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franxstuff · 5 hours ago
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zeeroweenies · a day ago
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DESC ✿ you and eren are the worst together.
MATCHUP ✿ eren x f!reader
CW ✿ very toxic relationship ; arguing ; make up sex ; dacryphilia ; verbal abuse ; cheating/gaslighting ; impact play ; mouth spitting ; oral f → m ; rough sex turned soft ; not proofed.
WC ✿ 2K+
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
2:45 AM.
And it’s been six hours since Eren stormed out of your apartment off to god knows where, every one of your texts and calls asking his whereabouts being ignored or sent to voicemail.
It’s been nearly three years since you two started dating, and it’s always the same old shit. A five step cycle, really: Eren does something to piss you off and make you cry, he makes you seem like you’re in the wrong for reacting a certain way and makes you feel like shit for it, the two of you fight, fuck, and make up. Simple you could say, but not really.
8:27 PM. where are you?
9:05 PM. baby please text me back.
You don’t even remember what the cause of this fallout was, it was just that stupid. You and Eren are always getting into petty fights. Whether it be about who’s going to take the dog for a walk or something dumb either one of you said to piss each other off, you were constantly at each other’s throats. And it was tiring, repeating the same routine with Eren has seriously gotten old over the years.
But here you were, blowing up his phone afterwards and begging for him to come back like you always do. Pathetic, it really is.
12:13 AM. i’m getting really worried, eren.
12:59 AM. are you out with some bitch? answer my calls you fucking asshole!
The only thing you can remember was the loud exchange between you two, screaming at each other to the top of your lungs until you were hoarse, voices booming through the thin walls of your apartment so loud that your neighbors were bound to hear it, they always do.
You’re right up in Eren’s grill, so close and invading his personal space that he can feel the anger behind your words. “Where the fuck are you going, Eren? Do you even love me anymore?” Please say you do.
He doesn’t even answer you, his hand flying upwards to zip close his hoodie. “I’m not gonna keep putting up with your bullshit, all you do is bitch and whine about meaningless shit. I’m sick of it.”
“Then leave!” Don’t go.
A scoff falls from his lips, making you shrink a little on the inside when he says, “Say less.” Walking out of your shared apartment, the loud bang of the door slamming shut making you jump in place.
2:20 AM. if you’re gonna stay out this late don’t bother coming back.
Eren cheats on you, you know he does. But simply just knowing still doesn’t cushion the blow, especially when you allow it to happen. He flagrantly messes with other girls, behind your back and right in your face. What was wrong with you? Did he not find you sexy anymore? What do other girls have that you don’t? It’s like he doesn’t even respect you anymore, like you’re just some plaything he can throw away the moment he gets bored with you.
But your mind inevitably comes back to one question when fights like these occur: why do you let it happen?
You’re never able to come up with an answer, and just when you think you’re about to, the faint sound of keys jingling and wriggling the doorknob to reveal your boyfriend snaps you from your thoughts. Speak of the devil.
“Where have you been?” You shoot up from your place on the couch, tear stricken eyes on display and puffy from crying so hard. Your little act earning an eye roll from Eren, trudging his way to the comfort of your shared room after kicking off his sneakers.
“Eren, answer me.” You’re trailing right behind him, smaller hand attaching itself to his cotton sweater making him shake you off with a hint of annoyance.
“Don’t touch me.”
The words are so cold that they make you recoil in disbelief, brows furrowed at the fact that Eren practically treated you like a stranger on the street.
He’s already pulling night clothes from the huge dresser sitting near the foot of your bed when more tears begin to build at your eyes, clouding your vision before you gain the courage to speak again as your voice cracks. “Did you fuck someone else?”
Eren sneers at the pain evident in your voice, at the way you look so pathetic when you cry. You’re always fucking crying. Boo fucking hoo.
His shirt is halfway over his head as he pulls it off, muscles bulging as his gaze falls on you. “Since you wanna know so bad, yeah. I fucked someone else. So what? What’re you gonna do, leave? We both know that’s not happening, baby.”
