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#everyone read this and then read it again
hopehufflepuff · a day ago
I should have known that after finding out that Jesper is mixed the same way I am (Zemeni aka Black mother and Kaelish aka Irish father) that anything about his backstory would hit me very hard.
Did not think I’d cry over it though. Yet here I am.
#six of crows#crooked kingdom#jesper fahey#insert that Rosa gif of 'if anything happened to him i'd kill everyone in this room and then myself'#i already felt that way after watching the show but reading the books...#ahhh my heart someone help i didn't think i'd cry but i kinda felt it coming on so i took a break for a second#put some stuff away then picked up the book again and cried a little anyway#ahhhhh#also and maybe i'll go more into this when i make another 5000+ word review of this series like i did shadow and bone#as a mixed person i know we have a lot of privilege in film and tv so reading the books and seeing that Jesper is described as dark#i was like 'i love Kit but maybe this role should have gone to a black person who isn't mixed or at least not as light skinned'#Kit's not light skinned he's medium skinned but he's not dark like jesper was initially described in the books#(we see this all the time when mixed people are cast as fully black characters like Amandla in Rue in the Hunger Games)#(were they a perfect Rue? yes. were they half picked because of colorism and they're not dark? also yes.)#then i found out his father is Kaelish and i was like OOOOHHH he was cast as a mixed actor on PURPOSE! YESSSSSSSSSS#so i'm glad him being mixed is an actual part of his character and not just another example of colorism in hollywood#and that also means i can fiercely identify with Jesper and cry over his mom and dad's beautiful relationship#and on that note if something bad happens to jesper i am now going to riot. i am already spoiled about something horrible#(and a stupid youtube comment even told me the chapter it happens in so thanks for that) but i've heard no spoilers of jesper#I just realized I misgendered Amandla in my earlier tags. they use they/them#I’ll edit those tags once I get home since on my phone it will be too hard
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spicy-popcorn-2 · a day ago
Even YouTube gives me anxiety sometimes. I try not to use Twitter so I can stop dealing with all the weird stan behavior, constant toxicity (even outside of fandoms), and people shitting on both anti-stans and stans for reasons they both do. But as someone in the MCYT community, seeing literally anyone who isn’t in the community on YouTube shitting on the community as whole just sucks… like I don’t wanna see comments saying that “mcyt kids are entitled and think they can control their content creators, honestly they should k1ll th3ms3lves because they ruin everything :)” and a bunch of similar comments and replies agreeing.
Like… I’m just vibing here… stop using Twitter as the only example of what the community is like because most of the time the posts that get popular are CONTROVERSIAL ones, but since they are popular everyone assumes they are the main opinion… and also, trends are also fueled by people OUTSIDE of the community. I saw some of the Tommy /Neg posts on my tl and like a solid half of them were from anti-mcyt accounts that post a bunch of hateful shit to content creators. A smaller (but still large) amount of people makes posts and trends critiquing (justified and unjustified) certain actions, words, or things like that. People comment, like, retweet, and then antis hop on a hate-train and make it so much worse. Honestly, for like two weeks, I’ve been off Twitter and on Tumblr a lot more and lowkey my anxiety has gone down quite a bit.
Anyway, sorry for my dumb thoughts, I just wanted to rant a little bit
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popped-weasels · a day ago
so my girls got fucking harassed at camp.
this week was a whole nightmare. I was in charge of 9-11 teen girls. on Wednesday 2 of them told me that a teen staffer had been touching them during class and in free time and was buying them gifts, giving them nicknames, and making innuendos. after those 2 told me, 7 other girls shared that he had been harassing them too. they spent hours sharing their experiences with him, and with what they wrote along with the 2 other groups of girls, he was fired and removed from the camp that night. I was creeped out by him and I did nothing, and I feel like shit even though I know there was nothing I could have done without knowing he had hurt them. the girls are all fine and went home with their families yesterday, and all of their parents are proud that they stood with each other and that they trust all of us adults enough to believe them. they were all so brave and because of them, countless other groups of girls over the next 6 weeks will not be harassed by him, and neither will any girls in later years. he's completely banned from all summer camps in his area and ours, and the national organization is actively banning him from the whole program. but now our 13 yr old leader feels responsible because she wasn't there to stop him (because she was at her own classes and activities) and she believes that nobody would have been hurt if she was a better leader.
