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#eventual romance
neakkoya · an hour ago
♡ 𝐒𝐰𝐞𝐞𝐭 𝐭𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐬 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐲𝐨𝐮.
Tumblr media
♡ 𝐏𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬:   Kuroo Tetsuro x Female!Reader
♡ 𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: fluff! although im not sure if it counts as a warning.. 
♡ 𝐖𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭: 1300+
♡ 𝐍𝐨𝐭𝐞𝐬: did you know, this was the very first fic that somii requested me to write on wattpad? gahhh i love this prompt so much. loving kuroo a little more though. enjoy the fic! ~ jia
Tumblr media
It was right after the school day at Nekoma High and your crazy bed-headed best friend Kuroo, with an even crazier laugh, had decided to bring you to the new cafe around the block. With your permission, of course.  
"Well... I heard the crepes and ice cream are pretty good there! Even Kenma approved it! And its your two favourite desserts!" He looked at you, almost pleadingly.
"Maybe..." You thought to yourself. Crepes and ice cream did sound good. It was a pretty warm day, too. Besides, what was more rewarding than a sweet treat after a long and arduous day at school? You called your mom to let her know you were going out, just in case she forgot that you weren't on babysitting duty today.
"Alright, then. Let's go." You smiled, excitedly thinking of the sweet crepes you were going to eat later. Maybe a chocolate one, with chocolate and vanilla ice cream.. or maybe a strawberry one with whipped cream! Oh, those sounded so good... 
"Yeah! Let's go!" He cheered, immediately brightening up and starting to run, dragging you along with him.
huff... huff... Why is he running so fast? huff... I feel like I'm in a shoujo manga!
"Alright, (Y/n). We're almost here." Kuroo smiled, pointing at the cosy cafe tucked away in the less populated part of the neighbourhood. You were absolutely in love with small cafes like this one, the vintage colours and chalk sign boards immediately making you beeline for it.
You started to search for your wallet to see if you had enough money for crepes and ice-cream. Then it hit you. You had left your wallet in your other bag! Tch, typical of me... being so careless!  Having a bento for lunch meant that you didn’t really have to use your money for food -- thus being careless to leave it in another bag. Guess I'll skip crepes for today and watch Kuroo eat. 
"Come on, let's go in." Your best friend held the door open for you and gestured you to come in, adding a sweet "Ladies first." You didn't know he had this gentlemanly side to him! It was definitely a change from him always slamming the door in your face and laughing at you after.
You entered the cafe and stared at the interior, immediately deciding that this was going to be your favourite place, ever. The bistro lights hanging overhead gave the cafe a cosy feel, complete with the potted succulents delicately placed in the middle of each wooden square table. The aroma of the cafe was amazing, like Kenma's cinnamon-and-sugar cookies when they had just come out of the oven fresh.
"Wow," You breathed, Kuroo letting out a chuckle at your amazement.
"I had a feeling you would like this place, so I brought you here." He smiled at you, leading you to a side table not too far away from the window and its translucent curtains. You decided to search for the type of curtains used, sure that they would be a cute addition to your room.
"Kuroo... this place is beautiful. But I'll just watch you eat, though." You smiled at him, softly adding in the last part and hoping that he didn't hear you. Unfortunately for you, that last part wasn't as soft as you had hoped it would be.
"What do you mean, you'll watch me eat? Kitten, I brought you here to treat you. What kind of man am I to bring a lady out and not pay for her meal?" He smirked at you. You immediately blushed heavily at the nickname and gentlemanly statement, unable to fight the smile that seemed etched onto your face, betraying all thoughts of seeming stoic and calm. The black-haired male called for a waiter as you stared dreamily at the vintage decor.
"Hey, sir - A hot chocolate and a? What would you like, (y/n)?" Kuroo looked at you, the faintest trace of a gentle smile ghosting his lips while calling for the waiter.  
"An iced latte for me, thank you." You nodded at the waiter, smiling politely.
"Oh, and two crepes with.." You tuned out the sound of the bed-headed male ordering desserts and turned your attention to the atmosphere of the cafe. It was so relaxing and calming, putting you at ease the moment you had walked through the door.
After a while, Kuroo noticed that you were daydreaming again.
"Hey, (y/n)- is the decor more attractive than me?" He smirked. You instantly felt bad. Kuroo had brought you all the way here and you had completely zoned out.
"Ah, sorry about that. I tend to daydream a lot." You blushed.
Before he could say anything else, the waiter came, bearing your dessert and latte. You thanked your lucky stars that a random stranger had saved you from embarrassment again, pink still tinting your cheeks.
"Alright, dig in! Itadakimasu!" The two of you dug into the crepes and ice cream. Kuroo had chosen a strawberry crepe and chocolate ice cream combination, knowing how much you loved the two flavours.
"Wow, this is almost as sweet as you." Kuroo said, so quietly and gently that you swore if there had been any other faintest whisper of noise, you would not have heard him at all. A rose-tinted blush crept its way up to your cheeks. What was with him and making you blush today? Goodness...
"A-Ah! Kuroo, you're making me blush so hard!" You thought, hiding your face in your hands.  
"Aw, is kitten blushing?" He smirked, leaning over to your side of the table. Smiling at you, he took a napkin and gently wiped your mouth area, clearing off any crumbs. You thought to yourself how cliche this felt.
Two high-schoolers in a cafe, eating desserts, while the boy pays for the girl's portion? (Y/n), you must have watched too much k-dramas the past week!
Suddenly, Kuroo leaned forward and clasped your dainty hands in his rough and callused ones. You leaned back in shock.
"So, (Y/n), the reason I wanted to bring you here was because I wanted to confess something to you. Ever since you moved here, I liked you. Like liked you. I would sneak flowers and letters into your locker as well, during Valentine's day. And I'm not sure if you think that you deserve me because there are way better, more gentlemanly, amazing guys out there, but I'm asking you to give me a chance, too. I love you so much, kitten.  So, (Y/n) (L/n), would you give me the honour of being your boyfriend?" He stared at you, silently hoping and pleading that you would give him a chance to make you feel like a princess, as if you were the luckiest girl in the world.
"Tetsuro Kuroo, I don't need any other man other than you, now. I don't need a man whom you think is better than you. I don't need a man with neater hair or a man who is a perfect gentleman all the time. I love you as well, I love how you slam doors in my face and laugh at me after, I love you for your messy bedhead which is utterly untameable. I love you for you, Tetsuro Kuroo, and I would be absolutely honoured to be your girlfriend." You smiled at him, love and admiration running through your veins for the black-haired man in front of you.
The look on his face was priceless as he stood up and swept you into his arms, kissing you all over while mumbling a series of quiet assurances that he wouldn't fail you as a boyfriend and would always be at your side. This definitely was a side that you had not seen before, the loving and patient side of Nekoma's captain. There were so many sides to him, and you were going to discover each and every one with each passing moment the two of you were together, on this journey of your relationship. And it was only just the beginning.
Tumblr media
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professorrw · a day ago
All I Want, Remus Lupin Fanfiction
Chapter Ten
Warnings: eventual smut, death, violence, swearing, age gap, slight angst, major spoilers for Deathly Hallows
A/N: I hope you guys enjoyed this! If you did, like, comment, and reblog! If you would like to be added to my taglist (permanent or for this series) tell me and I’ll put you on there!
Tumblr media
As you had guessed, the weather quickly became cold in the following months. You didn't know the exact date but it had to be around December. Things were the same between you and Lupin. Light flirtation sometimes, but just friendly chat for the most part. You were trying to ignore, or at least not mention, your growing feelings towards him. Sometimes when Remus wasn't paying attention you would watch and admire him.
You had not heard anything from Harry or Hermione so you assumed everything was going fine. It had been multiple months since your departure from the Burrow. It had also started snowing outside so you assumed it was nearly Christmas. This particular morning, the snow was packed thick and coming down heavily. There was no way you were going to be outside.
You decided to light a fire in the fireplace the miscellaneous chairs were gathered around. It gave the tent a very cozy atmosphere and made it feel like Christmas. "Good morning!" Remus greeted you. He was strangely cheerful even though the full moon was approaching. "Good morning. I thought I would make a fire because of all the snow. It's around Christmas time I believe."
"Yes, Christmas. Your first without your parents. How are you doing?"
"I'm... okay. It hurts but it is getting better. They didn't want me to dwell on their... death."
"I imagine they were very proud to have a daughter such as yourself," Lupin smiled.
"I would like to think so. What about your parents? You never speak of them."
"My mother died a few years ago and my father... I have not seen him in many years. I would not want to burden him with my condition."
"Remus you are no burden," you assured him.
"Well you may not think so but I do. There are many downsides to being what I am. Too many."
"Does it make it worse to be alone?" you asked.
"At times it was. But I was alone for a long time. I got used to it."
You nodded and went to fix breakfast, leaving Remus to his thoughts. You wanted to do something for Remus. But you weren't sure what. There was not much you could do or give him. Maybe you could convince Remus to let you go to a store and you could get him something.
That thought danced around in your head all day. You knew it was unlikely he would let you go anywhere by yourself. When you woke up the next morning you decided to ask him. "Remus. Can we go to a store? There is something I would like to do."
He eyed you suspiciously. "What is that you need to do?"
"I cannot tell you."
"You make a very compelling argument," he laughed.
"Please? I know it's dangerous but it's Christmas and we haven't left this tent in a while."
"Well... how about this, in a week or two, when the weather is cleared up and the full moon is over we can go somewhere."
"Alright then it's settled," you smiled.
It was a week and a half later when you finally left. You decided to go to a small town that was a few miles from the forest. It had a few muggle stores. Surely you would be able to find Remus something there. He asked you a few times what you were looking for but you wouldn't confess. You wanted his gift to be a surprise. The bookstore was the first place you decided to look.
You had Lupin wait outside for you, which made him very curious. You picked out a book of mysteries by a muggle writer. He enjoyed muggle stories. When you walked out he tried to ask what you bought but you hid the book in a bag and kept your mouth shut. Just a few doors down there was a clothing store that sold items similar to what Remus wore. You once again told him to stay outside. You found a nice sweater that you thought he would like and returned outside.
When you stepped outside you found that Remus was not there. You looked up and down the little street and didn't see him anywhere. A flood of relief came over you when he stepped out of a shop across from where you were standing.
"I thought you left me," you confessed on the walk outside of the town.
"I would never. I just wanted to look around."
"Did you see anything?"
"No not really."
You nodded and continued to walk side by side. Your thoughts drifted to your parents. They would be glad you were happy. They would like Remus. You liked him. There was no denying it. They would be ecstatic that you had found someone you liked and that Voldemort would possibly be defeated soon. Maybe you could tell Remus that. He didn't need to know all the details but you could trust him.
"Yes Y/N?"
"What Harry and Hermione and Ron are doing... and what I will possibly be doing, it's to defeat Voldemort." Not a second after the word came out of your mouth there were three loud CRACKS! You immediately saw Fenrir Greyback. He had two other people with him. Why are they here? It definitely wasn't anything good.
You and Remus drew your wands pointing them at the men. You were too late, they already had their wands out and had stunned both of you. You fell to the ground and the men approached.
"What do we 'ave here? This one is in the Order. One of Dumbledore's. I don't know who this lovely lady is," one of the men said.
"I know this one," Fenrir said, pointing at Remus. "I bit 'im"
"Ohoho a werewolf too! The Dark Lord will be proud!" One of the men had gripped you by the arm and jerked you up. "What do we do with her?" the man asked.
"If she's with 'im she must be important. You two take 'er back. I'll deal with this one," Fenrir said looking at Remus.
"Alright. Ready?" the man holding you said to the other. The bigger man, the one not gripping your arm, nodded. With another CRACK you appeared at a mansion. It had a large gate right in the front.
"Hey! We got someone! Might be important!" the smaller of the two men yelled. The gate turned into a mouth-like shape and spoke, "Come in. It better be good." You couldn't mistake that voice. It was Lucius Malfoy's. Your parents despised him and so did you.
They pulled you into the manor, not even looking at you. It was large and dark. The two men dragged you all the way to a sitting room, where none other than Draco and Lucius Malfoy were. Draco avoided your eye and instead looked at the floor.
"You said she was important so who is she?" Lucius asked impatiently.
"Well we aren't sure. But she was with a member of the Order!"
"Really? How curious." Lucius got up from his velvet chair and walked over to you. He grabbed your chin and forced you to look up at him. "What's your name?"
"Y/N Y/L/N" you spat out.
"A Y/L/N. Fenrir killed your parents not too long ago. How dreadful. You're an orphan," he laughed. "Draco, do you know her?"
"I don't know father."
"Well get over here and take a look," Lucius ordered. Draco walked over and looked at you. He knew who you were. You were a Slytherin Prefect. He knew you were friends with Harry too. He was going to tell Lucius you would know something about Harry's whereabouts.
"I know her. She was in Slytherin. She's two years ahead of me." Draco said flatly. You were astounded. Why didn't he say you were friends with Potter? You weren't friends with Draco and you never spoke to him either.
"Anything else?"
"No father."
"Take her to the cellar then."
Draco looked at you. He looked sad. He hoisted you up by the arm and pulled along some stairs to what you assumed was the cellars. He opened the door to one of the cells and pushed you in then left.
Tumblr media
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professorrw · 2 days ago
All I Want, Remus Lupin Fanfiction
Chapter Nine
Warnings: eventual smut, death, violence, swearing, age gap, slight angst, major spoilers for Deathly Hallows
A/N: I hope you guys enjoyed this! If you did, like, comment, and reblog! If you would like to be added to my taglist (permanent or for this series) tell me and I’ll put you on there!
Tumblr media
It was a week or so after Remus's attack and you noticed the weather starting to get chillier. Taking full advantage of the last days of summer, you went to the waterfall often and swam when the weather permitted.
It was one of those days where the sun was blaring. You went down to the waterfall and stripped down to your bra and panties. The water was cool and felt good on your skin. You had left Remus in the tent napping and wanted to catch the sunset if possible. You swam around for a bit and floated in the water, not taking any mind to the noises around you.
That was until you heard a few twigs snapping in the direction of the tent. Those weren't the normal noises you heard while out here; you hadn't encountered any animals large enough to snap twigs. You opened your eyes and sank into the water until only your nose and above was out of the water.
Remus was walking towards you. Of course. "Apologies, I didn't mean to startle you." He approached the edge of the water and noticed your pile of clothes. His eyes widened. Did he think you were fully dressed in there? You lightly laughed and stood up in the water; where you stood it only came to your chest. "You should get in, the water feels extraordinary. You won't be able to for much longer, it's going to get colder," you said.
"Oh I don't know... my wound is still healing."
"Your wound has healed really well. It won't hurt you to get in the water," you insisted.
"Well alright."
You turned around and let him have his privacy. When you felt ripples in the water you moved your body back around. Remus was standing in the water too. It stopped at his ribs. You swam backward, away from him, and closed your eyes. Feeling ripples in the water, you knew he was moving around too.
"It does feel nice. Thank you," he said, closer than you expected. You hummed and continued to float around. It was serene and peaceful. After a minute or two you decided to move behind the waterfall. There was a cave-like dip in the rocks behind the cascading water. You went through it and sat up on the rocks. Remus followed and sat next to you. You both stayed there, admiring your surroundings.
That was until Remus spoke up, "It's very beautiful. Is this what you do everyday?"
"Yes, it's calming. It almost makes me forget about what's going on."
You looked at Remus to find that he was already staring at you. His hair stuck to his forehead and he only had on his underwear, but so did you. You dropped your gaze from his body and looked back into the water. You could feel his eyes on you, watching you intently.
Your face heated up and did everything to avoid his gaze. It didn't work and of course you looked at him again. You felt the desire to get closer to him, to feel his skin on yours. What is going on? You shook your head, trying to clear it. "What is it?"
"I- um- nothing just enjoying the view," you happened to be looking at him when you said that. You immediately looked away, hoping that he didn't think you meant him. Even though you half did. Remus was attractive. He was tall, lean, and had a kind face. His hair was beginning to grey from it's natural light brown color but it still looked good. What are you thinking? Remus doesn't think of you that way. Or did he?
You felt flustered. Your thoughts were all over the place. It was normal to think of a man as attractive. Completely normal. But Remus wasn't like any other man. Even if you wouldn't accept it yet, you were starting to feel something towards him like never before. You had denied it a month ago but the affection was poking its way to the surface again.
Needing to cool off, you dived into the water, swimming halfway across the lake. You ultimately decided to get out of the water. You laid on the rocks that surrounded the lake and breathed. That's what you needed to do, breathe. Remus couldn't like you like that could he? He's older, 18 years older to be exact. But you were turning 20 in January. You were an adult.
You were wrenched out of your mind by Remus breaking the water and drying himself off. He stood with his back to you. Your eyes wandered the many scars on his skin. A moment later he had his clothes back on and was looking for a dry rock to sit on. That rock happened to be next to yours. He sat down, legs stretched out in front of him. You decided to sit up too, stretching your legs out and crossing your ankles.
You hadn't dried off or changed back into your clothes yet. You became acutely aware of the fact and crossed your arms over your chest. Remus must have noticed because he quietly chuckled. "You're being quiet," he said.
"I know. I don't want to disturb the peace. Not that you're disturbing the peace..." You were fumbling trying to find something to say. You weren't going to tell Remus you were thinking about him.
"Ah... okay. I thought you were avoiding talking to me," he confessed.
"No. I wouldn't do that. I enjoy talking to you."
"I'm glad. I enjoy talking to you as well."
You both stayed like that for a while before Remus headed inside and you put your clothes on, following after him.
Tumblr media
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professorrw · 3 days ago
All I Want, Remus Lupin Fanfiction
Chapter Eight
Warnings: eventual smut, death, violence, swearing, age gap, slight angst, major spoilers for Deathly Hallows
A/N: I hope you guys enjoyed this! If you did, like, comment, and reblog! If you would like to be added to my taglist (permanent or for this series) tell me and I’ll put you on there!
Tumblr media
You were slightly taken aback by Lupin's words. Unfortunately you didn't have time to think about it because you were interrupted by a silvery stag charging through the door of the tent. It was Harry's Patronus.
Even if you weren't aware of that fact, you would have been when it spoke, "Y/N, Ron has left us. He's fine, he's just being a git. We aren't doing anything right now and might not be for a while. We've made some headway but we are at a standstill right now. I just wanted to inform you. I will contact you again if we need you. Stay safe."
And just like that it disappeared. Ron left them? He knows how important this is. They must have got something done though. Did they find one of the Horcruxes? Have they destroyed anymore?
Your thoughts were interrupted by Remus, "Well at least they're all right and you don't have to go anywhere." There he goes again. Could he not understand how important the mission was to you? Or why you wanted to be there? You could avenge your parents. You could make the world into the one they wanted to see.
You huffed and turned your back on Remus. He didn't say anything but you could feel him looking at you. You could hear the covers ruffling and turned around to see Remus sitting on the floor next to you. It had slightly startled you and you'd leaned away from him in the process.
"I'm sorry Y/N."
"For what?"
"I know the mission is important to you. You don't think I know that."
"Because you don't act like you know how important it is."
"Your safety is my number one priority. And I was not lying when I said I care about you. I don't want to see you get hurt."
You felt your walls crumble a bit. He cared about you. But ridding the world of Voldemort was worth dying for. Making the wizarding world safe and fair is what your parents wanted. And so do you.
"I think my death is a small price to pay to see You-Know-Who gone."
"That's very noble but your death is a price I'm not willing to pay."
Slowly but surely, your wall was breaking. Why did he care so much? You couldn't help but think that he didn't want you to die because he would feel guilty. People would blame him because he was supposed to watch you. Or does he like you? That was impossible. You were his student. Nothing more. But you couldn't help but feel your body heat up at the thought of being something more.
"I-" you sighed. "If it makes you feel better, I'll try not to put myself in harm's way. But if Harry and Hermione need me, I'm going to help them."
He nodded, "I wouldn't expect anything less." He paused and seemed to think for a moment before resuming, "I can tell why you were put in Slytherin. You are extremely stubborn and determined." And despite the tense atmosphere, he laughed. Of course you laughed too.
He patted your shoulder and told you goodnight. It was hard to stay mad at Remus. He had a very calming aura about him that made you want to listen to whatever he said. Or maybe it was just you.
It was a few days later when Remus had informed you he would be leaving because of the full moon. The night had passed and he didn't return in the morning like normal. It didn't strike you as strange. Maybe this moon was harder on him. By the time it was dark outside he still hadn't returned. You went to sleep expecting he would return anytime soon.
You were awoken by a loud CLANG coming from the other side of the room. The tent was pitch black other than a small lantern that sat on the bedside table. After your eyes had adjusted to the darkness you saw Remus clutching his side and leaning against the counter. You hurriedly got up and made your way over. He was breathing heavily and didn't look at you when you approached.
