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#eternity in your arms
ichishikisentoki · 9 days ago
tag dump.
#✧ ❝i don’t really care about this reality that I can’t understand❞ ✧ ooc;#✧ ❝i was able to give it my all because I had my beloved friends❞ ✧ promo;#✧ ❝i'm drawing the next destination❞ ✧ admin art;#✧ ❝but that’s just selfish nonsense、 isn’t it?❞ ✧ verse: main;#✧ ❝I do what I want to do not for any other reason❞ ✧ self#✧ ❝we should have been fixing our eyes on each other❞ ✧ nanako#✧ ❝unending seasons、 crashing seas、 now I wish upon a star as it falls❞ ✧ koutarou#✧ ❝all things must have an end、but you don’t need to grieve❞ ✧ tsubasa#✧ ❝it’s easy to try to cover up those normal cracks with meaningless words、 isn’t it?❞ ✧ junko#✧ ❝after everything has healed、 will you smile for me?❞ ✧ shouki#✧ ❝i would do anything for you、 you know❞ ✧ hayate#✧ ❝a dream will remain a dream for all eternity❞ ✧ karyu#✧ ❝you open your arms to the shadow that stalks you❞ ✧ toryu#✧ ❝there's wounds that you live with while pretending you’re not hurting❞ ✧ anija#✧ ❝so let me stay by your side because i’ll do my very best❞ ✧ chiharu#✧ ❝i'll stitch into my heart the reason for your faith in me❞ ✧ shiki#✧ ❝you can’t function without their unceasing praise、 can you?❞ ✧ hien#✧ ❝tomorrow does not disappear; don’t kill yourself❞ ✧ reiko#✧ ❝if you hide your true nature、 you can’t be torn apart❞ ✧ reiji#✧ ❝in this solitude、 dripping with madness、 i laugh in my scarlet- soaked loneliness❞ ✧ kiku#✧ ❝i feel like i could forget both the pain i endured and the tears that followed❞ ✧ hikaru#✧ ❝you and the days of sunlight filtering through the trees are burned into my vision❞ ✧ aesthetic#✧ ❝i filled up that blank space by painting it black❞ ✧ relatable#✧ ❝those sympathizers are really hyenas❞ ✧ commentary#✧ ❝these memories i’ll never be able to get rid of❞ ✧ headcanon#✧ ❝you keep calling me again and again; your ringtone wails for me to take your call❞ ✧ open#✧ ❝what will be left after this world has begun to crumble?❞ ✧ question#✧ ❝the answer was buried in our memories❞ ✧ answer.#✧ ❝i’ll hold you close so you won’t ever forget、 even if someday my voice can no longer reach you❞ ✧ music#✧ ❝i want to be eternal like you❞ ✧ home
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iam-kings · a month ago
Now I’m left asking myself, if there’s a god up watching me i just can’t see, then how could he build a world but still not fix you and me
Room 309, Creeper
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somewhereinmyowngalaxy · 9 months ago
where my creeper fans at, I wanna chat about the new album
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threecheersforemocore · a year ago
song recommendation (also band recommendation): suzanne by creeper.
this song is a fucking bop and i wish i discovered this band sooner because hoLY SHIT where has this been all my life
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fvck-creeper · a year ago
Tumblr media
Happy 3rd birthday to Eternity, In Your Arms
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disintegrations · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
fantastic bastards, death spells (2016) / little women, greta gerwig (2019) / hiding with boys, creeper (2017)
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funky new theme! anyway for the fic writer ask thingy: 7, 14, 15, 18
Yeah!!!  Tumblr wiped my old one (which I am sad about) but this one is nice, too.
7. Which part of writing do you struggle with most? 
FINISHING, UGH.  Everything is fine when I’m excited about a fic but once the initial motivation is gone it’s a SLOUGH.  HATE THAT.
14. If you were stuck on a desert island with only two characters, which would you pick?
Oh hm.  From anything?  Jem Carstairs from TSC and Nile Freeman from TOG would be an interesting combination.  Fairly certain that between them they could keep us all alive, and Jem would keep us all sane.  Also would be some interesting conversations.  In addition, you KNOW Nile would find us a way off the island and back home in no time.
15. A Hollywood producer tells you that they want to film just one of your fics. Which fic would you want it to be?
OH.  FUCK.  UH.  GOTTA THINK.  Leaning toward Every Earthly Mark (aka the BNHA kiribaku soulmate fic) because it’s the one I’m converting into an original story?  But I mean... the Soulmate’s Guide is also very up there.  It definitely should be a soulmate fic because I LOVE those.  Ohhhhh but depending on production it would be REALLY EFFING COOL to see The Monstrophagus on the big screen.  It would be like Stranger Things except romance.
18. What is a line/scene you’re really proud of? Give us the DVD commentary for that scene.
TW for death and graphic descriptions of corpses, but I think this one is my favorite right now:
“They are.  Too late, that is.  Nile gasps above Joe, the flashlight in her hand beginning to waver as Joe reaches down, hand hovering over Nicolo’s gaunt cheek.  His eyes are open and staring, his chest unmoving, the water still in the bottom of the iron maiden also filling his slack mouth.  He’s a corpse—dead, nude, with hair and beard discolored green and impossibly long, skin gray and wrinkled from the water.  He’s thin, skeletal, and his arms are folded up by his sides to make room for his nails, which are long and curling.  His legs, too, are folded to make room for his toe-nails, that plus his gauntness making him seem impossibly small.  He’s like something inhuman, something dead but something divine—a being caught somewhere between constant death and eternal life.”
~Saltwater Sonata
It was one of the very first scenes I wrote for SS, long before I even had most of the plot figured out.  I just... I had this image in my head of Nicky coming out of the iron maiden for the first time in five hundred years, so vivid it felt like a waking dream.  Like a flashbulb going off, it just came to me.  Something dead but something divine... something between constant death and eternal life.  Like, wow.  That’s inspired. 
Not that that was all it took.  It took a LOT more than that to get it here, to this state.  It was the first scene in SS chronologically that showed Nicky’s physical state after spending so long under the sea, and that was super important to get right.  The movie kind of brushed over what would happen to a human who can’t die if they spent five hundred years underwater, but I had this morbid need to think about it and reconstruct it as realistically as possible.  This scene is fairly short, but very descriptive, because I did a LOT of research and math to figure out what, exactly, it would look like.  I’m just really proud of this scene because of the combination of raw vibes AND ALSO all the care and research that went into it.  Long live Nicolo di Genova, the soul at the bottom of the sea.
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Together Against Infinity (Mando x Reader)
Summary: The reader comes from a planet where they don’t have a night. As such, they are scared of the dark when it comes. Mando helps to ease their fear and shows them the beauty that the night can contain. 
Main Tags/Warnings: fear of the dark, fluff, comfort, star gazing, hand holding
Notes: I’m not terrified of the dark like I used to be but there have been many times (and still are times) when I wished there was someone there to hold my hand and help me to feel safe. I can’t really think of a better person than Mando. Tag lists are open!
Words: 2073
Related Fics: Mandalorian Masterlist - Main Masterlist
Tumblr media
It was instinctual, a ritual you hadn’t even realised you’d begun until you were surrounded by familiar patterns in the dirt. A five point star formed the base of the mark, each corner marked by a different symbol from the ancient languages of your planet. The straight lines contained your unease. Concentric rings reached out around you like ripples in the ground, intersecting the star unevenly by design.
Your fingers hovered over the marks, the slight tremor an unnecessary reminder of what was to come. There wasn’t a single person, creature or child, on your planet that didn’t fear it. Though science had brought new understanding to your culture centuries ago, the old beliefs were difficult to shake indeed.
The vivid orange sun touched the distant horizon, mere minutes from setting. You drew a slow, steady breath, far less prepared for the moment than you dared let on. Eyes drifting shut, you pictured the flame in your mind, a source of warmth and brightness, the Life Giver.
Insects chirped and wind rustled the tall grass but you were well practised at blocking out the noise. Instead, you focused on your heart beat – faster than normal but unsurprising given the circumstances. The heavy thumping in your ears, the constant beating against your chest, narrowed your focus to a single moment and you felt the pull of the universe tugging at the edges of your mind. All was well as your conscience slipped into the Eternal Circle, peace and calm illuminating your being from the inside out.
But like a knife between the ribs, that bliss suddenly shattered. You jolted back to your body, caught somewhere between fear and devastation. The kid tottered around you, dragging his heels in the dirt, a trail of tiny footprints in his wake. He looked up at your with bright eyes, arms outstretched in search of a hug, completely unaware that he had destroyed the special sigil on which you sat.
    “What have you done?” You lifted the kid into your lap, one arm around his body to hold him back and save what remained of your markings. With your free hand you tried desperately to fix the mess the child had made but it was too late. The sun touched the horizon, casting its final light across the world. “No, no, no! I have to – But I can’t… Look what you’ve done!”
Picking up on your anxiety and frustration, the child started to wriggle against your arm, his lower lip quivering. Before you could even start to comfort him, to apologise for the outburst, Mando’s heavy steps drew your attention to the edge of the clearing in which he’d chosen as a suitably safe dinner locale. You threw a hand in the air, desperate to save what little remained of your markings. “Stop!”
    “What’s wrong?” His blaster was out before the question was even fully formed. When Mando scanned the tall grass around you and found no danger, he took a slow step into the clearing. He lowered his weapon and grew still as he took in the broken lines in the dirt.
The kid squirmed out of your embrace and ran to Mando, breaking yet another point in the star. A pained whine fell from your lips as you turned away from the pair, concealing what you knew was an irrational fear. However your soul was no so easily convinced as the mind and your panic continued to rise, bubbling up inside of you like a geyser about to burst.
Mando sat in the corner of your vision, careful not to disturb those that remained, holding the child to his chest, stroking the full length of his ears as the kid’s sniffling eased back to light, pleased grumble. His entire attention was focused on you, though. Not even the helmet could lessen the intensity of his stare. “What happened?
    “I yelled at the kid.”
    “The sun is setting.”
There was a thick moment of silence before Mando replied, “That does tend to happen.”
You knew he was poking fun at you but didn’t have the energy to be offended. And it was better than him being angry with you for upsetting the child, anyway.
Your back ached from being held so stiff and straight within the five (now three) point star but you daren’t move. The rich orange tones were fading from the sky overhead fast, greyness falling over the land. Already your eyes were beginning to struggle with the change, completely unsuited for the dark. “Not on my planet, it doesn’t. Our sun sets once every thousand days. Even then it only lasts for mere minutes.”
    “And this?” Mando reached for the nearest edge of the star, his gloved hand not quite touching the fragile mark.
    “A ritual of my ancestors. They believed it would reignite the Life Giver and bring an end to darkness and night. Only a few believe that it is our will alone that lifts the sun but the practise remains. We come together and turn to the spiritualism of the past to help us through. I know it is foolish but…” You shrugged. It was a part of your culture, your identity. An ingrained ideology like that was hard to overcome. If anyone could understand that, it would be the Mandalorian.
    “Do you need to stay there all night?”
Your immediate reaction was a resounding yes. Whether the star would truly protect you from the night you did not know but it was reassuring to believe that it might, even if it was broken. Although the rational part of your brain knew it would make no difference, you still found yourself breathing a quiet, “If that’s okay.”
Mando replied without hesitation. “That’s okay. We wouldn’t have made it back to the Crest anyway. Take the kid and I’ll make a fire.”
    “I need you hand him to me,” you admitted, reaching out behind you. “I can’t see. My eyes aren’t made for dim light.”
A strong gloved hand cradled yours and slowly wrapped your arm around the child. He was surprisingly quiet as you brought him to your chest. Sulking, that’s what it was. You lifted him up to your eyeline, only able to make out his rough outline against the darkening sky. “I’m sorry, little one. Please forgive me.”
You winced, caught off guard as he touched your face, but that shock was quickly replaced by a warmth in your chest and a soft smile on your lips. The child grabbed your cloak and pulled himself onto your shoulder, balanced precariously as you both stared out into the nothingness, his non stop babbling the only sign you needed to know he’d already forgiven you.
Mando moved around the clearing with purpose, strength in each stride. You wanted to thank him for making as much noise as he did but ultimately remained silent. It was a thoughtful gesture, the breaking twigs helping to place him, to ground you in the increasingly thick darkness, but you had never known Mando to accept gratitude for his kindness and couldn’t imagine he’d start now.
What you did do, however, was lean into him slightly when he sat down beside you after lighting the fire, comforted by the flickering flames’ reflection on his armour. The kid climbed straight onto Mando and helped himself to a bag of fruits from his belt. You took a couple before he inhaled the rest, mesmerised by the bright colours of the fire. You had never seen one rage against the night, not truly, and it was a captivating sight to behold.
    “Do you perform this ritual every night?” Mando asked some time later, setting the now snoring child into his crib for the duration.
You shook your head, poking at the base of the fire with a twig. It crackled loudly, a sharp pop of light bursting up into the night. “I don’t need to when we’re on the Crest. Hyperspace isn’t truly night.”
    “And everywhere else we’ve stayed?” He was pulling at something but it took you a moment to place what. His modulator regulated most of his emotions but guilt was one you’d come to recognise well. 
    “I’m not offended you didn’t notice, Mando. Your focus has always been keeping me and the child safe. I’ll never be angry for everything you have done for us. Anyway, this has always been mine to deal with.”
As you spoke, you found yourself retracing the lines in the dirt, muscle memory taking over. Drawing the familiar marks in the sand or dirt had always made you safe but now, surrounded by darkness on all sides, with hours still ahead, you couldn’t shake the fear that had settled in your chest. The light of the fire only seemed to accentuate the sheer depth of the blackness around your little camp, threatening to swallow you whole.
    “Can you lay down?”
You turned to him, confused. “What? Why?”
    “Nothing bad will happen. I’ll keep you safe. Just lay down.”
Reluctantly, you settled on your back. If anyone else had asked, you would have turned them down immediately but you trusted Mando. Still, as you looked up at the sky, you found that confidence wavering.
Overhead there was darkness, nothing but an empty eternity. You squeezed your eyes shut, overwhelmed by it all, hands clawing at the dirt in a desperate attempt to grab a hold of your mark. It slipped through your fingers, draining away all sense of safety with it. The primal fears of your ancestors reared their heads, screaming in yours that this was the end of days and that the Life Giver would never rise again.
Metal scraped against metal as Mando joined you, manoeuvring himself into a comfortable position (or as comfortable as one could be on the hard ground). His hand found yours, gingerly reaching out before locking together. You squeezed it hard, anchored to his quiet strength, holding on for dear life as you drifted together through the night.
    “Open your eyes.”
    “I can’t.”
    “Trust me?”
    “Yes,” you whispered.
    “Then open your eyes and look.”
It took a moment to draw on your strength, your bravery. When you did finally open your eyes, the seconds that followed were agonising. But then, before your eyes, the darkness was transformed and you were met with the most astounding sight.
The sky with thousands of thin bursts of light, bright streaks cutting through the emptiness. Where the night was still, you saw twinkling dots of light in every colour. Stars, planets and ships all spiralling through the galaxy, just like you. A faint swirl of pink and green erupted into a river of energy, shimmering against the blackness.
Your head rolled to the side, a smile tugging at your lips as Mando’s helmet took on hints of colour from the heavens. “Is it always like this?” you asked.
    “Not always.”
    “It’s beautiful.” The aurora danced across the night sky, seemingly free from the strict rules of nature, fluid and utterly captivating. Like much in the wide universe, you had read of them but never seen the phenomena with your own eyes. It was a true tragedy to have missed out on this. “Thank you.”
    “You don’t need to thank me.”
You wanted to, though. You wanted to thank him for all he did to keep you and the child safe, all the credit he had spent on making you both comfortable, keeping you warm and fed wherever you ended up. You wanted to thank him for this, for helping you to be brave every day and opening your eyes to wonders you could never have imagined before meeting him. For being a good man in a dangerous universe.
In lieu of saying any of that, you shuffled against his side, smudging your sigil beneath your back, and curled into him. Mando stiffened, unaccustomed to the closeness, before slowly wrapping a heavy arm around your shoulders. It was easier, you realised, in the dark to be soft, to drop the walls you both hid behind. To take comfort in another without feeling a burden, to come together as a unit against infinity.
You stayed that way until the morning sun touched the ground with it’s warmth. For the first time in your life, as you stretched out beneath the orange glow, you found yourself missing the darkness and the beauty and comfort you had found within it.
If you’d like to be tagged in future fics, you can add yourself to a list here or send me an ask! Comments and reblogs are always so appreciated, thank you for reading :D
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mahitochan · 5 hours ago
neighbour neighbour (m)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✯pairing: ryōmen sukuna x reader
✯synopsis: in which y/n’s neighbours ask her to take care of their son itadori yuuji, only for her to end up taking care of both of their children. (alt) in which sukuna corrupts his little brothers babysitter.
