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#everyone loved each other so much
sofhtie · a day ago
nebulously upset about crop again 🥺
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eijiroukiriot · 5 days ago
TODAY on jpn krbk comics that got me pretty completely and forced me to stay up until like 2:30 last night in a krbk spiral we have this one, which the artist captioned “it’s probably okay to upload krbk that i don’t plan on finishing, right?~”! the rest of the caption is what the continuation of the comic would’ve been and i think it’s really good on its own but that definitely adds something so i’ll include it at the end under the cut!
bkg (narration): when we graduated, kirishima proposed to me...and after some time spent long-distance, we moved in together, as a couple. and then, two years into that new phase of our lives, on a surprisingly cold april morning...
bkg: (yawn) ‘morning...kirishima? (wasn’t he off today?) 
(keys sitting on top of a note that reads “won’t need these anymore!!”) 
bkg (narration): kirishima left. when i tried to figure out why, i thought of so many reasons that i started to hate it. “don’t fall asleep on the sofa with the lights on”. “the way you fold laundry sucks”. “if you use up the shampoo fucking replace it”- stuff like that. just yesterday, he left his bath towel on the couch, and i yelled at him and decided to sleep alone. 
flashback kirishima: you’re kidding, right? we’re both off tomorrow! let’s sleep together!
flashback bkg: shut up and die!
flashback kirishima: bakugoooooou!
bkg (narration): when you think about it, i’d been making a big deal about stupidly little things- just things that seemed natural to me. but of course if you were getting yelled at about that stuff every day, you’d get sick of it. 
bkg: what about that says “living as a couple”. more like living with your mother in law
bkg (narration): i never tried to meet him halfway- 
bkg: it’s also his fault, though! (phone rings) hah?!
bkg (picking up): ...what do you want
kirishima: bakugou! i’ve got something to tell you
bkg: i’m not letting you go, alright?
kirishima: ...
bkg: i’m saying i’ll hear you out!! get back here, kirishima. 
kirishima: ...sorry, bakugou, i-
bkg: fuck, just what is he apologizing for...
(phone dings) 
bkg: ..........................................
bkg: a voice message...
kirishima’s voicemail: OOOOOOOI BAKUGOU WHY DID YOU HANG UP!! are you mad because i left without waking you up this morning?! i tried! but you were breathing really soft, i couldn’t wake you up! were you lonely?! i’m sorry! i love you! 
(this is where the comic stops, but here’s the rest of the description:
after that, bkg runs to where kirishima is only to find a beautiful new home has been built, and then there’s a proposal and a marriage <3 the story has a happy end!! i don’t care if you change how it goes, someone please finish this for me~!) 
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winepresswrath · 6 days ago
I remain astonished at people who apparently believe that Madame Yu or JFM, upon watching one of their kids have a sobbing breakdown in front of everyone and Sect Leader Yao, would angrily demand who made them cry and offer cranky comfort(okay JFM might for WWX). Jin Ling is loved unconditionally and knows it! He believes jiujiu arriving in a bad situation will automatically improve things in some way! He's not always right but jiujiu tries his best
In my old age I'm becoming fond of Madame Yu but honestly remember that time Jiang Cheng got down on his knees and begged her not to hurt Wei Wuxian and she had her handmaidens hold him back but he broke through anyway... honey. I don't know! I really cannot imagine Jin "my uncle will hear about this" Ling sadly confiding in anyone that Jiang Cheng doesn't like him and wishes he had a different nephew.
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essektheylyss · 8 days ago
I'm starting to love the idea of how ambiguous their time together is. it can honestly change depending on the mood. only a few years because Caleb's life in the empire gets in the way? or even decades down the line because Matt basically said Essek would stay as long as Caleb would have him. idk I have such complicated feelings about it so for the time being it's almost a comfort to be able to imagine them together a longer time. but either way they are STILL life long partners and friends.
YES. I am also an absolute stickler for writing canon-compliant fics, and this means that virtually any amount of time you want them to stay together in a romantic sense, it works! And if there is some further impetus that causes them to be together longer, even better!
I've had it in my head for two weeks that there just wasn't too much time for a long, drawn out description of their relationship (which meant I could just... write my own lol), and this was honestly more than I expected to see (I was not even expecting rp in Aeor), with plenty of openness to make it our sandbox for the foreseeable future.
