
“We did! Everyone is pretty happy for us,” Carol smiled, threading her hands together with Vals.
“But the real question remains, what moves did you use to kick his ass?” Val asked with a curious smirk on her face. “Oh, and M’Baku wants to know if you barked at him?”
“I did not bark; make sure he knows that. As for the moves, let's just say I learned from the best.”
“You know that’s right,” she nodded, stepping over to you and giving you a high five. “Has Steve dropped by yet?”
“No, not yet. Why?”
“Last we heard, when you got here, he tried to leave his room to see you but ended up tearing his stitches not once, but twice. They had to put a security guard by his door, so he’d stay in his room,” Carol added, causing Val to roll her eyes and laugh.
“Is he okay?”
“Yeah, I would say he’s back to his normal self,” Carol smirked, eyeing you.
It wasn’t long after you were flipping through the channels when Clint and Cosmo walked into your room, bringing a smile to your face. “How did you get Cosmo in here? Only service or therapy dogs are usually allowed.”
“Technically, he is for the day.” He turned Cosmo, and he was wearing a service dog harness. “I may have found it in a police cruiser, but we’ll put it back once we are done with it. Isn’t that right, Cos?” Cosmo barked in response.
Cosmo came closer, laying his head on your bed, wagging his tail. “I hope the Bartons are treating you well.” You scratched his head, and he leaned into your touch.
“He’s getting the hero’s treatment. I think the kids are gonna be asking for a dog once he leaves.”
“I bet Laura will love that,” you joked, making Clint let out a breathy laugh.
“Gosh...can you imagine the look on her face if I brought home a dog or a puppy? I see her giving me this piercing glare and at least a month of sleeping on the couch. Sure, the kids would love me, but she’d for sure kill me.” He nodded with a smirk on his lips. 
“I wouldn’t put it past her; she’d probably get away with it too.” Clint hummed in agreement, and you glanced back at Cosmo, staring up at you. “Did you get to see your dad today, Cosmo?” He whined, and you were unable to contain the aw smile on your face.
“Steve was the one that told him you were here, so Cos insisted on visiting.”
“Is that right?” You shot Cosmo a lopsided smile, scratching his head, knowing it was all in good fun, but it sent a small flutter to your heart. “How’s he doing?”
“He looks a little rough, but he’s doing good. The last I heard, he was trying to steal a wheelchair, thinking that was a safer option than tearing his stitches again.”
Claire, the nurse Jane mentioned, stopped by, bringing a knee scooter with her. You’ve seen them before, but never had to actually use one. She insisted you take it out for a spin in the hallway to get some exercise and see how you’re feeling once you get moving. It wasn’t a long stroll, but it was nice getting out of the room for a while even if you had to be supervised, although Claire was good company.
You steered the scooter into your room with Claire beside you, spotting Nat and Bucky standing there. Nat rushed over to you, pulling you into a hug, and Bucky nodded a smile your way. 
“I’m so glad you’re okay,” she mumbled into your shoulder. 
“Thanks to you.” You squeezed her tight before letting go and holding her at arm's length, noticing a few unshed tears in her eyes. 
It was hard to remember what it was like having a true friend after Billy had driven away so many of yours.  Many came in and out of your life so fast it was hard to remember their names. After you left him, Nat was one of the first friends you made, and she welcomed you with open arms; she didn’t even hesitate. She’d drag you out of the house and force you to hang out even when you weren’t in the mood. Like your brothers, she had your back, and you owed her so much that a simple thank you would never be enough.
“It comes with the job of being one of my best friends,” she smirked, blinking away the tears. “I got your back.”
Bucky cleared his throat, pointing down at your leg brace, resting on the scooter. “Do I want to know what you did to him to sprain your ankle?” 
“Nat taught it to me, so you better be careful,” you winked, making Nat crack a side smile. You steered the scooter back to your bed, glancing over Bucky to see his eyes widen at the floor.
“She’s kidding.” Nat nudged him in the side, and he broke into a smile. 
“I knew that,” he nodded, chuckling nervously.
Claire helped you get back into bed, readjusting your leg on the stack of pillows and making sure your IVs were still attached. You leaned back, settling in, while Clarie did a quick assessment of your scrapes and cuts as well as taking another look at your hip.
“Are you in any pain?”
“It’s tolerable. Nothing I can’t handle.”
“Well, you let me know the moment it’s uncomfortable,” she added, pulling the blanket back over your hip. 
“I will; thanks for the stroll Claire, maybe we can do it again sometime.”
“I would love to,” she winked, leaving the room. 
“She seems fun,” Nat commented, crossing her arms.
“Yeah, we talked about getting drinks later when I am up for it. I feel like she might be a good fit for Sam.”
“YN, don’t get his hopes up like that. I mean, he’ll find someone eventually, but that necessary doesn’t have to be now,” Bucky murmured, giving you half-hearted shrug.
“Sorry, got distracted talking to this nurse out there.” Sam walked in, pulling you into a hug. “How you doing, girl?” 
“Better,” you stated in his ear. “Was this nurse a winner?”
“Maybe,” he winked, pulling away. “I’m glad you’re doing better, though.” He takes the chair next to your bed, resting his hands together on his stomach. “I need to know, what are the chances your brother will get a date with your doctor? We have a bet going, and I like to know my odds.”
