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How would all the skelebois react to being scared from around the corner?
I'm thinking that they might be holding a plate of something, maybe croissants?
Sans could be holding a plate of hotdogs, and he would almost drop it with a yelp
Something like that?
He teleports out of fear and won't be back before a few minutes : Sans - Oak - Rambo
He drops the plate in a high-pitched scream. If skeletons could poop themselves, he would have. : Papyrus - Honey - Copper - Rus - Salsa - Ben - Ink
He hits you in the face at full force. It's a reflex, but you disserved it a little you know : Edge - Willow (it's gonna hurt, sorry not sorry) - Rumba - Delta - Dune.
He almost drops the plate, but catches it in time. He lets go a angry growl, then scolds you. What the hell were you thinking ? : Blue - Moon - Sun - Tango - Error
He's not even blinking, and even gives you a smile of pity. You can't fool him, human, he is definitely smarter than you. : Red - Chief - Nox - Sam
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