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#even if i know what i want rn
enemy-to-the-state · a day ago
me: *has ordered from starbucks by myself on many occasions and sometimes i even end up ordering for other people because i anticipated those situations ahead of time and was able to perform the task*
me: *thinks that walking into starbucks this time, my dad will order, and thus i don’t mentally prepare for it*
my dad: ok, ash, take my card and order
me, brain going immediately static: there’s coffee at home
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bloominstorm · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
#whew this chapter..#we finally know brains name#this chapter was an info dump#literally a dump of overwhelming knowledge like goddamn bruh#and the fact tht everything..literally everything tht has happened in the past 1-2 years in the manga#was caused by tht one encounter with toji & gojo/getou/riko over a decade ago#like GODDAMN. like tojis greed and pride singlehandedly fucked up the balance of the future and lead to endless deaths#honestly akutami is a genius writer Bc this is amazing#I remember watching a vid about the culling games and the guy#ugh didn’t mean to end there but the guy synsei said he expected akutami to try to write yuta out of the game Bc having him be there would#be too unfair Bc he’s seriously op#but .. he ain’t gonna be tht op no more especially after finding out what we did at the end of the chapter#actually.. 🤔 doesn’t he have the ability to copy techniques? idk I don’t think he’ll be able to do it with this one but idk Ugh#but in the end tht didn’t happen Bc he’s still gonna participate in the game I’m kinda glad choso isn’t gonna participate Bc I really love#him and don’t want his character just to be killed off I still think he’s the key to more answers about yuujis lineage#I do wanna know more about yuki tho Bc the fact tht tengen expected her to work with kenjaku aka the brain is ...something also the fact tht#she’s strong enough to be able to protect him says a lot too#also the fact tht we now finally know how gojo can be unsealed is good even tho it seems impossible rn it still makes me happy Bc I miss the#king 😭😭😭 also something tht really confused me was the fact tht tengen said before kenjaku killed the six eyes user when they were a month o#old but why didn’t he do tht with gojo..? he must’ve known tht was gonna happen Bc it happened every 100 yrs?#I wonder if he thought Bc he killed the previous user tht there wouldn’t be another one but again tht makes no sense??#which leads me to the end of the chpt... the fact tht their only hope now is to get help from a sorcerer who is from the past who can CANCEL#ANY TECHNIQUES is just screaming for some shit to go down like if she was brought back by kenjaku I automatically don’t trust her#also the fact tht there’s someone with tht ability???? like wtf???? how is tht fair? I mean I guess it’s good for ppl like yuuji and maki#but still goddamn what an op power#anyway this chapter was heat as fucking usual akutami simply doesn’t miss#jjk manga spoilers#jjk 145#jujutsu manga spoilers#spoilers
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zhongli · a day ago
maybe i'm asking a biased source but do you think zhongli is better than childe like in regards of a character that can be well-rounded? i'm struggling on who to choose bc i love childe a tiny bit more but. i need a good shield / geo char more than hydro
WELL ud be right abt a biased source <3 BUT i also had the chance to play w both zhongli n childe + read a bunch abt team formations n builds nd honestly . in terms of a playable char zhongli definitely wins :[ bc childe is a v demanding char, Very high risk if u dont have stuff for him beforehand, nd youd need to build an entire team around him to set off reactions n whateva + without good artifacts nd a good weapon childes dmg can be . well . questionable . u dont have that kind of issue w zhongli who fits perfectly in every team, can deal a Lot of dmg without some incredible build nd ofc . the shield is like . unparalleled, especially if u stack up hp high enough . youd be untouchable w it . so yeah, when it comes to gameplay, zhongli still wins pensive emoji
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thebadgerfoxdraws · 2 days ago
Things that may or may not have been sign I am not cis
A list of things I’ve always thought was just a way to be a girl yet now am less sure about x’D 
When I was younger I loved swimming I couldn’t get enough - around age 15-6 tho I began avoiding the water (or at least not swimming in it) and my theory to why is that it was because the swim suit made me feel uncomfortable 
While I dressed up a lot as princesses and played pretend as female characters I’d also experiment with objects, fruits and opposite gender characters 
My hair is more often than not been cut based on male references than females (by my request) When I first asked to have my hair cut short using the picture of the leadsinger of Green Day as reference my mom protested yet to me the result felt right :’D 
All except one cosplay I’ve been making has been of male characters 
I prefer highwaisted jeans or at least avoid low waisted ones since I am uncomfortable about how my hips look 
I prefer unisex clothing especially in shirts and hoodies since too close fitting clothes show off my curves more than I like 
I wore a shirt and butterfly tie to my graduation unprompted because I wanted to ^V^ 
Speaking of ties; I love them :3 