✯wordcount: 13k
✯warning: daddy kink, somnophilia, coercion, angst, toxic! gojo, toxic relationship, dubcon, spit (obviously), corruption, voice kink, cumdumping, sub/dom themes, bad boy! sukuna, toddler! yuuji, unprotected sex, cream pie, breeding kink, domestic! sukuna, etc
✯note: so...this is take two because i accidentally posted this like a dummy but i hope you enjoy it!! shoutout to my baby nova for beta reading this monster! @crybabygumi WOOO birthday fic!!
✯taglist: @the-fandoms-georgie @tendouispretty @fishandfuck @kakashisthickthighs @cutiekawa @tamasoft @nakachuchu @bonitoge @crybabygumi @oikai @kaachanultra @imkumichan@lovedenji @nbizuku @lazy10ieiri @fucktheworlddude@justangelstuff @fizassyeda @milktyama @chercouture @celestialmangos @misfitgirlwrites @dildofromyarichinbtchclub @sxshamv @honouredsatoru @levisnackermans @singular-itae @damnitcrowley @lildjarin @tamakisan @ijustwantfreenetflix @misslovingpearl @90s-belladonna@eternal-0ve @quirklessvillain @madarasbde @bruceweewee @marifujioka @crybabygumi @yoongi309 @ryoskuna
Tumblr media
You weren’t sure if you wanted to suffocate yourself or the person beside you. Internally groaning as you feel his grip on your waist tighten, his forearm flexing in the sunlight seeping into his room. You lightly gripped his arm, biting your lip anxiously as he groans unintelligibly, wrapping his arm even tighter around your waist, burrowing his chin further into your neck, the sensation almost making you giggle. You furrow your brows, trying once more to pry this gorilla of a man off of you so you could go home and wash up.
“Where’re you goin’?” He mumbles into the expanse of your neck, his morning voice running chills up your spine, an unmistakable throb going straight between your thighs. It was only six, meaning that you had an hour to run across the street, shower, change, and come back before their parents left for work. You suppress the mewl that almost escapes your lips, already feeling as if you were a bitch in heat just from the sound of Sukuna’s voice.
“I-I need to go home and change…” You mumbled, slightly intimidated by his piercing gaze, his eyes barely open, squinting as the sunlight filtered into his dark room.
“Why don’t you just stay here and wear my clothes? It’s not like my mom doesn’t want you as my girlfriend already,” He smirks, placing his chin onto the palm of his hand as the arm he had around you trail up to your breasts, giving it an experimental squeeze, earning a startled yelp from your lips.
“I-I gotta go walk my hamster, sorry,” You mumble, jumping out of his arms, picking up your discarded pants, inevitably flashing him your pink, frilly panties. A whistle resounding in the room as your-- well, technically his shirt rode up, exposing the expanse of your ass, along with your cunt, covered by the thin piece of fabric, your folds barely visible but more than enough for Sukuna to salivate over.
“You sure you don’t want me to drizzle some syrup with those pancakes?” He cackles loudly as you hightail it out of there, your cheeks heating up at his shameless flirting.
You really need to stop doing other's favours.
“Darling, please! They need you to watch Yuuji! Please do your poor mother a favour!” Your mother pleads, grasping at the sleeves of your sweater causing you to huff, your cheeks puffing out. She smirks slightly before quickly pouting, she knew that she had you. You wouldn’t be able to resist her.
“How much are they paying? Also, how are you calling this person your best friend when I’ve never met them before?”
“You don’t know all my friends! I have plenty!” She pouts, crossing her arms over her chest before continuing. “They said they’ll pay you 15 an hour, but you’ll have to cook for him.”
You purse your lips. Honestly, it wasn’t bad.
You were nervous, constantly fidgeting as you made your way down the stairs, opening the door to see their house directly across yours. You’d never noticed your neighbours, you never paid much attention to your surroundings, always minding your own business, only going to school, the store, and home.
You cross the street and sigh, most are cars still parked in their respective driveways. Ringing the doorbell before standing back. Not a minute later, you hear the small pitter-patter of feet and giggling running towards the door, the door slamming open to reveal a small strawberry-haired toddler grinning up at you, making grabby hands while yelling ‘Up! Up! Up!’. Happily to obliging his wishes.
Picking him up and holding him at your hip, his chunky little hands reaching out to lay a palm flat against your cheek, his brows furrowed in concentration as you respectfully toed off your shoes and made your way towards him mom.
“I see that he’s already taken a liking to you. Yuuji? Could you please let go of our guest?” She hums in amusement, eyes crinkling at the sight of Yuuji so enamoured with you already. You couldn’t help but laugh, cheeks warming at the sight of the young boy.
“I can’t! I have to make sure she’s real!” he pouts before continuing. “She looks too pretty to be real, mommy!” He exclaims, his eyes as wide as saucers as he slaps both hands against your cheeks and squishes them together.
“Yuuji! We don’t do that to our guests! Please get off of her.” His mother scolds sternly, in return, Yuuji wiggles himself out of your hold, running deeper into the house, speaking incoherently about something he wanted to show you.
“I’m so sorry about him! I’m Yuuji’s mom Kaori! Nice to meet you!” She smiles, taking your hand into hers and shaking it. “I left all emergency numbers on the fridge and Yuuji can show you where everything is. You may see his older brothers but they’re mostly harmless, but do let me know if they bother you, okay dear?”
“Of course! I’ll take good care of him.” You nod and walk her to the door.
“Bye Yuuji! I love you!” She calls out to him, her hands cupped around her mouth as he expectantly waits for him to come barreling down the stairs and into her arms, teary-eyed and all.
“You’re gonna be late for work mommy! Get going!” He yells from upstairs, not even coming down the stairs to bid her a proper goodbye which causes his mom to sigh, her shoulders slumping over as she bid you farewell and hopping into her car and driving away.
Shutting the door, you turn around and make your way up the stairs, your anxiety levels rising as Yuuji had yet to return. The second floor of the house is spacious, the number of similar-looking doors was enough to confuse you.
“Yuuji? Where are you, buddy?” You called out softly.
You hear a muffled “I’m here!” behind the last door down the hallway. Feeling your chest ease up, you make your way towards him, passing by a door that was slightly left ajar. You couldn’t help but let your eyes wander. The curtains were drawn, leaving the contents of the room indistinguishable.
Forcing yourself to move on, you close the door, running inside Yuuji’s room. His walls were littered with stars, the same kind you had at his age. His shelves were filled with books, mostly consisting of picture books. He was sitting on his bed, several toys surrounding him.
You smile lightly before taking a seat on the edge of his bed, your hands neatly folded in your lap as you watched him. His brows furrowed in concentration as he fiddled with his toys.
“What are you doing there, bud?” You softly ask him.
“Nothing. I’m not mad that you’re here, but why are you here?” His head tilts to the side.
You were startled by his question. Stammering quite a bit before you answer. “I’m here to take care of you of course! Your mommy has to go to work and there’s no one here to care for you, so I’m here!”
“Yeah, but my big bro’s here. Why doesn’t he take care of me?” His shoulder slump, you can already see the tears gathering in his eyes, burrowing himself in his knees as he avoids your pitying gaze.
You scoop him into your arms, your motherly instincts kicking in at the sight of his tears. You coo at him and press kisses against the crown of his head, rubbing his back. You’re unsure of what to say, seeing as you’ve never met his brother and have no idea what he’s like.
“I can’t answer your questions, but, I can make you pancakes?” You offer, feeling the guilt in your chest dissipate at the sight of his eyes lighting up.
“Yes please!”
“Do you need help cleaning up, big sis?” He asks, his doe eyes wide and full of wonder. You pat his head, thanking him before telling him to run off and play, and that you’d be with him right after. He had your whole heart and didn’t even know it.
Humming to yourself as you wash the dishes, ensuring that the kitchen was just as spotless as it was when you arrived. You wonder what you should make for lunch as you neatly put away the leftovers.
You were suddenly interrupted by a cough, a cough too deep for it to be Yuuji’s. Slowly turning around, you’re met with the sight of a man, seemingly about your age.
He had tattoos running up the length of his arms and up to his neck. His ears were adorned with multiple piercings as well as an eyebrow piercing.
He wore a black shirt, the fabric stretching across his broad chest. His hair, the same shade as Yuuji’s with a slightly different style. A wide grin was plastered on his face, his eyes running up and down your figure as you stood there gaping at him.
“You should really close your mouth, someone might stuff it.” He chuckles as he moves to slip past your frozen figure, placing his large, veiny hands on your waist, his lips brushing the shell of your ear as he huskily whispers an ‘Excuse me, princess’, purposely brushing his cock against your ass.
Irritation seeps into your bones. This man did not know who you are yet he spoke to you as if he’d known you all his life. Flirting and touching you so casually. Sneering at him as he chugs on the carton of milk, using the back of his hand to wipe the excess liquid on his chin.
“Did you cook anything? I’m fuckin’ starving.”
“Yeah. There are pancakes on the counter.”
He mumbles a small thanks before scarfing down the remainder of the pancakes, filling his cheeks up with food until they’re all round, not even bothering to use utensils. You continue watching him, face filled with disgust at his lack of manners.
Deciding it was time to leave, it was your turn to look for Yuuji, only to find him on the couch browsing through the Netflix selections, a bored look on his face as several films fail to catch his eye. You sit beside him, the couch cushion sinking slightly with your weight.
“Are you alright Yuuji? What do you wanna watch?”
“Can you help me pick?” Handing the remote to you as he pleads with his eyes.
“Of course I can! Have you ever watched a Studio Ghibli movie?” He shakes his head. You decide to let him watch Ponyo, seeing that it was well-suited for his age. Exhaling, you lean back into the couch. Your peace is quickly shattered by Yuuji’s older brother as he places his chin on top of your shoulder, his cheek against yours.
“What’re you guys doin’ hm?”
His breath ghosts over your cheeks, the smell of his minty breath permeates your nose. Feeling your cheeks warm, you move away from him but his arms are around your shoulders in an instant, constricting your movement as if he was the hunter and you were the prey.
You make futile attempts of pushing his face with your palm, but to no avail, he makes an effort to lessen the nonexistent distance between you, irking you even further. Kissing your teeth, you turn to face him, prepared to lecture him on personal space.
You’re startled by the feeling of his lips brush against yours. His soft, pillowy lips grazing yours as you stare deeply into his piercing, red eyes. Biting your lips you allow yourself to stare at him, from his eyes and down the slope of his nose, then back again to his pink lips,
“Big bro! You’re up! Can you help me build the lego set that mom got for me?” He bounces excitedly, eagerly waiting for his brother's response. He releases you from his grip to pat his younger brother's head, their proximity revealing just how similar they looked.
“Sorry brat, I got some stuff to do, but, you can ask this pretty girl right here to help you,” turning his head to face you as he winks. “Isn’t that right, pretty lady?” Giving his brother one last noogie, he makes his way up the stairs, only to stop halfway through.
“By the way, you haven’t given me your name yet,”
Scoffing, you turn to look at him, his chin resting on his fest as he leans against the railing. “It’s Y/n.” You pout, irritation at an all-time high.
“Cute name for a cute girl.”
“What’s your name?”
“Sukuna, but you can call me daddy.”
“Oh? You’re here again?” He asks brows raised as you toe off your shoes. Instead of replying, you decide to ignore him and make your way inside the house, rolling your eyes when you pass him.
Feeling your mouth dry at the proximity, you open the fridge, hoping to cool and rehydrate yourself as you feel him hover behind you, obviously examining your behind as he bit into his apple.
Turning to face him, you hiss. “Are you just going to stare at me the whole time?” Your anger level rises as he peers at you with a smug smirk plastered on his face, even having the audacity to wink at you.
“I mean if you want me to, yeah, I will. You're not a bad thing to look at either.”
“Fuck you.”
“Please do.”
Scoffing, you pour yourself a glass of water, anxiety fading, replaced with anger and irritation the longer you look at him. You feel your eyelid twitch at the sight of him. It was amazing how his presence annoyed you.
“Whatever, I’m gonna go see Yuuji.”
“Y/n! Can we get Mcdonalds?” He pouts, hands clasped together as he kneels before you in the living room which catches you off guard. You feel yourself cringe, unsure of how to tell him that you didn’t know how to drive.
Sighing, you gather your courage, preparing yourself for the usual blunt comment children gave. “I don’t know how to drive.” Your shoulders slumping as you see his hands fall to his sides, brows knit in confusion.
He stares at you for a second before taking your hand and lacing your fingers with his. At first, you’re confused, unsure of what his plan was until he flashed you one of his usual bright smiles, eyes crinkled shut before he spoke.
“That’s okay! I can’t drive either!”
The loud laugh that escapes your lips almost scares you, his innocence was adorable indeed. You love the innocence of children, wishing that you could somehow turn back time and have your innocence once more. But either way, you still didn’t know how to drive and your poor child was hungry.
“...We can ask my big brother to drive us.” Yuuji whispers, side-eyeing you as he was aware of your dislike towards his brother. You thought you were subtle but Yuuji knew. Yuuji knew everything, well, not everything. He doesn’t know what four plus five is.
He can see the hesitation on your face, already preparing himself to beg on his knees once more just for ten pieces of nuggets. Just as he’s about to bruise his knees, you scoop him into your arms, inhaling the scent of his shampoo as you reluctantly make your way to Sukuna’s room, already dreading the interaction.
Taking a deep breath, you knock on the door softly. A small part of you is hoping that he’s asleep and that your knock will fall deaf to his ears. You weren’t sure if you could survive a car ride with him. It weirdly felt intimate, even when you two had nothing going on.
A few seconds pass by, your knock meets with silence. Just as you’re about to turn and leave, the door swings wide open, a tall figure coming into your view. You feel your fingers twitch at the sight of him, swallowing a huge lump in your throat as your eyes rake over his figure, almost forgetting that Yuuji was still in your arms.
“Yo.” He said in a rasping tone. The mere sound of his voices’ rich timbre had your thighs squeezing, forcing yourself to suppress a desperate whimper as you suddenly forgot how to string together a coherent sentence.
He’s aware of what he’s doing to you, purposely answering the door with nothing but his boxers on, but yet again, this is how he usually slept as his body runs hotter than the usual body temperature. It was amusing, the way you kept trying to deny him when you look like you’re two seconds away from creaming your pants.
“Brat, what do you two want?” Turning to his brother instead as he concludes that you wouldn’t be able to speak to him any time soon, already fucked out at just the sight of him. It makes him wonder how much worse you’d be if he did something more.
“We wanna go to Mcdonalds but sis can’t drive!” He confesses, unaware of just how embarrassing that piece of information is. A grin spreads across Sukuna’s face, a hand on his hip as he shifts his gaze to you, your eyes are still wide and clouded with lust.
“Mhm. Why don’t you go change and I’ll talk to your sis for a sec, alright? I’ll come down when we’re both ready.” He muses. You’re pulled out of your thoughts when you feel Yuuji wiggle out of your arms, bending over to allow him to safely reach the ground. As you’re about to turn, a hand wraps itself around your wrist, halting your movements.
“Nah. You’re staring, princess. It’s not nice to stare.” He tuts, bringing a hand up to fiddle with your necklace, the rough pads of his fingers dancing across the expanse of your skin as you shiver in delight, almost mewling at his touch.
“I-I-- You’re a cute little thing. I love the way you look like you’re about to cum whenever you’re near me.” He says with a laugh, head tilting to the side as his fingers wrap themselves around the base of your neck.
The sound of your oh-so-sweet whimper is music to his ears. Such a sweet girl you are. The way you peer up at him, doe eyes just begging him to take you right there. It’s amusing to see how easily you could switch your attitude.
“Look at you. You can’t even say anything to me.” Teasingly he grabs your jaw and presses a light kiss on the corner of your mouth. “Do you want me to take you right here? Make you mine? Hm? Speak up, princess.”
“Hey! What’s taking you guys so long?!”
Sukuna sighs, shutting his eyes in disappointment before releasing his grip on your chin, the lustful look in his eyes disappearing as he grumbles something about Yuuji being an ungrateful brat.
“C’mon. Get downstairs. I’ll be down in five minutes unless you wanna help me change?” He smirks, quirking a brow at you. Finally coming back to your senses, you turn your back and run down the stairs, almost losing your footing a couple of times and flying down the stairs.
“Where’s big bro?”
“He’s changing.”
“Mhm. Okay.”
“So…” Sukuna starts, one hand on the wheel as he sneaks a quick look at your pout face. You insisted on sitting beside Yuuji in the back as he was all alone but even Yuuji resisted, saying that you had to sit in the front.
“We don’t have to talk. Could you please just turn the radio on?” Huffing as you turn your head away from him, gazing at the window. He laughs a little before turning on the radio per your request. Your ears perk up as you hear a familiar tune. It was ‘Fight Song’.
“Can I change the station?”
“Why not?”
“Because this is my fight song. Take back my right song--”
“Please stop.” You plead, feeling yourself cringe.
“Why? You don’t like the way I sing for you princess?”
“No but also because this song is… I have horrible memories of this song and it makes me cringe so please stop.”
