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#every time i look at mine i get so pissed off lol
cxsmicmyeon · 10 hours ago
hi hi! it's your bestie 😉 hehe sorry i had too much screen time and needed a break 😂
oh my goodness his fried rice waffles 👁👄👁 he also called himself a culinary genius and i'm wondering how kyungsoo deals with jongin's kitchen adventures lmao or even minseok since he's such a clean freak?? baek just updated and said he's doing well in a strict routine! but for everyone to stop sending mail/email/gifts to his training centre bc it's overwhelming them 😂 so to just tell him everything using a specific hashtag and he can feel the love when he's finished. can you imagine how much they're getting??? lol
i've always used the excuse it's still that date in america soooo technically it's still my birthday 😀
OMG YES PLEASE WRITE THAT!!! that's so cute and domestic stop lol 💞 i feel like a bunny would be a lot less maintenance especially if you're out often! unless you adopt? a puppy is SO much work. ..maybe that's why mine is such a baby. he's almost 6 now but still acts like a puppy we just brought home yesterday 😂 omg that time chanyeol had toben and sehun had vivi? the chaos that was toben LMAO
i sometimes want to start a fic rec blog..but i'm so unorganised i'm not sure how to go about it. i do so much reading and there're so many good fics out there i want to share 😭
we pretty much are but there's some random clusters here and there. plus the newly returned overseas but they're quarantined in a medi hotel. yeah i've seen a lot of news from the us about people refusing to wear masks and stay home. but then turn around and complain that things aren't getting better 😶 yes please keep safe!! ❤
i think the cheaper one is a flip book album! which ofc will be mega cute, i can already imagine! i want sm to bloody release the details though. why are they so lazy when it comes to their best sellers?! is it tomorrow for you yet? 😂 DID YOU GET IT!? omfg yes lol i CAN'T WAIT for your asmr HAHA 👉👈 tbh your voice sounded so sweet i felt comfortable messaging you 😂 when you were fangirling about myeon hahaha that's exactly what i'm like when someone asks about yeol hehe
LOL THE WAY I THOUGHT HIS FRIED RICE WAFFLES WERE HASHBROWNS- ngl though it looks good though i'd eat it...😳 kyungsoo prolly had a mental breakdown when he saw jongin making the waffle LOL
OMG WAIT I CRIED WHEN I SAW BAEK'S VIDEO- HE SAID HE'S GONNA BE UPLOADING EVERY 17TH???? AND CHAN UPLOADING EVERY 27TH??? WE DO NOT DESERVE THOSE TWO AT ALL😭😭😭omg i can't imagine all the mail he's getting- i think something similar happened to junmyeon and he had to go on and say stop sending me mail cuz it's too much ahsgdj,, my popular boys🥰
I WILL WRITE IT!! i just need to get through school and finish my final paper lol!! and also finish my requests lol!! thank god school's over next tuesday for me lol! i need a BREAK omg... agh yeah i have heard puppies are a lot of work but they're SO CUTE THOUGH😭😭omg toben and vivi are both of my personalities🤣🤣they're literally the cutest things omg
lol i actually was considering a fic rec blog too! cuz my post is rly long and i feel bad for all the tags the authors get LOL but i'm lazy and i don't want to annoy the authors EVEN MORE LLMAOSODNDNJFHF i love life😃👍🏻
ugh yes i have a lot of family who is anti mask and won't get vaccinated and don't take covid seriously and it just pisses me off🙄🙄but thankfully most of them don't live in my area so i don't have to worry about seeing them a lot lol! and i have both of my shots for the vaccine and i'll be fully vaccinated after next week!
i'm not picky at all when it comes to albums lmao! like even if i don't get a jun photocard i don't complain that much bc i still got a photocard of a member!! like i have a jun, yeol and minseok photocard (and baekhyun poster and jongdae slide thing from obsession) and honestly i'm still happy to get the merch cuz it's exo and i love exo!! :D
AND AGH IM SO SAD IT SAID IT'S COMING LATE😭😭😭like it was gonna originally come on saturday but then usps said thursday (today) and i checked the tracking number and it said "coming late" )): agh but we'll see 🤞🏻 i just hope it comes soon!!
AGH i need to prepare for the filming😭😭i need to find a tri pod and clear my desk and make sure my family doesn't interrupt me AJDHJDH and AAA i hate my voice so much i was so shy when recording!!! but i turned my phone around and spoke from the heart and i felt more comfy!! i may not speak in the asmr tho i'll just let my glue on manicure do the talking LOL!! i love hearing nails tap on stuff so it'll be fun to do!!
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ghostmoor · 7 days ago
ok now I can finally do my big SoulStorm review post
In short: I liked it! My feelings are mixed but ultimately I had fun, it does the story the justice it always deserved and it sets the world up to tell the stories Oddworld was always meant to tell that they weren’t able to in the past
Details under the cut:
What I liked:
It LOOKS great. I had a few moments where I really wished I had camera controls because I wanted to swing the camera around and take in the entirety of the landscape and I’m pissed that the Epic games launcher doesn’t have a screenshot button because I wanted to take so many screenshots
Jumping off of that, it puts things into SCALE in a way that Oddworld does great in concept art but never really has in the games before. I felt so dwarfed sometimes by the structures I was climbing around, especially in the end of the game at the heart of the brewery, it was really breathtaking
The outdoor levels. I have beef with certain parts but on the whole I really enjoyed the levels in the mines and the stockyard and shit
For the most part I didn’t care about dying a lot because some of my deaths were VERY funny (see: throwing a bunch of brew around to try and get the attention of some sligs, didn’t work, completely forgot it was flammable, ran right into it while holding a flare and burned to death in two seconds)
The inventory/crafting system! I REALLY really liked this a lot. it opened the game up to having multiple ways to get through a level which is something I really appreciate in any game. Followers being able to use items was also invaluable at so many points
LORE. Lots of updated information and new context for things... also this game actually made me care about Abe as a character lol. Straight off the bat in the first cutscene in SoulStorm they really hammered it home that he’s just some guy who never asked or wanted to be anyone’s leader and he’s being asked to bear the weight of everyone else’s trauma on top of his own and not really being given any choice about it. Like this is stuff we knew/could extrapolate because, duh, look at him, but it hits different when the game actually has the space to visibly acknowledge it. Seeing him CRY during the cutscene in the sanctum was so sad
What I didn’t:
Bugs. Oh my god. OWI I love you but you delayed this game for four years and still released it with very obvious bugs. I had mines that came out of crates only to get stuck in mid-air that I couldn’t pick up, sniper lasers all spawning trained exactly on Abe and killing me instantly, I clipped straight through the floor and fell to my death once, a breakable section of floor that killed the mudokon worker underneath every time I tried to break it to get down and rescue them, mudokons facing the wrong way while walking during the FeeCo Depot level, the disappearing bird portal, probably more I’m forgetting. Fix your shit
Also your captions are bad (and we need them for the radio broadcasts please)
MONKEY BARS. Literally any section of the game with monkey bars is insufferable. If I am angling my R stick upwards and pressing the jump button I should be jumping upwards. This is not rocket science
There were a couple places the story was a little bit of a letdown for me. I enjoyed it but I was expecting it to draw more from Exoddus which maybe I shouldn’t have. Specifically I wish they had acknowledged what was going on in the Necrum mines and with the tear x-traktors but I was thinking about this yesterday and I guess they wanted the focus to be the horror of not what was in the brew but the horror of what it does. Still I don’t think you would actually understand the link between Necrum and the brew if you were coming into this fresh and I’d have liked an acknowledgement of how fucked up it is that they’re making mudokons dig up their dead ancestors for foodstuffs
I feel like I was really mad about this game two days ago but I was also super grouchy and now I can’t think of anything else so I’m ending this post here but I’ll probably come back to it
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talpup · 13 days ago
ur uber supportive & i thanks u 4 that but notcie u no get much support in exchange namely fr ur suppose friend @ inorganicone2230 who never supports ur black clover story
Okay anon.  After some time of calming down and talking with my best buddy; and yes, no matter what you think @inorganicone2230 is my best and most supportive friend online and off.  I think I can answer this without going off on an offended cuss fest.
I appreciate that you think I’m supportive.  I make an effort at that.  But got to admit that I’m pretty selfish and consumerist.  With the exception of rare cases, if something isn’t about bnha Aizawa or BC’s Yami I usually won’t give it a second, let alone first look.  Which by your logic would mean I’m not supportive of my mutuals simply because I don’t read, comment, and reblog their non Aizawa or Yami stuff.
I have nothing against other characters or fandoms, it’s just not a major interest of mine.  Which leads me to:
Not everyone shares the exact same interest in everything.  I write long fics that have oc’s.  Some people don’t have the time or interest for long fics.  Others aren’t interested in oc’s.  As for @inorganicone2230 who you honestly pissed me off with by calling out by name, they’re not interested in Black Clover.
That’s fine.  Friendship might be built on common interest and supporting one another; but friendship doesn’t require having common interest in every single thing.  You say @inorganicone2230 never supports my BC fic.  But you’re wrong.  They might not have done so publicly, and @inorganicone2230 and I may not chat plot bunnies for my BC fic.  But they have supported me with my BC fic in countless other ways.  Like not pressuring me or making me feel bad for ignoring my bnha fics while I focus on my BC fic.  Or humoring and helping me thirst over Yami. lol
My husband watches both bnha and BC (when the anime was still running) and he’s never read any of my fics.  Are you going to call him out for not being supportive?  Cause let me tell you, that man is the most kind and supportive human a gal can ask for.
Long story short.  You don’t know shit.  And I ask that next time you want to give some toxic, backhanded “complement” think before you type cause you look like an idiot.
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the-advocate-of-fives · a month ago
I think about this a lot because I still find it funny.
In like September maybe, I decided to make a Five Sim and add him to my game because why not right? Plus, I pride myself in making sims. So, I made him look as close to the actual Five as possible and gave him the closest personality to Five's I could with what sims delt.
So, I made him and Vanya a house, and I decided to have my sim go say hi so they'd be in each other's contacts because again, what tf not?
So, my ass knocks on the door and Vanya answers. And then, I see him there, sitting on the couch, watching tv.
And this fucking pops up almost immediately.
Tumblr media
This is him. This is the Adonis of a sim. 🤣
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I did my best, but apparently my sim was fucking FLOORED and she didn't stand a God damn chance. 🤣🤣
He actually ended up liking me for some reason and now our sims are dating.
When he gets mad and randomly losses his temper, all my sim has to do is hug and or kiss him and then he immediately calms down every time.
I haven't played this game since then really, but I'm currently updating my things and I'm gonna see what more ShaNayNayGainz will happen.
Ya know what else is funny? I had decided to use the "Flirty Introduction" on him just to see if he'd get all pissed off, because my sim twas a random stranger. Nope, he basically was all flattered and went "This one is mine now." 🤣🤣🤣
He called me constantly so I eventually just had my sim move into their house.
And when other sims decide to hit on him, he looks all disgusted and tells them to PROMPTLY fuck off and that he's not a cheater. Like, his ass gets MAD.
Also, apparently Vanya has a thing for Prompto from FF15 and likes chatting with him at the park nearby???? Good for her???
The Sims is fucking wild. Lol
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dedicatedtothereaders · a month ago
Treehouse AU number four! It's in Julian's point of view and features Precious and Gwen. It actually says a lot about how Julian perceives himself which is interesting. (I'm so dedicated to this AU now lol.) It's under the cut.
Gwen and Priscilla are two sides of the same coin. And I am both of them.
Gwen's the popular one—obviously. This is one of the things I have in common with her. Nobody outright dislikes Gwen, aside from Michael and possibly Sparrow. She's Destina's friend, Bree's friend, Everado's friend, my friend, and Fernando's friend by association to Destina, but if you ask her and she's being honest, an event as rare as the eclipse, she'll say she has no friends at all. If she did she wouldn't admit it unless they died.
Then there's Priscilla, and she's my other side, she's pretentious and everybody hates her and she loves her best friend and gives absolutely no fucks about anyone else because quite frankly she's given up. Some days I'd rather be Priscilla than Gwen. I'm Priscilla and I'm trying to be Gwen and more and more these days I fail at being her.
The lowest floor in the treehouse is a single room, large and spacious and constantly dark. They're sitting in the corner, their legs stretched out with Priscilla's legs crossed over the top of Gwen's. I've always thought they're both more interested in women than men—especially Gwen, but she likes Everado and she likes me, but only at a most base level, and it's because she's bored, and they're both interested in Everado and I, like they collectively selected us—but I've never brought it up with them. I'd rather have men after all, or at least one man in particular, and they know that.
"Evening," I say, closing the door behind me and my voice is too loud in this room. The room is too quiet and I need noise. It's almost midnight. "What the fuck are you doing at this time?"
"Evening and night are blatantly the best hours in the 24-hour clock," Priscilla murmurs, eyes closed but clearly not trying to sleep.
I disagree. I love the sun too much to think that, but it doesn't matter and I don't care. I don't even know why I'm still awake and when I go back to our room and disturb Fernando's sleep he's going to be upset with me.
"Are you going to sit down?" Gwen asks, gesturing. I sigh and sit next to Priscilla, stretching my legs out and crossing my ankles.
There's something so different about them, with Priscilla's strange old-fashioned mellifluous tone and Gwen's powerful voice, so much like mine. When she asks questions it doesn't sound like she's asking, because she's demanding.
They're so much fun to spend time with. I've had some of my best moments with them, outside of my moments with Fernando. I expect Priscilla to be bluntly honest, and I expect Gwen not to be. It's like being with Hisoka and Fernando in that way, sometimes.
"Cigarette?" Priscilla asks, getting out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter, propping one between her lips and lighting it up, offering us the pack.
I laugh as Gwen takes it, taking the lighter from her as well and lighting up one of her own before passing the pack to me, and she lights it for me.
"Do you like it here?" I ask, which I feel is a strange question, because nobody ever does. I don't like it. It's exhausting to be in such close quarters with everybody. Everybody found out about Fernando, Hisoka and I early after we got here and getting that out in the open has been the only positive experience so far, and Fernando was still unhappy with it, but nothing ever makes him happy.
"No," Gwen replies, then shrugs. "Who would?" She smiles a bit then, takes a drag on her cigarette. She's as good as eye contact as I am. It's always a battle as to who is going to look away first. It's always me. "I don't hate it. Not always."
I scoff. I don't see why she would care. She could be lying. She's always lying. I don't know what would make her tell me the truth. Priscilla hates it and I don't even need to ask her.
"No? Why not?" Priscilla asks, turning her head to look at her, blowing smoke rings out from between her lips idly. She's wearing a tweed coat in dark green that reaches just to top of her thighs, and it's size or two too big for her and disguises her figure. "Aren't you missing parties and shopping and whatever it is you like to do?"
"Maybe," Gwen says, and tips her head back and laughs and I do as well, shaking my head.
My God, they are more than what I am. I'm a human and have always felt that. It's the one thing that's ever kept me grounded, this strange sense of mortality and humanity, this feeling that I could die tomorrow and it's so thrilling and it's so human and the feeling is all mine, because not everybody might die tomorrow, but I might, and I'll live by the thrill of it until the day that I do. They're more powerful than me and they don't live that way, but I see more humanity in them than most people do, because Priscilla is a monster to everybody and Gwen is flawless to everybody and that's everything but human.
I see humanity in what's supposed to be less than human. When Gwen told me that she found out her father was cheating and she didn't tell her mother, she blackmailed him until she got all she wanted, and that sounds ruthless and cold when it rings out in reality and in daylight but when she told me that it was the first time I ever saw her as something human, because initially she lied to me about it and that says everything to me.
"Aren't you missing going to parties with your Emily and getting thrown out for misbehaving?" I say, shooting Priscilla a slightly sarcastic, teasing look. She's me in another life. If Fernando was an Emily and not a Destina. It would have been me.
Priscilla has nice friends, in a lot of ways. Emily, and she's also somewhat close with Aurelio. The only way I can ever imagine Aurelio and Priscilla interacting is the two of them, bonding over how much they hated school because they hated it more than everybody else here combined (Gwen and I both probably peaked in school, so our futures are likely to be miserable), talking about how outcast they feel from others sometimes and finding dumb fucking obscure hobbies than nobody else does in common, and talking about those. Calling each other darling. Emily would die for both of them, eccentric as they are.
"It was hardly going to parties. I didn't dance, I didn't laugh. I just spiked the punch and pissed off," Priscilla says, waving her hand vaguely, and blowing smoke out softly. "On a bad day, Emily would ask to stay, but it's no fun when everybody hates you. Nobody hates her."
I want to point out that a lot of people neither dance nor laugh at parties, and Gwen and I are just very bad examples to compare yourself to, because we always dance the most and laugh the hardest. I wonder if Priscilla stays when Emily asks her to, but I don't push the subject because how much Priscilla hates talking about this is a physical electric force in this room.
"I spike the punch and stay," I say. Once again, I'm just Priscilla at heart trying desperately to be Gwen. Nobody ever finds out that I was the one who did it. I could do it and then say "It was probably Priscilla" and Priscilla could be a thousand miles away, everybody would agree that she'd done it somehow. It's so easy to blame her. Everything wrong that I ever do can be Priscilla's fault if I want it to be.
Sometimes I just want to do what she's done. Scream in everybody's face that I don't care and I don't want to be here and if you knew me you'd hate me just like you hate her, and stop blaming her for every fucking thing because she's the obvious scapegoat, she's the odd one out, she's the black sheep, she's the underdog. I would be the scapegoat and the odd one out and the black sheep and the underdog but nobody need ever know that. I'm Gwen, I'm just like Gwen and I want to be Gwen. She's so bloody effortless.
"And don't have the punch, I bet," Gwen says.
"Obviously not," I murmur. I have had spiked punch before intentionally. I mean, why wouldn't you?
"All punch is shit," Priscilla says, wrinkling her nose.
I laugh at her and Gwen runs her hand through her long wavy hair, cocking her head at Priscilla, eyebrow raised. Priscilla feels more than Gwen and I do. She's trapped in a state of somehow always caring in her own, foreign way that she's locked away and hidden now because it'll only ever hurt her. I care in some sort of on and off way. I struggle to say no to people because people are too easily frightened away by me, or too quick to judge me as something closed off and above it all, and saying yes to everything is one way to try to make that disappear, to make people comfortable with me. I don't know if Gwen cares. She's never shown me that she does but she's a human and she must, sometimes. About some people, at least, but I could never guess who. She's masks and masks and masks and some kind of lack of capacity for pain as far as she's ever shown me. I don't know who she is. She's Gwen, and Priscilla is Priscilla, and I'm Julian and Alejandro depending on whether I'm Gwen or Priscilla, but I'm always honest and that's all I can say.
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rae-arts777 · a month ago
I want to talk about my religious trauma
I just want to tell my story, I know mine is minor, I know there’s worst out there, but I’m hoping maybe mine cause reach out to anyone experiencing the same so they feel less alone
Let’s start way back
Edit: (sorry I should have put this earlier) TW: slight sexual assault, self harm, suicide mention
Growing up a christian adventist, I knew Friday night to Saturday was worship. No electronics or TV unless it was veggie tales, or a Bible cartoon, and church Saturday.
Of course I acted out a bit, and would get scolded for not staying still. My mother however wasn’t upset at me for ruining church, just upset I wasn’t behaving and granted don’t blame her cause I was a brat lol. I would get in more trouble if I went with my grandma. I was “disrespecting the lord in his house” and well...I mean it’s hard for a child to sit still for 8 hours wearing a dress and shoes that made me itchy and gave me blisters
Now church was fun in some sense. Got to see my friends, food after services, I loved being able to help in the kitchen and help the elders as well.
Good right? a child, we think what we know if right. I thought the way we had church was common to everyone. When I started school, it was different for me. I asked “why do my friends go to church on Sunday?” My grandma told me “they just don’t know the proper way, it’s your duty to tell them”
I remember...being really horrible towards a kid who’s family was an atheist. We were still friends, but I will tell him “you’re trusting the devil”. My words never seem to hurt him since he laughed them off, but I never stopped...I look back and have so much guilt. So much guilt towards others too since I tried to tell them church was Saturday’s, and going on Sunday was wrong. I think about how horrible I was, cause my religion never taught me to be accepting to others beliefs, it taught me that it’s my duty to turn others to the right way. And that makes me upset. If my religion was the religion of “accepting everyone no matter what” then why is every one else’s religion the work of the devil? And why are baptism, also who was Christians, deem “evil” like Catholics in our religion.
Middle school. I started attending the church school. Hell
I didn’t like our new pastor, something about the way he said things just...didn’t stick. His kids were a nightmare. They torment everyone. Got teachers fired they didn’t like. And went crying to their parents if they didn’t get their way. No they were not toddlers. They were teens. One got in between my old best friend and I, and since then her and I were never the same.
Because I liked art and anime...I was the weird kid, so they constantly picked on me. Pastor kids telling me certain kids here didn’t deserve to be made by god. That god made a mistake. I told them to stop, but they would go “you just don’t know. It’s hard for us!!! We don’t mean what we say!” And looking and writing this now, that was the first gaslighting and toxic friendships I experience.
It made me more mad the pastor told the whole church that his kids were perfect children. And they set an example of how all the kids in the church could act. That pastor family was just horrible. Lies, manipulation, just rude. He would make side remarks about my mum’s blonde dye hair. He would say something to my mum if I wore pants or a leather jacket to church. Just the way he said things, made my mum feel like she was a horrible parent. They made side comments when my dad would finally show up.
“I’m sorry my dad wasn’t constantly gone, he’s was too busy fighting for our country.” Is what they would want us to say.
Church become a chore. Not a joy. And when we got a new pastor, one I started to connect with, we moved away and in with my grandma
Now highschool. This is where I started drifting away from religion. I love my grandma..I really do ...but she’s so extreme. The Bible this. The Bible that. I can’t have a normal conversation without her being up the Bible. Can’t watch a movie, show, or listen to music that’s not Christian without her bringing up the Bible or turning it into a Bible lesson. I hated going to church. I hated hearing “repent. The world is ending soon”
Hearing constant that our young generation is filled with the devil, feeling all the eyes of the elders on me as I’m trying to comfort someone’s child so they can enjoy church peacefully
Hearing anyone experiencing love towards the same gender is the devil’s working
That everything I like is filled with the devil
My grandma start forcing religion worst and worst down my throat. Saying I have to be prepare. I need to make my choice. Don’t I want to be in heaven with everyone? I need to give myself to god
I won’t see my family members who passed away Catholic.