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toytulini · 3 days ago
i love listening to the mcelroy podcasts that seem to be like, more tangential to the big ones that everyone seems to focus on, and knowing jack shit about those like, no i dont know mbmbam or taz, im here to listen to sawbones and shmanners and go from there
#toy txt post#technically i think i listen to more smirl podcasts than mcelroy? between sawbones and then i occasionally dive into#still buffering or court appointed#i listened to the buffy episodes of whatever that was where travis and teresa reviewed like the first seasons kf some tv shows? i feel like#i have mbmbam on my list but the last time i tried to listen to it i just couldnt.#i think i watched some of the ones on youtube? i enjoyed those i think cos i could also like. see who was talking#i havent actually listened to griffin yet. i might give wonderful! a shot? maybe. im still catching up on shmanners#i know everyone loves those podcasts that are like. stories like taz and other dnd podcasts and those archives or whatever and like#listen. all of you are valid. but that is not what im here for. maybe in 3 yrs ill be ready for story podcasts who knows#but rn i just want...information.#listening to why are dads is fun but even that takes some effort. im definitely more excited about the ones about movies i at least know of#or have seen like i LOVE the batman returns ep.#anyway all this to say i started listening to the beatrix potter episode of shmanners and travis mcelroy was assigned cottagecore by#his wife teresa and it was SO funny to me and also. mood. me too buddy its okay i feel the same way everytime i put on a sweater lmao#also: i desperately want a sawbones crossover or something with this podcast will kill you. something. an interaction on twitter#im desperate. i want these shows to know Of Each Other. i want sydnee to know about tpwky and do a crossover ep and idk#have teylor help out with the quarantini planning. also im all caught up on tpwky and im sad about it.#i really enjoyed listening to the tpwky and then the sawbones for all the eps where they both covered that topic. if u like sawbones give#tpwky a try its like similar but without justin there being grossed out by parasites and instead its disease ecologists being like#'that is so COOL! I mean it AWFUL for the person infected with the parasite but that life cycle is so FASCINATING' I just feel like#sydnee would get along with the erins okay. and i want to hear them do an episode on a parasite together. also more crossovers w idop
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liminalzone · 4 days ago
hello all lovely morning to have Normal self image
#i cannot say this enough times i am perfect i am also the single most morally corrupt being alive#but also thats fine because im the most lovable creature in the universe but thats bad because i am the human equivalent of#radioactive waste. but also im an angel my mere presence heals i am purehearted enough to be a divine being i am selfish to the point of#being absolutely demonic. everyone in this grocery store desires me carnally as they should im literally just some dude i am impossibly good#i am unbelievably corrupt. hi hello hello good morning how are you today im having a very normal one#no but legit tho this is a normal time. im just like. percieving it for once. hello what IS this#im not unique but also the world revlolves around me but also i dont exist im sure everyone who knows me is thinking abt me rn#EVERYONE in this GROCERY STORE desires me CARNALLY and also just wants to hang out with me because i have a MAGNETIC PULL i am literally#EVIL but thats OKAY but also i should be EUTHANISED but jokes on you i like being alive i will not let that happen even if its what like#morally should happen. im just saying words at this point. gd. WHAT IS THIS and what does it MEAN#like okay even when im the human equivalent of radioactive waste im wonderful and amazing and people are drawn to me despite my#incredible capactiy to break hearts. gd i literally sound so fucking insane#hi hello are you inexplicably DRAWN TO ME like a moth to a OPEN FIRE am i the most heartbreakingly BEAUTIFUL thing youve ever seen and i am#POISON but i am ADDICTIVE and youd drink me down even if it killed you but also that wouldnt happen im not That important to people i cant#hurt them that bad i cant have that extreme an effect on people. gd none of these are compatible ideas do i believe any of them???? any of#them?????#gd fuck gd what the fuck. im fine fr just like. what the fuck does Any Of It Mean#sticks speaks#protagonist disorder
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floralbfs · 4 days ago
i am in so much pain it's unreal <3