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charlesgranillo · 8 days ago
what kind of person do you think phillip morgan was like before the murder? he was obviously stressed out during the time we saw him in the film, so what do you think he was like on a normal day? brandon?
i love this ask. i think in a normal environment phillip would be a very snobby, tense, arrogant, and easily bored person. i think he had a hard time getting along with people because he wasn't as good at faking his arrogant front like brandon. he probably thought he was better than everyone else and it constantly showed on his face. however I think he could put on a good front whenever he needed to (just a matter of if he wanted to lol). i think he would of been good at holding his tongue on things he didn't like, but brandon would sure hear all about it later that night (not like brandon would complain. they're like old ladies when it comes to gossiping). the kind of person that you would probably know if they didn't like you.
brandon would be exactly like phillip except that he is a way better actor and comes off as way nicer than phillip. in fact they give off those vibes of "super friendly, extroverted" friend matched with the "oh don't mind him he's just a little shy" friend, except brandon knows how to manipulate people, phillip thinks no one is worth his time, and they both just hate everyone in the room. i think brandon isn't the best actor because janet and kenneth seem to understand that brandon is trouble, but brandon knows how to appear gullible and cheeky, so it's appears as just his "charismatic personality."
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nytfythfhtyf · 10 days ago
craig of the creek is the best kids show ever
#gravity falls and the owl house are also up there but the amount of representation in this show is incredible#the way the kids act is so accurate and funny and#the animation of their imagination makes it so fun and silly#and the character designs are all so awesome!!#and the lessons are good!!#its such a good and pure depiction of childhood#and theres so much DIVERSITY#with race but also like!#gender and sexuality and family dynamics and so much more#like the majority of the characters (as far as i can tell) are not white#the main character is black and his whole family its not like#they just took a white family and changed the skin color they actually made an effort to show the differences in culture and mannerisms#in such a good way#like they change the moms hairstyles and even show them going to a salon to get box braids#and they pretty much explicitly show that his grandparents were part of the civil rights movement#and the love between everyone in this family is so wonderful they all love each other so much#and the two other main characters have unconventional families too#kelseys mom died and she lives with her dad#and jps parents are divorced and he lives with his mom but shes a pilot and isnt home often so his older sister takes care of him#and hes autistic and they show it in such a good way!!#like they never make it a degrading joke he just does silly things and everyone is just like yeah thats just jp hes silly and we love him#i could go on forever im going to make another post#i say things#craig of the creek
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badmotorfaggot · 14 days ago
hey bro i saw ur tat post and shittt those are cool. u do em yourself? can u give me some pointers cuz im tryna do my own and it’s not working too good. please can i have some tips/ instruction? thanks dude 👉👈
YEAHH i have 30-something and only two of them weren’t done by me lol UM. one thing i found super helpful is taping batteries to the thing i tape my needle to to kind of simulate the weight an actual tattoo machine has and ever since i started doing that things have been going SO much better. usually on new ones ill try and make sure i get at least one pass over the entire thing and then a second one if i have the time/energy, usually mine look like shit until i can go over them like two or three times
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boomerang109 · 14 days ago
i’ve never seen this talked about before, but netflix’s dead to me actually shows two women in a qpr?
like, no, they don’t use that word, but judy lives with jen and her kids and just co-parents and their lives are intertwined. they both have their own romantic interests and even when judy is revealed to not be straight, still there’s no awkwardness is her friendship/qpr with jen
and people in the show sometimes give them looks for living together, but honestly that’s usually because of the crazy shit that’s going on in their lives, and i can’t think of one time it’s used as the butt of the joke
so yeah. it’s not explicit (or probably intentional) and the show itself isn’t exactly five star television, but if you’re looking for a show that gives that found family/qpr representation? i recommend dead to me
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lumoshyperion · 15 days ago
Hey I'm new to your blog! How do you know this much bout cursed child Aus? Do you work in it?
Hi there! Thanks for your message and welcome! I don't work on Cursed Child, but I do talk to a few people who work on the production, and I also work in the same industry? So I just hear a lot from them and from my coworkers within the industry. I was standing in a dressing room months ago listening to the cast on my show talk about the role of Albus being recast, for instance. Anything I don't hear from my colleagues or from the production team/cast themselves, I can also usually just guess based on past experience? I’ve also been lucky enough to see the show across each cast change, right from the very first dress rehearsal, so I’m just... really familiar with the show itself and how it works, I guess?
And the thing about the Australian theatre community is that it's so small. I was at the friends and family dress rehearsal for Year Three and ran into the director and a cast member from one of my previous shows. And later on I found out that a cast member from my current show was there. And so was a producer, director, set designer, and stage manager from a show I'm doing in August. Even just walking through the foyer or standing outside, I saw so many people I knew. Everyone knows everyone who knows everyone.
But even before I got involved in the industry, I was already moving in a lot of the same circles. Even just as an audience member, I was already getting to know people in the industry and putting myself out there. Because the thing about theatre people is that they're so lovely and welcoming? I used to feel really nervous about talking to them after a show, but I quickly realised how much they love talking about their work. If you ever see something and wish you could tell the team behind it how much you loved their work/performances, don't be afraid to message them on Instagram! In my experience, it always means so much to them. And now that stage door isn't a thing and probably won't return for a while, I think your messages of support and questions about their work will mean more than ever before ❤️
ask me questions about year two, year three, and other things!
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