That I need to tell my other side of the family who’s Catholic the right way
The news comes on....hearing the Bible says this the Bible says that
Trying to defend trump with the Bible
This pandemic is the first plague, the world will end soon
The studies getting more and more. I can’t even read the Bible just to study out of joy cause I feel like someone is breathing down my neck.
I’m getting a headache just thinking about it.
And then I’m introduce the rotten apples of my religion.
We shouldn’t wear mask it’s God’s air
Only having faith is god will keep you from getting sick and heal you
Ever remember of LGBT is going to hell
Woman who abortion are going to hell
People will tattoos go to hell
People who don’t read the Bible everyday are going to hell
People who want to make this religion more open and accepting, are hearing the devil and are going to hell
People who kill themselves are going to hell
Mental illness isn’t real; it’s just the devil and you just have to be happy cause you have god.
I told my mom I can’t do it anymore, I just can’t, it’s more forced down on me too much. If the world is ending what’s the point? What’s the point of college? What’s the point of life? What’s the point of looking for love?! Cause I’ve been told so many times my own children won’t ever get to adult or teen hood cause the world will end! What’s the point. I’m so grateful to have a mother who understands..
And it pisses me out with these Christian movies. A boy is about to kill himself, and is getting told “you’ll go to hell! You really want that?! To go to hell?!” Why are you showing this?! That’s a last thing a suicidal person needs to hear. They don’t need a fucking Bible lesson, they need comfort!!! As a person who’s tried drowning, choking, and harming themselves, I fucking know I wouldn’t want someone to find me and say “you’re going to hell for that!”
And then you have those horrible people who think just cause they are religious that it gives them a right to be a shitty person. My grandma would fucking forgive a murder if they came out as Christian.
I told my grandma once “I do want to be more involved with the church, I want to give a sermon” and she told me “you can give a small one, not a full one, god did not use women to preach, he used men. I rather you do the children’s story”
The Vice President...some Christians hate her cause “god didn’t intend for women to lead, if he did his apostles would have been women”
my grandma says “she slept her way to the top!” But oh! She didn’t mind if trump, a man who’s assaulted god knows how many women was in office...
Forgive’re suppose to forgive bullies....I was told to forgive them even if they never said sorry..cause god wants us to forgive
I allowed..a boy to convince me to do things...cause men always knew what was was ok as long as we didn’t have sex...and it was ok...cause he was a Christian boy...
I just try to be a good human...I have sickenly forgave so many people who’ve hurt me....and now...I’m the pushover...
But what I did was wrong...
I’ve just....drifted away grandma has sort of stop trying, maybe cause I’m an adult so I can make my own choices..maybe my mum told her something...
But the things she says makes me feel ashame for being Christian....
For the longest time I thought we were perfect that I’m older...I see we’re just as bad..if not worst...
It makes me so sick...just I forgave people who HURT ME cause ...if I can’t forgive, then God doesnt want me.
If god really wants all of his “children” then why if it when we says “I don’t want to forgive the person who gave me this trauma” then it’s “i forgave you why can’t you forgive them? It’s so simple, you really can’t do something that simple? Guess you don’t want to go to heaven”
I’m so done
I’m so tired..
I have a headache and started crying a bit while writing this and there’s so much more. But my wrist hurts and just...I want to scream.
But for the majority...that’s my religious trauma.
I’m not hoping to gain anything, just to reach to anyone else who’s going through the same’re not alone ok?
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keziah13ninja · a month ago
Here is some flash-fiction I did at 2am lol. I really loved working on it so here it is.
I Regret Nothing
“I’m fine.”
His eyebrow rose.
“I’m fine,” I repeated. “Really.”
“I’ve known you long enough to tell when you are lying.” He sighed, leaning back into the plush chair. “You can’t escape your emotions, your past, your mistakes until you let down your walls and talk about it.”
“I have nothing to say.”
“That’s not what your demons say, do they?”
I tensed.
“You hardly sleep anymore I’ll bet. Can’t bear to close your eyes lest you see him.”
I grit my teeth and shifted uncomfortably in my seat. My eyes drifted downwards.
“Do you blame yourself?”
There it was. That damned question. How many fucking times would he ask that? And it wasn’t just him. Everyone looked at me with pitying eyes. Eyes that perceived me as weak, eyes that made me feel weak. Sick to my stomach even. “W-what?”
He adjusted his glasses. “I don’t mean to offend or push, but this is something I think you...we have been avoiding. The incident.”
Incident. I hated that word. It was too close to an accident and yet they wouldn’t classify it as an accident because they knew it was anything but. However, they didn’t use a harsher noun because they feared it would seem too offensive. Fucking pathetic. My nails dug into my arms, resulting in the painful sting that I wished ever so much to distract me from the dreaded interrogation they called a “therapy session”.
“I don’t want to talk about it.”
“You say that every session.”
“And yet every session, you bring it back up.”
“Please, Nathan. I’m just trying to understand so I can help-”
“Do you know what the definition of insanity is doctor?” I locked eyes with him for the first time that day. “It is repeating the same action or deed over and over again expecting a different result.” I leaned forward slightly. “Perhaps I should be analyzing you, or you should seek therapy instead of judging me.”
My words seemed to bounce off of him, not affecting him in the slightest. “I know you’re feeling defensive. Denial of emotion is very common in these sorts of situat-”
“Oh, fuck off!” I exclaimed, shooting up out of my chair. “Fuck your therapy, fuck your stupid metaphors, fuck your stupid psychoanalysis!”
He remained silent, looking up at me, pitying eyes over the thin glasses frame. Those pitying eyes pissed me the fuck off so much. The guards at the corner of the room moved to surge towards me like some off-leash Pitbulls. They only paused when the doctor held up a hand to stop them.
“You want to know the truth doc? The real fucking truth?” My voice started to waver, yet remained at an enraged level of volume. “I loved her, alright? I fucking loved her and it was the death of me. She weaselled her way into my heart and put a stake right through it without batting her pretty eyelashes! She fucking took my heart and crushed it in between her perfectly manicured nails! I was fucking weak! With her, I thought I could be vulnerable and in the end, my vulnerable self was what she took advantage of. She took advantage of me, and I just sat back and watched as she ripped my heart out of my chest and threw it at my feet.”
The doctor adjusted his glasses once more, gesturing to the chair behind me. My handcuffed hands trembled and I clenched my fists in a futile attempt to calm their tremors. My mouth was dry and my throat seemed to close up. Slowly, I sank back into the metal chair. I didn’t look up to meet his eyes, perhaps to hide the tears welling up in mine.
“You went through a lot.” He uncrossed his legs and placed his notebook in his lap. “After this experience, how did you deal with the pain? Before the incident that is? I know from your record, you committed a few petty felonies, bar fights, aggravated assault. But those are physical responses. How did you mentally recover?”
I shook my head slowly. “Who says I have?”
The doctor chuckled softly. “Fair enough. You said in our last session that you moved, bought a new apartment in a new city, got a dog, took up painting.”
“How do you think that relates to your situation? Why was this your response to your...heartbreak?”
I didn’t answer immediately. I stared into the void, my mind a whirl. I remembered standing in the new apartment. Empty and vacant. I remembered the massive canvases that I would assault with paint nearly every night. Sometimes plunging my hands into the paint cans and flinging it at the pure virgin canvas. An attempt to create something, anything. Release the chaos that clouded my mind.
However, every work I created, no matter how random, always looked like her, reminded me of her, resembled her in some way or another. Even then, I could see her, standing behind the doctor, her perfect skin, beautiful emerald eyes, crooked smile and soft dimples… Then there he was too, standing right behind her, his eyes hidden by his long fringe, that pure, innocent smile that turned my blood cold.
I blinked, returning to reality. With a shaky breath, I answered. “I thought that if I acted like it didn’t matter, then it wouldn’t.”
The doctor nodded, his lips pressed into a thin line. “When we resent something or an experience, we often throw ourselves into work, hobbies, anything that could distract us from facing our reality.”
The room was silent, the sound of the clock ticking on the wall beginning to time in rhythm with my heartbeat. I could feel a tear escape my eye and didn’t bother to wipe it away as it cascaded down my face. “It never stops hurting does it?”
“The pain.”
He frowned. “Pain?”
My lips quivered. “The pain of giving someone the best of yourself and watching them choose someone else.”
The doctor leaned forward. “You still love her.” It wasn’t a question. It was more of a statement. A theory or hypothesis he wanted me to confirm.
I laughed bitterly. “Kind of ironic don’t you think? How our hearts can still get hurt by something we saw coming?” I finally looked up, tears streaming from my eyes. “You ask if I still love her. My answer is...I hate her. I hate her because I have to live the rest of my life not knowing why I wasn’t good enough. Wondering what it was that made her choose him over me.” The pain in my chest tightened, constricting around my already broken heart. How stupid I was to think I was the only flower in her garden.
The doctor leaned back in his chair. “Hate is a strong term. Do you really believe you hate her? Or do you hate the idea of her and how her choice made you feel?”
My gaze narrowed. “I hate her.” I repeated.
The doctor’s eyebrow raised again. He was analysing again. “Hate can make you do extreme things. As can love.”
“I don’t regret a thing.”
“Guilt and remorse are common-”
“My only regret is not walking away the day we met. It would have saved me so much hurt and pain.”
“She means…meant a lot to you.”
“She was my whole world. ”I admitted. “I couldn’t live without her.”
“Is that why you murdered him?”
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queensofthesexlines · a month ago
Master Paul, is another caller who says he is a Dominant Master, he 'became' my master many months ago and soon after also became Scarlet's Master.
We have had many laughs together and no doubt alone with this caller .
One Sunday early evening I had been logged on about a hour and had nothing but waste of time 1-3 minute wankers, then the following call came through,
Me: Hello My name is Roxy ,what is yours?
Caller: Paul but you will call me Master
Straight away I clearly knew I had do all he asked with no back chatting and be sure to suffer what ever pain was thrown my way .
Me: Ok master
Caller: what are you wearing
Me: a red lace bra ,matching thong, red Suspenders and black stockings master
Caller: (moans and groans) you are just my type do you know that Roxy
Me: thank you master
Caller: I heard your intro but tell me what you look like .
I explain In as much detail as possible, drawing him in knowing I was pleasing him, hearing his tiny moans whilst in my sexiest voice explaining my every detail lol
Caller: Get on your knees
Here we go I thought
Me: Yes master anything you say, I’m on the floor master
Caller: is your bathroom on the same level as you ?
Me: yes master
Caller: good crawl to the toilet
Me ok master
Caller: tell me when your at the bathroom door
Me: ok master
Caller: arse up in the air higher do you understand
Me: yes master
All the time I’m sitting watching tv drinking my cuppa and dunking biscuits in my tea
Then the thought of dread came across me I bet this is one of the callers that like to hear you wee or poo how was I going to fake that . So I quickly messaged the girls through our works group chat,
'Ladies, SOS!! I need you, this caller is sending me to the bathroom what if he wants me to use the loo ? Tricks needed'
Caller: Hurry up
Me: almost there master
The girls reply quickly,
'fill a cup up with water but be quiet make sure to turn the tap on slowly so it’s no more than dripping so he doesn’t hear the tap'
Thanks ladies I knew what I had to do for peeing no reply for taking a shit, dam! I will just have to explain I don't need to go
Caller: You're taking your time are you there yet?
Me: yes I've just got to the door
I hadn’t even left my room
I get up and run to the bathroom
Caller: let me here you open the bathroom door
Me: ok
I open the door
Master: on your knees
Me: ok master
Buy I’m now using the cup in the bathroom and filling up with water at this point thinking his next thing would be me peeing for him
Master: lick the toilet seat clean
Me: what the fuck!?
Master: are you mouthing me off?
Me: kind of master!
Master: now lick the inside of the toilet rim
I'm now gagging and making licking noses
Master: I want it shining
Me: yes master
Master: is it clean yet?
Me: not quite master
Hoping to keep the caller on the line I drag the fake toilet licking out as long as possible
Master: hurry up
Me: yes master almost done
Master: hurry up now
Me: ok master I think I’m done, oh no a tiny bit more
I carry on pretending but even the thought of this is now making me gag
Me: I’m done now master
Master: well done, you are being a good little slave
Me: thank you master, I aim to please
Master: well I’m very pleased with you
Me: why thank you master
Master: now do you need to pee
Me : oh yes master
Smiling now to myself as having prepared the cup of water
Master: pull down your panties and pee for me
Me: ok master
I now start making out I’m doing as I’m told
Me: I’m ready master
Master :good hold the phone close to the loo I want to hear you piss
Me: ok master
Master: mmm that sounds amazing
I’m now slowly pouring the water out of the cup and surprise myself at how much it actually does sound like I’m having a piss
Master: pee faster
Me: ok master
Master: well done you good little sex slave
Me: thank you master
Master: now do not wipe yourself but flush the loo
Me: I haven’t quite finished pissing yet
Just wanting to add the minutes up
Master: ok
Master: is that it all done
Me: yes master, I’ll flush the loo now
Master: now on your knees and crawl back to your bedroom
Me: ok master
I walk back to my room and start rolling myself a ciggie
Master: arse up higher in the air
Me: ok master, sorry master
Master: now where do you keep your pegs
Me: in my kitchen under the sink
Master: well crawl to the kitchen and get ten now and hurry it up
Me: yes boss
Master: Are you being mouthy again
Me: no master sorry master
Master: just for that, get an extra five pegs
In my head I am imagining he wants the pegs on my nipples but being a little Naive I had no clue what he wanted me to do with all of them
Master: hurry up
Me: yes master just getting the pegs now
I open my bedside draw making out I’m counting the pegs out
Me: master I have them
Master: good slave now you crawl back to your bedroom and take all your clothes off
In a very Stern voice now
Master: do you understand?
I’m thinking, I’m not bloody thick I think I understand the simple instructions like taking my clothes off
Me: oh yes master I understand (trying my best not to sound Sarcastic)
Master : Are your clothes off
Me: not quite master
Master: hurry up
Me: yes master
I Fumble around making out I’m undressing myself just to add up the minutes
Master: hurry I said
Me: yes master
Master : are you now undressed
Me: just my bra to go master.......all done master
Master: right now place one peg on each nipple
Me: ok master
Master: NOW
Me: I am master
I'm whining and moaning and making out it hurts, telling him I have a peg on each nipple
Me: done master and it hurts
Master: can you handle the pain
Me: just about master
Master: good, now put a peg on top of each of the first two pegs
Me: ok master
I moan and groan some more
Master: now place five pegs on each cunt lip
Me: Are you for real
Master: 100 percent, now do as I say and stop mouthing me off
Me: ok master
I’m moaning like it hurts but secretly thinking I'm glad my partner doesn’t get kicks like this
Once I had completed dragging out the minutes as much as I thought I could he makes more commands
Master: on the floor leave the pegs on and crawl around your room
Me: ok master
Master: you are a good fucking slave now bark like a dog
Me: no way
Master: did you say no to your master
Me: yes I did
Master: are you sure your saying no to me
Me: yes master
Master: right now spank each arse cheek ten times
Me: ok master
I grab the nearest thing to me which was my remote control and a colouring book and start hitting the book with the controller
Master: harder
Me: ok
As I beat the colouring book harder I break the bloody remote so now I’m pissed off but the caller is still on the line so I grab my hair brush and I can still hear him barking at me to spank myself harder
Me: I’m hitting myself as hard as I can master, my arse is so sore
Master: good, now bark
Me: no master
Master: another ten spanks
I check my log and I only have 3 mins to go before I’m logged off however this doesn’t end the call for you that goes on until your call is complete.
Me: ok master
Master: harder, faster, hit that arse, hit that arse, hit that arse, harder, faster, harder, faster
Me: yes master
This goes on and on, over and over he repeats the same demands until I eventually give in, I want to log off so I give a sad attempt at a bark
Master: now that’s better you will learn you never disrespect the master
Me: ok master
Master : you are becoming a good little slave
Me: cheers
Master: I will call you again tomorrow
Me: ok master
Master : what time are you on
Me: from 6 onwards
Master: I will call at 6:15
Me: ok master
Master : goodbye slave
Me: goodbye master
The next day he called again and the following day repeating the same stuff we did on the first day
He became a regular of mine but I soon introduced bird to him and that’s when our 'threesomes' began
I will leave bird to explain about some of them
This will not be the last you hear of master Paul I have so many more stories, including how he falls in love with me and Bird, yes the man has issues. He tells us this is serious and it’s not just phone sex for him he’s actually grown feelings for us!
Thanks again for reading, much love as always. Keep your eyes peeled for more......Secrets of a Sex Call Centre Agent 😜
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jungshook69 · a month ago
Love is a myth :: 02
Tumblr media
DISCLAIMER: This doesn’t represent the members’ actions or the army’s actions in any manner it’s pure fiction. This is an original work, do not copy. The taglist is open if you want. Taglist is now closed.
WORD COUNT: 3.9K words
MAIN PAIRING:  musician! Yoongi X waitress! female reader
SIDE PAIRING/S: Jungkook X female reader ; Taehyung X female reader
GENRE: FWB! au ; Strangers to lovers! au
WARNINGS: Implied smut (Forgive me cuz I suck at writing it, no puns intended) ; Mentions of alcohol and smoking (I do not condone smoking) ; Profanity ; Mentions of infidelity ; Heavy angst ; Self loathing (Namjoon’s about to wack me in the head with his slipper) ; I apologize in advance if there’s any spelling errors.
SUMMARY: "You covered your bare form with the silk sheets beneath you, as you watched him walk out your door without a word." // "Love is a myth. All that existed between you two was pure lust." // "The last rule was if anyone of the two of you caught feelings for the other, the deal would be off."
SERIES MASTERLIST: Trailer » Meet the cast » Chapter #1 » Chapter #2 » Chapter #3 » Chapter #4
STATUS: Complete
Tumblr media
Morning came before you knew it, and your groggy self had dragged your ass out to work. You entered the luxurious ambience, the all-too-familiar chime of the bell ringing in your ears as you took off your coat. You were surprised to see a man, whose back was facing you, with deep black-brown hair, setting up the piano, on the center stage. Did we hire a new musician? You walked up to the unknown figure, tapping his shoulder gently. Your eyes nearly popped out, as you met Yoongi’s powerful gaze.
 “Yoongi?!” you yell out, louder than you intended to.
 “Yeah? We’re at work… why’re you talking to me? Where’s Y/N and what did you do to her you impostor?” he said, offering a cute smile.
 “You dyed your hair black?” you ask, ignoring his comment.
“Yeah lol” he says, shrugging his shoulders. “Why? Do you hate it?”
 “N-No no, I was just… surprised…” you say, still taking in the sight before you.
 “Surprised? Sure.” He says sarcastically scoffing. “I know I know… I look too hot to handle, but this is a workplace Y/N, let’s maintain our professionalism, I can’t promise about holding back after work though…” he says smirking.
 “Keep it in your pants Min.” you say rolling your eyes. “You’re so full of yourself.”
 “Learned it from the best” Yoongi says side-eyeing you.
 Before you could come up with a better comeback, you heard that god awful voice of your colleague Maria next to you. “Oh Yoongles… you look hot with black hair.”
 You cringe at the nickname, and see his face scrunch up in response, as you avidly remember him telling you, that only his close family called him by that name. “Thanks I guess” Yoongi says, his response as dry as the Sahara desert.
 You observe as Maria purposely bumps her shoulder into yours as she walks past you and sits down at the sleek black piano, her skirt raising dangerously high, as she coos, “Hey, teach me piano, I wanna learn. We still have an hour to opening time.”
 “Go ahead… Yoongles” you scoff with irritation, emphasizing the last part in a mocking manner, as you turn on your heel and walk away, leaving the two alone. You never knew why you grew so irritated. You convinced yourself that Maria was the reason why you were pissed, and not because of another female latching onto Yoongi, like a panda latches onto bamboo.
 The whole day passed by, with the routinely picture-perfect families treating you like garbage and missed glances between you and a certain black-haired man, which were incredulously high in number today. Soon you were done for the day, the time nearing 12 am. You bid Jackie, Mark and Maya goodbye, declining their offer to get beer again, as you made your way to the back door, since it provided a shortcut to the main street, to go home.
 You opened the partially rusted door followed by a painful screeching noise, before the familiar pungent scent of the dumpster load hit your nose. You made sure to lock the door, and made your way down the dark alley, the street lights before you, shining rather brightly. You could already hear the loud music from the club which was only a block away from the restaurant. As soon as you stepped out of the dark alley onto the street, you felt a gentle tap on your shoulder. You whipped your head around to meet a pair of warm brown eyes, hidden under the shadow of a black bucket hat.
 “You scared me jeez Yoongi!” you say, clutching your chest.
 “Oops.” He says giggling.
 “Why’re you smiling so much today?” you ask, your tone serious.
 “I like my hair…” he says shrugging his shoulders.
 “…gee thanks just bought it…” you murmur to yourself, secretly hoping he didn’t hear you.
 “Ariana Grande? Touché.” He says smiling.
 “Why’re you standing here?”
 “I was just chilling…”
 “Well, you can continue ‘chilling’. I’m fucking freezing, I’m gonna leave now…” you say turning around.
 You hear the scruff of his sneakers against the concrete pavement before you speak up, “Why’re you following me?”
 “Jeez woman, I thought we were ‘friends’?”
 “Friends who occasionally have sex…”
 “Friends none the less…”
 You continue walking in silence before you feel a cool breeze brush against your exposed calves, and you try to hold back an involuntary jitter of your body, goosebumps lining your skin. Not a second later, Yoongi decides to speak up, “By the way, I think you’d rock a pantsuit.”
 You couldn’t fight back the smile tracing your lips. This is how Yoongi was. He never directly threw compliments at you. They were always disguised. You understood the implications behind his statement. You knew he was mentioning that your uniform should be changed to a pantsuit so you don’t feel cold, and you knew he had boosted your confidence, telling you, that you could rock a pantsuit.
 Although you being you, can’t give in to his charms this easily. “I know, have you seen these legs?” you say smirking, even though you were dying on the inside.
 “I have… multiple times” he says smirking.
 You try to hide the flustered mess you become, but to no avail. Although Yoongi knows better and changes the topic. “Who gave you that ring?”
 You realize that you’ve been unconsciously twisting the sliver ring embracing your index finger. You look down and grip it once again before letting out a sigh and let go. In other situations, you would tell him to back-off and mind his own business, but you didn’t know what came over you, but you felt like pouring out your mind to someone.
 “There’s a reason why I am the way I am Yoongi.” You say sighing, your heart getting heavier with every word. “I wasn’t always this cold towards everyone.”
 “Who says there’s anything wrong with being reserved?” Yoongi pitches in. “But I gotta say I was quite surprised when you didn’t ask for cuddles after we did the deed.”
