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#everything has changed masterlist
imaginedreamwrite · a day ago
Everything Has Changed: Part 13
Days spent in the state of the art lab preparing for the first attempts at the experimental synthesis of medication and DNA modifications that would ignite those receptors that drew omega’s to alpha’s and vice versa. It was the first day of the experiment and the entire lab was buzzing with excitement and hopefulness that this would further limit the repercussions of the Snap and Blip.
With the volunteers already checked into the lab, you were in the midst of preparing for your part in the experiment, when the approach of Dr. Banner had stopped you in your tracks.
On his approach, your stomach tightened as you recognized the face of bad news. You didn’t know what he was going to tell you or what would become of the rest of your day, but you knew that something was going to change.
You could feel it in your bones, you could see it clearly in his eyes and the way he carried himself that there was something unspoken that was bothering him.
You moved away from the core of the lab toward the far left side that was much quieter and would allow for a hushed conversation. When you came to stand in front of him, you shoved your hands into your lab coat pockets, fiddling with the pen to keep your nerves at a low.
“Dr. Banner, what’s the bad news?” You asked even if you didn’t want to. If you could’ve remained ignorant, you would have. However whether you wanted to know or not, Dr. Banner would tell you.
“Y/N,” he crossed his arms over his chest, hesitating to speak, “I know that you’ve spent countless hours preparing for the launch of this procedure-“
“-but…?” You felt the preemptive sting of tears.
“You can’t be a part of the experiment itself. The conditions to be part of the actual testing of the procedure are very clear-“
“What did I do wrong?” Tears blurred your vision, the airy gasps that left your mouth were the tip of the emotional iceberg.
“Nothing, Y/N. You did nothing wrong. You’re brilliant and talented, however the conditions do not allow pregnant women to partake in the procedure.”
“Pregnant?” Your eyebrows furrowed and you wrapped your arms around yourself. “I’m not pregnant…”
“I had to do a final test on the blood we’d taken and on every sample you’d given us to confirm your readiness. When I test your sampled and your blood, I got the confirmations.”
To prove the point he was trying to make, Dr. Banner handed you the tablet in his hands with all the data already loaded snd ready for you to see. On the tablet screen was the clear image of your hormone levels that has shifted as well as the sharp spike in estrogen and progesterone that proved not only were you pregnant, but the levels in which they’d increased had opened the possibility up to their being more than one baby.
“There’s no symptoms.”
“You know as well as I do the symptoms of pregnancy’s may not show up within the first month. Based on the hormone levels, I’d say you’re just under a month.” Dr. Banner placed his hand on your shoulder snd squeezed.
“I’m sorry, Y/N. But in my good conscience I can’t allow you to be one of the constant’s in the experiment. You can still run the trial and head it up if you would wish, however being part of it is no longer an option.”
“Pregnant.” You stared at the tablet while mentally being a mile away.
Kids. You’d always wanted kids, but later on in your life. You were only 22 and you’d just started your career.
You heard Dr. Banner speak yet you couldn’t take your attention off the numbers on the screen. You couldn’t take your eyes off the hormone spikes and the clear data that damned you from your own trial.
“You should tell Steve and Bucky-“
“Excuse me.” You handed the tablet back to him, more like shoved it into his arms, and pushed past him.
“Y/N, talk to Steve and Bucky. Tell them before you-“
“I need air. I need-“ you slipped your lab coat off and tossed it toward a desk chair. Before it could even land on the chair, you were headed toward the door of the lab. You placed your hand against the biometric lock and wait the half second as it scanned your DNA before it let you out. You slipped through the door and moved in a haze, completing everything action that would take you from the lab, to the elevator and then to the lobby of Stark Tower. You moved by autonomy, while your head was reeling and you were consumed by a constant barrage of questions aimed at yourself and your situation.
“Y/N!” Your name was called but you kept moving. “Y/N, stop!”
You kept moving until you collided with a body made of muscle snd strength. After colliding with the body, you craned your neck and studied the man hovering over you, relief and insignificant anguish at the pair of blue eyes watching you.
His brown hair, thick and luscious, was cut short. It was a new look for him after having his longer hair for a while. He was clean shaven too, it looked as fresh as his haircut. His blue eyes were caught between concern and caution, his hands reaching out to grab your arms.
He was your alpha, you should find comfort in his touch and yet…
“What’s wrong, sweetheart?” He was holding your arms in gentle grasps. “You didn’t hear me calling your name. What’s wrong?”
Pregnant. You were pregnant.
“I need air. I need to get out of here. I need…” Your eyes dart around the lobby of Stark tower, your stomach churning the burning acid inside.
“You’re okay.” Bucky cupped your cheeks. “You’re going to be okay just-“
“No!” You slapped his hands away. “No im not going to be okay! I’m not okay! I need air!”
“You’re having a panic attack,” he reached for you again, “let me help you.”
You stepped back, your eyes widening as the sting of bile rose in your throat. The word PREGNANT has been at the forefront of your mind, repeating on a record.
You wanted kids, but not yet. You’d worked so hard to get where you are now.
“Baby please-“
You were going to be sick. You couldn’t breathe and you were going to be sick. You felt the bile rise in your throat, the stinging acid that burned as it crawled, the fresh wave of bushes tears making it hard to see as you nearly collapsed from the shock of what had just conspired.
“Are you okay?” Bucky was on you in an instant, an arm wrapped around your waist to steady you. “You’re flush.”
“I need air…” You mumbled under your breath, settling into a panic attack that was sever enough to induce nausea.
“Let me help you upstairs, doll.” Bucky started to help you stand and while his touch was comfortable, it was almost smothering.
His presence as an alpha gave you comfort you knew you needed yet it had also made you feel as if your breathing was even more restricted than it had been. It made you feel as though you were truly gasping for air.
“No!” You pushed him off of you with unknown strength. “No! I need air! I need to be alone!”
You rebuffed him and ran with all you had in you to the exit. You burst through the doors of Stark tower and pressed on even further. You ran until your lungs were burning and your heart was beating like a war drum in your chest and when you finally stopped, you sunk.
You sunk to your knees and wrapped your arms around yourself as you cried, as you screamed your frustrations.
You wanted to be a mother and you wanted your career.
You wanted a baby and you wanted your own mother back.
You wanted a family with Steve and Bucky, and you wanted to see the fruits of your years of hard work.
You cried until you couldn’t anymore. You cried until your voice was horse and your eyes were puffy.
You don’t know how long you were out there, wherever you were. You didn’t know how long you’d spent curled into yourself, crying until your voice was weak. You’d spent your energy running from your anxieties, running from the news that flipped your world upside down.
“It’s okay.” Steve’s voice hit your ears, the suffocating comfort was replaced with gentility. “You’re okay, doll.”
He came to your side and held you, he came to your side and embraced you as you broke down in his arms. You clung to him with as much might as you could gather, silently accepting the shift in comfort as he pulled you into his lap in whatever alley or on whatever street you’d found yourself on.
“You’re going to be okay, sweetheart.” Steve mumbled into your hair, he pressed his lips against the side of your forehead and soothes you with the gentle rocking of his body. “Let me take you home. Please.”
“Take me home.” You went lax in his arms, knowing that you had a lot more processing to go through but it would be better to do it in the comfort of their presence, with them being part of the conversation.
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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megumislonghair · 59 minutes ago
pairing : (JJK characters x gn!reader)
Tumblr media
Itadori Yuuji
He’s shy at first but still manages to make them feel welcome with his bright smile, which makes your friends feel better that you found a cheerful guy for yourself.
He will talk to your friends like they’ve all met before, and your friends are comfortable with him, which is the best thing you found here.
“So tell me how was y/n back in school, i want to know what she used to be back then”
He’s a sweetheart even when it was time to leave. He didn’t let them go empty handed and bought them small charms. (I swear yuuji you make us fall for you ✋🏻😭)
your friends definitely love him and love your decision.
Fushiguro Megumi
He’s just shy asf like he can’t even-
He has a stoic expression, tries his best to maintain that throughout but fails because well… your friends are total crackheads, including you.
He’s quiet the whole time, he can’t socialise well and that too we are with totally new people for him, who he’s only heard of before.
You hold his hand under the table and squeeze it gently just to know everything is fine and he doesn’t need to panic or anything.
Gets comfortable with them later on and starts interacting properly.
He’s sweet with your friends too but won’t spend no shit ✋🏻 except for the food.
Nobara Kugisaki
before your friends take a look at her, she’s gonna judge em first.
She will take a good look of them, up and down and say “yea they’re fine” out loud like there is no one else near you while you and your friends are like 😀😀😀.
She would give serious looks to your friends in between conversations “for fun” all because their faces afterwards was funny because they were scared asf and she’d laugh so hard till she’s fallen off the sofa.
She’s all cool in front of them and her definition of cool is literally just being sassy the whole time.
Although she makes sure she keeps her best impression on them, because your friends not liking her is not her goal here at all.
She sure does apologise later if she crosses a line, most likely she doesn’t.
“Y/n was a total badass in school wasn’t she?” that’s here main goal. She wants to know if you both had the same kind of vibe before.
She will definitely stay in touch with your friends later on too and would love to hangout with them often.
Gojo Satoru
just no words for this guy 😀.
He’s extremely energetic and it’s not easy to match his energy.
He will laugh unnecessarily at his own jokes sometimes while you and your friends are just👁👄👁.
He will ask about all and when i say all he means ALL of your embarrassing moments from school days so that he gets to use them on you and tease you because he knows how annoyed you get when he does so.
“She did WHAT?!” and there he goes wheezing and literally so close to lie down on the floor, he has tears in his eyes from knowing all your weird moments from school and you’re just waiting for him to go home with you so you can just end him 😃.
But you’re no less. You ask your friends intentionally to bring up your past with your boyfriends and that’s it. He’s so jealous LMAOOO.
you smirk as you see his expression change from being extremely jolly to being serious and he often sniffles like he’s fine, deep down the mf wants to just ignore you right now.
he will take your friends numbers and talk to them almost everyday, he wants to befriend them so that he gets to know you much better and so that he maintains a healthy relationship both ways.
He will make a group chat with your friends and you too which will be dead in just a few days except he’ll be sending memes the whole time.
“Your boyfriend… i have no words” is what your friends say after the first meeting.
Kento Nanami
he’s a total daddy we all know it.
he will appear all dressed formally while you are there in jeans or shorts with a casual top even though you asked him to dress casual.
barely laughs he’s just either 😐 or 🤨.
“How was she back in high school, was she good at studies” wtf kento you’re not my dad 💀.
It’s like he’s taking their interview and well there is just confusion painted on your friends faces
But he also will adjust with them after some time and start cracking jokes even though he does them “seriously”.
He makes sure they aren’t too intimidated by him and he tries his best to lift the mood up and clear the tense atmosphere ever created.
When its time to leave your friends just spam your group with “YOU GOT A MF ZADDY WTF”
After you’re home he’s just exhausted with the amount of socialisation he did today.
geto suguru
Man will hold you from your waist and close to him at all times.
He just matches their vibe and damn are they loving him.
He’s jokey, serious, playful, everything.
He loves to flirt too 💀. He will keep complimenting your friends and they just blush (istg)
But he will keep teasing you under the table.
His hands will be in your inner thighs and will keep moving up till you just hold his hand and give him a death stare but he doesn’t stop💀.
Your friends just enjoyed his company and will spam the gc with “Damn you got a good choice”
Toji Fushiguro
Doesn’t give two shits honestly.
When he meets your friends he’s just trying to seduce you but instead your friends keep getting seduced BY ACCIDENT WTF WJDJEJ.
He would want you to sit on top of him but you make him remember you’re out in public but as i said, HE DOESNT GIVE TWO SHITS.
Does all sorts of sexy things, bites his lips, does that sexy eyes thing, pokes his tongue in his inner cheeks, fuck u toji they’re getting sinful thoughts.
He will talk to them and meanwhile keep one hand on your thighs while with the other he plays with your hair while you’re just 🙂 “smile and wave boys, smile and wave”
“I bet y/n was a baddie and had guys/girls falling for him/her” he will say making your friends gulp and look at him like 😀 “yea..”
Mf gets a boner mid talk and will ask you to show him where the bathroom is even if you tell him it should be right around the corner.
He will take you for a quick fuck and your friends do know it cause you came back 20 minutes later with your hair messy, and well lips swollen and red.
“SHE GOT A DILF IM SO FUCKING JEALOUS” is all that’s there in your friends GC.
Sukuna Ryomen
He doesn’t want to interact at all 💀.
He’ll prolly throw a tantrum “do i have to go?” and will keep whining all the time.
Ends up going obviously, after a huge mf argument between you two
He’s a snitch for sure, he starts taking your friends side whenever they’re talking about your weird moments and will attack you like that 😀
he knows it pisses you off but mans never gave two shits.
“Didn’t you want me to come with you? face it babe, you asked for this”
You’re friends are definitely drooling over him.
They will spam the group with “how tf did such a hot ass fall for you???”
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har-rison-s · an hour ago
“your good will” series masterlist
request: A story where the reader is Joyce’s daughter and is dating Steve,  somehow include hopper? Go wild, angst, fluff, sad, happy! I’m excited!  Please and thank you!
plot: Maggie Byers, the middle child of Joyce and Lonnie Byers, and Steve Harrington have been dating since the beginning of ‘85. It is now the summer of that same year, and though it may seem depressing and uneventful for the two lovers, the summer is going well and serves as a breath of fresh air after the events of fall '84 and '83. Yet, evil is still lurking around Hawkins, unbeknownst to Steve and Maggie and everyone else. Can one summer really change everything?
warnings: each chapter has its own warnings, and they’re all showed :)
a/n: i decided to make a separate masterlist for this series. mostly because there's more to come ! so i hope you enjoy reading and stay tuned for more :) this has got to be one of my favourite series of all my works, if not the favourite one. ahh, i just love writing maggie and steve. happy reading !! <3
💥 - angst
🌙 - smut
🌺 - fluff
✨ - personal favourite
Tumblr media
• One: First Sentence 🌺
• Two: Outage
• Three: Discourse 🌺
• Four: Break From All Things Stressful 🌺
• Five: Serebro
• Six: Puzzles🌺
• Seven: Can’t Fight This Feeling🌺🌙
• Eight: Sentiments🌺💥✨
• Nine: The Unexpected💥
• Ten: Code Red💥
• Eleven: Preparations
• Twelve: Sauna Test💥
• Thirteen: Wounds💥✨
• Fourteen: Doctor Appointment💥
• Fifteen: The Fourth 💥🌺
• Sixteen: Recharge 💥
• Seventeen: Tribulations 💥✨
• Eighteen: Encircled 💥
• Nineteen: Battle Of Starcourt  💥
• Twenty: Aftermath💥🌺
Permanent tag-list: @hallecarey1  @gabiatthedisco @v0idbella  @works-of-fanfiction @destiel-stucky4ever-loki-queen​ @ur-gunna-h8-ths​ @betweenloveandfire​ @but-legendsneverdie​  @deardeacy​ @thewinchesterchronicles​ @mavieesttriste16​ @intrrverted​ @the-freak-cassie-131​ @beverlyparkerr​ @gasbomb69​ @rottenstyx​  ​
Your Good Will Series tag-list: @givemequeen​​​​​​​​​​​​ @yllwtaxi​​​​​​​​​​​​ @wnygirl2012​​​​​​​​​​​​ @watercolour-sloth​​​​​​​​​​​​ @brinaprfct​​​​​​​​​​​ @whormotional​
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americasass91 · 4 hours ago
Baby Fever
Tumblr media
Hello lovelies! I hope everyone is well! This little fic is for the amazingly talented @buckyownsmylife​ 2k/Birthday Challenge! Which the theme for it was breeding kink. Which how could I not participate in that? Breeding kink just happens to be one of the biggest kinks I have(and i don’t even want kids, go figure) So I looked through my Masterlist and realized I didn’t have a breeding kink fic with Steve. Well, I can’t say that anymore!
Thank you for hosting this challenge you lovely, beautiful human! And congrats on the 2k!! You deserve that and so much more! I hope everyone enjoys!
Rating: Explicit (duh, it’s a breeding kink fic)
Words: 2.8k
Warnings: breeding kink(again, duh), Professor!Steve(I feel like he’s a warning all by himself, language, age gap, unprotected sex(I mean, it’s kind of implied but I’ll put the warning anyway)
“How long do we have to stay at this thing?”
You help can’t but roll your eyes at your husband of 4 months. “I told you I’m not sure. It’s my niece’s 1st birthday party. You could’ve stayed home you know.”
Steve pulls up to your sister’s house and parks among the other vehicles in the front yard. “Yeah and give them even more reasons to hate me? No thanks.”
See, Steve wasn’t your family’s favorite person. It all has to do with the fact that he’s 10 years older than you and how you guys met, which was during your freshman year of college. You were the innocent student and he was your history professor.
The attraction was instant and very mutual between you two. But dating students at this particular university was frowned upon and Steve could have lost his job. So, you admired each other from afar….that is until the semester was over. You went to visit him in his office after your last class and he eagerly bent you over his desk and ruined you for any other future man you may have.
Well, that was 6 years ago now. Your family of course didn’t approve and thought he was just taking advantage of a young, naive student. Your mom was the first to come around when she noticed a change in your demeanor and how happy he made you. She talked some sense into your dad and he eventually backed off as well.  
It took until Steve put a ring on your finger for your sister to accept him. Although you know her and her friends still judged you two. You could tell by the looks you guys always got whenever around them. You learned to not let it bother you. Steve was amazing. He was attentive, caring, and he loved you with everything he had. The only flaw he had was that he didn’t want kids.
It almost made you consider not marrying him. You had always wanted kids. But, in the end you realized you wanted Steve for the rest of your life more than a baby. But he did adopt a kitten with you. So it’s a win, win.
He gets out of the car and grabs the gift out of the trunk. You had gotten her an outfit that says ‘My aunt is cooler than your aunt’ and various toys that she would enjoy. Plus, being the book editor you were, you couldn’t not get her a book. So, you got her the very first Harry Potter book. When Steve saw you wrapping it with a questioning look, you told him it was never too early to start a child’s transition into being a Potterhead.
You skipped excitedly next to Steve as you made your way to the front door. He couldn’t help but chuckle at your enthusiasm. “You excited or something, sweetheart?”
After ringing the doorbell, you turn towards him. “Of course I am! I love my little niece!”
Truth was, you knew you were never going to have a baby of your own. So you poured all of your love and joy for a baby into your niece.
You’re pulled from your thoughts when your brother-in-law, Matt, answers the door.
“Mr. and Mrs. Rogers! Glad you made it! Come on in!” He ushers you 2 inside, helping you both hang your coats up in the hall closet. He then points to the obvious gift table. “You can just set that down there, Steve. And if you’d like, me and a bunch of the other husbands are downstairs in the basement watching the game. You’re more than welcome to join us.”
Steve looks at you, silently asking for permission. You give him a quick pecking the lips. “Go have fun. Just make sure to come back up for food and presents.”
As Steve heads downstairs with Matt, you can’t help but take in all the decorations. Little Miss Lindsey just happens to currently be obsessed with The Little Mermaid. So of course the theme is under the sea. Your sister really went all out. Streamers, balloons, and even mermaid figurines were everywhere. There’s even mermaid confetti on the tables.
You head in search of your sister and the birthday girl, one of which you find in the kitchen. “Hey sis! Need any help?”
Your sister, Rachel, turns from the hot dog sauce she’s stirring on the stove and gives you a big hug. “Oh, thank god you’re here! Can you grab the vegetable tray and potato salad out of the fridge and put them on that table over there?”
“Sure! Where’s Linds?” You ask as you grab the requested items out of the fridge.
Your sister returns to the sauce on the stove. “She’s still napping. I should be getting her up soon. Where’s Steve? He stay home? I know this isn’t really his thing.”
You take the plastic wrap off the potato salad and sit it amongst the smorgasbord of other food on the table. “Of course he’s here. He’s down in the basement with the other men.”
You sister lets out a sigh. “Yeah, I told Matt they could only watch until everybody got here. Ah, shit. I think I hear Lindsey crying.”
“I’ll get her!” Quickly jumping at the chance to see her.
“You sure? That would be great! The outfit I want her to wear is on the changing table. And can you do her hair up in the bow, too?”
“You got it!” You make your way down the hall towards Lindsey’s room, her crying getting louder. You open the door and see her sitting up in her crib. Her crying quiets the moment she sees you. She gets a big ole smile on her face and reaches out for you. “Hi, sweet girl! How is the birthday girl today?” You pick her up and give her a big hug. “How about we get you changed into your party outfit?” She just coos back at you in response.
You push her outfit aside and lay her down on the changing table. Quickly realizing she’s wet, you give her a fresh diaper. She attempts to ‘help’ as you try to change her into her party outfit. Which after it’s on her, she looks like a little mermaid. You quickly brush her hair and pull as much of it as you can into a ponytail on the top of her head and add the matching bow. You stand back a little from her and clap your hands. “What a pretty girl! Are you ready to join your party?” You pick her up and turn around to head out of the room. You’re surprised to see your husband standing in the doorway.
“Hey, I thought you were watching the game?” He shrugs his shoulders and walks towards you two. “I missed you.” He tickles Lindsey’s side, causing her to giggle. “Happy Birthday, little one.” You can’t help but feel your heart warm. That always happens anytime your husband interacts with a baby.
“I was just helping Rachel out by getting her ready. She seemed a little frazzled in the kitchen.” You turn your attention back to Lindsey. “Come on, sweet girl. Let’s go join your mommy in the kitchen!”
The next hour goes by in a blur. You weren’t really paying attention to anyone else. All of yours on Lindsey. The only food she seemed to want was what was on your plate. You didn’t mind sharing. Then she got to ‘smash’ her cake. Which for Lindsey it meant taking delicate little bites from said cake, mostly of the icing. She did still manage to get it all down the front of her though. But that’s okay, Rachel of course had a back up outfit ready.
You had just polished off your hot dog when Rachel walked back into the room with a now clean Lindsey. Steve grabbed yours and his plates to go dispose of.
Rachel sat on the floor with Lindsey who immediately started crawling towards you. “I think you’re gonna have to join us, sis.”
You can tell it’s hurting Rachel’s feelings a little that Lindsey is so attached to you today. Nevertheless, you join them on the floor, placing Lindsey in your lap. “Ready to open presents, sweet girl?”
Rachel turns to Matt. “Honey, could you start handing out the presents please?”
He nods and goes to grab the first of many presents. He sits it down in front of Lindsey who immediately goes for the tissue paper. She doesn’t even seem to care about the present in the bag. You laugh and try to get her attention on the gift inside.
You look up and see everyone laughing at the birthday girl who only wants the tissue paper. You notice Steve towards the back of the crowd, only he’s not laughing. He’s giving you a look. You’ve seen that look before. It instantly sends a shiver down your spine and makes your panties wet. He wants you.
You try to give him a stern look. He shouldn’t be looking at you like that in the middle of your niece’s party. He puts his hands up in surrender.
After taking almost 2 hours to open the rest of the gifts, Lindsey was a sleepy girl. You were sitting on the couch with Lindsey cuddled up into your chest. You were gently rocking her back and forth. You look over at your sister who was cleaning up the mess from the presents.
“I can go put her down for a nap, Rach. I don’t mind.”
“Thanks, sis. You seem to be her favorite person today so she’d probably scream if I tried to do it. Matt! Could you get a bottle ready for Lindsey so my sister can put her down for her nap?”
A few minutes later he comes out with the bottle and hands it to you.
You stand up and look over at Steve. “I shouldn’t be too long. Did you want to head out of here after I put her down? I know you still have those papers to grade.”
He nods. “Yeah, if you don’t mind. Thanks, sweetheart.”
You squeeze his bicep as you pass by him. “Of course not. Like I said, this shouldn’t take too long.” You glance at Lindsey and notice she’s having trouble keeping her eyes open.
Just like you predicted, it only took Lindsey about 15 minutes to fall asleep. You take one last glance at her, your heart tugging a little, knowing you’ll never have one of your own.