“As long as he’s himself, the odds are good, but if he does his usual moves like he does at the bar, it probably won’t happen. Although, I have never seen him get tongue-tied like he did earlier.”
“He did what now? Smooth, charming, says all the right things Thor, got tongue-tied.” You nodded. “OOOOH--” he slapped his hands, rubbing them together “--I am never gonna let him live this down.”
“How’s Steve doing? Clint told me he was trying to steal a wheelchair.”
“Oh...that punk succeeded,” Bucky declared with a straight face. “It’s hiding in the closet in his room. I don’t know how he managed to do it, but he did it.”
“Did you get it for him?” Nat questioned, narrowing her eyes at him.
“What the hell? This is Steve, being the little punk he’s always been. And why am I the one who is always getting in trouble for ‘helping him,’ when I didn’t even do anything,” he whined, running a hand through his hair. 
“Well did you?” Sam questioned, raising a brow.
Bucky licked his lips, looking at everyone around the room. “What was I supposed to say, no? He just wants to see his girl. Sorry, I can't help it if I’m a bit of a romantic.”
“And how does he expect to get up here without being seen?” 
“He neglected to fill me in on that part of the plan.” 
Nat grinned, wrapping an arm around his waist and patting his chest. “What Bucky is trying to say, YN, is don’t be surprised if Steve wheels himself in here unattended.”
You burst out laughing, which only made everyone else in the room join. It was these moments you cherished, hanging with your friends, talking about nothing in particular, and enjoying each other's company. They welcomed you with open arms and helped you more than they would ever realize. 
“Alrighty, Miss Odinson, I am heading out for the night but wanted to drop by and make you sure you don't have any questions for me,” Jane inquired, looking over your chart once more at the end of the bed.
“I think I will be good, thanks.”
“No problem, and if you need anything, don’t hesitate to ask Claire. She’s covering the nurse's station tonight, and in my opinion, she’s one of the best, so you’re in good hands.”
“Perfect, but ah, now that you mention it, I do have a question for you.”
“Shoot.” She crossed her arms, nodding for you to continue.  
“My brother…”
“That reminds me, has he been back here because I watched him run into a door earlier. It was one of those they were opening it from the other side, and he just--” she clapped her hands together “--and he was on the ground. He insisted he was fine, and I believed him.” She paused, and you opened your mouth about to say something, but she continued. “Then later, he tripped into a laundry cart; I didn’t know it was him until someone helped him out of it, and again, insisted he was fine. And then, he slipped on the wet floor and hit the wall, putting a small divot in the drywall, and again, he said he was fine. Has he been back here at all because I feel like someone needs to look him over.”
You stared at her, trying very hard not to laugh. Your brother was never clumsy, and the fact she was present for each incident only proved your suspension; she distracted him. “Yeah, I haven’t seen…”
“YN, all day I have been embarrassing myself in front of Dr. Jane…” Thor announced, entering your room when his eyes connected with her. “Oh uh, hi… Dr. Jane Foster. How’s...How’s your day?” He smiled, shifting from foot to foot, crossing and uncrossing his arms. 
“Better than yours has been going, I bet,” She chuckled, eyeing him over. You smirked at her small gesture, but Thor seemed oblivious to it. 
“I’d have to agree with that,” he scoffed, settling his hands on his hips. 
“Thor, Jane’s shift is ending soon, and Jane, Thor doesn’t have any plans tonight besides annoying me, so why don’t you two go out?”
Thor glared at you with his mouth open, but he was quick to recover. “I am not one to put words in a lady's mouth, but if you're free, there is this small bar on the corner.”
She grinned, nodding her head. “I’d like that, just let me go change, and I’ll meet you by the elevators.”
“I’ll be there,” Thor grinned, watching her walk out.
“Was that so hard to ask her out, brother?” 
“What am I going to talk to her about? She’s smart, educated. I don’t even remember the last time I went on a date for an actual date that didn’t end with waking up in bed.” Thor scratched his beard, pacing back and forth. 
“Be yourself, not the guy I see at the bars,” you said, trying to get his confidence back up. “She doesn’t know anything about you, and you don’t know anything about her, so talk about anything. When she is talking, please listen to what she’s saying, and don’t get distracted.”
“She told you, didn’t she?”
“Yup,” you teased, popping the p. “I think she found it kind of cute, maybe even kind of funny, but she was more worried that you hurt yourself than anything.”
“Yeah, she kept asking if I was okay,” he smiled at the ground. “I should get going. Are you sure you don’t want me to stay and hang out with you?” His eyebrows perked up, waiting for your answer, but his mind was elsewhere.
“No, go. Have a good time, brother.”
“Love you, sis, thanks for being my wing woman,” he smiled, hitting the top of the door as he walked out. 
“Love you, too,” you chuckled to yourself, shaking your head.
“You’re a tough person to see,” Steve greeted, wheeling into your hospital room as Nat predicted. 
He came closer to your bed, your smile fading upon seeing his face. He had a busted lip, a bruised cheek, a black eye, and there were stitches on his forehead, but your face probably didn’t look much better.
“Are you sure it isn’t because you’re terrible at sneaking out?” You inquired, arching a brow his way. 
He chuckled, “you may be onto something.”
“How are you feeling?”
“Trust me, it looks worse than it feels.” He motioned to his face and the side of his head. “My doctors wanted me to rest, which is why I couldn’t get here sooner.”