 “It’s because my past has shaped my view about ‘love’…” you watch as you heels click against the pavement.
 “Someone who’s name starts with a J?” Yoongi asks looking up at the night sky.
 “You’re hella observant Min.” you say smiling. “Yes, you know how everyone has a college sweetheart. Mine was… Jungkook.”
 Yoongi hummed in response. “We did the usual you know? The whole taking each other’s first kiss, going on dates, being each other’s first times, literally every cliché thing you could think of.”
 “Making out in the library?” Yoongi asks slyly.
 “Ah not that… he was shy… didn’t like PDA much…”
 “Hmmm… okay…”
 “Well, we kinda connected you know? But his family although was strict like mine, wasn’t as… rich. He was also two years older than me. And then the inevitable happened. His parents forced him to marry another woman, while my parents didn’t allow me to date someone with a lower status such as his…”
 “And you didn’t rebel?” Yoongi asks.
 “I did! We used to meet up in secret 4 times a week, since he finished college before me. We promised each other we’d be together forever. God I was so naïve. Only if I wasn’t so stupid!” you said smacking your forehead. “Well all good things come to an end. One night we decided that we would run away together on a decided date. But he got the news of his marriage when he went home that day after meeting me but he couldn’t tell me because his parents prevented him from leaving home till the wedding, scared he might run away. Well me remaining oblivious of the news, I packed my bag and reached his house. I saw him in the garden and that’s where he broke the news to me. He told me that his parents had forced him to marry, and that although he loved me, he couldn’t go against his parents words, and that he wouldn’t know how to survive and make money when we run away.”
 Yoongi remained silent, soaking in the information. “Well that night, that damn coward gave me this ring with his initial carved into it, and told me that he would never stop loving me.” You say, your finger running across the ‘J’ engraved into the silver ring.
 “Wow…” Yoongi said, unsure of what else to say.
 “A word about this to anyone Min, I will skin you alive.” You say trying to sound threatening.
 “Trust me, I know when it’s fun to tease, and I know when it’s not the right time.” He says giving you a tiny but genuine smile.
 “Well spill.” You say.
 “Huh?” he looks your way.
 “I told you a dirty secret. It’s only fair you tell me one.”
 “Well what do you wanna know?” Yoongi asks.
 “A lot of things, but for one… you got a sob story behind the piano?”
 “Yes, I do actually…” he said partially amazed at how observant you were and partially trying to hold back a giggle at your use of the term ‘sob story’.
 “Well then… gimme the tea.”
 “It isn’t much but just, my mom passed away while giving birth to me. My dad’s always done his best to raise me alone. My only memory of my mom were these cassettes. My mom was an avid piano player. She had recorded all her songs onto these cassettes. Her voice singing on those tapes, and the sound of her playing the piano are the only memories I have of her. That’s my quote unquote sob story.” He says with a sad smile.
 “You never saw you mom?” you ask genuinely curious.
 “My parents were quite poor, struggling to make a living. They couldn’t afford a camera, but I did find an old Polaroid or two, but her face was too faded away to make out any details.” He responds.
 “Oh… I’m sorry…” you speak softly.
 “Don’t be…” he says sighing, kicking a stone on the road. You watch as the stone flies ahead and hits a steel railing. That’s when you realize you’ve reached the steps of your apartment complex.
 “So this is what it’s like to have friends huh?” Yoongi says.
 “Oh please, you sound like a 50 year old man who lives in his ex-girlfriend’s basement when you say that.” You say, earning a slight chuckle from him.
 “Well I guess we’re here” you say after an uncomfortable gaze was shared between you two.
 Before anyone of you could mutter out another word to add to the awkwardness of the situation, your eyes widened in surprise as Yoongi’s hand grabbed onto the collar of your white button down, pulling you ahead, crashing his lips onto yours. Your eyes flutter shut as you get absorbed into the kiss. It felt too real. You didn’t know whether it was because you had just shared a personal memory with each other, or whether it was because you both had just agreed on being good friends, but the kiss felt rather different than your occasional hookups.
 Before you knew it, your back was shoved against the door of your apartment, the man in front of you hungrily devouring your lips. Your hand struggled to find the doorknob but failed after 5 tries. You broke the kiss, panting rather loudly, as you turned around to get a better view of the keyhole. You unlocked the door even though your hands were trembling with the feeling of Yoongi’s grip tightening on your waist. The god damn door finally opened and you tossed your coat, your heels and his hat onto the floor of your living room. You walked backwards, your lips sealed shut between his, backing up slowly before you landed on the couch.
 You felt him break apart for a breath, hovering over your figure, and seized your chance to tease him. You gripped his hair from the back and brought him inches away from your face. You kissed him ever so lightly, tracing your tongue along his swollen ones, as you gripped his bottom one between your teeth and teasingly pulled away. You were met with his widened eyes as he spoke up, his voice shaky and out of breath, “Damn it woman! Are you even aware of how hot you are?”
 “Min Yoongi, was that a compliment?” you ask smirking.
 “Don’t get too cocky. You’ll be screaming my name in no time.” He scoffs before attaching his lips onto your neck. His hand tightens his grip around your neck, as his lips travel further down from your collarbone to your chest. Before another word could be mustered, you were both deprived of your clothes, laying on the couch in your undergarments, the dark room filled with the heavy gasps and the sounds of your lips smacking against each other.
 “P-Protection…” you let out a shaky breath, as you remind him. He jumps off of you before walking, no more like running towards his discarded jeans on the floor. He searches through the pockets before pulling out his wallet. He opens it eagerly before he slowly lifts his gaze up to meet yours, a slow grim smile forming on his face.
 “You don’t have one do you?” you ask.
 “Sorry…” he says walking towards you.
 “I ran out too, last time…” you say sitting up, as Yoongi takes a seat next to you.
 “Well bad luck, because I’m not on any pill…” you say huffing with disappointment.
 “Talk about a bad case of blue balls.” Yoongi says giggling, as he struggles his way into his trousers.
 “Ayy I wanted this too okay?” you say pouting, putting on your white button down.
 “Well, I should get going then I guess.” Yoongi says once he’d put on his jacket.
 “Yeah okay see ya…” you say looking down at your bare thighs, covered by the short ends of your button down.
 You kept your eyes fixed downwards, and waited to hear the familiar click of the door closing. But it never happened. Instead you felt his calloused fingertips under your chin, as you felt your head being lifted up till you met his eyes. He gave you a small smile, and before you could protest, he landed a sweet kiss against your swollen lips.
 “W-Wha— hey! No goodbye kisses remem—”
 “Call it even for you kissing me goodbye last night?” Yoongi interrupts, a sly smirk lining his lips.
 “Oh…” you falter. “Okay…” you say smiling as you watch him leave your apartment.
 That night, you might’ve gone to bed without relief for your lust, but you did go to bed just having received emotional relief. Your heart was full, and for once in a long time, you slept quite peacefully.
 You walked into work, your head held high the next day. You were in quite a good mood today, the reason still remained unknown. You didn’t even have sex last night! You were literally left needy! But you were still in a better mood than you have been in days. You still didn’t know why.
 “Good morning Jackie!” you smile.
 “Who are you and what did you do to Y/N? I will not be afraid to shove this up your arse, you clone!” Jackie said, pointing a rolling pin at you.
 “Am I really that grumpy every morning?” you sigh, placing down your purse.
 “Not too grumpy. But you’re definitely never this happy…” Mark pitches in, peaking his head out from behind the refrigerator door.
 “Ooooo did a certain someone get laid last night?” Jackie spikes.
 “Hey! Bold of you to assume I never get laid!” you scoff in disbelief.
 “Nahh I mean you just seem like the person with such a strict work ethic, I didn’t think, ya know, you explored the relationship region.” Maya says, walking in with a bag of shallots.
 “For your kind information, I’ve been in a healthy relationship for 5 years!” I announce.
 “Who you foolin?” Jackie scoffs.
 “Seriously, who am I fooling?” you laugh, smacking your forehead. “Ugh never mind, let’s get to unloading the inventory.”
 The day goes by as usual, although today you find it immensely hard to make eye contact with the man playing the piano. Soon it was 12 am, and you had just finished doing all the chores in the kitchen. You had granted all your juniors an early leave as a gift for earning an extra 100 dollars as tips. There wasn’t much left for you to do. You wrapped everything up and began locking all the doors, preventing the cool night breeze from rushing in. As you entered the seating area, to lock the main entry doors, you noticed that Yoongi was still there, playing a symphony on the piano. You made sure to make minimal noise as you stood there in awe, watching his fingers run across the keys with ease and precision. You were amazed at how easy he made it look. He ended the song with a clean piece, but your feet remained grounded, still shocked, by how mesmerizing the sight was.
 “I know I play amazing, but gee, at least close that jaw of yours…” Yoongi says, without turning to face you.
 “Don’t flatter yourself, I’ve seen better…” you say, lying through your teeth.
 “Sure you have…” Yoongi says sarcasm dripping from his tone.
 You walk up to the stage and run your hand along the sleek black piano in admiration. “Wanna play?” Yoongi asks, catching you off-guard.
 “O-Oh no, tempting offer, but I’ll pass.”
 “Come on, I’ll show you.” He says huffing, before grabbing your hand, and pulling you down on the seat beside him. He plays a simple piece, Heart and Soul. An easy one for beginners.
 After you watch his fingers move intently, you place your hands across the keys, unsure of which key comes first. Yoongi senses your hesitation and places his warm hand on top of yours. He leads your fingers to the right key, and gently presses down. You, being so absorbed in his touch, flinch when the piano makes a loud sound. You gain consciousness and begin to play as close to the original as possible, missing a few keys, accompanied by a few awkward silences in between the notes.
 “You’re not half bad” Yoongi says.
 “Really?” you say scoffing.
 “Okay never mind, you are pretty bad.” He says smiling.
 “Well I can’t play piano, but I can sing.” You state, flipping your hair over your shoulder in a dramatic fashion.
 “Can you sing… my heart will go on?” he asks hesitant.
 “Who knew Min Yoongi is such a softie?” you lightly punch his shoulder.
 “It was my mom’s favorite melody.” He sighs.
 “I-I’m sorry… yes I can sing it.” You say guiltily.
 “It’s okay, you didn’t know. Well, will you sing now?”
 “Ummm sure…” you say not being able to deny it, as you knew it was close to his heart.
 The next 3 minutes went by in a blur. Your melodious voice and the notes from the piano were the only noises in the ginormous dining room. Yoongi would glance at your side profile once every few seconds as you closed your eyes and sang your heart out. He looked at you with admiration in his eyes, as he was reminded of his mother’s melodious voice.
 “You have a not-so-bad voice.” Yoongi says once the piano piece was over.
 You roll your eyes, scoff and lift your hips, ready to get up, before you felt a firm grip on your wrist pull you back down. You whipped your head around to meet his warm brown eyes as he whispered, “I’m kidding… your voice is amazing. Thank you for singing for me…” he says letting out a long breath.
 You grew uncomfortable under his piercing gaze, all alone in the big room, so you decided to speak up, “Well thanks for stating the obvious.” You smirk standing up from the seat, much to Yoongi’s disappointment. “Well I think I should get going.”
 “Yeah me too…” Yoongi says packing up.
 You didn’t even question it, but soon you two were walking towards your humble abode. Before you could ask him why he walks you home every night he spoke up, “Before you ask me, no I’m not walking you home because I want to sleep with you.”
 “Stole the words right outta my mouth.” You reply smiling. “You know what’s weird though? I don’t feel like having sex either.”
 “This has literally been the longest we’ve gone without sex. 4 days!”
 “It doesn’t feel too bad though.” You murmur softly. “Why’re you walking me home though?”
 “Your house is on the way to my place.” He says shrugging.
 Today’s topic of conversation had started at ‘what’s your favorite ice-cream flavor’ and had somehow ended up with you both talking about Maria.
 “She’s really not my type.” Yoongi says huffing.
 “I bet she was exactly your type when you were eating each other’s faces off.” You roll your eyes.
 “You were really bothered by that weren’t you?” Yoongi says smirking.
 “Oh please, your life, your choice.”
 “Y/N were you jealous?” he says poking the side of your ribs.
 “Maria? Oh please, absolutely not! I mean she is hotter than me… okay maybe she looks more exotic than me… and she might have a better butt than me—”
 “Nothing compares to your cute lil tushie” he states winking.
 “Ayy! My tushie is not little—”
 He cuts you off, when his lips land on your cold ones, for a small peck. “We’re here. Good night Y/N.” he says, retreating slowly.
 Before he could see the redness on your cheeks, you rushed into your apartment complex, your heart thumping at an inhumane rate.
 Before you knew it, your only day off had arrived. But you decided you wouldn’t slack off in your cozy bed, instead you decided to visit the park. Sunday mornings were always complemented by dull and gloomy clouds, but this particular day, god had been kind enough to keep the weather quite pleasant, warm and sunny at the same time. You felt a light breeze drift past your knees, as you willed your feet to take long strides along the pavement. You felt rather cute, dressed in a tan summer dress that stopped right above your knees, accessorized with a brown beret and some round-rimmed glasses, since you were too lazy to wear contacts.
 Soon you reached your favorite place in this town besides the cozy café-library across the street. The park bench you sat at, was surrounded by the sounds of small children laughing, as they ran around in the sand, not a worry in the world. You couldn’t help it, when a small smile formed on your lips, before you reached into your sling and fished out your journal. Occasionally when your hectic schedule allowed you some free time, you would take your time to write rhythmic sentences, in hopes that one day, all these lyrics might come together to form a special song, close to your heart.
 It was a pleasant morning, and you thought it couldn’t go any better. At least that’s what you thought, before your luck was inevitably snatched away from you.
 You heard a gruff voice clear their throat, in close proximity to you, before they spoke up, “Y-Y/N?”
 You looked up through your round lenses, and your jaw dropped open at the sight. Your eyes roamed the man’s face, unwilling to blink. It took you a nice long 10 seconds, to find your voice, which still came out small and slightly wavered, “J-Jungkook?”
Tumblr media
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saksukei · a month ago
tanaka ryunosuke as a boyfriend
others; ushijima | tsukkishima | kuroo | oikawa
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he's the literal embodiment of the phrase ‘head over heels’
also because he fell the first time he saw you
as a matter of fact,,,, no one can
literally buys you flowers everyday!!! and when he can't,,,,, he kisses you so much that you have to tell him to stop
he hugs you, kisses you, links pinkies, piggy back rides, lending jackets, you name it,,,, he's done it
his favorite tho is when you're sitting on his lap and telling him about day,,,, and he's trailing kisses from your hands, to your elbows, to your arms oh my gosh
uses pet names like ‘babe’ ‘cutie’ ‘bestie’ ‘the love of my life’ ‘mine’
will start singing wap w you at the most random times
pranks you so much and noya,,,, that lil shit is in on it always
like that time when noya texted you to come to the gymnasium as fast as you could because tanaka got injured
but actually tanaka had this whole surprise prepared for your birthday
yes,,,, he's the simp here
dates consist of going to the arcade,,, watching Netflix together especially horror movies,,,, shopping with him and his sister,,,,, going to the parlor to get a massage or a facial,,,,
and by the way,,, when you guys watch horror movies, this idiot acts super ‘macho’ but that goes out of the window in literally 2 secs when he's hiding behind you and begging you to turn the TV off,,,, he calls you whenever he has to go to the bathroom
saeko loves you btw!!!! she thinks you're an absolute legend for tolerating that piece of shit named ryuu
and she gives you loads of advice
you both sometimes ditch ryuu lol and go to a spa
and then ryuu throws a fit
going shopping with him is the literal best,,,,
because of saeko,,,, he knows what's the fashion trend these days and what'll look good on you
and if saeko ever goes with you,,,, he's holding all the shopping bags and is very annoyed because IT WAS HIS DATE AND YOURE HIS SIGNIFICANT OTHER SAEKO SHOULD FIND HER OWN SOULMATE
Tanaka’s gallery is filled with pictures of you,,,, be it ugly pictures or pictures of your dates,,,, whenever he's feeling low,,, he scrolls through his gallery and had the biggest smile on his face
also,,,, he gets banned from commenting on instagram every time after you post
and flexes on everyone that he has such a caring significant other
he also gets super red if you are wearing a karasuno jersey or his clothes in general and then takes like a million pictures
is trying to convince you to get matching tattoos omg pls
okay hot take but
I feel like ryuu would become very serious at times he needed to be,,,, if you were feeling insecure
he's lose his shit there and then and thinks he has done a shitty job as a boyfriend
which reminds me,,,, fights barely happen
they happen when he takes jokes too far,, or doesn't realize he's in the wrong
but he immediately apologizes and makes it up to you
he'd get pissed when you didn't take care of yourself though,,,,, cause he's really scared of losing you
and,,,, he will absolutely deck a mf if he finds out that they're annoying or pissing you off
also he's one of those guys that if you text him at 2am that you want an ice cream, you best believe your ass he will be on your doorstep with like 20 flavors
and omg
you know how you pick up on someone's vocabulary when you stay with them for too long?? tanaka uses your slang so often that now everyone in the vbc is speaking like you
he sends you memes all day long during class pls
overall,,,, he's the sweetest guy,, he won't ever hide what he's feeling, he's in love with you and he will tell the whole world or just you,,, cause you're his whole world,,, get it???
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justwant-samu-ass · a month ago
can I ask for a Suna headcanon of how it'd be to be his best friend?❤❤
also for my request, i'd love something fluffy please💞
Headcanon: Suna as your best friend
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Genre: fluff <3
Warnings: only some hints of bullying
Feat some kita!boyfriend content
Word counting: 1026
Tumblr media
You’ve known suna since you were on elementary school; however, you used to absolute hate him and his quiet and impossible to read personality that we all know
you just couldn’t understand how he could always stay quiet no matter what
but one day he helped you out with some guys who were messing up with you, and not only you heard his voice for the first time but you started to think if he was as insensitive as you thought
and since that day, you tried to get to know the true suna, even if in the beginning he didn’t really show much
with time past, suna himself started to open more and to want to know you better as well
and with that, both of you understood how similar to each other you actually were, with all the sarcasm that you used as defense but as humor tool
Suna is a really funny guy when you get to know him, and he finds particularly joyable to make fun of you
It was you who made suna get to join the team, saying that not only it would be good for him to know new people, but he could, as well, show his skills (yes, you did know he was an awesome volleyballer)
you were really happy when he came to you all smiley saying he had joined the team and that it was all thanks to you
after some time you started to hang out with the rest of the team since they all wanted to know the friend who was actually able to make suna laugh nonstop
obviously suna talked about his teammates a lot and he was always showing you videos of the twins’ fights, so when you told the others how much suna liked them they lowkey got all soft (atsumu actually cried)
you went to every inarizaki’s team, not only because you wanted to support suna and the rest of team but also because you actually liked the adrenaline from watching them play
people used to gossip about how you two were definitely more than friends, something that lead to many fights between you and those “crazy fans” of them
you would always tell them how there wasn’t anything relatable to romance between suna and you, apparently they didn’t really care of what you had to say even if they were the ones asking for some kind of explanation
the verbal fights went to another level after some time, and they actually started to threat you saying you didn’t deserve to be close to any of them, much less deserved to be that specially close to suna
usually you wouldn’t care about what others thought about you, but you started to feel uncomfortable all the time, always checking if they weren’t near
sometimes you would talk to atsumu or osamu how you didn’t know to bring the subject to suna since he didn’t care about fans and fame
however, the wise osamu miya would always tell how suna would talk to you about anything and that deep down you it as well
so, one day you did gather strength and brought that subject to him
for the first time you saw fear and anger in his face… that awful facial expression….
you and suna cared for each other like siblings, that love that we can’t explain, that just exist and it’s so powerful you care for each other like it’s your own life
so when you told him that his fans made you feel like that, it was the apex of their acts for him
so he went talk to them
he tried to not make you look like a complainer, telling them that even if they had nothing to do if you were dating or not, you weren’t but that they wouldn’t have their hopes high because he would never be attracted to someone who made others feel bad with no reason, something all of them did
they lowkey got mad and shocked but never bothered you with it, probably hoping suna would have a different impression of them
forgetting all the drama, suna was like big bro and a tease
every time you had an oral presentation, he would do his best to make you laugh or lose your shit while doing it
he would send small pecks or say something completely stupid and out of context like “today i drank milk” or “i wanna pee”, basically, something he knew it would distract you
since he was in the back of the classroom no one actually would see him and technically neither would you, but you couldn’t control looking at him
somehow, this act of him ended up being your best tool to achieve really good grades at oral presentations and not only
something that would actually piss him off lol
every time you would tell him you had a date he wouldn’t stop you but he would wrinkle his nose like “ew, are you sure??”
this was reaction to all of them except one: when you told him you really liked kita and that he had asked you in date
well, that caught him by surprise, but this time he actually smiled
he trusted his teammates and kita, specially, since his dedication and support as captain were suna’s biggest inspiration
since you were suna’s age, you and him saw the others leave highschool first
you never lost contact to any of them and kita and you actually stayed together, but you felt like this made your friendship even stronger
when your time for leaving highschool came, you were super happy to know that suna wanted to build a volleyball professional career and with that you told him how you wanted to take sports medicine and how volleyball, in particularly, interested you
that made HIM really happy, because, just like he said: “you were the one who made me discover this dream of mine, so i’d be totally happy to work with you one day”
and now, here you are, in the olympics, supporting your best friend and the whole national japanese team by being their leader doctor
Tumblr media
@tteokdoroki @doinmybesthere @alienoresimagines <33
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sukirichi · a month ago
wine: ingredient 44 + sugar 7 + spice 12 for gojo satoru *slams table* thank you for feeding us kind maam
for sukirichi’s milestone event: 
the meal order : 🍷 + 44 (hate sex au) + 7 (forbidden relationship) + 12 (praising kink) your dinner has been served! also bruh LOL you’re a choso simp this is hilarious spspsps
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— who are you to deny him when he only wants to worship you?
gojo satoru x fem! reader
contents/warnings: nsfw, slight angst, reader is hot girl shit, gojo long schlong, hate sex, car sex, spanking, riding gojo, slight angst, praising kink taken to a DIFFERENT LEVEL (i want to make people question the extent of their praising kink), body marking, rough sex lol it’s always rough in my stories, unedited
Tumblr media
Your friends pushed you out of the club, all of you laughing, hands clutched around your waists as loud, drunken giggles fill in the night air. It was a wild night; your friends invited you to the club to take your mind off your stupid boyfriend. You thought you’d end up moping around, too much of a buzzkill to ever let loose because it wasn’t that easy to stop thinking about him, but even you were surprised when you started grinding with people on the dance floor just three drinks later.