You quietly close the door and don’t even take 2 steps before the door across the hall opens to reveal Steve. You look at him in confusion. “Babe? Why are you in the laundry room?”
He doesn’t respond. Instead, he grabs your arm and pulls you into the room with him. He makes sure to shut the door behind him.
“Steve, what are you doing? I thought we were leaving?”
He pushes you to the front of the washing machine and presses himself up against you, immediately making you feel how hard he is. “Need you, baby.” He reaches around and starts undoing your jeans.
You start pushing his hands away and try to turn around. His hold on your waist tightens, stopping you.
“Steve, we are not doing this here. You can wait until we get home.”
You are suddenly pushed until your front is resting on the top of the washing machine, Steve covering his body with yours. He lets out a low growl in your ear. “This” he presses his bulge more firmly against your ass “is your fault. So, you’re going to help me with it.”
You turn your head to the side as he pushes your jeans over the curve of your ass. “Me? What the fuck did I do? I haven’t even really talked to you today. Been with Lindsey all day.”
He fastens his pace in removing his own jeans, only lowering them enough to free his aching cock. He lands a smack to your panty covered ass. “Exactly. Made me so hard watching you with the baby. Made me think what it’d be like if we had one. What you’d look like swelled with my kid. Knew I had to have you.”
You managed to push him back far enough to stand up straight and turn around to face him. “Steve, I’m not going to let you fuck me in my sister’s laundry room.” He launches at you, trapping your body between his and the washing machine. “It’s cute that you think you’re in charge. Now, I’m going to fuck a baby into you. And I can either do that here or I’ll take you out in the living room where everyone is and bend you over there.”
Fuck. These panties are officially fucked. Still, you have questions. “I thought you didn’t want kids, Steve? Plus I’m on the pill.”
His face turns soft for a second. He cups your cheek in his left hand. “I didn’t think I did. But seeing you with her today? Now that’s all I want, all I can think about. You with our baby. You’d be the best mother. And you’ll just stop taking your pill. Starting today. We’ll keep trying until it takes. Is this something you’re even still wanting?”
You grab onto his wrist and push your cheek against his palm. “Of course it is.” You turn back around and bend over the washer. You lower your panties to your knees and shake your ass in his direction. “Well? What are you waiting for? Fuck a baby into me, Steve.”
He growls and closes the distance between you. He grabs the base of his cock and rubs the tip through your dripping folds. “Don’t have time to stretch you out first, sweetheart. And I’m really worked up, so this will probably be quick.”
You push back against him, eager to get him inside you already. “Don’t care. Just please, fuck me Professor Rogers.” You knew that’d get him.
“Fuck.” Is the only warning you get before he buries himself in you to the hilt. He just gets his hand over your mouth before your moan escapes your throat.
He only gives you a second to adjust to his size before he starts a bruising pace. After a few thrusts, he removes his hand from your mouth and smacks your ass. He feels you clench around him. “Yeah? You like when your professor fucks you?”
You quickly nod your head. “Yeah. You fuck me so good. Need your cum. Need you to fill me up.”
Steve quickens his pace even more if that’s possible. He moves his left hand off your hip and moves it around you to find your clit. He presses quick circles against it. “Need you to cum first, sweetheart. Need to feel you squeeze me.”
You start pushing back to meet his thrusts. You can feel the coil inside you ready to snap. You just need a little something more.
Steve leans over you and starts pressing kisses up your spine, his pace never faltering. Once he reaches your shoulder, he bites down lightly. He moves his mouth next to your ear. “Come on, sweetheart. Cum for your professor. Then I’ll fill you up nice and full, get you pregnant. Cum for me, Y/N.”
You press your face into the crook of your elbow to muffle your scream as you cum undone on his cock. Your orgasm triggers his. He cums with a quiet shout as he fills you full of his spend, some of it leaking out around him. He gives a few more shallow thrusts before stopping and catching his breath.
He rubs his hands up and down your back. “You okay? I didn’t hurt you did I?”
You turn your head so you can look at him. “Mmm, i’m great.” You can’t help but let out a little giggle, feeling drunk on sex.
Steve smiles down at you and moves his hand until it’s resting on your lower stomach. “I hope it worked.” He slowly pulls out and watches as his cum starts leaking out of your pussy. He quickly scoops it up and pushes it back inside, causing a whimper to escape your lips. “Sorry, sweetheart. Can’t let any of it go to waste.”
Once he’s sure he’s got it all, he quickly pulls your panties back into place. He stands you up and turns you around to press a sweet kiss to your lips. “I love you so much, thank you for being mine.”
You give him a big smile. “I love you, too. And thank you for picking me.” You bend down to pull up your jeans, Steve mirroring your actions. Once you’re both redressed, you wrap your arms around his neck and press a firm kiss to his lips.
“Now, let’s hurry up and get home. Want you to fill me up again.” You give him a wink and turn to head out the door. “You coming?”
He smirks as he starts following you out. “Oh, I will be.”
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Steve Taglist: @donutloverxo
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Best Years but Not in the Same Way (23)
Calum Hood x Reader
Previous Part
Pls let me know what do you think about this story. The summary is in earlier part if you forgot just open the part or you can ask me!
After Christmas day you have spent at your parents house, for a week, you finally get back to your place and you lowkey curious about what’s your apartment looks like for the new year’s party.
It’s 2 PM and you opened the door and you saw your couch on living room is put aside into other wall. You walked to your bedroom and there’s 2 queen size air beds on the floor and so much bags and suitcases laying on the floor. You checked the kitchen and there’s so many barbecue equipments and tools and everything. You peeking at the room behind the kitchen and it has a single airbed on the floor. You also checked the refrigerator and you saw it full of foods and drinks for tonight. Alright. It’s all settled.
You walked back to your bedroom and changed clothes and took a nap before they all came and crashing your place.
You opened your eyes and you saw Calum sat beside you. “Hey sleepyhead.”
You rubbed your eyes. “What time is it? The gang is came already?”
He shook his head. “No, not yet.” When he said that suddenly the door is knocked. “Yes they’re here now.” He opened the door while you’re go to the bedroom to changes into proper clothes.
“Hey hey hey, who’s here to burn down the house?” Ashton yelled a bit and we all cheered. Not gonna lie, you were excited because this is the first time you spent time with them at new year’s eve.
It’s 8 PM and the girls (Crystal, Sierra, Kaitlin and you) are grilling the meat and vegetables while the boys are setting the table. Actually your dining table is only capable of four people and your kitchen bar is only fit for three people. But they brought an actual stool from Luke’s house so we could be eating together. It really took an hour to prepare anything. Your tiny kitchen almost didn’t fit for 4 people at the same time so the four of you really managed not to bumped into each other.
After the late dinner time at 9 PM, we all sat on the carpet on the living room. And then Kaitlin pulled out a wine bottle. “Lets play truth or dare.” She smirked and everyone shouted except you and Calum. “The rule is simple. If you didn’t want to spill the truth or even do a dare, the question of this tod will be posted on your instagram stories.” “Alright let me spin the bottle first.” She spinned the bottle and it stop on you.
“Omg, you really got her,” said Sierra mesmerized by the way Kaitlin got you.
“So Saara, truth or dare?” She asked you excitedly.
You smiled. “Truth.” Easy, you chose truth because what else they would asked, your relationship with Cal? Please.
“When, where, how and who is your first kiss?” What question is that? Was she serious?
“My bet is on Justin Bieber,” Sierra said it out loud.
Then Crystal shook his head. “Definitely Barry Allen guy. He was really his ex boyfriend.”
You glanced at the boys one by one. Like, did they know who the person was? Because you never told anyone about it not because you ashamed, it just the story behind it kinda ridiculous and funny.
“I’m pretty sure some guy from her high school.” Kaitlin added. “Calum won’t angry at you finger crossed.”
“Okay… so…,” you looked at Calum slightly. “It happened on December 2014 when i was 19, at this apartment i just rented, we were hanging out and watched some movies and there was a kissing scene and i said ‘i never kissed before’ because i didn’t really have many friends at school becauce i spent most of my time with my dad, and that guy said his innocently his first kiss when he was 13 and i was like how? and he asked me if she wanted to try? And I said yes and we kissed. And that guywas Calum.”
Three of them were shouted in disbelief because they guessed the wrong person and never thought it was Calum. The boys was just laughing because apparently they knew. It must be Calum who told them.
The next round you spin the bottle and it stopped on Ashton. “Truth, i choose truth.” Before you asked him, he already choose truth.
“Okay thank you for choosing truth because i always wanted to asked you. What was the thing you whispered to Calum when i met him and Luke for the first time at the studio? Because his reaction was so negative and i know you were talking about me.”
When you asked that Calum suddenly laughed and Ashton followed him. “I’m so sorry Saara i was saying to Calum that you’re his future girlfriend and if it didn’t happen, I would be the one who dated you.”
You rolled your eyes and laughed. And the next round Ashton spin the bottle and stopped at Calum.
“My man! Since two people choose truth, you have to choose dare.”
“Dare me. I’m not afraid of anything.” He said it arrogant.
“I want you to go to the bedroom, and do 7 minutes in heaven with Miss B a.k.a Miss Bara.”
You frowned. “What the hell? It isn’t high school. You should dare him another else like, i don’t know.”
Then Michael interrupted you. “Oh shut up Miss B. We all knew you’ve never done this before in high school. You said yourself that you’re don’t have any friends and just hang out with your dad. And Calum also never done anything like this, he dropped out of school, remember? Now lets do this. Or you’ll be facing the Instagram. Which one do you prefer?”
Calum finally got up and gave his hand and you hold it. And now you both walked to your bedroom and anyone shouted so loud. They were so happy when we finally getting in to my bedroom.
“We won’t interrupt you!” Said Kaitlin.
He closed the door and now we stood up beside the door. We didn’t talk nor interacted for two minutes straight. Like, you knew what 7 minutes in heaven concept. But, you felt so awkward since Calum didn’t make any move.
“I won’t doing anything unless… you want me to do it.” Finally Calum break the silence.
Maybe this time was the right time for you to make a move. And maybe this time you ready to start a thing with him?
“I never kissed before.” You said it exactly like four years ago. Like you hinted him to kiss you. And you hope he would notice it.
He chuckled. “At this 19 age? Are you being serious? My first kiss when i was 13.” We both laughed because it was too funny to be remembered. “So you want to try it what it feels like?” You nodded slightly and his face is closer to your and you closed your eyes and you could smell a beer before he put his lips to yours. The kiss was tender enough. Then he put his tounge all over yours. And It was brief but it was meaningfull. At least for you.
You both looked at each other shyly and you couldn’t say anything because… you don’t know why.
“If we ever kissed again, it means that we’re in an official relationship, like we’re dating.” He said it confidently.
“Deal.” You shook his hand and we both smiled to each other. You couldn’t believe you were in this kind of phase, that you’ll be giving your heart to someone you love since long time ago. You thought that you’ll never move on after what happened. And then you peck his lips. “Not now.” And we both laughed quietly because you didn’t want people outside this room knew what happened inside.
Then we both sit at the corner of the airbed because there’s 2 minutes left. And then the door was opened by Luke and he looked at us both weirdly. “Nothing happened between them, guys look. They’re just sitting on the bed.”
“What happened there stays there.” Said Sierra.
You and Calum both giggles because something here happened and they didn’t know.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
To be continued.
Next part
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#7- Hq “Sorry For Everything I Guess”
It’s been a hot minute but I’m gonna try and clear out all my drafts n make up a nice posting schedule, you know, like someone who’s life is together.
I’m also working on a smau which im hoping will be up in a week but ahhhh its so intimidating to take up and I wanna work on a navi/masterlist/comprehensive tagging system, more on that when I post it.
I Read More Than Just These Two I Swear. I’m just clearing out the recents. Anyway, I changed a bunch of things up, I made my main blog take this domain, did a whooole thing of work to make it  ✨⁣⁣pretty  ✨⁣⁣ and here we are. I’ll leave the fic related comments to my take but this is another of my favesssss.
OK now the details...
✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨⁣⁣ Rating:⁣⁣ Explicit Warnings:⁣⁣ Chose not to use any Characters: ⁣⁣Kyoutani Kentarou, Yahaba Shigeru. A host of side characters, some third years and friends Ships ? :⁣⁣ Yes ! Kyoutani Kentarou/ Yahaba Shigeru Chapters:⁣⁣ 8/8, Completed Words:⁣⁣   30,879 AU ? :⁣⁣ No, it goes onto to what could happen in between canon, no mention of any specific canon events, but still not really au My take :⁣⁣ aaaaaaAAAAAAAH I really love this fic, it’s not particularly fluffy or anything but I like the story a lot. This was written primarily from Yahaba’s perspective, we follow him. I most like to see characters interacting, I like it when a fic has a lot of characters so we see a wealth of dynamics, this one didn’t have a lot, but it did have a notable few that were fleshed out *chefs kiss* excellently in my opinion. 
The plot points made sense, they flowed well and were very believable. Solid 4 (very close to 5) on my writing scale meaning I was sucked in VERY WELL, felt all the embarrassment and enamoredness and awkwardness the characters did.
One thing I want to highlight, that I would call the crowning jewel of this fic, is that the plot is done very  well through Yahaba. Maybe its OOC but he was a really good choice to work through, he’s super relatable, he’s written here as a bit of a “perfect kid” who gets a wrench thrown in his plans so when he gets put into tricky situations and makes dumb choices, its like a perfect foil, which makes it more believable and entertaining to watch him work his way through things. Maybe I’m biased but I do love when Yahaba is the leading perspective because he’s got the character to carry a story without making it all about his development and nothing else. Also sometimes he’s written delightfully dumb and it makes a funny story to follow, in this case it’s with the classic misunderstandings and lack of communication, which mercifully, is only tense enough to make the resolution satisfying. 
In summary, It reminds me of a smooth ride, because the writing style is nice enough to pull you in, and the plot is developed in a really realistic and entrancing way, which flows from beginning to end very well. It’s like a car ride for your brain, I’m actually pretty sure I read it in one go over a few hours or so. 
Overall, it’s a nice length and has a great plot for a short story :) its def one of my favourites.
✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ Like what you’re seeing? ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ " Sorry for Everything, I Guess "⁣⁣ By  liquidtime On AO3⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Tas 👋 ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ -vidi ✨⁣⁣⁣⁣
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Better Love - cth
part one: shaking thrill
summary: Calum’s life has gone downhill and the only way to clear his head is heading to Scotland.
author’s notes: Welcome to Better Love! This series started when I was listening to this song by Hozier and it was raining outside! I hope you enjoy!
warnings: mentions of a breakup.
masterlist || request || join my taglist!
Tumblr media
I once kneeled in shaking thrill I chase the memory of it still, of every chill Chided by that silence of a hush sublime Blind to the purpose of the brute divine But you were mine
There was a time in Calum's life when he had thought he'd done something right, that he had somehow figured out the trick to life and that he was all set. Where he'd wake up next to someone he loved and felt loved by them. A time where he was so blinded by the presence of someone wanting him that he'd pushed past all those red flags he'd noticed in the beginning. There was a time in Calum's life where the morning sun was his best friend because it meant it was another day to spend with the love of his life, another day closer to the rest of his happiness. There was a time in his life where he was free and wild and he had everything in life. Where his job took him to amazing places around the world and he had the love of his life right there next to him through it all. 
But all of that had gone to shit when his fiancé had left him one night without a word. 
Calum had been having a dream about Scotland, dreaming of the green hills and vast ocean views while his fiancé packed her bags in the dead of the night. He'd been standing in the forest, surrounded by green and browns, taking in the fresh air that burned his lung in ways the cigarettes he smoked never could. He'd always been fascinated by the country, always adding it to his bucket list of places to explore if he ever saved up enough time off from his job to take a personal vacation, one where he wouldn't have to be attending meetings after meetings. In his dreams, where the Scottish air blew around him as he looked out onto the ocean where the waves crashed against the shore, he was happy and safe. But the more he slept, the more he dreamt of Scotland, the farther away his fiancé got from him. Calum remembers feeling her lips on his forehead, his mind conjuring up a stranger he'd surely never met before sitting next to him on the rocky shore, holding his hand tightly and pressing her lips against his forehead. 
Then, like a shitty romance movie, three months had come and gone. Three months since he'd woken up in an empty bed with no explanation. He'd sat around by the phone for the first three days, hoping that he'd eventually get a phone call with an explanation and not just a sorry excuse of a note with an engagement ring on top of it. Three months since Calum's life had turned upside down and everything he thought was happiness was ripped away from him. He'd stopped going out with friends after that day, stopped going to the beach they both loved to go to during the sunny days. By the fourth month, after Calum had lost the love of his life, he was a shell of who he used to be. He hated it, hated how much of himself he'd given to someone who left him in the middle of the night. He hated that no matter how hard he tried to ignore the pain in his chest whenever he walked around the house they'd both made it into a home, it was always there. By the time that Calum had realized just how much he'd changed, he was angry at himself, for allowing himself to slip so far away because of one person. 
He'd booked the trip late one night when sleep was an enemy and all he could do to stop himself from going crazy from staring into the darkness of his ceiling was open his laptop and search for flights out of the city. He'd been scrolling through flight deals, his eyes scanning over cities he'd never even heard of as he tried to pick a place that he could run away to. He'd almost given up looking, his eyes burning from the bright screen, but then Scotland popped up. Calum felt the knot in the back of his throat as he scrolled through the page of the Scottish tourism page, his forehead burning where she'd kissed him before she'd left him. The more he scrolled and researched about places to stay, places to visit and explore, the more he felt like it was a sign to put the past four sad months away and become a new person. That this was a sign to become a new Calum. 
"Maybe it'll give me closure," he thought to himself, his finger hovering over the mousepad of his laptop, "Maybe Scotland has something for me." 
There was a humming in the air as Calum walked through the forest, the wet ground squelching under the boots he'd pulled on not too long after he'd woken up. The air was tense as if the universe knew something that Calum didn't. The forest had been new to him, the tall green and yellow trees hiding the grey sky above him. The ground was still wet and the path he'd been told would be easy to spot was turned to mud. The autumn air was chilly, making Calum grateful that he'd decided on bringing the grey rain jacket his past lover had gifted him on a special occasion, whichever one it was slipping his mind. Not that it was too much of an issue anymore, if Calum had thought about the day hard enough, he would probably be able to remember where they sat in what city and if he'd held her hand or not. But ever since she'd left without a second's notice, Calum found himself leaving out those memories in his brain, hoping that one day they'd be gone completely. That's how he'd found himself in the highlands of Scotland, hiking towards the key to his unknown questions
The birds hidden between the branches called out for their mate, the shrieking noises in the quiet forest making goosebumps rise on Calum's arms. Maybe they'd be luckier than I had been, he thought to himself as his boot sunk into the mud and his body was thrown into the floor. The world seemed to go silent when his body hit the ground, his eyes closing in pain as he let out a shaky groan. The birds had stopped shrieking and the leaves around him had stopped swaying in the cold wind, even the running water from a river not too far away had stopped. The only noise Calum could hear was the shaky breaths that were leaving his own lungs. Standing up, with another groan, Calum looked down at his appearance, the grey fabric of his jacket stained with brown mud. His jeans, which had been protecting his legs from the chill of the highlands, were a mix of dark blue and brown with the mud and water seeping into them. 
"Fucking hell," he muttered under his breath, wiping his hands on the sides of the ruined jacket, "This place better be fucking worth it."
The forest here in Scotland had always been a destination that Calum had wanted to see with his own eyes at least once in his life, after all the stories he'd heard from his father and his side of the family. They'd always spoke of the magic behind the country, how the fresh air and the salt in the ocean could cure anyone's troubles. But being covered in mud and having surely twisted his ankle had not been his ideal way to spend the rest of his month away. The thunder in the air had made it even more obvious that Calum's luck had turned for the worst, not that it had been in good standing recently anyways. Putting pressure on the ankle that he'd gotten stuck in the mud, he took a precarious step forward, whispering out a thank you to whoever could hear him above that there was no pain in his step. As the sky above him darkened, Calum took another step, followed by another, and yet another until the sound of the river became louder. A sign that his destination was getting closer by the second.  
The birds had left by the time Calum's ankle began to hurt again, the dull pain proving that rain would be coming soon. His bones always ached before a rainstorm, something he'd learned from his mother that happened to those who were in tune with nature. Calum had never really believed that until he was curled up in bed, his bones aching as the storm clouds would let go of their rain and leave Calum feeling as if he was a thousand years older than he truly was. The air around Calum bit at his skin and prickled with electricity, making him walk at a hurried pace towards the grand finale of his morning hike. The host of his airbnb, Mrs. Bagby, who was a very kind and very helpful old woman, had told Calum that any problem could be solved by staying at the small cobblestone hermitage in the middle of the forest. 
At first, Calum had thought that the old woman was trying to sell her an upgrade, that the so-called cottage was going to be more expensive than the cottage he'd already paid for. He would have been close to town, close enough to everything he'd written down on his list, and had made a goal of seeing before flying back home at the end of his month off.  But when she told him about the privacy and quietness that the cottage in the forest would offer him, the space to clear his head and truly find himself, he couldn't resist the offer. Calum had agreed to hike out the next morning, one she said would take around two hours if he took his time to appreciate the scenery and beauty Scotland had to offer him. Mrs. Bagby also promised to have the porter deliver his bags and a few groceries to him so that he'd have enough food and supplies to stay for the rest of his stay with them, waving Calum off when he offered to pay her for the groceries. 
"You young ones are always looking for answers and never want to be helped in finding them," she told him as she showed him the way to his room for the night, sliding a key into the palm of his hand before she left him for the night. 
The key she had given him as the stars had started to hide themselves behind the grey clouds were stabbing his high now, the scenic hike having lasted longer than Calum had planned. But as he rounded the corner and heard the sound of running water grow louder, Calum's breath caught in his throat. The cottage was sat on the edge of a small cliff, a cobblestone bridge leading up to the small stone building. The property was surrounded by trees of all shapes and colors, making the grey sky seem like a canvas to a painting Calum wouldn't ever see again. The river, which flowed under the bridge and was probably the cause of the mossy cliffside, splashed against the rocky edges of its bank. Calum could see the splashes that the occasional raindrop made as he walked across the bridge, his eyes taking in the view. From the middle of the bridge, Calum spotted the giant window on the side of the house that seemed to overlook the river in all its glory. Through the window, Calum caught a peek of the inside of the cabin chuckling to himself as he saw a shadow moving through the front. He'd probably been imagining things, the long hike, and the rain causing him to slowly lose his mind. With a shake of his head and a hand running through his curls, which he'd let grow too long, he continued towards the cottage even after he also saw the footprints in the ground leading towards the door. 
"Must've been the groundskeeper or the porter," Calum mumbled as he looked out at the scenery of the forest again. 
The rain had decided to be patient and had let Calum at least spot the cottage before letting loose and falling like a curtain onto the landscape. The trees had thinned out near the cabin, leaving Calum vulnerable to the storm and his already dried and mud-caked outfit from earlier getting soaked if he stayed out any longer. Calum, having had enough of the elements for one day, had made a run for the front door. The silver key in his hand shook as he stuck it into the lock and twisted, with ease, he pushed the door open and frowned as he was met by the smell of wood burning. As he stepped into the cottage he was met by the warmth and of the fireplace somewhere off in the distance. His bags were next to the door, the two leather bags he'd stuffed everything in his life laying on the floor next to a pair of boots that looked too small to fit Calum. 
The rain outside was falling down harder, the pitter-patter against the window growing louder by the second as thunder shook the earth under Calum's feet. Calum had decided that stripping off and leaving his wet clothes by the door to clean up later was the ideal thing to do before going to find the bedroom and settling into the warmth the cottage was providing. With his muddy attire left on the wooden floor, Calum was left in just the black boxers he'd slipped on in the darkness of his original room that early morning. It had only been a few hours since then, the sunshine was nowhere to be seen and Calum was grateful that whoever brought his bags from the property he'd planned to stay at had lit a few candles around the place. He ruffled through his bag, pulling out a pair of warm socks his mom had gifted him a few years back, a pair of grey joggers he could always trust to keep him warm, and the dark green hoodie he'd been living in for the majority of his trip. 