“Why am I not surprised? Not following doctor's orders, stealing wheelchairs, I would say you’ve had quite the day.” You shook your head, letting out a soft chuckle. “So, do they know where you are now?”
“I don’t think so, but I’ll be okay, I’m in a hospital full of doctors and nurses.” He shrugged, glancing over his shoulder before shooting you his signature smirk. The small smile on your face dwindled down to a thin line, making you fidget with your hospital blanket. “Are you doing okay?”
You shrugged, rubbing your lips together. “I don’t know. I feel relieved, at ease even, but I didn’t want anyone to get hurt, let alone die.” You rubbed your forehead, catching his soft gaze. “I didn’t want Billy to die. At the moment, I did, and given the situation, yes, but he...but he didn’t give me much of a choice. He didn’t want to hear me out, didn’t want to listen to me; all he wanted to do was control me. He couldn’t let me go like I did him.” You sighed, your voice faltering.  “I know…I know this was all on Billy, but I’m sorry, Steve. I’m sorry for what happened. I wish I never put you in this position. The whole time I was with Billy, I didn’t want to go there, but I thought...I thought you--” Your voice trembled with tears threatening to fall from the corner of your eyes. 
“Hey, hey, I know.” He placed a comforting hand over yours, filling in the blanks himself. You breathed, shutting your eyes for a quick second, allowing a few tears to fall down your cheeks. He reached up, brushing them away with the pad of his thumb. “None of this was your fault; I don’t blame any of this on you. It was Billy’s decision. He didn’t have to do what he did, but he did it.” He clenched his jaw, returning his hand to yours to give it a reassuring squeeze. “I was worried I wasn’t going to get to see you again or that Thor and Nat would find you...” He paused, shaking his head. “But, it’s over now, you’re safe, and well, Billy got what he deserved.” 
You nodded, sniffling and giving his hand a comforting squeeze. It was going to take some time, like everything does, to move on from this traumatic experience. A few sleepless nights here, a nightmare there, but this time felt different. You had a support system behind you, consisting of more than just Loki. Overall your life was different for the better, and you were the happiest you’ve been in a long time. 
You let go of Steve’s hand, pulling yourself up to sit a little straighter. You winced, trying to get a little comfier, and turned back to Steve. “When I first came to LA, I had this plan. Stay with Thor for a month or so and move on, but he convinced me to stay and start over. He helped me get a job, I made new friends, and I started to find myself again. It was never part of my plan to fall for a guy. It wasn’t even on my radar, but you snuck your way in the night you walked me home from the bar. Ever since that night, I can’t seem to get you out of my head.” You bit your lip, watching his bearded face turn into your ever-favorite smirk. 
“Are you sure it wasn’t my amazing pool skills that pulled you in?” He inquired, shooting you a wink.
You scoffed, cracking a playful smile. “Amazing? I wouldn’t call them that, but you do have some potential.” 
“Potential, huh?” Steve arched his brow, licking his lips. “I can work with that, but if I remember right--” he slowly stood up out of the wheelchair, holding a tender spot on his torso “--I didn’t lose by much. I’m sure I would’ve won on my next turn.” He sat down on the side of your bed, and you scooted over, giving him some more room.
“Guess we’ll never know because I won.”
“You did,” he nodded, his eyes drifting between your eyes and lips, “but it didn’t help that I was distracted.” 
“Oh, is that so? What on earth could’ve distracted you?” You teased, resting your hand on his chest while a knowing smile tugged at your lips.
He caressed your cheek, leaning in closer. “By the woman who popped my dispatcher cherry.”
You sputtered a laugh, blowing a few raspberries, but before you could respond with a quick-witted remark, his lips collided with yours. A welcoming warmth coursed through your body, sending your heart racing. He tentatively placed his hands on your waist, making your smile against his lips, and you grabbed his wrists, placing his hands right above your bruised hip. His lips brought you a sense of safety, making you feel warm and protected in his arms. Your hands traveled to hair, pulling him closer to you. It was a type of longing you always thought you had before, but it was nothing compared to this. You pulled away, resting your forehead against his, trying to catch your breath.
“Are you going to stop if I tell you your stitches tore?” You asked, pulling away slightly, staring at his pink, puffy lips. 
He glanced down at his side, seeing a little red peeking through his hospital gown. “ I have to answer that?”
“Well, if memory serves me right, you still owe me an answer to any question I want to ask?”
He chuckled, bringing his hand up to carcass your face, running his thumb along your lips. “Maybe another time,” he winked, crashing his lips against yours.
AN: Thanks for reading the final chapter! Don't we all just love a happy ending! I thought a little throwback to part 5 when they played the round of twenty questions would be a nice way to end it. And I thought giving all the characters a chance to come back and see her would give it a nice closure and wrap up any plot holes I might have left open! (Hopefully, I got them all! 🤷‍♀️😂) And I figured seeing Thor's playboy mannerisms go away and helping Sam find a lady would be a nice addition, too! And what did you think of Loki!? It's hard to figure out what makes him tick 😉, but I hope I did him justice! Also, what did you think of Steve's attempts to leave his room and see her!? I thought him being a pain in the ass for everyone would be a fun way to go with it because let's face it, he's a trouble maker! 😂😂 I hope you all enjoyed the twists and turns this series brought, and overall, I hope you all liked it. It was fun to read some of your reactions. Anyways, until I finally write something else, thanks again! Comments always welcome! 😁💛
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blind-alchemists · 48 minutes ago
you know what? fuck it. I'm talking about this fanfiction.