The gals were more than delighted to see you enjoying your night, only dragging you out the club when you nearly shoved your tongue down another man’s throat.
Scratch that – your friends called you to hang out because you lied about having a shitty day at work. You’ve had your fair share of shitty days, but you were one of the most prominent lawyers in your firm, no one dared gave you a bad day. Your subordinates knew that if they even looked your way without your permission, you wouldn’t hesitate to dump paperwork on them, or assign them to the nastiest cases just to piss them off.
Yeah, you were sort of a bitch, but you didn’t care.
It took a lot to get where you were now. It wasn’t easy to be a woman in a male-dominated workplace and you were forced to strip your softness off, replacing it with hard armor and sharp tongue concealed under bold red lips, a tight pencil skirt that accentuated your curves, and a pair of black suede pumps.
You deserved all your success. You were smart, stunning, confident, powerful – so then why did you feel like shit around your shitty boyfriend?
The answer was loud and clear. It bothered you to no end that he wanted to keep your relationship a secret because his family was too different from yours, coming up with a shitty excuse that you were just “too different.” He never bothered explaining, and every time you confronted him about, he’d only wave his hand, distract you with those delicious and soft lips of his until you forget it over and over again.
You were okay with it at first. It wasn’t a really serious relationship; you only started dating him because you saw yourself a lot in him – confident, self-assured, maybe even a little cocky – plus, he was extremely attractive.
But the longer you spent time with him, you were beginning to fall in love.
Yes, you, the ice princess of one of the most respected law firms all over the city was beginning to soften up at a certain blue-eyed man who had magical hands.
But tonight – tonight you’d forget about him.
Your stomach was heavy with expensive liquor and you were nearly staggering on your knees, the only thing preventing you from falling were your more sober friends. The others were holding you close to keep you upright, while one of your friends moved to a quieter part of the block to call an Uber for you. Your friends were all happily married, some with children, so they couldn’t really stay out too late at night and chaperone you all the way back home.
You were well-aware you were being a bother, but fuck, couldn’t you lean on someone for just once? Sighing, you leaned closer to your warm friend, mumbling something about wanting to forget about everything you’ve been through.
“There, there,” she patted your head comfortingly, “You’ll be fine, babe, you’re a strong woman. I know you’ll get through this.”
“But I hate it,” you drunkenly admitted, lips trembling the more you thought about him, every stupid little thing about him – his soft white hair, those pretty blue eyes he always hid under shades even at night, his large, calloused hands that always felt so rough when keeping your legs open for him and you couldn’t even start talking about his cock, he was just so blessed and perfect in every little thing that you hated it. You hated him. “I don’t like this feeling,” you sniffled, “I feel like I’m being looked down on, that I’m being pushed to the side. I feel unimportant, like I’m not good enough.”
“Who said you aren’t?”
You froze in your friend’s arms, eyes meeting with those blue ones you could never get enough of. As if noticing your silence, your friend immediately covers you with her arm, glaring at your boyfriend. “Do we know you or something?”
“No,” Satoru replies coolly, brows furrowed in the state you were in. You turned away from him with a scoff, arms crossed on your chest. Why did he have to be here out of all places? Wasn’t he busy with work or whatever family shit he apparently couldn’t tell you about even though you’ve both been dating for a year and a half now? He just wasn’t giving you a break, and the hairs on your arm stood up when he said, “Not that you have to, but may I please drive Y/N home?”
“She’s not going anywhere—”
“She’s a friend of mine,” he insisted, turning to you with a pleading look in his eyes. You almost melted. Almost. “I need to talk to her about something.”
You rolled your eyes and stepped forward, your friend’s arm latching onto yours. You could tell she was worried from the way her gaze darted back and forth between you two. Satoru was, after all, clearly uninvited, and he didn’t seem like your type either. You always insisted you preferred refined man, men like his friend Nanami Kento, but alas, you were stuck dating this one instead.
“It’s fine,” you told her with a fake smile, “I’ll call you later when I get home.”
You never got to call her – simply because you didn’t make it home. The moment Satoru closed the car doors behind you, you both got into a heated argument. Satoru hated silences and always made sure the car was filled with music, but this time, he didn’t notice there weren’t any songs when you opened your mouth.
Maybe it was the alcohol, or maybe it was the anger and pent-up tension of not being able to hold him and kiss him in public like normal couples did, in addition to the fact Satoru never explained why he insisted on keeping you a secret – whatever it was, you just snapped.
“I don’t even understand why I’m still dating you!” you huffed, legs crossed on top of the other as you gazed out the window. Lips trembling, you tried so hard to not cry, especially not in front of the man who was breaking your heart. “This is hardly a relationship when I’m not free to call or text you as you please, when I can’t go out with you on dates and we’re always hanging in my apartment. I’m your girlfriend, Satoru, we’ve been together for a long time but I honestly don’t even feel like it. What the hell are we dating for then?”
Satoru clenched his teeth, his grip on the steering wheel tightening. “How many times do I have to tell you that I love you,” he said coolly, acting unbothered and unaffected as ever, but the clench in his jaw said otherwise. “If that’s not enough—”
“Of course it’s not enough!”
“I’m trying here too, okay?” Satoru slammed on the brakes and parked on a desolated spot, hands running through his hair while he breathed heavily. Once he’d calmed down, he shook his head, refusing to look you in the eye like a man. “I’m trying my best. It’s just hard. It isn’t as easy as it looks.”
“What isn’t easy as it looks? Dating me? Letting the whole world know I’m yours?” when Satoru didn’t respond, you scoffed, patience running low and thin. “You’re pathetic, Satoru. Dating you was the stupidest thing I’ve ever done, and I thought I was a smart woman.”
With a shake of your head, you slung your purse over your shoulder and reached for the car door. You were about to leave when Satoru suddenly pulled you towards him, his lips slamming into yours.  Like always, you fell into his trap, into the blissful pleasure that was his lips and his hands, and you hated it, hated him, hated him so fucking much because you were so tired of his entire existence.
You wanted to let him know he was insufferable.
You wanted him to feel the pain and misery he put you through.
“I fucking hate you,” you snarled as Satoru kept fucking into you, the entire car windows fogged and the vehicle shaking. “I wish I never met you, you asshole,” Satoru, displeased, only buries himself deeper into you, as if they would erase his mistakes and shortcomings.
Satoru’s large hands snake to your waist and onto your breasts, expertly tweaking them between his fingers. Your head fell back to the crook of his shoulder, your back pressed against his hard chest as Satoru trapped you in his strong arms, impaling you on his cock over and over again. “You’re lying,” he whispered into your neck, tongue and teeth playfully sucking at the tender flesh. His grip on your hip was bruising and possessive, and your breasts bounced fervently at how he snapped his hips upwards to feel your walls coat him and hug him tightly and warmly. “Why would you hate me, sweet girl? Don’t I always make you feel good? Don’t I remind you enough that you’re the best fucking thing ever?”
You didn’t respond right away, your breath taken away with how you could never get enough of this, of him. He was right no matter how much you denied it. Despite being terrible in everything else, Satoru knew and respected you, even admired your dominance and intelligence when other men were intimidated by it.
No, he worshipped you. He made you feel like you were a divine goddess when he tugged at your hair to tilt your cheek to him, his tongue slithering to your lips to taste himself on his tongue from when you previously busted his nut with just your mouth.
Lipsticks smeared on his cheeks and crescent moons on his pale thigh from your nails, Satoru looked wonderful beneath you like this.
He was beautiful, so damn beautiful, but it didn’t change the fact he’d put you through hell these past few weeks. 
No, it wasn’t just the past few weeks. Things were always complicated with him. He was perfect in everything else but when it came to you, he made it a mission to hide you and your relationship, changing your contact name to a totally random one “just in case.”
Your mind was confuzzled and you felt like you were on the urge of breaking apart from both his ministrations and his confusing treatment over you. Before you knew it, you were kissing him back fervently with the intensity of your hatred over this man.
Your hand reached his to guide it to rub at your clit, and Satoru, eager to make you feel good as always, happily obliged. Satoru kept bouncing you on his cock until you were too overwhelmed to speak, crying and mumbling incomprehensible words. 
Him, only him, would ever have the ability to let the sharp-tongued and intelligent woman who never bat an eye in court lose her wide vocabulary, falling apart in his arms while his long length abused your puffy lips.
“You made me feel like shit,” you finally admitted, tugging at his hair until Satoru is lowly groaning at the slight sting. But did you care? Of course you didn’t. You wanted to hurt him too.
“How so, sweet girl?”
“I can never have you the way I want,” you answered through gritted teeth, moaning out when Satoru suddenly thrusted too deep, hitting your most sensitive spot that had you quivering in his hold. “You don’t—” you gasped, “You don’t understand what I feel, how you make me feel like I’m never good enough for you. That’s the reason why you don’t want anyone else knowing, right? ‘Cause I’m not good enough for you, never gonna be good—”
Satoru didn’t let you finish your words, shutting you up with his cock instead. The vehicle shook uncontrollably with your mating sessions, and Satoru silences you by pulling at your leg to press it on his chest instead.
The sudden switch in positions had your muscles tensing and stretching, adding only to both your pleasures with the new thrown in factor of slight pain. You felt Satoru kiss your neck down to your shoulders, scraping his canines until you were absolutely lost. You gave in, you gave up, head lolling back next to his loving lips that murmured sweet nothings.
“Not true, sweet girl,” he reminded you, flattening you on his cock and making you roll your hips while you slid up and down his pole sensually. Unlike the previous pace, the slow sensation of your pussy hugging his cock with your arousal letting him slide in easily allowed you to feel every part of him, almost mind-wrecking at how good he’s able to make you feel even after such a long time of having him already.
“You’re the sexiest and most intelligent woman I’ve ever met, the best, the absolute blessing of my life, and I just want to protect you, sweet girl. You’re too precious for me to lose,” Satoru kept mumbling over and over again.
You could no longer process his words functionally, not when he’s slamming you down his length like that and burying himself in you as if he didn’t want to be anywhere else.
Satoru’s hands were still curious, appreciative and gentle as he runs his hands, dipping into all your curves and pressing into your most sensitive spots the way you liked it.
“You’re always so good for me so no, sweet girl, never gonna let you go, not when you’re so perfect for me,” Satoru eased your worries – temporarily – with his words, and you’d believe his lie, you’d fall into the same mistakes over and over again because you were just that weak and powerless when it came to him. “You’re made just for me, sweet girl, you’re the prettiest and your pussy is the prettiest – I worship you, I adore you. You’re so divine.”
You blamed it all on your ego.
He praised you so well, made you feel so good and always placed you on top of the world when he’s inside you like this. Even if you knew he’d knock you down the pedestal just hours later, you opened your doors for him all over again.
Satoru knew this too, because he rammed inside your walls and ruined everything that you held firm beliefs in, his large hands smacking your ass to urge you to bounce on him like you weren’t made for any other purpose than to be the woman he adored.
You lied to yourself – you always did – but did you care? So what if you couldn’t be the one he really loved? What did it all matter when you were the one he worshipped?
For the sake of the praise and the compliments, you’d let him fuck you and play with your heart over and over again. It was a toxic routine you’d never get tired of, and you no longer complained, forgetting about everything he’d done and every heartbreak he caused you because he was there, whispering into your ears how good you made him feel and how you were the only one made to take him, and you didn’t care. Not anymore – not when you were worshipped.
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atlafan · a month ago
I just got back from dance and saw Something Wicked got posted!! I’m super excited to read it!! Himbo Harry here I come!! I probably would be a better writer if I had Harry as an English teacher!! I have a stripe of hair on the back of my head that was blue once then I died it pink before lockdown. And I’ve been thinking of getting a pastel lavender or a silver for my next color; a tribute to the lovely Amber Hale!?! A HUSKY NAMED OPAL!?! Love!!! I can already sense we will be getting a penny and amber conversation about how amber is meant to be with Harry and such!! Mhmm love those friendships!! “Maybe worry about teaching that to your students instead of me. I’m a lost cause.” Why did I relate to this? Can I make a guess now?! Does amber fall in love with Harry reading to her? If so SIGN ME UP!! I want to listen to his voice all day! “Amber had a hardened heart that couldn’t be so easily sueded by a handsome man with a kind a smile.” If only, unfortunately I fell for that goofy smile! “I can’t help it! He smells nice.” Same! “Hey, there, pretty girl.” I know he’s talking to Opal but I would like to greeted this way! “Then explain what’s going on because I woke up with a raging boner this morning, and it took a really long time for it to go away, and I also can’t remember a thing that happened last night, so I want some answers!” That’s a sentence I would like to hear Harry say! Oh course Harry is freaking out at first but once everything is explained he’s like “but who was it? Why are they after opal?” Like the engagement of helping Amber! “ It pisses me off to no end that she likes you.” Me to myself! Why do you like this man? But also good for you for liking this man! “You’re so fucking positive and bouncy. You’re always in a good mood, it’s disgusting.” What me and Harry’s arguments will be like! “I do, however, one room with a full left.” Yes the classic trope oh no there’s only one bed in the room! 👀 ohhh Harry is a mage!!! “Y ou strike me as the type that likes to hear a woman beg for your cock.” And you are correct Amber! “I think that whoever you’ve slept with in the past never pleased you in the way that you need to be pleased.” You right Harry, tell me more! Oh god is the wax melting already?!? I smell it!! “You’d like that, wouldn’t you? To feel all warm and wet between your thighs.” THE WAX IS ON FIRE!! It’s going to get filthy I can feel it!! Oh god I’m in horny jail already! THE TEASE!! Jordan you tease me!!! The wax is on a simmer and the cell is unlocked but I’m staying in horny jail for now! “You can be attracted to someone and hate their guts. It’s hot and lustful.” Even though Amber doesn’t like reading she definitely read ‘Je T’aime” by Jordan! “I wanted us to go out on a proper date before we did anything like this.” AHHH!! I was some what right, penny definitely knew that the need to be together so she set up this plan!! “Please, take care of me. M’dripping.” Put the heat on high and lock the cell! I’m back in horny jail with some hot hot wax!! “the best part of my day is when you come into the shop after you’ve finished working for the day. You set up your stupid laptop and work on your stupid assignments, all while looking unapologetically handsome.” I would say this to Harry while we are about to do the deed! He has no right to be that handsome! “We’re going to be able to go for multiple rounds, and I want you to fill me up each time.” WAX!! The WAX!!! “she giggles as he wiggles his bum at her.” Shake that ass for me boy! “He sits up on his knees, and starts pounding into her relentlessly.” RE👏🏼LENT👏🏼LESS👏🏼LY👏🏼!! YESSS!!! “You’re really good at going down.” A sentence I wish to say one day!! “You just licked my asshole, I’m not too concerned about tasting my own come while it drips out of you.” I need Harry to say this... for science! “Harry ate out Amber’s ass, she rode him reverse, he hit it from the side, they were like animals.” Is there a place for me to sign up for this? Like the full package?!? Oh shit I think I’ve reached ask limit!! Lol back to the old days Part 2!!!
Who knew this would be back!! Part 2 folks!! “I just sort of thought about how I wanted to keep you safe, how I wanted Opal to stay safe because I knew that if anything happened to her you’d be devastated.” He’s so good and powerful and cute!! They want to be together!! Yes the communication!! The talk about what they are!! AND FEELINGS!! “I think we were supposed to find each other, like, there was some sort of pull between us.” Soft wax! “Feel like I fell in love with you from the second we met, but I’ve been trying really hard not to come on too strong.” The sigh of relief he had was adorable! “I’m the stoic one, and you’re the cinnamon roll.” 😭😭😭 “You’re the only one this stoic girl becomes soft for. You turn me into a little cinnamon roll, one of those really sweet ones with a ton of icing.” SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! This is adorable! “The kisses, the soft touches, the hugs, the smiles, everything Amber did, Harry loved.” Precious!!! “He liked that they both enjoyed a good tonguing, and he liked that they were so good at taking turns.” 👀👀 is it me and Harry?!? “Course you did, how else would he have gotten that mark on his neck.” AMBER YES!!! “Now, why don’t you do everyone a favor and put your tits away because he’s not going to suck on them, alright?” Amber with the callback!! I’m screaming! ‘“Let’s sit on the loveseat, even if you’re on top, I’ll thrust up into you.” He kisses her. “I’ll rub your clit.” He kisses her again. “Suck on your glorious tits.”’ If I’m possessive and this is what I get I wouldn’t mind making that decision every once in a while! SIGN ME THE FUCK UP! “Can’t have you squirting all over my office. I’ll take care of you when I finish work for the day.” Oh this cheeky bastard!! “but when I love, I love hard. It’s just who I am.” It me! THEY ARE CONNECTED!! I feel like I’m back in like 6th grade reading a witches book and being like I’m witch I’m powerful! Am I going to base my personality on this character for a week? You bet you ass!!! I want to be Amber so bad! I want Harry soo bad!!! I wouldn’t mind eating his ass or having my ass ate at the moment!! Give me the hole.. I’ll give you mine! They are too fucking cuteee!!! Jordan yes! Yes yes yes!!! So wicked and powerful!! Your mind is magical!! 💜🤍
Sorry this took me a few days to get to! I like to make sure I’m in the right headspace to respond when I get longer messages. I’m so glad you enjoyed this one, Alyssa!!
Tumblr media
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spencersawkward · 2 months ago
if you feel comfortable with it, I’d love a prof Spence where reader is a student and goes to office hours to initiate ~smutty goodness~ but Spencer is reluctant at first bc his job but they flirt more and eventually sleep together
me n my professor kink when i saw this: 😏 anyway yes i am quite comfortable writing about this lol. i took some ✨creative liberties✨ with your request so i'm sorry if it isn't exactly what you wanted! 
summary: reader is a student in Dr. Reid’s class, but she’s been something of a poor student-- office hours are the only solution.
relationship: Fem!Reader/Professor!Spencer
content warnings: unprotected penetrative sex, fingering, rough sex, super brief hair-pulling, creampie, dirty talk, spanking, age gap, degradation-- he gets pretty dominant oops.
word count: 4.5k
Tumblr media
popping in a piece of gum, I make my way to the back of the hall. there are a few people here already, but it's a little early. I'm never early. in fact, I'm usually late; my other class is on the other side of campus, and getting here involves a lot of embarrassing speed-walking.
but here I am, five minutes ahead of schedule and actually in a decent seat. as I flip open my textbook and pull my laptop out of my bag to prepare to take notes, my gaze slides down to the corner of the room, where Dr. Reid is standing up with a pile of papers. he walks over to the girl in the front row, handing her the stack and gesturing for her to pass it along.
I resist the urge to roll my eyes. he's a total luddite. the first day, Dr. Reid spent about ten minutes rambling about the importance of reading from a physical book rather than online sources-- which, although I definitely agree with, means a lot more lugging around folders and organizing all the readings he gives out. if he wasn't so hot, I would have switched into another course.
and I know it's wrong to be daydreaming about my professor slamming me into a wall while he discusses the intricacies of quantum theory. the complete cliché of it is embarrassing. but still, I just can't stop thinking about him: how his fingers would feel around my throat, the smooth wooden surface of his desk against my cheek as he bends me over and pulls my panties to the side--
"glad to see you've decided to join us, today, Ms. Y/L/N." Dr. Reid's voice startles me out of my thoughts. he's standing towards the front of the room while students file in. his hands are resting in his pockets with his eyebrows pleasantly raised.
"glad to see you've noticed." I retort, too irritated with his comment to care about being polite.
a couple people look at me. even though I'm generally not on time, he tends to just glance my way when I walk in and leaves it at that. I know he doesn't like it, although I personally don't care. I hate this course.
he seems visibly surprised by my response but doesn't reply, gaze lingering on mine before he turns to speak to a student trying to get his attention. I bite back a smile. fucking asshole.
as usual, Dr. Reid writes in his thin, messy lettering on the board while wandering around the front of the room. he's quite fidgety, even though his voice doesn't betray any sort of nervousness. it's like he's naturally overactive.
every word out of his mouth is enunciated, sometimes spoken faster when he gets particularly impassioned by the subject. he's interesting to look at, too. messy curls and a nice suit, stubble that straddles the line between refinement and ruggedness.
I type quickly, but it isn't fast enough and the strange illustrations he does on the board only complicate things. I try to write them down in my notebook, but my handwriting is jagged; sometimes it's hard to read. when a student raises her hand for a clarification, I take the opportunity to catch up.
my head jerks up as soon as I'm finished and he's looking at me while he speaks. even from so many feet away, the intensity strikes me. he's gesticulating and crossing the room. I hold eye contact.
I wonder if he dates often; a couple of the girls in my row always stare at him throughout the lectures. he seems to be completely unaware of the effect he has on people. sometimes I'll see him in the hallway and he has his nose buried in a book, or a to-go cup of coffee, or both. either way, there seems to be no more room in that head of his for romance.
which, naturally, makes me curious about how he looks when he's on the edge of orgasm. if that composure is replaced with a contorted pleasure. I want to break him.
it's like he can read my thoughts, because Dr. Reid averts his gaze. my stomach twists with a strange anticipation. he avoids looking my way for the rest of the time.
towards the end of class, I start to pack my things to go. I have three papers to write, and my utter lack of interest in this is making me eager to leave. I shove my textbook into my bag the second my professor starts to make closing remarks.
"don't forget that we have a midterm in two weeks!" he says in a slightly louder voice as people start to move around. "if you have any questions, my office hours are posted on the bulletin board outside."
at this, my eyebrows rise. I forgot about the midterm. I have a study calendar set up for all my subjects, but I've purposefully been putting this one off. I'm not super into math. and it doesn't help that most of my time is spent not listening. when I am, it doesn't make sense.
as I stand up and gather my stuff, I hear someone clearing their throat a couple feet away. my head turns to see Dr. Reid leaning against his desk.
"Ms. Y/L/N, can I see you for a second?"
my heart stutters in my chest. is this about my attitude? he's never asked to see me outside of lessons before.
I frown, making my way to him with a deliberate pace. the tension in the room builds as I watch the last of his students shuffle out of the room. my head turns from the door to him; my breath catches a little in my throat at the set of his jaw. part of me hopes I get yelled at.
"I'm concerned about your participation in this class." he says. his voice isn't cruel, but it is brutally honest— which is worse. participation? I feel my fist clench at my side. my professors don't usually say anything if you aren't doing things up to their expectations; if you aren't, then they give you a bad grade. simple as that.
"is this about me being late?" I ask. he lets out a sigh before answering. he sounds disappointed.
"you're constantly tardy, and when you hand in your homework, you barely seem to have put in the effort. it's messy."