“But sis, I like this song too!” Yuuji chimes in. Already, you can feel your soul leaving your body. Accepting your defeat, you slump in your chair and place a hand over your eyes, hoping that you wouldn’t drive past anyone you knew, seeing as you had two children screeching the lyrics.
Lucky for you, the song swiftly ends. Sighing in relief, you straighten yourself out, no longer slouching in your seat. Your body quickly tenses at the feeling of a warm palm on your upper thigh.
Sukuna gives it an experimental squeeze as he bites his lip, side-eyeing you as he ignores your angry expression, pretending as if he wasn’t touching you at all. You can feel just how warm and rough his palms are. He was so close to where you wanted him, where you needed him, but you knew you couldn’t act on your feelings.
“What are you gonna order, princess?”
“You gotta stop actin’ like you don’t want me.” He scolds you one day, cornering you in the hallway. His hand was placed right beside your head as he glares down at you, red eyes burning with lust and want as he licks his lips, barely restraining himself.
“But I don’t want you.” You spit.
“Don’t play with me, brat. I can smell just how wet your pussy is. You don’t think I see you rubbing your thighs whenever I get as close as two feet? You’ve gotta be fuckin’ with me.” Laughing as he lessens the space between your faces, breath ghosting over your parted lips.
“I’m not playing with you. I don’t want you.”
“Yeah? Then why are you rubbing your thighs right now? Slut.” He noses into your neck, the feeling of his hot breath causing you to shiver in delight.
“‘M not.” Denying as you turn away from him, embarrassed that he was so right.
Sukuna kisses his teeth, pulling away from your neck to fully face you know. His lips are nothing but a hair away, a smile on his face as your eyes flutter shut, finally accepting defeat, finally giving into him.
“Say please.” He whispers.
Your eyes snap open.
“Fuck off--”
He slams his other hand on the other side of your head, a mischievous smirk spread across his lips as his eyes bore into you. Licking his dry lips, he leans closer, bottom lip touching yours as he speaks.
“Say. Please. Last time I’m gonna tell you.”
“Good girl.” Inhaling deeply as he slots his lips against yours, tasting the sweetness of the strawberries you had just eaten along with your natural taste, just as sweet and addicting as he imagined.
His tongue flicks against your bottom lip, insisting you part your lips and let him in. Let him explore and taste all of you. Let him take care of you and make you his little toy. You’d love it so much. Behave so well for him.
You’re the perfect little toy for him.
A hand snakes its way up to your shirt and cups your bra-covered breast, squeezing the mound gently as he finally slips his tongue into your awaiting mouth, moaning at the raw taste of you, licking at the seams of your lips.
Sukuna pulls away, leaving a gossamer string of spittle to connect you two. He admires your heavy-lidded eyes and your kiss-bitten lips. You looked as if you belonged at a museum, for all the world to see, but your expressions were for him and him only.
“So cute.’
“Are you actually staying for the whole week?” Yuuji jumps in your arms, his eyes with their usual sparkle. You feel your heart pound in your chest. The reality of having to spend a whole week under the same roof as Sukuna, his name which he refused to tell you until after two weeks of knowing him.
“Of course I am buddy! I’ll be hanging out with you the whole time!”
“Can we hang out with big bro too?” He pleads, clasping his hands together as he cutely pouts at you. How could you resist when he was this cute? Unable to resist the smile that stretches across your face, you pinch his cheeks and nod.
Your head turns in the direction of approaching footsteps making their way down the stairs. You can feel the pits of your belly stirring, causing your thighs to clench. The smell of his cologne fills your senses.
“Oh? Is that right? You wanna hang out with little ol’ me?” He smirks, trailing a hand up your thigh as he walks past you and into the living room, Yuuji jumping out of your arms to follow his brother.
They’re both sitting on the couch, Yuuji tightly pressing himself into his brother's side while Sukuna's side-eyes him, but still allows him. You were aware of Sukuna’s lack of presence in Yuuji’s life, opting to spend time with his friends rather than his younger brother.
While you understood, you still felt that Sukuna cared for Yuuji, but subtly. It was the small details, little details that made you not dislike him completely. You smile softly, thinking back to last week when Sukuna had helped you place Yuuji in his bed after you both had fallen asleep on the couch. He even offered to let you sleep in his bed, with him of course, an offer you quickly denied seeing his hungry gaze.
Your mind also reminds you of the incident in the hallway. Letting him taste you and feel you in such inappropriate places. You knew it was wrong but it felt so right, especially when it was with him.
You’re snapped out of your daydream when a pillow ungracefully smacks you in the face, shocking you. “Are you just gonna stand there or are you gonna get in here and cuddle with us?” Raising his brows as he opens up his arms.
Unable to reject the pair, you grumpily make your way towards them, Sukuna pulling you beside him and splaying your legs across his thick, muscular thighs, Yuuji moving to the other as he whines about the lack of space.
Sukuna throws a blanket over both your legs, placing his hand on top of your thighs, rubbing small circles against the skin. He refuses to meet your eyes, his eyes trained on the screen. Grabbing his wrist, you attempt to distance his hand but he tangles his fingers with yours instead, taking hold of you.
He glances at you, smirking at your incredulous expression. Your cute face never failed to have his cock stirring in his pants. Bringing your entwined hands to his face, he presses a lingering kiss against your palm, never breaking eye contact with you.
Dropping your hand back on your lap, he places his hand on your thigh once more, higher this time around. His fingertips are itching to feel your cute pussy, to feel your pussy clench around his fingers while you pathetically whine for him to give you more, to fuck you faster with his fingers. He shivers at the image of you, splayed out on the couch, being a good girl for him.
The tension in the room could be cut with a knife. You have the urge to lean in, to spread your legs for him and tell him to take you, to sink his cock and fingers in your tiny pussy and take full advantage of you, even if you were a virgin.
Yuuji wordlessly makes his way up to the bathroom, a trip that always took ten minutes at least. Sukuna takes advantage of the opening, quickly turning, slotting his lips against yours. You fail to quell a whine, the soft feeling of his plush lips against yours overwhelming. After weeks of heated stares and flirting you’re finally getting what you desire.
He sneaks a lick against the seam of your lips, asking, begging you to let him in. To let his tongue slide against yours, to let him swallow all your cute whimpers and sounds. You timidly part your lips, allowing him to push his tongue inside. He coaxes you to come out, to feel him.
You tangle your fingers in his pink locks, finding the need to keep yourself grounded. “Fuck.” He huskily mumbles against your lips, grinding his fully-hardened cock against your twitching cunt. The fabric of his jeans adds to the pleasure, the rough material catching on your clit whenever he presses himself against you.
“Please.” You mumble against his spit-slicked lips, causing him to pull away and look at you, to see what he’s been yearning for all these weeks. Your eyes are heavy and your lips are bruised, your legs are wrapped around his waist, trying to pull him even closer to you.
“You’re so fucking pretty.” He breathes, shocking you. Before you can speak, pushing himself against you once more, capturing your lips in a searing kiss. He slips his right hand with yours and holds it while his free hand makes its way up to your chest and ceases at your throat. His fingers gently wrap around your throat, giving it an experimental squeeze that has you gasping and bucking your hips.
“I just wanna take you right here, princess. You’re gonna be such a good girl for me. You’re gonna take daddy’s cock so well.” He mumbles, grinding himself against your pussy. You can feel your juices trickling out of you, slicking your lips and panties.
Footsteps hastily make their way down the stairs, causing Sukuna to quickly separate himself away from you, returning to his previous position as you silently plead him to help you off your back. Your whole body felt as if it were jelly.
“What happened in the movie?” He asks, staring at you two expectantly. Lucky for you, you had memorized the movie's events due to the countless times you watched it.
“Oh! Yubaba took away Chihiro’s name so now her name is Sen.” Smiling as you silently beg him to turn his head back to the screen. Sukuna clears his throat, shifting in his seat as you see him adjust his cock in his pants, tucking it beneath the band of his sweatpants which allows you to catch a glimpse of its red, leaking tip.
He suddenly turns to you, a smirk on his handsome face. “What? You wanna taste it?” He taunts you, spreading his legs further apart, hoping to entice you. You shake your head furiously, refusing to do any sort of lewd acts with Yuuji in the room.
“You sure you don’t wanna have a taste? How ‘bout you give it a little kiss, hm?” Sukuna continues to tease you before quickly covering himself once more, chuckling at your exasperated expression. He loves your reactions, especially when he's the one that causes them.
“I’m kidding. But, we’re not done.” Sukuna’s eye drops into a wink, somehow flustering you even further. His eyes return to the screen, acting as if the last ten minutes hadn’t happened at all, which left you to your thoughts. Your anxiety-inducing thoughts.
The fear of catching feelings for him sat at the back of your head, causing your hands to become frigid as well as your chest to tighten, making it difficult for you to breathe. You push your anxieties and doubts deeper into the back of your head, knowing that deep inside, you wanted this no matter the consequences.
“Goodnight Yuuji.” Pressing a kiss to his head as you stand, brushing his hair out of his face with your fingers before making your way to the door. HIs lamp illuminates the room and prevents you from tripping and kissing the floor. Slowly, you shut the door as gently as you could in hopes of not disturbing his sleep.
Before you could sigh in relief, you were suddenly being pulled into someone's chest. Your cheek rests right against his pec while his hands take their place on your hips, teasingly squeezing the flesh which coaxes a little whimper out of you.
“The brat in bed?” Sukuna whispers huskily, the rich timbre of his voice sends shivers down your spine, your back arching. He traces a small circle on the exposed skin of your hips, the sheer gentleness of his ministrations almost takes you by surprise.
“Yeah…” You breathe, feeling yourself melt into his chest as he touches you, your fingers twisting in the material of his shirt as you feel your cunt become slick. Juices soaking your panties a second time today.
Sukuna has to suppress a growl at your response. Your voice is so soft and so meek, it makes him want to ruin you, even more, to pull whimpers and delicious-sounding moans right out of you as he sinks his cock in your sopping pussy.
He opts to press a kiss on your forehead, flattening his large hand against the small of your back. Sukuna gently pushes you in the direction of his room, his fingers drumming against your skin. Sukuna can feel the excitement coursing through his veins, the sheer thought of finally having you had his cock stirring.
“I’m supposed to sleep in the guest bedroom though…” You mention. Sukuna kisses his teeth before speaking.
“It’s not a problem unless you have a problem with it?” He pouts mockingly. “I mean, you can go to your room and be the perfect little girl and go to bed. Or, you can come into my room and be as much of a bad girl as you’d like.” He leans in closer, breath against your ear.
“And I’ll make it worth it. I’ll make it so fucking worth it, angel.”
You’re nodding before you can fully process the question and suddenly you’re being hauled over his shoulder, slapping a hand over your mouth to muffle a surprised yelp. Sukuna makes his way to his room, his large palm coming down your ass cheek.
You can feel your blood rushing to your head, wincing at the uncomfortable feeling. Sukuna gently sets you down on his bed before making his way to properly lock the door, lessening the chances of you being disturbed. Your eyes scan over his room.
The walls were red and littered with posters, mainly cars. But one poster caught your attention. Stifling your giggles, you spoke. “Is that a Twice poster?”
He freezes, eyes almost bugging out of his head as he stares at the said poster, his cheeks heating up. Deciding to ignore your question, he kisses his teeth and walks towards you. He places his arms on the bed, palms pushing your legs apart to make space for him.
“Shut up,” Sukuna growls, licking a stripe up your inner thigh, his eyes hungrily boring into yours. You can feel just how wet you are, your panties soaked. Biting your lip as you card your fingers through his soft, pink hair. A familiar feeling is boiling in the pit of your stomach, your fingertips twitching on his scalp.
You suppress the urge to rid yourself of your clothes and spread yourself out for him, leave him in charge of your pleasure and wellbeing, your desperateness pushing you closer to the edge.
Sukuna slips his fingers between the band of your pants, the warmth he radiated had you keening, already missing the feeling of his hands on your skin. You can feel yourself almost fading, the only thing you’re able to hear is your blood rushing and your heart beating, everything seemed as if it were a blur when you were with Sukuna.
He tugs at the band of your pants, sliding them down the expanse of your legs. He licks his lips at the sight of your untouched pussy, the little crease of your panties showcasing the shape of your folds.
“I can smell just how wet you are, angel.” He chuckles, eyes dark with lust, zeroing on your cute little cunt. Bashfully, you place your forearm on your eyes, unable to maintain eye contact with Sukuna when he looks at you so hungrily.
“P-Please don’t be so lewd…” You plead, tears gathering in the corners of your eyes. You’re so desperate. So desperate to feel him. To have him sink his fingers in your pussy with his tongue flicking against your button. The sting of his palm hitting your thigh causes you to yelp suddenly, flesh stinging with pain.
“Oh? What’s wrong? I thought you were a tough little thing, givin’ me the stink eye and your shit attitude. But you’re just a pliant little bitch, aren’t ya’? Cute little slut you are.” He coos at you mockingly, tugging your panties down your legs before diving between your thighs.
“S’kuna!” Garbling a moan as you arch your back, attempting to pull his mouth away from your clit. Chills continue to crawl up your spine, stemming from your clit being roughly assaulted by Sukuna’s tongue.
He groans against your clit, sending vibrations up your spine. Pleasure overtakes you, your back arching into him. Your body continues to act on its own, mind too foggy to realize your actions. You’re brought back to reality by the singing feeling of your mound.
Sukuna’s palm is placed flat on your mons, sliding it up the expanse of your skin to take its place on your tummy. His warm hand was rough against your skin, the pads of his fingers almost painfully digging into your skin as he visibly loses himself in you, in your pussy.
His loud slurps and licks resonate through the room, your moans accompanying his lewd sounds as he continues his ministrations, passionately sucking on your pussy lips, sinking his long, pink tongue between your soaked walls.
“You taste so fucking good.” Growling as he shakes his head from side to side, stimulating your clit even quicker. Ecstasy builds in the pit of your stomach, ready to blow and release itself into your veins, fill your body with white, hot pleasure.
The coil in your stomach tightens once more before you’re wrapping your thighs around Sukuna’s sturdy neck and grinding your cunt against his tongue, the muscle laid out and flat for you to use. You’re horrified when you realize that this orgasm is quite different from your usual ones.
Your juices are squirting into Sukuna’s mouth, wetting his chin and as well as his cheeks as he stares you down, eyes glazed with lust as he licks his lips, looking at you as if you were a meal for him to devour.
He takes a tentative lick at your twitching clit, the sharp pleasure causing your hips to slide up. But, Sukuna ignores your body's pleading, opting to tongue you into oversensitivity. Tears are sliding down the apples of your cheeks. The pathetic sight of you had him groaning once more.
You’re just too cute.
“Mm? No more? You don’t want anymore?” He bats his lashes at you, pressing one last kiss to the puffy lips of your pussy before crawling over your body, so close that your chest would touch his whenever you took a breath.
Shaking your head, you mumble out a small ‘No’, already feeling your eyes droop from the mental and physical exhaustion of having to deal with Sukuna. He smiles a little, ignoring the fact that you have adjusted blue-balled him. Pressing a kiss to your forehead before wiping down your thighs, he tucks you in and snuggles right beside you, enjoying the feeling of you in his arms as he drifted off to sleep.
Sukuna wakes up to the sound of your soft snores, his arm wrapped tightly around your waist. His heart beats a little harder at the sight of you wearing his oversized shirt, your cheek tightly pressed against his chest while your hand is placed flat against his chest.
He feels his cheeks warm at the soft sight of you, loving the way you clung to him as if he were your significant other. He shakes his head at the thought, baffled at his thought. He never let himself commit before, why would he do it now? Why you?
“Mm.” Your eyebrows furrow as the sunlight hits your face. He curses under his breath for forgetting to shut the curtains before getting in bed with you last night. But, he can’t help but pat himself on the back as you snuggle even further into his chest, hoping to shield yourself from the tiresome sun.
“Ah, shit.” He curses, feeling his cocks stir in his boxers, your hot thigh pressing against him, balls tightening at the thought of stuffing you, pumping your creamy little pussy with his cum. Sliding his hand between your bodies, he reaches inside and squeezes his cock, feeling it pulsate in his palm.
Sukuna lifts his head to peek at his cock as well as your thighs before leaning his head back on the pillow. Deciding to ignore his inner thoughts, he grabs the flesh of your thigh and lifts it to make space for his length, placing it right between your soft thighs.
“Fuck.” His brows are knitted as he blindly searches for the lube in his nightstand, eyes trained on your face, making sure you were still asleep. He hastily makes work of the bottle, popping the lid open and squirting it on your thighs and as well as himself.
Sukuna groans at the feeling of your plush thighs enveloping his cock. Experimentally, he thrusts himself between your thighs, silently praying that the lewd, wet sounds of your thighs wouldn’t wake you up. His eyes land on your face, still peaceful and asleep while he defiles you in your sleep.
