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#evan peters
sapphimoff · 28 minutes ago
Okay so I lied about shutting up because
Literally just look at him in a way that might indicate you are slightly horny and he is begging for you to let him make you feel good. It kinda stems from insecurity that he feels like he needs to do something for you otherwise you'll leave him so you let him whenever he wants to and make sure to praise him the whole time about how he's your good little boy and how you're glad you ruined him for anyone else because he's going to be yours forever it makes him so needy
Peter is so needy and insecure and afraid of abandonment, he'll do anything-
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sapphimoff · 31 minutes ago
I like to think that he starts to slur his words (but like,, fast slurring if that makes sense idk) when he's needy and is just not. able. to. vocalize. anything. He just whimpers and presses his hardness into your hip hoping you'll understand him
It's just: "I'msosorryIcametooearyIdidn'tmeanto-"
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sapphimoff · 37 minutes ago
Hey lol me again (subby peter list anon) and I kinda want to tell peter to take the lead but not rly, I'd walk him through it and goad him into telling me what he wants, and I'd do it for him bc he's been a good boy and he deserves a reward
Anyways I'll shut up for now~
He may say what he wants, but there is not a dominant bone in his body-
It would be like "I-I want you to suck me off.. please... unlessyoudon'twanttothat'sfinetoo-"
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sapphimoff · 54 minutes ago
Okay, I have actual inspiration for a Colin fic!
It's gonna be phone sex ;)
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marginavy18 · 2 hours ago
honestly I ship evan peters with hayley williams (paramore), because she, lisa origliasso and emma roberts are basically the same person with different hair colors, and since evan dated two of them ... yes, that goes through my mind constantly
and she’s really pretty
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Lil’ sum sum that a friend is making for me.
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sapphimoff · 2 hours ago
are you writing colin masturbating thinking about you and covering his mouth?? that sounds soooo hot
I wrote NSFW Colin headcanons and I only mentioned it.. but I could do a fic!
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sapphimoff · 3 hours ago
colin would definitely try to be more dominate in public and try to be the one who wear the pants, but the second you give him that look or touch him a certain way, he knows he’s stepped too far and that he’s going to to be crying to cum later at home.
Idk... protective yes, but I don't think he'd ever be dominant... we've seen how he acts with Mare-
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sapphimoff · 3 hours ago
Ask and you shall receive
Peter isn't a big fan of degredation, and might actually start crying if you call him a bad boy, but he loves being your good little slut. You called him a slut and he looked up at you with the about-to-cry face before you said "but only for me, my good slutty baby boy" and he went bezerk, whimpering into the pillow and begging you to fuck him (you already were but he was to far gone to form any sense of coherency beyond that)
That imagine where reader pegged him on the pac man machine got me thinking, peter would be so eager to please you. Like that sounds kinda oviously dumb but like,,, you tell him that he has to do something odd like multiplication or whatever before he gets to cum and he does it without hesitation he just wants to make you happy
Whenever he was needy he'd just go up to you and place his hands in your lap and rest his chin on your knee until you looked at him because he knows you like it when he behaves
He also knows you like it when he misbehaves and so every one in a while he convinces himself that it's okay to touch without permission because you'll give him a spanking as punishment and he loves spankings but then when you find out instead you make him wear a cock ring while you use him to get off and then send him to bed sensitive and needy
Speeding of cock rings ✨ he's one of those guys who absolutely cannot cum with a cock ring on, like he is unable to, so when you first put it on him when he misbehaves, he's rly excited because oouh what does this lil thing do? And then you tell him to cum and he just. can't. He's trying so hard and you're looking at him ~like that~ and he wants to be good for you but he physically cannot force himself to. His cock is all red and swollen and you smile down at him and tell him what the rings does and he just lets out this pitiful whimper and starts crying because he realizes you're not going to let him cum
I have more but this is already long asf and I need to actually sit down and write these and post them on my own blog lol
Jesus fuck those are amazing, like holy shit
Peter is the biggest fucking sub and I just live for it-
Would it be okay if I made any of these into a fic? 👀
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sapphimoff · 3 hours ago
I feel like Colin wakes up sticky after having dreams about you and is so embarrassed that he shoves his boxers under his mattress to hide them
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sapphimoff · 3 hours ago
Imagine edging Colin till he’s in tears begging to cum and then right as he’s about to release you put him in a cock and leave him to suffer all day
He would actually cry, he's so soft
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sapphimoff · 3 hours ago
Peter Maximoff would be really hesitant to a collar at first, and would ask you to just start with some ribbon or something (he trusts you 100%, he's just a lil scared he won't be able to breathe) and after you two finish he looks up at you with those puppy eyes and begs you for his own collar with "property of _____" engraved on it
He's so cute
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colinzabelbotlover · 4 hours ago
Sweet Notes
Tumblr media
Pairings: Pre-Death!Tate x reader
Summary: Tate Langdon is been in love with her best friend for years now. Is he going to tell her his feelings?