A twisted feeling builds in your tummy, unable to do anything but just stand there like a brainless mummy while he goes on about the entire escapade like you’re not even there. “She was tight too. Got so fuckin’ wet when my dick was hitting her spot, you should’ve heard her screaming my name. Best pussy I’ve ever had, I swear to god.”
More tears well in the pits of your eyes but Eren doesn’t seem to have an ounce of remorse, a dead look taking over his features as he looks down on you. “Go ahead, cry. I don’t give a fuck.”
You sniffle, words almost coming out like gibberish as you cry. “You’re a piece of shit.”
He snorts, brow quirking as his face inches closer to yours. “Did you forget you cheated on me too? That you fucked around with my best friend? Or are you too fucking brain dead to remember?”
Oh yeah, that. Oops? Yes, you did cheat on Eren. But to be fair, he cheated on you first.
You’re quick to defend yourself, hand pointing your chest. “Why are you acting like I’m the one in the wrong? Like I fu—”
“Because you did fuck him, you stupid bitch!” His raucous voice along with the items knocked off of the dresser and clattering loudly onto the floor is enough to make you jump back in alarm. Eren’s always had problems with managing his temper, so naturally you were afraid. “Stop, you’re scaring me!”
Everything goes haywire. And as if you aren’t already distraught from the night’s ordeal, the next words that come out of Eren’s mouth are sure to seal the deal: “I don’t love you anymore.”
Air gets caught in your throat and all of a sudden it feels like you just got punched in the gut, like you can’t breathe. Your voice comes out small, “What?”
Both of your gazes are fixed on each other, a dead look in Eren’s emerald eyes. “I. Don’t. Love. You.” He repeats slowly, word for word to make sure you got the memo. “Do I have to fucking spell it out?”
The lids of your eyes flutter in disbelief. Once, and then twice. “I fucking hate you.”
You hate him, yet you’re on your knees choking on his cock with tears rolling down your cheeks in a stream with your nails digging marks into the backs of Eren’s thighs.
A hiss falls from his mouth when his tip touches the back of your throat, painful stinging searing through your scalp as he drags you up and down his length. “God, You know how much better you look when you shut the fuck up?” Tears wet your thick lashes as he pulls you off, your breathing ragged. “I hate you.”
It earns a rough slap to the side of your face, sending you in the other direction before he grabs your jaw with harsh force and pries it open, saliva falling onto your tongue as he spits into your mouth. “Shut the fuck up when I’m talking to you.”
“I h-hate you… so fucking much, Eren.” The dried tears on your face are replaced with new ones, a weak whine coming from your lips as he jerks you up harshly by the hair before virtually throwing you onto the plush bed like a rag doll, his huge figure towering over your body.
“Keep talking, and I’m really gonna give you something to cry about.” His tip pushes past your slick entrance before you can even say anything, mouth dropping open as he slams himself into you fully.
“You still hate me, huh? Even when I fuck you like this?” His hips angle to hit the soft spot inside you causing your nails to grip tightly at the sheets, muttering a shaky yes. Eren’s not convinced, rough hand connecting with the side of your face, making you involuntarily tighten around him.
“You’re lying. Stop that shit.” His breath is hot against your lips, setting your entire body ablaze paired with the overwhelming feeling of his cock stretching your walls so nicely.
Times like these always make you question whether Eren really loves you or not. You’ve convinced yourself that things are always going to be like this, like you’re stuck in the twilight zone or some crazy shit like that.
As much as you hated to admit it, you liked this. You like the way Eren hurts you, how he rips you apart only to piece you back together all over again.
It’s not surprising to you. He always does this, fucking with your head and your feelings only to make it better with his dick later.
Looking up into his eyes, you can almost see the guy you first fell in love with all those years ago, but he’s replaced with something so much more heinous– he doesn’t even look at you the same way he used to. No, this isn’t your Eren. You know this, and still you allow yourself to get caught up in his web.
