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#epic idea
gator-teeth · a day ago
list of sounds. that I like and are good.
sorting algorithms, morse code transmitters, tetris, sandstorm by darude, the backing track for missy elliott’s lose control, that task in among us that’s like connecting the two thingies in the maze. the weather node I think. anyways yeah. they all go beep beep boop and I think that’s very fun
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gaminggalah · 2 days ago
F9's Epic Magnet Plane Stunt Was The Idea Of A 9-Year-Old, Director Confirms
F9’s Epic Magnet Plane Stunt Was The Idea Of A 9-Year-Old, Director Confirms
One of the ideas for a particularly extreme Fast 9 stunt came from the director’s young child. Director Justin Lin told Empire that the idea to use magnets in the action film was actually his son Oqwe’s idea, and it’s something he came up with when he was 8 or 9. Lin recalled that he was in London for a week with his son for meetings for F9. To spend more time with his child, Lin took him to…
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jimblets · 4 days ago
there's this one fic idea i had for *daji i wanna do sometime soon and it's like
jiwoon thinking about what it would be like to be back in the modern world and have cute coffee dates with adam and show him around seoul. very fluffy with an established relationship between them and its rlly lighthearted up until
Ji-Woon looked up. The blonde member of Legion stared back at him expectantly. He couldn't remember her name, but he could tell she was the real leader of the four. He could also tell that she didn't seem to like him much. She only tolerated him. She must have been under the impression he would be too conceited to notice, but Ji-Woon always did have an eye for details.
"You've been quiet for a while now," she said. She crossed her arms. "That isn't normal. What are you thinking about?"
Ji-Woon blinked up at her, slow. Contemplating.
He smiled. "Just daydreaming."
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ravencromwell · 8 days ago
“The Eighth Son Of Ganbataar” by Mary Soon Lee
Once, when I was a boy of seventeen, there came into the horse country a scarred king whose destiny was ordained by dragons.
When King Xau first arrived to summer with our tribe, I saw his scarred hands and pictured the two of us battling demons side by side.
Instead the king herded sheep. Badly.
Worse, girls kept riding over to meet him, sparing not a single glance on me, the eighth son of the horse lord Ganbataar.
Then, ten days into King Xau's visit, my younger sister Sarnai went missing.
Every man and every woman of our tribe, plus seven of the king's guards and the king's wife rode out at dusk to look for her.
King Xau stayed behind. As did i, left to help with the children and guard the camp, a decision I stridently protested, careless of the trust my father had placed in me.
The king sat cross-legged on the grass, not even seeing to his own children, leaving that to their amah.
I heated stew.
The amah and I fed the children.
Dark. The king still sitting on the grass, a strain on his face which I took for guilt. His two remaining guards standing either side of him, his guards who might have joined the search if only Xau had let them— miles upon miles of windblown hills where Sarnai might be lying, Sarnai, my little sister, fearless but reckless.
Most of the riders had returned when the king at last stood up, unsteady on his feet, his captain supporting him as if he were ill.
Out of darkness, a horse came to the king, unsaddled, unbridled, a wild horse, and the king laid his scarred hands on its withers.
Then noise, lamplight, people pressing about the king, his guards tacking up fresh horses.
Just before they set out, the king and his guards and my father Ganbataar, the king spoke: "Let her brother come too."
He dipped his head to me, and I, I did not know what to think. Hard to let go of anger, but I mounted a horse and rode.
And the wild horse led the king through darkness to Sarnai, her ankle broken, her horse dead beside her (she having slit its throat after it stumbled and broke a leg).
Small beside King Xau’s other deeds, finding one reckless girl, but she was my sister, and all the long ride back to camp I rode double with her, holding her safe in my arms.
--from Mary Soon Lee’s Sign Of The Dragon
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daily-warriors-au · 10 days ago
Todays Warrior's AU is...
...where Goosefeather's prophecy about Thistleclaw is about Snowfur, and Bluestar is super in denial about it.