How could he not? You’re such a tempting little thing, teasing him while being unafraid of returning is flirtatious remarks. It made him want you, even more, he craved you. Initially, he had planned to take your innocence and leave but as he spent more time with you, he realized that he wanted to break you. Break you until you are no more. Break you until you would crawl back to him and beg him to fix you.
“W-What?” He flinches before continuing his actions, pumping his cock even faster between your thighs as you continue to blink the sleep from your eyes. Your eyes are blurry and tired, barely able to focus on your surroundings. You’re suddenly aware of the squelching sound resonating between your thighs.
You glance down, eyes met with the sight of Sukuna fucking your plush thighs, barely grazing your clit as he stables himself by placing his hand on your hip and wrapping his leg with yours, preventing you from ruining the perfect position he had himself in.
“Oh? Finally awake are you?” He kisses his teeth, brows furrowed in concentration as he feels himself come closer to the edge, balls twitching in a signal that he’s close to blowing his load.
You should be upset, you really should. But, the stirring feeling in the pit of your stomach is back. Telling you to give Sukuna everything. To give him your virtue, your innocence. The overwhelming heat of his cock has your mind hazy, leaving you unable to think rationally.
“Please...Make me cum too,” Pouting as you took hold of his hand, sneaking it under your shirt, allowing him to palm your naked breasts. His brows shoot up in surprise, your desperate tone and pathetic pout catching him off guard. He half expected you to push him away in disgust and call his mom, yet here you were, letting him use you as his fucktoy.
“Beg me, then.”
“Big sis! When is mommy coming home?” Yuuji pouts, tugging on the fabric of your shirt. Turning to face him, you hold the spoon of fried rice in front of your mouth before cooling it down with small breaths and letting Yuuji taste it, earning you a very enthusiastic thumbs up.
“She’s coming home in four days bud! Hang in there, buddy!” Attempting to cheer him up with a pat on the head. He nods quickly before scrambling away to play in his room. Not long after, a chest presses itself against your back.
Sukuna deeply breathes in your scent, consisting of flowers as well as your natural smell. He loves the feeling of you pressed against him, so sweet and small compared to him. Sukuna presses a wet kiss against your neck, causing you to shiver slightly.
“You smell so good.” He breathes.
“Not here…” You whimper, placing your hands on his wrists in an attempt to get him off of you. The past week consisted of sneaky touches and sexual tension, a couple of occurrences of Sukuna trailing his fingers up your thighs during dinner.
Also, you’ve not had the opportunity to sleep in your designated room due to his persistence. He never failed to make you cum before bed, his mouth always attached to your little clit while he palms your tits, occasionally flicking and pinching at the buds.
“Where then?” Licking a fat strip of your neck his hands slowly make their way up to your body, one hand stopping to grope your breast and the other wrapping itself around your throat, experimentally squeezing causing you to inhale sharply, his actions catching you off guard.
“Nowhere--We can’t! Not now!”
“Are you sure--”
“She told you to fuck off, Sukuna. Leave the girl alone.” Another voice interrupts, causing both you and Sukuna to stiffen, both your necks craning to peek at the unknown man, but Sukuna’s eyes flashed with recognition, then annoyance.
“Fuck are you doin’ here?” He snarls, placing you beside him and wrapping an arm around your shoulders, almost as if he were trying to shield you from the mystery man. The man had twin-tails and deep eyebags, but he was quite attractive. Tall and built, even when he was dressed in overly large clothes that hung off his figure.
He had a bored expression on his face and a banana in his left hand. “What do you mean? I live here too y’know.” He drawls, his expression never changing as his eyes bore into you, forcing you to hide behind Sukuna, feeling as if he was trying to read you.
“Yeah, but you said you weren’t gonna be home for break. Should’ve just stayed somewhere else.” Clicking his tongue in displeasure. Your spine tingles at the feeling of Sukuna’s fingers tracing small shapes into your back, visibly shivering under the gaze of the unnamed man.
“Watch your fucking mouth, Sukuna. I’m still the eldest around here.” He growls, taking a threatening step towards his brother before placing a hand on his head and ruffling his hair, Sukuna making futile attempts to swat away his brother which causes him to loosen his hold on you, allowing you to untangle yourself and attempt to slip out.
“Uh uh. Where are you going, miss? You need to leave right now. I’m sorry but hookups need to leave in the morning.”
“...I’m actually Yuuji’s babysitter.”
“Oh, shit? Dude, you’re fucking the babysitter?” He loudly interrogates, catching the attention of a certain little boy. Sukuna opts to stay silent, now finding the refrigerator magnets much more interesting than the conversation that was currently unfolding
“Choso! You’re home! I thought you weren’t gonna come home!” Yuuji comes tumbling into the kitchen, almost slipping and ramming himself into one of the drawers but he is swiftly scooped into Choso’s muscled arms.
“Man, I can’t even surprise you guys anymore, can I?” Choso laughs, blowing strawberries against Yuuji’s skin as he keeps his eyes on you. He wasn’t about to let you two off the hook.
These brothers would be the death of you.
“You guys haven’t let Yuuji catch you guys or anything, right?” He stares pointedly at you both, hands neatly folded in his lap. You were all currently having what seemed like a meeting, excluding Yuuji of course.
You sat beside Sukuna who had his arms behind his head, lax and uncaring of his brother while you were shaking like a leaf, your fingertips borderline freezing and your heart beating erratically.
Choso’s eyes continue to bore in you as if he were prying into your inner thoughts and feelings. You pray and hope that you weren’t as transparent as you thought you were. Nevertheless, Choso would get all the answers to his questions, one way or another.
“No! Of course not!”
“Mm, good. Stop being so handsy with each other. It’s fucking gross and I don’t want you guys exposing Yuuji to that shit. Sukuna, you were supposed to help and support her, not make her your little fucktoy. And you, little girl. You were supposed to care for my brother and feed him. That was all you two had to do.”
You hang your head in shame while Sukuna points his nose to the side, rolling his eyes disrespectfully as he ignores his brother's words. You fiddle with the zipper of your sweater, ashamed under Choso’s scrutinizing gaze.
“But it’s whatever really. Just don’t do that shit here. You guys aren’t dating I’m assuming?”
You shook your head, cheeks heating up at the imagery of Sukuna taking you out on a date. Sharing sweet kisses underneath a tree. Wiping his stained lips with your thumb and kissing him right after. Sukuna remains silent.
“Alright. Angel, could you go watch Yuuji for a bit? I need to talk to my little brother here. I’ll be out in a sec yeah?” Choso smiles at you as you quickly get on your feet, making your way to the living room where Yuuji was currently watching ‘From Up on Poppy Hill’.
“What are you doin’ with her?” Choso raises a brow. Turning to finally face Sukuna who continues to give him the silent treatment, causing him to sigh heavily before scratching the top of his head.
“If you’re just gonna play with her feelings and break her, I would just leave her alone. She’s a nice girl and she doesn’t deserve that, Sukuna. You know that.”
“How do you know I’m not serious about her?” Sukuna retorts, making eye contact with CHoso as they both glare at each other.
“Dude, you’re never serious. I know you. I’m your brother. Frankly, I’m not sure how you turned out this way but it has to stop. You’re ruining your chances of finding love.”
“What if I don’t wanna be in love?” He seethes, fists now clenched at the thought of sharing himself emotionally, leaving himself vulnerable and open all for them to see, for them to judge. It’s different. If he were to open up and get rejected, you wouldn’t be rejecting his fuckboy persona, you’d be rejecting him, his true self and his whole heart.
“I don’t know man, you seem to be getting there. I can tell by the way you look at her.”
“Baby. Baby get up. Pick up your phone. Someone’s calling you.” Sukuna mumbles into your shoulder, tiredly patting your bum that's currently pressed against his morning wood. His eyes are squinting as the sun’s rays seep into the room through the window.
Blindly searching for your phone before you somehow find it, swiping right to answer the call, pressing the speaker button with your eyes still unopened, feeling Sukuna grope your naked breast from under your shirt, tweaking your nipples as you mumble a groggy ‘Hello’.
“Bunny, how have you been? I miss you. When are you gonna come over pretty girl?”
Sukuna raises a brow, irritation boiling inside of him as he imagined you with anyone else. Raising his head to peek at the caller, his eyes widen at the contact name. Gojo Satoru. How were you acquainted with a bastard like him?
“‘M sorry, I just woke up. But sure, I can meet up today. I can probably ask Choso to watch Yuuji for a few hours.” You mumble into the pillow until your breath is caught in your throat, feeling Sukuna roughly twist your nipple.
“Oh? Poor baby. You sound so tired. Did you sleep late again?”
“Mhm--Ah, I did! Fuck…” Attempting to muffle your moans. His fingers were on your clit now, the thin fabric of your panties unable to protect you from Sukuna’s wrath. His fingers are roughly petting your clit as he sucks bruises into your neck.
“Oh? What are you doing, pretty girl? Being so naughty in the morning. Are you touching yourself?” Satoru dares to ask, the smugness in his voice apparent. Sukuna can feel the anger inside him boil even harder, slipping his fingers into your panties and mercilessly plunging them into your soaking cunt.
“N-No...I’m not!” You force out, thighs spreading wider for Sukuna as you pop the fingers of his free hand in your mouth, your throat suddenly feeling empty.
“Oh, baby. I knew you missed me. Fuck, you were such a good girl for me, sending me the prettiest pictures of your cute pussy. Naughty little thing. Fuck I’m so hard already.” Satoru moans before continuing. “You’re still a virgin right? Are you planning on giving me your virginity anytime soon?”
Sukuna feels himself snap as you squirt all over his thick fingers, eye twitching as Gojo continues to praise you as if he was the one who made you cum, made you squirt on his fingers. He wasn’t the one who made you cum every night before you slept, not the one who you brushed your teeth with, not the person you made breakfast for. Gojo had no place in your heart.
“Sorry, she’ll be giving that to me.” He growls before ending the call, tossing your phone on his desk before hungrily sucking his juice-covered fingers into his mouth, thoroughly sucking your essence off his fingers before kissing you full on the mouth, allowing you to taste yourself.
It feels lewd, tasting yourself on someone else’s tongue.
“Take your panties off. Right now. I wanna see your pussy nice and spread out for me because I’m gonna fuck you. You’re gonna feel my cock--” Pressing his palm on your lower stomach, “Here.”
“W-Wait--No, it’s my first time you can’t!” You plead, legs instinctively but he stood in the way, hips tightly pressed against yours, Sukuna’s already lowering his boxers, revealing the drooly, pink tip of his cock.
“Just the tip then? Lemme put the tip in,” He whispers, stroking his cock as he lifts your shirt, exposing your pebbled nipples to his fiending eyes. He can see your hesitation swirling in your eyes.
“I promise baby, it’s just the tip. It’s not even that deep. I just wanna feel your pussy. Baby, please.” He begs, leaving kisses against your cheek as he grinds the head of his cock against your slippery lips, groaning at your warmth.
“Come on baby. Just let me. “M not gonna do anything unless you agree.” He breathes.
“J-Just the tip.” You stutter, hands reaching down to spread your cunt for him. He groans at the lewd sight, biting his lip before slapping his length against your mons and placing the tip at your entrance.
“Fuck.” He groans his pink hair covering his eyes, hiding his pleasured expression from you. Sukuna languidly slides his cock inside you, inserting the first two inches and being the last six. He lets out a garbled moan at the feeling of your pussy squeezing the tip.
“I-It feels s’good,” You whimper, your hands coming up to grip his biceps as you resist the urge to wrap your legs around his hips and pull him even closer, make him fill your pussy up with his cock and then his cum, let him paint your insides white.
“Yeah? Feels good? It would feel better with everything inside. Fuck, you’d look so pretty taking my whole cock, begging and crying for me to pull out because your cunts too tight. But, I know, deep inside you want me to make it hurt. You’re a dirty girl. You know what you want.” He presses a kiss to your lips before continuing.
“Almost had me fooled, made me think you were an innocent little thing but you’re just a desperate virgin, aren’t you? Even sending people pictures of your cute pussy. I’m surprised that you haven’t forced my cock inside you yet. Yeah. I can feel your pussy twitching. Just say the fuckin’ word, pretty girl.” He coos, shallowly thrusting into you.
“N-No I’m not…”
“Yeah? You’re telling me that you didn’t show Gojo Satoru your cute pussy?” He growls, biting your nipple teasingly.
You moan in response, back arching at the pleasure you’re feeling, your slick sliding down your pussy and onto the bed sheets. You’re surprised that Choso hasn’t told you both to shut up, seeing as it was seven in the morning, but then again, he and Yuuji had stayed up playing games last night.
“Can’t answer? Fuckin’ slut. I should punish you. Sink my cock in this pussy and cream you. Make you walk around Tokyo with Gojo Satoru while your pussy’s stuffed with my cum. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”
Unable to resist him anymore, you wrap your legs around his waist, pulling him even closer to you. Tears are steadily sliding down your cheeks, blurring your vision as you reach out to him, wanting to wrap your arms around his neck as you wailed.
“P-Please. Please...fuck my pussy. Give me everything. ‘Want it all. ‘Want S’kuna’s cock. Want daddy to use me!” You mindlessly mumble into his shoulder, desperately moving your hips against him in an attempt to persuade him, yet he stays silent, your laboured breathing the only sound in the room, aside from your pleads and cries.
“Fuckin’ hell. You’re somethin’ else.” He laughs before bottoming out. Sukuna presses one last kiss to your lips before slamming his cock inside your cunt, swiftly taking your virginity. He swallows your screams and whimpers, wrapping his hand around your throat in an attempt to comfort you.
Sukuna whispers sweet nothings against your lips, promising that you’d feel better soon. That you’d love it. And that he wasn’t going to stop until you’ve soaked his cock and bed, promising to satisfy your every need.
“Sukuna. Daddy. Fuck. T-Too much,” You wail, clinging onto his shoulders as you adjust to the size, blinking away your tears as he continues to pepper kisses against your face, rubbing circles against the expanse of your neck.
“You’ll feel even better soon, princess. Don’t worry, I got you.”
You sigh in pleasure, finally feeling the pain ebb away as your tense muscles relax, easing into his hold as you’re suddenly made aware of his balls currently pressed against your perineum.
“Please move…” You whisper, avoiding his surprised gaze. But he adheres to your plea, wanting to fulfill the myriad of promises he had made to you. Sukuna is a man of his word. Well, at least when it came to you.
He grunts as he bottoms out once more, gently sliding in his cock until his cockhead is snugly pressed against your cervix. You could feel your cunt around the wide base of his cock, whimpering at the sheer weight and heat his cock had.
Sukuna sits back up, pressing your thighs into your chest before placing his weight on you, proceeding to slam his cock inside your pussy. Mercilessly battering your sensitive cervix while you laid still and took it, loving the mixture of both pain and pleasure.
“Shit baby, ease up. You’re gonna make me cum.” He breathes, his brows are furrowed and sweat is gathering on his brow, an exasperated expression on his face as he struggled to hold his cum in, wanting to make the most out of your first experience.
Sukuna clicks his tongue, knowing that you wouldn’t ease up at all, even feeling your pussy tighten. He slips a hand between you both,  rolling your clit between the pads of his fingers, causing you to squeal in delight.
“Like that?”
Nodding eagerly, you agree, unable to form a coherent sentence while your mind was a jumbled, foggy mess. You shiver at the familiar feeling in the pit of your stomach, a strong, cold pull spreading throughout your body.
“‘M close,” You whine, shutting your eyes.
“Yeah? Love my cock so much, being such a good fuckin’ girl for me. ‘Wanna cream you right here, make you my little bitch.” Sukuna growls, harshly pinching your sore nipple once more before grabbing your chin and propping your mouth open, your tongue lolling out of your mouth.
He places his thumb on your tongue, stroking your cheek with an almost lovesick expression on his face before he starts to gather spit in his mouth, slapping your cheek with one hand before directly spitting on the pink of your tongue, even allowing his excess spit to drool steadily in your mouth, finishing his lewd act with a spit-filled kiss, a mix of spittle spilling out the sides of your mouths.
“P-Please. Cum inside me. Fill me up. ‘Want it. ‘Want it so bad.” You continue to beg pathetically, your nails leaving crescent shapes in his back as you felt your abdomen tighten, your orgasm so close you could taste the euphoria.
“Shit. Shit. Fuckin’ cum for me then. Let it go. Come to me, princess. You have my permission.” He huskily whispers.
That’s all it took for you to finally let go. Your thighs are shaking rapidly around his hips, squeezing him tightly in the process as you struggle to catch your breath. Your eyes are rolling to the back of your head, mouth slack with spittle dribbling out the sides.
“Nice and loud for me, pretty girl. There you go. I like you so much.” He coos before tensing up, hunching over your figure, His brows are furrowed and his eyes are shut tightly, his jaw clenched as he paints your insides white, thick streams of cum jetting out of his cockhead and on your bruised cervix.