Be warned. I'm rambling. I guess that's why this fic got so much out of hand.
So, it all started in the second half of December 2020, when I was looking at the Dragon Age tag on AO3 and suddenly asked myself, has anyone written a corruption arc feat. the Inquisitor? The answer is, 'not really'. Then I thought, 'huh, could I write one'?
At the time I already had written 60-something-k for another DA fic but inevitably got stuck because I screwed up my characterization, so I would have to scrap everything and start again.
Anyway, spoiler: I didn't write a corruption arc. I wrote a 'Inquisitor Protagonist joins Solas' plot feat. Solas/m!Elf and a lot of platonic relationships.
Working title is "fangs" (because the actual title is taken from song lyrics so it's long and I'm lazy and it might change again).
The first draft had roughly 100k. Which I wrote in the span of two weeks, funnily enough.
The second draft - that I started basically immediately after, because my brain latched onto it like I've been starving it, which I haven't, I just write 90% prose - is ... marginally longer. By marginally, I mean, 'there are three parts, and I'm on chapter 12/15 of part 1, and I have +295k'.
Yeah. Let's not talk about it. That's all a problem for future!me.
The main character is a nuisance who likes to cause inconveniences for everyone involved. In other words, there are reasons I can't call him Inquisitor/Lavellan and it's a pain to tag.
Regardless of that little issue, I love him. His name is Din, he's an old man middle-aged elf, his specialization is Anti-Mage Spellthief (rogue/mage), and he would have made a really good scholar/researcher under different circumstances. He has two older sisters (they aren't blood-related but who cares), whom I adore just as much. Those two are also pretty important.
Staying on the topic characters: Solas plays a huge role (no shit), Felassan is also there (he's great), there is a fourth OC whom I adore (I love badass women), and there is a different ancient god who loves his adopted children troublemakers.
The Inner Circle is ... there ... as supporting characters. Honestly, Din is an ass and doesn't care about most of them, which is a bit of a shame, but I wrote him that way, so I shouldn't be the one to complain.
In truth, it's a pretty dark fic. Lots of fucked up morals. Lots of trauma. Lots of (meta) criticism. Lots of Elvhen history. A surprising amount of situational comedy and magical theory. Me disregarding canon like there's no tomorrow. I guess there's a positive underlying message?? Ask me again when I've finished this monster.
Ngl, it is self-indulgent. In a really weird way.
Right. So. This fanfic got out of hand and I grew really attached to it, so I'm hoping other people might take an interest. I'd be really happy!!
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art-of-god9 · an hour ago
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meireviewproduct · 2 hours ago
Crypto Profitz review
Tumblr media
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narhinafan · 2 hours ago
Hello, let me introduce you to forever changing narutoverse~
Did you know that naruto series doesn't have a stable continuity?
Kishimoto just Like Akira Toriyama made arcs on the spot. The first time Naruto was only to last till bell arc and was extended afterwards. This created lots of retcons and plotholes as the series continued.
Let compare longlines of the pilot and the first chapter of Naruto manga.
Do you see the difference?
"But this is a pilot" you might say "A lot of manga's stray from their pilots"
And that is true, however it gives us valuable information that there actually weren't bijuu but main one the Ninetails.
At the start of the series excluding the pilot, there were no Juubi that split into nine tailed beasts
Shukaku didn't recognize Kurama or that Naruto was the host of him. They were total strangers during the Gaara fight.
Did you know that the first time edo tensei was used in the series the bodies could regenerate themselves?
So The 4th Hokage running around armless was a change they made only in Shippuden for reasons unknown.
Speaking of 4th Hokage at the early Naruto series his name wasn't Minato Namikaze but on the summoning scroll he was first named as Uzumaki Arashi?
These are not the only changes and retcons scattered around the series.
So backing up to the question you've asked do you know when was this introduced to the series?
That's right in THE LAST movie. Right after the original series ended.
It was made so that Hinata would be his first love. And in this canon movie and Boruto series after she probably was, as they've changed 2 more major aspects of the previous Naruto.
First one being kagebunshin no jutsu.
The regular bunshin to pass the academy required this hand seal. However in the Last Naruto already new the forbidden technique hand seal which he shouldn't have learnt as he haven't stolen the forbidden scroll yet.
Meaning the past of this Naruto was changed and we don't know if he actually stole the scroll much earlier in the series or he learned it from somewhere else.
Another major thing that deviates from the old Naruto series is that this Naruto doesn't understand people love vs object love.
While in the OG Naruto the 2 out 3 major fights was literally about Naruto finding people important to his life so he wouldn't be alone.
It's strange that the Borutoverse decided to disregard this, as Hinata was devoted to Naruto even from a distance and gave her life because of it so OG Naruto did understand her feelings. But it probably is much easier to go "he's a dummy that's why he didn't respond for so long :v" then "he might have not considered or felt the same at that moment"
He longed for love, so it was easy for him to resonate with people who seeked it as well.
This is the reason why canon naruto is a multiverse branching out into different directions. Everything here is canon but not much is consistent.?
It's complete bs and whoever wrote this clearly didn't read Naruto properly. The part with Shukaku makes sense as the manga Naruto transformed into a normal fox not the nine tails in the manga that was a change the anime made and is not canon. Second only the jinchuuriki transformation can be considered somewhat reconed, but in part 1 we only had 2 tailed beast shown so it is more of the case of Shukaku being the odd one out rather then Kishimoto retconned.