Year 1985
What's your favourite colour? T.
Another one. It was the third note in three days, and you wondered who sent them. Who was this T.? A stalker? A killer? A psychopath? Ok ok maybe you were overthinking, but you were ten. You usually would throw this notes up, but this time you decided to answer.
Y/F/C :)
You write on the paper. 'Smile are cute." You thought yourself, then left the note. You exited the school door and ran to your mum's car. Little did you know, a boy was watching you reading that note, answering it, and then leaving. "She answered! She answered this time!" He said excitedly. He took the note, then he left too and went to Constance, who was waiting for him. "Finally! What took you so long Tate?" The boy looked at the note again and smiled. "Nothing mum, don't worry." He said smiling.
Five days after
Tate was happy. He kept sending you notes, and you kept answering him. He decided that today was the day. He was going to talk to you. "Breath. Ok. It's easy. You can do this." He said to himself while walking towards you. You were in the library, not so many people were there, and you were reading a bird's book. 'I'm gonna marry this girl." He thought. "Hi." He said. He looked up to him, and smiled. "Hi." You answered back. "I'm Tate." You couldn't help but smile at how cute he was. "I know. Same art class." You answered him. 'Oh my god. She remembers me??' "Hm oh, yeah. Cool." He didn't really know how to keep going, so you talked instead. "I'm Y/N by the way. Wanna read this with me?" You asked him. His whole face lit up, he nodded and sit next to you. He's never been happier before.
Year 1991
You've been friends since then. He never told you his feelings for you, you never showed that kind of interest towards him so he never said anything about it. To be honest, you didn't even know that he was the one who used to send you all those notes. He stopped doing it just when the two of you went to high school, thinking that you were getting tired of it.
Today was another normal day, you were smoking outside of Tate's house, just talking. "I'm just saying." You paused, waiting for Tate to light up your cigarette. "That Matt was kind, sweet, and nice. He always bought me a rose." You finished. You were talking about your ex, Matt. Tate never liked him (like all your boyfriends) and you were trying to convince him that at least Matt was nice. "And? I can buy you a rose too." He said. "Tate that's different. You're my best friend, you're always nice. If we were dating it'd be... Well, it'd be different." You concluded. Tate stopped for a moment. 'If we were dating' those words keep replaying in his mind. "Taty? Everything alright?" You asked, noticed he zoomed out. "Don't call me that, it's stupid." He protested laughing. "As you say, Langdon." You kept smoking in silence for a few minutes, then you spoke again. "What's the sweetest thing someone ever did for you?" He looked at you. "I don't know. For you?" He asked you back. You thought for a moment. "When I was nine or ten, when we met actually, I started receiving notes. I don't know who was, but he always asked things like What's your favourite colour, or What's your favourite food. It kept going for a while, then it just stopped, towards high school. I wouldn't consider it exactly sweet, but it was nice to get noticed by someone you know? I wish I knew who was it." He couldn't believe your words. He always thought that even if you did answered them, it was just because you found it funny, but surely not sweet. Hell, he thought you forgot about it. "Really?" You nodded. "You know, now that I think about it, I know what's the sweetest thing someone ever did for me." Tate said. You looked at him. "Hm? And what's that?" You asked him while smoking your cigarette. He took a deep breath then start talking. "I was nine. I had a huge crush on this girl, but I didn't know how to tell her. So I wrote a note instead. It said 'Hi, you're really cute. What's your name?' even if I perfectly knew her name. I left it in her locker, but she didn't answered. I did the same thing again, but again, she didn't answered. The