You’re both panting, bodies a tangled, sweaty mess when you both regain your breaths. Feeling his eyes on you, you tilt your head to the side, as if to ask him why. But, he laughs before rolling the both of you over, leaving you on his chest while still being connected to him, his cum steadily running down your thighs.
“So, are you still gonna see him?” He asks voice light, hoping you hadn’t caught his slip up.
“Hey. You guys are cute ‘nd all, but you need to get up. Yuuji’s lookin’ for you both. Even wanted to come and wake you guys up but obviously, you guys were busy.” He exhales, rubbing his temples before shutting the door, leaving you hot and embarrassed.
“Let’s go?”
“I can’t believe you actually came! I missed you so much, bunny.” Gojo spreads his arms, welcoming you in an embrace. You awkwardly make your way towards him, allowing him to wrap his arms around your shoulder, even having the audacity to press a kiss against your head.
Deciding that you weren’t about to have it, you push at his chest, wanting to sit at the booth he had gotten for you both. It was a simple cafe, only a ten-minute drive away from your place, well, Sukuna’s place.
Sitting in the booth, you place your bag beside you, folding your arms on the table before getting straight to the point. “Why did you ask me to come here?” You utter, feeling quite uncomfortable under his piercing gaze. The same blue eyes that caught your attention the day you had met Gojo.
You still remember that day, your junior year in high school where Gojo Satoru had asked you out on a date, even coming by your classroom with a bouquet of blue roses that matched his eyes, shamelessly proclaiming his ‘love’ for you. Something he had done to gain the attention of your classmates.
Your relationship was a dream, too good to be true. Weekly dates were a thing and he never failed to show up with a present, so you had started doing the same, getting him little trinkets that you thought that he’d enjoy. You loved him but your mom hadn’t, openly expressing her dislike towards him whenever he visited you or picked you up for a date.
But like all dreams, your relationship with Gojo Satoru has come to an end. You still remembered his eyes, a lovely shade of blue they were. But, on that day, they were different, lacking the lustre they usually had.
You still remember the way his eyes gradually lost their sparkle, the longer your relationship progressed, the more uninterested he got. His texts got shorter and so did his verbal replies, only allowing you to hear his voice a few times a week as he started to avoid you during school as well.
Your friend reassured you, telling you that it was normal for a relationship to have its rough patches. And it wasn’t as if you had to stay by his side. It made you feel clingy, wanting his attention almost the same way his fangirls did. It made you feel like you weren’t a priority.
You remember crying to your mom, asking her why. Why wouldn’t he tell you what he was feeling? Why didn’t he want to speak to you anymore? Why did he avoid you? Why won’t he come to see you anymore? Had you done something wrong? What did you do to upset him? Why couldn’t you do anything right? Why did you drive everyone away?
Your mom tried her best to answer your questions, but both of you knew that the only person who could answer them was the man himself. It got to the point where you answered those questions yourself, presenting your insecurities as reasons why Gojo fell out of love with you.
Had he loved you in the first place if he admitted defeat so quickly?
The heartache you felt was nothing like you had felt before. You blamed yourself for things that you didn’t have control over, things that nobody could control. It left you empty and tired, a soulless husk of who you used to be. That moment then was when you understood why people said to give the same effort. You gave yourself to him, leaving nothing for yourself.
It hurt to see him brush you off, to even refuse to speak about your relationship, to fix what you had, but did you have anything in the first place? Were you just naive? Blind to his hidden motives to play with your feelings.
You remember the day you finally spoke to him, the day you had finally gained the courage to speak your mind.
“Hey, can we talk?” You mumble, pulling on the sleeve of his shirt. You hadn’t meant to disrupt his conversation with his friends, but this was the only opening you saw in the past week.
He rolls his eyes before telling his friends that he’d be quick, stuffing his hands in his pockets as he follows you to the back of the school, an annoyed expression on his face as he counted the seconds, wanting to get out of there as soon as possible.
“What is it?” Gojo grumbles as he blows a piece of hair out of his eyes.
“I’m sorry for taking you away from your friends, but I just wanted to talk about us. Are we okay?”
He shrugs his shoulders, turning his head to face away from you, not wanting to see the desperate expression you had on your face. It pissed him off to no end that you couldn’t take a hint. It was his fault, hitting on someone like you in the first place.
“I don’t know.”
“Do you still wanna be with me?”
“I don’t know.”
You felt your heart crumble, even when you were expecting this, even when you had mentally prepared yourself for this, but your efforts were futile. If it could, your heart would’ve been shattered right now. Your bottom lip temples lightly before you force yourself to continue, taking in a deep breath.
“Do you still love me?”
“Because I love you. Please, Satoru. Let’s work this out. I’m sure we can. Is it me? Did I make you mad? Please tell me what I did wrong so I can fix it. I want to fix us. Please.” You beg, tears streaming down the apple of your cheeks as you desperately grab his hands, placing them on your cheeks as you sob.
“Well I don’t, okay? I don’t wanna fix us. I lost interest in you for a reason. I got what I wanted and I don’t want anymore, okay? Can you understand that? I was an angel for putting up with you in the first place.” He spits before continuing, now pushing you against the wall.
“You’re too clingy. You always wanna be with me and I hate it. It was cute at first but it shows just how dependent you are, you can't do anything for yourself. Pathetic.”
“P-Please...stop.” You cry, desperately wiping the tears from your eyes as he glares at you, his height causing you to crane your neck to look up at him.
“I’m not even done yet.”
“Princess. Hey. Y/n?”
You snap out of your daydream, eyes landing on Gojo’s concerned face, your hand now in his larger hands, holding you so gently as if you were the same fragile girl you were back then in high school.
“Oh. Sorry. What were you saying?”
“You dumbass. You let her meet up with her ex alone?” Choso loudly exclaims starling Yuuji who sat in his arms.
“What am I supposed to do? Stop her?”
“No, but you should’ve made your intentions with her clear. You know you’re in love with her--”
“I am not.”
“--Yeah well there's some type of feelings there. We have to go follow her. Gojo Satoru’s a fuckin’ bastard and we gotta make sure she’s alright.” Choso hastily puts Yuuji down, instructing him to get changed and to come down right after.
“Why do you care so much anyway? It’s not your problem?” Sukuna asks, slightly feeling his cheeks heat up as he sheepishly rubs the back of his neck, avoiding his brother's smug gaze, feeling embarrassed.
“I care because you’re my brother.” He smiles softly, placing his hand on top of Sukuna’s head, his brother now allowing the action. “I’m the eldest. I live and care for my younger brothers.” He pats his head one last time before hollering for Yuuji to hurry, causing Yuuji to almost tumble down the stairs.
“Alright alright get in the car.”
“Hey, big bro, are we going after Y/n? We’re going after her right?” He speaks as he buckles himself into his car seat, slightly struggling with the belt on his chest which Sukuna helps him with as Choso starts the car.
“Yeah, we are. We just gotta make sure she’s safe.” He huffs, settling back in his seat as they back out of the driveway. Sukuna takes a deep breath, placing a hand over his heart in an attempt to calm himself down.
It was an unfamiliar feeling, the anxiety that was constricting his lungs, sitting on his chest like a rock. His stomach feels queasy and his fingertips are ice cold. What if you chose Gojo over him? It wasn’t as if Sukuna showed any romantic feelings towards you, only coaxing you to have sex with him.
He’s unsure of when the sex stopped being just sex. At times he found himself admiring you as you slept, his chest warm and a slight smile on his face. He felt his heart beat a little harder whenever you walked into a room, especially when you looked and cared for Yuuji so lovingly.
He wants that. He wants you to care for him the same way.
“Big bro...Are you gonna be like Howl and sweep big sis off her feet?” He asks innocently, unaware of the weight of his question.
“If she wants me to.”
“I’m sorry but I’m not getting back together with you.” You scoffed, crossing your arms across your chest. Gojo Satoru had nothing but the audacity, asking you for so much when he knew he wouldn’t reciprocate.
“Does this have anything to do with that guy this morning?” He questioned, brow raised.
You stay silent, hands no back in your lap as you avoid his gaze. The anxiety you feel is overwhelming, bile rising your throat at the sudden confrontation. It wasn’t as if you owed him an answer but why did you feel compelled to?
“You know nobody else can make you feel the way I do. I still remember the day you begged for me to stay. I know you still feel the same way.” He rests his cheek against his palm, looking at you with such a loving look in his eyes that it made you feel sick.
“It’s useless, bunny. I know you still want me, still think about me. It’s alright. I think about you too. Are you still mad about me dumping you? It was high school. Get over it. You’re not a fucking child, Y/n.” He spits, expression souring.
He makes a move to grab your arm, but you were suddenly being pulled out of your seat and into someone else’s arms. His familiar scent clouds you, calming down all the warning bells in your head that begged you to get yourself out of the situation. You allow yourself to melt even deeper into him, holding onto the arm that was currently around your waist.
“Are you good?” He asks, worries written all over his face as he examines you for any distress, but you feel nothing but peace being with him, the mere sight of Sukuna putting all your anxieties and doubts at ease.
“Sukuna, I thought I heard your voice this morning.” Gojo stands, both men towering above you as bystanders sneak glances, wondering if there was a brawl about to go down. Some looked excited while others looked as if they were debating on leaving. You side with the latter.
“Yeah? What about it?” He hissed, gently placing you behind his larger frame as he approaches Gojo, a sneer on his face as he continues to size him up.
“Didn’t know you were into sloppy seconds. Tell me, how does my dick taste?” Gojo smugly retorts. Sukuna feels himself snap, fist rearing back to put Gojo in his place but you beat him to it.
A loud ‘smack’ resounded in the tiny coffee shop, shocking the bystanders as well as the men in front of you, their jaws slack and their eyes wide. Sukuna’s shocked expression turns into a smug one, arms crossed against his chest as he watches you handle the situation perfectly.
“Fuck you, Gojo Satoru. I don’t owe you shit. Don’t ever call me again.” You seethe, grabbing Sukuna’s hand and storming out of the with Sukuna trailing quietly behind, secretly flipping off Gojo while simultaneously sticking his tongue out at him.
Sukuna quickly turns to you, stopping his tracks to prevent you from straying too far especially when Choso was still looking for a parking spot, hastily dropping him off in front of the shop to prevent anything worse from happening. He pulls you into a secluded alleyway before speaking.
“Hey, hey, you okay? You did great. You’re such a good girl for me.” He praises, cradling you close to his chest as he breathes in your scent, basking in the warmth your body radiated. He was suddenly reminded of how much he loves to have you in his arms.
“I-I’m sorry you had to come after me.”
“I came after you because I wanted to. You didn’t make me do shit, alright?” He pulls your face away from his chest to examine your pretty face, cheeks stained with tears and eyes all puffy, but you were still the same pretty girl in his eyes,
“You mean it?”
“I do.” Sukuna takes it as an opportunity to kiss you full on the lips, slotting his slightly dry lips against your perfectly pouty ones, savouring your taste on his tongue as he cradles your cheek in one hand and squeezes your neck in the other, loving the feeling of your breath getting caught in your throat.
He peppers a few last kisses on your lips before pulling away, examining your blissful expression. He can’t help but smile at you, your innocent expression causing his heart to hammer and his tummy to do somersaults.
“I like you. So fuckin’ much.” He breathes.
You smile and press a kiss to his nose. “I know. I heard this morning. I like you just as much.”
“You heard me?” He asks incredulously.
“Yeah, of course, I heard you. We were the only two people there and it was eight in the morning.” You deadpan, amusing yourself with the chains that currently hung on his neck, a grin spreading across his face as he peers down at you.
“So why’d you see that dumbass anyway?” Huffing as he kisses the corner of your mouth.
“Because I wanted to tell him that I wanted nothing to do with him anymore. Because...I only want you. Only you.” Hiding your face in his chest as you feel his shoulder shake, silently laughing at you.
“Yeah? Only me? Show me then.”
“Uh no because we’re gonna get lunch now.” Choso suddenly butts in, startling the both of you as he stands at the opening of the alleyway, Yuuji sitting in his arms before quickly wiggling out of them, running towards you two with his arms wide open.
Taking him into your arms, he presses a kiss to your cheek.
“Big sis! You’re just like Sophie now!” He giggles, patting the area he has just kissed, wiping the spit that he had left behind, causing Sukuna to poke him in the stomach, threatening him about kissing his girlfriend.
“Yeah, I guess I am.”
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zv4x · 5 hours ago
if its cool, could i ask for yan hcs for boyfriend?
It's totally cool! Thanks so much for the suggestion, Anon! Hope you like everything! <333
Yan!Boyfriend (Headcannons)
I'd totally see you meeting him in the form of a rap battle. Specifically, you hear about him and his insane skills and really want to challenge him for yourself
He was honored! Nobody has ever given him such nice complements before besides Pico, but that was only when they were together. Every other rap opponent he had had the fullest intentions of killing him, so this was such a nice change!
I'd totally see Bf being more on the delusional side of the yandere spectrum, so he'd probably see you just simply complementing him as a love confession or something similar
What Bf has for you is the literal definition of love at first sight, he absolutely adored you from the minute he first had that battle with you!
Starts following you around and clinging to you like a lost, lovesick puppy
Loves taking photos of you preforming daily tasks and keeping them with him for little good luck charms for whenever he raps
Bf doesn't wait long at all before finally confessing to you, considering he firmly believes that you are already just as in love with him as he is you
If you accept, then he'll be absolutely overjoyed! He'd do his best to be the best boyfriend ever!
He loves holding you in his arms and cuddling you, whispering in your ear the long list of everything he absolutely adores about you
Bf would get jealous extremely easily and would see basically everyone you're around as a threat, as his delusions would convince him in his mind that they're trying to seduce you or something of the sort
His murders are brutal and bloody, as he feels that anyone who has the balls enough to try and take his perfect darling away from him deserves a fate worse than death
If you reject his confession, then don't be shocked if in that moment you literally are able to watch the last thread of sanity in him completely snap
Would instantly knock you out in any way he can, whether it be by knocking you against the nearest hard object or just choking you unconscious, he'll do whatever it takes
In his basement, prepare to be absolutely babied
You'd still get the cuddles and kisses you would if you accepted his confession, of course. The only difference being that this time you're being held captive in his basement
When you say things about how you hate him for what he's done or just try convincing him to let you go, expect a lot of statements like: "You don't really mean that.." and "They just have you brainwashed, but I'll help you snap out of it!"
If push comes to shove and Bf sees that nothing he's doing is working, he'd most likely be willing to resort to a murder suicide so the two of you can be together forever eternally in the afterlife
He cares about you so dearly and absolutely adores you, even if it's in the most messed up and disturbed way possible
Even when he's a yandere, Bf is a soft baby boy, so please take good care of him ♡
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sugas-psycho · 6 hours ago
Can I be your bride? (Mitsuri Kanroji x fem!reader)
⚠️Major Demon Slayer manga spoilers⚠️
Genre: angst
Warning: death
Tumblr media
It was over. It was finally over. You had won. Muzan was dead. He had been defeated. No more demons would come, you could finally be at peace. But most of the Hashira died. Including you and your lover. Kanroji Mitsuri. You knew there was small time before you die, and, with all the strength left in you, you tried to find your girlfriend. You had been separated from her when you were both fighting. You just simply wish that she was alive. You just wanted her to be able to live happily. "Please be alive Kanroji I'm begging you to be alive...."  tears started to form in your eyes when you saw her body, looking lifeless, lying on the cold hard ground.
"No no no no! This can't be happening! You need to be alive!"  You ran to her and hold her in your arms while crying. "Y-y/n? Did we win?" A sigh of relief escaped your mouth. "Yes love, we won. Muzan is dead" "oh good." For just a few seconds, their was silence. After a bit, Mitsuri finally spoked out "I don't feel any pain so, I guess I'm dying...." "I'm dying too so I'll be joining you. You won't be alone." You tried reassuring her. "No, don't die.... you need to stay alive!" she put her hand on your cheek. "I'm sorry I wasn't much use in the fight.... I'm sorry I failed to protect you..." "Kanroji, I will not allow you to say that. You did so good today. Like every single other day actually. You helped me go through the toughest of times. You were always here when I needed you. You were so affectionate and cuddly. You were always happy at the smallest thing. You would always those shining eyes whenever I would gift you something even if it was a single flower. You were perfect. You are perfect. And you didn't fail to protect me. It's quite the opposite actually. During this entire fight, I thought about if I kill these demons, if we get out alive, we will be able to be together longer. We will be able to have a future. Together."
She started crying. She turned herself so she could be facing your chest. From then, she burried her face in it and sobbed. "Y/n... please... if we're reborn... and we're reborn as humans... can I be your bride?" "Of course love. I'll always agree to be your bride, Kanroji. I'm sorry I couldn't ask you to marry me sooner." The love pillar then cupped your face in her hands and kissed you. When she pulled away, right before they would go off to an eternal sleep, y/n spoked out "And this time Kanroji, when we'll be married, I promise I'll protect you better so you don't die."