Tumblr media
The reanimation not regeneration was specifically stated to be due to the truth seeking orbs which negate ninjutsu. This fact wasn't discovered at first as they were using clones, but it is right there in the manga.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
As for the name on the scroll Kishimoto just wrote down random names meant to be illegible and not an official statement to what the fourth hoakge's name was. In fact I have only seen western fans point the name out, none of the Japanese fan base has mentioned it nor is there a statement from Kishimoto about and for good reason as it was somthing made up by western fans.
The scroll doesn't even say Uzumaki (うずまき) in the second column, it was only fans only western fans that claimed that. You can clearly tell the difference between Naruto who spelt his full name and compare it with the second column you would find the characters for Uzumaki aren't there.
The characters for Arashi are アラシ or 嵐, neither of which if you look closely match what is on the scroll.
Namikaze Minato 波風ミナト If you look at the characters for Minato's name you would notice that Namikaze has the same kanji that Arashi is spelt with.
So not only does it not say Uzumaki were Minato's name should be, but the characters for the name people claim closely match the characters that appear in Minato's name.
So yeah the fan name people use is completely made up.
Tumblr media
nThe last never retconned anything, the only thing they can was, would be the starting bit, but even then that would be more of an animation error as they used shadow clones instead of regular clones. Naruto's signature jutsu is shadow clones so the one doing that scene getting confused with the normal clone jutsu is no surprise. Sakura was never canonically called Naruto's first love either, it only said he liked Sakura, but never once stated he actually loved her. Also the manga confirms what the last said about him competing with Sasuke as in the manga Naruto only ever brought up asking Sakura out when Sasuke is involved or about to show up.
Naruto never understood love though cause he never had anyone love him like that, he had friendship with team 7 and slight family love, but keep in mind it was one sided on Naruto's end a lot at first. Naruto never actually brings up love in the fights he mentioned it mostly goes on about being freed from his loneliness and not love. The most important people Naruto had at the times of the mentioned fights were his friends and considering Naruto started out with nothing his bar for friends and family are set drastically low. It wasn't just love that Naruto sought, but it was acknowledgement which is what he goes on about when he beat Gaara that he found people that acknowledged him.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
See even Naruto outright states the reason why his friends are important to him is cause they acknowledged his existence. He never once mentioned love, but acknowledgement and being saved from loneliness are the key parts of his speech.
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hoe-doroki · 2 hours ago
ana reads bnha ch241
previous chapter here first chapter here
Manga spoilers
Tumblr media
I’m so happy to see them 😭 Not even exaggerating—I missed 1-A so freaking much. Plus, this is a panel I’ve been spoiled on, so I’m glad to actually see it. God, please boys, my very favorite boys, give me a palate cleanser after what I just went through.
And I do love this panel. Not even super mad that I got spoiled on this, because the TodoBaku relationship is honestly one of my faves. I even love it way back in the sports festival. Not Bakugou, but Todoroki. Todoroki’s total indifference towards Bakugou, despite Bakugou being strong enough to be a threat in the class is just freaking hilarious to me, as I’ve said a million times. And so then Todoroki thinking their friends because of proximity and Bakugou fully blasting that opinion away. It’s hilarious. These two are such dummies.
Tumblr media
Lol, another frame I’ve seen before!! Gosh, see, these panels are just so much more pleasant to share than the HORRORS from that My Villain Academia arc. Gosh, Todoroki’s just so literal. When I write for him, I always do wonder how much he’ll grow out of this, even in just the next two years. The issue is that he was never socialized and I’m sure Endeavor was never anything but literal with him. So just spending more time with teenagers should make a big change for him. But how big and how long will it take? Idk.
Tumblr media
Ooh, Mt. Lady, dropping knowledge!! Okay, this actually adds a LOT to everything I’ve been thinking about hero publicity. The idea of impromptu pairings with other heroes isn’t one I’d really thought of before, and that makes a lot of sense. As much as it would suck for a villain to know all your moves, it would be incredibly important for a hero on the scene to be able to know your moves, and I’d argue that that’s probably more important. Imagine the Wonder Duo for a moment. Imagine Bakugou yells out “Howitzer Impact” as Deku is fighting a villain. Then Deku knows to get the heck outta there before he’s a rotisserie chicken. I’ve always thought that Deku yelling out his moves (especially the ones that are just All Might’s names—way to be subtle, kid) was pretty annoying, but this is actually a really good reason to do that! Mt. Lady, you’ve changed my mind!!
Tumblr media
Overall: I CANNOT tell you how thrilled I am to be back with 1-A. I feel tension relieved from my skull. I’m laughing at both Todoroki and Bakugou’s ridiculousness. I can’t BELIEVE that Deku is so bad at giving interviews. Like, I think it’s always been fair to say that dude has a bit of anxiety, but this was a surprise, especially since he was the only one. I usually think of Deku as having a natural charisma that’s a big part of why he’ll be successful as All Might’s successor. But…I guess he needs practice, haha. Which is fair. This is a GREAT exercise for them to be doing and for once I’m not disappointed in U.A. This was a fantastic chapter and I’m thrilled to bits. Loved everything.
