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something-called-sno3 hours ago
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Arya and F铆rnen
Y鈥檃ll have to read the comments on my Instagram post of this. 馃槀馃槀 apparently I鈥檝e spoiled the book for people.
Insta: @snoillustrations
ITS BEEN over 10 YEARS!???????? Someone laugh with me.
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modern-inheritance4 hours ago
Tumblr media
The sky can fuck right off I鈥檓 done for tonight.
I鈥檓 annoyed that my scanner doesn鈥檛 pull the darker tones on Saphira out but oh well I鈥檓 tired and I don鈥檛 wanna fuck it up by adding more to her and blending again. Ah well.
I鈥檒l have to look at the book to see what time of day this scene occurs so I can whip a sky up. That鈥檚 a tomorrow task though.
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blueisgood5 hours ago
"Somos imperfeitos por nascimento e devemos vigiar nossos defeitos para que n茫o nos destruam."
鈥 Eragon,Eldest
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lords-of-the-empire6 hours ago
So apparently someone on Reddit correctly guessed what the Menoa Tree took from Eragon, and CP confirmed that they got it right but didn't say who they were or what was taken.
I鈥檓 seeing several posts about the Menoa planting the seed for another Menoa tree in Eragon, which is super fucked-up if true, and some comments in the relevant post where they discussed the confirmation that it may have been Eragon鈥檚 figurative 鈥渞oots鈥 to Alagaesia that were taken (which is also fucked but in a different way, if true).
Pest eller kolera, as we say in Swedish. Between these two I鈥檓 hoping for the roots, since roots can grow back. It鈥檇 be genuinely hideous for the Menoa to freaking stealth-inseminate Eragon just so there can be another massively assholeish tree somewhere else. Like Linnea, learn your fucking lesson already and stop cradlerobbing.
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thehoneydukes13 hours ago
When your favorite book becomes a movie and is murdered by producers who have no idea what they are doing.
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soulbornincoldandrain15 hours ago
Eragon you good? 馃お
Tumblr media
started rereading old series from middle school abt dragons and boys and im losing my mind stupid novels making me feel things *screams in an unholy fashion*
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bisexual-genderfluid-fan20 hours ago
All I'm saying is some fictional characters have got to be based on real people, right? My question is, where the fuck are those people and why aren't they dating me
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someeragonmemesa day ago
Hey guys! I just wanted you to know that I FINALLY finished my IC text fic. I really liked the way it turned out! Here it is:
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misskirbya day ago
Tumblr media
so apparently togruta cannot eat chocolate. baby anakin cannot eat chocolate
baby togruta anakin doesn't need chocolate. he just goes and catches rats and chomps them in half. obi-wan grew up with a human master at the jedi temple where food was plentiful, and therefore personally hates raw meat, but, like, he just inherited a small vulture, anakin will eat anything.
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friends-of-magica day ago
A list of animals that eat cat food from the feral cat feeders
-Blue Jays
-Wild Turkey
I feel like I run whatever is the opposite of the Rainforest Cafe
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tb51ygf-bloga day ago
Written By: Christopher Paolini | Narrated By: Gerard Doyle | Date: August 2003
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xs2298kk-bloga day ago
Written By: Christopher Paolini | Narrated By: Gerard Doyle | Date: August 2003
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gjj5hn8z-bloga day ago
Written By: Christopher Paolini | Narrated By: Gerard Doyle | Date: August 2003
Tumblr media
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modern-inheritance2 days ago
Tag Asks #1 (Collateral)
@booklover248鈥 asked some questions in the tags when they reblogged Collateral (Smoke and Mirrors) {Tumblr//}, so I figured I鈥檇 answer them since they鈥檙e things that I didn鈥檛 answer in the fic/need to be answered overall for Modern Inheritance.聽
The questions are:
Tumblr media
I can kind of answer the first two questions together.聽
Although Modern Inheritance deals with a lot of the effects of war we generally don鈥檛 see (as civilians, at least), I鈥檝e done a cop out and kind of...eliminated certain cancers. Lung cancer is not a thing in the Modern Inheritance world.聽
It鈥檚 a long story, but it kinda links back to me learning about burn pits聽on military bases. I can鈥檛 explain why that led me to remove lung cancer from MIC, but it I think boils down to the outrageous amount of exposure to carcinogens people in the military get just in daily life. I鈥檝e kept some of the other cancers (Marian, Eragon鈥檚 aunt, dies of cancer that they didn鈥檛 have money to treat, and oddly enough I think Oromis鈥檚 disease is some sort of cancer caused by a genetic mutation now expressed due to the whole body shift thing or a neurological disease but that鈥檚 a whole other post), but most are more genetically linked than things that you鈥檇 get from exposure to stuff like smoke, environmentals, ect.聽
On how drugs affect MIC!Riders and elves:
Drug addiction is still a very real thing in MIC, though I don鈥檛 tend to touch on it much and don鈥檛 plan to often. It鈥檚 a difficult subject, with lots of stigma wrapped up with it, and I don鈥檛 want to offend anyone as it鈥檚 a part of PTSD and medical trauma that I鈥檓 not familiar with. I can, however, tell you how basic drugs and medicines work for Riders and elves for MIC.