And that was y/n's last word. The last word she spoke and the last word Kanroji Mitsuri would ever heard. But they both left with a smile on their faces and with eachother's presence. It wasn't how the both girls wanted to die, but, as long as they died together, that's all that mattered.
Because, when they would be reborn, they would be eachother's bride. And will never let the other die.
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thegrungyprincess · 6 hours ago
Together in the End
Based on the song ‘If The World Was Ending’ by JP Saxe and Julia Michaels I recommend listening to this song before or while reading to get better context of the emotions this narrative portrays.
AN: I started this a year ago! I’ve been in a funk and I feel like I’m finally coming out it. This has still kinda been my mood lately. It’s such a beautiful and emotional song, and I felt it would pair will with a narrative. It’s also a bit more relatable now given our ongoing situation. Enjoy!
I was distracted and in traffic I didn’t feel it when the earthquake happened 
He sits in his car, impatiently drumming his fingers on the steering wheel as he waits for the traffic light to change. The sun is shining, and the sky is a clear, rich blue. Despite the world smiling down on him, he can feel his aggravation building. In reality, he has only been waiting a couple of minutes, but to him, it feels like an eternity. 
He thinks back to the last time he spoke to her. It was three months ago, and they had gotten into a huge argument. He doesn’t remember what about anymore, but he remembers her being the last thing he saw before he walked out and slammed the door. She was on the floor, arms wrapped so tightly around herself as she cried. He felt terrible for leaving, but it was what she wanted. They had been on-again, off-again for the past year. Getting into fights over the littlest of things, he felt like she did it on purpose. It was as if she wanted him to leave her. 
I know you know we know you weren’t down for forever, and it’s fine I know you know we know we weren’t meant for each other, and it’s fine
It broke his heart to do it, but he has survived every day since, knowing she at least was better off and happier for it. He, on the other hand, has been left hollow and empty since that day. 
But if the world was ending you’d come over, right?
The sound of cars honking brings him back to the present. He looks out the window and sees the cars in front of him in disarray. Some have fallen on their side, while others have been shaken up by the ground beneath them. The earthquake was intense enough to leave the road with cracks and rubble. People are now getting out of their cars and fleeing to safety. “Is anywhere safe?” He wonders as he watches chaos ensuing around him.
The sky’d be falling and I’d hold you tight And there wouldn’t be a reason why We would even have to say goodbye
A low rumble below his car is all the warning he gets before the mainshock happens, twice as strong as the preshock he just felt. He grips the armrests on his seat and braces for impact. Right before it happens, his phone buzzes on the passenger seat. He looks over at the message that appears on the screen; it’s her. And she’s asking for him.
If the world was ending you’d come over, right? Right? If the world was ending you’d come over, right? Right?
I tried to imagine your reaction It didn’t scare me when the earthquake happened
She’s sitting at her bedroom window watching the cars drive by when she feels the house start to shake. It’s a strange feeling, like standing next to the speakers at a party and feeling the bass vibrate through one’s whole body. She moves from the window, contemplating whether she has enough time to make it downstairs and out of the house. She instead decides to take cover under her desk. 
Ah, it’s been a year now Think I’ve figured out how How to think about you without it rippin’ my heart out
With her phone clutched tight against her chest, she watches the picture frames on her walls tumble to the floor and shatter. The house continues to shake and rattle around her as she sits there, not afraid for herself but wondering if he’s okay. 
As suddenly as it started, it stops. She waits a few more minutes to ensure it’s really over and carefully crawls out from under the desk. The scene that she’s met with is terrible. Broken frames and ceramics cover her floor, her mattress fell through the frame leaving the whole bed lopsided, and many other things have been knocked over and out of place. 
It’s not until she looks up and sees a giant crack running across the ceiling starting from the base of her light fixture that she panics. 
I know, you know, we know you weren’t down for forever, and it’s fine I know, you know, we know we weren’t meant for each other, and it’s fine
She quickly but carefully makes her way out of her room and heads to the staircase. She’s halfway down when she feels the rumbling beneath her feet. “Is this the end?” she asks herself. Without thinking, she unlocks her phone and opens her contacts. She never bothered to change his name, so there is still a heart next to it. She opens the chat and sends him one message; “I need you.”
But if the world was ending you’d come over, right?
The mainshocks hit full force. She reaches for the banister a second too late and tumbles down the stairs hitting her head when she reaches the bottom. The house shakes violently; she’s almost sure the whole thing is about to come down around her. She lays on the ground, unable to move. Black dots dance in her vision, and there’s a ringing in her ears. She closes her eyes and prays to whatever higher power exists, that he’s okay. And then the darkness takes over. 
Intense ringing is all he hears as he battles his door, trying to break free. The vibrations of the earth jostled his car enough to flip it on its side. Once he blinked away the worst of the dizziness, he unbuckled himself from the driver’s seat and climbed up to the passenger seat to attempt to break out through that door. He props himself up on the back of the seat and pushes up against the door with as much force as he can muster. The lock finally gives, and he throws the door open, climbing out onto the side of the car, which has now become the top.  
Frantically, he looks around him, assessing the damage. He sees most people have broken out of their vehicles as he had and are helping the few who are still stuck.  He takes one more look around to ensure there is no one else who needs tending too, running off in the direction of her house once he’s sure. 
Would you love me for the hell of it? All our fears would be irrelevant.
He’s grateful that her house isn’t very far from where he was. Only ten minutes if he keeps up his running pace. He’s also worried because he felt how destructive the earthquake was. And she texted him.
That text almost made his heart stop. He wasn’t going to let her down. Especially not when this may be his last chance to make it right.
If the world was ending you’d come over, r-ight? You’d come over right? You’d come over, you’d come over, you’d come over, right?
Her house enters his view, and he sprints to the front door. The hinges have become loose, allowing him to kick in the door with ease. What he sees inside nearly brings him to his knees. 
I know you know we know you weren’t down for forever and it’s fine I know you know we know we weren’t meant for each other and it’s fine
He rushes over to where she lays at the bottom of the stairs, collapsing on the ground next to her. “Please, please, please. No, no, no.” As carefully as he can, he rolls her over, letting her head rest on his lap. The trail of blood on her forehead brings him to tears. He gently saps it with his sleeve. 
“I’m so sorry,” he says, voice no louder than a whisper. 
He thinks back to the first time they met. She had just started working at the coffee shop he frequented, and that morning he was running late. Looking back, he indeed was too harsh with her. He had been going there often enough to know that she was new, and it wasn’t her fault he slept through his alarm that morning.
He remembers feeling so bad that he returned to the coffee shop that afternoon with a box of pastries from his favourite bakery as an apology gift. It turned out it was also her favourite bakery, and they sat in the shop an hour after closing, lost in conversation. It wasn’t long after their first encounter that he built up the courage to ask her on a date. They truly were so happy in the beginning.
No there wouldn’t be a reason why, we would even have to say goodbye If the world was ending...
A low groan brings him back to the present. He looks down to see her eyes scrunched tightly, probably from the pain in her head. His grip on her tightens slightly; “Shh. I’m right here,” he says”—his free hand combing through her hair. 
She opens her eyes slowly, blinking a few times before focusing on him. The emotions he sees in them are immense; relief, sorrow, hurt, love. 
“I’m so sorry,” he says again.
Reaching up, she gently brushes away a tear from his cheek. “I know,” she replies.
He places a kiss on her forehead, pulling he body closer to his. They stay like that on the ground, listening to the sound of sirens in the distance.
If the world was ending you’d come over, right?
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miwvampire · 6 hours ago
Graffiti of Santa Carla
Prompt: “It is not morning yet”
Marko x reader
Warnings: cursing and silly Marko
Tumblr media
The sound of spray paint cans squirting could be heard behind the Santa Carla build board. “Murder capital of the world” still plastered to the back of it
Marko and I decided tonight for a date night we could go draw on some build boards and over passes.
Billy idol was blaring loudly from the rock box Marko had brought along with us, his jacket sitting beside it, he wanted to make sure no paint got on it.
I hummed the tune to “white wedding” as I sprayed a red line across the back of the build board, marking over a stupid looking surf-Nazi shark I painted.
Marko beside me wouldn’t let me look over to what he was painting, apparently it “wasn’t finished yet”, but I did have to stop him from spray painting a pentagram, he enjoyed messing with the old folks of California and catching onto conversations at the board walk about the kid who’s been leaving pentagrams on build boards
So I just sighed and sang under my breath to the songs that played on Marko’s tapes he’d stolen from the video store.
“Nice shark baby” Marko chuckled and he made another spotchy line on his side.
“Thanks” I smiled as I stood back to look at my work, picking up the white, I added some white dots to make it look cartoonish
“Hey, when ya gonna be done?”
“Just wait babe, you have no patience”
I scoffed “well I don’t have eternity”
“Well I do, so quit ya bitchin’” Marko said shaking a can of teal paint
I sighed and placed a hand on my hip, titling my head to the side as I looked down over to the road “I ain’t bitchin’, I’m just excited. Why do you gotta act like I’m being a child? You won’t even let me look over there!” I dropped a can to the ground and went over to the rock box to turn it to a certain song
“Well it’s a surprise” he said planting a hand on his hip also, and wiped his lip with his gloved hand, teal paint smearing across his lower lip
The box finally turned to “hotel California” and I stood up straight, stretching my arms out a little bit as I swayed to the melody
“Surprise smurprise, I wanna dance”
Marko turned around to me and called my name “Y/N?”
I shot my gaze towards him “yuh?” I smiled
“You honestly want me to get distracted dontcha?”
“Maybe” I said swaying a little bit more
“You whine like a baby and then you play our song, the song we fucking first kissed too? You’re being the child here now aren’t’ cha?” He said as he walked over to me and pressed his chest against mine
He lifted his hand to my face and smeared some blue paint across my cheek and smiled, nudging his nose to mine and pressing a tender kiss on my lips
He quietly sang along with the song as he grabbed my hips and swayed with m, a devilish smirk on his lips
“Are you gonna lead me down to your broken hotel and make a prisoner there?” I chuckled referencing to the song as I pressed my forehead to the side of his face, pressing my lips to his cheek
“Planning too” he squeezed my hips harder
Laughing, I sighed and looked up at the build board behind him
“So you were painting a pigeon? Really?” I cocked a brow
“Aye!” Marko spun me around to where my back was facing the painting “you looked! I told you not too!”
“Meany” he scoffed and pressed a kiss to the tip of my nose “you never let me surprise you”
“Cause your surprises are dumb and cute”
“Well thats rude” Marko looked over to the board again
“Sorry” I squeaked “but thank you” I said swiping my finger over his lip, trying to get the paint off, even his crop top was stained with so many paint colors, he looked like a tie dyed vampire basically
“Which pigeon where you drawing” I said as I ran my fingers over his curls coming down his shoulder “Bobby? Marko jr? Stevie?”
“I was drawing you as a pigeon” he bursted out laughing
“Gasp!” I dramatically threw my head back and laughed “why?! You’re the mean one now!”
“Hey! No I’m not, I’m just showing you how much I love you!” He laughed harder and shook his head
“What? Do I have a equality of one of your birds to you?” I playfully swatted at his shoulder
“Maybe you come close to Marko jr.”
I swatted harder at his arm now
“Aye! I’m just kidding!” He said peppering kissing all over my face “jus kidding”
“Well, we’re gonna need to get back soon” I said as I listened to the song that was nearing the end
“It’s not morning yet, we can hang just for a little bit longer. I like being away from them all and just with you” Marko said as he looked me in my eyes, occasionally looking down at my lips and back up to my eyes
“Well, let’s go get some ice cream then? Or we could go to the under pass near Sally’s bakery?”
“Sure babes!” Marko said walking over to the rock box and picking up his jacket to sling over his shoulders
“What about the paint?” I said coming to a stop
“Ah, leave em’ who cares, I’ll just get us some new ones”
“Oki doki artichoki”
“Haha, nice one” he said picking up the box and jumping down the side of the build board, stepping to the side to let me land beside him
“Hey, before we get goin’ I wanna pick one more song” I said tugging at the box in his hand
“Fine, but I get to choose all the songs tomorrow”
I sighed “fine”
I found the last song I wanted to listen too and turned the volume up to max
“Dancing with myself” started playing loudly as Marko and I hopped onto his bike, he pinched my leg as I sling the other one over
He playfully revved his bike and was speeding down the highway before I could even get a good grip. I yelped as he laughed loudly reviving louder and flying down quicker
Down the highway you could hear
“Dancing with myself, oh-oh
Dancing with myself
When there's nothing to lose and there's nothing to prove
Well I'm dancing with myself
Ah, oh, oh-oh
If I looked all over the world
And there's every type of girl
But your empty eyes seem to pass me by
Leave me dancing with myself
So let's sink another drink
'Cause it'll give me time to think
If I had the chance I'd ask the world to dance
And I'd be dancing with myself, oh-oh”
On the back of the build board, you still can see a half painted pigeon with the exact jacket that Marko gave me when he turned me. It barely even looked like me though, but you got the point. Every time we went blazing down the highway, I’d chuckle each time passing it, Marko also bursting out laughing saying “there’s my chick”
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anamneseverge · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
All at once, the earth halts.
The Clastic Goliath crumbles, turning into a fine dust. All that remains is a phantom of its existence: a skull.
It seemed as though this crisis would never end. You were beginning to feel certain of it. You’re tired, exhausted even, and although you do not quite yet believe it, silence finally falls over Marcavilla.
And then a raw sob cuts through the air. These are heartbreaking, inconsolable, grieving cries—the Facechanger throws their body onto the skull, weeping over it. They cling to the Goliath’s remains, tight enough that you’re certain it will bruise them, and all anyone can do is watch.
It’s a gut-wrenching sight. You can feel the adrenaline—the thing that has kept you strong these last two weeks—leaving your limbs. You have saved Marcavilla from a threat—of that you’re certain—but you are so, so tired. Seeing this creature mourn wounds you in a new way, adds a rawness that hurts, but you do not know why.
After a small eternity, the Facechanger’s sobs grow softer, and you realize they, too, have become too tired to keep their façade together. Once again, like so many times before, the Facechanger's mask falls, revealing another.
The final mask is familiar. It’s a face you know well.
Diamanta Galadriel.
She seems to be just as exhausted as the rest of you. Her grip on the skull weakens, consciousness slipping between her yielding fingers, and she collapses on the ground in a heap of dust, mask-shards, and fur. The first person to move is Valemon, who breaks from the gathered crowd and sprints to her side—in no time at all, Diamanta is gathered in their arms, her head settling to their chest. The tight expression on Valemon’s face is unreadable, but you can detect a hint of sadness.
It’s quiet, now.
This can't be it, right? It can't end this easily. It never does. These two weeks have been arduous, and you're certain that there's more ahead of you. You wait for the other shoe to drop, an answer to the unspoken question of what's next?
You get your answer.
Heaven's Mirror trembles, and it's not unlike the earthquakes experienced by Marcans not even a week ago. But—no—the movement feels different somehow. It feels like something is emerging.
The churning of the earth and the sickening crunch of breaking glass (where??) is beyond deafening as you're knocked off of your feet. The ground shifts. You don't know how to take cover or where to turn your eyes to stay safe, to stay whole. It’s everywhere.
All at once, trees as tall and ancient-looking as the ones that have surrounded you in the Azure Forest emerge from the earth, the snapping of branches and scattering of leaves flurrying around you. There’s more cracking as trees that were felled by the Clastic Goliath's uncoordinated movements are snapped back into place, pushed together by clusters of crystals that seem to deliberately scale the sides of the trees to act as a splint. Further in your vision, crystals which glow a vibrant blue burst out of the ground, and with them more trees grow. In no time at all, they spread beyond the furthest reaches of your sight, and something in your heart sinks.
You know that they haven’t stopped. You can hear the echoes of their terrible emergence in the distance, and you can’t bring yourself to your feet to make sure that no one’s in their way. When the world around you finally grows quiet, you hold your breath, waiting.
If something else were to happen, there would be nothing more that you could do.
When nothing else happens, you sigh in relief, bracing yourself on a newly sprung tree. The bark doesn’t feel right, and you realize that it’s not bark—or at least you’re sure that it’s not on this particular tree. It’s a facsimile, made from a richly colored crystal (is all of this tree fake?). Still, the grass underneath you is truly real, and its source seems to be the newly sprouted crystal pillars that sustain all of the newly grown true flora nearby.
The day’s events are catching up with you, and fatigue settles deep within your bones. You have done all that you can for now.
The precipice grows ever narrower, Envoys.
Good evening, Envoys!
Thank you for joining us for Anamnese Verge's third full event, FRACTAL FAULT. It’s been another tumultuous event, and we’re all so excited to see how much you were all able to glean from it and engage with it. Remember that you can get bonus experience for both limited time quests and activities if they’re turned in before the end of June’s Activity Check. After that, they’ll be worth the usual amount of experience. For example, a quest marked with ★★☆ difficulty will be worth 20 EXP after June’s Activity check, but you can still obtain all of the other rewards. 