Once he was dressed in his warm clothes and had kicked the muddy and wet clothes he'd arrived in off to the side, Calum wandered through the cottage. The space itself wasn't too big, he'd figured that from the size of the building itself. The walls were painted a dark green, covered with shelves that held glass jars, books, dried flowers, and more that Calum was sure to explore once he'd gotten a few more hours of sleep. The small living room was home to a couch that seemed like a good spot to read a book in, a small coffee table that had been decorated with more dried flowers and some snacks, and the fireplace, which gave the darkroom a glow as the embers crackled. Through the living room and past the kitchen, which was small but Calum hadn't been planning on cooking much even if he did see it was stocked with groceries and spices, was the bedroom. The room was larger than he'd thought, a bed in the middle with enough room for him to stretch out on and enjoy the view from the giant window to the side of it. Stretching from the floor all the way up to the ceiling, the window gave him an uninterrupted view of nature. Out the window, Calum could see the curtains of rain falling outside, watching as they splashed into the river down the cliffside. He could see the hazy forest and how the trees sway along with the wind and rain. As he sat on the edge of the bed, his eyes growing heavy as he watched the storm outside worsen, he couldn't help but feel more relaxed already. Maybe his host had been right, maybe coming to this cottage in the middle of nowhere would be the answer to all his problems. 
Calum hadn't realized he'd laid down until his head was nuzzled into the pillow underneath it and his ears slowly started tuning out the sound of the storm. He'd closed his eyes, basking in the dimness that clouds and the dark wall of the cottage provided, and he could feel his hike-induced nap come onto him. If he was being honest with himself, Calum should've stayed up and explored more of the place he'd be staying in for the next couple of days, but he was on vacation and he was going to enjoy all the sleep he could. He wasn't sure what would happen when he eventually flew back home, he wasn't sure who'd be there to greet him or if his house would even be his house anymore. All Calum knew was that the rain was soothing his brain and that the blanket he'd thrown over himself was warm. He'd almost drifted off when the sound of a door opening and a shriek behind him caused him to jump up in bed and grab the closest thing to him, which had happened to be a silver candelabra. 
Stood by the door to the bathroom, which had been closed when Calum had arrived and didn't seem too important to him, was a woman in a towel. Her eyes were wide and she looked just as shocked to find Calum in the middle of the forest as he did. Her eyes shot from the door of the bedroom back to Calum multiple times, both of them frozen in shock as they tried to comprehend exactly what was going on. It felt like minutes before either of them moved, Calum's hand slowly setting down the candelabra as he watched the woman across from him sigh in relief. His heart was still racing, his hands shaky from the adrenaline of being plucked from sleep, and it wasn't until she spoke that his body tensed again. 
"What are you doing in my hotel?"
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all of you - m.yg.
Tumblr media
genre: angst, fluff (1.4k) (request for @luvrsofbts) i hope you like this one, thank you so much for requesting and i hope i was able to reflect what you wanted in the fic :]
summary: you don’t love yourself but yoongi sure does.
note: this fic deals with body insecurity which might be a sensitive issue for some so please keep that in mind when you’re reading, and this doesn’t imply that my fics include readers only having a certain body type. everyone is loved, respected and celebrated here that includes all genders, identities, sexualities, and body types.
from the beginning, you and yoongi looked and felt like ‘meant to be’.
you were just that couple from the start, both incredibly infatuated, and completely whipped for each other. ever since your first date which ended with the cliché ‘his jacket on your shoulder’ and ice cream, and a careful kiss at your doorstep after he dropped you off, yoongi has been enamored with everything about you.
but you always had a hard time believing the sweet nothings he whispered into your ear every night, each compliment made you feel warm and loved, but the cruel part of you made you believe that he was just saying all that because that’s just the kind of person yoongi is, he’s a good person, the best person you know and the fact that he likes to be the little spoon whenever you’re cuddling endears you to no end. after a particularly rough day, yoongi loves to just drop his bag off his shoulder and let your warm embrace fix everything about that day.
yoongi always showered you with compliments every second he was with you, you let yourself hear them but never feel them, because to you, yoongi just had to say that because you were his person. and even if yoongi would never give empty comments to anyone and you knew that he really did mean what he said, you just couldn’t see what he saw. you never understood why he chose to love when he could love anybody else.
and after a brunch with some of the people from his job, you were convinced that yoongi had a wide array of people to choose from, people prettier than you, more successful than you, people whose bodies didn’t look like yours.
it was no secret that you didn’t like how you looked, you always felt like your body was something that you needed to change, you had tried everything from vigorous workout sessions to spontaneous diets, none of which worked in your favor, the diets damaged your health a lot for a while and you had to work hard on keep yourself fed and full so that it won’t happen again. at the end of any road, you chose though, you still ended up with the body you didn’t like.
and you felt bad for yoongi, he could anyone in the world with his charms and looks, but he was still with you. you felt guilty, like you were holding him back because you were too selfish to let him go and that internally killed you sometimes.
even right now, as you stood in front of the mirror, with a t-shirt on, you blankly stared at your body, not feeling any pride or happiness swell in you as you continued staring, you only felt disappointment, in yourself, in yoongi for staying with you. and your mind drowned in the all too familiar of self loathe filling your every nerve, and each thought made you beg yourself to want to be born in a different body, any body but not yours.
“hey, everything okay?” yoongi’s voice broke you out of your trance as your head whipped to see him taking his tie off as his eyes stayed on you. you hurriedly nodded, knowing that your frantic movement didn’t convince him at all but he didn’t bring it up for your sake, letting you tell him yourself. he just gave you a soft smile, looping his arms around your waist and giving you a gentle kiss on your temple.
“i’ll just clean up and be back in a few” he mumbled into the kiss, and slightly bopped your nose, making you giggle a little as he said ‘don’t’ miss me too much’ jokingly into your ear and you push his chest away from you with a playful scowl on your face, he stepped away with a chuckle, taking lethargic steps towards the bathroom.
you sighed as his frame disappeared out of the room, slumping down on your bed and letting your head fall into your hands because you had enough. you had enough of hating your body to the point of being okay to skip meals, and you had enough of feeling like you weren’t enough and you didn’t have it in you to keep it together anymore.
and as you continued you to cry into your hands, you felt a hand on your shoulder, making you turn back to look at yoongi with nowhere to hide, he didn’t say anything, he just pulled you to him and let you hug him as tightly as you could, for the first time since being in a relationship, you were the small spoon and you threw your face into his neck and sobbed as he softly caressed your hair and whispered, ‘it’ll be alright, i’m here’.
“will you tell me why my precious is crying right now?” he mumbled, as he continued to rub gentle circles on your back.
“i-i’m tired yoongi, i’m so tired” you whined, your voice coming out croaky and defeated, yoongi felt his own heart breaking at the sight of you looking so done with everything.
“about what, love? take some deep breaths, it’s okay, we can talk about this and sort it out” his reassuring words only made you cry more, you really believed that you didn’t deserve him.
“i don’t deserve you, you deserve someone better” you shook your head lightly as you pushed yourself up to sit, your words making yoongi sit up immediately with you.
“what do you mean by that? where is this coming from?” he worriedly asked as he frantically searched for some answers on your face as you finally stopped crying. yoongi felt himself getting anxious as you kept repeating those words more quietly.
“yoongi, look at me, you deserve to be with someone prettier, someone who has one of those perfect bodies with all the right curves, not me” your insecurities tumbled out of your mouth before you could stop them and yoongi looked at you in shock as he processed your words.
did you not know how beautiful you are? and that you were the most beautiful to him?
he couldn’t help but think he failed in his role, as his boyfriend, he felt that he should’ve done better and been more conscious of your feelings and his own guilt started to grow.
“you really have no idea how i see you huh?” you forced your glassy eyes to meet his when his hands reached to hold yours.
“y/n, you are the most beautiful to me, like you literally drive me insane with how stunning you are and no, i’m not saying this because i have to, you know i don’t say things i don’t mean, so trust me when i say i love you, in every way possible. and i don’t want anyone else, i only want you because i honestly don’t know what i would do without you” you intently listened to him as he continued.
“you know what i see? i see you and i think of someone who is struggling to love themselves and that’s okay. it takes time and a lot of energy into accepting yourself and you can slowly get there and i know you will because you’re so full of love, look at how much you love me and the people around you, you are so giving to others when it comes to loving, just spare a little for yourself and you’ll be alright and even if you don’t always feel alright, i’ll be here for you, i promise i don’t want to go anywhere, i don’t want to be anywhere without you by my side” you nodded through your tears and his hands tightened around yours as his words finally started getting through to you.
“can you promise to let me stay with you no matter what, please?” yoongi pleaded softly as he played with your fingers gently and all it took was a nod from you to that, for yoongi to reach forward and kiss your cheek.
“my brave girl, i’m so proud of you and i’m so in love with you, you can always come to me when you feel like this” he gave you another gentle smile which eased your guilt and nerves as you found your own chest swell with joy at his careful but affectionate words.
“i love you too, so much” you whimpered and he cooed a little, patting your cheeks dry as you chuckled at the pout on his face as he meticulously brushed away all traces of your tears on your face.
“now, can i be the small spoon again? because i already miss it.”
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Tumblr media
In which bucky learns how to be a boyfriend.
a whole lot of fluff, clueless bucky and some cuddling, bucky is a sucker for cuddling! this is the last part of the losing you series 🥺 i’ve loved writing this - thank you for the continuous amount of love and support on it.
just a short little piece to finish it off!
losing you masterlist! happy reading!
Waking up early is something bucky does everyday. He doesn’t set an alarm or leave the curtains open before he goes to bed, he just wakes up at 6 in the morning naturally. You absolutely loathe it. Not only does the warmth and your beefy boyfriend leave the bed, bucky barnes does not know how to be quiet. You have to give it to him, he’s been working on a lot of things. His emotions, communication etc. But understanding that you don’t want to wake up at 6am isn’t one of the things he just can’t get over. Every night before bed for the last two weeks he’s asked you to wake up early with him for a coffee and a run, every night you say no. You need your beauty sleep, and you’re working from home at the moment so you’re taking every chance of lie in you can.
“Baby, please” Bucky pleaded, kissing behind your ear as you lay in bed. You were reading a report you wrote up today, and bucky just got back from a mission. You would’ve thought he’d be exhausted after fighting all of those bad guys, but if anything - bucky has more energy. You were kind of hoping he would drop the 6 am thing and just sleep in with you. But no, he’s just as adamant as two weeks ago. Maybe if you weren’t absolutely exhausted from the last couple of months at work you would do this coffee and run with him, you love spending time with bucky.
After the fight, bucky has been better. He hasn’t changed, he’s still the same stubborn and blunt man you met a year ago. But he’s learning every day, going to his therapy sessions, hanging out with friends. Bucky is doing a lot better. He tells you when you’ve hurt his feelings and encourages you to do the same, you communicate and talk through your problems no matter how loud it gets.
Bucky is dropping you to the bar, massaging you whenever you want, getting you cakes and buying you dinner.
And even the simple things where he kisses your temple, or tucks you into his side. Bucky barnes is everything you could ever want and more.
“Why do you want to go out at 6 am?” You giggled turning over to face him, bucky was now on his side his head leaning on his hand, so he was looking down at you. You wanted to know why he was adamant on getting you out at an ungodly hour.
“Just want to spend time with my girl, is that too much to ask for?” He said and you smiled softly, pecking his lips. Your hand goes to his shoulder as you shake your head.
“No it’s not” You said and then nodded to yourself. “Ok, we’ll go for a coffee and a run tomorrow morning” You said, giving in to his pleads. Buckys eyes widened and he immediately buried his head into your neck, his arm going across you waist. You laughed loudly as he kissed down your neck.
“Need to get some sleep then, you’re not going to like me at 6 am”
Bucky tutted at you placing the report that was resting on your stomach on your bedside table. “I like you all the time, no matter how early it is” He said and you smiled placing your lips on his.
“Even when i’m grumpy?” You asked in between kisses.
“Even when you’re grumpy”
With that, you both got out of the bed to do your night time routine. You had been staying over at buckys place for the last couple of days and before that bucky was staying at yours. You like to be around each other, you’re not dependent on each other but you do like to be together. Bucky is so comforted by your energy, always ready to listen, help and offer the best advice you possibly can.
You get out your tooth brush as place it under the tap, and then put the toothpaste on it. Bucky is beside you doing the same to his, you hit your hip of his sending him a little smile to comfort him. You know how he gets before bed. Before this, sex with you was distracting him from all the nightmares and ugly things of the night. Now that you’re together and not doing anything to distract himself from his own harming thoughts, he gets nervous.
Nervous that he might hurt you or injure himself. You know he would never intentionally hurt you, no matter how mean bucky can get he’d never lay a hand on. You’re very sure of that.
You spit the toothpaste out, running your tooth brush under the water.
“You doing ok?” You asked and bucky nodded, cleaning his own tooth brush. You raised an eyebrow leaning against the sink. “I’m just, a little anxious. Nothing new, baby” He said putting his tooth brush away. You pouted and brought him into a hug.
“How about some face masks?” You asked with a grin, before bucky could even blink you had two face masks in your hand and was pulling him over the toilet. You practically pushed you boyfriend onto the toilet seat, he wasn’t wearing a shirt (requested by you) so it made it easier to do the face mask.
You put yours on quickly, and then rushed back to a bored looking bucky.
“You’ll love it” You reassured opening up the packet. Bucky sighed “The things i do for you” He mumbled closing his eyes and placing his hands on either side of you waist.
You place the face mask on your boyfriends face, carefully spreading it over his cheeks and forehead. He had perfect skin, you would be forever jealous of it.
“Feels nice, doesn’t it?”
He nodded leaning into your hand a little bit, you could see he was a little sleepy. “Can we watch an episode of new girl before bed?” You asked and of course bucky nodded. He secretly really liked the show, but he would never tell you that. You already knew, that’s why you asked.
“We’ll wash these off after this episode and then head to bed. Sound good, buck?” You asked and bucky nodded placing a hand on your shoulder guiding you back into the bedroom and grabbing the remote off your dresser. He was really quiet, which was something you’d have to get used to. It was just before bed when he got super quiet and you had to do all the talking. You didn’t mind one bit, bucky is a very good listener. He could listen to you talk for hours on end.
During the episode, bucky lay his head in your lap. You massaged his scalp, sometimes bucky reminds you of a little golden retriever.
“This part is funny” You said and bucky nodded agreeing rubbing at his eyes. You could tell he was tired.
“Why don’t we go wash these off and finish the episode after we get back from our run?”
Bucky sighed and stretched standing up, and then holding out his hands to help you up. You walked in front of him, bucky slapped your ass. He just couldn’t help it, your ass looks amazing in those shorts. You giggled and hit his shoulder.
You washed both of your faces and squished buckys cheeks together, he had a nice glow about him recently.
Bucky would definitely say it’s because of you.
You would say it’s because bucky is actually taking his mental health seriously.
“I love you” Bucky said and you stopped drying his face. You’ve said it before, but bucky had never really understood it until now. You doing all of this for him made him feel so happy, so warm and loved inside. The fact that you would stop watching your favourite show for him, give up your time and good face masks for him and constantly reassure and care for him.
Bucky barnes loves you so fucking much and he just can’t comprehend it, but he’s working on it.
“I love that you’re willing to wake up early for me, and to sit up and cuddle me when you’re obviously tired. I love that you’re always around, ready with advice, i love that you give the best hugs and know the right thing to say all the time” He said you blushed placing a hand on his cheek.
“I love you, Y/N. And i hate that i treated you so badly. I love you, and i’ll never love anyone the way i love you” He said and you bit your lip to try and stop the tears.
“I love you more, james”
And with that you both settled down and went to bed, you turned the tv off and looked over at bucky. “Shirt off or on?” You teased and bucky smirked.
“Is that even a question? Definitely off”
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You Never Break ⚜ Part Ⅰ
⊰ ☘ ⊱ Cardan's POV: The Queen of Nothing, from the end of Chapter 13 through Chapter 17. ⊰ ☘ ⊱ A massive, pterodactyl-screeching thank you to my dearest punishment @euridce and the bombastic @figonas for dealing with my bullshit and allowing me to subject them to betaing this (and literally everything else), but especially for being my Hype Train Goblin Queens and not letting me lose to my perfectionism. ⊰ ☘ ⊱ { edit: the wordcount actually turned out to be 3,765 because I added more shit after I copypasta'd here but I literally cannot be arsed to change the graphic lol. }
Tumblr media
Contrary to erstwhile thinking, it is not quite as simple a task to travel at any expeditious speed whilst carrying a half-dead goblin through the biting nighttide—whilst also taking care to keep yourself and aforementioned half-dead goblin undiscovered by those who would very much like to lop your kingly head right off of your kingly shoulders.
And, if all of that is not enough of a juggling act, appending the minor detail that you’ve just taken flight on a steed conjured from the ragwort in your pocket, after leaving your wife below (at her behest and your protest) to fend for herself with naught but a magical cloak and her unspoken, mortal promise to do as you say...
Well. There are reasons you are not lauded for your prowess as a jester, just as your Queen is even less admired for her graces of verity.
Yet, surely by some feat of fortuitous magic, Cardan does manage it; the concealing mists part just enough to allow the flying mount and its travelers to slip through.
Braving a glance over his shoulder, he watches as the fog coils and swirls closed like a protective curtain behind them. It's disorienting—very like taking an overconfident step forward, only to find the ground is not quite as close as you first perceived. Even as one often besotted with wine and other such stupefacients, Cardan does not particularly enjoy that feeling.
Sea fret mingles with the haze of preternatural clouds as they begin a descent. It veils his lips, clings to his wool-spun clothing and weighs down his hair. He shakes the dampened curls from his eyes just as the four isles of Elfhame begin to take shape in the darkness beneath him, and lets out an unsteady breath; he wonders, absently, if he's exhaled at all since leaving Jude on the ground.
He cannot help the inglorious relief that the Roach, in his state, does not hear it.
It’s an odd sensation, to observe your kingdom from such a high vantage point. Perhaps, before now, he disallowed himself to feel the full measure of his obligation; the sobering comprehension that this vastness of soil and sapling and stone, along with all its inhabitants, will thrive, or decay, under his governance. Looking down at the land—his land—brings that realization crashing down upon him with as much force as one of Balekin’s punishments.
Cardan tightens his grip on the animal’s leafy mane against a bout of dizziness, abruptly wishing he had something a bit less insubstantial with which to steady himself.
The Crooked Forest rises to meet them, gnarled limbs twisting upward as if to embrace their sovereign. That seems illusionary, though Cardan does note at once the marked shift in the air; while still cool, no longer does each inhale carry an icy jab to his lungs or bite at the tips of his ears. It envelopes him and his company, gently carrying them above the mossy heads of slumbering root men and women. None of them stir, thankfully, but Cardan isn’t altogether sure his arrival goes unnoticed by them, either.
Welcome home, young King, the wind seems to whisper in his ear. Cardan shivers, and it has nothing to do with the weather.
Tumblr media
Alighting just at the edge of the hollow hill, Cardan takes a half-breath to think—and reproaches himself for not doing more of that before they had landed; the Roach’s etiolated complexion, rattling breath, and stiffening limbs are not an entirely promising combination. Then, there is yet the matter of finding Liliver, who might not even be in the palace. And even then, there is the very real likelihood that he is already too late, that the deathsweet’s effects may have already reached its peak.
Cardan has to swallow against the bile creeping up his throat at that unsettling thought.
If only Jude had just come with him. Mistress of strategy and scheming, she would have drawn up a clever plan before they even took flight, as well as a surfeit of contingencies. Moreover, she would know better than he whether or not they held the favor of time; her province of poison is concerningly vast, as she had proven when Cardan himself very nearly shuffled off his immortal coil in dissolution.
Jude had known in an instant, merely by tasting the wraithberry that had stained his lips. How she knew its savour, to say nothing of how she knew it so intimately, Cardan knows not and she has yet to divulge. It is but another closely-clutched secret he must tack onto the growing list of queries for things a man really ought to know about his wife.
In the interim, the High King of Elfhame—and, more regrettably, the Roach—must rely entirely on himself.
Not much of a comfort, that.
Keeping a hand on the Roach to prevent his suffering an unnecessary fall from the horse, Cardan swings himself off of the thing’s back. With care, he lifts the inanimate body of his mentor into his arms. A low, distressed groan comes from the Roach at being jostled—the first sign of cognizance he’s shown since they left Grimsen’s forge. As pained as the sound is, it nonetheless gives Cardan a small hope that perhaps he hasn’t been too late after all.
Its magic spent, the ragwort pony dissolves in a puff of yellow perianths; an indolent breeze scatters some of the remnants across the dark hill, while others continue their aimless drifting to pollinate elsewhere on the isles. Cardan watches a lone petal catch in the wiry hair of the Roach’s brow and without thinking, he brushes it away. He justifies this allowance of rare gentleness with the fact that no one is around to bear witness to it.
As friendship goes, Cardan is all too aware he hasn’t known much in the way of loyalty or for reasons beyond selfish gain. His former companions had desired only what they could glean from him, the immunity his sway as a prince that had granted them the ability to carry out whatever deviant fancy they could dream up. Even Nicasia had had her own contrivances for being his lover, until she had ultimately found more excitement in the stories—and bed—of Locke.
He is not experienced in having a friend simply for the sake of it. In having someone—or a few someones, for that matter—enjoy his wit and cleverness and skills. That enjoy him, Cardan Greenbriar, rather than what advantages the crown atop his head can give.
Perhaps it is dangerous territory for a king to have bonds extending beyond those of mere allies. Perhaps the trust that comes with such friendships is a bit like handing over a blade to your enemy, freshly sharpened, and saying, Here you go, this holds all the ways with which to kill me. I’ll just turn my back.
Even so, when all you have known your entire life is the contempt and malignancy of those who ought to love you, it is not an entirely stunning realization that you would hand over that blade so willingly.
And he had done, in earnest; in his naivety with Nicasia. In his camaraderie with the Court of Shadows. In everything with Jude.
This is doubtless the reason Cardan’s feet begin to move now, carrying him and the Roach in his arms to the palace entrance with some new swell of confidence. Perhaps it is a detriment to believe that these new friends would not be so hastened and flippant as the last to betray him, but he believes it nevertheless. He also knows, albeit by way of unfortunate experience, that when the situation had been reversed, they had not wasted an idle moment in saving him.
So on he goes, through the wall and into the brugh, careful to keep the Roach’s pallid face hidden in the crook of his arm and denying any assistance his guards offer with a firm shake of his head. They move to follow, but halt at once and return to their posts when Cardan waves them off. Of the merits that come with being King, Cardan is especially grateful that denying explanations is one of them.
Even more fortuitously, his journey is not further hindered by any member of the Living Council—who have undoubtedly been tearing at their beards and skirts attempting to locate and descend upon their unruly monarch. Cardan imagines even now they are in the war room or assembled in his chambers, pacing and theorizing and crying out in panic. At the thought of the Minister of Keys pounding his fists on the table and cursing his luck for having such an impudent master to serve, the corner of Cardan’s mouth twitches. If only the wizened Randalin had the sense to make himself more difficult to nettle, perhaps Cardan would try to do so less.
Though the hill is yet alive, with lingering revelers still clutching the edges of twilight and servants clearing the remnants of food and drink, the many tricks of sly-footing he has been taught manages to keep him out of sight from any who might notice; it takes no time at all to slip through the hidden passage, into the wine cellar and emerge on the other side of the new Court of Shadows.
Cardan had hoped to show and consult Jude on the plans for these rooms, including the strategy chamber he had in mind for her—of which he was particularly proud: he had designed it himself—after she pardoned herself and returned to him. That hadn’t gone entirely the way he had imagined, and so they had gone on with the rebuilding without her. Cardan resolves that now, he can simply give her a full tour of them, should she come back posthaste. Should she decide to come back at all.