“Do you still love me? Please, please, Eren—” You beg as your eyes shut tight, clinging onto his next words like glue. He can see it, gaze softening as his strokes increase in speed, kissing your tearful face as your whimpers fuel his lust even more.
“I love you more than anything baby, you’re all I have,” his words are sweeter than sugar in your ears as his hands hook behind your soft thighs to push them forward hitting even deeper inside of you, pulling a deep groan from him as he feels his tip hit your cervix. “I love you too,” you cry.
The look on your face is almost priceless, so pitiful hanging onto his every word. It makes him feel so powerful, the way he knows you need him and will always stay with him no matter how many times he fucks up as long as he keeps telling you these beautiful lies. “Fuck– You’re too good for me, I’m so lucky to have you.”
“Gonna cum— oh, fuck—” Eren cums at the same exact moment that you do, fucking his cum into your cunt so much that it spills out, loud squelching combined with your sweet moans against each other’s lips only making aftershocks of your orgasms that much better.
I love you, I love you, I love you, you repeat internally with each stroke Eren gives you before his hips still inside you. He collapses heavily on top of you, your hearts beating in sync while coming down from your highs. “Please stay with me, I don’t know what I’ll do if you leave.” his voice cracks, your hands flying to his now loosened bun as you rush to console him.
Often times you’ve questioned how you two were even compatible in the first place; you’re a doormat, and Eren’s attitude is more inconstant like the moon itself. The two of you together are a match made in hell, a fucked up spinoff of Romeo and Juliet.
But inevitably you always come back to one conclusion: you’ll never really leave Eren Jaeger. And as long as he needs you, you’ll need him. Shit, maybe you two really do deserve each other.
You want to cry, but it feels like all the tears you’ve had left to spare are gone, voice barely above a whisper as you hold him closer. “I will.”
Tumblr media
🏷 @sunas-cumdump @icyoni @naoyailoveu @sems-diarie @strawbub @random-734 @briefwinnerpersonaturtle @megumitodoroki @clairedaconvict
(if your user was a dead tag i removed it, i’m sorry!)
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i4genya · a day ago
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cutest boy ever! A.K.A Eren Jaeger (´ ε ` )
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ackermanpallet · 2 days ago
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✞ 𝙚𝙧𝙚𝙣 𝙮𝙚𝙖𝙜𝙚𝙧 𝙨𝙖𝙮'𝙨: 𝘨𝘰 𝘢𝘩𝘦𝘢𝘥 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘤𝘳𝘺, 𝘭𝘪𝘵𝘵𝘭𝘦 𝘨𝘪𝘳𝘭...
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florakasastuff · 3 days ago
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The last picture in Eren's room from Attack on Titan online exhibition.
Maybe this was his last pov.
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loliotakuyandere16 · 4 days ago
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Eren Que Sonrisa
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nightfall-kachiniko · 4 days ago
“A Broken Promise.” Mikasa x Reader Fan fiction.
||| Chapter 2. “To Conclude “ ᴏᴛʜᴇʀ ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀs ᴀʀᴇ ᴀᴛ ᴛʜᴇ ʙᴏᴛᴛᴏᴍ! :D
Tw: panic attack, swearing.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Your eyes woken as the noise of the flying boat continues. “I guess it wasn’t a dream” you thought to yourself. The missing aroma of your girlfriend had lingered in the air from the moment you woke up. Missing her sweet smell as she would cradle you in her arms. Now the bed you both had once shared only laid your body in it. The woman you saw yesterday was no more than Mikasa Ackerman, she was a stranger. Only if she knew.
You sat up as you began looking around the room you made various memories in. Even if the amount of time the both of you had spent together in that airship was small, it still counts as something you’d treasure forever.
You were alone. So alone. The feeling of emptiness running through your head to your toes as you sat up. The soft welcoming bed had turned to a gravestone. And although she’d been acting this way since the rumbling started, despite her caring attitude the woman became vicious towards the person she calls her lover. And for the first time last night, it truly hit you, right as the stung sprang across your face, You’ve Lost The Love Of Your Life, Mikasa Ackerman.