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1. Balance Symmetrical "DEER"
Tumblr media
I choose this because the deer heads are symmetrical they are identical. If you were to cut this image in half, you would see that the deers are both the same distance from the flower in the middle. I specifically photographed this because I've always found it funny that we have two random deer heads in our home.
2. Balance Asymmetrical
Tumblr media
This reflects Asymmetrical balance because there is not an even amount of small bottles if you were to cut the decor in half. I chose this piece because I find it very pretty but have always thought that the liquids in the bottles are probably expired.
3. Repetition "Summer time"
Tumblr media
This is an example of repetition because all the place settings are identical. Every season we change the place settings on the table but have the same plates and decor on the seats. I choose this to show repetition because if you were to look at the table from above, all the place settings look identical. This is my favorite part of our house as it is usually the place with the most color.
4. Variety, "Time"
Tumblr media
The way these decor pieces are arranged is an example of Variety as there is no real strategy. We just started filling in the wall with details we would find in different thrift shops. This is a very aesthetically pleasing form of Variety because even though there is no specific style, they are all cohesive and tie together.
5. Rythym "Base"
Tumblr media
This chair reminds me of Rythm because of its pattern. It looks like sound waves. The different colors also show the variety of music as most music is upbeat, loud, and fun.
6.Harmony "WHO"
Tumblr media
These salt and pepper shakers are examples of harmony because even though they vary in size, they are all the same shape. Each one is different, but they are still cohesive.
7.Scale "Bambi"
Tumblr media
This figurine is an example of scale as it usually not this size. This is a baby deer which would typically be probably ten times larger. This deer can fit in the palm of your hand, where an average deer is probably more giant than a toddler. This figurine is over our fireplace.
8. Proportion "Team"
Tumblr media
These Glass vases are similar in shape but vary in size. This shows proportion as they are identical objects, but their size is different. I always liked these vases because of their gorgeous color.
9. Empahsis " Horse in the wild"
Tumblr media
This toy in the garden is an example of emphasis because the horse calls attention to itself as it stands out. With the color of the leaves and dirt being so different from the horse's color, it is effortless to distinguish.
10.Compositional Unity "Alike"
Tumblr media
This combination of plants in my backyard is an example of Unity because all the plants create a very earthy tone. While they are probably classified as different species of fauna, they are cohesive and come together.
This assignment has made me appreciate the time, work, and talent it takes to be an artist. You need to prep your materials beforehand; you also need to already have an idea in mind before setting out to create. I also gained an appreciation for the everyday items around me. Everything has a purpose, whether that be functional or decor. I honestly believe that my photos depict each principle well. While some principles had me searching through every nook and cranny of my house, others were right in front of me.
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How to manage the WordPress website structure?
Tumblr media
In the WordPress Website Design, the layout has significant importance. Your layout and user interface are what the website users interact with the most. Therefore, it should be as user-friendly as it could be. To do so, you should know what the WordPress website structure is. As a result, you or your WordPress Design Agency can adjust it in the best way, following your potential customers.
Website Structure
Site structure, in short, is the arrangement and linking of the products and the content related to your business.
It means you are dealing with the website pages and categories and their navigation.
Header Navigation
The topmost part of the website is the header. Using this area to tell your users about you and what you offer is quite popular. However, no need to put all your website deals with here. Make it simple, viewable, and clickable.
Naming the specific pages: Home, Services, Blog, About Us, Contact Us, etc. You can create the parent categories and then divide them into the child categories using the drop-down menu.
For instance, on an educational website, you can create the parent pages like grade 1, grade 2. Then, use the drop-down menu to show the services, courses, subjects (Mathematics, English, Science, etc.)
It’s just that you have to make everything easy for your users.
Sidebar Navigation
For changing the layout and feel of the site, some website owners prefer to set their site menu on the sides (left/right). However, others use it on pages other than the homepage, especially on eCommerce sites. You can post the secondary categories, content filtering options like searching a blog topic.
Footer Navigation
Then comes the footer in your Wordpress Website Design Services structure. You can either display the less popular categories and content links here or repeat the header data (if you want, but not necessary!). However, if some pages are left like the policy, returns, shipping, use this space at best.
Whichever structure you want to opt for, discuss with your WordPress Design Agency and give it a go.
Blog Category
Blogs keep your website alive and bring in a lot of traffic; thus, managing their hierarchy is crucial. Also, you need to post almost every day. Therefore, it is best to use well-organized categories easy to navigate.
Let Navicosoft arrange your WordPress website structure!
WordPress, indeed, is quite user-friendly to work on websites. However, exercising the elements and the features is very hard if you are new to this field.
Therefore, handing over your project to a WordPress Design Agency like Navicosoft will be favorable. Navicosoft is an expert in creating appealing and functional WordPress Website Design Services.
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spudpotatofit · 3 hours ago
Four secrets to success with Super Spuddy Marty Ritz.
Tumblr media
Usually I write a blog post to go with my Super Spuddy interviews but Marty recently wrote a series of posts in our Facebook group that are perfect to share with you here as well. It's in four parts and it's long but worth the read!
Over to you Marty!