third time I asked her favourite colour. She did answered that time. Something like four or five days after, she let me read her birds book with her. She didn't know it, but she made me the happiest boy on earth twice, in two days." You looked at him with wide eyes. "Tate... It was... It was you? All this time?" He softly smiled and nodded. "I love you, Y/N. I've been since the cursed day when you told me your favourite colour." There was a long pause, you didn't know what to say. "I understand if you don't feel the same, I mean all of th-" You stopped him by kiss his lips and, after a little moment of shock, he kissed you back. The kiss was sweet and nice, his lips were very warm. You felt safe, home, loved. When you pulled apart, the largest smile was on his lips. You blushed, you didn't know what to do next. He did. He ran inside, took a paper, wrote something on it, came back to you, left you the note, kissed you on the cheek and then ran inside again. You looked at note.
Hi, you're really cute. Wanna be my girlfriend?
You looked over the window, where Tate was spying on you. You smiled and said "Yes."
You never saw him smile that much in just one day.
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raincoffeeandfandoms · 4 hours ago
You can't cancel quidditch (Auror!Colin Zabel x Reader) -Hogwarts AU!- Part 1.
Tumblr media
I just couldn't get this out of my head and here it is.
Colin has my heart and I love writing him as an auror.
I already put it in my post when I mentioned I wanted to write this. This boy is 100% Hufflepuff, there is no second choice.
If you want to be tagged, just say it.
Warnings: None (some mentions of death? but not really).
If you want to be tagged, just say it.
His wand was near his hand. The Auror Colin Zabel was sleeping with his head over the desk and a lot of papers around him. Two interdepartmental memos landed on his desk but he didn’t notice them. He didn’t hear the voice calling him either.
“Earth to Zabel!”
Colin was snoring and the person in front of him couldn’t help but giggle. An aguamenti directly at his face was enough to wake him up. He woke up startled.
“When was the last time you slept more than eight hours, Zabel?”
“Was the water necessary?” he asked as he moved his own wand to wipe the water off his clothes.
“I called you, but you didn’t listen”
“I was resting my eyes'' he said. A second later he was yawning again. “Maybe you're right. I need sleep more”
But Colin knew that wasn’t possible right now. In the last few weeks three quidditch players were murdered and no one yet knew who the killer was. The Daily Prophet said that all the players were in danger until the aurors succeeded in capturing him (or her), but it was not an easy task. There was literally no evidence or witnesses and the thing was that three important Quidditch teams lost a player and the rest of the league were alert. Except one person.
One if the chasers of the Ballycastle Bats were furious when the rest of the players talked about the possibility of suspending the league that year.
You, of course. Quidditch was since you were a little kid something important in your life. Fuck it. It was EVERYTHING in your life. It was in your veins. All your family played Quidditch before you, too. When you were in Hogwarts you played for your house and the only times your house lost was when you couldn’t play because you were in detention. Fuck, professor Longbottom.
And when you left the school some Quidditch teams sent you an offer. You chose the best option and you didn't regret it.
And now, just because three dickheads were murdered, they want to cancel Quidditch. They were killed on land not when they were flying. Then why suspend the game?
You met that auror, Zabel, the day before and that was exactly what you said:
“You can't cancel Quidditch”
"We can" he challenged you.
“No, you can't. If I had to talk with the Minister, I'll do it”
“Do it”. Colin Zabel wasn't willing to give in just because one person preferred quidditch to solving a triple murder “but quidditch is cancelled. Maybe you prefer a little golden shit, but I care about people”.