There was blood coming from in between his fingers. "Remus! What happened? Are you okay?" you rushed. He looked over at you and you noticed how sick he looked. He didn't speak but you could tell something was obviously wrong. You leaned into the side that wasn't hurt and aided him towards the bed. He nearly collapsed as soon as you let go of him.
Now that he was laying down you pulled up the fabric of his shirt and examined his injury. He had a severe gash across his ribs and a bruise on his chest. You had helped out in the medical wing during your time at Hogwarts and had some experience with injuries. It took you a while but you were able to clean the cut and seal it. It would take some time to heal and would probably leave a scar but you noticed Lupin already had multiple littered across his torso.
He began to breathe easier so you took that as a good sign. It seemed like he was going to say something but you didn't want to push him too much.
"Thank," he winced from trying to sit up, "you." You slowly lowered him back onto the bed, not allowing him to get up. "You're welcome. You need to lay down for a while though." You pulled his shirt back down, fingers lightly grazing over his skin. "Do you remember what happened?"
He shook his head. "No. I believe it was an animal though."
"It's pretty rough. It would have been a big animal," you said. He let out a breath of air and nodded again. You were about to get up when Remus grabbed your hand. "Thank you."
He had already said it once but you said, "You're welcome," once again. He didn't let go of your hand and it didn't seem like he was going to. He continued to hold onto it so you decided to scoot over, sitting next to him, back against the headboard. He closed his eyes and layed there, not saying anything. After a few minutes you were consumed by sleep, finally realizing how tired you were.
When you woke up Remus was still lying next to you, hand in yours. You didn't want to disturb him so you grabbed a book from the bedside table and read quietly. Less than ten minutes later he stirred, taking in a deep breath and opening his eyes. He gazed at you and then moved the hand that wasn't in yours to his ribs. "You'll be okay. It just needs time to heal."
"I don't imagine you'll let me out of bed and make breakfast?" he joked. "No, I'm making breakfast. And lunch and dinner. You need to rest." When you stood up, your hand slipped out of his. After holding onto his warm hand for hours, it felt odd not to. You fixed him breakfast and lunch as promised, letting him sit up and leave the bed only to use the bathroom. By dinner he had gained most of his energy back and said he felt much better. Although you were skeptical, you let him get out of bed and sit in a chair.
Noticing he was still wearing the shirt from last night, which was covered in blood, you skimmed through his clothing and picked out a sweater. You handed it to him and turned around, waiting for him to put it on but you didn't hear any movement. "I can't raise my arms up. I hate to ask you this, but could you help me?"
When you faced him he was looking at the floor in front of you, not meeting your eyes. You walked towards him and leaned down, gently pulling up the hem of his shirt. He avoided looking at your face and instead turned his head away from yours. His face had turned a light shade of red and you could feel the heat in yours. He pulled his arms through the holes and you lifted the shirt above his head, leaving him topless.
You had seen his torso last night but at the moment you were too busy trying to fix his wounds. He had scars all over his chest, ribs, and stomach. He was lean too. Apparently you had been staring because Remus looked you in the eye and raised his eyebrows. You gulped and went back to putting a new sweater on him. Every time your fingers touched his skin it felt like electric shocks going through your body. You finished helping him and he told you a quiet "Thank you."
You took his blood-stained shirt and tossed it into the pile of clothes that needed to be washed. That, however, was a job for later.
Tumblr media
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awkwardgaychild · 3 days ago
❝ 𝙄𝙛 𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙨 𝙛𝙚𝙚𝙡𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙛𝙡𝙤𝙬𝙨 𝙗𝙤𝙩𝙝 𝙬𝙖𝙮𝙨 ❞
❝ Wherever you go, whatever life throws at you... In Teyvat, the stars in the sky will always have a place for you. ❞
Tumblr media
"Paimon isn't going to keep waiting you know!" The fairy-like creature pouted, huffing for the umpteenth time, grumbling about how slow the two young adults were.
"Woah, calm down Jamal-" You snorted, covering your mouth to prevent your laughter, albeit futile. Aether chuckled as well, having been to that universe prior, at least enough to understand the meme.
Paimon glared at you, and began yelling- though your attention were else where. Up ahead, there were a teenager wearing mostly red, her brown hair flowing down her back, and then she turned towards you guys- you hid quickly behind Aether, flushing crimson, having gotten a peek of her face. She was so beautiful- it was hard to look at women and not flush at the sight. Her golden brown hues landed on you, and she smiled widely, quickly jogging to the trio.
Noticing your flustered reaction, Paimon and Aether shared a sneaky glance, and grinned, before addressing the girl in front of them. "Hello...?"
The girl looked at Aether, and perked up. "Oh! Right! I'm Outrider Amber of the Knights of Favonius! You three are a bunch of outlanders right? I was going to clear a hilichurl camp up ahead- ah, I guess you guys can join me! What are all of your names?"
"Y-Y/N L/N!" You squawked, feeling your cheeks burn in embarrassment and oh god, Aether will never let you live this down, will he?
"Aether, and this is our emergency food!" He pointed to Paimon, making her yell again, complaining loudly on how much of a 'bad companion' Aether was.
He just smirked at Paimon. "Yet you were the one who I had to save from drowning despite being able to float?" And then Paimon went quiet, giving him a hard glare.
Amber laughed at the group's antics, and shook her head fondly. "C'mon, accompany me, will you?"
Tumblr media
After officially seeing you and Aether to the city of wind and freedom, Mondstadt, Amber took her leave, although Aether followed her, leaving you by yourself. You rather being by yourself than having Paimon with you, her yelling and talking was getting annoying pretty fast.
You sighed, and focused on trying to get a little mora, maybe you'll ask Aether for some, you needed different clothes than the pale white dress you had on, you stuck out sorely. You twiddled with your long h/c locks, wincing every time your bare feet collided with some debris on the ground.
"You stick out sorely, miss." A deep velvety voice from your left spoke, making you jump and let out a small shriek, turning your head to a tall male whom was barely half a foot away from your face. You could smell a faint minty smell from him, and you cheeks lit up slightly, as you took in his appearance. "What's your name, miss?"
Well, it wouldn't hurt to tell him your name, and if he tried anything... well he wouldn't, you noticed that Aether was just a few feet away, though not facing you, however, there was a bunch of shop keepers looking at you and Aether, so there was no way he can do something without your consent. "Y/N. Y/N L/N. What is your name?"
He smirked, making you shiver, his visible eye boring into yours. "Kaeya. Now, what is a young, beautiful lady like you doing in Mondstadt hmm?~ You're obviously not from here, and you aren't even wearing shoes.."
"That's only because I travelled worlds like this!" You spoke, feeling a bit irritated that he's quite possible thinking you're a danger. 'The nerve...!'
"Then why stick around in Teyvat?" He shot back, causing you to give a hard glare, then you looked at the ground, thinking to yourself. ...Why did you stick around in Teyvat? You always travelled the world, but, something about Teyvat made you want to stay... "Aw, cat got your tongue?~" Kaeya teased, and you just huffed, stomping away from the male. "Bye pretty lady~"
Tumblr media
A day has passed, and you found out that Aether has obtained a wind glider from Amber, along with instruction on how to use it. "That's so cool Aether! You get to glide everywhere, I bet."
He smiled and shook his head. "Not really, but it doesn't matter. I'm sorry I didn't have enough mora to get you a place to stay for the night..." You looked at him, and gave him a side hug.
"Don't worry about it, I don't need to be pampered, you may have vowed to protect me, but that doesn't mean you get to waste your mora on me." You gave him a look, and he caved in, sighing, as he hugged you tightly. You just smiled, and gently put a hand on the back of his head. "Let's get going Aether, before Paimon starts fussing, besides. It's noon, we can have some fun!"
Aether snorted at your childishness, but ultimately followed you, allowing you and him to have a bit of fun for a while, though that soon ended as a giant dragon attacked Mondstadt.
"What the fuck-" You gasped, seeing Aether being pulled into a tornado the dragon caused, and you dashed out to go after him, however Amber pulled you close to her, leading the both of you to fall on the floor. "Amber! Aether-! Omph!"
"You can't just dash to him Y/N!" Amber yelled desperately, grasping your waist to make sure you stayed put. "He's wearing a wind glider, you are not, if you got pulled into that wind you surely would have died!" Shaking her head, she hugged you close. "I'm responsible for you two, I wouldn't know what to do if one of you guys got seriously injured... are you okay?"
You nodded, and sighed, knowing deep down, that Amber was indeed right. A few minutes has passed, and soon Aether was back on the ground, and the dragon was nowhere near Mondstadt, supposedly fleeing. Both you and Amber went to make sure the male was alright, and turned once you heard someone clapping. "Not you..." You groaned, giving a glare to Kaeya, who just smirked at you.
"Well well well, look who had the guts to go up against Stormterror." He smiled, though you knew he must be planning something. Amber seemed to notice it too, and gave Kaeya a look.
"C'mon! We don't have time for this- Kaeya, Aether, Y/N we must-" She was interrupted by Kaeya, who gave her a mischievous smile.
"Hold on Amber, are you forgetting to introduce us?~" Kaeya flitted his gaze to you, making you glare up at him.
"Oh, right! This is Kaeya, our Cavalry Captain, and these three-" She pointed to you, Aether and Paimon. "Are travellers from afar! Outlanders." Amber took a breath, and began to explain the situation to Kaeya, who was having doubts before, at least, that's what it seemed.
"Ah, I see, in that case, welcome to Mondstadt, however you haven't arrived in the best of times."
You began to tune out everything this overly flirty knight was saying, mostly directed to Aether then to you anyway, until he said something about the Acting Grand Master inviting them to the headquarters. 'Polished flooring..! I won't have to injure my feet no longer!' Nearly crying in relief, you held Aether's hand as he followed Kaeya into the headquarters.
After re-explaining everything to Jean, who you learned was the Acting Grand Master, she extended her gratitude to you and Aether. "You may reside in Mondstadt while we help you seek out your sister." Jean said earnestly, making Aether a bit flustered.
"I-i really should be helping out as well though!" He announced, making Paimon nod her head.
"Paimon will help as well!" She chirped, making Aether smile. "Y/N, you should stay here, you're certainly not dressed to be fighting!" Paimon vocalized Aether's inner thoughts, and though he didn't want to admit it out loud, you unmistakably wasn't dressed to go exploring, yet alone fighting.
"Okay.." You bit your lip, sighing. "I'll stay here, in Mondstadt, you guys can go along, don't worry about me all that much." You gently left the room, deciding to go to the library. A guard was at the door, and you asked graciously that when Aether comes back, if you could be told. Thank Archons for your charm, because the guard agreed, and allowed you to enter.
"Guess I'll be waiting quite a while huh...?"
Tumblr media
❝ 𝙄 𝙘𝙤𝙪𝙡𝙙 𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙡𝙡𝙮 𝙪𝙨𝙚 𝙖 𝙬𝙞𝙨𝙝 𝙧𝙞𝙜𝙝𝙩 𝙣𝙤𝙬.. ❞
AN: 1.5k words, and we are just barely getting into the prologue of Genshin.
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bionicbarnes · 4 days ago
Masterpost: You Weren’t My Mission (Bucky x Reader)
Tumblr media
Summary: Bucky Barnes is working his way through his list of names, and you're on it after having been a casualty in one of the Winter Soldier's missions in 2012. As he makes his amends, you try to get to know him in an attempt to un-work the difficult memories you've held onto all of these years since the attack. Being friendly with your former nightmare has its complications, but one thing leads to another that happens to make that easier.
[This is a loose summary, as I am in the process of writing the story and am not 100% certain of all of its contents]
Content: fem!reader, slow burn, angst, eventual smut (none yet), bucky makin amends in more ways than one iykwim
TW: sexual content (not yet) and mentions of ptsd, violence
Chapter 1 – A Second Encounter
Chapter 2 – Making Amends
To be continued...
Also available on Wattpad and AO3
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eirian-houpe · 5 days ago
Time’s Curse - Chapter 1
Fandom: Once Upon a Time (TV)
Rating: Mature (for now)
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Belle/Rumplestiltskin | Mr. Gold
Characters: Blue Fairy | Mother Superior, Rumplestiltskin | Mr. Gold, Belle (Once Upon a Time), Mad Hatter | Jefferson, Baelfire | Neal Cassidy, Victor Frankenstein | Dr. Whale
Additional Tags: AU, Original Character(s), Non Storybrooke, London, The Enchanted Forest (Once Upon a Time), Angst, Pining, Eventual Romance, Eventual Smut, Murder, will add others as necessary
Summary: Never fall in love - such is the admonition given to Rumplestiltskin. Blue sees fit to interfere with his plan to reach a world without magic by sending him there herself so that he can pursue his quest to find his son, but he is not alone in this world without magic, nor does it appear that he is entirely free to live his life as he would wish. In the course of his seemingly fruitless search for Baelfire, Rumplestiltskin takes a job as a history teacher at an exclusive private school, and there meets Isabelle - the French teacher. All of a sudden that interdiction against falling in love seems to be really important.
A/N: This is a book AU based upon the novel "How To Stop Time," by Matt Haig. The request to Rumbelle the story was made by @peacehopeandrats, for whom this fic is written.
Read on AO3
Chapter 1: Never Fall In Love
He hated fairies.
He hated them with an unmatched passion, incomprehensible even to him, because of course no one had ever told him why he should.
They were good, and light - guardians of  dreams and wishes; caretakers of the downtrodden, weren’t they? Magicians, sorcerers, wizards and tricksters, he hated them too, but mostly because he was one. Bully, Deal-maker, swindler, master of all he purveyed… master of darkness. His hatred of fairies when far beyond the age old clash of light and dark.
One in particular.
The one who had shattered his life, and then offered him the promise of redemption. Hope on a plate laid bare of meat and sauce, and bread. Offered him a way beyond trusting the casting of the Dark Curse, and the years of misery and imprisonment he must endure in the meantime; the long wait, and the infallibility of the human heart - even one that was the product of truest magic of all, to an apprentice whom he’d had to manipulate and cajole into becoming all that she could be. The one whom he was certain was about to snatch it all out from beneath his reaching hands, mocking him as every other had throughout his life, even his son’s mother.
She opened her mouth to speak - here it comes.
“There’s only one thing,” she said, her voice tinkling and he had to sit on his hands on the tree trunk to resist the urge to swat her from the air. “Well, perhaps there are other things too that might occur, but we’ll all have to cross that bridge when we come to it and—”
“The point, dearie,” Rumple freed a hand and waggled his fingers in Blue’s direction and giggled playfully when she flew aloft as if expecting to be crushed by his dark magic.
“Yes, well,” she said, composing herself and smoothing her skirts as she flew back down to Rumplestiltskin’s eye level. “The one rule you must follow above all else: Never fall in love.”
There was an anticlimactic pause, in which her words played over the Dark One’s face as if it were the most ridiculous proclamation in the entire realms - which if course it was, after his previous taste of that particular debacle. Of course he had been mortal then, but… no matter. The pain of it was the same.
“Is that it?” he sneered after a moment.
“You want more?” she asked.
“I want my son,” he answered, overly patient and with a sour twist to his mouth as he considered what thoughts must be going through the blue fairy’s mind. Unable to hold his curiosity any longer and tapping a finger across his mouth as he tipped his head to the side, he asked, “Do you honestly think that’s what I want… love?”
“It’s at the heart of most people’s wishes,” she said.
“I’m not most people,” Rumplestiltskin countered.
“No, no you’re not,” the blue fairy agreed. “Dark One, look at you, but see that you above all people must crave a drop of kindness in his life.
Rumplestiltskin scoffed. “Kindness…? Love…? You think I enjoyed being cuckolded by a pirate, or to have my words and their meaning, twisted so that they could be used to take another’s life, and threaten that of my son?”
“Of course not,” Blue said quickly as Rumplestiltskin’s anger grew. “But that was other people, no you, not Milah…”
“Oh, believe me when I tell you,” Rumplestiltskin snarled at the mention of his late wife’s name. “I’m a difficult man to love.”
“That doesn’t mean you don’t crave it, won’t crave it. Why is it that you want your son, after all?” Blue argued.
“Because he’s mine.” Rumplestiltskin cried out strong enough to drive her back. Then repeated more quietly, “My son.”
“You’ll be as a mortal, there - appear as one anyway - you may love things, and food… fine wines and the sounds of rain and thunder over the mountains…” It took Rumplestiltskin quite some time, in his incredulity, to realize that these were favorite things of the blue fairy as the list rattled on, and he screwed up his nose at the thought that he could find any of those things appealing. “But love of people, the love of a person… a special someone. No. Absolutely forbidden, because otherwise, it will drive you slowly mad.”
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kimhargreeves · 6 days ago
These Boots Are Made For Walkin'- Cruella de Vil x Reader
Summary: You've had a tough childhood and even tougher adulthood, and now after being dropped by your punk band you meet an old friend who was an enemy of yours actually.
(This is a female x female reader. I know the movie isn't out yet, but I wrote from what I've seen in the trailers and how Estella must've been before becoming Cruella)
Tumblr media
"Well here we are.""Well here we are."
I pouted as I looked at the giant building in front of me, many people going in and out of it. "I don't want to go." I turned back and held onto my mom's coat as I began to silently cry.
"Now now everything will be alright, think of it this way. You'll maybe make a friend today. I wish I could walk you in but I'll be late for work, I'll pick you up early okay?"
My mom wipes my tears and kissed my head. U slowly walked into the building and glanced back to see my mother had already left. I stared down at my feet as I walked down the hallway, so many kids my age have friends and always smile. I wish I could have a frien-
I hit against someone! I looked up afraid and took a step back when I saw a girl with an odd hair color, half of it being white and the other black. She glared at me and clenched both her fists
"Hey! What where you're going, you don't want to fight me do you?" She taunted as she now gripped into the collar of my uniform and everyone stopped to see what they was happening.
A teacher came and seperated us. "Class is starting, let's go." Was all the teacher said and I followed into class. I sat far back in my seat and frowned when I noticed this girl and I share the same class, meaning we'll be classmates for a long time.
A couple of weeks went by and thing's were only getting worse, that girl had officially become my bully but I noticed whenever she was alone that kids would throw her things and call her names. I tried being friends with her but all she did was laugh and push me down to the ground and she left.
I was sitting inside a bathroom stall with my uniform all wet since the girl had thrown milk on my head and now I was soaking and shivering from the cold. I haven't told Mom on what has been happening, I don't want her to worry since she already has a lot in her hands.
She works all day without rest and I want to prove to her that I am fine and having food grades, that is true, I'm the best in class when it comes to participating and tests.
If only my father were here to see me. I rarely see him, last time I did was threw years ago, he works outside of the U.K so he's never really home. He sends money but mom needs someone else to talk to and have fun.
I sniffed and grabbed some more toilet paper and tried to dry the best I could, slowly I began to walk down the hallway until I saw her again. I glared at her hard but my hands became sweaty and I felt my throat getting tight.
I want to scream, say to her how I feel and how I've hated the way she treats me. "Came back f or more?" She smirked and crossed her arms.
"...I hate you." I muttered.
The girl uncrossed her arms and stared at me surprised, "What did you say?" She began to walk faster towards me until the principal showed up and look at us.
"Now's not the time. (Y/N), follow me." I saw my bully upset she couldn't do anything, so I followed the principal as quickly as I could into the office.
"That was great! You guys rocked." I tiredly smiled and nodded my head at the fans compliment and heard everyone around me talk about the show and everything else unimportant.
It's been several years since I left school and joined a punk rock band. I am the lead guitarist to the band one of my friends created about two years ago, lucky for us we've made plenty of fans and we've been saving up the money to make an album.
I haven't really been the happiest since I was little, especially when I started school. My last day of school was when the principal came looking for me, and has told me my mother got into an accident and passed away. I was forced to leave school especially since I told the principal about the bullying, so I left and my mother's side of the family raised me.
"We've got something huge happenings lads!" Our vocalist Steve came running in and told us we were to play in a few days at a major event. Some high class people were looking for a punk band for some reason to play at an opening ceremony.
I was hesitant since Steve didn't exactly ask for much details on it. "That's gonna be wicked! (Y/N) you in?"
Anything for the money. "Sure." I responded.
The band began to discuss a couple of more things and planned on staying late at night to drink, I on the other hand wasn't planning on doing the same, so I said my goodbyes and started walking to my apartment.
The streets were dark and some areas surrounded my young people partying and drinking but someone caught my eye. I stopped in front of a window and saw a woman my age dressing up a mannequin.
She seems too focus on the mannequin that she didn't even notice me, or the current late hours of the night. Her red hair seemed messy and she would fix the glasses in her face, I tried taking a good look at her but it started to rain.
I quickly started to walk back to my place, I wonder what boss makes a single girl work in the middle of the night.
"You guys are what?!" I angrily shouted at my band. It had been the next day when they called me, saying that they no longer needed me. "I've done so many favors! Who do you think got permission for us to play last night?!"