Because even the close of this event brings with it many long-lasting changes to the region, we have highlighted a list of them below; these changes to the Verge can be found reflected on our documents.
✵ settled changes.
The imposing, cerulean fog has faded from Marcavilla’s shores and the borders of those beyond. Remaining in its wake, however, are many of the Avesso creatures it originally created. Though all creatures in bordering regions have recovered, in Marcavilla all creatures in the Bestiary can be found in both their unaffected and Avesso forms. It is estimated that out of every five creatures of a species, two of them will show their Avesso behaviors.
The location known as Auronaga Temple can now only be called the Ruins of Auronaga. Walls have been torn down, Essenth bowls smashed to pieces, and the pools of water have merged in the center into one enormous plane. Attempts to restore it would not capture the same history it has held within its bounds for centuries; instead, it stands as a memorial and as an offering now to the nature that has begun to reclaim it completely. Nothing lasts forever.
Seen from Primary Marcavilla, Heaven’s Mirror is now marred with a colossal crack across its visage. The Mirror itself has been inspected carefully and there is neither tangible harm to it nor danger to be found within; however, following the events of the past few weeks, it will never look the same. It stands as a visual reminder of the fragility to be found within the region of bravery.
Primary Marcavilla, in contrast, has been rebuilt; there will be still more to do for some time, the scars left behind by the Clastic Goliath not easily forgotten, but this is the region of earth magic. Where the Goliath has made the ground beneath our feet tremble, the people of Marcavilla come together to help it find new stability. The tremors have ceased; the cries have quieted. Marcavilla has made it to the other side of the crisis.
The Facechanger has been revealed to be Guildmaster Diamanta, grown delirious from centuries of new faces with no reprieve and the pressure of the ongoing crisis erupting before she could relieve herself of this burden. She has returned to us now, but she is not the same; perhaps none of us are. Welcome home, the one who chooses the name Diamanta Galadriel. Following this upheaval of self-discovery, Diamanta will now use both she/her and they/them pronouns. Their Discord roles will reflect this.
The Azure Forest has newly flourished within its bounds, crystal and organic life alike blooming in abundance to transform the location Marcavilla has known well. The crystals stand both by themselves and mimicking the trees found within the forest already. Do they bolster the life within, or use it to benefit themselves? Their origin is a mystery, and it is impossible to tell. Few can deny, though, that for the moment they are beautiful.
Thank you all so much for continuing to share this group with us as we approach our first anniversary on Sunday. As always, we’ll have more planned for you soon… perhaps sooner than you think. See you next time!
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lightsinthedistancee · 10 hours ago
More Than You Ever Were : Din Djarin x Reader
Pairing: Din Djarin x Reader
Words: 2.3k
Summary: “He sees something set deep in your eyes as you force him to look at you, something determined. He feels his pulse picking up, unsettled, anticipative, at the the intensity of your gaze.”
“‘The moment you broke your creed, love…,’ you murmur, ‘you became more than you ever were.’”
Din finds comfort and safety in you as he allows you to see his face for the first time and copes with the aftermath of his broken creed.
Warnings: Sexual references/implied smut
A/N: Set post-Mandalorian S2
Tumblr media
You always call past nine.
It’s a summoning so sweet to Din’s ears
The action sends the ring of his holo echoing around the walls of the Razor Crest, sound waves bouncing all around. It permeates the floor, the ceiling, his own nerves.
Your words wrap around his senses when he answers, make him relax in an atmosphere where it is so hard to do so.
Sometimes you have a sorrow in your voice that softens him to the core.
Sometimes you speak sultry words that make him ache with want.
Sometimes you say barely anything at all, just five words—‘I want to see you.’
But no matter what, it is always the same.
He flies to whatever nearby planet you’re on, travels to whatever address you give him. He knocks three times, and more often than not, you plunge the place into darkness, yank off his helmet, press a kiss to his lips, and drag him to the bedroom.
He listens to your little moans and gasps, the sound of his name from your lips, sweet on his ears. He’s talkative in the aftermath, admittedly the only time he is in such a state.
There are no stakes attached to you, no danger, no connection besides pure companionship.
It’s simple, it’s consistent, and it’s something Din has craved his entire life—yet he knows one thing more concretely than anything else.
He knows that anything going well is forever destined to fall prey to his lifestyle. Just as everything has.
The kid is gone. He’s broken his creed. And you haven’t called in over a month.  
He meanders around the galaxy, taking bounties when he feels like it. Each time he’s in public, his hands wander near the latch of his helmet, telling himself that it doesn’t matter anymore. But he can’t do it.
He can’t further violate the creed he’s devoted his life to.
He can’t change the identity he’s held for so many years.
He can’t do the thing that would be the final admittance of his life of detachment and loneliness all being for nothing.
And in his denial, he keeps rattling around his ship, keeps traveling aimlessly.
He wants to see you. That’s one of the few thoughts that has established permanent residence in his mind.
He wants to feel your touch, feel you around him, maybe—just maybe—see you for once without the barrier of his helmet…
It’s a thought he quickly refuses to entertain.
His desire to see you—in some ways, he doesn’t know what to do about it. He can contact you; he knows how, but he’s never the one to call you. He’s never the one to beckon you to his side, into his arms.
Part of him wonders if you’d even want to. He wonders how many different people you fill your lonely nights with. If you fully exercise your unveiled face and life in a way he simply cannot.
And on late nights, he wonders why he even cares, for years ago, when he’d sworn his creed, he had already forever destined himself to a life of solitude.
..::::.. ..::::.. ..::::.. ..::::..
“Can I see you?” A pause. His hands are shaking, fully concealed in his empty ship. “I want to see you.”
..::::.. ..::::.. ..::::.. ..::::..
It feels as if you know everything about Din.
You know of his mother and father. You know of his childhood. You know of his endless adventures around the galaxy.
His voice is an ingrained memory, a sound of comfort, and his touch is an eternal feeling, inherently familiar.
Even regarding the concealment of his face, there’s something more to be said.
You know he has a mustache. You know his nose bridge is quite pronounced. You know his hair and eyes are brown, even if that’s knowledge you’d obtained solely through words.
But a description is not a picture. A detailed, meticulous touch is not an image.
And as someone who’s lived out their whole life with sight, it’s a peculiar feeling to care for him in sound and feel, but not vision. To know him through the pads of your fingers and the auricles of your ears, not the complex workings of your eyes.
That’s also why you find it odd that the moment you receive his call—“I want to see you”—you’re rushing out the door.
..::::.. ..::::.. ..::::.. ..::::..
You know something’s wrong the moment you see him.
His steps are heavier than usual, as if something is weighing him down. His movements are tired. The beskar that usually adorns his body is gone in the privacy of the room.
There’s a soft greeting exchanged like usual as you enter, taking off your coat.
“Where’s the kid?” you casually ask. You’d seen the child a handful of times.
When Din doesn’t respond, you turn to look at him, the opaque black visor of his helmet staring back at you.
“He’s gone.”
Your eyes widen momentarily, but every aspect of his body language tells you that he doesn’t want to talk about it, doesn’t want to answer any questions.
He’s shifting in place, as if he wants to tell you something. You stare at him expectantly, feeling the air of hesitance surrounding the two of you.
And almost in hyper detail, you watch his fingers twitch, his arms lift. They follow a predictable path, from his sides, to his neck, to his head.
You simply stare. No words leave your lips.
He’s not blind, and he’s not intoxicated, so you don’t question it.
Yet at the core of your frozen state, there’s pure anticipation, perhaps apprehension. The hiss of the latch releasing sounds. It’s a sound you’d heard many times, usually triggered of your own accord.
Your fingers dig into the couch where you’d sat down. It all feels wrong. So horribly, horribly wrong. Yet you remain frozen.
His neck shows. His skin is light, which you know. You’d seen his hands a few times.
And when the helmet is fully off, you both simply stare at each other. The emotion you feel is not what you expect. It’s nothing particularly profound. It simmers pleasantly, calmly.
His lips are slightly parted, his hands curled into loose fists. He looks lost, so extremely uncomfortable beneath your gaze, your silence. He doesn’t know what to do.
It’s an ironic thought to you—that this Mandalorian, who’d killed beings with his bare hands, is terrified at an act as simple as this.
And in truth, it breaks your heart. There’s a pain in his eyes, the kind that’s raw and tender and newly inflicted. You’ve never seen him like this, never felt so much distress from him.
You stand up slowly, standing in front of him, head tilted up. His hands tentatively come up to rest on your waist, a movement he’d done so many times before, albeit with more assurance.
A draft blows through the room, sending a slight shiver through your body.
Your own hands sink into his hair. Another familiar sensation, yet so new at the same time. And finally, you press your lips to his, soft and gentle, feeling him pull you against him, his body warm with the lack of beskar.
He’s shaking, just barely trembling, and it’s as if you want to hold him till every muscle of his relaxes, till a small sigh leaves him.
He needs stability now. He doesn’t need to be reminded of everything that’s changed, everything he’s lost.
You grasp his hand, leading him to what you assume is the bedroom. A small, perhaps nearly dying, lamp is on, dimly illuminating the separate room.
You go to turn it off, yet he stops you, and you blink once, turning to glance at him.
“You can leave it on,” he says quietly. “If…if you want….”
Your lips curl into a small smile, and you nod.
His hands are quivering as he awkwardly stands in place, unsure of what to do. It’s a stark contrast from his usual demeanor, one in which his confidence shows in every firm, usually pleasurable, movement he subjects you to.
“Din…,” you whisper, patiently waiting for his hesitant gaze to reach yours. You gently grab his trembling hands, steadying them before pulling away.
Sitting on the bed, your fingers grasp the hem of your shirt.
..::::.. ..::::.. ..::::.. ..::::..
His head rests on your shoulder in the aftermath. It’s unusual, for generally you’re the one resting on him. Perhaps it’s fitting, for there is nothing usual about the events of tonight.
It’s also strangely silent.
You find your fingers running over his face, along his eyelids and nose and lips. He lets you. He doesn’t mind.
You’d felt all of it already, yet it’s as if everything has gained a new feel in your newfound visual knowledge.
The feeling when he’d first pulled his helmet off had been surreal. You hadn’t know what to feel. He’d simply been a face to a name—and a voice, and a touch, and a feeling so close to pure adoration.
But as you lie there, it hits you that you can truly see him. See the way his eyes flutter tiredly to match his exhausted form. See the way his features relax along with his body as you lightly rake your fingertips down his sides. See the way he looks at you.
Whenever you’d thought of seeing his face, a part of you had been scared that he’d be like a stranger again. But that wasn’t true. It was miles from true. The person you’re lying against feels more like Din than he ever has.
You shift beneath him, gently letting his head fall to the bed. The sheets are soft as you fully nestle beneath them, lying on your side to face him, to see him more clearly.
Your gaze runs along his features, memorizing them, recording the images. He smiles, and you make note of that, adding it to your newly started and growing bank of memories—memories of his face, the expressions you’ve seen.
An expression of pure loss and hesitation. One of distress. One of his lips parted in a moan. One of trust. One of a haze of pleasurable exhaustion.
And now, a smile.
“You’re freaking me out, mesh’la,” he says quietly, his voice raspy.
You blink, unsure of how long you’d been staring at him.
He laughs quietly, brushing some hair from your face. A new addition to your memories. The kind of smile accompanied by a laugh.
“Sorry,” you mumble, sinking your hand into his own hair.
You can see the true color now. It’s a deep brown, practically black if it had been a few shades darker. His curls are a perfect match to his eyes.
“Handsome,” you simply remark. There’s no point dodging the outright admittance. For what feels like forever, you could never truthfully respond whenever he called you beautiful. Now you can.
He raises an eyebrow. Another expression to commit to memory. “Yeah?”
You sigh, nestling into his side, where he readily welcomes you. “Of course you don’t even know….”
“How would I?”
You merely huff, burying your face in his chest, yawning quietly. His hands run down your sides, and through your closed eyelids, the light goes out.
“Nuhoy, cyar’ika,” he says softly.
..::::.. ..::::.. ..::::.. ..::::..
Din finds that it’s easy to believe he’s done the right thing in breaking his creed when he’s in your presence.
It’s easy when your lips are pressed to his. When you’re spread out beneath him, moaning and gasping at his touch. When you’re tenderly stroking the side of his face, telling him how handsome he is.
But now, it’s not so easy. Not even when you’re still seconds away from him. Not even when he can crawl back under the covers with you where you still sleep.
His eyelids flutter as he stands by the window, looking out into the dark streets. His helmet sits on the table, gleaming in the moonlight. It stares at him with an impenetrable steel gaze.
Ever attuned to his surroundings, the sound of you shifting on the mattress in the other room permeates the thin walls. He huffs quietly, unsure of what he’d even been thinking the night before. What did he expect? To show his face and take himself one step closer to fulfilling his fantasy of living out the rest of his days with you?
That’s a fantasy that can never be. It doesn’t feel allowed, doesn’t feel as if it has the potential to be anything more than a fantasy.
But one simple question haunts his mind.
Why not?
“Din.” A quiet voice sounds, raspy with drowsiness. He turns, almost instinctively lunging for his helmet in order to conceal his face. You stand in the doorway of the bedroom, underwear and undershirt back on, a small frown on your tired features.
He sighs, turning away, casting his gaze back to the street. “Do you think I did the right thing?”
He can almost feel your confusion flowing over him. Your light footsteps make soft tapping noises, and he doesn’t budge as he feels your smaller hands on his waist.
“The creed is all I am,” he says quietly. He freezes, eyes shutting in near agony. “…or all I was…”
The guilt and anguish floods through him. The anger, the confusion, the blatant hatred. For thirty years, he had followed The Way. Three hundred and sixty months. Ten thousand nine hundred and fifty days. All to be destroyed in seconds.
He’s shaken as you firmly grasp his chin, borderline rough. Much harder than he would ever expect from you.
He follows your touch, allows you to tilt his head down, forcing him to look at you. There’s something set deep in your eyes, something determined. He feels his pulse picking up, unsettled, yet anticipative at the intensity of your gaze.
“Din….” Your eyes flick to where his helmet sits before you’re pulling him close, nestling your head in the crook of his neck. He trembles slightly beneath your grasp, melting into you. “The moment you broke your creed, love…,” you murmur, “…you became more than you ever were.”
..::::.. ..::::.. ..::::.. ..::::..
A/N: I’m convinced there are literally 19471984758^9848292994 fics of Din taking his helmet off for the first time and I am proudly adding to those.
Also, I had this scheduled for when it came out, but apparently there was some glitch or mistake on my part because it was posted accidentally for half an hour-ish yesterday at 4. So if anyone feels like they’ve seen this before, that’s probably why lol
Taglist (for everything): @dark-academics-and-florals @theultimateslashgirl @princessxkenobi @djjarins
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If you’d like to be tagged on any of my future works, just let me know in a reply/comment or do the form on my masterlist if that’s easier.
Nuhoy = sleep
And pretty sure we all know these, but:
Mesh’la = beautiful
Cyar’ika = sweetheart
Thanks for reading!
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woolvenvault · 10 hours ago
Session I (45 minute version)
My Muse,
Don't think for a second
That I have forgotten the lengths you've taken
To please Your Sir
Not a single one of those moments have been forgotten
I know the effort You have invested for me
The passion on Your gorgeous heart
But would You do me a favour
And demonstrate it for me again?
The soundtrack of the rain
Tapping on the balcony
Is the only soundtrack we will need
The dimmed light from the Sun
Blotted out by the clouds
Is enough to sustain our mood
For what we are about to do
Sit on the bed before me
Turn Your back to me
And close Your eyes
I want You to imagine Yourself in pure ecstasy
Drenched in pure adoration
So as You do
Stroke Your fingers on the sides of Your body
Just by Your finger tips
Starting on Your hips
Working Your way up
Do this slowly and with intent
As I watch You from behind
Work those fingers up
And across Your breasts
Then around Your nipples
Before they come back to Your sides
And work Your way down
Repeat this motion a few more times
And remember where You are
And with whom You are sharing this moment with
I see the grin rising on Your face
As You turn Your head over Your shoulder
I notice that Your eyes are closed
Lost in ecstatic thoughts perhaps?
Your gentle hums
Thrill me more than You can tell
This keeps me mesmerized
Though It's the curvature made by Your legs
Knees bent
With Your feet set to the side
Portraying Your soles toward me
It's the softness of these toes that curl gently
Which cause me to draw near
Enough to see this closer
I don't think more than a few minutes have passed
But I can spend the rest of eternity just looking at You
And adoring You
But how about If I have a little more?
"My Muse..."
Listen to me speak
Focus on the tone of my voice
You pause
Setting hands on Your lap
While You look up
And depend on the guidance of my voice
"Yes, Sir..."
I already sense the surrender in Your voice
I won't take it for granted
"Turn around..."