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I love y’all but this “___ is a subset of bi” needs to stop, even if it’s followed by “to me” or “in my experience.”
Like, it’s downright harmful. And i’m not juse talking about pan. this happens to omni, poly, and flexible folks too. And it’s dumb.
I don’t care what you meant, actually. Most of us don’t want to be included in your umbrella. Mspec people are diverse in their love, and saying “[mspec] is just an extention of bi for me” isn’t acknowledging that.
Even if you use bi/[other mspec identity]. if it’s all just an extention, just use bi and be done with it. if it’s all the same to you.
Some people I really love in all other regards say this and i just want to scream because that’s how panphobia happens! it’s so hurtful! are we just not real people to you?! is that it?!
Guess what? you aren’t the entire multisexual community. you never will be. And i don’t know what’s causing this. A desperate grab for controll? internalized biphobia or panphobia? Just plain ignorance? i don’t know. and at this point i don’t care. stop it. we aren’t “spicy bi”
-Sincerely, a pissed-off panromantic
(don’t check the notes if you aren’t ready for discourse)
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alittleemo · 5 days ago
ive been thinking abt the illuminae files again folks it may be time to reread these masterpieces
#like i cannot even describe the sheer euphoria and fukcing span of emotions i experienced reading this book for the first time#its honestly a reading experience ive rarely felt paralleled if ever and i mean that with the utmost sincerity#like the layout itself??? Absolutely fucking stunning like this book is such a treat to read in itself that I’d love it even w a bad plot#but the plots not bad!!! Its so engaging and twisty and fun and hits so many of my favorite tropes and has such good characters#like all of it is j such a masterpiece it really is one of the best things ive ever read#in a completely unrelated note im thinking abt making an illuminae files au for the dsmp bc why not#the Majority of my favorite fanfics fall into two genres: band aus or literally taking a book and using it for another fandom#which is so sexy of me my taste is so good /lh#but fr that would be so cool tho to make an illuminae files au like the idea intrigues me greatly#anyways not me pushing the illuminae files agenda on everyone who follows me <3 ifyou haven’t read it go now you wont regret it#the thought of sapnap being mcnulty also occurred to me and god. You can tell how good this book is by how immediately crushed#i felt at even the thought of it. Like god i miss mcnulty and Ezra and kady they’re all such funky characters i adore them <3#i Love making the tags longer than the post <3#lee’s bullshit#the illuminae files#dsmp#(adjacent)#i hope this doesn’t show up in the tag tho#like its space!!! But also hacking and friends to lovers to break up to friends to lovers again like tell me that isnt so good#like imagine the drama of breaking up w your s/o on a pos planet and then having it get invaded the next morning. The comedy!!! The drama!!
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milfsmp · 5 days ago
hi fun fact if you truth ccs and ship them and **especially** if youre an eb person and follow me despite me saying i dont fucking want you on my blog know that i fucking hate you, want you dead, and hope you rot in hell for going against actively stated boundaries, especially of minors. fuck off, dont even look at my content, and learn how to interact with the world like a normal fucking person and not a goddamn *creep*.
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colorful-horses · 5 days ago
Why do you think fluttercord is popular? And do you prefer starlight x twilight as an otp, brotp, or notp? :3
Fluttercord is just such a high quality ship, in my opinion (its my third favorite :>)-- I don't want to speak on behalf of Everyone who likes it, but I personally think it's just so ...... balanced??