Steve looked back at the rest of his band and he tried his best to explain. "Yeah..thanks for that but we don't have the money to-"
"Cut the crap! I've put every pound into this band and this is how you treat me?" I was beyond upset and angry.
"Whatever. I'll have a much better job, one that pays double the price." I grabbed my guitar before they could take it from me and I headed out the doors.
They used me those pathetic idiots! Every time I would have money I'd put it so we could have better instruments. I ignored the weird looks I got as I continued to walk outside with an angry look on my face.
I sat down by the park and tried to relax a bit. I took out my notebooks and began to write a couple of things as I listened to my cassette player.
"Nice music." I glanced back and was surprised to see that red headed girl from late last night. "You have great tastes, I quite enjoy that sort of genre also. You play?"
She asked pointing at my guitar with a pencil she has in hand. "I draw?" I ask instead and see her open notebook, the sketch of a woman with fancy clothes.
"Yes, I'm a fashion designer or I'm trying to be one." She chuckles to herself and fixes her glasses and looks at me. "I'm Estella."
"(Y/N)." I say since I'm not good at conversations. "Umm..that sketch of yours looks great."
"Oh, thanks! My boss however says differently, she's right though, I can do so much better but I haven't been inspired by anything."
I listen to her continue to talk and I keep staring at her, I feel nervous all of the sudden but in a good way, like my heart is pounding faster and my hands are sweaty.
This can't be happening again. I look away and begin to curse at myself for thinking this way. It's been no secret to my closest friends about my preference in relationships. I've had a boyfriend once but it didn't work out because I realized that I don't like guys...
This is the 70's things like that aren't acceptable. I have to put my feelings aside.
"I have to go." I quickly began to gather my things and hurriedly began to walk across the park.
"Hey wait!"
I ignored everything around me until I felt something wrap around my legs and I realized a dog had run after me and tangled it's leash onto me, and I'm gonna fall in the pond!
The water splashed and I had fallen in. I heard some people gasp and others laugh at my actions. "I am so sorry!" Estella said when she reached me and held onto the dog which I assume is hers.
"Can I treat you to something? Your guitar!" She gasped when she helped me out of the water and saw my now wet and useless guitar.
"I'll pay it! How much do you want?!" She began to freak out and took out her bag, I was ready to shout but I saw that she had no money in her bag and realized, she's in the same situation as I am.
I breathed in and out and was now calm. "There's no need to..but you can treat me for lunch." I suggest with a frown.
What am i even saying?!
"You sure? It's a date then..I-I mean it's not a date but getting to know each other, again I'm sorry for what my dog did." Her face was almost the same shade as her dyed hair.
A smile made it to my lips and I genuinely felt different, happy almost. "Apologies accepted, Estella."
The both of us began to walk to the nearest diner alongside her dog. I glanced at her every now and then and couldn't help but stare at her, she seems just a bit familiar. Maybe I'll get to know her better.
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professorrw · 6 days ago
All I Want Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
Remus Lupin x Reader
Y/N's second year out of Hogwarts is nothing like she could have ever imagined... romance, tragedy, and adventure
Warnings: eventual smut, death, violence, swearing, age gap, slight angst, major spoilers for Deathly Hallows
This fanfiction is not completed yet! New chapters come out everyday!
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine
Chapter Ten
Chapter Eleven
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universe-of-heart · 8 days ago
Strange Magic
Welcome to "Rowen is bad at naming fics", this time featuring my newest hyperfixation: Dragon Age Inquisition (ten years late tyvm). Anyway, I'm having fun and I think that's all that matters and I just want somewhere I can have things in better order because my doc is a mess rn. Anyway, here's part 1! (another note is this will follow a lot of the main plot as I continue to play the game but also extra parts and I will be using cutscene dialogue but I am NOT writing out the entire game, just parts I like for my character)
When she was a young girl, Kiera could remember feeling like she stuck out more than other members of her clan. It wasn’t anything drastic, she could remember her parents telling her every young person felt that way until they grew into themselves. Her father had the same issue growing up. They’d encouraged her to explore outside of the clan where she’d be gone for days at a time, which quickly grew to weeks, until she’d return for more lessons on her growing magic.
In her early 20s, she remembered leaving for the last time. Her parents were older, unconcerned about most of her adventures, and continued with their lives as she came home less and less. It wasn’t entirely that they didn’t care, more so she didn’t care to keep up with the clan any longer now that she was grown. And, one day, she never returned to the clan.
Traveling south through Ferelden changed the course of her life. She was in her late 20s at that point, though she’d stopped keeping track of that a while ago, when she stumbled into a seemingly innocent cave. In there, she saw green light, demonic spiders, a reaching hand, and then a flash of pain before darkness.
And then, there was more pain as she came to, a burning, sharp, electric sensation zipped up her arm from her left palm. She was chained, she recognized that much, and there were soldiers armed and swords pointed down at her. Not that she could move much even if she could take all of them at once. She could still hear the sounds from the cave in her head, echoing scittering noises mixed with creaking and a muffled scream that nearly sounded like her. Her head felt thick and heavy and she just wanted to curl up and cry.
The door in front of her swung open violently as an angry woman stomped towards her, followed closely by another. The first circled behind her and leaned down, making her wince and want to lean away from her.
“Tell me why we shouldn’t kill you now.”
Truthfully, if she had been of completely sound mind and body and had focused enough on her situation, maybe she would’ve snapped back sarcastically, saying they shouldn’t kill her because she really didn’t care for death. Instead, she stayed quiet, fighting the urge to shrink into herself.
“The conclave is destroyed. Everyone who attended is dead.”
The woman sounded tortured by grief and Kiera felt a pang of sympathy in her chest. She could only imagine how sympathetic she’d be if she wasn’t chained and in a dungeon.
“Except for you.”
She blinked, twice, before her mind caught up with her. “ don’t-you think I’m responsible for-”
“Explain this!”
The woman grabbed the manacle and lifted her arms, the green flare on her palm lighting up and making her whimper in a shock of pain.
“I can’t-”
“What do you mean, ‘you can’t’?”
“I-I don’t even know what’s happening, I don’t know what you’re saying!”
“You’re lying!”
Kiera flinched away as her capture moves to strike her before the other intervenes, pushing her back a few feet. Taking a stuttering breath, the elf tried to steady herself again, terror starting to send tremors through her body.
“I don’t understand,” she pleaded as they turned back to her, “I-...people are dead…? Why can’t I remember that?”
The woman in purple-or what she thought was purple in the flickering torch light-crossed her arms and looked down on her, but kept the more aggressive of the two, who she swore she heard her call Cassandra, at bay behind her.
“What do you remember, then? How did this begin?”
“I-” her mind raced, suddenly, trying to scramble for any pieces that were laying around. It felt like searching for something that didn’t exist, only fragments that felt oddly placed
“I remember...running. A cave, spiders, I...I remember a woman?”
That struck something in her interrogators. “A woman?”
Her head dropped, eyes focused on a farther, distant point in the past. “I...think she was reaching for me…”
Cassandra moved to force her companion back towards the door, back turned to the prisoner on the floor. “Go to the forward camp, Leliana. I will take her to the Rift.”
There wasn’t another word exchanged between the two of them, just a simple nod as the warrior began to unshackle her and lift her to her feet.
“I’m nearly afraid to ask, but...what did happen?”
She looked grim for a moment, face hard lines and edges, and Kiera could barely wrap her head around just where she’d found herself now. “It will be easier to show you.”
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insufferablepanda · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Beyond the Realms of Possibility [ 1 ]
CONTENT/WARNINGS: pirate au, pirate! Levi x reader, blood + violence, pirates, mythical creatures, slow burn, romance, eventual smut, nsfw
NOTES: hi friends! i had fun writing this - sassy but actually soft levi + timid yet badass when pushed into a corner reader ?? yes pls. 🥺 also like I threw in a lil sinbad reference cause sinbad/pirate Levi is *chefs kiss* (if you know sinbad then you’re an og) as always thanks for reading - if you got past the prologue, thanks for making it here *muah*
September 1740 | Aboard the Titan
“State your name and business,” a voice calls from behind the wooden door.
“William Knox, sir,” you reply hesitantly. Being in the presence of the Commander made you nervous, even if he was behind a closed door.
Finally, all your efforts led you to this moment; someone who could provide answers to all your questions. The leader of such a grand ship would have to be on par with legends like Blackbeard and Bartholomew.
“Blackbeard was a bloodthirsty pirate,” you recall your fathers eager words, “A cruel and heartless man but nonetheless a legendary explorer. Sailing through the West Indies, he conquered everything in his path, sparing nothing and no one.”
“And The Great Bartholomew,” your father had a tendency to ramble on during bedtime, not that you minded, “taking over 400 prizes during his life of active piracy, it is said he became one of the first Pirate Kings!”
Would the Commander of the Titan be on par with such legendary Pirate Kings? Just as bloodthirsty? Merciless? You twist the straps of your satchel anxiously as you stand outside of the door impatiently; each passing second feeling like forever.
When finally he calls for you to enter, you open the door tentatively. Peering in, your eyes immediately fall to a man who doesn’t acknowledge your presence. The room itself is quieter than the noisy deck. The Commander’s quarters were empty with the exception of a bed and a bookshelf that reminded you of your father’s - filled to the brim with books, scrolls and parchment paper. However, there is one thing you do note - it’s exceptionally cleaner than the rest of the other seen parts of the ship. Walking in with a little more confidence, you close the door behind you.
The man continues to write at his desk, as though you are not even there. To say the least, you were surprised...perhaps even disappointed? The Captain of the ship is nothing like how you imagined. He isn’t rugged, smelly, nor evil-looking in any way. He’s much more cleaner and a lot less taller than what you expected but nonetheless...he’s handsome.
When he finishes his last scribble, grey eyes, sharp as steel, meet yours and slowly drink in your appearance. The man’s piercing stare making you even more nervous. You feel the cold sweat drip down your back, dampening the binds that suffocated your breasts. Suddenly, it felt harder to breathe more than ever.
“Knox, was it?” He places the quill down. Leaning back in his seat, he crosses his arms seemingly disappointed at the sight of you. He looks upset and it makes you fidget.
Clearing your throat, making sure it’s an octave lower before speaking, “Yes, sir.”
“I hear you're good with maps,” he stands, strolling slowly around the desk. His eyes never leave you for a second causing your mouth to dry. On the outside you try to remain calm but your uneasy heart bangs from the inside of your chest, making it even harder to breathe with the constricting binds. At first, all you can manage is a nod but his piercing stare compels you to speak.
“I’d like to be a part of your crew sir,” you say, barely above a whisper. He scoffs. Not the reaction you were expecting.
His dark and cold eyes look at you, clearly unconvinced, “Cut the act.”
His response causes you to freeze. Had he caught on already? Were you too easy to read?
“You’re going to have to do a lot better than that,” he says dryly, before flicking the cap off your head. He’s fast. And before you can react, your long hair falls in curly waves, exposing who you truly are.
“I-...I can explain,” you say, nearly on the brink of tears. Is this where it all ends?
Leaning back on the edge of the desk, he tilts his head to the side, taking in your stuttering form. His lips turn upward slightly before shaking his head, “You’re lucky the crew is too stupid to see through your shitty ensemble.”
It takes a while but then it finally dawns on you that he’s amused. You huff, gathering your hair in its original bun, then finally concealing it under the snug cap.
“You didn’t have to be so rude about it,” you eye him sidedly, “I’m assuming you know why I’m here then. Did Kenny tell you everything?”
Ignoring you, he lifts a small teacup to his lips- slim fingers curve along the rim, careful not to smudge its shiny surface, before finally lifting to his thin lips to take a sip. The fine china contrasts the overall dungy aesthetic of the ship and the sight of the Commander and his delicate cup paints a beautiful composition, a duality that is dangerous, yet alluring.
“Does ignoring when addressed run in the family?” you ask, satire dripping off every word; Your impatient temper getting the best of you. He shoots you a dirty look and immediately you regret ever speaking.
“Don’t lump me together with that shitty man,” he scoffs.
“Isn’t he your uncle?” you ask, confused.
“Unfortunately,” he grunts before walking around to his desk again. After reaching into a drawer, he pulls out an iron key and tosses it over to you. Taken aback, the key bounces up and down against your palm clumsily before you get a firm grasp. He sighs and runs a hand through his hair, “Are you really Samuel Reader’s daughter?”
You huff offendedly, “Why does everyone keep asking me that?”
For once his usual bored face has a change of emotion, his lips turning upward in what you would almost call a smile, “He was a great man.”
You roll your eyes, “I keep hearing that too, but trust me when I say it’s hard for me to believe.”
He shakes his head, crossing his arms once again, “Do you know nothing of you father?”
You blink once. Then twice. You were getting tired of people asking you why you knew nothing but insisted on keeping you in the dark.
“That’s kind of the premise of why I am here.”
Commander Levi sighs then gestures to the key in your hand, “Walk to the right and down the hall. The very last door on your left is your quarters. Although it was originally a cupboard, it’s the only room with a lock.”
“Thanks,” you grip it tightly before slipping it into your pocket. You want to ask him more questions but he raises a hand, motioning for you to leave.
“I’ll give you time to settle down,” he repositions himself in his seat, resumming what he was doing before your arrival.
When you leave Commander Levi’s quarters you follow his directions and eventually arrive. You twist the key and the door’s uneven hinges squeak loudly as it opens. There’s nothing but a bed and an empty bucket. You drop your satchel to the ground then flop onto the springy mattress. Moving from one place to another left you feeling exhausted. But after meeting Commander Levi, it finally seemed like you were on your way to uncovering some of your father’s secrets.
Later that evening, a loud banging wakes you from your sleep. You open the door and are surprised to see that it’s Commander Levi. He looks annoyed.
“You sure took your damn time,” he grunts, walking past you, inviting himself into your room.
“Well, come right in, I guess,” you mutter.
Despite the boat’s uneven rocks, he impressively paces back and forth, showing no signs of losing balance. His brow is furrowed, deep in thought. Now and then, he pauses to glance at you, scoffs, then resumes his pacing.
“Is everything alright?” you ask, not knowing if you want to hear his answer. The tension that arrived with the Commander made you nervous.
“The Captain is back,” he states bluntly, “And he is unaware of your...situation. But he thinks you’re some grand navigator - thanks to Oluo running his goddamn mouth - but that means you’ll be put to work a lot earlier than expected.”
“Oluo?” The name sounds familiar as it leaves your lips. Then you remember, “Oh, the man with the fluffy cravat and strange hairdo?”
Taking in the Commander’s appearance, the similarities in their attire dawn on you, making you giggle, “Hey, kind of like yours actually.”
He glares at you.
As usual, he doesn’t answer but shows obvious disdain for your voiced observation, “Can we focus on the bigger picture here? Can or can you not navigate for this ship?”
You’ve never had to work a job before but you were confident in the abilities you had acquired from years of practicing with your father.
“I can,” you say.
“Good,” his shoulders visibly relax at your answer.
In your cramped quarters, he stands close enough so that you manage to get a closer look at him.
Though short in stature, his physique is well-built, you note, after getting small glances of his defined chest through the slit in his linen shirt. Your curious eyes trial up to his narrow face, taking in the faint scar that runs down his right side of his cheek. Whatever monster or person he fought, managed to take a large chunk of flesh and although it was fully healed, you notice the slight cloudiness in his eye. When he speaks, the right side of his face wavers slightly but lacks most movement, making you realize he’s completely unsighted in that one eye. Most people fainted at the sight of his disfigured face, but when you don’t shy away, Levi turns, hiding his scar away from view.
“Come,” he says quietly, “everyone must be eating now.”
Aboard the Titan | The Mess Hall
Trailing behind Commander Levi, he leads you to the lowest level of the ship. It’s darker than other areas and smells heavily of mold and the salty sea. As you approach the double doors that lead to the mess hall, you overhear the muffled yells of the rowdy crew.
Before he opens the door, Levi eyes you cautiously, “Captain Erwin is a very calculating man. Do not waver in his presence- he’s already suspicious.”
You nod, licking your dry lips. However, after meeting Levi, you doubted there would be anyone more intimidating. With an easy shove, he opens the door, generating a deafening silence that falls among the unruly men. The mess hall is small and dimly lit, but manages to fit the entire crew.
Immediately, your eyes are drawn to a tall and muscular blonde who sits in the middle of the largest table- undoubtedly he sticks out from the rest of the crowd. Levi doesn’t greet him but takes the seat next to the unnamed man. Unsure of what to do, you quietly take the empty seat next to Levi.
Once the chatter returns amongst the curious crew, you begin to recognize familiar faces among the boisterous congregation. Eld gives you a small friendly wave before returning to his meal. Farlan, who just so happens to be sitting across from you, twirls his spoon absentmindedly, looking bored. And Oluo. Out of all of the crew, he was the most unwelcoming. Sitting at the otherside of the room, he glares daggers into your skull. It’s a little unnerving but irritates you more than anything.
“William Knox,” the large man next to Levi breaks your silent observations, “I apologize for not being able to welcome you personally but I wasn’t aware that you’d be joining us today.”
“We needed someone to read the maps,” Levi speaks up. He hasn’t touched his food, opting for another cup of tea “You said so yourself.”
“I did, didn't I?” Erwin are eyes calm yet amused, as they dart back and forth between you and Levi. He chuckles.
Levi stares at Erwin, the angry look never leaving.
“In that case, William,” he raises his iron chalice to drink, “I leave you under Commander Levi’s supervision.”
Levi shows visible signs of discontent at Erwin’s proposed arrangement for the both of you, but surprisingly, he doesn’t argue.
“It’s settled then,” Erwin grins, pleased at Levi’s - although very much against his will - complacency, “Welcome to the Titan, Mr. Knox.”
That evening, when everyone else has fallen asleep, you peer out into the dark hallway. When there is no sign of other people, you quietly close the door behind you and make your way up.
When you emerge from below the deck, you aren’t sure if it’s the whipping salty air that steals your breath away or the vast night sky. Never before have you seen the stars like this. Every single one gets a chance to shine and you absolutely revel in each of their performances. You search the sky with wide eyes until finally finding what you were looking for.
Just as your father told you, the Callisto Constellation decorates the left portion of night’s stage. She shimmies her skirt of twinkles, showing off, and living up to the rumors of her breathtaking beauty. Without thinking, you reach up, stretching your fingers, hoping to get a little closer. And as if you were Zeus himself, she draws you in. You lean forward, resting your face on the railing, completely mesmerized.
“What are you doing up so late,” a deep voice startles you out of your trance. When you whip around, you’re relieved to see Commander Levi.
“Don’t fucking scare me like that,” you hold the collar of your shirt, as though to soothe the raise in your heartbeat.
“It’s late,” he states again bluntly.
“Yes I know that,” you roll your eyes. The sarcastic tone clearly dampens his mood.
“You should really smile more, ya know?” you poke his chest, “it would make up for your grumpy personality.”
He snatches your hand roughly, pulling you forward so that you stumble into his hard chest, “Look, even though I know of your circumstances, I’m getting really tired of that mouth of yours.”
Your eyes widen with surprise and dart back and forth between his stern glare and the chilling threats that leave his lips.
“Got it?”
Despite the cold air, his fingers are warm. Your nervous breath fills the cold air and all you can do is nod fervently. When he releases you, his touch still lingers on your skin.
“...I was just admiring the sky,” Still a little spooked, you rub the remnants of his touch away as you turn back towards the dark sea, “I’ve never seen it like this.”
He flicks your forehead - in an almost playful manner, “Some navigator you are.”
You huff offensively and then scoot a few steps away from the taller man to emphasize your irritation.
The sounds of the calm waves splashing against the sides of the ship drowns your salty mood and a comfortable silence falls between the two of you.
Suddenly a crewmember emerges from the floor door and the abrupt outburst makes you jump. He flings half of his body over the railing and vomits. After spewing out all the remnants of his semi digested dinner, he slumps down against the rail drunkily before falling back asleep.
“Disgusting,” the commander comments. Without looking you can already picture his face contorted in utter revulsion and when you turn to see that his face is exactly how you imagined, it makes you stifle a giggle.
“What?” He asks bluntly.
“Nothing,” you quip, before hanging tightly onto the railing while stretching them from side to side.
When the silence overtakes the both of you again, you are the first to break it.
“How did you know my father?” You ask quietly.
For once, he glances up at you, the moon gracefully illuminating his handsome face in its light. The sight is breathtaking.
“Samuel was like a father to me,” he speaks slowly, gauging your relation to every single word, “Everything I am today, I owe it to him.”
“But what about Kenny?” you ask, genuinely curious.
He scoffs.
“He chose to dedicate his every breathing, waking moment to this marauding lifestyle,” breaking eye contact with you, he turns away bitterly, “And, I wasn’t a part of that…”
Your eyes soften at his pained expression. Clearly the relationship between the two was rocky.
Unsure of what to say, you nudge your shoulder playfully against his, attempting to lighten the mood, “Guess we’re two peas in a pod.”