No, he rebuffs that line of thinking. Jude will return, just as she promised. When she comes home, Cardan will lead her through the rebuilt Court, and she will ooh and ahh and find him so ridiculously clever she’ll be too awed to do anything but kiss him for his prodigiousness.
She will forget she had ever been angry with him—or, at the very least, spare him the full measure of her wrath. She will forgive him for his trickery and assure him again that she had not fed his letters to the fire; she will tell him how desperately she missed him, that the mortal world is awful and terrible and nothing worth going back to. He will kiss her hair and tell her they need never be parted again. They will begin their reign as they should have done the moment their vows were made, and all will be just fine and well and as it should be.
These are all of the things Cardan tells himself as he steps into the main chamber.
He chuckles quietly to the darkness, a sudden incredulity sweeping over him; after all his prior distaste for mortals and those little hopeful deceits they allow, to wish away an awful thing or to make that awful thing seem less terrible, he has caught himself doing just that. He wonders what Jude might say, if he said her mortality was rubbing off on him?
Tumblr media
Upon entering the main hall, Cardan is met with a collective gasp—either from the sudden, unannounced arrival of the High King or at the state of the Roach, he doesn’t know, nor does he have time to find out; before he can call for her, Liliver is already there, her dark face paled and taut. She does not seem to even notice Cardan, her frantic, wide-eyed gaze fixed on the Roach.
“What happened to him?” The Bomb demands, seeming to realize Cardan’s presence only as an afterthought, though he does nothing to reprimand her for her tone. The current circumstance, along with the raw fear on the rogue’s face, is enough to cast any necessity for formalities into shadow.
"Darts, poisoned with deathsweet," Cardan tells her, elaborating when Liliver's piercing glare flickers up to meet him. "We... misestimated the cleverness of the traps Grimsen set to protect his forge." The Bomb frowns at that, and Cardan is sure he’ll have much more explaining to do before the night is through and she is fully satisfied, but neither of them need reminding of the more important matter at hand. “Let’s—let’s get him to a bed,” Liliver says. Though her voice wavers, her eyes never leave the disturbingly still body of the Roach as she leads them into a small room carved out from the main one.
She steps aside to allow Cardan to enter and lower the Roach onto the single bed, before seating herself on the edge of it. A bundle of tinctures and salves rest in her lap, from where or how she procured them so quickly, Cardan doesn’t know and isn’t inclined to ask. By the deep-set furrow of her brow and the way she worries her bottom lip between her teeth, she is calculating the situation and he wagers any unnecessary queries might hinder—or annoy—her deliberation. So he simply stands there, silent and helpless, watching her work.
The light emitting from the small orbs hanging above their heads does little to illuminate much of the Roach’s features, but it’s bright enough to view the waxen sheen of his skin, the odd way his limbs lie rigid at his side. He looks as close to death as one could appear, and if not for the shallow rise and fall of his chest, one could easily believe he had already gone. Cardan swallows and looks away, as if staring instead at the rough stone floor will quash the disquiet he feels.
If the Roach succumbs to the poison, he knows with whom the fault will lie, and there will be none among them to scorn him as much as he will scorn himself.
As Liliver works, sifting through the assortment of small glass bottles in her lap until she picks one filled with a thick, amber solution, Cardan gives her as much detail of the night's emprises as he can in short order: their attempted (and rather unsuccessful) rescue of Jude, of the Roach’s poisoning; of why they had entered the smith’s forge in the first place.
Upon hearing the truth behind the Ghost’s betrayal, the vial slips from her hand and Cardan barely manages to snatch it from the air before it shatters on the ground. The Bomb’s eyes are wide as saucers as she takes back the bottle, but Cardan thinks he catches the smallest glint of hope in them, despite their current predicament.
“You mean, all this time... he was being commanded? Controlled by Locke and Madoc?”
Cardan nods. “Doubtless by my brother as well, though Jude didn’t say one way or another.”
He wouldn’t have considered it debasing of Dain's character to control someone in such totality. In fact, he has no misgivings at all that there was anything, save perhaps a grubworm, that had been beneath his brother. He shakes his head and shrugs, more to his own thoughts than the Bomb's question. “I’ll let her tell us which it is, when she comes home.”
It is too afflictive to imagine she will not, that he has yet again voraciously lapped up a lie she has fed him. He cannot believe that as he waits, Jude is riding off through the air with her sisters back to the mortal world, laughing as she tells them how effortlessly she has fooled the desperate High King of Faerie.
He will have time enough to wallow in his own selfish, agonized reveries; Cardan wills his attention back to the present, back to the Bomb and the Roach, who appears even less on the fortunate side of time since they arrived.
“Will he…” Live, or die. Both words are there on his tongue, but he cannot bring himself to say either and the question lingers, thick and unfinished in the air between the three of them. Liliver doesn’t seem willing—or able to answer, only giving him a small shake of cloud-white curls as she keeps her back to him.
Watching how carefully she wipes the Roach’s forehead with a damp cloth, hearing the hushed, unintelligible things she tells him, the understanding that Cardan perhaps ought not intrude further becomes all too clear. He has completed his task, what he promised Jude he would do. There is nothing more required of him.
With Liliver’s promise that she will send word of any changes, good or ill, Cardan excuses himself from the Court of Shadows.
Tumblr media
Cardan spends the remainder of the day in his chambers attempting sleep, because he has proved himself of little use elsewhere, there is nothing else to do, and because if Jude were here she would tell him a High King needs rest if he is to go delegating and answering petitions and doing whatever else there is that good, proper kings are supposed to do.
However, it is precisely because Jude isn’t here that he cannot rest.
Though he does give it an honest effort. He tries lying on his back, drawing forth tiny white blossoms to count as they bloom above his head, aiming to bore himself into a stupor. He counts and counts and counts. The mingling fragrance of several different flowers permeates the room and penetrates his nose. When he reaches six hundred forty-seven for the third time, he gives that up.
Exasperated, Cardan flops onto his side, stretching an arm across the sheets. He stares at the empty space beside him, where Jude had rested the first night they had spent together—the night he had convinced her that becoming Queen of Elfhame, his wife, was the better choice for both of them.
It had all been true, of course: everything Cardan had said to get her to agree. There had been no deception or scheming in his words; he had desired his freedom, as desperately as Jude craved power, and their union had the ability to grant both in absolution.
The Living Council had become insistent on the idea that their King should take a wife anyway, for their own overboring political reasons, and so Cardan had.
The only addendum to all of this, the only detail that he had surreptitiously kept from both the Council and Jude, was that he wanted to marry her. Not Nicasia, as the Council had wanted, as Cardan had once believed he should and could enjoy. Not the hag Mother Marrow’s daughter, who likely would have found some clever way to cause his demise so that she might live on as the sole ruler of Faerie. None of them would have been well-suited for him, nor he well-suited for them. None of them could give him what he wanted, because what he wanted was Jude.
That is all he wants now—to have her home and here in his bed, to fill the space that has been empty since she left. Since he made her leave.
Cardan pushes himself off the bed in a frustrated huff. Deciding he could do with a little less sober thinking, he calls for wine, and when the servant arrives with a fresh decanter and goblet, he fills it to the brim and drinks it to the dregs. After repeating this process a few more times, Cardan rounds the large desk—his father’s desk, he cannot help to remind himself, no matter how many times he sits at it—to continue the speech he’s been writing. He picks up the slip of paper between two fingers and holds it to the guttering candle flame to examine it. It’s already a rather lengthy speech, admittedly, but more important than any he has articulated yet. It is one explaining to Jude that her exile had not been methodically planned, that he thought she would work it out much more expeditiously. He would further explain he had not accounted for the fact she hadn’t worked it out at all, and that he had come to fully regret his own cleverness midway through his second letter.
Of course, Jude had told him she hadn’t received any of those letters.
He cannot help recalling how she looked at him then, the last time they were here in his rooms: skittish and trembling, desperate as a wild animal backed into a corner.
Hardly a fortnight has passed since Madoc had taken her, believing he had heroically rescued her twin from nigh execution. And yet it feels as distant as any half-remembered dream upon waking, blurred on the details and every attempt to grasp the memory only causes it to slip further away. Like a hand waving smoke.
Except a dream is something usually pleasant; smiling faces, a kiss one might yearn for in the waking world and only receive when they close their eyes. Dreams are things of wonderment. Pretty visions and heart’s desires.
No, it had not been like a dream at all—not the way she had looked at him.
That hatred, burning into him like white-hot iron, the fear she could lie away with words but could not conceal from her face, the venom in her voice when she spoke. It was more terrible than any of Cardan’s nightmares.
Everything you say to me, everything you promise, it’s all a trick. And I, stupid enough to believe you once.
He had wanted to reach out to her, to take her hand and tell her his trick had been only that, a hasty plan to keep her out of Orlagh’s grasp. He had wanted to pull her to him and breathe in the comforting scent of her hair, to feel her warmth against his chest. To beg her forgiveness and will away her anger with a kiss.
Then he had seen the glint of the blade in her hand.
Even after Vivi’s flustered explanation of her sister’s capture, after he and the Roach had set out from the mortal world to find her—even after their brief moment in Madoc’s camp just hours ago, when Jude swore she hadn’t thrown in her lot with her betrayer of a foster-father, Cardan cannot rend from his mind the image of her holding that knife.
He passes the paper through the flame and watches it burn until it is nothing but a stain of black ash on the desk.
Waving away the lingering smoke, he rises and goes to dress for the night ahead, without rest, and knowing that no amount of sleep or drink or honeyed words will erase what he has done—or may yet do.
Tumblr media
⊰ ☘ ⊱ okAY so this first bit turned out a lot longer than I'd originally intended (legit this whole thing was supposed to just be a oneshot lmfao) but if you made it this far, I'm very sorry but thanks for taking the time to read. I hope you enjoyed it, and as usual—if you didn't, don't tell me about it.
If you want to be added to my tag list, just yeet a reply to this post and I'll add you.
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as we get closer to opening our submit, i just wanted to give a quick rundown of how we’ll be accepting !! first things first i want to thank everyone for their interest in our lil group and we’re soooo hyped to share everything we have up our sleeve with you all ~ that being said we’ll be using the masterlist page method for this first round of acceptances ! we’ll make another post with a link to said page when the submit is open ! and since we want to keep things fair as possible and do things first come first serve for timing and faceclaims please do not send backup fc’s with your app, if we need a new fc/any changes from you we will mark your muse’s info on the list with an asterisk and a little note of what we need from you. we will be updating it as we go along so we encourage refreshing the page to see where you’re at ! applicants can message us right away with your alternate fc choices if you see that your app has the asterisk ! as long as the fc isn’t already in our inbox by the time you send your message, we’ll accept the change ! if you have any further questions just let us know ! wishing everyone the best of luck AND WELCOME TO NOVELLAAAAA ! ╰(◡‿◡✿╰)
Tumblr media
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quacksonholland · 16 hours ago
I've got a sunflower - Soulmate AU
Tumblr media
You had no faith in soulmates whatsoever, or at least you hadn't until you found your own.
When it's a week of tests and projects, no distractions. No extracurricular activities, no hangouts with friends, no movie marathons. That was an unbreakable rule that stood still every year since Freshman year. And you'd always followed it.
And if it was a week with more than two important tests, it was considered one of those weeks. Weeks to focus on school and school only. And that Spring week happened to be one of those dreadful times.
That week, you were suffering from not 1, not 2, nor 3, but 4 tests. Physics, Math, Spanish and History tests. Coincidentally, these were your worse subjects. So yes, it was going to turn into an interesting week.
"Hey (y/n), do you wanna hang out today? They released this movie in theatres, I don't remember its name, but I heard it's good, and I think it has some Oscar nominations. Imma watch it tonight. Wanna tag along?" Your best friend Ally asked, when you two were on the phone one day.
"You know I can't go, Ally. This week, no distractions. Sorry."
You heard your friend sigh, but she knew what you were up to when it was one of these exhausting seasons. You obviously didn't like to do things this way, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. In fact, the reason why this protocol was the way it was, actually, because you've always experienced trouble with not distracting. You always tried to get A's, but because of those stupid little things like watching movies, hanging out with friends and stuff, you got B's. So, yes, even if it weren't some very appetising plans, you had to deal with them.
"Okay, I'll see you tomorrow morning then. Cheers!" She finally said, and you giggled at her British manners.
"See you!" The teenage girl on the phone hung up before you did, and you sighed. While you still had everything to figure out, your best friend's life was perfectly planned out. Ally had already met her soulmate. Harry Osborn, who was a nice guy in your class. She already knew she'd study journalism, and besides, her mother was quite rich, and so was Harry's father. She knew she was going to move to Los Angeles after studying at the NYU, and she'd have two perfect little girls. There was no detail Allison Hattley hadn't thought about while planning out her life.
And there you were, still thinking of what subject you'd choose for the biology project due next week. With no clue of what you'd study, or where you'd live, nor who'd be by your side for the rest of your life. You didn't know who was your soulmate.
Now, how you felt about soulmates had changed quite a lot during the years. As a little girl, you were obsessed with meeting your soulmate. Always talking about how he was going to be the perfect charming prince, everything you always dreamt for and much more. As you grew a little older, your belief in soulmates was still there, but not as strong as it once was. And when you reached your pre-teen years, you had kind of pretty much lost around a 78% of faith in soulmates. Some of your close friends had got their soulmate marks, and there you were, waiting for yours expectantly, but it didn't appear, as much as you waited. Now, at age 17, you had no faith whatsoever in soulmates. A lot of your friends had their soulmate tattoo on their skin. Most of them were so beautiful; animals, flowers and sometimes even words. But it didn't matter, because without yours, you didn't feel the thrill of expecting a mark on your skin.
You didn't really get why soulmates were so exciting and fun though. Ally had spent hours talking about how great she gets along with Harry, and how much she loves her soulmate tattoo. Hers was a little cup of coffee she had on her wrist and Harry had it on the side of his ankle. She always rambled on and on about how it was so accurate in every way and all that stuff. Because the soulmate drawing was always a thing two people had in common. She said it was coffee because of the line of coffee shops her family used to own, and how Harry loved coffee so much and blah blah blah. Obviously, Ally believed in soulmates blindly, but who wouldn't in her situation? Either way, right now finding your soulmate wasn't the priority. Having good grades was.
"Are you even listening to me?" Ally deadpanned, waving a hand in front of your face. Even then, you had to blink multiple times to get back from your short trance.
"Um yeah, yeah... What- what did you say though?"
"I was reminding you tomorrow we have a swimming lesson for PE. With all the tests you really forget lots of things, (y/n/n)."
"Ah, I forgot. Shit. I'll have to shave tonight I guess. Society's standards suck." You said, covering your face with your hands and letting out a grunt.
To be honest, you hated your PE class. You hated it with an insatiable passion. The only thing you liked about the PE lessons was that there was a cute boy in your class, though you didn't know a lot about him. That was literally the only reason you sometimes enjoyed those classes a little.
"Hey." You greeted Ally with a quick hug as you entered the gymnasium with the pool. It was cold because of the humid breeze that ran through the place, but luckily you had a robe upon your swimsuit, so at least you weren't going to freeze to death. Ally was only wearing a two-piece sportive swimsuit and, seriously, you couldn't understand how she wasn't shivering. "You're late, (y/n)."
"Yeah, I know. Couldn't find my towel. I'm here now." You shrugged, and she gave you a side look before breaking into a smile. "Whatshisname is here." She said with a singing voice. Your eyes widened and you mirrored her smile.
"Parker! Enough chit-chat. Same goes to Leeds. Let's warm up, class." Mrs. O'Connor said staring at the cute boy. Parker. Cute surname.
Your eyes scanned the guy. His head was covered by lots of brown curls, which were matching with his light brown eyes. He had a cute crooked nose and thin lips.
He had a very nice face to look at altogether.
Not to mention he also had a really nice body. Defined pecs, abs and biceps, but anyway, it wasn't like that really mattered. He was just such a cute boy with some adorable manners.
But you choked on air when he saw you looking at him, and you made direct eye contact. Both of your cheeks got coated with a pink tint, and you looked away with a sheepish smile.
"C'me on everyone, beeline to jump into the swimming pool." The teacher announced after you all did your warm-ups.
Parker got in the queue while he chatted with his friend, and you didn't stop looking at him with a dumb smile. "Girl, you really like him, don't ya?" Your best friend teased poking your cheek, and you blushed once again, crossing your arms against your chest. "Shut up, you're crazy about your man." She smiled brightly at your words, nodding her head. You walked towards the bar where people left their towels and took off your own, marching again to Ally, shivering because of the cold.
"Aw man, it's so cold. I hate how-"
"(Y/N)! (Y/N), YOUR THIGH!" At her scream you looked at your thighs with furrowed eyebrows, and as you saw it, a gasp fell from your lips.
There was a sunflower. A yellow, green and brown sunflower tattoo on your thigh.
You covered your mouth with a hand as you raised your eyebrows in surprise. The whole class was looking at you, and they started applauding. You were still there staring at your thigh in shock.
Literally, you expected anything to happen to that day, but that. It was weird, to look at your skin of your thigh and see it was covered by an actual soulmate mark.
But the weirdest thing about the gorgeous drawing on your skin was moving. Its leaves were swaying as if there was a breeze that made it do that. You'd heard before that when you're in the same room as your soulmate, your tattoo moves in some kind of way. For example, when Ally's with Harry, there's smoke coming out of her coffee cup tattoo. So that meant that whoever your soulmate was was in the gymnasium with you at the moment.
"Congratulations, (y/n). That's nice, but get into the water, all of you. Or you're getting an F." Mrs. O'Connor said and all of you walked to the queue slowly, complaining about their teacher and PE altogether. As you were walking, Parker's eyes and your own met again, and you held eye contact for some seconds before offering him a shy smile. But he didn't reciprocate the gesture, only looking at you with an open ajar mouth. He broke eye contact when his friend, whose surname was Leeds or something like that, tapped his shoulder repeatedly. You heard him call the cute boy 'Peter' and you hummed, pursing your lips. Peter Parker.
After the swimming lesson, you had the history test, and although you'd been really nervous and convinced you were going to fail the test, it didn't turn out so bad. But still, you had more tests to study for, so, in recess time, you went to the library.
You took out the books, notebooks and pencil case with a tired sigh. Last night, you barely spent 2 hours sleeping, and you were literally on the brink of falling asleep any minute.
Spanish was hard to understand for you. Way too many forms of verbs and hard words to pronounce. You didn't get why you actually chose Spanish again this year instead of Dramatic Arts, or something of the like.
"La niña corrió hacia su casa." You mumbled the example sentences of your textbook, trying to pay extra attention to the accents and how the words were written. "Nadia se comió toda su comida." you said then, and after that "Me gustó mucho el chiste."
"Hola, me llamo Peter." You heard a voice say behind of you, and you turned around, to be greeted by the pleasant face of a blushing Peter Parker. "Oh, hi. Didn't know I was talking that loud..."
"No, you weren't talking really loud, I mean, I heard you speaking Spanish, but I have a good ear, so that doesn't really mean you were speaking at an exaggerated volume, because you weren't, so- I'm rambling. I meant that you're okay." He said before pinching his nose with his eyed closed. You let out a giggle, smiling at how he really was incredibly adorable.
"You're cute. What did you want, Peter?" You asked, propping your hands up to support your head as your elbows rested against the cold wood desk. He flashed you a bright smile, and you saw a glint of joy in his soft features.
"You- you know my name?"
"Beside you just told me your name in Spanish, you're in my PE class. Of course I know your name." You laughed, and he nodded with a chuckle, scratching the back of his neck. "Right... Would you mind if I sat here?"
"Please." You said, taking out the chair of your right. He took the seat, and he left the backpack that rested on his shoulder beside the chair. You leaned back on the back of your chair and fiddled with a red pen. You stared at him expectantly, waiting for Peter to finally say the reason why he was sitting by your side. But he was oblivious to the meaning behind the eye contact you held fiercely.
"Can you please enlighten me as to what is the honor of your presence due to?"
Peter smiled once again at your posh words. He looked down for a moment before looking up at you again. He bit his lip and cocked his head.
"I don't know how to put this... Um... Do you happen to have a soulmate tattoo of a sunflower? I... I saw today at PE class you had got your tattoo and I couldn't really see it because I was kinda far from you, but someone said it was a sunflower, and mine was moving for the whole lesson, so... Do you happen to have one?" He said fast, but you caught on his words. There was no way Peter was your– what?!
"You have- you have a sunflower? A soulmate tattoo... of a sunflower?" You asked, and he nodded slowly, waiting for your reaction. You didn't react whatsoever as you stayed as though you were frozen.
At the lack of reaction, he took off his flannel and lifted the fabric of his t-shirt's sleeve up, revealing a sunflower tattoo identical to yours on the inside of his bicep.
Your eyes widened, and you let out a gasp, staring at the pretty mark on his bicep. The tattoo was swaying its leaves as yours did when you were in the gymnasium.
"I have the same tattoo on my thigh..." You mumbled loud enough he heard. "You're my... soulmate?" You asked and he smiled nodding. "I think so."
Peter Parker was your soulmate. Goddamn Peter Parker. The cute not to say handsome boy you had developed a stupid little crush on for the last few months was your soulmate.
After years of no faith in soulmates, it all came back. It was like, all of a sudden, you were an 8-year-old girl who believed life was a fairy tale. You had a soulmate. After so much time, you kind of understood the thrill of actually having a soulmate. And your soulmate wasn't some creepy, nasty dude, but only the most adorable boy ever who was also super hot, and you'd heard the smartest of your school year. It was perfect.
"Why do you think we've got a sunflower?" He asked, crossing his arms over his chest with a little grin.
"Well... Sunflowers are my favourite flowers since I can remember... So there's that. What about you?"
"Sunflower, by Post Malone ft. Swae Lee. It's my fave song." He replied, an even bigger smile on his face that you mirrored as you gasped playfully.
"Dude, I love that song!" You beamed, a little too loudly, making the librarian shush and then making you two snicker.
"You know, now when I hear that song, I'm going to think about you." He said softly, his eyes, that you once thought were light brown, had a hazel colour, and they shone with happiness. And your eyes, couldn't do anything but reciprocate the glint in his eyes.
"Is that so?" You questioned, tilting your head to the side. "Absolutely. You're the sunflower... I think your love would be too much." He sang in a funny voice, making you giggle.
And before you could even realise what was happening, you leaned slowly to his body and his lips crashed onto yours softly, moving in sync, as if they were meant to be that way, because in a way, they were. It was like electricity sparked through your mouths, and it felt as though a hundred fireworks exploded in your body, all at once. For once in your life, you finally understood the soulmates thing. And you liked it.
His hands moved up to cup your pink cheeks, and yours to his soft dark curls, tugging now and then. You smiled into the kiss, and when he felt you smile, he did the same thing. Your lips kept dancing around to some soundless music, and they felt–
"No kissing in the library, you two!" The librarian scolded when she walked by, giving you two a pointed look. You two broke the kiss, still blushing and dumb smiles plastered on your faces.
Peter leaned back in his chair before getting up and picking up his backpack. "I- I should leave. Got homework to do, y'know..." He said sheepishly. "I'll talk to you later?"
"Sure thing." You smiled, and he left, trotting away without a care in the world. "Peter!" You called out before he went too far away. He turned around with a confused look, and you made the 'Come over here' gesture with your index finger. He did as you asked, and you smiled, shaking your head. "What?" He asked.
"How are you planning on getting in touch if you don't have my numbers?" You said with a grain, and he blushed, muttering an oops.
"I kinda forgot. Here's my phone, if you wanna?"
"Who said I was going to give you my phone number?" You replied, and he widened his eyes, babbling nonsense as he found himself without an answer. "I'm kidding." You chuckled at his response, and he muttered an 'oh', following with a giggle.
"Here." You gave him your phone and, with a smile, he added you to his contacts as sunflower :),  which made your heart melt.
"I'll text you then?"
"You better. Bye, Peter."
"Bye, (y/n)!" And with that, he left your side with a wide smile, wondering how could he get so lucky with such a great soulmate like you.