"messy?" I start to get annoyed. I'm only doing this so that I can get my degree. it's a fucking requirement. even though I'm not the biggest fan of mathematics, I still do my best and hand in my assignments on time. plus, the latest I arrive is five minutes-- it's not like I'm stumbling in halfway through the lesson.
"you've never come to office hours to ask for help or explained your lateness, which I, as your professor, would have appreciated." he scolds. honestly, I don't know what to say. my eyes narrow.
"I have my studio class on the other side of campus." I explain. "I should have emailed about that and I'm sorry, but I'm also not being lax about my work."
he goes around to the other side of his desk and glances up at me while he organizes some loose documents to pack away. he looks way too good when he's exasperated: his hands tighten around the papers, his eyebrows come together in this cute way. his tie is a little crooked, too.
"are you struggling with the content?"
"sometimes, yeah. but I can handle reaching out for help if I need it." I reply. he's pissing me off with these questions. I can see from the expression on his face that he's surprised by my reaction.
"really?" he slides some books into his messenger bag. that was definitely sarcastic; I know it was. "because it doesn't really seem like you have."
"I like to find help on my own." I shoulder my bag and cross my arms over my chest. there's no way he's gonna talk to me like that and expect me to not respond in kind.
"I'm reserving a slot on Wednesday evening for you," he looks up and holds my gaze. hazel irises that dare me to challenge him further. "I want you in office hours so that we can figure out how you're gonna catch up before the midterm."
"fine." I turn on my heel and leave. I know I'm not supposed to talk to my professor like that, or even to behave with such apprehension. but something about him makes me angry in the kind of way that settles in my stomach. I hate that he's right. I'm not going to do well on that damn test if I don't get some help.
but that doesn't mean I can't have some fun with it.
when I rush into his office on Wednesday evening, the sun is just starting to set through his window. there's a pinkish glow that smooths over Dr. Reid's desk as he glances up at me. I had to run to get here.
"you're late." he nods to the clock on the wall. I roll my eyes.
"only one minute, though. I had another class."
he sighs and folds his hands on his desk. "how are you doing today, Ms. Y/L/N?" a strangely polite question for the look on his face. he's frustrated with me.
"I'm quite well, Dr. Reid." I smile brightly, slightly excited by the anger on his face, and sit at the chair in front of his desk.
"I didn't know you were interested in art." he says simply. I'm confused for a moment before I remember that I told him that the course before his is a studio lesson.
"I didn't know you cared."
"do you make a habit of that?" he quirks an eyebrow.
"of what?" my expression is saccharine.
"being rude to people who control your grades."
"unless you're considering being unethical in your practices and allowing your personal opinion of me to influence my grade, then no." I counter. he's silent for a moment, taking in my words like they've left a mark on him.
"well, you'd most likely fail if I asked you to leave my office hours right now. whose fault would that be?" he fidgets with his hands and leans forward just a bit, his voice dropping to a lower tone. I bite back a smile.
"you wouldn't."
"and why is that?" he baits.
"because you're not a shitty professor, Dr. Reid," I lean back in my chair and cross my legs. "as angry as you are, you wouldn't be able to live with yourself if you kicked me— a struggling student— out of here for giving you a little attitude."
"a little attitude?" he scoffs. "you've spent the whole semester completely ambivalent."
"not completely." I shrug.
"Y/N, you draw all over your tests and leave at least one problem half-finished every time. you obviously aren't learning." he chuckles mirthlessly. I concede this point; I like to doodle when I'm bored. and there's absolutely nothing more boring to me than numbers.
"okay," I sit up and rest my elbows on the edge of his desk, staring at him. "then teach me."
Dr. Reid holds my gaze for a long moment. we're suspended, it seems, as his lips part and he finds himself speechless. the way I said the words obviously has another layer to it-- he just has to decide whether or not to take the bait.
"what are you struggling with?" he clears his throat and sits up a bit straighter in his seat. that answers my question, I guess. I poke my tongue between my teeth gently, but then pull out my notebook and flip it to a page with some problems outlined on it.
"these." I toss the thing onto his side and he begins to run through the assignment. I watch him pick up a pen and start to explain the steps, slipping into his usual educational tone. his shoulders relax a little as he writes.
I can't see right from the angle I'm at, so I stand and come around onto his side. I hear him pause his speaking for a moment at my proximity, but he doesn't move away.
"does that make sense?" he asks me once he's finished running through the first problem. he basically did all the work. the professor's head turns to gauge my reaction to the explanation, but his eye line is right at the hem of my skirt-- which is already pretty short. for all his attempts to be subtle, he gulps and looks up at me.
"mostly." I brush a piece of hair behind my ear and pretend to scratch at a spot on my upper thigh, dragging the edge of my skirt with it until he can see the smooth skin beneath, practically begging for his touch. "can I ask you a question?"
"sure." he keeps his eyes almost too focused on mine. I try to hide the smile tugging at my lips. now or never, I guess.
"what's your policy on professor/student relationships?"
"my-- my what?" this time, he's audibly scattered when he turns to me. his eyes are wide, dark. even he can't hide his feelings.
"you know," I run my fingertips over the tweed shoulder of his jacket. I can sense the tension beneath his clothes. "like, your policy on fucking a student."
"I--" his cheeks turn pink. he's flustered, albeit not rejecting my touch. "I've never had to think about it before."
"hmm," I look off to the side as if considering this point. his chair is fully turned to face me now, and I'm standing in front of him, almost completely his for the taking. all he has to do is close the gap. "well, what are you thinking about it right now?"
"it's wrong." he stumbles over the words.
"well, I mean, you're a student--"
"for a semester that's almost over." I cut him off. he opens and closes his mouth. I take a deep breath, toying with the hem of my skirt. "I know you've been looking at me during class."
"you're pretty good at hiding it, but you call on me a lot and you get all messed up when I hold eye contact too long during lectures." I say.
he looks down and back up apologetically. he's just sitting there, lap wide open. so I do what any sane girl in my position would do: I climb into it, straddling him and resting my arms around his neck. he sucks in a breath.
"you pretend I'm such a pain," I lean down by his ear, my core drawing over his pants. he tenses as I speak. "but you like that I'm your little problem."
"Y/N..." he trails off, but his hips are bucking up into mine.
"see?" I look between our bodies at his movements, then at him. I smirk as I look into those lust-darkened eyes. after a moment of him not speaking, I straighten. "look, I'll leave you alone if it really bothers you--"
as I start to get off his lap, he grabs me and pulls me back down. the force hits my center at just the right angle and I let out a slight mewl. he hears the sound and before I can register the pleasure, he grabs my face and yanks me closer to kiss him.
god, he feels so good. I rock my hips against his while our lips pass over each other hungrily. so much tension built up over the past few months, so many thoughts I've had of him, now coming to fruition. it's amazing.
"not so 'wrong' now, is it?" I chuckle against his mouth.
"shut up." he orders. one moment of broken contact to slide my top over my head and throw it on the floor.
I sigh as he starts to kiss across my jaw and down my throat. "I like when you talk like that, Dr. Reid."
one hand grips my hips tighter and he releases a groan against my skin.
"is that why you're such a fucking brat in my class?" he bites my collarbone and I moan. "because you want me to put you in your place?"
"mhmm." I hum. his fingertips move under my skirt, sliding up my thighs and toying with the waistband of my panties. he teases me by grazing my slit over the fabric, inhaling sharply at the wet patch.
"sitting in the back of my room, fucking dripping..." he mumbles to himself as he starts to rub me.
"touch me." I breathe out, trying to gain the friction that I need.
"not if you're gonna be a brat." he removes his hand and I let out a frustrated noise as I try to find the pressure I need elsewhere by grinding down on him. he grunts at the way I pant into his mouth, trying to kiss him with every chance I get. his lips are so smooth and sweet against mine. there's something affectionate about it even in its ferocity.
"I'll be good." I practically beg.
"that's what I thought." he slides his tongue over his bottom lip as he watches me whimper on top of him.
"come on, Spencer..." I use the name for the first time and he grabs my face in his hand, squeezing my cheeks.
"not my name, sweetheart." he stares into my eyes expectantly and I smirk.
"you're fucked up, doctor."
"so are you."
after he says that, he lifts me off his lap and stands up, pushing between my shoulder blades until my face is pressed onto the desk. I let out a needy whine, wiggle my ass back in hopes of finding his crotch, but he's not willing to give me that, yet.
instead, he gently touches my skirt, flipping it up so that he can see my ass. immediately, he starts to knead it. my palms are pressed flat against the desk with anticipation, silently thankful that my panties are still on. I think I'd be dripping down my thighs if they weren't.
"are you gonna be more respectful?" his voice is low, one hand tracing over my back. I shake.
"I won't spank you if you don't use your words, sweetheart."
"yes." I choke out, no longer wanting to give any sort of resistance. I had no idea there was this side of him, and I love it.
he loves it too, apparently, because his hand comes down sharply on my ass. I yelp at the contact and he runs his fingers over the point of impact, rubbing the flesh gently.
"too hard, baby?" he checks.
"harder." I beg. I can't see his face, but I can sense his smile as if it's my own. his palm hits me again, and I gasp.
"you like being punished?"
"yes." strangled and desperate.
he slips his finger beneath the fabric of my panties, collecting my essence and letting out a quiet moan when he feels me. I push my hips against his fingers, partly expecting him to remove all the pressure, but he doesn't bother waiting.
he slips his index inside and I gasp. starts to push in and out, his silence proving his arousal. I can practically feel his eyes on me. the pace increases a bit and he slides in his middle finger. I buck against the desk.
"oh fuck!" I cry out as he starts to go faster. he curls them against my walls and I arch my back.
"two fingers and you're already breaking?" Spencer chuckles as he moves inside me. he keeps one hand on my ass while he does it, starting to finger me at a ridiculous speed while I pant and moan and cry.
"I--" I gulp down air. "I need you in it."
he bends down by my ear, never breaking his rhythm. my legs are shaking from the force. "you need my cock?"
"yes," I feel myself closing in around him. "god, yes."
"you're lucky I wanna fuck you so bad." he mutters. I grin as I hear the clink of his belt coming undone, the sliding through the belt loops, the sound of him stripping down to nothing. I can feel my excitement on the inside of my thighs, spread around by his reckless fingers as he removes my panties and skirt.
he grinds himself against my pussy, coating himself in me, while he releases low, longing moans. I suck in a breath when the head pushes in, every inch pushing me open a little more. I don't have the ability to form words, so I bite my lip and grip onto the edge of the desk until my knuckles turn white.
his breath stops for a moment before he groans.
"so ready for me."
he's not even all the way in, and he has to pause to let me adjust. when he taps the inside of my thigh for me to part them more, I do it quickly and beg him to fill me up. I can barely take the pressure between my hips, but it burns in an inviting way.
"keep going." I direct him. he runs his hands over the curve of my waist and starts to thrust into me at a rate that leaves me panting. it's not too fast or slow, just impatient and needy. every sound that spills from his lips turns me on more.
"where'd the attitude go, huh?" he digs his hips into mine. his cock hits my cervix and I squeak against the wood, but he holds my back down. I don't even try to argue with him, too overcome with the pleasure that's coursing through my limbs. he starts to build up his speed. "don't have much to say when you're getting fucked?"
"Dr. Reid--" I moan.
he plows into me so hard, the desk shifts on the floor and he grabs my ass with both hands.
"take it, baby. fucking take it."
I get up on my elbows to look behind me, just to glimpse how he looks as he gets closer. his curls have fallen more in his face, and his shirt is gone. I want to touch him desperately, to feel the lovely skin of his torso and arms and everything else, but he keeps me down for the most part. all I get is the sight of his mouth open and his hips moving quickly against mine.
"look at me, there you go." he grabs my face and holds me there, our eyes locked. mine are welling at the sheer overwhelming pleasure inside, but his are dark and intense. they search mine for something I can only hope to offer.
"that feels so good, Dr. Reid." I pant. he bites his lip as he watches my mouth hanging open in lecherous shock.
"I bet it does," he explores my body. "coming in here, hoping I fuck you like you deserve. you're lucky I'm going easy on you."
"thank you." I whine.
"you might need some extra lessons, yeah?" he grunts out, moving into me with a bruising force.
"yes, please." I whisper. my voice is practically gone at this point, my mind entirely focused on the knot building in my stomach.
"what was that, baby?" he pulls my hair gently.
"yes— fuck— yes, please, Dr. Reid."
"what a beautiful girl." he smirks. I whimper when he runs his fingernails down my ribcage. I can feel it coming from the way he starts to move tumultuously, every thrust pushing harder and seeking more release. it's fervent, how he takes me and grips my hips like the force itself will push him over the edge.
"I'm so close..." I breathe out as I try for as much friction as I can.
"show me," he drops down so his stomach is flush to my back. "show me how you cum, Y/N."
the way he says my name-- husky and warm and full of lust-- causes me to snap. I cry out as he reaches around to clamp a hand around my mouth, climaxing and pulsing around his dick as I drop down against the surface again. I want him to finish inside, so I do my best to keep him here. and his thrusts are getting more staccato as he chases the sensation my walls create.
"can I fill you, angel?" he asks. he's breathing right by my ear, and the feeling is sending shivers down my spine. I love how his weight feels.
"yes." I moan and he slides his fingers into my mouth. I suck on them while he orgasms, jerking into my pussy and letting out unholy sounds of ecstasy. he says unintelligible things in the throes of his orgasm. pounds into me until I'm sure I won't be able to walk tomorrow.
"jesus christ, Y/N." he slows to a stop. when he pulls his cock out of me, the absence makes me whine. I miss his body already.
"oh my god." I clench my hands into fists as I try to catch my breath. I'm still bent over the desk as though I've been completely sapped of all my energy. I suppose I have. he doesn't touch me for a moment in the spirit of letting me recover from the small shudders still running over my skin.
"that was great." he says after we've both had time to fill our lungs. I push myself onto my elbows again.
"correct." I grin and straighten up more until I'm standing. he stares at me, at the cum now dripping down my legs, entranced.
"let me get you something to clean up." he snaps out of it a little. I can't stop looking at him, either, in love with the way he moves and the way he breathes after exerting himself on my body.
"come here." I bite my lip. for some reason, despite what we just did, this is scarier than everything else. he steps closer and I reach up, kiss him softly. part of me worries that he'll pull away and be terrified. maybe that he'll tell me that I've read too much into this.
he's much gentler than before. our first kiss was full of need and primal desire, but this is more affectionate. I remove myself from his embrace.
"okay, you can go now." I giggle. his fingertips linger on my waist and he smiles. I push his shoulder. "I literally have your cum all over me-- go."
"fine." he starts to put his clothes on.
"does this mean I get an A?" I joke. Spencer shakes his head.
"nice try. when we're done cleaning you up, we're gonna sit down and figure this out."
I let out a whine, and he kisses my cheek before looking me in the eyes. "it'll be fun. I promise."
"math is not fun."
"I can't believe I like a girl who doesn't enjoy such a beautiful subject." he rolls his eyes and I giggle. he's perfect.
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Lucky Number Six (Lucifer x Reader)*
Tumblr media
Summary: It seems to be a normal day until you start feeling things you can't deny.
Characters: Lucifer x Winchester!Reader
Rating: 18+
Chapter Warnings: Angst, frustrated!reader, sex pollen, lucifer's plan, drugging (?), hair pulling, dub con at the very least non con to be safe, p in v, fingering, oral (fem receiving), unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it, unless it's with an angel), overstimulation and no aftercare, a billion orgasms, crying, incestuous thoughts (very very minimal), grace kink I suppose, size kink (not really, just Lucifer is a big boy), hair pulling, choking, reader fights sex pollen, gives in, fights again, gives in lol, this is obviously a dark!fic (Lucifer duh) so please don't read if any of this makes you feel uncomfortable. So. Much. Smut.
W/C: 5,500+... I went crazy.
A/N: This is a sex pollen story, but I've never written it so it is referred to as 'herbals' or 'tea' :) This is taken place before Sam says yes to Lucifer. Also, Luci is so sexy. Also, this was written when I first started writing smut... so beware. Not beta’d, all mistakes are my own ;)
"I know why you're here, Y/N," None other than Lucifer himself stood hovering above you.
You wiggled your legs and thrashed your arms about, trying your best to fight the demons holding you in place. It was no use, you knew that, but there was no way you weren't going down without a fight. Not only was the fight external, but you were also fighting yourself too. The growing wetness in between your legs was unwanted and no matter how much you tried to sate the itch, you couldn't. That's why you ran away from home sweet home, the motel just outside the city of Detroit. In hindsight, you knew it wasn't a good idea. You knew Lucifer was in the area, but if you stayed any longer- you would have gone insane trying your best not to fuck anybody in the room, that included Sam and Dean. You wondered if it was your fault, if somehow you developed dark feelings overnight- those were your brothers, but your body didn't give a fuck. Your conscience came in handy and helped you realized that they were definitely not viable options.
So, that's why you left. You needed someone to satisfy the mess between your legs, it was all you could think about. Every person that came into sight was looking more and more doable, you wanted to rip the clothes off of anyone you saw. Finding a random local bar, you found him. A handsome young man, maybe around twenty-three or so, piercing blue eyes that could make you drop to your knees in an instant. You were pushy, not caring about how many drinks he bought you before he took you home like usual, you wanted him more than anything in the world- scratch that, needed him more than anything in the world.
Before you knew it, your hands were all over him and you hadn't even made it out of the back alley. He was more than compliant, touching you in all the right places, making your stomach do backflips. Then, out of nowhere, he started laughing. His eyes turned black and you panicked, trying to push him off but he was far stronger than you. When you left, you didn't bother to pack any gear, you just wanted to hook up with someone and dip. That was turning about to be a very bad decision on your part, but in your defense, the only thing you could think about was the thought of someone's dick ruining your insides and fucking you until the week was over.
You were led to some abandoned building in the city, not sure of what was going to happen to you. Were they going to turn you into one of them, use your meat suit to get to your brothers? It was too easy, you ran straight into them. Invited them to touch your body. As much as you should have felt guilty for leaving and not telling anybody where you were going, you didn't. You did what you had to do and some sick part of you hoped that the demon would give you what you wanted. Then you saw him. You saw Lucifer standing over by a window looking out at the bright lights that the city cast in the dark. He was expecting you and you knew that he had something to do with the way you were feeling.
"I didn't ask to be here," You muttered, feeling defeat as your arms became numb from fighting and the mess in between your legs became messier. You were dying for any sort of friction, but you couldn't give in- not in front of him, even if it was the last thing you ever did.
"Oh, but you did. You led yourself straight to me, sweetheart," Lucifer chuckled, bending at the knees so that he was eye-to-eye with you. "And look at you, so pretty- so willing to give yourself up already. I see you stopped fighting my boys." He said, reaching up and brushing the side of your face with the back of his hand.
"Not to you, Luci," You spat, turning your head to break away from his wonderfully warm fingers. Trying your best not to imagine them inside you or moan every time they swiped over your cheek. "I prefer the one with the blue eyes. The one that brought me here." You gave him a small, devious smile and he smirked in return.
"You know what? I don't think you do," He retorted, standing up at full height. He reached down with his fingers, pulling your chin up to look at him, while simultaneously guiding your eyes away from his crotch, and smiled at you. "I think, if you give it another five minutes to kick in, you won't be able to resist me."
"Let what kick in?" You grit through your teeth, furrowing your eyebrows, and not bothering to push his hand away- it was almost insignificant, but it gave you some sort of fucked up relief.
"It was just too easy, Y/N. I always knew it would happen in Detroit. Had my employees find out which crappy motel you guys chose to stay at this time, totally conspicuous by the way, and, uh, well- I got tired of waiting." He chuckled, pacing around the room in front of you as you continued to sit uncomfortably on your knees. "This plan, you know the one with the rings? I know all about it, Y/N, and you know what else? The only weakness Sam and Dean have collectively is you. Why not draw them out a little ahead of schedule?" He continued on and you looked down to the ground, barely hearing his words as you could feel the pulse in your core.
It was hard to focus on anything else at this point, your head was pounding, your hands were clammy, everything was blurring. Even the slightest move to get comfortable, you had to bite your tongue against the moans that wanted to flee your throat.
"Are you listening to me, sweetheart?" He snapped you out of your thoughts, pulling your chin up again. You shook your head 'no' and as much as you should have felt repulsed by the sight of him- he was becoming more and more attractive. "Oh my, what a tragedy I've created. How's your head feel?" He asked, pulling tightly onto your hair from the back of your head. You winced, scared to move out of his grip because of the extreme throbbing inside of your brain. "Yes, just as I've expected. Boys, you can leave. I suspect she won't be as much of a fight now." He said, flicking them away with his fingers, they left the room and closed the door behind them.
"What did you do to me?" You grit, trying your best to  look anywhere but his gaze. He gave out a low and throaty chuckle, holding your hair tighter and forcing you to look at him.
"A little extra herbals in your tea, knew Sam and Dean wouldn't care much for the small motel package on the nightstand. You, however, only drank it because it was your favorite color, didn't you? Wasn't sure it was going to work because of how long it took for you to get to me," He chuckled and you squint your eyes shut as much as you could. He was saying everything you didn't hear. You didn't want him to know how you were feeling, much less be willing to help, and each word that came out of his mouth made you want to rip his clothes off. "I mean, how fast did your morals break? How long was it before you started looking at your big brothers like walking, talking dicks?"
"Fuck you," You told him, opening your eyes as you felt his hand leave your hair.
"If that's what you want, all you have to do is say yes," He snarked and you rolled your eyes in return, this time deciding to keep your mouth shut. "How is it down there? Bet you're soaked through your jeans right about now." He said, kicking your knee and forcing your legs apart. You whimpered at the way your jeans rubbed against you, still trying to fight the urges that you couldn't control. Your eyes looked at the ground below you as they started to water with tears. Sam and Dean were going to be so pissed at what you had to do, but hopefully, they'd understand and focus their anger on Lucifer. "You know, they probably won't even realize you're missing until tomorrow. Until then, are you going to keep fighting me? I won't take what's not mine, sweetheart."
"What do you want from me?" You whispered under your breath, tears rolling down your cheeks as the pulsing seemed to grow heavier. It wasn't even you anymore, it's like you were thinking like Dean- controlled by your aching core.
"From you? Nothing. Just waiting for those big old brothers of yours to show up." He said nonchalantly, wiping your tears with his thumbs as he held your face. Most of you didn't care that you appreciated the warm, but cold, feel of his hands on your cheeks. "But, you. Did you need something from little old me?"
"Yes," You lowered your head and muttered a little too desperate for your liking, but thought little of it- your body told you not to care anymore. It wasn't your conscience in control, you couldn't fight it no matter how hard you tried. You didn't want to fight it anymore because you knew all it would bring you was pain.