His lips turn downward disapprovingly at the sudden contact, but says nothing to object to it.
“Your father,” he rubs his chin apprehensively before continuing his thought, “Raised me like his own...made me feel like I had a place to belong in this shitty excuse of a world.”
“That sounds like him,” you can’t help but smile, “I just wish he didn’t feel the need to exclude me from this part of his life.”
It was clear that Levi was the only person you could trust on this ship. Placing your head on crossed arms, you angle slightly towards him. With an outstretched hand, you dangle the map your father left you.
“Any idea where this leads?” you ask lazily, seemingly tired of running into dead ends. He shakes his head, causing you to feel lethargic.
Before he can speak, the sound of a splash interrupts your conversation. Levi runs to where the drunken man once stood and peers out into the sea.
“Hey!” He yells, “What the hell are you doing?”
You squint, searching the dark waters until finally your eyes land on the man who fell overboard. You rub your eyes for good measure, to make sure they weren’t playing tricks on you. It wasn’t. The waves seem to form into the shape of a slim arm, wrapping its limb around the man’s neck, pulling him under.
“What in God’s name is that?” Your question comes out barely above a whisper.
Another splash in the opposite direction attracts your attention. It suddenly dawns on you that these men were jumping into the water.
Levi is quick to act. Running swiftly across the deck, he grabs onto a dangling rope hanging from the masts. He pulls out a pistol, shooting the knot that kept it in place. You watch with wondrous eyes as the connecting weight falls instantly, yanking Levi up into the dark sky.
The rope swings around the mast, out towards the open sea. Using his upper body strength, Levi propels himself forward, reaching down just in time to grab his drowning mate, before oscillating back towards the ship.
He lands back onto the deck unscathed, taking no time to regain his footing. Although a little damp from the spraying waves, he returned in one piece. He drops the sputtering man to the ground.
“What the hell were you thinking,” he yells, delivering a punishing kick to the sputtering man. The man ignores his commander, crawling back towards the edge of the ship, looking desperate to get back out to the sea.
With both of them back on board safely, you squint out into the darkness.The water juts out and just for a brief moment you are able to make out its shape. The water bows deliciously in all the right places, looking plump, and accentuating all the cures of what looks to be a beautiful woman. Her hair flows elegantly behind her as she dips back to the sea, dissolving into the water. And out of the blue, she begins to sing her mesmerizing melody.
You squat down to stop the man from crawling back to the siren’s beckoning call. Glancing up towards your Commander, you begin to panic when you realize that Levi is not immune to its calls. Looking absolutely livid, he smashes his ears with flattened palms. Quickly analyzing the situation, he flings an unsheathed dagger, piercing it perfectly into the wooden deck near the whimpering crewmate.
“Keep him here,” Levi growls out before dashing towards the rear end of the ship. He disappears into the now growing crowd of crew members, leaving you unsure of what to do.
Thinking fast, you drag the heavy man towards the center of the ship. Along the way you grab any spare rope that you can find and do your best to tie him to the large mast. After securing a tight knot, you look up and realize hoards of men are reaching outwards, trying their best to propel themselves off board.
Panicked, you look around for Commander Levi but soon realize it was up to you to save the rest of the crew. Acting without much thought, you scramble towards the thick rings of ropes that hang off large hooks on the side of the deck. Without any hesitation, you snatch it and tug it loose from the binds. Once free, you dart along the edges of the ship, making sure to surround each member inside your snare. Using all of your body weight, you yank the rope, finding yourself in a tug-of-war with the group of loopy men.
Unable to overpower them, your eyes dart around the ship, hoping to find something that would help you.
Until, an idea pops into your head. It’s crazy, your inner voice quips. Ignoring it, your body moves with speed. You link the rope in hand to the ones connected with the second sail. When it’s securely fastened, you slice the knots that keep the foremast in its place. The large wooden sail swings out towards the side, sending all the men flying backwards, knocking each other unconscious. Taking a chance, you run around the men in circles, wrangling them together in a messy bind.
You step back and wipe the ocean spray from your eyes to look at your handiwork. Once you deem them to be immobile, a scream catches your attention. The alarming sound comes from out at sea. That wasn’t good.
Gripping tightly to the sides, you look out trying to make out any drowning figures. And then finally, you see him. Oluo bobs up and down, reaching outward to the alluring siren, swallowing sea water in a drunken state. Cursing, you knew there was only one way you were going to reach him. Darting to where Levi once stood, you grip the brim tightly.
Replaying Levi’s movements in your head, you wrap the cords around your hand several times. Your heart was beating fast against your chest, making your blood run cold with adrenaline. The spray makes it hard to process your thoughts, but it is now or never. If you took anymore time to think, Oluo was going to die.
Taking a deep breath to steel your nerves, you take the chance and slice.
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Tumblr media
Beyond the Realms of Possibility
CONTENT/WARNINGS: pirate au, pirate! Levi x reader, blood + violence, pirates, mythical creatures, slow burn, romance, eventual smut, nsfw
NOTES: thank you to @lostcoves for the title idea and @queenofcurse for fueling my levi thirst 😫 and to the both of them for beta reading!! Please show both of their pages some love 💕
SUMMARY: One day your father goes missing, leaving you nothing but his knowledge of the stars and a map of uncharted waters that seemingly lead to the end of the world. You’re left with no choice but to acquire the help of a grumpy, ill-tempered, neat freak of an ex-fugitive. The objective seems clear: Sneak aboard the Titan as a male recruit. Master Celestial Navigation overnight. Find your father’s whereabouts. And don’t get caught. But assimilating to the life of piracy proves to be more difficult than you thought and you find yourself, in more than one instance, steering off course.
September 1740 | The Bard’s Tavern | Present Day 
Faint flames from the fireplace illuminate the small but lively tavern. The atmosphere is warm and more than welcoming. Seated at the farthest table you bring the heavy metal mug to your lips, taking small sips of the bitter ale while watching the accordionist play a jolly tune. Humming along absentmindedly, your mind wanders back to your fool of a father who disappeared one morning without a trace. You were surprised to say the least. Living up to his mysterious reputation, he left you nothing but a pouch of shillings and a note, you didn’t find till months later.
Go to the Bard’s Tavern. Ask for Kenny. Trust no one.  Forgive me, I promise everything will be okay.
With love,
The note left you with more questions than answers and not much to go off of. Although, when your father made promises, it was never a good sign and it was less reassuring when the governor sent soldiers to your home, demanding presence with your father. When they refused to give you a reason for their inquiry, it was then that you decided to disregard your father’s last message and take matters into your own hands. The both of you had lost your mother early on and ever since, you had felt it was your duty to keep your father out of trouble; as he had a tendency to do so. 
“Now, what can I get you?” the plump short lady returned, dusting overworked hands on the front of her apron.
“Eggs and toast will be just fine,” you reply, not feeling hungry.
“Nonsense!” she chastised, “You look absolutely famished! How does some bacon sound?”
“Ma!” a young boy peeked out from the kitchen, “We’re fresh out of bacon!”
“Oh darn that boy,” she grumbles, “Connie! How many times have I told you to check the pantry!”
“We’ve got ham!” he yells out again.
“I’ll add some ham to your order, dearie,” she turns back to you with a warm smile.
You thank her and watch her as she walks away to tend to another table. Once she is out of earshot, you reach into your breast pocket, fishing out the crinkled bank notes you received from your family friend. The money would last you months. The Bott’s were like your second family and when your mother died, Mrs. Bott treated you as one of her own.
3 Months Prior | June 1740 | Bott Residence
“It’s dangerous,” Marco, the Bott family’s eldest son, insisted, “Pirates - they aren’t to be meddled with Calista.”
“You saw his study,” you insist, ignoring his protests. You roll out the tattered map that seemingly led to the end of the world, “It has my name on it. He wanted me to find this. Wherever it leads, I’m meant to go there and maybe- for all I know, it’ll lead to him!”
Your friend sighs exasperatedly, “Please rethink this - we can get married, you can settle down,” he grasps your arm gently to stop your back and forth pacing, “Let me take care of you.”
You meet his gaze lovingly. You cared for him - you did. He took care of you when you had no one else to turn to but the both of you knew that you would never love each other in the way he was implying. 
“Oh Marco,” you murmur fondly, “We both know; you and I- it’s not possible.”
“It is,” he looks back at you with pained eyes, “We could make it work. I can make the rest of your days happy.”
“And what about Mina?” you counter, pulling your hand away, “Don’t throw your entire life away just to satiate your guilt. I can take care of myself.”
When he falls silent, you know he has accepted his defeat.
“You don’t even know where your father is,” he lowers his eyes tentatively, “for all you know he could be-...”
“Don’t,” you hiss, “He isn’t. I know he isn’t.”
“And you think this Kenny can help?” 
“He has to,” you cradle yourself in your arms, “He’s the only lead I’ve got.”
“He’s a retired raider of the seas,” he seethes, disdain seeping with every word, “You heard what the chamberlain said, what makes you think he can help?”
“My father’s last words lead me to him,” you cross your arms defiantly.
“And you also think you’ll find answers wherever this map leads?”
Marcos’s eyes soften at the slight slump in your shoulders. Despite all your efforts to conceal your hidden sorrow, he notices. Although your father was always dragging you into his messes, he was a kind man and did his very best to raise you. But it wasn’t a secret that your father was no stranger to pirates. He wasn’t bound to the life of piracy but instead was a man of science and was well known for his aptitude in navigation. Growing up, he’d always tell you stories of his younger days - full of adventure and excitement, when he sailed the open seas, encountering all sorts of people and magical beings. 
“He’s a pirate,” his words stressing on the taboo word, “They pillage, plunder, and care for nothing other than themselves. You think a man like that is going to be of help?”
“Here you go dearie,” the woman returns, placing the warm meal in front of you and interrupting your train of thought, “Dig in! Is there anything else I can get for you?”
“Thank you,” the smokey fragrance satiates your appetite, making your mouth water. After taking a few bites, you wipe away the crumbs on the back of your hand. Leaning forward, you are careful so that your next words would be out of the earshot of other customers, “There is one other thing...I’m looking for a gentleman named Kenny, I was told this would be the place to find him.”
The mention of the name startles her causing her to instinctively bring a hand over her mouth, covering her gasp.
“Child...that man is no gentleman. Now, why would a young lass like you be looking for a ruffian like him?” She lowers her voice, “He’s nothing but trouble.”
“Please- I was told he could help me,” you urge, not willing to take ‘no’ for an answer. She sees the determined look in your eyes and then sighs.
“He’s usually the last customer of the night,” she cleans her hands nervously with her skirt, “Although, he doesn’t take too kindly to other people. If it’s Kenny you want to see, you’ll have to wait till closing dearie, but you’re welcome to stay as long as you like.”
“Thank you ma’am,” she isn’t pleased by your request but doesn’t renounce her kindness. 
“It’s Mrs. Springer, dearie. Now eat up before your food gets cold.”
The food was more than just a warm meal. It was delicious. Something that you came across on rare occasions. You neither your father belonged in the kitchen. There were many sleepless nights where your father invited you to his library, teaching you all the secrets of the stars and how the twinkling speckles were actually nature’s compass. He’d perch you on his lap, hoisting you high enough to peer through his large telescope, pointing out constellations of hydras, serpants, three headed beasts, demigods, and even the magnificent thunderbolt, belonging to Zeus himself. 
1717 | Cornwall Observatory 
“Why did I name you Calista?” your father repeats your question absentmindedly as he peers into the dark sky. When he doesn’t reply right away, you perch your chin on his knee, reminding him that you were anticipating his answer. 
“Where is she?” He mutters under his breath. A silence falls and you sigh in exasperation, thinking he’s lost track of his thoughts. Suddenly, he throws his hands up in the air with exclamation, “Aha!”
You jump at the sudden outburst but look up at him, matching his excitement. “Come, come,” he gestures for you to stand, “Look here.” 
Pinching your left eye, you peer through the large telescope with the other. The sky is vast and freckled with a million stars. Slightly disappointed, you realize that it’s nothing special. Just the same sky as yesterday’s. 
“What am I looking at papa?” You ask.
“Angle it slightly to the left- yes just like that-,”he tilts the instrument, helping you out, “There! Do you see that star in the corner? It’ll seem to twinkle a little bit brighter than the rest!”
When your eye catches the extra twinkle, you nod enthusiastically. “That, my dear, is the brightest star in the Calista Constellation.” 
The sound of your name causes you to gasp. You? Named after such a beautiful constellation?
“Callisto was a nymph, the daughter of Lycaon, the King of Arcadia,” he begins to explain, with a hint of mysterious wonder, “she was a fighter. A warrior. Stunningly strong yet her beauty could not be matched by any other.”  
When he sees your tiny eyes flutter with awe, he continues, “She was a skillful hunter and a loyal follower of Artemis, the goddess of hunt. But alas her downfall was imminent. Seduced by the King of Olympus himself, she was exiled by Artemis, living out the rest of her days as a bear.”
Your tiny worried and furrowed brow makes him laugh boisterously, “Callisto was a misguided soul, not yet sure of herself. But you, Calista, possess all of what that made her good. Remember, your destiny is in your hands. Never forget that.”
The firm grip on your shoulder and his encouraging words elicit a small smile from you. “And if you ever find yourself lost at sea,” he points towards the brightest star in the sky,”Callisto will always help you find your way.”
The distant yet fond memory warms your heart. If there was any chance of finding your father, every sign was leading you towards the sea. And one thing was certain, before he left, he was sure to teach you all that he knew.  Pirate or not, you were well equipped to navigate the seas.
After cleaning your plate, you notice that the tavern is still fairly crowded. People are still enjoying their meals and engaging in lively conversations. It would be a while before Kenny showed up. Taking a hearty sip of ale to wash down your meal, you lean back in your chair and stay quiet; making sure not to draw attention to yourself waiting for the moment in which the man of the hour would make his appearance.
Mrs. Springer wipes down the empty tables as Connie goes around to collect the dirty tableware. The tavern is silent except for the clanging of the metal spoons and plates in Connie’s arms. Despite the bustling dinner rush, you notice that Mrs. Springer and Connie are the only people manning the tavern. You stand up to offer your help, grabbing a rag from the bucket, you join Mrs. Springer in wiping the tabletops.
“Young lass! What do you think you’re doing?” she places her hands on her hips in a scolding motherly tone.
“The meal was wonderful,” you give her an appreciative smile. She huffs before snatching the towel from your hands, “It’s the very least I can do for allowing me to occupy a table for so long.”
“There will be none of that. You just go and have a seat,” she guides you back to your original table, “Can I get you a refill, perhaps?”
“I’m fine, thank you,” you try to resist her small shoves but it’s a losing battle. You sit back down and she grins. 
“Now I don’t know what your story is and I’m not one to pry into people’s business,” she ignores your answer and refills your mug to the brim, “but anybody looking for Kenny, especially a young miss like yourself, is bound to encounter trouble.”
You heed her words carefully before taking a large gulp of the bubbly brew. The harsh taste makes you exhale harshly, the sharp stench of alcohol invades your nostrils.
“Drink up,” she fills your drink again, “You’re gonna need it.” 
And as if on cue, the batwing doors at the front of the tavern swing open. A tall, slender man strolls in. He’s dressed in a dirty linen shirt, a long black waistcoat, and a large hat that hides his face.  His steps are staggered, almost losing his footing several times, before he makes it to the bar and takes a seat. A drunkard? 
Bringing the mug to your lips, you take one more chug, hoping to gain the liquid courage to walk over and introduce yourself to the stranger.
“...Are you Kenny?” you ask tentatively, taking precautions by sitting a few barstools away.
“Depends who’s askin,” he grunts, “Clara, I’ll have the usual.”
Mrs. Springer places her rag down and nods but hesitantly walks to the kitchen. Before stealing one last glance in your direction, Connie follows. 
Ignoring your presence, Kenny removes his hat and begins to pick at a bowl of stale peanuts. The two of you fall into an uncomfortable silence; only the sounds of cracking peanuts fill the room. When you conclude that he isn’t threatening, you take a chance and scoot over to the stool right next to him. He peers over, side eyeing you suspiciously.
“My name is Calista Reader,” you lean forward, anxious to finally receive some answers, “I’m looking for my father, Samuel Reader.”
He raises a curious brow at the mention of your father’s name.
“I was told you’d be able to help,” you look up at him expectantly. He clicks his tongue condescendingly.
“Samuel ay’?” he says gruffly, before washing his pickings down with the ale. His nose and lips scrunch up at the bitter taste, before turning upward into a toothy grin, “Ahhhh- good as always Clara!”
“Please!” you beg, trying to regain his attention, “I need your help! He’s been missing for months and I’m at a dead end. He left a note with your name on it- telling me to find you. He said you’d be able to help.”
Mrs. Springer returns to the dining room, bringing out a platter of mysterious looking meat and a heaping pile of potatoes, “Here ya go Kenny.”
“Appreciate it Clara - always do,” he raises his fork and knife, preparing to dig into his meal.
“If you really do, then help this poor young lass,” she knocks the back of his head chastisingly, “She’s Samuel’s daughter ain’t she? You best help her!”
He rubs his head and grumbles, slinking down in his seat but manages to shove a large spoonful of potatoes into his mouth. You turn your attention to Mrs. Springer, “You knew my father?”
“Quite a bit, dearie,” her warm smile returning as she turns towards you, “He was a regular at the tavern. Always bringing over silly trinkets back for my son, Connie. Although, that was when he was just a wee babe.”
It seemed that your father had more secrets than you anticipated. Both Kenny and Mrs. Springer notice the change in your mood. 
“Sam is a good man,” Mrs. Springer says, trying to lighten the atmosphere, “Wherever he is now, he knows what he’s doing.”
Kenny continues to shovel food into his mouth, chewing noisily. Mrs. Springer slaps his head again before huffing and turning around to head back into the kitchen, “Call me if you need anything, dearie. I’ll be in the back.”
A silence falls between the two of you once again. Thinking of your father, you gain the courage to speak again, “Please Mr. Kenny- sir, my father is in trouble. He wouldn’t leave so abruptly for such a long period of time-”
“How long?” Kenny interrupts. At this point, he’s finished his meal and picks his teeth with a fingernail, “How long has Sam been missing?”
“After today, it’ll be a little over three months,” you reply sorrowfully, “But he left me this.”
You hand the tattered map from your father’s study to Kenny. He eyes it curiously before opening it up.
“You can read this?” he asks quietly under his breath. 
“A little,” you admit timidly, “I’m not much of a cartographer but my father was obsessed with the night skies. Although I’ve never practiced the skill, I picked up his passion for celestial navigation.”
“Obsessed he was,” Kenny chuckles. He runs his fingers along the tattered parchment in awe, “I thought this map was lost.”
“You’ve seen this before?” His comment piqued your interest. Kenny sighs before leaning back to rest his heels on the bar top. He continues to pick his teeth, thinking carefully before answering your question.
“Samuel had a few screws missin’,” he circles his finger in loops. His action makes you raise a doubting brow. It was like the pot calling the kettle black. 
You scoff, “My father was a smart man.”
“Now, I didn’t say he wasn’t,” Kenny points towards you accusingly. Swinging his legs down, he leans forward and rests his chin on his hands, “He had the crazy idea that he could sail to the very ends of Earth! But there ain’t nobody sane enough to go knocking on Hades's door like that- nobody but your daddy.”
“What’s at the edge of Earth?” you hesitantly ask. 
“Ain’t got a clue,” Kenny throws the rest of his ale back, emptying his cup, “But I ain’t crazy enough to find out.”
His answer makes your head hurt. You still had no idea where your father was.
“But it’s no mystery where he’s gone,” his answer makes your brows raise. What did he mean, no mystery? There was no way that your father would leave you all alone free of his will. 
“If you can’t find him on land, there’s only one place Samuel Reader would be,” he chuckles dryly.
“I’ve looked everywhere,” you look at him with desperation in your eyes. You were running out of places to search but uncovered very little information.
“Everywhere but the sea.”
His answer has you at a loss for words. At sea? Despite the way his eyes would light up whenever he retold stories of his exciting youth, he’d always reassured that he was content with his current life. Was he not?
“Then you can help me, right?” you finally regain composure, “You were a pirate-”
“Ah ah ah,” he cuts you off, “Emphasis on the were. I’m no longer married to the seas. I’ve done my time and I vowed to never go back to her again.”
“But my father,” you insist, “he needs your help.”
“Look,” Kenny finally turns to face you. Upon closer inspection, you note that his face is tanned and wrinkled - a mark of a kiss by the sea goddess herself. “I wish I could help you but I can’t.”
“But-” he cuts you off again. “Hold your horses - sheesh, are you really Samuel’s daughter? I said I can’t help, but I’ll introduce you to someone who can.”