Later that day, it was already dark outside. The crickets were chirping loudly, and the moon and stars shone brightly, lighting up the corners that the neon signs from Queens' buildings didn't get to illuminate.
You were sitting on your desk, finishing an outline for the physic test. You would be lying if you said you weren't utterly tired and wanting nothing less but to get a good night's sleep. And although it's true that dreaming is free, you had to study anyway.
But then, a loud notification sound came from your mobile twice, and turning it on, you saw who the messages were from.
Peter 🌻
I said I'd text :)
And it was true that the 'no distractions' rule was important. It truly was. But to be honest, Peter Parker, your soulmate, was worthy enough to break the rule for once.
(This is the longest fic I've written so far. +3K words :D)
It's good to be back! Hope you liked this imagine, feedback's always appreciated :)
See you soon with a new one 🥺❤️
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ssahotchhner · 17 hours ago
young heart (part one)
hello everyone!!! i'm very excited for you all to read this, i feel like it's my baby. this is sort of AU in the sense that Haley and Jack never happened, Hotch has never been married in this setting. Everything else is the same though! OC's name is Ava Wilmington, she went to law school with Hotch and they dated for a while, but then things got messy, they broke up, and now they haven't spoken for fifteen years until Ava needs his help with a case.
i hope you like it (: i listened to a lot of the album young heart by birdy while writing this and it's heavily influenced by it if you're interested
pairing: oc x hotch
warnings: rape/murder mention in context of a case, some cursing
questions, comments, concerns
Tumblr media
She hadn’t talked to Aaron Hotchner since she had graduated law school two years after him. She certainly hadn’t thought about him much in the fifteen years since and she was sure he hadn’t thought about her much, either. But now he was an FBI Profiler, no longer practicing, and she needed him for this case. Unfortunately, there was only one BAU and she knew a jury would look favorably on his testimony as the Unit Chief. It was the best chance her client had. But, fuck, if she wasn’t dreading making the call.
Aaron had been her TA in her first year of law school. He had been incredibly charming back then, funny, even. His smile lit up the whole room and those dimples would have her fantasizing for days. She had never imagined he thought of her in the same way until he handed back her last paper that semester with his phone number scribbled in the margins. She remembered staring at the phone for what felt like hours that night, willing herself to pick it up and call him. After much coaxing and teasing from her roommate she finally had, twirling her finger around the wire as it rang.
“Hello?” He had picked up just before the machine did. She wondered then if he had assumed it was her calling and had waited just to make her sweat.
It had worked. She swallowed, “Hi, Aaron. It’s Ava.”
He chuckled, “Ava, I was wondering if you’d call.”
She smirks, “I’m sure all the girls you give your number to call eventually.”
“Well, I guess technically you would be correct, given you’re the only girl I’ve ever slipped my number to.”
She laughs then, “No way. Come on, I’m not that stupid.”
“I don’t think you’re stupid,” He said sincerely, “Judging by your papers you’re wildly intelligent, smarter than me for sure.”
Her face flushed and she was grateful he couldn’t see her, “So why’d you slip me your number, Aaron? Most men don’t like women who are smarter than them, they’re threatened by them.”
Ava swore she could hear him smile then, “Lucky for you, Ava, it would appear that I’m not most men.”
After that he had asked her out for drinks, one thing had led to another and he had woken up in her bed. He made coffee and breakfast for Ava in her own apartment, something her roommate watched over gleefully.
She fell in love with him. He was so easy to love, gentle, kind. He had this drive to make the world a better place, it was what they both had in common. Ava watched him graduate, get a job as a federal prosecutor, moved in with him a year later. They talked about getting married, having children. And then Ava interned for a criminal defense lawyer in her last year and everything changed.
“I’m sorry you got stuck with her, babe.” Aaron said one night over takeout.
She stole a piece of chicken off his plate, “I’m not. She’s brilliant. I’ve already learned more from her than I have in the last two years of law school.”
He frowned, “Doesn’t it bother you that her whole career is letting murderers and rapists get away with it?”
“You misunderstand,” She said, shaking her head, “She only takes cases of people she knows are innocent.”
“You can never know for sure--”
“She does. A lot of the time the police departments rush to make arrests based on race, history of petty crime, wrong place wrong time without solid evidence. They’ve put away people who have proven alibis. The system is broken and she’s doing her best to fix it.” Ava still remembered the way his jaw had set when she said this.
“You don’t know what goes on in those courtrooms. The defense lawyers are just as bad, if not worse, than the criminals.”
She looked at him then, really looked at him, and saw distaste in his eyes. Distaste towards her. Here was this man that she loved, wanting nothing more than justice for victims the same way she did, and yet he was looking at her with distaste. He couldn’t see that they both wanted the same thing, just different paths. “And what if I wanted to be a defense lawyer?” Ava asked softly.
“Then I would say that you’re not who I thought you were.”
There was no changing either of their minds. Ava tried to pretend like something between them hadn’t broken irreparably that night. She didn’t talk to him about her dreams of getting innocent men and women off of death row. He didn’t talk to her about how the cases that he took were eating him alive because he always felt it was too late to make a difference. Ava had known it was over, but when he didn’t show up to her graduation, she really felt her heart break. She knew what a good man Aaron was, but he always thought there was only one path to be a good person. After this, he would only think of her as a slimy defense lawyer and she had to just accept that.
It was harder than she thought. Years later, she could still recall the way he looked at her during that conversation. On her worst days, Ava wondered if maybe he was right about her. After all, there had been a few cases in her career that she had been wrong about someone being innocent. Those cases and that look on his face haunted her now as she stared blankly at the phone on her desk. Finally, in quite the same way she had called him that first time, she dialed his office number that she had found on the internet and twirled the wire around her finger.
“Hotchner.” No more ‘hello’. The usual lilt to his voice was absent. He was all business now. An FBI agent.
“Aaron. It’s Ava. Ava Wilmington.”
She hears the sound of a chair creaking and wonders if his eyebrows are furrowed in confusion. “Hi.” He says hesitantly, “Uh,” He clears his throat, “It’s been a long time. How are you?”
“I’m good. I see you don’t practice anymore.”
“Yes, and I see you became exactly what you wanted.” She thinks there’s a bitterness in his tone. Unsurprising. She can’t tell if it makes her more sad or annoyed that his opinion of her hasn’t seemed to budge in all the years since. He was still the righteous, arrogant Aaron she remembered. “Can I… help you with something?” He asks after she’s silent for a few moments.
“Um,” She takes a deep breath, “I know what you think of me, of my profession, but I really need your help. My client needs your help.” She rephrases. “I have a client who’s been convicted of the rapes and murders of four women--”
“Please just listen--”
“I won’t help you release a man that a jury has deemed guilty of horrific crimes, if they found him guilty, they did so for a reason. You should’ve known better than to call me.”
She sighs, “Believe me, Aaron, this is the last conversation I want to be having. All I’m asking is that you just hear me out first.”
For a few moments, Ava hears nothing but his breathing. “Fine. You have two minutes.”
She breathes out a sigh of relief and launches into the briefest explanation she could. The fact that her client was a brown man living in an all white neighborhood post 9/11. The police had a history of arresting him for petty crimes he didn’t commit. He had dated the last victim and they had broken up months before her murder, but that hadn’t stopped them from arresting him for all four murders. The judge had prohibited him from choosing his own lawyer, assigning him a terrible one from the state. Any evidence, like his mother’s confirmation of his alibi, were tossed out and not allowed in court for various reasons.
“Just because he had an unfair trial doesn’t mean he didn’t do it.” Aaron said finally when she had finished, but his confidence seemed to waver.
“That’s why I need you.” She swallows, “I’ve read the profiling books, I know that the evidence they do have, the crime scene, the victimology all point away from my client.”
He sighs, “You want me to build a profile and then testify that it doesn’t match your client.”
He pauses, “If I do this I want your word that if it does lead back to your client that you’ll drop the case.”
She hesitates, “If you build a profile that leads to my client I won’t ask you to testify.”
“No,” He says, “If you trust me and you trust my profile and I say that your client is the killer, I want your word that you will drop the case and let him rot.”
She tilts her head back in her chair and rubs at her forehead. She didn’t think Aaron would purposely build a profile that led to her client just to prove her wrong if the evidence pointed elsewhere. The BAU was good. She almost never got a case with someone who had wrongfully been put behind bars from them. Though Ava knew his opinion of her, she knew Aaron wouldn’t do that to an innocent man just to prove a point to her. “Fine.” She says eventually, “You have my word.”
“Fax the case files over.” He says and then hangs up without another word.
He calls her back at 2AM that night, “Aaron, do you have any idea what time it is?” She asks when she answers the phone.
“What? It’s not like you were sleeping.” They both had had a bad habit of working through the night, he remembered that. She rolls her eyes. “I called you because this case doesn’t make any sense.” He continues.
“Yeah, I know.”
“It was all white women, he’s a brown man. Sexual crimes rarely, if ever cross racial lines.”
“Yeah, I know.” She repeats.
“Not to mention he had no prior history of violence on this scale, no fires, no dead animals, no rape charges, no pedophilia, no domestic violence, nothing. This was the work of an organized psychopath, the unsub would’ve had priors and these weren’t his first kills.”
“Yeah, I know.”
“And his call logs show that he hadn’t tried to contact his ex girlfriend since they broke up, nearly a year before her murder. If he was going to kill her, he wouldn’t have waited a year to do it. And he has no connection to the previous three victims.”
“So you’ll testify?”
He’s quiet on the other line, “How many cases are there like this in this country?” He asks quietly.
“Hundreds,” She says, “Most of the time, someone like me doesn’t get there in time.”
“Did the killings stop after they arrested your client?”
She hesitates, unsure whether he’ll just laugh at her for doing her own detective work, but then goes ahead anyway, “I found three similar killings across the border in North Carolina that look similar to me, but the police think it’s a whole different serial killer and they don’t listen to me, they don’t like me. They think I hate cops.”
Aaron nearly chuckles at that, “Well, you do, don’t you?”
She sighs, “The system is corrupt, Aaron. State and local police don’t have even close to the training you and your men have, yet they’re expected to handle similar cases. It doesn’t make any sense.”
“Do you know who the real killer is?”
“No, I don’t have the time or resources to do that.”
“Let me and my team find the real killer.”
“I don’t have the authorization to—”
“I know that.”
“Then why are you asking my permission?”
“Because it’s your case and I don’t want to upset you.”
She scoffs, “Aaron, you left me because you thought I was an immoral sellout and now you’re concerned about my feelings?”
He’s quiet again. Ava gets the sense that he thinks more about his words now and how they affect other people. “Can we have coffee in the morning? To talk about the case.” He added quickly.
“I— Sure.”
“Do you still go to that same bagel place?”
She laughs, “Yeah, they have the best bagels in DC.”
“See you at 9 then, Ava.” He says, and she swears she hears a smile in his voice.
“Goodnight.” She says softly and hangs up before he can say anything else.
When Ava walks into the café, she notices her usual order on the table before she notices Aaron. An everything bagel toasted with cream cheese on the side and two black espresso shots.
When she raises her eyes, Aaron’s sitting there, hands wrapped around a mug in front of him. She already knows it’s full of coffee and a drop of milk. She used to make fun of him, asking him why he even bothered putting in the milk and he always insisted that one drop made a difference.
“You didn’t have to order for me.” She says when she gets to the table. It was the table they always used to sit at by the window and she hates the way it makes her heart ache seeing him sit there. Couldn’t he have picked a different table?
He shrugs, “Figured you haven’t eaten since…” He trails off looking at his watch, “Maybe 5pm yesterday and judging by the… everything about you, you were up all night.”
Rolling her eyes, Ava sits down, “Is this what it’s like talking to a profiler? You all must be insufferable.”
“No,” He says, looking down at his coffee, “I wasn’t profiling you, that was just based on past knowledge.”
She can’t look at him, not after he’s said that. She wordlessly takes a bite of her bagel and drains her first shot of espresso. He was right about both things: she was starving and she hadn’t slept last night. She couldn’t stop thinking about seeing him this morning.
Ava clears her throat, “I brought the three additional murder files.” She pokes in her bag next to her until she has them out and hands them over to him and he immediately begins flipping through them. “I also have a scheduled meeting with Jason, my client, later today if you wanted to join me.”
He nods, “That would be helpful, yes.”
“So what do you think?”
He closes the files, “I’d like to consult with my team first, but they do look similar to me at a first glance. Would you like to come along?”
She spreads the cream cheese on her bagel, “Sure, if you think it would help.”
He holds the door open for her as he enters the bullpen and she nods her thanks as she walks in. Immediately, eyes follow her as she walks in and especially as a few of them seem to notice Aaron trailing behind her, coming up to her side as they walk through, “I’ll explain to them when they come in the conference room, but they might be a little freaked out that you’re here.”
She frowns, “Why would they be--”
“Ms. Wilmington!”
Ava whirls to see a woman with blonde hair, big glasses, and hot pink stockings, “Hello--”
“You’re like, a legend. You’ve saved hundreds of inmates from death row, you--”
“Ava, this is our technical analyst, Penelope. Penelope, I see you already know who she is.” Aaron interrupts.
Ava reaches her hand out to the other woman, “Happy to meet you Penelope.”
Penelope gulps and slowly grasps Ava’s hand before looking to him, “You’re on a first name basis with her?”
Ava’s smile grows, “Aaron and I went to law school together, he was actually my TA one year.”
And you were the love of my life. He thinks to himself. Instead, he says nothing.
“It’s an honor to meet you, ma’am, truly.” Penelope says, still firmly shaking Ava’s hand as she looks up at Aaron and mouths, “Why is she here?”
“Uh, we’ll be consulting with Ava on a new case. Garcia, can you actually go gather everyone in the conference room?”
Penelope nods eagerly and disappears and Ava turns back to Aaron and smiles, “She seems fun.”
Aaron smiles at the woman who now descended the stairs from his office into the bullpen, “She definitely keeps things light around here. But I wouldn’t expect that sort of reaction from anyone else in there.”
“Don’t worry, Aaron, I’ve had people I love look at me with disgust because of my career, not much hurts me anymore.” She says and hurries out of the room before he can reply.
He sighs and looks down at his desk. He knows he deserves every comment like that that she throws his way. He knew when he had left you he had made you feel that way, like you were a bad person. But he was arrogant then, self serving, thought he always did the right thing, that he was always right. He remembered thinking that his views made him a better person than Ava, her superior instead of his equal. It was stupid, it was the kind of thing you thought when you were in your early twenties and thought you were invincible. Leaving you was probably his biggest regret, though he could see now that you were better off without him. Eventually, he follows you into the conference room.
“Wilmington?” He could hear Morgan’s skeptical voice before he entered the conference room, “Hotch, you’re buddy buddy with the woman who got Sam Wilson off?”
She looked down at the floor and he thinks he sees shame there, “I got Sam Wilson a new trial because the police beat a confession out of him and the judge let that be submitted in court as evidence. But he was prosecuted again and still found guilty.”
“After you fought to get him out on bail he killed two more women before they brought him back in.” Morgan said, “How do you live with that on your conscience?”
Ava lifts her head and glares at Morgan, “If the police had followed protocol, I never would have been called in at all, so now who’s fault is it really, agent?”
Morgan looks like he’s going to speak again, but Aaron cuts him off, “Morgan, that’s enough. Ava and I went to law school together and we’re consulting with her on a case.”
“You’re looking to catch a guy this time and not let a guilty man go free?” Rossi asked.
Ava’s eyes shifted until they landed on David Rossi, profiling legend, “Actually, Agent Rossi, it was your books that made me realize that I needed your help. All of you.” She gestured to the whole table, “My client, Jason Bajaj, was convicted five years ago for the rapes and murders of four white women and he’s been on Death Row ever since. He had no history of violence and he had a solid alibi from his mother that the courts tossed out simply because they felt like it. I also have reason to believe that the killings continued in North Carolina after my client was arrested.”
“And you want us to find who you think is the real killer?” Prentiss asks her.
Ava gives her a small smile, “Yes, I was hopeful that you would all help me get an innocent man off of Death Row.”
“And we’re sure this man, Jason Bajaj, isn’t our guy?” Reid directs the question to Aaron.
“I’ve looked over the files and it seems highly unlikely, but I’ll be going to the prison later with Ava to speak with him and then I’ll know for sure.” Aaron answers, “But I want all of you to tell me what you think first.”
“Did they ever link him to any of the victims?” Reid asked.
“The last murder, Chloe Langley, was his ex girlfriend but they hadn’t spoken in nearly a year.” Ava said, “He didn’t know the others.”
“Why did they break up? Did she break up with him?” Rossi asked.
“From what I understand it was mutual, Jason said they wanted different lifestyles.”
“He could be lying.” Morgan says, flipping through the files.
Ava shrugs, “Of course he could be, but that doesn’t change the fact that there’s no evidence of them being in contact at all, no evidence that Chloe was afraid of Jason, no evidence of prior domestic violence. If this guy was going to kill his girlfriend, why wait a whole year?”
“He could have been building up to his endgame.” Prentiss says, “The other girls were just surrogates for Chloe.”
She sighs, but doesn’t say anything, stepping back beside Aaron instead. “It’s not personal,” He says softly, as the rest of his team considers the scenario, “They’re just trying to talk out every possibility so they can be sure.” She just nods and as he looks at her, her eyebrows furrowed, he remembered the way he used to smooth them out with his thumb, reminding her to keep an open mind. Take a break from a case even if it was just to walk to the grocery store with him. He clasps his hands together in front of him to keep himself from doing just that.
Eventually, they arrive at the same conclusion Aaron had and he watches her shoulders droop with relief. “Having Hotch testify at the hearing would be more than enough evidence for a new trial.” Rossi says.
“Yes,” Aaron says before she can interject, “And I’ll do that, but if we can prove that it was someone else entirely, no jury would put him back in there.”
Ava looks at him, “Aaron, you’re talking about remaining involved all the way through to the end. The new trial might not happen for at least a couple of years.”
“Okay,” He shrugs, “I want to make sure Jason gets out.”
“The only problem is we can’t arrest someone right now for crimes that someone else has already been convicted of.” Reid says.
She nods and finally looks away from Aaron, “The hearing is next week. If you all put together a solid profile that obviously contradicts Jason, I can ask the judge to give you guys permission to investigate and make an arrest if necessary.” She looks at her watch, “It was nice meeting you all, but I have to head out now if I want to make it to the prison in time. Aaron?”
He nods and walks out with her, fighting every instinct to reach over and touch her.
“Can I ask you a question?” She asks him as they settle into the car.
“Sure.” He leans back in the passenger seat, sunglasses perched on his nose.
Ava had always loved the way he looked in sunglasses. She swallows past the lump in her throat, “Why did you stop prosecuting? What made you decide to join the FBI?” She’s sure he hears the unasked question there: Why didn’t you tell me?
He clears his throat, “I wanted to save people. Putting bad people in jail didn’t feel like enough, I wanted to make more of a difference. Stop the killers at victim two instead of victim five. Being the prosecutor, it always felt too late for that.”
“Well, you look good with a gun, Hotch,” She teases.
He frowns, “Don’t call me that.”
“Why not?” She chuckles, “It looks like all your friends do.”
“I’m sorry about them, by the way.”
Ava shakes her head, “Don’t be. I’ve heard worse.”
“And you just take it?”
“Most of those people are strangers, I don’t expect them to understand or know where my heart’s at.” She pauses, “What really hurt was when people I loved who I thought knew my heart began saying the same things strangers did.”
“It’s fine, Aaron. I’ve moved on, I’m sure you have too. Bet you have a pretty wife and a carload of kids, just like you always wanted.”
“No.” He says quietly.
She frowns, “You never got married?”
“Nope. You?”
“Once,” She sighs, “Divorced within a year. It was about ten years ago.”
“Why’d you divorce?”
“Oh, he was sweet, just too needy,” She waves a hand dismissively and Aaron laughs, “What?”
“You used to like needy.”
Ava feels the flush creeping up her neck and she coughs as if to dispel it, “Well I guess I just didn’t like him very much then.”
He laughs again and she feels herself smile at the sound. It still sounds the same and her eyes tear up a little at that. She didn’t expect to feel this way when she saw him again, but she could feel herself losing control of her emotions. It had been fifteen years since he left her and she had spent them bouncing around from man to man, always making sure she was the one to leave first. In her mind Ava left first to make sure they didn’t get the chance to leave her the way Aaron had. They didn’t get the chance to decide that she was a terrible person after all, undeserving of love. She liked to think that what Aaron had done and her current romantic life weren’t correlated, but it was getting harder and harder to believe, even for her.
“I am sorry for how I ended things,” He said seriously, “I was young and stupid.”
Not sorry for implying that he was too good for her by leaving. Just sorry he had left suddenly. “It’s fine.” She says, keeping her eyes on the road.
“I left you without a word the night before your graduation and ignored all of your calls, you’re not even a little bit angry with me?”
Slowly, she exhaled, “I knew you were leaving me, Aaron, I just didn’t know when. Truth was you had left me months before that.” She indicates left and pulls into the prison compound. “We’re here.” The truth was it hadn’t really bothered her how or when he left, what bothered her was that he had ended it at all and for something so stupid.
That still didn’t seem to bother him. He still saw her the same way he had before, lesser than him, immoral. She flexed her fingers on the steering wheel.
“Well, something I’ve said has upset you, so out with it.”
She glances over at him frowning, “No, I’m fine.”
“You just flexed your fingers on the steering wheel.”
“So that’s a common sign of frustration.”
She pulls into a parking spot and puts the car in park, “We’re not here to rehash our past, Aaron, we’re here to save a man’s life, alright?”
He scans her storm gray eyes and she wonders what he’s looking for. But then he turns away, “Alright, let’s go then.”
Ava was upset with him and while he deserved that it bothered him more that she was acting like she wasn’t bothered. That being near him didn’t affect her in the slightest, he knew it did because it was driving him crazy being around her and he couldn’t accept that he was the only one feeling it.
He followed her from behind into the prison, flashing his badge when needed. Watching her hips sway when he wasn’t. It was clearer to him now than ever before all that he’d lost when he left her. It was also clear he had fucked with her head, even if she wasn’t admitting it. Dating men she didn’t particularly care about so that no one could hurt her again. It was textbook. In his young naivety he never imagined he’d be the one to cause something like that.
But he was thoughtless and he guessed he assumed she was unbreakable. That she certainly would never have broken over someone like him. He was nothing compared to her and he knew it. He thought for sure she had known it as well. It was why he had grasped so firmly on her career choice. Finally, something that proved to him she wasn’t perfect, she wasn’t all knowing. He had taken this knowledge and used it to break her, break them both.
And then he spent the next fifteen years of his life comparing every woman he met to her. It was why he was still single, no one could ever hope to live up to her.
“He might have trouble trusting you at first,” She says over her shoulder, drawing him back to the present, “I’ll try and calm his nerves, if he thinks I trust you he’ll be more willing to open up.”
“Do you?”
She turns back to him, “What?”
“Trust me?”
She stares at him, blinking a few times, “Yes.” She says eventually.
“Good.” He says and then walks past her into the cell.
He feels her stare after him as he walks through and then she jumps into action, “Jason, this is Supervisory Special Agent Aaron Hotchner, he’s with the FBI--”
“You brought a fed to see me?” He scoffs, “Ava, I know you’re good, but what the hell are you doing bringing a fed here?”
She smiles at Jason, “Agent Hotchner works for the Behavioral Analysis Unit, he studies serial killers for a living. I asked him to look over your case for you and he’s fairly confident he could convince a judge that you couldn’t have murdered those women.”
“Of course I couldn’t have killed them, I have an alibi.” He crosses his arms over his chest, “Did you get the judge to let you include that?”
She sighs, “No, the prosecutor won’t allow it. But him?” She gestures to Aaron, “There’s no prosecutor in D.C. that would outright tell a federal agent he can’t testify.”
Jason seems to consider it and looks over at Aaron, “I thought you hated feds.” He’s still looking at Aaron, but the question is obviously intended for Ava.
“I never said that.” Ava says, affronted.