#like it's not that much compared to what i was going thru like.... two weeks ago???? but GOD today's not a good day sjdbsndbsbfb#i think the lack of sleep is rly doing a number on me skdbsnbd n now my head hurts and my stomach too and just hhhhhhh#and im so TIRED 😭😭😭 im also sad bc im not going to go to my irl class and just😭😭😭😭 even tho it's my choice lol but im so tired that i#dont think id feel well if i went??? plus id basically go do nothing bc everyone's working on their knives and im not doing mine#which is a shame rly bc i was excited :((( but u know. current situation difficult times etc etc#hhhhh i kinda wanna sleep rn but if i sleep then i might not sleep at night (which i might not b able to do anyway??) n jus. hhhhhh#i want to please just go to sleep for like a whole week#also is it weird that im looking forward to my exams lmao.....#well rly im only looking forward to statics????? skjfjsjdjd i jsut love it n i wanna do the exam already it'll be fun probably#also i got a 100 on my test from today!!!! the prof is rly fast at grading👁️👄👁️ but anyways i got a 100 and the prof said sth rly nice#like abt my exam n well i wld die for him#hng ok im goign to try to take a small nap bc i Can't Take This Anymore snbjsbdbd let's hope it can actually b like 15min long & i dont#sleep for like three hours and then im unable to sleep at night so i sleep at 3am and sleep only four hours before my algebra test which i#rly need to pass bc it's not exactly my best class even tho i get everything n if i fail or something ill have to retake the class :(#anyways nap!!! see u all#honey talk#god a song is playing that literally sounds like a lullaby?? i think it's a kids' version bc the original was not like this skdhsjbdjs#i cant even remember what song it was lmao it's a thai song n i downloaded it a while ago but icr which one it was or what it sounded like#also i havent gotten a reply abt the colibrí thing so i guess I'll just cry#ask to tag
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mybfisanenderman · 5 days ago
He has to know he can't just fucking leave me like that jesus
Side note: Apollo you can read this if you want, I'm fine I promise just in a shitty spot for the time being aiitjtt
#this is a vent post btw im not actually angry im just not in a great mental place rn#like he got really drunk and asked me questions so i opened up a bit and we talked for a while#and like i opened up a little bit about trauma and depression shit so like that didnt exactly put me in a good mindset#and he asked for me to tell him about it so im not going to apologize for it because im working on that#but thats not the point of this l#the point is he said he would properly respond in a minute since he was having two serious conversations at once#one with me and one with his friend who hes celebrating their birthday with#but its been an hour since he said he would respond in a few minutes ajgjjgjg i hope everything's okay#but also everything is not okay on my end because i am not in a good mental spot now and he essentially ghosted me after i just trauma dumpd#which i mean i dont know what he's doing so i cant really be mad about it im not mad about it#im just so fucking sad now and i wanna cry but i literally cant#i hate being vulnerable#especially since his responses are never very long like sir youre the one who asked me to talk about this do you even care#im sure he does im just slightly frustrated because i went from having one of the best days I've had in a while#to simultaneously struggling not to cry but also not being able to#like you cant do that to me#you can't make me open up and then leave me out to dry like i cant handle it i just cant#like where the hell do i stand with you#youre online just say something#anything please im alone right now and you made me think about stuff i didnt want to#i mean he didnt make me do anything i chose to tell him things#but like im hurting ajfjjg and im so tired#like im so tempted to text him again just so he'll say something just so he'll acknowledge me#thats all i want like he already does im just needy and vulnerable rn#simp activity
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homosexualminotaur · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
like. okay. while this IS a lovely gay romance movie, you cannot remove it of the fact that its also a movie where a native man falls in love. pikes race is mentioned in the synopsis (or whatever the fucken english word for it is) like...... this isnt just some 'I Dont See Race' gay movie. eric schweig did not just 'randomly' get casted for the role. its supposed to be 'strange' that a man pike (ndn) has a crush on henry (white), because the two worlds they are in arent even supposed to be touching. this is an interracial gay romance movie with an ndn in it, because we are allowed good things. we are allowed to have good things, even if that 'good thing' is the love of a white person. us ndns arent too below them for that, we arent too 'dirty' or 'savage' of a race for that. im going insane over this so genuinely. pike gets the guy
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toytulini · 5 days ago
Witchverse is so weird and its hard bc i dont want to completely rewrite a bunch of history, but then i have to sit there and come up with a believable good reason that Birdie didnt step in and prevent any of the atrocities that happened since humans first migrated to the americas and its like. Hmmmm
