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emili-a-a3 days ago
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today was the day that i had my last orthodontist appointment (obviously unless i break my retainers or something)! definitely happy lol as nice as the guy was i do not want to ever have an appointment ever again 鉁岋笍also have been recently watching the storyville documentry on oj simpson, much more detailed than anything ive ever watched about him before! documentary is on bbc iplayer for anyone curious :)
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emili-a-a4 days ago
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Tumblr media
forgot to post yesterday! but here are some old poems we annotated in english! also happy to say i will never have to do poetry or read a poem for the rest of my life 馃槱 i also got a cheesecake yesterday from a Japanese patisserie! forgot to take photos but it was so yummy! 馃構
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emili-a-a7 days ago
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the first week of easter holiday is near its end... very daunting. i managed to wake up earlier today and actually get out of bed sooner, but after i ate my breakfast i carried on watching tv 馃槶 i still managed to do a lot of work today though, so i am satisfied with that. some biology notes for you ~
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emili-a-a9 days ago
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ive got a lot of work to do today! i didn't do anything yesterday because i got distracted lol but today i have to do lots of work, but im feeling ready for some productivity ;)
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emili-a-a13 days ago
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Tumblr media
some notes on enzymes! these are actually quite old but still very useful :0 also the pink carnations as part of a bouquet my mum bought! one thing me and my mum have in common is a love of plants and i love all the plants we have around our house! nature is so beautful :'))
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emili-a-a15 days ago
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Tumblr media
i started my easter holidays today :o we only had a half day today so we left at 12:20 and i came home and had some lunch :) also enjoy some daffodils and some old and irrelevant biology notes ;D
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emili-a-a17 days ago
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Tumblr media
i had so many tests today 馃槱 a history test (was only 15 minutes long) and it was quite hard to answer 馃榿 but then we also had an english test and it actually went well? it was on unseen poetry, and it's the last time we're ever going to be tested on poetry because it's in english paper two and for our mocks we shall only be doing english paper 1 馃憡 my way through english exams is calculated, cohesive and planned waffle 馃槍 talking of waffle here's the milk bread I made that was okay (?) but also its the first time I've made it so give me a break 馃檮
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emili-a-a19 days ago
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Tumblr media
before and after :)
three months later and im back to posting again! i鈥檝e been having health issues and especially in the past two months they have significantly deteriorated, which stopped me from posting, and I was only lucky that at that point i was doing school from home due to lockdown. i will be going on easter holiday soon (!!!) and in may, i will be having my mocks (but no actual GCSEs). so, hopefully i will be having lots of things to post! im very inconsistent with my posting, but no matter what i love the studyblr community and i love posting on here :) also wanted to say thank you for the amount of notes i鈥檝e been getting on some of my posts! it makes me happy that people like what i post <3
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seluneloga month ago
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bio notes on genetics and ecology
i bought these pastel post its (they were from a pretty thick pack) for just THREE HKD i鈥檓 still so proud聽
zoomester studyblr challenge day 4, 5, 6 - i鈥檓 not researching or in a field and i鈥檝e already tagged my favourite studyblrs so i鈥檓 skipping ahead to day 6! i鈥檓 tagging myself as five am: ice cold water. watching the sunrise. healthy smoothies. skincare. reads often. friends with everyone.
it鈥檚 pretty similar to me / what i鈥檓 working towards. i鈥檓 also a morning person c:聽
(except 5am is such an unholy hour there鈥檚 no way i鈥檓 waking up that early)聽
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asteroidstudy2 years ago
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Tumblr media
291018 鈾 2/100 days of productivity
not as productive a day as i would have liked, but my friend and i spent the day in the library doing another ELAT practice and marking each other鈥檚
[click for hq]
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madeleinesdesk2 years ago
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Tumblr media
Thursday was super productive! I rewrote a ton of notes, and I had a chai latte! (:
click on the pics for better quality
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belezaesperta2 years ago
馃尭10 study tips that have helped me a lot聽馃尭
1. Give teachers a chance. Maybe two or three chances. Even if their subject or the way they talk etc. is boring. Most times, it鈥檚 worth it - it will make you more interested in their class and you鈥檒l learn things better.聽
2. If I鈥檓 ever stressed and need to chill, usually the things that work for me are:聽
taking a nap
talking to a friend about it聽
taking a hot shower聽
watching a funny/silly/cute tv show (my favorites are friends, brooklyn 99, steven universe or some slice of life/shoujo anime/k-drama).聽
3. always make sure you鈥檙e comfortable while you鈥檙e studying! I can never get through a long study session without having showered and changed into comfy clothes before starting it. Some people also like lighting candles and having nice snacks around, which are also always a plus! Just don鈥檛 put a lot of stuff into your聽鈥榩re-study session鈥 routine; you鈥檒l end up taking a lot of time to get ready and that can simply turn into procrastination and distraction. Just make sure you feel good enough to start and don鈥檛 forget to drink water!聽
4. I鈥檓 even gonna make this a single topic cause!! water is so important and useful!! Not only it helps keeping you fresh (specially if you add some cucumber or strawberries in it!) and focused, it鈥檚 also great to keep you awake if you鈥檙e feeling a bit sleepy. The effect doesn鈥檛 hit you as fast as coffee, for example, but it lasts much longer. Also caffeine is bad for you!! Make sure to not over drink it.聽
5. Always study keeping in mind how things are gonna fall on your test/exam. Make sure to write down the questions that your teacher asks while giving a class (and their answers, obviously) - these are quite often the things that will fall on your test and the teacher rarely ever writes it down on the board, so it might seem like it isn鈥檛 relevant, but it really helps you understand the thought process of the subject better.聽
6. Speaking of writing down questions, the Cornell Method has always worked really well to me, specially in History classes. It鈥檚 also great for memorization and revising!聽
7. This is something I鈥檓 still learning to do, but make sure to revise as much as you can! Doesn鈥檛 have to be a big revision; just looking through your notes at the end of the day/week (or even just after taking them!) helps a lot!