“It’s okay, Ava.” Aaron says, “She doesn’t hate federal agents, just me.” He directs his attention to Jason now.
“I do not–” Ava starts, but Aaron holds up a hand to silence her and despite herself, she closes her mouth.
Jason smiles, “Now what could you have done to make our sweet Ava over here hate you?”
“Sweet?” Aaron raises his eyebrows, “Are we talking about the same woman?” Ava’s behind him, but he’s sure she’s rolling her eyes.
“She’s trying everything she can to save my life. She visits me more often than my family. She’s made those prison guards over there stop treating me like shit. If that’s not sweet, what is?”
Aaron’s heart aches at his words. That was the Ava he knew, always looking out for the underdog. At that moment, he thinks that she’s probably an even better person than he is. “Jason, I’d like to ask you some questions, would that be alright? Ava will stay.” He says when he notices Jason looking over his shoulder at her.
Jason nods so Aaron begins, placing the pictures of the four women’s bodies in front of Jason. He immediately reaches out and flips Chloe’s picture over. Aaron looks at him pointedly. “I’ve seen that picture too many times, man. I loved Chloe. Now that picture’s the first thing I think of when I hear her name. I’m tired of looking at it.”
“Why did you and Chloe break up?”
Jason sighs, “Didn’t Ava tell you?”
“She did, I want to hear it from you.”
“Why, so you can decide if I’m lying?” Aaron stays quiet and Jason sighs again, “Chloe was an all around country girl. She wanted to take over her daddy’s farm one day. I wanted to live in the city. We loved each other, but neither of us was willing to budge on that so we ended it amicably.”
“And that didn’t upset you? That she wouldn’t bend to your wants?”
“Of course I was upset, I told you I loved her. But did I blame her for not bending to me? No.”
He seemed genuine. “Why doesn’t your family visit you?”
“Excuse me?”
“You said Ava’s the only one who visits you--”
“I said she visits more often.”
“Why is that?”
He shakes his head, “I don’t see how this is relevant.”
“Do they think you did it?”
Jason scoffs and then leans forward on the table, chains jingling from where he’s cuffed to the table, “Let me tell you something about being brown in America after 9/11. It doesn't matter if you were born here. It doesn't matter if you showed up at the airport for the first time today. They’re gonna hate you just the same. And after I was arrested, that gave them the excuse they needed to harass and threaten my mama. She had to move three states over and tell anyone that asked that her son was dead so that they wouldn’t bother her.” He leans back, “She comes when she can, but the drive is long.”
Aaron nods, “Your father left when you were young and you became your mother’s protector.”
Jason’s eyebrows furrow and he looks up at Ava, “I didn’t tell him that.” She says immediately.
“You only spoke about your mother when I asked you about your family which suggests you don’t have anyone else. It was a lucky guess.” Aaron says, he carefully watches Jason, “You love your mother though.”
Jason shrugs, “So what? Doesn’t every boy love his mama?”
Aaron shakes his head, “Not the one who did this–” He gestures to the pictures, “To seven women. Only his mother could make him hate women this much.”
Jason looks at the pictures in front of him and frowns, “Seven?”
“I hadn’t told him about that yet.” Ava says, glaring at Aaron.
“Told me what? There are more women?”
She makes a frustrated noise, “They were killed after you were arrested, but it’s possible all seven of the women, including the four in front of you were killed by the same person.” Ava says.
Jason directs his attention back to Aaron, “And that’s what you think, isn’t it? You don’t believe I did this either. You think there’s a serial killer still on the loose.”
Aaron nods, “I think I can find him and clear your name.”
“Don’t give him false hope.” Ava said sharply.
“It’s not false. My team is the best in the world. If anyone can find the real killer, it’s us.”
Ava shakes her head, still glaring at him, “Jason, I’m going to do my very best to help Agent Hotchner and his team, at the very least he’ll give a profile at the hearing for the judge and I believe that’ll be more than enough to get you a new trial. I don’t know if the judge will allow him or his team to find the real killer. I don’t want you to think this is a done deal, there’s still a long fight ahead.”
“I understand.” Jason says, “Still feels nice to hear Mr. FBI here say he believes me.”
“What happened to you?” Aaron asks, trailing behind Ava again as they left the cell.
“Excuse me?”
“You don’t believe in the justice system anymore.”
She glances back over her shoulder at him, “If you saw what I see everyday, you wouldn’t either.”
“I’ve seen serial killers walk away free.”
She rounds on him suddenly, forcing him to almost walk into her, “Do you ever see them walk away while an innocent man gets put behind bars and rots for years in the hopes that someone will listen to them? I’m not haunted by the cases I take, Aaron. I’m haunted by the cases I’ll never get to.”
Ava brought Aaron back to Quantico to brief the team once more on what he’d learned before they called it a night. He walked her back to her car when he was done, “You’ll call me when you’ve found something?” Ava asks, opening her car door and climbing in, “And we’ll have to meet again soon, to go over your testimony.”
He nods, “Sure.” He goes to close the car door, but Ava reaches out and puts a hand on his forearm. He stills. “Thank you.” She says, “For doing this, I know you’re very busy as Unit Chief,” She gives a smile, “And I know how you feel about what I do.”
He smiles back at her, “I believe in justice, Ava. No matter what it looks like.” His eyes search her face, “I think maybe I was too hard on you. Back then.”
She thinks it’s the closest he’ll ever get to apologizing to her with that inflated ego of his, but it doesn’t mean she has to forgive him. She only nods and pulls the door closed. From her peripheral, Ava sees him turn and begin to walk away from her peripheral vision and she allows herself to look fully at his receding form. Then she clears her throat and puts the keys in the ignition. However, when she turns the keys, the motor makes a nasty sound. “Oh, no.” She sighs and tries turning it again, but the motor won’t start. The third time she tries there’s a tap at her window and she jumps, but when she looks over it’s Aaron who’s standing there. Ava opens the door, sighing.
“You gave me a heart attack.”
“Car won’t start?”
“Apparently not.”
“Come on, I’ll take you home. We’ll have someone tow your car tomorrow.”
“Oh, I can just get an Uber--”
“Ava,” He says, silencing her, “It’s just a ride, don’t make it a big deal.”
She bites her lip, “Fine.” Reluctantly, she slides out of her car and follows him through the parking lot to his own where he opens the passenger door for her.
Ava remembers how she used to find that charming when they dated. He always opened the door for her. It annoyed her now. They drive in silence, Ava offering directions only when necessary until they pull up to her little blue house. “Thank you.” She says, gathering her things.
“Of course.”
She goes to open the door, but hesitates, “Do you… Would you like to come in for a drink?”
He’s frowning and she’s beginning to realize that his face is just always like that now. “Sure.” He says finally and cuts the engine.
“Light blue.” He muses behind her as she walks to the door.
“Your house,” He says as she turns the key to open the door, “It’s your favorite color.”
Ava smirks a bit, pleased he’s remembered another thing about her, “Yes, I know.”
She puts her jacket and purse on the hangers beside the door and gestures for Aaron to do the same with his suit jacket. When she slips off her heels, he bends over to untie his shoes. “Oh, no, that’s okay Aaron, you can keep them on.” She walks over to her bar cart without waiting to see if he follows, “Bourbon?”
He clears his throat, “Neat, please.”
Walking the drink back to him, she remembers how much taller he is than her now that her heels are off. When she hands him the drink, their hands brush and it takes everything in her not to recoil. They drink in silence for a moment and he looks around the house.
“Are you profiling me based on my living space?” Ava asks eventually.
His eyes slowly drift back to hers, “I’m just surprised at how small it is. I know you make a lot of money.”
She chokes on her drink, “How do you know how much I make?”
He shrugs, “I know you’ve had more than a few high profile cases. You don’t have any kids to spend it on, no siblings or nieces or nephews. I suppose maybe you bought your parents a house–”
“No.” She says, looking into her glass, “I didn’t buy them anything.”
Aaron’s quiet and she knows he’s watching her carefully, “Did something happen? You were really close to your parents I thought.”
“They were killed in a car accident a year after I graduated.” She clears her throat, “They were driving home from a friend’s late at night, I guess my dad had had a few drinks. He fell asleep at the wheel and swerved into oncoming traffic.”
“Jesus, Ava. I’m so sorry.”
She shrugs, “It’s alright, it was over a decade ago now.” She continues quickly, uncomfortable sitting in his pity, “Anyway, the house is small because I think spending money on a huge house when I’m all by myself is a waste of money. I invest and donate to charity instead.” He nods and sips his drink, still looking around. “What else has my home told you?”
He actually smirks at her and maybe it’s the alcohol, but she feels a warmth spread through her, “You really want to know?” She nods wordlessly. “You obviously live alone. There’s plants everywhere and they don’t look fake so I can only assume you enjoy taking care of them. This, coupled with the fact that you don’t appear to have any friends or family, tells me the plants give you purpose. Someone concerned about your mental health might wonder if they are the only thing that gets you out of bed in the morning.” He pauses here, waiting for her to laugh or tell him he’s wrong, but she doesn’t. He makes a mental note of that.
“The lack of groceries and clean stove suggest you order takeout pretty frequently which means you spend too much time working. And then the worn Scrabble game under the TV that’s clearly the same edition I gave you as a birthday present one year says that you’re more sentimental than I thought.” Her face flushes instantly and she looks away from him. “Is that enough or should I continue?”
“No, I think you’ve done enough.”
Despite himself, he smirks into his drink, “You still play scrabble?”
“Well, like you said, I live alone and don’t have any friends or family, so no. I just play myself occasionally.”
“But you still kept it?”
Ava looks at him and then quickly away, “Do you want to play? Like we used to?”
He frowns just slightly, “We used to play for hours, you really want to?”
The alcohol is absolutely getting to her because she nods and walks over to grab the game, opening it on the coffee table that she was now kneeling in front of while Aaron remained standing. She looked up and tilted her head slightly, “Please?” She asked. She wasn’t above pouting or begging. He had always liked that.
He sighs, “Alright.”
She hums, smiling in victory as the tiles fall onto the table. And when he sees the backs of some of the tiles, with seemingly random numbers drawn on them in permanent marker, he freezes.
“Oh!” Ava said, “That’s right, I never thought I’d see you again, but if I did I always wanted to ask what these numbers were. I noticed them about a year after you left.”
When she looks at him, he’s staring down at the tiles with what can only be described as horror. “Aaron?” She asks, frowning.
“I’m sorry,” He says quietly and quickly rises to his feet, “I should go, I’m sorry.”
Her frown deepens as he backs away, going to retrieve his jacket, “Aaron, what the hell?” She looks down at the tiles and then back to him, “Aaron.” She says firmer this time and he freezes, back still to her, “Why are there numbers on the tiles?”
Slowly, he turns back to her and she swears his eyes are rimmed red with tears, “You never thought to put the numbers in order?”
Even more confused, she shook her head, “Why would I do that?”
He huffed a laugh through his nose, but the smile that accompanies it is sad, “For someone who’s so smart, you have always had a terrible habit of missing the obvious.” He slides on his suit jacket, “Goodnight, Ava.” And then he’s out the door.
She fights off the disappointment she feels at his absence as she looks around her empty house. Sniffling, Ava looks down at the Scrabble tiles on the coffee table. You never thought to put the numbers in order? Scowling through her tears, she looks for a tile with the number one drawn on the back.
One– W. Two– I. Three– L. She does this until she has fourteen tiles lined up next to each other. WILLYOUMARRYME. Ava falls back and pushes away from the table, stunned. Will you marry me? He was going to propose. When? Before her internship? He thought he wanted to marry her and then realized he was too good for her. But he left the tiles.
In a fit of anger she shoved all the tiles to the floor, displacing the message he’d left. Fumbling with her phone she calls him and he picks up on the second ring, “You’re a coward.” She says through her tears before he can say anything.
He sighs on the other end, “I know.”
“When were you going to ask?”
“I had it planned for months, I wanted to ask you the night of your graduation. I was going to ask your father for permission that day, show your mom the ring.”
“But you left.”
“How could you be so sure and then abandon me so quickly?” He’s silent on the other end. “Aaron?”
“I can’t do this, Ava.”
“I deserve answers.”
“I know you do. I know. I just, it’s been a long day, I can’t.”
“I’m sorry.” The line goes dead before she can say anything else.
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Coach Cavill - Chapter 14
Tumblr media
Summary: Dean decides to cooperate, meaning he and Amelia have to co parent.
Coach!Henry Cavill x Amelia Jung (Asian ofc)
Wordcount: 3k
Warnings: Slight implications to sex, but that’s it
Masterlist // Coach Cavill masterlist // Previous chapter //
Seeing Isabella melted against Henry’s frame makes my heart so full. I’m so grateful she is still here with us. I know it’s really thinking in doom scenario’s when I continue to envision Isabella’s funeral, but I can’t help it, okay? It’s my job as a mother to worry like that.
But Benji is not a hair better than I am. He continues to keep a close eye on his sister, making sure she has everything her little heart desires. Isabella is getting spoiled and she is not complaining at all—if I’m not mistaken, she is totally exploiting the situation, a clear sign she is feeling more and more like herself now.
He hates it to leave her to go to school himself, but I told him that it would be slightly ridiculous if we all stayed home and he had to agree to that. While I stay home with Isabella, Henry goes to the training center, whilst leaving Kal here with us. Eve drops by occasionally, meaning there are enough sets of eyes to check in on Isabella.
My day is filled with watching Isabella sleep, eating something with her and sitting on our porch with Kal. When Eve can, she spoils Isabella with some food and the second the little girl drifts off to sleep, we chat a bit.
Finally, when Isabella is on the couch asleep, with Kal guarding over her, I grab my phone and see if I have any missed messages.
Dean texted me? Goodness, I most certainly did not expect that.
Dean: I know this might be too much, but I want to try this co parenting thing.
Dean: Can I stay over tonight?
Dean: I mean, I want to invite the kids to my place, but I know that would be too much for Isabella
I let out a deep sigh. Not one cell in my body wants him in my house, but I’m not gonna lie when I say that it’s surprising he is taking someone else’s interests in consideration and for that I have to give him some credits. Maybe my little jab last night hurt his feelings and got him to pull himself together.
I barely recognize my ex husband. He surely isn’t the same man I married, but following my advice when it comes to raising our children, is more like how it used to be.
Amelia: Sure, I’ll ask Benji when he comes home and Isabella when she wakes up.
Dean: Thank you
Did Dean just thank me? I am so confused. Is this really happening or am I hallucinating? Was our daughter nearly dying the wake up call for him to actually co parent with me?
He was so considerate of my feelings when we were married, but that changed the second he involved himself with the younger model.
The rest of the day goes by slowly and earlier than usual, Benji arrives home. I guess he asked Hattie to drop him off first. I give him a tight hug and because Isabella just woke up, I can finally ask them if they want their dad to stay here for the night.
Isabella nods. ‘Yes, mom, I would like that.’
‘Is he bringing Mindy?’ Benji asks.
I shrug. ‘If you want, I can ask him.’
‘No,’ both of my children say.
‘Okay, I’ll text him he shouldn’t bring her with him.’
Benji nods. ‘Well, if it makes Isabella happy, then he should come over. Where are you going?’
That is a good question. I cannot possibly be under one roof with him and that also means I’m not going over to Johnny and Eve, because one, that counts as one roof and two, I’m going to be tempted to check in and really be that helicopter mom I promised myself never to be. Besides, I don’t want Dean to think I don’t trust him. Sure, I have some issues with him, but he is their father and perfectly capable to take care of them.
‘I’ll ask if I can stay with Henry.’
Isabella nods. ‘But mom, can Kal stay here then? I like it when he is around.’
I smile at Isabella. ‘I understand that, sweetie.’ I scratch Kal behind his ears and say: ‘We can ask Henry, okay?’
✰ ✰ ✰
When Henry walks into the door a little while later, everything is all arranged and he thinks it’s totally fine that Kal is staying here, while I’m sleeping over at his place. He even whispered in my ear that he doesn’t mind at all.
That might’ve made me blush a little.
The doorbell rings and I take a deep breath. I don’t want it to be awkward between Henry and Dean, but unfortunately, I can’t take a look into the future for a preview.
‘I’ll open the door, mom,’ Benji says, rushing over to the front door. Henry scratches Kal behind his ear, while saying to Isabella that Kal already had his dinner, so she doesn’t need to worry about feeding him tonight and that for tomorrow morning, he placed a bowl of food for him in the fridge.
Dean walks in with a large bag for the night and gives Isabella a kiss on her temple. ‘Hi princess, how are you?’
‘Tired, dad,’ she says.
‘I bet.’ He looks up to me and says: ‘Is there anything I need to know?’
I shake my head. ‘I wrote some instructions down. They’re on the counter.’
Dean looks at Henry and holds out his hand. ‘Hi,’ he says, ‘good to see you again, coach.’
Henry, Benji and I all seem genuinely surprised, but Henry is the first one who regains his composure. ‘Thanks, good to see you too, man.’
Is this truly happening? Did I take drugs and is this a hallucination or is Dean truly growing?
After I hugged my little girl, Benji and Kal, I walk towards the door and while Henry takes my stuff to the car, I say to Dean: ‘If there is anything you need, just call me.’
‘I know.’
‘Benji needs to get to school in time. He’s driving off with Hattie, okay?’
‘I know,’ Dean says again. ‘Amelia, it’ll all be fine, I promise.’
I simply nod. ‘Of course,’ I say. I walk out of my place, before giving Eve and Johnny a hug, who both promise me they’ll keep an eye out. When I step into Henry’s car and strap myself in the seatbelt, I let out a sigh.
‘You okay, Amelia?’
‘I am,’ I say. ‘Thank you, for letting me stay and for not being freaked out at all by how I’m dragged into this messy divorce and whole family situation.’
He scoffs. ‘I’d be a wimp if I’d back out.’ Henry drives off and holds my hand tightly in his as we continue to get further and further away from my house. I don’t talk to him, because my mind is thinking about all sorts of things. I mean, I truly trust Dean with our kids, because otherwise I wouldn’t have had two of them with him, but boy am I afraid something terrible is going to happen to Isabella.
‘Don’t you worry, Amelia,’ Henry says.
‘I am not worrying,’ I say, only to realize that that’s the biggest lie of today. ‘Okay, I am. Gosh, I wish I could let this go. I mean, he is their father, he’ll manage. Besides, if something truly terrible happens—’
‘Which will not happen,’ Henry interrupts me.
’—then Eve and Johnny are there and they’ll call me.’ I look to the side and for some confirmation I ask: ‘Right?’
‘You’re absolutely right. You know, we could grab some ice cream from the freezer, watch some movies and just chill a bit.’
‘Yeah?’ I ask. ‘Sure? I mean, if you want, I can help you out with some decorating.’
He nods. ‘That can wait. You and I are gonna relax. Romantic comedy?’
✰ ✰ ✰
I’m not at all paying attention to the movie. It’s a fun one, sure, but my brain is everywhere else but focusing on the screen. Worrying about Isabella, checking my phone constantly to see whether or not I missed a message from someone and being the worst guest anyone could have over, I get up halfway the movie, clean up a bit, and that’s the point where Henry gets up and grabs my hands. ‘Okay, you need to calm down.’
‘I know, I know, I’m a horrible guest,’ I say. ‘It’s just that this never happened to me or my family. I am freaking out, Henry.’
‘I can tell,’ he chuckles. ‘You said you always like to decorate, right? You can move around furniture, literally rip off my wall paper. Whatever you want.’
I can’t help but let out a laugh. ‘Aren’t you an absolute sweetheart? I’m totally overreacting. Dean is perfectly capable of taking care of his own kids, however this is so different. You know, back in the day, he was a real charmer and— Oh no, I really shouldn’t talk about him to my new boyfriend. That’s weird and uncalled for. I’m terribly sorry.’
He shakes his head. ‘Amelia, remember, you have a history with him. It’s okay to think about those times, to doubt him, to question everything and to cherish those moments.’
‘Are you a gift send from the heavens?’ I ask him. ‘Because it’s absolutely unreal the way you treat me.’
He has a cocky smile on his face. ‘I might be. Come here,’ he whispers, pulling me closer to him and pressing a kiss on top of my head. ‘It’s rough,’ he says, ‘seeing your own daughter like that… I can’t imagine what that would’ve been like. I know this is incomparable, but sometimes during training or at a competition, we had a rough injury.’
‘Bad ones too?’
‘Sometimes. One time someone fractured their knee.’
‘Oh gosh,’ I say.
‘And one time someone hurt their back,’ he continues. ‘Like bruised their back, you know. It’s scary as a coach, but I can’t imagine what it would be like as a parent.’
‘Meaning…’ I start.
‘How you are conducting yourself, is totally appropriate.’
I squeeze his side, causing him to laugh. ‘I thought you were going to say something poetic. You totally suck.’
‘I don’t,’ he says, squeezing my cheeks. ‘I’ll pour you a glass of wine and then you can teach me some dance moves from back in the days. I promised Isabella I would do that and I think I can learn the best from the artist, right?’
I am too offended to think about the cutest promise he made Isabella. ‘Back in the days? Henry,  I might be over thirty, but I’m not that old. Take it back immediately.’
His eyes widen. ‘Oh no, oh no, I screwed up. You’re not old, honey. Let me say it differently. From your former K-Pop days,’ he says, hoping to make up for the absolute crude wording he used. ‘Better, sweetheart?’
I nod with a smile. ‘Yeah, much better.’
✰ ✰ ✰
Henry might be a gifted judoka, a phenomenal coach and a lovely man, but he is a terrible dancer. He missteps the entire time, his whole body is stiff (even after a proper warm up and stretching) and his memory is horrid. ‘Right foot!’ I yell, when I see lifting his left foot. ‘Henry, you’re hopeless.’
‘I’m not hopeless.’
‘You are,’ I chuckle. ‘I have never seen such a horrible dancer.’
‘Not everyone can be as good as you are.’
I smile. ‘Also, your hips are the problems. They are stiff.’
He raises his eyebrows. ‘I’ve never had any complaints about them before.’
My cheeks shouldn’t heat up like this. I am an adult, I make sexual innuendos with Eve all the time and there have been quite interesting things Dean and I have done together. I quickly pull myself together as I cock an eyebrow. ‘I believe that.’
Henry doesn’t quite know what to say, because he rubs the back of his neck. His eyes burn in mine, but we don’t say anything. I bite my lip, before he takes a few steps towards me and holds my face in his hands. He gives me a deep kiss that nearly knocks me off my socks. His tongue gently explores my lips and I open my mouth, holding tightly on his shirt.
Fuck, my entire body is buzzing. ‘Oh,’ I whisper, when our lips part. ‘That was quite something. You might be incapable with your hips, but those lips of yours… Hello sir.’
Henry starts to laugh. I don’t know why I feel so uptight about this, because Dean and I got us in all sorts of compromising positions when we were together. It’s just weird to think that one day I’ll be making that step with Henry.
And he looks so handsome now and my lips are still sensitive from that kiss. I stand on my tippy toes to kiss him again and I feel him smile underneath the kiss. ‘What?’ I ask him with a sly smile myself.
‘Nothing,’ he chuckles, ‘it’s just… You’re beautiful.’
I blush. ‘Henry…’
‘It’s true.’ He holds my shoulders tightly in his hands and presses a kiss on my forehead. ‘Especially when you laugh. Oh, how I could talk day in and day out about how beautiful you are. Both on the inside as the outside.’
‘Okay, you need to stop.’ I push him away with a chuckle, but he holds my hands in his. ‘What?’
‘I love you, Amelia Jung.’
My heart stops beating. He loves me? Oh, the relief. ‘Are you sure?’ I ask just in case, because I don’t want to be hurt again.
‘I am. I don’t think I have ever felt this way before about someone.’
I blink my eyes. ‘Henry, you have no idea how relieved I am. I’ve been meaning to tell you this for a while now and… I can’t believe it.’ I squeezes his fingers and add: ‘I love you too.’
✰ ✰ ✰
I get ready for bed, while Henry is already there. His room is plain, but it’s not surprising at all, since the rest of his house is boring as well. Henry holds open the covers for me and when I step in, I let out a hum. ‘This mattress is super soft.’