"I'm sorry, what was that?" He taunted and it sent a spell of short term anger through your body, but you bit your tongue when you wanted to scream at him.
"Yes. I said yes," You admitted, looking back up to be met with a widespread smirk. "Can you- can you just put me to sleep? I need your help, please." You said in more than a whine than an actual normal tone. It was the second-best option you could think of.
"That's not what you really want, is it, doll?" He asked, furrowing his eyebrows and cupping your cheek with his hand.
"Yes- No, I just... It's not right. Sam and Dean-," Your conscience kicked in, removing your face from his grip.
"Sam and Dean aren't here, Y/N. Tell me what you want," He cut you off and sighed heavily.
"You know that I can't. I need help," You told him, defeated and knowing there's no turning back after your simple yes.
"I am more than happy to help. Just tell me exactly what it is that you want. It's not often that I give this many chances out." He chuckled cockily and you rolled your eyes.
"Go to hell," You muttered through grit teeth, expecting him to lash out at you- instead, he gave you a warm smile.
"You know what? I'll take it. Should've known you've got a smart mouth, you are a Winchester after all." He said calmly, bringing his hand up and thumbing your bottom lip open. "A pretty mouth, I'll give you that. But, this isn't about me, is it?" He examined your face, swiping stray hairs from out of your tear-stained eyes. "This is about you and that... mess between your legs. Smells divine, must be the tea, hm?"
"I might as well jump out of the window if you can't help me," Your body burned as he stared holes into it. It was becoming almost unbearable to be untouched right now, so much so that your insides felt like they were being incinerated- all the while you keep producing wetness like a factory.
"You'd let me take you on this dirty floor? I'm not an animal, sweetheart," He said, snapping his fingers and you closed your eyes to adjust to the lights. As soon as the searing pain through your eyelids subsided, you looked around to see dim lighting flooding the once dirty room. It looked nice, but in all honestly- you didn't care how the room looked. It could be covered in cobwebs and growing mildew in the closet, it wouldn't have mattered.
"Cheesy," You retorted, barely able to stand on your two legs as you got up off the ground. Going to pat down your dirty jeans, your palms collide with bare skin and you look down to find yourself in simple black satin shorts and a tank top. "Just like Gabriel, huh?" You snickered, thinking back on the cheesy auditorium set-up way back when.
"Bringing up my dead brother doesn't help your case, sweetie," He snarled, obviously upset by your comment, but you didn't care. After seeing him like this, willing and eager to please you, an ounce of your dignity came back.
"You know what?" You asked, walking over to the bed that he was sat on the edge of. "I think I'd rather jump out the window than be with you." You told him, slumping your face as you could already feel your self-confidence flying out the door as the pounding you tried to contain started to bust out of its shell. That and, seeing him with perfect skin, no signs of deformities ever-present, made him so much more attractive. He looked just as good, if not better, as the demon you met at the bar.
"How about now?" He gave you a small smile, looking up at you, and snapping his fingers. Your legs gave in and you fell to the floor at his feet, the pulsing pain in your core stronger than ever. It fogged your brain, severed your ability to move, and the room began to spin as your eyes tried to focus on anything even remotely still. "Can't take away your consent when you can't talk, sweetheart." He chuckled, standing up, and picking you off the ground like you were as light as a feather.
You wanted to protest, but incoherent whimpering was all that came out when he tossed you on the bed. Your back hit the soft mattress below you and the pain became so etched into your stomach that it felt like you were giving birth. There was only one thing that could take away the pain, you knew that, but you realized that even if you didn't say yes- he would have taken what he wanted anyway and it almost made you regret ever leaving your motel in the first place.
"Well, would you look at this? Don't worry, Y/N, we'll get you fixed in no time," He told you, peeling away your shorts as you squirmed underneath him. Throwing the fabric to the floor, he placed his large hands on your thighs and held you in place. Your fingers gripped around his wrists, your mouth made inhuman noises of struggle, and your centre betrayed you by spilling itself onto your thighs. You were able to use your hands to scoot yourself as far back as possible on the bed, your back hitting the headboard in the most uncomfortable way, but he just followed you. The bed dipped underneath his weight as he made his way towards you on all fours, moving your hair out of the way and nuzzling his nose into your neck. Your breath became hitched as you felt his hot exhales on your body, "Now tell me this isn't what you want." He whispered, his lips ghosting your neck, and his thumb found its way to your clit. You gasped at the sensation, feeling how he was rubbing you in all the right ways- all the ways you had been craving him but you stayed silent, biting your bottom lip and trying to suppress the moans lodged in the back of your throat. "Come on, don't be shy." He purred in a singsong voice.
"Go fuck yourself," You spat out and his free hand tugged at the top of your tank top, ripping it straight in half with one swift move.
"Why? I've got you," He chuckled, and your head flew back against the headboard as his thumb began to move much faster than before. Normally, it would take a good fifteen minutes- even by yourself, and you knew your body, but his thumb was angelic, literally. The coil in your core was building up quickly, teetering on the edge of the fastest release you've ever had in your life. "You know what the only thing I like about humans? How easy it is to make them cum." He answered his own question and you shut your eyes closed as you felt his large, unoccupied, hand wrap around your throat.
The slight pressure he applied to your neck was your undoing, eyes widening as you attempted to mask your moans. The coil snapped so quickly and so harshly that your vision blurred and your ears rang, feeling the way your orgasm coursed through your entire body. Your moaning bounced back and forth in between the room as his thumb continued to move faster on your soft spot, your legs trying to close themselves out of instinct. It wasn't long before the pleasure was over, your core still pulsing in your climax's aftermath, and you were trying to steady your breathing. Then the pain started to kick in again and you knew you were in for a whirlwind of trouble.
"One down, five to go. You know six is my lucky number," He winked, pulling his hand away from your neck. His hands smoothed over your shoulders and under the straps of your tank top, pushing the fabric down your arms, and discarding it on the floor. "You creature, prettier than most of the angels I've ever known. I guess Daddy really has his favorites." He marveled, cupping your breasts in each of his hands. You knew it was wrong, but you couldn't fight the burn in your cheeks with each praise to your body- almost in euphoria with the addition of your latest orgasm, but the pain was still very much there. One of his hands trailed down to your abdomen and you winced when he applied a small amount of pressure. "Maybe six is your lucky number too."
"Go to Hell," You grit in pain, and his hand left your stomach.
"Been there, done that. I created Hell, sweetheart," He snarled, giving you no warning as he trailed his hand down and plunged two of his fingers inside of you. Your head tilted back yet again, your eyes rolling back as well as his fingers moved in and out of you. Your body involuntarily clenched around his fingers as the coil began to build back up again and you tried your best to keep your eyes off of him. "So tight already, Y/N. Can't wait to feel you around me." He said in a low voice into your neck and a guttural moan left your body at the thought.
Trying to be a good person and resist him was useless now, there was no point in resisting the pleasure too. His fingers curled inside of you when they reached their full depth and moved at the perfect pace. The coil was quickly strengthening again and instead of gripping the bedsheets until your knuckles turned white, one of your hands gripped tightly around his wrist as you felt him thrust inside your core. You could hear him chuckling, finding your pleasure amusing, but you could barely pay attention to it. The only thing you were focused on right now was the orgasm forcing its way out of your body. Your legs began to shake and you let go of his hand, gritting your teeth to keep yourself as quiet as possible- granted it didn't really do anything but make you feel better about yourself. You could feel all of your leftover wetness in a puddle on the bed as your legs squeezed shut around his hand, but his fingers stayed relentless as he worked you throughout your entire climax. Your lungs were burning, buying oxygen on bated breath as you tried to contain yourself from passing out. As good as it felt, it was almost too much to bear. His fingers left your center, your legs went numb and relaxed, and he pulled himself away from you- leaving a sharp slap on your wet core. You winced, feeling more and more sensitive with every touch. Even though those last two releases were the strongest you've ever felt in your entire life, you couldn't help but feel like you were still orgasm and touch-deprived as the pain began to make itself known.
His hands ran over the inside of your thigh, back and forth, as he looked down at you in awe. He would get so close to your core, spreading you apart, but then his thumbs would retract and he would continue to feel your thighs. You whined as he got off the bed, needing him now more than ever, and as if he read your mind- your wish was granted. He grabbed your ankles and yanked you down the bed so that only your ass and up were supported by the mattress. Dipping down on his knees he was eye-to-eye with your dripping center, he blew air from his lungs into you. Your body defied your mind and your hands laced in his hair, pushing him closer to you- his nose nudging your sensitive sweet spot. He chuckled deeply, pulling his face back, and stood up at his full height before hovering over you.
"Please, I need you," You whimpered, holding his face in between your small and shaking hands. You were near tears again when he pulled back, and when he leaned down to kiss you- you didn't hesitate to kiss him back. In fact, you moaned into his mouth when it locked onto yours, his tongue forcing his way in between your lips as it explored every inch of your cavity. Your hands gripped onto him, traveling down his neck, and dipping into his jacket, and pushing it down his arms.
"I'll have my turn, little one. Right now, this is all about you." Your lips chased his as he pulled back. He placed a small peck on your forehead before tilting your neck and attacking it with his mouth. Placing wet, warm kisses between your ear and collarbone, he sucked the skin and left a pleasurable burn that was sure to leave a mark. He continued to mark you everywhere as his lips trailed to your collarbone, then to the valley in between your breasts, down your stomach, and right above your flower.
His face lifted up for a split second, flattening his tongue as he lapped up all of your previous releases with one swift lick. You gasped loudly when the tip of his tongue lingered on your clit and when he wrapped his lips around the sensitive bud. Your hands found their place in his hair again, pushing his face into your core and arching your back. You could feel the way his ears were pressed against your thigh as your legs clenched around his head and Lucifer ate you up like he had never eaten before. He sucked on your clit like it was bound to produce nectar, edging you near yet another orgasm. His tongue worked wonders as the coil began to tighten, almost painful that it hadn't been let out yet, and your eyes shut closed and focused on the upcoming pleasure. When the coil finally snapped, your entire body spasmed, and he gripped onto your thighs to keep you steady. Your moans came out as small screams as your core started to ache from the overstimulation. You had never had so many orgasms in such a little amount of time and it was wearing down your body. Your breaths barely seemed to keep up with your heart rate anymore and sleep seemed more imminent now more than ever. But then, the familiar sharp pain in your core told you that you were far from finished. Three left to go, was the only affirmation keeping you away from passing out. Whatever the hell your tea was doused with was something you never wanted to encounter again.
Every part of your lower half was tingling and your legs were shaking as you continued to catch your breath. It was all too much to handle. Letting someone you've hated for so long use you like this, how good he was at using you, how much you didn't seem to care- surely you were better than this. But when his fingers slowly pumped into you again, those thoughts were voided from your mind. "No breaks here, Y/N. I want this one in less than fifteen seconds. Starting with fifteen..." He began to countdown as his fingers continually hit your g spot over and over. It seemed like every time you had more than one orgasm, it would take longer each time for the next to come- but not with him. "...fourteen..." He continued, thrusting his fingers in and out of you at a pace that might let you cum in the time allowed. "...thirteen.." You closed your eyes and tried to focus on the coil coming to life in your core. "...twelve..." Is where it began to feel good. "...eleven..." You clenched around his fingers as he added a third. "...ten..." Is where you started to panic, hoping to God you could make it. "...nine..." Your back arched, letting his fingers brush past your sweet spot at a different angle. "...eight..." His free hand laid flat on your hip, holding you down exactly where he wanted you. "" The coil began to build up quickly, your core clenching around him with every heartbeat. "...lucky number six..." He said, placing his thumb on your clit and methodically rubbing you in all the right ways. "...five..." A string of moans and fucks escaped your lips as quietly as possible. "...four..." His fingers worked you relentlessly, your center pulsing with an eminent climax on the horizon. "...three..." Your hand reached down, grabbing the wrist that held your hip down as you braced yourself. "...two" Is when the coil snapped and your eyes squeezed shut. Your back arched more than ever before and your grip became tighter on his wrist as he continued to attack you with his fingers. You were so orgasm drunk at this point, you could barely move without feeling the aftermath of your previous releases, and it almost became painful to cum so many times. "Didn't even make it to one." He chuckled, removing his fingers from your insides. This is what you wanted when you went out in the first place, you just never expected it to be him.
You almost felt empty as he pulled back, but the only thing you were really focused on at this point was trying to stay awake. The bed only seemed to get softer as your eyes started to burn from being open for so long. His large calloused hands smoothed on the sides of your body, up and down, and your body registered it as some sort of massage. The chills ran down your body with each stroke of his hand, making your nipples harden and your shoulders shiver.
"Stay with me, sweetheart," He told you, pushing his arms underneath your back. You tried your best to move with him as he flipped you over, but your arms and legs felt like jelly. His warm hands connected under your stomach, pulling you up on your knees- you were too tired to even think about feeling vulnerable to him in this position. It took every ounce of strength that you had left in your body to continue to balance yourself on your shaking knees. You didn't even try to use your palms to keep you up as your arms stretched ahead of you and the side of your cheek rested on the bed. Your back was arched lazily, your core getting more and more excited when you heard the clinking of the metal from his belt. It was amazing how much the 'tea' was affecting you still- aching for more pleasure no matter how tired your body actually was.
You were so tired you didn't even jump forward when you felt the bed dip underneath you as he crawled on, his length prodding at your entrance. When the tip of his dick entered inside of you, a small whimper left your lips and you heard him laugh behind you. He slid inside, excruciatingly slow, and each second that past by left you wondering how much more there was of him. He was easily the biggest you've ever had to accommodate for, in length and width, and the burn of your walls stretching around him brought immense pleasure. It came as a shock when he slammed fully inside of you, screams leaving your throat as he hit your cervix harshly, your fifth orgasm ripping through your core without warning. Your fists gripped the bedsheets, trying to overcome the coil snapping that you weren't even aware was building when he was sliding inside of you. Satisfied gasps helped you breathe your way through as you uncontrollably clenched around his length. You were so overly sensitive at this point that you were thanking him silently for not moving as your orgasm coursed through your veins. His hands gripped into your hips, fingernails digging into your soft skin, as he pushed impossibly deeper inside of you. It almost felt like an entire inch was left out when you felt his hips hit your ass.
"Such a good girl for me..." He told you, moving the hair out of your face but your eyes stayed shut, desperately needing him to move. "... cumming around my cock like that, I haven't even began to fuck you yet." He said in a deviously soft voice, using his words to help you relax around him. Your eyes rolled into the back of your head when he pulled back and slammed inside of you again, the familiar burn in your abdomen making itself known.
By the time your sixth orgasm came, your body was done for. Whatever effects the magic tea coursed through your veins had come to a halt and you were desperate to find sleep. But you couldn't, he kept fucking into you relentlessly and holding onto your hips to keep you up. Your entire body was numb and it became more and more painful with each orgasm he forced out of you. You weren't even sure how many times you had cum on his cock, he kept telling you one more, give me one more, or, his favorite, cum now, snapping his fingers and no matter what your body felt like before- when those words hit your ears, your core would betray you and climax on command. It must have been over an hour by the time he seemed to be getting close, your eyes closing as you drifted in and out of sleep. You could feel his cock twitch inside of you erratically and you thanked God that he was done. His climax shot inside of you, bruising your insides, and he left you there.
You collapsed as soon as his hands left your hips, the bed became hard and dirty wood as he snapped his fingers. You could feel that you had all of your clothes on and you opened your eyes to look around, seeming him dressed just the same as before with his skin practically peeling again. He gave you a cocky smirk and your eyes grew heavy as every part of your body tingled. You heard his footsteps drag slowly towards you, making your ears ring, and you felt him run the back of his hand across your face.
"Your big brothers are here now. Perfect timing on their part, wouldn't you say?" He chuckled, knowing that you were too tired to respond. "Hey, next time this happens, I'll be in Sam's meat suit and he can watch how good I make you feel." He said standing up and the anger that ran through your body sent you straight to sleep.
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fyeahnix · 2 months ago
Pathfinder's Quest — Revenant (2/7)
I'm going to talk about my thoughts on the Apex Legends lore book in a series of smaller posts. I have a LOT of fractured thoughts on this book and it would be unnecessarily long if I were to list them out in the same post. If you want to skip to some other post because the content in this one doesn't sound interesting, please do so! I will be numbering the posts and tagging them with "nix talks apex book lore" if you'd like to follow these specific posts and "apex book spoilers" if you'd like to avoid them.
This post will strictly be about some... thoughts about Revenant. Kinda long too. Please be warned that there's a mention of child murder here. Let's go!
I have a few things to say about this dude. I like him as a character, actually! He's not a great person,, I guess, but he's a pretty okay villain and his voicelines are so damn edgy they're funny. And he has a nice voice. I know some people who are VERY avid fans of his that I'm friends with, and boy, do they have some very strong opinions and choice words about his book story.
So let me start off by saying that I do not think that Revenant's full name is Kaleb Cross. I just don't. Nor do I think the story he told Pathfinder about Bob Woods was true, at least not 100%. We see throughout the chapter that Revenant is trying his hardest to fuck with Pathfinder and make him believe that Path could potentially not be a good person (calling Path a person here, because he just about is and can't be hacked, leave me alone lol). It wouldn't make sense:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A lot of Revenant mains were fucking HEATED at this story, and on some level, I can see why. We haven't known Revenant to be a child-killer like was mentioned in the story, at least from what I remember. We've known he's a killer, for sure, but children? I'm in the official Lore discord server for Apex and we've had some pretty extensive discussions regarding Revenant. At first I didn't think this was a huge deal. Okay, so he's a more awful murderer than before? What's the big deal? After the explanations I can understand and get the frustration. We know Revenant is a terrible person and child butchering is kind of crossing into the "was that actually necessary" line. I get it. And I can agree with that. It makes sense.
Back to the story tho, Rev was def trying to fuck with Path the entire time and that's basically what makes me think the story isn't 100% true. The story he tells Path is the one story in the entire book that is so oddly written and weird that it stands out. And I think it was completely on purpose.
In the server, I brought up the concept of the "unreliable narrator" and applied it to Rev. In this literary tool, the narrator is....well, unreliable lmao due to some reason or another—actual liar, mentally unstable, young and inexperienced, and/or other reasons. Rev can absolutely fit the mentally unstable part and partially the liar part for trying to fuck with Path. Dude's been alive for 300+ years and his mental stability has been declining. He's known now for 25 years that he's not entirely human and now remembers every death he feels. That would fuck up anyone's mental wellbeing.
Not to mention that according to Path, he's a narcissist and that's very evident in the way he describes having killed millions of people, which, even over the course of 300+ years, is likely impossible for just one person to accomplish. He also gets SUPER FUCKING MAD when Path says that Loba didn't mention his name or him at all even once during their conversation (which she absolutely didn't lmao):
Tumblr media
He's so damn desperate to be the center of someone's universe that it makes him irrationally angry when the one person who's paid him that much attention in probably forever just drops him like that. He's obsessed with the idea of her being obsessed with him. And then he also explains how NO ONE ELSE in the world would understand him and his pain and the entire world is just out to make him miserable, like bruh shut the fuck up you're not special lmao. Whole ass narcissist...
But this is why I don't believe his story. He's either trying to make himself look more important and deadly than he actually is and make Path think he's also deadly or it's all a lie for entertainment purposes. A Revenant friend of mine thinks Kaleb Cross and Bob Woods are the same person. That this is actually a story of the same person, Kaleb Robert Woods, from different viewpoints, and honestly I can get behind that idea too.
But uhh yeah... I think Revenant is an unreliable narrator and I don't think this story is the full truth. We'll get more about him in the future, but this is only scratching the surface. I'm actually really hoping that Rev gets a redemption arc. Not so much so he can be a better person per se or because "it's deserved," I just think it would be interesting to see if the writers could pull off a redemption arc of this magnitude over the course of the rest of the series. But that would be exceedingly difficult and bound to piss a lot of people off. I would like to see him hit an extremely low point, and from there dispair a little, and then start to realize that he's stuck living and just needs to suck it the fuck up and start living his life in some way and find a new purpose in life. And eventually (slowly) get to the point of finding that new purpose, do some introspection, and realize why Loba did what she did. I absolutely want Loba and Revenant to get to the point of accepting what happened to them was fucked up and they were BOTH dealt a shitty hand by the same company. That obviously does not excuse Rev of his past crimes as a hitman, I know, and it also does not mean Loba needs to forgive him, but it would be very interesting to me. They don't have to be friends, but having a mutual level of gained respect between them at some point in the future would be nice.
I know that's asking for A LOT from the writers, but uhh.. I Would Like To See It™.
Anyway, this is longer than I thought, but that's my take on Rev's story.
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spidernerdsblog · 2 months ago
Can I request reader going to meet mob! tom's friends and when tom gets there, everyone tells him about the hot girl who just walked in and how they wanna fuck her tonight and when he tells them it's his gf they are like 😳 oh and you know tom being the most fearless mobster has trouble controlling his rage and maybe both y/n and tom have some jealous sex. pls I hope this doesn't trigger you and only write this if you want to and stay safe
I literally listened to where you belong by the weeknd while writing this the whole time lol. Hope you like this.
Pairing : Mob! Tom Holland x Reader
Warnings : 18 +, SMUT, mature content, dom/sub dynamics, light bondage, language, breeding kink, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it)
Where you belong
Tumblr media
It was like any other night where Tom had to attend one of those lavish parties thrown by the biggest crime families in the country after all he's the mob boss but this time it was little different as you were going to join him tonight. After dating for six months Tom finally thought to introduce you to his underworld friends. Tom was dressed as usual in his business clothes which was a nice ensemble from Prada looking dashingly handsome as always. On the other hand you chose to wear the skin tight dress which Tom liked the most according to him it brings out the best of you. 
Reaching the venue you stepped out of the car as Tom hands the valet the car keys to park his car. Just when you were about to go inside together Tom remembers that he had an important phone call to make.
"Love, you go inside I'll be right behind you" He says to you.
"Okay come fast" you give a smile.
"Yeah I will" after making the call Tom goes inside the hall to find you when he heard some of his friends call out to him.
‘‘Hey Tom!’’ He momentarily forgot about you and made his way towards them.
"So what's up boys?" He pats Michael’s shoulder taking a drink from the ushers. 
"Tom, mate, you have no idea what you just missed’’ he informs all excitedly. 
‘‘Oh really? What was it?’’ he asked, amused.
‘‘Ask who was it, she was a fucking bombshell man, who just walked right through that door!" 
"You should have looked at her ass mate god I just want to fuck her so bad" Charles added.