Like, it's one of those "kind character redeems villain character through the power of Niceness" ships, but its just done so well! a lot of the time, ships like those end up being a really big gamble, because it can come off as 'the villain is ONLY on the heroes side BECAUSE of this one character, and if anything happened to this character, they'd turn evil again in a heartbeat'. often times, those sorts of dynamics end up putting so much pressure on the nice character to basically babysit the villain to make sure they don't fuck up again, which...... isnt very romantic to me?
Fluttercord is slightly different tho, because Fluttershy ISN'T used like a doormat. In the episode where Discord is redeemed, he doesn't just magically decide to become good just because she was nice to him; he only decides to change when she actively gets upset at him and puts her foot down. it finally clicks to him what it was Fluttershy was offering him the whole episode-- a sense of love, belonging, and friendship-- and then he realizes how upset he is to lose that.
Tumblr media
Shes given agency! Its not just "oohh, if fluttershy fucks up, discord will be evil again", its a real mutual relationship based on trust and friendship. Its such a good change of pace!!! The relationship doesn't feel suffocating because they both have something to offer. Fluttershy helps guide Discord onto the right track, and Discord helps Fluttershy come out of her shell. its so wholesome and nice!! Plus, while Fluttershy is 100% clearly his favorite, he still shows interest in being friends with characters other than her (Spike and Big Mac), so hes not totally dependent on her. shes got breathing room! (also, theyve just got good chemistry lol. little shy cute pony and a chaos god? incredible)
tl;dr i cant really speak for other people, but i like fluttercord because its such an interesting villain redemption dynamic instead of just being "oh well hes good now and now fluttershy has to take care of him"
as for Twilight and Starlight, i don't mind shipping them, but I think I prefer them as a brotp personally! (maybe thats just because I ship Starlight with Trixie and Sunburst, tho ;w;)
Tumblr media
send me shipping asks
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joelsfarabee · 5 days ago
obviously it’s probably all rumors and stuff still needs to happen before anything is set but if our gm goes after s*th j*nes i will haunt them down
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i-have-doubts · 6 days ago
While I adore angel-Cas very much, I was interested in endgame human-Cas. My reasoning: despite his traumatic experiences, it would be nice to have Cas answer the (often asked on show) question: what are you? with a final answer. That he should have a choice and chose to be human, to have a life with Dean, that they could grow old together, and be together in whatever is next for them. To me, narratively, that felt like the direction the show had been moving toward (before the wtf ending, anywy)
like i understand what you're saying...but I dont get it. Something about endgame human!cas does not compute for me. And i thought he did choose in Gimme Shelter. He said he rediscovered his faith in being a father and in having a family. Basically said that he is an angel who serves people, who believes in people. Idk but I thought that was him finally deciding who he was
#once again love n light to y'all#human!cas endgame is like a language i dont speak but clearly everyone around me does#which is valid as hell but does leave me confused and unsure about what the hell anyone is talking about#and i can get two gay humans living in a cabin with a little garden content elsewhere#spn has like a proper gothic interspecies romance and im not gonna give that up so...what?#so cas can do things i can also do with my human body? things that dean can do?#but i also very rarely like aus without powers or monsters anyway#the only normal life au that i fucks with is 4lw#im very much in the camp that sam should have remained psychic and/or bloodfreak#angels shouldnt have lost their wings OR been depowered#it's called supernatural i want supernatural powers and batshit abilities#and cheesy special effects#shoutout to 17yr old me telling my therapist that slice of life family dramas were the most boring type of movie possible#and she was like...that's my favorite kind of movie#i standby what i said back then but i try i TRY to be politer now#no idea if im succeeding#mainly i just wish there were less endgame fics where cas slowly becomes human and prefers it that way#he's literally unhappy about it in s15 but all these fix it fics act like his biggest dream is to become human#at which point i stop reading because it feels like chuck won. he was taking away cas' powers so it feels like he won#but im glad everyone else is not as picky as i am because it probably just interferes with me having fun#i spend a lot of time looking for fics but good lord am i picky#always have been#but that applies to any reading basically#hopefully i didnt say anything hurtful here#people are emotional about their headcanons i know because I VERY MUCH am
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