8. Please, please, always prioritize your mental health and sleep. You need energy and mental stability to study things properly. If you don鈥檛, your brain won鈥檛 be able to select and properly learn all the things you鈥檝e studied that day, you鈥檒l feel super tired and dead inside and you will crash. It鈥檚 just not healthy. Don鈥檛 listen to the whole聽鈥榶ou can go out/rest after you鈥檝e passed your exams, it will be worth it鈥 or 鈥榤y dreams are worth more than my sleep鈥 trend. Don鈥檛 do it!! It鈥檚 a trap. I know school usually makes you think you need to give your best at all times, but a) you really don鈥檛; give yourself some slack once in a while, you need it, and b) your best doesn鈥檛 have to be working your as* off聽鈥榯il 3am everyday. It might just be studying for 4-6 hours everyday. Or eating ice cream and watching tv shows all day at least for one day. Your body decides. Let it be.聽
9. Use actual flashcards when it鈥檚 a very difficult/new subject, not just online ones like quizlet!! (this is a tip I learned from this post)
10. eat well! also maybe try taking vitamins - especially if you鈥檙e a useless blob like me and you don鈥檛 play any sports! I鈥檝e been taking goji berry capsules and they help me a whole lot, specially if I鈥檓 feeling sleepy. Actually any type of berry is great for boosting up your energy!聽
馃崚some rly good posts I recommend:
鈥榮tudy smarter鈥 by @sleeptalkz
鈥榟ow I increased my productivity by 3x鈥 by @brbimstudying鈥嬄
鈥榗onquering math鈥 by @thestudyfeels鈥
鈥榖ujo trackers for getting your sh*t together鈥 by @etudiaire鈥
鈥榯ypes of breaks for every situation鈥 by @samsstudygram
馃崚productivity/study life youtubers I like:
rowena tsai (love her, rly good tips on organization and just nice overall aesthetic)
ana mascara (I always watch her videos when I feel like I鈥檓 lacking motivation. Her videos talk a lot about that and discipline, and how you should always聽鈥榖e comfortable with the uncomfortable鈥; just 10/10 rly good motivational and actually useful videos overall).
That鈥檚 it! sorry if this was too long. I still have some tips left that I didn鈥檛 include in this post so let me know if you want me to do another one of these!
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thecampusghost3 years ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
August 28, 2017
English notes and reading annotations聽掳藮鉁р棟(鈦扳柨鈦)鈼溾湩藮掳
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apricotes3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
5/100 days of productivity || 15.08.17
revision notes for my bio exam today! i think it went pretty well :-)
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studyoblivion3 years ago
鈽侊笍what paper do you use with tombow dual brush pens? pls don't give me 'smooth paper' bc i KNOW THAT!! gawd i ask this to lots of ppl and when they give me that answer i get mad. i want to know which brand and stuff. anyways, congrats on 2k!!
um tbh I don鈥檛 really know either.,,, when I first started lettering in january, i didn鈥檛 know what was going on so i didn鈥檛 use smooth paper (rip me), but currently, i use paper from muji or daiso notebooks (for my bujo) and i also have a watercolor pad & a mixed media pad for random lettering things! i think if u look up calligraphy paper on amazon there r some good options there
url: 9/10mobile: 8/10posts: 8/10originals: 8/10am i following?: no, sorry!comments: ur lettering is actually sososo pretty wth teach me ur ways
blogrates !
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studyquill3 years ago
would you recommend the pentel fude touch brush sign pens (12 set), the artline stix brush markers (16 set), or crayola broadline markers (40 set)?i have a $25 amazon gift card and i cannot decide! i know the crayola markers are the cheapest for the quantity, but i love the pentel pens too! but the artline stix seem so cool.. agh! or if there is another set of brush markers that you prefer i would love to know that as well. (other than tombow dual brush markers ofc)
It depends on your experience level! If you鈥檙e an absolute beginner I鈥檇 recommend the Crayola markers, if you鈥檙e a bit farther along I鈥檇 recommend either the Artline Stix, Kuretake Fudebiyori, or Pentel Fude Touch.聽
They鈥檙e all pretty great, it depends on whether you want thick or thin tips. The Artlines are the thickest, the Fudebiyoris are in the middle, and the Pentel Fude Touch is pretty thin.聽
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