“Quidditch is not cancelled” you said before grabbing your broom, flying away from him.
“Tell me I'm not going to deal with another crazy player. I had enough yesterday” he said to his partner.
“No. Take your day off and go to rest, You deserve it. See you tomorrow”
“Are you sure?” Colin knew he needed a proper sleep but at the same time with three murders over their heads it wasn’t easy. But his partner insisted so he picked up his jacket and suitcase and he went outside the Ministry. After a little ‘crack’ he appeared in his house.
Only when he took his shoes off and collapsed on the couch, Colin was actually grateful to be there. A niffler jumped on his lap and Colin smiled.
“How are you, buddy?”
His pet looked at him and Colin smiled “I'll give you some food and I'm going to prepare some for myself. I'm hungry”
Then he burst out laughing, “I'm talking alone again”.
On the other side of the country, hours before, you were written a letter to the Department of Magical Games and Sports. It couldn’t be. Not even under Voldemort’s regimen the Quidditch was suspended and now… Your brown owl was looking at you as you were crazy. You didn’t care.
“We are seven points under the Holyhead Harpies” you were saying “We need to win the other matches and if they lost two of the games, which is possible, we can be the champions again. Do you understand, Luna?”
Your owl couldn't care less.
Colin was eating a sandwich and drinking beer when he read that letter. It was one of the papers he received when he was sleeping. He frowned.
“I can't believe it. Listen to this, Gus; ‘the auror Zabel came to me and he said that the quidditch was to be cancelled, as if it were already a fact. Zabel was not an authority to say such a thing. Am I sorry about those deaths? I am, of course. But in honor of those people quidditch must remain’” Colin was outraged, “Amazing. It's just amazing. Yesterday she told me they were three dickheads! And why do I have this letter?”
Gus was more interested in a coin under the coach than in his owner.
“They must have believed that they wanted to read this. Why would I want to read this?” Colin threw the letter into the fire.
Maybe that quidditch player was the killer. It made sense, all those players were your rivals. And evidently you were a competitive person, at least when it came to Quidditch. He would talk to the department head in the morning to put forward his hypothesis. A little veritaserum would surely help you confess. That night Colin dreamt with brooms and quaffles.
In the middle of the night, a green light impacted another person. Colin, you and the entire magical community would wake up again with a new player killed.
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mrs-march-ahs · 4 hours ago
Y/N and Peter’s Halloween Costumes
Summary- it’s so short you might as well read it tbh
this is literally so short and stupid, i love it<3
My first actual drabble, enjoy!! :)
Tumblr media
Your best friend walks through her house, guiding you to the back door where the rest of the Halloween party guests are. You huff and flatten out the dress of your costume before walking out behind her, as she introduces you and your boyfriend to announce your arrival.
“Y/N and Peter are here!”, she says and sits down, careful not to crush her princess ball gown. As you take a few steps towards everybody, finally coming into their view, you do a quick pose, and hear a chorus of cheers and compliments. You smile and take a quick twirl in your green dress, before looking behind you at Peter in his costume. For the minimum confusion, you chose to explain.
“I know Peter and I were meant to come as a couple costume, but we struggled to decide… which is why I’m Tinkerbell, and Peter is obviously…”, you can’t bare to even say the words, so instead you motion for Peter to come into the guests view. He takes a few steps forward, immediately catching the attention of everybody with his long bright orange puffy costume. With the biggest grin he can do, Peter happily explains his costume choice.
“I’m a Cheeto”
-- ᶦ ᵈᵒⁿᵗ ʰᵃᵛᵉ ᵃ ᵗᵃᵍ ˡᶦˢᵗ ᶠᵒʳ ᵖᵉᵗᵉʳ ˢᵒ ᵘʳ ᵍᵒⁿⁿᵃ ʰᵃᵛᵉ ᵗᵒ ᵗᵉˡˡ ᵐᵉ
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