"Keep dreaming you suckers because Roy is already at it, look over there" Liam chuckles pointing out to them. Tom followed their gaze and his jaw clenched as soon as he saw you, smiling and talking to one of his friends, he inhaled sharply in anger at the fact that all this time his friends were just talking about fucking you in front of him. 
‘‘Damn Roy is gonna get lucky tonight just look at those tits’’ Michael remarks as everyone chuckles except Tom who was fuming with rage.
‘‘You say another fucking word about her and I’m gonna cut that filthy tongue of yours!’’ He spat at him.
‘‘Woah man, relax. What got you so riled up?’’ Tom turned to them with a death glare.
"Listen you morons I want to make this loud and clear, she’s my girl’’ everyone’s eyes went wide in shock as they gulped hard in fear because the last thing anyone would want is to piss off Tom ‘‘and if anyone of you even dare to have improper thoughts about her I’m gonna put a fucking bullet in your heads! Do you fucking get that?!’’ He growled as everyone hung their heads low in fear agreeing to him. He then strides his way towards you.
‘‘So all by yourself?’’ Roy asks with suave in his voice.
‘‘Oh no, I’m with my boyfriend, Tom Holland you might know him’’
‘‘You- you are Holland’s girl?’’ He stutters in fear knowing that he is good as dead if Tom comes to know that he was trying to bed his girl.
‘‘Yeah’’ you tuck a strand of your hair behind your ear smiling.
"Hey darling" you felt a familiar pair of hands wrap around your waist possessively.
"There he is!" you chirped as Tom knelt down to plant a soft kiss on your cheek.
"Where were you?" you pouted.
"Sorry darling was just catching up with some friends" 
"Hey Tom" Roy says awkwardly trying to act friendly
"Hey Roy" Tom gives him a hard glare and turns to you.
"I think it's time for us to leave" He says pressing his lips in a thin line.
"But Tom we just arrived won't you have a couple of drinks" you frowned at the sudden change of plans.
"I think I actually had enough darling, let's go now" He says sternly, you noticed his hard gaze and stopped yourself from questioning him further.
"Okay" He literally dragged you out of the place to the parking area. You got inside the car and sat on the passenger seat as Tom sat on the driver's seat slamming the door shut with such force that startled you. 
The whole ride back was completely silent; you occasionally saw him gripping on the steering wheel so tight that his knuckles turned white. You knew your boyfriend as the most feared mob boss who was also known for his short temper. And by the look on his face he seemed angry for some reason which you are unable to figure out. Surprisingly his angry demeanor was turning you on, you shifted on your seat uncomfortably as you felt heat pool between your legs which didn't go unnoticed by Tom. 
Tom didn't want the night to end like this but here he was furious and raging from inside. He was very well aware of his anger management issues and since the day you walked into his life he has tried to be the better man for you including keeping his anger in check because he would do anything for you. He was never the kind of man to be triggered with such petty things but when it comes to you he just can't control himself he couldn't get over the thought of his friends were literally eye fucking you in front him. It wasn't your fault though you were no doubt beautiful and he feels extremely lucky that he gets to call you his. But seeing you talking and laughing with Roy just lighted up his fuse. He knew you were just being nice to him but when he knows what Roy's actual intentions were with you just makes him see red. 
He just wants to be reassured again that you belonged to him and only him which he is going to make sure tonight. And seeing you getting all fidgety he knew that you were soaking with arousal making him smirk internally at the effect he has on you. 
You finally reached the driveway of your mansion as Tom pulled over the car. You couldn't take the silence anymore and finally spoke up. 
"Tom are you OK?" your voice was full of concern reaching out a hand to his forehead "You are sweating" He grabs your hand with a death grip making you swallow hard as your gaze shifted to his brown orbs which were now swirling with rage and pure lust, yes he was angry and you know exactly what is going to happen next you found yourself getting even more wet just at the thought of it. 
"Bedroom. Strip and wait for me" his voice sharp and dominating. You nodded and let out a small "Yes" 
"Yes what?" He demands. 
"Yes sir" you say submissively, the corner of his lips curl up to a smirk as he brushes your cheekbone with his knuckles gently. 
"Good girl" 
You got out of the car and immediately went to your bedroom. Without wasting any time you did just as you were told, taking off your dress, you sat on the bed on your knees in just your lace panties with palms laying flat on your thighs as you waited for him in anticipation. Every passing minute felt like an hour as you felt your nipples harden in the cool air and arousal pool between your legs, you rubbed your thighs to get some relief from the growing ache. 
He finally arrives after some agonizing moments later the tux he was wearing already discarded and some of the buttons of his shirt unbuttoned giving a nice peak to the solid abs underneath. 
"Such a good girl, aren't you princess?" he cooes as he walks in and sits in front of you. 
"Only for you Tommy" you say sweetly. He knelt down and grabbed your jaw roughly to capture your lips hungrily his tongue prys open your mouth exploring your mouth. He gently sucks on your bottom lip tugging it lightly before pulling away you look at him through your lashes gasping. He brushes his thumb against your swollen bottom lip which you eagerly wrapped your lips onto, sucking and swirling your tongue around it as you hold onto his arm.
"Now don't be so greedy" he purrs as you release his thumb with a pop. 
"Give me your hands" He demands as you reluctantly extend your hands to him. Tom knows how you hate your hands being tied up with how much you love to run your hands through his hair and hold him close to you making you feel safe in his arms but today he had to establish that you were only his, he takes out his tie that was stuffed in his back pocket and ties up your hands with intricate knots. 
"Is this OK?" he asks tugging on it.
"Yes" you affirm, he pushes you onto the bed as you fall back on the soft mattress with him hovering over you as he unbuttons the rest of the buttons of his shirt and takes it off in a swift move. 
"So beautiful and just for me" he says with hooded eyes while his hands trailed down your inner thigh as the coolness of the gold rings on his finger sent shivers right up your core. He pinned your tied hands above your head when you tried to raise them.
‘‘Uh uh princess I thought you were my good girl’’ He patronizes
‘‘I am’’ you whimper in his strong hold.
‘‘Then behave if you don’t want me to leave you like this’’ he says kissing down your throat. You let out a gasp when you felt his warm mouth latch on to your hardened nipple. He smirked and continued sucking, teeth grazing on your soft mounds making you moan. 
"How dare those bastards look at what is mine?!" he growls in between littering your skin with wet kisses and marking you.
You were so helpless and completely at his mercy. Writhing under him and craving him so badly, snaking a hand inside your soaked panties, "so fucking wet" he observed as he spread your slick around your folds, pulling a desperate whimper from you. He brings his fingers to his mouth. 
"Tastes so sweet every time angel" he hums sucking them clean. He then trailed kisses down your stomach, on your navel, before he found home between your legs as he hooks his fingers to the waistband of your panties and simply rips it off you. He stared at your bare, glistening pussy hungrily as if you were his last meal. He dives down right into it sloppily licking through your folds making you arch your back but he holds you down placing a hand on your stomach as he continues his assault. 
You felt dizzy, your brain barely able to comprehend your surroundings. The only sensation you felt was Tom and his calloused fingers which he expertly worked up your dripping cunt and threw you over the edge. When he pushed three of his fingers inside you, you felt delirious and came all around his fingers. 
Tom quickly gets rid of the rest of his clothes and holds himself above you resting his forearm on the side of your head one hand reaches down to grab his throbbing member as he swipes his tip through your slick folds coating it with your arousal before pushing it in your aching hole. You gasp as you feel his tip slide past your entrance and fills you entirely, the stretch making you close your eyes in pleasure. 
‘‘Always so fucking tight!’’ He grunts feeling your walls warm and snug around him. Your eyes shoot wide open as he pulls his hips back and slams right into you without even letting you adjust to him, drawing out a loud moan from you. 
You were writhing underneath him wriggling your hands desperately wanting to feel him and hold on to him. Tom finally took mercy on you as he snakes a hand to your wrists and unties your restraints. As soon as your hands were free you flung them to his back pulling him closer as possible, one hand went to tug on to the roots of his hair. You wrapped your legs around his hips, hooking them behind his back. You could never get enough of him, you needed him deep inside you exploring parts of you that no one could ever reach. He nips at your neck sucking on your skin harshly, making sure for everyone to see who you belong to.
"Who is making you feel this good princess?" His voice raspy and breathless.
"You…" your voice trailed off as he pounds into you mercilessly. 
"Didn't hear you princess" he reaches down to rub where your bodies were connected. 
"You Tom! You!" you shrieked out at the added stimulation.
"That's right baby, I’m the only one who can make you feel like this, no one can make you scream the way I do, no one knows where to touch you like I do" he rubs harsher circles on your sensitive bud and moves his hips to thrust into you deeper, your moans growing louder and louder boosting his ego as your walls clasp around him.
"Fuck! I need to make sure everyone knows who you belong to eh? Maybe put a baby in you, what do you say?" He reckons while he continued to rut his hips
"Yes Tom fill me up, fill me up with your babies" you nod your head furiously as the sound of skin slapping against each other fills the room along with your grunts and moans.
"You will look so pretty baby, all round and beautiful with our child" He brushes your hair gently from your sweat covered face, you were a babbling mess by now unable to form any proper words except his name, his words only spurring you on to your impending climax. He keeps pounding into you even harder than before as you feel your body tense up, toes curling as the coil inside your stomach tightened.
"C'mon baby cum all over my cock, make me fill you up and mark you as mine" He urges and you screamed out when you felt the coil inside you finally snap your walls tightening around him as you came undone raking your nails down his back while his lips captured your swollen ones swallowing your moans as he finally cums inside you filling you up with his warm release and collapses on top of you.
"Mine" he mumbles into your skin between ragged breaths. 
"All yours" you say reassuringly running your fingers through his hair soothingly catching your breath. 
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pies-writes-and-more · 2 months ago
I hate that I love you p. 13
13. I hate you
Series Masterlist
Previous Chapter // Epilogue 
Warnings: annoyingly persistent dude shows up this time, but not for long so don’t worry! probably some swearing too, and a first time writer’s SMAU so might be awful lol
Pairing: Tsukishima Kei x Fem!Reader
A/N: how are we already done this fic omg... i won’t lie to yall, I finished the majority of the chapters within a few days cause I was so excited to write haha. But thank you so much for everyone who has kept up with this series and has interacted with me about it! I love interactions so never feel like you can’t interact okay? :) 
Anyways! Onto the story! More written things this time cause you know, we can’t have a big finale and a confession that needs to be said over a text (or at least i don’t personally like text confessions so here we are lol) Enjoy :)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tsukishima groaned internally as he thought about what to type next. This was the moment he had been waiting for all week. You were finally talking to him, even if it was over text. He didn’t want to mess this up and have your name never pop up in his notifs again. But what would he even say? 
He wasn’t even really sure what happened, how he ended up here waiting for the nurse to bring him an ice pack. He knew the gist of it but the details were still a tad hazy.
“Doesn’t matter how much she rejects me! I’m going to keep trying! Girls like that, you know. If you start slacking off, she’ll just start ignoring you!” The guy had practically yelled across the courtyard in Tsukishima’s direction. It wasn’t that it really pissed him all that much off. It was more the way the guy was talking about you that got under Tsukishima’s skin. “She’s just so beautiful and so smart, she’d make the perfect girl to have on my arm! I don’t care how many times she says no, Y/N’ll be mine eventually!”
Before Tsukishima even knew it, he had a fistful of the guy’s shirt in his hand, glaring down at him, “Stop talking about her like she’s some sort of prize. Besides, how old are you? Even a toddler can understand what NO means.”
Maybe Noya and Tanaka had been passing through and Yamaguchi had called for their help, or maybe they just decided to jump in, but before he knew it, Tsukishima felt himself fall back. Noya and Tanaka had both thrown him aside (neither of them meaning to, they just had a lot of adrenaline and wanted to get up in front). Even though Tsukishima told Y/N he didn’t really hit his head, he could remember the pain surging through his skull. His head was killing him.
Did he black out? Or was he just missing pieces? Tsukishima thought back to the moment and frowned. All he could really remember was the pain and then suddenly, you were crouched next to him with that worried look in your eyes. Honestly, he thought he was dreaming because you were sitting there right next to him, holding his hand and touching his face. 
“Tsukki, are you okay?” You had asked him, helping him sit up. He felt his cheeks flush in that moment, realizing what had just happened. Tanaka and Noya were still yelling at the guy, not even realizing they had practically thrown Tsukishima across the courtyard. 
“IF YOU SO MUCH AS LOOK IN Y/N’S DIRECTION WE WILL COME AFTER YOU. DON’T YOU KNOW THE POWER OF SECOND YEARS?” Noya had added in, the two of them making the best intimidating faces they could manage.
“We should get you to the nurse’s office,” you had told him and before he knew it here he was. He could remember leaning against you as the two of you walked but other than that, it was all a blur.
“Here’s an ice pack, try to rest okay? No volleyball for at least a few days too,” the nurse was telling him and he just nodded. He hadn’t even gotten another word typed out before she had come back and now he was going to have to face you without really knowing what to say.
“So?” You looked up at him in anticipation and Tsukishima wasn’t really sure what you were asking about - his last text or his head.
“I’m fine,” he stated quietly, holding the ice to his head. “I don’t think I have a concussion but I can’t play for a while.”
“I’m sorry,” you mumbled nervously, eyes darting away from his. This had been because of you. You felt the guilt fill you up - if you had just gotten the guy to leave you alone in the first place, none of this would’ve happened. Maybe you should’ve done what Bokuto and the others told you to do and talk to the school’s administration about it. But it seemed like such a trivial thing to complain about.
“Oi,” Tsukishima interrupted your thoughts, nudging you. He could see that guilt written all over your face. “Stop it. It’s not like you hit me or anything.”
“Yeah well, but it’s not like I didn’t want to,” you huffed, frowning up at him. The two of you stood there awkwardly for a moment, both of you waiting for the other to bring up the topic of anticipation. “So... are you going to explain your last text?” You finally asked, a ball of nerves sitting in your stomach. 
Tsukishima bit on his inner cheek, thinking about all the things he had wanted to say to you for the past week. “I’m bad with words when it comes to how I’m feeling,” he stated quietly. “I’m good with facts. I know for a fact that there are so many things about you that I hate.”
Wow great start to the conversation, you thought to yourself, your heart falling a bit. The two of you hadn’t spoken in a week and this is how he wanted to do things?
“Let me finish,” he grumbled, seeing the discomfort in your eyes. “I hate how you click your pen when you’re nervous for a test, I hate that you doodle on my notes in class or that you draw smiley faces on my hand when I’m not paying attention. I hate that you text me at 3 in the morning to ask me questions about the homework or just to ask me how I am. I hate the fact that you refuse to put your books back in your bag and that you’ll just carry them in your arms because we both know you’re clumsy and that you’ll end up dropping something. I hate that you’re always the loudest person during my matches, I hate that I can pick you out of a crowd and that when I can’t see you I get worried.”
Your eyebrows furrowed a little as he continued, his eyes now starting to avoid yours. 
“I hate that you get along with all my teammates and I hate that they make you smile and laugh. I hate that you and Bokuto are good friends and that he makes you happy. I hate everything about you because everything you do just makes me like you more.”
You blink in confusion... was this.. supposed to be some sort of twisted confession?
“I hate that you were so childish that you ignored me for a whole week for being an asshole and that it’s been the most miserable week of my life. I hate that I heard your voicemail more times than your actual voice this week because you wouldn’t pick up the phone. I hate seeing that you hadn’t sent me a text message back, I hate that I wake up at 3 in the morning just in case you reached out to me. I hate that there were no smiley faces on my arm and no doodles on my notes, I hate that I wasn’t able to help you pick up your books or study with you. I hate that I can’t stop thinking about you from the time that I wake up, to the time I go to bed, I hate that you’re in my dreams every single night and I hate that no matter how many times I’ve dreamt about saying these things, it’s never the way that you deserve. I hate that you’re effortlessly perfect and that every guy who walks by you knows it too,” Tsukishima’s hands balled into fists as he thought about it all, scoffing a little at himself. 
How desperate, he thought to himself. He hated how absolutely cheesy he sounded. But he couldn’t stop now. “I hate... I hate everything about you because everything you do just makes me fall harder for you. I hate that I love you, Y/N because no matter how much I want to hate you, I just can’t.”
Time must’ve stopped right then and there. Or else that’s what it felt like. Tsukishima had finally said the words that you were waiting for the whole time you’d known him. Tsukishima... loved you? Everything you felt was... mutual?
Maybe time hadn’t stopped at all and you were just staring at him in complete shock, because Tsukishima was shifting awkward in the empty hall the two of you were in, waiting for some sort of reply out of you. “O-Oh!” He recovered quickly, his whole face turning red, feeling like it was you waiting for him to say something else. “A-And I’m sorry. For being an ass.” His eyes dropped to the ground, holding his head in shame, “I know I was being a dick about Bokuto. And after the first game you came to. I thought that the whole jersey thing was going to make you realize how I felt but you just thought it was to freak out your stalker and...”
“I only thought that cause when you gave me your jacket, you told me it was for the plan,” you interrupted quickly, biting on your lip nervously. “I didn’t... I didn’t want to believe that you would really give me your jersey cause that would mean that everything Yamaguchi said was true.”
Tsukishima looked at you for a moment, a small scowl on his lips, “What did Yamaguchi say?”
A small smile started to play on your lips, “That Tsukishima Kei had a big fat crush on me. Who knew?” You couldn’t help but giggle, watching as this tall glaring bean pole started to go pink with embarrassment. There was such a relief off of your shoulders, knowing that he was admitting how he was feeling and apologizing. 
“S-So you knew?”
“Of course not,” you laugh, shaking your head. “I figured Yamaguchi just told me that because he was encouraging my crush on you!” The words slipped from your lips before you could slap a hand over your mouth, eyes widening as you look up at him.
There was that stupid smirk on his lips, growing bigger as he tilted his chin up in pride, “So Y/N Y/L/N has a crush on me huh?”
You scoff, rolling your eyes a little in embarrassment, “Pfft. What? Me? No way.”
Tsukishima smirked, catching your chin in his fingers and forcing you to look at him, “Go out with me,” he demanded softly, pressing his forehead against yours gently. “For real this time.”
Your whole body was going hot with how he was looking at you, the soft but teasing look in his eyes was driving you insane. You hadn’t ever seen him look at you like this before, “O-Okay,” you mumbled quickly and Tsukishima smiled. A real genuine giddy sort of smile.
Before you could embarrass yourself further, you shove his shoulder gently and pull away, walking towards the exit, “But if you’re ever that much of an ass to me ever again, I’m never talking to you again!” You yell over your shoulder, trying to pretend like your heart wasn’t just leaping out of your chest. 
It didn’t take long for Tsukishima’s long legs to catch up with you, casually opening the hallway doors for you, “Fine.”
“Don’t think you confessing to me makes up for anything, I’m still mad at you.”
“What? Why! I said I was sorry! I thought you said it was ice cream or words! And I apologized!” His scowl was evident, even though his heart was fluttering. Everything he wanted, it was finally happening. 
“Well you were a real asshole so you’re going to need at least words AND ice cream.”
“You’re impossible.”
“But you loveeee me.”
“Just wait till Yamaguchi finds out your whole confession was about you hating me,” you mused as the two of you walked and Tsukishima groaned a little. With how sassy Yamaguchi was getting, he was never going to hear the end of it.
“I will literally buy you any kind of ice cream you want, just don’t tell him,” Tsukishima mumbled, not wanting to admit how embarrassed he would be if his best friend scolded him over his confession.
“No way,” you laugh, shaking your head with a huge smile. “Tsukishima Kei finally confessed to me and I need Yamaguchi to know that he did it in a very Tsukishima way.”
The blond boy just groaned but he swiftly grabbed your hand and stuffed it in his pocket with his own. You tried not to seem so surprised and quickly started looking in every direction but his, not wanting him to notice how nervous you were getting every time his thumb would slowly make a circle along your skin. The two of you walked back to your friends, chatting away the tension that had been so thick before, as if it was a totally normal day for you. As if both of you weren’t thinking I’m the luckiest person alive.
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Phil lewis soft Alphabet
Thanks to my editor @day-trippin-dreamer! 🖤 you are the best! 🖤
A/N: This shit is pure fluff, hope you enjoy it! 🖤
Tumblr media
A - Affection (how do they show affection) 
Teasing, Flirting, kissing you. Calling you every night on tour, making you a romantic dinner (sure it was Frozen Pizza but the thought counted). 
B - Balance (how do they balance you, work/school/life?)
Pretty well, he makes it clear from day one that L.A. Guns and his singing career is #1 to him, especially since you most likely meet him when he first joins. As time goes on and your relationship progresses and he feels more comfortable with the band and his career, you take that spot. He does manage to find a way to balance both you and his band as equally as possible. If it's between you and the band though, Phil would choose you. 
C - Cuddles (do they enjoy cuddling? what positions?) 
Yes, especially after sex, or if you're sitting on the couch, he'll take his arm and put it behind you and pull you right up against him. Pretty much keeping you as his cuddle captive. 
D - Date (what was your first date?) 
You didn't want to go out, like in public, because you weren't sure about the whole him being famous and you guys getting attacked. Phil thought that was crazy because he wasn't even that famous in his head, but you argued enough people knew him in Hollywood for it to count. Phil instead offered to make dinner for you. Naturally, because he's a rocker guy (and in your experience, they weren't the best cooks) you were a bit hesitant at that idea. Phil convinced you though, with that English Charm of his. You didn't have high hopes, but you were willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, of course, it turned out to be frozen pizza. (and he lights the one candle he could scrounge up in his house). You thought it was cute he put the effort in, but made a note to never let him cook you a romantic dinner again. 
E - Excited (how excited do they get when they see you/are with you?) 
Excited isn't the word, of course, he's happy to see you, especially if he's been on tour and hasn't seen you in a while, but he's not one to talk about it. He's more one to show it to you, by kissing, and touching, and yes having sex with you. Also, he's not about to let you out of his sight, because he wants to spend every waking moment with you while he can. 
F - Fighting (what happens when you fight)
So much sass from him, you guys would have great verbal sparring which more often than not ends with you both apologizing after a good hour of fighting. 
G - Gorgeous (pet names. what do they like to call you? what do they like to be called?) 
He calls you "Yankee Rose". Just to annoy you, because he knows you want a cute nickname and hates the term Yankee. In retaliation, you call him "Brit Tea leaf'' (A/N Okay that's the best I could come up with lol). Naturally, he thinks that's hilarious and it sticks. 