Your waist guides Your torso
Moving Your shoulders and head
Along with Your arms and legs
While that grin never fades
Your eyes open
And wander toward mine
So then You read my desires
Without me having to mutter a single word
Just by looking at my eyes
But also through my movements
As I let my knees hit the floor
And my hands draw beside them
With my face closer to the Earth that begot humanity
I look up at You
So You let Your body guide Your mind
Into providing this treat
Which I so desire
I sit back
But I lunge forward
While You stretch Your left foot toward my face
There is no touching
That's not the point
It's not time for that
Just Yet
Your hands clinch together over Your chest
It's not their time to be in use
While my enticement is entertained
But the movement of Your legs
Draw the left leg back again
And push Your right one forward
Toes down and pointed
Before You lift them
Enough to let the under side have a glimmer of the faded light
Before You draw that foot back
And stretch out the left one again
Your hands un clinch
To set these fingers over Your lips
It's as if to be pensive
And observant
Over what You are about to do
For no other reason but to try
To entice me the most
With as few movements as possible
What would it take
To please me?
You know I am a man with demanding taste
Which is why I wanted You
Of all the women in the world
I wanted moments like this
As only You can provide
You set both feet at the edge of the bed
Toes displayed for my pleasure
But You flex them
Moving them up, then curling them down
As the movement naturally dictates
There I remain
Observant and attentive
Just consider the things I've seen
The most beautiful things
I'd gladly reject those memories
Whatever marvelous things I can attest to
I gladly renounce them all
Just for this moment
As small and effortless it is to You
To see Your nearly naked
With Perfection before me
THIS is what I live for
This is what I want
And You can know this
Just by the sparkle in my eye
This turns Your grin into a genuine smile
Mouth open wide
It occurs to you to lift Your foot oh so closer to my face
Just your right one this time
And curl it down
As if to say
"Kiss me, Sir..."
But no
Not yet
You know I won't
I just want to observe
So You lift Your left foot up with the first
And curl those toes
Before lifting those toes and spreading them
My body begins to warm up to the moment
As You reply without the advent of thought
I enjoy the fact that this sort of thing pleases You
To know that Your value is demonstrated
Even though You already are in so many different aspects
By so many others
But today it's not about them
I don't care about my obligations for this moment
It's just about me
And about You
So You separate Your legs before me
Bending one leg and lifting the other a little higher
Rotating Your ankle
Allowing my eyes to bask in the surface of the skin
Of the underside of Your foot
my eyes remain attentive
While jumping onto Your own gaze
I see eyes of curiosity
That addictive smile
Framed by the most magnificent cheeks which God had made
You set that foot on the edge of the bed
To trade places with the other
Also demonstrating it's splendor
By lifting it and flexing it
As wonderfully as nature had intended
It was not long before You cross Your legs
While You lunge forward
Hands on hips
Telling me further without a single word
"What now? My Sir..."
Mouth wide open
Smiling inquisitively
This is not unlike the many other moments I've seen you in
Yet after all this time, this lust has not dried
It is far from quenched
As You curl Your toes over again
I sit up and observe Your legs from above Your ankles
Seeking the details about You which are already engraved in my mind
What else can I do but adore You all the more
Day after day, one second after another
You are my prize
The culmination of everything I've ever wanted
In a woman
So I gaze up and stare back into Your eyes with this intent
Which You are very familiar with already
How contagious is Your smile
If I were to do so the same way?
How captivated are we in this moment
However sincere and vulnerable it makes us?
You extend Your arms as You wiggle Your toes
Draw them closer to Your feet
Never letting Your gaze deviate from mine.
So as Your face comes closer
So does mine approach Yours
So within close proximity
My heart manifests through speech
"Twenty Seven Years ago
The world became acquainted with magnificence
Such darling and joyous that moment was
For the world to finally know
What Perfection She has become..."
You blush lightly
A more subtle reaction of appreciation
There is not
But You don't act out of surprise
You would not expect anything less from Your Sir, after all
So without request or urgency
You turn around as You were before
Bending Your legs, tucking Your feet aside
Hands on Your lap
And turning Your back to me
While gazing up in expectation
I've seen this cadence before
It tells me very clearly
Again without a single word
"Have me, good Sir..."
I react accordingly
By placing my hands on Your hips
Thumbs guiding Your waist
Lifting myself to let my chin meet Your shoulder
Still reeling from the pleasure of our ritual
I close my eyes to begin kissing Your ear
Rubbing my lips from behind You
Your shoulders twitch from this sensation
And a sense of pleasure that emanates from Your heart
You tilt Your head to spread the area of Your neck
So my lips migrate down onto the softness there
The humming I hear from You is nothing less than a treat
Before I get more of my fill
I scoot my knees closer to You
Letting them land on either side of your hips
Causing for the empty space between us to diminish all the more
You know me, that I like closeness
I draw my strength through proximity
In this case, it's no different
My kisses gravitate upward an back onto Your face
slowly gathering warmth from the side of your eyes
You close Your eyes
And I move my hands onto Your shoulders
Thus enabling Your hand to cross over Your chest
To touch my hand on the opposite side
More pleasing hums originate from Your mouth
You raise Your face toward the sky
As if You have surrendered Your sense of control
To these sweet sensations You feel
I refuse to let You feel empty there
So my hands wrap around Your waist
From Behind
Your body falls back onto mine
And Your head tilts further onto my shoulder
Grinning with pleasure,
I can never have enough of this smile
From the first day I've seen it
Until today, under this dimly lit roof
You excite me as much as these sensations excite You
My hands wrap You even tighter
As I stand up higher
And move my kisses from Your cheek
Onto Your lips
We are in this inverted position
But the taste is just as magnificent as ever
My lips suckle onto Yours
Upper to lower and lower to upper
Puckering and so much reaching between both our tongues
My hand moves to cradle You by Your back
While the other holds You by the head
Thus allowing me to bury my lips further
I love every second of this
And by the warm sensations I feel from You
I could tell You love this too
So so much!
We kiss as if we seek
Is it for pleasure? Is it taste?
Does it matter?
We feel each others breaths on our chins
So I draw my face away from Yours
To move around and in front of You
Your hands move back to support Your weight
As You remain reclined back
Neither of us are anywhere near from satisfied here
I kneel in front of that space between Your open legs
I look down and beside me
You know exactly where I'd go from here
I lift Your left foot toward my face
And as what is my custom
I gaze at the softness of Your perfect sole
Do You know how many dreams culminate to a moment like this?
It can come true a million times
Yet I'd still want more
Just like now
But this time I list the other one along side the first
I see both soles before me
Drawing my lips close to the ball of Your right foot
Kissing it before doing the same to the next
These puckers are as tender as the ones I administered on Your lips
The difference is that I can see Your cadence again
Between Your toes
I love seeing You as happy
As You make me
My lips move onto Your toes
Suckling Your big toe in slow intervals between the others
My eyes only serve as a way to distinguish
That the perfection I see is real
My sense of feel exists so I may know That I am not in a trance
I can become more intimate with Your soles
But instead I choose to let go of Your feet for this moment
Setting them down
And crawling up over You
Your grin is widened as it is
But as I approach You closer
It changes in a way I can not describe
Perhaps the best word would be...
I crawl enough so that my face meets Yours
Our eyes lock as tenderly as our lips did some minutes ago
One hand supports my weight
While the other drags it's finger tips
From Your navel
Down under Your panties
The motion is quick
But not brash
These finger tips are right where they belong
Wandering around the opening of Your flower
Simulating slowly
I pull them away from that area
To tickle over Your navel
A brief tease perhaps?
More like my enjoyment
To not rush my way in
Since it's also about the journey
As well as it is about the destination
Let my finger tips tickle Your sexy tummy
And onto the round of Your breasts
Oh Your sexy breasts!
So Incredible!
Care to let the tips of my thumb caress the surface of Your nipples as well?
Stimulating these sweet areolas?
I didn't intend to do more than this
But I couldn't help but lower myself down
To have another taste?
I start with another kiss on Your right nipple
The proximity which I see them
Encourages me to grasp You tighter by the side
I suckle gently
With soft caresses with my tongue
Feel my breathing intensify again
While I feel Your body rise as You do the same
I use the moment as I have You captivated
To move my fingers back under Your panties
Tickling around Your flower again
Teasing Your clit
I am not inside yet
But the warm sensation of Your nectar
Could be felt even before I touch it
I am loving all of this so much!
While I lift my lips to meet the other nipple
To play with it just the same
I allow my fingers to slip right in
Feeling Your delicious warmth
That's when my lips make contact with Your other areola
Causing You to react
Your slender body rises again
I decide to slip my other hand underneath Your waist
Cradling You close onto my bosom
This is when I realize how small You are
As if I already didn't know
The frailty and delicateness
Which has been given onto my grasp
Now I am charged to take care of You
While simultaneously You'd take care of me too
My fingers inside Your warmth
Already gravitate to where they belong
Slipping around and in between
The delight of feeling Your nectar is indescribable
As much as the moaning that You make
My lips have traveled with glee between Your nipples
So they come away to let my eyes see Yours
I don't, since they are closed
Rolled back with mouth wide open
"Ohhh yes! Right there, YES!"
It's convenient to just finish You off this way
But You know how hungry Your Sir can get
So he certainly is right about now
Before much time transpires
I crawl down
In strategic fashion
My fingers remain
Until I pull them away
To present my lips over Your clit
This kiss is a little different than the others
I open a little wider
Not because of the size of Your flower
But so I may absorb as much of Your warmth as I could
Let Your moisture meet mine
Have my tongue and delight in what it may provide
It lingers around Your clit and penetrates a little deeper
My suckling takes in a bit of this nectar
It is my own pleasure to let it shroud my tongue
For this time being
Is it twisted to enjoy
This tiny bit of my Muse
Lined along the interior of my mouth?
My hands slip underneath Your legs
Encouraging You to squeeze them
I suckle a bit more
And my tongue wanders further
In the same rhythm as Your gorgeous moan
Becomes louder and sharper
Believe me when I say
The view is ecstatic!
But it's time to close my eyes
To focus in what I came to look for
While I suckle, I listen to Your movements
They guide me to Your orgasm
But if I didn't need the extra help
You place Your hands on my head
Driving it to Your pleasure
I can't argue with that!
So I suckle some more
Navigating my tongue further
Your voice changes to that special pitch
I hit that spot
And I dwell there to find our delight
Not just Yours
You moan a little louder
I stimulate a little further
Deep and tense breaths
Your legs stretch out and are very tense
Strong clutches of my hair
You grab me tight enough so I may know
I found You here
This is where We belong
You moan to this extent one last time
And let out a deep breath
II hold my tongue a little longer
And keep that rhythm until I feel You relax
Your arms become limb
And Your legs loosen
Until Your breathing shallows out
And I stop
With a small kiss underneath
As I draw my lips away
I observe the contact I left
Onto my most beautiful Muse
The woman of my dreams
Lays here vulnerable
Having received pleasure from me
I crawl up and move beside You
Laying my head next to Yours
While You recover from the intense sensation
You move Your head over my arm
And stare up at me
Still breathing hard
I look back at You
To share with You
This joy of this moment
Just through the look in my eyes
In You I see
The desire to return me the pleasure
But I also see the basking of this moment
You want to stay where You belong
So I hold You a little tighter
To ensure that You belong here
Since there is always tomorrow
For another occasion of pleasure
In the mean time
The soundtrack of rain taps onto the balcony
And the dim light from the cloud drenched Sun
Will be our only company
We have the entire world under our feet
And all the stars in the palm of our hands
But this moment of silent closeness is enough
This is enough
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I really loved those pregnancy headcanons! If it's ok could I request some headcanons about how Shig would leave his current life and how he would live his life with his new family?
He never thought he could be happy, love was nothing but a lie, a myth to him until you came into his life. You gave him hope, love, a kid. You made him feel wanted and attractive. He wasn't gonna risk losing it for anything.
It wasn't a hard decision to make. He had a family to think about now. Honestly since the day you entered his life so did the idea of leaving this dangerous life of violence and bloodshed behind.
He couldn't stomach the thought of something happening to you and now his child. The two of you were are blessing. A gift he never dreamed he'd have.
He had to protect you. So, one night as the moon was high in the sky the three of you fled the life of villainy for one of domestic bliss. Stealing enough cash to start over elsewhere.
Traveling far away to distance yourself from any remnants of your old life. You both got regular jobs. Luckily for Tomura he was able to get a internet job, while starting a YouTube channel on the side which fastly became very popular. His identity keep secret by wearing masks.
You were able to get a job working with animals, something you were very passionate about.
Shigaraki rarely left the house for safety reasons, a face like his was very recognizable.
Now you two lived a normal life. Man, wife, and child.
It took some adjustments for Shigaraki but he welcomed them gladly. As long as he had you and his baby, that was all he wanted.
Eating meals together, watching movies, gazing at the sunset. Making love, ok well that didn't change. He was as horny and needy as ever and you were more then happy to give in to all his touches and fantasies. Although you did have a kid to think about.
Over time you had another child, and as your oldest grew a quirk manifested. It was a life giving quirk, discovered when the family cat had died. Heartbroken over the loss the 5 year old picked up the poor feline just to have it take a breath and move in their arms.
Tomura was shocked, his quirk was one of destruction and death, yet his child's was one of healing and life.
Life just keep getting better. He thought as he went looking for you. You had been sick for several days now and when he didn't find you in bed he was worried.
Opening the door to the basement his eyes fall upon you, wiggling about, hips gyrating to the music in your headphones. His gaze followed every twerk of your ass, every sway of your breasts. His manhood certainly enjoyed the show. He had been deprived of sex for a week now, and, well for him that was an eternity.
Sneaking up behind you he slipped his lanky arms around your waist, nestling his erection against your backside, his lips pressed to your neck.
You nearly jumped out of your skin when you were grabbed from behind, but quickly relaxed in your husband's embrace, even rubbing your ass over the large bulge in his pants.
His lips felt like heaven as his trailed open mouth kisses over your neck. His hips humping into you, hands ridding you of your clothes. Next thing you know you were trapped against the wall, his face between your thighs as he kneeled in front of you.
Those rough lips of his should be illegal, you though, a choir of moans leaving your lips, your hands gripping his pale locks.
Once he had his fill, and tasted your arousal on his tongue he rose to full height, his cock poised at your entrance, pre cum smearing over your slit before he gave a sharp thrust, slowly burying himself inch by inch in your warm pussy.
It didn't take long till he got a fast pace going. Hands grasping your hips as your legs wrapped around his waist. Groaning in your ear as he declared his love and obsession for you.
You felt so blissfully full as your walls clenched around his lenght, heat rising in your belly. Your vision becoming white, pleasure spiralled through you. Your nails clawed at his back, leaving lines of red. He drove you crazy with lust. The only thought in your head was Shigaraki.
Pulling back from you to watch you unravel for him, because of him. It was the hottest thing he's ever seen.
"Come on baby, let go. I want you to cum with me OK kitten" he encouraged you. His hips pounding maddingly into you. Bringing you closer to the edge. His drooling tip slamming against that bumpy patch that made your toes curl.
Both of you felt it. You threw your head back, cumming over his rutting cock, just as he growled, filling your pussy with his own release. Catching your breath you looked into his deep red eyes, still hazy from the aftermath of his orgasm.
"I love you Tomura"
Meeting your lips in a passionate kiss he repeated the words back to you before reluctantly pulling out of your warmth, watching as his cum dripped out of your sopping pussy.
"Let's go check on kids"
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The symbolism of deer represents peace, resolution, and is a good omen.✨🦌🔮
       Here goes the trip to the DMV during a pandemic, goodness, I can only imagine what it was like a year ago right after the shut down.   Mateo is going for the second shot at the driver’s test, then they make the kid drive for like 100 hrs with licensed drivers.   Crazy that in some states kids can still get the license, then be out with friends driving later that day.   You do have to pledge an arm and a your non dominant foot to the insurance company until a boy turns 26, kidding, not kidding.   It going to be the first we’ve hung out since the house sold, gonna let him beat me in frisbee golf😉 at the course down by the river for the first time.           There was an excellent segment in the episode called Baelor about the call of honor and duty upon the wall.   I must have replayed that part until I was able to get the questions that were asked verbatim.   Here is why these questions were so important to me.   The conferences that Dr. J and Dr. Wasko were entitled as the ““What is...” conferences with the subject matter and size of the event evolving, especially as ““What is Media” became part of a Ph. D thesis.   The questions that came up in GOT are as follows:  ““What is honor compared to a woman’s love?” & ““What is duty against the feel of a newborn son?”.        These questions made me think about how we have arrived at this place in the story of the planet.    While they have been raised amidst a fictional story line, they ask the important question about how we move beyond feeling like we HAVE to make a choice.   We can teach the next generation to express and live the love in their hearts, to find compassion as staunch ally, instead of some kind fault that makes someone seems soft.    What if love is the true honor of what makes humans grow into healthy and whole beings?   What if there really isn’t a choice to make, yet rather, all of the above? I love you dearly, more and more each and every day.  ✨🤟🏼🔮💛💖💋🦋😘🌻
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