September 1740 | An Empty Harbor
The early morning salty air stings your nostrils. The sound of seagulls and the lulling slosh of waves kissing the shoreline rings throughout the dead harbor. There was not a single person in sight. Exactly why Kenny arranged for the both of you to meet at the dock at that time - he wanted to make sure the both of you wouldn’t be seen by unwanting eyes. The heavy fog obscures your vision but as you continue down the wooden dock, you approach the silhouette of a familiar tall man.
“You ready?” Kenny grunts.
“As I’ll ever be,” you reply shakily. You did as you were told. You arrived on time and came dressed as a man.
“There’s no way a pirate is gonna let a lass like you on his ship,” you recall Kenny’s wicked laugh, “Come tomorrow, be dressed as a lad.”
“Won’t they notice?” you ask doubtingly.
“As long as ya mind yer tits,” he cackles, “It’s going to be a bitch having to have those bound at all times.” Mrs. Springer is quick to pounce and reprimand the older man for his crude comment.
It was now or never. You stand next to Kenny on the empty dock. Looking around, there’s not a sailor in sight, making you uncertain of Kenny’s promise. The both of you were on the lookout for a single man in a rowboat. He was to take you to the ship of a particular Captain who would be able to help you find your father. The tight bindings cut into your skin causing you to fidget with the hem under your shirt.
“Stop that,” Kenny scolds, “you’ll have to get used to it, otherwise they’ll catch on.”
“But it’s so itchy,” you complain.
“It won’t be when they find out yer’ a lass,” he glances at you, gauging your reaction, “Making you walk the plank might be the kindest thing they do. Most of these men haven’t seen much as yet breathed the same air as a maiden, such as yer’self!”
You gasp at his crude words before you feel your cheeks heat up. Who’s he to be wagering the presence or absence of your virginity? How embarrassing. You open your mouth to complain but his wild cackle stops you.
“Don’t look so startled!” He slaps you on the back, sending you staggering forward. When you regain your footing, you adjust your hat and look back up at him expectantly. “Ha! You’d best get used to it now! It’ll be a lot worse once you get on the ship!”
You peer through the front of your shirt nervously. Was this really going to work? 
“Stop thinking so hard,” Kenny shakes his head, “Yer’ just like yer’ father. Always overthinking things.”
“...How did you know my father?” You ask with quiet curiosity. 
The tall man let’s his signature cackle whip through the cold but silent air, “He was the navigator on my ship! A great one at that - but don’t tell him I said that, don’t wanna stroke his ego too much!” 
“A navigator,” you breathe. So there was some truth to his bedtime stories. 
“He told me you were quite a talented gem,” Kenny peers at you from beneath the rim of his hat, “if I were still at sea, I’d invite you to be a part of my own crew!”
A crew? You never imagined in a million dreams you’d be following your father in his footsteps. Let alone be joining a pirate crew. Yet, the one you are waiting for isn‘t Kenny’s, you remind yourself.
“There he is,” Kenny interrupts your thoughts, “get ready now.” You fix your cap, making sure no  loose strands of hair will fall, then clench your satchel closer to your side and take a deep breath. 
“Farlan!” Kenny greets in a booming voice, “thanks for replying to my letter so quickly.” 
“I owe you a favor,” the man named Farlan grunts, “now it’s paid.”
“Sure thing, kid,” Kenny chuckles dryly, “And my nephew? How’s he faring? Still a tiny runt?”
“Big bro is Commander now,” Farlan says almost boastingly.
Kenny scoffs, “Once a runt, always a runt. So what? He didn’t want to come and see his dear old Uncle?”
“Captain Erwin is away on business and it’s big bro’s job to act as Captain of the ship while he’s gone. He’s got bigger things to worry about. Don’t worry though, he sends his regards.”
“Oh yeah? What did he say?” 
“Eat shit.”
Kenny let’s put a booming cackle which causes you to jump. 
“Oh hell, where are my manners,” Kenny wipes away a tear, “This here is Will. William Knox- the young lad I mentioned in my letter. When you see the shit of a runt, tell him William here has something that might pique his interest.”
Kenny nudges your shoulder causing them to stiffen but nonetheless, you reach into your breast pocket, allowing Farland to get a peek of the corners of the hidden crickled parchment. It was the map that your father left you. Where it led, you had no idea.
“It leads to you know where,” Kenny whispered. Farlan’s eyes widen once he catches sight of the map. His interest was piqued.
“And William here, is quite the talented navigator- I can vouch for him myself. He can take you there,” Kenny shoves you forward and you stumble down, face forward into the small rowboat.
Farland laughs, “Are you sure? Don’t got much of a pair of sea legs, do ya?”
“Sorry,” you mumble sheepishly before sitting down properly in the boat. You clear your throat, making sure your voice is an octave lower each time you speak.
When the sun begins to peak over the horizon, Kenny nods to the both of you, “Well that’s my cue. Make sure to take care of young Will here and may Poseidon be on your side.”
Farlan nods as he begins to row away. 
“W-wait-,” you call out, almost slipping into the water, “Thanks for everything Kenny! Will I ever see you again?”
His lips turn into, what you interpret as, a small smile. He doesn’t answer your question. But with a tilt of his hat, he turns around and strolls in the opposite direction. As you get farther away from the dock, Kenny’s figure gets smaller and smaller, until it disappears completely into the fog.
The boat ride with Farland was silent but it isn’t long before you begin to see a large ship in the far distance. It’s grandness makes you gasp.
“Beautiful ain’t she?” You nod, gripping onto your hat to make sure the gusty wind did not expose your hidden identity.
When the both of you approach the ship, it’s size is more daunting up close. It’s large hull casts a dark shadow, shielding the entirety of Farlan and yourself from the rising sun. Suddenly two lines are casted from the deck. Farlan’s skillful hands manage to catch both and reel them into the smaller rowboat. He ties one side to each end, tugging to make sure his knots are fastened.
“Pull us up!” he calls out. Suddenly, the boat begins to rise out of the water. You jump, grabbing onto the sides. You were deathly afraid of heights and the towering view of the seascape made you nervous. Careful not to let your emotions slip, you wipe clammy hands on your pants. 
When you reach the top of the ship, you are greeted by two men. The taller man is the first to greet you, “Welcome aboard the Titan, kid.”
The shorter man grumbles as he continues to pull the rowboat onto the ship alone, “What the hell took you so long Farlan?”
Farlan laughs, slinging an overly friendly arm around your shoulders, “Kenny wanted to send his regards and he was kind enough to lend us this midget. Says he’s a master navigator.” The irony behind his tone makes you roll your eyes internally. They had no idea what you were capable of.
The short man raises his eyebrows doubtingly. He analyses you up and down then scoffs, “Don’t look like much. I highly doubt the captain needs this mutt’s services.” 
His response causes you to huff. Did you hear him correctly? A mutt? Who the hell was this guy? And who was he to slander your skills. Him and his stupid semi-shaven hairdo. 
“Disregard whatever Oluo says,” the taller man shoves him out of the way, “My name’s Eld. Welcome to the crew-...”
“William. William Knox,” you introduce yourself. He takes your outstretched hand and shakes it firmly, “The Commander is in his quarters, he’s expecting your arrival.” Farlan walks ahead, motioning for you to follow. 
You bid Oluo and Eld a short goodbye then trail behind Farlan, quietly taking in the beauty of the Titan. The main mast is huge, towering over the entirety of the ship with its majestic cream colored sail whipping through the wind. Men run up and down the deck, securing ropes, tying knots, and turning large gears- most likely preparing to set sail.
“Commander Levi is just through these doors,” Farlan adjusts his cap, “He hates tardiness so best not to keep him waiting.”
You watch Farland climb up the large mast until he disappears into the crows nest. You take a deep breath, suddenly feeling nervous. All your efforts finally led you till the moment. You’d be meeting the man who could finally provide you with some answers. Gathering up all the courage left in you, you raise your hand and knock.
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WIP Wednesday: Prologues to The Heretic
Still a bit rough....Also who in the Maker knows when this will be publish ready. 
“I am curious to see how you will command this army, Inquisitor. Will you dance around my soldiers with your daggers? Navigate the brutal field with your wits alone?” He murmured huskily.
“What will you do when it is sated? Curiosity is a fickle thing. Rides on the breeze and then before you know it, it is over.” I felt my face grow uncomfortably warm, but I shook my head and dismissed his haughty tease.
“That’s just it, I find that I… am insatiable.” Solas slid his Pawn to F4, his finger hovering there as he gaged my reaction.
I bit my lip and bent my head to cloak my blush with shadow. I peeked through my eyelashes and ordered my Knight to follow suite of the Bishop and its figure receded to E7.  I was having difficulty focusing on the game.
I coughed into my fist and did not dare look beyond the pieces of the checkered board.  
His white army were stretching across the board whilst mine drew back, if I wasn’t careful he would have my back against the wall.
Though the idea, did not displease me.
Solas reinforced his Pawn with his Rook towering at F3.
I retracted my Knight to H7 humbly.
He pushed his Rook next door to G3, he chose not to advance upon the newly available space.
I pressed my Pawn to F5, and in so doing, boxed his Knight in at E5 in between my two Pawns, one threat down.
I withheld a startled gasp when Solas commanded his Queen, in one fluid move to H5, threatening my Pawn and more direly, the Knight I had just withdrew there.
The nosy onlookers inched closer, hunching under arms and shoulders just to steal a better look. They pointed and discussed the game at a mutable whisper; Mages, Templars, Chantry sisters, and common folk conversed with the peace and familiarity of neighbors.
I analyzed the board, seeking answers in the curved figurines. I located a weak spot in my own configuration, I wouldn’t let him best be again.  My Rook charged to F6 to defend my Pawn, if I couldn’t attack, at least I could reinforce and fortify.
Solas steered his Bishop to E3, it now sat parallel to his other Bishop.
I found another tear in my otherwise spotless tapestry of barricades and fortification, thus my Queen slinked to E8 right behind my Knight.
As if in reaction to my fretting, Solas ordered his Queen to retreat to H3 and in doing so lessoning the pressure, though it was still in the line of sight of my Pawn.
“You cannot save everyone, Inquisitor. This little dance of yours won’t win you the match. You must always have one eye trained on the bigger picture.” He lectured quietly.
“Is that what you do? Throw your people into battle and discard them without a thought? What does your bigger picture look like, Solas? Does it mirror any of your activities regarding the walls of the rotunda?” I pondered, intentionally throwing him off. 
I safeguarded my Queen by moving my Knight to F8 and I gathered my sedentary King into the warmth of my palm again.
Solas’s eyes widened slightly and his shoulders grew stiff as a boulder, he was still as a statue, for a moment I thought I might have awakened something in him that frightened him. He quickly recovered however and eased shoulders down from protecting his neck. 
“Knowledge of what I would do is not necessary. My bigger picture? They are a very much a who and not a what.” He corrected softly as he straightened his pieces.
“And whom would that be?” My heart stung a little at the admission, but I needed to know.
I observed him as he withdrew his Bishop to E2, the figure made no auditory impact on the board, he was as quiet as a mouse.
Solas leaned back in his stone chair, his jaw clenching and unclenching, as his thoughts stewed. I noticed him swallowing roughly before answering. “Well, I must profess, she resembles you closely. Nearly a mirror image.”
The King Piece clattered to the patchwork of soil and stone pathway below.
Thank you for reading!
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Chapter 4 - Our Secrets Will Keep Themselves
A Lab Rats/Star Wars Crossover
Chase Davenport x Ahsoka Tano
Previous:  Chapter 3 
Next:  Chapter 5 
Warning: Violence, death
Tumblr media
The Jedi ignite their lightsabers as Chase grabs his electrstaff hanging on the wall. 
“Stay here,” Anakin sharply commands him and Ahsoka. Chase bristles. It’s been a long time since he’s taken orders from someone else in a comabt situation. He gives a burning gaze before focusing himself. It is logical that two should remain to guard their recently acquired information.
Skywalker looks surprised at the intensity of Chase’s expression and at the newly lit weapon in his hands. If he had another moment he would be asking if the kid actually knew how to use it, but he and Obi-Wan are already running down the hallway. 
The two Jedi enter the front part of the shop. A lithe humanoid male stands by the counter facing them. A smoking blaster is already reattached to his belt. Uhoto is crumpled on the floor.
The man’s expressionless face makes eye contact with the Jedi as he clicks a red button on the wrist of his gauntlet.
The ceiling caves in. A dozen beings drop down, covered from head to toe, masked, and armed with long vibroblades. 
As they attack it becomes clear they are not ordinary assassins, but trained well to fight against force-weilders. They parry Kenobi’s and Skywalker’s lightsabers with ease, and the fight begins to wear before the Jedi have managed to take any of them out. 
Another crash sounds through the building, more assassins coming through, only headed into the back of the shop. A third cave-in brings one agent almost directly on top of Chase and Ahsoka’s position.
The togruta launches herself at the intruder as Chase finds himself quickly occupied with two others. He holds his own well enough, managing to stab one on the end of his staff, and electrocute a few others with enough force to render them immobile. Ahsoka cuts down several herself, her unusual fighting style giving her a better advantage than the two older masters. 
The fight drags on, and though the overwhelming numbers, the tide seems to turn slowly in their favor, the intruders becoming more desperate. Their steadily frenzied attacks become harder to predict. An intense burning pain sears the right side of Chase’s face as he fends off the last few assassins. 
Silence falls as the footsteps of those fleeing the scene fade into the buzzing din of life outside the ruined shop. Anakin practically flies in pursuit. Ahsoka turns to follow her master, but Obi-Wan lays a hand on her shoulder. 
“We need to ensure we get that information safely to the Jedi Temple.”
She nods, and they turn to look for Chase. 
They find him, head bowed, kneeling over Uhoto. “He’s dead,” he says, voice calm, laced with an undertone of anger. Ahsoka’s face turns crestfallen and sorrow creases Kenobi’s expression. Chase slowly rises, jaw clenched, and as he turns his head they can see the deep wound carving his face from his temple to below his cheekbone. He walks wordlessly past them, retrieving the umbaran droid scrap and memory drive. He hands them to Kenobi.
“I hope this was worth it.”
The Jedi inclines his head. “So do I.”
The funeral for Uhoto had been simply arranged. Shili tradition dictated such. Stolen life was to be mourned, but due to their roaming history, little time had ever been set to bury the body. A few remaining members of Uhoto’s blood family had come, along with several of the man’s old friends, Chase Davenport, and four Jedi.
Kenobi, Skywalker, and Tano had naturally made their presence there. The fourth is another togruta Jedi, somewhere in her late twenties or early thirties. Her features seemed unnaturally passive, like Chase had heard of in stories told around the streets of Coruscant. That Jedi purge themselves of emotion, believing that such leads to “the dark side”. 
The whole concept sounds a bit mystic for him. 
After the short service, he sees Ahsoka approaching him.
“I’m sorry for what happened,” she says smoothly, though her expression is one of sincerity. 
“It wasn’t your fault.”
“What’s going to happen?”
“Uhoto’s family is selling what’s left of the shop. Closing the business.”
“And you?”
Chase shrugs. He clenches his jaw. “I don’t know. I sure as hell would like to find the person behind the…attack, but that’s not exactly a paid job.”
Ahsoka’s lips twitch upwards at his humorless joke. “You know, I’m sure Kenobi would still be interested in you working for the GAR. Especially after the way you fought with that electrostaff.”
Chase weighs her words in his mind. He shouldn’t. He didn’t come here to be a soldier, after everything that happened back home, the idea is repulsive.
But the anger that twists in his gut is much harder to ignore.
From left to right (top to bottom): Coruscant skyline, Obi-Wan Kenobi holding a blue lightsaber, Ahsoka Tano holding a green lightsaber, Shaak Ti (the unnamed togruta jedi in the funeral scene)
(For those new to the Star Wars fandom)
GAR: the Grand Army of the Republic
The Republic: a governmental alliance that precedes over thousands of star systems. The Senate is the governing body, headed by an elected chancellor. 
Coruscant: the capital planet of the Republic. The entire planet is one insanely large city with hundreds of levels. 
Jedi: An individual that serves as apart of the Jedi Order, a religious group that trains individuals gifted with unnatural abilities (caused by an unusually high count of microorganisms called midi-chlorians). They serve the Republic as peacekeepers, but since the start of the Clone Wars have taken on the role of generals. 
Lightsaber: the weapon of the Jedi (and Sith).
Separatists: a group of planetary systems wishing to cede from the Republic. After building an army in secret, which was discovered by the Jedi, the resulting conflict launched the Clone Wars.
Umbara: a planetary system loyal to the Republic. Known as the “shadow world”, their resources and incredibly unique technology are critical to the Republic. 
If you want the Star Wars universe background for this story, I would recommend watching Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace (movie), Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones (movie), Star Wars: The Clone Wars (animated film), Star Wars: The Clone Wars (animated TV series)
This story starts halfway through Season 3 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
A/N: Thank you for reading! As always, I would really appreciate any feedback or suggestion you have to give!
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
In the Footsteps of Giants - Chapter 6 - Warm Under the Light
*Rating: T (increased for drama & romance themes) *Ten x Rose (AU) *Chapter: 6/? (probably /20) *Word count (this chapter): 6000
Read on Ao3 ~ Read on WhoFic Read about the science (spoilers) here!
Dr. John Smith is the lead astrobiologist working on the Harmony project in Cape Canaveral, a mission to send the first astronauts to Jupiter’s moon Europa in the quest for first contact. But even as he thinks all his wildest dreams are coming true, his world begins to turn upside down when he meets mission media correspondent Rose Tyler. Are his dreams and goals only about the mission? Or is this only the first step in something much more incredible?
~New Chapter Snippet~
Rose barely avoided hitting the side of the doorway as John sprinted out of the conference room and veered down a narrow hallway. The little familiarity Rose had with the office melted away; it was her first time in the Harmony production facility, and the morning rush had left her little time to get her bearings. The way John darted around corners and ducked into previously-closed doorways felt almost too spontaneous - as though he was deliberately creating an air of mystery and intrigue around their destination.
Maybe it was working.
With a deep breath, she willed her racing thoughts to slow, for the excitement of it all to crystalize in her memory. No detail felt too small to try and remember - the way his battered Converse sounded against the thin carpet, the way he squeezed her hand tighter before racing down the staircase, the way their smiles looked too big for their faces in each pane of glass they bounded past.
The past and present became a blur. Her old assignment - her old life - lay behind her. Ahead, adrenaline-soaked adventure called her name.
At the bottom of the last staircase, John stopped in his tracks, throwing his hand out defensively to prevent Rose from careening into the main hall. With a finger to his lips, he nodded once towards an unassuming door behind the quality control cage.
“Why the dramatics?” Rose mouthed at him, stifling a giggle.
John rolled his eyes in return, but couldn’t wipe the playful smirk off his face.
They waited for a handful of lab technicians to meander past, then darted across the wide corridor and slipped into the lab unnoticed. The electric energy from the meeting upstairs had permeated the entire building by now, the imminence and tangibility of launch fueling everyone’s fervor. The high ceilings echoed with laughter and animated discussion, even above the din of machinery whirring at full tilt. It was perfect cover for their little escapade into what Rose could only assume was some off-limits area of the lab.
Squinting through the harsh bright lights of Highbay, the indistinct monolithic structures around her sharpened as her eyes adjusted and - her hands flew to her mouth to stifle a squeak.
Rose had been to several Bowie Flight One simulators. She had done interviews in front of the most historic spacecraft in the world. On a daily basis, she watched footage of an actual proper space base on another planet. Yet no simulator, museum display, or video reel could hold a candle to the spacecraft literally ten meters away from where she currently stood.
“Lovely, innit?” John whispered, nudging her in the ribs with his elbow. Rose snapped her jaw shut, wide eyes still taking in the incomprehensible spectacle.
“‘S this why you wanted to go in the back door?” she breathed out, as though if she spoke too loud, she would wake up from a dream.
“Oh yes! Much more fun to jump right into the thick of it. Mind you,” cautiously, he glanced around, mouthing a count-off of each technician he could see, “I think they’ll be starting the high potential voltage test here in a minute. Glad we snuck in when we did, but best to clear out of the way.”
There were those energetic eyebrows again, his inviting hand outstretched, and an unmistakable glint of mischief in his eyes.
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Tumblr media
Grace 🌼
Status: ongoing :) 
Future Mature content 💞
Text Copyright © JoonieVJones & Miickiye. 
Please do not copy or repost my stories, I post on Tumblr as JoonieVJones and on Wattpad as Miickiye but those are my only two accounts. 
🌻summary: You always knew of your parents wish for expansion of their kingdom, however you never expected you'd be the key to their fulfillment. Being thrown into a sudden engagement with a faraway prince never seen of previously while having your childhood best friend act in ways also never seen before can leave a girl in complete confusion with a lot to lose and one choice to make. 
🌻pairings: readerxNamjoon, readerxJungkook
🌻topics: romance, fluff, eventual smut, angst
"What are you doing?" Jungkook whispered from above you as you kneeled down behind a large rosebush staring at the gates of the castle. 