This post was brought to you by: @the-end-is-nigh by submission
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saintjimmyyy · 13 days ago
runs around in circles falls over im so talkative but i have nothing to talk about. too spacey to say real things but just so yall know i have SO much energy. right now. #friendship #pogchamp #epic #swag #thankyounine #yes #pog #poggers #swagchamp #pogswag #soup #epicswag #videogames #likeseriouslythankyouimissedplayingvideogameswithpeoplesomuch #this #:thisup:  #whydoikeeptypinghashtags #omg #fail #win
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ckneal · 15 days ago
So, Michael wrote the bible stories to tell humanity what a great and terrifying guy his dad was. Or maybe just what a great guy, and the terrifying stuff sort of just. . .seeped in, because Michael had no idea that it’s not normal for your dad to drown creation because he doesn’t like what they’re doing. Just, you know. Dad stuff.
But I wonder then. What do we make of The Inferno, and Virgil? Did Michael write that too? A story about his one random little brother, who liked to hang out in Heaven’s armory (because he’d been assigned the job for all time), meeting a funny little human and holding his hand through Hell? Or did Virgil decide to play hooky one day? Did he read Michael’s stories and have a “I’m a WAY better writer, and I’ll prove it!” moment? Or was he secretly thinking of rebelling, and ran off to Earth one night, where he met a human who was down on his luck, and somehow the two of them wound up having a divine bro trip, wandering through Hell, and the guy just happened to be a writer, and nobody else in Heaven ever knew, but it was the single most magical experience of Virgil’s life, and in the Empty, his dreams are all Dante, Dante, Dante? 
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glamourant · 22 days ago
wanted to tear up a buncha old ufo/space books i stole from the library 3 years ago so i did 🤗 unedited verison below cut
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Tumblr media
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void-kissed · 23 days ago
okay this is something very bizarre but it is still AU April so please hear me out
Aria canonically originates from an era referred to as the age of fairytales, which would imply it’s not actually real but its events are believed to have taken place, a very long time ago. One of the hallmarks of this age is a great war which was only survived by a select few individuals, who then had to escape the site of the war and make a new life for themselves in another faraway world.
In attempting to find a non-KH parallel to that, and also in considering how real-world timescales match up with the series of events,
why does that make it sound like she’s from the Iliad??? Or, more generally, the Trojan War???
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nancydfan · 24 days ago
I’m reading the Red Meat script and I want to fling myself off a cliff. This is actual canon. Omg the love of Sam and Dean Winchester y’all
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solroja · 25 days ago
I refuse to buy minecraft bc i suck at all videogames ❤️ but most of my friends r gamers so i live vicariously thru them
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coelakanths · 25 days ago
mx krow u seem to kno many things about many subjects, all of them v cool. I want to pick apart your brain and study u. but I will not because that is not nice to do to friends. can you please imprint some random facts u know upon me instead please.
pick apart my brain all u want there isnt a lot up there!!!! here r some fun facts for u
- the deepest part in the ocean is called the challenger deep and is 10924 meters down!!! two guys went there once it took like four hours and was fucking terrifying 
- morels are a type of mushroom that ppl have yet to figure out how to cultivate which is why theyre so expensive! you can find them most commonly under elm trees in mid april (right now!) and they look WEIRD like little porous cones (false morels look more like brains-- dont look up either if trypophobic!)
- roly polies have blood thats blue when oxidized!! this is bc they have hemocyanin which contains copper instead of hemoglobin which contains iron (what we have). they also sometimes turn a pretty blue color when they get sick!
- millipedes were one of the very first creatures to go on land!
- whales and dolphins breathe air bc they evolved to go on land but then went back to water for some reason!!
- the oarfish is the longest bony fish clocking in at 26 ft long (8 meters)!! they live in the deep sea and are seen as omens of tsunamis or earthquakes if they surface. they taste very gelatinous!
- not rlly a fact but heres a website where u can scroll thru the ocean it made me cry once :]
- there are no lightning bugs on the west coast!!!! i found this one out when my grandma came to visit and spent the whole time marveling abt the lightning bugs and i jokingly asked ‘what, do they not have them on the west coast?’ and she was like ‘no lol’
:] have a good day bug
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