‘Yeah, it is, right?’
I turn to the side, so I can look at him a bit better. ‘Aren’t you cold?’ I ask him, placing my hand on his chest. ‘You’re always shirtless when we get to bed.’
Henry chuckles. ‘I’m trying to impress you.’
‘Liar,’ I laugh.
‘No, I’m not lying. I mean, I always put on a shirt when I give training, so this pretty sight is all for you’
I hide my face in my hands as I laugh. ‘Shut up, Henry.’ When I look at him again, I say: ‘You are aware that the shirt underneath your judo jacket, is the main reason no woman has perished at the training center yet?’
He frowns. ‘No way.’
‘Way,’ I chuckle. ‘I mean, come on, every woman here in Luna Meadows is ready to risk it all for coach Henry Cavill. As they should, because you are quite the catch.’
He places his heavy hand on my cheek and whispers: ‘You are too. I am the lucky one here.’
‘No, no, no, don’t make it about me again.’
‘Why not? It’s just the truth. The other night, Greg and I went to the bar and a few guys told me that Dean didn’t know what he missed and that I was a lucky guy. I mean, you were a very desired bachelorette.’
‘Oh my, don’t say that,’ I laugh. ‘I hate that word.’
Henry smiles. ‘We’re a great pair, aren’t we?’
‘Yeah, we are.’ I wrap my arms around his neck and give him a kiss. It was supposed to be a simple peck, however he places his hand on the back of my head, pulling me closer. He is so gentle, that I’m quite in shock that he pulls me on his lap. His thighs are massive underneath me. Henry’s calloused fingers run over my spine, after he managed to push my top up. I hum against his soft lips, but when my shirt is bundled up to my waist, I tense up.
‘What is it, Amelia?’ he asks me.
I shake my head. ‘Nothing, nothing. It just that it has been awhile and this is my first time after… Close to a year.’
He nods in understanding. Of course he understands this. This is Henry Cavill we’re talking about. He has been nothing but supportive and patient with me. ‘You don’t want to do this?’ he asks. ‘I understand. We can wait.’
‘No, no, no, just… Nothing.’ I let out a chuckle as I rub my face. ‘Sorry.’
‘No, don’t be sorry,’ he says in a soft tone. ‘I don’t want to force you.’
I let out a sigh. ‘You know, when I first got pregnant, there were a few things I was worried about. Whether or not the baby was okay, if I would be a good mom, but also about how I would look as I gained weight. When I saw my first stretch mark, I went to my mom and bawled my eyes out.’
Henry twists a strand of my hair around his finger. ‘Why?’
‘I was considered the visual of the group,’ I say, ‘so back in Korea my looks were hammered on. It was all everyone cared about. It didn’t matter that I was good at singing or dancing, it was only my looks. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I loved being pregnant, but I can still see it years later. Dean never cared about it, but right now I don’t know if that was a lie or not. Besides, me being pregnant, having babies, a postpartum body, that was all before I met you.’
‘Look,’ Henry says, ‘you are beautiful and those stretch marks and other things about yourself you might not like, I don’t care about them. I love you, Amelia Jung.’
I smile. ‘You are too kind,’ I admit. ‘But… I still can’t do it… Okay?’
‘Then we won’t,’ he says.
‘I’m sorry.’
‘No, don’t,’ Henry says in a stern voice. ‘It’s not worth apologizing for.’
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here for you. taeil.
a/n: lol it literally has taken me forever to finish this one and i don’t know why but enjoy! also i feel like taeil i so underrated, he is such a sweet and talented boy :( also sorry this is so long, i didn’t think it would be lol
requested: no <3
summary: reader is comforted by her best friend after being left heartbroken by her ex-boyfriend. 
warning: cheating, cussing
word count: 3.3k
Tumblr media
Rushing to put on the finishing touches of my makeup, I grabbed my bag and keys as I headed out of our shared apartment. My long-time boyfriend of 2 years and I had decided to go meet up with some friends for the night to get some drinks. Recently our work load has been quite busy, with Yoon working diligently as a project manager and me being an intern and a junior writer, we’ve realized that we’ve barely had any time to ourselves. 
Silently nodding my head to the music on the radio, I looked over to see if Yoon had fallen asleep, seeing as he was awfully quiet. He was slightly turned away from me as I saw that his eyebrows were creased, typing away hastily on his phone. He had dressed up in a t-shirt and jeans, which was minimal, but he always looked good in everything he wore. Letting out a small sigh, I glanced over at him once again, seeing that he was still distracted by his phone. I felt bad that work had kept him busy recently, sometimes even having to work overtime. I always loved when Yoon would come home and show me his next big project that he would have to complete, it made my heart swell seeing how much he loved his job. 
“We’re here baby.” I looked over at him as I let out a small grin. He stopped what he was doing as he returned my smile with one of his own. Walking hand-in-hand to the alleyway bar was refreshing as I was looking forward to a night out on the town. We spotted a few of our friends already sitting inside chatting amongst themselves as we made our way over to them.
“Sorry we’re late, Y/n kept changing her outfit.” Yoon said as he pulled the chair out for me to sit in. I half-heartedly rolled my eyes as I sent him a playful grin. What he had said was in fact true, I just was so nervous about our outing that I had lost track of time. 
“No worries, Hannah just called and said that they were stuck in traffic. She said they should be here in about 10 minutes.” Lee said as he looked down at the menu. We all decided that we would order drinks for everyone as we waited for the rest of our group to arrive. I was thankful that at least Lee and Akira were here so that we wouldn’t be here by ourselves.
Carried away in conversation, we laughed as Lee was currently telling us the story about how they almost walked away with the wrong baby at the hospital. I could feel my stomach start to hurt as I tried to calm down my laughter. I looked over at Akira and could tell she was still embarrassed from the recent events that had taken place.
“I mean really Lee, you guys have a green carrier and you still got the wrong baby?” Yoon said as he started his teasing, his eyebrows raising.
“Yoon, I’m colorblind.” Lee said as Akira started laughing at him as she shook her head slightly. 
“Oh, that’s right. I totally forgot man, I’m sorry.” Yoon’s cheeks looked flushed as I’m sure he was a tad bit embarrassed.
“It’s alright, I forget most of the times too.” Lee said as he chuckled as he was able to successfully lighten the mood and make us laugh once again.
Before Lee could tell us another one of his stories, the rest of the group showed up as they started apologizing for being a few minutes late. We all quickly slipped into our own little conversations as I turned and started talking with Choon-Hee. 
“I really love your outfit, Choon. I saw it when you were coming in and thought it looked so good.” I complimented her. She was wearing a beautiful red blouse with black pants and stunning red heels to match. Choon-Hee, Hannah and I had all known each other since high school, so it made me feel good that we had all kept in touch throughout the years. One of the reasons that we came out tonight was because Hannah, the most outgoing one of our friend group, kept scolding us for working too much and being, as she puts it, “lame.” I can’t blame her though, it’s mainly our fault for always having too much work on our plates. 
I felt myself being engulfed in a hug as I was being pulled into someone’s embrace. Turning my head in the tight space, I shifted my head to look up at who it was. As they let their touch loosen on me, I squealed in delight as I clapped my hands together seeing that my best friend had arrived. I stood up to give him a proper hug as he let out a low chuckle that rumbled against my body. 
“You made it!” I said as I pulled up chair so that he could sit beside me. “I thought you said that you were going to be busy tonight?” 
“Well, I just figured I hadn’t seen you in a while and I missed you.” Taeil smiled at me as he finished greeting the rest of the group. 
Yoon’s tight grip on my leg went unnoticed as I began to catch up with my old friend. Taeil and I had known each other since we were children, always making sure to be each other’s partner-in-crime. Unfortunately, since Taeil debuted a few years ago it was difficult to work around our busy schedules. Thankfully Taeil and I still talked on a daily basis which I was very thankful for. 
As the night went on, we found ourselves bar-hopping as we all decided that we were having way too much fun hanging out with each other. It was around 2 a.m. when Yoon and I got back to our place. I just knew that I was going to have a headache in the morning. Thankfully, I didn’t have work in the morning or I wouldn’t have drank as much as I did. Climbing into bed, I almost immediately fell asleep to the soft noise of the tv in the background. 
A few weeks had passed since we had gone out with our friends, Akira begging for all of us to meet up again. Frankly, I just think that she and Lee wanted some time away from their kids. I laughed at the thought of their rowdy family. They had three kids all under the age of 5. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to take care of three children and have to work a 9-5 job. Don’t get me wrong, I love their kids but, they most definitely have their hands busy. 
Akira, Hannah and I decided that we would go out for dinner tomorrow night seeing as everyone else would be busy. A giddy feeling went through me as I got excited at the thought of going out again. Sure, this time we wouldn’t be drinking, but it’s always nice to spend time with friends. Unfortunately, Yoon had to work late again tonight so we decided to turn our dinner outing into a girls night.
I sat on the couch texting Taeil as some random Netflix show played in the background. I laughed as he sent me a funny video of him and some of the boys dancing to Lion Heart by Girls Generation. I replayed it back to the beginning and called Yoon over so that he could see the boys shenanigans.
I laughed as I watched the video over, smiling up at Yoon as the video finished. He just looked down at me as he let out a breathless chuckle, turning away to finish working on whatever was on the counter. He let out a long sigh as he began scribbling away on the paper.
“What’s wrong?” I uncrossed my legs as I sat up to get a better view of his face. 
“It’s just...” He looked as if he was struggling to find the right words to say before he continued speaking again. “You’re always talking with Taeil. It’s always ‘Taeil this’ or ‘Taeil that’! If I didn’t know any better, I would he think that he likes you.” 
“You’ve always been supportive of my friendship with him.” I was taken aback as he said the words that were on his chest. He always said how lucky I was to have a friend like Taeil. I found myself confused at this sudden outburst of his. “Besides, it’s nothing like that. Him and I are just friends and you know that.”
I only sparked rage in him as he pointed his hand at me in defense. Some of the papers that he had been working on that laid on the counter had flown off at his sudden movement. His eyes were squinted as I’m sure he was about to start yelling at me. 
“I only said that because I didn’t want you to think I was jealous, which I’m not. It’s just so aggravating that I put so much effort into this relationship and all you care about is whether or not Taeil is eating or not. I don’t even know if I can trust you anymore! How do I know that you won’t go behind my back and get with him?”
I felt anger course through my veins as he accused me. I took a deep breath through my nostrils as I tried not to yell, because I knew if I did then we would get nowhere. I scanned his face to see if could see any expressions of remorse. However, it only made me more angered as he looked like he was ready to rebuttal anything I was about to say.
“You think I don’t put in effort? And you know that I would never cheat on you.” I looked at him as my eyebrows furrowed more. “I’m not that kind of person Yoonjae and you know that. How could you ever think that?”
“How can I think that when all you ever do is text him? It’s like I’m not even here anymore.” He ran a hand through his hair as he paced back and forth in frustration. He let out a sigh before grabbing his jacket off the back of the couch.
“Where are you going?” 
“I can’t be here right now y/n. I’m sorry, there’s just a lot on my mind.” He said as he grabbed his car keys that were laying on the table by the front door. He quickly put on his shoes as he gave me one last look. Before I could interject, he quickly scuffled out the door and slammed it behind him. I let out a yell of frustration at the scene that had just unfolded. 
Is this really my fault? 
This is just his own jealousy, it has to be.
It was getting late as he still hadn’t returned. I decided I wasn’t going to worry about it right now as I got ready for bed, not before locking the bedroom door and letting out an unamused chuckle.
That’ll show him.
A week had passed since our argument and things still weren’t the same between us. Every time I would try to bring up the subject of Taeil to him he would shut it down and ignore me. It was frustrating that he wouldn’t even listen to me, it was like he didn’t want to believe that anything was wrong between us. 
I didn’t know just how badly our argument was affecting me until it started making me be behind on my work. I was staying late at the office tonight as I mindlessly typed away on my keyboard. In the back of my head all I could think about was if Yoon was going to ignore me tonight or not. It hurt my heart knowing that this was such a big problem for him. I wondered why he would keep it all in instead of telling me his true feelings.
I mean sure, he had always made jokes that Taeil liked me but that’s all they were - jokes. He would even encourage me to get out of the house and spend time with him because he knew that he was my best friend. My mind was racked with endless possibilities of what could have happened. I groaned as I looked at the time.
8:30 p.m.
I gathered all of my belongings as I put everything away in the correct drawers of my desk. On my way out of the office, I texted Yoon to let him know that I was on my way home and apologized for staying so late. I would probably only be met with a short one word answer, to which I promptly rolled my eyes at. On my way home, I blasted music so that I didn’t have time to think about our past argument.
Opening the door to the apartment, I took off my puffer jacket as I shivered from the cold a/c that was blowing in the apartment. I set my keys on the table by the door as I slid off my shoes, holding onto the wall for support. However, when I went to put my shoes back into their normal spot beside Yoon’s, I saw that there was a pair of red stiletto’s in their place. I frowned as I scanned around the area seeing if anyone was here.
“Hey Yoon, is your sister here?” I called out as I walked further into the apartment. I waited for a minute to see if anybody would respond. Not getting a response, I walked towards the bedroom as I heard a commotion. I knocked before opening the door to reveal a brunette crouching down on the other side of the bed facing away from me.
“Oh, hey Me-” 
“Y/n.” I was cut off by Yoon as he said my name. I turned to look at him as I creased my eyebrows, taking in the fact that he only had his boxers on. I was about to say something when I turned back towards the girl in the corner, which was not in fact his sister. Standing there in all her glory, as she tried covering herself with one of his oversized shirts was Choon-Hee. 
I gasped as I took a few steps back, pure shock and utter disgust framing my face. I covered my face as I turned around shielding myself from them. I shook my head as it felt like it was going to burst with how many thoughts I had running through it. Here he was accusing me of cheating on him behind his back with Taeil and then he goes and cheats on me with Choon-Hee?
“Y/n-” Yoonjae came up beside me in an attempt to reason with me.
“How long has this been going on?” I questioned him. By now he was fully dressed. Choon-Hee leaned against the wall a few feet in front of me as she looked down at her feet. I couldn’t believe her. How could she after all these years? Yoonjae was silent as he looked at Choon-Hee in hopes that she would answer.
“How long Yoonjae?” My voice quivered as I shouted at him. 
“Three months.” He looked down defeatedly as he rested a hand on the back of his neck. I inhaled a sharp breath as I now understood why he had been so cold towards me recently. I should have known, but who was I to accuse my boyfriend of cheating on me. I felt naive that I didn’t look into what was causing him to be this way towards me. 
“Y/n-” He started.
“Do you really not understand?” I looked at him as I felt more tears welling up in my eyes. Before he could answer, I spoke again, “I spent weeks, months, a year for fucks sake saving up so that we could rent this apartment together. To see you, to hold you close. Whenever I would have a bad day at work, I would try and think of you and remember that everything I was working towards was worth it. I was so in love with you. I missed out on so many things, and now that I’m here, I realize that it was all for nothing. The two years I spent with you really were for nothing. Half of the time, you probably weren’t even thinking of me. I’m trying to be mad, I really am. I’m trying to be angry at you for what you’ve put me through. I can’t be mad though because I am still in love with you and I hate you for that.”
“Y/n-” I cut him off once again.
“Please leave.” I couldn’t look at him anymore. I could feel the hurt that he had caused me deep in my chest. 
“Y/n, please I’m so sorry. Forgive me, please.” He pleaded as he held both of my shoulders. I looked at him and I was filled with disgust. Even if I did forgive him eventually, I would never be able to look at him the same way again.
“Well then you should have thought about that before you fucked my best friend.” I said as I looked as Choon-Hee. She looked up at me as if she had hope in her eyes that I would forgive her. 
“Y/n, I’m so sorry. You were never meant to find out about us.” The fact that she was speaking to me like I was a little kid only fueled my hatred towards her. 
“Get out.” I said as my eyes shot daggers towards her. I directed my glare towards Yoonjae and gave him a look before they both left the apartment. 
As soon as they left I pressed my back against the wall as I slid down, the tears freely spilling down my face. I felt my head fall into my hands heavily as sobs racked through me. I cried so hard that I thought I could feel my heart breaking into two. Not only did I lose my boyfriend, but I lost a friend. 
I opened my phone to send a quick text to Taeil for him to come over. I didn’t want to be alone right now. I didn’t want to be sad right now. I didn’t want to be angry at Yoonjae or at Choon-Hee, even though I was seething. I just wanted the one person in the world who I knew could cheer me up no matter what. 
Taeil soon walked in as he knew that he didn’t need to knock. I heard him take his shoes off by the front door as he called out for me. He didn’t have to search far because I was in the living room wrapped up in a blanket on the couch. As soon as he saw me he sat at my feet, gently patting my leg. 
I looked up at him and as soon as my eyes met his, tears welled up in my eyes as I lunged forward to embrace him in a hug. He quickly reciprocated the hug as he patted the back of my head asking me what was wrong.
“It’s Yoonjae. I caught him earlier cheating on me with Choon-Hee.” I muffled my response into his shoulder, a sob racking through me. I’m sure he would have a tear-stained shirt after my episode, but I didn’t really care right now.
His grip on me tightened and he shifted himself so that I was sitting in his lap with my arms wrapped around him. He didn’t say anything except hold me. I knew that he wasn’t good with words at times, especially since I had just struck this on him out of nowhere. Right now, I was just grateful that I had him beside me. 
Taeil was angry at Yoonjae for hurting you. Y/n was the sweetest person that he had ever known, so how could someone be so hurtful to you? 
As I calmed down in his grasp, he held me tighter as he slowly rocked me back and forth, his calming breaths making me fall into a deep sleep. Unbeknownst to me, Taeil had sworn to himself that he would never let anybody hurt me ever again. Not his Y/n.
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While You Sleep
Chapter 4
Relationship: Bucky Barnes x Reader Warnings: angst, mention of violence, slow burn Summary: Soulmate!AU - Throughout life, you’re given glimpses of your soulmate through dreams. As you sleep, memories flash in your mind showing you the life your soulmate has lived. Everyone around you raves about how their soulmate reads great books or volunteers in their spare time. But you can’t relate as your dreams end up being more like nightmares. Through initial images of death and violence, you come to learn your soulmate is the Winter Soldier. 
Masterlist | Series Masterlist
Hope was surprisingly actually kept alive as suddenly you were seeing the blonde-haired super soldier every morning. Sometimes even in the afternoon. While his order never changed -- quite the man with a plan as he certainly liked to stick to a routine -- he became much more talkative. 
It started out as the littlest things. Steve would bid you a good morning or ask you about some breaking news he saw the other day. You entertained the chit-chat quite well in between orders. Steve had practically taken over the seat at the bar, the same one you had offered him that one nerve-wracking day.
Wondering what he would ask you about each day certainly helped to keep your mind off things. Granted, it didn’t totally block out the fact you were speaking to your soulmate’s best friend, but the conversations mixed with that tinge of hope sure did keep thought about the nightmares at bay. 
Nothing was exactly progressing or regressing with the nightmares. They were at a sort of standstill in your mind. They were filled with violence but still were of older times, decades ago. The emotions, though, were not letting up. If you didn’t wake up with vivid imagery of knives being flung and guns being loaded, you sure did wake up with a roller coaster of feelings rushing through you. 
But what was felt from your soulmate didn’t exactly align with what the nightmares told. The small glimpses of Bucky’s eyes as the Winter Soldier wasn’t filled with… anger, sadness, regret. They were just… eyes. They held little to nothing outside of stoic determination. If lines were getting crossed, you weren’t sure. You still walked around feeling like a freakshow on display despite the fact no one, especially your coworker who had seen you initially crash and burn, ever asked you about the soulmate “dreams.”
Well, that was until Steve started getting more comfortable at the coffee shop.
One afternoon, he had apparently decided to get bold. He was lounging at the little bar area and you could feel his eyes watching you clean up some syrup bottles. 
Steve broke the silence, asking you something that he typically always did: “How are you?”
You shrugged with your back still facing him. “I’m doing okay, Steve. How are you?”
“No,” he let out an awkward cough. Your brows furrowed as you turned to him, abandoning your task. “How are you?” He asked with such a pointed look that your heart sank. 
You fumbled with the rag you were still holding, trying to look anywhere but at Steve -- but his demanding presence didn’t allow for it.
“If I’m being honest, not much is getting better,” you admitted. “I still see things, sure, but it's really about the feelings I get. They are so strong but I don’t know how. The dreams are like old memories or something, I’m not sure anymore.”
Steve nodded then looked down at his lukewarm coffee. You didn’t know how he didn’t get tired of that stuff, but you were past thinking he actually came in for the coffee anymore. 
“Thought they would’ve lightened up by now,” Steve eventually said. Your eyes shot to him. Every other word out of this man’s mouth seemed to stun you. You were nearly convinced he knew everything.
You wanted to tread on this, but carefully. 
“Why…” you sighed. “Why do you say that?”
“Hmm?” Steve hummed as if he didn’t hear your question. Your eyes narrowed in confusion. 
“I asked, why do you say that?”
He looked away, this time at the lines of syrup bottles behind you. He seemed lost in thought, his eyes shining with concern. Maybe he just needed that push and you wanted him to confirm… something, anything. 
Steve snapped back to you suddenly. “Just thought since it’s been a few weeks it’d be better.”
You looked to the ceiling, taking a deep breath. “Steve, do you-,” 
You were abruptly cut off by Steve getting up and placing his empty coffee mug on the counter. “Thanks for the coffee.” That was his final parting words for the day before he walked out of the shop, leaving you standing there confused and annoyed. 
But this wasn’t going to be over. Especially not after you went home that night, settled into bed, and gave into the nightmares. While still past memories, they were only a few years old. And featured Steve. Flashed of a bruised, tragic-looking Captain America played out quickly. The feelings washing over you were those of strong love but even stronger regret. Everything pounded in you as the nightmares played, coming in a weird kaleidoscope of clips. The hurt you felt was overwhelming. But there was also just so much… Worry. Fear. Your soulmate was afraid. Afraid of what exactly, you didn’t know, but he was consumed. 
You woke up in the early morning hours, heart pounding, feeling raw from that nightmare. Everything felt powerful like the final straw was snapped in you. You needed stuff to lessen and, supposedly, that could come with actually meeting your soulmate. You didn’t know the logistics of it all, people had been so vague as they preferred to fawn over and treasure the initial dreams, but there were ideas out there about how once soulmates formally met they created new shared dreams. Together, through the connection. These could be just as bad or they could be just as good as the original telepath. No matter the fact, you needed something. You were begging for this pull to loosen. The world was setting you up with this man and you had to see about it. Maybe get some kind of closure, at least. You were exhausted from playing it safe with Steve. Everything from his dumbass vague phrases to his hovering gaze gave you your answers. 
You were once again a woman on a mission, but this time you couldn’t hide behind a coffee counter and brewing espresso. 
You called out of work but showed up at opening time. Your coworker stared at you in surprise when the bell rang but you just gave her a wave and made yourself comfortable at a table right by the door. You sat very still, staring at the glass door, watching the patrons. 
A glance at the clock told you Steve was late for his usual coffee run but you weren’t giving in. If he had any inkling about your confusion he would show, be the confident man he could be and face you. 
Thankfully, you were correct. It was mid-morning by the time Steve strolled in, definitely not surprised to see you patiently waiting. Your eyes locked immediately as he gave a defiant sigh. But he didn’t bypass you for the counter. Instead, after you gave a single nod, he sat at the table, directly across from you. 
“Good morning,” Steve greeted you but he lacked that award-winning smile he always gave with it.
“Good morning,” you said, suddenly feeling iffy under his gaze. You had to practically shake yourself out of it to get back on track. You weren’t backing out, not after what you had felt last night. This would consume you after so many years. Your soulmate was going to consume you if you didn’t man up. “I think we need to talk.”
Steve nodded. “I agree.”