Elves generally take more of anything than a human to get an effect. Their biology and some physiology is different enough (HNG one day I鈥檒l write it all out I promise, Books!) that if you want to give an elf, say, morphine, it鈥檒l take probably 2-3 or even 4聽鈥榟uman鈥 doses to get it working.聽
Human Riders tend to get increasing similarities to elves over time, including their drug resistance. It鈥檚 on a smaller scale than elves, but it鈥檒l take more than the usual dosage to knock out a human Rider than a regular Human.聽
Like anyone else, elves and Riders CAN become addicted to substances. Brom, for example, becomes addicted to various things after the Fall. He鈥檚 mostly backed away from drinking, though occasionally will go overboard as he did in the first book. His main vice is smoking, and though the elves around him hate it (it stinks to them) he keeps it up and won鈥檛 let anyone take it from him. Arya and Elf Squad, Oromis and Islanzadi are the only ones who can really stand being around him when/after he smokes due to being so used to it.
Anyway I can鈥檛...really tell if I answered your questions, Books. XD as usual. Feel free to ask more! :D
Side note: Another example is adrenaline, which I鈥檝e wanted to write about for ages in an immediate post-Durza fight fic. Elf spellcasters (okay, well, Elf Squad of Arya, Glenwing and Faolin started it so...) occasionally carry three shots of elf-strength adrenaline in a leg pouch when they go in for a long fight, just in case there鈥檚 an emergency requiring magic and they鈥檙e tapped out. Adrenaline is fantastic for a short time, but you feel absolutely exhausted afterwards, and there are plenty of side effects and possible OD effects. The reason why Arya鈥檚 so wiped out after Farthen Dur in all the short fics is because she was, understandably, already exhausted from the Star Sapphire stunt and tried to heal Eragon and just mainlined all three of the doses. It kept her awake long enough to keep Eragon from bleeding out till Brom and Angela got there but it messed up her lungs for a few hours and combined with everything that happened the last six months it basically put her body into 鈥榥ope, sit down shut up and go to sleep鈥 mode when she was sure Eragon was safe.
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modern-inheritance2 days ago
Tumblr media
Still working on it.
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i-wanna-be-eragons-gf3 days ago
Nicknames I'd call Eragon.
Dragon boy, (dragon man sounds weird)
Man-of-many-questions Shadeslayer
Snow White (after the blood oath celebration his skin is described as "pale as Alabaster" and that he "Looked like a prince")
Pointy ears
(Anakin) Skywalker
So you guys wanna hear my nicknames for the other characters as well?
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i-wanna-be-eragons-gf3 days ago
Hey! Your post about Arya made me think abt when I read the series. Now I dont know if it was because I was on the younger side, but I seriously didnt pick up on any romance at all. Idk. Maybe bc she was kinda flat as a character.
I鈥檓 really happy drunk me managed to spark conversation! lolol
(No I鈥檓 really happy people like and think about my post, thank you so much!)
This is a very fair statement! I could not pick up on it either, but I am a hopeless romantic and when I first read the last book I was really rooting for Eragon and Arya to get together, because of the true name spiel etc.
That perspective changed as I got older. I started feeling creeped out by Eragon鈥檚 actions when I re-read them at 17, and I did not see them as a romantic couple anymore. I know a lot of people say that she changed her mind in Brisingr and she saw him in a romantic light, I didn鈥檛. (Well not anymore but 12 year old me also thought Twilight was a good romance so her opinion does not count in this matter. lol)
She does open up to him a little bit, but not romantically. In my mind she saw him as a friend she could trust, and they became really close, but not romantically.
I do agree with her being flat, but more because of the writing imo. Arya is not set up as this perfect being. (in the beginning, she kinda is but shhhh) Sure she looks perfect, especially because we see her through Eragon, but she does have flaws, and I think she has a lot of potential to be an awesome character. There鈥檚 a reason so many people say she鈥檚 their favorite character! But because she is written somewhat poorly (thanks to Christopher's youth and overall inexperience at that time) Her flaws are never addressed, and we never really get to know what she wants or feels. We don鈥檛 even really know what she likes to do in her free time, and when I asked Christopher, he didn鈥檛 really give me a satisfying answer if I鈥檓 honest.
In short, I agree with you, lol.
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