#toy txt post#birdiebossasswitch#ocs#witchverse#this is just one aspect of difficulty on multiple levels.#like the best i can come up with reason wise rn is like. witches arent allowed to meddle in human affairs with magic.#so like they can participate in their community and shit and do things to prevent these horrors without magic. but they cant use magic to#participate in a human war.#which feels a bit hollow? i made Birdie way too powerful and now she also cant use that power to singlehandedly fix things bc ethics#thats not quite true. there are a few other elder witches that could pose a threat to her if she decided to go rogue. theyre all friends too#so nobody wants to ruin it. also i dont know what the consequence is for violating that rule. i know its some level of banishment and#ostracism. but like how do u prevent just a bunch of shitty witches from going rogue anyway and saying fuck the council?#is it fear? fear of the council hunting u down in earnest and since uve been banished from the council no one will protect u from them?#like zoinks idk abt that. i want the witch council to have SOME problems but not like..that#the rule is meant to exist as a sort of. 'everyone thinks They Are Right. on every side. even if its wrong. so we have to outlaw it for#everyone so no one can accuse us of hypocrisy'? or smth.#idk its just really rough and troubling. to look back at history and see how much fucked up shit theyd have to live through and not#let them go feral and stop it. they do do little things obviously. human things.#idk i just dont feel like ive nerfed them enough and like. i dont want to nerf them. but. i want a better reason that Birdie doesnt#singlehandedly go apeshit on European colonists. so far for that specific one i think#she happened to be going through A Depression(tm) at that period of time so when they showed up. in California.#Pan (who is not as earthshatteringly powerful as Birdie) was like 'oh MEGA bad vibes' and she grabbed Birdie and they steal a spanish ship#and kill the crew and Birdie puppets their corpses to sail the ship and sometimes probably catch fish for food maybe? they were in a hurry#and didnt exactly prepare for a long trip#but basically the point is that they Leave. theyre traveling and exploring (which also helps to get Birdie out of that depression funk)#probably visiting islands and ppl and eventually landing in asia and meandering from there for many many years until they get back to Cali#which even then. idk there's So Much. and then unfortunately im really attached to Victorian Birdie#and ive come up with. she hates victorians BUT she loves the dresses so much. and the house. which is why she still wears them.#fucks sake. i keep running out of tags god Dammit#why do i do this to myself. i insist on talking in the tags everytime and then i run out of space and then im like oh ill reblog it with
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nightmareantagonist · 5 days ago
#i just. feel like so many ppl dont understand my attachment to certain things and my hyper fixation and things like that that make me happy#i know nobody needs to care or like what i like but at the same time im just like. i feel like nobody cares that im happy#i know its nothing personal and im probably over thinking this and everything but just like..#its so easy to look at everyone else and see ppl being interested in all the other things be it same or different things#but there is interest towards what others like and i just. feel like i never have that. with anything with anyone#i just sit in my quiet void and yell at myself about things and some days thats enough#but then there are days when i see other ppl yelling with others about things and i just sit here like#im on the edge of my sandbox with a single shovel and a bucket while all the other kids hang out on another sandbox all together#and sure i have more space and i can do what i want#but sometimes it gets lonely here. and i'd just like someone to talk to#and i dont mean out of pity oh no i dont want that but like. even a touch of genuine interest or care about what i'd like to talk about#about things i like without me feeling like oh im just rambling again/to myself and that im actually not bothering ppl#that someone would just actually like to listen what i wanna ramble about#i havent had that feeling in a. very long time tbh#and its kinda draining#i know ive always been the kid with the odd taste in everything so i should be used to this#but maybe thats why its hitting so hard cause i shouldnt be used to it#i dont know now im sad and just. yeah#thoughts brought to you by the fact that i dont have chocolate and i feel like i need some rn 😔
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toomuchdickfort · 9 days ago
#sometimes I’m on about a character and I’m like. this means something. this feels like this means something and like it says something about#me. if I was in therapy rn I’d be like ‘hey mx therapist what does this say about me and my issues’#like. looks pointedly at deidre reclaiming herself and her body after being possessed for years and having to figure out how to exist again#arson having to fake their death and then later realizing they’re trans and they can’t correct the people that (rudely) compare them to#themselves before all of that because. that person is supposed to be dead. so they just start getting aggressive about it. and also maybe#get aggressive about a lot of things because they took a lot of shit and. who doesn’t want to destroy sometimes#eri and. his whole entire thing. it’s still vague as hell but it has a Lot of Vibes#Rij and her identity crisis that kicks up every time she has to pretend to be someone else for a while.#Derrek and Eri both have a thing of. they would accept a lot of suffering if it came with tangible damage. they know they’ll be able to#recover from a lot and want to see their heart beat.#haven’t been stuck on Rei in a while but the line ‘I’m a healer. I help people- that’s all I’m good for. What am I now that I can’t even do#that right? I’m not supposed to hurt people... and yet’#and. there’s probably more. but. you get the point.#I’d include Syl and Raelin in here but like... they’re on purpose.#character rambles#don’t mind me
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