"Shush." You motioned towards your parents who were currently sat near the entrance. "When do my parents ever wait for someone. Usually they make the visitor arrive and wait for them to make their grand appearance." 
Jungkook hummed in thought and crouched next to you. Throughout the last few days your parents had the staff running around nervously preparing the castle for visitors. Normally they would've simply set a reminder and carry on until the day of visitation where they would then treat the event as a regular meeting.
"Maybe it's your prince charming coming to whisk you away." He said with a laugh. 
"Oh ha ha Kookie, you know my mother would never allow for that." You paused as a sly grin took over your face. "Unless he's the rich king of a kingdom bigger than ours." 
Jungkook's wide eyes flew to your face. 
"That's not funny y/n." 
You giggled.
"My parents are anal about politics and ties but I dont think they'd marry me off. I don't think they're so heartless." 
There was an awkward silence between you and Jungkook. 
"At least, I hope not." You mumbled. 
He sighed and stood up. 
"Come on, I came to find you because I really want to show you something cool." 
You took his outstretched hand and patted the dust off your olive colored dress. You would definitely have to change later. 
"Something cool? What is it?" 
He only smiled brightly at you with his bunny teeth and grabbed your hand to pull you along. 
"You'll see." You followed along as he led you down the stairs and towards the gardens. The flowers all bloomed with life and seemed to preen at your presence. 
You laughed slightly as you saw how Jungkook looked around warily as you reached a head of vines extending past the boulders placed a bit too inconspicuously. You were no longer near the castle where guards could see you both, but it was good to be cautious of people even while in the forest.  
"What is this Kookie?" 
He didn't reply and pulled you through the vines. 
"Welcome to… our new spot!" He said excitedly and threw his hands out to proudly show off the makeshift cave which, you had to admit, did actually blend in with the land. 
You looked around in amazement. The clearing inside the room was plentiful. You both stood well and it went far in enough that outsiders walking by wouldn't be able to hear your conversations. He had even set up an area with a hammock for you guys to sit at. 
"We can add more furniture as we go, but personally I think this is the coolest spot in this entire kingdom." 
"Did you make it yourself?" You asked with a smile. 
"Of course, Your Highness." He gave you a mock bow. "Watch, if I move this here." He raised his hand and moved a large boulder to the entryway you'd just both came through as if it were lighter than a feather without ever physically touching it. "And you make some plant life bloom around it, no one would ever be able to find us!" 
"Lets try it!" You could barely contain your excitement." You kneeled down and lightly touched the grass floor. 
Small stems slowly rose from the ground slowly flourishing into buds that sprouted into cute little flowers. A small bush followed suit and then some vines slid down to make it all lock. You also grew the grass longer to better hide the bottom of the boulder. 
"Think it's cool?" He asked. 
"It's perfect!" 
A huge grin spread across his face and he came over to hug you tightly. 
You laughed giddily as he also spun you around. 
"Imagine how cool it'll be after we add our personal touches." 
You smiled, already blooming some more flowers around the cave. Stopping to focus heavily on what you were making bloom next. 
Jungkook came to crouch next to you, his grin brightening as he saw the tiger lillies that sprouted as well as some daisies. 
You both went around quietly fixing things up and calmly mentioning furniture you'd like to add for the next hour or so, even going as far as to pull out your journal and sketching our multiple possible layouts for your cool personal getaway spot. 
You both lay serenely sketching in different pages to then combine it in one large blueprint when the peace and quiet you felt was suddenly snatched away by the jarring sound of loud trumpets. 
Whoever had your parents anxiously waiting around had finally arrived.  
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insufferablepanda · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
Safe Haven [4]
CONTENT WARNING: nsfw, eventual smut, slow build, ceo levi, office au, assault/harassment, 18+, unedited
NOTES: hi friends, thanks for sticking with this story till now! here is part 4, panda has a bit of writers block and is having trouble getting part 5 out *sigh* she shall try her utmost best!! As always, if you got this far, thank you so much for reading!! *muah*
Erwin stands in the middle of your living room, taking charge of the chaos. The rest of the day went by like a blur. You watched in a daze as police officers exited the complex, carrying out random pieces of furniture; first your television. Then it was your desktop computer. And then finally followed by the full body mirror from your bedroom.
Officer Bott stands with you and Grace at the perimeter of yellow caution tape. Other neighbors ogle at the scene noseily from their own complex. It was embarrassing. Your apartment looked like a fucking crime scene. Grace hugged you close as a way to assuage your oncoming anxiety.
“So...why are they taking all my things?” You ask, unsure of how the situation was unfolding. You knew Zeke had bugged everything they were taking out. You just wanted to hear the words of confirmation from Officer Bott himself.
“Evidence,” Officer Bott grimaces. He seems hesitant to continue but you look at him expectantly.
“We found multiple cameras set up throughout your apartment Miss Reader. You’ve seen a few of the photographs, I presume?”
You nod anxiously. How the hell did Zeke even get into your apartment unnoticed? Let alone install cameras in your home. It gave you a headache just thinking about it.
“What a sick fuck,” Grace steals the words right out of your mouth.
Officer Bott sensed both of your concerns.
“There are no signs of forced entry,” he states in a matter-of-fact tone. “But it is mandatory that I ask...has there ever been a time where you...willingly invited him into your home?”
The thought alone makes you want to retch.
“No,” you immediately deny what he was suggesting, “Never.”
He gives you an understanding nod and scribbles quick notes on a paper pad. He pauses, as though to piece together his next words.
“It’ll be a while till we find something,” he rubs the back of his head, “Would you mind coming down to the station? The chief’ll want to ask you a few more questions in private if that’s alright with you?”
“Yeah,” you nod lethargically. The day couldn’t get any worse.
You and Grace sit in the back of the police car. She holds your hand and rubs the back of it comfortingly. Office Bott is in the driver’s seat. The three of you were on your way to the police station. Detectives were still at your house when you left. The drive is quiet, leaving you to your thoughts.
Zeke was sadistic. That was clear enough. He had you right where he wanted. Scared. Anxious. Filled with apprehension.
Men like Zeke got off knowing that women feared them. It pissed you off that he suddenly held you firmly, trapped under his domineering thumb, controlling most aspects of your life. You barely knew the man and yet he suddenly felt some sort of entitlement over you. That thought alone was nauseating.
“How long do you think he’s been watching?” Grace breaks your silent thoughts. She looks uneasy yet concerned.
“I don’t know,” you bite on your nail nervously. You didn’t want to alarm your friend but judging by the few photos you managed to skim through, it was pointing towards prior to the two of you even meeting. Sick bastard had been watching you this entire time.
“I thought he was just a creepy neighbor,” Grace said quietly, “Never thought it would escalate to this extent.”
“You and me both.”
Your phone buzzed.
‘Are you okay?’
You were tired of that damn question but seeing who was asking, you smiled for the first time since the morning chaos unfolded.
‘I’m damn tired but on my way to the police station. It’s worse than I thought but I can fill you in later.’
Dots appear at the bottom of your screen indicating his reply, then disappeared. You sighed, dropping your phone in your lap.
Levi had developed a knack for showing up exactly when you needed him. The both of you had a relationship that oscillated from the normal employer slash employee relationship. Despite his harsh exterior, you and Levi had developed a friendship of sorts. At first, trying to just work with him on cordial terms was like pulling teeth. But you weren’t one to yield when the going got tough.
8 months ago
“Here’s the third brew sir,” you grit out, trying your best not to slam the pot onto the table, “Hope it’s to your liking.”
You were hired as a personal assistant. Not a goddamn barista.
Despite your annoyance, you watch expectantly as Mr. Ackerman took a sip.
He places it down and makes a displeased face.
You bite your tongue to stop yourself from saying something you’d regret later. It wasn’t long that Levi Ackerman assumed the position his uncle just held a few months prior. You didn’t know if he was doing it on purpose but he was really pushing all your wrong buttons.
“It’s tolerable.”
“That’s it?” You deadpan.
He raises an eyebrow at your comment. His eyes sweep up. Then down. And then finally meeting your own irritated gaze.
“It isn’t shit if that’s what you want to hear.”
You want to slap the smug look off his handsome face. Instead, you hug the tray tightly to your chest and smile sweetly, hiding the fact that he managed to provoke you.
“A thank you would suffice.”
He scoffs. Why should he be thankful for a shitty brew?
“Learn to brew a proper cup of tea first,” he slides the nearly full teacup towards you.
You were getting really tired of his smartass remarks. Clearly, he wasn’t a very sociable person. There was nothing you wanted more than to rain your ‘improper’ cup of tea over his pompous parade.
“You can return to your desk Miss Reader,” he situates himself at his laptop, not sparing you a second glance.
His evasion meant one thing. End of conversation.
You sigh. “Page me if you need anything, sir.”
On the way out, you shut the large doors behind you. Your heels click as you walk down the long hallway to the other side of the floor.
What even makes a “proper brew”? You ask yourself as you plop down into your chair. A part of you was annoyed by your new boss’ fussy demands. The other wanted to brew the best goddamn cup of tea that man has ever tasted. Whatever. No sense thinking about it now. The drop off tray at your desk was filled with a mountain of unrevised documents. Sighing, you grab a stack and begin your morning proofreading.
Since his arrival, Levi was always the last to leave the office. It was usually dark by this time but to his surprise, light shimmers from the last door, dimly illuminating the rest of the hallway. Your door.
Surely you weren’t still here. It wasn’t news to him that you had a distaste for him. But then again, so did many of the other employees. He wasn’t there to make friends; nor baby full-grown adults. Kenny left Ackerman Corp. in his hands. His uncle’s trust was not something to be taken lightly.
Walking closer to your office, Levi shook his head. You probably forgot to turn the light off on your way out. He clicked his tongue at the thought.
As he got closer, he realized there were sounds emitting from the room - sounds of people talking.
“-unless your water is exceptionally filtered, bottled mineral water would do just fine. Wait 5-10 minutes until it comes to a boil.”
Levi peers into your office cautiously. You’re seated at your desk, head down, hair sprawled messily across your face. The YouTube video continues to play although you are fast asleep. He quietly moves across the room to catch a glance at your computer screen.
‘The Perfect Cup of Tea’ he reads.
A small snore escapes your mouth, distracting his eyes from the screen and drawing them to your sleeping frame. For the first time since his arrival, Levi dons a small smile.
Careful not to wake you up, he removes his grey jacket and drapes it around your shoulders.
“Add a generous amount of sugar to the black English brew. It’ll really lighten the flavor.”
When you don’t stir, he brushes a strand from your eyes, walks back out, and leaves as if he wasn’t even there.
“And that's how you make a good old-fashioned, English brew.”
Others misinterpreted your friendship as something more. You lost count of the times you had to correct people that the relationship between the two of you was anything but romantic. You’re just trying to convince yourself, your inner voice protested.
Sure there was an unspoken attraction you had towards your boss. He was alluring and there were many times you found it hard to fight off the obscene thoughts that followed but it was a path you didn’t want to go down. He cared about you. That was it. There were moments where your resolve slipped and you couldn’t help but make your yearning known. However, his usual responses left you even more confused than before. The both of you came from two different worlds and you were unsure whether or not Levi would be willing to take that leap.
‘I’ll meet you there.’ Levi finally replies, breaking your inner thoughts.
“Damn, you really have the poor guy wrapped around your finger,” Grace grins. She didn’t have to read the text message to know who it was from.
“What do you mean?”
“Don’t play dumb,” she scoffs.
“He’s our boss,” you correct her.
“Well, our boss has got it real bad for you.”
“He’s just being nice,” you look back out the window, “I’m just his PA”
“My ass,” Grace rolls her eyes, “when was the last time you saw Mr. Ackerman being nice to any other employee other than you?”
You purse your lips, giving actual thought to her question.
“See, you haven’t,” she interjects before you can even reply, “I swear it’s like he always has a stick wedged far up his ass...and you have the magic plunger.”
“Grace!” you laugh. You were grateful that she was here with you. She always knew how to lift a sour mood. Luckily, Levi had allowed the both of you to leave early; considering the events that unfolded that morning. He was definitely a lot more understanding in comparison to the first time you met. But also a lot more confusing. Sometimes, he made it more difficult than it was to distinguish your own feelings towards him.
The sun was setting over the city of Seattle, its tall buildings basking in the fading golden light. People flooded the streets, most likely making their way home. Officer Bott breaks your train of thought and turns into the police station.
The three of you step out of the car and he leads you and Grace inside the building. A tall man is the first to greet you.
“Miss Reader, Miss Williams, this is my partner, Jean Kirstein,” Officer Bott introduces.
The man gives both of you a kind smile.
“Please show Miss Reader and Miss Williams to Chief Smith’s office. He’s expecting them once he returns. I’ll be there shortly with some refreshments.”
“This way,” Jean leads the both of you to a room towards the back of the station.
“Chief Smith will be here as soon as he finishes up at the scene,” he gestures for the both of you to take a seat.
“Thanks, Officer,” Grace smiles, with a hint of flirtiness to her tone.
“No problem, miss. Just holler if you need anything, I’ll be down the hall.”
He exits, leaving the two of you alone.
“He was cute,” she comments as soon as Jean leaves.
You laugh. “He’s a police officer, so that’s a plus.”
“You know I can’t resist a man in uniform.”
“He was handsome,” you entertain your friend.
“Tall too,” she gushes.
“I guess…” you drawl, emphasizing your humorous tone.
“Oh that’s right, you like your men pocket-sized,” she cackles.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” You roll your eyes but a grin is still prominent on your face.
She gives you a knowing stare and as if right on cue, there is a knock at the door.
“Miss Reader,” Erwin Smith enters the room, “I apologize for making you wait.” He takes a seat at his desk.
Marco Bott enters the room with a tray of styrofoam cups. The smell of instant coffee makes your mouth water.
“I’ll get straight to the point,” Erwin folds his hands neatly on his desk. Marco places the refreshments down before exiting the room quietly.
“Our suspect is named Zeke Fritz,” he pauses, gauging your reaction. When you look at the Officer expectantly, he continues.
“There is not a lot of available information on Mr. Fritz. No paper trail. No social media.”
You take a sip of the piping hot coffee. It burns your tongue but you take a big gulp. It satiates your dry mouth.
“We managed to obtain a warrant to look into his apartment. Does the name Yaeger ring any bells for you, Miss Reader?”
You shake your head, the name doesn't sound familiar but Grace perks up at the mention of the name.
“Y a e g e r,” Grace spells aloud quizzically, “Like as in the politician?”
Erwin nods.
“Politician?” you ask aloud.
“Grisha Yeager,” Erwin repeats the unfamiliar name, “The man is new to politics but he recently announced his plans to run for office.”
Grisha Yeager. A light bulb suddenly went off in your head.
“Mr. Ackerman received an invitation to his upcoming campaign,” you think aloud, “he didn’t seem too enthusiastic about attending though.”
Erwin raises his eyebrows upon hearing your disclosure of information then scribbles in his notepad.
“We found an unusual amount of newspaper clippings, all concerning Mr. Yaeger,” Erwin places his pen down and turns to his desktop computer.
You and Grace give each other an inquisitive look. She points to her head and circles her pointer finger a few times.
“C r a z y” she mouths silently.
No kidding.
“This is what we found at the suspect’s apartment,” Erwin rotates his computer screen. The photograph shows a wall identical to the one in your bedroom but instead, it is covered with newspaper clippings. You quickly glance at the headings.
The more you stare at the screen, you realize that most of the photos of Grisha Yaeger had been violently scratched out, black and red X’s obscure the man's facial features.
Next to this particular clipping, there is a messily scribbled note which you assumed to have been made by Zeke. ‘Fucking liar’ the remark makes you frown but you continue.
A photo of a man standing next to Grisha is featured. He’s young but looks just like Grisha, you note.
“Our team is investigating the possible link Zeke Fritz may have to Grisha Yaeger,” he turns his computer screen back, “Clearly whatever he has against him, it is very personal.”
You nod. That was a damn understatement.
“I have already discussed it with Levi,” he turns his attention back to you, “but we believe it isn’t safe for you to return home at the moment.”
“Right,” you sigh.
“Is there any place you can stay until we are able to locate the suspect?” Erwin looks at you expectantly. Before Grace can interject, he continues to speak.
“We don’t feel it would be safe for either of you to return home at this time...seeing that it was apparent that Zeke Fritz visited your home Miss Williams.”
“Fucking hell.”
You look at Grace apologetically.
“I’m sorry for dragging you into this,” you smile sadly, “Don’t worry, I’ll book us a room at a motel or something.”
A slight shuffling sound startles the both of you. You turn to see Levi standing in the doorway. He looks slightly uncharacteristically disheveled.
“You look like shit,” you mimic his monotonous voice.
He glares at you but ignores your comment.
“A motel won’t be necessary,” he fixes his tie and runs a hand through his hair.
You raise an eyebrow curiously.
“Well, what do you suggest boss?” Grace grins buoyantly.
“You can stay at my place,” he crosses his arms and looks away. He dons his usual frown but you notice the slight blush that color his cheeks.
You bite your cheek to hold in your laughter at the awkward, yet adorable sight.
“Perfect!” Grace clamps her hands together and answers before you can, “When do we move in?”
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insufferablepanda · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
Safe Haven [3]
CONTENT WARNING: nsfw, eventual smut, smut, oral (f receiving), slow build, ceo levi, office au, assault/harassment, 18+, unedited
NOTES: teaser smut chapter hehehe although it was fun writing this chapter, I’m not used to writing smut so please be kind!! panda tried her best 🥺 As always, if you got this far, thanks so much for reading!!
“Late,” Levi’s chilling voice ricochets off of the glass walls, “again.”
You stare back challengingly at him and cross your legs. He takes a deep breath, clearly displeased with your brazen defiance. You lick your lips and give him a sickly sweet smile.
“And? What are you going to do about it?”
His eyebrow twitches but he doesn’t say a word. Instead, he pushes his hip off the glass desk and circles around you slowly. The leisure taps of his shoes hit the tiles and synchronize with the heavy beating in your chest. He stops when he’s directly behind you. The silence makes you antsy but you know better than to not move.
“Turn around,” his dark voice makes you shiver.
Slowly, you swivel your chair to look up at him. He stares back down at you, not revealing a single emotion. Uncharacteristically calm - not the reaction you were expecting.
Without saying a word he squeezes your cheeks, forcing your lips into a protruding pout. His grip is firm and hard, making you groan.
“You really have a mouth on you, don’t you Miss Reader?”
Unable to resist, you look up at him and nod.
“And what, do you think we should do about that?” He tuts.
At this point, you’re breathing heavily. His touch alone, turns you on. Your panties? Completely soaked. You challenge his authority and slip your tongue out, grazing his forefinger.
“Levi,” you whine beggingly.
His eyes darken at the sound of his name leaving your lips and releases your cheeks, cupping them gently. Slowly, he rubs the soreness away and trails his hand through your hair. He gives a slight tug making you gasp. With his other hand, he trails his thumb along your lip.
“Suck,” he commands. You mewl at his sudden dominance but your body moves on it’s own and obeys his vulgar demand.
You take the digit into your mouth and twist and twirl your tongue lewdly. His breathe hitches, encouraging you to suck harder.
Reaching up, you grasp his wrist in your hand and trail your tongue along his middle finger. Maintaining eye contact, you slide down until it’s enveloped entirely in your mouth, making sure he knows, you were wishing it was his cock you were sucking on. You feel his grip in your hair reassuringly tighten, making you whimper.
Suddenly, he grips your tongue and tugs it out of your mouth. Saliva drips down your chin, dirtying the front of your blouse.
“What a filthy slut,” he belittled, “do you want my cock that fucking badly?”
You nod fervently and bob your head, taking his fingers in and out of your mouth. Suddenly he shoves his fingers as far as they can go, hitting the back of your throat. You gag but welcome them with a long and hard suck.
“Getting turned on by just my fingers alone,” he looks down at you heatedly, “after all that back talk, I don’t think you deserve my cock.”
“Levi. Please,” with your mouth stuffed with his fingers, the words come out muffled.
His fingers are pulled from your mouth, with a soft ‘pop’, then grips your neck, holding you in place.
“Are you going to be a good girl for me?”
“Yes, yes, yes,” you chant, “Please Levi.”
At the sound of your desperate pleads, he bends down and shoves the hem of your skirt up. With a quick tug, he rips a hole in your stockings and shoves his saliva coated fingers into your cunt. You thrust your hips up, motioning that you wanted him to move faster. You moan at the thought of your own spit mixing with your juices.
Levi keeps your thighs parted with a strong hand and continues to finger fuck you. You pinch your nipples through your blouse and he growls at the sight. A little voice in the back of your mind is screaming for you to stop - you knew you were playing a dangerous game. But all the reason you had left was flung out of the window.
“Fuck me,” you pant, “fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.”
His fingers move in and out of you at a rapid pace. As he adds another finger, he bends down and pauses at your entrance. Your walls are absolutely stretched. He stops and stares up at you.