You sighed, a bit relieved. He possibly did know, your suspicions were confirmed. “These nightmares I have - they’re about-,”
“Bucky,” Steve answered so simply, you were almost jealous by how the name rolled off his tongue with ease. That was your soulmate and you could barely talk about him. But that was ending, you reminded yourself. Right now, you were taking steps. Life had become a whirlwind but maybe you needed it. 
“Yes,” you confirmed. “Everything I see it’s from his days as… you know what.”
“The Winter Soldier.”
You groaned in annoyance with yourself. “I’m sorry, this is just so weird for me,” you said. “I just learned the other day him and I are… And it’s a lot. Everything is a lot. I see and feel so much in the nightmares that I needed to make progress or something but, truthfully, I don’t know how to go about any of this.”
Steve nodded, his eyes looking very sympathetic. He leaned forward, his arms now resting on the surface. You shifted in your seat, staring down at the wood patterns of the table. Steve didn’t seem to mind the lack of eye contact, though, as he began. 
“I’ve known about you for a while,” Steve admitted. “When Bucky began getting back to himself he would talk about you every now and then. I-I don’t know when he realized it but he’d tell me bits of what he thought you looked like, where you went to school, the coffee shop you were always in… And, well, it didn’t take long for me to realize it was you he was seeing in dreams. But he doesn’t know that I see you nearly every day,” Steve let out a light chuckle, almost in disbelief of himself. “And he certainly doesn’t know the dreams he’s relaying to you. I don’t think he’s ever thought about it, honestly.”
Your heart jumped knowing your soulmate actually knew about you. Saw you. Got the loveliest dreams about you. It made you feel pretty good, really. You were glad you were giving him something light, relaxing, after everything he had seen. Maybe that was a fair trade. As long as your soulmate was okay.
“He doesn’t know I see all those… Things?” You asked, your voice dropping a bit timidly.
Steve sighed, shaking his head. “If I had to guess, it would have something to do with the fact that he’s remembering everything,” he said. “Everything he had done, the people and violence… All that comes back to him. He’s said he remembers it all. That’s probably the feelings you’re getting with the nightmares - him handling the aftermath.” 
Your heart dropped at that. You lifted your gaze to meet Steve’s, seeing he was wearing a similar mix of sadness and worry. It was still strange to feel this ache when you were awake.
But you understood, at least, as much as you could. It sounded like there was some healing going on, with everything coming in waves. Did you like that you had to suffer because of it? No. But that was your soulmate and a deep part of you wanted to just take all that pain away for him personally. 
“It’s not fair he has to deal with all this,” you said. 
Steve agreed, “It’s not.”
“But I want to help,” you spoke with such sudden determination. Steve gave you a confused look. “Would he… Would he want to meet me?”
That look of surprise on him suddenly morphed into some form of relief, with a bit of a smirk playing on Steve’s lips. 
“I think I could arrange that.”
“R-Really?” Your hands were practically shaking at this point but Steve seemed too cool and collected, almost proud of the situation he was concocting. 
“If I’m being honest, he mentions something about you nearly every other day.”
Your jaw went slack, now making you the surprised one. “But you knew who I was. Why didn’t you just tell him?”
“Would you have honestly been comfortable if I just sent him in here?”
Well, he had you there. You sighed, shaking your head, sinking a bit in your seat. 
“Yeah, he wouldn’t either,” Steve mumbled. “But it’ll be okay. I’ll figure out something.”
You nodded, maybe a bit too eager. “Thank you.”
Steve gave a small smile then averted his gaze to the table as if debating what to say next. You thought the conversation had wrapped up nicely but there was another thing you didn’t expect to hear about.
“You know,” Steve began, “back in the day, Buck never had any dreams and while now we know why,” he motioned towards you. You blushed. “We had just figured he didn’t have a soulmate or something. Like the world had just happened to screw up…” His voice trailed, letting out a brief sigh. “I can’t imagine his relief when he got the first images of you.”
Your heart swelled. It took everything in you not to choke out sobs. The feeling of hope and… love suddenly wash over you. It was such a distant feeling but it was all coming. Slowly, it was becoming an acquaintance. 
“Do you have a soulmate, Steve?”
He nodded. “I did.” You frowned at the past-tense use of the word. “But that time has come and gone. I’m more than happy to help Bucky get his.”
The lovely feelings crept back, stronger than ever. Just the thought of being in the same area as your soulmate was making it bloom even more.
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Random lesson
TXT 6th member
Minji’s masterlist
“Yeonjun and Minji both get lost in the HYBE building and end up meeting a senior. But it’s not the same encounter”
a/n: I’m aware the timing for the events mentioned doesn’t make sense. Do I care? No. Feel free to share your thoughts with me. Requests are open! 💚
Tumblr media
Minji stares into the long hallway and sighs confused. Ever since they moved buildings, she has been kind of lost, merely following along the boys whenever they had to go somewhere other than their "assigned" practice rooms and studios. But now, she's by herself, trying to find Yeonjun in a floor she's not even sure it's the one she's at.
Unlocking her phone, the girl walks lazily while calling the oldest. A whining tone leaves her mouth after he picks up "I have no idea where I am, can you come find me?"
"Yeah, that would be nice, but I'm not too sure where I am either" Yeonjun says, and she notices he's mildly panicking which makes her laugh.
"Which floor are you on? I can hear a song playing and there's a couple of dance rooms here, but I don't think it's the ones we use" Minji mumbles still walking and looking at the doors to find some kind of indication she can use to tell him.
"Funny thing is, I was talking with a staff in the elevator, but they had to get off, so I just followed them out to finish the conversation" The girl hears him groan "Wait, I can hear something too. Maybe we're in the same floor"
Stopping, Minji looks at the door where the song is louder and hums "I found where the music is coming from, meet me here"
"Sure, I'll be there shortly" The boy hangs up quickly.
Minji leans on the door, and almost instantly, the song from inside stops making her groan and hope that Yeonjun will at least keep walking to where she is. She doesn't, however, realize that the silence will most likely mean someone is getting ready to leave the room. So without processing anything, the girl feels the door on her back go missing, and she yelps tumbling back and bumping onto a person.
"Ow, ow, I'm sorry" Someone says hurriedly, holding Minji's shoulders to steady her and the girl turns around still startled. As she recognizes Hoshi from Seventeen, she gives him a small bow and laughs from the chain of events.
"That was so unexpected, it felt like I was going to die" Minji says still chuckling.
"Sorry again, I didn't know there was someone guarding the door" Hoshi giggles and notices her peeking inside the room, looking specifically at the set of push up bars set up for his solo. Grabbing her attention, he adds politely "They're there for a choreography we're practicing"
"Oh, I was wondering if they had turned this room into a gym or something" She smiles and looks back inside. "Push up bars, that's cool. Pretty creative, is it for the whole song or just the intro?"
Taken back by her interest, Hoshi scratches his head looking back inside "For the entire thing, though not every part is around it" He tries not to give too much away, but Minji is still staring around the space trying to figure out the staging of everything.
"Here, come inside" Hoshi waves her in and drops his bag by the door, while pointing around the room "The reference point changes throughout the song, so it starts from here, then it changes to the side, then it comes back. The bars are there to structure the space, but the main point of them is to hang upside down during the introduction"
"Wow" Minji gasps following with her eyes and picturing what he's saying "That's really cool, Sunbaenim. Do you think you could show me?"
"The beginning?" Hoshi widens his eyes and she nods calmly.
"You don't have to. I can wait for everything to be released" Minji giggles, and the boy thinks for a minute before walking to a push-up bar and effortlessly getting on it, so his legs are up and his hands hold the top bar allowing him to a 'sitting' position.
"So like, the theme is spider, right?" Hoshi asks not sure if she's aware of his mixtape. Nodding, the girl steps a little closer as he lets his body hang a little more. "So, think creepy like a spider. Hold the sidebar. One. Two. And let go"
Speaking while he does the first few seconds of his choreography, Hoshi laughs and jumps down while she wows again.
"That's really so smart. The little nuances... wow" Minji pouts and claps.
"Do you want to try it?" Laugh softly, Hoshi points to the bars and much to his surprise she nods. "Okay, just. Focus on your core while doing it"
Doing a little step with his hands, he helps her get a grip and Minji pulls her legs up with some ease.
Coaching her into the starting position, Hoshi nods and starts counting "Hold. One. Two. Let go"
Minji follows the movements he did a few minutes before, though not as naturally as Hoshi considering it was her first time. The only mistake she makes is looking at the floor once she's upside down and getting frightened by the thought of falling from there.
Quickly going back to the starting position, she grabs the top bar and laughs nervously "I thought I was going to die again"
Hoshi laughs at her exaggeration and steps up to help her get down from the equipment "It gets better over time. If you ever want to try it again"
"I'm not sure about that. Heights it's not really my thing" Minji giggles, taking some sweat of her hands "But this is seriously smart, Sunbaenim. Mind-blowing, I can't wait to see the whole thing"
"Ah, thank you" Hoshi bows a little and holds up his hand for a high five which she reciprocated without a second thought "I'm actually quite late for something, so I should be leaving right now. Good luck with your schedules today"
"You too. Thanks for the lesson" Minji follows him to the door and takes her phone out of her pocket, wondering how it didn't feel while she hung upside down. Waving at her, Hoshi picks up his pace and soon disappears into the long hallway.
Minji unlocks her phone to find a bunch of notifications from Weverse, as well as a couple of missed calls from Yeonjun. Before she can contact him back, his name rings on her screen again.
"Hey, you're not going to believe-" Minji starts but gets cut off by his whisper-yelling.
"When you said you were listening to a song it wasn't a piano, was it? Because I just walked inside Minhyun Sunbaenim's room, and he was in the middle of a vlive, so I panicked texted everyone about it"
"What?" Minji laughs shaking her head "Where even are you, right now?"
"I came to the cafeteria floor, to drown my utter embarrassment in energy drinks"
"Wait for me there, that's the only place I know where to get to" The girl starts walking and giggles as he continues complaining about how startled he got.
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a/n: i’ve been meaning to write a sebastian fic and the time has officially come! here is some cute soon-to-be-dad!sebastian just for you!
pairing: Sebastian Stan X Reader
word count: 1.3k
Tumblr media
(gif is not mine)
You shouldn’t be this nervous, there’s nothing to be afraid of. You don’t even think Sebastian would take the news in a bad way, if anything, he is going to be thrilled, that’s for sure. But for some reason you’re still scared to tell him. Probably because it’s not how you planned it, not now at least. It’ll change your upcoming plans, but it’s not the end of the world and you know he’ll be happy about it. Maybe it’s just the nerves, because you haven’t even gotten used to the thought of being pregnant yourself.
It’s been only a few days since you found out, Sebastian has been away this past week and you didn’t want to go to the doctor’s without him, so you only have a handful of positive tests, but those all came back undeniably positive so you don’t have much doubt about it.
He texted you not long ago that he just touched down and he would be home soon, he is picking up dinner on his way and now you’re just anxiously waiting for him, trying to figure out how to tell him. At first you wanted to do something special, but you’re not too good at making up plans like this so you decided to just tell him without any fuss about it. But you can’t seem to find the right words now that you’re thinking about what you should even say.
You hear his keys jingling in the lock and your heart skips a beat as you jump to your feet from the couch.
“Hi baby!” he calls out as you make your way to the hallway where he is standing with his suitcase, backpack and a big paper bag from your favorite diner nearby.
“Hi!” you breathe out, feeling a little sentimental to see him again even though he was only away for a week. You’ve went without seeing each other for even two months before, this was nothing compared to that, but still, you are so happy he is back.
“Hey there, missed me?” he chuckles when you throw your arms around his neck, hugging him tightly as his arms circle around your waist as you bury your face in the crook of his neck, the familiar scent of his cologne filling your nostrils.
“Always,” you mumble, pressing a kiss to his skin before leaning back, eyes meeting his bright gaze, the wrinkles running from the corners of his eyes because he is smiling at you widely.
“I missed you too, baby. Brought your favorite,” he hums, loosening his hold around you as he holds up the paper bag.
“Because you’re the best,” you smile at him, taking the food from him as he grabs his suitcase and rolls it into the bedroom, leaving the unpacking for later. You set the dining table for two, unpacking everything he brought while you’re chewing on your bottom lip, trying to figure out how to bring up the big news.
Walking out of the bedroom Sebastian hugs you from behind, his hands slipping under your shirt to the bare skin of your stomach and you almost gasp at the feeling.
Can he feel any change?
It’s a stupid question, nothing can be seen just yet, the baby is as small as a raisin, there’s no way he noticed anything.
“I’m gonna get the drinks,” he hums, pressing a kiss to your temple before walking to the fridge, grabbing two bottled beers for the dinner and you open your mouth seeing the alcoholic drinks, making him stop in his tracks. “You want something else?”
“I…” You take a deep breath, it’s a now or never moment. “Sit down, let’s talk,” you tell him with a soft smile and he nods, but you can see the suspicion in his eyes.
“Everything alright?”
“Yeah,” you nod as the two of you sit at the table and you take one of his hands, playing with the ring you bought him for your latest anniversary not long ago. You’ve been dating for over three years now and though it didn’t start as easy and unproblematic as it should have, people judged the two of you for the ten year age gap, but eventually it died down when they realized it’s not as weird as it might seem. You knew he is the perfect man for you the moment you met him at a bar when you were out with a few friends. The bartender mixed up your drinks at the bar and that’s how you started talking. He didn’t hesitate to ask for your number and you had your first date the next day right away. The rest is history, now you’ve been living together for almost a year and you’re happier than ever.
“I have something to tell you,” you start, talking slow and a little hesitantly.
“Are you sure everything is alright?” he asks, knitting his eyebrows together as he examines you with worry all over his face.
“Yes. Or… I hope so,” you add with a nervous chuckle. Letting go of his hand you walk to the console table under the TV and pulling out the top drawer you grab one of the positive tests hidden in there. Walking back to Sebastian you just simply place it in his open palm and intently watch his face as it turns from puzzled to shocked and wide-eyed. His head shoots up when he processes what it is, lips parted and his beautiful blue eyes are slowly watering while your nervous smile is widening at his reaction.
“Is this for real?” he asks in a whisper and you nod your head.
“I took a couple of tests, but I wanted to wait for you to go to the doctor’s. But all my tests came back positive.”
“Oh my God! A baby!” he chuckles, a tear running down his cheek as he wraps you in his embrace, holding you tighter than ever, kissing you wherever he can reach you; your shoulder, cheeks, temple, forehead and lastly, your lips.
“I know this wasn’t how we planned, but I hope it’s not an entirely bad timing,” you add while your tears start falling from your eyes as well, arms around his neck as he sways you from side to side.
The baby talk has already come up several times and the two of you agreed to try to keep yourself to a kind of schedule. Sebastian has two filmings coming up in the next six months and you also hinted that you’d like to at least get engaged before starting a family. He seemed to get the message and you have a feeling he has been planning to propose on your birthday that’s coming up next week, but now you got a little ahead of everything with the baby.
“Love, it’s never a bad timing,” he chuckles, kissing you again shortly. “We can make it work, it’s going to be just fine. I’ll try to mess around with my schedule to finish sooner but even if I can’t, I’ll still be done with work before the little one arrives,” he explains and your heart is so full seeing him so excited about it all. Suddenly, you feel so silly for thinking even for a second that he wouldn’t be happy about the news. You knew he wants it to happen, it just came a little sooner than you expected, that’s all.
“I have an appointment booked for tomorrow with my doctor,” you tell him sheepishly.
“Can I come?” he asks with bright eyes, taking your face in his hands as he grins at you like crazy.
“Of course!” you chuckle nodding. “I wouldn’t even go without you.”
“Oh God, I’m so excited!” he cheers, lifting you up from the ground, spinning around as you hold onto him laughing. “I love you so much, baby. So, so much!” He starts kissing you all over your face, leaving your lips last, but when he gets there, he kisses you with so much passion, he sweeps you right off your feet.
“I love you too,” you mumble against his lips, feeling happier than ever in your life.
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regulusblackfest · a day ago
Tumblr media
Week 4 Round Up
We finished one last, marvellous week of posting, and you can find all the works beneath the cut. As of now, all creations have been posted! Authors will be revealed on Sunday, and we'll post a complete masterlist! ✨
To Disobey
Main Characters: Regulus Black & Sirius Black
Rating: Teen || Warnings: Alternate Universe || Word Count: 1,246
Summary: Going against everything he knows as a house-elf, Kreacher does something unexpected in Crystal Cave.
Study Sessions
Pairing/main characters: Regulus Black & Lily Evans Potter
Rating: Teen || Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings || Word Count: 11,201
Summary:  No. 85 Pairing: Regulus Black & Lily Evans Prompt: Regulus has a charms assignment and he's going to fail because all the books are checked out of the library. But Lily Evans is a Charms prodigy, and she's in the library on her own, so Regulus has no choice and asks for her help. She kind of starts to tutor him regularly. Then Regulus becomes curious, Lily teaches him about the Muggle world, and it's the start of a beautiful friendship (no romantic interest between them). It also changes quite a few things. Best if the Marauders aren't being assholes to Regulus, at least not once they see that he means no harm, and that it didn't take much to shake his pureblood ideology.
monster, moongazer
Pairing: Remus Lupin/Regulus Black
Rating: Mature || Warnings: Mild gore, mild sexual content, canon major character death, depictions of unhealthy relationships || Word Count: 4.8k
Summary: “I am not content,” murmurs Regulus against Remus’s lips, “to ignore the blood that runs through my veins.” Neither am I, Remus thinks heavily. The dark creature writhes and snarls within him, baying for blood, for just a single taste of the cold, furious violence that hides behind Regulus Black’s vacant grey eyes. I will never be content, says the monster, not until you and I are both dead.
Fear and Determination
Pairing/main characters: Regulus Black & Sirius Black
Rating: Gen || Warnings: None || Word Count: 2,023
Summary:  Once in a while, but definitely on days when he misses his brother most, a big black dog shows up and spends time with him. What happens when Regulus tells the dog he made up his mind and wants to fight Voldemort from now on? And how does Regulus survive?
I Pledge My Loyalty
Pairing/main characters: Regulus Black & Lily Evans Potter & Severus Snape
Rating: Gen || Warnings: Implied/Referenced Child Abuse, Unforgivable Curses (Harry Potter) || Word Count: 30k
Summary: When Severus Snape is infected by lycanthropy during the "Prank", Regulus Black forms an allyship with Lily Evans. Their goal? Create a world where Sev can be happy. Turns out, they make a scarily competent team. But they don't live in simple times, and one day Regulus will have to choose where his loyalties lie: with his family, with his friends, or with the Dark Lord? If only there wasn't so much overlap.
you can set yourself on fire
Pairing/main characters: Regulus Black & Sirius Black, Regulus Black & Kreacher, Regulus Black, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Other(s)
Rating: Teen || Warnings: None || Word Count: 5.6k
Summary: Regulus accidentally on purpose hears the prophecy instead. Things only go downhill form there, but maybe that's for the best.
You Don't Know What It's Like To Lose You
Pairing/ main characters: no pairing, Regulus Black, Lily Evans, Severus Snape, Sirius Black (mentioned), Petunia Evans (mentioned)
Rating: Teen || Warnings: mentions of bullying and child abuse (not extremely graphic, but not very vague either), swearing, abandonment issues, implied self-hatred, Reggie's not so stellar world view || Word Count: 3,156
Summary: Regulus Black won't stand for anyone hurting his closest friend, Severus Snape. Not even Lily Evans. And his anger is definitely purely for Sev's sake, nothing personal. (Otherwise known as the time when one Regulus Arcturus Black caused a huge scene in the middle of Diagon Ally.)
The Lion sleeps tonight
Pairing/main characters: Regulus Black, Sirius Black, Walburga Black, Remus Lupin, Severus Snape
Rating: Mature || Warnings: Mentions of self-deprecating thoughts || Word Count: 5k
Summary: The year Sirius leaves, Regulus begins having periodic premonitions/visions of the future. At first, these are just little flashes of things that happen a few days later. Small, but enough to convince him that what he's seeing is real. But as the war intensifies, so do the premonitions until he finally sees what the future holds beyond his own death.
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winternight-wonwoo · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
📣: Dad to be!Seungkwan // slice of life // kinda angsty i guess? // 798 words
warning: pregnancy struggles
A/N: thank you anon for the seungkwan req!! i was actually really shocked (and a bit upset lol) when i was managing the masterlist and seungkwan wasnt there😭 which is why i worked on this first hoho. this is more ~slice of life and comfort~ than it is angst, enjoy!
find the rest of requested drabble here            
Tumblr media
“I really don’t think you should be walking around right now,” Seungkwan looks at you worriedly as you move around in the kitchen, trying to cook.
You simply laugh at his words, Seungkwan is quick to help everytime you show the slightest hint you’re struggling to do anything. “I just wanna cook, Kwan. It’s been so long and I’m craving for my own cooking, so there’s no way out, really.”
He sighs in defeat, he knows how hard-headed you can be when you want, so it’d be best to stay silent and hope nothing happens as he tries his best not to let you do heavy stuff.
You’re heavily pregnant with twins and frankly, you seem like you could be in labour anytime now. But there’s still a few months to go and you’re just extra round because there are two babies growing inside you.
Pregnancy has been hard to you since the very beginning, even now, almost reaching your last trimester, there are times when you’d still throw up when that symptom is supposed to be over months ago. Additionally, you get tired easily and you get lightheaded almost everyday. It’s such a big change for you who rarely gets sick before, now you need to be careful with almost everything.
That said, Seungkwan has been worried sick since the beginning and he’s trying his best to be there for you because you can’t go out as often as you’d like to. He feels bad for essentially locking you in, but the both of you knows it’s for your and your babies’ sakes. There are times when you get annoyed at this, but one time you’ve pushed yourself to make breads out of boredom and you almost end up fainting. After that, you totally get where Seungkwan’s coming from.
Truthfully, Seungkwan doesn’t consider cooking as a heavy activity and he knows you’d go insane if he doesn’t let you do anything, but there’s always a chance you’d feel faint out of nowhere and he doesn’t think the kitchen is a safe enough place for that. Which is why he’s been fidgeting as he leans on the kitchen’s island since earlier, watching you from behind.
“Let me do that for you,” he finally says, looking at you struggling a little to chop vegetables due to your baby bump.
You reluctantly hand the knife to him, pouting a little. It’s true that you’ve been struggling because of your posture, but it sucks to know you’re basically helpless in almost everything that you do. You’re glad Seungkwan is being subtle with his help, watching you from the side and offering to help when he decides you’ve struggled long enough, but you’ve missed your independence.
It’s not that you don’t appreciate him or you’re blaming your babies for this, but the amount of things you’re unable to do on your own now is distressing. Seungkwan even needs to help you change your clothes at times. You’re feeling useless and you really wish there’s just something you can do by yourself without worrying Seungkwan.
“Oh my God, why are you crying? Does something hurt? Are they kicking too hard again?” Seungkwan panics at the sight of your tears, quickly putting down his knife and speedily runs his hands through the water before turning to you.
You shake your head, covering your face with your hands. Why on earth are you crying? When did you even start crying?!
Seungkwan grasps your shoulders firmly but gently, his hands slide to the sides of your neck to caress the skin there with his fingers and they go up to your face when you finally look at him. There’s frustration in your eyes, Seungkwan can only imagine how does it feel when you’re told it’d be better for you not to do anything for months.
“Breathe with me, okay?” he calmly says, looking at your eyes. You nod at him, your tears already stopping not long ago. You’re sure you only have your hormones to blame.
“Better?” he asks with a hesitant smile after a few moments. You exhale one last breath, your hands reaching up to hold his. “Do you wanna sit down for a while? Maybe even lay down?”
If you’re going to be 100% honest, you’re sick of hearing those words now. But, when one of your daughters suddenly kick as if to remind you they’re there with you, you can’t help but smile and look up at Seungkwan with that glance.
Seungkwan quickly puts his hands on your belly, waiting for his children to greet him too. The way his face lights up despite the worries painting his body reminds you why going through this pregnancy would be worth it.
These are your kids with the love of your life, after all. 
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