Pst... Can I tell u a secret? #1
There are many motivational reasons for why we might pick up a different diet plan such as The Spud Fit Challenge. Some might do it for weight loss, some might do it for health, some might do it to save money and others might do it just for the simplicity of it all. All of these are great motivators, but they may not see u through to the end. The decisively deceiving thought of "Just one little bite of this/that isn't gonna hurt..." might get u off track and left on the side of the road like a collisional car crash... (if we choose to believe it). But there's one little reason we all know full well this little thought holds no power at all. Ex alcoholics know it. Ex smokers know it. Ex addicts of any abusive substance know it. And that is because in the world of addictive substances, there is no such thing as "Just a little won't hurt..." The #1 reason why I am able to stick to this Potatoes Only diet is because of the all or nothing mentality which all addicts use to kick their addictive behavior. I believe the motivation to set ourselves free from the high caloric, dopamine releasing foods, far outweighs any of the previous benefits mentioned. My reason for getting rid of food addiction by sticking to the Spud Fit Challenge goes straight to the core of what it means to be alive as a free, autonomous human being. Able to live my life the way I want, how I want. The real and primary value is FREEDOM. Freedom from food, freedom from addiction. Freedom from incessant thoughts of food. Freedom from the bandage that comes from always giving in to unhealthy cravings. The Spud Fit Challenge addresses this primary issue which I feel is the #1 reason why people fail or succeed in following their other diets. Changing a diet is simple, but maintaining it can be hard... if we don't address the mental factor. At the heart of the Spud Fit Challenge, our relationship with food is primary. And it is (in my opinion) the single best component we can apply in order to ensure we stick with a new, healthy diet plan and thereby ADAPT ALL THE OTHER BENEFITS AS A RESULT. You see, not everyone knows this. Not everyone has yet figured this out. But once you're free to eat what u want, when u want to eat it... everything changes for you The point is this... We all have motivational factors for doing what we do. Is the motivational factor you're banking on substantial enough to see u through? Ps: By "Diet" I'm talking about what we eat, not restriction of food
Pst... Can I tell u a secret? #2
It's typical to think we need will power in order to give up "Yummy Foods". We might think avoidance is the only way out. But what if I told u that there is nothing we are truly giving up... That there is nothing we are really depriving ourselves of. Would that shift your perspective? If information about what we ate genuinely shifted our desire to eat it, could it be possible that we could give it up without feeling deprived? This has been my experience. Not just with unhealthy food, but with everything in life. The more I learn about the addictive nature of dressed up, unhealthy foods (designed to entice us), the less I want to eat them. Why start an addiction I'll need to spend the rest of my life trying to stop. Isn't it just easier giving up the battle entirely? The sugar, color, smell and taste of some of the most addictive foods on the planet are only meant to serve as a trap. A trap to always eat more. And none of it is healthy. None of it serves the body. There is nothing inherently good within these foods. Nothing within them u need. In fact, they will slowly kill u over time. The way to freedom is to realize this in advance. To be steadfast in your resolution to have nothing to do with these addictive foods. They do not serve you. You will not benefit from eating them. We might think that they fill a hunger within, but the hunger they fill is only the addiction they themselves created which didn't exist prior to their first consumption. They created a void u didn't already have upon being born. And following this addiction will only lead down a path of ill health, obesity, disease and depression What's the point? Sugar, salt, fat are designed to lead u down a road u don't want to be on. Your health goes down. Your wealth goes down. Still sounds desirable? Nope! Big food corporation's profits go up. Good for them. Bad for you. Guess whose marketing plan you've blindly bought into? Not one that has your best interest at heart Processed foods are unnatural. They are addictive. And their only outcome is a bad one if u follow their trail to the end of the road. Wake up. Be wise. The desire to eat these foods will genuinely pass when u know they are nothing but a trap u don't want to be in. There is nothing within them u need. You were whole before you ate processed or junk food... and you'll be whole again once u get used to giving them up (And remember... if u are simply turning away decorated poison, are u really giving anything up?)
Pst... Can I tell u a secret #3
Some of us, may require a full year's worth of time to master a new trade. Some of us, may take decades to perfect a new skill. But some of us, will start right from the end of the lessons which others struggled to obtain. The Matrix movie shows characters downloading new skills at the drop of a hat, but oh.. if it could only be that easy for us while on the Spud Fit Challenge. Wait a second... don't we hv a couple courses (available all the time) we can get? Videos of Andrew teaching everything he knows as a result of doing the Spud Fit Challenge for a whole year (365 days)? Well yes! I think we do, lolIsn't it wonderful that we need not take a year's worth of our own time to gain insights that will help us traverse the challenges we may face over a month because someone else has already done that for us? Isn't it wonderful we can get a year's worth of information instantly and digest all of it at our own pace and at our own convenience? I am definitely glad Andrew has made his courses available so that I for one, hv been able to learn from his experience. What took him trial and error to discover I can implement on a path that's already been cleared before me What's the point? If u want to hv an easier time doing the Spud Fit Challenge and implementing a healthy diet thereafter, then I definitely recommend u take a look into his video courses. I personally hv found them to be tremendously helpful. Its not the situations that hold us back from succeeding, it's our mindset. Its not the challenges in our way that hold us back, it's the mindset. We hv an opportunity to watch videos and (basically) download the mindset of Andrew Spud Fit Taylor... right into our brains. What could be better than that, lol. If u want to follow in the tracks of the best, get the mindset of the one who has already led the way.