Tumblr media
You always had that feeling of doubt ever since she started acting this way, but the thought of you losing her was pushed to the back of your mind by the blindness they call love.
Memories faded from one thought to another as you threw on your uniform, locking your bedroom door as you did so. Thinking of her was your comfort, thinking of Mikasa, not the monster that was replaced by her yesterday.
Your body carelessly dragged itself to the bathroom, your feet walking in a drowsy manner. Picking up the toothbrush and gliding it across your teeth as the mint feeling filled your dry mouth. The number of sobs that had come out of your mouth that night would always leave an impact on you. You looked up at the person in the mirror, trying to recognize the figure you saw. “FUCK!” you yelled, kicking over your trashcan.
Your heavy pants coming in and out of your body. You sighed as you leaned on your counter, turning on one sink to wash your tear-stained face. You didn't even want to eat, you didn't want to do anything. That's all she treated you as if you were some stranger! As if you were a no-one to her. “JUST LOOK WHAT WE BECAME!” you screamed at yourself. Tears falling down your cheeks as you started to sob to yourself.
Falling to the cold floor as the day before haunts you. The look in her eyes... of pure hate, pure anger. Curling up into a ball as a sound on your door softly hushed you. “Wait, ” you said, getting up. You came out of the bathroom and made your way towards your door. “Who? And what is it.” The voice of your own spoke ever so softly, so calmly, almost as if you were numb. “Hey y/n, I just wanted to check on you and see how you were doing,” Armin said, quietly trying to help.
Tumblr media
You breathed in slightly and out before opening the door to be greeted by a warm, tight, hug from your childhood friend. The feeling started to come up again, throughout your throat and the prickles in your eyes. You softly cried into his shoulder, hurt coming out with every breath. “Honey I’m so sorry..” He said, petting your hair as he closed the door, guiding you over to the bed to sit down.
“I know how you feel..” he breathed into your hair. “I-I just don’t get it.. Why is she acting like this… what did I do..” you sobbed. The blonde boy softly shushed you as he pecked your cheek with a small kiss. Armins way of comfort is different than others.
Ever since you had met him, eren, and mikasa, in hard times like this such as after Carla Jeager died, he would always comfort them by pecking their cheek, showing them that he is here for them. His grandpa always told him, “if someone’s sad, always give them a kiss to make them happy,” and the boy had followed his orders ever since. It wasn’t like he meant it in a romantic way, it was more of a, “hey, don’t cry I’m here, it’s gonna be okay,” kind of thing. Everyone used to call him weird for it, but you and Eren and Mikasa truly didn’t mind and knew he meant no harm in it.
“It’s going to be ok,” he said, softly trying to help you control your hyper ventilating cries.  He guiding you to sit down as he hugged your sadden body. “Does she h-hate me?” You asked over your cries. “Of course not y/n.. don’t think that…” he comforted.
“W-what did I do wrong?!” Your voice strained and cracked as your crying became more and more heavy.“Nothing y/n… not a thing..” Armin padded your back and brushed your hair as you cried into his shoulder, ”You know.. Mikasa hasn’t been doing all to well.. ever since Eren abandoned us.. she felt so lost.. as if he gave up in us..”
“Does she give up on me?! Is that it?” Tearing eyes looked at him in his own. He paused for a moment in shock, before taking a reassuring smile on his face, “no of course not! Mikasa just, she doesn’t know how to let out her emotions properly.. that’s all.”
“So she had to hit me?!” You said. Armin sighed and looked away. “Mikasa, just.. she.. she’s hurt.. but that gives her no right to take it out on you y/n.. I’m sorry she did that to you.” He rubbed his head against yours almost like a dog trying to comfort their owner. “There’s no doubt in my mind she doesn’t love you, alright?” He said, shaking my shoulders. You just melted into his arms, absorbing the only person who was there for you.