The sight of Levi between your legs has you clenching. You shut your eyes, reveling in the pleasure. You struggle to move your hips, desperate for stimulation, but his hard grip holds you down.
“Do you want me to fill you up with my cock?”
“Please,” you beg incoherently, “please fuck me! Let me come.”
You feel his hot breath, panting on your entrance. You dig your hips upwards.
“Eager are we?” He teases your clit with a pinch, making you squirm. Suddenly, he licks the inner slope of your thigh making you shiver. Trailing slowly along the curvature of your leg, he pauses until he is right about your wet and pulsing entrance.
“I’m going to fuck you till you can’t remember anything but my name,” he growls. He burrows his face between your thighs. His strong hands grip into your flesh as he covers your entire heat with his mouth. You squeal as he spreads his large hand over your stomach, pressing down firmly, keeping you in place.
“Look at me,” he commands. Suddenly, he reaches from below to grip your throat. You whine as he squeezes hard.
When he doesn’t show any signs of letting go, you grip his forearm to show your discomfort. When you realize he isn’t going to stop, adrenaline spikes through your veins. He presses his thumb deep into an artery, making your vision blur. When you open your mouth to scream, no sound emerges. You tug at his arm, desperate for air.
When you look down, your heart drops to your stomach. Zeke is crouching where Levi once was and looks up to give you a chilling grin. And to your absolute horror he starts to strangle you. You feel your eyes bulge at the sudden pressure and your brain falls into a hysteria. Unable to think straight, you claw at his arms and struggle to push him off.
“It’s useless,” his lips curl into a sinister grin, “You’re mine.” And at that moment, you knew that Zeke was going to kill you.
Your eyes wrench open and the first thing you notice is the unrelenting throbbing in your head. You groan at the harsh sunlight. What a hell of a night. You massage your temples as you try to recall the events that happened before you decided to drown your anxiety with alcohol.
After switching off the TV, you completely flipped out. Zeke, who was most likely a fucking serial killer, just so happened to be your neighbor who also had a creepy obsession with you.
You were frustrated but there was absolutely nothing that you could do. At that point, everything was in the hands of the police. And last time you checked, Zeke was innocent till proven guilty.
The one thing you could do was drink away your anxiety. And so, you decided that the best thing to do, was to down the rest of your wine. Looking back at it now, clearly a bad idea.
Levi on the other hand was livid. A little odd considering he was just your employer but you weren’t complaining about all the attention he was giving you.
Before completely blacking out, you remember him talking on the phone with Officer Erwin. You watched him from the couch and lazily swirled the red liquid in your glass.
“I don’t give a fuck if you have to send the entire station down. I want his ass away tonight,” he hisses.
There is a pause for Erwin to respond.
“That sketch on the news...that was him Erwin.”
Another pause.
“Calm down? You want me to calm the fuck down? I know what I saw.”
His jaw tightens visibly at what was said. But he exhaled, allowing the other man to speak however, clearly not appeased.
Levi takes a long pause as he listens intently to the man on the other end of the phone. He turns away from you, making it difficult to comprehend the rest of the conversation.
Your eyes start to feel heavy as you slowly doze off to sleep. Before you completely slip into a slumber, you are able to make out Levi’s last word.
“Please,” he murmurs, “I can’t lose her too.”
You groan as you throw your legs down, attempting to sit upright and rub the memories of last night away. The incessant pounding was showing no signs of going away and it wasn’t making it any easier to think. Was it really Zeke that the both of you saw on TV last night? The thought alone was terrifying. You close your eyes and rub your neck absentmindedly, remembering how his cold fingers squeezed tightly, blocking your airway.
“How much longer are you going to sleep?”
Levi’s voice breaks your train of thought. You squint up and see that he’s dressed in a fresh suit.
“Well someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed,” you rub your temples, “What time is it?”
“Quarter past 7,” he hands you a cup of coffee. You blink in surprise.
“Thanks.” The aroma soothes your headache. You take a sip.
You get up from the sofa and make your way to the bathroom. You run a hot shower and stand under the boiling water; Finally alone with your thoughts.
Although your hangover is still prevalent, you groan thinking back to your nightmare. It didn’t start as one, your inner voice quips. You lather soap into your hair and scrub away the thought. Levi was your boss. And that’s how it should stay.
After cleaning up your appearance, you walk out and see Levi in the middle of your living room, opting to stand rather than sit.
“My couch doesn’t have cooties,” you chuckle.
“That’s what you think,” he makes a face. “Anyways, are you ready? We’re already running behind schedule.”
“Why didn’t you wake me up earlier?” You rush around trying to find your keys and purse.
“You needed the rest,” he says pointedly. “Plus, you looked at peace while you were asleep,” he adds softly, “I didn’t want to wake you.”
“Oh,” you are unsure what to say. “Don’t be such a grouch’s your fault.”
You fling pillows to the ground and scavenge the crevices of your couch. Where the fuck were your keys?
He scowls at you. “Says the one who decided to become completely inebriated.”
You cringe at his comment. He had you there, totally an unprofessional move.
“I’m sorry,” you sigh, “You can’t blame me entirely though, considering Zeke is probably a murderer who, for some reason, has it out for me.”
“You won’t have to worry about him again, the situation is being taken care of as we speak,” he says coolly, “I made sure of it last night.”
All you can do is manage a smile.
“In the meantime, you should take better care of yourself,” he frowns, “Is it a habit of yours to drink that much?”
You smile sheepishly.
“No. I hate drinking.” He raises an eyebrow, giving you an incredulous look. It makes you laugh.
“Okay,” you give him a look, “It was one night.” You roll your eyes. “Besides, I thought you were my boyfriend, not my dad,” you poke at him jokingly.
“Maybe,” he crosses his arms, “A little discipline would be good for you.”
“What are you going to do? Spank me?” The words slip from your tongue without a second thought. You place your hands on your hips and turn to look at him. The dream from last night was still fresh in your mind, so you really had no idea why you said that. Maybe a part of you wanted it.
He dangles your keys in front of your face before placing it in your hand.
“Don’t tempt me,” he says darkly. He walks out before you even have a chance to reply.
Huh. Maybe a part of him wanted it too.
You expected to see Zeke on the way out, but he was nowhere in sight. It was eerie and it left you feeling suspicious. There was no way he would’ve left you alone after seeing you walk into your apartment with Levi.
You ponder, getting lost in thought, before realizing you have arrived at work. Mr. Arlert opens your door. Levi was insistent on you riding with him to work, which you were extremely grateful for. One thing was certain, whether Zeke was threatened by Levi’s presence or not, he didn’t approach you that morning.
You step out, thanking Mr. Arlert and rush to catch up with your boss. The elevator ride allows you to give him a brief rundown of the day.
Regardless of what was transpiring in your personal life, you still had a job to do. And you were going to do a damn good job. It was the least you could do, after Levi’s excessive help.
He holds out his hand expectantly. You open your folder and hand him the first assignment for the morning. As he looks it over, you read his schedule aloud.
“You have an online conference with Marleyan Construction at 9. Meeting with the management team on this quarter's new quotas, which should be brief. Then, at 11 you have an early luncheon with your uncle,” you pause waiting for his usual grunt of acknowledgement.
You continue. “After that, you have a 2:30 meeting with Dr. Hange Zoe and their research team to finalize Project Titan.”
“Clear everything after that.”
You scribble the correction on your tablet.
“Ewrin called me this morning,” he glances at you, gaging your response. When you give him an expectant look, he continues. “He wants to meet with you to discuss the charges against Zeke.”
You nod. You just wanted this whole thing to be over. The elevator arrives and the both of you walk out.
After brewing his morning tea, you walk over to your desk and mentally prepare yourself to go through all the emails failed to reply to yesterday.
Finally, settling down, you have time to organize sober thoughts. Despite everything else that was going on with Zeke, your mind couldn’t help but wander to last night’s dinner. What did Levi mean by sharing? Maybe it was a male ego thing. But what about him referring to himself as your boyfriend? He was just trying to protect you - your inner voice having an explanation for everything. But what about your dream?
You pause your typing. It doesn’t have to mean anything, you try to reason with yourself. Yeah, begging your boss to fuck you, has no meaning, your inner voice quips. You let out a deep sigh and click on the next email. It’s contents make all the blood leave your face.
The email has no return address yet it allows you to scroll through endless attachments; Each one contains a photo of you, completely unaware of the intrusion.
In one photo, you’re sleeping, sprawled in just your undergarments. In another, although it’s taken from a distance, you see not only you but Grace sprawled on her couch - laughing without a care in the world and oblivious to the candid photographs being taken.
The last photo makes your stomach churn - you’re completely nude, hair damp as if you just exited the bathroom. You click out of the attachment, unable to look at anymore photos. You want to puke.
As if on cue, Grace appears next to you and sets a coffee on your desk. She takes note of your clearly shaken state and places a worried arm around your shoulders.
“Honey, what’s wrong? Did something happen?”
Unable to express your horror in words, you glide the mouse over the last attachment and click it open. Grace’s hand flies up to cover her mouth. At the end of the email, the you read:
Locks won’t keep me out, love. Here’s a reminder that you belong to me.
No return email. No ending signature. Yet the both of you know exactly where it came from. Zeke had never used such aggression but the excessive use of profanities in the email make you realize the new level of severity surrounding the situation.
“What the fuck?” She hisses.
At that moment, Levi emerges from his private office and takes in both of your shocked states.
“What the fuck?” Grace repeats herself, “This has gone way too fucking far, when I get my hands on hi-“
Levi makes his way around to look at your screen. Regaining the ability to move, you rush to close the tab. You were embarrassed...ashamed to be seen in that state. Especially by him. Vulnerable, violated, and completely unaware of what was being done to you.
Tears prickle at your eyes as you register the gravity of the situation. The bastard was spying on you. He had cameras in your house. In Grace’s house. Watching your every move. 24/7. The sudden urge to vomit returns, causing you to retch. Levi gently grasps your hands. He doesn’t force you to speak but his eyes are pleading.
“He was fucking stalking her,” Grace seethed with rage, “He has fucking pictures!”
Levi stares at the screen with a hard, unreadable expression. An unrecognizable sound echoes throughout the floor. It's only when you feel tears streaming down your face that you realize, it was the sound of you sobbing. You feel Grace rubbing soft circles on your back but her comfort only causes you to cry harder.
Levi snaps out of his trance and bends down so that you are eye level. He doesn’t say anything but gently grasps your face in his hands, caressing you with soft caution, as if you were made of glass.
He wipes your tears away with his thumbs and looks at you with a pained expression. When your sobs do not cease, he pulls you into a tight hug and you cling onto him, bunching his suit in your fists. For once, he couldn’t care less about a goddamn wrinkle.
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insufferablepanda · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
Safe Haven [2]
CONTENT WARNING: nsfw, fluff, eventual smut, slow build, oc’s, ceo levi, office au, assault/harassment, 18+, unedited, 
NOTES: Part 2 of this train wreck of a series!! Levi is ending up as such a softie in this story, maybe it’s just me indulging in my own fantasies of sweetheart Levi 😫 As always, if you got this far, thanks so much for reading!
Erwin Smith. Chief of Police. He was a force to be reckoned with, you could tell that much even though you had just met him. You learned that he was a long-time acquaintance and confidant of the Ackerman family. You note that he isn’t in uniform opting for a long black coat, a plain white dress shirt and ironed black slacks.
“Miss Reader, shall we have a seat?” Erwin Smith gestures towards the couch.
You head over and Levi follows.
“Mr. Ackerman has informed me of the gravity of your situation,” he begins slowly, “If it is alright with you, I’d like to get a full account of the events that took place this morning.” He pulls out a paper pad and clicks the pen from his breast pocket.
Levi places a comforting hand on your back.
“Take your time,” he reassures you, “he’s here to help.”
You give him a small smile to show appreciation for his kind patience. Taking a deep breath, you retell your story.
After filling pages of his notepad with your statement, Erwin places it into his pocket.
“Thank you for your time Miss Reader,” Ewrin gives you a sympathetic smile, “I apologize if you had to recount unpleasant memories.”
“You can apologize by throwing that bastard in prison,” Levi replies sharply.
Erwin doesn’t smile this time and nods in agreement. Before he leaves, he speaks with Levi in hushed whispers.
You block out their voices and get lost in thought. Grace would be wondering where you were. Thinking of your best friend, you grab your phone from your purse and open up your messages with her.
‘Hi’ you text.
She replies right away.
‘Hey! Where have you been? Is everything okay?’
‘Yeah...Z tried to force himself on me this morning but Mr. Ackerman got the police involved.’
‘Mr. Ackerman?’
Of course that’s the first thing she picks up on. You internally roll your eyes.
‘Wait are you okay though?? What did that fucker do? Where are you now?’ she messages quickly after.
‘Apparently our CEO is acquainted with the Chief of Police. It’s being more than taken care of.’
You leave out the fact that you’re currently in your boss’ private office.
‘Thank God. I’ll give you a ride home today. I’d love to give that son of a bitch a piece of my mind.’
You purse your lips after reading her text and debate whether or not to tell her the truth.
‘Actually, Mr. Ackerman is adamant on taking me home. I’m upstairs. In his office.’
You bite your nail knowing this won’t end well. Grace’s speech bubble pops up and then disappears. It pops up again but disappears again. It follows this pattern for a few more times, until nothing. Huh.
“How are you feeling?” Levi’s deep voice disrupts your thoughts and you peel your eyes away from your phone. You notice Ewrin has left and it’s just the two of you again.
“I’m…” out of habit you want to say ‘okay’ but decide otherwise,“...could be better.”
His eyes soften at your honesty. Before he can speak, you hear a commotion outside. You’d recognize that voice anywhere.
“I don’t give a fuck what Mr. Ackerman said!” she yells from behind the door, “my friend is in there and you are not going to stop me.”
“Miss please,” a male voice from outside begs, “I am not authorized to let you in.”
“Hey! Where do you think you’re putting your hands buddy?!”
Levi eyes the door suspiciously but you chuckle. Leave it up to Grace to stir the pot. You stand from the couch and walk over to let your friend in. When you open the door, you are surprised by what you see. Your friend, her hair disheveled and her arms restrained in handcuffs.
“Reader!” She exclaims and puffs a strand of her hair out of her face. She immediately asks if you are okay. Always concerned for those around her, never herself. One of the reasons you absolutely adored the gal.
“What’s going on?” You turn to the man restraining her, “Let her go!”
The man looks at Levi, as if to ask for permission.
“You heard the lady,” Levi states bluntly.
Immediately, the man lets her go and unlocks the handcuffs. Once she’s free, she rubs her wrists where the metal once dug in.
“Son of a bitch,” she mutters but then quickly turns to you and hugs you.
“Are you okay?” She whispers. You smile and return her embrace.
“Now I am.”
“I’m gonna kill that bastard,” she pulls away.
“Get in line,” Levi says behind you.
“Mr. Ackerman!” She squeaks, “Thanks for taking care of my girl…really kind of you.” She rambles on, not failing to mention that she does in fact care what he thinks.
He throws her a steely look but says nothing.
“Who’s this?” You ask, not recognizing the man who had your best friend in restraints. He’s dressed similarly to Erwin.
“Officer Marco Bott,” the freckled man rubs the back of his head sheepishly, “Really sorry about that miss, I had orders that nobody was to enter the premises.”
“I asked Erwin for 24 hour surveillance,” Levi clarifies, “there’s no way in hell that bastard is going to get anywhere near you.”
Your eyes widen. 24 hour surveillance? That was pretty extensive
“At least someone here has their head screwed on right!” Your friend exclaims beside you, “your neighbor is a complete psycho!”
Levi says nothing but you see the approval of your friend written on his face. You were grateful for all of the support but a part of you reprimanded yourself for allowing it to get this far. It's not like you haven’t tried to report Zeke before. You always got the same response. ‘Sorry ma’am, there’s nothing we can do unless you have a witness or we catch him in the act.’ Innocent till proven guilty. You took plenty of precautions; Leaving the house earlier, ordering self-defense products, and even considered installing a camera. Somehow Zeke was always one step ahead of you. It had you feeling suspicious.
“Thanks to Mr. Ackerman, I’ll be just a few doors down,” Marco reassures.
You whip your head to look at Levi in disbelief.
“You bought an apartment?” You ask him dully.
“He moves in tomorrow.”
Grace, who is next to you, shares your disbelief.
“Holy shit,” she whispers.
“I requested 24 hour surveillance for a reason,” he rolls his eyes, “How do you expect Bott to do his job spending night after night in his shitty cop car?”
You, already accustomed to his extreme spending habits, sigh. The last few hours have been a whirlwind of events. You were tired and didn’t want to argue. You knew that nobody was going to change his mind. Not even you.
The day went by slowly. After almost being arrested, Grace made sure you were okay and returned to work. You recall the conversation you two had before she left.
“So he’s taking you home?” she points towards your boss.
You nod. She grins and wiggles her eyebrows suggestively.
You roll her eyes and quickly dismiss what she was implying at. There was no way you’d involve yourself with Levi. There were already rumors circulating that there was an ensuing romance between the two of you. You were the first to quickly turn down those accusations. It was important to you to maintain a certain level of professionalism and besides, you wanted people to know that it was hard work that got you to where you were and not because of what was between your legs.
“He is,” you purse your lips, “but I know what you’re thinking and the answer is no.“
“But it’s Levi Ackerman,” she playfully exasperates, “you have to admit that he’s damn fine.”
When excited, Grace is not quiet. You make eye contact with Levi who’s sitting at his desk. His lips slightly turn upward before quickly regaining his neutral composure. He looks back down to his laptop screen but little does she know, he’s listening.
“He’s…tolerable,” you smile slyly and take a sip of your now cold tea. You wait, gauging his reaction.
You hear him scoff but he doesn’t say a word.
“You know,” she lowers her voice, “he can be a real asshole.”
You grin and nod in agreement. Tell me something I don’t know, you thought to yourself.
“But he dropped everything for you today.”
“Anyone would,” you brush it off. You take another stop of your tea to quench your dry mouth.
Grace rolls her eyes, clearly over your attempts to evade the conversation about Levi.
“Whatever you say, although I think you’re totally underestimating his interest in you,” she quips, “anyways I gotta head back down - I’ll give you a call once I’m finished.”
“That would be nice,” you give her a grateful smile.
“Awesome,” she gives you another hug, “I’ll see you later.”
As she walks out, she directs her attention to Levi.
“You may be our boss,” she calls out behind her, “but don’t even think of doing anything fishy mister, or there’ll be hell to pay.”
“Don't lump me in the same category as that piece of shit,” Levi scoffs. He returns his attention back to his laptop and for the rest of the afternoon, a comforting silence envelopes the both of you. You felt safe.
On the way home, Levi stares out the window. Mr. Arlert, his personal driver, steers through traffic silently. Your stomach was in knots. You know that it was likely that Zeke was just waiting to pounce when you got home and an altercation was the last thing you wanted.
“Are you hungry,” Levi asks, finally breaking the silence.
“I didn’t eat anything today,” you admit, “I don’t have an appetite though.”
He frowns.
“Arlert,” he calls out, “I want to make a stop at the usual marketplace.”
“Yes sir.”
“Really, I’m fine,” you assure him.
“You need to eat,” he insists. Suddenly your stomach growls. You blush.
“See,” he smirks.
Mr. Arlert pulls into an empty parking space and opens the door for both you and Levi to exit. The sun was slowly setting and the street lamps were flickering on. You follow him to an upscale restaurant. Upon entering, the host greets Levi by name.
“Mr. Ackerman!” a chubby man exclaims, “So glad to have you back, the usual seating I presume?”
“Plus one,” Levi nods towards me.
The man leads us to a secluded table at the back of the restaurant. Private, you note - just how Levi liked it. You take a seat across from him and take a look at the menu.
“Order anything you want,” Levi says nonchalantly.
“I can pay,” you begin to say.
He raises a brow questioning your opposition. Both you and he know that he makes enough money to buy the entire building. When you drop it, he nods his head contently.
You bite your cheek and look back at the menu. You settle for a club sandwich and a side order of tomato basil soup. After the waitress comes by to take your order, you take a sip of your ice water and crunch on a piece of ice. Classical music plays softly throughout the establishment. The restaurant is fairly empty, with the exception of a few other diners. They look like high end folk. The candle in the middle of the table flickers, illuminating his sharp features.
“I’m sorry for today,” you’re the first to break the silence, “especially for getting you mixed up in my business.”
“You have nothing to apologize for,” he rests his chin in his palm, “I should apologize for not noticing it sooner.”
His gaze does not falter from yours.
“There’s no way for you to have known,” you shrug, “besides, Zeke moved in only recently.”
He makes a disgusted face at the mention of his name.
“I made it clear to Erwin that he makes sure his ass is locked up or I’d do the job myself.”
You blink rapidly, surprised at his hostility. But you agree.