Pst... Can I tell u a secret? #4
It has to do with what really keeps us over weight, sick and unhealthy. Some might think it's a lack of exercise... it's not. Some might think its a lack of will power to only eat X amount of calories... it's not. If u want to know the truth, if u wanna know what it's really all about... then read my short little story below. This is just a quick recap of my personal experience for weight loss I use to be fit and play sports and hv physically demanding jobs most of my life, so I naturally assumed a fit lifestyle that focused mostly on exercise would keep me fit no matter what. But I was wrong. That was not the case... I was starting to get a little heavier throughout the years. I was eating fast food and other high caloric meals. Then after about age 40 the weight really started to pile on. I could no longer outrun my bad diet I continued to eat less and exercise more but no matter what I did I would still continue to pack on extra weight year after year. It was an exercise in futility I continued to eat my unhealthy diet. I mean... what else could I do? I was sick, unhealthy and overweight. I needed fries. I needed hamburgers. I needed ice cream. I needed comfort. Being overweight was making me depressed Then all that changed and I discovered a new truth. I changed what I was eating through the Spud Fit Challenge and all the weight started to drop off despite following no exercise plan whatsoever. Aside from the occasional set of random push ups I would do just to bust out some excess energy, I mostly spent my time laying around on the couch watching YouTube videos, reading books and eating Potatoes. All while I was losing weight. This was the easiest exercise plan I could have imagined because all it involved was moving my teeth (to eat more potatoes, lol). In my experience, exercising all the time will have no effect on weight loss if you're eating bad. Likewise, if you're eating well, then exercise is in no way needed for weight loss. This was my experience while on the Spud Fit Challenge. It was easy. It was simple. It was a no brainer. It's all about what u eat, not how much u eat and not about how much u exercise What's the point? Exercise is good for mood management and to keep the body healthy. But it will by no means keep u from gaining weight. Eating limited calories... well, that's just dumb and makes u hungry. The real truth to living well... The real key to living the good life... is to Just Eat Potatoes That will take care of your weight. That will take care of your cravings over time. That will help your mood when u exercise. It will also give u extra energy It's a simple plan. It's a memorable plan. Heck... it's only 3 words long, lol Just Eat Potatoes That's the key. That's the answer.
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canonijprinter · 4 hours ago
Troubleshoot Canon Printer Error Codes E48 and E58
The error codes on Canon printers are common. One can fix them quickly with the help of the right solutions. We have discussed two common error codes and their solutions in the article. If you are facing the error code E48 and E58 on your Canon printer, you don’t need to get worried and think that the time to buy a new printer has come. The article will introduce you to some effective methods to fix the error codes. In order to fix both of these error codes, we will first take a look at the causes. Let’s go ahead and get started.
Why Does a Canon Printer Show the Error Code E48?
Printer experts say that the occurrence of the error code E48 is when a Canon printer can’t connect to a server. In simple terms, the error code E48 is caused due to improper connectivity. Now that you have become fully aware of why your Canon printer is displaying the error code E48, you will face no difficulty sorting it out. Let’s take a glance at the steps given below and sort it out in minutes.
Tumblr media
Methods to Fix Error Code E48
The appearance of the error code E48 is common on a Canon printer, so any Canon printer user may encounter it. With all this in mind, we have shared several effective methods below for you. Read the methods and follow them as described below.
Method 1
To help you fix the error code E48, we have given the full procedure below. Follow the instructions:
First and foremost, you need to make sure that your Canon printer has no internal damage to hardware parts.
When you check it and find that everything is okay with the hardware parts of your Canon printer, you now need to check the connection.
When the connection is not established correctly, you have to correct it.
Check if the cables are not loose or broken.
Replace the cables if they are damaged.
If the problem persists after you have changed the cables.
Press the OK button on a Canon printer.
If a Canon printer user uses the Google cloud print, you need to get the printer registered.
Try connecting your Canon printer to another network and check if the problem has been fixed.
Sometimes, the issue may be with the router and modem; check if they are working correctly.
Doing the same process will fix the error code.
Method 2
In order to assist you in fixing the error code E48, follow the instructions:
Go to the official Canon Drivers page.
Choose the Canon printer model that you use.
Also, choose the operating system such as Mac or Windows.
Follow the on-screen directions to download the latest printer drivers.
After downloading the drivers, locate the drivers in the “Downloads” folder.
Install the printer drivers on your system and try printing a page to see if the error code E48 is resolved.
Note: Both of the solutions above will help you fix the error code E48. If the error code E48 persists, you must contact a printer expert. For more details, you can contact the Canon support team.
Causes for the Error Code E58
The error code E58 occurs when there is an issue with the ink cartridge or paper size on your Canon printer. One can resolve the error code in minutes by following the instructions mentioned below.
Method 1
To fix the error E58 on your Canon printer, follow the steps in the same manner as explained below:
First, you need to register the paper size.
Doing the same will prevent your Canon printer from misprinting.
Go to the printer settings and enter the paper size that you want.
When you try printing, print using the paper placed on the cassette.
You can change the settings if you want.
When you do the process, you will see the paper details on the screen.
Mention the right size of the paper you want to copy.
After you have gone through the process, try a test page to check if the error code E58 has disappeared on the Canon printer.
Canon printers are good in terms of both features and print quality, but these printers may sometimes annoy a user by displaying the error code E48 or E58. We have shared solutions to these errors in the article. We hope the above-mentioned solutions help you fix these errors.
Meta Description
By applying the provided methods, one can quickly get rid of the error codes E48 and E58. To know more solutions to troubleshoot errors, read the blog now.
 source -   Troubleshoot Canon Printer Error Codes E48 and E58
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