The kindness that Armin showed you made you slip back deep into thought, deep into that moment….deep back to when..
Tumblr media
“M-Mikasa..” You came out of the bathroom, your body shaking and your breath heavy. Your girlfriend sat on the bed, reading a book when you came out. Her gaze turning from the book to you. Mikasas eyes became filled with worry while seeing your body shake with every breath you took. “Sweetheart? Baby is everything okay?” She closed her book and sat up straight, looking at you.. Your breath quivered. It felt as though the world was spinning. Your eyes became filled with blurry ness every time you blinked and eventually you slid down the wall.
“Y/n!” You heard Mikasas voice scream. Everything around you was so distorted. Stress and fear overcame you as you began crying, scared of what was happening. You heavily sobbed as mikasa wrapped her strong arms around you, her soft sweet voice comforting you. “It’s okay sweetheart… everything’s gonna be okay,” she rocked you, while whispering little affirmations of hope, letting you know you’re going to be okay.
Your body shook with every ounce of a energy it had. You frantically cried, the overwhelmingness of the panic attack you were having flooded your mind with thoughts of your past. The days were it was like there was nothing left. It felt as though you were dying. “I’m right here my sweet angel..’s alright my baby..” your girlfriend said, trying to comfort you.
Your tears becoming more and more hysterical as you cried. The raven haired girl held you for what seemed like an eternity. The blurry vision eventually died down aswell as the ringing in your ears. For a moment, Mikasa’s arms let go of you. And once you felt her right up close to you again, a feeling of steady ness swept over you as a blanket of warmth slept over your neck. The red scarf. Just as you felt the wrath of calmness come over your body, the sweet girl said.. “You’ll never be alone.. I promise.. I’ll always protect you.. forever and always..”
Tumblr media
“Let me get you some breakfast, alright y/n?” You snapped back into reality as Armins voice entered your ears. The vision of mikasa disappearing as he spoke. Your mind trailed as you gave him a small nod, wiping your tears.
Armin gave you one last big hug before getting up. “What would you like to eat y/n?” He questioned. “I can make you some eggs? Maybe some bacon aswell?” The blonde stood looking at your still trembling figure. You softly took a breath in and tried to smile.
“Y-yeah.. that sounds great A-armin..” tears still in your eyes as you tried to give him a reassuring smile, stuttering, holding back your tears. Armin returned the smile with one of his own.
“I’ll be back in a few minutes alrighty Y/n?” Armin spoke. You softly nodded as he made his way to the door.
“Oh, and Armin,” you said to him. The kind Blonde boy turned around in the doorway, his gaze at you as he looked at you from over his shoulder. “Yes y/n?” He asked.
You got up, searching your messy bed. You moved pillows and blankets out the way before you finally gripped onto the item. You held it out infront of you as Armin gasped.
There in your sweet, delicate hands, laid mikasa’s red scarf. The same heartwarming piece she would wrap you in. Despite if you were happy or sad. Her scarf gave you meaning. To her, it reminded her of how Eren showed her how to live, but to you It reminded yourself of how she showed you how to live.
Tumblr media
She always was there.
She always was caring.
She always was showing you how much she loved you.
Even if she never exactly showed it much, you always knew Mikasa loved you. Even if she yelled at you. Even if she hit you. Even if she said she hated you.
You nodded, persuading Armin to take the red scarf. “Give this to her,” you said, calmly.
Armins eyes widened, “y/n.. you- you arent serious are you?” He said, concerned with worry in his tone. “Not at all.” You replied, your numb spirit talking. His eyes looked at you and then the Burgundy scarf.
“Are- are you guys.. d-done?” Armin asked, ever so anxious.
“Yes.. yes we are.”
Tumblr media
A/n: “ I hope you guys cried LMAO”
➪ Kachiniko ||♡︎ My Blog ♥︎ || ☾What I write ☽ 06/10/21
Chap. 1 “Come back to me”
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
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