H - Hi (first time meeting)  
You're a more quiet, reserved person and you only came to the whisky to listen to the bands, not really to be a groupie or party or anything like that. You didn't dress particularly scandalous either, in an old W.A.S.P. T-shirt and ripped jeans. Two sunset Rockers approach your table where you're sitting with two of your friends. This isn't unusual considering your two friends always dress provocatively and are notorious for trying to attract rock stars. You get up to leave because people hitting on other people is weird when you're the third wheel. As you go to go, one of the guys stops you in your tracks by saying in an English accent. "You're not leaving, are you love?" 
"Actually yeah I was, I was just going to go sit somewhere else. You guys have fun." 
You say, moving out of the booth and leaving them to it, you slip into an empty table a few spaces away, somehow you manage to miss in the racket that the English rocker followed you. You sit down, quite alright with solitude, only to jump when he slides into the seat across from you. He notices the shock because says. "I'm not creepy, I promise, I just wanted to talk to you." 
"You want to talk to me?" 
"Why are you so shocked by that?" 
"I'm not exactly guys like yours type." 
"Are you trying to suggest you aren't pretty? Because I have news for you, you're gorgeous." 
"Thank You." 
"The pleasure is all mine." 
I - Interaction (what others think of your relationship when they see you two) 
At first, the members of L.A. Guns were a little shocked by you. They didn't picture Phil with someone like you, and you weren't the kind of girl they were used to. Plus Phil was the first one of them to have a serious girlfriend and they saw that as kind of a buzz kill. The first person to befriend you was Mick because he recognized you probably weren't going anywhere and the others followed. Eventually, you all get along great and they think you and Phil make a great couple. 
Your family had a big issue with you dating a rockstar because your parents were worried about him staying faithful to you. That didn't bother you because you knew and trusted that Phil would never do that. They had a hard time accepting him because once again they never saw it coming and didn't like the idea of him being a rockstar. It hurt you, but you couldn't just let him go because of them. It takes until your wedding for them to finally respect and accept him. They still aren't fans but they realize he makes you happy and that you aren't leaving him. 
J - Jealousy (do they get jealous? how do they react to you being jealous) 
Phil isn't overly jealous, he has a lot of confidence in your relationship and knows the chances of some guy replacing him is slime. The moment some guy hits on you or does anything he sees as trying to infringe on you though, he goes straight into. She's mine, keep your hands off her mode. Which you don't mind because you hate guys hitting on you (unless it's Phil) anyways. You on the other hand do get jealous even if you try not to especially when groupies are involved. It's not that you think Phil would cheat on you, you have full confidence he wouldn't, it's just he's your boyfriend and only you can flirt with him. Whenever you get like that though Phil can always fix it by saying "You know you're the only girl for me." or by kissing you.  
K - Kisses (where do they like to kiss you/how often?) 
Phil loves to kiss you, at any chance he can. In public, he'll only kiss you on the cheek or maybe the lips if he's saying hello or goodbye, but in private he'll kiss you everywhere. When he's about to eat you out he always kisses down your body and your thighs. He also loves to leave hickies, literally anywhere especially your neck, he likes to mark so people know you're taken. 
L - Love (when was the first time they said I love you or realized it?) 
For Phil, it didn't take too long to realize he loved you. Once he went on his first tour after he started going out with you, and had to leave you behind. For the first couple of days, he literally couldn't stop thinking and wishing you were with him. So once you decided to go see him, and Phil saw you for the first time in a month, he kissed you of course, but then he says. "God I love and missed you so much." Naturally, he kind of freaks out because he didn't plan on saying that and didn't want to scare you away, but you just reassure him and say. "I love and missed you too." 
M - Moving in (when do you decide to move in together)
It's not something you necessarily discussed so much as it just happened over time. You started spending pretty much every night and all your spare time at his house, plus you started leaving stuff there. So about a couple of months later, you both decide to move in with each other. 
N - Newborn (their reaction to starting a family)
First off you didn't plan to get pregnant and it happened at kind of a bad time, around the time he was leaving L.A. Guns for the first time. Of course, you were nervous to tell Phil, but you knew you had to. When it came out all rushed and panicked during a random conversation. Of course, Phil was shocked, the first thing he asked you was if you were sure. You nodded, you were scared of how he'd react, but he smiled and kissed you. "That's great news. Bad timing but great news." You can see the excitement turn to panic, and you know exactly what he's about to say next. "I shouldn't have left the band. What are we going to do? God, I'm already a bad father." 
"No you're not, the fact you care proves that. We'll be fine." You reassure him, and of course, everything was okay. 
O - Open (how open you are with one another) 
As in any relationship, it takes time for you to be open, but once you get there the two of you are completely open about everything. 
P - Photos (what kind of photos you take of them/they take of you) 
First off so many pictures are taken. Phil likes to take them so he can look at you even when he's halfway around the world. He likes taking more candid shots, but also ones of you being a goof or cute, and of course nudes. Lots of nudes. He'll show off the pics (except the nudes) to people and say. "Look how pretty my girlfriend is." Ect. You like to take pics of him too especially backstage or when he's on stage because you find them both important for keepsakes and hot. 
Q - Quiet (what they do when you’re unusually quiet/vice versa)
You're typically a more quiet person in general but if you're quiet, he'll ask you if you're okay. The same goes to you for him, Phil’s not exactly loud be he also can be chatty, so if he's not, something’s probably wrong and he's most likely pissed. 
R - Recovery (how they/you help them after an injury) 
First off he isn't going to leave you for a second he'd drop out of the middle of a tour if you got hurt. It's almost annoying because he asks you every five minutes if you're okay/need anything. Also, he's helping you however he can even if you can do something on your own and he knows that he's still doing it for you. Now if he gets hurt, he is not letting you help him unless you put up a good fight because he doesn't want to put you out. Of course, you find that ridiculous considering how he acts for you and you want to be there for him as well. 
S - Solution (how they resolve fights)
Apologizing and trying to make it up to you however he can. Usually, the apology is enough for you because you know he didn't mean whatever he said to hurt/piss you off. He can be a bit of a hothead. 
T- Touch (when they need/want your touch, what will they do? how often?)
It depends on what you mean by touch. Look, have a dirty mind. If he wants sex, that will be obvious, because he'll tease and talk dirty too, and drop just about every hint outside of asking you straight up. Let's just say this happens often. If it's something like a kiss or hand-holding he won't ask, because he already knows you love that and will take it whenever. 
U - Up ( waking up with them)
Phil's one of those stay up late sleep all day types (a by-product of being a rockstar) and you're not. You like going to bed early and getting up at like 6:30 every morning. Naturally every time you leave the bed that early Phil tries to pull you back down and convince you to stay. 9/10 times that doesn't work but every once in a while you cave. Of course, once he does wake up (a good three or four hours after you, might I add) he always gives up a big kiss and jokingly says "Good afternoon." 
V - Vacation (where they travel with you)
The first place he takes you is England because that's where he's from. He shows you where he grew up and all the places he's lived and you meet his (remaining) family. It's a super nice trip all over. Also everywhere he goes he introduces you as his "Yankee Girlfriend" it's annoying to you but also kind of cute. 
W - Wedding (how they propose/where you get married/honeymoon) 
"What if we get married?" You were taken off guard. It was a normal evening, you were both just sitting on the couch watching a movie. "What?" 
"I'm asking you to marry me." 
"Will you marry me?" 
"Uh but you don't even have a ring? Wait for real?" 
"Yeah for real. I'll buy you one later."
"Yes. Of fucking course." 
"Great, I was fully expecting a no." 
Of course, you laugh at that and then you can probably guess the rest. ;) 
You straight-up elope, just to have time and because it was right before a tour and you didn't want to wait to be actually married. Then while he's gone, you plan a small yet pretty wedding right in Los Angeles, where you guys just invite your close friends and family. Since you're technically already married it relaves a lot of the stress and pressure because it's more of a party to celebrate your love than a traditional wedding. You still wear a beautiful white dress and it's still the happiest day of your lives. You have the typical beach get away honeymoon where you basically just sit on the beach and have sex the whole time. 
X - X-factor (what about you captivated them?) 
You're sense of humor, your kind heart and your passion for what you do. Of course the first thing he noticed was your looks, but that's not what ended up making him stay though. It was 100% your personality. 
Y - Yawning (how they act when they’re tired) 
Grumpy but also oddly horny (but like when is he not?). You always mange to make him fall asleep before he actually tries to have sex with you though. He's always coming on to you, so you say something like let's take this to the bedroom and then force him to sleep, because let's face it Phil can probably be stubborn about sleeping if there is something better to do even if he is tired. 
Z - Zzzz (how you fall asleep together)
Cuddled up, but not like in a cute way. Maybe in a cute way when you first start dating but as you progress it just becomes a mess of tangled limbs, but you both don't mind. 
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justanotherbnhaficwriter · 2 months ago
Thanks for the last post, have another request you can do if you want.
Idk about you but I’m kinda getting bored with the whole weak minded s/o stereotype like there have been so many times I’ve read a fanfic and the reader is tasteless. She just kinda sits there and gets railed which can be good but when it’s every fanfic it’s repetitive if you get what I mean.
Can I get a strong reader who is just like “is that seriously all you got” she kind does the dirty talk but she’s not completely a dom. She’s not that hard to crumble but if you get her there she might squirt lol. I’m dead but I hope this works out for you to right.
Hell yeah! I had so much fun writing this. I actually wanted to combine this with another anon request I got for some hate sex hope you both don’t mind. I just really felt like this fit the mark perfectly for that. I dunno I just love the idea of the sassy reader pulling this stunt on Bakugou because mans would go berserk after this.
Not even sorry it’s kind of long.
I am sorry for the delay... this was supposed to go out yesterday and my phone broke. I had to deal with that all day... so thanks for being patient!
Tumblr media
Katsuki Bakugo x Reader 
27. Hate Sex
Warnings: rough sex, unprotected sex, light choking, squirting, alcohol consumption, language
I walked into the bar absolutely dreading the night. Mina had drug me out to yet another night of drinking which usually wasn’t a problem. Tonight, however, was different. You were getting together with everyone from your UA class to celebrate everyone’s rankings on the billboards.
Now, that doesn’t sound so bad right? Well it was the worst because of the number one hero who was attending the celebration with everyone.
Katsuki Bakugo.
The rivalry started back at UA. We both were striving to be the best and not really paying attention to anyone else. He was the only one who matched my determination and ambition. That being said he was also the only one that I hated so much.
Three years now I had been second to him.
Three. Whole. Years.
Now I was being pulled into the routine celebration with him. Everyone buying him shots, congratulating him, and forgetting the rest of us even existed.
Mina pulled on my arm leading me to the back where our reserved VIP table was. I trudged along behind her trying not to show how little I wanted to be there.
Bottles of expensive and high end liquor sat along the table. About half the class was sitting around and the others were standing and mingling and dancing. Everyone had a glass of something in their hand.
“There you guys are!” Denki beamed.
“Fashionably late as always,” Mina chimed giving a sweet smile.
“What do you guys want to drink?” Tsuyu asked.
“Shot?” Mina asked looking at me hopefully.
“Shots,” I confirmed.
Mina threw her hands up in excitement signaling for the other girls to come and join us. She quickly grabbed free and clean shot glasses from the middle of the table and began pouring shots for everyone.
“Is it time for shots already?” Kiri asked walking over and throwing his arms around me and Tsuyu.
“When isn’t it time for shots?” I asked giggling at his enthusiasm.
“Bakugo!” Kiri called.
Moment ruined.
“Come take shots with us!” Kiri beconed.
Bakugo stalked over looking uninterested with everything going on around him.
“What are we taking shots of?” Bakugo asked.
“Vodka,” I said pointing at the bottle Mina was pouring from.
“Tch,” Bakugo snarked back at me.
“Why don’t you two just fuck already?” Mina giggled out.
“Yeah, the sexual tension is exhausting,” Momo commented.
“Fuck you guys,” I snapped. “I’d rather bang Mineta.”
“That can be arranged,” Kiri laughed.
“Piss off,” I said shoving him lightly.
“Everyone ready?” Uraraka asked picking up her shot and holding it high.
“To us,” Deku chimed appearing from seemingly nowhere holding his shot glass high to clink with everyone.
“To us!” We all called out clinking our glasses and downing the shot with ease.
A few shots and mixed drinks later I was feeling amazing. At the moment I was swirling and twirling on the dance floor with the rest of the girls. We had created a large circle in the center of the floor and were all just vibing and having fun.
In this moment any thought of Bakugo or even being a hero was long gone from my mind. I was just happy. I was with all my friends. There wasn’t a care in the world at this moment.
Denki came rolling around behind me and grabbed my hips, “It’s just me.”
“And just what are you doing?” I asked trying to talk over the music.
“Can’t I come dance with a pretty girl?” he smirked.
“What are you up to?” I asked moving to grind my hips into his.
“Hmmm it wouldn’t be as fun if I told you,” he teased.
I turned to face him, “Well, now you’ve got my attention.”
I tangled my hands in the back of Denki’s hair. He pulled me in closer to him making sure there was no room between us. We both swayed seductively to the beat.
I looked over Denki’s shoulder to see Kiri coming our way.
“Kiri!” I beamed.
“Shit,” Denki growled. “Listen, love, I gotta go. Catch ya later and we can continue?”
“Sure,” I shrugged slightly pouting over his eagerness to leave my side.
“Come on,” Kiri pulled at him.
I hadn’t realized that Denki and I had managed to move almost halfway across the dance floor. I looked around to find the girls again. They were right where I had left them still dancing in our very dysfunctional looking circle. I swayed my hips moving through the crowd of sweaty bodies to get to them.
“What’s up with Bakugo?” Uraraka asked the group as I got back.
“He looks more angry than I’ve ever seen him,” Momo commented.
“Is he coming over here?” Mina asked.
“Damnit,” I whined. “I was having so much fun.”
Bakugo stalked over towards not only the group but... me?
“Come with me,” he said gripping my arm harshly and pulling me away from the circle.
“Hey,” I protested. “What the hell?”
Bakugo seemed unfazed. He stopped at the corner end of the dance floor back where virtually no one could or would see us. He pulled my arms up around his neck and pressed his fingertips into my sides.
“What do you want?” I spat still allowing him to sway with me as we danced.
“To dance, dumbass,” he rolled his eyes.
“You could have asked,” I said copying his actions by rolling my eyes.
“You would have said no,” he shrugged.
“Because you’re the last person on earth I’d want to dance with,” I commented.
“You’re dancing with me now aren’t you?”
“What’s this all about?”
“What about me?”
Bakugo leaned in very close to my ear breath heating up my neck as his husky voice rolled off his tongue, “You look too damn sexy to go home with some extra.”
There was a quiet moan that escaped my lips.
“Yeah,” Bakugo smirked pushing himself back and touching his forehead to mine. “Thought you’d like that.”
“Fuck,” I growled out still swaying to the beat with him.
“Gonna let me show you why I’m number one?”
“I deserve that spot,” I spat finally coming back to reality.
“Prove it.”
There it was. His signature cocky smirk. I had always hated it. So why now did it suit him so well and make him look so damn sexy?
I decided to take initiative by pushing my lips against his. I kissed him hungrily. It didn’t take him long to kiss back. His fingernails digging into my hips threatening to rip my clothes off right there.
“Bathroom, now,” he grunted between kisses.
“Mhm,” I hummed in response.
Alcohol flowed through my veins clouding the screams of my ego telling me not to do this. I allowed Bakugo to pull me back through the crowd of sweaty and drunken bodies without a care.
As much as I hated to admit it maybe this is what we both needed. I mean there was a lot of tension between us, but I had always thought it was the hatred we shared for each other. Whatever it was this would prove the reason.
I looked over to see the whole table of our peers staring us down as Bakugo lead me to the back of the bar. Everyone looking shocked as I provided a small wave to at least show I was ok. Denki and Kiri looked over with shit eating grins while giving us thumbs up. I would have to remember to yell at them tomorrow knowing they had probably set up some sort of plan.
Bakugo stopped in front of the bathroom looking around before darting in and locking the door.
As soon as the click was heard Bakugo’s lips were back on mine. Strong hands caged me in between himself and the wall. I kissed him back pushing my tongue into his mouth. We explored each other’s mouths just basking in the taste of the other.
I gripped at the button up Bakugo wore. I unbuttoned it as quickly as I could without ripping any of the buttons or fabric. I made sure to lightly touch and graze over his chest as I worked to get his shirt off. I wanted him to crave more of me.
Bakugo retaliated by pushing the sides of my dress up lightly feeling the tops of my thighs. His touch more intoxicating than the alcohol I had been downing all night. I was on cloud nine all because of that cocky son of a bitch.
I pushed Bakugo back slightly pulling his shirt completely off of him. I also made quick work of his belt and then his pants pushing them along with his boxers down his legs. The large cock that sprang free had me realizing why he was so cocky.
I stood fully pushing my dress down slowly watching as Bakugo kicked his pants off and started pumping himself slowly.
“Fucking tease,” he spat watching me undress.
I finally discarded the dress fully revealing the matching bra and panty set. He grunted at the sight. I smirked more than pleased with his reactions to me.
“So sexy,” he grunted.
“Whatcha gonna do about it?” I teased.
Bakugo took one stride to step in front of me. In one swoop he lifted my legs around his waist and began walking. He sat me on top of the counter top. I hissed at the cold contact.
“Look at how wet you are for me,” he breathed out eyeing the thin and soaked fabric that sat between my legs.
“Better not disappoint,” I said with a wink. “That would be a waist of anticipation.”
“Shut up,” Bakugo snapped.
I moved my hips up so my panties could be removed and discarded somewhere in the room. Then he was lined up with me.
There was a calm moment between us. Bakugo looked into my eyes just holding eye contact with me. Both of us were searching for any doubt or second thoughts. We both came up empty.
I nodded and smiled at him genuinely signaling I was ready. He pushed into me slowly allowing me to adjust to his size. I threw my head back and let out a breathy moan.
His signature smirk reappeared on his face at my reactions. I was just fueling his ego.
After he bottomed out in me he stayed for only a moment before he began thrusting into me at a steady pace.
“Fuck, Katsuki, you feel so good,” I whined out.
“You do too, princess,” he smirked.
Small moans and groans filled the room as his thrusts quickened and deepened.
He lifted one of my legs up and held it for a better angle.
“You’re so big,” I moaned. “You look so good fucking me.”
“You look so pretty taking my cock,” he grunted.
Both of us were moaning against each other. His lips kissed my lips and all around my face and neck. I could tell he was climbing his high, but I knew this wasn’t his best.
His thrusts were hard but sporadic. He was losing his rhythm. I smirked knowing exactly how to get to him.
“Katsuki,” I breathed out.
“What?” he borderline snapped.
“Is this all you got?” I smirked.
Looking directly into his eyes I challenged him. His ego deflating more and more by the second. His thrusts stopped. He was truly shocked.
“I mean I thought you were going to show me why you’re number one,” I now more spoke as the pleasure I was receiving had stopped.
“You little slut,” he grunted anger becoming more and more apparent in his features.
“Prove me wrong,” I shrugged.
Bakugo grabbed both my legs and held them up just a bit allowing him to get a deeper angle.
“Oh I’ll prove you so wrong, baby girl,” he smirked.
There wasn’t a moment after he spoken before he thrust his hips into mine with so much force. I let out a loud moan at his action. My head was hitting against the wall behind me that the mirrors sat on his thrusts were so rough and fast.
His large hand wrapped around my neck not allowing any air into or out of my lungs.
“How about now?” he smirked. “This enough proof for you?”
I tried to say something witty back, but my mind was going blank. Bakugo’s lips found one of my nipples while his hand found my clit.
“F-f-u-ck,” I choked out reaching up and scratching at Bakugo’s bare chest. 
“Thought so,” he smirked releasing my throat just enough for me to breath. 
“That’s it, Katsuki, just like that,” I said voice now raspy. 
“Shit,” Bakugo breathed looking down at my writhing figure under him. 
“Give me more,” I moaned out as his hand clasped down tighter on my throat. 
“Shut up,” he grunted. 
“M-mak-ke m-me,” I choked out. 
I watched as Bakugo’s face lit up with anger. His face turned the darkest shade of red I had ever seen. He snapped his hips into mine at an ungodly speed. Anger fueled him to pound me harder and harder. 
My entire body shook and beat against the wall behind me. The mirrors on the wall began shaking and moving around. 
Bakugo moved his head next to me ear kissing around it while whispering the most vile things at me. He was coaxing me closer and closer to my release. His fingers pushed down with more pressure on my clit making me almost scream. 
“You’re taking it so good for me, baby girl,” he said. “Cum for me. I wanna watch you cum all over my cock.”
I moaned out a series of unheard curses as I was pushed over the edge. Bakugo looked down at me with such shock. I still felt waves of pleasure course through me. I looked down to see myself squirting all over Bakugo. Wet fluid gushed out from me covering the both of us and the floor. 
Bakugo still moved his hips motions becoming more and more erratic and unrhythmic. 
“Come on, Katsuki,” I whined out. “I want you to fill me up. Cum inside of me.”
“Fuck,” he groaned giving out one more powerful thrust before slowing to only work himself through his high. 
Once we were both done he pulled himself out and went to get some paper towels throwing a few in my direction. 
“How thoughtful of you,” I snarked. 
“I’m going to help,” he rolled his eyes. 
I began cleaning myself up in the best way I could. I was still pretty worked up. Bakugo stopped my actions and walked over assisting me in cleaning up. 
“That was super hot,” he smirked. 
“I’ve never done that before,” I admitted. 
“That was the first time you’ve squirted?” he asked me in complete disbelief. 
“Yeah,” I admitted again. 
We both looked at each other for a moment as we were redressing. We needed to talk about what had just happened, but neither of us wanted to start it. 
“I’ll go out first,” I sighed. “You give it a few minutes before coming out.”
I stepped out of the bathroom and began walking through the much quieter back of the bar to our group. I felt a large weight on my shoulders and turned ready to fight the creep who was touching me. 
I looked up and was met with a smug looking Bakugo, “What are you doing? I told you to wait. Everyone saw us go back here. They’re going to know what happened.”
“Good,” he shrugged. 
“Excuse me?” I was stunned now stopped in the hallway staring at him. 
“Come on,” he rolled his eyes stopping to face me. “You really wanna go back to shitty one night stands who only fuck you for the fame?”
I just sighed bowing my head. 
Bakugo positioned his lips next to my ear, “Or do you want the number one hero to fuck you so hard you squirt every time?”
“Think I’ll take the second option,” I smirked. 
“Good,” he smirked back beginning to walk again. 
“They did it!”
“They fucked!”
“Oh my...”
Many phrases uttered from our old class mates as we rounded the corner back to the table. 
“So, what happened?” Mina screeched at us. 
“Yeah, yeah,” Bakugo waved off. “We’re an item now.”
I looked up at him and realized that I was now dating my rival.
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