“As much as I’d love to see you strangle him to death, it’s my job as your PA to keep you out of trouble,” you offer a bit of humor.
“He’s a dead man,” Levi scoffs, “he thinks he can touch you so casually? He can piss off.”
“Jealous, are we?” You tease.
You hear your boss scoff at your joke.
“I don’t like sharing,” he smirks before taking a sip of his cabernet.
Your eyes widen but before you can retort, the waitress arrives with your food. An awkward silence falls between the both of you after she leaves. Levi, unaffected by his own words, picks up his utensils and cuts into his steak.
You hesitantly pick up your sandwich and take a bite out of the corner. The bread feels dry and your mind is too preoccupied to comprehend it’s taste.
“How is it?” he asks, elegantly taking another bite.
“It’s good,” you manage to answer. Jesus, what the heck did he mean? Sharing? It’s not like you belonged to him in the first place. Crazy old man.
You stare at his plate, unable to meet his gaze. You take another bite of your sandwich and chew slowly. You watch him slice a piece of steak and to your surprise, offers it to you. Now, you’re even more confused. He was feeding you? When you don’t take the bite, he grumbles.
“You were staring so intently at my plate,” he says dryly.
“I was just thinking to myself,” you shake your head, “this sandwich is great.”
Despite your explanation, he doesn’t move his hand. The piece of steaks stares right back at you.
Slowly, you open your mouth and wrap your lips around his fork. His eyes grow stormy, never leaving your lips. Your insides clench at the intimacy of the moment. The mantra you so desperately tried to recite back at the office, was long gone - out the door. The piece of meat is salty so you give it a slight suck before pulling back. After you swallow, you lick your lips for good measure. You knew what you were doing. He started it and you were going to win.
“Delicious,” you smile innocently, ignoring the dark look on his face, “want a bite of mine?”
You meet Mr. Arlet at the original parking space. You find him sitting in the front, sipping coffee from a disposable cup. Upon your arrival, he opens the door for the both of you to enter. Levi let’s you slide in first and follows after you.
You mentally curse at yourself for your behavior in the restaurant. You were sure that Levi had no immoral intentions so what the hell were you thinking? Sucking on his meat like that - no pun intended. Your conscious laughs at your own joke. Were you so dick deprived that you were willing to risk it all for your boss? Maybe, a little voice whispers in the back of your head.
In no time, the car pulls up to your apartment, pulling you out of your thoughts. You tentatively peer out of the tinted window, looking for any signs of your blonde neighbor. You don’t see him. Levi doesn’t wait for your cue and exits the car. When you don’t come out of the car, he walks to your side of the door and opens it for you.
The events at the restaurant seem to have no effect on him and you internally let out a sigh of relief. He holds a hand out to help you out and you take it. When you step out you don’t let go.
You feel his arm stiffen but he says nothing and allows the intimate action. Together, you walk briskly to your apartment. You grip his hand tightly, praying that you won’t run into Zeke. With only a few steps away from your front door, you hear him call your name. Shivers immediately rush down your spine. Levi lets go of your hand and respectfully places his hand on your shoulder. He brings you slightly into the crook of his arm, shielding you from Zeke’s vision. You hear him call your name again, a bit louder this time.
“Don’t look back,” Levi says in a hushed tone, “open the door as soon as we reach your apartment.”
You nod, knowing that your face gives away your panicked thoughts. Zeke calls after you a third time and this time he starts following you. When you reach your front door, Levi blocks you so that Zeke has no way of reaching you.
He calls your name once more, out of breath.
“You’re finally home,” he grins. Hearing his voice this closely, makes you fumble with your keys.
“And who might this be?” Zeke’s eyes flash to Levi.
You just know Levi is burning holes into your neighbor with his eyes.
“What’s it to you?” Levi seethes.
“She’s my favorite gal,” Zeke chuckles, reaching to pat you on the shoulder.
Levi grabs his wrist before he can touch you. “This favorite gal, just so happens to be my girlfriend and I’d appreciate it if you left her alone from now on.”
Unbeknownst to you, Zeke face darkens upon hearing the news.
You are just as shocked by his answer but that doesn’t stop you from getting the door open. As soon as you hear the click, you swing it open and drag Levi inside behind you. 
Before Zeke has time to protest, you shut the door in his face and lock it. Your heart is beating a hundred miles per hour. Just seeing his face, hearing his voice was enough to trigger you.
You turn to look at Levi and you can see him fuming. You shed your coat and make your way to the kitchen. You needed a drink.
Your apartment was messy. A few dishes left in the sink and your clothes draped over furniture. As he followed you into your apartment, you knew he was taking note of your untidiness. You grab a clean glass from your dish rack and pop open a half empty bottle of cheap red wine.
“Want a glass?” you ask him.
He frowns and you take that as a no.
“Suit yourself,” you pour wine into your favorite glass, till it’s filled to the brim. Uncharacteristically, you chug the entire thing. Levi watches you in amusement.
“So,” you wipe the corners of your mouth, “boyfriend, huh?”
He scoffs.
“You should’ve seen his face, wiped the smug look right off that fucker’s face.”
You laugh.
“Thank you,” you relax, “really.”
You sigh and place your glass on the counter. It’s been one hell of a day and you were longing for a hot shower.
“It’s getting late, you should probably go,” you smile sheepishly.
“There’s no way I’m leaving you here alone with that guy practically boning your front door,” he pulls out his phone and dials a number.
You hear the faint ringing and comb your fingers through your hair. While you wait for his phone call to end, you pour yourself a second glass and throw it down the hatch.
“Arlet, I won’t be needing a ride home - call it a night,” he hums a few yes’s before hanging up.
“Just invite yourself why don’t cha’,'' you start to slur. His forwardness doesn’t scare you. You know he’d never attempt long as you consented of course.
He chuckles as your sloppy speech.
“Looks like it’s past your bedtime.”
“I’m gonna take a shower,” feeling the effects of the alcohol, you unashamedly start to unbutton your blouse.
Levi’s eyes widen but he turns away.
“Get to the bathroom first, for god's sake.”
If he showed any interest before, he surely wasn’t showing it now. You frown, displeased with his response.
“What’s wrong?” You challenge; the liquid courage speaking for you,”don’t like what you see?”
The look from the restaurant returns but it quickly disappears as it came.
“You’re drunk,” came his dry reply.
“You’re no fun,” you pout but head over to the bathroom, shedding your clothes as you go.
Levi sighs, allowing you all the privacy that you need.
The shower sobers you up a little bit but that doesn’t stop you from drinking.
“Have you always lived like this?” Levi holds up a black thong.
“Hey!” you snatch it out of his hands.
Embarrassed, you stuff it into your hamper.
“You have great taste,” he teases.
“Leave my apartment out of this,” you huff, “I didn’t ask you to stay.”
When you don’t make any move to clean up the mess around you, Levi sits on the edge of your couch with disdain clearly written on his face. You take a sip of your wine and ignore his irritated disposition. He was the one who insisted on spending the night and there was no way you were going to let him ruin your downtime. You turn on the television and flip aimlessly through channels eventually settling for the local news station.
“Local police are on the lookout for this man,” the news woman's voice echoes throughout your small apartment, “wanted for assault and is suspected to be connected to the disappearance of Krista Lenz.”
A sketch flashes up on the screen and you almost drop your glass.
“What the fuck?” you ask aloud to no one in particular. Levi looks at you in confusion.
You point towards your TV. The person on the screen is no other than the man who lives a few units down from your apartment. Zeke.
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insufferablepanda · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
Safe Haven [1]
CONTENT WARNING: nsfw, fluff, eventual smut, slow build, oc’s, ceo levi, office au, assault/harassment, 18+, unedited
NOTES: An ongoing Levi x Reader series. Not exactly sure where this is going but I’m having fun writing it ~ thanks for giving this train wreck a chance *muah*
You quickly climb the stairs, coffee in hand, and ignore the sound of your black heels scuffing against the gray granite. You were late...again.
“Miss Reader,” the receptionist greeted you without sparing a glance.
“Greta,” you nod politely.
Pressing the golden elevator button several times, you smooth the wrinkles out of your black pencil skirt. Nervously, you run a hand through your hair and tuck the loose strands behind your ears. It’s been a little over a year since the senior Ackerman announced his indefinite leave and appointed his nephew to fill in his shoes as the CEO of Ackerman Corporation.
In the Seattle bureau, office gossip was inevitable, and with the man who was crowned as the Pacific Northwest’s most eligible bachelor, making a permanent appearance, people were bound to whisper amongst themselves. Not you though. Although you were aware that he was quite the charming fellow, you just weren’t interested. You were content with life as it was and did not want to be grouped with the other women in the company who pinned for a single man’s attention. It was plain and simple: no men equaled no drama. You planned to keep it that way.
However, your best friend Grace begged to differ and would most definitely talk until her lips fell off. Gracelynn Emma Williams was notorious for her colloquial ways and she was always sure to gush over the man to whom she referred to as “sex on legs”.
Now you, being the complete opposite of Grace, lived a life of solitude and rarely allowed your work and personal life to collide. But that all changed when he, unapologetically barged, into your life.
Sighing, you threw your phone back into your clutch as the elevator doors opened. Bracing yourself for what stood behind the large mahogany doors at the end of the hallway, you nervously twiddle your thumbs. You swallowed then cleared your throat. Get ahold of yourself Reader, you mentally slap yourself. Then with a tug of your big girl panties, you reach for the golden knot and push open the large door
It was quiet. Too quiet.
“Hello?” you call out.
There is no response. You let out a relieved sigh and quietly shut the door. You relax and make your way over to your desk. The top floor was taken up entirely by Levi; The rest of the employees were allotted to the floors below, but you, his assistant, were an exception. You place your lukewarm coffee down. If there was one thing that the President hated more than untidiness, it was tardiness. This wasn’t your first offense and the last thing you wanted was to be caught red-handed by him. You boot up your computer and get ready to go through emails for the next hour.
“Late,” a chilling voice makes you jump, “again.”
The hair rises on the back of your neck and you swivel your chair to face your boss.
Across the room, he leans against the edge of a desk. A usual scowl decorates his handsome face. His dark suit and tie are ironed and pressed neatly, contrary to your wrinkled skirt. You know he takes notice.
“I apologize,” you grimace at his harsh tone. No matter how hard you tried, you somehow always found yourself in situations like this. He takes in your disheveled appearance and crosses his arms.
“You look like shit,” he states bluntly.
“Thanks,” you respond sarcastically, “I dressed up just for you.”
You smile sweetly at him. He glares at you. It’s been over a year since you became his personal assistant. You were good at your job, that’s why he tolerated you. 
It was a rare occurrence that you were late but ever since your new neighbor took notice of you, he’d find the perfect times to loiter outside of your unit and wait for your exit. Once was happenstance. Twice was a coincidence. But after his third attempt to practically force you into his apartment, you knew then that he was a fucking creep. You grimace, recalling the run-in with him this morning.
Before leaving, you peered out of the peephole, making sure he was nowhere in sight. You checked your watch - you had a good hour to make it to work on time. You take a deep breath and then quickly open the door. With the house key already in hand, you turn to lock the door. You turn, ready to make a run for it but instead bump into a broad chest.
You yelp and take a step back, only for him to come closer. Your back hits your front door. The man in front of you places his hands on either side of your head, trapping you between his arms.
“Zeke,” your voice shakes nervously.
He responds with your name and you do your best to hide your dismay.
“Where are you off to in such a hurry?” he drawls.
“Work,” you state with indifference.
You glance to your left, then to your right. The hallway was empty and the two of you were alone. The last thing you wanted to do was anger the guy.
“Why is it,” he chuckles, “that I’m always having to chase after you like this?”
“I don’t know what you mean,” you fake a laugh, trying to hide your nervousness.
“You do,” his smile falters and he stares right into your eyes. It makes you uncomfortable.
In that moment all signs of his attempt to win your affection disappear. He slowly leans his head down and upon realizing his intentions, you panic. You turn your head, emphasizing your aversion. He notices and his playful smile returns. Psycho.
“Don’t worry though,” he shows all of his teeth, “I love a chase.”
His advances make you internally retch. Despite your blatant resistance, his hand slowly brushes against your skirt. You turn to evade his wandering hand. Despite his unthreatening appearance, you notice his toned arms, and the fact that he towers over you. If you tried to put up a fight, you knew it would be a losing battle. Your body was frozen, too scared to move. He takes your stillness as a sign to move closer. He bends down and brings his face close to the crook of your neck. You hear him inhale and you shudder.
“You smell nice,” he grins.
“I really have to get to work,” you insist, trying to keep things polite.
He chuckles and breathes in again. He comes close enough that his chest brushes up against yours, wrinkling your once ironed blouse. It happened so fast. He grips your skirt and you yelp in surprise. To your disgust, you notice the bulge growing in his pants. Your eyes widen and you quickly duck under his arm. You walk quickly but he follows.
“When will you be home?” he catches up to you. You grip your keys ready to slash if he grabs you.
When you don’t reply, he slows down.
“I’ll see you when you get home then.”
You shudder thinking of his shaggy blonde hair and dirty glasses. You hated the fact that you let him violate you. It was disgusting. In the moment, it was as if your brain short circuited and although it was screaming at your body to move, you were frozen in place.
You push these thoughts away to the deepest corners of your brain and then you’re back in the office. The man currently in front of you was nothing like your neighbor. Despite his usual harsh tone and blunt comments, he’d never pull a stunt like Zeke.
Levi notices your change in mood and walks over to your desk. He hesitates to speak and his eyes glance to the side as if he’s trying to process his thoughts. Levi was never one to wear his emotions on his sleeve but you could sense his concern.
“Are you going to tell me the real reason?” his voice softens.
Your eyes meet his and to your surprise, he presses his thumb to your wrinkled brow. You shudder again, but not because of your neighbor. He knew something was wrong. Despite both of your tough fronts, you and Levi had developed an unspoken understanding of one another.
“Something is on your mind,” he drops his hand and makes no further move to touch you.
You would never admit it but the sudden distance disappoints you. You hesitate but fess up. You tell him of the events that took place that morning, explaining why you were late. Once you start, words won’t stop spilling from your mouth. In the back of your mind, you know you shouldn’t divulge too many details but you do and it feels like a weight has been lifted off your chest. Your voice falters when explaining that Zeke was the reason for your disheveled appearance. His jaw visibly tightens and he eyes your wrinkled blouse.
Your voice trails off as you finish your confession. He sighs and gently places a hand on your head; he was comforting you. He says nothing but then rakes a hand through his dark hair.
“Are you okay?” he finally asks.
You nod. He pulls out his phone, types quickly, then pushes it back into his breast pocket.
“Come,” he suddenly says.
You look up in surprise. He gestures for you to follow him with a tilt of his head. You stand and trail after him into his office.
“But the webinar-” you protest but he cuts you off.
You figure it would be a losing battle to argue with him and begrudgingly take a seat on the black leather couch. He stands at the kitchen counter and places a kettle on the stove. Tippy toeing, he reaches to open the cabinet and tries his best to reach into the top shelf. The sight makes you release a giggle and you walk over.
“Need a hand?” you say cheekily.
He clicks his tongue and then quickly places the sleek box onto the counter, as if to prove a point. The usual banter calmed you.
“After everything that’s happened, I see you still have the ability to run your mouth,” he smirks and then pinches your cheek.
Leaving you no time to react, Levi pulls away. He opens the box and holds it out towards you. You blink and tilt your head curiously.
“Pick one,” he says.
You look down at the box. It is filled with an assortment of tea bags. You recognize his favorite brand. You hide your astonishment with a shrug.
“Surprise me.”
He gives you a small smile and picks a dark green bag. You read the fancy golden letters that decorate the packet. Chamomile.
“It’ll be good for your nerves,” he rips the pouch open and then pours the tea leaves into a white porcelain cup.
As he waits for the water to boil, you walk to the window and look at the bustling city below. You didn’t want the day to end. A small part of you hated to admit that you liked the gentle attention that the President was giving you. But mainly, you didn’t want to run into Zeke again. He’d definitely be waiting for you outside of the apartment. Even when you didn’t see him from a distance, you know that he’d be watching. Your growing anxiety caused your stomach to churn. It didn’t help that you didn’t eat anything that morning. You let out a heavy but shaky breath. You hear Levi approach you from behind until he is standing next to you. He hands you the steaming cup of tea and motions towards the couch.
“Sit,” you knew that wasn’t a suggestion. You smile, taking a sip before walking over. You sink into the cushion and he follows in suit, sitting a comfortable distance away. You internally frown and wish he sat closer.
“I contacted an acquaintance of mine,” he states slowly, “the Chief of Police to be exact.”
Your mouth opens slightly, showing that you were taken aback by his statement. You knew he was concerned but you didn’t expect him to involve the goddamn Chief of Police. When you don’t say anything he continues,
“He’s going to come in shortly, ask you a few questions about what happened,” he breaks the eye contact, “I want you to make an official report.”
You nod. It would be good to get an official police report. This wasn’t the first time an incident like this happened. At first you were just being friendly, but you guessed that Zeke mistook it as a reciprocation for his advances. He scared you.
“Alright,” you agree without hesitation.
The both of you wait in silence. It wasn’t unusual and in a way, comforting. You learned from past experiences that Levi was short tempered and stern. Compassion was a rare sight but you found yourself that at the receiving end of his rarest temperament.
“Thank you, by the way,” you break the silence and look up from the teacup, turning your body to face him. He crosses his legs and strums the leather armrest with his slim fingers. You can almost picture the gears turning.
“I hate….” he pauses and frowns as if he’s also confused by what he is about to say, “that he touched you.”
Your heart skips a beat and you clear your throat. You suddenly feel the need to explain yourself.
“He’s….vile,” you swallow the bile forming at the back of your throat, “and it wasn’t the first time it happened.”
His fingers stop strumming and you see him grip the armrest until his knuckles turn white.
“I didn’t want him to,” your mouth is dry but you manage a whisper.
You look away shamefully. It was the first time it escalated this far though. You place the teacup onto the glass table in front of you. Tears start to cloud your vision and threaten to spill out. You sniff and he notices. He always notices. You play with your hands and try to force the tears back. A sharp sting spreads across the palm of your hand. You look down and rub the red jagged mark.
“Did he do that to you?” Levi suddenly scoots closer, not enough to touch you, but so that he can examine your hand.
You shake your head.
“I was holding onto my key,” you smile sheepishly, “if he tried to touch me again, I was ready to stick him.”
“You should’ve,” Levi smiles softly, relaxing his tensed shoulders and pats your head as if to say, good job. He stands up to walk over to the cabinets and shortly returns with a first aid kit.
“May I?” he hesitantly asks.
“Oh, I’ll be okay!” You say, realizing what he is referring to. You flex your hand, opening and closing it, to assure him.
“Don’t be stupid, we have to clean it,” he states blatantly, “it’ll get infected.”
His steely eyes stare at you, displeased with your defiance. The two of you maintain eye contact, too willful enough to concede. After what felt like minutes, you huff and finally look away.
“Fine,” you place your hand out, palm side up. He grasps it and little flutters erupt in your stomach. You try to ignore them and steal small glances at his handsome face.
He smiles smugly, as if to say ‘I win’. You roll your eyes much to his dismay but you welcome his touch. It was gentle. Being as careful as he can, he dabs ointment along the cut with a Q-tip. His eyebrows are furrowed in concentration, as he unwraps the band aid from the package. You giggle and then unconsciously mimic his earlier actions. Slowly you reach up and press your finger to his growing frown. Your touch pulls him out of his concentration and he pulls back slightly, surprised by your touch.
“Sorry,” you blurt, “I didn’t mean to do that.”
He slowly relaxes upon seeing your sudden panicked state. But he doesn’t say anything and continues to bandage your hand. Levi was a man who liked his personal space. He made it crystal clear to a few employees who tried to cross that line. However, there were plenty of instances that proved that you were an exception to that rule. You blink nervously, worried that you overstepped his boundaries.
“Done,” he releases your hand and you bring it back slowly to inspect his handiwork.
“Thanks,” you rub the bandage to make sure it stays.
What was wrong with you today? Sure the events that transpired that morning left you shaken but you usually never let Levi get to you like this. There was no way you were going to let him get under your skin, especially your boss. No way. You repeat the mantra in your head, chasing away your previous thoughts.
“I’ll take you home today,” he states nonchalantly as he walks to the other side of the room to put away the first aid kit. You blink a few times, confused if you heard him correctly.
“That’s hardly necessary,” you regain composure and sit up a little straighter, “besides, we’re filing a police report.”
So much for your mantra.
“There’s no argument here,” he replies coolly. He turns around and leans back on the counter. He stares at you from the other side of the room, arms crossed ready to rebuff any signs of your defiance.
The last thing you wanted to do was inconvenience your boss. Just as you are about to protest, there’s a knock at the door. He smirks and he walks over to the door. His silence alone is enough to convey his thoughts. This conversation was done and you weren’t going to change his mind.
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